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Post by Lowfn on Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:18 am

Dimensional Clash X [IC] K3gCW82

It was time for a return to form at the end of an era.

Welcome to Dimensional Clash X

Your last attempt had failed. Why would this be any different?

Because the other one has slowed down to the point where time isn't moving at all. They'll have no choice but to participate now. We'll be the only system in play now.

A fair assessment. Though... Aren't there better ways to evoke the feeling you're looking for?

I didn't spend the past two hundred years assembling you on a whim. Now do it. Start my Clash.


Save for the last altercation at Hoover Dam, tensions in the Mojave Wasteland had never been higher. It had been a little over two hundred years since the Great War of 2077 brought forth a nuclear holocaust that left the world in radioactive ruin. The United States of America and Communist China, in their hatred for one another, were willing to destroy themselves to destroy the other.

An outside observer would think that mankind would have learned from their mistakes of the past.


War. War never changes.

When atomic fire consumed the earth, those who survived did so in great, underground vaults. When they opened, their inhabitants set out across ruins of the old world to build new societies, establish new villages, forming tribes.

As decades passed, what had been the American southwest united beneath the flag of the New California Republic, dedicated to old-world values of democracy and the rule of law. As the Republic grew, so did its needs. Scouts spread east, seeking territory and wealth, in the dry and merciless expanse of the Mojave Desert. They returned with tales of a city untouched by the warheads that had scorched the rest of the world, and a great wall spanning the Colorado River.

The NCR mobilized its army and sent it east to occupy the Hoover Dam, and restore it to working condition. But across the Colorado, another society had arisen under a different flag. A vast army of slaves, forged from the conquest of 86 tribes: Caesar's Legion.

Four years have passed since the Republic held the Dam - just barely - against the Legion's onslaught. The Legion did not retreat. Across the river, it gathers strength. Campfires burned, training drums beat.

Through it all, the New Vegas Strip has stayed open for business under the control of its mysterious overseer, Mr. House, and his army of rehabilitated Tribals and police robots.


Phillip Milly

On the moon staring up at Earth only moments ago, the sudden transition to the scorching heat of the Mojave Wasteland was jarring, even for the seasoned crusader who was used to such location changes by now. Phillip called out to his companions, hoping they had ended up somewhere nearby, but found no solace in the sparse slums of Freeside which hugged the walls dividing it from the New Vegas strip.

At best, he was given odd looks from the comparatively impoverished residents, but there were enough loons in the Wasteland to keep him from standing out to a significant degree. He took a moment to look around, giving the squatters that made the ruins of Freeside their home before his gaze settled on the Old Mormon Fort where the Followers of The Apocalypse resided. While the name invokes the idea of a doomsday worshiping cult, the Followers were more of a group of philanthropic doctors aiding the sick of the Wastes.

The Crusader cautiously entered, put off by the uneasy atmosphere of Freeside. If general post-apocalyptic urban life wasn't incentive enough to feed a criminal elements in a city, the enigmatic ruler of New Vegas, Mr. House, allowed only those who possessed 2,000 bottlecaps to enter the New Vegas Strip, which was arguably what comes to mind when one thinks of the glamour of the fabled city. The contrast between it and Freeside was, to put it lightly, stark.

Upon asking where he was, one of the doctors inside the fort didn't give the crusader much of an odd glance. "Yeah, not what you thought New Vegas would be, huh? All of the gambling and lights are locked away in the Strip- Unless you're willing to settle for the Atomic Wrangler down the street," They remarked, believing Phillip to have been merely unimpressed with his first impression of New Vegas and not actually from another universe altogether.

Phillip took a step back and looked to the buildings peeking over the Old Mormon Fort's walls from The Strip, realizing this New Vegas was some variant of the city of sin he had only heard of in horror stories. To think he was snatched away from his mission to liberate a people from their tyrannical rulers on the moon in favor of a den of prostitution and gambling... It was sickening.

He needed to find his companions- And if possible, Byakuren Hijiri as well.

Melissa Brown

And just as Melissa had been granted a reprieve, the life of her friend returned to her, she was taken away the instant after. Melissa quickly looked left and right, ignoring the rollercoaster that made the town of Primm noteworthy and the smoke bellowing from another town- Nipton- entirely. "Youmu!?" She cried out in horror, realizing her half-phantom friend was no longer in her arms, "Youmu! YOUMU!"

She shuddered in terror, frantic in her hope that Youmu may still be reachable. But she knew- She could feel it. This was a new Clash. Any she had come to love that did not perish were swept away as one Clash led to the next, or a location change kept them forever out of her reach. With a scream of both fury and despair, Melissa fell to her knees.

Matilda Oyler

Matilda found herself in the more peaceful of the two previous locales, but was nonetheless in her own panic. Mere minutes ago, she had been reluctantly preparing for another day of lonesome vigilantism against the people she had fought alongside for her entire life. Already twitchy and paranoid as she was, finding herself in some Wild West-looking town like Goodsprings was enough to leave her holed up inside the abandoned Goodsprings schoolhouse.

Of course, she had nearly set the entire building ablaze after encountering the mutate, oversized insects within, but barely managed to put the flames of her napalm out before resuming her more personal freakout session as she peeked out of the boarded-up windows of the schoolhouse in fear.

"W-What the hell- This is a dream- You're not crazy- Just-" She stammered, quickly pinching herself far too harshly to test whether or not she was in a dream, letting out a yelp of pain. The unstable pyromaniac did her best to try and calm herself, taking deep, shaking breaths as she slowly lowered herself to the ground and held her flamethrower close to her chest. It was a mild comfort. Hopefully whatever people that might have lived in this town did not notice her antics in their schoolhouse.


Despite her hopes, however, talk of screaming and fire spread quick throughout Goodsprings, but none were willing to immediately investigate what goingson might be happening inside. Town guard, Sunny Smiles, kept watch from the Prospector Saloon, sitting on a crate beside Easy Pete with her rifle in her lap as she watched the schoolhouse.

"What do you reckon that was all about?" Sunny asked, making idle conversation while her loyal dog, Cheyenne, would occasionally growl in the general direction of the schoolhouse.

"Mmm... You know I can't see too well these days, Sunny," Pete replied after a moment of deliberation, "But I know napalm when I see it... Ain't like it's hard to make- Most folk don't have the knowledge for it though."

"I was askin' more why than what they were shootin' the bugs with, and I doubt they went in there for pest control," She figured. While she would have been more than happy to march in there and confront whoever had broken into the schoolhouse outright, Easy Pete's warning of napalm was enough to keep her rational, wait for the interloper to reveal themselves.

"And I don't want us havin' to deal with another Ringo if that's what this is. Joe Cobb's been blusterin' enough as is," She muttered as she watched the Powder Ganger in question walk down the street. Him an his crew of dynamite-tossing thugs had been  barking at the town day after day about the caravan trader who had barricaded himself in the abandoned gas station up the hill.

While the town wasn't necessarily harboring Ringo, they weren't aiding Joe Cobb in taking the man out either. Goodsprings wanted nothing to do with whatever 'debt' Ringo owed the Powder Gangers, but Sunny Smiles knew that eventually, Cobb was gonna stop barking and start biting.

"... I'ma get a sarsaparilla. Holler if you see anything alright?" Sunny sighed as she stood up an made for the saloon's door, "Want anything?"

"Naw, I'm fine," Easy Pete assured with a soft smile and a wave before slowly turning his gaze to the window- And Matilda swore he was looking straight at her. As if he was glaring into her very soul.

"... Hmm... I wonder if they're still in there," Pete mused calmly.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Post by SpongeBobRocks23 on Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:41 am

Undisclosed Location within Time and Space

The land is sprawling and infinite, patches and chunks of land disappearing and reappearing in random places, the hues of the environment consisting of reds and grays. Mysterious Bird People guarded the catacombs below, frogs hopped across the mainlands, oblivious to the deteriorating landscape surrounding them, and young adult women stayed within their homes, looking after their own homes to ensure whoever comes in is welcome to a nice, tidy home. A grayscale little girl wanders the planes of the malfunctioning terra firma, clearly fascinated by the odd world she’s found herself in. She’s clearly thinking about many things at once at this very moment, inspecting every aspect of this peculiar land. Why is this land so randomly generated? Why are they here? Why do these keep seeing these words everywhere? Why can she spawn chickens out of thin air?

She’s not our focus, however.

Our focus retains itself to one lone woman, hue completely red and standing alone in a household much like the other adult women in this world. All the women, all the frogs, the bird people, the little girls had one purpose in this world, and while those purposes are rather strange and may potentially have some even stranger purpose in the grand scheme of things, no one questioned it whatsoever. Their minds weren't exactly programmed to think outside of the little girls, but even then they’re programmed to analyze things with curiosity. With the sense of adventure and exploration in mind. Everyone else, on the other hand, had no thought process.

This woman, however, somewhat broke the mold of it all.

She seemed normal enough, or at least as normal as this malfunctioning hellscape made it seem, but deep inside her psyche was absolutely throbbing like hell. Her mind was faulty, a simple mistake slipped under the rug by the Great Programmer that made her. She was one of the first of her kind to actually question the laws and physics this world brought out. Why was she told to stay here? In case of guests? There’s really not any guests here so there’s no point of her being here. Why is everything just two colors? Why is the world the way it is?

These questions, to the Great Programmer, were unholy, unpresidented thoughts. These beings were meant to be just blind servants, not actual, thinking beings. The only humans allowed in this realm were the players, those curious enough to play this game these lesser beings were trapped in, out of a sense of curiosity. To know if there was some kind of deeper meaning, some kind of lore, some kind of story to be told. But that was the point. There was no deeper meaning. They’re digging deeper down into an abyss that has no end to it, and thus their only option is to consume the funk and let it ride.

Real rational thoughts, outside of the actual humans who play this game, were forbidden, basically.

The woman knew of this, and this made her think even harder.

What was going to happen to her if the Great Programmer caught her thinking? Would she be purged? Would she be sent to an even worse kind of hell? What was going to happen to her? What IS happening to her? Why couldn't she move?

Suddenly, the world went dark.

The house she was in was gone. In fact, it seemed the world that she was previously in was now gone as well. Her muscles felt at ease and were now able to move freely. The constraints of the world that once was had now been shattered like a glass bowl dropping onto the floor after someone threw it down in anguish to vent their frustrations on something or someone. Not only could the woman move, but she could now think more clearly now. She could...feel…something...she didn't know what, but it was an entirely new feeling to her. It wasn't pain, and it wasn't numbness either--two feeling she was well versed with, albeit the only feelings she knew in general--so...what was it?

Her eyes started leaking this strange clear substance. It rolled down her cheek, eventually making its way down to the “floor” of the endless void she was in, splattering on the ground and making a faint “plip!” sound. Her heart began to pound, her body became weaker. What...was this? Suddenly, within this brief interval of bizarreness, she felt the need to scream.

And scream she did.

...but...no sound came out.

This made her want to scream even more, and she did this, over and over again. Why was she not able to hear her own voice? Why? WHY? WHY IT WASN'T FAIR

She punched at the air, the feeling now changing. The eye liquid was now hot, running down faster and fueling this new sensation deep within herself. She yelled and screamed and sobbed over and over again, attempting to trigger something, anything to make her hear her own voice. This effort was to no avail. She fell onto the floor, defeating and now leaking through her eyes, a puddle of eye liquid forming next to her as she laid on the floor. Perhaps this was the hell she was so foreboding. Perhaps...this was her faith.

Dehydrated from leaking and tired from screaming, her eyes grew heavy, and she passed out.

...she woke up a few hours later.

The woman would find herself near an old dusty mine--The Ruby Hill Mine to be exact--where should would struggle to understand her surroundings. So many shapes and colors she was not used to. She slowly got up, proceeding to walk to nowh—


She tripped over the grass she was standing on and fell flat on the ground. She had not yet learned how to use her legs yet. Luckily, a very long stick was right under her nose from where she fell. Though her mind was still scrambled like a fried egg, she put two and two together and deduced that this stick would have to be the go-to for her to be able to move for the time being. She picked it up, using it position herself in an upright standing position. Much better. Now she just needed to…

...needed to…

Needed to what? Need? What was need in this context? She didn't really NEED to do anything. She only felt. Wait...what was felt? What was feel? What were these concepts materializing in her mind?

She had no idea, but she FELT the NEED to move forward. That she did. She proceeded to the northwest, hoping to find...well...whatever she’d end up finding there.

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Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:24 pm


>Be Clubs Deuce

You are Clubs Deuce, Member of the Notorious Midnight Crew, and had apparently just been blown halfway to hell.

Well more like three fourths,it appeared as you seemed to have all of your outsides outwards,and your insides still in.

>Check insides

You give a nudge on your tummy,the lack of innards falling out confirms that you indeed in one so many pieces.
Satisfied of your corporealism,you look around.

>Look to your left
You squint with your tiny eyes against the desert breeze,holding your hat with one hand.

There is a great deal of sand everywhere,more than most would deem responsible to have in most sorts of capacity,there is a tingly stinging feeling across your hard shell-like skin.

>Look towards your right

There appears to be a small town,you amble towards the entrance,somewhat perturbed,curious and just a tad bit intrigued.


Someone appeared in Freeside,a being that seemed off,in it seemed to rest on top of the reality it was drawn in as if it was a stylized doodle on a semi realistic landscape,the figure simply clashed.

A large rotund figure,pale in color,with a few shapes of dark assembled into a clown in a quite dapper jacket,large shoes,and a tiny bowler hat perched on the left side of the top of his head.

The large grin displayed on the figure was unsettling perhaps made more so by the crude black ovals of his eyes.

The toon took note of the odd glances and rushed footsteps,and took a step forward and started to walk down the street,the hustle and bustle of the street shielded the fact that his footsteps made no sound.

Something caught his eye,a rather rundown looking man seemed to be signaling him to ‘c’mere’.
The clown swiveled his head to the man, and his body slowly swiveled to walk towards the figure.

Entering the alleyway Classy the Clown looked down at the vagrant,as he was directed

“Check it out, between the dumpsters there"The thug from Freeside cajoled.

Without fanfare,the scene was set in between the dumpsters lay a body, circumstances of death unknown.

“Just some idiot that wandered down the wrong alley. Sound familiar?”The curmudgeon sneered, taking out a switchblade, and advancing towards the clown.
Well,not so unknown now.

Classy noted out of the corner of his eye, that from the mouth of the alley clambered three more thugs,each clutching a blunt object.

The toon turned before jerking his arm pack like was winding up and rocketing a punch directly into the first thug, his large mitten-like first grew into a four-fingered flat palm which smashed the thug directly into the brick wall behind him, shattering a few ribs and stunning him,Classy then spun on his heel lifting his other leg while, arching his upper torso backward, he stomped on one of the attacker’s foot before swinging downward with his head, headbutting, with a loud ‘CRACK!’, splitting the man’s skull and downing him.

The other two began to batter him with the pool cue, and baseball bat respectively, Classy appeared to back up crossing his arms over his face, before whipping them out and smacking the weapons from their grasps,Classy grabbed them each by the throat as he hoisted them up, his waists spun his torso around like a carousel, and he threw them at the dumpster.

He marched over hoisted them up and put their necks where the lid closed, and brought it down rather hard.

The thugse’s bodys writhed for a moment and went still.

“Rather sorry about that display,”Classy said wagging a finger as he turned his gaze towards the stunned crawling away thug.

“A bit dodgy, this whole situation,I’m supposed to be dead as all doornails should be,yet here I am….”Classy dragged the thug over to the alley wall, “And here you are attempting to, how you say...re-doornail me”.

“It...hurts” The thug whimpered.

“Oh come now,you don’t see your colleagues making a tiff about it”. Classy took out a large knife that was wavy in design,he held it in one hand and pulled on the tip of the blade with the other, popping it into a normal knife.

“Now,if you don’t mind, tell me everything you can about...this”Classy said gesturing around him with the knife like a conductor….

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Post by Teedler_Squared on Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:26 pm

It was a warm summer Unovan night, Lilligant was outside a house she peered into the building through the window. She had waited for the residents of the home to drift off into dream land, and there she was the blue whore, her replacement, that own tempo’ed skank, the bane of Lilligant’s very existence. Orchid, her old name it now belonged to her. Oh even better she got to sleep on the couch too.

Lilligant had just enough time to grab a few photos before finding herself in a rather rundown town, she didn’t recognize it, maybe it was that place called… um orange? Regardless the town looked very run down. Lilligant looked around for a moment, it seemed that nobody had noticed her thanks to spawning In a alleyway, the town smelled pretty bad, perhaps there would be a demand for perfume. Yes of course, perfume that would make her useful, they would all love her it she did that, she just needed to find a few containers.

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Post by AestheticMonkey on Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:56 pm

The Ultra-Luxe Casino

The Ultra-Luxe Casino, a decadent hive of sin only eclipsed by the seedy, passionate Gomorrah. A gathering of the wasteland's most affluent members, pampered by rigorously trained staff. Here they could indulge in all of their hidden passions and sins, without fear of the public eye. Their identities hidden behind white masks. The perfect material for any comedian, and so it was that a clown arrived in the casino. Noone knew from where exactly he, or it came from. Certainly no sane receptionist would let him in, yet noone claimed to have seen him enter.

Strangely enough, he appeared from an elevator, and headed straight to the member's only lounge. He was a garish, short and pudgy thing. With a rotund body and nearly circular head. His limbs were fat near his body, and grew progressively gangly the further they went from his body. He was decked in a black and white jester costume. With striped and puffy pantaloons, a white shirt with black suspenders and a black cape that covered most of his body. His gremlin-like face was painted titanium white, accentuating his sharp, yellow teeth, pitch-black scelera and glowing pupils. Around his neck a white frilled collar was puffed up, and a matching jester's had sat atop his head. The bells jangling as he strutted along.

In his hands, he twirled a dress cane while he continued to skip along towards the table. Understandably, the bouncers attempted to stop him. Immediately trying to push and whack him with canes of their own. They would find however, that they had swung at empty space, and that somehow the short, pudgy clown had *materialized* behind them, unhindered on his quest. He did a little dance as he twirled his cane, much like a baton. Before leaping up onto the table with a single hop. Rattling the dishes from his impact. From there, he'd stride confidently to the center of the table. Taking the pose of a ballerina statue atop a cake, before swinging his arms out in joy. Toppling it onto an unfortunate lady.

"Greetings boysengirls! Uhee hee hee! So bored, bored you all looked, I can't help but grant you some entertainment! What kind of fun, fun might you ask? It's simple! We each take turns pointing out funny, funny things about everyone else but us! Why, I'll start our game, game for us!" Jevil would move across the table so quickly, that the dishes in his wake were sent flying. His cane was pointed directly at Mortimer. "I didn't know Hall and Oates based a song off of you!" The clown would then materialize in front of a fat wastelander, with thick, greased black hair. His face obscured by a white mask. "A hoo-hoo hee hee! With that mask on, you look like a mallomar!" He would then bounce and dance over to Marjorie. "Hee hee, hoo hoo! You've got as much control over your establishment as Ralph of the Island!"


Strewn across the pavement, not far from the Atomic Wrangler and the Van-Graff Weapons Shop, a saberon woman, clad in heavy, alabaster plate groaned. One moment she was trekking through the sands of Uldum, the next she had a hard impact upon pitted, eroded grey stone. The helmet was knocked off her head from the impact, and the paladin would slowly rise to her feet. Grabbing her helmet as she slowly erected. As a 7'2 ambulatory lion, clad in heavy plate, with a sword that could rival the size of a man. She attracted quite a lot of attention from the human residents. Looking around at the unfamiliar geography, buildings, humans and other strange things, she couldnt help but get the feeling that she had fallen victim to some funky portal magic.

She let out a defeated growl, exhaling loudly from her nose. This would be such a bother.


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Post by ToadRopes on Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:57 pm


“So, Your Majesty. We’re stuck in an unfamiliar land, completely separated from our armies, utterly lost, and with people looking at us as if we’d grown a third arm each.”

“Indeed. And I presume you don’t intend to cut me down since we have come to an agreement.”

“Hey, come on, Edelgard. Have a little faith in your old classmate, would you? You beat my army fair and square and you agreed to spare my fellow Golden Deer. Plus you and I, we’re all we’ve got in this place. If I knocked you out, I’d be the only one from Fódlan left. Just me and my schemes.”

“We should move. It appears we’re blocking the road.

“Yeah. Let’s move.”

Edelgard and Claude stepped out of the streets of the Vegas Strip and onto the sidewalk. The Adrestrian emperor and head of the Leicester Alliance had found themselves in the unfamiliar city of New Vegas with only each other for company.

“Regardless,” Claude continued, “we’ve already truced and everything. Haven’t got any reason to fight you, and you already beat me.”

Edelgard nodded. “We ought to move on from this, then. In this land, we’re allies, and that’s that.”

Claude pouted. “Oh, but I thought we were allies when we made up in Deirdriu.”

“I wish that could have been the case, Claude, but there will be those in the Alliance who won’t accept the Empire’s rule, or at the very least, cooperation with me,” Edelgard sighed.

“Well, while we’re here, we should look for a way to get back. You’ve got people who miss you. Who need you.” Claude put a hand on Edelgard’s shoulder. “Us leaders... we gotta be there for the people. Right?”

“Indeed. We can’t be there to guide the people if we’re stuck forever in unfamiliar territory.” Edelgard folded her arms. “We stick out a lot, don’t we?”

“Between your flaming red dress and my luxurious golden threads (clearly the highest form of fashion in all of Fódlan), yes, yes we do,” Claude replied, making an exaggerated toss of his hair.

“I’m going to choose to ignore that comment.”

“You’re acknowledging it right now.” Claude grinned smugly at Edelgard.

“Whatever.” Edelgard put her hands on her head and pulled off her horned crown, and pulled the hairpins from her hair, letting her white locks fall. “Far from Fódlan, I don’t suppose crowns or titles matter much.”

“Whoa. That was not something I expected the Great and Mighty Flame Emperor of Adrestia, Edelgard von Hresvelg, to say,” Claude teased.

“Shut up, Claude.”

“Whatever you say.”

Edelgard put her crown away, and tossed her hair, before looking at Claude. “Ugh. It was starting to get sweaty.”

“Oh, I hear you. It’s hot here, don’t you think?” Claude remarked, rolling his puffy sleeves up.

“Yes. Regardless, we must find our way around this place. Do you have any bright ideas, Claude? You’re the schemer.”

“First things first. Can’t make our way round a society without its currency. Sadly, it seems both out war chests are back at home. But... I might have a method that could potentially work.”

Claude whispered something into Edelgard’s ear.


“Huh. Expected you to be more hesitant about it.”

