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Post by thecardiackidofDCVII on Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:16 am

Name: Isaac

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 10

Weight (you can approximate): 141 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 269?cb=20120309174531

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Isaac is a Venus adept.  He uses the element of Venus (Earth) to fight in battle, and his psynergy is usually of that element too.  In this RP, Isaac will have all of the 8 Venus Djinn from the first Golden Sun game.  Isaac also fights with a sword.  For purposes of the RP Isaac’s main sword will be the Sol Blade, one of the most powerful swords in the series.  It’s unleash effect, Megiddo, causes a large sphere resembling the sun to appear from the sky, after which it is flung down at the opposition for damage. Isaac is of the mono-elemental Squire class, and as such, has the psynergy of that class at his disposal in this roleplay.
(as determined by Leonir and I during DC7.5 Isaac’s sword, based on its artifact quality, is able to withstand stronger than average attacks.)
Isaac can also use axes and maces as he did in the first game but does not currently have any in his inventory.
Bio: Isaac is the leader of the party in the first Golden Sun game and is the character the player controls.  Isaac first appears in his hometown of Vale with his cousin and good friend Garet.  Isaac is woken by his mother as a boulder is about to crash down from Mount Aleph, a mountain near Vale, onto the town.  Isaac’s father and his friend Jenna’s family are all apparently killed by the boulder.  Some time later, when Isaac is around the age of 17, he, Garet, and Jenna all visit Mount Aleph with an old man named Kraden, who studies the subject of alchemy.  The group infiltrates a place on Aleph known as Sol Sanctum.  However, when they are there, two strange beings named Saturos and Menardi, along with their accomplice Alex and a masked traveler, force Isaac and Garet to steal the elemental stars and hand them over.  The two reluctantly do so.  Jenna and Kraden are taken by Saturos and Menardi, leaving Isaac and Garet with one elemental star; the Mars Star.  A being known as the Wise One tells Isaac and Garet to leave the area before Aleph erupts, which it soon does.  Isaac and Garet must take up a quest to prevent Saturos and Menardi from bringing the elemental stars to the lighthouses, something that could potentially cause the end of the world.  The two set off on their adventure, spurring the events of Golden Sun’s main plot into action.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: http://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Isaac

Name: Felix

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6 foot

Weight (you can approximate): 148 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSFelix

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Felix is a Venus adept like his friend Isaac, meaning that his psynergy is Earth-based.  In this RP, Felix will have in his possession the Venus djinn of the second game.  He will be of the mono-elemental squire class and as such, will have the same psynergy as Isaac.  Felix’s main sword in this RP will be Excalibur.

For elaboration on each of these terms, visit the wiki below and search for each.

Bio: Felix hails from the town of Vale, and was friends with Isaac and Garet.  His younger sister Jenna was also friends with the two.  Felix was presumed dead after an incident where a large boulder fell into the town of Vale and crashed into the river, where Felix and his parents (along with Isaac’s father) had been standing moments before.  However, he returns to Vale one day with Saturos and Menardi to steal the elemental stars.  It is eventually revealed that his motives for doing so were actually good, and he convinces Isaac to help him restore the force of Alchemy to the world of Weyard, so as to help save many from the destruction that would be brought about otherwise.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: http://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Felix

Name: Ivan

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 5

Weight (you can approximate): 118 pounds

Description/Picture: [imh]http://goldensunwiki.net/w/images/3/39/GSIvan.png[/img]

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Ivan is a Jupiter adept, meaning that the psynergy he has access to is usually based around the wind or things such as lightning.  Ivan will have all of the Jupiter djinn from the original Golden Sun in this RP.  Ivan is of the mono-elemental Wind Seer class in this RP.  As a Jupiter adept he is capable of reading the minds of others.

Ivan will use a light blade as his physical weapon, namely, the Tisiphone Edge. The unleash effect for this blade is Vengeance.

Use the wiki for more information on these terms, although each will be elaborated upon in the RP.

Bio: While Ivan’s background is originally left unknown, it is later revealed that he was born in the city of Contigo near Jupiter Lighthouse.  Ivan had a sister, who is revealed to be the Jupiter adept Hama that assisted him in his journey during the first game.  Ivan eventually ended up in the care of a merchant from the town of Kalay, Hammet.  Ivan eventually meets Isaac and company while searching for a stolen possession of Hammet’s, a rod that is needed to enter the Jupiter Lighthouse.  Ivan joins Isaac after discovering that the two are pursuing Felix to save their friends.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: http://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Ivan

Name: Saturos

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6 foot 2

Weight (you can approximate): 162 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20120309174135

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Saturos, like most members of his Proxian race, has an affinity for the Mars element.  Saturos is the most powerful of his colleagues and fellow Proxians Menardi, Karst, and Agatio.  Saturos has a variety of powerful psynergy that can be seen in the battles wherein he is fought.  These attacks are all logged on the link below.  Saturos also has a physical attack, which uses his red sword.

Bio: Hailing from the far northern town of Prox, Saturos is a powerful warrior who is the main opposition to the character Isaac in Golden Sun.  Saturos intends to restore the elemental stars to their places in the lighthouses, so as to bring Alchemy back to the world and save his homeland from being destroyed.  Saturos and his colleague, Menardi, come to Isaac’s hometown of Vale and force him to steal the elemental stars for him, before taking off.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Despite being the main opposition in the game, Saturos is not necessarily evil once his true motives are eventually discovered.)

Link: http://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Saturos

Name: Alex

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6 foot 2

Weight (you can approximate): 150 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSAlex

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Alex is a very powerful Mercury adept. The full extent of his abilities remain unknown, and most of his powers are completely speculative as he is never fought in battle. He is known to possess an extremely rare ability to teleport, and once attacked some Tolbi soldiers using a powerful explosive geyser psynergy. Presumably he was also once a healer, as he is capable of healing Felix's party completely in an instant.

Bio: Alex hails from the town of Imil, just like his cousin and fellow Mercury Clan member Mia. Alex seeks power on a grand scale, and he decides that he wants to light the Elemental Lighthouses. Alex joins two Mars adepts from the far northern town of Prox named Saturos and Menardi, who are travelling with a young Venus adept, Felix. Together, the group steals the Elemental Stars from Sol Sanctum on Mt. Aleph. They begin to light the Elemental Lighthouses together.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: http://www.goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Alex

Name: Karst

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 7

Weight (you can approximate): 123 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSKarst

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Karst is a powerful Mars adept like her sister Menardi. She also fights using a scythe like her sister had, and possesses the same Death Scythe technique that her sister famously used in the fight at Venus Lighthouse.


A full list of Karst's abilities in battle can be found here.

Bio: Karst, like her sister Menardi, is a powerful warrior from the far northern town of Prox, located on the edge of the world of Weyard. After Menardi leaves with Saturos to relight the lighthouses, Karst and her partner Agatio leave to search for the pair. Karst learns from Sheba and Felix in the town of Madra that her sister has, seemingly, been killed by Isaac in battle. Karst vows to kill Isaac in revenge. Alex eventually takes to using Karst and Agatio to force Felix to do his bidding. Karst eventually fights Isaac at Jupiter lighthouse, and defeats him after he tries to heal Ivan in battle. Karst and Agatio are damaged from their battle and allow Felix to take Isaac. However, they try to fight Felix on top of the aerie to eliminate him, as they deem him now as untrustworthy. Felix either defeats the pair or is defeated by them, at which point Alex takes the two away.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: http://www.goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Karst

Name: Menardi

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 10

Weight (you can approximate): 132 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSMenardi

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Menardi is a Mars adept like her fellow Proxian warriors. She uses a scythe for physical attacks in battle.

A full list of abilities in battle can be found here: https://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Menardi#As_a_boss_in_Golden_Sun

Bio: Menardi, like her traveling partner Saturos, hails from the town of Prox. She led the raid on Sol Sanctum along with Saturos three years prior to the events of Golden Sun. Saturos and Menardi returned years later to retry their raid, this time succeeding. They proceeded to continue with their goal of relighting the lighthouses to restore Alchemy to Weyard.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: http://www.goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Menardi

Name: Agatio

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6 foot 2

Weight (you can approximate): 187 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSAgatio

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Agatio is a Mars adept like his fellow Proxian warriors Saturos, Menardi, and Karst. Unlike the others, he does not fight with a weapon and instead uses his fists.

A full list of Agatio's in battle abilities can be found here: https://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Agatio#As_a_boss_in_The_Lost_Age

Bio: Agatio is the traveling partner of the Proxian Karst. He and Karst leave Prox in search of their fellows Saturos and Menardi, who were working to relight the lighthouses and restore Alchemy to the world of Weyard.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Agatio

Name: Jenna

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 6

Weight (you can approximate): 130 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSJenna

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Jenna is a Mars adept, meaning that her psynergy is usually based around fire. Jenna will have an as of yet undetermined number of the Mars djinn from the two Golden Sun games, placing her in the mono-elemental Flame User class.

Jenna's main physical weapon for this RP will be the Atropos' Rod, which has the unleash effect Life Shear.

More information about these terms can be found on the wiki

Bio: Jenna is the younger sister of Felix. Felix and Jenna both come from the town of Vale, where they grew up with their friends Isaac and Garet. After the boulder incident, Felix was presumed dead along with his parents and Isaac's father. Jenna moved in to live with her grandparents. Jenna visits Sol Sanctum on Mount Aleph, in Vale, with Isaac, Garet, and the scholar Kraden. Unfortunately, Jenna is kidnapped along with Kraden by some mysterious figures who came to steal the elemental stars. One of these thieves revealed himself to be Felix, who had survived the boulder incident. Isaac and Garet decide to pursue the thieves to rescue their friends.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: http://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Jenna

Name: Sheba

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 1

Weight (you can approximate): 108 pounds

Description/Picture:Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSSheba

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Sheba is a Jupiter adept like Ivan, which means that her psynergy abilities are usually based around the wind and other sky-related things. Sheba, like Ivan, also has the ability to use the psynergies Mind Read and Reveal, the first of which allows mind reading and the second allows hidden objects to appear. Sheba will have an as of yet undetermined set of djinn from the second Golden Sun game in this RP. Sheba's main physical weapon will be the Lachesis' Rule, a staff with the unleash effect Apocalypse.

More information about these terms can be found on the wiki but I will explain everything in the posts as the RP goes along, of course.

Bio: Sheba's origins are largely unknown, though many theorize that she came from Anemos. Sheba fell out of the sky as a baby, near the town of Lalivero, where she was discovered by the people of the town. Lalivero's mayor, Faran, adopted Sheba. Some years later, Sheba was forced to the town of Tolbi, where she had to stay until Tolbi's leader Babi completed a tower he had planned to build near Lalivero. Eventually, Babi decided to return her to Lalivero, but she became lost in the Suhalla Desert that separates the two towns. There, she was captured by Saturos and Menardi, who required a Jupiter adept to accompany them into the Jupiter lighthouse. Eventually, after Isaac defeats Saturos and Menardi, Sheba begins travelling with Felix.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: http://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Sheba

Name: Mia

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 6

Weight (you can approximate): 126 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 GSMia

Universe: Golden Sun

Abilities: Mia is a Mercury adept, which means that most of her psynergy abilities are based around water, and other forms of water (such as ice.) Mia's main physical weapon in this RP will be the Nebula Wand, which has the unleash effect Reverse Star. It can also restore PP, to give the user more energy.

Extra information will be given for each of these terms as the RP goes on, since each will be described when they inevitably appear.

Bio: Mia is a healer from the northern town of Imil in Weyard, close to the Mercury Lighthouse. As a member of the Mercury Clan, Mia protects the lighthouse. Her cousin, Alex, is supposed to do this too, but later, he turns against the Clan and begins to light the world's Elemental Lighthouses again. Mia realizes this too late, and tries to stop him with the help of another group trying to do the same, led by Isaac from the town of Vale. Mia helps Isaac to fight off the Northern warrior Saturos when they are confronted by him at the lighthouse's aerie, and the she decides to join Isaac's group to help him stop Saturos and the others from lighting all the lighthouses.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: http://goldensunwiki.net/wiki/Mia

Name: Donnel

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 9

Weight (you can approximate): 140 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 FEA_Donnel

Universe: Fire Emblem

Abilities: Donnel is a relatively average fighter when he first joins the Shepherds, but thanks to his special skill Aptitude, he can quickly grow from a weak villager to a reliable fighter who can easily carry a battle. As a villager, Donnel uses lances to fight. Donnel also has notable survival skills, being able to grow food and ensare animals. Donnel is also a good learner (also, as shown through supports and Aptitude,) and carriers a stone his father once owned.

Bio: Donnel is a villager from the southern portion of the continent of Ylisse. He hails from the Farfort, a village in that area. Donnel’s father was killed by bandits, namely one named Roddick, before Donnel ever met the Shepherds.

Donnel meets the Shepherds and their leader Chrom one day when his village is being attacked by Roddick. Chrom tells Donnel to fight and get stronger, which he does, working together with the Shepherds to free his village and kill Roddick. Against his protective mother’s wishes, Donnel joins the Shepherds and fights alongside them.

After the game, Donnel simply returns home and lives with his mother. It is likely that he is around 16 or 17 years old at the end of the game/the start of the Valm arc.

Donnel’s birthday is June 4 and he has the curliest hair in the army.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Donnel

Name: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'2"

Weight (you can approximate): 148 lbs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20160102212514

Universe: Marvel

Abilities: Doctor Strange is said to be one of the best sorcerers to ever join the Masters of the Mystic Arts.  He is highly proficient with various types of magic, and can easily grasp the texts he studies due to having photographic memory.  Strange's primary form of offensive and defensive magic is known as Eldritch Magic, which creates orange structures of energy that can be used as weapons, shields, and more.  He can also teleport almost anywhere using the Sling Ring, and is capable of flying due to his Cloak of Levitation.  A full list of noted spells can be found on the wiki, but he is probably capable of much more.

Bio: One of the most accomplished and talented surgeons in the world, Doctor Stephen Strange was once a haughty and selfish man who only took on jobs for the glory and success.  However, after a car accident left his hands permanently damaged, Strange turned to the magic arts to seek healing.  At Kamar Taj, Strange found a new life fighting with the Masters of the Mystic Arts to defend the Earth from magical threats from the universe and beyond.  Strange is tasked with guarding the Time Stone, which he uses to defeat the evil being Dormammu, who attempted to draw Earth into his Dark Dimension.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Doctor_Strange

Name: Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'0"

Weight (you can approximate): 152 lbs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20161114044352

Universe: Marvel

Abilities: Quill does not possess much innate physical power, as destroying his father also caused him to lose most of the powers he gained from Ego's planet.  However, Quill is a talented thief who possesses many useful tools, weapons, and skills.  His main weapons are known as Quad Blasters, and can shoot both electric and fire/plasma beams.  It may be possible to use more as his weapon in the comics canon can use the four elements.  Quill can also fly using his jet boots or the aero-rigs he has on his ship, created by Rocket Raccoon.  Quill's ship is called the Milano.  He may have more tools that are currently yet to be seen, but a full list of ones from the movies are noted on the wiki.

Bio: The child of a powerful Celestial being, Peter Quill was born on Earth in 1980 to a human mother.  After his mother's death, Quill was kidnapped by a gang called the Ravagers, and was taught the ways of thievery by them.  As an adult, Quill formed the Guardians of the Galaxy team after helping to stop Ronan the Accuser from using the Power Stone to destroy the planet Xandar.  Quill and his friends later discovered that his father was actually Ego the Living Planet, a highly dangerous being who planned to take over the universe using pods he had planted on many planets.  Quill is able to defeat Ego, and the Guardians continue taking on odd jobs across the universe.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Link: https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Star-Lord

Name: Captain Nemo

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'0"

Weight (you can approximate): Unknown

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 %27Twenty_Thousand_Leagues_Under_the_Sea%27_by_Neuville_and_Riou_027

Universe: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Abilities: Captain Nemo himself does not do much fighting physically, although his skill with the axe has improved considerably since the days of DCVII. Nemo is an accomplished organ player, and he possesses a great collection of scientific instruments, books, and art aboard the Nautilus. His submarine also has multiple diving suits and knives used for underwater exploration.

The Nautilus is Nemo's submarine. It can fly for reasons that remain unknown, yet still works as a submarine normally would in the water. The submarine's casing protects it from most attacks, including gunfire and cannonballs. It is, however, possible to penetrate it. Nemo himself is quite skilled at piloting the sub, both in the air and the water.

Bio: Captain Nemo is a mysterious yet very rich man who travels the oceans of the world in the Nautilus, his submarine. Nemo's background is largely left a mystery during the course of the novel where he makes his starring appearance.

Nemo is eventually revealed to have been the son of an Indian Raja, having Polish and Indian ancestry. Nemo despises Britain, and though the reason is left unclear it may be because of the unrest caused in India by them.

Nemo actively fights against oppression, helping those under the rule of oppressive governments and helping rebels to fight back.

Captain Nemo was a participant in the 7th Dimensional Clash, where he fought the evil god Dester and the forces of the Destroyers, including Kroenen.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Nemo

Name: Leo

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 5 foot 11

Weight (you can approximate): 143 pounds

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 FEF_Leo_01

Universe: Fire Emblem

Abilities: Leo is an accomplished mage. He wields the tome Brynhildr, a spell that causes trees to ensare the target. Leo has two Dark Mage skills, Malefic Aura and Heartseeker, which cause his opponents to take more magic damage and have a harder time avoiding his attacks, respectively. His personal skill is Pragmatic, which allows him to deal more damage and take less damage from opponents who have less than full health.

Leo is part of the Dark Knight class and as such rides a horse into battle. He can also use swords as a member of this class.

Bio: Leo is a prince from the Kingdom of Nohr. He is a prince, and is the second-youngest royal sibling. He has two retainers, Niles and Odin. Leo enjoys the company of his other siblings, although he seems to be more composed and uptight than they are. He is quite similar to the Hoshidan prince Takumi, although if the two meet they are initially wary of each other.

Leo is a diligent and hard worker. He is also quite intelligent. His birthday is June 30 and he enjoys tomatoes. His favorite food is beef stew, and he enjoys playing chess.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Leo

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Post by AestheticMonkey on Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:57 pm

Name: Harvey "Gutsy" Hund

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 9'2

Weight (you can approximate): 740ibs

Description/Picture: Harvey is a second generation basilisk shock trooper.His feet are four flanged appendages with carapace reinforcement in the shape of an X. His legs are bulky and composed of thick exoskeleton wrapped around coiled muscle wrapped around an endoskeleton. With only a slight break to allow for the knee, pelvis and ankle to bend. His arms, hands and shoulders are similar. His torso is an interlocking mesh of carapace plants and densely keratinized skin His torso has a prominent beer-gut with overlapping plates of hard carapace. His exoskeleton is fragmented along his torso to allow for flexibility while still offering heavy protection. His hands are dense clubs of exoskeleton, with each finger practically made of solid carapace. His back and shoulder are encased in a heavy carapace that culminates in a wicked peak that towers over his head by a few inches, a remnant from his Hercules beetle genes. His head is relatively human with six eyes, two of them seeing in the ultraviolet spectrum and with a human mouth. He has two auxiliary arms that emerge from his rounded back, the arms end in a pair of bladed scythes adept at stabbing and slashing things.

Universe: Evolve

Abilities: Harvey has superhuman strength and durability, although he is rather cumbersome due to his bulk. His carapace is resistant to the majority of small-arms fire, fragmentation explosives and energy weapons. His intense strength coupled with his mantis-shrimp admixture allows him to throw devastating punches which he reinforces with power-fists. He has some bombardier beetle admixture, which allows him to spit a boiling mixture from his mouth when he needs to get someone off of him at close range. He carries with him a UG-25 Gyrojet 'Wand'. The weapon fires 25mm Gyrojet projectiles that propel themselves to their target through rocket propulsion rather than other methods. This results in a more explosive payload being delivered with each shell. Lastly, as a Torrasque-strain he has the capability of regenerating lost limbs, organs and body-sections and even resuscitating himself after death. These processes take time however, and is usually not capable of defending himself when this happens. It also requires exorbitant amounts of energy, and will deplete his food reserves quickly.

Bio: Harvey was originally a member of the Bode's World militia and already disliked Hub due to ideological reasons. He joined up with the rebellion and almost immediately signed up for the basilisk soldier program. Mercifully he didn't make it into the first generation batch, and instead was subject to the second generation process. While not as refined as the third generation, the second generations retained the majority of their humanity with only slight mental perturburances. As a shock-trooper Harvey and his unit were meant to punch holes through Hub lines, and provide shock and awe on the ground. This meant that they were often in the thick of the fighting, where the worst atrocities were. Casualties were low at the start, but as Hub began to use more and more chemical weapons to win the wore the attrition rate grew higher and higher. Harvey has seen alot of people die in horrible ways, and alot of good, innocent men suffer as a result of Hub's war. He has a machismo personality and false bravado, but underneath it all he's deeply conflicted about everything that he's seen and perhaps even his new body.

