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Zandoo, H, and Teedler

There was a knock at the front door of the Roberts’ household, a gentle rapping that caught the attention of Ernette, even from in the kitchen, where she was attempting to start dinner for everyone. She set down the spoon she used for stirring the macaroni, and rushed to the door, opening it with a smile.

“Well, hello there, you two!” The Benefactor exclaimed at the sight of Jannet and Moomek, “How have you been? Come on in, I was just about to start on dinner!”

"Oh, thank you Ernette," Jannet quickly replied, holding a small mass of black tendrils and flesh-colored bits stuffed into a diaper in her arms, "But- Um.. We came over to ask a big favor from Fennel and Bob. Are they home?" Jannet smiled to Ernette, her face decorated with designs in her cultish makeup that she had grown fond of applying every day.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Ernette mused, “They’re out for dinner. They asked me to stay here and watch the girls,” she mulled over the sentence, looking back for a moment to make sure nothing was happening behind her back, before turning back and continuing, “Y’know, I could probably help you out with whatever you were gonna ask them for.”

"O-Oh, um... Well, I was gonna ask if they could watch little Janos, while me and Moomoo go on a date. He said I should take a break from taking care of the little guy," Jannet explained, leaning against the Xinth and gazing up at him, "He's just so sweet!"

“You really do need a break, Janny,” Moomek laughed, looking back to Ernette and explaining, “Last night, I came home to her trying to do dishes, feed the baby, and write her book at the same time!”

”Oh, you’re writing a book?” Ernette asked, having been the first time she had heard anything about said book.

Jannet's eyes lit up with delight. She hurriedly handed her eldritch baby to Moomek before reaching behind herself, pulling out a book from a pouch chained to her waist and handing it to Ernette. On the cover was what looked to be the Star of David drawn in blood. "I was revising our religion's manifesto! Or.. Bible.. I'm not 100% sure on the name yet- But it's nearly perfect! That's a copy I was transcribing along with the original, so feel free to keep it!"

“Oh, thanks...!” Ernette smiled, looking through the book for a moment before closing it, making a mental reminder to not ask about the book again, “But, yeah, I’d love to take little Jan for a bit! I think he’d like a little time with his aunt Ernette, too, now wouldn’t he?” She cooed as she took the void-borne spawn into her arms, several tendrils writhing in her grasp as it looked about slowly.

"Thank you so much, Ernette. I really owe you one," Jannet sighed before bending down to tickle the creature with a finger, "Don't worry, Janos! We'll be back later tonight! Promise you'll be good for, mommy!"

In response to the finger, Janos let out a mixture of a hiss and a squeal, opening its fairly large mouth slightly. Ernette closed her eyes and smiled, “I’m sure he’ll be great! Claire would love the company, too, I bet! You two have a wonderful time on your date, then!”

"Thank you! Oh, and don't give him anything with salt! And keep him away from plus signs! And lowercase T's!" Jannet warned.

“Jannet, you know that’s not how it works,” Moomek scoffed, before looking at Ernette and correcting, “Just feed him plenty and he’ll be fine. Oh, and don’t get him too shook up, he gets really upset. We’ll be back after a bit. We won’t try and hassle you for too long, alright?”

”Oh, this is no hassle at all!” Ernette grinned, waving them off, “I’ll make sure Jan’s perfectly fine here!”

"Thank you again!" Jannet beamed. As she and Moomek turned and walked away, she quickly yelled back, "No plus signs!" before giggling to the Xinth.

Ernette giggles to herself as she closed the door behind herself, gently setting the xinth-halfbreed down. Almost instantly, Janos slithered out of the diaper, squirming across the floor similar in a way an octopus would crawl across land, while also raising itself off the ground slightly. His head was craned at Ernette, curious as it followed her into the kitchen to watch her cook.

”You’re really good at your crawling, Jan,” she praised as she set a pan of French fries in the oven, and began readying the chicken tenders. Of course, the 1-year old thing did not really understand the praise, but got the general sentiment, a bemused quiet squeal arising from Janos as he crawled off to examine the rest of the house.

"Hey, Ernette," Clara greeted in monotone with a quick slap before peeking into the pot, "Is the macaroni almost done?"

“It’s got a few more minutes,” Ernette responded, acting as if nothing had happened, “Jannet and Moomek just stopped by and dropped off Jan. Apparently they’re going out for a date night, too, and they were gonna ask Bob and Fennel to, but I said it was fine if we would.”

"... Okay. I'll keep an eye on Claire to make sure it doesn't eat her or something," Clara replied.

“Jan’s not gonna do that!” Ernette disagreed, “I’ll make him something extra so he doesn’t get upset or hungry or anything. Besides, other than being... himself, I thought it’d be nice if Claire interacted with someone more her age.”

"Cinnamon is close enough, isn't she?"

“...I guess you’re right. Whenever they have Cinnamon, we should try and areange some play dates for them. I think it’d be fun. Don’t you?” Ernette asked, focusing on giving the macaroni a stir.

"Yeah," Clara agreed with absolutely no expression of emotion whatsoever, as was typical of her.

“...Still, it would be nice to involve Jannet and Moomek in family stuff, y’know?” Ernette continued, “Even if they’re living on the other side of town, and really don’t come out much, I still think we should stay in touch, and play dates would be a really good way to do that.”

"Okay, so long as Jannet doesn't try to convert Claire to her cult," Clara relented, "... Or anyone else for that matter."

“Yeah, I can agree there,” Ernette nodded, pointing to the book on the counter, “She even gave me a copy of her religion book. I didn’t flip trough it a lot, but it’s... it’s kinda weird.”

Clara boredly walked over and took the book before seeing what was inside. Not even ten seconds later, she dropped it into the trashcan. "I did the entire world a favor just then," She stated.

Ernette giggled, “That’s probably true. If anyone else saw that, they’d probably think we’re crazy ‘Moomoo’ cultists,” she sighed as she turned off the burner, her macaroni about done and the fries coming out of the oven just in time.

"Well, I'm gonna go check on Claire. Thanks again for making dinner," Clara thanked, giving Ernette another slap before walking off.

Ernette smiled on account of the slap, and decided to leave the food there for a moment to go check on Janos, wherever he had squirmed off to. “Janos?” She inquired, saying the xinth-halfbreed’s name in a singsong tone, “Where did you go?”


“God, I’m happy they gave me a day off,” Bob sighed as the pair sat down at a table, “You have no idea how much paperwork there is at the station until you work there.”

"Oh, I totally forgot, there never seemed to be any paper work when they did things in Varie. Though I never really dealt with the police there either." Fennel mused regarding her husband's statement.

“Yeah, you gotta have warrants and forms for everything. I don’t even wanna know all the paperwork the detectives even do,” Bob scoffed, “It’s a nice place, though. Ms.Gray’s a good boss, and everyone else is pretty friendly. I’ll have to take you up there sometime to see it. It’s real nice.”

"That sounds fun, that reminds me though... I've been thinking about the girls." Fennel replied as she slid her hand across the table.

“Oh? What about them? Are they doing fine in school?”

"It's just they have trouble interacting with the other children, I think it's because of their father." Fennel explained with a saddened tone.

“...That could be a problem, yeah, but I’m thinking they’re just a bit... weirded out by everyone else, too,” Bob added, “I mean, you know how smart they are. Tina’s way ahead of any the kids in her class!”

"I just don't want them to get bullied." Fennel replied.

“I understand,” Bob agreed, “I don’t want to see them hurt like that either. They’ll... They’ll figure out how to make friends. I’m sure of it.”

"If you say so, I just wa-" Fennel then made a small surprised gasp, preventing her from finishing her stentence.

“What’s wrong?” Bob asked with a little concern and bemusement.

Fennel's face then drew a happy little smile as she placed her hand on her rather pronounced belly. "I think somebody just woke up."

“Oh, is she kicking?” the Doom Marine awed.

Fennel nodded with a happy "Uh huh!"

”Well, I can't wait until we can have her doing more than just kicking in there,” Bob mewed, “So, are the yoga exercises going well?”

"They are, I've been getting a lot of good information for Ernette when we talk after class. Oh! that reminds me, our next class is supposed be more like lamaze, do you think you can make it?"

“Oh, I’ll try. We keep getting lots of noise complaints on those nights, somewhere around the old funeral home. When we get there there’s usually nothing, so I think it’s a prank call, but still, we have to investigate it no matter what.”

"Isn't that where Tychen works?" Fennel asked, "Maybe he knows something about it."

“Oh, he works there now?” Bob remarked, “I haven't talked to him in a while, but I’ll be sure to ask him if he’s heard about anything noise-complaint-worthy.”

"So what were you thinking of getting?" Fennel asked as she rubbed her belly, while beaming up to Bob, her tail wagging back and forth.

“Hmmm... I’m not sure,” Bob mumbled, “I think I’ll get something light.”

Fennel's stomach then audibly growled as she giggled. "Well I guess I'll just keep eating for two then." Fennel voice quickly devolved in to baby talk as she said "I think someone has been wanting hamburgers and a milkshake."  Fennel then looked up to Bob before leaning up to him and puckering her lips.

“A hamburger does sound pretty nice,” Bob agreed, looking at the menu with intrigue.

“ And fries of course. Ooh, they have cheese sticks too!” Fennel muttered looking over the menu.

“I’ll stick with fries,” Bob mused, “...Yeah, just a burger and some fries.”

“Oh good they do have a cheesecake milk shake. Alright I think I know what I’m getting then.” Fennel added before leaning towards Bob again and puckering her lips.

Noticing Fennel this time, Bob happily obliged the fox and gave her a kiss, a hand sneaking up behind her and scratching behind one of her ears as well.

Fennel’s tail wagged with much more energy as she let out a small purr in response.

Bob laughed as he pulled back, “You know I think I like doing that just is much as you.”

“No I like it way more.” Fennel puffed.

"Is it... Uh... I'm terrible at guessing!" Jannet laughed, attempting to guess whatever Moomek had in mind for her upcoming birthday as she and the Xinth entered the eatery.

“Like I said,” Moomek shook his head, “It’s gonna be a surprise! I don’t think you’d guess it in a thousand years!”

Don’t look now, but it’s Moomek and Jannet,” Bob murmured, trying not to bring attention to the pair. While he was fine with Jannet and her fanatical behavior (she was technically an adult and it was her decisions), he didn’t want them to mess up their night out.

“Jannet and Moomoo?” Fennel asked, wanting to clarify the situation.

“Yeah, which is why I say we should just stay low and-“

"Moomoo, look! It's Bob and Fennel!" Jannet exclaimed, pointing over at the two, "We should go sit by them!"

“Oh hey, what a coincidence,” Moomek nodded as the two approached (much to Bob’s internal annoyance), “I didn’t think we’d bump into anyone, let alone you guys!”

Fennel waved “Oh hi Janny and Moomoo what are you two doing here?" Fennel asked as her tail stopped wagging.

"Well, Moomoo insisted I take a break, and so we decided to go on a date!" Jannet answered happily with one arm wrapped around Moomek's and her other hand resting on his chest as she looked between Bob and Fennel, "Do you mind if we grab a table nearby?"

“Let me just move to sit next to Bob.” Fennel offered before squeezing her way out of the booth before getting on Bob’s side of the table.

"Oh, uh, sure," Bob nodded, scooting over a bit so that Fennel could get in her chair next to him.

"Soo, um, how have you guys been?" Jannet asked as she slipped into the booth across from them and patting beside herself for Moomek.

“I’ve been trying to arrange for furniture for when Cinnamon arrives.” Fennel replied.

As the Xinth slid his way in, Bob began, "Oh, we've been doing pretty good. School's just started, so most of your sisters are out for most of the day on the weeks. How about you guys? How've you two been?"

"I've been at home mostly," Jannet smiled as she leaned against Moomek's side, "Other than the yoga stuff once a week, I mostly just take care of Janos and do house stuff, but I love the little guy so much!"

“Maybe we can arrange a play date in a bit.” Fennel said placing her hand in her belly and leaning on Bob’s shoulder.

"I bet Janos would like that," Moomek agreed, looking to Jannet, "What do you say? Maybe even Ernette and Clara'd bring Claire over every now and then."

“That sounds wonderful, I don’t think Cinnamon will be able to participate herself for a while though.” Fennel responded.

"Oh, I'm sure she could still have some fun," Jannet assured, noting Fennel's affectionate leaning on Bob's shoulder and deciding to take her own display a step further by returning her hand to Moomek's chest as she smiled, "It'll be great for them to play together."

"I'm sure it'll be fine. Oh do we need to do anything to make sure the house is Janos proof?" Fennel asked, acknowledging Jannet's display of affection and placing Bob's hand on her stomach, so he could feel their daughter's kicking.

"He doesn't like salt or anything resembling a plus sign," Jannet informed, smiling despite what she perceived as an affection challenge issued by Fennel. With the arm behind Moomek, she nudged his shoulder, hoping to incentivize him to wrap his arm around her, "Or a lowercase T"

"Oh are salt and pluses bad for Moomoo?" Fennel asked cocking her head to the side and lowering an ear.

"Very bad," Jannet affirmed.

"They're not," Moomek shook his head with a laugh, finally wrapping an arm around his cultist, "I don't even know where you got that idea. Janos is fine with that kind of stuff, too. Just no weird life magic or whatever, and he'll be fine."

"Just let me pretend he doesn't like salt and plus signs," Jannet requested.

"But how's he gonna learn math if he can't be around plus signs?" Moomek asked jokingly.

Jannet opened her mouth to speak, then paused, then sighed. "Okay fine, just no salt... Or bibles."

"Why not bib- oh, you're wanting to do something satan-ish, aren't you?" Moomek snickered.

"W-What? No! I-It's not satanic!" Jannet gasped, quickly trying to assure Moomek as she pulled back and waved her hands back and forth, "I swear!"

"Ah, it's fine, Jannet," Moomek laughed, holding Jannet a little closer, "It's fine, you can do that, if you want." She returned her hands to where they were, glancing between Bob and Fennel with an embarrassed blush.

Fennel meanwhile seemed mildly upset that Bob had not responded to Cinnamon's kicking before suggesting "We should probably invite Ernette to one of these date nights some time."

"Yeah, but she got that job at the school, didn't she?" Bob mentioned, rubbing Fennel's belly in noting her frustration, looking over to Jannet and Moomek to explain, "Ernette applied to teach P.E. at the high school, and I think she said she got the job."

Fennel began wagging her tail before returning her attention to the others, "I think they have a holiday coming up soon, we could plan it for then." The vixen suggested.

Jannet's face had a slight expression of pain through her smile as her right arm tried reaching up to grab Moomek's hand to lower it down to her waist without letting Fennel or Bob see what she was doing. "That sounds wonderful," Jannet agreed.

Noting Jannet's attempts, the Xinth lowered his hand down to her waist, "That does sound really good. I'm happy for her. And yeah, Labor day's coming up really soon, right? I'll have to see if I can get myself a day off then, or at least can get off early."

"What is it that you do again, Moomoo?" Fennel said as she wrapped her tail around Bob's arm.

"I uh... work at the car dealership," Moomek admitted, "You know the one. The one with those flailing inflatable arm things out front. I'm one of the dealers there, if you're ever in need of something that'll run. I know Mary and Maria are both sixteen, so if you're looking for a good deal, I'm sure I can get you something."

"Yeah, we'll, uh... we'll think about it," Bob nodded, looking to Fennel to see if she agreed.

"I think it would be a good idea, if the girls can start driving, we don't have to drive them everywhere." Fennel agreed, before whispering "Then we can spend some more time together."

"Oh, I hope that's the case," Bob sighed, "Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with spending time with them, but a little alone time with you's great, too."

"No, I understand." Fennel purred as she placed her nose on Bob's cheek before giving him a light peck.

Jannet gasped and quickly looked up at Moomek. "Is it a car?" She asked excitedly, despite the fact that she had little reason to ever leave their house.

"That's a good guess, but no," Moomek shook his head and laughed again, "Like I said, you'll see."

Jannet playfully pouted a her head rested against him once more as she explained, "I've been trying to guess what Moomoo's getting me for my birthday."

“Maybe It’ll be a new blender.” Fennel shrugged.

"A... Blender?" Jannet blinked, confused as to why, of all things, Fennel would guess that.

"It's not a blender," Moomek assured.

“They are helpful in the kitchen.” Fennel replied somewhat defensively.

"I-I mean, blender's are great and all.. I just- I'm not sure why you guessed that item specifically," Jannet explained, "Unless... Did you get me a blender?"

”I was just thinking about the blender Bobby got a while back.” Fennel answered.

"It's a good blender," Bob agreed.

“You would not believe how often we use it honey.” Fennel replied.

"You, uh... Really like blenders, huh?" Jannet smiled awkwardly.

“It’s just really helpful when you have twelve mouths to feed.” Fennel added.

"Thirteen," Bob corrected, "There's Shlyke, still, remember?"

“Oh your right. Though it's soon to be fourteen.” Fennel further corrected

"Yeah, true," Bob chuckled, mulling over the fact that so many people lived under the same household.

"I can only imagine how cramped it must be there," Jannet remarked.

“It’s not that bad.” Fennel assured.

"Yeah, especially with Shlyke and Tina sharing the treehouse out back," Bob added.

“Oh I think Ryle gets back in town this week.” Fennel gasped realizing she would have to prepare the house for a guest.

"That's gonna be a cramped table," Moomek grimaced at the thought of fifteen people trying to eat at a single dining table.

“Yeah, I think he said he’ll be bringing some gifts for the girls though.” Fennel noted.

"Myself included?" Jannet inquired.

“Yeah, you too.” Fennel nodded with s smile. “Do you you have anything in particular you two would like?”

"Oh, nothing really," Jannet smiled, "Maybe some more makeup or something, a gift's a gift."

“Okay, I think he mentioned something about trying to find some makeup before he left.” Fennel replied.

"Hello! Have you t- Oh, some friends joined you," Chimed a waitress as she approached the table, "What can I get you two to drink?"

Fennel’s ears perked up before she replied, “Could I get s milkshake please?”

"Oh, sure thing. And for you two?" She asked Moomek and Jannet after jotting down Fennel's request.

"Oh, uh, just a water, thank you," Moomek requested.

"Do you have any herbal teas?" Jannet asked.

"No, sorry, just regular tea."

"Oh, uh, that's fine. Just regular tea then, please," Jannet ordered.

"Aaaalright," The waitress murmured as she wrote down their drinks, "And has everyone decided what they want to eat yet?"

“We’re good to order,” Fennel said, speaking for herself and Bob.

"And you two?" The waitress asked, pointing her pen to the newcomers.

"O-Oh, we haven't even looked at the menu," Jannet gasped.

"It's alright," The waitress assured, handing Moomek and Jannet a pair of menus before turning to Fennel and Bob, "What can I get you?"

“Can I get the cheddar Gouda, burger, with the cheesy bacon fries and the mozerella sticks, please?” Fennel requested.

"Of course, and for you?" The waitress asked Bob.

"Oh, a regular burger with fries," Bob ordered with a nod, "Some extra pickles, if you could."

"And extraaaaa pickles," The waitress mumbled as she wrote, "Okay! I'll be back with your drinks and milkshake in a bit!" With that, she skipped off to deliver their orders.

“So has there been any fun stories from work recently honey?” Latte asked her husband as she batted her eyelids.

"Oh, nothing much, y'know," Bob sighed, "There hasn't been a lot of action, for me, at least. A few speeding tickets every now and then, but that's it."

“I’ve had my hands full with a few of the girls, I think Anna is starting her moody teenager phase, and Zoey and Harper have been difficult recently.” Fennel added.

"Anna being moody?" Jannet asked incredulously.

“She’s... developing.” Fennel replied trying to keep the conversation appropriate for a dinner table.

"How do you mean?" Jannet inquired, curious about her sister.

“She gets irritable every few weeks.” Fennel said hoping Jannet would catch on.

"But Anna's the last- Ohhhh," Jannet finally got what Fennel was saying before changing the topic, "And what about Zoey and Harper?"

"I can’t tell with Zoey, something just seems off and I think Harper might be getting into something.” Fennel replied.

"Off? Getting into something?" Jannet repeated.

"She thinks Harper's drinking," Bob scoffed, "And I keep telling her that's probably not happening, but she's fixed on finding her out on it."

“I just want to know if we need to worry about it before the baby arrives is all.” Fennel replied.

"What makes you think she's been drinking?" Jannet asked, giving Fennel a worried look.

“She acts weird sometimes and think I can smell it on her from time to time.” Fennel replied.

Jannet hummed for a moment before saying, "I'd be very surprised if she were... Our father made sure we wouldn't drink until we were older. He was very adamant about it."

“I’m wondering if she’s doing it to rebel against him in some way.” The vixen shrugged.

"Perhaps... And what about Zoey? What's 'off' about her?"

“She seems extra Zoey, but maybe it’s just all these hormones making me worry.” Fennel guessed.

"I'm sure it's just puberty taking its toll," Bob assured, "She's at that age where it'd be normal for other kids to start wanting to explore that kind of stuff anyways."

"Oh, so you mean she's been more 'active' than usual," Jannet nodded.

"Yeah, or she's been wanting to be more active," Bob nodded in response, "We've been trying to keep that kind of stuff under control. Apparently, someone called child services on us after someone must of suspected something, and we had to have a guy sweep the place and interview all the girls and it was just this long boring thing I don't want happening again."

"Ohhhh... Yeah, I... Don't think they would like Zoey and them having sex," Jannet mumbled.

"Yeah, not at all," Moomek agreed, mulling over the menu.

”it’s not that it’s like her personality is in overdrive you know?” Fennel tried to explain.


"... and of course Brittany was a cunt about it, so you know what I did?" Zoey wrapped up her story, taking a bite of macaroni and swallowing it for a dramatic pause, "I fucked her man."

"Wow!" Ruby clapped, "I can't wait to get into high school with you!"

"Well, it's nice you got back at her," Ernette agreed, taking tiny bites of her portion of macaroni, "But I'm not sure banging her boyfriend should've been the go-to option. Especially if you don't want to get any sort of discipline from the principals or whatever."

There were booster seats at either side of the benefactor, one with her own daughter, and one on the other side of her with Janos, who was happily gorging himself on macaroni and french fries.

"Pfft, so I'm gonna get in trouble from the principal for having sex with a guy? Something she's probably been doing with him too?" Zoey scoffed.

"You might if she's a cunt about it and snitches," Ernette nodded.

"And then I'll tell him she's been screwing too," Zoey huffed, "Besides, why would I even get in trouble for having sex anyway? It's not like I'm doing it in the school... At least not with him."

"I guess if its not on-school banging, they won't get on you as hard about it," Ernette shrugged, before realizing with a smile, "...That reminds me. Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be teaching at your school! They accepted my application!"

Meanwhile the twelve eevee’s all seemed to be begging for table scraps.

"No way! Really?!" Zoey gasped, with much of the table sharing a similar level of excitement, "That's awesome, what're you teaching?"

"Physical Education," Ernette beamed, "It was one of their open positions, and it seemed like more of an experience than a math class."

"I'm sure all the guys are gonna love that," Zoey snickered.

"What do you mean?" Ernette asked curiously, cocking her head to the side.

"Do some jumping jacks and you'll figure out why."

Ernette thought about Zoey's statement for a moment, before gasping, "Ooooh, that makes sense."

"... Do boys like jumping jacks a lot or something?" Tina asked after swallowing a big bite of macaroni.

"No, no," Shlyke shook his head, setting down his fork, and gesturing as he explained, "Boys will be of liking her large chest during the jumping jacks."

"Oh! That makes sense!" Tina exclaimed before returning to munching on Ernette's delicious macaroni and cheese.

"Yeah, I bet they'll be happy! And the girls will probably be jealous!" Ernette giggled.

"Oh, I bet," Zoey agreed with a laugh.

"So, Harper," Ernette looked down the table a bit, "How've you and Tychen been? I haven't talked to him for a bit."

"Tychen? Oh, he's the worst. I try to stay as far away from him as possible," Harper answered with a huff, "I never see him."

"Well, tell him I said 'Hi'," Ernette stifled a laugh.

"I won't," Harper retorted.

"Oh, oh, oh, Ernette, guess what I did at school," Madison spoke up with pride, "I started a club! Magic club!" Since her time in the Clash and subsequent life in Generitown, Madison had become much more open about her magic tricks.

"Well that's great!" Ernette praised with a clap, "I'll try and drop by as much as I can. Magic tricks are really cool!"

"Could you sponsor it then? The teacher I asked said they weren't entirely sure if they were going to or not," Madison requested.

"Well, duh! Of course I'll sponsor it!" Ernette nodded with assurance.

"Thank you! And thanks for the macaroni too!" Madison exclaimed, quickly shoveling a spoonful into her gullet.

"You're welcome for both!" the Benefactor beamed, as Janos attempted to slither out of his booster seat, slithering down one of the leg-holes like an octopus.

Eventually, the girls would hear the front door jiggling before Fennel waddled her way inside. The woman leaned her head into the kitchen before leaving the left overs on the counter, as aside from the milkshake she was able to eat more than a couple of bites of her food from the restaurant. She then turned her attention to Bob and said “That was so much fun, honey.”

"It was," Bob agreed, putting the left over boxes in the fridge, "I wonder where Jannet and Moomek went, though. They didn't follow us back..."

“Probably to do cult things.” Fennel joked with a small giggle.

"Mommy!" Tina exclaimed, scurrying out of her chair and nearly falling over as she ran to hug Fennel.

“Hi, Tina! We’re you a good girl for Ernette?” Fennel asked as she bent down to return the hug.

"Uh-huh!" Tina nodded happily.

“That makes Mommy very happy.” Fennel cooed to the child.

"Hey, Latte!" Zoey called from her seat, "Did you and Bob do it while you were out?"

“No, Zoey.” Fennel quipped, as her ears pointed towards the teen.

"Okay, good," Zoey smiled. It was surprising to hear her, of all people, have such a response. That was until she snickered, "I was worried about missing it."

“Do you have your things ready for school tomorrow?” Fennel asked, trying to hide the fact that her plans had to be moved around a little.

"I made sure they did!" Ernette chimed as she rounded the corner with a stack of plates, "Everything should be good to go for tomorrow."

“Thank you so much, Ernette, you need me to watch Claire tommorrow, right?” The fox asked.

"Only if you have the time," Ernette assured, "If not, I'm sure Jannet or someone else'd be able to."

“I can do it, it’ll be a while before we really need to worry about Cinnamon.” Fennel assured.

"Alright... have you two seen Janos when you were walking in, by any chance?" Ernette murmured, looking around, "He got out of his seat after he was done eating, and now I can't find him."

Fennel looked around before answering “Ah, no we didn’t, sorry.”

"Oh, don't worry. I bet Jannet has a hard time keeping track of him, too," Ernette huffed, looking around again, before peering up and gasping at Janos, seemingly perfectly fine and relaxing on the living room ceiling.

"Janos! Come down here!" the benefactor ordered politely to no avail, only eliciting a squeal from the xinth-halfbreed.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

“Janos that sounds like mommy.” Fennel beconed holding her arms out for the child. She then called “COME IN!”

Without skipping a beat, Janos began to clamber down, huffing with excitement and cooing happily at the door before a moment passed.

Seeing that Janos had gone to the door, Fennel picked up the baby before opening the door.

"Janos!" Jannet squealed, letting go of Moomek and reaching out for her child, "Mommy's back!"

Fennel then held Janos out so that Jannet could take her little gift from above.

Janos let out a joyous hiss, rubbing his head against Jannet's cheek as he came to be in her grasp. Though Ernette was good at cuddling, it was nicer to do such nice things with his mother.

"Looks like he missed you," Moomek chuckled, still keeping a hand on Jannet's shoulder as he gawked at their child.

"And mommy missed him too!" Jannet cooed, ticking the tentacle horror in her arms with one finger, "Yes she did!"

As Janos reacted with a calm coo to Jannet's tickling, Moomek looked past Fennel to Ernette, "Hey, uh, we're really thankful you watched him, too. If you ever need anything, just, uh... give me a call, alright?"

"You can count on it!" Ernette responded in kind with a soft smile.

"Oh! Yes, thank you!" Jannet remembered, angling Janos towards the Benefactor, "Say thank you to Ernette!"

Though Janos couldn't say the words that his mother wanted, a loud mixture of squealing and attempts at somewhat coherent syllables was enough of a substitute.

“Oh Ernette you’ve weaned Claire right?” Fennel asked realizing their child would have to be fed the next day.

"Weaned? Oh, yeah, she's on formula now," Ernette nodded.

“I should probably buy some for tomorrow then.” Fennel mused, “We already have bottles, do you know the brand you use?” Fennel said as she got out her phone to take notes.

"Uh... not off the top of my head, no," the Benefactor shook her head.

“You can just send me a text and tomorrow I’ll pick up Claire when I drop the girls off at school. Does that sound good?” Fennel asked.

"That sounds great," Ernette grinned, starting to gather her things up, "We'll see you then, I guess."

“Okay, and thank you soooo much for tonight.” Fennel said thanking Ernette.

"Oh, it was nothing," Ernette shook her head, "I'd be willing to do it anytime."

"I'll grab Claire," Clara stated, hoisting the baby into her arms before joining Ernette's side.

“Alright, we’ll see you to later then!” Fennel waved.

"Bye!" Ernette waved back as the two walked out the door, heading for their own car.

Fennel then closed the door before a mischievous grin drew across her face and she wrapped an arm around Bob’s side.

"Oh, what are you thinking now?" Bob feign sighed.

“Why don’t you put the kids to bed and I’ll tell you then.” Fennel suggested before heading downstairs to the basement.

"I think I see where this is going," Bob grinned with a chuckle, before peeking into the dining room, "Hey, we're back. You guys gotta start getting ready for bed. You got school tomorrow."

"I don't wanna go to school," Zoey groaned.

"Yeah, well it's not my choice that you have to go," Bob responded, "Besides, school's a good place to meet friends."

"Yeah, yeah," Zoey rolled her eyes as she and her sisters began filing out of the dining room.

Meanwhile Fennel has taken to setting an alarm for the morning so that she could get the girls ready on time, before turning on a quiet CD player.

As quietly as he could, Bob stepped down to the basement, and walked into the bedroom, "Oh, what're you playing?"

"Nothing in particular." Fennel said coyly before locking the door behind her husband.


Anna was quietly snoring in her shared room with Harper, who simply relaxed on her bed with her arms crossed behind her head while humming to herself.

There was a quiet knocking at the window, as a familiar face (or lack thereof) peered into the room from the bottom of the window.

"Psst. Harper," Tychen quietly hissed through the window, gesturing for her to open it.

Harper's head snapped towards the window before she crawled out of bed with a big smile. She glanced over to Anna before slowly sliding the window up and opening it. "Hey, Tychen!" She whispered.