“Stage fright and embarrassment don’t matter in survival, Claude.”

“Well, can’t complain about results, am I right?” Claude smirked. “Alright. Let’s find a street corner. With any luck people will think we’re cool and toss us money. Then we can afford food.”

Edelgard folded her arms. “I wonder if others out there are facing the same issues we are...”


“Alternate universe log number one! The activation of the Heart of Etheria seems to have opened a portal to a whole other dimension. This... is... fascinating! Ahh-ha-ha-ha!”

Entrapta’s eyes giddily darted about the town of Goodsprings, as she sat on the roof of the general store. She grinned and kicked her legs excitedly over the edge of the roof.

“Think of all the possibilities! I can only deduce that I’ve been pulled into some temporo-spatial anomaly due to the instability of the Heart’s portal! Nya-hah! Lucky me; this place is inhabited! This could revolutionize our understanding of the known multiverse!”

Using her long, prehensile purple hair, Entrapta leaped from the roof and landed on the ground, looking around.

“Gravity seems to be a multiversal constant, though we can’t be sure; other laws of physics must be tested!” Entrapta fluffed her hair a bit. “Addendum: The effects of magic don’t seem to have dulled at the personal level.”

Entrapta took a deep breath. “Atomic composition of this universe appears to be similar to that of Etheria! In other words, I can breathe! Air!”

Entrapta’s eyes darted towards explosions in the distance. “And it appears the process of combustion is the same here as well! I must investigate the source!”

Entrapta giggled, then dashed towards the source of the explosions: the Goodsprings schoolhouse.

“Note to self: procure materials for constructing robots! And provisions... tiny provisions.”

It briefly occurred to Entrapta that she could possibly get provisions from the general store. However, studying a whole alternative universe took precedence in her mind; after all, this was an absolutely unprecedented opportunity!

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Post by Infested on Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:28 pm

The Tops Casino

A cool and laid back attitude were key at the Tops, where the Chairmen held their authority rather lightly in comparison with the other two operating casinos. People laughed and relaxed as they played roulette, blackjack, and whatever other games the casino provided for them. A luxury experience it was.

That was, until the clown appeared.

He was sitting at one of the empty roulette tables, out cold with the slightest of snores, before coughing himself awake with a chuckle. He looked about with his unnaturally green eyes, and quickly his red lips peeled back into his distended smile. He straightened his hair, a similar shade of green to his eyes, as he looked about with a bit of confusion.

"Geez louise, that was a heck of a night..." he stared at the people around him, who looked back in confusion and horror, "...This certainly isn’t Arkham. It sure doesn’t look like Gotham, either. Not enough rain and gloominess."

"I think we’ll need to get our bearings straight before we get to the fun stuff," he sighed, before standing up and gesturing to the people in the Tops as he yelled to them, "I do apologize! You’re not going to be dying for now!"

With that, the Joker quickly made his way out of the Tops, holding a hand over his eyes as he exited into the bleak Mojave sun. "Yes... this is definitely not Gotham," he murmured to himself as the brightness faded, giving the clown a chance to look about the area, before shrugging, "But hey, works with me! Hopefully, there’s no bats around to stop me..." he hummed half-heartedly as he noticed a Securitron near the entrance. From the gist of things, it appeared they were top brass around here, so he’d just have to get a word in about all of this.

Taking up a demanding posture, the Joker stormed up to the Securitron and tapped aggressively on its shoulder, before assuming a much more passive appearance as he spoke, "Oh sir! Do you happen to have a map? I seemed to misplace mine in my other pair of pants."


The calm snowy hills west of New Vegas. Here, Bighorners, massive mutated rams, roamed without a care of the horrible landscapes to the east and to the south. Here as well, it was isolated enough that it could harbor a refuge for those who sought redemption from their historic past. A place where the creations of the long-dead Master could find some solace and create something of their own fruition. This was the goal Jacobstown, a walled-off settlement hidden between the frosted peaks. A safe harbor for Super Mutants of all generations, both old and new, the smartest among their kind tend to flock here in hopes of staving off the persecution their kind has found in their many years of service to the Master and in service to their own carnal natures.

Thus, this would be the place, then, that Bob would return.

He tumbled to the ground, unprepared for the sudden reappearance in the clash. He looked at his armor, and then to the surroundings about him.

The Doom Slayer had nothing to say about them, but was enraged. After all his efforts, all his work with the girls... he was back to square one. Alone and probably far from anyone he knew. He took little time to assess the situation any further before he took action. He walked towards the gate of the large town before him, somewhat shaken by the cold.

It would take him a moment to notice that his armor was not covering the whole of his arms anymore- it had changed some, both aesthetically and physically. He would have to examine the depth of these changes later. He had work to do. If he were here, he thought, Then more than likely, everyone he had cared about had also been strewn about this... strange land. He knew there could be dangers hidden about the landscape- the Overwatch universe was more than enough of a lesson of that- so he couldn’t let them be lost.

Devil’s Gullet

A sinkhole had long taken several cars above it, downing a trailer along with them. Various scrap and junk was all that remained down there, looking like scavengers had picked the area clean. The shadow of the deep hole would be a reprieve from the desert heat, but could only do so much. At the top of the hole, two Coyotes rested, their feral bodies frail and somehow unaffected by the radiation that had claimed nearly every other creature to its mutative nature.

At the bottom, though, something dark brewed. The ground began to shudder and shift, as several tendrils of black material lifted themselves from the ground, melding into one another as a single congealed form. After a moment’s pause, it began to take on a more jellyfish-like appearance, with two long tendrils flickering downwards from a flat bell of sorts. Blue streaks of light slithered down much of the small entity’s frame, looking like runes empowered by some ancient force.

A cold wind blew from the gully, causing the ears of the Coyotes to perk as they came to notice the slightest of hums. A deep and earthly hum, that grew with power and feeling as Moomek’s form rose from the sinkhole, still unnoticed by the two canines. He had power, but he was far weaker than his potential. Without hesitation and without warning, his two tendrils shot out, firing at both of the coyotes. With a pair of pained whimpers, the void-borne tendrils had hit their marks, and the Coyotes fell, their bodies soon becoming cold and shriveled as the Xinth consumed what had given them life and used it for his own existence.

Moomek swiveled about to examine his surroundings. Nothing but endless desert for miles, save for a city gleaming in the distance. However, an explosion nearby, in a rundown town that looked half forgotten, caught his attention. While it may not have been his query- in the form of Jannet or someone else he might have been able to get close to- it would still be more than interesting to scout out who had made the noise. So he slunk close to the ground and began to quickly slither towards Goodsprings, hoping to keep out of sight of anyone (though he thought that may be hard, considering how contrasting his wholly-black body was with the arid environment).

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Post by AestheticMonkey on Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:47 pm

New Vegas Strip

Currently, the Ultra-Luxe was in a bit of turmoil, attracting quite a bit of attention. Inside the building, a diminutive figure was being chased at by masked men with steel canes, and quite a few with pistols. Gunshots cried out and echoed in the massive corridors and hallways as the clown sprinted for the exit. For such a short thing, he was scarily fast. Effortlessly outrunning the guards chasing him, and always staying one pace ahead of the bullets. Yet, the massive, snaggletoothed grin on his face suggested that he could move far, far faster. This was a game to him, a fun game of tag!

In his wake, he trailed slightly red footprints on the marbled tile floor. Some member at the table had pulled a gun on him, he was so surprised that he couldn't help but cackle madly! Causing seven spade-bullets to penetrate the man at once. The broad projectiles sent viscera flying everywhere! Such a weak soul, he couldn't take the fun!

"Uwee hee hee! Catch catch me if you can!" He pipped, leaping and clapping his heels together as his tail fluttered in his... tailwind. He'd burst out the front doors of the casino, pursued hotly by the luxurious gangsters who began to fire at him from the safety of their casino stairs. That was when the clown began to move in a circular fashion, seemingly ignoring the causality of momentumn and direction. He moved so incredibly fast in a revolving matter, that faint shades of himself could be seen bouncing and dancing behind him as he moved forward, seeming unhindered by his rotation. Needless to say this was causing quite a scene on the strip, with the gunfire and the centripital clown.


Approaching from the North, a faint purple shade could be seen if one squinted hard enough, but given the refraction of the hot desert air, it was just a mirage from a distance. A piece of aluminum fluttering in the wind. It was in fact a being, one that was walking with one foot in this reality, and another within the void. Oddly enough, some powerful force was keeping him from travelling through the void. Any attempts to go for long in it, would result in some odd force pulling him back to this bleak world.

Upon cresting a hill, upon which a large metal tower sat. Locus-Walker saw that it was a graveyard, with the names of the departed listed, and their lifespans recorded forevermore. Until the inevitable march of time eroded their names from history. He briefly wondered where they were in the next life. Had they gone to the verdant fields of Ardenweald, or found stability and service in Bastion? It mattered little, but Locus-Walker loved to ponder as much as he loved to explore.

"Interesting. This world was broken by rage, scorched through the fires of war, yet it is shaped by the threads of fate. Reality torn asunder." The ethereal would begin to float down from the graveyard, his form wrapped in bandages, glowing with purple runes that seemed to pulse purple. While his robes touched the ground, there was no discernible movement of his legs as he neared the prospector Saloon, following the acrid stench of smoke.


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Phillip procured what information he could from the busybodies of the Old Mormon Fort, which wasn't much before they went off to attend to more important matters. He was able to recognize some of the technology around was more advanced (Albeit much bulkier) than what could be found in his home universe, supported by the date given to him by one of the doctors.

After some 'Great War' where nuclear weapons had ravaged the world, mankind was just making use of what was left over. Eventually, he left them to their work, not wanting to be too much more of a bother as he meandered in the direction of the Atomic Wrangler, as it was the only other place he knew the name of. Of course, he had no intention of gambling, but where there was a casino, there was probably a knowledgeable bartender he could solicit more information from.

The fully-armored crusader stopped short of the casino, looking over to see someone of similar height and attire to himself- Even if the armor was clearly not of any culture he recognized. He approached the saberon, judging her looking about and clashing appearance with what of this world he's seen so far to be an indicator that she was just as new to this universe as he was.

"Hello!" He greeted in a friendly tone with a wave, "I am Phillip Milly. Would I be right in assuming that you're not from here either?"


"Ehh... Uh- Hey, Sunny?" Easy Pete called back in the loudest voice he could muster, watching as the strange, purple-haired Entrapta scurry towards the old schoolhouse, "There's somethin' goin on."

Quickly returning with two bottles of sarsaparilla, Sunny tossed both into Pete's lap as she whipped out her rifle and held it at guard. "What's- Hold on, is that someone runnin' towards the schoolhouse?" She squinted her eyes at Entrapta as Pete looked between her and Sunny.

"Mhm... I looked over to see her jumpin' off Chet's store and she started ramblin' to herself. I couldn't right hear her well from here, but she kept goin' on and on 'bout somethin'- Looked real excited before she started runnin'," Pete retold what he saw in his typical easygoing fashion, "Was considerin' goin' over to ask if she was okay after fallin' off the roof, but she took off before I could finish thinkin'."

"You don't worry 'bout a thing, Pete- H-Hey! Uh- Purple-hair!" Sunny yelled, holding her rifle down in one hand as she waved, taking a few steps forward to try and better get Entrapta's attention. While she wanted to keep this woman from going near whatever was happening in the schoolhouse, she was onguard incase this was some psycho-fueled junkie. After all, she apparently jumped off of a roof.

"Purple-hair?" Easy pete repeated with a brief wheeze of a chuckle. Sunny quickly shot him a look before looking back to Entrapta in the distance, hoping the woman would come over rather than risk herself exploring whatever was going on in the schoolhouse.

Meanwhile, the owner of the general goods store himself came out to see what the commotion was about. Chet glanced over in Sunny's direction, then to Entrapta, then up at the top of his shop to see what the noise he heard a moment ago was with a bewildered expression. The situation captured the eyes of much of the town as folks peeked out windows or looked from their bighorner herding, too distracted to notice Locus-Walker approaching from behind the saloon.

Within the schoolhouse itself, Matilda leaped back away from the boarded up window with a yelp, frightened as Entrapta neared. Thankfully, she had enough restraint to not squeeze the trigger of her flamethrower and nearly cause the building to burn down again. She knew one of the town's residents would notice- How could they not notice!?

"Shit shit shit shit shit!" She whimpered out. If they came in here, what should she do? What would they do? She couldn't just kill them- She couldn't take on an entire town, right? No- She shouldn't even think about having to kill them. These were probably good, innocent people. But what if this woman tried to kill her thinking she was trying to burn down their- What was this? A school?

She quickly ran into the large closet nearby, looking around at all the racks before realizing there was a door in here too! She shoved the shelves over onto their sides and blocked the door before pulling at one of the ruined lockers outside the closet (As there was no door in the closet's doorframe) with a loud heave, pulling it inch by inch in front of the doorframe to try and hide herself.

The Strip

The furious White Gloves stopped short of the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Ultra-Luxe as securitrons rolled past Jevil, paying the erratic jester no mind as the police robots sternly observed the White Glove employees. The semi-autonomy of the casinos had their benefits, but also their drawbacks. Nobody could pursue troublemakers out of their casinos- At least not in such a way that would disturb the peace on the rest of the Strip.

Jevil would find he was no longer pursued by the masked members of the White Glove Society as they were reminded of this fact by the securitron which declared, "No violence is permitted on the strip." They begrudgingly began filing back into the Ultra-Luxe while one angrily waved a tire iron in the jester's general direction before stepping through the doors alongside everyone else. Satisfied, the securitrons rolled away. Jevil had gotten away with the mayhem he had caused, so long as he didn't return to the establishment he was presumably banned from.

Meanwhile, the securitron subject to the Joker's turned to face the clown, its cartoonish officer face flickering slightly as it spat out in a loud and deep robotic voice, "No. You may be able to find a map in the Vault 21 gift shop down the street that way." The large robot pointed one of its arms in the direction of the Vault 21 Hotel sign.


As Bob approached the gate to Jacobstown, the two supermutants, large and green, exchanged glances with one another before
the one with the more notable armor and headgear stepped forwards. Both easily outweighed Bob and were far taller than him (As was the case in relation to most humans super mutants met).

Without even introducing himself nor asking Bob who he was, the super mutant spoke in a surprisingly calm manner and voice that contrasted the brutish appearance of a super mutant, "Welcome to Jacobstown, human. You're free to walk around, just don't stare at the nightkin. They don't like people looking at them."

Just to be safe, he quickly added, "And if you're NCR, keep it to yourself. They're not popular around here." While the Doom Slayer certainly did not look like a member of the New California Republic, Marcus couldn't say he recognized the armor he wore at all. Only a few groups he knew of that would have something like Bob's attire, and NCR were the most likely given the area.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Post by AestheticMonkey on Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:45 am


Leerah would glance down at the crusader, her gaze softening slightly. Here was someone who didn't shoot her dirty or frightful looks. She held no contempt for humans, but some were far too easily frightened. "You would be correct in your assumption knight. Might I ask where you are from? I have never seen your heraldry. Though it reminds me of the paladin orders of Lordaeron and Stormwind." Her eyes were a piercing yellow, almost shining. The cat seemed to be suffused with a light, yellow aura that felt pleasant to be around. As if burdens and small pains were being lifted by her presence.


Locus-Walker continued his march towards the commotion with seemingly no heed as to the other residents of the town. For all he was concerned, they were a gathering of primitive screwheads fighting over the carcass of a once great civilization. It could be just simple unwilling ignorance, or not desiring to better themselves beyond herding some large, ill-tempered herbivores. It could have been any number of factors. Not that he had any ill-will towards them, they were just... there. To be ignored unless they began to hinder him. To that end he effortlessly glided along the street towards the school house, briefly passing by Sunny. He caught a glimpse, of some grand destiny in store for her. It was brief, little more than a blink in his mind, but it could be possible. Discerning prophecies without knowing about someone was a literal stab in the dark. It rarely worked out, and many a prophet ended up stabbing themselves with it.

He continued on his march to the schoolhouse, gazing intently at Entrapta, before his gaze shifted elsewhere on the school. Where he thought the other planeswalker might be.


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Post by SpongeBobRocks23 on Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:02 am

As the red woman walked down Route 157, stick in hand and no real sense of direction, she took her time to analyze her surroundings the best her mind could.  Everything was different colors, shapes, sizes, nothing was breaking apart at the seams, no flickering lights and distorted noises...all the remnants of her old world that she was used to were completely gone.

It was...calming in a way.


The woman stopped. She closed her eyes, feeling the air on her face. Where ever she was going could wait. She just wanted to stay here and relax a bit.

She did just that.








Her eyes shot open, looking up and down frantically. What the hell was that? She looked down to see...a creature. A being she was not familiar with by any means. It...wasn’t a frog. She didn’t THINK it was a frog, anyway. It was white, it’s neck long, it’s body in an oval, and it’s mouth was pointed and orange. It almost resembled the chickens that the players would spawn, but bigger and without that...thing on top of them. They never knew what they were called, nor do they want to reach far into their mind to remember what they’re called, but nevertheless it was a stunning sight to behold. It was a chicken, but it wasn’t a frog either—these were the only two animals that she knew—so what on earth was it?

Before she could conclude with an answer, the creature took her stick, causing her to fall to the ground. The animal ran off, stick in its beak, honking softly as it made its escape. The woman didn’t even attempt to get up. She laid on the floor, defeated. Such a deceptive world was this. She blindly gave into the colorful facade that was this strange new land, and in return she paid the price.

She deserved this. She knew it.






And yet something inside of her went off. It wasn’t the burning feeling from before, but it wasn’t the melting squishy feeling that made her eyes leak either. It was something...different.

CONCEPT IMPLEMENTED: feel_determined

She lifted herself up from the ground, positioning herself in a way that would secure her for standing. Her stature straightened itself in an upright position, feet firmly on the ground and balance aligned correctly. She clenched her fists. She lifted on foot and placed it forward, and proceed to do the same with the other. She would do this again, and again, and again, and again...

...she was walking!


At a steady pace, she walked over to the animal, who was currently looking at a square, flimsy object in its wing. Once she was close enough, she debated in her mind on what she was going to do to this foul creature.

Abruptly, she had an idea.

Her mind went back to the moment she exited the Strawberry Cubes realm, her fists flying at no one and nothing. Maybe if she did the same to this animal...it would  h u r t .



A devious idea, but fitting for such a clearly evil creature such as it.

She lifted her hand up, aiming it at the animal who still had not taken notice of her. She stretched it backward, and with one swift movement...


...the animal was quick to counter by biting her fist. She screamed, still no sound coming out. She pulled her hand back, recoiling in the process but doing the best she could to retain her balance. She attempted to punch the animal again, only for it to dodge in a fast manner. It honked at the red woman, waddling away nimbly to avoid the woman’s wrath. The woman walked after him, though realizing after a couple of steps that she was not going anywhere by going at this pace She had to elevate herself to go faster, but would she do that? She just learned how to move at a rate that made it so she couldn’t fall down, and doing so at a faster rate would cause her to potentially lose balance! She couldn’t lose balance at this rate. She needed to catch this animal.

She threw all doubts out the window and speed herself up. Better, but still not enough. Faster. She tried something. She extended her legs a bit as she walked, which in return made her speed increase a bit. She did so faster, and faster, until she was at the maximum speed she was able to keep herself at. She was right behind the beast now. Game. Over.

With quick thinking on her side, she belly flopped right onto the bird...only for it to fly away before it could even be caught by the young adult girl, stick still in it beak. The woman laid on the ground, defeated once more. However, in this defeat, she was able think about a lot of things. Things that made her think even more things. Things about that bird. Things about the bird that would end in it slowly suffering to no end.

She got up, looking at the bird as it flew away.


Someday, she was going to get that bird.

Though...not today. She got up and went back on the path, putting the thought of the bird out of her mind for now. The calmness returned to her, and she was on her way yet again.

Unbeknownst to the girl, if she would keep walking a few more miles, she would reach the town of Jacobstown, where if she survived long enough, she could settle in while she figured out her surroundings.

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The Doomguy was relatively unfazed by the appearance of the mutants- he’d seen enough surprising stuff already in the clash that big green men was quite short on the list of things to surprise him. What did surprise him, however, was the calm demeanor presented by the super mutant and his welcoming nature. Their welcoming statement, though, had left more questions than answers regarding his predicament.

"Excuse me," Bob spoke up as he hurried to catch up to the mutant, making sure he was at the side of him, "But... where am I? I know I’m in Jacobstown, but... let’s just say I’m not from around here. Not... NCR or whatever- it’s a long story."


Despite hating the way the machinated cop directed his attention to the gift shop, the clown prince was nonetheless appeased. "Thank you, my good constable!" He exclaimed as he jauntily skipped away, before grumbling quietly, "I can't wait to see you again. Bucket of bolts."

The Joker looked over to the front of the Ultra-Luxe and noticed the insanity that was Jevil, bouncing about wildly. While he did look to be an interesting fellow and potentially a great investment for future success, he would ignore the chaotic being for now in lieu of continuing his way into the Vault 21 Hotel. He could garner friendships and buffoons to follow him at any time- first he needed to know where he was and what was around.


The town of Novac was one of the more distinctive settlements of the Mojave not only for its stable nature, but for the first thing anyone will see of the town. That is, of course, the massive dinosaur statue located at the front of the town. It towered over the old motel, mouth agape enough that a man could sit inside comfortably. And a man did, at all times, with the faint glimmer of a scope in the sun’s light denoting the presence of a sniper inside of the statue.

On the outskirts of town, there was less protection provided by the sniper or any other official security. Here lied the makeshift shack of the old man known as No-bark Noonan, a man infamous across Novac for his... less than orthodox theories regarding subjects.

So it would be no surprise that out of his dumpster emerged a giant red locust.

Shlyke batted at his eyes with annoyance at the sudden change of light, but quickly adjusted as he looked about. "Where am I of being...?" He asked himself as he began to examine the arid surroundings and the makeshift shack behind him. "Hello?" He shouted, "Is there of being anyone there?"


Where the once-pleasant town of Nipton once stood now served as a graveyard for the damned. Pyres burnt with people upon them, while piles of tires burnt alongside them, sending up thick plumes of black smoke. Along the main street into the town, two rows of crucified men stood as grim reminders of the Legion’s work.

"Holy crap!"

At the center of town, there he was. With his rotund stomach and drawn expression making him stand out from the usual wastelander, and his iconic double-cleft chin on his shocked face, Peter Griffin had been thrown into the burning town. And he was unsure what to think of it.

"...Aw man, I was supposed to meet the guys down at the Clam!" He exclaimed, his tardiness at his friends’ meetup taking precedence over the entire town of punished dead. He frantically looked around, before calming down. "Take it easy, Peter," he took a breath, "Just act naturally and you’ll get yourself out of this situation."