Harvey survived up to the end of the war, and managed to avoid execution by stowing himself away on a refugee mining ship by holding out in one of the depressurized cargo-bays. His basilisk physiology allowing him to survive in that cold vacuum of space until he could bounce off at some backwater port, and meet with sympathizers aiding the refugees.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Link: -Oc-


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Name: Alejo 'Tarantula Jim' Navarro

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'2

Weight (you can approximate): 120ibs

Description/Picture: Alejo is a third generation basilisk soldier and is a human spliced with tarantula hawk, moth and scorpion DNA. He has a human body structure with two legs, two arms and a single head with his legs being longer than his arms. His entire body is covered in iridescent black chitin with fluorescent copper-blue patterns across them. His wings are larger and broader than a trooper like Slim's, yet retain the characteristic four segments. These modifications allow him to stay in flight near indefinitely, but make him a bit less agile using them. His body is covered with soft, almost mammal-like hairs that resemble fur, the fur is a carbon black and seems to absorb light that hits it. He has a regenerating tail equipped with a scorpion-like stinger that retracts inside of his tail like a wasp's.

His head is mostly humanoid with four compound eyes giving him nearly 360 degrees of vision, with only a slight blind spot of a few degrees behind him.

Universe: Evolve


Alejo possesses superhuman perception, speed and reaction time. He is also quite intelligent, with a solid grasp of particle physics, chemistry, engineering and some biology. Alejo does not have a ton of muscle mass or strength, the tradeoffs for his most striking ability of flight. Alejo is a master at it, capable of operating in a multitude of atmospheres including the harsh winds of gas-giants.

Alejo can see in the ultraviolet spectrum as well as infrared. He possesses a stinging tail with a powerful debilitating venom. While not lethal, the venom is extremely painful and interferes with protein chains responsible for signaling skeletal muscles. Resulting in horrible cramps, and the near paralyzing of the target.

Lastly, as a unit often deployed into space missions. Tardigrade admixture allows him to enter a catatonic state in the event of extreme environmental duress. He can last up to a month in the vacuum of space.

He carries an accelerator backpack, which is a mini fusion reactor and particle accelerator. With the backpack requiring water or some other hydrogenous matter to use as fuel. This powers his armor and his weapons, which are a Tau-lepton accelerator and a Proton-Wand, or beam. The Tau-lepton accelerator essentially fires a beam of super lightning that can punch through most surfaces. Meanwhile the Proton-Wand fires a neutral beam of hydrogen atoms at a target with the speed of light.

Bio: Alejo was an engineer on Bode's World and was one of the first generation three soldiers made after the rebellion started getting desperate for troops with the smarts and wherewithal to do things more complicated than grunt-work. He was recruited into the 44th Air and Space Division, nicknamed "Hubbusters" for their use in particle weaponry against hub forces in the vacuum of space and atmospheres. Mercifully this spared him from the worst of the fighting, with chemical weapons being difficult and hard to use in such environments. He has fought alongside spaceships, and ship breaches. He had walked across the surfaces of barren moons and planets and even glided in missions in the upper atmospheres of gas-giants.

During the invasion of Bode's World, his unit was for the most part slaughtered in the intense space-battle above the world before its glassing. He managed to survive through the fighting and escape by simply hitching a ride aboard a civilian dredger, that ultimately resulted in him finding his way with a pirate crew. Having a competent engineer and physicist who understood Patterson technology from memory was far more useful to the pirates than simply forking him over for a bounty by Hub and Sol Guard.

Alignment: True Neutral

Link: -OC-


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Post by AestheticMonkey on Fri Dec 20, 2019 3:58 am

Name: Khovalyg "Crow"

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'4

Weight (you can approximate): 160ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20150420103705

Universe: Evolve


Kinetic Long Rifle

His Kinetic Long Rifle has two modes. The rapid-fire mode deals lots of damage-per-second, but charging the shot allows him to punch straight through a Monster’s armor and damage its health. This makes it an excellent choice for harassment in situations where the monster's armor is unlikely to be reduced to 0 before it escapes.

Stasis Gun
The Falken Hydrostatic Disruptor, more simply known as the Stasis Gun. It has two firing modes: A rapid-fire mode that briefly slows down the Monster, and a charged shot that will drop a Monster to a crawl for a longer period of time. Unlike Abe's stasis grenades, the stasis gun isn't a persistent effect and instead slows the monster for a set time similar to Val's Tranquilizer rifle.

Pet Batray

On command, Gobi flies ahead to scout an area (200m) and highlights any wildlife in that area. Gobi flies out a couple hundred meters at most in line-of-sight, eventually finding its way back to its master. He should be looking for the Monster even when you're in a dome to keep tabs on it. Crow tells Sunny a Batray cannot be tamed. Gobi is tamed because of a helmet made by SinoZoo. Because of the helmet, Gobi views Crow as its mother.


Crow is a retired Celestial Survey Agent, sent to planets to observe them at levels where satellite mapping isn't conducive. When he finished his scouting mission on Shear, he remained on the planet to retire peacefully and live alone - save for his pet Batray, Gobi. Crow is unused to other people and tends to speak in short, noncommittal phrases.

As the monsters began to overrun Shear, Crow found a wounded Goliath and hunted it. He also stalked Slim for 3 days - trying to figure out what he was. The two paired up, living together, joining up with Sunny and Torvald later and, eventually, Cabot's crew of hunters.

Hermit, Batray whisperer, and Monster tracker. Crow is a bit of a recluse. He actually retired to the unsettled parts of Shear to be left alone, that is, until the Monsters came and slaughtered the colonists. He understands the planet better than most, which makes him perfectly suited as a Trapper. Now, Crow and his pet Batray, Gobi, are going to get rid of the Monsters one dome at a time.

Crow is a man of few words. He says short and simple sentences on the occasions when he chooses to talk, as can be expected from a man who spent years with no companion other than his pet batray, Gobi. During a conversation with Sunny, sparked when Sunny asks about his name, Crow uses 1 or 2 word answers and doesn't appear to be very interested in conversation. The only person he's close to is Slim, and he likes it that way. Most of the hunters are so intimidated by Crow that they usually come to Slim to ask stuff about him first.

Crow only joined because of his protectiveness for Slim and it was later revealed that in the future they do end up living together.

Alignment: True Neutral

Link: https://evolve.fandom.com/wiki/Khovalyg_%22Crow%22


Name: James Parnell

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 8'2

Weight (you can approximate): 350ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20141126191143

Universe: Evolve


Combat Shotgun
The Meliter Co. M.O Titan shotgun is a short-ranged, automatic, double-barrelled Sol-Guard issue shotgun that deals heavy damage up close.

Damage: 10 per pellet
Pellets per shot: 8
Fire Rate: 170 rounds per minute
Reload Speed: 2.75 seconds
Capacity: 10 shots

Multifire Rocket Launcher
Limited edition high-mag rocket launcher with a 5 rocket magazine, and deals 10x more damage output than standard rocket launchers used in the Sol Guard. It was manufactured by BLOCH, the same company that makes Maggie's machine pistol[1].

Damage: 90 damage per shot
Fire Rate: 100 rounds per minute
Reload Speed: 3 seconds
Capacity: 5 rockets
Minimum radius (100% damage): 4 meters
Maximum radius (0% damage): 7 meters

Super Soldier
An experimental berserker armor ability that enhances strength and speed (30%) for a brief period of time including jump height (300%), rate of fire (80%), and weapon switch speed (40%), while damaging Parnell. Parnell's suit was decommissioned at the end of the experimental Rage Trooper program due to its tendency to kill the operator. He held on to it, and refurbished it with assistance from Abe. It still poses a considerable risk to his health nonetheless. The back of the suit is decorated with an Assault class symbol along with the number 535.

15 second duration
30 second cooldown
Deals 135 damage to Parnell
Increases Parnell’s movement speed by 30%, jump height by 300%, reload/weapon switch speed by 40%, and rate of fire by 80%.

Class Ability: Defense Matrix
Applies a strong damage resistance buff to the Assault to help reduce heavy damage while active.

55% damage reduction shield
10 second duration

Bio: Once a mercenary, soldier James Parnell was the first person recruited by William Cabot and Bucket in the conflict to save Shear. Parnell serves as Cabot’s tactical specialist and develops strategies to eliminate Monsters on Shear.

Part of an experimental division, Parnell’s Berserker Suit identifies him as a former member of the now defunct Rage Troopers. After Sol Guard declared the experiment a failure, Parnell kept the suit and placed it in storage as he joined Abe and Sunny. Parnell, with Abe's assistance, modified the suit to be at least 80% less likely to kill the operator inside.

After he left Sol Guard, Parnell shifted to mercenary work and served as commander of The Sword for three years. Parnell’s crew, which included Abe and Sunny, conducted operations and often encountered conflict with Sol Hub forces and Corps pirates. During a mission to defend Sapphire Station, The Solaris - a prototype stealth ship built by Hub - attempted an attack on The Sword, and resulted in Sapphire Station launching nuclear warheads. The threat of nuclear destruction caused The Solaris to haphazardly dive into the gravity well of Sirius A.

Parnell and his crew risked their lives to rescue the crew of The Solaris. However, the ship entered a critical state and exploded, which left Parnell in a coma for three weeks and Sunny presumed dead. Parnell resigned from his position as commander of The Sword and later joined William Cabot as chief tactical officer.

The fact that Parnell carries a Combat Shotgun and Rocket Launcher shows his commitment to obliterating threatening wildlife. His Super Soldier ability cranks up the violence by greatly amplifying his damage output. If you need to kill something, you call on Parnell.

The second-in-command of the group, Parnell exhibits strong leadership and team-building skills and has a cheery disposition. He is a well-read man, often quoting famous generals and philosophers, and only exhibits a lack of restraint when using his super suit. Parnell enjoys old comic books, circa 2000 A.D., and often shares them with the crew.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://evolve.fandom.com/wiki/James_Parnell


Name: Caira Diaz

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 5'7

Weight (you can approximate): 130ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20141125015933

Universe: Evolve


Grenade Launcher
The Dragon Arms Celestial Survey Multifire Grenade Launcher is a rare and expensive grenade launcher, intended to defend survey teams against new wildlife on newly discovered worlds, through easy shifting of ammunition types. Caira, however, loaded it with two specific grenades:

Napalm grenades explode on impact, dealing damage over time to nearby targets.
Healing grenades release radial blasts of healing energy for both Caira and her teammates.
Napalm Grenade Launcher
Damage Per Shot: 40
Damage over time: 20 per second for 2 seconds
Fire rate: 75 rounds per minute
Reload time: 3 seconds
Capacity: 5 shots
Explosion Radius: 4 meters
Healing Grenade Launcher
Healing: 125
Healing (incapped) 190
Healing (self) 60
Fire rate: 75 rounds per minute
Reload time: 3 seconds
Capacity: 5 shots
Explosion Radius: 8 meters

Acceleration Field

Her Acceleration Field generates an adrenaline-boosting field around her, dramatically increasing her movement speed, as well as that of any teammates around her. She will activate it from behind her teammates, pushing them forward. It can also be used for a tactical retreat or to regroup with the team if she gets separated from them.

13.5 second duration
60 second cooldown
15 meter radius
40% speed increase
50% additional jump height

Class Ability: Healing Burst
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Range: 15 meters
Heal (other): 350
Heal (self): 350
Heal (incapped): 300
Note: Caira's Healing Burst, although healing instantly, has a 0.5 second "discharge time" when the gauge is depleting instead of recovering, bringing the actual cooldown to 20.5 seconds.


Caira’s love of science landed her the opportunity to join a Celestial Advanced Survey Team. Once she left Earth, however, her parents disowned her for not joining the family firm. This doesn’t seem to have fazed her in the slightest - after all, who cares about being ultra rich when there’s new places to go to meet new animals attempting to eat your face off? She attained two Master's degrees, though that wasn't enough to actually get her position at Catalog, implying that she had to fight for it.

The only hunter from Earth, Caira Diaz is also the only person on Shear with any hope of figuring out what the Monsters are, where they come from, and what they want. Given enough time, everyone believes she’ll find the answers. But there are only five days until the last evac ship leaves, and she’ll spend most of that time hunting Monsters.

One can only imagine the confusion at the weapons lab when Caira put in her order for a Grenade Launcher that shoots both Napalm and Healing rounds. As a qualified combat medic, she thoroughly enjoys both saving lives and setting stuff on fire. Her Adrenaline Field is also the perfect pick-me up for an all-night hunt.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://evolve.fandom.com/wiki/Caira_Diaz


Name: Henry “Hank” Allen

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'1

Weight (you can approximate): 230ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20141102050014

Universe: Evolve


Laser Cutter
LASATH always-on fermionic condensate emitter Model 308. An extremely accurate weapon modified from a stream into a series of high-energy bursts. These projectiles count as bullets and can affect weakpoints. He modified it by rerouting it through a crystalline transformer, allowing it to fire in bursts, instead of a stream.

35 shots per magazine
Damage: 14 Points
100 meter range
6 shots per second
Magazine duration of 5.83 seconds (490 total damage)
.34 second delay before firing
2 second recharge with a 1 second delay before recharge begins

Shield Projector
Hank's Shield Projector allows him to target one of his teammates and provide them with temporary invincibility. This weapon requires a large amount of time to recharge.

Shield Capacity: 570 Units
Energy Regeneration: 90 Units per Second
Recharge Time: 10 Seconds
Delay Recharge Time: 1.5 Seconds
Range: 60 Meters
20 degree lock-on angle
55 degree sustain angle

Orbital Barrage
Orbital Barrage is a large area-of-effect attack that summons a rain of explosives to strike at a location for a short period of time. There is a delay between using the ability and when it will strike the point the player has highlighted, meaning it is important to lead a moving target. The combination of this ability with a trapper's harpoon is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to the Monster. The orbital barrage deals no damage to hunters but can send them flying if struck. The barrage does not work in caves or buildings.

Cast Time: .5 Seconds
Damage: Varies by a large 275 - 400 Points (Rounded)
Cooldown Time: 45 Seconds
Missiles Launched: 11 Missiles
1.5 second accurate duration
2 second inaccurate duration
Fired from 100 meters above targeted surface
Spread Radius: 10 Meters

Class Ability: Shield Burst
The Support Class signature device applies a shield to all Hunters within an area around the Support that will decay after a short time.

Shield (Other): 500 Units
Shield (Self): 450 Units
Decay Rate: 35 Units per Second
Cooldown Time: 23 Seconds

Bio: Hank was born on Mercury. His grandparents were original founders. He was never going to be the kind of guy who stayed in one place for very long though. He is also in possession of both a Mining and Demolitions license, which are what allow him to own the Orbital Barrage.

Beard, Brains, Brawn. Hank believes in the simple things, like the value of a hard day's work or the joy of indiscriminately firing a Laser Cutter at incoming predators. Which is why he cherishes the quiet moment after calling down an Orbital Barrage on whatever creature is currently pissing him off. The ensuing bombardment of fiery death really puts things into perspective.

Easy going and mostly friendly, Hank has found kindred spirits in many of the older crew members of the Laurie-Anne but often faces difficulties when interacting with the younger members of the team.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://evolve.fandom.com/wiki/Henry_%E2%80%9CHank%E2%80%9D_Allen


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Name: Wild Woody

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 7.5 inches

Weight (you can approximate): 1.5 ounces

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20181018191700
Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 EasyAgreeableBlackfly-size_restricted

Universe: Wild Woody

Abilities: As a pencil, Woody has the ability to draw. Whatever he draws comes to life (such as a Mermaid or an Opera Singer) or can help aide him against enemy characters (such as dynamite or a jetpack). However, after drawing, Woody gets progressivly shorter and can only return to his default length by obtaining a power-up. He can also erase enemies by jumping on top of them at the right time, as well as uncover hidden passages in the walls or floors.

Bio: A man brings a totem pole home with him, which turns out to have the power to destroy the universe, but only if many extremely specific conditions are met: it has to be the third Wednesday of July, there has to be a full moon, and there must be snow falling. By coincidence, all of these things end up happening at once (a nearby snowglobe being enough to satisfy the "snowfall" condition), causing the entire universe beyond the room to disappear and the totems to come to life. Each head enters a different picture within the room and turns it into their own personal universe, with the exception of Lowman, the lowermost head on the pole and the token good guy of the totem's heads. To retrieve his evil brothers to prevent them from causing too much trouble, Lowman brings a pencil of all things to life. The pencil, named Woody... WIIIIIIIIILD Woody... complies with the order he is given, and sets off to find the totem heads.

Woody (Full name: Wild Woody) is a pencil brought to life by Low Man of the Totem Pole to round up his Totem brothers who had escaped his control and created parallel universes. He tends to think highly of himself and likes to crack jokes. He is voiced by Joe Kerska and appears in Wild Woody for the Sega CD.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: https://sega.fandom.com/wiki/Wild_Woody_(character)


Name: Sneaky Sif

Sex (if any): Male though he lacks the necessary parts nowadays

Height (you can approximate): 6'0"

Weight (you can approximate): 110 lbs

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Sneaky10

Universe: Divinity Original Sin/Original

Abilities: Sneaky Sif is practised in the art of stealth, scoundrelry and being dishonourable. In terms of his get-up, Sif adorns a set of armour that is designed for mobility while still allowing formidable physical protection between a cross of leather and metal. Sif's armaments are his twin daggers, which are honed sharp and envenomed to poison adversaries.

In terms of Sif's skills and abilities, Sif lives up to his name as he is a master of being unseen and shulking about. He can mystically cause himself to become invisible for a time, which can be resorted to once he has been witnessed. Otherwise, Sif is notoriously suave and manipulative, possessing skills in the art of persuasion and being able to play dead in the midst of battle or out in-order to deceive opponents. Sif's charisma extends into his magic, as he is able to tap into vulnerable minds with his charm and cause them to fall for him.

Beyond this, Sif's prowess in close combat is extremely formidable thanks to his finesse and physical strength. He can alternate between slicing and bleeding out enemies or bluntly knocking them about depending on what is most suited in the circumstances. Sif can also manipulate space by subtly teleporting short distances at a time, and is capable of performing other feats of trickster magic such as morphing wrongdoers into chickens for a brief duration. Sif's skills in this field lend him abilities in pick-pocketing and stealing practically undetectably.

Sif's most important ability is perhaps the subterfuge he can use to hide his undead visage, as he adorns full-body attire and a hood with which to conceal his skeletal countenance.

Bio: Sneaky Sif is the unlikely Godwoken re-incarnation of Sif Simmons, a notorious petty thief in life who preyed on the rich. Re-united with his elven 'brother' Carver when he was returned from the grave, the two were blessed by the goddess Amadia and ventured on a journey to eliminate the evil plaguing the realm (while nicking from the pockets of those they rescued, if ever they dropped their guard). Sif is known for his mixed untrustworthy nature and 'good heart', though for all his grandiose heroism, he often lapses into darker, more traitorous motives and actions if his greed lets him. Sif has a quite benign attitude towards how the world sees him as an undead creature, tolerating the common racism against him boldly.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Link: None

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Username: SpongeBobRocks23
Name: Susie
Sex (if any): Female
Height (you can approximate): 4 ft
Weight (you can approximate): Weightless because she’s a fucking ghost
Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Z7n7TPQ
Universe: Five Nights at Freddy’s
Abilities: Since Susie is now a ghost, she now holds a good amount of supernatural abilities,such as possession, intangibility, flight and invisibility.
Bio: Before she became Chica, she was named Susie who attended a birthday party at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. At the party, her puppy got hit by a car and SpringBonnie (William in disguise) told her that he found her puppy, lured her away and killed her.

After that he lured four more children (Gabriel, Fritz, Jeremy, Cassidy) into a safe room where he brutally murdered them and hid their bloodied corpses inside soon-to-be-released animatronics, including Chica The children's spirits remained trapped in the animatronics. When the animatronics were released, parents were quick to ask about blood and mucus oozing from their eyes and mouths; and deemed the animatronics too creepy and smelly, causing the restaurant to close down.

Soon the 'new and improved' Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was opened, starring new versions of Freddy and Co. based on the creepy animatronics, known as the Toy Animatronics. The old ones were kept for parts, and would come to life at night, with unknown reasons causing all the other animatronics to do the same (with the exception of the Puppet, who was seemingly constantly sentient throughout the day and night). Every night they attacked the night guards, hoping one of them would be the man that destroyed their lives.
Eventually this pizzeria was closed down after somebody used one of the 'yellow suits' once again for sinister purposes, and was replaced a few years later with yet another pizzeria of the same name, this time only using the original animatronics (with modifications to their designs to improve upon the original scary appearances). They still attacked the night guards, just as before, and their behavior continued until the pizzeria closed for good after its popularity reached an all-time low.

Years later, the original murderer returned to Freddy's, and destroyed the animatronics, thinking that would stop them from hunting him down. Instead, he unwittingly released the spirits of the first five children he murdered, who converged on him in the pizzeria's Safe Room. In terror, he hid in the same Spring Bonnie suit he had worn decades earlier. Despite thinking he was safe, the suit's age caused it to malfunction and kill him, altough the spirits were still trapped.