Molota's ghostly form then waved to Harper.

"Hey, you got my text, good," Tychen whispered, "I'm having a party at work again tonight. You up for it?"

"We got one of the dead mayors to join us!" Molota giggled.

"Wait, we did? Oh right, we went out to the graveyard and-" Tychen stopped himself with a snicker, before reminding, "We gotta bury that guy back up after we're done."

"Buuuty daddy you allways make me bury them again." Molota whined.

"Well, you're the one who always digs them up!"

"No they dig themselves up." Molota countered

"Come on, let's just get out of here," Harper insisted as she stifled a snicker, sticking a leg out of the window.

"SSSHHH" Molota shushed rather loudly, "Don't wake your mommy and daddy up."

"Don't worry, they're bu-"

"Harper?" Anna mumbled, sitting up in her bed.

Molotas voice then changed "Okay, here's the plan. We kill her before she alerts anyone." Molota sad rather deadpan.

"No! No killing whatsoever!" Tychen swore, "Bob'd have my ass if that happened."

"Anna, don't tell anyone about this, okay?" Harper requested.

"Where are you going?" Anna asked.

"Why don't we take her with us, she can join our club" Molot suggested.

"No," Harper hissed before looking back to her sister.

"Oh okay, no means yes so we have to take her." Molota said obviously running her Harper filter before floating over to Anna.

"Tychen, deal with Molota," Harper huffed.

"Molotes, Anna's not invited to the event, so she can't come, remember? That is, unless you gave her an invitation, Harper," Tychen explained.

"Oh right, I'll just invite her next time."

"Anna, just don't tell anyone," Harper ordered.

"Yeah, this all just a... a lucid dream or whatever," Tychen waved his hands and gestured to Harper to hurry out the window.

Harper made a gesture of zipping her lips before climbing out entirely, shutting the window behind herself. "So, Tychen. What do you got for me?" Harper asked with a wide grin.

"Oh yeah you are going to school  in your underwear this is a lucid nightmare." Molota said as she left the room.

"Oh, about a whole bottle of whisky back at work," Tychen snickered, "And a whole lot of dead guys dancing to rave music."

"Oh yeah the spicy juice." Molota said, "I feel funny after drinking it."

"Eugh, that sounds awful," Harper obviously lied.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teedler

Roberts Household

The next morning the alarm in the basement went off before Fennel hit the snooze button and hopped in the shower, after suffienent time to get cleaned up Fennel put on a bathrobe and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for the girls while they were busy getting ready.

Mary was the first to come down, followed by Tina who rushed into the house from the backyard. "Morning, Fe-"

"Good morning, mommy!" Tina exclaimed, giving Fennel a hug.

"Good morning, girls." Fennel replied happily as she wrapped an arm around Tina before returning to cooking breakfast."Did you girls sleep well?"

"Uh-huh!" Tina nodded before hopping into a chair, excited for whatever breakfast Fennel had in store.

"Yeah, I slept fine," Mary answered, watching Fennel cook for a moment before sitting down at the table as well. Slowly but surely, the rest of the girls began filing to the dining room, chatting to one another about various topics.

Fennel flipped a pancake before moving a stack of the flapjacks and plate of bacon on to the table. "Be sure to save some for your father," Fennel savid obviously refering to Bob, before returning to her cooking.

"Tina, can you go wake Daddy up for Mommy?" The vixen asked, as she noticed the time.

"Okay!" Tina nodded, running off to the basement.

"Morning," Harper mumbled, rubbing her head as she meandered through the kitchen.

"Good morning, Harper! We have pancakes and bacon for breakfast today." Fennel replied as she placed a few pancakes on a place and poured the batter for more.

"Mmf, I hate pancakes and bacon," Harper sighed, taking the plate and shuffling towards the dining room.

"Oh girls, that reminds me, when the baby gets here, I'm going to need a bit of help getting things ready for you in the mornings.Could you all start thinking of just what days you want to schedual everyhing for?" Fennel requested.

"Don't you worry, Latte," Zoey scoffed as she grabbed a plate with Ruby following suit, "Pump out as many babies as you want. We can handle it."

Bob stumbled up the stairs, still tightening his belt as he walked into the kitchen, pecking Fennel on the cheek as he passed.

"Hi honey, did you sleep well?" Fennel asked, "Oh, I made your favorite!"

"I did sleep good," Bob smiled before sighing, "I gotta get going early today, sorry. It's my turn to pick up Ms. Gray. She only carpools, you know."

"Okay, Stay safe, baby." Fennel said before giving Bob a quick peck on the lips.

"Bye, daddy!" Tina happily waved to Bob, "I hope you get to beat up lots of bad guys!"

"Oh, I hope so too, Tina!" Bob laughed as he waved back, before straightening his shirt out before walking out the door.

"Okay, see you later Honey!" Fennel waved before flipping the panckaes once more. "Is everyone about ready." Fennel asked before placing the last of the food on the table. "I'm going to finish getting dressed, if anyone wants to ride to school with me let me know by the time I'm back upstairs." Fennel then headed tp tje basement to put on her day clothes.

A few minutes later Fennel was back upstairs an was holding her car keys waiting for any girls that wished to join her on the car ride to school.

Tina, Zoey, and Ruby were all ready and waiting by the door for Fennel. "Let's get going, Latte. I wanna make sure I can get to my locker before the hallway gets too crowded," Zoey remarked.

“Alright, Mary make sure the door is locked before you leave.” Fennel called as she made her way out to the car. “You girls have everything g you need right?”

"We're good, Latte," Zoey assured as she and her two sisters followed close behind.

Fennel unlocked the car and buckled herself in before starting the engine.


As Zoey walked through the hallway towards her locker, she failed to notice the few students glaring at her as she passed, too busy playing on her phone and messing with filters. "Oooh, that one's nice," She mumbled to herself with a wide grin before slipping her phone into her pocket.

She murmured her combination to herself as she twisted the combination lock left and right before popping open her locker to retrieve her books...

Only for a small flood of little notes to spill out all over her and onto the floor. Zoey let out a short shriek as she tried to stuff the notes in as they fell, unsure of what was going on as she heard snickering. "What the hell is all this?" She huffed, looking over the notes. Most of them said the same thing as one another, with a group of them having just the word, "WHORE" written on them, another group with "SLUT", another group with "BITCH" and a slightly smaller group of notes telling her to kill herself.

"Oh man, looks like someone made a mess," One girl remarked, bumping into Zoey as she walked by.

"Fuck you, Brittany," Zoey spat, lowering herself to her knees to collect the mess of notes before more people could see. She carried an armful of notes over to the nearest trashcan, dumping them inside before grabbing the stragglers off the ground and simply tossing them in her locker, not bothering with a second trip as she grabbed a textbook and her cheer uniform, threw them in her backpack, slammed her locket shut, and moped to her first class of the day.


"And you made sure to review your curriculum?" Clara asked as she ensured she had everything she needed in her backpack.

"I've reviewed it three times," Ernette affirmed as she made sure she had everything she needed in her own bag, while also attempting to look over the track suit she had bought for herself to be more 'authentic' with the job, "...Do you think this looks good? I've been on the fence about it all morning whether I should wear it or not."

Clara looked Ernette up and down before nodding. "As much as I like your usual attire, this suits a physical education teacher better," She answered.

Ernette would then receive a text from Fennel saying, “At the gym.”

Ernette smiled at Clara's approval, before noting the text on her phone with a gasp, "Oh, we gotta get going. Fennel's waiting by the school gym."

"I got Claire," Clara nodded, picking the baby up from where she had set her down. "What periods do you teach P.E.?" She asked as she headed out the door with Ernette.

"All of them but first," Ernette replied, "That's my planning period. Why do you ask?"

"Then it looks like I might be in your class," Clara remarked.

"Oh? Which hour do you have P.E.?"

"Fourth period," Clara answered, ticking Claire's foot for a moment as she walked.

"Oh, yeah, you might," Ernette agreed, "I think it's either me or one other teacher. So it's a fifty-fifty chance. I'll see when we get to school and I can check the class charts."

"They usually have two or three of them in there at a time anyway," Clara shrugged.

"Yep," Ernette nodded, opening the car door. "...I really hope I don't screw this up," she sighed as she sat down.

"It's 'Physical Education'. How hard can it be?"

"Eh, I guess you're right." Ernette took a deep breath, "I can't screw up jumping jacks."


“Oh, hi, Ernette!” Fennel waved as she saw her friend approach.

"Hey," Ernette hastily huffed, setting the baby carrier on the sidewalk inbetween the two for a moment as she fumbled about for a long list of scheduled activities and things for Fennel to do, "It's really important that you follow the list," she mumbled as she then pulled out several bottles of formula, "And here, I thought I'd give you some of that formula for her, too."

“Okay Ernette. I’ll go pick up some extra formula for future visits before we head home. And the girls just take the bus.” Fennel said before taking the baby carrier out to the car.

"I should get going to first period. I'll see you later, Ernette," Clara said, giving the teacher a quick slap on the rear as she turned to leave.

"Oh! Bye, Clara!" Ernette turned and waved to the girl walking off, before realizing, "Ah shoot, that means I gotta get going, too. I have to check in or else they'll think I just didn't show up. Remember, Fen, follow that list."

“Okay, I can do that.” Fennel waved on her way out the gym door.


Zoey stood in front of a mirror in the girls' locker room, admiring herself in her uniform as she struck various poses. "Man, I wish I hadn't tossed my phone in the locker already," She giggled to herself, too lazy to reopen her locker and retrieve her phone.

"Yeah, I guess they always have to have the token fat cheerleader," Brittany said to one of her friends, loud enough for the whole room to hear as she looked directly at Zoey, who immediately stopped posing and gave herself a quick glance.

She knew she wasn't 'fat', and that Brittany was just spewing garbage to get to her... But... Maybe she could lose a little around the waist...

"What do you think, alien-chick? I'm surprised none of it went to her chest, it was just dumped everywhere else," Brittany scoffed while lightly elbowing Salgia as a portion of the locker room giggled in response. Zoey lowered her head.

"...I think she looks fine," Salgia defended, pouting and rubbing where they had been elbowed, before scoffing, "I mean, if you looked in a mirror every now and then, you'd see how flabby your arms are.They shake like you're quivering in line at an all-you-can-eat buffet for your fourth plate!"

"W-What did you just say to me you bitch?!" Brittany gasped.

"You have flabby arms! Is that simple enough for you?" Salgia huffed, walking over to the side of Zoey defensively, "Honestly, you should be looking up to her for looks. She's got better, non-flabby arms to start."

"And a vag that's probably seen a hundred different guys," Brittany huffed, folding her arms, "By the way, nice bulge, freak. As if your creepy sheep eyes weren't bad enough."

The Liss' eyes widened as they glared down. They didn't think it was that noticeable in the outfit... was it?

"Don't worry, the skirt'll cover it unless you get excited," Brittany laughed cruelly, "Come on, everyone. Class is about to start!" With that, she turned to leave as the majority of the locker room swiftly followed.

Salgia stood in their place for a moment, before slumping over slightly, sighing momentarily, turning back to the mirror and examining their 'creepy sheep eyes', "..I shouldn't of taken this class."

"... Thanks," Zoey sniffled quietly, wiping at her own eyes, "I mean.. Thank you for... That."

"Don't mention it," Salgia murmured, looking at their face and wondering how they saw through their facade so quickly, "I'll probably get a load of notes in my locker too- yeah, I heard about that. That's also pretty sucky of them to do."

Zoey was quiet for a moment, rubbing her arm before mumbling, "I don't think your eyes are creepy."

"You think?" Salgia looked back to Zoey, before back to the mirror, "Cuz I was gonna get some of those fake contacts, y'know, so I could just... hide thm a bit."

"No, they're cool," Zoey assured, looking up from the ground, "Brittany's just a cunt..."

“...Thanks,” Salgia sniffled, “Y’know... I think you’re the first person here to not just make fun of me for something. My skin... my eyes...I’ve heard crap about everything. I'm pretty sure the teachers do, too, when I'm not around.”

"I mean... You're an alien so.. I mean, I guess it's obvious you're gonna have different skin color and eyes and whatever," Zoey shrugged, "I dunno... I'm Zoey, but... You probably knew that already."

"Salgia," the liss introduced themselves with a slight nod, "It's.. nice to meet you."

"Yeah, you too," Zoey smiled only temporarily before sitting down with a sigh, "You think we should try to switch to like... P.E. or something?"

"I mean... unless you really wanted to be in cheer, then I'd say that's a good idea," Salgia agreed, "We can go to the office after class and ask for class transfers."

"I did want to be a cheerleader, but... You're probably the only person in class that doesn't hate me... Or fucking giggle whenever Brittany says crap about me," Zoey murmured, sniffling as she held back tears, "I.. I just don't get it... W-Why is everyone here so mean to me?"

"I know what you mean," Salgia sighed, sitting down next to Zoey as they slid up against the wall, "...If it makes you feel any better, you at least got one person who's not gonna be mean to ya."

Zoey reached to her side and hugged the Liss. "It does.. Thanks, Salgia."

Salgia smiled and returned the hug gratefully, unsure what else to do in the situation.

"... So, um... You're a guy?" Zoey asked once the hug ran its course.

"I..." Salgia mumbled, looking to their feet in a blush of shame, "Y-yeah..." It was quite obvious that talking about the topic was not a favorite of the Liss.

"But... Uh, I mean that's fine, I guess, uh..." Zoey cleared her throat, "But why do you... Look like a girl?"

Around this time, a girl with hot pink hair and some sort of thick eye liner approached the two and waved “Vemo!”

"Uh- We'll be out in a second!" Zoey responded, waving back. While she obviously couldn't understand what they just said, she figured it had to do with them not being present in the gym.

"I-it's a long story," Salgia shook their head, "I really don't want to... talk about it right now. W-we should get out there before we're counted absent."

"Yeah, yeah, let's, uh, let's go," Zoey nodded before standing up.

“Oh, wait it’s hello, right?” The girl asked.

"Oh... I didn't think you spoke English," Zoey blinked before remembering to offer a hand to Salgia to help them up, "Yeah, 'hello' is how you say 'hi'...." She quickly realized how stupid that was to say to someone she was unsure of if they spoke English. Even in English that was a terrible way to define the word.

“Oh, hi is a shorter version of Hello! Thanks super fresh!” The girl replied. “Fresh is what you say here right?”

"Uhh... If you're talking about... Food, I guess," Zoey answered, "Like... If the food isn't bad."

“So you can’t describe clothes as,” The girl looked at a note scribbled on her hand “...foonky fresh?”

"I think that can be used to talk about fashion," Salgia hummed, "I'll have to ask someone about that later. They're really smart when it comes to clothes."

"I think most people call their clothes 'cool' or 'nice'," Zoey remarked.

“Oh your jacket was ‘kewl’ then,” The girl replied trying to ensure she used the proper pronunciation.

Zoey couldn't help but let out a short snicker. "Thanks, uh... What was your name again?"

“Octavia, I think is the closest translation.” She nodded. “Oh and umm the teaching person says you two should hurry out or you’ll be counted late.” The girl added as her tentacles pulsated a lighter color for a moment.

"Uhh.." Zoey blinked, rubbing her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things before nodding, "Yeah, come on, Salgia."

Octavia then followed the other two girls out of the locker room, to join the others.


As lunch time rolled around, the cafeteria was flooded with students chatting, eating, or standing in line waiting to eat. Mary, in her JROTC uniform, waited patiently in line to buy some lunch. While she and her sisters would normally pack their lunches, it was gumbo day, and she really liked gumbo.

"Hey, Mary!" Piped up a voice in line behind Mary. It was her sergeant in JROTC, Kanen. "You're getting gumbo, too, private?" he asked warmly.

"Oh! Sir!" Mary stood up straight, saluting Kanen upon noticing him.

"At ease!" Kanen chuckled, "You don't gotta do that every time, you know. But anyways, how're you liking the corps? I gotta make sure my subordinates are fine with everything."

"Oh, I love it," Mary smiled, "Everything about it, even these uniforms!" She looked down at herself, both to admire her attire, and to ensure everything was up to uniform code.

"Yeah, the uniform's pretty sweet," Kanen agreed, "Though I still like my old uniform better, but hey, it works just as fine. So yeah, you're getting gumbo too? I love the stuff."

"Yes, sir, the gumbo's great here," Mary nodded, "So did ROTC have different uniforms before I came here?"

"Oh- nah, they've been the same since I got here," Kanen shook his head as he took a styrofoam bowl of gumbo and put it on a tray, "Nah... I was in the navy 'fore I got here. They got some really snazzy uniforms."

"You were in the navy?!" Mary gasped, quickly adding a, "Sir?!" to maintain respect for his rank.

"Yeah, for a bit," Kanen answered, "It's a... different navy than you're probably thinking of- it doesn't matter, anyways. Past is past... Could I ask you something?"

"Of course, sir," Mary answered with a nod.

"I know it might be a bit, uh... inappropriate for a commanding officer to be asking this, but would you ever wanna... go get a bite or something, outside of school?" Kanen asked with hesitation, "Only if you got the time, that is."

"I'd be fine with that, sir," Mary replied before curiously asking, "If I may ask, what's inappropriate about us eating together?" It seemed she did not understand his intent.

"Well, the rules probably got some sort of subsection of a subsection about officers not getting into relations with subordinates, and it's probably just vague enough so that it'd misinterpret me asking you out to lunch for asking for a date or some malarky like that," Kanen explained without a second to waste.

The hamster wheel in Mary's head slowly turned before a blush overcome her face. "S-Sir? Are you asking me out on a date?" She asked for clarification.

"Well... when you put it like that, I guess so," Kanen shrugged with a smug grin, "So, what do you say? I pick you up around seven, and we can probably catch a movie?"

Mary stared at Kanen with her mouth agape for a brief moment. While she still had feelings for Bob, she knew very well that he was taken. Besides, she couldn't just deny her superior, right? "Um- I mean- Yes, sir."

"Alright. We're all set for seven, then," Kanen chuckled, as he walked over to the register and chimed back, "You're dismissed, private."

"Y-Yes, sir!" Mary saluted before gasping and reaching back in front of the person behind her in line to grab a bowl of gumbo, realizing she had forgotten to during her conversation.

Meanwhile, Octavia looked at the gumbo with a bit of confusion as she smelled it for a moment, there were a lot of spices she was unfamilar with they must have been a kind that went extinct long before Inkopolis was founded, there was also these cartons full of 'milk'. She was pretty sure it was something that mammals did.

After collecting her food, Octavia approached Salgai and Zoey, "Oh, Hello, it is me, Octavia... Um, I don't think I got your umm, names, in that time before." The octopus noted trying to remember the word earlier.

"Oh, Zoey, Salgia," Zoey replied, jabbing her thumb at herself and the Liss respectively. The two had been eating at a small, round table by themselves, with Zoey having a rather lavish packed lunch splayed out in front of her.

"Oh... humans are mammmmalls, yes?" Octiavia asked.

"Uhh, yeah, why?"

"So in Inkopolis we don't have this 'Meeluk', mammals make it right?" Octiabia asked pointing to the carton.

"Y-Yeah," Zoey sputtered out as she held back a laugh, "We make milk."

"Okay, what is that on that box, and what is it be doing there?" Octavia asked pointing to a picture of a cow.

"Pfft, that's a cow. It's where the milk in that came from," Zoey explained, "Did you think you were gonna drink, like... Human milk?"

"Oh, humans drink cow milk? So do humans not make milk?" Octavia asked, obviously very confused.

"No, we do make milk," Zoey giggled, "But, like... People are weird about drinking human milk. Apparently it's only okay for babies to drink their mom's milk and that's it."

"Y'know, that never made sense to me," Salgia said after swallowing some of their diced fruit, "Why's it weird to drink your own kind's milk, but okay to drink some dumb fat animal's?"

"Ah wait, so... these cows just make milk, for humans?" Octiavia asked.

"They're supposed to make it for their own babies, I think," Salgia pondered, "But we drink it anyways."

"So is it stealing?" Octavia wondered as she swallowed a spoonful of gumbo.

"Nah, cows make a shitload of milk. I heard it hurts them if they don't get their milk squeezed out, so everyone wins," Zoey shrugged.

"Wait, your mom was the fuzzy lady with the tail and big ears right?" Octabia asked making a few signs to get her point a cross.

"She's not my mom," Zoey quickly corrected, "She's more of a friend, kinda like a sister sometimes."

"Oh, so she took you and ummm, that girl to school right?" Octavia said pointing across the room to Mary. "But's just a friend sister person?"

"Yeah, but Mary's my actual sister- That's her name," Zoey pointed to Mary, "'Fuzzy lady' is Fennel, but I call her Latte."

"Latte? She is about to be having the baby, yes?" The octoling asked.

"Oh, yeah. Her and Bob are constantly screwing," Zoey grinned, "That's her husband."

"Oh so that makes her his 'wai-wai-feh' correct?" She continued.

"A what?" Salgia asked for clarification.

"Waifeh?" Octiavia clarified as her tentacles pulsated again.

"Yeah," Zoey snickered, "She's his wife."

"So she's like your big sister correct?"

"Kinda, yeah."

"So she's like your... step-mom?" Salgia tried to fit it all together.

"She'd want me to call her mom, but no," Zoey replied, shaking her head, "I just don't think of her as a mom."

"Oh, so Bob is your ummm, 'sodas' right?" Octiabia followed up.

"... Soda?" Zoey blinked.

:"I think in some places they call it a 'Pops' yes?" Octavia followed.

"Nah, I don't think of him as a dad either," Zoey waved away the notion, noticeably bummed by the topic of dads.

"But... you live near them right? Because Latte brought you to school."

"I live with them," Zoey corrected, "Let's talk about something else."

"Oh... do you have something like turf war?" Octivia asked.

"Turf war?"

"Um so you have two teams of four and and at the end of three minutes the team that covered the area more with their ink wins."

"Uhh... Have you ever heard of... Anything like that, Salgia?" Zoey asked.

"...No?" Salgia hummed as they thought about it, "I... maybe graffiti? But that's not... competitive."

"Graffiti, that's when people use spray cans and draw stuff on walls, right?"

"Yeah, any sort of art stuff like that's graffiti," Salgia nodded in affirmation.

"Oh do you know what that paint pall is about?" Octiabia asked.

"Uhh... I think it's just like, people shooting each other," Zoey mused, "But with paintball guns instead of like, real guns obviously."

"Oh i think i have lots of guns for that game," Octavia replied, "I could show you some time." The octoling offered.

"Sure, why not?" Zoey smiled with a shrug,

"I guess that could be fun," Salgia agreed.

"I might have an extra ink tank lying around too." Octiava added before returning to her gumbo.

"Well, looks like Zoey finally made some fitting friends," Brittany remarked as she passed by on her way to her table, "Try not to give them herpes!"

"Oh I was doing the reading about this term!" Octiavia said before flipping through her a note book, and pointing to the term "alpha bitch" on the page, "That describes the Brittany correct?"

"I'm the alpha," Zoey huffed as she folded her arms, "Brittany's just a cunt."

"With two O's yes?" Octiva asked as she went to write down the term.

"No.. What? It's spelled C-U-N-T."

"Oh, your english is so strange compared to cephalapodian." Octiavia said as she wrote the word down.

"Well, to us, your language is somewhat weird, too," Salgia stated.

"Oh, yes you do not understand the woomys and vemos." Octavia nodded.

"What does 'vemos' mean?" Zoey inquired.

"Booyah." Octacia replied.

"And what does 'woomy' mean?" Salgia asked.

“It also means like booyah, but inklings say it more.” Octavia replied.

"What's an inkling?"

"Um like me but a squid. But their tentacles don't make octarians when tehy are cut." Octiavia said.

"Uhhh... You but a squid? That's a pretty big difference," Zoey remarked, thinking of an actual squid.

"Well I'm an octoling, so I'm like them but an octopus."

"... What," Zoey blinked, slowly looking Octavia up and down.

"Oh let me show you." Octiavia said as she whipped out an arrowshaped phone and pulled up an image of the Squid sisters and Off the hook. "So those three are inklings, but... " Octavia then pointed to Marina, "she is an octoling,"

"...I don't see the difference," Salgia shook their head.

"Um inkings have a different marking around their eyes, and more tentacles and the suction cups are on the inside.

"Yeah, look, their hair is different," Zoey pointed out, "Is it like a... Race thing? Like black people and white people?"

"Oh you can't change your skin color?"

"...No?" Salgia answered, confused as to why that'd make sense.

"That'd make it way easier to get an even tan," Zoey remarked.

"Oh and their beak are different." Octavia then zoomed on on Callie's grin before bearing her own teeth.

Octavia's skintone flashed several different tones before returning its normal tan.

"Woah!" Zoey gasped, "Can you do like.. Pink skin? Or green?"

"Yeah, when we play turf war we change to colors of our tentacles and ink to be on the same team." Octavia said as her skin took on a green color before her tentacles became a bright pastel pink.

"That's awesome!" Zoey laughed, "Can you be like.. A rainbow?"

Soon enough, a rainbow of colored stripes flowed across Octavia’s body. She blinked before the same color pattern spread to her irises.

"Wow!" Salgia gawked at their friend's dazzling display of color, "That's amazing!"

"Can you like... Make pictures on your skin?" Zeoy gasped, in awe of Octavia's ability.

“Oh... hmmm, maybe I have never not tried to do this thing.”

"Yeah, try to do some camofluage!" Salgia insisted, "Like, uh... try and copy the wall behind you!"

Octavia took a moment to look at the wall and copied the patterns, though a bit blurry.

"That's badass!" Zoey exclaimed, moving her head around as she looked at Octavia from slightly different angles.

"This is pleasing to you, yes?" Octavia asked.

Very!” Salgia clapped in excitement for their friend’s amazing ability.

"Oh what, abilities do you humans have?" Octavia wondered as she returned to her normal color pallete.

"Uhhh.... Umm..." Zoey hummed, trying to think of any 'abilities' that humans had, "... Huh... I don't think... There's anything special we can do."

"Oh you have bones, I forgot, that is very strange is it not?" The octoling asked.

"Wait, you don't have bones?" Zoey blinked, "That's strange."

Octovia shooked her head and stuck out her arm before her forarm fell limpy at a 90 degree angle .

"I mean, I used to know a lot of guys without bones," Salgia shrugged, "A lot of them were just bugs, but some were normal-looking, like you guys, kinda."

"But... If you don't have bones, how don't you like... Wouldn't you just fall down into a pile of... Skin and meat? Or something?" Zoey asked.

"I just use ink like bones." Octavia explained.

"You... What?"

"I have these sacks than fill with ink and act like bones."

"Oh... Huh..." Zoey stuck out her bottom lip as she slowly nodded in thought.

"So that's how it works, okay," Salgia nodded, "That's how a lot of the boneless guys I used to know worked, but with water and other stuff instead."

"What about you, Salgia? Does your... What's your species called?"

"We're called Liss," Salgia answered, "...And our homeworld is also called Liss. It can... get confusing sometimes."

Zoey stifled a snicker before asking, "So do the Liss got any 'abilities'?"

"Well, we're apparently on average a lot more acrobatic than other races," the Liss shrugged, "Our eyes are kinda sensitive to certain light, and we're... a bit promiscuous sometimes."

Zoey's attention had been entirely caught by Salgia's last statement. "Oh? How do you mean?" Zoey inquired with a smirk.

"Well, when a Liss gets... aroused," Salgia blushed, "Even a little, we start to sweat some... special stuff that makes partners... more turned on too?"

"That doesn't not involve, ripping off the," The octoling then looked at her note book, "dong, of the man?"

"... No... No, Octavia, we... We don't rip people's dicks off," Zoey slowly answered with a look of confusion and concern, "... I'd hate to be an octopus guy."

"That's an old thing we used to do before evolving sapience. They grow back though right?"

"No... No, dicks don't grow back," Zoey sighed.

"Your limbs grow back though right?" Zoey shook her head in response.

"...But yeah," Salgia laughed uncomfortably, "That's all the special things about a Liss. We used to be really good at raising kids, but a bunch of old crap happened, and now, most Liss are hella-lucky to even have one kid."

"Huh... So how hard is it to get a Liss to 'sweat'?" Zoey inquired, leaning towards Salgia a little with a devious grin.

"It's, uh... I don't usually like doing it unless I really mean it," Salgia leaned away nervously, a half-sincere smile on their face, "I-it doesn't take much, but... I'd rather not."

"Oh.. Oh, uh, sorry," Zoey cleared her throat and leaned back with disappointment and awkwardness.

"Oh, I can make ink, and shoot out of these neat guns."

"N-no no, it's fine," Salgia assured, "I just... I got a girlfriend and everything, and I really don't think she'd like it if I was... yeah..." the Liss looked about awkwardly, quietly regretting having brought up their 'sweat' in the first place.

"Yeah," Zoey mumbled, not looking at anything in particular. She could practically taste the awkwardness in the air.

"So... uh.. hm..." Salgia mumbled, trying to think of something to clear the air of the awkward awkwardness that made everything feel so awkward, "...So, how many siblings do you have? I've never had the chance to experience that, so I think it's... kinda neat."

"Well, in our house, I only have 10, but I have two more living in other places in the town," Zoey answered, "But I actually have like... Fifty sisters? Probably more?"

"So humans do lay eggs correct?" Octiavia asked assuming that these siblings were all the same age.

"Fifty?" Salgia gasped, "I can't even imagine that..."

"Yeah... My dad had a lot of wives," Zoey muttered, "And no, we don't lay eggs. We give birth."

"Same here," Salgia added, "A-about the birth thing. Apparently, that's less common than egg-laying in races."

"Bob is not your dad, yes?" Octavia asked for further clarification.

"No, he's not," Zoey shook her head, hoping it was clear that she did not want to talk about her actual father.

"Okay." Octiavia nodded.

"So... you guys have plans for anything after school?" Salgia asked.

"Uhh... Well, I planned on meeting a few guys tonight," Zoey chimed, "Three of 'em."

"Geyes? Those are the causual words for males correct?"

"Mhm," Zoey nodded with a big smile.

"Oh yes, I wish to study the socialization habbits of the human younginling male." Octavia added.

"Pfft, well if you want, you can watch," Zoey snickered.

"Oh my!" Salgia blushed, holding a hand over their mouth as they snickered, "That sounds like quite a thing to watch."

"I could text you guys where it's gonna happen," Zoey offered, "Just lay low, I want all the action for myself."

"Oh a courting ritual, yes?" Octiavia asked.

"I mean, I guess you could call it that," Zoey giggled, "But it's mostly just me screwing three guys, not a lot of 'courting' is gonna happen."

"Eh, I wish I could, but I got stuff to do," Salgia shrugged, "I'm job-hunting, and Avalam's wanting some personal time with me. She's been working herself to the bone recently."


"It's another word for having sex," Zoey explained.