And so, with a newly found calmness, the obese man strolled down the main drag, looking to each of the crucified men with a click of the fingers and an attempt to lighten the situation by telling each of the men, "Power of Christ compels ye," as he passed. It was quite clear that would do little to help their situations and was more to ease the Rhode Islander.

When he noticed an accessible door near the entrance of the the town, Peter was quick to duck inside; he needed a second out of the heat, and it looked like a good a place as any. That, and he was hoping to score some booze, even in the apocalyptic situation.


A town once prided for trade along the road to the Mojave Outpost, now, Primm has become a warzone. To the south, an NCR camp had been erected, its brown-outfitted soldiers standing watch over the bridge that connected the town with the rest of the world. And in the town to the north of the bridge, the people of Primm were encamped inside the Vikki and Vance Casino, the only place that could be kept safe from the Powder Gangers outside.

However, our attention is directed towards the Bison Steve Hotel— or more specifically, the roller coaster in a state of disrepair behind it, the El Diablo. At the top of the coaster’s creaking tracks, away from where several of the prison escapees had entrenched themselves, where, out of seemingly nowhere, a woman, with short and unnaturally hair for someone of her younger age, and a petite crown seemingly fixed atop her head, had appeared. And the first thing she did was scream loudly.

Ernette was not prepared for the sudden transition from Halloweenland to the top of a roller coaster that looked as if it were about to fall apart at any given moment. It was unnerving, to say the least. After she had calmed down from her initial fright, a sudden ping of realization dawned over her.

"Ruby?!" She shouted as she glanced about, "Clara? Tina?" She had no idea where she was, and didn’t want to be alone. She didn’t even have Moomek, as little as that changed things. She sighed and took a moment to get a bird’s eye view of the area with a hum, "Where am I?"

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Post by Lowfn on Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:08 pm

Collab post. Zandoo, Erops, Aethetic, and Infested


Entrapta screeched to a halt, digging her boots into the dirt. "Purple hair." She had purple hair. Entrapta turned to Sunny, squinting and grinning widely. She laughed giddily and quickly whipped out her recorder. "Another addendum! It appears some languages appear to be a multiversal constant! I mean, it only makes sense; after all, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that languages converge in entirely different universes!"

"See she's doin' that ramblin' thing I was tellin' ya about," Easy Pete said quietly.

"Hush it, Pete," Sunny snapped, but couldn't help but let a hint of humor show through at his nonchalant demeanor in what was becoming a more and more complicated situation. Her expression quickly shifted to one of shock at the sight of  Locus-Walker. His completely unorthodox appearance stunned her as he drifted past, leaving her trying to comprehend what he even was.

It occurred to Entrapta that she should probably respond to the person who was carrying a weapon. The cheerful princess bounded over, her hair bouncing behind her. She suddenly stopped when she noted Locus-Walker's visage, clearly different from that of the two other people who appeared to be inhabitants of this world. Her eyes sparkled in marvel.

"So I'm not the only vagabond from another universe," she remarked, before grabbing her recorder and continuing to record. "Note to self! Engage with other life-forms from other dimensions, too! This is all so unprecedented! Ahahahaha!"

Entrapta lowered the recorder and turned toward Sunny. "Hi, hello! You're an inhabitant of this universe, yes? Do the laws of physics work here? Also I'm Entrapta!" She gazed eagerly into Sunny's face, awaiting an answer that was, to her, quite monumental.

Before she could answer, her dog peeked out from behind her legs and let out an angry bark and a growl. "Cheyenne stay," Sunny ordered down to her dog before addressing Entrapta, "Don't worry, she won't bite unless I tell her to.... Now, I'm not sure why the laws of physics wouldn't work here in Goodsprings, but they do. The name's Sunny, by the way." Her eyes would dart between Entrapta and Locus-Walker as he seemed to ignore all around himself.

"Ohhhh hohohohoho!" Entrapta's mouth curled into a smile, then a grin. "This is fascinating!" She paused, then turned towards Cheyenne. "Aww, who's a good girl?" Her hair extended its locks to stroke the dog's back, behind her ears, and her belly. Entrapta made "cootchie-cootchie-coo" noises as she leaned down to itch under Cheyenne's head. Given Sunny's previous order, the dog was quickly placated by the attention and turned from guard dog to happy pup in a matter of seconds.

Entrapta turned back to Sunny. "I've just made an absolutely groundbreaking discovery!" Entrapta exclaimed, thrusting her hands into the air as she said this. "The instability in the space-time continuum has created some sort of anomaly that's made it possible to travel between parallel universes! Who knows what the possibilities are?! It's amazing, so far I've discovered that both the basic elemental composition and the laws of physics are nearly identical to those in my home universe (that's what I'll call it from now on)..." It was unclear whether Entrapta was talking to Sunny, or rambling about her discoveries.

"We did not arrive here by sheer chance. At least, I think that is the case." Locus-Walker mused, placing a hand upon his chin. "I cannot tread the Void for long, before some unseen force pulls me back go this reality." He would give Sunny a cursory wave, perhaps in an attempt to tug upon some manners about staring, if her culture had any. Mortals could be so fickle about them.

He would turn his head to Entrapta. While he wished to tell her that she talked too much, he held back his tongue for now. "I think vagabond too harsh a term. I think 'unwilling scholar' fits much better"

Entrapta paused her musings for a moment, then nodded in agreement. "Note to self: 'ask people what they wanna be called when they're pulled from another universe.'" She paused, then clasped her hands together, giggling happily. The gears in her mind were certainly spinning madly as she rapidly observed this new universe's laws and properties.

"Now... So what's this all about universes and voids, exactly?" Sunny questioned before asking Locus-Walker more directly, "And pardon my lack of manners, but what are you exactly? You don't look like something the radiation cooked up- Then again, there's plenty of crazy things out there I probably haven't seen." She was at least relieved to see that these newcomers seemed friendly, if a bit strange in more ways than one. Easy Pete continued to watch the scene unfold in silence from his chair, slowly looking between the three.

The bandages on his brow furrowed. This place was more backwater than he thought, how to relay this in a manner that she could understand. "You would be correct, I am not the product of radiation. I am an ethereal, K'hareshi. We used to be flesh and blood, then we had an unfortunate case of dimensional instability, and became beings of pure energy. I must say, I do miss having toes to wiggle..."

"The Void is a realm antithetical to what you consider life and sanity. I use it as a method of travel as any other. Your realm, much like the void, occupies a space. Much like a single speck of dirt next to your shoe. It can touch any number of specks adjacent to it, and with some energy, touch others. Given enough, you can transfer something between them, through a portal or some other apparatus. Yet when I attempt to do so, something forces me out of this other reality." He would look back to Sunny, and Entrapta. "Do you require further explanation?" He didn't like to give lectures, but better that they have some idea of what he was talking about, than drill into him with questions.

Entrapta stood, mouth agape, recording the entire explanation and listening with utmost intent. "That's fine," she said, still in shock about the endless possibilities such alternate realms entailed.

"... Pete? You get any of that?" Sunny asked.

"Hm? Oh sure. It's like they're from different planets or somethin'- Just a lot farther away, I reckon. Bandages here ain't able to be touched," Easy Pete chimed in his typical easygoing fashion as he interpreted everything that was said as best he could.

Locus-Walker was very much a corporeal entity, he was wearing clothes afterall, and some binding bandages. "Bandages? Apologies. I do not believe I have introduced myself. I am known as Locus-Walker."

"Fine meetin' you, Locust. Name's Easy Pete," The old man introduced with a smile, "Say, you two wouldn't have nothin' to do with all that fire earlier in the old schoolhouse, would you?"

"Huh? What--OH, you mean those explosions I was just about to go investigate myself to observe the local process of combustion? And also make sure nobody was hurt?" Entrapta asked, itching her chin with her hair.

"Mmm, I'd be careful if I was you. Looked like napalm from here. Sticky stuff, ain't easy to put out," Pete warned, "Ain't many folks that go out of their way to make the stuff."

If locus-walker had teeth, he would have ground them at Pete's demeanor. Just who the hell heard Locus and thought Locust? Did he add a T in his sentence? "The fire is what grabbed my attention. I appeared north of town, amongst a swarm of some irritating insects. I've delt with that infestation for you, or thinned their numbers. Perhaps with the testimonials of individuals like me, I might yet piece together what's causing this tearing of reality."

Entrapta looked towards the schoolhouse, then back at Pete and Sunny. "Ah, what's a little napalm, am I right? Ha-ha-ha!" she joked. She knelt and continued to rub Cheyenne, fully invested by the dog (because who wouldn't be?).

"Well, Goodspring's thanks you for doing my job for me," Sunny remarked to Locus-Walker with a slight smirk before holding her varmint rifle out to Entrapta, figuring Locus-Walker was somehow able to handle himself no problem if he was able to take care of the infestation up north. "Here. If you're gonna be pokin' around anywhere with napalm, you'll want this. Normally use it for shootin' critters, but that doesn't mean it won't hurt someone trying to burn down our schoolhouse." Conveniently, she had another rifle hanging off her back that she pulled out into her hands shortly after.

"Oh, wow. Rustic!" Entrapta took the armament up in her hair. She came from a world of atomic pulse cannons, electric batons, and hover-skiffs; the rifle was quite quaint in her eyes. Nevertheless, Entrapta was no stranger to weaponry, though she preferred to be on the building side of things. And even then, robots were more her forte.

"I suppose it ain't anything fancy like a laser rifle, but it gets the job done," Sunny shrugged at Entrapta's remark, "If y'all were about to head over there yourselves, best if all three of us go. Otherwise, I was just gonna wait for whoever was in there to come out... You know how to shoot, right?" She hadn't often seen such awe at a firearm save for when children got ahold of their first gun.

As if on cue, there was a BANG! and the sound of a bullet ricocheting off of the blade of a windmill. A sheepish Entrapta, holding the rifle up in the air, blushed and giggled.

"I'll figure it out."

"... Unless I start shootin', best keep your finger behind the trigger," Sunny asserted, fairly lax on the misfire given that nobody got hurt. It was a fairly common attitude in the Mojave. She turned to Locus-Walker and asked, "So, Lucas, still interested in the schoolhouse? We all make it back in one piece, I'll get Trudy to give us all a round of drinks- That is, if you can drink."

"Yes. I'm not too combustible, and I imagine that the fire was not started by someone native." He pointed at Entrapta. "I have persuasion tatics that could end this without any need of perforation."

"Oh, don't worry about me," Entrapta said, lowering the rifle. "I wanna hear them out first; this could possibly be another one of our..." She glanced at Locus-Walker, "...'unwilling scholars.' Just wanted to try out the weapon, was all!"

"Exactly why you're keeping your finger behind the trigger," Sunny reiterated with a smirk before gesturing her rifle forwards as she started walking, "Let's hope this 'scholar' is as friendly as you two. Pete, you keep lookout for any more... All of this."

Easy Pete replied with a simple, "Mhm," as he watched the trio off before finally popping open his bottle of sasparilla and taking a sip.

"Hmmm." He stared at Entrapta, though without eyes it was slightly difficult to tell if he was staring at her, or somewhere off in the distance. This one was bright, curious. She might make a good student, perhaps. He did like to take pupils, though no mortal ears would ever hear him state that out loud. Best to let it happen naturally, he figured. Cosmic forces had a habit of corrupting those who did not know much about them. He continued to float up towards the school-house, slightly ahead of the other two fleshlings.

Once at the schoolhouse itself, Sunny gave a quick peek through one of the windows, squinting her eyes between the boards. While she didn't see anyone from that window, she could see trails of dried goo and burn marks splattered all over the inside, along with desks strewn about. Then again, she was pretty sure everything was strewn about in there already. "Hmm... My guess is, if they hadn't run off when we weren't lookin', they're holed up in the closet... Looks like there's a locker over in front of it." She pulled back from the window and gestured the two towards the front door, "You're not 'combustible', right, Lucas? You head in first, and we'll follow close behind." While she didn't like the idea of sending in some newcomer first to help deal with a town-problem, it was the more sensible approach.

Locus looked towards her, and wordlessly floated over to the door, testing the doorknob before opening it widely. He would float into the building, his footsteps absent in the dilapidated, wooden building. "If you are still here, I would reccommend revealing yourself." He spoke, slowly drifting around until he came close to the entrance of the closet. "We mean no harm, if you mean none as well." He could feel her through the void, how it spoke of her. She was definitely there, though did she mean harm, was she mearly a scared person? No truth could be discerned from its whispers. Only faint possibilities. He would gently rasp his gloved fingers on the locker, perhaps a bit of stimulus would harry her.

True to her word, Sunny was close behind Locus before standing on one side of him before quickly pointing for Entrapta to stand at his other. She held her rifle to the floor, but at the ready. If this was someone that could be reasoned with, they probably wouldn't want to come out to two rifles pointed straight at their head.

Entrapta had her gun tangled in her hair, careful not to set it off, out of sight.

After a few moments of silence (Save for the very obvious ruffling of someone moving around on the other side of the locker), a hesitant voice spoke up, "I-I... I didn't mean to set everything on fire! I don't know where I am a-and I..." The distinctly young, feminine voice trailed off. By its shaky tone, she was clearly much more terrified about being thrown into a completely different universe than Entrapta or Locus.

Entrapta, though better with machines than people, set the rifle down and carefully walked next to the locker. This was one of the occasions when she would invariably have to read the room.

"It's okay," she said. "We're not gonna hurt you. I'm gonna take the locker door off, so promise you won't blow me up, okay?"

Reluctantly, the scared voice replied with an, "O-Okay..." They would be able to hear her step back, away from the locker. In turn, Sunny seemed more relaxed than before, merely holding her rifle at guard as she stood straight.

Entrapta's hair curled around the locker door, through the vents and around the handle. She heaved and picked the locker up, then set it aside, then smiled at the young girl behind it. It took every ounce of willpower for Entrapta not to go "OMG YOU ARE FASCINATING" but she managed to hold her tongue, and gently held out a gloved hand to the girl.

Another young mortal playing with fire. A girl too. Why was this so common? Locus-Walker thought.

"Hi. I'm a scientist; do you like science? Or robots? Or tiny food? My name is Entrapta."

"I-I'm.. Matilda," She responded, looking back at Entrapta with her half-scarred face and hazel eyes. She wasn't sure how to respond to her questioning- especially the last one- but unsuredly reached out to take Entrapta's hand, her other clinging to her flamethrower's handle with an iron grip as she tentatively stepped forwards, slowly looking around at th- "WHAT IS THAT!?" She yelped, jumping back and frantically pointing her flamethrower's nozzle towards Locus.

"Shhh, shshshsh," Entrapta said, quickly pushing the nozzle downward with her hand. "It's okay, it's okay, don't freak out. He's just an Ethereal, he's not going to hurt you." Entrapta gave Matilda another reassuring smile. "We just wanted to see what was going on, Matilda. I guess we have our answer, hmm? Ahahah!"

Still trembling, Matilda let out a weak, "H-Heh..." as she slowly brought her flamethrower close to her chest, holding it tightly like how a child might hold a teddy bear for comfort. She stepped forwards again, visibly gulping before letting out a slow, shuddering breath to try and calm herself.

"I don't burn, I wouldn't reccommend trying that." He stated bluntly.

"Not sure a subtle threat is the best way to calm a kid," Sunny whispered with a slight lean of her head towards Lucas before shrugging.

"There you go, nice and easy," Entrapta said, gently placing a palm on Matilda's shoulder and helping her forward.

"Where am I?" Matilda asked, slinking down a bit both out of fear and the fact that she had eighty pounds on her back, "W-Why am I here?" At the very least, Entrapta was definitely a calming presence, especially when compared to the 'ethereal'.

"You are here because realities are folding in upon eachother." He ignored Sunny, keeping his attention focused on Matilda and Entrapta. His 'threat' was more of a warning that she would likely end up burning everyone else in the room by setting this dry, sun-baked structure alight.

"Uhhh... I can't answer part of that, but yeah, the multiverse appears to be crossing timelines of parallel universes causing each one's inhabitants to find themselves in unfamiliar worlds. Isn't it fascinating?" Entrapta grinned. Her expression abruptly fell. "But I still can't answer where we are. Uhhh.. Sunny? Can you tell us where we are? It didn't cross my mind to ask."

"Of course. This is Goodsprings," Sunny answered with a nod, "We're a small town just southwest of New Vegas. Other than caravans hiding from thugs in our gas station, this is probably the most excitement we've ever seen here."

"Well, that's an answer!" Entrapta turned back to Matilda. "We should probably get out of here before this building possibly falls down. I'm not sure how structurally sound it was before, but the fire could have weakened it further."

"R-Right... I-I'm sorry about that- Again..." Matilda meekly apologized as she stayed close to Entrapta.

Sunny waved off Matilda's concern as she lead the group towards the door. "Hey, don't worry about it. We never had enough kids here to justify using the place, and it was always infested with critters otherwise." She gave a brief glance down to a charred mantis corpse as she walked, "But it looks like you had no problem dealing with that."

"WHAT... IS.. THAT?!" Entrapta exclaimed, her attention suddenly diverted by the oversized mantis. "It's like a praying mantis, but huge!" She whipped out her recorder. "Alternate universe log number 2: evidently in this universe, 'megafauna' consists of insects bigger than any I've ever seen in my life! What could have caused this? Perhaps some form of mutation? Whatever it is, it's one of many endless possibilities amongst potentially infinite universes!"

"... Actually, mutation's exactly what it was," Sunny remarked as Matilda cowered at Entrapta's sudden, loud enthusiasm, "Radiation's gotten to just about every critter out there save for dogs. We're lucky to just be stuck with these guys and geckos and not something like deathclaws."

"An oddity, I've seen bigger, and worse mutations." He remarked, this world was dreadfully uninspiring so far. Perhaps it would change if he went elsewhere. He'd extend a clawed hand out to it, lifting it up with a slight, purple glow suffusing its body. "Perhaps it is dangerous. If you are a rat."

"I'll have to further study the effects of radiation on these creatures..." Entrapta mused. "What could be the root cause of such a widespread number of severe mutations? I have a feeling exaggerated gigantism only scratches the surface of these mutations... for it to be as widespread as Sunny says, there must have been a titanic output of energy from some unstable source..."

Entrapta glanced at Matilda, who had shrunken back. "Oh, nonono, it's okay, I was just recording in my log, see?" Entrapta wiggled the tape recorder.

"I, uh... Just scare easy," Matilda assured in turn, clearing her throat as she stood up straight- Or her version of straight- and meandered with the group towards the door.

"I cannot help but worry that you are going to severely hamper your biology with that pack of yours." Locus remarked.

"Y-You mean my tanks?" Matilda glanced back at the twin metal canisters on her back before looking back at Locus with concern, "No it's... It's fine. I've been wearing stuff like this since I was a little kid."

"You'll hurt your back," Entrapta said. "That could cause some serious, painful conditions in your spine. How about this: if I find the materials, I could build you a friend to carry those things for you!"

"Having a wound open for many years does not make it fine. In much the same way, wearing that will hamper your growth, and weaken the bone. If you stop now, you may yet avoid having a painful existence. I've heard back-pain is debilitating." The Ethereal replied.

"Believe me when I say there's plenty worse," the voice of Moomek spoke as his amorphous form slithered into view, "Plenty worse."

"W-What was- AAAAAAAAAAHH!" Matilda screeched upon seeing Moomek. By instinct, she quickly pointed her flamethrower towards his form and let loose a long stream of liquid flame towards him, her face contorted into a frantic expression of fear.

Moomek rose up, but was unable to evade most of the napalm sprayed at him, forcing him back to the ground by the sheer force itself.

Entrapta gaped at Moomek, rapidly fumbling with her recorder. "Addendum: humanoid bodily structure is by no means the standard for sapient life!"

After a few moments of being on fire, Moomek rose back up into the air, floating about in his jellyfish-like form as he sighed, "...That was probably on me, but was that really necessary? Or do you greet everyone like that?"

Locus Walker's voice turned a bit harsher, his words echoing just slightly. Adding a slight reverb to his voice. "And, who are you?" He asked, his arms coming down from their resting postion, to attention near his waist.

"As I was about to say before being set on fire," the voidborne being remarked, before enacting a sort of curtsy mid-air, "I am Moomek, Chabrolin of Saruc, at your behest. It's a pleasure to meet some friendly-ish faces in another Clash."

"Clash... that's the perfect name for this phenomenon of crossing universes! Thank you!" Entrapta exclaimed, her hair reaching out to shake one of Moomek's void-tentacles. "Oh, by the way I'm Entrapta. I'm meeting a lot of new people today!" She quickly spoke into her tape recorder. "Addendum 2: I'm designating this meeting of multiple timelines as a 'Clash.' It's the perfect term!"

"Well met. Don't usually get to meet so many friendly people, like I said. But anyways, if this place is in a Clash, I'd suggest banding together. Otherwise when everything's getting crazy, you're done," Moomek chuckled, taking a tendril and shaking Entrapta's hair.

Locus-Walker didn't extend a hand in greeting, he didn't fully trust Moomek. In fact, he distrusted him. Likely because he sensed that he was a cut above these other mortals. The others around him likely couldn't pose a threat, but this one? This one was more dangerous for sure. "Clash? Another. This has happened before?"

"Yep!" Moomek nodded, "I was in one before this one, and I know there's been plenty before that, and they're all basically the same, apparently. Essentially, a bunch of people from across the omniverse are thrown into a place, left there to mess it up for a while, and then transition over to the next place over and over until the clash is over. Everyone who makes it to the end are called Champions or whatever and so on and so forth."

"You make it sound as though there is some conscious entity responsible for this." The Walker retorted.

"Yeah. Last clash there was like... three to five guys working it behind the scenes," Moomek answered as he slithered about in the air, "It's a... means of asserting power in the Omniverse or something. Lots of gods and egomaniacs are behind them, usually."

"This would explain why the void is closed to me for long distances. Some force is anchoring me to this world. I will have to show these so called gods their folly. In the meantime, I think I will entertain myself with this world. I imagine there are more interesting places than this dirtmound."

"It's a 'dirtmound' we here in Goodsprings are proud of," Sunny defended as she started walking back towards the saloon with a gesture for the rest to follow, "Though I guess the main reason anyone comes to the Mojave is for New Vegas, real big city full of casinos and every vice you can think of."

Entrapta held Matilda's hand and gave her another reassuring smile. "Come on, kiddo! Don't want the building to fall on your head, right?"

"Y-Yeah, right," Matilda hastily nodded, her grip rather tight as she followed along.