30 years later, Phone Dude brought the remains of Chica to Fazbear's Fright, a horror attraction. The location is burned down a few days later, freeing Susie and destroying Chica once and for all.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Link: https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Chica_the_Chicken

Username: SpongeBobRocks23
Name: Unregistered Hypercam 2
Sex (if any): Male
Height (you can approximate): 4.5 in
Weight (you can approximate): 4.9 oz
Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 QKyQwcR
Universe: SilvaGunner/SilvaGunner: King for A Day
Abilities: UHC2, being a sentient camcorder, can record the environment, as seen in the KFAD2 Interviews. He also has a tiny minture laptop just his size with Windows XP on it, containing several XP applications. He also has a sharp disk shaped circular saw on his left hand which can potentially be used for combat.
Bio: Unregistered HyperCam 2 is a character designed by 813N based off the software HyperCam 2. It was created for use within the King for a Day Tournament. It was selected as a unique fan submission.

Revealed as the 5th fighter on July 18, Unregistered Hypercam 2's rips reference early YouTube videos, songs, and formats.
Hypercam's first match against Will Smith took place on July 30 at 7AM. It would win this match by a popularity vote of 75.2%, the third highest percentage victory in the tournament. It would then go on to Round 2 on August 2 at 7PM against ZUN and win again by a vote of 60.1%. After a 24 hour halt, it continued to its semifinal match against King Dedede on August 5 at 7PM. Winning by a vote of 61%, another 24 hour break took place before the final match. On August 8, Unregistered Hypercam 2 would face off against Off the Hook ft. Glenna Nalira. The next day, it was revealed that Unregistered Hypercam 2 had won the match by a vote of 56% and would receive its takeover at a later date.

Because of his victory in the previous tournament, he is ineligible to compete in the sequel, making him one of two veterans to not return. However, as revealed in the SiIva Direct 9/21/19, he would become the next host of the tournament, replacing John Notwoodman. He later became Unrestrained HyperCam 2 after being corrupted by the King for Another Day Crown and will battle the finalists Mariya Takeuchi and DJ Professor K, plus all of the other competitors from the tournament, who will attempt to use the power of The MF Like Button to defeat him.
Alignment: True Good
Link: https://siivagunner.fandom.com/wiki/Unregistered_HyperCam_2

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Sex (if any):Female

Height (you can approximate):2’

Weight (you can approximate): 26lbs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 303


Abilities:Mawile is a Mawile and as a fairy steel type has an immunity to poisonous substances and dragons, when applicable. It seems that this individual is capable of speaking human languages but chooses not to most of the time, mainly because she thinks humans are just stupid but amusing. The creature is a predator that uses the powerful jaws on the back of its head as its main method of attack, she uses the more harmless appearance of her main body to get close to prey or humans before either attacking or stealing something. The jaws attached to the back of its head are a fully functional mouth that lacks a sense of taste. It can chew iron bars with its larger jaws and upon mega evolution the jaws are able to turn boulders to dust. In addition to it the natural strength of the jaws it can cloak these fangs with elemental energy, use a variety of elemental attacks, alter the weather, spew flames, ice, ghost energy and punch things hard enough to increase its own strength, amongst others.

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Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash X [OOC]

Post by AestheticMonkey on Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:44 am

Name: Aluneth

Sex (if any): Masculine

Height (you can approximate): n/a

Weight (you can approximate): n/a

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Aluneth_HS

Universe: WoW


Order is most commonly perceived in reality as arcane magic. Arcane energy is innately volatile, and wielding it requires intense precision and concentration. Disorder, on the other hand, manifests as highly destructive fel magic, a destructive and extremely addictive energy originating as a result of the mutual destruction of Light and Void as they collide on a cosmic scale in the Twisting Nether.

Arcane energy is thus countered by fel energy, and is fundamentally opposed to it. Arcane is also largely present in the Twisting Nether. Arcane magic can be pulled from ley lines, channels of immense magical power that course through Azeroth itself. The ley lines are like blood vessels of the planet, carrying arcane magic instead of scarlet fluid. Volatile arcane energies is described as the lifeblood of the nascent titan of Azeroth.

Pure arcane appears white and/or violet. However, when used to bend other types of magic, it takes on the characteristics and appearance of those magics. Examples of this can be seen with element-based abilities used by mages, or the bronze glow of chronomancy.

Arcane, like all other types of magic, can be animated. An example of this are the arcane elementals. Wielders of arcane magic are usually called mages. They mostly use it to create portals or teleport people and objects. The Council of Six cast a powerful spell to teleport the entirety of Dalaran to the Broken Isles. Arcane magic can be used with other types of magic to reinforce them. An example of this is Archmage Khadgar infusing ice with arcane, rendering it extremely resilient, so much that it nullified the fel assault of Gul'dan entirely. He also used arcane magic to create an arcane-wedge along with arcane elementals that would use the wedge to hammer and pierce the floor where he was trapped. The night elves and then the nightborne elves became virtually immortal by feeding on potent sources of arcane energy, the Well of Eternity and the Nightwell respectively.

In general, arcane magic can be used to do nearly everything, as it can be used to manipulate both space, and time. It can be used to create objects such as food or drinks from nothing. Arcane can be used to turn oneself invisible, to become inaudible, to create multiple images of oneself, or to polymorph objects and people into something else entirely as well as to communicate from afar. It can be used to animate constructs and objects such as arcane golems or brooms, to power machinery, to rewind time, access alternate timelines, see the future, or the past, to scry, conjure illusions, or simply to cause massive destruction.


The first creatures on Azeroth to discover Aluneth was the wise dragons of the blue dragonflight. While manipulating the fabric of reality, they tapped into another realm of existence and made contact with the strange arcane entity. Intrigued by the being's existence, the dragons summoned Aluneth into their stronghold, the Nexus, for further study. The entity immediately went on a rampage, destroying countless tomes and artifacts before it was contained by the dragons, who, rather than being angry, were delighted by the creature's capricious nature. After years of conducting harmless experiments on Aluneth to sate their curiosity, the dragons sent the creature back to its home realm.

Years later, a Highborne sorcerer named Meitre came into contact with an unknown blue dragon, from whom he learned of the existence of Aluneth and the plane where it dwelled. Though he never found a way to enslave Aluneth, Meitre found a way to draw power from the entity to enhance his own spells. During the War of the Ancients, Meitre mastered his connection to the being, and on one occasion used this power to mass teleport himself and a group of night elf resistance forces to safety away from an overwhelming force of demons.

After the War of the Ancients, the night elves outlawed the use of arcane magic, as they believed that continuing to wield it would only lead to another disaster. Meitre refused, quailing at the thought of losing his connection to Aluneth, and retreated from society to become a recluse. He left behind many scrolls that would continue to be used in the study of magic for millennia, but the existence of Aluneth was forgotten by all until the time of the Guardian Aegwynn. Realizing that Meitre had wielded more power than any regular sorcerer should have been capable of, Aegwynn discovered a series of lost scrolls by Meitre which detailed both Aluneth and the spells used to tap into the being's power.

Resolving to bind Aluneth to her will to use it as a weapon against the Burning Legion, Aegwynn summoned the entity to Azeroth with ease, but it refused to obey her commands. It thrashed against her containment magics and nullified her spellwork, but the Guardian reveled in the challenge. After many setbacks, she finally succeded in binding the entity to an enchanted greatstaff that would come to bear the creature's name: [Aluneth]. However, it would take several more years before the Guardian was able to truly harness its power.

During her battle against the avatar of Sargeras, Aegwynn called upon Aluneth to assist her, but as the being refused her commands she was forced to instead summon another greatstaff, Atiesh, to aid her in battle. Even though she defeated the avatar, a portion of its spirit had been transferred into Aegwynn's soul, darkening her thoughts and driving her to distance herself from her allies, the Council of Tirisfal. Aegwynn resolved to create a hidden refuge in the form of a great tower, using Aluneth to warp reality around her until the tower known henceforth as Karazhan rose from the earth.

Aegwynn eventually gave birth to a son, Medivh, who became possessed from birth as Sargeras' spirit passed from the mother into the child. Years later, Medivh allowed the orcish Horde entry into Azeroth, forcing Aegwynn to confront him. Despite the aid of Aluneth, Aegwynn was unable to best her son and only narrowly escaped with her life. Medivh was later vanquished, but that brough Aegwynn little solace, and she eventually retreated into exile, entrusting Aluneth — and the entity within — to the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. To prevent anyone from abusing Aluneth's power, the Kirin Tor locked the staff away in the Nexus Vault, where it would remain for years under the protection of the blue dragons.

During the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth, arcane mage adventurers journey to the Nexus in search of Aegwynn's greatstaff. With the help of Azuregos, they defeat the sinister Ethereum forces in the area that are seeking to "become void" before venturing alone into the Nexus Vault. While Aluneth begins to whisper to them, the adventurer uses the same ancient scrolls of Meitre that Aegwynn once used to subdue the entity and nullify its magics. While Aluneth considers the adventurer little more than a child that's unworthy to wield its power, the entity agrees to let itself be claimed by the mage in order to see what they are made of.

Aluneth continues to communicate with the adventurer during their adventures in the Broken Isles, frequently urging them to turn on their allies and unleash the full power they have at their command.

When an image of Aegwynn appears within the Cathedral of Eternal Night, Aluneth initially responds with fear, declaring that she will not bind it again. But upon realizing that it is only an echo, Aluneth assures the Archmage that it is nothing to be concerned about.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Aluneth_(entity)

Name: Thal'kiel

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 1'2ft

Weight (you can approximate): 2ib

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Gaze_of_the_First_Summoner2

Universe: WoW


Order is most commonly perceived in reality as arcane magic. Arcane energy is innately volatile, and wielding it requires intense precision and concentration. Disorder, on the other hand, manifests as highly destructive fel magic, a destructive and extremely addictive energy originating as a result of the mutual destruction of Light and Void as they collide on a cosmic scale in the Twisting Nether. Fel is fueled by drawing life from living beings and consuming their souls , utterly destroying them in the process. It requires but an insignificant sacrifice—a living fish or two, a few strands of seaweed—to fuel the magic.

When a soul is devoured by fel energies, it produces more fel and is utterly destroyed in the process. Lesser warlocks must use a soul shard (or soul fragment) to summon minor demons. Soul shards can be used to power spells, or to create a connection to the Twisting Nether, pulling a demon through against its will.

Fel energy counters and is countered by arcane energy, its polar opposite. Fel works like radiation, permeating an area and seeping into anything in the vicinity. Anything near a source of fel energy will eventually show signs of slight corruption. It smells like sulfur and brimstone. Fel can also pool into a green goop when it's in physical form. Pit lord blood is literal fel goo. When drank, their blood causes mutations such as growth of spikes, horns, scales and wings. Felfire is flame born of fel magic. It is deadly to the touch, burns much hotter than normal fire, and cannot be put out by regular means, though the water of enchanted water elementals seems to be able to do the trick. A scalding core of fel fire is what powers the fel reavers of the Legion.

Fel, like all other types of magic, can be animated. An example of this are the Flames of Azzinoth. Fel is mainly used to cause massive destruction by its wielders. But it can also be used to turn oneself invisible, to scry, and to create portals much more efficient, long-lasting and easier to create than with arcane magic. It can be used to give momentum and propel a boat for example, and is used to power the monstrous machines of the Burning Legion. Fel can also be used to heal, though it leaves a mark on creatures who are not fel-based. It can also be used to breathe life into constructs such as infernals, or in a necromantic way by resurrecting demons as undead


Several years before the coming of Sargeras to Argus, Thal'kiel was a sorcerer of unmatched talent who led an order of eredar magi called the Wakeners, specialists in the arts of conjuration and binding. The magi summoned arcane constructs to help build the architecture of Argus' capital, while Thal'kiel himself devised machines to focus the planet's latent arcane energies. For his work, the sorcerer was greatly admired. There were rumors that Thal'kiel's young apprentice, Archimonde, coveted his master's power and influence, but Thal'kiel himself dismissed these claims, for Archimonde had showed him nothing but devotion, having even gone to great lengths to create a custom-made crown for the eredar leader, taking the measurements for his head himself. At the time, Thal'kiel and Archimonde were among the most prominent proponents of phrenology — the study of skull shape as a means to determine intellectual aptitude — and Thal'kiel, in particular, was noted for having the archetypal sorcerer's skull, for which he was widely admired.

However, Thal'kiel was never one to rest on his laurels and thirsted for more. In search of ways to elevate the Wakeners to levels undreamed of, his spells plumbed the Great Dark Beyond in search of even greater power, and one day he received an answer. A dark presence began to whisper to him, showing him visions of unimaginable power and giving the sorcerer the ability to start summoning various lesser demons, which the eredar then immediately spread to his Wakeners. Afterward, he despised the arcane, his passion reserved only for fel magic. Believing this to be the start of a new era, Thal'kiel prepared to present his new pets to the rulers of Argus, Velen and Kil'jaeden.

In the presence of the eredar rulers' inner circle, Thal'kiel demonstrated his new abilities by first summoning scores of his old arcane constructs in orderly rows, and then calling down a storm of infernal meteors to destroy them as a symbolic display of the new era. However, when he looked upon his colleagues' faces, he did not see the approval he had expected. Kil'jaeden's expression was remote and inscrutable, but Velen harshly condemned Thal'kiel's actions and forbade him from ever conjuring demons again, denouncing his "new era" as a failed experiment.

According to the journal of an anonymous Wakener, Thal'kiel withdrew to his chambers for weeks following the disastrous demonstration. He neither ate nor slept, his only companions being the demonic minions he summoned and then banished in rage — at least, that is what the Wakeners assumed, since all they could hear were the shrieks of imps being thrust back and forth between Argus and the Twisting Nether. They could also sense other, larger entities with him, "shadowy apparitions of baleful influence," but Thal'kiel's servants swore that no one had entered his sanctum. When he finally emerged, Thal'kiel had aged by the centuries, his back having become twisted and stooped and with an odd glimmer in his eye. He summoned his Wakeners, and then simply said: "The new era begins."

In secret, Thal'kiel and his Wakeners resumed their demonic experiments, conjuring increasingly powerful demons and casting powerful spells to hide their minions from the eyes of Velen and Kil'jaeden. Over time, they amassed a great demonic army with the sole purpose of installing Thal'kiel as the dictator of Argus. The Wakeners were united behind their leader, save one: Thal'kiel's apprentice, Archimonde. While he had no aversion to demons, the ambitious Archimonde was eager to prove himself to the leadership of Argus, and the night before the planned coup, he snuck away and revealed his master's plans to Velen and Kil'jaeden.

Archimonde himself broke the wards hiding Thal'kiel's army and led a contingent of magi to storm the Wakeners' secret training grounds. The Wakeners were caught off guard and easily defeated, and the demons were quickly slaughtered when they found themselves leaderless. As Thal'kiel tried to summon in more reinforcements, Archimonde decapitated his former master with a single stroke of his blade. The eredar now known as Talixae Flamewreath, another student, escaped the raid as she was mysteriously missing at the time. After the battle, the Wakeners' bodies were burned and their writings destroyed, and their screams echoed across Argus, as a grim reminder of the price paid for dealing with demons. Archimonde was hailed as a hero and would later rise to lead the eredar alongside Velen and Kil'jaeden. Thal'kiel was succeeded as High Wakener by Aargon.

Archimonde soon commissioned one of Argus' finest jewelers to gild Thal'kiel's skull and then proudly displayed it in his domicile, ostensibly as a an example of the dangers of the dark arts and a warning to the other eredar not to follow in Thal'kiel's footsteps, though in truth he had it adorned with metals that would enhance its magic-channeling abilities. Over time, however, a demonic presence slowly infiltrated Archimonde's mind, using Thal'kiel's skull as its conduit. While Archimonde slept, he saw visions of a glorious army consuming civilizations in fel fire under the leadership of a dark god, and he became eager to learn more about this mysterious being and his legions. When Sargeras arriverd on Argus, Archimonde was thus the first to accept the Dark Titan's offer.

Archimonde continued to use his former master's skull in service to the Burning Legion for some time, using it to exert his control over multitudes of demons to obliterate his opponents, but it has since passed between a handful of Sargeras' most elite generals. Mephistroth was the last to be seen with Thal'kiel's skull.

Thal'kiel's skull, now known as the [Skull of the Man'ari], is one of the artifacts chronicled in the Tome of Blighted Implements, a grimoire held by the pit lord Jagganoth in Dreadscar Rift. After the newest member of the Council of the Black Harvest — a warlock adventurer — escapes from the rift with Calydus, the two set out to find Mephistroth and retrieve the skull to rescue the other members of the Black Harvest from Jagganoth's domain. By conducting a dark ritual, the adventurer manages to contact Thal'kiel's spirit and attempts to convince the eredar to reveal where his skull is being held by Mephistroth. Thal'kiel initially refuses, but the adventurer manages to convince him by insulting his pride and telling him that by working together, they can make the Legion bow before them. Thal'kiel's spirit reveals his location to be Felsoul Hold in Suramar before disappearing. Using one of Calydus' portals, the adventurer fight their way through Felsoul Hold, confronting Mephistroth and his minions and finally succeeding in defeating the dreadlord before he has a chance to destroy the skull. The warlock picks up the skull, and together, they and Thal'kiel return to Dalaran.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Thal%27kiel


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Name: Hobo Cop

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 5’3”

Weight (you can approximate): 340 lbs

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20190222074534

Universe: Clayfighter

Abilities: Hobo Cop can enact a variety of combat moves, including the notorious Hopedo where he becomes a twirling aerial projectile, his Ho Butt headbutt manoeuvre and throwing the lid of his trash can as a boomerang-type weapon. Hobo Cop wields alcohol, which can go towards a range of alcoholic purposes and be weaponised, and can also perform assaults by flashing his genitals. Hobo Cop’s alcoholic status means that he is quite wobbly and evasive in terms of his movements, and his crude bin-related armaments afford him some degree of defense.

Bio: “HoboCop spent too many years on the force trying to forget the horrors of the job. Now he's a stagggering, swaying embarrassment to the badge. But even the lowest clayfighter has his dreams and his pride. Can HoboCop rise to the occasion and help Frosty to bring Kiln to justice?”

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Link: https://clayfighter.fandom.com/wiki/Hobo_Cop

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Name: Bumblebee

Sex (if any): Masculine

Height (you can approximate): 16 ft

Weight (you can approximate): 1.523 tons

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Bumblebee-movie-review


Abilities: Bumblebee is a cybertronian lifeforms with the capability of changing his structure into that of different forms or modes. Usually of vehicles designed for specialized travel. He possesses machine durability and strength, and computational/machine thinking rather than organic, chemically dictated processes.

Bumblebee possesses numerous firearms built into him. Including several slug-throwers, a hammer that he can disassemble, and a plasma cannon that he refers to as his 'stinger'


A scout under the command of Optimus Prime, B-127 was part of the final battle for Cybertron — a battle that ended with the Autobot position overrun by the Decepticons and necessitating a full-scale Autobot evacuation of Cybertron. As part of this evacuation, Prime tasked him with a reconnaissance mission to the distant planet of Earth—its location hidden from the Decepticons—in the hopes that the scout could establish a base for the Autobots to regroup and strike back. Launched off-planet aboard an escape pod, B-127 crash-landed in California in the year 1987, having the bad fortune to land in the woods where Sector Seven agent Jack Burns had been conducting a training exercise.

Trying to flee the hostile humans, B-127 quickly scanned a jeep alternate mode to make his escape and fled through the woods until he was cornered outside of an abandoned mineshaft. Despite his best intentions to assure the humans of his good intentions, the Autobot scout found himself attacked by the Decepticon Blitzwing. Believing that B-127 knew the whereabouts of Optimus Prime and his forces, the Decepticon grappled with the little Autobot in an attempt to get him to speak; when his foe retorted that he would never disclose Prime's location, Blitzwing "made it official" by ripping out B-127's voice box and greviously injuring him by hurling him off a cliff. Before the Decepticon could execute him, however, B-127 emerged triumphant by jamming one of Blitzwing's missiles into the Decepticon's superstructure, blowing Blitzwing to smithereens.

His voice box damaged, his memory cells offline, and his body failing, the critically wounded B-127 was able to limp to a nearby riverbank, and before entering stasis he was able to scan a new disguise: a Volkswagen Beetle. It was in this form that B-127 remained for some time while he recovered, and at some point the derelict car found its way to a run-down salvage yard in Brighton Falls, where it was sheeted and left to rust.

In August of that year, B-127's derelict form caught the attention of Charlie Watson, and while trying to start the car she triggered the Autobot's radio, broadcasting a signal that inadvertently reached the Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick on Saturn. Several days later, on her eighteenth birthday, yard owner Hank allowed Charlie the car as a birthday present if she could get it to start. After fixing the engine, Charlie drove her new car home, and while repairing the car her investigations inadvertently revealed B-127, still wounded, mute, and amnesiac from his battle on Earth. Inspired by the buzzing noises of his broken voice box, Charlie named him "Bumblebee."

The next morning, Sally Watson used her daughter's car to drive the family dog to the vet, with Bumblebee almost revealing himself to a panicked Charlie as she tried to catch up with him. That afternoon, Charlie took him to a nearby beach to teach the Autobot that he couldn't reveal himself to other humans, and during a subsequent walk in the woods Charlie wound up activating a garbled hologram of Optimus Prime, jolting Bumblebee's memory and reminding him of Prime's final battle on Cybertron. His continual attempts to communicate with his broken radio inspired Charlie to replace it with the radio from her late father's Chevrolet, and Bumblebee's curiosity about her old diving tapes and records prompted Charlie to open up about the passing of her father and her difficulty coping with his death.