"Oh mating, correct?" Octavia asked.

"Yeah- Wait... Avalam... I think I've bought some clothes made by her!" Zoey remarked, "This shirt I'm wearing- Oh! And my socks are hers! They're super soft!" She pointed down to her socks, which stuck out a little above her shoes. They were black with a small, stylized golden A near the top.

"Oh Avalam, she makes the freshest clothes." Octavia replied, as she looked at Salgia.

"Yeah, wait- Avalam's your girlfriend?!" Zoey gasped, "That's badass!"

"Yeah, she's the best," Salgia smiled, "She'll be happy to hear she's got fans of her work."

"I've only seen her, like, a few times, but... Are her boobs real?"

"Mmmhm!" Salgia nodded deviously, "One-hundred percent genuine."

"Wow," Zoey gasped before looking down at her own decent chest, imagining if she had Avalam's absolute melons, "I wonder if she can even see her feet with those."

"I think she can," Salgia shrugged, "She never really has any problems with it. And neither do I, if you know what I mean."

"With her around, I bet you're 'sweating' all the time," Zoey remarked with a giggle.

"Oh, you bet!" Salgia laughed back, "...Only when she wants me to, though. She's pretty reserved about that."

"Huh... Oh, Octavia, did you want to come see me and the guys tonight?"

"Oh like a visit at your house?" Octavia asked not following what Zoey was suggesting.

"Oh no, Latte would not let me do it at home," Zoey scoffed, "Nah, just you could watch from inside a closet or something. We're planning on meeting at a motel."

"Why would hide? This a competitve event?" Octivatia pondered.

"No, I.. I told you, I'm having sex with them. You said you were wanting to 'study' that kind of thing or whatever."

"Oh, is there not a book I can send back to Inkopolis? I don't know I want to do the watch, that is a private thing, no?" Octiva thought, "Though perhaps this is a good time to do the study."

"It'd be totally fine if you watched. It's not like it's a romance thing or whatever, just sex," Zoey assured.

"Oh, I will leave if I feel I should leave." Octavia agreed.

"...Maybe next time," Salgia murmured with a nod.

"So where will we be meeting later today."

"Gimme your number and I can text you the address of the motel and what room. It'll be at, like... Probably 10."

Octavia then turned her phone to Zoey, where a strange set of unknown characters appearing to make out a numberpad appeared.


Eventually, Fennel made her way into one of the nearby stores, and has grabbed a tin of formula for Claire, and had decided to pick up few things while she was already, out, her cart contained several boxes of a store brand cereal similar to frosted miniwheats, a few gallons of milk, bread and several large jars of peanut butter. She took a moment to tickle the bottom of Claire's foot and accidentally bumped into a woman in the deli aisle.

Melissa ended up dropping the two boxes of poptarts she was looking at her, huffing out a, "God dammit," as she bent down to pick them up. Her cart nearby consisted of a few tubs of ice cream and various sweets, primarily chocolate.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Miss." Fennel gasped, realizing she had caused the woman to drop her goods.

"Whatever," Melissa sighed bitterly, setting one of the boxes on the shelf before tossing the other into her cart.

Fennel, feeling particularly bad for bothering the woman, aling with her general akwardness acting up, quickly looked through her purse and pulled out a coupon for one of the brands of icecream the woman had in her cart. "Oh I have a coupon for that brand of icecream." Fennel offered holding out the coupon.

While a part of Melissa wanted to tell Fennel to 'Fuck off' then and there, the coupon would let her get another tub of ice cream with its savings. With an unenthusiastic, "Thanks," she took the coupon from the fox and began pushing her cart away, hoping to be rid of Fennel for the foreseeable future.

After a moment Fennel, picked up a few cases of deli meats before heading off to the checkout line. As she waited for her turn Fennel got out the remainder of her coupons and savings card as she waited for her turn in line. It seemed she was behind the woman from earlier.

Oh fucking god dammit. Just keep looking forward and maybe she won't talk to you, Melissa thought to herself as she too waited behind someone else.

"And that's the last of them." Fennel muttered to herself as she placed the coupons near their relevant items. Fennel noted that the woman from earlier and could tell she didn't want to talk, but she seemed nice enough, certainly nicer than the PTA moms. She figured if she wanted to talk, she would.

But just as Fennel was about to attempt to start conversation with Melissa, Claire began to whine, before bursting into full infantine crying and wailing.

At this exact moment, to everyone's dismay, the elderly woman in front of Melissa asked the cashier, "Oh, do you mind if I pay in change? I've been meaning to clean out my coin purse for some time now."

Fennel realizing that the woman in front of her was likely short tempered, she immeditatly took Claire out of her carrier and bounced the baby a bit while gently shushing her.

"Ugghh... To think I have to live forever," Melissa muttered quietly to herself, resting her elbows on the handle of her cart as she rubbed her temples.

Very slowly, the child began to calm, but her bawling was continuous throughout even this period.

Fennel noticed the pacifer that was attached to the child's onesie and placed it in the baby's mouth, as she tried to rock her to sleep. Very slowly, Claire's tantrum began to wane, and she slowly drifted off into rest, a relief for everyone around.

"Aaand.. Uhm... I'm sorry, I think I lost count," The elder woman trembled before spilling a few coins onto the small pile she was attempting to pay with, meaning not even the cashier could save the situation.

Melissa's eye twitched before she let out a loud, "OH MY GOD!" and slammed her credit card down on the counter, "I'll pay for her groceries! Jesus fucking christ!"

"Oh! You don't have to do that, young lady, but tha-"

Melissa snapped her head towards the old woman, seething with rage, "Either I pay for your fucking groceries so I don't have to sit here for fifty years watching you count your stupid god damn coins, or I shove your coin purse down your throat."

That was enough to shut the poor old lady up as Melissa paid for her groceries, put the bags in her cart for her, and yelled at her to get lost before beginning to set her own groceries on the conveyor belt for the cashier to scan.

"I'm so sorry, about Claire, miss, is there any thing I can do to make it up to you?" Fennel asked rather meekly, trying not to wake up Claire.

If not for the threat of upsetting the baby and causing it to cry, Melissa would've snapped at Fennel too. After taking a deep breath in a pitiful attempt to calm herself, the woman slowly turned her head to Fennel and said, "No," before continuing to put her groceries on the conveyor belt.

Fennel then half whispered once again “I’m ssoo sorry about that.” As she fumbled with one hand to get her debit card out of her purse, as quietly as possible.

"It's fine," Melissa hissed after another deep breath, handing the cashier her credit card and the coupon Fennel gave her once all of her items had been scanned.

Fennel figuring it was best to leave the woman alone the carefully positioned Claire to lean over her shoulder so she could more easily move her groceries when it was her turn.

Once Melissa was done, her groceries were in her cart, and she pushed her cart about two feet to leave, she paused. She let out an annoyed sigh at herself before turning to Fennel and saying, "I'm not mad at you specifically, so quit acting so fucking pathetic, god dammit." Without waiting for a reply, she turned back around and started to leave.

"Oh, okay then." Fennel said, a bit bewildered before ringing up her grocceries. "Oh could I get carry out too, please?" She requested as she wiped her card.

Soon enough, Fennel was headed out to her car, holding Claire's carrier and placed the child in the car before noticing Melissa and giving a much more confident, "Hello, again."

Melissa squinted her eyes at Fennel, then looked back to the grocery store, then to Fennel, and then she seemed lost in thought for a moment. "... We're gonna end up just so happening to bump into each other over and over, aren't we?" She sighed.

"Hmm, probably." Fennel added, her tone indicated she was assuming a lot of coincidences as opposed to going out of her way to bump into Melissa.

Melissa let out a groan, hitting her head against the side of her car and letting it rest there, "Why does this always happen?"

Fennel simply gave a confused look before adding "Welp, see you again, whenever that happens."

Melissa slammed her trunk closed before grumbling as she got into her car, leaving tire tracks on the asphalt as she drove away as quickly as possible.

Fennel then thanked the groccery store worker before getting in and driving off towards home.


Many hours later, Fennel parked outside of Ernette and Clara’s apartment building and made her way up to their door and knocked several times. Using baby talk Fennel then asked, “Is someone ready to see Mommy?”

Claire cooed quietly, but was obviously happy with the sound of the word 'mommy'.

Fennel then knocked on the door once more as before going to tickle Claire.

As Fennel tickled the baby, Ernette peered down from the opening door with a gasp, "Oh, hey, Fennel! Sorry to have kept you waiting, I just got home myself. Come on in, I'll take her," she gently took the carrier into her grasp as she invited the fox inside. The door opened up straight into a living room, where a white couch sat in the center of it, sitting in front of a small glass coffee-table (its sides had been sheathed by foam endings for Claire's sake) and facing a nicely-sized television affixed to the wall. Behind the couch, the living room lead into the kitchen, a countertop the only thing keeping the two rooms apart.

Fennel stepped inside before asking “How was work today?” And carefully lowering herself onto the couch. She then placed her tail over her feet as the put hand on her belly.

"It was definitely a lot better than I thought it was going to be!" Ernette grinned, "I had six classes, each of them went pretty much the same, and I could see that there were plenty of times those boys were definitely distracted by something other than just jumping jacks and situps," she smirked as she said this, setting Claire's carrier on the counter as she undid the child's straps and held her, "Was Claire good for you today?"

“She was very good today.” Fennel nodded as she watched Ernette, “Zoey has the cheer class with you for first period right?” Fennel asked after a moment.

"Oh, no, that's the other P.E. teacher," Ernette shook her head, "I don't have a class first period. I did have Clara fourth, though. It was nice, but it was kind of hard not to show any sort of favoritism."

"Yeah, I really enjoyed fourth period," Clara remarked as she entered the room, giving Ernette her usual deadpan look. Though the Benefactor could probably pick out the subtleties in her expression to know what Clara was getting at.

Fennel weas oblivious to the statement somehow, before asking a question, "Oh, umm Ernette, since I'm due soon, does it really hurt as much as everyone makes it out to be?" Fennel said gesturing to her stomach.

"It's... pretty uncomfortable, yeah," Ernette nodded, "But you can get put on a few painkillers so it numbs it some. Or you can just opt for a C-section. I heard they put you under entirely for those."

"I think I'd rather stick to more natural means." Fennel responded after mulling her options over for a minute. She rubbed her belly and nodded, "Either way I am looking forward to meeting Cinnamon."

"I'm sure Claire's gonna love having a new friend," Clara stated, glancing over to her child and then back to Fennel.

Fennel seemed immedately upset as tears formed in her eyes and blubbered "I thought that they were like-like-like cousins." before sobbing into her hands.

Ernette looked to Clara for a moment, unsure of what Fennel meant and wondering if she knew.

Clara leaned close to Ernette and whispered, "Fennel has been very insistent on my sisters and I calling her 'mom'. Zoey has been especially adamant about not doing that, even before we arrived here in Generitown." before speaking aloud, "Of course, Fennel, it's okay. Cousins can be friends, right?"

Fennel wiped her eyes, and blubbered “I’m sorry, I didn’t under-“ before bursting into tears again.

"Fennel," Clara began, "I know that you're upset about Zoey not calling you her mother, but given our previous family life, I'd consider that complimentary from her. She thinks of you as someone even closer than a mom and daughter. Try to remind yourself of that when you get emotional like this."

Fennel wiped her face once more as she sniffled out “O-Okay. I’ll try.” She then started to get up asking “I-is there anything you need before I leave?”

"Just a widdle good-bye kiss for Claire," Ernette cooed, holding Claire for Fennel to bid her goodbye.

Fennel the gave Claire a light kiss on the forehead before heading out the door.

"...I kinda feel bad for Fennel," Ernette admitted a few moments after she shut the door, sitting down on the couch with Claire, "I mean, I get where Zoey's coming from, but if it's really hurting Fennel that much, the least she could do is indulge her every now and then.”

"Zoey's too prideful, and even if Fennel would enjoy it, she'd feel disingenuous," Clara explained as she sat down by Ernette, "Zoey can be irritating, but that's one thing I really like about her. She has her own set of morals and abides by them. She doesn't bullshit her away around them."

"..I guess you're right," Ernette sighed, leaning back a bit with Claire, "But I just can't help but feel a little bad for Fennel. She is technically their adoptive mom, but- I can see why Zoey doesn't want to call her that."

On her way down stairs, Fennel would run into none other than the woman from the store. Fennel was rather surprised to see her and waved “Oh, I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

"... I'm gonna guess you're going to be nice to me no matter how mean I am to you, aren't you?" Melissa grumbled, not at all surprised to see Fennel.

“Think you’ve just indifferent.” Fennel added rather flatly. “But going out of my way to be antagonistic seems like a dumb move considering how easy it is to make babies cry.”

Melissa slowly blinked before opening the door to her apartment and gesturing inside. "I've given up fighting it at this point. Wanna come in? I have snacks or whatever," She sighed.

“I don’t need to be home to make dinner for a while.” Fennel nodded before walking into Melissa’s apartment.” She would be greeted with a very messy living space. There were empty pizza boxes lying here and there along with tubs of ice cream littered around the couch. There weren't any decorations save for a small picture frame. It was quite obvious that Melissa did not care about how she lived. “Oh do you need me to take my shoes off?” Fennel asked, seemingly ignoring the mess.

"Nah, it's fine," Melissa shrugged, meandering over to the fridge and opening it up, "I got water, chocolate milk, fruit punch, and pina coladas in a can." There wasn't much furniture either. As far as Fennel could tell from peeks into other rooms of the apartment, there wasn't even a bed. It seemed all Melissa had was a rather expensive television set, a couch, a shelf, a coffee table in front of the couch, and various kitchen utilities.

“They are virgin pina coladas right?” Fennel asked.

"Yeah. I don't bother paying extra for the alcohol," Melissa muttered as she grabbed a can, "Can't even get drunk."

“Oh, I have an really low tolerance I once got hammered on a regular pina colada a few years back” Fennel added. “But if you have the alcohol free ones, that would be great.” She requested.

"That must be nice," Melissa huffed, "Catch." She tossed the can Fennel's way. She then grabbed a half gallon bottle of chocolate milk and gulped it down for a few seconds.

Fennel caught the can and cracked it open before taking as sip and sighed “Ah, reminds me of home.”

"Are you from Hawaii or some shit?" Melissa asked, walking over and flopping onto her couch, leaving enough room for Fennel to sit beside her. It seemed she had a serious case of resting bitch face syndrome, though it was more likely that was just her ambient mood.

“Laviturn, but it’s pretty similar.” Fennel clarified, before taking another sip and sitting next to Melissa.

"So how long have you been stuck in this universe?" Melissa asked, chugging down the rest of her chocolate milk before throwing the bottle at the television. She just so happened to hit the "ON" button, sending the TV to Melissa's Netflix app.

“Hmm about a 10 months now.” Fennel nodded after a moments thought, “And you?”

"About the same," Melissa muttered before pointing to the picture frame on her coffee table, "By any chance, have you seen her at all?" The frame showed a picture of Melissa herself, smiling, alongside a young, but white-haired girl that Fennel would not recognize.

“No I don’t think so.” Fennel shook her head, “She a friend?” She asked.

"Yeah. I didn't think you'd have seen her, but... I had to ask," The woman sighed, resting her cheek on one hand, "So what do you do for fun? I wanna know before I inevitably get roped into it."

“I like to surf, cooking, painting, camping, video games, general magic practice adventuring... though I’m not really in the condition to do the last one for a little while.” Fennel answered giving her belly at happy smile, “And you?”

"I don't really do anything," Melissa tersely replied, "I try to bingewatch Netflix long enough until my brain turns off. That's about it."

“If you ever want to run errands with me, just let me know.” Fennel suggested.

"I'm gonna end up doing something with you whether I want to or not," Melissa remarked with an apathetic shrug, "Life's gotten pretty predictable."

“I’m not gonna force you to, but if you got nothing better, I’m sure we can budget for lunch every now and then.” Fennel suggested.

"Don't worry, I know you're not the one forcing anything," Melissa sighed, "Yeah, sure. I saw you walk into one of the apartments here, but I'm pretty sure you don't live here. So if you want to do whatever, just have them tell me."

“Yeah I was just dropping my niece off at her house, if you want, you could join us for dinner sometime and don’t mind eating with kids.” Fennel shrugged.

"... Sure. You should probably get going if you're gonna make dinner or whatever," Melissa suggested.

Fennel then heaved herself up “Oh, my name is Fennel, by the way. I don’t think I caught yours.” Fennel said, holding her hand out.

"Melissa," The bitter woman answered, slowly accepting the handshake before letting her arm slump by her side.

“Let me just get my keys.” Fennel said as she rummaged through her purse. After a moment, she pulled out her keys and made her way to the door.

"I guess I'll see you whenever," Melissa lazily waved to Fennel.

“Okay, see you later then, Melissa.” Fennel waved as she waddled out the door, and to her car.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teedler again

"Avalam, I'm home!" Salgia huffed as they stumbled through the apartment door, only to realize that Avalam usually got home after the Liss. They sighed, setting their backpack on the hook in their bedroom, flopping down on the bed with a sigh; They had gone through three interviews to no avail, despite their best efforts. They needed to vent to someone, and with their new-found friends busy, Avalam would be the seemingly only person to talk with.

Luckily for the Liss, it wouldn't be long before the shapeshifter strode into their apartment with an elated hum. "Oh, Salgia! I'm home!" She exclaimed in a much happier tone than when Salgia had entered.

"Hey, Avalam!" Salgia shouted happily back from their bedroom, heaving themself up off the bed and hurried out to meet her, "Oh, I'm so happy to see you!"

"The feeling is more than mutual!" Avalam giggled as she embraced Salgia, "So! How has the job hunt gone?"

"[i}Not great[/i]," Salgia winced, "I went to three places today, and I think I got rejected by them all," they murmured with a glum expression, "I just dunno what I'm gonna do."

"B-But- What?! Why would they reject you?" Avalam gasped, gently leading Salgia back to their bed so the two could sit down and talk.

"Well, one said I didn't really have the education for it," Salgia began to explain, "One said they were already hiring someone for that position, and the last one I got to try and do the job, and apparently I didn't do so great."

"What was the job?"

"Water sanitation. I was supposed to make sure the purifiers were all functioning or whatever, and I guess I thought about something that made me sweat even a little.."

"Oh," Avalam grimaced at the thought, keeping an arm wrapped around the Liss to comfort them.

"Yeah..." Salgia mumbled, plopping their head into Avalam's side and sighing loudly. "I don't know what I'm gonna do, Avalam."

"It's... It'll be fine, Salgia, I promise," The shapeshifter assured, "You'll find a job, I know you will. And there's no pressure forcing you to get one right this instant."

"But I don't want to just mooch off of you!" Salgia huffed, "That's just not right, and I wouldn't feel right doing it at all."

"Salgia, you are not mooching," Avalam said assertively, "You're going to find a job eventually. My income doesn't mean you are a mooch, it just... Provides until you get there."

"You've said that the last time we talked like this," Salgia reminded glumly, "I know its providing, I just... what am I going to do?"

"Okay, well... Umm..." Avalam thought for a moment, "Perhaps you should refocus yourself, ah... Don't go for 'water snitation', go for something you're more familiar with."

"Like what?" Salgia pondered morosely, "All I've been is an escort, for goodness sake! I don't know how to do much else that good!"

"I-I... Maybe it's something you don't even think about!" Avalam suggested, "Try and... Go over what you do in the.. Day-to-day and... I am sure you'll find something that could be applied to a career."

"...I'll think about that, yeah," Salgia sighed, "But... how was your day?" they asked, wanting to get off the topic at hand.

"Oh, it was just lovely," Avalam cooed, shifting on the bed and sitting behind Salgia, almost putting them in her lap as she massaged their shoulders, figuring they needed it, "There's just... Such a sense of appreciation here compared to Regat... Perhaps it is because I don't need to hide the fact that I'm a shapeshifter."

"Yeah, people here are pretty tolerant of you," Salgia nodded trying to relax in Avalam's grasp, "...I'm not sure the same really applied to me. Some brat got on me about having 'weird eyes' and 'being a freak', and I generally think most people there thought the same, even if they weren't so open to say it. There were some people, though, I think I can call friends. Had lunch together, talked about things- Oh, one of them was even wearing some of your clothes! They really liked the socks!"

"Hmph!" Avalam huffed, fixated on the mistreatment of the Liss, "How dare they! Your eyes are unique and nice to look into!"

"Well, I think it was more I was disagreeing with them," Salgia shrugged, "She was making fun of one of the girls I was sitting at lunch with, and I got a little angry about it and said her arms were fat."

"And you have every right to say such things about her arms!" Avalam asserted, remembering she was supposed to be massaging Salgia's shoulders, "She's lucky I wasn't there. I would have said far worse to her." Given the shapeshifter's nonconfrontational nature, this was highly unlikely.

"Well, it's alright," Salgia assured, "She was in Cheer, and I don't really think I wanna keep doing Cheer, so I'm gonna transfer classes."

"What?!" Avalam gasped, "But you seemed so excited about cheerleading!"

"Yeah, I was," Salgia nodded, "But it seems that other than two girls, everyone there's with that insulting brat."

"Hmph, well I think that you should stay," Avalam suggested, "For yourself, and for your two friends. I am sure they were just as excited for cheer as you."

"...If you think I should," Salgia looked back at Avalam with a smile, "Then I'll stay in. Besides, I really like the uniform... even if I'm one of the smallest cheerleaders there. I never realized how big human teens were."

"I never thought I would be with someone shorter than myself," Avalam giggled before giving the Liss a peck on the lips, "But I suppose that adds to how cute you are."

"Oh, hush!" Salgia blushed with a giggle, "You're gonna make me sweat if you keep that kind of talk up!"

"What kind of talk?" Avalam feigned ignorance. She saw an opportunity to help relieve some of the stress the poor Liss had been putting themselves through, and decided to put her own squeamishness aside for their sake.

"The 'you're so cute' kind of talk!" Salgia giggled, "You know exactly what I'm talking about!"

"Well, you're not helping your case here with a laugh like that!" Avalam exclaimed, giving Salgia another peck as she tried and failed to hold back her own giggling.

"And you have an even cuter one!" Salgia laughed outright, before leaning up and pecking Avalam on the cheek.

"Oh, no, no, no!" Avalam huffed before kissing Salgia, "You are far cuter than I... And not just because of your laugh or how small you are."

"You're too modest for your own good!" Salgia giggled, "You got a cute everything, and you still think I'm cuter?"

"Well I would argue that you have a cute 'everything'," Avalam retorted, wrapping her arms around the Liss, "From your hair, to your eyes, to your body, to your face! You must be blind not to see it."

"I mean, you gotta be blind too to not see how adorable you look right now!" Salgia cooed, "You're just trying to get me to sweat now, aren't you? Such a cute face couldn't be doing anything else right now."

"How dare you accuse me of such a thing!" Avalam feigned offense as she blushed, "Why, I would never! I could not even begin to imagine trying to seduce someone as cute as yourself."

"Well, you did it, regardless!" Salgia laughed, smooching Avalam on the lips.

When they parted, Avalam let out a dramatic gasp. "Oh, I see what's happening here," She declared, "You wanted to sweat all along so you could seduce me!"

"Well, that was really all a side effect of how dang cute you are!" Salgia smiled, "How could I not sweat at you being so adorable right now?"

"Hmph, well you are doing quite the job of seduction," Avalam relented with a giggle, "Though I cannot lay all of the blame on your sweat... I think it's mostly from just how cute you are." She leaned backwards, bringing Salgia on top of her as she laid on the bed.


"Oh... Is this too much makeup or too little?" Mary asked Fennel as she stood near the front door, clearly nervous about her date.

Fennel looked at Mary with a smile and praised, “You look beautiful, honey.”

The teen blushed, quickly glancing over her outfit. Given she was just going to a movie, Zoey suggested she keep it casual, but to bring a purse despite her never using a purse before. It had an entire box of condoms, some makeup, cash, and her phone inside of it.

Small tears of joy welled up in Fennel’s eyes as she said, “My little girl is growing up.” Before going to give Mary a hug.

"I'm only two years younger than you," Mary laughed as she returned the hug.

“Ok, I know. Just... you're going on your first date; it's so exciting!” Fennel said as her tail began wagging rapidly.

After a short knock, the door-bell rang, indicating that Mary's date had arrived.

“Ok I’ll get it for you honey,” Fennel said as she opened to door with a hand on her belly, “Hi, you must be Kanen. She told me about you.”

"Yeah, that's me," Kanen grinned, "You must be her... mom?"

“Yes, that’s me, you can call me Mrs. Roberts or Fennel. Mary is just in the living room, why don’t you come inside for a moment?” Fennel offered as she opened to door to make room.

"Thank you, Mrs. Roberts," Kanen thanked, walking in and stating, "Wow, I really like the way you set this place up. It's very homey."

“Oh thank you, I’ve been having Bob rearrange to furniture recently, Fennel then walked into the kitchen to grab the cookie jar.

"Sir!" Mary stood at attention, saluting Kanen upon noticing him despite neither of them being in uniform.

“Oh Mary, you don’t need to do that, loosen up a little.” Fennel said, putting the jar on the table next to them.

"At ease, Mary!" Kanen laughed as he looked up at her, and admiring for a moment, "You look great."

"Oh- Um- Thank you, sir," Mary stammered with a far more intense blush. She was honestly surprised by how flustered she was getting over a single compliment.

”Cookie?” Fennel offered, opening the jar, ’oblivious‘ to how it might ruin the mood.

"Thank you, Mrs. Roberts, but I think I'm good," Kanen remarked.

“Please, I insist, Mary wanted me to make them just for you.” The vixen lied.

"I-I, uh- Yeah!" Mary went along with the lie, briefly standing there awkwardly before actually walking up to the two.

"...Okay, sure, I'll take one," Kanen went along with both Fennel and Mary's demand, taking one cookie from the jar.

“When do you two need to leave?” Fennel asked looking at the clock.

"Uh, right now would be good," Mary answered.

"Yeah, as soon as we can'd be the best," Kanen agreed.

“Can I just get a picture of you two before you get going?” Fennel said pointing her phone at the couple.

"Oh my god. She always takes pictures and videos of everything," Mary remarked before smiling nervously at the camera.

“One, two, cheeseburger!” Fennel said before taking a picture of the two. She then turned attention to Kanen, "Now be sure to show Mary a good time, but not too good a time or it's Mr. Roberts you‘ll have to worry about."

“Oh, don’t worry, Mrs. Roberts,” Kanen assured with a laugh, “I’ll make sure we have a good time so I don’t have to hear from him."

“Alright you two, remember Mary, Mommy loves you!” Fennel said as she walked the kids to the door.

"I love you too," Mary replied with a smile and roll of her eyes before whispering, "Let's get out of here before I die."

“I heard that.” Fennel sang, with a giant smile on her face.

Once in Kanen's car, Mary let out an exaggerated groan, "My sister tried to warn me that she was gonna act like a sitcom mom, but I didn't think it would be that bad."

"Is she usually like that?" Kanen asked, starting to drive them to the movie theater.

Just as it seemed Mary was about to answer to the contrary, she nodded her head and shrugged. "Yeah, yeah, she's usually like that," She admitted before realizing who she was talking to and correcting herself, "I-I mean- Yes, sir!"

"You don't need to call me sir when we're off duty," Kanen assured, "just call me Kanen... Unless you want me to be calling you private through the whole movie."

Mary giggled at that, "No, sir- Kanen- I'll try to stop calling you sir." She could hear Zoey making a 'private' sex joke in her mind at that moment.

Meanwhile, Fennel texted her picture of Mary and Kanen to Bob in a message full of emojis. She would get a thumbs up emoji in response.

"Ah, I am of finally getting home!" Shlyke sighed, flipping off his employee cap with a chitter of his mandibles as he closed the door behind him, taking off his work-shoes near the door.

“Oh hi Shlyke, was everything good at work today?” Fennel asked, as she held out the cookie jar to offer the locust a cookie.

"Same as of usual," the Abrol grumbled, snatching a cookie out of the jar and gobbling it up quickly, "Just more cooking and frying and fry cooking and the like."

The back door of the home opened as Tina entered from the backyard, rushing to meet the Abrol. "Shlyke!" She exclaimed, throwing herself at the large insect.

“Have you thought of applying for a management position?” Fennel asked.

"Hello, Tina! I was of missing you!" Shlyke greeted, hugging the girl as he looked to Fennel and answered, "I was, yes, but they were not of looking for a shift for that. Or at least, they wouldn't tell me that."

”Oh, hmmm, maybe you could start your own resturaunt.” Fennel suggested.

"Oh, yeah!" Tina gasped, still clinging to Shlyke, "You could call it... Uhh... Shlyke... Shlybur.. Shlyburgers?"

“Oh, you could do, like, a little food truck? That would be so cute," Fennel continued before going to lie down on the couch.

"Eh, those are some good goals," Shlyke sighed with a chitter, "If I was of having the money for it, a food truck could be interesting..."

“I think Moomoo could help you get a good price on a truck.” Fennel mused. “Oh, Tina, how was school today?”

"It was good! Everything's super easy!" Tina beamed.

“That’s because you are a smart girl. Are you excited you get to be a big sister soon?” Fennel asked as she gave Tina a smile.

"Mhm! Now I won't be the littlest anymore!" Tina answered happily before a horrifying realization hit her. She kept her smile, but in that moment, her own words were repeated back to her in her mind. She wouldn't be the littlest anymore... She'd just be another one of the girls.

Fennel then held her arms out “Can you give Mommy a hug?” she requested.

"... Huh?" Tina blinked and shook her head a little bit, pulled out of her thoughts before hugging Fennel, "Of course, mommy!"

Fennel then attempted to pull Tina on the couch, but as to be expected was having difficulties, “Do you want to cuddle with mommy?”

"Duh!" Tina giggled, helping Fennel as she crawled onto the couch and hugged the fox with a big, warm smile.

Fennel then nuzzled Tina before saying, “I love you, Tina,” as she began to rub the girl's back.

"I love you too, mommy," Tina murmured happily.

Fennel then placed her tail over their bodies and drifted off into a nap. Of course, it was pretty easy for Tina to fall asleep in the comfortable grasp of her mother as well, murmuring a little bit of gibberish before letting out quiet snores.

After a little bit, Shlyke had gone off to wash his work clothes and take a shower, wanting to get the ever-persistent stench of grease off of himself.

The sleeping Fennel simply hugged Tina tighter for a moment before her leg kicked a little.


"So what's the movie we're seeing? I forgot to ask," Mary inquired, holding a large bucket of popcorn as she followed Kanen into the theater room.

"Eh, some action film, looked like something we'd both like, so I said 'why not?'" Kanen quoted himself as he sat down, holding both of their cups.

"Heh, I guess all my artillery talk gave that away, huh?"