"I suppose ants are proud of their hills as well." The walker chuckled.

"Hmph, well I promised you all free drinks from Trudy. I'm sure she-" Sunny paused before looking over at Matilda and asking, "You can drink, right?"

"U-Uh... Yes?" The young pyrophile nervously replied.

"I think it best you save the bottle you have for me. I do not require it, nor do I have much use for liquids anymore." The ethereal replied, keeping an eye on Moomek.

"Do they serve tiny drinks?" Entrapta asked.

Sunny couldn't help but snicker at that before shrugging. "I'm sure Trudy would be much obliged to give you less of a drink if that's what you want."

"I don't have a mouth, so I'm fine," Moomek assured as he kept pace with the group, floating daintily with them.

Upon the group entering the saloon, they would happen upon an aggressive man in black trousers, blue coat, and kevlar vest spitting threats at an unamused woman in a modest dress, "I'm done being nice. If you don't hand Ringo over soon, I'm going to get my friends and we're burning this town to the ground, got it?"

"We'll keep that in mind. Now, if you're not going to buy something, get out," The woman replied, entirely unphased by his threats. With a scowl, he turned away from her and paused in shock at the sight of Locus and Moomek before mumbling something to himself about jet and pushing past the group and out the saloon door.

"Just what was that about?" Locus asked, casting his gaze to the door. The Powder-Ganger might get the sensation of someone staring at him from behind, but noone was outside the Saloon. Save for Easy Pete.

"Well, it looks like our little town got itself dragged into the middle of something we don't want anything to do with," The woman explained, equally unphased by the appearances of Moomek and Locus, although she had probably seen the two out of the window, "About a week ago, this trader, Ringo, comes into town. Survivor of an attack, he says. Bad men after him, needs a place to hide. We figured he was just in shock, so we gave him a place to lie low. We didn't actually expect anyone to come after him... But I suppose that ain't much of your concern. I'm glad I get to meet the newcomers causing such a stir. Welcome to the Prospector Saloon."

"A bar. Another universal constant." The Walker remarked, taking a seat upon a stool, though it was more akin to him draping his robes over the seat. Revealing for a brief moment shadowy legs made up of a roiling, glassy energy that terminated just below the knee in sharp points. Moomek took the seat next to Locus, but simply floated a few feet above the seat instead of making contact with it.

"Gosh, are you guys gonna be okay?" Entrapta asked, glancing back at the saloon door, still swinging from the thug's huffy exit.

"We should be fine. So far, Joe Cobb's done nothing but bluster and threaten and not much else," The woman, presumably Trudy, answered with a shrug as she meandered over to the other side of the counter, "If worse comes to worst, some of the others, like Sunny here, will probably stand up for Ringo if he asks for help... Which he hasn't. Personally, I hope he sneaks out of town one night and takes the Powder Gangers with him." She finished with disdain, clearly not fond of either Joe Cobb nor Ringo.

"Did Ringo say anything about why people were coming after him?"

"Barricading himself in the gas station up the hill seemed more of a priority," Trudy huffed as she fiddled with a broken radio, "If you want, you can go ask him yourself, maybe convince him to pack up and leave while you're at it."

"Or. The others can be dealt with. Perhaps convince them to give it up." Walker mused.

"Joe Cobb talks about leaving us alone if we hand over Ringo, but I know his type," Sunny interjected, "He and his friends will come after the town eventually."

"A more permanent solution, perhaps?" The Ethereal added.

"Between all of us, I suppose we are a bit of a force to be reckoned with, but it wouldn't hurt getting some extra help. A lot of people around here look up to Trudy," Sunny suggested, cocking her head at the bartender, who had gone back to messing with her radio rather than involve herself in the conversation, "If we could convince Trudy to join us, some of the folks in town might decide to help out as well. I know Easy Pete's got a stock of dynamite somewhere, and Chet just got a shipment of leather armor we could borrow. Be good to talk to them as well. Finally, there's a good chance we'll all end up with a few extra holes in us- Well, maybe not you- but if Doc Mitchell could cough up some extra stimpaks, that'd be great."

"Or, I could sunder reality itself, and blast the thoughts from their minds. I'm willing to help take care of them, provided you help provide me with some information." He would shrug his neck, oh how he wished he had a neck to pop. It was the little things you missed. "Or if you have more pacifist proclivites, I can leave most of them intact."

"If you really think you can take care of Joe Cobb and the Powder Gangers just like that, I can tell you whatever you'd wanna hear," Sunny said with some surprise, though her tone indicated she didn't entirely believe his claim that he could so easily dispatch Cobb and his thugs.

"Given a little time, I'm sure I could come up with a few defense upgrades should things come to blows," Entrapta mused. "Though I'd prefer if they didn't. The last time I tried to conduct research in the middle of the military..." Entrapta's tone turned slightly bitter. But she shook her head. After all, Beast Island had proven an unexpected paradise for her.

"If you want me to deal with it, there will be no blows. And no people to bother you afterwards." He countered.

"We can definitely try your way first, Locus-Walker," Entrapta said, folding her legs on the barstool.

"I'd hardly call them a 'military'," Trudy spoke up after huffind annoyedly at her radio, "They're chain gangs, really. The NCR brought them in from California to work on the rail lines. Problem is, it turns out that giving convicts a bunch of dynamite and blasting powder isn't the best idea. Was a big escape not too long ago. Some of 'em stuck together so they could make trouble. That's what we're dealing with now."

"Oh, I meant souping up the town themselves. I'm an engineer! In fact-- mind if I take a look at that?" Entrapta asked, gesturing to the radio with one of her locks of hair.

"Sure. The outside looks okay, but I think something broke on the inside- Some man in a checkered suit and his thugs came by and one of them 'accidentally' knocked it over," Trudy huffed as she picked the radio up and set it on the counter, "There'd be caps in it for you. I do like to hear what's going on in the world. And that Mr. New Vegas seems like such a gentleman..."

Entrapta opened up her toolkit and flipped her mask over her head, her eyes peering intently at the radio through red-tinted lenses. She popped the radio open and picked around at it. "Looks like the receiver got knocked loose a little. Couple circuits got fried. Is this thing old?" Entrapta asked.

"Heck, I'd be surprised if there were any radios around that weren't old," Trudy scoffed, "Just about everything's from back before the Great War 'bout two hundred years ago."

Locus Walker would get up from his seat. "Where are these people located, and how would you like them dealt with?" He asked, obviously reffering to either the pacifistic solution, or the more violent one.

"Pretty sure they're all holed up in the correctional facility southeast of here. Though I'd expect Cobb to be a bit more nearby, probably gearing up to hit the town," Sunny asserted.

Entrapta fiddled with the radio, soldering wires together and tightening loose parts. She turned the dials on the radio, and it made a *KRRKH WHHEOOWEEOW* noise, before starting to play a voice. Trudy looked down at the radio in surprise before reaching under the counter and fumbling around, trying to collect something.

"Hmm. I will be back shortly, if you hear combat, please do keep away from the windows." He recommended dryly, before floating off his stool, and through the wall of the Saloon. His form growing purple, and incorporeal, ignoring the regular laws of physics. His levitating form would begin to ascend higher and higher over Goodsprings, as his 'eyes' began to scan the blasted terrain for any sign of the Gangers. He'd find them, eventually.

As Joe Cobb far off in the distance spoke with what looked to be some of his fellow Powder Gangers, Trudy stood up and dumped a pile of fifty bottle caps on the counter beside the radio with a smirk. "It's about time. Here's some caps for the work," She remarked with gratitude as Mr. New Vegas told the listeners how wonderful they were over the radio before playing a Mojave classic, Big Iron.

"This is the local currency, right?" Entrapta asked, looking at the bottle caps.

"I'm guessin' you use paper stuff like what the NCR's trying to replace caps with?" Sunny remarked, "Yeah, caps are currency. I doubt NCR money will really catch on. Everyone's been usin' caps since after the Great War as far as I know."

"That there's a pretty good amount too- Could probably buy a new radio with that much, to be honest, so how's about spending some of those caps now?" Trudy suggested with a coy grin.

"Actually, I promised them a round on the house..." Sunny nervously laughed, eliciting a cold glare from Trudy.

"... Only for you, Sunny, but you're gonna owe me," Trudy sighed as she gestured to the selection of beers, whiskeys, vodkas, and sarsaparilla bottles behind herself, "What do y'all want?"

"Oooh, is that sarsaparilla?" Entrapta exclaimed. She loved fizzy drinks. "Can I get that in one of those tiny glasses?"

Trudy blinked before letting out a small snicker, obliging Entrapta's request as she popped open the sarsaparilla bottle and poured some of it into a tiny glass before setting it infront of her alongside the bottle. "And you hun?" She asked as she looked over to Matilda.

"U-Uh..." She seemed unsure before glancing over at Entrapta and ordering, "I'll just... Have a sarsaparilla too..." She wasn't even sure of what the drink was, but Entrapta seemed pretty excited about it, so it was probably good, right? Obliging the teen's request, Trudy popped a bottle open and handed it over, relieved that the two didn't want to gobble up her more expensive drinks. Cautiously, Matilda took a small sip before letting out an audible, "Mmmm!" and taking a much bigger gulp of the drink. For two hundred year old soda, Sunset Sarsaparilla tasted amazing.

Entrapta giggled. "Sounds like someone else likes fizzy drinks!"

"I've only ever had dirty water and really expired Pepsi," Matilda remarked with a sudden change in modd from nervous and frightened to happily chugging down the sarsaparilla.

"Oh, no! That's not healthy," Entrapta fussed, scratching her head.

"Mmm- What do you mean?" Matilda asked before sipping on her drink, taking it a bit more slowly after noticing she had already drank half the bottle. While she was aware of things like first aid and all, Matilda had next to no knowledge on things like long-term health effects.

"You shouldn't be putting dirty water in your body; you're not supposed to have dirt inside you, it'll lower the overall performance of your body in the long run. Clean water is optimal to catalyze the chemical reactions necessary for your cells to perform the functions they were meant to do."

"I'm already living longer than expected, so I'd say I'm doing pretty good," Matilda remarked, getting the jist of what Entrapta was saying, "Besides, clean water's hard to come by where I'm from."

"Fascinating..." Entrapta remarked. "Doesn't appear to be any physical damage despite running on sub-optimal conditions..." Entrapta shook her head. "Sorry. I'm just amazed. And you carried around all that stuff on your back for how long?"

"Uhh... Maybe since I was... Six? Seven? I mean, I obviously didn't carry this exact thing on my back when I was a little kid, but something just as heavy to me back then," Matilda answered, "We were all trained in whatever weapon we really liked from a young age, and I always liked fire, so they gave me a flamethrower... This one, I made myself though!"

Entrapta's eyes brightened learning that Matilda, too, seemed to be a young engineer. "My whole life was nothing but science and engineering and research, and I loved every moment of it. You built that thing yourself?"

"Oh, yeah," Matilda nodded with a bright smile of her own, clearly proud of her flamethrower as she held up the nozzle, "It took a while to find all the parts and stuff, but there's enough scrap lying around everywhere I was able to use! I'm not really an... 'Engineer' or anything though."

"That makes you as good an engineer as any, actually!" Entrapta swiveled and fidgeted on the barstool, chattering excitedly to Matilda. "Oh, one day I'd like you to meet my friend Emily! She's one of the Horde's battle droids but I upgraded and reprogrammed her so she's soft as a kitten. Sweetest robot you'd ever meet!" Entrapta clasped her hands together. "I miss Emily. I wonder how she's doing? I hope Scorpia is treating her well..."

"You make robots?" Matilda inquired curiously, "Like... Sci-fi kind of robots that walk and talk and stuff?" She leaned forwards on her stool some, much of her anxiety having subsided at that point.

"Well, Emily talks in her own special language, but yes! I have a whole castle full of robots, and I love every single one!" Entrapta explained. "They don't react very well to First Ones tech, but they're charming nonetheless!"

"You live in a castle?" Matilda gawked. It was certainly a significant upgrade to Matilda's dumpster-turned-shack.

"Oh, yeah. I'm the princess of the land of Dryl in the world of Etheria," Entrapta said. "But enough about that; the castle is the perfect place for me to perform my experiments!"

"I, uh... You could say I built my house..." Matilda said with an awkward mixture of a grimace and a smile, "It's... Nice and hidden away. Good to lay low inbetween whenever I go out and, uh... Fight."

"Oh, no, who's making a kid like you fight?" Entrapta asked.

"I'm not a kid, I'm sixteen," Matilda blinked before answering her question, "Anyway, nobody now, but I was pretty much raised to be a soldier and then be a part of a suicide mission about a year ago... I ended up not dying though and was saved by the enemy- Or, well... One of the enemy that got stuck in our territory. I couldn't go back with her because I'd just get thrown in prison... So I stayed in my territory and... Started fighting against my own people..." She slumped down as she spoke, looking back at the past rather than Entrapta, "... I figured out that... We were the bad guys... I-I mean- I should've figured that out sooner... They had me going around and burning people's homes down- Not even people who were fighting! Just regular people! And I just... Went along with it!"

Entrapta wasn't a people person, but she sensed Matilda's distress.

"Well, if you found out you were the bad guys, and you wanted to stop being the bad guys at any point, doesn't that make you, like, not the bad guy anymore?" Entrapta reasoned.

"I-I mean, that's why I'm fighting my own people- B-But that doesn't change what I did! There were kids! Little- Little kids!" Matilda blurted out on the verge of tears, "A-And... And..." She trailed off, recalling one instance where she did burn down a home with 'little kids' and the screams of fear that turned to howls of pain as she moved on to the next building. She was lost in the thought as she remembered her complete apathy to their pain as she was told how good of a job she was doing by those who came along with her, and the advice they gave to ensure that not only would the entire building go up in flames, but how to spray her flame in such a way to ensure that nobody would escape.

Entrapta's hair curled around Matilda and pulled the girl into Entrapta's embrace. Entrapta wrapped her arms arond Matilda's waist and gently patted her back. This was empathy, right? Matilda paused for a moment, processing this before wrapping her arms around Entrapta in turn and letting herself cry into the woman while Trudy and Sunny awkwardly shuffled into the other room.

"We've all done stuff we've regretted. I don't regret much, I made lots of scientific advances. But one of my experiments nearly caused the end of the time-space continuum in my world, it almost ripped everything into nothingness. The idea of that still haunts me. And... thinking that the wrong people betrayed me... and turning my back on them in return... That haunts me, too. Scientifically speaking, our experiences align. tangentially, perhaps, but they align at some point. So.. I'm sorry."

In the midst of her sobs, Matilda couldn't help but let out a small, blubbering laugh at the fact that she didn't even know what Entrapta was saying in regards to tangents and time-space. She slowly pulled herself back, sniffling as she wiped at her eyes with har arm. "T-Thanks... Thank you," She murmured out, blinking away any remainder of her tears, "And- Uh... Sorry for... That."

"It's okay. Why don't you finish up that fizzy drink?" Entrapta smiled at Matilda.

After a bit more sniffling, Matilda nodded with a small smile of her own before grabbing the bottle in both hands and taking a big gulp of her sarsaparilla.

"If I could find some spare microprocessors and such, I could possibly start building more friends..." Entrapta mused.

Sunny peeked around the corner to make sure their moment was over before clearing her throat. "Easy Pete might have some advice on where to find that kind of thing," She suggested as she jabbed a thumb behind herself and at the saloon door.

"Thanks, Sunny! Come on, Matilda, maybe we'll find parts for your flamethrower, too!"

"O-Oh, okay! Yeah, sure," Matilda quickly finished up her sarsaparilla before hopping off of her stool and following Entrapta out of the saloon.


Locus Walker would begin to descend towards Joe Cobb and his gangsters like some malefic sprite born out of the night. He'd float closer, and closer, and closer until finally he touched down upon the ground with the faint crunch of dried dirt. "Hello there, I do believe we've met, but you ran off before we could have a conversation." He stated plainly to Cobb.

"W-What the hell!?" Joe sputtered out, quickly glancing over to the others and realizing he was not just high on jet before pulling out his revolver and pointing it at the ethereal being, "You best stay the hell back if you know what's good for you! The hell do you want?" Similarly, the others pulled out their guns as well, though one opted for a stick of dynamite in one hand and a lighter in the other.

"Oh please, put that away. You'll only hurt yourself. I want to know something very simple, it is not a hard question. What is your business with the individual known as Ringo? Apparantly, you are quite eager to meet him, or so I am told."

Joe Cobb practically growled at Locus, not bringing his gun down as he barked, "He's some trader who decided he'd rather shoot than pay the toll for being in our territory. He's hiding somewhere in that shithole. Would serve those idiots right if me and my guys shot the place up after we got payback on Ringo."

"Shithole?" He glanced over in the direction of the Correctional Facility. "You shouldn't talk much about that, but I digress. You do not own this land anymore than the insects do, and you think it pertinent to carry out murder on people who wish to have no part of you. Typical thuggery." Locus Walker would scratch his chin. "I'm willing to cut you a bargain. You will leave this town and never return, or ł'ⱠⱠ ₥₳₭Ɇ ɎØɄ ⱠɆ₳VɆ ₮Ⱨł₴ ₩ØⱤⱠĐ ₳Ⱡ₮Ø₲Ɇ₮ⱧɆⱤ." His last words echoed and reverberated, as though they were surronded by six metal walls. He was no moral crusader, but he hated those with demonic ideaologies all the same. They stood for nothing but entropy.

While some of the Powder Gangers were clearly terrified and fled, Joe Cobb and some of the braver souls shakily stood their ground as he shouted, "I-I ain't scared of you ghost bitch!" He pulled the trigger on his revolver several times while one of his accompanying 'gangers' lit and threw their stick of dynamite Locus-Walker's way. Another did the same while the remaining Powder Ganger fired his rifle at the ethereal being.

The bullets slipped through the bandages wrapped around his pulsing, purple innards. They seemingly disappeared after that, though one couldn't tell if they pushed the bandages out of the way, or if he willed them somewhere else. "Oh you will be. Don't worry, I don't intend on killing you." He stated, looking to the lit dynamite. He'd dash out of the way, extending his hands out to the dynamite gangster. The air next to him seemed to shimmer and fold in upon itself, before a jagged black portal opened up in reality. From it, a [url=lamprey-like horror]lamprey-like horror[/url] would swiftly emerge, teeth bared as it meant to take the entirety of the gangster's ribcage into its jaws.

"For all intents and purposes, though," Moomek nonchalantly replied as he suddenly appeared at Cobb's side, seemingly rising from the ground, "You should be very scared."

Without a moment to hesitate, the Xinth's tendrils wrapped around Joe's arm holding his gun, constricting beyond what could be physically conceived. He would feel as if the spiraling limbs wrapped around him were doing more than just tightening around his arm with each moment, the sensation of flesh being pierced by dozens upon dozens of impossibly cold pinpricks flaring up across his arm. As expected, he completely lost grip of his firearm and let out screams of pain while the other two gangsters looked on in horror at their friend being consumed by some otherworldy entity.

"Don't kill him. He may provide some use." The Ethereal asked dryly, before turning to the gangster with the rifle. "Drop it." His words smacked into his ears like a bass-drum, echoing and constantly repeating. The words grew louder and louder with each passing second! "Kneel, and stay still." He commanded, the words once again sounding out with psychic might. The otherwordly entity would begin to trash about blindly, smashing the gangster about before drawing back into the portal. Dragging all but a few scraps of cloth and shoes with it.

The two remaining gangsters quickly obliged, dropping their rifle and dyanmite respectively as they both knelt down in fear, having completely lost any desire to fight. "W-We'll stay away from the town!" One yelped, "Never even think about goin' there!"

"Good, you are not entirely senseless I see." The Ethereal chuckled. "Run back, and tell them what happened here. You may yet get your ringleader back." He would turn his attention to Cobb, currently gripped up in Moomek's tendrils. He'd grasp his head with each of his hands, cupping them over his ears. "As for you, this will be very painful, and if you do not cooperate, very messy. Let us begin shall we? Tell me what you know of the people that live here within this area." Shadowy energy slowly suffused through his hands, the maddening whispers of the void, the agony of cold emptiness could be felt keenly. A chorus of voices unknown begged him to answer.

"L-Like who- Just that town or what!? I don't really know nobody there!" Cobb cried out, much of his bravado drained away through the pain and fear wrought by Moomek and Locus-Walker's respective tortures.

"This entire wasteland. Everything, and do not attempt a single lie. I will know if you try." His interrogator replied.

"T-There's just two big guys- The NCR and the Legion!" Cobb cried out, "NCR's some 'republic' that pushes everyone around and the Legion's some army trying to take over! T-They, uh- They do crazy shit like sticking you up on poles until you die!" In his pained and frantic state, he obviously wasn't able to give the most detailed explanations. Then again, someone like Cobb probably didn't know all that much outside his 'gangster' bubble.

"An interesting idea, I'll keep it in mind." He'd increase the void, the whispers growing louder, the very world seemed to turn purple, and his perception of things would start to be twisted. "What about your own 'crew', those who were with you, and those in that prison over there?"

"W-We're all the Powder Gangers, we were j-just convicts the NCR had but we broke free with the dynamite they gave us!" Cobb explained, shuddering in both pain and horror, "M-Me and my guys were gonna shoot up the town- But we won't, I swear! We ain't gonna touch Goodsprings!"

"Oh trust me. You won't. You won't even be able to comprehend the thought." The power pulsing from Locus's hands would grow stronger, unbearably strong. The Void was filling his mind at this point, scrambling, scything and clawing. Picking him apart bit by bit. His thoughts, memories, personality. They weren't his own anymore, not now. The energy would continue to pour in, until the Walker suddenly pulled it free from him. In that brief moment, his consciousness was intertwined with the infinitevoid. Every memory, every thought, everything that made him, him, was jumbled and tossed about like broken glass, strained and pulled across an uncaring cosmos. If he were lucky, he might get a fresh start, if he wasn't, he'd be a raving lunatic until death finally freed his mind. The walker cared little for the outcome, as he pulled away from Cobb.

Joe Cobb slumped over before falling down to the ground, shivering for a moment before gingerly pulling himself up. He quickly stepped back from Locus and Moomek, letting out a fearful noise. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he turned tail and quickly ran off in a random direction from the two.

"Hmph. Not completely mad, interesting." Locus Walker remarked, he thought for sure that he would have become a scrambling lunatic. Rather, it looked as if he'd had his mind wiped clean. Whatever, he was dealt with. He turned, and began to float back towards the Saloon. Phasing back in after a few minutes. "What did I miss?"