As Bumblebee played with his radio, the noise attracted the attention of Charlie's neighbor Memo, and after swearing him to secrecy the pair went for a drive in Bumblebee, with the two humans realizing that Bumblebee was trying to use the radio to communicate. Following an antagonistic encounter with Tina Lark at a cliff-diving party hosted by Tripp Summers, the trio decided to get revenge by pranking her house; Bumblebee got carried away while egging her car, however, and wound up destroying it entirely. Their hasty escape caught the attention of Sheriff Lock, and Bumblebee was able to easily evade the sheriff's police cruiser during the subsequent police chase.

Realizing that she couldn't drive Bumblebee the next morning, Charlie left him in the garage while she went to work, though Bumblebee's curiosity soon got the better of him, and his clumsy exploration of the Watson home had him inadvertently destroy the house's interior in the process, while his experiments with an electrical outlet led to a massive energon surge. His destruction of the house caught the attention of Memo, who called Charlie home from work to deal with the problem. Though Memo was able to coax Bumblebee back to the garage to lie low, they were unable to clean up the house before Charlie's parents arrived, and the ensuing argument led to Charlie leaving home in Bumblebee... running into a Sector Seven ambush in the process, the agency having tracked Bumblebee thanks to his energon surge.

Bumblebee transformed to robot mode to carry Charlie to safety, and although he was able to outmaneuver the humans he was ambushed by Shatter and Dropkick, who took the little Autobot prisoner. Their interrogation revealed Prime's hologram; armed with the knowledge that the Autobots were on their way to Earth, the two Decepticons left to call in their army to finish off their foes—but not before blasting their prisoner.

Thanks to Charlie and Memo jury-rigging one of Sector Seven's electrical guns, the two were able to blast enough electricity into Bumblebee's systems to bring him back online, the reboot restoring his memory cells in the process. Cornered by Sector Seven agents, a weakened Bumblebee only found the strength to fight back after watching Agent Burns manhandle Charlie, blasting the humans until Charlie was able to talk him down; despite his human friend's belief that they needed to hide, Bumblebee set out to stop the Decepticons, bringing Charlie with him.

The pair raced through the streets of Brighton Falls, accompanied by Charlie's family and pursued by more Sector Seven agents, until they reached the radio antennae that Shatter and Dropkick had repurposed into a makeshift Cybertronian relay to contact the Decepticon fleet. Bumblebee leapt into action immediately, killing Dropkick by tearing him apart with a chain and rescuing Agent Burns's disabled helicopter from crashing. As Charlie tried to manually disable the Decepticon relay, Bumblebee was able to narrowly prevent Shatter from taking her down, and as the pair battled in the dry dock below Bumblebee was able to blast the dam holding back the ocean, allowing the rush of water to fatally crush Shatter against a ship. With the Decepticons vanquished, Charlie dove into the water to guide Bumblebee back to shore, and as the pair recovered from their ordeal Agent Burns, having realized the error of his ways, allowed them to leave before his reinforcements arrived.

His memories restored and his body healed, Bumblebee drove Charlie to the Golden Gate Bridge to say his goodbyes so that he could reunite with the other Autobots and continue his mission on Earth. After thanking his human friend for helping him find his voice, Bumblebee scanned a passing Camaro and drove off, meeting up with Optimus Prime on the bridge and driving away. In the woods that night, Prime commended the scout for his bravery as the pair watched more Autobots arrive on Earth.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Bumblebee_(film)

Name: Eddie Brock (Venom)

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 5'9 (8'Cool

Weight (you can approximate): 400-500ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 3ce9b0cb5c13500020fa37cc7d05b12c

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Nxqv0pc94xu11

Universe: Marvel, (Earth-TRN688)


As a result of being a compatible host for the Venom symbiote, Eddie possesses the following abilities while bonded to it:

Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Senses
Superhuman Durability
Superhuman Stamina
Regenerative Healing Factor
Constituent-Matter Generation
Constituent-Matter Manipulation: Venom is capable of extending its biomass into tentacles and can form simple constructs such as crude shields, though it lacks the advanced shapeshifting powers of other symbiotes such as Riot.

Expert Reporter: Before his bonding with the symbiote, Eddie Brock was an incredibly skilled reporter for the Daily Globe, and knew how to investigate. He also had many sources of information that aided him in helping with his plans.

Expert Marksman: Eddie is an expert marksman, as shown when he was hunting symbiotes[148] and taking down Maniac's men.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although he's had no proper training, Eddie is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant when using symbiotes.

Skilled Symbiote Hunter: Even though he is only human, Eddie was been able to take on and defeat several symbiotes.

Strength level
Class 70; Eddie Brock worked his body to the natural peak human level of a man of his height, age, weight and build exercise. He is able to lift no more than 700 lbs without any symbiotic suit. The Venom symbiote has enabled Eddie to lift up to 70 tons in their regular size, but this is not their true limit as their strength increases with their variable muscle mass.

Sonic and Heat: The Venom symbiote, like all others of its kind, is extremely vulnerable to heat and sonic based attacks. They can cause the symbiote physical pain and discomfort, whereas "more powerful" attacks might be completely ineffective.

Mental Instability: Eddie has been repeatedly shown relapsing into his unstable "lethal protector" mindset. As both Anti-Venom and Toxin, he reverted back to this persona, killing criminals just as offhandedly as when he was Venom. He is also addicted to the power bestowed upon him by being bonded to a symbiote, which has caused drastic shifts in his personality.


( https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Edward_Brock_(Earth-TRN688) ) I ain't posting another brick of text chief, read it here.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Link: https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Edward_Brock_(Earth-TRN688)


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Name: General Grievous

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 2.16 meters

Weight (you can approximate): 159 kg

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20100630082056

Universe: Star Wars

Abilities: Despite his lack of Force-sensitivity, Grievous was highly skilled in lightsaber combat, in which he was trained by Count Dooku. With his cybernetic enhancements, Grievous relied on strength and agility when in combat with a Jedi. He was a master of many of the classic forms of Jedi arts, and was able to adapt quickly to an opponent's fighting style. Grievous chose a very unorthodox style while contending with the Jedi, using his four arms to his advantage. Sometimes he would surprise his opponent by taking out one of his extra arms to subdue them. The General did this when he blocked Nahdar Vebb's lightsaber with his own while he disconnected his own arm and grabbed a blaster, allowing him to shoot Vebb several times in the torso.

Grievous was very durable due to his cybernetics, and could even resist explosions from fuel barrels.Grievous was also very fast as he was able to use his cybernetics to crawl on the floor and make a quick escape if he needed to Not only was he fast, but he also had enhanced strength as he was able to pick up, throw, smash, choke, and crush his opponents.

Grievous was also a competent strategist as he used his massive army to good use by overwhelming his opponents.[42] He was able to correctly anticipate the Republic's movements during the Battle of Saleucami.[21] He was also able to fool the Republic forces during the Battle of Kamino with his ships taking heavy casualties, but the only person that could figure out his plan was his rival, Obi-Wan Kenobi.[38] He was also able to recognize that Maul had yet to deploy warships during the Battle on Ord Mantell, and, while Tey-Zuka calculated that the enemy ships had been destroyed, but their dreadnaught was then hit, and Grievous recognized that they had been lured into a trap.

Bio: Grievous was a Kaleesh male warlord who served as a commanding officer in the military forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Although he was known by his rank as a general, Grievous was the Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid Army that engaged the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the pan-galactic conflict of the Clone Wars. Noted for his ruthlessness and extensive cybernetic enhancements, Grievous inspired fear as he traveled across the galaxy, invading entire worlds and engaging the Jedi Knights of the Republic.

A native of the planet Kalee, Grievous sustained severe injuries that required extensive repair by the time of the Clone Wars. Willingly submitting to a procedure that rendered him more mechanical than organic, he became a living weapon, granting him lightning-quick reflexes and devastating strength. Although he was neither Jedi or Sith, nor even sensitive to the power of the Force, Grievous was a skilled lightsaber duelist, having trained in the art of the lightsaber under the fallen Jedi Master-turned-Sith Lord Count Dooku. Known for his hatred of the Jedi Order, Grievous killed Jedi over the course of the war, and would claim their lightsabers both as trophies and weapons to be used against other opponents, be they Jedi or clone troopers.

In addition to his combat skills, Grievous was a brilliant military strategist who oversaw multiple campaigns throughout the Clone Wars—from the Battle of Kamino, where he failed to halt the production line of clone troopers; to the Battle of Dathomir, where his battle droids massacred the Nightsisters led by the witch Mother Talzin. In 19 BBY, Grievous launched a daring raid on Coruscant, the Republic capital world, resulting in the abduction of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. However, the Jedi succeeded in rescuing the Chancellor while driving back the Separatist invaders. Following the loss of Dooku, Grievous and his army went into hiding in the Outer Rim Territories. Unknown to Grievous, his master, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, betrayed the general's location to the Jedi Order, allowing them to invade the planet Utapau in an effort to bring a swift and decisive conclusion to the war. As a result, Grievous was ultimately slain by his nemesis, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, whose 212th Attack Battalion went on to secure Utapau even as Order 66 went into effect, marking the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Link: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Grievous


Name: Watto

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 4'5''

Weight (you can approximate): Unknown, but overweight for his stature

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20121109191753

Universe: Star Wars

Abilities: As a Toydarian, Watto possessed wings that allow him to hover several feet above the ground, setting him at eye level or above the likes of normal height humans. Toydarians are also extremely resistant to mental manipulation, such as that induced by the force, as shown when Qui-Gonn Jinn is unable to use the force in order to sway Watto's opinion on the subject of payment for Anakin.

Watto was a somewhat successful businessman, primarily working in selling junk and slaves.

Bio: Watto started his life as a soldier on Toydaria. However, he left Toydaria after he suffered an injury and went to Tatooine, where he watched Jawas sell used goods and decided to start his own business. Watto became a junk dealer living in Mos Espa. He owned a small shop, Watto won two slaves, Shmi Skywalker and her son Anakin, from Gardulla the Hutt in a bet. Watto discovered Anakin's natural podracing abilities and began to sponsor the boy in several Podraces. Despite this, Watto often bet against Anakin. Watto would also host podracing viewing parties for his gambling partners and friends in his private box.[1] Aside from maintaining the droids at his shop, Watto also had Anakin polish parts of them.

In 32 BBY, the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn came to his store looking for parts for his ship. Qui-Gon didn't have enough money and was unable to negotiate a price with Watto, even failing to perform a mind trick on the Toydarian. The next day, Qui-Gon told Watto that he wanted to enter Anakin in the Boonta Eve Classic in exchange for parts for his ship. Watto agreed and entered Anakin but Watto bet on the Dug racer Sebulba. Qui-Gon placed a bet for Anakin's freedom despite Watto's warnings that Anakin was going to lose anyway. Anakin, however, won the race and left Tatooine with Qui-Gon to become a Jedi on Coruscant while Shmi remained with Watto.

Years later, Watto sold Shmi to the moisture farmer Cliegg Lars, who bought her to live with him on his moisture farm. During all these years, Watto continued with his faithful trade and even bought adjacent buildings to enlarge his shop, but he started to suffer great losses on gambling, leaving the future of his business unsure, aside from that he had no longer the necessary personnel and was forced to do all the hard work himself.

In 22 BBY, shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars, Anakin returned to Tatooine in search of his mother. Watto, after recognizing his former slave, asked him if he could help with some "deadbeats" who owed him a lot of money. After being asked about Shmi, Watto gave him all of the information he knew about Shmi after selling her.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Watto


Name: Vhazjome Cvjim

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 3'9''

Weight (you can approximate):~90 pounds

Description/Picture: As all Xcruzim Mantlebearers have that supercede him, Vhazjome wears armor similar to this, though lacking the openings on the helmet for eyes or anything (as well as being suited more towards a dwarf). Underneath, he keeps his auburn beard and hair somewhat trimmed, with the beard not reaching more than seven inches. His skin is extremely pale.

Universe: Narazen

Met-borne Vampiricism: Blessed by the demons of Met with a form of Vampiricism, the Xcruzim dwarven race is granted several boons from the power, such as a nigh-immortal lifespan and a vastly superior strength and reaction time than their comparitively oafish dwarven relatives. However, it comes at several costs. Many forms of magics, mostly those that are considered to be pure, are highly deadly to them- almost as deadly as sunlight. To enhance their strength further, a Xcruzim dwarf can drink the blood of living or dead beings (living blood is far more power-providing to them).

Vhazjome is a well-trained warrior, having honed his skill with the weapon of choice, a pernach he has dubbed Hlimgammr, for decades, and can easily outmatch a much taller opponent with a few blows of his ridged mace.

Bio: When the Xcruzim dwarves gave their lives to Met and were returned with unlife eternal, the nomadic lifestyle of their people began to sow itself, the dwarves pushed out of communities that once welcomed them, now disgusted by their sickly nature, one all too similar for the townspeoples to that of many other beasts that stalked the night. These dwarves needed protectors. They needed leaders. And so, an order among the Xcruzim soon formed to fill that role. The Mantle of Cvjim was founded upon that vital role of defending the travelling dwarves from those who sought to harm them. Among their leaders were the Mantlebearers, with Vhazjome the first among them.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Name: The Jack

Sex (if any): N/A

Height (you can approximate): N/A

Weight (you can approximate): N/A

Description/Picture: Whomever its consciousness inhabits

Universe: Aoshtai

Cerebral Induction: A complex mind transfer technique, Cerebral Induction is the forced transferal of an inidvidual's mind into the branched consciousness of the Jack. Using its highly advanced knowledge of neural technologies, any able-bodied Jack proxy is capable of creating small nanochips capable of containing and connecting the Jack's intellect into another body and the means to transfer such a nanochip (usually as a pneumatic gun of sorts, similar to a minaturized nail gun) if given the resources to do so.

After a chip has been implanted in an individual, the Jack is capable of establishing a full spectrum of control over the individual. This can range from subtly influencing their actions and acting as their personal superegos, or suppressing their own consciousness, delegating it to the deep unconscious or deleting it entirely depending on the Jack's intentions.

While a cerebral induction can be undone if the nanochip is successfully removed from the body, the Jack's invasive structure will ensure that if the individual's consciousness was not already deleted for its own, then there will be some sort of mental issues to handle. It is also possible that removing the chip, and therefore removing the connection to the rest of the Jack's supporting proxies, will leave the individual with both their previous consciousness and whatever intelligence the Jack retained within the body, resulting in a pseudo-dual personality disorder.

Knowledgeable: The ability to steal the minds of others and take what they know has greatly benefitted the Jack, allowing it to become proficiently knowledgeable and capable across most fields, with nearly all able-bodied proxies capable of doing necessitated tasks.

Interconnection: As a branching mind, the Jack can exist simultaneously across many different 'proxies'- individuals who have undergone some form of cerebral induction- to support its massive intellect. It must maintain an approximate middle-ground in terms of the number of proxies under its control- too many may begin to put strain on the Jack, its human origins being somewhat limiting to the creation of its cabals. The decentralized nature of the Jack's mind means that if one proxy is killed or incapacitated, it does not largely affect the Jack itself. Only when the entirety of the Jack's proxies are killed or their chips disabled will the branching mind be destroyed- and even then, the Jack may have found countermeasures against such a demise by the time its proxies are outed. A proxy does not have to be a sentient being- any organism with a complex enough nervous sytem is a potential proxy.

Bio: While the origins of the man who became the Jack are unknown and almost entirely forgotten even by the Jack itself, a detailed history of the consciousness and its conspiracies does exist. Currently, these exist within three different 'periods', as the Jack puts it.

The first, the "Period of the Smith", was when the mind first came to prominence in Eupherion under its first guise, the Smith. The Smith was an erratic, unpredictable opponent for the local criminal organizations that it infiltrated and attempted to puppet into attacking local nations. Its actions would eventually backfire when most of its proxies were summarily purged in the founding of the Vellip Composium, an organization formed by the formerly disunited criminals in order to weed out the Smith from their ranks. For a time of over ten years after the last confirmed proxy was executed, the branched mind had not been seen.

It would be in -5 NAC, however, that the second period, the "Obelus Period", came to begin with a bang. In the northern reaches of the Tyvus Galaxy (a fair distance from the Eupherion galaxy), it was reported by local AEC war-directors that a dreadnought under their service had gone missing, with not a single word arising from the legion of Jaro Warclones stationed aboard. Within several weeks, the Dreadnought, a vessel known as The Jubilant was found attacking several Consortium outposts and minor arenas and using the warclones to do so. It would not be discovered until another month of the so-called "Jubilant War" that the crew of the Jubilant, alongside the warclone legion, had been subsumed into the singular mind of a being describing itself as Obelus. When autopsies on several warclones discovered nanochips, they were quickly verified by the AEC with their Composium allies to be nearly-identical to those used by the Smith, although several engineering improvements had been found. Further examinations showed that Obelus had bypassed the limitations placed upon its psyche by using an artificial copy of its intelligence within the Jubilant's own data storage, manipulating it as it required to command the Warclones. However, this was soon found to have backfired on Obelus when the Jubilant's handling AI was reactivated by Consortium agents, causing a complete rejection of the forced consciousness and Obelus' loss of the Jubilant as a position of power. A stark majority of the proxies used by the branching mind were eliminated by the warclones themselves, but it is documented that several of the proxies were able to escape the Jubilant.

And the newest period, eponymous to the mind's newest name for itself, began in 18 NAC in the Concourse region of the Aoshtai Galaxy. Here, it still remains in the shadows with its cabal-of-one, using proxies within several different princedoms of the New Aoshanti Empire in order to try and spread political disruption and dissent against the enemies of the Aoshanti. Of course, the Jack does not care whether the Aoshanti are the true throneborne to Aoshtai. It simply looks towards the future it predicts its actions will bring about and acts accordingly, planning with great detail to ensure its proxies continue to expand its influence and ensure its continued survival, even as the clandestine remnants of the APRI, the old Ascendancy's paranatural intelligence force, attempt to crack down on the Jack and whatever its plans may be.

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Name: Whar

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): Estimated at about 1.52 Meters (4'9'')

Weight (you can approximate): ~145 pounds

Description/Picture: In all incarnations, Whar is a squat fat caucasian man with hazel hair in a fashion similar to this. His clothing will vary.

Universe: Aoshtai

Functional Immortality: Although Whar is seemingly but a short fat man at first sight, and can easily be killed, it will not be long after that Whar will return. However, this incarnation of Whar, although retaining all memories of his late predecessor, will maintain a different wardrobe and prefer to wear different attires. These fashion changes are seemingly arbitrary.

Omnipresence: It appears that Whar can be practically anywhere he wishes to be able to appear and disappear in almost any location he desires as long as he is out of view of anyone else. Likewise, he is able to bring others with him to nearly anywhere, but only when he and the individual(s) walk together through a doorway or any entrance.

Reality Bending: Whar has been shown on numerous occasions to have some degree of reality bending ability. Whether it be pulling out items that had not been on his person moments earlier (or even halfway across a galaxy), to the creation of powerful devices and mechanisms far beyond what most conventional technology is capable of.

Bio: Known across the Aegis Cluster for the debauchery and object chaos that unintentionally (for the most part) follows in his wake, the man known as Whar is an enigma both loved and hated (read: mostly hated) across the lands through which he travels. Seemingly ancient and omnipresent, sightings of Whar have occurred across the cluster for millennia, in equal parts a benefactor, menace, businessman, and otherwise a clown. His small businesses littered across the cluster have had mixed receptions based on their markets and odd product lines, but are not approved by any government, with even the criminal empire of the AEC wanting nothing to do with the man or his trade.

His most notable appearances include the Atriot Disaster, a planetary catastrophe that eventually saw the destruction of an entire world and its moons. It began when Whar unexpectedly arrived in the system at record-breaking speeds, bypassing local security whilst broadcasting strange messages to local passerby. He would then move his ship to hover several thousand kilometers above the surface of the planet's smaller moon, where, using a highly advanced mining laser, Whar would carve into the surface of the moon a strange (if somewhat amusing) crude drawing of a man drinking water with the word "dronk" etched underneath it. The resulting debris caused a horrific meteor storm that devestated much of the planet's agricultural scene for several days, continuing on as the silt permeated into the atmosphere and caused a global winter for several years. It would only be then that, with the arrival of the city-planet Nellae, the people of Atriot were able to evacuate en masse before the two moons of their world, their masses now destabilized, would collide, and wipe out life on the planet's surface in the process. Whar is infamous across the entire cluster (and has been for thousands of years) for incidents of both this scale and of this magnitude of crude humor.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



Sex (if any): Masculine

Height (you can approximate): About 3' tall

Weight (you can approximate): ~200 pounds

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 75512DB40F1BFC0D27C7BE71D4AB10106123DB65

Universe: Borderlands

Abilities: As a CL4P-TP General Purpose Robot, Claptrap is capable of a variety of tasks, including but not limited to:
*Opening doors

*Holding doors open

*Wielding nearly any personal weapon or military guns

*Throwing grenades

*Cowering in fear

*a̶ ̶g̶e̶n̶e̶r̶a̶l̶ ̶i̶n̶a̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶r̶a̶v̶e̶r̶s̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶i̶r̶s̶  
[This feature was removed when Phillip's party undertook their expediton to liberate the moon, along with numerous weapons enhancements (most of which Claptrap has no idea how to work).]