"It was pretty telling, yeah," Kanen nodded with a feigned grimace before it returned to a relaxed expression.

Once the movie started, Mary remembered what Zoey had instructed her to do. She tried her best to be subtle as she glanced at Kanen a few times before slowly moving her head over to rest on his shoulder as she watched the movie.

Kanen noticed the subtle head rest on his shoulder, but seemed to be fine with it, slowly wrapping an arm around Mary's back and resting the hand on her shoulder.

I love you, Zoey, and I owe you so much, Mary thought to herself, seeing that her sister's advice worked. Later on, she would grab a small handful of popcorn, slipping it into her mouth before letting her hand rest on her date's leg.

Kanen craned his head towards his date ever so slightly, noting how close she wanted to be, and decided to let her continue to maintain that hand on his leg.

Mary took this as a green light as her hand very slowly crept upwards, gently sliding against his pants as her eyes glanced between the screen and her hand while her head remained stationary on his shoulder.

"Hey, I'm..." Kanen awkwardly interrupted her hand with his own, "Not very comfortable with that... on a first date."

"O-Oh... Sorry," Mary gulped, retreating her hand back to her own lap as she resisted the urge to shrink in her seat. Zoey warned her of this possibility, and made it very clear that she needed to keep her head on his shoulder,unless he shrugged her off.

Kanen, though, seemed fine with her movements on him otherwise, not moving his shoulder in the slightest, and his arm still wrapped around her. It didn't seem that he was too judging of her attempt.


"... and did you see how big that thing was?!" Mary went on as she and Kanen left the theater, "I was waiting the whole time for it to fire!"

"Yeah, it was awesome!" Kanen agreed, "When they shot that thing off, I thought I was watching the real deal fire off!"

"I know!" Mary exclaimed, "I didn't think it'd be so realistic!... Oh, I should probably turn my phone back on." She reached into her purse, gulping as the next phase of Zoey's plan came into play. There was no time to think as she pulled her phone out of her purse and 'accidentally' caused the box of condoms to fall out onto the concrete.

"Oh no! I dropped my monster condom for your magnum dong!" Mary gasped. However, she immediately realized she had done everything wrong. Not only did she drop the entire box of condoms instead of a singular condom, but she had switched the words 'monster' and 'magnum' by mistake.

Kanen looked down at the entire box of condoms for a moment, utterly perplexed, before nervously chuckling and looking back up at Mary, "I'm not sure whether to be impressed you were so prepared for anything here, or confused."

"Uhh.. Um- Impressed?" Mary nervously smiled as she broke free from her frozen state and slowly reached down for the box.
"...Let's go with that, yeah," Kanen nodded in agreement, "I'm just surprised you fit... an entire box in there with all your other stuff."

"Oh, uh... To be honest... I don't use a purse," Mary sighed, opening the purse for him to see inside, "It's just my phone, some cash, and a little bit of makeup incase what I have on now got messed up. My sister said I'd look better with a purse, so... I borrowed one of hers."

"...I think you're fine without one, to be honest," Kanen disagreed warmly, "They don't really seem like a 'you' thing, if I gotta say."

"Yeah, I guess," Mary let out a small huff of a laugh as she zipped the purse shut, "Heh.. Heheh.. She told me to do that too. The... monster condom thing. I dunno, she just seems like she'd know more about dating than me."

"Well, I thought it was pretty funny, if that means anything," Kanen chuckled, humming for a moment, before deciding, "It's not that late. You wanna... grab something to eat?"

"Oh, I'm starving," Mary agreed wholeheartedly, "Where do you want to eat?"

"Seeing as I chose the movie, wherever you want," Kanen grinned.

"Hmmm... I know just the place."


"I try to get two of their sixteen ounce steaks," Mary remarked, peering into the menu for Texas Roadhouse before folding it up and putting it down. She quickly cut open one of the rolls in the center of the table and lathered some butter on the inside before biting down with an audible, "Mmmm."

"I don't think I've ever come in here before," Kanen remarked as he took a roll from the center and placed it on his plate, cutting it open as he asked, "You and your family come here sometime or something?"

"Nut much, but sometimes I head here myself," Mary shrugged after swallowing her bite, "I usually hit the gym afterwards."

"I'd do the same after two steaks," Kanen agreed, "Hm... I think I might join you on that."

Mary smiled at that. She bit her lip for a moment before musing, "I can bench press quite a bit, you know."

"Oh yeah? How much?"

"I usually set it at about 150," Mary answered with pride before winking as she added, "Though I've gotten up to 200 before."

"200? Damn," Kanen gasped, lightly buttering his roll, "That's a pretty good press."

Mary couldn't help but blush at the compliment. "Thanks, but- I'm sure it's nothing compared to what you can do."

"Nah, I'm about the same," Kanen shrugged, "My best's 210, so I'd say you're doing good regardless."

"Hmmm... I'll have to see if I can pass your record then," Mary remarked.

"It wouldn't be too hard, I don't think," Kanen replied with a shrug, before continuing, "So, how long were you working with artillery? I don't hear of a lotta girls your age working with such heavy guns."

"Oh, I've been operating artillery since I was a little girl!" Mary exclaimed, "I, uh.. I used to live in a sort of... Fortress up until about a year ago."

"Oh, you've been round this stuff your whole life, then?"

"Mhm, I've fired a lot of guns, but the big ones are always my favorite," Mary nodded, "I still remember the first time I fired an artillery cannon."

"Big guns are always the best," Kanen agreed, "Subtlety's dumb when you can just blow whatever you want blown up- up."

"Yes!" Mary wholeheartedly agreed, "And after that, who's gonna want to mess with the guy that has artillery?"

"The other guys who got artillery and the big guns," Kanen shrugged, "We had to deal with a lot of that in the navy. A lot of the times, the guys we were fighting had some bigger guns than us, even. Got scary sometimes, but we pulled through."

"Wow... We never had to worry about that, I guess," Mary pondered, "We shelled anything that got within range, and we had the biggest gun."

"Ah. We didn't have that privilege," Kanen remarked, "Sometimes, we were in service without returning to port for months, so we had to conserve our ammo. We had to be precise, hit hard exactly where we needed to hit, and make sure we didn't get hit too hard in the process, or else we could've been floating without engines or something else important and got blown to bits."

"Wow..." Mary murmured, resting her chin on her hands, "I-I mean- I know it was definitely life-threatening and all, but... I can't help but be a little jealous."

"Eh, it was nice, at times," Kanen agreed somewhat with a slight nod, "It can get monotonous, and there can be a lot of waiting for something to happen, but ship-life's a lot better than being on the ground, right in the thick of the action. I know that much."

"Hmm... Maybe I'll join them when I get out of school," Mary mused. "... Then again, the navy isn't exactly known for artillery, so that might be a deal breaker," She joked with a brief giggle.

"...What do you mean? The navy I worked under loved artillery," Kanen scoffed, "Unless... oh! You're thinking I've been talking about some marine navy- Oh, I'm dumb for not specifying there. It's, uh... a space navy. I, uh, don't even think it's a thing in this place."

After a snicker upon hearing Kanen call himself dumb, Mary gawked at him for a moment. "A space navy?" She gasped, "Oh, you have to tell me all about this."

"Well, I was working under the Seventh Armada, so we were in some of the most serious fighting," Kanen explained, "Even then, though, it could've been whole days before we actually got to fight anything. Like I said, a lot of the guys we fought had bigger guns, so we had to be extra careful around a lot of the ships we fought."

"Well, I'm glad you guys were careful," Mary smiled, "... Otherwise, I never would've gotten to hear you call yourself dumb."

"Well, I'm glad I got to say that, then," Kanen laughed.

"So... What's the biggest gun you've gotten to play with up there?" Mary inquired curiously.

"Well, I think it was a primary rail gun," Kanen hummed, "It runs down the middle of a sixth of the ship. Sure, it couldn't turn, but it punched a hole through pretty much anything that wasn't shielded."

"Explain it a bit better, I wanna try to picture it in my head," Mary insisted, "Like the size of it and everything."

"Well, the gun itself poked out the front of the ship," Kanen explained, "And inside the tube, there were loads of accelerators and whatnot. It shot five-foot long rods of... tungsten, I think, so fast, it's like firing a regular bullet. I'd say the gun itself, firing mechanism and all was about... say, seventy-five meters?"

"Oh my god," Mary gasped, quiet for a moment before adding, "If you keep talking about guns that big, I'm gonna have to get the box again." She laughed afterwards, indicating this was (mostly) a joke.

"Well, I dunno what to say except it was big," Kanen laughed, "But it wasn't too strong compared to a lot of stuff we went against. It was good for hitting precise and hard, but some of the stuff that got thrown our way was even more precise and hit even harder. God, I'm still surprised the ship managed to get through a lot of that stuff."

"Well, I'd say that's a testament to the ship's crew," Mary cooed.

"I guess you could say that, yeah," Kanen chuckled in response, "But yeah, it's definitely better than on-the-ground duty."

"It's too bad we don't have a space navy here," Mary sighed, "I mean, other than the big guns, it'd be amazing to be up there in space! I'm sure you're from like, the future or something so space is probably 'normal', but I've never been up there."

"It's really nice," Kanen agreed, "But it can get boring every now and then, yeah."

"I think you've just been spoiled by the future," Mary giggled.

"Ah, hush!" Kanen laughed back, "The 'future's nice, but now... I'm pretty content with now."

"The past isn't boring for you?" Mary asked coyly.

"Not at all," Kanen shook his head, "It's like... seeing new places and things I haven't seen in the 'future'. Sorta like, a... long vacation."

"I guess I'm a bit of the same way," Mary mused, "I didn't really leave that 'fortress' I lived in... Ever."

"Really? Not even once?"

"Mmmm... Sometimes I'd walk outside to help collect some crabs and fish, but that was, like... Right next to it."

"Wow... Well, you must be happy to see the rest of the world now, right?" Kanen asked.

"Yeah, it's really nice... Only downside is it's illegal to have an artillery cannon in my backyard, but I like freedom just a tiny bit more then artillery, I guess."

Kanen laughed at Mary's want for artillery, "Well, freedom lets you carry other guns, so don't forget that, either. They may not be as big as artillery, but they're still guns."

"Oh, trust me, I know," Mary smiled, "Maybe we could go to the shooting range sometime?"

"Sure!" Kanen agreed, "I'd love to do that."

"... I'm really glad you asked me out," Mary murmured after a moment of silence (Or as silent as you could get in a Texas Roadhouse), "I haven't really had my eye on any guys, but... I guess I should have."

"Well, after tonight, I've been glad to have asked you out, even," Kanen admitted, "I wasn't sure if I'd mess this up or something and make things awkward, but... It's gone just fine by me."

"Wow, I was worried about the same thing," Mary giggled, "Especially back in the, uh... Back at the movies."

"Oh that was- You're fine back there, I just... wasn't really prepared for that," Kanen laughed.

"So if not the first date, then..." Mary cleared her throat, "What ,um... Date would you... Be fine with that?"

"...Maybe third," Kanen eyed Mary coyly, "..If you want, that is."

"Hm, I'll have to count the shooting range as a date then," Mary smiled, her chin resting on the back of one hand.

"I guess you will then, won't you?" Kanen grinned.


"Do you have a membership here?" Mary asked as she and Kanen approached the rather large facility. It was clearly much more than just a single room with random exercise equipment thrown around.

"Yeah, I got one," Kanen answered as they approached, "I haven't been able to go for a bit, but I've kept it renewed just in case I got a chance, so it looks like my prep paid off."

"I think I can bring a guest with me anyway," Mary mused as they passed the threshold inside and checked themselves in, "So you wanna bench press first?"

"That sounds fine by me," Kanen agreed, as Mary's phone began to ring. It was Bob's number.

"Oh, hold on, dad's calling me," Mary held up a finger before fishing out her phone and answering the call as she walked alongside Kanen to the second floor where much of the exercise equipment was, "Hey, Bob! What's up?"

"Mary, it's almost ten," Bob stated plainly through the phone, "Fen said you two'd be back here by nine-thirty, where are you?"

"Me and Kanen are at the gym right now, I wanna try and beat his bench press," Mary looked over at her date with a sly grin.

Fennel’s voice was then heard in the background ”You need to come home right now young lady.” her tone was more worried than angry.

"Fenn, please just- Look, you do whatever you're doing now, but when you're done, I want you right back here, alright?" Bob asked, before adding with a somewhat playful tone, "I don't wanna have to come out there and drag you home myself, alright?"

”Everythjng is okay, right?” Fennel’s voice asked, a bit more worried than before.

"Everything's fine, we're just at the gym," Mary assured, "We're just working out a little."

”Okay, be home soon!” Fennel added.

"I will. Love you guys," Mary smiled and shook her head.

"Parents being parents?" Kanen asked with a smirk.

"Parents being parents," Mary affirmed, "Come on, I wanna beat your bench."

"Oh, I bet you do!" Kanen scoffed, "Let's see if you can."

"When we're done, wanna jump in the pool for a bit?" Mary asked. Other than the fact that she always hopped in the gym's pool after a workout, it was a good chance to show herself off a little to Kanen.

"Uh... what about your parents? You sure they'd be okay with us staying a bit longer?" Kanen asked, unwanting of Mr. Robert's ire.

"Yeah, my dad said it's fine if we work out and stuff," Mary nodded before lightly elbowing Kanen, "He's not as scary as my mom makes him sound."

"...I guess then, yeah!" Kanen agreed, "I can dig a dip in the pool."


Meanwhile back at home Fennel was pacing back and forth around the living room worrily. “I’m worried about them, what if they get hurt at the gym?”

"Fennel, Mary's fine," Bob assured from his seat on the couch, "She can handle herself just fine."

“I know it’s just, this is her first date, what if she’s not having fun?” Fennel said finally sitting down on the couch with Bob.

"I'm sure she wouldn't have taken him to the gym if everything wasn't going fine, Fen," Bob affirmed.

“You're right, I just think I’m worrying too much.” Fennel sighed before leaning her head on Bob’s shoulder.

"It's okay to worry a little," Bob agreed, wrapping an arm around the fox and holding her close, "You just have to give her a little leeway here. Her first date's gonna be a big experience."

“I know I just... I don’t know.” Fennel said as the pulled her feet into the couch and put her tail over Bob’s and her own laps.


"Two... Hundred... Thirty!" Mary growled, as she lifted the weight upwards, which did indeed have 230 pounds on it. She slipped the weight back onto the rack with a heave before letting out a heavy breath, "Told you.. I'd beat you."

"By twenty pounds, no less," Kanen huffed, watching Mary's press, "I'm impressed."

"Thanks," Mary sighed, taking a moment to breathe before standing up and wiping a bit sweat from her brow, "Pool time?"

"Sure, if you're still up for it," Kanen smiled, "So, the pool here nice? I've never used it myself."

"Oh, yeah. It's really big," Mary nodded, "I always jump in it after a workout so I don't come home all sweaty."

"This place's got showers, too," Kanen mentioned, "But a pool's better, I agree."

".. Oh, if you don't use the pool here though... Do you have a swimsuit in your locker?" Mary asked.

"Uhhh no," Kanen shook his head, "Hmmm... that may be a problem, wouldn't it?"

"I think you could get one in the little store here," Mary suggested, "I'll wait for you in the pool!"

After a few minutes, Kanen would walk through the door to the pool, wearing swimming trunks and holding a towel for afterwards. Meanwhile, Mary had taken to doing laps in the pool, backstroking. "Hey, Kanen!" She called out, come to a stop once she reached the edge of the pool.

"Hey!" Kanen shouted back, slipping into the pool off the side, submerging himself entirely before popping back up with a sigh, "Oh, that's refreshing! Yeah, this definitely beats a shower!"

Once he came up, however, he would look around to see Mary had vanished. There was a sudden splash as two arms grabbed him from behind. "Gotcha!" Mary laughed.

"What the-" Kanen was caught off guard, but as soon as he figured out what had just happened he laughed along side her, "Well, hello there!"

The silly reply only made Mary laugh harder as she gently pushed away and floated on her back in front of him. "I was half-expecting those navy reflexes to get me punched for that."

"I woulda if it were anyone else," Kanen laughed, before splashing her with a slap of the water, "But you do get that for it!"

Mary fumbled out of her float before shaking the water off of her face. "Hey!" She giggled before splashing Kanen back with both of her hands.

Kanen held his hands up to defend his face for a moment, before switching to splashing Mary with similar gusto.

"Bah!" Mary yelped before sinking into the water and grabbing Kanen by one of his feet and propelling herself to the surface.

Kanen was pulled under, before bobbing back up with a gasp and some laughter.

"Come on!" Mary giggled, "You can't be that easy!"

"I don't have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff!" Kanen chuckled, "Space is a lot less wet, for starters!"

"Space and water are basically the same thing," Mary joked with another splash.

"You'd think, but-" Kanen was struck off-guard as a bit of Mary's splash hit him in the mouth, making him stop for a second, "But it's not really. Besides, you really want me to beat you so bad?"

"It'd be nice to see you try," Mary grinned.

Kanen took the challenge seriously with a grin, sending a flurry of splashes at Mary, using a swipe of his foot to knock her off-balance.

"GWABALFHJUG!" Mary screamed as she fell over into the water and was relentlessly splashed. She breached the surface before shaking her head. "Okay, you got me th-" She interrupted herself by lunging for Kanen's torso with a warcry mixed with laughter.

Kanen, only somewhat prepared for the retaliatory lunge, only had time to hold his hands up before Mary fell onto him, causing him to lose his balance and crash into the water.

With Kanen disoriented, Mary slid her hands under his rear and back before lifting up with a loud grunt of effort. She stood up tall in the water with her arms stretched out directly upwards, holding her date.

"Oh, jeez," Kanen looked over the situation for a moment, "I-uh, I think you won here."

"Woo!" Mary laughed as she gently lowered Kanen back into the water with a series of giggles, "Like I said, it'd be nice to see you try."

Kanen turned about to look at Mary again with a grin, "Well, if you insist, I'll try again," before wrapping his hands around her waist and, as she had just done, lifted Mary up as far as his arms would let him.

"Bah!" Mary screamed and laughed, "I won't admit defeat!"

Without a word, Kanen slowly carried Mary over to the deeper side of the pool, before leaning into the deeper water, bringing Mary crashing down with a splash. "Well, if you're not gonna give up," Kanen shrugged with a laugh, "I might as well top it off with a bang."

Mary let out a scream as she came down, sinking a few feet before...

The top of her bikini floated to the surface of the water. It didn't seem Mary was aware of this as she breached the surface, barely able to tread water past her laughing.

"Whoah!" Kanen averted his eyes with one of his hands, "Your, uh... your top's off."

"My- Oh!" Mary seemed surprised, but not particularly bothered as she grabbed her top and tied it back on. "So that's what you were trying to do, huh?" She joked.

"I'd never!" Kanen scoffed, back to looking at Mary after she had gotten her top back on, "I'm not that sleazy."

"That sleazy, pfft. I don't think you have a sleazy bone in your body," Mary guffawed.

"Mmm, maybe, maybe not," Kanen shrugged before laughing, "Though I'm gonna lean towards the maybe not."

"Hm, I probably have too many sleazy bones," Mary remarked.

"You? Sleazy? I'd never would've thought," Kanen joked amusedly.

"Oh, har har," Mary slapped a little water at Kanen with a snicker, "I guess I'm not as bad as my sister."

"How bad's your sister?" Kanen asked, shaking the water off his head.

"Ahh.... You've probably heard gossip about someone named 'Zoey'?" Mary answered.

"...Oh, I see," Kanen realized, "She must be a pain sometimes with that kind of stuff."

"Yeah... I think she sneaks out most nights to meet up with guys," Mary grimaced.

"Oh, that's bad," Kanen shared Mary's expression, "Did she tell you about it, or did you just sorta figure that out?"

"I just figured it out. She's always been the most... 'That way' of all of us. I mean, none of us are really great at keeping a cap on it, but... She has the most trouble."

"Wait... you're telling me you're like Zoey?" Kanen's eyes widened, "I can't believe that."

"N-No! No, I mean- I'm not as bad as she is. I'm not going out doing random guys and stuff," Mary quickly assured, "But it is, like... On my mind a lot, I guess."

"Well... as long as it's just on your mind, I don't mind," Kanen assured.

"Don't worry... But I will say I'm excited for our 'third date'."

Kanen huffed out a laugh, "In time, Mary. All in good time... Oh geez, would you look at the time," he pointed to the clock that hung at the other end of the room, "We should probably get going. We got a meeting tomorrow, remember?"

"Crap, you're right," Mary quickly heaved herself up at the side of the pool and shook herself off a little.


"I had a lot of fun tonight," Mary smiled as Kanen's car pulled up outside of her house.

"I did too," Kanen reciprocated the smile, "I'm hoping we can arrange that second date sometime soon, y'know?"

"As soon as possible," Mary remarked before quickly leaning into Kanen and giving him a kiss.

Kanen graciously returned the smooch, pulling back very slowly and smiling, "You better get in there before I get an earful from your dad."

"I'm sure I'll get an earful from mom," Mary laughed as she stepped out of the car and shut the door, waving goodbye to Kanen before entering her home.

"Honey, you're home!" Fennel exclaimed as she ran up and gave Mary a hug.

"Hey!" Mary returned the hug with a gleeful giggle.

"You two didn't have too much fun did, you?" Fennel jokingly asked as she led Mary to the couch.

"He wouldn't let me," Mary laughed, "He's a good guy."

"So do you think you two are going on a second date?" Fennel asked, obviously overjoyed with how well it date seemed to go judging from Mary's mood.

"Of course we are! We're going to the shooting range!" Mary exclaimed.

"Oh that sounds fun, maybe Bob and I can go too, I've been wanting to go down there recently." Fennel giggled.

Mary gave Fennel a pained smile. "Yeah... That'd be great," She lied through her teeth.

"Oh you got back later than I was expecting, well off to bed." Fennel ordered as she noticed the time.

"Pfft, night, mom,” Mary shook her head and smiled as she went upstairs to her room.

"Good night, honey!" Fennel called before heading down to the basement and climbing into bed.


“So that is not being the inks yesterday” Octavia asked regarding the previous day's mess.

"I wouldn't have swallowed it if it was ink, Octavia," Zoey snickered.

“Does water not wash that away.” Octavia asked.

"Ehhh... Not very good. You need some soap to really get it off your skin," Zoey replied, "You should really, like... Go to Pornhub or something on your phone for a few hours. I'm surprised you don't know any of this."

”We have those records, and do the field research.” Octavia tried to explain.

"Hm, well you need to do some 'field research' yourself, if you catch my drift," Zoey smirked, "It wouldn't be hard to find a guy who'd be down to help me teach you all you need to know."

“Oh, I only need to observe to confirm our thyrrees” Octavia shook her head.

"Bah! You can't really know it until you try it," Zoey scoffed, "Like, I can try to explain stuff all I want, but you still won't get all the little stuff until you like, actually do it. I mean, even after all that time watching, you weren't sure if that was ink or not."

“That was logical conclusion, and you debunk-Ed it.” She added.

"Well, the offer's on the table if you ever wanna try it yourself," Zoey shrugged, "... I guess a biology textbook would probably help too, but that's not as fun."

“All of our human records are at least ten thousand years old so this is very cutting edge infotmation.” Octavia nodded

“Oh it is being the morning now, we can go to my apartment and eat the breakfasts.” The octoling suggested.

"Sounds good to me. What do you got at home?"

”Waffles, sandwiches, seafoods, hot dogs, eggs, the similar.” With

"Shit, I love waffles," Zoey smiled.

”Have clothes you can wear too,” Octavia offered.

"Thanks, but, I'm not sure they'd fit," Zoey laughed, "I can probably text Latte and ask her to drop me some clothes."

“I think can you use the things I got too big.” Octavia offered.

"... What?" Zoey blinked.

“I have clothes for biggerers.” She explained.

"... Okay, I think I got that," Zoey snickered, "Sure, 'Tavi."

“If not, the fittings, then we can call the latte’s” Octavia suggested before heading out the door and waiting for her friend.


Eventually the duo made it to Octavia’s apartment, it was surprisingly roomy for having a single resident, various ink based weapons hung on the walls as a brush and large paint tube were leaned against the counter. “The food is being in the fridge." Octavia said as she walked into her room and threw her top onto a hamper of dirty clothes, through out the room Zoey would see a variety of blueprints and history books and other text books along with a few english picture dictionaries.

"Huh... She wasn't kidding," Zoey remarked as she gazed at the various turf war weaponry before peeking inside Octavia's freezer and snatching a box of waffles.

“Oh yes I forgat clothes are here!” Octavia called out as she was busy undressing, as she had assumed states of undress were normal in private areas due to research in locker rooms and the motel. “They shoulds be in that drawer.“ Octavia said pointing to a nearby dresser with a tentacle.

After popping a few waffles in OCtavia's toaster, she slipped into the bedroom, surprised to see them undressed and even more surprised they didn't seem to mind.

“This level of dress is normal in private situations, correct?” Octavia asked, while she wasnt nude, what she was wearing certainly wasn’t enough for school. She then returned to her task of collecting a Hawaiian shirt, with octopi printed on it, shorts, flip flops and a pair of shades before grabbing at towel.

"No, yeah, yeah, it's fine. I'm cool with it," Zoey nodded, checking Octavia out, "I'm sure I know a guy who'd be fine with it too- But, uh, most people aren't cool with it. I dunno, a lot of humans are prudes."

“You is be the special case, no?” The octoling aaked aa she opened the bathroom door.

"I guess so, yeah," Zoey nodded as she ruffled through the drawer for a moment before pulling out two articles of clothing that looked to be little more than two black leather rectangles. One was a bottom, and one was a top, both plenty revealing for Zoey's tastes.

"Shit, the guys would definitely like this!" Zoey remarked, holding the leather clothing up to herself to see if they would fit.

Meanwhile, a strange almost gurgly singing could be heard along with the sound of runnning water.

"Hmm... Too bad it's small," Zoey muttered, noting the top would squeeze against her chest too much for comfort and tossing both pieces back into the drawer. However, she made a mental note to remind Octavia to wear the outfit if she agreed to do any 'field research' in the future.

After a reasonable amount of time, Octavia would return wearing her tourist gear, and asked “You have found something wearable, yes?”

"Well, all the sexy clothes are your size," Zoey shrugged, "It's no big deal, though. I texted Latte and asked her to bring over a set for me."

”Oh I will be getting to meet your friend.” Octavia clapped before grabbing a sandwich from the fridge.

"Yeah, she's pretty, uh.... Silly though, so fair warning there," Zoey laughed as she retrieved her waffles from the toaster.

“Oh silly, how be that so?” Octavia asked before biting into the sandwich.

"You'll see."

”Oh would you like to borrow one of my ink goons, for after school.” Octavia offered between bites, pointing to a wall of more traditional looking arms along with a few buckets, brushes and umbrellas.

"Oh, sure! Thanks!" Zoey smiled, "You know, Octavia, you're pretty cool."

“Yes, cool.“ She agreed, before granbing an umbrella off the wall with her free hand.

"Or, uh, 'fresh'. You're really 'fresh'," Zoey giggled as she took a splattershot from the wall.

“Thanks a multitude, Zoey!” Octavia replied as her hair pulsated for a moment.

"No problem, Tavi," Zoey snickered, turning the gun around in her hands.

“Tavi is the short for Octavia, yes?” The girl asked.


“That is clever.” Octavia nodded with approval.

"Pfft, I guess that's a word for it," Zoey remarked, snickering as she shook her head.

“Oh did I make a the joke?” The octoling asked.

"It's just funny hearing you butcher English sometimes," Zoey giggled, "Like there, you didn't need a 'the'."

“So, ‘Did I make a joke?’” She asked.

"No, you're just funny," Zoey giggled, patting Octavia on the back, "You probably get to take english as your 'second language' class, huh?"

“Oh, third, I had to learn inkling.” She noted, “but yes I am taking a class for a English.”

"I'm taking french next year," Zoey groaned.

“French? Like a fries?” Octavia asked.

"Pffft!" Zoey burst into laughter at that, nearly choking on a bite of her waffles in the process .

“Oh wait, no France the place with an inkopolis tower, yes?” Octavia asked, at that moment Zoey would receive a text asking “Do you need me to pack a lunch?”

"Yes please!!" Zoey texted back, adding a winky face before answering Octavia, "Uhh... I think it's called the eye full tower or something."

Are you with a friend? other text pinged.

”Oh, how neat.” Octavia awed slightly dumbstruck, obviously amazed there was another inkopolis tower in the world.

"Yeah don't worry I'm not screwing anyone lololol," Zoey texted.

K then pinged.

“That is a Latte yes?” Octavia asked.

"Yeah," Zoey nodded.


After some time Octavia opened to door for Fennel and looked at her for a moment before placing a hand on the fox’s stomach. “This is being a customary ‘hi’ for a pregnant womens yes?”

Fennel was put off by the sudden invasion of her personal space and moved Octavia’s hand before asking “Is a Zoey here?”

”Yes she is be in a kitchen.” Octavia said gesturing tk Zoey.

”Zoey, I brought your clothes.” Fennel called as she pulled out the stack of clothes for Zoey that was a bit more modest than her usual garb.

Zoey stared at the clothes for a moment in surprise before slowly grabbing them. "... I didn't even know I had this outfit," She remarked.

“It’s chilly today I don’t want you to catch a cold.” Fennel insisted.

"I'm from New York, Latte," Zoey scoffed playfully, "What's cold to you and your big ears is warm to me."

“Well you’ll just have to wear this.” Fennel said handing the clothes to Zoey. “And what is your friend’s name?”

"Octavia, she's in my cheer class," Zoey gestured to her octoling friend with a smile, "She's, uh... Foreign."

“Oh, well thank you for letting Zoey spend the night, sweetie.” Fennel added with a smile, before turning to Zoey, “You need to tell me next time, I was all worked up about Mary’s date and I didn’t know where you were.” Fennel scolded.

"Well, I had to help Tavi with a... Research project," Zoey explained, "And I was really absorbed in it."

“Oh, you two were studying together, that’s good to know. Well I’ll be in the car waiting for you two.” Fennel said before making her way back to the car.

“Did I do a wrong at a door?” Octavia asked as soon as Fennel was gone.

"Probably the belly touching," Zoey shrugged, "Don't worry too much. She's like, a super prude... Except when she's with Bob." She giggled to herself before tossing her clothes off so she could change.

“Prudes are the maker of the jokes yes?” Octavia asked. As she turned around to let Zoey change in peace.

"The.. What?" Zoey blinked before slipping into the clothes Fennel had brought for her, "No, a prude is like... Like she'd be weird about seeing you almost naked or... Just weird about sex or nudity in general."

“Oh!” Octavia realized before that the word appeared on the inside of her palm. “I will remember that word and ask if some peoples fit the knowing a word has.”