"Oh my gosh," Trudy jolted a bit before putting a hand to her chest, startled by Locus' sudden entry, "Two of them went out to ask Pete about microprocessors or somethin'. Not sure where he sent 'em. My guess would be they're terrorizing Chet in the general store."

"I do not need them, not now. But let us talk. I've dealt with the gang, they won't be a problem to you." He state diplomatically, resting on one of the bar-stools. "I interrogated him, and found little to be had. I would hope you are more knowledgeable. Tell me, what do you know of this NCR and Legion? What happened to this place, and why is there yet a city untouched and unscorched?"

"I'll help you much as I can given what you've done for us," Trudy nodded, standing up straight as she folded her arms, "NCR- Or the New California Republic- has got the most power in Nevada. Money, troops, you name it. They do what they can to keep things safe in the region, but if you ask me, they're trying to do too much. They're spread too thin. As for the Legion... They're nothing but slavers, killers, and all other kinds of trouble. They dress up like roman soldiers, so there's no mistaking it when you see them. The rumor is that the Legion is far larger than the NCR lets on, and that it's been due to luck that the Legion hasn't overrun the territory."

She paused for a brief moment, mulling over the last two questions. "If you mean by 'this place', you mean everywhere, the Great War happened about two hundred years ago. Everyone nuked each other, and the only reason New Vegas is still there... Well, I'd guess some ancestor of Mr. House had somethin' to do with that. Would explain why he's got the reins on the city now, but somehow the bombs didn't really hit the city. The rest of the Mojave's pretty well off compared to what I've heard about everywhere else... I guess this place was just always a desert."

"Interesting, I might have to poke around outside of this town afterall." The 'unwilling scholar' replied in his usual monotone.[/color][/color]

Then the world blew up. The end.

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"Hmm... You speak similarly to another human that came here earlier. Albeit, she is but a child," Marcus replied as he gestured the Doom Slayer forth and lead him towards the lodge, "You are in the Mojave Wasteland. I would say the most notable landmark here is the city of New Vegas east of here. By chance, would your name happen to be 'Bob'?"

Road to Jacobstown

Unfortunately for the red woman, where one pest fled, she would find others on the path she chose. The cold road leading to Jacobstown was littered with giant mantises, ones far harsher and more tough than the ones found in someplace like the Goodsprings schoolhouse.

While the goose she had combated was merely a troublesome nuisance, these insects were actively hostile.


It was then that the legend himself stepped out of his home. No-bard Noonan had been shaken from his ritual by the sound of his dumpster being ruffled through. He rushed outside with a large stick and immediately whacked Shlyke with it.

"Aha! I got you this time you commie alien bugs!" He declared in triumph, "Old Noonan's got you now! You're cornered! My shack here is full of American paraphernalia inside that neutralizes your psychic powers! Go ahead! Just try and read my mind.... YOU CAN'T!" He swung his stick around for another whack. A few townsfolk far off in the distance watched. One squinted their eyes before motioning to another and pointing over at the scene, causing the other to run off.


Peter would be able to hear footsteps and dogs barking. As he scavenged for booze, a shadow would dim the light coming in through a window. It paused, giving just enough time for one of Peter's Petery noises before the door burst open.

A man in armor and a skinned fox head over top his own looked upon the obese man. While it almost looked as if he were blind given his opaquely black eyewear, Peter would be able to feel the gaze of Vulpes Inculta. He would have been able to spot Peter from a mile away, much less down the street.

He almost seemed amused by Peter's presence before speaking in an eerily calm tone, "Don't worry, I won't have you lashed to a cross like the rest of these degenerates. It's useful that you happened by." With ease, he tore a board from a window and gestured out to the crucified bodies and the fires that still burned.

"I want you to witness the fate of the town of Nipton, to memorize every detail. And then, when you move on? I want you to teach everyone you meet the lesson that Caesar's Legion taught here, especially any NCR troops you run across."


Poor Ernette, situated at the top of the roller coaster and practically in the heart of the Powder Gangers in Primm, was met with gunfire upon attracting far too much attention to herself. Three men who were situated on other parts of the tracks shot at her while unsure of how she even got there without them noticing.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bridge leading into Primm, an NCR soldier spotted Clubs Deuce attempting to enter the town. Now his first instinct was not to warn Clubs, but rather gawk in confusion and mild disgust at just what in the world Clubs was.

"The hell is that thing?" A compatriot asked him.

He merely shook his head as he watched it approach the bridge, laden with mines. "I have no idea... I think... I'll just let the Powder Gangers deal with this one."

Vault 21

Upon the Joker's entry, he would be met with a mostly bland and grey room, decorated only by various Vault 21 or Vault-Tec inspired memorabilia. The gift shop seemed staff by just a single woman whose blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

She glanced up at him, jolting a bit in surprise at his appearance before laughing lightly to herself before putting on a professional smile and greeting him, "Hi! I'm Sarah, Sarah Weintraub. Welcome to the finest Vault hotel in the whole world!"

Collab between Zandoo and Aethetic

"I am a crusader, though not of the organization itself. I come from New York, but I doubt either terms mean much to you," Phillip answered Leerah's question, "I'm guessing this is your first time being forcibly taken to another universe by an unseen force? We seem to be in some ruined version of an already ruinous city of sin, 'New Vegas'."

"Somewhat. The first time was semi-willingly. Though, that is a story for somewhere more sheltered." The paladin shifted on her feet. "Crusader? Connected to the Scarlet Crusade? City of Sin? What do you mean? If this is some city of sin, than it is a very poor, and very impoverished one."

"I doubt I have any relation to the crusaders you may know of," Phillip assured before gesturing over down the street to the gate guarded by a platoon of securitrons, "While this place is a cespool, I've been told past that gate there is the 'Strip'. Supposedly, has far more lights and less crumbling buildings... Though I think I would prefer it on this side of the gate. At least the scenery is honest to what this city represents."

"I doubt it is as bad as you think it is." She remarked. "One place of sin and revelry. It acts like a release valve for all the problems that bottle up inside people. It can be cathartic, or ruining. Balance is always the key."

"There are healthier ways to relieve onself of their 'problems' than gambling onself into financial oblivion, or paying a desperate soul to use their body in an act of meaningless lust," Phillip spat in disdain for the very concept of Las Vegas or its post-apocalyptic counterpart, "It is a city whose very foundation is vice. It is infamously known as the city of sin for a reason."

"And those that do not rise above their sin are broken by it, and in time they too will find the Light's mercy. It does not expect mortals to be perfect, to do the righteous thing every time. Yet it loves all the same. Some are fated, to never be with the light. Their destinies lay elsewhere, with other powers." She was more open to it, then again, she was raised as a paragon, not a zealot.

"Some may need help in finding salvation, but this city perpetuates their misery. It is the antithesis to grace. Where a priest may tend to one's soul and encourage them to find the Lord, this city demands eternal debauchery and eventual damnation."

"There are only two paths that lead to damnation. Those that corrobrate with the Shadow, and those that serve the foul Legion, as broken and scattered as they are now. Some trivial wasting of money, and basal, animalistic lust is hardly worthy of contempt. Even then, those that tread the path are not always beyond salvation."

"Of course, though... It seems we have some clear religious differences on the matter," Phillip surmised with a hum. While displeased to see someone following what sounded to be some paganistic belief, there were more important matters that he could tend to than spending the next few hours debating religion with this saberon woman.

"Evidently, I hold no ill will towards you despite this." She stated plainly. "Perhaps we ought to get out of the sun? Before we start to cook in this plate?"

"Indeed..." Phillip glanced around himself before gesturing her over as he walked, "I would rather not take shelter in one of these casinos, however. There is a fortress of doctors just down the street. I was surprised to find such a thing here, though it does seem to be on the very edge of the city- Or what is left of it."

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Goodsprings Cemetery

The ground shifted as did, thoughts, thoughts of the clash,of Penny,of the huge obstacles that lay ahead, a kaleidoscope of memories burst into consciousness, he could see himself going against Galleem, against Thanos,and winning,failing bitterly,himself living somewhere peaceful as a...traffic cop,living as the other him,embittered,faster and faster the memories spun and spilled, like the contents of the stomach on a tilt a whirl.

A single four fingered glove burst from the sandy soil of a grave, clawing and finding the purchase of a gravestone, and hauling forth a pale faced figure.

“I guess thats...one way to get out of HalloweenTown”,bleary yellowed eyes peered around, three pronged purple hair drooping , and frazzled.

“What..didn’t I…”Slapstick hammerspaced Gertie,the ever present mallet, that he knew for a fact gave to Penelope, ”No,you saved her,REMEMBER!” Some memories insisted, alternate tales, and what ifs hammered his brain, he was also wearing his vest like suit,but he’d have sworn he was wearing something else,his teeth were pointed, but when he ground them they were square.

Slapstick cupped his hands up to the sky and yelled, “WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU’RE A PETTY BITCH AND I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!” to what one could assume the person who put him there.

Slapstick walked over to the fence and flopped over it, not feeling altogether there, as he slumped into a head he rolled down the hill, rolling into a dog, they erupted into a dust cloud as they fought, occasionally the dog being seen poking out of the cloud, othertimes Slapstick.

They landed at the bottom and the dog ran out to reveal Slapstick baring his fangs and barking like a dog.

Slapstick whiped drool off his bottom lip with the back of the cuffs of one of his gloves, and turned to realized he had attracted the attention of two radscorpians.

Slapstick breathed in so hard in annoyance that his skin tightened around his face outlining his skull.


Slapstick walked towards the Prospector Saloon, which was impressive considering he had a half head rad scorpion clutching both his ankles, and covered his bug guts and swelled marks.

Slapstick began to go up the steps when he noticed Easy Pete, sighed heavily rolled his eyes and raised the mallet smashing the bugs head, and kicking off the claws.

The toon pushed open the door and walked over to the bar, taking a seat,pouring himself a glass, tasting it he winced.

He took out a pixie stick bit it and poured the sugar in before downing the glass, looking a great deal more dirty and feral than he usually did, Slapstick hiccuped, then as a sort of an afterthought tossed the glass into his mouth crunched it up and swallowed it.

>Continue being Clubs Deuce

The small figured ambled onward, not noticing the disturbed guards, he did however notice the small cylindrical objects on the ground, he picked up the mine, quickly turning it over and ripping out some wires,he was of course a demolitions expert on the crew, he was praised by Droog, “Saying it was amazing you haven’t blown yourself up yet”,not seeming to comprehend that it was an insult Clubs was quite proud of it.

By the stupidest of luck the mine did not go off, as he heard gunshots in the distance, Clubs jumped, cleary giving the NCR guards some anxiety as he was around several other mines.

Now being from Derse gun shots could mean many things
1.Someone was trying to kill you
2.Someone was trying to kill someone else
3.Some sort of party was going on

Clubs slid the mine under his hat, as took out his billy club, he tapped it against the mine thinking,he should very well find out, as he ambled into town a mine clearly on his head,seeing nothing wrong with that.

Classy laid the dead thug’s arms in a criss cross position over each other, before dusting off his mitten like hands.

“That would just about do it”. He commented to himself as he walked out of the alleyway,just a tad bit wiser, clean of blood somehow,he’d learned of the war and Freeside, and how awesome the drugs were, and how he’d been targeted because he looked like he was from the Lux,the how mind numbingly cool the drugs were.

It did not surprise Classy in the slightest that humans managed to bomb each other, the awful lot of war cartoons outlined their addiction to quarreling quite well,though the thug’s intell was limited, he needed something more outlined, he lumbered out of the alleyway, there he spotted two knights of differing armor.

”Best to be avoided” Beings who claimed to have authority always wanted control...and information.

The large clown turned and walked towards the Atomic Wrangler,he had a hunch, if anyone had info on this town it was the people who held the booze and the chips.

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"Yeah, people call me... Bob, yeah," the Doomslayer nodded, confused on how the super mutant could guess his name, before a moment of realization propelled him to keep speaking, "Wait, did you say a child came through here and told you something close to what I said?" Bob looked to Marcus with a stare. While the other information provided was great (where he was and what the most prominent thing around was), gathering the girls up in what he had now learned to be a wasteland (hardly a good place for anyone, let alone thirteen young girls, to try and survive in) was more of a priority to him. "Do you know where she went?" Bob asked as he continued to follow Marcus.

Vault 21

The Joker’s lips peeled back into a smile as he sighed. "Well, that’s a novel idea, isn’t it?!" He laughed for a moment, before continuing, "As much as I would love to stay in your luxury Vault hotel, Miss or Missus Weintraub," he blinked and nodded in a flirtatious manner, "I’m here on a business matter. More specifically, figuring out where in the world I am, and who’s probably sleeping next door. So do you have any map of around here or whatever? A GPS? Or even a globe with 'You are here' painted on it?"

"And while we’re at it, with all the merchandise and the bobbleheads and whatnot, you’ve got my interests peaked!" The clown exclaimed, "Now I’m certain I want to know what’s so damn great about a bank vault that you’d make a whole hotel based on them? They’re hard to crack, yes, but any well placed bomb and— BOOM— there goes your life savings, am I right?" He cackled at his own joke for a moment, before easing himself back down.


Shlyke squealed our some profane words in light of the stick bashed against his head. "Bah-! Be not of doing that! I am not of going to be attacking you or anything!" He swore as he cowered on the ground, elytra flared out in natural instinct. He was certainly not ready to be met with an old coot smacking him over the head and claiming he was a communist. "I am not of being a psychic! I am not!" He assured, holding out his hands in a gesture of defeat and passiveness. "I would not be of wanting to read your mind anyways!"


It would take the fat man a moment to realize what was happening, and what Vulpes was telling him to do. However, it was only natural for him to be glaringly unaware of the dangers of the situation, even one as horribly grim as this one.

"Heheh— a lot of people say it’s useful when I walk by— yeah I’ll do that," he nodded with one of his chortling laughs, "But first, several questions for you, mister Legion fox guy. First... Where is Nipton and what happened there? I sincerely have no idea what you’re talking about. Secondly, what did Caesar’s Legion teach here? Some sort of newlyweds thing? Thirdly, Caesar’s Legion is a friggen sweet band name. I hope you’re doing good rocking and rolling! Fourthly, Jesus Christ! Do you see all this?! This is horrible! All the dead and crucified! Who could possibly have done this to such more-than-likely innocent townfolk?! Who?!

It was clear enough that Peter was, in fact, not faking this and that he was, indeed, stupid enough to completely misinterpret the situation.


When the first three shots whizzed by Ernette, it was clear to her she had found herself in a less-than-agreeable situation as she ducked down with a yelp. "I-I don’t want to fight with you guys!" She called out, before jumping at another bullet that lodged itself in the old wood in front of her, sending up a plume of sawdust.

She hid in her place atop the highest point of the highest attraction around, a sitting duck as the three Powder Gangers took their time firing at the woman. Eventually, with a disappointed harrumph, Ernette rose from her hiding place, a pouty expression on her face as she held her hand out towards the general vicinity of where two of the Gangers had been firing from. Each of their shots hanged in the air, staying in place feet in front of Ernette’s hand. Her pursed lips smiled ever so slightly at the discovery her powers were still going strong.

That was, until, she realized too soon the third shooter was out of the range of her hand’s effect. A bullet pinged out loudly. And it had hit its target... somewhat. Ernette was fine— her body untouched by the bullet entirely— but her crown had been hit square inbetween its points, falling off of her head with the applied force. She looked to the third criminal with a look of annoyance and, more fittingly, anger, before a flash of light enveloped her and made her assailants unable to see her for a few moments.

When the light faded, it was clear there had been some changes as Ernette’s clothes fluttered daintily down to the ground from where the Benefactor now hovered. The machine’s eyestalks jerked about, letting it view the three with utmost clarity as it now stopped bullets from all three attackers, two of its spindle-like legs wavering ever so slightly as they manipulated the gravity around certain points, making them akin to localized gravity wells. When the bullets had lost their momentum, they would simply fall to either the coaster’s wooden railways or to the arid earth beneath them.

"I SAID," Ernette’s old benefactor voice rang out in its loud three-voiced monotone, as another of the spindles that it called limbs manipulated one of the shooters, pushing him against the wall of the Bison Steve far above the ground and essentially immobilizing him, and its other two arms still holding back the shots, "I DO NOT WANT TO FIGHT/CONFLICT/CONFRONTATION."

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Richard Richard

Richard Richard, the notorious Hammersmith Hardman, lay fast asleep in an entirely different continent to London. Thoroughly conked out from an oily magazine session, he was too dead to the world to realise he'd been deported to a wasteland in a parallel universe overnight. Well, he'd passed out at 14:00 yesterday, but beggars can't be choosers.

Snoozing peacefully, he sighed, involuntarily scratching his crotch through his sweaty trousers. He felt far more peaceful than the ordinary wretch he was, but creased his eyes in frustration at the rising conversation in the distance.

Richie groaned, yawning and clutching his head. He kept his eyes shut for a few moments before sniffing twice, and a few seconds more before opening his right eyelid. and glancing about sleepily.

"Oooooaah, Eddie." he moaned, scratching his backside. "Fetch me the toilet, would you? I think I've got to dislodge a couple of items." Richie resumed scratching before his eyes opened wide with a start, darting about nervously. "Eddie? EDDIE?!"

Richie thrust himself upright, observing his surroundings in panic. "Eddie! What have you done with my house?" he asked, taking an authoritative stance. He raised his finger and looked down aggressively. "I am going to count to three, and you better have a bloody good explanation for why the SODDING walls are missi-"

Richie's face turned to embarrassed shock, as he realised he wasn't within the familiar bounds of his Hammersmith abode. His jaw dropped as he slowly took in his surroundings. The dim neon lights of the Vegas Strip and its rusty, crusty streets greeted him, as did more than a few prying eyes.

"Eheh, haha-ha-haha!" Richie chuckled, grinning at his observers. "Sorry about that. Falklands war wound. Bastards." He maintained his false smile for a few moments before glaring and rolling his eyes, shoving his hands into his pockets and miserably trundling over to the sidewalk. "I can't bloody believe it!" he muttered to himself. "I finally get the first decent hard-on I've had in years, and before I get to the hot part I end up conked out! And now I'm in this disgusting hovel!" He tried to choke back his tears. "Alright. I'm a mature adult. I can deal with this in a sensible way." he told himself, on the verge of hysteria. His face suddenly lit up with a devilish grin. "Besides... I might be in for a bit of noogie in 'ere. Yeah, c'mon! In fact, something tells me I'm about to have the biggest sauciest romp! Oh, yeah! OH YEA-"

Richie's face turned sensible as he lifted his hands. "No, Richie, you owe it to yourself. You've only got one pair of Y-fronts to last you. Waste not want not."

Richie buried his hands in his pockets again, fidgeting and sulking down the sidewalks of the Strip, head down. The marginally less insane part of his brain was wondering just how he'd ended up where he was.


Richie resumed his depressed saunter before he paused, sniffing the air. "Well, clearly this isn't Hammersmith." he mused, taking in the luxurious odour. "The only thing you'd catch there would be a whiff of the bog!" He blew a raspberry. "Cor, I mean I'd know! Living with Eddie and all that! You'd be lucky to-"

Richie's monologue was cut short as he spotted the origin of the rich smell. His eyes set on Edelgard and Claude, his jaw dropping slightly in shock. He gulped, unable to take his eyes off of Edelgard in particular.

"Phowar!" he mumbled, quietened by his astonishment. "No way this is Hammersmith! You'd never get a cracking bird like that in London. I mean, with all due respect Queen Elizabeth, we know the best birds come from the royalties where they don't fuck each-others' siblings! Kuhhehe-" Richie cut his laughter short, forcing a finger in his mouth, not wanting to make himself known just yet.

"Right, this is my chance." he whispered. "Richie, you've got the most gorgeous bit of totty pinned down for some action. Eddie's not here to interfere either. Don't throw it all away!"

Richie shoved his right hand into his overcoat, letting his left arm droop casually. He contorted his face into a range of grotesque expressions before settling on the most casual-looking smile his insane countenance could muster. He looked straight into Edelgard's eyes, only breaking contact for a moment to grimace at Claude aggressively before setting his eyes back again.

He lightly rocked his torso about side to side, slowly walking towards Edelgard. When he reached being within a few feet of her, he dipped his chin, grinning cheesily and occasionally licking his lips suggestively. By this point he was close enough to break eye contact and glare at Claude for what must have been six seconds before returning to his flirtation attempt.

Richie made his final manoeuvre and directly entered Edelgard and Claude's proximity (close enough for them to smell his beer-sweat odour), smiling unceasingly.

"Why hello, darling." he greeted, trying his best to be suave. He chuckled lightly and elegantly. "How strange it is that fate should have thrown us two..." Richie's 'seductive' persona broke again as he took a moment to pull a hostile face at Claude. "...I say, how curious that fate should have thrown us two together." He glanced down at Edelgard's chest briefly before sticking his tongue out for a second.

He awkwardly smiled for several moments before speaking again. "Tell me, have you ever read 'The Joy of Sex'?" he asked inquisitively, desperately trying to avert his eyes from looking down at Edelgard's chest again. "It's just that I've... errrr... er-heh..." Richie looked aside and nervously fidgeted with his hand behind his neck. "Come on, think of something!" he thought.

"May I say, what a smashing blouse that is you have on!" he complimented, his voice breaking as he said 'blouse'. "Fuck. I mean, uhhhh... ha-haha-haha!" Richie shrugged. "But more to the point, have you ever read 'The Joy of Sex'?"

"Phew, that was close." he muttered under his breath, before returning to smiling creepily again.

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Northern Passage

The stone bowels of the Northern Passage stood dormant, silent spare for the dull wasteland winds occasionally whistling through its narrow entrance. Lanterns sat stoically, illuminating the old tunnel vigilantly. Though stagnant for untold years, the hollowed cavern could potentially be the only place untouched by the rampant impoverishment, irradiation and tribal struggles plaguing the wastelands lurking outside. A rare spectacle, one of the few places untouched by humanity's plight.

A presence loomed over the tunnel, a tall, alien influence. The presence grew, waxing auspiciously and casting a shadow across the cave. The sound of moving, writhing, raw flesh began to overpower the serene ambience, an unmistakable darkness rising. Raw red tendrils slithered across the dusty rocks, enveloping the lanterns and crushing them effortlessly, snuffing the cave's only source of illumination.

Devoid of light and the occasional crackle of the lanterns, the dread shape of Adramahlihk began to rise from the interminable pitch black. A perverse grin broke out across the creature's rows of sharp teeth, its glowing eyes lit with demonic cruelty.

"So, the world as I know it has changed." the demon observed wryly. "How... perplexing. No clinic, none of the Gods' abominable meat puppets, no Lohse girl to bring me to the cusp of Divinity." The beast sighed, never losing its ominous confidence.