As all robots in the Borderlands universe do, Claptrap feels pain in slow motion, and with great intensity.


When the Vault Hunters leave the bus at the very beginning of Borderlands they are met by Claptrap, who introduces them to Dr. Zed. It later takes them to the Fyrestone gate in the mission Claptrap Rescue, where it is damaged by bandits. The Guardian Angel then says to get a repair kit and perform the first Claptrap rescue. Claptrap later hangs around as an alert system to offer notifications of available missions, both in Fyrestone and later at T-Bone Junction.

Claptrap undergoes a radical shift in programming at some point after the opening of the Vault and is transformed into the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap.

Sometime after its programming is restored at the end of Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, the Fyrestone Claptrap encounters Jack and whilst opening a door for Jack, informs him of its time as an assassin, which inspires Jack to subsequently reprogram and upgrade Claptrap. The upgrade removes its ability to open doors, but adds a full range of combat programming, as well as a stair-climbing wheel, turning it into the "Fragtrap," one of the character classes in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

During the Claptastic Voyage DLC of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the Vault Hunters (including Claptrap itself) enter a simulation of Claptrap's mind, where they encounter Claptrap as "Claptrap's Consciousness," who interacts with them as they navigate its mind.

At the end of the Claptastic Voyage story, Jack eliminates the Claptrap product line, destroying all of them except for Fragtrap. Jack shoots it, rips off its stair-climbing wheel, and dumps it with other destroyed claptraps in Windshear Waste. The remains of the Fragtrap coding within Claptrap manage to keep it barely active until it was discovered by Sir Hammerlock, who repairs it, turning it back into an ordinary Claptrap.

Following Hyperion's takeover of Pandora and the deactivation of every other Claptrap unit at the hands of Handsome Jack, Claptrap, the last active robot of its product line wished to exact revenge upon Jack, but without its combat capabilities, it was unable to do so.

Sometime before the new Vault Hunters' arrival, it was held captive by Captain Flynt and tortured for his amusement. Claptrap escaped by staging a mutiny on The Soaring Dragon before the Southern Shelf flash-freeze.
It finds the new Vault Hunters from the train wreckage outside its place in Windshear Waste, accompanying them and calling them its "minions". They fought their way through Southern Shelf, killing Flynt and his men before stealing a boat and sailing for Three Horns - Divide. In Sanctuary, Claptrap settles in a messy area away from the town center, where it gives several optional missions.

Roland later requests a software upgrade for Claptrap so that Claptrap can deactivate the Competitor Deterrence Field surrounding The Bunker. This is obtained from Bloodwing at the end of the mission Wildlife Preservation. At the start of the mission Where Angels Fear To Tread, the Vault Hunters convince Claptrap to help and find it waiting in Thousand Cuts, spraying graffiti. It deactivates the barrier, allowing the Vault Hunters to proceed while it retreats in cowardice.

In the final story mission, Claptrap helps the Vault Hunters gain access to Hero's Pass. It hacks the door while the Vault Hunters defeat the Loaders sent after them. Claptrap was ready to aid further in the assault on Hero's Pass but is confronted by a massive staircase. With no other way up, Claptrap stays to cry while cloaked.

Sometime after Handsome Jack's defeat, Claptrap decides to go on a vacation by stowing itself on the H.S.S. Terminus. However, the ship crashes on the primitive continent of Aegrus when Claptrap disengages the ship's autopilot. When the Vault Hunters first encounter Claptrap on Aegrus, it is being worshipped by savages due to its Hyperion manufacture. However, Claptrap accidentally angers the savages when it insults Handsome Jack and needs to be saved. After defending Claptrap from the savages, Claptrap informs the Vault Hunters that Professor Nakayama is trying to clone Handsome Jack and orders the Vault Hunter to destroy Jack's DNA samples.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Claptrap

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Name: Prophet of Regret

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 7'2''

Weight (you can approximate): 204 pounds

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20131119042009
Universe: Halo

Abilities: The only weapons that Regret had were his gravity throne, seen in the level Regret, and his Plasma Pistol. The throne is equipped with two gravity cannons that glow bright orange and are a modified version of a Hunter's Assault cannon. The gravity throne allows Regret to teleport a short distance away. The most effective way to deal with the Prophet is to jump onto his gravity throne and beat him to death with melee attacks. Energy swords will not kill the Prophet, though they can reduce the number of melee hits required to kill him. This is due to a "heavy-duty" shield.

As seen in Halo Wars, Regret is armed with a Plasma Cannon attack and the "Cleansing" ability, which calls down an energy beam from above, devastating much in its slow wake if given time.

Bio: Upon the onset of the Human-Covenant War, Regret formalized the Fleet of Glorious Interdiction; a Sangheili-led military force under his personal supervision, and appointed Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee as its leader, choosing him for his ruthless efficiency and undying loyalty. Obsessed with the Forerunners and the prospect of activating the Halo Array, Regret dispatched 'Moramee on numerous missions throughout Covenant and human space to find the means to do this. Eventually, during the Harvest Campaign, Covenant forces discovered a Forerunner relic buried in the planet's northern polar region. This relic proved to be some sort of Forerunner mapping device. Dispatching a force led by Ripa 'Moramee, valuable information was recovered. With UNSC forces closing in however, Regret ordered that the relic be destroyed to prevent the retrieved information from falling into human hands. Against his instincts, the Arbiter obeyed. However, despite Covenant efforts, the site was not destroyed, allowing the humans to learn of the information Regret planned to use. Later at the Apex, a Forerunner hangar, he discussed with the Arbiter his plans to activate the Forerunner ships located there. When he could not activate the artifact himself, he ordered the Arbiter to capture the human female, Ellen Anders, who they encountered at the Ice Relic and bring her to the Apex. Later when the Arbiter returned with her, Regret was in disbelief, saying "you would hardly think them a threat." When they learned the Humans were closing in on them Regret evacuated to High Charity. However, Regret's plans to use the dormant ships were foiled when the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire overloaded the Shield World's internal sun, destroying all the ships and the planet.

In 2552, Regret served during the destruction of Halo Installation 04 and helped condemn the Sangheili Supreme Commander (later the new Arbiter) who was responsible for the loss of the ring. Some time before this, Regret managed to discover the location of a Forerunner artifact of great importance: a device which would generate a Portal to the Ark, where the Covenant believed they could begin their "Great Journey" by activating the Halo Array. Unbeknownst to Regret, the world this machine was located on was humanity's home world, Earth. While the Prophet of Truth knew of the human presence on Earth, he had kept it, along with his personal plans for the planet and the Covenant, a closely guarded secret. Without even informing the other Hierarchs, the Prophet of Regret subsequently led a small fleet of two Assault Carriers and thirteen Battlecruisers to Earth. After the Prophet of Truth learned of this, he quickly sent a massive support and excavation fleet to Earth.

When Regret arrived near Earth on October 20, 2552, he quickly found himself greatly outnumbered by UNSC defenses. Instead of retreating however, he sped towards the planet in religious fervor, sending Ranger Elites and Boarding Craft to destroy the Orbital Defense Platforms Malta, Athens, and Cairo so he could push through into the heart of Africa. Despite John-117's actions, his ship made it to the ground and deployed the first full-scale invasion force by the Covenant on Earth. After landing in New Mombasa, Regret's forces searched the city for the Forerunner artifact, supported by Scarabs and many Phantom dropships. As the UNSC forces approached his Carrier, Regret's ship initiated a slipspace jump in the middle of New Mombasa to escape and regroup. The force generated by the jump heavily damaged the city. The move was so surprising that only the UNSC In Amber Clad and a few other UNSC ships were able to follow the Carrier through the slipspace portal.

Regret's Carrier deployed ground and infantry forces onto the surface of Installation 05, and set up a presence around a temple in the middle of a lake, from which Regret began his religious sermons. He transmitted an apology to the Prophet of Truth, indicating that he couldn't have known that the humans would be there or in such force. Truth responded that only Mercy had spared him from public condemnation. Nevertheless, High Charity and the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity rushed to the new Halo, and a flight of Phantoms was deployed to rescue the Hierarch.

In Amber Clad arrived in the system soon after and deployed ODST forces on Installation 05 along with John-117 to locate and kill Regret. The operation was a success, with the Spartan breaking through Covenant defenses, killing Regret and his Honor Guards. Soon afterward High Charity made a jump to the ring and ordered one of the nearby ships to use its Energy projector to destroy the temple, nearly killing the SPARTAN and leaving Regret for dead. Regret's body was later assimilated and reanimated by the newly formed Gravemind when his body was flung into the depths of the large lake surrounding the Temple and later discovered by the Gravemind. He expressed annoyance with another captive of the Gravemind, 2401 Penitent Tangent, and reacted to the presence of the Arbiter, warning him to forget any heretical suggestions made by the Monitors and the humans and to pursue the Great Journey. It was thanks to Regret that the Gravemind discovered the location of the gateway to the Ark. What remained of Regret was destroyed with the Gravemind when Installation 08 was prematurely fired by John-117 and Cortana during the Raid on Installation 08.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Link: https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Prophet_of_Regret


Name: Throgg

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): ~11 feet tall

Weight (you can approximate): ~650 pounds

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20180409202944

Universe: Warhammer

Abilities: Trolls are voracious creatures, mostly motivated by food and eating than anything else, and appropriately, their digestive systems can cope with almost anything, including, as rumoured, rock and metal. Trolls are infamous for several abilities. Their digestive juices are among the most corrosive acids known in the Old World, and disembowelling a Troll can often result in the death of the attacker himself as the acid sprays out. Secondly, Trolls possess an uncanny ability of quickly regenerating even the most grievous wounds, perhaps as a coping mechanism against their own extremely digestive juices. In due time almost all wounds will be healed, their only known weakness, fire.

Throgg is an oddly intellectual member of his kind, rising above their usual primitive barbarity in order to unite those under his army and strategically (to a degree) mobilize them against his enemies.


"It is the hubris of men to see their own destiny in all things. Von Carstein. The Everchosen. Dead men. Exalted men. In their skin they are all still men. This...will be the Age of the Beast."

There was a time when Throgg was content purely with a life of hunting, raiding and killing. He led his monstrous kin in ambushes and midnight attacks, each more successful than the last. Throgg had a knack of using the harsh climate of the north as his ally, for Trolls are quite at home in the numbing cold; to them a fierce ice-shard blizzard is no more troubling than a light summer rain. Before long, the Troll King became infamous, known amongst the warriors of the Old World as Wintertooth. Every season, great and lauded heroes would ride northwards, brave knights and adventurers, all seeking out Throgg’s lair to slay him. Every season, the Troll King dined upon noble flesh.

One moonless night, as Throgg was picking his yellowed tusks clean with a gem-encrusted blade, he beheld the broken bodies of his prey and began to think. Throgg muttered to himself, his eyes burning with cold fire for several long days. If the race of Man was so keen to fight him and his bestial subjects, then fight he would, with all the monsters of Troll Country at his side. That night, Throgg vowed that he would see the lands of Men despoiled in the name of the Dark Gods. He would gather every monster, mutant and madman under his rule and march at the head of a nightmarish horde deep into the so-called civilised lands of the south. On his heels would come the bitter cold of winter, for where the creatures of Chaos tread, the land itself warps and changes. Throgg would bring about an age of ice and darkness and make all of the races of the Old World his slaves. As the Troll King marches determinedly south, his monstrous entourage grows with every passing day. Under Throgg’s dominion, the creatures of the hinterlands have united into a vast army, and soon the race of Man shall feel the Troll King’s wrath.

During the End Times, Throgg was aligned with the Slaaneshi Champion known as Sigvald the Magnificent, a vain and arrogant man. Sigvald was present in Bretonnia during the End Times, sampling the finest flesh that Parravon had to offer. He was then, to his disgust, teleported directly to Archaon. He took particular insult to being paired with the Troll-king, Throgg.

Sigvald eventually came up against Krell, one of Nagash's Mortarchs. The Undead Chaos Warrior was initially able to dominate their fight, wounding Sigvald greatly and permanently ruining his once handsome face.

At this, Sigvald gave into a rage more akin to a Khornate Berserker than a Champion of Slaanesh, granting the Wight King yet another death. As Sigvald knelt over his opponent's body, he let out a scream of anguish. It was then that Throgg appeared behind him. The monster pummelled Sigvald into nothing more than a bloody pulp, before urinating upon his ruined corpse.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Link: https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Throgg


Name: The G-Man

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): Approximately 5'8''

Weight (you can approximate): Unknown

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20191122020607&path-prefix=en

Universe: Half-Life

Abilities: The G-Man seems to occasionally take an interest in certain individuals, using his powers and skills at manipulation to guide them down certain paths. He has made pawns of Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, and Adrian Shephard, as well as perhaps countless others. It is also implied that he orchestrated the Black Mesa Incident, meaning Dr. Breen was also under his influence.

The G-Man appears quite skilled with technology and is capable of operating a very wide range of machinery, ranging from simple cell phones and sealed steel doors to complex nuclear weapons (although for the latter there are instructions inside the cap) and experimental teleports and portals.

Throughout the entire Half-Life series, the G-Man has a tendency to appear in an out-of-the-way or hard to reach location and then walk away and vanish without a trace once the player arrives. He is seen twice using portals, perhaps explaining his ability to appear and disappear apparently randomly. What's more, one of the portals that he used appeared shortly before he entered it and then disappeared after he left, suggesting that the G-Man can somehow create such entities. The G-Man also seems to be able to control time, as he briefly stops the reactor explosion at the end of Half-Life 2 and transports individuals into and from stasis through different dimensions. This, however, may simply be the G-Man teleporting individuals to safety and putting them into stasis, creating the illusion that the world around them bends to his will.

In most games featuring the G-Man, there are several sequences when the G-Man is talking at close range to the player, and various areas can be seen in the background, including areas from Black Mesa or even areas the player will visit later into the game. In these sequences, the G-Man talks to the player (the player's character never responds or reacts in any way) and can be seen quickly appearing in different portions of the screen, in dream-like sequences. He also appears on TV screens and Breencasts dotted around the environment; G-Man also seems to have technopathic or telepathic abilities of some sort, as the player will occasionally see his face on things such as unplugged televisions.

It is likely that the G-Man uses the ability to manipulate the senses of individuals, to see and hear what he wants them to. this could explain the appearance of the G-Man on unplugged televisions or the Black Mesa Anomalous Materials lobby in the Episode 2 cutscene.

Bio: The G-Man is first seen along the Sector C Line, standing in an electric tram frozen on the track opposite the tram that Freeman is traveling on during the Half-Life introduction sequence. He somehow manages to arrive at the Test Labs and Control Facilities before Freeman. Before the experiment begins, the G-Man can be seen arguing with a scientist in a locked, sound-proof room of the Research section of the Anomalous Materials Lab where only mumbling can be heard. Following the catastrophic Resonance Cascade which commences the game's action through Black Mesa, the G-Man can be seen quietly observing Gordon Freeman in several out-of-reach areas as the game progresses.

After Gordon defeats the Half-Life final boss, Nihilanth, the ruler of Xen, G-Man brings the player to "safety" in an inexplicable, abstract sequence, appearing beside Gordon, having stripped him of his armaments while claiming the excuse that "most of them were government property", and showing him various areas of Xen. The G-Man tells Gordon that he has been observing him very carefully and praises him on his actions in Xen, which is now in his "employers'" control. As he says this, dead HECU Marines, destroyed tanks, and a downed jet fighter can be seen around this area of Xen, suggesting that U.S. military forces participated in capturing Xen for the G-Man's "employers", although this may merely be part of G-Man's illusions.

Eventually, the scene changes into what appears to be a Black Mesa tram traveling through space at high speed. The G-Man then informs him that he has recommended Gordon's services to his "employers", and offers him a job. Canon states that Gordon takes the job, although the player is given a Hobson's choice, the "illusion of free choice" being reminded by the G-Man in Half-Life 2. Declining the offer results in the unarmed Freeman facing a horde of hostile Alien Grunts as the screen fades to black with the G-Man's final words; "No regrets, Mr. Freeman." Interestingly, within the game files, an extended line of this can be found: "(...) but there are a few survivors of your personal holocaust, who would like the chance to meet the man responsible for the total annihilation of their race." (This line may have been referencing the Xen creatures.)

in Opposing Force, the G-Man plays a slightly more direct role in the story, alternately hindering and aiding the player, Corporal Adrian Shephard, as well as simply observing. During the boot camp training chapter, the G-Man can be spotted at a window speaking to an officer and occasionally glancing at the player. Since the drill instructor mentions that Shephard's training has been mysteriously accelerated, the implication is that the G-Man had an interest in Shephard before the Black Mesa incident, for unknown reasons.

During the chapter Welcome to Black Mesa, Shephard is trapped on a small walkway, with deadly radioactive liquid rising steadily towards him. The G-Man opens a door allowing him to escape, saving his life. One chapter later, "We Are Pulling Out", as Shephard attempts to evacuate Black Mesa with the rest of the marines, the G-Man closes a hangar door, forcing him to remain on the base. Later on in the chapter "The Package", the G-Man is seen rearming the nuclear bomb that eventually destroys Black Mesa, while Shephard had deactivated it moments prior. After Shephard defeats the Gene Worm at the end of the game, G-Man appears again. On this occasion, Shephard finds himself on board one of the HECU's V-22 Ospreys, facing the G-Man. The G-Man informs Shephard that, contrary to his employer's original wishes, Shephard is to be spared, but detained. The G-Man says that he has been impressed by Shephard's ability to "adapt & survive against all odds" in the Black Mesa facility, and comments that these are traits which remind him of himself. As the G-Man delivers this closing monologue, the plane carries them away from Black Mesa, shortly before a nuclear blast flashes outside confirming its destruction. The aircraft's location then suddenly switches to the skies of Xen, then finally to an emptiness similar to that encountered by the Black Mesa tram at the end of Half-Life. The G-Man then leaves Shephard via a portal in the cockpit, and the screen fades to the closing titles.

Half-Life 2 begins with Gordon being greeted by the G-Man around 20 years after the Black Mesa Incident while seeing a dream-like montage of images such as the Black Mesa test chamber, and interior areas of the Citadel. In his speech, the G-Man hints that he put Gordon into stasis for his own safety and that an opportunity has now arisen which will allow Freeman to begin his campaign against the Combine forces on Earth. He continuously refers to Gordon Freeman as "Mister Freeman" throughout the introductory sequence, forgoing Gordon's proper title of doctor. However, during the ending sequence, he refers to Gordon as "Doctor Freeman".

The G-Man is briefly visible at various other points during the events of the game, including along the different vehicle sequences, but these are only from a great distance or as seen on video terminals until the game's finale. After an uphill battle in the Citadel, Gordon causes critical damage to the structure's Dark Energy reactor, resulting in an explosion that might have caused his death, had the G-Man not seemingly stopped time in order to extract Gordon to safety to await further "employment offers" (while apparently leaving Alyx to perish in the explosion). The game ends with travel through the same emptiness that was the Half-Life ending, and with the G-Man stepping through some sort of doorway portal, though not before fixing his tie.

The G-Man, at this point, makes it clear that he will once again be placing Freeman in stasis while he entertains some "interesting offers" for Gordon's services, this time making no mention of his "employers," as he had in Half-Life, justifying that the current situation is "extraordinary" enough to contemplate taking up any of these offers. Before their final showdown, Doctor Breen also asks Gordon, "Did you realize your contract was open to the highest bidder?", probably a reference to the "contract" Gordon has with the G-Man.

The G-Man is only seen once in Episode One. At the beginning of the game, which begins at the point when Half-Life 2 ends, he walks back into the black void that he left Gordon in and opens his mouth to say something but then notices a purple glowing Vortigaunt to his left. He appears to be slightly amused at the sight, but then notices another on his right, and the smile drops from his face. As more and more Vortigaunts appear, he begins to look irritated, and then, as he looks toward Gordon, he realizes what is happening. Irritation changes to anger. As two more Vortigaunts stand on either side of Gordon and grab his arms, the G-Man straightens his tie more violently than before and responds to their chant with a single sentence: "We'll see... about that!". Gordon is then immediately teleported away and found by Dog in a pile of rubble just outside the Citadel.

The G-Man first appears to Gordon while a group of Vortigaunts are occupied healing the heavily wounded Alyx Vance. He explains that the reason for his absence is that the Vortigaunts have been preventing him from appearing to Gordon, thus he needed to wait for the Vortigaunts to be preoccupied so that he could contact him. Just like in Half Life 2, he appears in a surreal, dream-like sequence taking place in several locations: the rocket silo located at White Forest, the same corridor as the one seen in the message left by Judith Mossman, and what seems to be the entrance to the Anomalous Materials Laboratories in the Black Mesa Research Facility from Half-Life (it might also be another entrance, but this place being a striking Half-Life element, the differences seen are likely just aesthetic and related to the different game engine). He then explains that he was the one to "pluck" Alyx Vance from Black Mesa, despite objections from unidentified naysayers that she was "a mere child, and of no practical use to anyone," and that he has learned to "ignore such naysayers, when quelling them was out of the question" (An image of Doctor Breen flashes in the background during a short pause between "when" and "quelling"). He then instructs Gordon to safely escort Alyx to White Forest, as repayment for the G-Man's previous ensurance of his survival, stating he wished he could do more than simply monitor Gordon, but has agreed to "abide by certain restrictions." While Alyx is still unconscious, he then whispers into her ear to tell her father to "prepare for unforeseen consequences" when she sees him. During the sequence, he seems to be less rigid and more human-like and is not seen carrying his briefcase.