"Don't ask a prude if they're a prude. Prudes don't like being called prudes," Zoey warned before admiring herself in a mirror.

“It is a shit word?” Octavia asked rather confused.

Immediately, Zoey burst into uncontrollable laughter, nearly falling to the floor a sshe supported herself against the wall.

“Did I make a joke?” Octavia pondered cocking her head to the side.

"Pfftsh, come on, let's just.. Go outside," Zoey managed to say, still snickering.

“Okay.” Octavia said before grabbing her bag and keys as she waited for Zoey to head out.


Eventually Fennel parked in front of the school and said “Oh before I forget I made lunches for you girls.” Fennel said as the handed the girls two sack lunches.

"Thanks, Latte, you're the best," Zoey beamed as she grabbed the sack and stepped out of the car.

"Yes, you are best-est? Mrs. Latte." Octiavia fumbled over her words as she clambered out of the car.

Fennel waved good bye one last time before driving off to Jannet's house.

"Oh yes we should put away a splattershot, there is a rule against them me thinks." Octavia suggested, saving the undercover brella in her hand. She then looked at Zoey and said "Oh you are not having a splattershot are in."

"Nah, I just left it in Latte's car. Come on, let's see if we can find Salgia before class," Zoey gestured her head at the building and began walking forth.

"Oh, I understand that is a invitation to your your your... that kind of word for a big room where you live." Octiava nodded with understanding.

"... My house?"

"Um yes, how-ssss" Octiavia said as she began walking to her locker.

Octiavia then noticed Salgia and waved "HI!" trying to catch the alien's attention.

"Oh, hey!" Salgia rushed up, cheer uniform in hand, "What's up?"

"Oh, Zoey and I... yes, Zoey and I, were going to play a few rounds of turfwar after a school. Would you like to join we?" Octavia offered. "Oh, how did you do a sleep previous night?"

"I, uh... slept pretty good?" Salgia blinked, before continuing, "And yeah, I don't see why not. I'd love to join you guys."

Ocatvia seemed rather happy to learn she could play her favorite sport, as a pulse of color flashed before she spoke up "I am have many equipment for turfwar at my apartment. Us may go after class."

"You should see her wall, Salgia," Zoey nodded along, "There's like, a billion fucking like, paint guns and stuff. Or, at least some of them lkooked like paintguns. She also had a bucket hanging up there. Just a bucket."

"Oh that is a slosher." Octiavia clarified.

"Jeez... I'll definitely have to see this," Salgia exclaimed, before remembering, "So, how did last night go?"

"It was great," Zoey said with a raise of her eyebrows, "Not my best foursome, but it's up there."

"I was able to confirm several theories on human social interaction." Octiavia noted, "I think I not need collect more data."

"What kind of data would you even get out of a foursome?" Salgia pondered.

"Well, I had to tell her it wasn't ink that I was covered in," Zoey remarked with a snicker.

"It so strange that you are a real mammal. Before only meet Judd. But mostly that being a thang human go about do" Octavia added.

"I don't think I'd classify as a mammal, but I dunno, human stuff doesn't classify that well with 'aliens'," Salgia mumbled.

"I am not understanding why Tartar act a way he do-ed." The octoling mused.

"I mean, you got hair," Zoey pointed at Salgia's head, "I think that means you're a mammal."

"Oh, humans have many much hairs.

"I dunno, I thought that classification stuff just applied to Earth stuff, and each world was different like that," the Liss hummed with a shrug, "But I dunno. I could be a mammal, I could not."

"Mammal's only need to have hair and build milks, no?" Octiavia asked.

"Yeah, do Liss chicks have boobs?" Zoey asked.

"Yeah, but they don't really do the milk-giving stuff you humans got," Salgia explained, "It's more like... bigger glands for all the sweat crap I explained yesterday. But they usually don't form unless a Liss is even able to have kids."

"Wow, so your women sweat a ton, huh?"

"Only when they get aroused," Salgia corrected, "But when they do, yeah, I guess."

"Ah, interesting. Our also act as pump." Octavia noted.

"...Your boobs... are pumps," the Liss repeated very slowly, trying to figure out how that worked.

"Help pressure ink." Octavia said before her chest seemed to flatten for a second before a stream of ink shot into the ground from a tentacle on her head.

"...Neat," Salgia noted, unsure what else to say to the tiny puddle of ink on the floor.

"... Yeah, yeah it's neat," Zoey nodded, just as unsure as the Liss of what else she could say.

"..Uh, so!" Salgia clapped, cheerleader outfit flailing about as they did, "Are we ready for Cheer?"

"Yeah, I guess," Zoey sighed unenthusiastically.

"Yeah, I need only to do a change."

"...Think of it this way, Zoey," Saliga remarked, "If we keep cheering, we can show how much better we are than Brittany and stomp that bitch into the ground with it."

"Hm... I do like the sound of that," Zoey replied as her smile quickly returned to her, "Let's show that cunt what cheerleading really is!"

"Oh, would that not do a breaking of her bones?" Octavia asked.

"Wh... No, no.. We're.. Not literally stomping her into the ground," Zoey blinked.

"Yeah, it's a ... a metaphor," Salgia scratched their shoulder, unsure how else to really explain it to the octopus-girl.

"Oh I do not understood all of a not really meaning a thing you said word groups." Octavia admitted.

"... Let's go to cheer!" Zoey proclaimed, not understanding what the octoling just said.

“Yeah!” Salgia cheered on, also entirely confused as to what Octavia had attempted to say.

Octavia then headed towards the locker room and changed into her uniform and placed her brella in the locker and awaited her new friends in the gym.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Teed, H, Doo
"Didn't you already get Jannet a blender for her birthday, mommy?" Tina asked as she walked alongside Fennel.

“We thought about it but figured the George lu grill was better.” Fennel replied, “Though I figure we could get her one now.”

"I got her some picture books I know she likes," Tina chimed.

“Oh well Isn’t that sweet. Now tell mommy what cereal you think everyone would want.” Fennel requeated as she mused over the options before her.

"Fruity pebbles! Fruity pebbles!" Tina exclaimed, running past Fennel to grab a family sized box of cereal and bumping into a woman and falling back onto her rear.

Fennel then went to Help Tina back up and adresses the woman she had run into, “Oh, We’re sorry miss.”

The woman, who had a noteworthy streak of dyed purple in her otherwise brown hair turned to Fennel and Tina. "Oh, it's okay, don... d... Wh... T-Tina?" She gasped.

"... Mom?" Tina blinked as she stared up at the woman in equal shock, though she stepped a little closer to Fennel.

Fennel looked at Tina, abd noticed she appeared to be confused before picking up the girl and addressing the woman “Oh, you know Tina?”

"Tina!" The woman shuddered, tears welling up in her eyes as she smiled and reached for the child, "I-I... I didn't think I'd ever see any of you again!" In her emotional state, the woman didn't notice Tina shrinking in Fennel's grasp, clearly uncomfortable by the woman's presence.

Fennel held Tina closer and turned her away from the woman’s grasp, “I think she’s upset, could you please give us a little space please?” Fennel requested rather politely.

"B-But- She- I'm.. I'm her mother," The woman insisted as she leaned back and acknowledged Fennel's existence, "One of them, at least. Who are you?"

“Her mom,“ Fennel added, “or adoptive at least.”

"Well... Thank you for... Taking care of her, but- Tina! Tina, it's me, Penelope!" The woman exclaimed, leaning down a little to better speak to Tina.

Fennel took a step back, “Ma’am please.”

"Tina... Tell her! It's me!" Penelope said in a begging tone, angling to try and see Tina's face better. Much to Penelope's horror, the child turned away from her, burying her face into Fennel's chest. "... Tina..." Penelope murmured.

“ about her.... history, right?” Fennel asked in a hushed tone as she began rubbing Tina’s back. She then whispered ”It‘s Okay, I’m here baby.”

"Her... History? What are you talking about? I raised her," Penelope asked.

Fennel then mouthed the name Wolfe with a look that said not to repeat the word aloud.

"... W... What about it?" Penelope questioned.

Fennel’s look simply showed anger and the woman’s lack of understanding of the impact the man had on Tina.

Penelope's lip quivered as she looked between Fennel and Tina. She took a step back and slowly nodded. "M-Maybe here isn't... The best place for this..."

“Look... if you want to talk Tina we need some time to talk about it first.” Fennel offered, “We both want what’s best for her.” Fennel then went to whisper to Tina, “Honey, would you like to talk with the lady another time?”

Tina didn't respond, staying completely quiet in Fennel's arms.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything right now... Do you want to go get a present for Uncle Ryle while I talk to her for a minute?” Fennel suggested before she kissed Tina’s forehead.

Tina didn't respond, but she did climb out of Fennel's arms and slowly walk away, leaving the two be.

Fennel waved Tina off before directing her attention to Penelope, “Alright Penelope, I am Fennel. Who are you and what do you want with my daughter?” She asked rather sternly.

"W-What?" Penelope gasped, surprised by the sudden change in attitude before getting stern herself, "I am her mother. The better question is who are you to be asking me that?"

“The one who has been taking care of her, protecting her from all sorts of transdimensional monstrosities, and helping her deal with the aftermath of her father.” Fennel stated.

"And I tried to help her deal with that aftermath once I realized how horrible he was!" Penelope huffed, "But then she ran off with... Zoey!"

“Zoey, is a wonderful young Lady.” Fennel defended, jumping onto the assumption Penelope was simply another pta mom In her views regarding that girl.

"W-What- I'm not accusing her, 'Fennel'!" Penelope snapped, "It's their father's fault! I was just saying that's where she went! But if anyone is going to help Tina properly recover from him, it's someone who already has! Who actually lived with him and raised her for most of her life."

“You are not taking her, you think uprooting her again is a good idea?” Fennel asked, clearly not willing to hand her daughter over to this random woman.

"Oh, and you just assume I'm taking her and never letting her see you again?!"

“Look, I’m not saying you can’t see her but it needs to be on Tina’s term’s.” Fennel said, realizing the last thing she needed was a scene between the two of them.

Penelope stopped, took a deep breath, and let out a sigh. "Fine. Fine, alright.... But... Are any of her sisters okay? Do you know Jannet?"

“Oh, Jannet, of course she visits with her husband at least once a week.” Fennel said.

"Husband?" Penelope gasped, all traces of anger vanishing in an instant as tears welled up in her eyes once again as her lips trembled into a smile, "I never thought she I mean- She's married?"

“Yes, and they have the cutest little half demon baby.“ Fennel gushed.

"She has a chil- W.. Wait.. Half demon?" Penelope blinked.

“Oh, yeah, when we first met this god of death was talking to her but he’s a good guy.” Fennel explained.

"... What?" Penelope asked before shaking her head, "It doesn't matter- I'm just glad she's okay and.. Happy. What about the others? How many of them survived?"

”Ten other girls live with my husband, Clara’s situation is complicated... she married a robot.”

"A robot?... Well... I guess I'm... Not too surprised given it's Clara... Oh, Claire's gonna be so happy to see her!"

“Claire? That’s their daughter?” Fennel added.

"She named her daughter- She has a child too?! And she named her after Claire?!"

“Yeah... the robot wears this hat that makes it a woman and Clara has this tie that made her a guy and they kinda, you know.” Fennel explained.

"... Okay.. Ten.. Clara.. Ja- Wait, you mentioned Zoey! Oh, Fiona's gonna be so happy she made it too!" Penelope exclaimed, "Zoey and Mary were her favorites- Is Mary with you?"

“Yes. Ruby, Anna, Casey, Harper, Elizabeth, Mila, Maria, Madison and Mary are the rest that are still at home.”

"Phew, I'm glad Zoey still has Ruby. Those two are like... Inseparable," Penelope remarked.

“Ruby has been doing more on her own recently.” Fennel noted.

"Really?" Penelope asked with a look of surprise before digging into her purse and pulling out a gum wrapper and a pen, writing on the inside of the wrapper before handing it to Fennel, "Here's my number. Maybe you, me, Fiona and Claire, and all the girls can get together sometime soon. And- I'm sorry for being snappy and... I just..... It's been so long since we've seen any of them... I thought Tina was... Dead."

“I’m sure Bob and I can figure something but its going to be up to the girls.” Fennel replied, placing the wrapper in her purse. Fennel then placed several large boxes of fruity pebbles in her cart before heading off find Tina.

"O-Oh, Fennel!" Penelope called.

Fennel turned around and looked at Penelope, “Yes?”

"I... I really do appreciate you taking care of her," She admitted.

“You're welcome.” Fennel nodded, before putting Penelope’s number in her phone and calling Tina.

“Tina, honey where are you? We are done talking now.” Fennel gently asked.


“Hmm... I’m not sure if this is a good one for teaching,” Ernette hummed, looking at herself in the sweatpants and track shirt with hesitation, “What do you think, Clara?”

"I mean, you are a physical education teacher," Clara shrugged.

“Yeah, But I don’t want to be too distracting with myself,” Ernette mused, “I just think it makes my butt stick out too much.”

"That's fine with me," Clara remarked, looking up at Ernette. If she could smirk, she would have.

”But not the school board, probably.,.” Ernette mumbled, “...I’ll get ‘em, but I still wanna look for some more. I don’t wanna wear the same track suit every day there.”

"Alright, I'm gonna run over there to find some clothes for myself. I'll be back in a second," Clara nodded before walking away.

“Alright, I’ll be here!” Ernette declared, before walking into the changing room to change back into her usual secretary-like attire.

As she stepped out of the changing room, she would happen upon a very bored looking woman with short, black hair and pale skin pass by and investigate a nearby rack of clothes. She looked almost just like...

“...Clara?” Ernette chimed with a questioning tone, walking up to the woman in question. If this was somehow Clara, she had many questions.

Uncharacteristic of Clara, however, the woman turned her gaze towards Ernette with a look of surprise. "I'm sorry, what did you just call me?" She asked, unsure if she heard the Benefactor right.

“Y-You’re Clara, righ....” Ernette was caught extremely off guard by the expression on the woman’s face, and shook her head, “I-I’m sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone.”

"Y-You're right... My name is Claire," The woman corrected, still looking at Ernette with shock, "But... Do I know you? Why'd you call me Clara?"

Ernette froze at the sound of the woman’s name as she realized who she was talking to. “...I think I mistook you for.. y-your daughter,” she got out, still in somewhat shock at the fact of who she was speaking to.

"... You know Clara?" Claire gasped, quickly looking around herself, as if she'd spot Clara then and there, "W-Where is she? How do you know her?"

“S-she’s over there- I-it’s a long story, and I-“ Ernette was unsure how to explain how they knew Claire’s daughter, let alone try and explain their relationship.

Just as Claire was about to rush in the direction Ernette pointed to, Clara walked in on the scene. "Ernette, do you think-" She stopped upon seeing Claire, her mouth barely open in her own 'expression' of shock.

"Clara!" Claire gasped, falling to a knee, "We- I- You- We thought you were all dead!"

The Benefactor took a step away, sure that she’d only mess something up at this moment of time. A family reunion that she never thought possible? She wouldn’t have a place getting involved there.

Claire grabbed Clara, holding her close in a tight hug as she tried and failed to hold back tears. "W-We... I missed you so much!" She whimpered.

Clara slowly returned the hug, her own eyes watering up despite her expressionless face. "Mom-" She started before clearing her throat in a wavering monotone, "This is Ernette. She's my wife."

"Y-Your what?!" Claire gasped, pulling back from Clara and looking between her and Ernette a few times in surprise.

“S-she’s telling the truth,” Ernette nodded slowly, “It’s... complicated, I guess,” she nervously laughed in a mix of embarrassment and fear of getting outted for being some sort of weirdo who likes to touch kids or something along those lines.

The benefactor awkwardly held out a hand to shake, still wanting to try and give off the best first impression as she could (or at the very least salvage the one she had given already).

"... But Clara- You- You're only, what... Thirteen now?" Claire questioned, giving Ernette a glance before looking back at Clara.

"Please don't tell anyone else," Clara requested, "Yes, I'm thirteen, but you should know better than anyone else I do not act like I'm thirteen."

Claire stood up and looked Ernette up and down for a moment before staring at the hand offered to her. Suspiciously, she shook the woman's hand. "And so how did you meet Clara?"

“She... I was always so happy with her compliments and how kind she was to me, and then... then helped me be a real person myself,” Ernette tried to summarize the series of events that lead to her falling in love with Clara, “And ever since then, we’ve been together without a hitch. I’d say that was... a year and a half ago?”

"... Is this all true Clara?" Claire asked, hardly believing the tall tale the Ebenefactor gave her.

"Yes, mom," Clara nodded, "Ernette doesn't bullshit."

Claire raised her head up a bit as she stared down at her daughter before letting out a sigh. "Fine... Fine, alright... I.. I just, I... Why'd she have to be a woman? I- I mean that's fine, I suppose, but... Don't you want... Kids?"

Clara blinked at her mother before looking up at Ernette and asking, "Do you wanna tell her?"

“The reason I got confused when you said your name was Claire...” Ernette explained, still a little nervous about it before spitting it out, “Was because we named our daughter after you. You’re a... grandmother?”

"What?!" Claire gasped, "Wait- but- So did you just adopt?" It was a dumb question to ask. Of course they adopted!

“Nope!” Ernette shook her head, a little more confident, “Clara and I got her the natural way. She has a... special magic thin- I-I’ll explain it later, but she’s your granddaughter by blood!”

"W-Well, we don't know that for sure," Claire sighed.

"Wolfe never let us find out who was who's biological mother and daughter," Clara explained as she and her lookalike mother looked at Ernette, "Wait a minute, aren't you able to look at our DNA or something?"

“Mmhm!” Ernette beamed with a nod, “And I can tell that you two are definitely related!”

The two looked at each other, opening their mouths to speak before looking back at Ernette, shrugging and nodding. "We kinda suspected it," Clara remarked.

"Yeah, but now it's confirmed! Oh, man... I haven't been this happy in a long time! Oh, did any of your sisters survive too?"

"Survive?" Clara blinked, "I mean, the whole group of us that left you guys is here. Most of them live under the same roof, but I live with Ernette."

“Yep!” Ernette chimed, “We got an apartment not too far from here. Where have you been living around here? Or are you new to town?”

"I've been living in an apartment complex a bit closer to the city... Along with Fiona and Penelope," Claire added that last part to Clara. "Penelope's gonna be all over Tina and Jannet, and Fiona for Zoey and Mary- I mean- We love all of you, but... I guess we... Did have favorites," She admitted shamefully.

“Well, I’m sure they’ll be... surprised to see you three,” Ernette mused, knowing that a large majority of the girls held animosity for Wolfe’s wives and their mothers, “I’m not sure how their adoptive parents would react, though. They’re usually nice, but their mom, Fennel, gets... defensive.”

"Possessive," Clara added.

"I see... Well, could I meet... Claire?" Claire asked with a small laugh, "N-No offense, Clara, but... You were the last one I expected to have a child... And Jannet."

"Funny you say that. Jannet and I are the only ones who have kids," Clara informed.

“Oh, she’s right here!” Ernette exclaimed, kneeling over the cart she had been pushing before all of this commotion, one with a red plastic car, before gently hoisting up the one-year-old for Claire to see. “Say hello, Claire!” She cooed with joy to her daughter, “Who’s that? Is that your grandma? It is! It’s mommy’s mommy! Say hi to mommy’s mommy!”

"Oh my god!" Claire gasped before reaching for the baby and looking up at Ernette, "May I?"

“By all means!” Ernette agreed with a nod, handing Claire down to Claire.

"Look at you!" Claire gushed as she took Claire into her arms, "Hi! My name's Claire too!" She shuffled Claire in her arms before ticking the bottom of the baby's feet, "Clara's always been very ticklish on the bottom of her feet!" Clara quietly gulped at the release of this information.

“Clara never told me that,” Ernette smirked at Clara, “Probably for good reasons.”

"I'm not looking forward to that," Clara stated as her mother giggled.

"I guess this makes you my daughter-in-law, huh?" Claire asked Ernette with a smile, though it seemed she was starting to calm down from the initial shock of, well, everything.

“I... I guess so, yeah,” Ernette thought about the relation with a hum. She hadn’t thought about it like that, and hearing it out loud was quite odd.

"I should hurry up and get these clothes," Claire sighed as she handed the baby back to Ernette, "I promised Fiona I'd be back soon. Could I get your numbers? We should all meet up sometime, us and your sisters?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice, I guess," Clara shrugged, gesturing for Claire's hand before pulling a pen out of her pocket and writing her and Ernette's numbers on Claire's palm.

"Thank you- I'm so happy to see you again, Clara," Claire cooed, quickly giving her daughter another hug before waving to Ernette, "And it was nice meeting you too!"

“It was nice to meet you, too!” Ernette shot back, holding Claire up to feign a wave to Claire, “Say bye-bye!”

Claire giggled as she waved goodbye to the baby before disappearing around a corner.

"... This is going to be..." Clara looked for the right words before finishing, "A shitshow."

“I wouldn’t say it’s going to be that bad,” Ernette winced at the seriousness of Clara’s words, gently placing Claire back into the car, “It’s just going to be... an experience.”

"Ernette, I can say with absolute certainty that none of my sisters are going to be happy to see our mothers."

“...I know. But the least we can do is indulge them with this.”

"I'm sure I can predict exactly what Zoey will say when she finds out..." Clara took a brief moment to think before speaking in a mock-Zoey voice, but in monotone, "Fuck no. I don't want to see those pieces of shit."

All Ernette could do was sigh at the imitation of Zoey’s voice, mainly because she knew it was entirely too true. “...Let’s just hope it’s quick, and that we won’t have to deal with much of it.”


"Fuck no! I don't wanna see those pieces of shit!" Zoey snapped at Fennel.

”I thought so.” Fennel was only mildly taken aback, “I just want to give you girls the option is all, and if you change your mind just let me or Bob know. Okay sweetie?”

"I won't change my mind," Zoey asserted as she folded her arms. Ruby folded her arms as well in assent with her sister.

“That’s fine, girls, this is your decision.” Fennel affirmed as she got up to give the girls a hug.

Ruby quickly returned the hug while Zoey was more reluctant to do so. Clearly, this upset the fifteen-year-old quite a bit. "Have you talked to the others about it?" Zoey asked as she pulled away from the hug.

“Yes, Tina was there when we ran into Penelope.” She nodded, "Can you please let the other girls make their own decision, a lot of them look up to you.”

"You should ask them then. I'll be too pissed off about it," Zoey sighed.

“I have just a few more of you girls to talk to. I’ll have Bob get you girls some lattes on the way home.” Fennel added, “Can you get Mary please?”

"Yeah, sure. Come on, Ruby," Zoey grunted as she and her sister left the room.

"Thank you Zoey." Fennel waved.

Bob would storm into the house, cap and uniform still all tidily on him. “I’m here,” he huffed, out of breath from rushing home, “What’s the problem?”

"I ran into one of the girls' mothers at the store today." Fennel replied. "And I want to let the girls know they want to meet them."

“Ah geez,” Bob sighed in a disgruntled manner, “It’s gonna be a fun day, then. How many already know about it?”

"Tina, seemed scared at the store but aside form her, only Zoey and Ruby know." Fennel answered as she patted the bed, signaling for Bob to sit next to her.

Bob sat down as requested, setting a hand on Fennel’s shoulder. “So, we need to tell pretty much everyone else,” he sighed, “So, which one of us is gonna break the news? I’d be fine with doing it, if you don’t want.”

"It's just I think a lot of them will be mad, but I think it's important to give them the option. I told Penelope it was up to the girls." Fennel added a bit emotionally.

Mary walked into the room with a look of concern. "Hey... Zoey said you had some bad news?" She asked.

"I ran into Penelope at the store earlier today.... she said she was with Claire and Fiona." Fennel added, before seeming to brace for the anger she expected from the girl, while it wasn't Fennel she would be angry at, it would still have some impact.

Mary, while angry, contained it for Fennel and Bob's sake as she clenched her teeth and took a deep breath. "... And they want to see us, don't they?" She asked slowly.

“That’s why we wanted to talk to you all,” Bob said as calmly as he could, “We wanted to give you all the option if any of you did want to see them.”

"... No," Mary shook her head, "Not after they let me harass Ruby for half of her life."

"Ok, Honey, thank you. Can you please get Anna?" Fennel asked.

"Alright," Mary replied simply, leaving with clenched fists.

As Fennel and Bob went through the girls, their answers were a consistent and offended, "No." None of them had an interest in reconnecting with their mothers.

Afterward Fennel was lying on the bed "Should I feel bad?" She asked Bob.

“No,” Bob shook his head, “Not at all. Their mothers didn’t care about them like a parent should. If anything, you should feel good for giving them better parenting.”

"Know, it's just... what if I was in their situation." Fennel said as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Fennel...” Bob cooed quietly, wiping away the tears, “Everything’s going to be fine. We just... have to talk to their moms and explain what’s going on.”

Fennel looked up at Bob, and sniffled "Okay, honey." as she placed her head in Bob's lap. "Do you want to tell her?" Fennel asked, feeling emotionally drained.

“I’ll tell them,” Bob agreed, “You just relax.”

"Okay, her number is in my purse, on the gum wrapper." Fennel sniffled once again and handed the purse to Bob.

Bob took the purse and pulled out the gum wrapper, typing the number into his phone and calling, hoping this could be cleared up quickly and get past them.

"Hello? Who's this?" Answered a woman's voice on the other end.

"Can you put it on speaker?" Fennel asked as she tapped Bob's arm with her tail.

Bob put the phone on speaker and answered, “This is Bob Roberts, uh... one of the girls’ legal guardians. You spoke with my wife earlier today.”

"Oh, you must be talking about Penelope, she's in the shower right now. This is Fiona," The voice explained, "How are they? Is Mary still obsessed with artillery?"

"Yes." Fennel piped up, "We've talked to the girls..." She was unwilling to finish her statement.

"Ooh! And what'd they say? I've been so excited ever since Penny came home with the good news!" Fiona exclaimed, "I bet Zoey's still 'taking charge' and being the boss of them all!" She ended her statement with a hearty laugh before patiently awaiting what Fennel had to say.

"We've talked to them and ummm..." Fennel squeaked out.

" And what? I think the phone's cutting out," Fiona asked.

"Honey, could you please?" Fennel requested.

“Well, we talked to them about it, and they’re really, uh...” Bob fumbled for a moment, trying to figure out how to put it, “They’ve decided that they... would rather you did not come out to see them.”

Fennel took in a deep breath, and waited on Fiona's response.

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment. "... Did... They say why?" Fiona asked.

“They... did not say why, no,” Bob lied. While it was a lie, he knew that they’d already be devestated, and that telling them that their daughters hated them may not have been the greatest option at the time.

Fiona could be heard sniffling and cutting off her own whimpers before she spoke up, seemingly already knowing the truth, "C-Can you at least tell them that... We.. We love them? A-And... We did try as best we could... We really did..."

“...I can make sure they get the message,” Bob nodded as he spoke, glumly looking between him and Fennel.

"Thank you.. I-I gotta go," Fiona sputtered out before hanging up.

"Thank you honey." Fennel whimpered, as she tried to collect herself.

“It’s no problem,” Bob sighed, standing up and shoving his phone back in his pocket, “I guess I should tell the girls what they said, huh?”

Fennel nodded her head, "Can, you wait a minute though." The fox then heaved herself up and gave her husband a hug.


"Remember. Crosses? Baaaad," Jannet shook her head and pursed her lips as she held up a picture of a cross to Janos before gasping upon hearing the front door open. She quickly shoved the picture under a piece of furniture before exclaiming, "I think daddy's home!"

Janos let out an excited squeal, But was more focused on attempting to squirm underneath the furniture to get to the picture Jannet had hid underneath it, a mess of tentacles sticking out from underneath the recliner as he kept trying.

"N-No no no! Go see daddy!" Jannet insisted, worried that Moomek would see the picture as she kept her hand firmly on the paper under the recliner to prevent Janos from snatching it.

Janos let out a defeated hiss, before squealing again with excitement as his short attention span was caught by the door, to which it squirmed up towards as fast as he could, simply unable to contain itself at the idea that his father was home. The little half-breed began to let out a series of strained honking noises, like someone was choking a goose, tendrils flailing happily. He could hardly wait.

Jannet soon followed, just as excited as she stood behind Janos with her hands clasped in fronft of herself. She had done a good job of cleaning the house, again, and was eager to see her husband.

“Oh, hey guys!” Moomek smiled, though the rest of his appearance suggested he was not very happy otherwise as he kneeled over and took up Janos in his arms, “How’s my little guy?” He cooed, before looking back up to Jannet and smiling, “And how’s my most faithful follower doing?” Before locking her in a hug, holding Janos out somewhat to the side.

"Better now that her god is home," Jannet giggled before giving Moomek a kiss, "And what about you? How was your day at the dealership?"

“The dealership’s had far better days,” Moomek sighed, transferring Janos to Jannet’s hands as he walked along and continued, “I didn’t sell a single car today. We had so little business, that I didn’t even have a chance. I-I mean what are people even doing if they don’t have a car? Carpooling? Taking a bus?!” Moomek asked with frustration as he sat down in the recliner, setting his briefcase full of work papers next to it, “I really can’t have another day like this. It was ridiculous.

Jannet frowned as she gently climbed into Moomek's lap, laying her side against him with Janos in her arms. "Maybe it's just... Not a good car time right now?" She suggested, "Do you know how the other dealerships are doing?"

“I-I guess they’re doing good?” Moomek answered with a shrug, “I’m not usually the one who keeps track of the other guys. The guy who does called in fucking sick today, and I had to fill in for him. He had some people set up to come in and look at a few cars, but guess what? They never showed! I just waited for an hour like an idiot, and they never showed up!”

"Aw, Moomoo..." Jannet huffed, reaching her head up and kissing his cheek, "I'm sure we'll be fine... If worse comes to worst... Well... Zoey has a... Business."

“You mean when she sneaks out at night and bangs guys? Or the pictures?” Moomek asked with an attempt at a laugh.

"She has this website on something called the 'deepweb' where she... Sells videos and, yeah, pictures... Of herself and some of her sisters," Jannet explained.

“That sounds about right,” Moomek nodded, “But I’m not gonna rely on Zoey’s porn money. It’s just a... dry season, yeah. It’ll pass,” he assured.

"Well, I was trying to say I could be on her website," Jannet clarified before smiling, "But if you're sure, then okay."

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want that either,” Moomek sighed, “I don’t want you... exposing yourself like that to random strangers on the internet. It just feels... not right.”

"I mean... I wouldn't mind it too much... Especially if were you in the video with me," Jannet cooed.

”...If it gets really bad, and worse comes to worst,” Moomek chuckled, patting Jannet on the head, “Then you bet.”