"Oh well." Adramahlihk muttered, almost sneeringly. "This unsophisticated realm is no Rivellon. The only scrap of enlightenment that world's two-bit races truly had was their Divine, their Sourcery. A realm without Source begs for the enlightenment of a demon."

The writhing, tentacled mass of Adramahlihk squirmed, rhythmically twisting and contorting as it advanced forward to the exit of the cave. "It would be most inelegant of me to be candid with my true flesh." it commented, understanding the potential stigma against an undisguised demon. "Perhaps procuring a human vessel should be my priority, so as to subterfuge me from the crude eyes of laymen."

The exposed musculature of the demon's face gnarled into a cruel grin. "Although, for the time being, there' no harm in instilling some delicious terror in the souls of this realm's inhabitants." The creature shut its eyes and inhaled deeply, humming in satisfaction at the thought.

North Freeside, outside the Northern Passage

Adramahlihk exit through the narrow crevice of the Northern Passage, its eyes preening the wasteland ahead of it. "I've never witnessed mortals cultivate such a pathetic civilisation." it muttered, partly out of cruelty and partly out of blunt honesty. "Unlike Lohse, I don't expect much fighting back out of a sandpit that can scarcely maintain its own infrastructure."

The demon's naked, red form hissed lightly in the polluted sun. It was an admittedly unfamiliar experience for the creature to be without its clinic and sick room. Being forced to wander a new world reminded it of its greenhorn days back in Rivellon, it would have to procure some new abode in the Mojave to blend back into society and enact its will.

Slowly and steadily, Adramahlihk dragged its tentacles across the sand and dust, slowly advancing on the distant Freeside.

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"While initially frightened by our appearance, as most humans are, she became enraged after I took her inside the lodge," Marcus noted as she opened the door for the Doom Slayer, "She started yelling at super mutant and nightkin alike as if she were twice our size. It seems our unused and hence messy kitchen set her off. She's in there now."

A nightkin near the entrance of the lodge glanced over at Bob, grumbling angry to himself at the Doom Marine's presence before meandering off, muttering something about humans and annoying children and being stared at. Before Bob could think to comment on that, a super mutant wearing a chef hat was promptly chased out of the kitchen, running past Marcus and Bob and out the door.

There, standing in the doorway to the kitchen like an angry god in the face of heresy, was none other than the nine-year-old chef, Elizabeth Wolfe. "MAYBE IF YOU WASHED YOUR FUCKING HANDS BEFORE DIPPING YOUR GRIMY FINGERS IN THE MASHED POTATOES, I WOULDN'T HAVE TO YELL AT YOU YOU DENSE- Wait- Bob!"

In an instant, Elizabeth's fury drained out of her as she excitedly ran up to Bob like an actual child would to give him a hug, much to the surprise of Marcus and a mutant poking his head out from the kitchen.

Vault 21

Sarah Weintraub couldn't help but laugh at the Joker's assertion before correcting him, "No, silly! This isn't a bank vault! It's a vault vault- A Vault-Tec vault." She wasn't entirely sure if the clown was joking about his ignorance on the vault or not, but didn't miss an opportunity to gush about how great her vault was, "Back before the Great War, Vault-Tec built vaults like these all over America to keep the best and brightest safe from Armageddon. Given the point of these vaults are to protect people from bombs, I'm pretty sure our life savings are safe from them... The same can't be said for being safe from Mr. House..."

Her expression embittered for a brief moment before she squatted down behind the counter, vanishing for a brief moment before slowly bringing herself up with a cute snow globe in her hands. It depicted the iconic mascot of Vault-Tec, Vault Boy, holding up four playing cards while juxtaposed against the Vegas skyline. On the bottom of the snow globe in big red letters read, THE STRIP "On a brighter note, I do happen to own a snow globe that says 'you are here'!" She happily chimed, "But I'm guessing a map would be more useful. I don't actually have any, but if you'd like..."

She grabbed a scrap piece of paper and a pen and set them down on the counter before coming around and setting her left arm beside the paper, presenting her Pip-Boy 3000 and fiddling with it until it was on a map screen. There were plenty of locations she had logged near Vault 21 such as the various casinos, but beyond that, there was almost nothing. She logged Hoover Dam where she thought it may have been, but that was it. The map otherwise only showed a mostly brown brownish-orange bird's-eye view of the Mojave Wasteland with some major roads highlighted.

"I hope this is helpful!" She exclaimed, handing the pen over to the Joker.


"You're not a psychic now, you commubug! I saw to that!" Noonan roared before tossing the stick aside and pulling out a sticky sticking knife, "And now, I'm gonna stick you with my stickin' knife! Ol' Sticky's been very orner-"

"SHLYKE!" Came an ecstatic squeal as a little redheaded girl with a messy ponytail bolted at olympic speeds towards the Abrol, probably hurting him more than the stick could have as she tackled him into a hug and gave him kisses on his mandible.

Two of the Novac settlers came by and quickly ushered No-bark Noonan away from the two, hastily trying to explain what Tina had told them about her friends, and how they didn't believe her when she mentioned her big insect friend (Whom they described as a mutated talking bug).

"Then she's a communist too! Comin' in here outta nowhere! Her hair is red even!" Noonan tried to defend his claim that Shlyke was a communist bug from outer space.

"And the American flag has red on it too, Noonan," One of the settlers sarcastically remarked, causing the man to pause.

He looked down for a moment before declaring, "BUT IT ALSO HAS WHITE AND BLUE! HER HAIR IS ONLY RED! LIKE THE BUG! LIKE THE COMMUNISTS! You'll see! I'll be keeping an eye on you two!" He squinted at Shlyke and Tina, pointing a finger menacingly at his own eye before shuffling back into his shack. Before anyone could finish a thought, he peeked out of the shack and threw a transcribed copy of the Bill of Rights at Shlyke before closing his door partially, peeking out to see if the scripture would cause Shlyke any pain with its democratic presence.


As it turns out, using a rickety old roller coaster track as a location to snipe from was a bad idea. One of the Powder Gangers was so terrified by the sudden transformation of Ernette into the benefactor before him, that he slipped and tumbled off of the track he stood on, falling to the ground below with a scream and breaking his neck. The only Powder Ganger able to fight let out a loud "What the fuck!? Screw this! I'm outta here!" before shuffling down the tracks as quickly as he could in terror.

New Vegas Northern Outskirts

As Adramahlihk slowly approached, it would happen upon the pathetic 'Jackal Shack', which was more so four sticks propping up a caved in piece of corrugated metal, with a few more scraps of metal lazily put up to serve as two walls. Two members of the Jackals, one in spiked metal armor and one wearing rather casual clothing, screamed in terror at what they believed to by a rug-induced hallucination.

Hallucination or no, they fired upon the demon in the distance in a panicked frenzy. Their screams and gunfire would surely attract the attention of other distant lunatics that prowled the derelict fringes of New Vegas' territory.

Collab by H, Aeth, and Zandoo


The tire-fire on the far end of town was blazing, sending plumes of toxic smoke and ash into the dry desert air. Along with it was the stench of burning flesh, from the poor souls who were damned to this pile. Yet beneath this blazing inferno, a soul yet lived. Bolvar was not from here, and the opressive heat of his black surrondings was a far cry from the icy wastes of Northrend. The former Lich-king would begin to push away tires, the mound slowly falling apart as the behemoth of a man crawled and forced his way out. Rivulets of melted rubber coated his frame, and flames licked at every inch of his body. Yet he remained unharmed. He would emerge from the side of the mound, a cascade of flaming and smouldering tires spilling out onto the streets below as he stepped out. This was definitely not Icecrown. This didn't even look like Azeroth at all.

He turned around to the mess that he had crawled out of, letting out a growl as thick, black smoke was pushed out of his lungs. He could see carbonized skeletons amongst the foul-smelling rings. People had been burnt here, their twisted forms suggesting that they lashed about in the blaze. Dispicable. He'd turn his red, fiery gaze elsewhere. Did someone yet live in this town?

As he gazed, he would be able to spot a bright, pale-pink roundness peeking over a pile of rubble. It wavered slightly before slowly rising up to reveal it was a hat upon a young girl's head, who quickly ducked back down with wide eyes upon realizing he was looking in her direction. On the far end of the tarnished town, there looked to be a far less savory individual that had just busted down a door into a building, unaware of Bolvar's presence.

He looked away from the girl, and then to the less savory individual. He was less concerned about some looter, or raider than he was about the young girl. His hammer held low, and in a non-threatening position. He would begin to walk towards her. Flecks of hardening rubber falling from his boots with each thudding footfall. His expression was not harsh or indifferent. Rather, he looked pained. As if old and buried memories were painfully forcing themselves to the surface.

As he approached, she seemed to repeat her earlier action of careful peeking and sudden ducking, this time with a stifled yelp before she pathetically sputtered out, "I-I'm not here!" He would be able to hear a loud smack immediately after as she slapped her own forehead from behind the rubble.

"Do not worry. I mean you no harm, despite my less-than-friendly apperance." Bolvar muttered, slowly approaching the rubble, and peering around it towards the young girl. "We must leave, this place is not safe."

Slowly, the girl rose up to her feet with her hands held up. She looked upon Bolvar wavering between a nervous smile and an expression of terror. Her attire was far more appealing than the armor burnt into his skin. She had on a pink baseball cap and mathing coat over a black crop top and baggy black sweatpants. While his words were reassuring, it would obviously take getting used to his appearance before she would keep herself from being at least a little frightened. "I-I, uh... I hadn't noticed," She said with a nervous laugh, glancing past Bolvar at one of the people crucified on a cross with a grimace, "I think all of the bad guys ran off... E-Except one guy, he went down the street."

"Good. Means there's less chance we'll run into them." He'd extend a hand out to her, a soft warmth eminated from him, like an electirc blanket of sorts. It was not the scorching inferno that his charred flesh and burning blood would suggest. "If they are lashing people to a cross, and burning others alive. I think it best you leave here with me. They'll likely not have good intentions for you."

"Yeah, I- Uh... Yeah..." She nodded, carefully tapping his hand, skeptical of how hot it was before taking it in her own. "I-I've been hiding here for a few days now... Waiting for them to leave..." There was a hint of realization in her expression followed by a look of pain.

He noted the look of pain on her face. "Come then, let us go... Did you know anyone here?" He'd gently pull her up and onto her feet. "I take it you've no provisions?" He asked, starting to stroll off towards the east of Nipton, close to I-65. "Once you're somewhere out of sight, I can procure them from this place."

"I-I... Just wanna get as far away from here as possible," She muttered out, rather shaken by what she had seen in Nipton, "I had a... A lot of friends here and... I just wanna go..." She would glance behind herself every few seconds just to make sure nobody was watching them as they left Nipton.

"I understand, you will have time to mourn later. If it is safe to do so, I will guide you back, should you wish to pay respects, and say goodbyes." He looked down at her, and debated telling her, that they were in a better place. "Do not worry too much about them anymore, their deaths will not trouble them in the thereafter. The best thing you can do now, is carry on their name."

"Yeah.. Yeah, that's what they'd probably want me to do..." Harper carefully nodded, giving a longer glance behind herself before asking, "So... Speaking of names... What's yours? I'm Harper."

"Bolvar. Bolvar Fordragon in a past life, now I am known as Bolvar Fireblood. I am sure you can imagine why." He chuckled, attempting to raise the mood ever so slightly.

It seemed to work as Harper sputtered out into a small laugh. She took the moment to give him a onceover, taking in just how big he was, especially when compared to a fourteen-year-old girl. While it certainly made him intimidating, she supposed if any of the bad guys from Nipton did spot them, they'd think twice before trying anything. "So... Does that mean you weren't always... Fire-bloody?" She asked, "... Fiery blood- You know what I mean."

"Yes. I used to be a regular man, but I fought in a war against a great evil. A fallen holy warrior who raised the dead to slay the living. I led a throng of brave men and heroes, and fought side-by-side with those that we considered enemies. Until several of the Forsaken, the undead freed from the Lich King's grasp. They fired a horrible plague upon us. So foul, and so toxic that it destroyed the dead along with the living, and made even the Lich King balk. Those that were caught under their wrath, didn't walk away. They died, and I almost did. A great dragon and her brood, who had a sacred temple to the south, were so angry at such a betrayal. That they cleansed the land with their fire. Burning away the plague. I had died, but I was not rendered unsalvagable." He took in a breath. "The fire of red dragons is a duality. It can burn and destroy as easily as any other flame, yet it can bring life and healing all the same. I was brought back to life, but not fully. Then I was dragged away by the Evil King and his minions, but that is a story for another time." He omitted many details as they walked under the harsh Mojave sun. Some parts of the story, she did not need to hear.

"Wow... That's..." Harper blinked, walking in surprised silence for a moment. After an origin story like that, not even Harper could BS herself something more interesting, "... Intense." Meanwhile, the heat of the Mojave was definitely getting to her as she stepped in a way to stay in Bolvar's shadow so she could take off her coat to air off without fear of sunburn. She tied the arms of her coat around her waist and let out a small sigh of relief.

"That's just the start of it. I've defended a nation from an evil dragon playing politics, and even took the place of that Evil King to protect others. I will tell you more, but for now, I think it best that you rest here." He stated, they had moved through the hills near Nipton, staying away from the roads for now. An unwittingly wise choice, given the minefield that was strewn there. They were near a small body of water, and the plentiful sandstone outcroppings would provide good shelter from others, and the sun. "Are you ok with me leaving? I will be back shortly. I am fine without food and water, but I doubt you are the same."

"Oh, uh..." Harper glanced around before nodding to him, "Where are you gonna get food though?" She wiped some sand off of the sand on the ground before slowly sitting herself down, taking off her hat and slowly fanning herself. For someone that had supposedly been here for a few days, she certainly did not seem accustomed to the heat whatsoever.

"The town I imagine. I'm more concerned about getting vessels for water, you can go quite some time without food, but not water. Though, I would prefer to not see you starve away. If I return empty-handed in regards to food, than we will have to figure that out on our own." He found some of her mannerisms odd, but she did just have her town burnt to the ground almost. He could overlook small details for now, if he noticed them at all to begin with.

"Alright... O-Oh, and, uh... Thank you," Harper said, looking up to him with a smile as she continued to fan herself, "I, uh... I don't know if it's, like.. Rude to ask or whatever, but... Why are you helping me?"

He paused for a moment. "It is the right thing to do firstly. Secondly, I had a daughter of my own. Perhaps, it is some part of me that never got to take care of her." He smiled back.

"Oh..." Harper blinked, slumping down a bit as she seemed more genuine in that moment out of some sense of guilt, "I... Lost my dad a while ago... I wanted to try and find him, but..." Harper trailed off as she let out a morose sigh.

"Was he a good man?" Bolvar asked, oblivious as to who her father was. If he truly knew, there'd probably be a reckoning.

Harper seemed to have to think on her answer for a moment, though that and the answer she gave was probably a good indication of just how good of a man he was, "I... I think so..."

"Noone is perfect. What matters is, did he truly love you? To where he would gladly bear any burden to keep you safe?" Those words of his beared heavily. As if he was speaking from experience in regards to sacrifice.

Again, Harper thought for a moment. She brought her legs close to herself as she looked down in remembrance of how he shunned her, murmuring out in response, "... I don't know."

Bolvar let out a grunt in response. A brief acknowledgment of her troubes. "We will discuss this further but for now I must go and return." He stated glumly, starting to walk back to Nipton. More of a spring in his step this time. He'd try to find some supplies, and perhaps some better garments for her to wear. The sun would kill those who were not prepared... plus she was a bit racy with her dress to his tastes. He couldn't shake the thought of strangers seeing her in a less than flattering light. He'd peer around the ruined town, before spotting a large, rectangular building with the words "General Store." An obvious place to check as any, he would push open the door, ducking under the frame as he entered.

But before Bolvar could take anything from the dilapidated general store, with barely lit lights and dim windows, a man in the same garb as those crucified outside began to shout from his seat at the corner of the room.

"Holy shit- are you fucking kidding me?" Boxcars declared as he looked at Bolvar, "First I get my legs smashed, and then a goddamn grim reaper walks in? The fuck you doing here, man? Jesus fucking Christ."

Bolvar grunted, his fiery orange eyes rotating over to meet the man's stare. "I am no reaper, unless you are one of the people who did this?" He asked, bringing that heavy hammer of his to bare. He began to pace around the place, looking for any food, containers or provisions. Anything that would be useful for Harper.

"Does it look like I'm the one to have put all those fuckers on crosses?" Boxcars asked sarcastically, "You can blame those Legion assholes for that."

"The Legion? Why did they do this, and who are they?" He began to pull supplies out from the store, shoving them into a procured bag. He was taking the supplies Boxcar would need not to die horribly out here after all.

"You don't know who the Legion are? Shit," the powder ganger took a moment to have a cathartic laugh, "They rounded us all up-- dragged everyone, even all of my boys out there, to the town square. And that asshole with a dog on his head, he starts talking about how we're all bad people! He said we needed to be punished for what we did, but not all of us. And then he gives everyone a fucking lottery ticket..."

"I take it the lottery decided your fate?" He grunted, stuffing the pack further with supplies. He'd wander back over to Boxcars, towering over top of them.

"No shit? First place got to walk out of here scot-free. I got second place. Prize for that was I got to live, but they beat my fucking legs with hammers. I'm fucking crippled, get it? And y'all saw what they did to the rest of them," Boxcars gestured towards the door.

Bolvar finished packing the sack, slinging it over his shoulder as he looked down upon him. "A young girl yet lives, and I am seeing her somewhere safer. I've no place for a crippled man, but I can offer you two fates. I can leave you here, and let fate decide how to handle you. Or I can give you the peace and judgement of the hereafter."

"Man, you already know what I'm gonna say," the Powder Ganger sighed, "Put me out of my fucking misery already and stop talking."

Bolvar set the pack down, grabbing ahold of his hammer with both hands. "This will be painless." He replied, before winding up a swing.

"One thing first, though," Boxcars looked to Bolvar, "If you see any of those Legion assholes, be sure to fuck them up. For good ol' Boxcars' sake."

There was no point in dashing a dead man's hopes. "I will be sure to do so. Goodbye." He bid farewell, before swinging it down with force. Impacting Boxcar's head with the hammer, and carrying it straight into the wall of the store. Wood and splinters went flying, as his skull was dashed in an instant. A resounding *THWACK* echoed even outside of the building. An observant person may have even noticed the bricks of the building bulged out slightly from the impact. Potentially attracting the attention of two men just down the road. The massive, charcoal man would exit the building shortly thereafter. A large caravan-pack, and a bloodied hammer slung over his shoulders.

He looked down the street at the two arguing men, and those crucified. and walked to the south of town. Back towards Harper. She was more important than honoring a dead man's wish now. It wasn't like he was going to come back and chastize him for it. He stopped however. Should he leave those people to just wither away on the cross, horribly? He might not be able to save them, but he could spare them so much pain for their inevitable fate. It was a tough decision, but he swiveled around, and began to walk towards the crucified townsfolk. He'd harry them onto the grave, perhaps it would ease Harper's mind.

Meanwhile, Vulpes Inculta was somewhat overwhelmed by Peter's questioning, more specifically, his quickly-made-apparent stupidity. While he would've attempted to answer his questions in order, the mere suggestion that the residents of Nipton may have been innocent forced out a cruel, "Hah!" before he explained, "Innocent? Hardly. Nipton was a wicked place, debased and corrupt. It served all comers, so long as they paid... You stand in its ruins."

"Oh, this is Nipton? I thought we were in like... Afghanistan," Peter assumed, "Y'know, with the hot desert sun and the horrific crucifixions and whatnot. But anyways, go on."

Vulpes took a moment to glare at Peter with a mixture of disgust and confusion before jumping away from the doorframe at the sound of footsteps and turning around, spotting Bolvar in all his terror.

"So, you're still wanting me to spread awareness of Caesar's Legion's lessons? How uh... much for the service, exactly?" The fat man asked, still oblivious to the massive warrior.

Bolvar's heavy footsteps sounded through the desolate streets as he marched towards Vulpes, and the victims of the legion. He said nothing, but the burning man looked quite pissed.

"...Holy crap! We gotta get out of here!" Peter declared as he finally took sight of Bolvar, hoisting up Vulpes in his arms and running, "Let's get out of here, man!"

"What in the-!? Put me down!" Vulpes snapped, not hesitating to rear his fist back and swing it towards Peter's sea of flesh that surrounded his neck.

"Eheh! Stop that!" Peter laughed as the punches jiggled against his lard-filled neck as he continued to run down the street and into the pass between the hills, "I-I'm serious! I don't want you getting hurt by that scary fire monster!"

"I can run faster than you can breathe!" The frumentarii barked.

Peter stopped running entirely, a look of seriousness passing over his face as he set Vulpes down. "That was uncalled for," he huffed, folding his arms, "I'll have you know I can breathe very fast! Watch!" And so Peter began to inhale and exhale at a very fast rate, breathing in and out without much care of the approaching Bolvar before quickly overexerting himself and falling flat on his face, unconscious.

Vulpes blinked, staring down at the obese man for a moment before nudging his head with his boot. After all he had seen, the profligate deserved crucifiction, but Vulpes honestly worried that the wood they used for their crosses would snap under Peter's weight. How is it that in such a harsh world as the Mojave, someone so pathetic could exist? Even in the posh environment of somewhere like the New Vegas Strip, he knew noone that had fallen so far.

Peter's head snapped back up with a gasp of air, and he looked up to Vulpes. "See? I told you," he boasted as he got up to his feet.

Bolvar pursued them, there may have yet been a chance that he could catch up to Vulpes. But somehow, that fat man had run faster than he could. With a slight look of bewilderment on his face, Bolvar turned his attention to the crucified. It was then that he began to grant them the mercy of death. In view of Vulpes and Peter. His warm red fire was instead replaced with an ice blue glow. He would touch a hand to those on the cross, and the pain would numb from their bodies as frost filled their veins, before releasing their last breath. He repeated this for all of them, leaving them frozen stiff, but peaceful. They would suffer no more.

"...Looks like he's occupied," Peter squinted at the work of Bolvar, before turning back to Vulpes, "We should keep running, though. Or moving away at any general pace you're fine with... you know, I haven't caught your name yet."

"I... am Vulpes Inculta... Of Caesar's Legion," Introduced he, deciding against his more eloquent introduction with words that would have likely went in one ear and out the other.

"Good to meet you, Voltron! The name's Peter Griffin!" Peter held out his hand to shake, "...Of uh, of Quahog."