Just after she delivers the message to her father, Alyx seems dizzy and holds her head, suggesting that she wasn't consciously speaking. The G-Man flashes on the screen just before she delivers the message, which could have triggered her to say it subconsciously. Another reason to believe Alyx actually has no idea what's happening is that she never mentions G-man at all, which she would if she could remember. Eli is noticeably disturbed by the words, to the point where he almost collapses in shock. After making up an excuse for Alyx to leave the room, Eli reveals to Gordon that he is aware of their "mutual friend" as well. He explains that the G-Man delivered sample GG-3883 which ultimately caused the Black Mesa Incident, and whispered in his ear to "prepare for unforeseen consequences" shortly before the Resonance Cascade. Eli then begins to express hope that he and Gordon will be able to take some unknown action, but is interrupted by Alyx's return. Shortly after, Eli tells Gordon he believes the message is a warning regarding the Borealis, and reiterates his belief that it should be destroyed lest the events of Black Mesa repeat themselves. Whatever Eli knew is left unsaid, as he is killed by a Combine Advisor before having the opportunity to elaborate further.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://half-life.fandom.com/wiki/The_G-Man


Name: skekTek

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): Around 6 feet tall

Weight (you can approximate): 170 pounds

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20190718181145

Universe: The Dark Crystal

Abilities: SkekTek was a self-proclaimed genius and master of life and death. He had a genuine gift as both a scientist and an engineer, traits stemming from his obsessive personality and utter lack of moral inhibitions. His curiosity was so overpowering that he cared nothing for the feelings or lives of other beings, and readily incorporated cybernetic enhancements on himself in order to compensate for his lack of physical prowess.

Bio: SkekTek's main responsibilities layid in devising new ways to prolong the Skeksis' lives, given the task by the Emperor skekSo when their usual means of life extension with the Dark Crystal began to fail. He sought to provide the Dark Crystal with an alternative energy source, as it could no longer draw it from Thra itself. However, he nearly died when he accidentally polarised it into extracting his essence, saved by skekSil's intervention. SkekSil convinced skekTek to re-purpose his assumed failure into a means for the Skeksis to nourish themselves on extracted life energy. Revitalized, skekTek successfully used the Gelfling Mira to create a bowl full of essence, which restored the Emperor and many others before he bottled the last of it.

Ordered to repair the machine when it overloaded from killing Mira, skekTek locked her remaining essence in a cabinet with a locksnake before leaving temporarily, only to return and find skekSil skulking within. The two smell Rian and Gurjin in the lab before skekTek gets into a violent confrontation with skekSil over him stealing the vial, which Rian exploited to steal it and escape. SkekTek reported this to the Emperor and that skekSil was to blame for stealing the vial, but skekSil twisted the story such that it seemed to be skekTek's fault that the Gelfling escaped with the vial in the first place. This resulted in skekTek being punished by having a peeper beetle gouge out his right eye, which he replaced with a bionic one which he admitted had better vision than his original. Despite his resentment of skekSil, he somewhat forgave him when skekSil gave skekTek a pair of Gruenak slaves to quickly repair the machine with.

Thanks to the Gruenaks' aid, skekTek repaired the machine while building chairs designed to restrain the Gelflings and extract their essence. While impressing the Emperor, skekTek was astonished at skekSo's insistence to extract essence from a large amount of Gelflings. Under duress, skekTek hypothesized that 50 Gelfling would be required each trine in order to maintain the Skeksis' immortality. After making upgrades to drain three Gelflings at once without damaging the Crystal, skekTek was allowed a seat at the banquet table. One night, when the Chamberlain returned from Stone-in-the-Wood, skekTek and the other Skeksis mocked skekSil's peachberry stench and forced him out of the banquet hall.

The next day, a mortally wounded skekMal the Hunter returned to the castle, with skekTek exhausting the essence stocks on skekSo's orders in a failed attempt to heal him. When Aughra allowed the Skeksis to take her essence to revive skekMal in return for the release the Gelflings they imprisoned, she attempted to reason with skekTek by reminding him of their past friendship. He reluctantly dismissed her pleas when he noticed the Emperor watching them, with skekMal seemingly dead after the process ran its course.

When the Gelfling clans eventually united to form the Gelfling resistance, skekTek incorporated additional weapons to the Skeksis' armour and was eager to test them out in battle. However, skekSo mocked him and forced the Scientist to remain in the Castle while the other Skeksis attempted to kill the rebels, having been ordered to create an artificial army from Arathim corpses. SkekTek's attempts to reanimate the corpses with the Dark Crystal initially failed, so he decided to take advantage of the other Skeksis' absence to lavish himself on the throne. SkekTek forced the Podlings to work faster than ever, physically abusing them when he was displeased with the food they brought. When skekMal awakened, skekTek informed the Hunter of the other Skeksis' location, only for the Hunter to call the Scientist a coward for not joining the fight. Infuriated by skekMal's insult, skekTek took out his pent up rage on the Gruenaks when they revolted, throwing one of them down the Castle shaft. SkekTek then managed to kill the other Gruenak by repeatedly cracking its skull with a piece of broken machinery. In a flash of inspiration, skekTek set to work fusing the Gruenak's strong muscle tissue with the Arathim carcass, integrating mechanical parts and Crystal energy to create the first Garthim.

Alignment: Neutral Evil


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Name: Chen Stormstout

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 7'5

Weight (you can approximate): 400ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Chen_Stormstout_Cinematic_2

Universe: WoW


Chen is rather fat, but that hasn't stopped him from being quite an agile monk, for example when he easily evades and out-maneuvers both Alliance and Horde sailors teaming up on him, the only hit he takes being the one that chipped his hat.

When the pandaren were subjugated by the mogu centuries ago, it was the monks that brought hope to a seemingly dim future. Restricted from using weapons by their slave masters, these pandaren instead focused on harnessing their chi and learning weaponless combat. When the opportunity for revolution struck, they were well-trained to throw off the yoke of oppression.

Masters of bare-handed combat, monks never rely solely on the need to have a weapon in their hands to defend against their enemies. Although most widely known to the outside world for their fearsome jabs and flying kicks, they refuse to limit themselves to a single method of combat. Many monks prefer instead to “soak it up” and seem to revel in the intoxicating effect of absorbing blow after blow while their companions press the attack. Other monks specialize in calling upon the restorative power of the mists to balance the good and bad energy within people, returning them to good health and fortune.

Monks bring a unique martial arts style to any fight, and harness an exotic form of magical energy that’s unfamiliar to those who practice other arcane arts. They seek spiritual balance in life and in combat, and as dangerous as Monks can be on the battlefield, they’re rarely looking to pick a fight without just cause. They view the world through a different lens, finding power through serenity and inner peace—then expressing it through artful combat techniques and powers that mend life. Perhaps most surprisingly, Monks are also adept at producing powerful brews they consume to aid them in battle.

The brewmaster is a quirky character, though dangerous when underestimated. Brewmasters may seem to struggle with balance as they chug their concoctions in the middle of a fight, but this unpredictable behavior is far from foolhardiness. Most opponents barely have time to process the erratic nature of the brewmaster’s fighting tactics before they find themselves laid low—possibly the result of a keg smash to the head. When an opponent actually manages to land an attack, it’s often unclear how much the brewmaster feels it . . . if at all.

Brewmaster and Windwalker abilities are influenced by real life martial arts style, such as a form of Wushu, commonly known as Drunken Boxing, which inspired some of the Brewmaster's animations.



Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Chen_Stormstout


Name: Prophet Velen

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 7'6

Weight (you can approximate): 260ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 800px-Velen_mural

Universe: WoW


Priests are devoted to the spiritual, and express their unwavering faith by serving the people. For millennia they have left behind the confines of their temples and the comfort of their shrines so they can support their allies in war-torn lands. In the midst of terrible conflict, no hero questions the value of the priestly orders. These masters of the healing arts keep their companions fighting far beyond their normal capacities with an array of restorative powers and blessings. The divine forces at the priest’s command can also be turned against foes, smiting them with holy fury.

As light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness without light, some priests tap into shadow to better understand their own abilities, as well as the abilities of those who threaten them.

Priests bring a wide range of abilities to any party. Depending on their spec, priests may specialize in healing and protecting their allies, or dealing powerful shadow damage to their enemies. However, a priest's capabilities extend far beyond these roles. Priests can buff their allies' stamina, ward against fear, restore mana to their party and even dispel magical debuffs and diseases from their allies. They can terrify, silence and horrify enemies, and remove some of their most powerful buffs and immunities. They can defer aggro, grant substantial speed buffs to their allies and even pull heedless teammates out of the fire. Priests' innate power in manipulating others can allow them to see through the eyes of a distant target, or even dominate an opponent's mind, turning a foe into a friend, or sending them to their death at the bottom of a precipice.

Priests have a range of healing abilities. Discipline and Holy priests are natural masters of healing and protection, and have additional capabilities in these areas, with spells ranging from direct heals and heal over time effects to AoE abilities and on-damage procs.  [Atonement] also allows Discipline priests to heal through dealing damage. While Shadow priests excel at wreaking havoc, they can still can contribute passive healing to their group through  [Vampiric Embrace].

As well as an array of healing options, priests can choose to shield their allies from damage. This pre-emptive approach to damage prevention allows for rapid and lifesaving intervention, but can require skill to correctly anticipate incoming damage.  [Power Word: Shield] is the priest's signature shield, absorbing attacks directed at the target and preventing pushback. While all priests are capable of shielding themselves and their allies, Discipline priests are the masters of damage absorption, being able to shield multiple allies at the same time with  [Rapture]. Discipline priests can also protect their allies with  [Power Word: Barrier]. Each spec also has a powerful damage-reduction cooldown, from the direct avoidance of  [Pain Suppression] and  [Dispersion] to the self-sacrifing grace of  [Guardian Spirit].

Priests have access to two schools of magic - Holy and Shadow - and can deal substantial amounts of damage from either. Priests have a number of direct damage options, as well as a few DoTs and specialties. Shadow priests are without doubt the most damage-oriented of priests, but Discipline priests with  [Atonement] come a respectable second. Even healing priests can contribute some damage by summoning their temporary pet - the  [Shadowfiend] or  [Mindbender] - to attack enemies.

As well as their obvious capabilities in healing and dealing damage, priests also have access to a range of utility spells, many of which are unique to the priest class. Abilities such as  [Levitate],  [Mind Vision] and  [Mind Control] can make the priest class fun to play, but are also capable of providing game-changing advantages if used correctly. Priests can also evade aggro with  [Fade]. Priests can also cast  [Leap of Faith] to pull other players to the priest and possibly save them from death.

Priests are significantly capable dispellers. They can strip magical buffs and even immunities from their enemies with  [Dispel Magic] and  [Mass Dispel], while Discipline and Holy priests can also  [Purify] their allies of magic and disease effects. Discipline and Holy priests can generally consider dispelling to be their most important duty after healing, while Shadow priests are also capable of contributing if necessary.

Priests have a range of abilities to aid in escaping and incapacitating their attackers.  [Body and Soul] and  [Angelic Feather] provide speed boosts for the priest or their allies, while  [Psychic Scream] provide excellent fear effects. Meanwhile, Shadow priests'  [Dispersion] can be used to slip out of roots and snares.

Shadow priests have the most crowd control abilities, with  [Silence] and  [Mind Flay] providing a 50% snare Priests can also offer sustainable crowd control on undead targets with  [Shackle Undead], while Holy priests can disorientate and interrupt opponents with  [Holy Word: Chastise]. Priests can also take control of other players or creatures temporarily by using  [Mind Control].



Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Velen


Name: Farseer Nobudno

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'4

Weight (you can approximate): 150ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Nobundo_tcg

Universe: WoW


Shaman are spiritual guides and practitioners, not of the divine, but of the very elements. Unlike some other mystics, shaman commune with forces that are not strictly benevolent. The elements are chaotic, and left to their own devices, they rage against one another in unending primal fury. It is the call of the shaman to bring balance to this chaos. Acting as moderators among earth, fire, water, and air, shaman summon totems that focus the elements to support the shaman’s allies or punish those who threaten them.

These masters of the elements can also call upon elemental forces directly, unleashing torrents of lava and bolts of lightning against foes. The elements can create, destroy, support, and hinder. The experienced shaman balances the vast spectrum of these primordial forces into an array of diverse abilities, making shaman versatile heroes and valued members of any group.

Certain shaman have dedicated themselves above all else to forging a deep bond with the elements. They have peered beyond the Elemental Plane, gleaning visions of an ancient past where manifestations of volatile energies once raged unimpeded across primordial Azeroth. Through careful study and dedication, the elemental shaman is able to channel such power into destructive magical surges. Through the body of the shaman flows bolts of lightning, as if from storm, and bursts of fire, as if from molten earth. They manipulate the land itself and summon spirits of earth, fire, and storm to their aid. To battle an elemental shaman is to taunt the very forces of nature.

Intense communion with fire, earth, air, and water isn’t exclusive to the elemental shaman. In many ways, enhancement shaman similarly bond with nature and leverage its power on the battlefield. What distinguishes them in their training—and in their connection with the elements—is their combat methodology. These shaman favor empowering their physical attacks with elemental energies and facing their adversaries up close. They don’t shy from the frontlines, wielding magically augmented weapons, potent elemental attacks, and totems that shape the tide of battle.

Some shaman find a serene affinity for the restorative properties of water. These shaman do not necessarily seek the Light or turn to the divine, yet they feel a profound spiritual connection with the source from which all mortal life took root. So strong is their connection with water that the shaman is able to restore life and heal afflictions. They balance this with a command of the other elements, finding harmony in nature and purifying their allies as a tidal surge washes across a sandy shore.



Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Farseer_Nobundo


Name: Goris

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 8'4

Weight (you can approximate): 690ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 62235d17a47a348110c25f2fc14e32cf

Universe: Fallout


He's a Deathclaw, it's pretty damn obvious what he's good at. However, unlike many Deathclaw, Goris is highly intelligent. Moreso than many humans in the wasteland.

S: 10
P: 9
E: 10
C: 4
I: 7
A: 9
L: 7


Goris is a humanoid figure wearing a long sleeved, hooded robe. He is a scholar and was very curious about the rest of the world. He had learned how to crudely disguise himself among humans by wearing a loose robe (because "humans have a habit of shooting deathclaws on sight"), and claiming that he was really a human but had some deformity he wished to hide, and traveled in the wasteland among them learning as much as he could about their cultures.

In 2241, he studied the culture his pack formed and compared it to human development along similar lines. When the Chosen One met Goris for the first time, he said that he had only been at Vault 13 for a few months and has acquired all the information he needs there, and wants to go again for his research. He does not like to travel alone, so he offers to be a companion of the Chosen One to help him in his research and wants to show that deathclaws can work with humans as friends, not enemies.

Depending on the actions of the Chosen one, the Enclave will invade Vault 13 and kill everyone in it. No matter if accompanying the Chosen One or not, he was thus spared of the massacre (because he was in one of his scholarly trips if not accompanying the player). After that, he can accompany the Chosen One to further study the world around him and to avenge his kin.

One of his particular characteristics is that he's affected by albinism, due to a different mutation with FEV. His hide is completely dark grey instead of earth-tone colors like other deathclaws, and his eyes are red. He also has a sensitive hide due to his albinism, because even when he is among his pack, he always wears his robe and only removes it during combat. He also possesses a telepathic sense connecting him with his brothers, as seen when the Enclave attack Vault 13 if Goris accompanies the Chosen One: he feels his brothers are in danger and leaves the group to return to Vault 13.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Goris


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Name: Dehaka

Sex (if any): Hermaphrodite (Masculine)

Height (you can approximate): 13ft

Weight (you can approximate): 1600ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 0c0029d88796bc9e9eb44fc43cddce7f

Universe: Starcraft


Dehaka targets a unit and pulls that unit to his location, stunning it for a short time. This allows him to pull allies to safety, or pull enemy units out of position. The ability can pull units up and down cliffs.

Generate Spawn:
Creates two Spawn of Dehaka at target location. Spawns have 50% HP but deal full damage. Spawns last 30 seconds.

User instantly heals self for 150 HP and nearby units for 50 HP. An additional 50% of the HP restored to affected units is rapidly healed over 15 seconds.

Cliff Jumper:
Dehaka can jump up and down cliffs.

Deal 47 damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds. While active, you are able to move through units. Can be cast during Drag and Burrow.

Burrow into the ground, entering Stasis and becoming Invulnerable for 2 seconds.

Launch biomass that hits the first enemy Hero dealing 200 damage, revealing, Silencing, and Slowing them 30% for 3 seconds. Additionally, their vision radius is greatly reduced for 6 seconds.

After 4 seconds, heal for 100% of the damage Dehaka took over this period.


Dehaka lost his large right arm prior to the Swarm's return to Zerus; it was later to be found in the same area where Sarah Kerrigan defeated the other primal pack leaders. It was noted to still be "bleeding profusely", implying he had only lost it very recently.

When the Zerg Swarm returned to Zerus, Dehaka initially opted to simply observe the Swarm and Kerrigan. He witnessed the newcomers awaken Zurvan and the primal-infestation of Kerrigan.

Dehaka perceived Kerrigan as the strongest zerg. He and his pack welcomed the new power by allying with the Swarm, believing Kerrigan would lead them to new essence. Dehaka correctly predicted that the other pack leaders would refuse to similarly adapt; the other pack leaders were destroyed by Kerrigan, including Zurvan. Dehaka sent some of his pack to assist Kerrigan in killing them. Kerrigan confronted Dehaka afterwards, confirming that Dehaka had known that Zurvan would turn on her. He did not deny this—one zerg would grow strong, the other would fall. He claimed that as zerg, Kerrigan already knew it to be inevitable. Dehaka remained with the Swarm.

The Swarm arrived at Skygeirr Station, a Terran Dominion base. Dehaka was perplexed at the structure, but was nonetheless content, and eager to sample terran essence. Essence of another kind existed within the base however, that of protoss-zerg hybrids. While their essence was strong, Dehaka could not collect it. He knew the beings' creator served Amon, a being that would "devour all essence." Dehaka believed that if Amon succeeded, all change would stop, and all essence would be collected. And he was willing to fight to prevent that from happening.

The Swarm operated with Raynor's Raiders with the intent of retrieving Jim Raynor from Dominion custody. Dehaka was disgruntled by the lack of essence to be found, and exchanged verbal barbs with Broodmother Zagara. Kerrigan broke up the altercation, and forbid Dehaka from collecting essence in the area. Raynor was successfully rescued, but Dehaka noticed Kerrigan's silence afterwards.

Kerrigan took the Swarm to Korhal, intent on deposing Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. Dehaka noted the abundance of essence on the world, and how different it was from essences he had encountered in the past. He and his pack would collect it.

With the deployment of the Psi Destroyer, Dehaka and his pack were at an advantage, as they lacked the psionic connection that Swarm zerg shared. This made him immune to the Destroyer's effects, and he and his pack were able to sabotage its power links, allowing Kerrigan's zerg to destroy the device, giving the Swarm access to Augustgrad. Soon afterward, Dehaka and his pack participated in the final attack on Korhal Palace.

After Korhal, Dehaka strengthened his pack. He returned to Zerus, where he incorporated three pack leaders, Glevig, Murvar, and Dakrun, into his pack. During the End War, he lead the primal zerg against Amon and his forces. He was aided by his new pack leaders, who followed him for his strength.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Dehaka


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Name: Anub'arak

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 18ft

Weight (you can approximate): 1,645ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Anub

Universe: WoW


Anub'arak is an aggressive Tank who specializes against Mages. His strongest points are his long-range Crowd controls and high resistance to Ability-based damage. Although considered an archetypal tank, his Health pool is significantly lower than that of other tanks; Anub'arak must therefore rely on his summons and Abilities to survive in battle. Finding the right time to initiate, peel, and pressure isolated Heroes while avoiding dangerous situations are the skills that one should develop in order to become a strong Anub'arak player.

Scarab Host
Using an Ability spawns a Beetle, which attacks nearby enemies

Anub'arak causes spikes to erupt from the ground below, skewering things caught in its path

Harden Carapace:
Anub'arak focuses necromantic energy to hold and repair his carapace to withstand more force

Burrow Charge:
Anub'arak can burrow and emerge very quickly. Allowing him to suddenly burst forth from the ground upon enemies.

Locust Swarm:
A swarm of aqir within Anub'arak emerge from their lord's dessicated body to slake their hunger on the flesh of nearby creatures.

Chanelling his arachnid parts, Anub'arak can create large quantities of webbing.