Jannet let out a giggle as she rested her cheek against Moomek's chest. "I like it when you pat my head," She murmured as she gently caressed Janos.

Janos let out a thrumming purr as a tendril flickered out from underneath the recliner, holding up the cross picture. “Still trying to break him in not liking crosses?” Moomek snickered.

"W-What, no- I! Janos!" Jannet cried out, trying to grab the picture from the eldritch child.

Janos let out a squee as he wriggled out of Jannet’s grip, snapping up the cross picture in his mouth and attempting to eat it.

"You... You know what, that's fine, good Janos!" Jannet praised, "That's one way to destroy it!" Her smile instantly vanished when she glanced to Moomek, realizing he was still there.

Moomek didn’t know what to think, simply shrugging, “Hey, if you want him to dislike crosses, then that’s fine by me.”

"N-No, he hates crosses on his own," Jannet pouted as she squished her cheek against Moomek's chest once more, "And salt."

Moomek smiled at Jannet’s pouting, again patting her on the head, “There there. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll make sure everything I eat’s got no salt on it. And I’ll avoid crosses.”

"... That does make me feel better," Jannet relented as she gave Moomek another kiss.

As the Xinth reciprocated the smooch, he asked, “Oh hey, how’s your yoga stuff going? I’ve been meaning to ask, but I’ve been slogged with paper crap that I haven’t had the time. Sorry about that.”

"It's going well. We're supposed to meet up tomorrow... One of the moms there keeps bringing tuna though," Jannet grimaced.

“Eugh, like... raw cans of tuna?” Moomek shared Jannet’s disdain for the tuna-eating in a yoga class, “And do they... eat it or what?”

"Yeah, they're just cans of tuna," Jannet nodded her head with a disgusted frown, "She loves the stuff, I guess, but... She's too nice for me to say anything about it."

“...Tell her about sushi,” Moomek suggested, “Maybe she’ll stop eating literal raw tuna then.”

"I have. She says she's tried it, but she still eats cans of tuna... And I think she hums.. Uhm... Yankee Doodle? Yeah, yeah she hums that to herself every time I see her."

“...Is this the cat woman?” Moomek asked, “The mom you said had a tail and cat ears and everything? I guess it makes sense she eats tuna out of a can then.”

"Hmph... She has a much bigger chest than me too," Jannet muttered enviously.

“And that’s bad?” Moomek scoffed, “Big chests are obnoxious. And besides, you stand out on your own, not cuz you have big boobs.”

"I know, but still," Jannet huffed, "Having a baby was supposed to give me something on my chest... But I'm just an A-cup... Still."

“Well, still...” Moomek snickered, “I like you as a raisin.”

Jannet slowly turned herself to look directly into Moomek's very soul with an expression of restrained rage at the mention of the R word.

Joking! I’m just joking!” Moomek assured as he leaned back, holding his hands up, “...But I do like your chest when its flatter.”

Jannet calmed down as she glanced down at herself, then back at Moomek before asking with a confused, "... Why though?"

“Big chests get in the way,” Moomek sighed, leaning back further, “A flat chest means there’s nothing between me and you when we hold eachother close. No obstacles for us to hold eachother as close as possible, where we can feel the other’s heart beat, and the warmth of eachother is so close it could probably keep us warm through the worst blizzards. It also means you can’t just rely on your chest to get what you want, like Zoey. You have to work for it, and that’s what I like about you, too, is how hard you work for things that Zoey could probably do just by flashing her stupid chest.”

Jannet's lip quivered into a smile as she held Moomek's cheeks in her hands. "Oohhh... Moomoo!" She squealed before diving in for a deep kiss.

The Xinth was more than willing to accept and regift the kiss, holding Jannet close as he leaned back up from the recliner, holding her the entire way before pulling back slowly, “...I love you, Janny.”

"I love you too, Moomoo," Jannet cooed with a small giggle.

As Moomek attempted to pull Jannet in for another kiss, a crashing from the kitchen rang out. Moomek quickly realized that Janos was no longer on their lap as he sighed and said, “I’ll get him.”

"It's okay, I got it. You worked hard today, Moomoo," Jannet assured as she slid off of Moomek's lap to retrieve their child.

“No, no, I’ve got him,” Moomek assured, slithering by in a less-human form. It was a lot easier to simply shapeshift than to take the tie on and off, at this point, along with the fact that Ernette and Clara took it back afterwards. In any case, he slid around her and scooped up Janos in his branch-like projections

"Come on, Moomoo. It's my responsibility as leader of your cult to take of our spawn," Jannet proclaimed as she stifled a yawn. It was likely her cult makeup served a dual purpose: It was fun, and it hid the bags under her eyes.

“Yeah, but it’s also my responsibility as dad of our spawn to take care of it as well,” Moomek said, shifting back into the shape of a person, “I know you’ve been working hard, so just... lemme take care of him for a bit, okay?”

"... Okay, okay," Jannet relented with a smile, "I'll go work on my- uh- book." She quickly scampered off, leaving Moomek be.

“Just remember, no writing about blood sacrifices or whatever!” Moomek reminded.

"You worry too much!" Jannet nervously laughed from the other room.

“I worry just enough,” Moomek stated, peeking into Jannet’s writing room, “Can I.. see what you’ve written down so far in this revision?”

Jannet let out a loud yelp, flinging an object up but quickly catching it as she turned around to face Moomek while holding whatever it was behind her back. "M-Moomoo! You can't see it yet! I want it to be a surprise!" She cried out, giving a glance to her feet and making sure they were close together, as if she were hiding something behind her legs as well.

“...You sure I can’t have a peek?” Moomek asked, as Janos sniffed the air, interested in whatever Jannet was hiding as he investigated the very subtle scents.

"N-No! I-I mean- I don't want to ruin the surprise!" Jannet gulped, trying for a smile.

Moomek looked Jannet over once, furrowing his eyes before shrugging, “Alright then. It better be the best religious book that’s ever existed for all this secrecy!” He joked, walking away with Janos, who was struggling to try and get out of the Xinth’s grasp and investigate the smells he could detect from right behind Jannet.

"You'll love it, I promise!" Jannet swore, stepping close behind and gently shutting the door with her elbow and taking the knife out from behind her back, staring down at a small jar on the ground, "It's gonna be great!"

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Teed, H, Doo

There was a series of knocks at the Roberts house door, which was then replaced by several rings of the doorbell in succession. Someone really wanted an answer.

“I’ll get it,” Bob grumbled, walking up and opening it to Tychen, slightly slumped over as to not hit his head on the hanging roof. “Oh. Hey.”

”Hey!” Tychen nodded, “Is, uh... are Harper and Zoey around? I need to talk to them.”

Fennel was at the door soon enough and answered "Yeah, they are just in their rooms."

“Hey Zoey! Harper! You got someone here who wants to talk!” Bob shouted, looking back to the pirate as he impatiently waited. While he was willing to deal with Tychen’s general law-bending and breaking attitude, he was not fond of it in the slightest.

Soon enough, Zoey, Harper, and (of course) Ruby scurried up to the door. "Tychen!" Harper squealed, slipping past Bob and giving the pirate a hug.

“Hey!” Tychen exclaimed, returning the hug before turning his head to Bob, “Could you give us a moment? This is a private conversation.”

Bob gave an annoyed sigh, and accepted the plea for privacy, walking into the kitchen.

At this moment Molota would appear behind Bob, as Fennel went back down stairs to take a nap. "Hello Mw. Woberts." The Ghost quipped in a rather chipper tone.

“Gah!-... Hey, Molota,” Bob replied back, not expecting the ghost girl to have shown up.

"Did you awwest anyone today?" Molota asked as she poked her head into the pantry, while she wasn't hungry she always like to see what other people had on them.

“Almost,” Bob said, opening to pantry to grab a loaf of bread, wanting to make himself a sandwich.

"Oh wewe is Latte?" She asked as she went to the fridge to help Bob make his sandwich.

“I think she’s downstairs. Probably wanting some shut eye, I guess,” Bob shrugged as he opened the fridge for himself.

"Oh, okay. Tell her I said hi." The ghost requested before floating out the door.

”So anyways,” Tychen gestured for the three to follow him outside, “I’m sure you know about my job, right, Zoey?”

"You work at a graveyard or something, right?" Zoey guessed.

“Morgue, close enough,” Tychen shrug, “But... it also works for another job. I think Harper knows exactly what I’m talking about, so if you’d explain?”

Before Harper could speak, Zoey quickly interrupted, "Are you sure having her explain anything is a good idea?" Harper thought on this for a second before shrugging as she looked to Tychen.

The pirate pinched where his brow would be as he sighed, “I guess I’ll explain then. We host some special... parties some nights. They’re pretty exclusive. The problem is... we kinda need more people to show up for it to be profitable even.”

"Oh, we are inviting Zoey and Wuby, to the pawty?" Molota asked poking half way through the closed door.

“Well, I’m asking that, Molota, just lemme explain,” Tychen assured, “So, yeah, I’m inviting you two if you can get me some others coming to these parties.”

"Oh, more people, that's a good idea." Molota said, obviously trying to play up the possibility she had never thought of the idea.

“So... what do you say?” Tychen offered.

Zoey gave Tychen and Molota a confused and somewhat disgusted look as she asked, "You have parties in a morgue? Next to a bunch of dead people?

"We wake up dead people. It's ru-"

Tychen cut off Molota as he answered himself, “It’s very sanitary, there’s like four different rooms and we keep the cadavers in lockers- I-it’s fine, you won’t see any bodies lying around.”

"... You are literally a worse liar than Harper- Molotov literally just said you wake up the dead people, and then you hushed her," Zoey huffed, pointing between Tychen and Molota.

"I dunno, I thought it was a pretty good lie," Harper quipped.

"They take a bath. You can't even tell." Molota huffed.

“Well, we wake up a few of them,” Tychen admitted with a nod, “But only the freshest ones. It’s really not that bad because they’re mostly embalmed and whatever. A few drinks and you won’t even notice.”

"That is really gross, I do- Wait- What kind of drinks?" Zoey questioned.

"The silly juice, kind." Molota said as she tapped the side of her neck with her hand.

“Alcohol, yeah,” Tychen nodded in agreement, “Lots of alcohol.”

Zoey snapped her heads towards Harper, who quickly held up her hands in innocence. "I promise, I don't drink any of it," She swore before realizing speaking at all only confirmed Zoey's suspicion.

"The good stuff." Molota added.

“I don’t let her drink any of it,” Tychen said in a serious tone, “I’m not that dumb.”

"Neither am I," Zoey huffed, "She just said she doesn't drink it, which means she does. And you said I wouldn't even notice after a few drinks! Harper, you shouldn't be drinking booze! What the hell?!"

"Oh, is alchohol bad?" Molota asked.

“No, Molota, she’s just being a prude about it,” Tychen sighed.

"You take that back," Zoey hissed.

“Then prove you’re not. Tonight. Ten o’clock. I’ll pick you up,” Tychen challenged.

Molota was giggling at Zoey being called a prude.

"No, no, I'm not falling for this manipulative bullshit," Zoey argued, "This isn't a fucking sitcom, that doesn't work. Booze literally fucks up your brain if you're not old enough, Harper."

“I’m pretty sure fucking every guy on the street corner does that to you too,” Tychen shrugged, “But hey, to each their own.”

"Hmph, if you're gonna be an ass about it, then why don't I go tell Bob about this?" Zoey folded her arms.

"Ah.... Should I possess her?" Molota asked rather seriously.

“Because then you’ll have to rat out Harper, too,” Tychen explained, “And Harper will make sure you never hear the end of it. Isn’t that right, Harper?”

"Nah, I'd forget about it pretty quick," Harper asserted a she folded her arms and glared at Zoey.

"... That's not really, like...A threat," Zoey shrugged, "Like, I'm fine with that."

“Alright then,” Tychen shrugged, “I’ll tell Bob what you run out and do all the time. You can say bye-bye to a lot of freedoms after that.”

Zoey let out a gasp at that, speechless as the thought of never being able to screw ever again (Or until she's 18) entered her head. She looked between Tychen and Harper nervously. On one hand, her sister's brain was getting messed up by alcohol. On the other hand, she herself wouldn't be able to screw and probably be restricted in many other areas too.

Then again, Tychen's a real cunt.

"... BOB! BOOOOOOB!" Zoey screamed.

“Wow, you are really dumb,” Tychen sighed deeply.

”Yeah?!” Bob shouted back, poking his head out the door, “Something wrong?”

"Tychen's been taking Harper to zombie raves and giving her booze!" Zoey yelled, pointing up at the pirate.

"That's not true!" Harper defended in a panic, "I don't drink at all- and- and- What's a zombie rave?"

"Oh hey Mw. Bob." Molot said loooking at the police officer.

”W-Well,” Tychen stammered, “Zoey’s been going out and plowing eight guys every night! I got pictures right here!” He pulled out a series of polaroids with Zoey sneaking out.

"No! I only had sex with three guys last night!" Zoey stomped her foot.

“...Give me a second,” Bob sighed loudly, closing the door on the situation for a moment as he tried to get a grip on what the hell was happening.

”You just had to tell Bob and ruin it for everyone,” Tychen folded his arms.

"It's for my sister's own good," Zoey asserted, "Also you're an asshole." She stuck out her tongue at the pirate while Harper shook in fear as she rubbed her hands together.

“Wait, can I be arrested?” Molota asked, completely dropping her speech impediment.

“No, you can’t arrest dead people,” Tychen assured.

Again Bob walked outside, rubbing his temples as he groaned, “Alright, here’s how it’s gonna go. Tychen, give me those photos.”

The pirate handed the Doom marine the set of pictures quickly before backing off. “Alright, now you’re gonna get in your car and I’m never gonna see you near my daughter or my family again or I’ll break your goddamn arm off,” Bob ordered in a tired and annoyed tone, to which Tychen hastily scampered off with a whimper, getting in his car and driving off quickly , “Zoey, Harper... just go to your rooms. You’re both grounded, I just.. I gotta figure out how this is gonna go. Ruby, stay outside your room, Zoey’s grounded, not you.”

“Officer Roberts? Are you going to arrest me?” Molota asked now looking up to Bob.

“No, just... I’m really not in the mood right now, Molota,” Bob grumbled.

“Umm, should I meet you at jail tomorrow?”

Not now,” The officer stated with a grit. He was much more serious than he usually was, and his angered tone reflected this.

Figuring it was best, Molota hovered off.

"But Zoey was just having sex!" Ruby tried to defend her sister, "Harper drank alcohol!" Harper gave both Zoey and Ruby disgusted looks before storming inside the house to her room.

“Banging random assholes behind my back is not what I’m gonna call 'just having sex'!” Bob stated in an agitated tone, starting to lose his cool as he took a deep breath, looking at Zoey as he repeated “Go to your room and we’ll talk in a bit.”

"But Zoey ju-" Ruby started, but was quickly silenced by Zoey.

"Rub, it's fine," Zoey assured before letting out a sigh as she shuffled back inside towards her room. Ruby frowned and followed, though she sat just outside of her shared room with Zoey and stared at their door.

Bob followed, though already felt glum about nearly losing his tempter. He trampled downstairs and sat down at the end of their bed, sighing as he looked back to his wife, “Hey, Fennel? Can we talk? It’s about the girls.”

Fennel opened her eyes "Huh? What about them?" It seemed she had just fallen asleep.

“Well, I just found out Zoey’s been sneaking out at night to... bang guys,” Bob explained, “And Tychen’s been letting Harper get drunk.”

At that moment, unsurpsigly a combination of hormones, stress from the event's earlier in the day and having her fears confrimed caused Fennel to begin crying once again "I-I-I should have done something." She sobbed.

“Honey, it’s not your fault,” Bob comforted, scooting up the bed and placing his hand on her shoulder, “You don’t need to worry about that. I just... I don’t know what to do. If I just ground them, I know they’re still gonna sneak out and do the crap I’m mad at them about, but if I just give them a little scolding or something, they’re gonna keep going anyways, and if child services gets called again, and they’re out banging and drinking and getting themselves into trouble... I don’t wanna think about what’s gonna happen to them.”

"Do... you think maybe we should try therapy?" Fennel suggested though her tone suggested she wasn't sure if this was a good idea herself.

“I was thinking about therapy, but... I dunno if there’d be a lot of help there,” Bob shrugged, “But... if anything might help, then... I guess it’d be worth a shot.”

"Then if anyone says anything, we can say that we are addressing it."

“Yeah, you’re right,” Bob mused, “I’m sure it’d be okay... the only thing I’m worried about now is the cost. One trip to the therapist for one person’s a pretty fair amount. But the girls? That’s... that’s a lot.”

"I know... but maybe It'll help." Fennel murmered. "Maybe we can get a loan, from the bank or Ryle." She suggested.

“No,” Bob shook his head, “I don’t want us dragging anyone else into our mess than
therapists, I’ll... I’ll figure something out.”

“I can get a job.” Fennel suggested.

“But what about Cinnamon?” Bob urged, “I don’t want you getting up and about before you’re ready or before the baby’s ready. Like I said, I’ll... I’ll talk to Ms. Gray about a raise, or something like that. Maybe a transfer to a better-paying position, just... you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Okay, we need to I’ll look for something I can do from home.” The vixen offered, eased by Bob’s words.

“That sounds fine,” Bob gave Fennel a weak smile, before sighing, “But what do we do now about it? I sent Zoey and Harper to their rooms, and I told them their both grounded, and that we’d talk in a bit... but I don’t know how serious I should be punishing them for it. I know it shouldn’t be easy, but... Y’know, I just don’t wanna be too hard on them.”

”Zoey... I get she struggles that most with her urges but we can’t have her sneaking out to deal with them.“ Fennel mused “I don’t think Mary and Kanen have done anything... yet. But I don’t know maybe after she’s grounded she has to date the guys, assuming they were class mates.”

“...What?” Bob looked incredulously at Fennel, “I was just thinking we put a real strict curfew on her, lock the windows and everything, and make her turn in her phone when she heads to bed so she can’t be sending nudes out or , something.”

“Well of course that too.” Fennel explained “I meant as a like an additional thing.”

“That sounds like it’d just lead to her banging more guys, no offense,” Bob mumbled, “And for Harper, I was thinking something like that, but... maybe we should... get her into one of those A-A meeting things?” Bob shrugged, “It’d be dumb, but it’d really help show her it isn’t really worth it to get drunk at her age.”

“No you’re right, your ideas are better.” Fennel agreed. “I think it would help.”

“I think so too, but I don’t think she’d be that receptive to it, so I’ll have to attend too, just so she doesn’t... Y’know, run off with Tychen and get drunk again.”

”I agree. Aren”t they weekly?”

“I dunno. I’ll have to check some schedules at the station,” Bob shrugged, “But once I know, I’m signing her up for it... While we’re talking about this, maybe we should... suggest therapy to Jannet and Clara.”

“Yeah, I think it wouldn’t hurt to suggest it.” Fennel nodded.

“Could you.. help me talk to them about it, then?” Bob asked, “I’m... I’m still a bit upset about Tychen letting her do that and everything, and I don’t wanna... give off the wrong impression with what I’m saying.”

Fennel nodded as she held Bob’s hand. “l understand. Lets get this over with then.” Fennel then used Bob for support as she got herself off the bed.

Bob assisted Fennel up to her feet, before following her upstairs, ready to finally confront the girls about their conclusion as to what to do.


“It‘s just we think it’s best.” Fennel finished, having explained why they girls would be going to therapy.

"This is stupid," Zoey asserted.

"Yeah, what do we need therapy for?" Elizabeth questioned.

"Well, firstly, we're just gonna try it once and see how it goes from there," Bob explained, "Secondly, I think it could be good for all of us to try and understand that your... upbringing wasn't the best for your development, and to try and see if we can find solutions or attempt to fix any problems each and every one of us have, which I know we all do."

"Like what?" Zoey huffed.

Bob stared deadpan at Zoey for a moment, "You're sneaking out at night to bang strangers. There's a problem."

"They're not strangers, Bob. They're from school... Mostly. And what's wrong with me having sex with who I want?"

"We've been over this before. You're too young to be doing that, even if you're really mature for your age."

"What does me being young have to do with it?!"

"One, it's not good for your body and development. Second, do you really want those guys to snitch and tell everyone you banged them, and that gets to someone who calls child services on us again?" Bob asked with a sigh.

While the first point had no effect on Zoey, she clearly didn't want to get Bob and Fennel in trouble because of her. "... I just..." Zoey started before letting out a sad sigh of her own, "... Fine."

"Alright," Bob nodded before asking, "Is there anything else you'd guys like to say about it? We wanna hear your opinions about it, too."

"Are all of us going to therapy?" Tina asked with a raised hand, "... And what's therapy?"

"Yes, Tina, we're all going," Bob answered, "We're even going to ask if Clara and Jannet would like to come. And therapy... It's like, talking to a person about your problems, anything bugging you, and they're gonna try and help you with them."

Tina's eyebrows furrowed with concern. "What problems do I have?"

"I'm not saying you have serious issues or anything, just... they'll wanna talk about anything with you, really."

"... Does it have to do with when you guys had to tell me a bunch of times not to have sex at school?" Tina inquired, noting the earlier focus on Zoey's promiscuity.

"That's... one thing you and the therapist can talk about, yes," Bob agreed, "But I'm sure there's other things on your mind that you'd rather tell them, too."

Tina thought for a moment before asking, "Like what?"

“You could talk about how you we’re sad at the store today.” Fennel suggested.

"Like I said, anything bugging you that you'd wanna talk with them about, instead. Personal stuff."

"Can't I talk to you and mommy about that though?"

“Of course you can, the therapist is An extra helper.” Fennel explained.
"Well, a therapist is a professional at dealing with problems and listening even better than we are. They can help figure stuff out we can't."

“Girls?” Fennel then added."Oh, okay," Tina nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer.

"Well, I think it's a good idea," Mary chimed, hoping to encourage her sisters a little.

"Meh," Zoey muttered. Just because she was going along with therapy, that did not mean she liked the idea of it.

"...Any more questions? Concerns? We really wanna hear your opinions on it, and not just force you into it."

“You girls know we love you right?” Fennel asked.

"Too late," Zoey mumbled.

"Um, is this gonna like... Come out of money spent on birthdays and stuff?" Maria asked. This question caught most of the group's attention as all heads turned to Bob.

“Daddy is going to see if he can get a raise at work, and it needs be I’ll look into getting a job.” Fennel explained."...No," Bob shook his head, "Fennel and I are gonna make sure it doesn't take anything from the rest of our lives."

"I can give you some of my money from the food I sell," Elizabeth offered. While she wasn't very fond of the idea of therapy, she was proud of the money she earned.

Bob smiled and shook his head, "No, that's your money. You don't need to worry about money, alright? We can take care of it."

“Thank you though Elizabeth that was very kind of you to offer.” Fennel added.

While none of the girls were exactly thrilled by the idea of therapy, it didn't seem like any of them were willing to fight against it.

"Do you have anything to add, Fen?" Bob asked, looking to Fennel.

“Just, That we love you all and want what’s best for you.” Fennel nodded, “Can I give you all a hug?”

Tina was the first to hop up and hug Fennel while the rest meandered towards the fox with a few sighs being heard.

“I’m sorry we’ve given you all so much bad news today.” Fennel sniffled, feeling a bit emotional after the ordeals of the day.

"... Am I still grounded?" Zoey asked.

“Y-Yes.” Fennel added trying to be stern in her tone despite her current emotional state.

Zoey would've voiced her frustrations concerning this, but Fennel elicted enough pity for her to stay quiet, save for an annoyed sigh.

Fenneler out a heavy sign and gave Zoey a hug and kiss on the forehead, before sending her off the her room.


Jannet slid her palm-scarred hands into her long, fingerless gloves with a giggle before closing the small jar. She gave the door to her writing room a quick glance before sliding her desk a bit and lifting up a cut out of the carpeted floor, revealing a little storage space carved into the foundation full of jars, most of them filled nearly to the brim with her own blood.

She gently placed the jar next to all the others, replaced the segment of the floor, and slid her desk back where it once was, hiding her secret storage place.

Her phone would then ring. However, she had left it in the living room.

Before Janos could snatch it, his father would instead grab it off the couch as Janos lunged for it, noting the number and answering it before it went to voicemail, as to be polite. "Hey, Fennel," he answered, "Jannet's a bit occupied at the moment."

”Oh hey, Moomoo...We’ve decided the girls should go to therapy and just wanted to extend the idea to Jannet.”

"Who is it?" Jannet asked as she stepped out of her writing room.

"Oh, it's Fennel," Moomek answered, "She, uh.. wants to talk to you about something. Something about therapy?"

"... What?" Jannet blinked, "Just put her on speaker."

”Hello?” Fennel asked.

"Hey, Fennel. What's this about therapy?" Jannet asked.

“It’s just we decided to take the girls, to address some problems, we were curious if you wanted to join.” The fox stated.

"... Are you saying I need therapy?" Jannet huffed, putting her hands on her hips as she stared down at the phone while wearing nearly all-black attire that meshed well with her cult makeup and theme.

“No, no I didn’t mean it like that. It just it might be helpful is all.” Fennel fumbled, trying to explain.

"Helpful with what exactly?"

”With just dealing with coping mechanisms, it’s just Zoey has been sneaking out and Harper has been drinking and I want to help them with that.”

"W-Wait, Harper's actually been drinking?" Jannet gasped.

“Yes, we found out today.” Fennel explained.

"I... Okay, I'll come with you to help them," Jannet sighed, sitting down, "I can't believe Harper would... Drink."

"Well, when she's been hanging out with that pirate guy, I guess it kinda... makes sense he's rubbed off on her bit," Moomek agreed.

"Hmph! And people tried to say you were a bad influence!" Jannet harrumphed, again, covered in cultish attire and makeup.

Thank you, Jannet. I’ll see you at yoga tomorrow, okay?”

"Of course, see you then," Jannet sighed before reaching up and pressing the 'End Call' button on her phone's screen before slumping in the recliner. "Oh Jannet! Moomek's evil! Bla bla blaaa!" Jannet muttered in a mocker of nobody's voice in particular, recalling old sentiments from the Clash, "Oh, but they were best friends with that Tychen! And now look what he's done!"

"I have a feeling it's gonna go exactly like that," Mommek sighed, "The therapist's probably gonna try and give you some lengthy discussion about why I'm the literal worst or something along those lines, and tell you never to talk to me again, and never do this and that and on and on!"

"Oh, I'm sure, but I was referring to when we all 'reunited'," Jannet huffed, "You're evil, but a pirate? Oh, he's just fine! Let's let him date Harper!"

"Yeah, it was pretty hypocritical," Moomek agreed, "They probably did it so Harper didn't have to feel bad for her undead pirate boyfriend or something along those lines. But me? Oh, heaven forbid the most mature woman out of you bunch makes a decision for herself!"

"I know!" Jannet exclaimed angrily, folding her arms as she seethed.

"Well, at the very least, they're not being assholes about it now," Moomek grumbled, taking Janos up in his arms, "But that therapist... that's an entirely different story."

"Well, don't you worry, Moomoo," Jannet assured, "I won't let them get inside my head."


"So, tomorrow's our yoga class, and it's some kind of lamaze thing," Ernette explained as she carried in groceries in one hand, Claire's carrier in the other, "And I was wondering if you'd wanna go. You could wear the tie, and we'd do some kind of group yoga."

"Sure, it sounds fun, though I'm not familiar with what a 'lamaze' is," Clara replied.

"Some kind of pregnancy thing, something about natural birth with no painkillers and breathing exercises," Ernette waved it off, "I'm sure Fennel'll have fun with it."

"Isn't Fennel the only one of you all still pregnant?" Clara remarked as she helped with putting away groceries.

"Exactly why she'd be the one who's gonna like it the most, if she's going the natural way."

To speak of the devil, Clara’s phone began ringing.

"Guess who," Clara held her phone up for Ernette to see before answering, "Hello?"

Hi, Clara... we umm decided to start going to therapy with the girls and just wanted to know if you were interested?” Fennel asked, trying to deliver the words more carefully than with Jannet.

"Hm... I suppose so," Clara nodded.

”Oh, in that case... um how are you two doing?” The fox asked.

"We're fine. We just bought some groceries," Clara answered as she glanced to Ernette and the food.

"Tell her about Claire," Ernette whispered as she began to put away the food.

"Oh, yes, I met my mother today," Clara mentioned, "Claire. As it turns out, she and two of my other mothers live in town, and she suggested meeting everyone."

“Oh? Penelope right?“ Fennel asked “None of the other girls were all that excited but I think you wanting to see them will be good.

"Oh, no, I'm only interested in seeing Claire," Clara shook her head, "The others did little to care for me. Claire at least gave me the time of day."

”Oh okay... Um... Clara? Did I take good care of you?” Fenndk asked.

"Far better than Claire did," Clara answered honestly.

”Thank you... I’ve just had a lot on my mind. I’ll see Ernette tomorrow then right?“

"I'm coming to yoga tomorrow as well," Clara noted.

Oh. I forgot, it’s Lamaze week. Oh, huh, I guess I’m the only one with a bun in the oven though." Fennel then called out to Bob, “Honey, can you make it to yoga this week?”

"Oh, yeah, I talked to the boss about that, and she said it'd be fine."

"If that's all, I'll see you tomorrow, Fennel," Clara spoke up.

Okay, bye bye.” Fennel closed before Hanging up.

"...So," Ernette mused, "Therapy?"

"Yeah, perhaps it can help with, you know," Clara gestured at her face.

"Yeah, but they're gonna be probing and investigating and they'll ask you all these personal questions, and they're gonna try and say that you're in the wrong for... doing what you do sometimes," Ernette murmured.

"I know, but I will pick and choose what to consider that they tell me," Clara assurded, "As for the probing, if it'll let me smile, so be it."

"...I guess you're right," Ernette sighed, "I just don't like the idea of someone assessing every little thing about you and making criticisms about it. It seems... nit-picky."

"It's not a pleasant thought to me either," Clara agreed.


“Thank you again for moving the bed last night, honey.” Fennel beamed with the a wag of her tail, as she clung onto Bob’s arm, sleep was still on her eyes.

"Oh, it's no problem," Bob sighed, "Sorry if I seem... out of it. Yesterday was a long day."

”I know, but we were able to pull through because you're just so big and strong,” Fennel as she rolled over to kiss Bob on the cheek while caressing his muscles.

Bob chuckled as he slowly sat up with a yawn, "Well, I guess so. I am a foot taller than you, so I guess that makes sense."

“And you're so brave.” Fennel cooed as she snuggled up closer to her husband. “That’s why you’re such a good daddy.”

"Ah, you're too good to me," Bob smiled as he got up, "I gotta check in at work. Y'know, show up and do some more mind-numbing paperwork. It's gonna be just great."

“Oh, will you be able to make it to yoga? We are going over birthing positions today. I just want go pick one that works best for us,” Fennel asked.