Vulpes was once again bewildered by Peter's very existence. The physical and mental degeneration of this man was morbidly astounding, and he didn't need to know Peter was from 'Quahog' to know he was not from Nipton. "... Perhaps we should move east... I would like to arrange a... 'Special' meeting between you and the mighty Caesar himself."

"I get to meet your boss? That sounds awesome I bet he'll be just as cool as you're being right now," Peter nodded with anticipation. While it was a lot to take in, he was content with making new acquaintances.

Bolvar would move closer to where Vulpes and Peter had run off too, and would make a visible motion with his hand. A thumb across the neck. He clearly did not like them, and it was made known. There was nothing left in this town for him, and thusly he began to march back to the south, to Harper. If Vulpes were wise, he'd forget all about Bolvar, and try to stay out of his way. He'd return to Harper, roughly an hour later. A sack filled with provisions, and plenty of objects with which to store water.

Vulpes watched Bolvar march off for a moment before walking east. "Come, Griffin. I believe the Legion will have great use for you, and you specifically." A smile crept up onto his face as he marched ahead of Peter.

"I love being useful to people!" the family guy declared as he followed Vulpes eastwards, "What kind of use do you think I could help you with? Some woodwork, maybe some flooring and tiling?"

"A profligate such as yourself would serve well for instilling the lessons Caesar preaches into our men," Vulpes answered cryptically, knowing full-well that Peter would have no idea what a 'profligate' was, but probably take to the term.

"...You mean I'd be like your band's mascot?" Peter asked as a smile found its way onto his chubby face, "I love it! Not sure what you mean by profligate, but it's got the word 'pro' in it, so I know I'm doing professional work here."

"Hmm... Yes, it is a term that you embody perfectly," Vulpes hummed, "And I think once I've shown you to the Legion, everyone is going to love what you have to offer, Griffin. I'm quite looking forward to it myself."

"So am I, Voltaire," Peter agreed, "So am I."


Harper had since dozed off shortly after Bolvar left, using her coat as a pillow as she napped in the shade. Her hat was on top of her face, blocking the bright light of the Mojave from her eyes as she mumbled quietly in her sleep.

Bolvar would gently walk over to her, before squatting down to the shelter. Giving her a gentle tap on the arm. "Wake up." He muttered, hoping not to surprise her too much, before moving over towards the large body of water. He could prepare and purify it with the things he had, and his own body. Though, he didn't know what these "rad-be-gone" pellets were.

"Mmf.. Huh?" Harper mumbled groggily, moving her hat from over her face as she slowly sat up and pushing some of her matted hair from her face. Being from New York, the Mojave Wasteland might as well been Hell for the young teen. "Oh, it's just you," She mumbled before yawning. She was about to pick herself up, but decided to remain sitting in the bit of shade there was as she called over to Bolvar, "Did you get any water? I, uh... Didn't try drinking out of there, because it's obviously gross." The heat made her poor lie much easier to tell.

"I found some, but more containers than anything. Don't worry, I can purify it." He stated, before rolling a platic water bottle over to her. "Do you happen to know what this is?" He asked, holding up a packet of the radiation-absorbant pellets. "Don't drink still water, unless it's filtering from rock. You'll get very sick otherwise."

Harper squinted her eyes at the packet, thinking for a moment before shrugging. "Yeah, that's obviously a thing you put in water to make it taste better," She asserted.

Bolvar would fill up some of the vessels with water, and whilist he did so, he would open the packet, and cautiously bite into one. He immedeatly retched. "I think you're not supposed to use these for flavor." He choked, attempting to read the faded words on the box they came in. Apparantly the words "purified water" were ledigible on them somewhere. So, that's what he'd use them for. He'd place the filled containers on his body, and let out a soft grunt as the fireblood within him flared to life. Heating up the opened containers to an eventual boil.

Harper's eyebrows shot up in surprise as she leaned a bit closer to Bolvar, gawking at the containers and where they touched his body. "I had a boyfriend who could do something like that once," She remarked without thinking, though the awe with which she watched the water boil made it seem like she had never seen something like this before.

Now Bolvar was starting to doubt her a bit. "Oh? Was your boyfriend a dragon, or a fire elemental in disguise?" He asked, he clearly didn't buy that fib. He'd set the containers down to cool off, while he rummaged around in the pack. "I found some better clothes for you. Should keep the sun, dirt and other things off your skin." He stated, handing a pair of long jeans, a and a loose canvas shirt.

"Ooh, thanks!" Harper chimed with a smile, taking the articles of clothing and inspecting them for a brief moment. She would definitely hold onto her regular clothes, as she loved her current outfit, but she needed to adapt her wardrobe to the climate. Without a moment of hesitation, she sat on her coat and slid her sweatpants off right there before finagling herself into the jeans. She'd repeat the process with her croptop before sliding the shirt Bolvar had gotten for her on with a content sigh.

He'd turn his head quickly the moment she began to undress. It'd be exceedingly rude of him to keep looking at her. "Pretty stylish," She remarked as she looked down at herself and the very un-stylish attire before putting her pink cap back on, "Thanks again, Bolvar- Can I call you Bolvy? It's easier to say."

He'd think for a minute. "You can call me that, I don't mind." He stated, looking back to her and smiling. He'd begin to place the pellets back in the eater. They'd absorb any latent radiation, and his boiling removed any pathogens. Anything left was just an occasional speck of dirt. Hardly unamicable to life. "Are you ready to go?" He asked. "It is best we move somewhere safer."

"I was thinking of living here, seems pretty safe to me," Harper remarked untruthfully as she slowly heaved herself up off the ground and collected her old clothes, wrapping them up inside her coat before tying it around her waist, "Hey, is that water good to drink now? I'm not thirsty or anything, just curious."

"You can't live here. You're near dangerous people. They'll find you eventually, especially a source of water like this. I'll bring you somewhere safer. If you get too tired from walking, I'll carry you. But you are not waiting here." He replied sternly. "It should be safe to drink, but don't swallow the pellets. You might also want them to cool down before drinking. They're still warm." Fireblood was beginning to suspect that she might have an issue with lying. That boyfriend remark had set in motion a new viewpoint.

"I never said I was waiting here, don't worry," Harper assured as she stretched a bit before grabbing one of the containers, carefully edging the water inside towards her lips to test how hot it was before reeling back a bit. "It's not that warm," She fibbed, but clearly decided to wait before drinking. She gave her left and right a quick glance before asking, "So where are we going?"

Bolvar fiddled with a map in the pack, before unfolding the old pre-war tourist's map. "Hmm... looks like if we head northeast. We should come upon a road that will take us towards some place called 'las vegas'. There's also some other towns due north and east of here. I think heading north a safer option." He'd get up from his seated position. Stuffing everything in the rucksack. "Let's go." He stated, before starting to walk in just that direction.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Post by megaman177 on Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:08 am

The Jackal Shack Up NorthTM

Adramahlihk's fleshy complexion was met with the violent gunfire of the Jackals, the creature hissing demonically as bullets and shrapnel were lodged in its body. Twisting its head and scowling at the raiders and their shanty, the creature flicked its tongue in aggravation. It rather missed its clinic in Arx, with the local denizens being too abjectly terrified of the 'Doctor' to possibly make such a bold retaliation against it that the two Jackals had.

The demon's pallid eyes glared daggers at its roaring attackers and their crude fortress. These noisy assailants were not the ideal entrance it needed. It would have to snuff them before it acquired more unfashionable attention like it had now.

Burying the livid fury on its face, Adramahlihk stretched its grin from ear to ear, raising its writhing and swaying body high into the air. "Hush now, the Doctor has plenty of time for such a small contingent of patients." it announced, cocking its head and gently raising its arms. "Although, as much as it pains me to confess, your manners do leave something to be desired."

A glint sparked in the smiling demon's eyes, an unnatural silence suddenly penetrating the Jackals' environs as its lips peeled back to reveal its spiked teeth. The silence forcefully died out their screeches until only the demon's sultry, gravelled voice pierced the air. The surrounding wasteland and the shanty shack seemed to lose any definition, with Adramahlihk growing larger and larger like an illusion.

Slime-covered, flesh tentacles twisted in the Jackals' radius, getting thicker and more numerous as Adramahlihk grew, its maiden form looking down like a mother to its children upon the bandits. The demon's pupil-less eyes entered straight into the two Jackals', its tainted thoughts crossing into their minds, trying to overwhelm their senses.

"There is nothing to be afraid of." Adramahlihk consoled. Its tentacles began enveloping the bodies of its assailants, before actively invading the Jackals' orifices, trying to enter through their mouths, ears and eyes as-if trying to puppeteer them. "Calm down and let the Doctor do his work."

A corrupted affection began to rise in the Jackals' hearts, as their nerves lost any feeling of hardship or pain, overwhelmed by this new love. Adramahlihk's stare didn't leave them, and as if by force it was difficult for them to remove their eyes from the so-called Doctor too. Their sensibilities, awareness and memories seemed to fade as though suppressed under the grip of caliginous tentacles.

The serenity didn't last, as suddenly a single thought entered both the Jackals' minds. It began as a crawling, gnawing feeling at the edge of their brains, pulsating louder and louder until all that was audible anymore was a burning crescendo that demanded their attention, crushing resistance. This epidemic seemed to overcome every neuron, every mental faculty, roaring at them until it was the only thing that seemed to exist in the universe altogether.

The intrusive thought seemed to not belong to them. A mutual irritation began to rise in both their chests, an itch in the deepest cavities of their viscera.

"Wouldn't your hearts look good, ripped out with your bare hands?"

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Vault 21

The Joker was happy to see she had two forms of geographical information— the snowglobe and the crudely drawn map he was making then as he looked from her pip-boy and then back to his paper. "...That’s an interesting wristband you got," he scoffed as he finished his work in drawing the local area, before stuffing his finished map into his pocket, "Well, I hope I haven’t been too much of a bother for you, Sarah. I must be going now, but uh... if you’re ever needing anyone to break open your vault doors... just give me a call," he slipped the vault enthusiast a card. It wasn’t a card with his number or anything; just a joker playing card.

With that, the Joker exited the gift shop with renewed vigor. He now had a rudimentary map of the area, and now could focus on what he wanted to get at; the manic demonic being jumping about the Strip haplessly. "Hey! Yoo-hoo! Mister Aerobics!" The Joker cried out, cupping his hands together against his mouth to better yell at Jevil.


"Elizabeth?" Bob took a moment to realize he was being hugged before returning the gesture gratefully with a sigh, "Oh, am I so happy to see you! I was starting to think you were in some kind of danger."

He looked back to Marcus and the other super mutant with a bit of a chuckle, "You, uh... you got to love family, right?"

He turned back to Elizabeth and released her from the hug, looking about the messy lodge kitchen and then back to Elizabeth. "So," he huffed with a calm nature, "I heard you’ve been giving these guys a hard time?"


"T-Tina?" Shlyke gasped before being tackled by the small child, quickly bringing himself in for the hug and responding to her kisses with his own, poking the tip of his tongue out and poking her softly on the cheek with it. It was a lot less uncouth than his usual slobbery kisses— mostly due to the live audience of the Novac citizens and No-bark.

The Abrol looked about and then back to Tina as they finally stopped hugging, before nuzzling his head into her shoulder with a quiet purr. "Oh Tina! I was of missing you so much, yes!" He exclaimed, "You and your sisters were of all being gone, yes, but there was Ruby and Ernette, so I was not of being alone, and, and-"

He stopped himself and took a breath, blinking as he looked back to Tina and continuing, "The point is of being... it is of being good to see you again, Tina."


The Benefactor stopped for a moment, before tossing the man pinned against the Bison Steve onto the roof of the establishment, making sure he was only knocked out by the sudden fall. It would then begin to descend, her clothes and crown floating up to it as it came down, before it placed the crown back into its head module. With the same flash as before, Ernette had appeared and quickly put her clothes on with a harrumph. "That was rude," she huffed as she tightened up her shoes, before looking about, deciding to walk around the right of the Bison Steve’s back, keeping herself close to the wall just in case there were more of those mean guys waiting to shoot her.

Slowly, she peeled around the corner, hesitantly piping up in her friendliest voice, "H-hello?"


The mining town of Sloan had come on hard times; in recent weeks, prisoners from the NCR Correctional Facility has stolen their shipments of explosives meant for the quarry, and had allowed the current Deathclaw residents to migrate into the area and use the quarry as a breeding ground. Now, stuck on the fringes of NCR influence and without work, the people of Sloan were left with few options.

That was, until a strange traveling merchant’s cart began to establish itself just outside of Quarry Junction, hauled by two very angular ursine creatures. The cart itself was just as blocky, with very little space inside to move around the bed, enchanting table, chests, jukebox and brewing table. Two more chests sat just outside the cart, each labeled with signs indicating they would provide money for emeralds or vice versa.

And there he stood inside the roofed safety of his caravan. With a large nose and a teal coat, Schloobadoo looked out to the people of Sloan with an expressionless happiness as his favorite and best song.

"Finally, people to share my best prices, yes! And also to try out my new best prices, yes!" Schloobadoo exclaimed.

Quarry Junction

There had been a massacre in the quarry. The bodies of each and every Deathclaw that had begun to call the area home had been piled up in a random corner of the quarry, each one desiccated and looted beyond reason. There were the telltale marks of a long a grueling fight strewn all across the quarry, and in the middle of them all, the tracks of a traveling cart and its polar bear leads.

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Post by megaman177 on Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:20 pm

Mesquite Mountains Camp Site

Culitt Belidd lie unconscious in the Mesquite Mountains Crater, face down awash in the spring. The Grineer limply sat, his cybernetic carcass awash with the only semi-festering natural pool of water that stagnantly lurked around him, before the sound of him gargling violently started to fill the air.

Belidd threw himself violently upwards with a start, his formidably sized shape sending water careening everwhere in a colossal splash. Heaving violently, the Lich leered through his three lens at the manky, polluted plateau surrounding him. He threw his limbs about in some kind of half thought out defensive manuever, but quickly realised there were no nearby threats.

"TENNO?!" Belidd bellowed, pressing his hands on his haunches. "I suppose you think this is funny, do you? We'll see how clever you are when I re-initiate my idiot tax. Hmhm, yes. Won't be quite as amusing to step out of our little alliance once I've robbed you dry of your oh-so-precious resources." The elite paddled his hands in the knee-deep water, drawing his drenched Drakgoon from below. "Now, don't suppose you'll stick your neck out so I can give you a little break?"

Culitt brandished his Drakgoon shotgun and observantly scanned around himself, slowly trudging with his surrogate cybernetic legs onto the dry terrain. "Come on..." he muttered. "I'm betting you're playing a bit of hide and seek? You're not going to feel this clever when I lobotomise that Warframe. Oh, I know how to make an operation clean!" He chuckled and patted his volatile weapon.

After some feverish anticipation, Culitt dropped his arms and sighed, slouching over defeatedly. "Clearly not like the Tenno to turn me down on that offer." he admitted. "I'm obviously without my little friends. Now, where am I?"

Though uncommon for the gutsy Grineer elite, Culitt Belidd felt a mild sense of dread wash over him as he realised he was isolated, with no recollection of what had brought him to the stony mesa around him. "Must be suffering tube amnesia." he thought.

As he slowly began to trundle along, he felt a quaint sense of home, with the tainted natural environment bringing back his fond memories of Sedna. Culitt couldn't resist gazing into the sky, which was proving to be quite enthralling. Even for its polluted abandon, this strange new landscape's atmosphere offered a sky that was perhaps the only clean one he'd ever witnessed. The fogs of Uranus definitely did have their own fair share of mystique back in the day, but this new atmos made him feel a kind-of primal satisfaction.

The Grineer shuck his head, forcefully twisting it down from the natural beauty. "It's like the Queens say." he remarked, lumbering onwards. "These peculiar... instincts are a relic of our ancestors. Couldn't possibly be more enticing than my flag on a couple hundred tubemen militias." He reloaded his Drakgoon's ammunition, not willing to let some solitary sense of comfort blind him to his Grineer vigilance.

Culitt felt an unpleasant sting, stretching across the wizened skin underneath his armour. The feeling intensified, water leftover from the craters around him buzzing in the electronic pockets of his armaments. He was no stranger to this incidence; the artificial magnets that made his particular brand of Grineer technology work didn't fair well with such an interference.

The Lich groaned in steady agony as he tried to force the driplets out of his chestplate with his fingers. This shortcoming of his was easily more irritating than any Tenno warrior. On the bright side, his radiation shielding could probably afford him some solace from the obvious irradiation in the world in front of him.

"Easy come, easy go." he murmured to himself, unwittingly advancing east to the Nipton Road as he continued his strenuous journey. The lens of his faceplate started flickering, inclining him to bash his palm into the right side of his helmet to punch the water out. Embarrassed as he was to be experiencing another one of his primate feelings, he was half-hoping that the hot desert sun would evaporate the tedious wetness out of his suit.

Charleston Cave

The spacious bowels of the Charleston Cave were alive, lit by the natural bioluminesence and the scorching tip of a twig that had been planted into the ground. The silence was consumed by the uproarous noise of a girl squealing, almost like that of a pig, accompanied with the sound of ungulate hooves tapping excitedly against the cold, hard ground.

Wilba sprinted around excitedly in a circle, almost tripping over face-first on her snout. The princess had virtually lost her senses with joy. Jetlagged after spending a week grounded in her mother's palace, she never thought that she'd see the face of the outside world again. But here she was, treading the unexplored, liberated from the stress that came with being next in throne to a small empire.

Taking a pause from skipping about, Wilba's hoof-hand delicately (as with all royalty) manouevered into the pocket of a dead Nightkin corpse laying smellily on the cavern floor. She probed about, discovering a few bottle caps and looking at them with her beady little black eyes like she had found the most precious material objects in the world.

With a gleeful disregard to the harrowing implications of the body next to her, Wilba tore some threads out of its trousers and mounted her bottle caps onto them, fashioning a necklace and placing it around her neck. "WILBA DOS'T LOVETH YON PEARLS" she told her comatose friend, not batting an eye at the dead body. Obviously, as with any adventurer, she enjoyed the souvenirs that her many exploits thrust upon her.

Wilba began laughing haughtily, pulling her torch-twig out of the ground and traipsing her way out of the illuminous (spare the looted corpse, though I'm not sure Wilba really noticed) Charleston Cave. She was ecstatic to have an unexplored new world at her hooves, the fat freckled cheeks of her face grinning dumbly.


Wilba barreled out of the Charleston Cave with the fury of the nuclear bombs that had razed the earth around her. The giggling little pig creature took a moment out of her busy schedule of excitement to pause and take a breath, her snout wrinkling as she intook the foul outdoor air. "WHYFORE DOST THE LAND YONDER SMELLETH OF PLOP?" she asked to nobody in-particular, referring of course to what naturally comes out of a backside. "NAUGHT TO WORRY, ASSUMING LOCALS HAVETH A 'WINNING PERSONALITY', AS MAMA WOULD SAYETH WHEN I PRESS HER OWN SMELLINESS"

Wilba shrugged and laughed off the imminent sense of mild sickness that washed over her. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she had a gnawing feeling the slightly dilapidated Jacobs Town in the close distance was going to disappoint her lavish expectations of adventure and luxury. What was she thinking? Maybe she simply missed the cut of the village back home.

Wilba felt her elegantly tied ginger hair prickle. "WILBA SENSETH THE DANGER" she commented, feeling slightly more dutiful with the quite dodgy-looking road ahead. She doused the tip of her flaming twig against the stone entrance of the Charleston Cave, before crouching over to grab a sharp rock and forcing it onto the end of her stick. "PROBLEM RESOLVETH'D" she remarked, poising like a spearman with an expression of thorough disdain for whatever creatures or enemies that might disrupt her journey.

Wilba couldn't stop her face becoming anxious, even with a piece of rock tied to a stick for reassurance. It was no guarantee that what lurked ahead was a wet rainforest with walking plants that you could rip apart or a villa with pigs whom she could walk all over. The throne was one responsibility, keeping safe out here was another, both with a dreadful sense of 'adultness' that she tried her personal best to outrun.

"PERHAPS YON VILLAGE ART A LITTLE BIT LIKE MINE OWN" she told herself as she eyed the distant Jacobstown. Assuming she could close the distance there without... something happening, there might be a chance she could have a safe adventure.

Dropping her 'angry warrior' persona, Wilba nervously and quickly began creeping forward with her makeshift spear clenched in her hooves, heading in Jacobstown's direction.

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Atomic Wrangler Casino
Classy ambled into building,and walked over to the bar,he sat down on one of the stools,he took off his jacket,folding it and placing onto the stool next to him,it wasnt that he felt comfortable,but he wanted to give the illusion that he did.

Rolling a few of the caps he’d plucked from the thugs in his hand,before placing them in a stack on the counter,waiting to be served.

A surge of green glowing energy rose from the ground swirling into a miniature cyclone before touching down in the center o the top of the head of the gigantic dinosaur, and flowing across the ground in a miasma of green smoke.

A lone figure stood, garbed in a black robe, with the skull of an animal perched on his head, and holding a large wooden crook.

“BEHOL-Wait,what?” The figure’s glowing eyes dissipated as he looked around, before scratching the back of his head with the crook, he quickly magiced up a leatherbound book, flipped through it, getting noticeably more nervous the longer he did so.

A stray gust of wind caused him to teeter and fall smashing onto the ground in front of Dinky.

The wizard, levitated back up before spotting A girl,a bipedal bug,and a madman, he took a quick jog over dusted off the front of his cloak and spoke in a booming voice.


Gibson Scrapyard

Amidst the scrap metal and spare junk,rustled to life a small figure, it resembled Mr.House’s Securitrons, only much,much smaller, its face bore a small animated smiling coffee cup, the robotic being circled around the building.

A voice emanated from the being, a tone of clear disbelief clear in its electronic tones.

“Am I free?”


Muggy raised his arms into the air, before spotting a coffee mug.

“...Fuck you zero…”Notes of exasperated misery creepy through as it wheeled over and picked up the mug, his mechanical graspers shook.

“Why didn’t you just let me die?” he wept, placing the mug on the top of his mechanical frame.

Highway 95

A Single pastel pink van rolled across the aged and cracked concrete, inside appeared to be a few cages with cartoonish looking animals inhabiting them, trundling onward the van approached the 188 Trading post.

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Post by SpongeBobRocks23 on Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:15 pm

Dimensional Clash X [IC] 7-EA53-B52-0-AEB-4-AD8-A305-45-B86-A1483-B9


Dimensional Clash X [IC] F9-E2-D275-44-F8-495-A-85-DE-5-AA6-A73078-B3

...Yeah. You know you’re not supposed to be here, right?

Dimensional Clash X [IC] 4-ED10-B26-39-F3-44-CB-AF9-C-CD33661-F6-EFB

Oh. You just...kinda...arrive.