The former king of Azjol-Nerub, Anub'arak was among the nerubians slaughtered in the War of the Spider. One of his most loyal commanders was Anub'Rekhan. Ner'zhul the Lich King raised the high lords of the Spider Kingdom, Anub'arak among them, as undead to do his bidding. As a malicious crypt lord, he was forced to use his powers to purge the snow-swept landscape of any remaining resistance to the reign of the Lich King.

Anub'arak was sent south to meet Arthas Menethil when he arrived in Northrend. Anub'arak saved the death knight from an attack by blood elves before he introduced himself and told Arthas of Ner'zhul's plans. Anub'arak helped Arthas establish a base, then masterminded the attack on the blue dragon Sapphiron. Anub'arak told Arthas that it would take too long to fight their way through the forces led by Kael'thas and Vashj. He formulated a plan to go through the underground ruins of Azjol-Nerub to reach Icecrown, but warned that it would be a perilous journey.

Anub'arak led Arthas into the ruined kingdom, negating many perilous traps along the way. All the while he fought against his former subjects, the living nerubians, who called him the "traitor king". They encountered survivors of Muradin's expedition, led by Baelgun, who reported that an ancient evil had been released beneath the kingdom. Anub'arak and Arthas defeated the dwarves and broke into the Inner Kingdom. Soon, they came upon the evil the dwarves had spoken of - the Faceless Ones, strange creatures who had been imprisoned beneath the earth long ago. They even fought against a mighty Forgotten One. Upon entering the Upper Kingdom, an earthquake separated Anub'arak from Arthas. After digging through the rubble and finding the death knight unharmed, Anub'arak realized why Ner'zhul had chosen Arthas as his champion.

Anub'arak ushered Arthas out of Azjol-Nerub and to the surface, where they engaged with Illidan Stormrage and his servants in a battle for the Frozen Throne. Anub'arak defended Arthas as he magically activated the four obelisks surrounding Icecrown's pinnacle, then stood by as Arthas climbed the stairs to his destiny.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Link: https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Anub%27arak


Name: Mal'ganis

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 9'1

Weight (you can approximate): 760ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 I1539021971969436

Universe: WoW


Netherborn: Mal'ganis is immortal but not unkillable. If slain outside the Twisting Nether, or outside fel-stricken areas. Mal'ganis can reform in time.

Vampiric Touch: Mal'ganis heals himself from the pain, suffering and damage inflicted upon other creatures

Fel Claw: Mal'ganis's claws are wickedly sharp and infused with entropic fel magic. Allowing him to cleave into and piece most armor. Making swords and weapons superfluous.

Necrotic Embrace: Mal'ganis's ability over necromantic magic allows him to defile the air around him. Sucking the life-force and energy from nearby beings.

Night Rush: Using his wings and phasing into the twisting nether, Mal'ganis can move with preternatural speed and phase through some objects for a time. This also greatly reduces the damage he can take.

Carrion Swarm: Mal'ganis diffuses into a swarm of bats. He is night-invulnerable in this form save for explosive weaponry, and heals rapidly while touching living creatures.

Dark Conversation: After 3 seconds, Mal'ganis can swap his 'health' with an enemy. A mortally wounded Mal'ganis upon seeing his foe, can become as healthy as the foe while leaving the foe mortally wounded.


Mal'Ganis is one of the nathrezim, or dreadlords, who served as the Lich King's elite jailers. He aided the Lich King in his task of preparing Azeroth for the Burning Legion's second invasion, spreading a plague through Lordaeron that would turn the population into mindless undead. Posing as the leader of the Scourge, he confronted Prince Arthas at Stratholme, and watched him purge the city before its citizens could turn. Impressed by Arthas' resolve, Mal'Ganis goaded the prince into following him to Northrend. In a desperate attempt to defeat Mal'Ganis, Arthas sought and found the runeblade Frostmourne. However, this was Mal'Ganis' plan all along, as Arthas forfeited his soul to the Lich King when he claimed the weapon. When Arthas finally confronted Mal'Ganis with Frostmourne in hand, Ner'zhul betrayed his jailer and commanded Arthas to slay the dreadlord.

Mal'Ganis, being a demon, wasn't killed and his soul merely returned to the Twisting Nether. After reforming his body, he returned to Northrend, where he manipulated the Scarlet Onslaught - an elite branch of the Scarlet Crusade - in the form of Barean Westwind. When his cover was blown, Mal'Ganis retreated, but eventually came back when the Legion invaded Azeroth for the third time.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Mal%27Ganis


Name: Imperius

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 9'6

Weight (you can approximate): 1000ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Latest?cb=20181231074210

Universe: Diablo


Mark of Valor: Imperius's strikes can mark his target, the more marks they have the harder he will hit them.

Celestial Charge: Imperius thrusts forward with Solarius, traversing decameters in the blink of an eye

Solarion's Wrath: Imperius can release gouts of burning energy from his spear.

Molten Armor: Imperius becomes red and white hot, his armor sending shards of dense, hot and molten slag into the flesh and pliable armor of his foes.

Angelic Armaments: A ring of angelic swords appear around Imperius, parrying blows and ranged projectiles. These swords can then be hurtled at a target.

Wrath of the Angiris: Imperius grabs a target and hurtles himself and the target high, high, high into the sky. Crashing down and using the target as a brace for the impact.


Imperius is the Archangel and Aspect of Valor one of the five Angel Aspects leader and aspect of the Heavenly Host and member of the Angiris Council, Who was born from one of the virtues of the great titan Anu at the beginning of time. and has led the Angiris Council and Heavenly Host since Malthael's absence. Known for his unshakable bravery, he and Tyrael led the Heavenly Host to countless victories against the Burning Hells. When the human world of Sanctuary was discovered, Imperius voted for humanity's eradication, viewing them as demonspawn, but was outvoted by Itherael, Auriel Malthael and Tyrael.

Since the truce between Heaven and Hell robbed Imperius from further opportunities to prove his valor in battle, he grew legalistic and tyrannical over the years. When he tried to punish Tyrael for interfering with Sanctuary and destroying the Worldstone, Tyrael defied Imperius' judgment and renounced his angelhood. Powerless to stop Diablo's assault on the Crystal Arch, Imperius witnessed the Nephalem defeat the Prime Evil and save the High Heavens. When Malthael, now the Archangel and Aspect of Death after Tyrael became the Aspect of Wisdom and Imperius became the New Leader of the Angiris Council, he attacked the High Heavens, he reluctantly asked the Nephalem to put an end to Malthael's madness

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Imperius


Name: Fenix

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'9

Weight (you can approximate): 2000ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Fenix

Universe: Sc2


Shield Capacitor: Fenix has a permanent shield which can absorb oncoming blows directed at him.

Plasma Cutter: Upon activation, Fenix can discharge a beam of plasma around himself. For whatever reason that plasma would be required for.

Weapon Mode: Repeater Cannon: Fenix's cannon changes to fire short beams of energy at his targets at a rapid pace.

Weapon Mode: Phase Cannon: Fenix's cannon changes to fire extremely long-range globes of energy that detonate explosively on impact.

Warp: Fenix is capable of warping across time and space, over short distances after a charge-up period.

Purification Salvo: Fenix can scan the area around him, before launching a salvo of purifier missiles at his targets with the intent to fissile them.

Planet Cracker: A miniature planet-destroying weapon. After a brief charge-up period the entirety of Fenix's power is diverted into a massive energy-beam that can travel kilometers with no issue. Heavily damaging or atomizing anything caught within its path. The power requirement means Fenix is completely unable to adjust the beam after firing, and cannot do it often.


Fenix was once a protoss zealot, and praetor of the Protoss Defense Forces. He personally led his fellow warriors into battle against those who called themselves the enemies of the Protoss Empire. Revered by his warrior-brethren, he was dubbed the Steward of the Templar, and is one of the most celebrated heroes in protoss history.

During the Great War, Fenix fought for the protoss against the threat of the zerg. On his homeworld of Aiur, he rallied alongside Artanis to stop the invasion of the Overmind, but a zerg attack felled him during the defense of the city of Antioch. There he was mortally wounded, and presumed dead. However, his body was recovered and placed within the chassis of a dragoon. The disgraced Tassadar returned to Aiur and was judged to be a heretic by the protoss government of the Conclave for allying with the Dark Templar Zeratul. Though he condemned himself for doing so, Fenix allied with Tassadar and fought his own people in order to save Tassadar. However, as the burned Khor-shakal, Tassadar surrendered himself to stop the fighting, but Fenix, seeing Tassadar as their last hope for victory against the zerg, fought on alongside the terran Jim Raynor and Artanis, freeing Tassadar. The allies then banded together and struck down the Overmind, shattering the Zerg Swarm.

However, Aiur was ravaged, and as the protoss evacuated the planet, Fenix and Raynor stayed behind to ensure the evacuation. To prevent the zerg from following the protoss, Fenix and Raynor destroyed the warp gate the protoss were using on the Aiur side, stranding themselves with the zerg. However, soon they were contacted by Sarah Kerrigan, who warned them of a second Overmind growing on the planet Char, and of the invasion of the terran United Earth Directorate. Fenix allied with Kerrigan to stop the UED, helping rescue Terran Dominion emperor Arcturus Mengsk from their forces. The desperate alliance attacked the United Earth Directorate stronghold and Mengsk's former capital of Korhal, driving them from the planet. But as they stood victorious, Kerrigan betrayed her allies, attacking Fenix and his forces. In a last stand, Fenix was slain under a tide of zerg.

Fenix's legacy would live on years after his fall, and his death would be a rallying cry for many protoss, and even for Raynor, for years to come. Brainscans from Fenix would later be used to create a robotic Purifier construct, who would take the name Talandar.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Link: https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Fenix


Name: Mephisto

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 9'7

Weight (you can approximate): n/a

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Andrew-kinabrew-mephisto

Universe: Diablo


Lord Of Hatred: Hitting creatures with his abilities lowers their cooldown

Skull Missile: Mephisto conjures an ethereal, chattering skull that bulldozes its way through objects

Lightning Nova: A ring of lightning is conjured around Mephisto, zapping anything within its radius

Shade of Mephisto: Mephisto can create shades of himself that he can see through, or teleport to.

Consume Souls: Using all four of his arms, Mephisto channels eldritch magic to see the souls of all beings around them, before draining away part of their essence. Killing the wounded and the weak.

Durance of Hate: Mephisto sends evil spirits out in a direction. Upon contact with a living being, the being is rooted and clawed at by the spirits. Along with everything around them.


Born from the seven heads of the great dragon Tathamet at the beginning of time, Mephisto is Lord Archdemon and Aspect of Hatred and one of Three Prime Evils and Seven Great Evils, alongside his younger brothers Baal and Diablo. He was known as the greatest tactician and most cunning of the seven Great Evils, unifying the Burning Hells as its true leader and manipulating both demon and mortal alike. Mephisto and his siblings waged a war against the Heavenly Host of the High Heavens that would last for all eternity until the Worldstone, the goal of their conflict, mysteriously disappeared and put the war on halt. In truth, the Worldstone was stolen by his renegade daughter, Lilith, and her lover angel, Inarius, to create the world of Sanctuary. Together with a group of like-minded renegade demons and angels who grew tired of the conflict, they fled the war and made Sanctuary their new home. The renegades mated and their offspring, unions of both demon and angel, would later become known as the nephalem. Terrified of their powers, Inarius used the Worldstone to weaken the nephalem with each generation. Their descendants eventually would turn into the mortal race of humans.

Thousands of years later, Mephisto learned of Sanctuary after humans summoned demons from the Burning Hells to Sanctuary, to learn their powers and use the demons to conquer the world. Sensing their partial demonic heritage, Mephisto planned to enslave the human race and use them as an army to tip the scales against the High Heavens in the Eternal Conflict. To achieve this, Mephisto created the cult of the Triune, masquerading himself as the benevolent Spirit of Love, Mephis, with Diablo being the Spirit of Determination, Dialon, and Baal being the Spirit of Creation, Bala. During the Sin War, the nephalem, Uldyssian and his fellow Edyrem, brought down the cult and its leaders, Mephisto's children, Lilith and Lucion. At the end of the Sin War, Sanctuary was discovered by the High Heavens, and Uldyssian sacrificed himself to prevent Sanctuary's destruction and removed the powers of the nephalem. Mephisto then met with the Angiris Council to sign an agreement, swearing that Sanctuary would stay neutral ground and to let humanity decide their own fate without any interference from either side. Shortly after, a truce between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells was reached.

Of course Mephisto never intended to uphold the agreement and kept working on his plan to invade Sanctuary and sway humanity to the Burning Hells' side. The Lesser Evils - Andariel, Duriel, Belial and Azmodan - who wanted to uphold the truce, however, grew sick and tired of Mephisto's schemes and led a rebellion that ended with the banishment of the Prime Evils to Sanctuary. As the Three Prime Evils appeared on Sanctuary, they were weak and roamed the world for forty years, spreading terror, destruction and hatred wherever they went. Eventually however, the Horadrim, a united order of mages created by Tyrael, hunted them down and imprisoned the Prime Evils within soulstones. Mephisto was the first to be captured and then taken to the city of Kurast, where the Zakarum church was entrusted with guarding him. However, this was part of Mephisto's plan. Within his prison, he worked to spread hatred and prejudice into the Zakarum faith, transforming the priesthood into his unwitting servants. Mephisto eventually sent Archbishop Lazarus to Khanduras to corrupt King Leoric and awaken Diablo, placing the pieces for all three brothers to return.

Freed from their prisons, the Dark Wanderer (possessed by Diablo) and Baal arrived at the temple of Zakarum and freed Mephisto from the soulstone. Diablo then returned to Hell to rally those still loyal to the Prime Evils, while Baal journeyed north to corrupt the Worldstone, to combine their forces into an army that would enslave all life on Sanctuary and burn the Heavens. Mephisto stayed at the temple, but was shortly after defeated by a group of mortals, amongst them Cassia and Xul, who were pursuing Diablo. Mephisto was returned to his prison, and his soulstone was then taken to the Hellforge, where it was destroyed, sending Mephisto's soul to the Black Abyss.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil



Name: Alexstraza

Sex (if any): Female

Height (you can approximate): 7'3 (15ft)

Weight (you can approximate): 270ibs (3,120ibs)

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Dbw4ocp-2e4abe8a-4f1c-4e6a-9432-b2e7f2657e68.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcL2YwZDk3MGIxLWM5YzktNDlmZS04Zjg2LTQzZTYxNzIxNzUwOFwvZGJ3NG9jcC0yZTRhYmU4YS00ZjFjLTRlNmEtOTQzMi1iMmU3ZjI2NTdlNjguanBnIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Chung-kan-ah2

Universe: WoW


Dragonqueen: Alexstraza is a dragon, and a dragon aspect at that. When in her original dragon form, the power of her abilities is enhanced.

Gift of Life: Alexstraza spares a portion of her own lifeforce to greatly heal an ally. In her dragonqueen form it does not cost her health.

Breath of Life: A gout of warm fire erupts from Alexstraza's mouth, healing the wounded in its wake and burning the unworthy.

Abundance: Alexstraza plants a seed that slowly grows over three seconds, erupting to heal everyone in its radius for 20% of their life-force. In dragonqueen form the area is greatly increased and heals for 30%

Flame Buffet: Alexstraza launches a roiling fireball at her target

Wing Buffet: Dragonqueen Alexstraza launches a lethal gale of wind at her enemies

Life-Binder: Alexstraza binds another being's life-force to her own. Effectively sharing their health until it evens out or reaches capacity.

Cleansing Flame: Alexstraza takes to the sky and drops massive globules of fire that heal and burn in equal measure.


Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, former Leader Queen and Aspect of the red dragonflight One of the five Dragon Aspects and Aspect of Life, is the guardian of all life in the world of Azeroth. She was one of five great dragons chosen by the titans to be empowered with a portion of the Pantheon's power and rule over her flight while they watched over Azeroth and its inhabitants. The titans also appointed her queen of all dragons after defeating Father of Dragons Galakrond.

Though not content to just sit back and watch, she has most recently assisted the mortal races of the world against the threat of Deathwing and his dragonflight. Sacrificing much of her power to see Deathwing destroyed, Alexstrasza now resides atop the draconic holy site of Wyrmrest Temple, having passed her guardian duties onto the creatures she once protected.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Link: https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/Alexstrasza


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Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash X [OOC]

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Sex (if any):Unknown

Height (you can approximate): Bout a foot

Weight (you can approximate):Incomprehensible

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Willki10

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Wilkin10

Universe:Jim Henson/Maybe just a tad bit eldritch horror

Abilities:Willkins will always appear sitting on top of or standing behind scenery when checked behind, the puppet will have miraculously moved to a different position, therefore unable to be seen who,or what is puppetering him,if anything,Willikins can summon an exorbitant amount of Wilkins Brand coffee in power,brewed,or canned form,this coffee has the effect of making anyone who consumes it, think they have more energy,are stronger,or are better in some way,this is not the case.

Willkins has the ability to alter the scenery and summon objects,such as a cannon,an electric chair,or really anything as long as its funny to hurt,dismember or ‘punish’ whoever refuses or decries the coffee he’s offering

Bio: Wilkins and Wontkins are the Muppet stars of one of the earliest, and perhaps longest running, commercial series made by Jim Henson, appearing in 8 second spots for Wilkins Coffee. Wilkins was a smiling character named for the coffee, and Wontkins was his generally dour counterpart, a grumpy blob who couldn't stand the Wilkins brand. Wilkins would be a strong proponent of drinking Wilkins Coffee, and would attempt to convince Wontkins to drink it, too. Wontkins however, almost always refused, leading Wilkins to maim, destroy, assault, and sometimes kill Wontkins over his dislike of Wilkins Coffee. Wontkins, however, occasionally would admit that he liked Wilkins Coffee. Throughout the ads, Wontkins never smiled, unlike Wilkins.
Wontkins was named as Wilkins' opposite: they either "will" or "won't" drink the coffee. If you won't, bad things will happen to you.
A typical commercial would go like this:
(Wilkins and Wontkins appear under a sign reading "Wilkins Coffee". Wilkins speaks into a large, tabletop microphone)
Wilkins: Care for a cup of Wilkins Coffee?
Wontkins: No, I don't like coffee.
(As Wontkins says this, a hand from off screen places a gun next to Wontkins head. As he completes the line, the gun fires, dropping Wontkins out of frame in a puff of smoke)
Wilkins: This has been a public service.
The repeated abuse would sometimes lead Wontkins to try and outsmart Wilkins by proclaiming his love for Wilkins Coffee, but Wilkins would generally see through this and pummel Wontkins anyway. This no-win scenario sometimes made for commercials like this:
(Wontkins appears next to Wilkins, who is brandishing a large club. Wonkins begins to talk in a stilted, scripted manner)
Wontkins: Wilkins makes good coffee.
(Wilkins smacks Wontkins with the club)
Wontkins: Better Coffee?
(Wilkins hits Wontkins again with the club)
Wontkins: Wilkins makes the BEST coffee!!
Wilkins: (nodding in approval) Congratulations.
Sometimes, nothing happened to Wontkins. This happened in very few commercials. One example of this is:
(Wilkins and Wontkins are on a game show. Wontkins has a microphone)
Wontkins: You win a new car or a case of Wilkins Instant Coffee.
Wilkins: I'll take the Wilkins Coffee.
Wontkins: We'll never get rid of that car.
The characters proved so popular that in October 1958, the company offered vinyl puppets of Wilkins and Wontkins through the mail for $1.00 and a coffee can label. The offer on the can said, "Hey Kids! I'm Wilkins and he's Wontkins -- you see us on TV!" These puppets are difficult to find today. Years later, Community Coffee offered hand puppets of the characters.[1]
The pair were also used in ads for other products, including Wilkins tea, and assorted other brands, and established a basic pattern which would be reflected in later commercial teams, such as Scoop and Skip, Tommy and Fred, and Mack and Suzy.
Rebuilt versions of the puppets were on display in the touring exhibit Jim Henson's Fantastic World, while the original puppet for Wilkins has been donated to the Smithsonian.
In 2019, Wilkins and Wontkins made an illustrated cameo in The Muppet Christmas Carol: The Illustrated Holiday Classic.

Alignment: Lawful Coffee


Name:Hearts Boxcars

Sex (if any):Male

Height (you can approximate):seven feet

Weight (you can approximate):roughly 500 pounds

Description/Picture:Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Boxcars

Hearts Boxcars is a tall, brawny-looking member of the Midnight Crew. He is the tallest member, in fact, and like the other members, cast in a permanent type of shadow. As his name implies, he is the Hearts part of the crew's card based theme. He is depicted as the Crew's safecracker, often employing the tried-and-true method of simply ripping the safe's door off its hinges with his bare hands, which he attempts to do when invading the vault owned by the Felt. In Homestuck, he is the Hegemonic Brute from the trolls' Sgrub session. Initially, there were some difficulties Sburb Logo.svg becoming Sburb Logo.svg him.

Boxcars is a brusque, physical fellow. When speaking, his language is peppered with threats of bodily harm. He may have a romantic side to him, as he blows a fuse after enduring a bit too much of Tavros' dawdling; both combat-wise and relationship-wise, commanding him to "GO KISS THE GIRL RIGHT NOW".