"Yeah, I should be off by tonight," Bob agreed, "I'll be back here before it, I hope... that is, unless we get a call or something comes up. I'll call you if that happens."

“Well let’s just hope you don’t get called.” Fennel cooed before kissing Bob passionately on the lips.

“I hope not,” Bob kissed back, before grabbing his uniform and heading for the shower.

Unsurpisingly Fennel would join him, as she had woken up a bit later than usual and still needed to prepare breakfast.

Soon enough, the Vixen emerged and began her usual routine of cooking for her rather large household.

“GIRLS BREAKFAST IS READY!” She called out, this particular morning she has prepared French toast.

The girls quickly began filing into the dining room, snatching plates with various "Thank you"s to Fennel. Ruby, however, came up to Fennel and asked, "Is Zoey allowed to come out to eat?"

“Of course, we aren’t starving her.” Fennel explained, rather concerned that the idea has entered Ruby’s mind.

Ruby ran back to her room and told Zoey she could come out, and both sisters entered the kitchen for their french toast.

"Ruby, you know we would never starve you as punishment right?" Fennel asked, hoping to understand Ruby's earlier statement,

"What?" Ruby blinked.

"I just thought I'd have to eat in there instead of out here," Zoey explained.

Fennel placed as hand to chest and sighed "Okay, it was just a little misunderstanding at all."

"So your friend, Octiavia right? How did you two meet?" Fennel asked, a bit curious about her daughter's forgien friend.

"Met her in cheer," Zoey answered as she loaded her plate before looking at Fennel, "Hey, am I still grounded?"

"For now yes." Fennel replied.

"Uuuggggghhhhh.." Zoey let out a dramatic groan, "For how much longer? This is like, the longest grounding on the planet."

"First off, it hasn't been a day, and secondly, I'll talk to Bob about that. Until then, you have strict curfew to be back by 5:00 pm, and we will take your phone when you’re going to bed. Do you understand?" Fennel stated.

"Wait, what?! 5 PM? And why do I have to give you my phone?"

"To make sure you don't send nudes." Fennel explained, "You don't have to go to bed but you have to be home by then."

"What if I have cheer stuff that would go after 5?" Zoey huffed.

"In that case, you let us know, and get home asap." Fennel added

"Mmmmf... What's wrong with nudes? It's not like I'm actually screwing a guy!"

"It's similar, and we don't do that in this house."

"Hmph... Can I still bang Ruby?"


"What!?" Zoey and Ruby cried out in unison.

"That is completely unfair!" Zoey argued, "What am I gonna do then!?"

"Study, write another play." Fennel suggested.

"Okay, Latte. You weren't raised in a 'sex cult' as you call it," Zoey huffed, making air quotes with her fingers, "So you wouldn't understand, but literally my vag hurts if I don't bang."

"You have a hand."

"That isn't gonna get me off!" Zoey insisted.

"Don't you have toys or something you've hidden." Fennel asked pinching her brow.

"Wh- How did you know?!"

"Don't know, the discrete packages, funny smells from the closet." Fennel pinched her brow.

"Hmph," Zoey would have folded her arms if not for the fact that one of her hands held a plate of french toast... So she handed the plate to Ruby just so she could fold her arms. "I don't get why I can't just do it with Ruby. What about her? This is punishing her too and she didn't do anything wrong."

"Modivation for you to follow the rules." Fennel added sternly, "If you have any issues with what I've said take it up with Bob."

"I plan on it," Zoey harrumphed as she and Ruby marched out of the kitchen and to the dining room.

"Good luck." Fennel mumbled under her breath.

“Good morning!” Bob exclaimed as he walked up the stairs, adjusting his uniform.

"Good morning, Honey!" Fennel called cheerily.

“How’re you doing?” Bob asked with a smile, walking up to her and giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Oh fine, Zoey wants to talk to you about the terms of her grounding though." Fennel replied, before returning the kiss.

“Oh boy,” Bob sighed as he walked into the dining room and once again greeted with a, “Good morning!”

There was a collection of "Morning, Bob"s and "Morning, dad"s from the dining room. Zoey let out a huff and walked up to Bob with a pout.

"It is completely unfair to Ruby that I can't bang her just because I'm grounded," She huffed.

“What? It’s not that bad, it’s just a few days,” Bob harrumphed.

"... Okay, Bob, have your balls ever been like, pinched a bit in your pants?" Zoey asked after a moment of thought.

“I don’t see the relevance of that at all here.”

"Take that pinch feeling, but apply it to your whole dick," Zoey went on, "Now instead of a dick, you have a vagina. It's like a fucking... Throbbing pain if we don't bang, Bob."

“...Okay, yeah, I can see that’s a problem,” Bob nodded with a grumble, “Alright... just once a day. ONLY once a day. If you can keep it to that, and only that, I’ll be fine with it.”

"Nnnn... Like.. Just one like... Session a day? Or only one orgasm a day?"

“...Whichever makes it so I don’t have to hear analogies about pinched balls again,” Bob sighed.

"Session it is then, thanks Bob!" Zoey smiled with gratitude and relief.

"And do we agree to a curfew of five?"

“Five’s a bit much,” Bob disagreed, “Lets say... Seven, at most, Seven-thirty.”

"Okay, are we only allowing pre approved guests or none at all. She made a new friend the other day. A little foreign octopus girl?" Fennel asked.

“I’d say pre-approved. We’re not letting eight guys from Zoey’s school just show up and ask if they can hang out.”

"It was three," Zoey huffed as she folded her arms.

“Still, my point stands. Only pre-approved guests.”

"Alright," Zoey sighed, "A- Wait- Did you say a few days earlier?!"

“Yeah, I’d say about five,” Bob nodded, “Is that a problem?”

"But if you act up It'll be longer." Fennel added.

Seeing she was backed into a corner, Zoey reluctantly relented as she responded to Bob, "... No," before meandering back to her seat, where she was comforted by Ruby.

"Is there anything you need me to to do before yoga tonight?" Fennel asked rubbing her belly.

“You don’t need to worry one bit, everything’s fine,” Bob smiled, before ensnaring Fennel in a hug, “...Just make sure you call me if Zoey breaks our agreement about her grounding.”

"Okay, honey buns" Fennel agreed before returning the hug with a pinch to Bob's rear. Bob jumped at the sudden pinch, but kept walking as he was already behind his own personal schedule of getting out of the house on time.

”Oh girls any suggestions for dinner when Ryle comes to visit?” Fennel asked as she began cleaning up.

"I'm cooking dinner when he visits!" Elizabeth proclaimed confidently with a hand at her chest, "And it's gonna be a surprise!"

“Alright, if you insist.” Fennel said, jokingly raising her hands.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

Post by Lowfn on Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:57 am

Zandoo, H, Teed

"And then he said only once a day! Once!" Zoey finished complaining to Salgia and Octavia as the trio walked through the hall towards the locker room.

“I am not overstanding why this is a so bad. It sound like Bob is being how you say, reason ah blay?”

"I mean, yeah, he definitely helped me out. Latte was gonna keep me from having any sex at all," Zoey agreed, "But still! I can't survive on one bang a day!"

“Is that not why you are landed?” Octavia asked.

“I mean, one banging a day’s pretty good,” Salgia shrugged, “I’m lucky to get one a day with Avalam, maybe two on a super lucky one.”

“Um bang, like exsplosions?” Octavia asked.

"Octavia, we've been over this," Zoey sighed, "When I say bang, I'm most likely talking about screwing someone, having sex with them. As for you, Salgia... I feel so bad for you."

“What? What do you mean?” Salgia cocked their head up at Zoey, “Banging Avalam is great, yeah, but I don’t wanna overdo it. It’s like a... I don’t want to get desensitized to it, and I’m sure Avalam’s agreeing.”

“Is this is different from splatting no?” Octavia asked.

"Desensitized deshemenshimized," Zoey scoffed, waving away the notion, "I gotta figure something out... I'd try getting one of the guys to screw me here, but I obviously can't trust them to keep quiet about anything anymore, and the last thing I need is the asshat I screw to tell everyone I fucked him in the bathroom."

“Does location not matter when humans do a screw?” Octavia asked, regarding the

“...I mean, if you’re really resorting to fucking any of the guys at school,” Salgia grimaced, “They might be in the right with the restriction. I’m just saying, there’s some... pretty terrible-looking picks here.”

"I'm saying I'm not screwing any of the guys here," Zoey huffed, "Since they can't keep their mouths shut."

“...Does that mean you banged one of them and that’s how the cunt queen heard?” Salgia asked, putting extra emphasis on the nickname for Brittany.

"I mean... I've banged a few guys here, but I keep them as regulars... But then I screwed the cunt's boyfriend, and she took her teasing and shit to a whole new level... Like with the notes in my locker," Zoey sighed.

“Cunt is a shit word yes?” Zoey nodded in response to Octavia's question, but also shrugged.

“Y’know, I’m sure she’s just jealous you pleased her man better than she ever could,” Salgia hummed, “That resting bitch face of hers? I dunno if I could get any softer than after seeing that.”

"... He did actually say that," Zoey mumbled as a smile drew across her face, "I think he said this exactly..." She cleared her throat and tried to mimic a guy's voice as she moaned out, "F-F-F-F-Fuck... You're w-w-w-way better than Brittany... Sh-Shiiiiit."

Salgia stifled a laugh, “Oh, that’s really good.”

“What note kind?” Octavia asked, regarding the notes Zoey mentioned.

"Oh, uh... They mostly just had the words 'Bitch' or 'Whore' on them... A few, uh... Told me to kill myself," Zoey answered glumly.

“Those sound like shit words...she is the cunt shit. That is very mean.” Octavia nodded. “Oh, i mean 'a' not 'the'.”

“I’m surprised I haven’t gotten more crap for... just existing and disagreeing with Bitchanny, really,” Salgia shrugged, “I mean, I’m not complaining, but... I feel for you, Zoey.”

”Oh bitch is a shit word!” Octavia said, slapping Her forehead.

Zoey let out a sad huff of a laugh as she shook her head at Octavia's unintentional silliness. "At least I got you guys," She chimed.

”Oh, if you are the landed I can not collect me splattershot today can I?” Octavia asked.

"Nah, Latte said 'pre-approved' guests can come over- Oh! Hey! You two should come to my house! We can say we're, uh... Going over cheer... strategies or something!" Zoey exclaimed.

“And what would we be doing that’s obviously not... cheer strategies?” Salgia asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Do you have a paper with many papers in your big live room... house, house?” Octavia asked.

"... What?"

“Umm it has the many papers Together the leebary has lots.”

"Oh, you mean a book?"

”Yes.” She nodded.

"Yeah, we have some books, why?"

”They have many word in coonteeekts.” Octavia explained.

"... Context? W-What does this have to do with..." Zoey trailed off, giving Octavia a confused look.

“It does a help me speak better.”

"Oh, okay," Zoey nodded, "Yeah, we can say we're helping you with your English too."

“Oh do you know good shows? Those are be very helping.” Octavia wondered.

“...I’m not too sure about banging,” Salgia admitted, "I-I mean... I’m not really sure we should be all doing it together.”

"Wait, wh- I wasn't trying to imply that," Zoey blinked.

“T-then what’s the implications?” Salgia asked, blinking as well in confusion.

“Oh we can talk to her mom she is nice, and has a pregnant.” Octavia suggested.

"I was just thinking we could do whatever," Zoey shrugged, "Anything's better than me just sitting in my room."

“Oh, okay,” Salgia sighed in relief, “I wouldn’t of really been comfortable with... banging. I’m sure Avalam’d be pissed at me if I did, she’s... really traditional about most things, real conservative with how she acts.”

“Oh, we are helping with mine English yes? I have much problems.” Octavia asked for Clarification.

"Yeah, we can do that," Zoey smiled.

”Oh many much Thank, I am have to read the book to a native.” Octavia said graciously, stumbling over her grammar In her excitement.

“...We’re definitely gonna spend all night on that,” Salgia sighed with a smile.


A chime was heard before Fennel checked her phone, “Oh, umm here, Zoey wants to invite these girls over to study.” She said as she turned the screen to Bob.

"Oh, uh... sure," Bob agreed, "Wait- um.. have Mary make sure they're not doing anything they're not supposed to be doing."

“On it.” Fennel muttered as she sent a text to Mary. The fox in preparation for yoga was yearing a pair of green sweat pants and a matching sports bra, and was barefoot as usual.

"Hello, Fennel! Hi, Bob!" Sveena, wearing a pair of tight yoga pants, a tank top, and completely out-of-date neon-green leg warmers and matching sweatband, greeted happily, "Hey, did I ever mention that I met Bob a long time ago? I didn't know his name, but... Yeah!"

“Oh no you didn’t.” Fennel answered, somewhat surprised.

"Oh, yeah, we did meet, huh?" Bob awkwardly replied, scratching the back of his head, "...Sorry about that, by the way, Sveena."

“Oh what happened?” Fennel asked.

"He beat me up and stuff, but it's fine," Sveena waved a hand, "I'm really happy to see you... Well.. Not completely angry!"

“Oh.” Fennel gasped.

"Yeah, a lot's changed since then," Bob chuckled, "It's good to see you too. How're all the demons? Are they... okay?"

"Yeah, they're okay now," Sveena nodded before gesturing over to Siv, "There's one over there! Hey, Siv, c'mere! It's that guy who killed a bunch of daemons a long time ago but now he doesn't!"

“Oh how’s the baby, Sveen?” Fennel asked realizing she hadn’t asked in a while.

"He's really cute! I left him with Frank at home- Um- I've told you about Frank a little, right?"

"Hey, how're you doing?" Siv, in a purple tanktop and sweatpants to match, walked up, looking over Bob with the slightest of hesitation, "You're... a lot less threatening-looking than Sveena made you out to be."

"Well, I guess that's good now, right?" Bob shrugged.

"Yep, that's... good," Siv struggled to make small-talk with the ex-demon-slayer.

"He and Fennel are the ones I told you about with the bunch of kids!" Sveena reminded.

"Oh, geez, really?!" Siv scoffed, surprised by that as she looked back at Fennel and Bob, "How do you even manage that many kids?"

"You get used to it," Bob explained simply, "It's difficult at times, but it's a nice opportunity to get to take care of them."

“Umm i dont think you’ve told me much about Frank.” Fennel shook her head.

"Oh, well he's one of my closest friends. He's like... This tall," Sveena jumped up as she held her hand up as high as she could, "And greenish."

"That Frank? Yeah, I work with him," Bob nodded, "Trust me when I say you do not want to share a patrol car with him. It is not a comfortable fit."for

“Oh Sveena you wouldn’t happen to have a recommendation on strollers would you? I just remembered we still need one.“ Fennel asked a little sheepishly.

"Oh, um... I don't use a stroller when I take him out- Siv, what kind of stroller do you use?" Sveena asked.

"It's, uh... I'll check it when we get back home and text you it, but Noah really likes it. It's one of those big ones with the retractable suntop," Siv explained.

“Oh that sounds really nice. We just have a few more things to before Cinnamon is due.” Fennel added, rubbing her belly.

The bells hung over the door jingled as Ernette pushed her way in, Clara, wearing the magic tie, behind her.

“Oh hi Ernette!” Fennel waved before going to give her Something-in-law a hug.

"Sorry if we're late," Ernette sighed as she returned the hug, "We had to wait for the sitter for Claire to get there."

“Oh who‘d you hire?” Fennel asked as she wrapped her fingers of her free hand around Bob’s hand.

"He was really happy to be doing it, oh what was his name... CL-4..P- bah, I'll ask him later for you," Ernette assured.

"I don't think I've ever done yoga before," Clara noted.

“Oh it’s tons of fun.” Fennel gushed “it gives you a ton of energy but not like essential oil bull crap.”

Ernette nodded along and agreed, "Yeah, it's really nice. I'm sure you're gonna love it once we get started."

“Please don’t wrapped up in an MLM” Fennel sighed, she was tired of all the pta moms trying to get her to join their oil cult.

"... A what?" Ernette cocked her head in confusion.

”The thing that the pta moms do with the oils and low quality leggings.” Fennel sighed.

"Like vegetable oil or the... Black stuff?" Sveena inquired, having no idea what they were talking about.

“Like lemons and berries they claim to prevent diseases but most of that is utter garbage.” Fennel huffed, “Most of the time they just smell nice. But one time Helen spilled a bunch on me and I smelled like peppermint for a week.”

"Helen's... she can be a challenge to work with," Ernette admitted, setting her stuff down, "But I'm sure she's a nice person otherwise."

“I think she did it on purpose considering she tried to charge me for it afterward.” Fennel huffed. ”I think they have something against me.”

"...I'm not sure we should be getting into this stuff now," Ernette mused, "We can talk about the PTA stuff later, when we're done doing yoga."

“You're right.” Fennel agreed before rolling out her yoga mat and starting some warm up stretches, making a point to wag her tail for Bob.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teed

There was a knocking at the door as Octavia waited patiently outside.

"Are you sure this is the right address?" Salgia asked, "It's a bit small for... fifty sisters.."

“I think she sayed less lifed with her at the momento.” Octavia mused.

Soon enough, the front door opened to reveal Mary, who seemed rather bummed to have to be on sex-watch. "You must be Salgia and Octavia," She greeted, putting on a smile for Zoey's friends.

“Oh you are being a sister of Zoey yes?”

"Yeah, I'm Mary. Lemme take you to Zoey's room," Mary opened the door for the two and began walking towards the back of the house where the master bedroom was located.

“Oh wow you are having a very” Octavia complimented while craning her head around.

"This is a really nice house you have," Salgia agreed, "I can see why Zoey's so happy all the time."

"She's definitely not happy about being grounded," Mary remarked, stopping in front of Zoey's room and knocking on the door, "Hey, Zoey! Your friends are here."

A bit of clambering, a drawer being shut, and a quick spray of air freshener could be heard before Zoey opened up the door and dramatically gestured Salgia and Octavia inside the spacious room, "Welcome to Casa de Zoey."

“Casa?” Oh so a house is a big living casa.” Octavia reaaoned.

"No, that's another language word for house," Salgia shook their head, "It's another kind of language humans use other than English."

“Ahhh. Overstand.”

"Understand, Olivia," The Liss sighed, walking into Zoey's room. There was a very large bed that could easily fit three, maybe even four people close by the door, and there was a lavish makeup station on the other side of the room. As with most master bedrooms, there was a door that led to a bathroom and another door for a large closet, which was currently open and showing off a few racks full of clothes, below them the floor of the closet was nearly full of many different pairs of shoes neatly organized. There was a desk near the makeup station with a few papers strewn on it, some books, and a short dresser at the foot of the bed. The walls were decorated with various pictures of Zoey and her sisters (Mostly her and Ruby) and a few suggestive posters of men.

“You are having a large sleep pad, and many body cloths.” Octavia as she curiously peered into the closet.

“I agree, ‘Tav,” Salgia hummed as they sat down at the end of the bed, “This is a really nice room you have, Zoey.”

"Thanks!" Zoey beamed, very proud of her living space, "I share it with my sister, Ruby. That's her there." She pointed at her redhead sister in one of the pictures on the wall, who still mimicked Zoey's hairstyle in every one of them.

“Well, where is she?” Salgia asked, looking around, even under the bed for a moment to see if they could find Ruby.

"Think Ruby is less old." Octiavia commented.

"I told her to get some sn-"

"I got the snacks!" Ruby exclaimed as she entered the room. Both of her arms were full of various snacks and sodas which she promptly dumped on the bed, "I didn't know w- Woah!" She gawked at Salgia with a smile, looking them up and down, "You look a lot cooler in person."

"Oh you are a Ruby, like a red rock yes?" Octavia asked.

“Oh, thanks!” Salgia beamed, shooting out a hand to shake, “Salgia Puyri, at your service. We’ve heard all about you gals from Zoey here, so it’s nice to meet you, too!”

"And Zoey's told me a bit about you guys," Ruby gladly accepted the handshake before casually pointing over to the octoling, "You're Octavia, right?"

"Yes, I am a Octiavia." The octoling responded, with a nod.

"Bob and Fennel told me to make sure you guys don't, like, screw or anything," Mary warned, standing at the threshold of the room.

"Huh, why would they not want us to build things?" Octavia asked.

"... 'Tavi..." Zoey sighed, "We've been over- Okay, Mary, go away, shoo." She quickly hopped up off the bed and shut the door, locking it before Mary could let out an angry huff.

“It was nice meeting you!” Salgia farewelled, before turning back to the rest of the group, sitting back down on the edge of the bed.

"Bye good, Mary." Octavia waved.

Ruby sniffed the air for a moment and asked, "Why does it- Did you spray a bunch of air freshener in here?"

"Yeah, otherwise they'd have to smell sex the whole time they're here," Zoey remarked as she jumped up and landed on the bed on her back near the pile of snacks.

One of Octavia's tentacles then grabbed a bag of chips before opening the bag.

“I’m good for right now,” Salgia shook their head, “So.. what are we gonna do?”

"Well, I got some books," Zoey gestured for Ruby to retrieve one of the books from her desk, "That we can read to help Octavia out with talking."

"Oh, yes, I not read whole book, just chapter." Octavia explained.

The book Ruby brought over was rather blank in regards to any cover art. It was simply titled, Literally The Best Erotica You Will Ever Read. A glance down to the author would show that Zoey herself wrote the novel.

Octavia looked at the title of the book "Erro tika." She took a moment to remember the books she could and couldn't read.

“Oh, you write books?” Salgia gawked at their friend, “That’s awesome!”

"Only sometimes," Zoey giggled with faux modesty.

"I do not think I can be reading this book for work home. The teaching person said no 'Erro tika.'" Ocativa replied/

"What the teacher doesn't know won't kill them," Zoey scoffed as she took the book, opened it up to chapter one, and set it in the octoling's hands.

"H-He keess-ed her leeps?" Octavia said looking over the words, as she contnued her tentacles grew a brigher and brighter shade of red. "I do not think I should be not reading this book." Ocatavia murmured.

"Why do you say that?" Zoey inquired curiously.

"It is very... umm... um... grown up sexy."

"You literally watched me have sex with three guys."

"But you are be human. It like documentary." Octavia protested.

"Well, this is like, uh... Going over our literature," Zoey mused.

"But it make feel... umm. umm. am not knowing word." Octavia. mumbled.

"... Turned on? Aroused?" Zoey guessed.

"be may?"

"Well, good. That means I wrote this book right," Zoey smiled.

"I am not liking that."

"Oh.. Alright, well I got not-smut-books in here... I think," Zoey offered, a bit disappointed that she couldn't share her book with her friend.

"I not want be a bitch about this." Octavia, tried to explain.

"Wh- No, no, it's fine!" Zoey assured with a smile, waving away the notion, "If you don't wanna read

"Maybe you give to Bob and Fennel. A married peoples do that mating often yes?" Ocatvia suggested as an alternate use of the book.

Salgia stifled a laugh, “That’s why they wouldn’t want it, probably.”

"Plus, they probably wouldn't like that I'm writing this kind of book... Even though it sells," Zoey shrugged, "What did you think of it, Salgia? Or, at least, as far as we got into it?"

“I thought it was pretty good!” Salgia praised, “I really liked the description of a lot of what they were doing.”

Octavia's body had since turned a bright tomato red. "Yeah, I really wanted the reader to be able to, like, visualize what's going on and stuff," Zoey nodded.

It seemed that Octivia had gotten a very good visualization as a few small drops of red ink fell off of her tentacles.

Ruby let out a gasp, pointing to where the red ink dripped onto the pink comforter with an, "Oh no!"

"What's wrong, Ru- Aw, shit," Zoey frowned at the drips of red, "Are you alright, 'Tavi? That's not blood, is it?"

"Umm, no, it is ink." Octavia said "It was with water. I can take to a wash."

"Oh, nah, it's fine. We have a washer here. If water can get it out, then whatever," Zoey shrugged, relieved that the ink would not stain.

“Well, what other books do you have for us to try and have ‘Tav read?” Salgia asked with curiosity, laying on their stomach and resting their head on the back of one of their hands.

"Uhh... Rub, what do I got?" Zoey asked.

Ruby scampered back over to the desk, picking up and inspecting the books while mumbling that each of them were smut before opening a drawer in the desk. She gently tossed aside a few books, some questionable toys, and various school supplies before pulling out an anatomy textbook and a biology textbook with bookmarks indicating the pages Zoey was most interested in of those two books. "This is it," Ruby said as she set the two books down on the bed.

“...School books?” Salgia groaned, “That’s a bummer.”

"I keep them there because they have a dick near the back," Zoey shrugged, "I could've sworn I had more than just smut in here."

"Octavia picked up the biology text book and opened it "I think this will be good." The particular page she opened to was regarding the biology of ocean mollusks.

"... Hey Salgia, since you liked the book, would you wanna take it home?" Zoey asked while Octavia read the biology textbook, holding up her own book to the Liss, "I got copies, don't worry."

“...Yeah, I’d love to,” Salgia agreed, blushing, “It’s... it’s really good smut.” With a shit-eating grin, Zoey handed the book to Salgia before turning to Octavia.

"Molloosk include creatures such as octopi, squids, snails and clams." Octavia began reading. She then turned the page as it showed the labled anatomy of a squid, to which she began giggling.

"What's so funny?" Zoey asked, looking over the page with a curious expression as Ruby peeked as well.

Octavia pointed to what for her was a poorly drawn picture of a squid and pointed to it's naughty bits. "They drew his pant tentacle."

"Pant tenta- It's PINGAS?" Zoey asked with a snicker.

"I thinked it was only propaganda they are like that." Octavia snickered.

"It's not really big, is it?" Zoey remarked, "What are octo-dicks like?"

"They are tentacle." Octavia said rather seriosly before turning the page.

“Oh! I think I remember reading about this,” Salgia exclaimed, “One of an octopus’s tentacles is also a PINGAS, basically. So, when they bang another octopus, they... tear it off and shove it in the lady octopus and go and die later?”

Octaivha had once again began blushing not only at the description but also the next page as it contained the anatomy of an octopus.

"Shit... Do your octopus guys do that?" Zoey gasped, "Or do you guys fuck normally?"

Octavia held up two fingers to indicate both were possible, though she seemed obviously embarassed.

"C'mon, don't be so shy about it," Zoey giggled.

Octavia didn't say anythng it wsa obvious she was trying to cover up an image in the book. Zoey gave the book a glance before reaching over to brush away Octavia's hand, curious as to what she was hiding underneath.

Under the octolings hand was an image of an octopus and a few illiustrations explaining the mating process of octopi.

"... If I was an octopus guy, I think I'd choose fucking over... Ripping my dick off," Zoey remarked as she looked down at the page, "Speaking of octopus guys... You have any back in your old universe you did it with?"

"We are needing to talk more upon this topic of matings." Octavia squeaked.

“I mean, there was this one time...” Salgia hummed as they reminisced, “I wouldn’t call him an octopus guy, but he did have extra tentacles. After he was done for me, I understood why people liked being tied up and crap while doing it.”

"Please no keep on this subject." Octavia requested as she shifted into her octopus form and slunk under the bed.

"W-What- Wait- What- Did she just-" Ruby gasped, peeking under the bed, "How'd you do that?"

"Am Octopus." Octavia mumbled.

"Oh, Octavia! You should show her the cool color thing you can do!" Zoey suggested, changing the topic away from sex for the octoling's sake.

Octavia then changed to a blue color as she crawled out from under the bed.

"Woah!" Ruby gasped, "What else can you do?"

Octavia then turned back into her octoling form as her arms flopped like hoses, as she showed off her lack of bones.

"Wow... Can you do stuff too?" Ruby asked Salgia.

“Not like how... Tavia can, but I’m a lot more acrobatic than most people,” Salgia shrugged, and hurriedly continued, “And also sweat aphrodisiacs when I get horny- So, do you guys have anything cool you can do, too?”

"You sweat... Sex juice?" Ruby gasped before Zoey quickly interjected.

"And they got a girlfriend and don't wanna sweat right now," She added, giving the Liss a wink before answering their question, "Nothing that I can think of, no. I think you and 'Tavi can do anything we can do and more."

“Oh, stop being so modest!” Salgia shook their head, “I could never write that good! Or grow as tall as you are now! In fact, I’m around the average for Liss right now.”

Zoey let out a short laugh at that. "I meant like, as a species, but thanks... I guess that's one thing we got? We can grow a bit taller than you guys."

“And your eyes are less sensitive,” Salgia added, “It’s a pain sometimes to go in and out on a really sunny day because our eyes take a while to adjust. Like, our view’s like those tinted glasses that change whenever you go outside or whatever.”

"Huh," Zoey slowly nodded, "So is there like, any advantage to your eyes other than looking cool?"

“Well, we can see in a little different spectrum of light than your species can,” Salgia shrugged, “But we have a hard time really discerning blues and purples and stuff like that.”

"Hm, it's a good thing I like pink then," Zoey remarked.

"Pink?" Octavia asked before turning a shade of pink.

"Yeah," Zoey giggled, "It's my favorite color."

"I can do any color." Octavia nodded.

"Were you like, born red and that's your regular color?"

"White." Octiavia explained, "Red is prefered though."

"Hmm... You oughta read the anatomy book. You'll learn more about humans and stuff- Just, uh... Don't go to my bookmarks in the back there," Zoey suggested.

"Okay." Octavia nodded, before opening a the book to a random page she began readng she outloud, after a few minutes she paused "You bleed monthly?"

"You don't?" Zoey blinked, "Yeah, it's called a period."

"No." Octavia shook her head.

"Lucky," Zoey laid back on the bed with her hands behind her head beside Salgia.

"Is it not like inking?" Octavia asked.

"Humans don't make ink, 'Tavi," Zoey reminded.

"But like not hurt?"

"Oh, it hurts," Zoey nodded, "For some people less so, some more so."

"So primative humans be." Octavia mused, unaware of the possible interpratation of her statement.

“I think Liss have periods,” Salgia mused, “I don’t really remember.”

"But aren't you a girl?" Ruby blinked.

“Eh... not... exactly?” Salgia sat up with a shrug, nervously looking about.

“You are not?” Octavia asked cocking her head to the side.

"They just like looking and feeling like a chick," Zoey shrugged. Ruby was still confused by the concept, but if Zoey was cool with it, she had no reason to question it.

“Y-yeah,” Salgia nodded in affirmation, unsure of what to say or do, “That’s... that’s all.”

“Oh... that is interesting.” Octavia mused “You were being strong like female warrior yes?”

"What?" Zoey blinked.

“Women are top of military at Octo Canyon.” Octavia explained.

“I am definitely not like a military warrior or whatever,” Salgia scoffed.

"I think it's usually guys that do military stuff for humans," Zoey remarked.

“They can not shoot ink as well less muscle.” Octavia noted.