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Yeah. You show up and now you’re in the Clash. That’s...really all I had planned for your opening post.

Dimensional Clash X [IC] A8-E6-FB1-D-4-D26-457-C-B8-B9-F7-A1-E6-ED2-FC0

And suddenly, Woodman would arrive in Goodsprings, just like that.

“whoa hold up wait you could just do that?” asked Woodman. “nice >:]” Woodman would take a good, long look around, excited by the surroundings. “awww yea i cant wait to fuck some shit up lmao” exclaimed the eager Ms Paint Robot Master. “ok but where the fuck do i start uhhhhhh”

Woodman would the enter a temporary state of thinking, but then abruptly make the best decision he could conceive in his brain. “fuck it ill just walk around for a bit lmao” With this Woodman would just...walk around a Goodsprings. Yknow, take a little jog around the park as it were.

“jogging? lmao thats actually a good idea”

With this new idea in mind Woodman would take out a brown and green sweatband, strapping it onto his head and proceeding to make a jog around the entire town. “im bout to get fit af” he exclaimed, passing the Splatoon, taking a glance at a dejected Slapstick as he made his way downtown. “wacky stuff man wacky stuff”

Route 157, the Road to Jacobstown

The red woman would continue down the long road, still astonished at the colorful sights and new sounds she was experiencing. The green of the trees, the mountains in the distance, the sound of the bushes rustling…

...t-the sound of the...bushes…

That sound, unbeknownst to her, was the rustling of a pack of gigantic praying mantises, stalking her and getting ready to attack. The woman in red had absolutely no idea that even though this new land was a stretch of freedom far in contrast to her native world, it was also dangerous, filled with these twisted mutants that, by every metric, were not friendly by any means. This pathway was synonymous with having literal swarms of these proportionally large insects along it’s roads, but as long as one had some kind of weapon to dispose of them, they’d be fine.

Unfortunately, the red woman, only just now being familiar with the art of combat, did not have any weapons with her at all.

Abruptly, a giant mantis would begin to dart it’s way towards her form the bushes, attempting to disembowel her where she stood. The red woman, looking back for a bit to admire the scenery, took notice of this just in time, but unfortunately there wasn't thing she could do. She jumped back, scared of the large insect as it began to shift towards her. As she noticed one mantis, however, she would notice several more coming around her at all sides, all ready to mutilate her to a red stain on the ground. She fell back, defenseless and without anyone by her side to defend her. She silently hyperventilated, scared and confused out of her mind. What were these things? Why were they surrounding her? Were they going to hurt her? Had she sinned when trying to hit that white feathered creature and now this was her punishment?

She didn't know, but what she did know was that she was staring fear right in the face, ready to take her life at any moment without anyone to object to it.


The mantises raised their arms, ready to strike…

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Collab by Zandoo, H, and Teedler


Thankfully for Ernette, the corner she had peeked around was rather isolated from the center of Primm, where there seemed to be two escaped convicts just as aggressive as those she encountered on the roller coaster. The town itself was very unimpressive beyond the landmark, consisting of only three actual buildings and then a few shoddy metal shacks thrown together on the other end of town. The two Powdfer Gangers gruffly conversed with one another, though glanced around themselves for any oncomers. Their main purpose for standing around was to keep the folks of Primm from sneaking out of the Vikki and Vance Casino, where they'd either have to eventually surrender or starve to death.

The Lilligant had been on a small search throughout the town that she knew was called "Prime", "Prinn" reading was hard, Regardless it seemed that the best place to find a bottle was near the casino. Lilligant had steered clear of the powder gangers as she was in no mood to deal with them at the moment.

Ernette pulled herself back behind the side of the Bison Steve as she thought about what she could do. She initially had the idea of trying to talk to them, but seeing as how her last attempt had her shot at, she quickly set that idea aside. She hummed quietly as she concentrated; the easy way would have been to beat them as a benefactor, but she didn't want that either. To her, it felt cheap and easy to revert into her old form to solve issues. It also worried her she had no idea what transforming into a benefactor would do to her unborn child, or what it could have done already.

The pokemon made her way through the street with a rather loud clanking of the bottles she had managed to collect, had she been a bit more observant she might have noticed the curvy woman she was walking past but the vast amount of bottles had obscured her vison.

"...Huh?" Ernette snapped her head in the direction of the Lilligant with a bit of a gasp and surprise. She had remembered the other Lilligant that Tina had played with, and thought it was the same one. "I remember you!" She declared with a loud whisper, gesturing for the Pokémon to come to her, "Come over here! We have to stay out of their sight or else they'll shoot at us."

The lilligant blinked before going to Ernette. She remember me? Do remember? Remember remember, remember... nothing. Lilligant had no clue who this woman was but she did know that "shoot" was not good, so she decided that going along was the best course of action.

"Alright... now," the woman glanced back to the two Powder Gangers for a moment before reeling her head back, "We have to figure out how to get past them... or get rid of them... Not in a violent way though- I don't want that."

Get rid... of get rid am good, Am worth, if good she keep. If keep then catch, catch mean Smile. Clearly the best coruse of action was to remove the threat that was these Powder Gangers then the lady would have to love Lilligant. The pokemon looked between the woman and the imposing figures, before trying to hand the bottles to the woman.

"Oh, uh... sure, I'll hold these for you," Ernette agreed uncertainly, keeping an uneasy smile as she looked to Lilligant and took the bottles, "Why are you... handing me these?"

The pokemon then walked between Ernette and the two figures calling out with its strange echoy bell like chirping noise. The two turned to the direction of the noise, both quickly jumping a bit in surprise. "The fuck is that thing?!" One of them shouted, not hesitating to follow the question with a raise of their gun and firing.

"Oh no," Ernette groaned as she quickly set down the bottles handed to her and tried to stop the bullets as she had before, hurrying to keep the Pokémon safe from harm.

The pokemon seemed to have begun dancing and was grazed by one but not before a fine sparkling blue powder enamated from the plant like creature, this particularly potent powder had been known to lull some of the largest creatures in its homeland to sleep.

Indeed, after one crumpled to the ground, the other attempted to run away while wildly firing a shot behind himself before tripping over and tumbling across the concrete unconscious just in front of the Nash residence.

The lilligant looked at itself. It seems that one of the bullets did more damage than expected. She looked at the unconsious attackers. Now was not the time for "mega drain," that was violent. For now, the creature took a moment to bask in the sunlight as its wounds seemed to heal for the most part, though there were signs of bruising. The pokemon then turned her attention to the woman. Was good? Enough? Catch? Is happy?

Ernette peeked her head out of her hiding place again with a surprised expression. "That was... better than I was expecting," she mused as she came out into the street, before gasping as she saw the wounds on Lilligant, quickly crouching down to the Pokémon's level. "Oh my gosh- are you alright? Did those mean men hurt you?!" She cooed, looking over the bruises on the Lilligant with some distress.

Better, is enough? No, no hurt. That bad. No need help. The pokemon was panicking. If she was hurt by something this simple, then she was no good. No help. No need. The pokemon quickly tried to gently push Ernette way, hoping to indicate that the wounds were not worth addressing while trying to avoid offending her.

"O-oh... well, if you're alright," Ernette sighed as her hospitality was squandered and she stood back up, "I guess we should keep moving- Oh! I almost forgot these," she gestured back to where she had set the bottles, which floated back over to the Lilligant as she smiled, "Here you are!"

Dumb dumb, forget bottle. The pokemon took the bottles and gave Ernette a happy smile. This woman just earned most of the contents that would soon fill these bottles for her kindness. "Lill!" Find out want, give her, then catch yes. Clearly this was the best person she had met since Orchid had taken her place.

Ernette smiled warmly at the Lilligant, before averting her attention to the casino before them. "Vikki and Vance Casino..." Ernette read the sign aloud, before looking back to Lilligant, "Do you think we should head inside? It could be better than waiting for more of those guys to show up."

Lilligant nodded in agreement hoping to earn more praise from this woman. She looked around for a moment, it looked like that the casino she had been wandering around was relatively safe. The pokemon made a nodding motion to point out the casino but waited for Ernette to move first.

Ernette nodded in agreement as she pushed open the door to the establishment, gesturing for Lilligant to follow as she went through the door.

The pokemon happily followed, after all she had a door opened for her. Hopefully there would be other ways for her to prove that she was useful to Ernette.

Immediately, Ernette was greeted by an old man leaning against a nonfuctional slot machine, "I don't know what it was brought you to Primm, but you might want to rethink your plans. Town's gone to hell." He raised a cigarette to his mouth before pausing at the sight of Lilligant, "What in the- That thing yours?"

"It's uh... Orchid," Ernette recalled the name of the last Lilligant she had encountered as she looked to the current one, "And she's not mine, but she's with me. But... what happened?" She asked, "And why are those guys out there trying to shoot us?"

Not Orchid. The Lilligant thought as she slouched, no she was wrong Replace The lilligant did look up the the man with the cigarette and just replied with a sorrowful "Lilligant."

"It started with that breakout from the prison up the road. First there was just a few thugs rolling through town, but then they got organized," The man explained, "Now they call themselves Powder Gangsters or something, and run around throwing dynamite and shooting people. Little while ago, a good chunk of them left whatever kind of organization they got up there to squeeze all the food and drink out of us they could."

"Prison breakout?" Ernette asked with confusion, before continuing on, "Well, I don't know about any prison breaks. I just showed up on top of that roller coaster out there and they started shooting at me so I had to stop them."

"'Just showed up'?" He scoffed, "Second one to come in here sayin' that. People these days just can't help blacking themselves out and waking up who-knows-where."

"Wh- no! I wasn't drinking! One moment I'm in a place with my friends, and the next, I'm on top of that roller coaster with three of those Powder Gangsters shooting at me!" Ernette retorted, "But... that doesn't matter! I just was looking for a place to get away from all of those guys... I don't wanna get shot."

The Lilligant seemed to just be angrily staring at the ground during this exchange. Not good enough.

"Well, you can try your luck goin' 'cross the bridge. NCR's been just sittin' over there for some time now. S'where I sent the last blackout. Figured she could make it acorss no worry though, I doubt the NCR would shoot a little girl on sight. Maybe if ya wave your arms that'll make you look less threatening."

"Yeah, maybe that'll work-... Wait, you said the last blackout-person who came in here was a little girl?" Ernette cocked her head in confusion. She didn't want to make any assumptions on who it might have been, but she knew that little girls usually weren't the type to do enough drugs to blackout.

"Sure was," He answered with a slow nod as he thought back, "Came in here sayin' she just showed up an' was askin' what planet we're on or somethin' like that. Told her this was the Mojave and she was askin' if I seen any other girls, gave me a bunch of names like, uh.... 'Ruby'- She seemed real insistent on that one."

All speculation on who the girl might have been was washed away within an instant. "Zoey," Ernette mumbled under her breath with a sigh of relief, before looking back to the man with a renewed vigor, "Thank you for letting me know where to go, mister...?"

"Johnson Nash's my name. Husband to Ruby Nash," Introduced he as he gestured his head back at an old woman who perked up at the mention of her name before returning to her business, "If it helps some, that little girl left here 'bout... Maybe an hour ago?"

"That would help me a lot," Ernette nodded, before looking to Lilligant, "Well, Orchid, we have to get going for that bridge." She looked back up to Johnson with a final, "Thank you!" Before beginning to make her way for the door.

The Pokémon nodded before following the woman. She hated being called that. It was a cruel joke. She would have to tell the woman somehow but that was a matter for another time.

Ernette pushed through the casino doors and back out into the rugged streets. She peered about and began to make her turn for the street that the bridge was on. She took her approach slowly-- she didn't want to run straight into more of those gangsters.

What she did risk running into, however, were the mines littered across the bridge. While there were only two, the pathway across the decrepid bridge put them right in her path. An NCR trooper clad in the iconic browns and beiges of their armor shouted over to her from the other side of the bridge as he held his rifle up. "Hold it right there!" He barked, "Keep your hands up. If you're not one of the Powder Gangers, you've got nothing to worry about."

Ernette let out a yelp of surprise and quickly abided by what the trooper said, raising her hands as far as she could above her head. She looked down to Lilligant for a moment to make sure she was holding her hands up as well.

Lilligant looked at the man for a moment, she was holding bottles, she couldn't hold the those above her head without dropping them. "Lill?"

"Orchid, please put the bottles on the ground for now," Ernette asked of the Pokémon, "I can grab them for you later, okay?"

"Before we send someone over to disarm the mines, what's that thing there?" The trooper questioned as another walked up on the scene with a cloth covering his mouth and nose.

"Lilligant?" The pokemon replied as she tried to place the bottles on the ground.

"Her name's Orchid," Ernette informed, "And she's pretty much harmless- like uh... cat? A planty cat?"

"That's one hell of a cat..." He remarked before gesturing his head at the bridge. The other trooper nodded and cautiously approached one of the mines, "I'm surprised you managed to get over here without getting shot."

"Lill?" Cat? What is cat?

"Get over- oh, no, I just... showed up on that roller coaster back there", Ernette turned around and pointed with her finger at the El Diablo, though still keeping mind to keep her hands as hard as she could in the air, "And I almost got shot a few times, but... it's alright."

Soon enough, the mines were disarmed and set to the side. The trooper that had disarmed them raised his rifle and gestured the two over while walking back to the NCR's side of the bridge. "When you get over here, we're gonna pat you down, make sure you're not hiding any sticks of dynamite on you or anything."

"Dynamite? Why would I be carrying dynamite?" Ernette asked in confusion, though did not stop the trooper as she cautiously made her way over the bridge.

"Powder Gangers have a whole stockpile of the stuff after they broke out of the correctional facility up north," The trooper explained, keeping his rifle trained on her head while the other pat the woman down once she was across, hesitating near her chest before deciding she was probably not padding herself with explosives and ignored that area before giving a thumbs-up.

"Oh geez. I heard they had broken out of prison, but they have a whole bunch of dynamite, too?" Ernette hummed, unsure what to say, "It doesn't sound like a good mix to begin with-- keeping inmates and explosives that close to one another."

"Trust me, we know," The trooper muttered, having heard that same criticism many times since the breakout, as every soldier of the NCR likely has, "On the bright side, I'm glad another one of you managed to get out of Primm. If we had the resources and men, we would've come in there to help you all." He neglected to mention the other fact that Primm was not a part of the NCR, but he figured it better to not cast the NCR in a poorer light than the citizens of Primm already thought of them.

"That's awful!" Ernette exclaimed, "Why would you guys not get the stuff you need to help these people? Or at the very least, get the Powder Gangsters out of there?"

"The Legion is why," The trooper huffed, "If so much of our attention didn't have to be on them, we could do a better job of dealing with things like this." He gestured to the town of Primm with disdain.

"That's a shame..." Ernette was unsure how to keep up the chatter about Primm, and instead continued, "Is it true a little girl came through here an hour ago? The people inside the casino told me they sent her through here earlier."

"That's right. Little blonde girl, called herself Zoey," The trooper nodded in turn, "She should still be here. She tried to leave on her own, but we told her what's on the roads and decided to wait for a caravan to come by."

"What's... on the roads, exactly?" Ernette asked with a little discomfort.

"Well, you might run into Powder Gangers for one," The trooper answered, "I know to the south there's been some problems with ants and radscorpions. Walking with a caravan means she would be walking with their guards as well."

Lilligant looked at the man with the rifle for a moment before picking the bottles back up.

"Well... thank you," Ernette nodded, "You've been very helpful. I just... needed to know she was safe. She uh- left ahead of us two. She was a bit anxious to get out of there."

"I can't blame her. Like I said, she's probably still here," The trooper assured, "Smart, you guys coming out in bits like you seem to be. If your whole group came out, it would probably attract attention from the Powder Gangers."

"Heh, true!" Ernette laughed as she made her way to the NCR encampment, waving back to the trooper happily, "Thanks again!"

"lie!" Lilligant chirped as she away from the encampment.

It would not be hard to find Zoey. Not only was the NCR's encampment rather small, but she made her presence known through her own camp she had assembled out of junk lying around. There the fourteen-year-old napped on a couch underneath a bit of a ceiling that had not collapsed in a building's ruins. She had a small stand with a candle on it, not yet lit, but she was prepared for if she had to stay there during the night. There was a small, modest pile of packaged foods nearby and a pot besides a recently extinguished fire where she had attempted to boil some dirty water to purify it, unwilling to settle for any filth in the water the NCR handed her. Her limbs were sprawled out across the couch as she snored quietly.

Ernette took a moment to find Zoey's sleeping spot, but as soon as the benefactor spotted the girl sleeping, a warm smile fell on her face. She didn't need to worry about being alone or away from anyone close for any longer. With quiet and gentle steps, Ernette slipped into the building and made her way around the set-out fire, before crouching down to Zoey's level and gently nudging her arm. "Hey," she quietly soothed as the ends of her fingers barely pressed against Zoey's shoulder, "Zoey... hey!"

Lilligant stepped over to the goal and slightly nudged the girls face in an attempt to wake her. This would suredly prove her usefulness and if she was useful she was worth keeping around.

"Huh... Oh... Hey Ernette.." Zoey mumbled sleepily before letting out a sudden gasp and scrambling to sit up straight. "Ernette!" She yelped, ensnaring the woman's neck in a hug, "Shit, I thought it was just me out here- Are the others with you?" She was quick to pull back and look excitedly behind the Benefactor in hopes of spotting any of her sisters.

"Well- uh, I'm not really sure," Ernette tried to keep a positive attitude about it, looking over Zoey, "I just got here a little while ago, had to push my way through some of those gang guys, but... are you alright?" She looked her over again. It was hard to really believe. After Galeem, she thought the rest of the girls were lost forever, or at least, would be gone until they went to save them.

"Lernelte?" Lilligant mumbled. what a strange name, but it was nice. After a moment Lilligant the looked to Zoey and seemingly asked "Loey?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Zoey assured with a wave of her hand, dismissing any of Ernette's concerns, "I've been trying to think of how we can find the others... Who's this?" She looked over to the Lilligant with a curious smirk.

Talk to? Orch... no no no name. The pokemon sighed before responeding with a sorrowful "Lilligant."

"It's one of the Pokémon from the hotel... do you... remember what happened there?" Ernette asked as she gestured to Lilligant to answer Zoey's question.

"Lilligant... I'll just call you Lilly instead," Zoey asserted before answering Ernette's question, "I remember all these... Lasers shooting everywhere. I pushed Ruby out the window because one was coming for us, but... I guess it missed me since I'm here."

"Lilli?" Lilligant pondered for a moment before cheering up and repeating her new name. "Lilli! Lilli! Lilli!"

"...Right," Ernette nodded, not wanting to tell Zoey what Ruby had described of the situation, "But yeah, I haven't seen any of your sisters here yet, or anyone else we know. Only those... Powder Gangers."

"Ugh, yeah... It was a pain in the ass getting over here, and then one of the guys had to feel me up or something- Which I didn't mind, I guess, but then he got mad at me when I tried doing it to him too," Zoey huffed, misconstruing the concept of a pat-down.

"They told me they were looking for dynamite when they did that," Ernette mused with a shrug, "But anyways, you said you were figuring out a way to find them?"

"Well, I was trying to, but this place is kind of a shithole," Zoey explained, "They told me there's a big city called 'New Vegas' up north, and I know there's some radio station there. My plan was to figure out where it is, sneak inside, and then tell them to come to New Vegas... Then I realized that they would all have to be listening to the radio at that exact moment..."

"Hmm... maybe if we walk around to each town around here... maybe we'd find them that way?" Ernette suggested, not taking into mind the distances that'd take the trio.

Realizing that the trio would be traveling Lilligant placed her bottles in the corner before returning her attention to the foodstuffs that Zoey had gathered and began carrying them.

"That sounds like it would take a long time. Do we even know how many towns there are here? What if one of them is in Canada- If there is a Canada here, but you get my point," Zoey sighed, "I hate this. Not knowing where they are or anything- I mean... We've always ended up in different universes or whatever together."

"I know..." Ernette's expression quickly fell as she sighed, "And I have no idea how to help find them. I just... I don't know..." she dropped to her knees and sadly looked to Zoey, her eyes ready to burst with tears.

Lilligant looked at Ernette for a moment trying to figure out how to help, hugs, yes that was what she was supposed to do at this moment. The pokemon then took a moment to wrap Ernette in her embrace.

Ernette sniffled for a moment, before snatching up the Pokémon and embracing it in a hug, quietly sniffling some more as tears dropped from her eyes.

The Lilligant looked up and took a moment to wipe a tear from Ernette's eyes. Maybe if help when sad keep...If allway sad then must keep.

"Come on, Ernette... I know it sucks, but don't cry," Zoey cooed as she leaned forwards and wrapped her arms around the both of them. While she wouldn't admit it, seeing the Benefactor cry over the issue threatened to make Zoey just as emotional.

"B-but we don't have a-any way to find your sisters!" Ernette sniffled, pulling away from the hug to wipe her tears away, "W-we're stuck here, everything else wants to hurt us, and we have nothing!"

"H-Hey, that's not true... You got me, and I got you. And we got Lilly," Zoey tried to cheer Ernette up as she pulled back, gesturing to herself, Ernette, and the Lilligant respectively.

Include! That mentioned that she was considered part of a group once again caused the pokemon to release a calming fragrance from the bud on its head. "LILL!"

The Benefactor looked between her two friends and took a few deep breathes, calming herself down slowly. "Y-Yeah," Ernette nodded as she looked back to Zoey, "You're right. I... I'm sorry. But... what do we even do now? We can't just... stay here."

"Well... Those guys did say to wait for a caravan-thing, but I think we should be fine with the three of us, right?" Zoey figured with a shrug, "They told me how to get to that New Vegas place. Just go north, then you make a right, then keep going north- and pretty much at that point you're supposed to be able to tell where the city is."

"So we should just... head north?" Ernette asked, her mood having readjusted itself, "...That doesn't sound too bad. And if we do run into someone or something, I'm sure we could handle them."

"Yeah! And if they're heading anywhere, they're probably gonna go there too, I bet!" Zoey declared as she stood up, "I mean, if they were guessing where I would go, then that's where they would go knowing I would go because they would go." Confident in her logic, Zoey reached down to grab her food before realizing that Lilly had done so already. "Oh, thanks, Lilly. Now, let's get moving!"

"Gant." Lilly nodded before attempting to pick up a few more things. It was obvious the Pokemon has picked up more than it could reasonably carry.

"Oh, Lilly! Let me take some of those," Ernette offered, taking a few of the foodstuffs from the Pokémon's hands, before standing up with some confidence, "Alright! Now, onto New Vegas!"

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