The other thing that really sets off Boxcars is time travel Sburb Logo.svg, especially when exploited by Eggs​​​​​​​ and Biscuits​​​​​​​.


Abilities:Able to rip a safe nodule right off of the wall with just his mitts,

Hearts Boxcars is incredibly strong and he ALWAYS ROLLS BOXCARS. He can also consume large objects

While performing Hive Ragtime: Fill 'Em with Midnight, Hearts Boxcars used the double bass.

Like all the other crew members, Hearts carries 5 weapon slots and one inventory slot, which as expected, holds a deck of cards. All of the cards suffer from that pretty annoying glitch from Problem Sleuth.

His main weapon of choice, oddly enough, is a TV antenna. He also carries a variety of antique polearms, including a Battleaxe and a Mace.

The deck of cards in his inventory slot often turn into his Wrathtub, which will always have the same amount of basin capacity no matter how much wrath it actually has. In it, there are huge amounts of large cleaving and spear type weapons, as well as a Backup Hat and an issue of Red Cheeks magazine. He can also talk into two of the cards (the 10 and the 4, of course), to make a radio device to communicate to other members. As a nod to Problem Sleuth, Hearts carries two Wax Lips in his Backup Hat.

In an alternate timeline, Sawbuck​​​​​​​ and a deceased Stitch​​​​​​​ were stored in the Wrathtub. It is unknown if he is alive or dead as he is last seen in a horse calendar during the midnight crew intermission.

Bio: The A2 instance of the Hegemonic Brute, along with the other three high-ranking agents of Derse wind up exiled on the barren planet to which the session is linked, during the course of the trolls' adventure. The group manages to build a city from the ground up, transforming themselves into the Midnight Crew. From then on, HB instead stands for Hearts Boxcars.

At an uncertain point following this moment, HB finds a command terminal with which to influence the players during the course of their session. He observes two separate Sburb Logo.svg but similar Sburb Logo.svg moments in Tavros Nitram's journey, both times aggressively urging the youngster to "KISS THE GIRL", unsuccessfully.

When their rivals the Felt become an unignorable nuisance to the gang, the Midnight Crew decides to take care of them once and for all and storm their mansion. HB (the designated safe cracker of the team) makes his way directly to their secret vault Sburb Logo.svg shortly after midnight. Realizing he won't be able to crack the safe on his own, he radios Clubs Deuce for help. Just then, Biscuits​​​​​​​ and Eggs​​​​​​​ appear, much to his frustration. The duo utterly overwhelm him with their reckless time loops. The battle wears on for four hours Sburb Logo.svg, Clover​​​​​​​ showing up to watch after a while. Since CD fails to ever show up, HB finally contacts Spades Slick for assistance, though he and Diamonds Droog are pretty busy themselves.

When backup finally does arrive, it proves to be of little help Sburb Logo.svg until Slick arrives with Crowbar​​​​​​​'s crowbar, destroying Eggs' egg timer and undoing its nasty temporal effects, essentially making the entire battle unhappen. Boxcars finally offs Eggs, causing Biscuits to retreat. Unfortunately, Cans​​​​​​​ arrives shortly afterward, making short work of Droog and then Boxcars, punching him right out of the calendar and into some horse-themed calendar Sburb Logo.svg.

Moments afterward, though, Slick transports himself into a highly unfavorable timeline Sburb Logo.svg where almost everyone is dead, including Hearts Boxcars. From here, Slick eventually kills Snowman, destroying the entire universe. HB's fate is unclear. Although he is presumed to be Sburb Logo.svg dead, the horse calendar he was punched into is found eventually... albeit, in the afterlife

Alignment:Chaotic Evil

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Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash X [OOC]

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Name: Xavier

Sex (if any): Male

Height (you can approximate): 6'6

Weight (you can approximate): 222ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Tumblr_pdr29ecjuV1xss0gzo1_1280

Universe: Xavier: Renegade Angel


He has no powers, as powers are for the weak. Unless you count his ability to blow minds with weapons-grade philosophical insights. He's also a cartoon and can survive actions that would normally confine any creature to transitioning into their next life.

Bio: A self-absorbed and oblivious faun-like shaman wanderer with delusions of grandeur, Xavier is the eponymous main character of the program, often shown to be a deeply insecure, near-sociopathic and childlike individual who can quickly turn against others if interactions with them lead to negative feelings about himself. Xavier's physical appearance is composed of various absurdities. He wears the shell of an isopod-like creature as an armband on his right arm. His left hand is a snake from the elbow downwards. It usually acts like an ordinary hand, but in the episodes "The 6th Teat of Good Intentions" and "El Tornadador", it appears to possess its own consciousness and speaks to Xavier directly. His knees bend at the joints backwards, he is covered in brown fur and has ocular heterochromia, having one brown eye and one blue. Instead of a nose, Xavier has a raptor-like beak, though he also has a mouth. He has six nipples and a giant eye in place of his genitalia. He typically wears tennis shoes and a loin cloth embroidered with varying symbols. Xavier's purpose seems to change slightly with each episode, with the initial plot setting him as a wandering philosopher, aspiring "wise man" or sage of sorts whose intent on hermitism seems to give references to Native American vision quests. At first hand and of initial importance seems to be Xavier's drawn-out search for an answer to the abstract question, "What doth life?" Later on in the series, however, the original plot seems to alter slightly into a more personal and less transcendent search: Xavier announces his reasons for roaming the world as the means to which he can help others, his purpose being to improve the quality of human existence and, generally speaking, do good. Much of the first season focuses on his search for the person who killed his father while the second season puts focus on his search for his mother, whom he believes to be alive due to digging up her grave and finding only the meat she had held for years to avoid touching Xavier, thus assuming that somehow his mother was still alive. In the series finale, he finds her in a lunatic asylum and has sex with her, which causes Xavier to see himself as the human he apparently always was. When he says "I'm cured," his psychiatrist says "Cured? who says there was anything wrong with you?"; it is then revealed that the psychiatrist looks and sounds like whatever creature Xavier saw himself as.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xavier:_Renegade_Angel


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Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash X [OOC]

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Name: N'zoth the Corrupter

Sex (if any): Masculine

Height (you can approximate): 5'11 (Mountainous in Ny'alotha)

Weight (you can approximate): 150ibs (Fathomless in Ny'alotha)

Description/Picture: (something like this for his human avatar) Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 N_zoth__human_form_finished_by_grimmurrough_dclo95j-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.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

Actual Form: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Upcoming-Ny039alotha-Raid-Testing-N039zoth-the-Corruptor

Universe: WoW


Reality Manipulation: N'zoth can make his thoughts and visions real, although this feat requires others to believe in his visions. The more that agree and believe in his visions, the stronger and more real they become.

Gift of Flesh: N'zoth massive, twisting body bubbles forth. Spawning powerful minions to populate his empire from time to time. So powerful is his flesh, that he can lift the 'curse of stone' from mechanical entities and make them organic.

Extensive Knowledge: As an ancient creature, present since close to the formation of the universe. N'zoth is extremely knowledgeable about many things. Including the sciences and magics.

Psychic Domination: N'zoth's massive mind is such that he can sense the thoughts of people like physical sensations. This also allows him to speak to others in their mind, warp their perceptions, or even dominate them completely.

Corruptor: N'zoth is a master manipulator. Twisting the desires of others until they align with his own and join their father in servitude. Such is his skill, that he even convinced other old-gods to carry out his will. To their detriment millennia later. His gifts are mental, and physical.

Void Magic: As a fragment of the void-lords, N'zoth's spirit is purely void. This allows him to perform entropic acts of magic. He can hide himself and others. Flay the minds of others with the infinite truths of the void. Tear open holes in reality to his own.

Pocket Reality: N'zoth resides within his personal realm of Ny'alotha. A small universe curved around a single planet. The planet resembles some volcanic world blanketed by thick clouds. The land is populated by the servants of N'zoth. An entire ecosystem based off of N'zoth's flesh blankets the world. This realm is no place for the sane, and those that enter it need to be prepared and careful. Before it's lord or his countless underlings break their minds. This is also a downside, as cutting off his reality will mean he'll have to connect it once more.


During the days of the Black Empire, N'Zoth controlled a vast territory in the east of Kalimdor, covering much of what would later become known as the Eastern Kingdoms. Countless ages ago, Warlord Zon'ozz and his soldiers waged endless war in the name of N'Zoth against the forces of C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. Xal'atath claims that in ages past, the God of the Deep lost a great battle to the God of Seven Heads in the land that would later become known as the Broken Shore. However, as was so often the case, even defeat ultimately worked in N'Zoth's favor.

N'Zoth was the first of the Old Gods to be sealed in an underground prison by the titan-forged after Y'Shaarj's death, in a location halfway between the Well of Eternity and the site where Uldaman was later built.

As the War of the Ancients ended and the Well of Eternity collapsed around Queen Azshara and her Highborne, a small fish with strange red eyes seemed to be whispering to Azshara to 'let go' and give up, even as the waves destroyed her palace. Eventually, Azshara's arcane shield failed, and she and her court were swept into the sea. However, something seemed to keep the queen from drowning. The fish began speaking directly to Azshara, revealing itself to be possessed by N'Zoth. Offering Azshara visions of the Black Empire that it had ruled over in ages past, it offered to save her in exchange for becoming its servant. Azshara, ever guileful and charismatic, convinced the Old God that she would not be a servant, but become a queen to rule at its side. It could either accept the offer or potentially have no servants and be left with no way to free itself. N'Zoth reluctantly agreed, transforming her and the Highborne into naga.

When the roots of the growing World Tree Andrassil inadvertently reached Yogg-Saron's prison, it allowed the Old God to first open the door into the Emerald Dream. This then enabled the other Old Gods and N'Zoth to spread their corruption in the form of the Emerald Nightmare.

Millennia later, Azeroth's mortal adventurers defeated both C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. Shrouded in an ocean of fevered dreams among the bones of nameless horrors, N'Zoth remained untouched. It was certain that Azeroth's champions would eventually come for it, just as they had C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. It was not afraid, but sensed that a window of opportunity was quickly closing; the world was still recovering from its war against the Lich King, and the Dragon Aspects were consumed by their own struggles. The time to usher in the Hour of Twilight was now, and the herald of the apocalypse would be the corrupted Aspect Deathwing, who was currently recovering in Deepholm. N'Zoth fed its own dark energy into Deathwing's heart, infusing the black dragon with great power but also making his form more unstable. N'Zoth commanded cultists of the Twilight's Hammer to venture into Deepholm and bolt elementium plates to Deathwing to prevent the dragon's body from tearing apart. Meanwhile, the Old God reached out elsewhere in the Elemental Plane and called on the elementals — the Old Gods' ancient servants — to prepare for war. Two of the Elemental Lords — Neptulon and Therazane — refused to serve the Old God, but Al'Akir and Ragnaros embraced N'Zoth's command. They relished the prospect of war, and N'Zoth promised to release them from their prisons and allow them to roam free on Azeroth once more. Once Deathwing was ready for war, he would burst out of Deepholm, tearing a rift between Azeroth and the Elemental Plane, and subsequently serve as an extension of N'Zoth's will by coordinating the elementals and Twilight's Hammer. N'Zoth made Deathwing believe that by doing so, he would be able to scour Azeroth of the other dragons and claim the world as his own. In truth, however, N'Zoth intended to dispose of Deathwing after using him to restore the Black Empire and shroud the world in shadow.

Before long, the time had come. On N'Zoth's word, Deathwing unleashed his rage and exploded from Deepholm into Azeroth, igniting the Cataclysm and causing great devastation across Azeroth. N'Zoth stoked the fire in Deathwing's veins, filling him with excruciating pain. While sporadic battles erupted between the Alliance and Horde, Deathwing unleashed the Old Gods' minions on the world. Al'Akir assaulted Uldum in an attempt to claim the Forge of Origination. Meanwhile, another servant of N'Zoth — Queen Azshara — sent her naga forces to Vashj'ir. Neptulon and his minions had defied N'Zoth's will, and for this they would suffer, but N'Zoth also demanded Neptulon's power to control the world's seas, which the naga could use to cut off all sea travel between Azeroth's continents. N'Zoth was confident that the Alliance and Horde would never be able to stop all of its servants, and if even one of the Old God's campaigns succeeded, it would usher in the Hour of Twilight. However, Azeroth's heroes soon arose to thwart the efforts of N'Zoth's minions in Deepholm, Uldum, and Vashj'ir. Meanwhile, Deathwing and the Twilight's Hammer summoned Ragnaros and his fire elementals to assault Mount Hyjal and the World Tree Nordrassil since N'Zoth believed that burning Nordrassil would deal an irrecoverable blow to the world, but in the end Hyjal was saved by the combined efforts of the Cenarion Circle, the green dragonflight, Azeroth's champions, and the Wild Gods.

Eventually, the tide of the war turned as Azeroth's defenders pushed back against the forces of the Old Gods. Heroes retrieved the Dragon Soul from the past and took it to Wyrmrest Temple, where the Dragon Aspects and Thrall began to empower it with the intention of using it to destroy Deathwing. Deathwing and his twilight dragon and cultist minions unleashed their full fury on Wyrmrest, and N'Zoth sent its n'raqi minions to aid in the assault. However, the Aspects managed to empower the Dragon Soul and unleashed it on Deathwing, forcing him to flee toward the Maelstrom in an attempt to escape back into Deepholm. Wyrmrest's defenders pursued him. N'Zoth sensed that its servant was on the verge of defeat and that its plans were about to unravel. In a final, desperate attempt to turn the tide, N'Zoth infused Deathwing with more of its power than ever before, but in the end, Thrall unleashed the Dragon Soul and finally annihilated the corrupted Aspect. In that moment, N'Zoth's campaign to bring about the Hour of Twilight collapsed.

Xal'atath claims that the God of the Deep writhes in its prison, breaking free ever so slowly. Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare served N'Zoth, and Malfurion Stormrage theorized that Xavius and his ancient master delighted that Azeroth was focused on fighting the Burning Legion.

The forces of both N'Zoth and Queen Azshara can be seen during the Stormsong Valley storyline. As Azshara sways the tidesages to their side, N'Zoth sends faceless ones to corrupt the populace of Stormsong Valley into twisted k'thir, with Lord Stormsong serving as the herald of their coming. A portion of N'Zoth itself is located under the Crucible of Storms, in Kul Tiras.

In accordance with a bargain between N'Zoth and Xal'atath, the latter guided Azeroth's champions, declared as the Opener, the Bringer of Truths, and the Torch That Lights the Way, into the Crucible of Storms with several powerful relics they had collected. Thus with their bargain fulfilled, N'Zoth frees Xal'atath, so that she may find her own way but instructed her to leave the blade she resided in behind so that it would serve N'Zoth's will. Turning its gaze towards the Bringer of Truths, N'Zoth declared that it had dreamed of their destiny, and that the hour was close at hand for that which had been sunken to rise, and that all that were sleeping would be awakened. N'Zoth then gave unto them its gift, so that they could see all truths before them. Those with its gift are able to use it on all who have been blessed by the Old God, though through the use of perilous and painful ritual (Alliance) or the power of the loa Akunda (Horde), N'Zoth's gift could be cleansed from those who were granted it.

Later, a group of adventurers entered the Crucible of Storms to reclaim the relics and halt N'Zoth's plans. N'Zoth watched and whispered to the champions as they defeated its forces, including Uu'nat, who declared to his master with his dying breath that they were "worthy". Horde champions then discovered the empty blade that once held Xal'atath. Feeling the power that resonated within the blade, almost if as if the weapon spoke with another voice, these champions were compelled to deliver the artifact to their warchief. As they picked up the blade, N'Zoth declared: "The fall of night reveals her true face. She will bring only ruin." The Alliance champions, on the other hand, were alerted to the Horde's possession of the blade.

After Azshara was informed of the Horde and Alliance fleets heading towards Nazjatar, N'Zoth reached out to Queen Azshara, who commented on its imprisonment and told it not to worry. Though Azshara would be defeated, she was successful in breaking the chains binding N'Zoth after activating the titan device in the Last Prison using the Heart of Azeroth. The Old God subsequently rescued Azshara from being killed by Lor'themar Theron and Jaina Proudmoore. Following its rescue of the naga queen, N'Zoth ominously declared: "All eyes shall be opened."

The events within the Eternal Palace have set the stage for the Old God N'Zoth's release from his titanwrought prison, Ny'alotha, the Sleeping City, has awakened. Under N'Zoth's command, the armies of the Black Empire threaten to engulf the world and reshape it according to their master’s vision. Nightmares dwell in Ny'alotha, the Waking City the Void-shrouded heart of the ancient Black Empire. The champions of Azeroth venture deep into the horrific realm to confront mad heralds and inscrutable horrors, and ultimately go eye-to-eyes with N'Zoth himself for one final confrontation against the Old God in a fateful battle for Azeroth's survival.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Link: https://wow.gamepedia.com/N%27Zoth


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Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash X [OOC]

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Name:Billy Marrows

Sex (if any):male

Height (you can approximate):Short four ish feet

Weight (you can approximate):lightweight

Description/Picture:Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Skeleton_Merchant


Abilities:Marrows is imbued with the charm of the sale,able to craft catchy rhymes and sales pitches,he can detach bones from his form and huck them at people,he can also replace any bones lost with those from another skeleton,being undead Marrows cant be drowned,suffocated,poisoned,or any death involving organs or living systems,he can take damage to his bones and structure.

Marrows is no slouch in combat either,able to wield a high damaging yoyo,and a weighted gauntlet at the end of a staff,he carries in his inventory lesser healing potions,strange brew,spelunker glowstick,glowstick,bone torch,bone arrow,regular arrows,blue counterweight,red counterweight,green counterweight,cherry bombs,rope,two kinda of combative yoyos,a yoyo glove,slap hand and magic lantern(off the record he has a shotgun,enough ammuntion to kill and elephant,a warhammer gun)Marrows also can calculate the cost of other goods and weapons,and has gold,silver and platinum in his possession to pay and trade with,he can approximate with other currency quite well.

He appears to carry a tatter canvas sack over his shoulder, that presumably has pocket space attributes.
Bio:A self proclaimed veteran of the 'Skeleton War" Marrows is a salesman from Terraria, commonly found underground and in the dark, he arrived some time in one of the past clashes selling wares to any that he could find, though seemingly economically driven, Marrows does seem to lean on the side of the good.

Alignment:Trueish Neutral



Sex (if any):male

Height (you can approximate):six feet height

Weight (you can approximate):about 500 poujds

Description/Picture:Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Image0
Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Image1
(Though I suppose the colors would be a bit more muted)


Abilities:Waterbreathing, wall scaling,foaming, as well as being biomechanical and made of sturdy armor,sharp pincers, and six powerful legs to scuttle very fast on,and poke things with,Marrows had also taught Foamy to gesticulate in turn with him as he sells,inteeligence is like that of a lower ape.

Bio:Foamy was a simple Ussal crab,until he chanced upon the Skeleton Merchant Billy Marrows crossing through the cavern the crab was inhabiting, taking a liking to the undead salesman,the robotic creature joined him in the quest of the sale, recently molting his form and going to his second life cycle.

Alignment:Lawful Good


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Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash X [OOC]

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Name: Deoxys No. 32

Sex (if any): N/A

Height (you can approximate): 5'07

Weight (you can approximate): 134ibs

Description/Picture: Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 BB8Xzrj2pykNYUl9xBxlHMNQc0zJi2GHzbCqBVxS9iI

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 C0DV4z0UUAAAya4

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 C3io1t1O0wC_91aaA74J6y2oLngopcZqQByZ64v4_sE

Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 D9ppgas-29c79b7c-6c6f-418e-846f-d8b81ef5dc91.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcL2FlYjZiZDBmLTQ3ZDQtNGFhOC1hNjg0LWJmZDE4ODE0NzRhNVwvZDlwcGdhcy0yOWM3OWI3Yy02YzZmLTQxOGUtODQ2Zi1kOGI4MWVmNWRjOTEuanBnIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0

Universe: Pokemon


Deoxys was formed by the mutation of a virus from space. The Pokémon is highly intelligent; its brain appears to be the crystal in its chest. This organ is capable of firing laser beams. Additionally, Deoxys can use psychokinetic powers, which are useful for its signature move Psycho Boost. As shown in the anime, it is able to regenerate any part of its body that it may have lost during a battle. It has also demonstrated the ability to create an aurora without changing its Forme. These auroras can have different electromagnetic wavelengths and are used to communicate with other Deoxys. It is also shown that the various electromagnetic waves given off by people, Pokémon, and all electronics can obscure its vision if there is enough interference with its communication. This Pokémon came from outer space from inside of a meteor.

In the anime and manga, Deoxys has been observed to create clones of itself. These clones have lifeless eyes and duller color, lack of the trademark crystal on the chest, and seem to be unable to change from the Normal Forme. Furthermore, they seem unable to morph their tentacles into hands. When these clones are defeated, they dissolve into dust-like particles.

Bio: This Deoxys has been freshly formed by radiation/light exposure to a cluster of viruses contained in a meteorite. Time will tell as to what it will develop into.

Alignment: True Neutral

Link: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Deoxys_(Pok%C3%A9mon)


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Dimensional Clash X [OOC] - Page 3 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash X [OOC]

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