"Human dudes usually have more muscle than we do," Zoey clarified, "... Also, we don't shoot ink."

“Oh okay.” Octavia nodded.

“Liss don’t really have a military,” Salgia shrugged, “We used to have a bunch of guys who banded together to fight robots, but that’s super ancient history. Now, we just rely on others to really fight, or we join other armies and crap.”

"Why don't you guys have your own?" Zoey inquired.

“Not much of a reason, until recently,” Salgia explained, “And again, even then, our kind’s got a lot of friends, so even if something happens, we’re backed by like eight other militaries. Maybe more, I haven’t really kept track.”

"Huh, yeah, I guess you wouldn't need your own army then," Zoey remarked.

“I guess so, yeah,” Salgia shrugged, “It’d be better if we didn’t let everyone else do the dirty work and be a bunch of sissies about fighting, but hey, if it’s working, it’s fine.”

Zoey stifled a laugh at that.

“...Was it something I said?” Salgia asked as they looked to Zoey.

"Nothing, nothing," Zoey giggled.

"DJ, Octavio used say inklings too lazy to protect selves."

"... Who? Why is a DJ talking about... Military stuff?" Zoey blinked.

"He lead us... or used too."

“Did something happen to him?” Salgia asked with concern.

"Ah... He did wrong about inklings. No need fight." Octavia added.

"Wait, how did we go from sex to talking about... The military?" Zoey realized.

Octavia shrugged. "Maybe we have to go changing the topic?"

“Yeah, maybe another change of topic should be a good idea,” Salgia agreed, “Hmm... what else have you written?” They asked, turning to Zoey, “I mean, nobody just writes smut like that their first try at writing.”

"Well..." Zoey thought back, "I did write a play one time. It was, uh... Pretty mediocre now that I look back on it..."

"I liked it," Ruby chimed, blotting out the part of the play where she was terrified by Fennel from her memory.

“A play?” Salgia repeated with intrigue, “What was it about?”

“Like game?” Octavia asked.

"Nah, like a... It's like a thing you do on a stage with actors and stuff," Zoey explained, "Umm.. Okay, you're not allowed to laugh, but it was about princesses and stuff, and I was like, the main princess in the play."

“Go on, I need some details on your princess play!” Salgia snickered, “It’s gotta be more than just ‘you’re princesses’ right?”

"Yeah, but-"

"Don't worry! I have a copy of it under the mattress!" Ruby exclaimed, hopping off the bed and digging her hand around between the mattress and the bed base.

"W- You- Why?" Zoey blinked, "How did you even-"

"Here it is!" Ruby chimed, pulling out a small stack of stapled together and lightly wrinkled papers. The top page read LITERALLY THE BEST PLAY EVER MADE EVER by Zoey Wolfe. She gleefully handed the script to Salgia.

“Oh are you still having the costumes?” Octavia asked.

"Nah, I could only save the script," Ruby lamented.

Salgia flipped through it quickly, snickering to themselves as they poked through the contents before snorting, “You got Bob to kiss your toes and walk around with nothing on?!”

“You speller Wolf wrong.” Octavia added, very sure she was correct.

"It's my name," Zoey huffed briefly before sneering to Salgia, "Okay, yeah, maybe the play wasn't so bad after all."

“Is kissing toes a common to do to the clased uppers?” Octavia asked.

“It’s not a custom I’ve ever heard of,” Salgia shrugged, “Maybe fingers or rings and stuff, but not toes.”

"It cements the position of power of the princess," Zoey declared as she stifled a giggle.

“Oh are you not having a princess here yes?” Octavia questioned.

"Huh? No, I don't think princesses are actually a thing anymore."

“Oh good I heard people feet are very smell.” Octavia replied with a relieved sigh.

“I remember there’s some princesses that’re still a thing,” Salgia shrugged, “But that’s space stuff, it wouldn’t apply here.”

“Oh space is being the place above the above ground yes?” Octavia asked hoping to expand her vocabulary.

"It's like... Above the sky, where all the stars and stuff are," Zoey explained.

“I’m just using it to be pretty general about my own universe,” Salgia shrugged, “I don’t wanna confuse everyone with terms and crap.”

”Ah, okay.” Octavia nodded.

"But, uh... Yeah, it was pretty funny getting him to kiss my toes," Zoey snickered, "Also, 'Tavi, people's feet only smell if they don't wash them or wear dirty socks."

"Zoey's feet smell just fine," Ruby defended, causing Zoey to facepalm and laugh.

”I will be trust you, Ruby.” Octavia replied.

“Yeah, I gotta agree with Tavi on that,” Salgia nodded with a snicker, “I’ll take you on your word, Ruby.”

"Wait.. Wait- No- I didn't mean, like- I don't smell her feet!" Ruby cried out, realizing how what she said could come off.

"Ruby, oh my god," Zoey laughed.

“Oh, can I touch your hairs?” Octavia asked.

"Uh, why?" Zoey blinked, "I mean, sure, but like, that's kinda out of nowhere." She leaned her head towards the octoling as Ruby stifled a compliment about how nice Zoey's hair felt.

“We are not having the hairs.” Octavia commented before brushing her fingers through Zoey’s hair.

“You do have nice-looking hair,” Salgia mused, copping a feel of a bundle of their own ponytail and fidgeting with it.

"Aw, thanks. I make sure it's the best it can be," Zoey chimed before tilting her head towards the Liss, "Ruby always says it's real soft."

“I bet it is,” the Liss nodded in agreement, “It looks really soft and silky. You mind if I..?” They held out a hand, gesturing to see if they could feel.

"Go ahead. I let 'Tavi," Zoey shook her head a little, making her ponytail bounce.

Gently, Salgia took some of Zoey’s hair cautiously into one of their hands. “It really is that soft, wow...” the Liss gasped quietly, a little bead of sweat dripping down their brow without their notice.

“It like pillow on head.” Octavia mused.

"Oh, you guys, stop!" Zoey giggled as she relished in the attention, "No, actually keep going if you have anything else to say."

"Does it hurt to cut your hairs?" Octavia asked.

“How do you get it so soft?” Salgia asked, another few drops falling down their forehead, “I condition mine every day, but it’s still less soft than yours.”

"I mix a few different brands," Zoey answered, "I can give you my 'secret recipe' if you want... Also, nah, it doesn't hurt, 'Tavi."

“Oh, I’d really love that,” Salgia beamed.

"Rub can you write down my recipe?" Zoey asked. As Ruby walked over to the desk to get a piece of paper, Zoey added, "She's remembered my list by heart since she buys me the brands sometimes."

"Oh, my tentacles ummm..." The octolong would then wave an arm around rapidly "When I cut them."

“So you don’t cut them?” Salgia asked.

"Sometime." Octavia replied.

”If it hurts to cut your hair, then don’t cut it,” Salgia shrugged.

"No, cut sometime." Octavia replied.

“But why? If it hurts, it’s not really worth cutting.”

"Not much, Like tentacles short some times." Octavia reasoned.

Ruby handed Salgia a list with ten different shampoos and conditioners on it, as well as the ratios for each. "It'll cost a lot at first, but since there's a bunch of shampoos and stuff, it'll last a long time," Ruby informed.

“Oh my, that is a lot,” Salgia hummed as they looked over the list, before gently folding it up and putting it in their pocket, “I think it’ll be fine, though. Thank you!”

"Hairs, sound much work." Octavia muttered.

"Yeah, but it's worth it," Zoey smiled, "To get a 'pillow on head'."

“...Y’know what must suck?” Salgia realized, “Having fur and having to shampoo every single part of your body.”

"It's not so bad for Latte. She has Bob help her," Zoey shrugged with a wide grin.

"How know?" Octavia asked, rather confused. "Shower still alone time, yes?"

"I might've peeked," Zoey answered with a wink.

“Oh my!” Salgia giggled, still sweating ever so slightly, “I bet you saw plenty of ‘cleaning’ then, huh?”

"Oh yeah," Zoey nodded, "He 'cleaned' her real hard."

"I thought clean was soft?" Octavia added rather confused.

"It's an innuendo," Zoey explain, snickering.

"In you in dough?"

"It's like... I say something, but I'm probably talking about sex or like.. Sex-related," Zoey tried to clarify.

"Oh, okay. Do a Bob and Latte kiss a lot? I can no tell if that is a you may be doing in the outside activity."

"Uh, yeah they kiss a lot, I guess. Most people won't care if you kiss in public unless you're like, full-on making out."

"Okay, this is good informations about you humans... is Latte a humans?"

"Ehhh... Mostly?" Zoey shrugged.

"Okay. I was not know if other mammals can talked other cat and humans." Octavia nodded.

Zoey's nose twitched a little before she lightly sniffed the air. "What's that smell?" She asked as Ruby joined in on the sniffing with a curious expression.

Salgia sniffed the air, before looking at the two curiously, asking, “What smell?”

"I dunno, smells good though," Zoey answered.

"It smell." Octavia nodded, "Not know though."

Zoey's head turned a bit towards Salgia before she did a double take, giving only a brief sniff to avoid being too awkward. "I think it's you, Salgia," Zoey mused.

The Liss blinked several times, confused for a moment, before their eyes widened and they scrambled off the bed, snatching some tissues and wiping at their skin frantically, wiping off the very lightly-colored sweat off their body wherever they felt it. “Oh geez!” They huffed, “I-I’m sorry, I got a bit turned on there for a second, and it was just enough for that to start happening!”

"Afro... deejays are like that smell good water they sell in the jewlery, stuff buying place?" Octavia asked as she leaned in closer to sniff the alien.

"Salgia, never be sorry for turning someone on... Even if it's through your sweat," Zoey assured.

”Well, I don’t want to get you turned on,” Salgia harrumphed, “Especially if it means you could get in trouble for sex!”

"Bah! You really think Mary's still listening or anything?" Zoey scoffed.

Meanwhile Octavia was fiddling with her tentacles before using one to pick up a cable on the bed. "Can use to charge? May, may use?" Zoey nodded in response. In response Octavia plugged her phone into the charging cable.

“I mean, maybe she is!” Salgia argued, “And besides, I don’t wanna get involved in anything if it gets hot and heavy, and the fact that I literally sweat horny juices means that’s bound to happen if I do!”

"Salgia, relax," Zoey gestured for the Liss to calm down, "I'm turned on, like, all the time anyway. Your sweat's not gonna make things that much worse."

Salgia stopped wiping at their arm, looking between the tissue and Zoey, before sighing tiredly, flopping down onto the bed headfirst. “I just don’t like it sometimes... or a lot of the time,” The Liss grumbled into the bed.

"Oh should ask Mary if she here?" Octavia asked before lying down herself.

"If she were listening, she would've busted in by now," Zoey shook her head.

"Ah, she like good sister when we met."

"I guess sweating sex could get annoying," Zoey shrugged, gently patting Salgia's head before looking down at her hand and wiping it off on her shirt.

“It made me fail an interview yesterday,” Salgia whined as they pulled their head up, having put themselves into a glum mood with the topic, “And a few more before that... I just think people don’t want some green freak working for them.”

“Hmph, well I’d hire you for stuff. What kind of job are you trying to get?”

“That’s one of the problems,” the Liss huffed, “I... I really don’t know what I want to do. I’ve tried putting in applications everywhere, but I’ve either never heard back from them, or I just don’t pass interviews for one reason or another and so on and so on.”

"I hear the food getting places 'help wanted'." Octavia suggested.

“Have you tried a salon?” Zoey suggested, “If you’re good enough at that stuff to make yourself look like a chick, then you’d be perfect for doing girls’ nails or hair or whatever.”

“...Oh my god, you’re right!” Salgia groaned, flopping their head down onto the bed again, “How could I not have thought of that! I’m so dumb! It’s perfect!

"Oh, you pay to change nail colors?" Octaiva asked.

“Sometimes,” Zoey nodded as she giggled at Salgia’s revelation.

"I just do some time." Octavia said as she held up her hand showing that her finger tips could change color.

“Oh, thank you so much, Zoey!” Salgia exclaimed, pulling themself up and wrapping their arms around Zoey, “Oh, Avalam’s gonna be so happy once I go and get that kind of job! Thank you!”

Zoey returned the hug to the Liss with a snicker. “It’s no problem, Salgia. Good advice is what I’m known for.”

Octavia looked at the two before joining the hug "This is the correct thing to do yes?" Ruby, feeling left out, joined the hug as well.

"This is a hug, yes?"

“A group hug, but yeah...” Zoey smiled before murmuring, “... Hey, Salgia... You missed a bit of sweat.”

"This feel, very very very good."Octavia commented.

“W-What?” Salgia tried to look over themselves in the hug, but struggled to, “Where?”

“Bit on your neck, your legs too I think,” Zoey guessed as she pulled back.

“Well, if you’re fine with it,” Salgia shrugged, feeling a bit of the sweat on their thigh before laying back with a sigh, “Then I am perfectly fine with it, too.”

"This smell feel funny." Octavia noted as she sat up.

“...Oh right, sorry, ‘Tavi,” Salgia mused quietly as they slid off the bed, grabbing more tissues and taking them back to the bed to wipe off the sweat that remained on their body.

“Here, just...” Zoey mumbled as she reached over for her can of air freshener and sprayed it around for a moment, “That’s what I do whenever I smell my room up.”

The Liss coughed at the sudden air freshener, covering their mouth for a second as they tried to laugh, “Well, I gues that may work for it- Oh, did you touch me at all while I was sweaty anywhere I was sweaty? It soaks in with skin-on-skin contact. It’s really potent then.”

"... Woops," Zoey looked at her hands and arms, "How fast does it kick in?"

Octavia had since taken to looking at her phone with the help of her tentacles. "What potenet mean?"

“It depends on how much is on you,” Salgia explained as they wiped still, “If it’s a lot, you’ll start feeling it a lot quicker.”

"Well, we just hugged you..." Zoey tried wiping her hands and arms off on her shirt as much as she could. Luckily for Ruby, she had been on the very outside of the hug and got no sweat on her whatsoever.

“Are you feeling anything yet?” Salgia asked with a little concern, cringing at the mess they made of this situation.

"Nah, nah I'm fine," Zoey said before clearing her throat as she put her hands behind her back and laid down on top of them as she slowly began to blush, "All good here. You good, 'Tavi?" It was fairly obvious that Zoey was not 'fine'.

"Tentacle feel funny." Octavia said as she looked at the vividly pulsating limb things as the fluxuated between a ligher and darker shade that seemed to have taken all of their owners attention.

“Oh gods,” Salgia groaned quietly, “I just haaad to sweat...” they sighed, before adding, “At least it shouldn’t last too long. It generally fades unless it’s continuous contact.”

"Shiiit..." Zoey murmured, straining as she restrained herself, "Y-You should really, like... Sell this stuff."

“I don’t think people’d buy bottled sweat,” Salgia mumbled, “Even if it’s got some kind of effect to it.”

"You'd be surprised... Just don't call it sweat, call it... F-Fucking, uhm... Liss Oils or some shit..." Zoey cleared her throat again as she tried leaning her weight more on her hands to keep them behind her back.

“Maybe... but that’d be a lot of sweat,” Salgia pondered, “Which’d mean I’d need to be sweating all day and keeping as much as I can, then bottling as much as physically possible out of that.”

"Call happy juice." Octavia suggested.

”I think I’ll stick with Liss Oils,” Salgia shook their head, “It sounds catchier and less generic.”

"Lissian Oils," Zoey suggested, "Sounds fancier that way."

“Oooh, it does- wait, who would my target audience be for this thing?” Salgia asked.

"I-I mean-" Zoey cleared her throat more aggressively, "If you did actually sell it, I could handle that. I know some people."

By this time Octavia had wanered over to Zoey and had begun poking her face with one of her tentacles "Soft face have." She seemed to have a dopey look on her face.

"Th-Thanks," Zoey gulped as she stared at the tentacle for a moment. Don't do it, Zoey. Don't do it. You're stronger than this, She thought to herself as she bit down on her lower lip.

"So soft." Ocitave repeated before letting out a stupid giggle, causing the tentacle to slide down Zoey's face. The octoling then began pinching the tentacle, seemingly trying to cut it. It seemed the aphrodesiac had her on a different kind of high.

Octavia then made a scissor cutting motion with her finges to one of her tentacles "Cut?" She asked sliding the tentacle across her own face.

"Mmmmf..." Zoey whined before crying out, "I can't take it!" She scrambled off the bed, grabbed one of her toys off the ground, and ran into her bathroom.

Octavia then melted onto the ground, the increasing color fluxuations made it clear she was on some sort of trip.

"... If you start selling that stuff, I wanna buy all of it," Ruby stated after witnessing everything that just happened.

“W-well... I’ll see what I can do, then,” Salgia tried to smile, but was disconcerted by the situation unfolding around them, “Is... Is Zoey gonna be okay?”

”inside sky pretty.” Octavia mumbled before chuckling up at the ceiling.

”...Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t be sweating anymore,” The Liss murmured, wiping again at their limbs to make sure they got it all.

"Yeah, Zoey'll be fine," Ruby assured.

“Alright, that’s good, I guess,” Salgia laid back, looking up at the ceiling, “I’m just worried she’s gonna be in there all night or something like that.”

"She should be done after, like... Maybe 30 minutes," Ruby shrugged as she glanced at the bathroom door.

“That should be fine then,” the Liss mused, looking down at Octavia, “But are you gonna be alright, ‘Tavi?”

Ocatica held up her hand and looked at her fingers for a moment "Too- too many." Before the arm was replaced by a tentacle "dash bettur." Her tentacle then fell on her face.

"So, umm... What should we do while we wait for them?" Ruby asked.

“Well, do you have anything you like to do?” Salgia asked, “Something that’d keep us occupied until they’re done being messed up?”

"Uhhh..." Ruby tried to think for a moment before shrugging, "I dunno. I usually just... Do whatever Zoey wants to do."

“There’s gotta be something you wanna do for yourself.”

"Hmm... Ummm... Oh!" Ruby gasped, hopping off the bed and squishing her hand under the mattress once more. It seemed to be her hiding place. "I've been writing something as a surprise for Zoey for her birthday in March! Promise not to tell her about it?"

The Liss metaphorically zipped their lips, “Not a word!”

Ruby pulled out a few books and plopped them onto the mattress. "I had to get a bunch of smaller books instead of a big one, or else it'd make a big bump in the bed," She explained as she sat down next to the Liss and opened up one of the books, "I'm writing a biography for her! And since you go to school with her, you can help me write that stuff since I'm not in high school yet."

Salgia looked over the contents of the book Ruby had opened and smiled as they read. “I’d... Yeah, I’d really like to help you with this!” Salgia agreed with a head shake, “I bet she’s gonna be really happy about it once she gets it. But... what are you talking about here?” They pointed to a place on the page talking about their life in the Hold, “It... sounds a bit cultish.”

Around this time it appeared that Octavia had gotten over her high as she rubbed her head "Happen whated?"

"Yeah, Latte used that word before when talking about the Hold," Ruby nodded, "We grew up in a big fortress. Our dad had a lot of wives and then had all of us. He was, um... Not a... Good person." Ruby seemed reluctant, but figured the information was pretty much all in the book anyway, "He's kinda.... Why Zoey needs sex so much."

"Oh, that be sad." Octavia muttered.

“Oh...” Salgia was unsure how to respond, twiddling their thumbs as they tried to think of something to say. “Well... she’s not around him anymore, so it can get better, right?”

"Yeah, I guess, I dunno," Ruby frowned before trying to lighten the mood a little, "But let's focus on her at school! What does she do? What do you guys talk about?"

"Oh, that help lot?" Octavia additionally asked.

“Well, Zoey, ‘Tav, and I always start the day in Cheer,” Salgia began, “There’s not a lot of people in that class that really like us, but we don’t care at all! We talk at lunch about whatever comes up, too.”

"Wait, what?" Ruby gasped, baffled by what Salgia told her, "Why wouldn't a lot of people in that class like you guys? Especially Zoey? No offense."

“Well, there’s this one cunt in the class,” Salgia explained, “Brittany. She really doesn’t like any of us. She called Zoey a slut, me a freak, and filled her locker full of rude notes. And everyone else is friends with Brittany.”

"What a cunt," Ruby huffed before writing down this information in one of the books.

"Oh a shit cunt, she no nice." Octavia added.

"How'd you all meet?" Ruby inquired, specifically writing down 'shit cunt' next to Brittany's name.

"Cheer, they late out room full metal lock boxes." Octavia replied.

“Yeah,” Salgia explained, “Brittany was being a cunt and calling Zoey a slut, so I backed her and Brittany started calling me a freak with my eyes and my ‘bulge’ and whatever. So we stayed behind and comforted eachother for a second, and then ‘Tavi showed up to get us not to be late, and it sort of just went from there.”

Ruby continued to write, frowning for a moment before her expression softened as she noted the new friendship Zoey had found in the Liss and the octoling. "I'm glad Zoey has you guys, especially with cunts like Brittany there," She remarked with a smile.

“Zoey is good friend.” Octavia nodded.

“She really is,” Salgia agreed with a nod, “I dunno how I’d of managed Cheer if it wasn’t for her.”

"Yeah, Zoey's the best," Ruby beamed, delighted to hear such good things about her sister.

After about half an hour, Ruby had since hidden Zoey's biography once more before Zoey herself exited the bathroom, looking absolutely refreshed as she flopped onto the bed with a content sigh. "Phew... I wasn't in there too long was I?" She asked as she grabbed one of the sodas Ruby brought earlier and opened it to take a drink.

“No, not at all,” Salgia shook their head, “Thirty minutes is actually pretty good, all things considered.”

"Oh, good," Zoey smiled as she flattened herself against her mattress after chugging down her soda, "Were we talking about something before... That happened? I can't remember."

“Umm... latte furs?” Octavia noted

"Oh, right, and I talked about my hair and let you feel it a-" Zoey paused as she remembered their conversation. While it was a bit hazy, that was around the time Salgia began to sweat. "Wait a second. Salgia, did you get turned on just from touching my hair?"

“Uh... I.. There was that smut, too!” Salgia defended nervously, sweating (but it was normal sweat, not horny sweat), “I-I was thinking about that! Yeah!”

"You can't lie to me, Salsa," Zoey sneered.

“Have pretty hair?” Octavia asked, holding a tentacle.

"Yeah, your hair's real unique, 'Taci," Zoey nodded before turning back to the Liss.

..I may have gotten a little turned on by your hair, yes,” Salgia mumbled quickly with a great rosy blush forming on their face, before they covered their face with their hands.

"Aw, I'm flattered," Zoey giggled, "Don't worry, Ruby does too."

"N-No!" Ruby whined, "I mean- Yes, but..." She began blushing as well as she nibbled on some potato chips.

“Well, it’s nice hair,” Salgia huffed, “I... I couldn’t help myself with it.”

Zoey smiled as she flicked her ponytail. "I take pride in it," She remarked, "And everything else too."

“You should,” the Liss agreed with a gesture to Zoey, “I really don’t see why those cunts hate you so much.”

“Ver’ Nice.” Octavia nodded.

"Hm, maybe it's because I take all the guys from 'em," Zoey mused with a smug grin, "Mad 'cause they're not on my level."

Salgia stifled a chuckle at the idea. “I bet they are pretty jealous of that,” they nodded, “But it’s probably also ‘cause Bitchany’s not a fan of you.”

“Bitchanny?” Octavia asked.

"Brittany. Bitchany. Get it?" Zoey explained.

”No.” Octavia replied.

"... Brittany is a bitch... So we took our the first part of her name and replaced it with bitch... Bitchany."

“This is being a punt?” Octavia wondered as she tapped a finger to her chin.

”A pun- I guess?” Salgia shrugged.

Zoey snickered at Octavia's poor English before letting out a content sigh, "This grounding would be boring as hell without you guys here."

“Oh what rule are.” Octavia asked.


“Of g-round.”

"Didn't I tell you and Salsa? I have a curfew at 7:30, I gotta give them my phone when it's 'bedtime', I'm stuck in here, and I can only screw once a day," Zoey answered with a groan, "And it's for like, five days."

“Oh, that sound medium rare.”

“Medium rare?” Salgia asked with confusion.

"Like a steak?" Zoey blinked.

“Like, like not soft.”

"Oh, I think I get what she's saying sorta..." Zoey mumbled before letting out a sigh, "I've never been grounded this long before."

“How long have you been grounded before this?” Salgia asked.

“Should how you say brown nose? Maybe off speedier?” Octavia suggested.

"Fuck that," Zoey huffed before answering Salgia's question, "I think the longest I've ever been grounded before was like... Uhhh... A few hours?"

“Geez, you got off easy,” Salgia mused, “I got grounded for three whole weeks once back when I was still living on Liss.”

“Oh we run long when bad.” Octavia muttered.

"Three weeks!?" Zoey gasped in shock, "Did you kill a bunch of babies or something?!"

“No,” Salgia shook their head with a slight laugh, “I was just messing around and broke some family heirloom, I can’t really remember what it was, it was a while back.”

"And they grounded you for three weeks because of an accident?! I got a bunch of my sisters and people sick when I messed up some food, and I just got, like... Talked at and felt bad!"

“It was a really old heirloom,” Salgia shrugged, “Like, before we needed those military guys to fight the robots. And that was... really long ago. And that... doesn’t sound like good discipline, to be honest.”

"What do you mean?"

“Well, if I did something like that, I’d at least get something taken away for a day or two as punishment. It seems harsh, but it’s punishment for what I did. That just seems like they just let you go unpunished for whatever you did... not to say you didn’t get punished for stuff other than that.”

Zoey would have argued against what Salgia said, but let out a sigh after a brief moment of thought. "Yeah... I guess you're right," She admitted, "My dad did let me get away with a lot... Like... A lot, a lot..."

“Well... I’m sure Bob and Fennel don’t let you get away with half as much, right?” Salgia asked, figuring that Zoey and Ruby’s father was a rather sore topic.

"Ugh, maybe I'm just spoiled, but I wish they would let me get away with something," Zoey rolled her eyes, "I'm literally grounded just for having sex with some guys."

“Damn...” Salgia mused, “Well, if you think about it, then grounding you shows they care about you. They’re wanting to try and keep you from doing things that they see as reckless or bad or whatever.”

“This sounding conflict.”

"Bleeeegh," Zoey groaned, "Latte's like, three years older than me and she acts like she's my mom."

“Well, she is your adoptive mom, right?” Salgia asked, “So it’s kinda somewhat justified a little.”

"I never agreed to her being my 'adopted mom'. I even kept my last name," Zoey jabbed a thumb at herself, "Ruby did too... But only just 'cause I did." Ruby blushed in response.

“Well, still, it seems like she’s gonna act like you’re her kid regardless,” Salgia shrugged, “Even if you don’t wanna be Bob and Fennel’s little ‘Zoey Roberts’.”

"Euuugghh!" Zoey gagged and laughed, "Don't you ever say that again!"

“‘Zoey Wolfe’ does have a better ring to it anyways,” Salgia laughed, “...But ‘Ruby Roberts’ doesn’t sound too bad, to be honest.”

“That sound mean to them.” Octavia muttered.

"Ew, no! I don't wanna be 'Ruby Roberts'!" Ruby shook her head adamantly.

Salgia continued to laugh at Ruby’s disagreement, before sighing, “I’m never changing my last name. Puyri’s a fancy Liss name, and a fancy name in general.”

"Salgia Puyri," Zoey mused, "It is a pretty fancy name... You know, I think your parents were setting you up to be a chick with a girly name like 'Salgia', or is that a tough manly name on Liss?"

“It’s not that feminine!” Salgia laughed, “It’s like how you humans have names that can be for both boys and girls. It just happens to be... used more with girl names- It doesn’t matter much!”

Zoey snickered at Salgia's expense as she tapped her chin. "I dunnooo..." She smiled, "I can't really imagine a guy named 'Salgia'."

“Salgia is boy name?”

Zoey immediately burst into laughter at Octavia's question.

Salgia’s face reddened as they put on a feigned pout, “It’s for both!”

“Oh liss change color!” Octavia clapped.

"That's called blushing," Zoey giggled, "C'mon, Salsa. You know you're glad to have a girl's name."

“...I mean, it does help that it can be seen as feminine,” Salgia huffed, “But im not gonna back down from saying it's a name for both boy and girl Liss.”

"Didn't you mention at some point that Liss are a bit feminine in general?" Zoey sneered.

“Did I?” Salgia mused, putting a hand on their chin, “Well, compared to humans, we generally do have more traits of human women or more femininely-defined bodies. There’s plenty of manly Liss, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of us are like... girlyish, I guess. They don’t really look like chicks without the work I put into it, for the most part, but... yeah.”

"Well, you do do some good work," Zoey relented on her teasing, "If Bitchany wasn't staring at your crotch and saw your bulge while you were changing, I probably never would've figured out you had a dick."

“Really?” Salgia’s eyes widened, “I thought she saw right through my outfit and makeup and everything and saw I was a guy just like that. I thought I’d just messed up on something somewhere that day.”

"Trust me, Salsa, you're the girliest looking guy I've ever met," Zoey assured.

“No know were boy until today.” Octavia agreed.

“Really?” Salgia scoffed, “I could’ve sworn we talked about that at lunch at one point... but either way, it’s flattering to know my work pays off.”

"Even when I know you're a guy, like... In my head, if I ever think about you, I'm thinking the word 'she' instead of 'he'," Zoey continued as she gestured at her head, "Though that's probably also because you act pretty girly too, really."

“Well, I’ve just.. gotten used to acting like that, I guess,” Salgia shrugged, “Acting like a guy’s... not first nature to me anymore, I guess?”

"Oh, like mimic!" Octavia added rather proud of the connection she made. Unfortunately, it didn't seem Zoey understood what the octoling was getting at.

“What do you... Oh, you’re calling me a trap, aren’t you?!” Salgia jokingly pouted with a huff.

"Are you, like... One of those guys that wanna be girls?" Zoey inquired, "I forget what they're called, but I've heard some of them get their dick turned into a vag?"

Euuuugh,” Salgia gagged, “Yeah, no, I’m not that kind. I like my dick as it is, thank you very much. I just... like everything else about it, otherwise.”

"Chick with a dick," Zoey mused, smiling at the rhyme.

“I guess you could call me that...” Salgia mumbled, unsure of whether they liked the the phrase or not.

"I'll cut the dick part around everyone else though," Zoey assured with a wink.

"Ok." Ocatvia nodded unsure of what to say.

“Thanks,” Salgia smiled at Zoey, before thinking about something that made them frown, “...But I bet Brittany’s already told everybody about the ‘green freak chick with a dick who has those weird eyes’. Ugh, I don’t like her.”

"She no nice."

"Well, you know what, Salsa?" Zoey declared with confidence as she wrapped an arm around the Liss, "It doesn't matter if the whole school thinks you're some dude in drag. I'm calling you a chick, 'Tavi's calling you a chick, Rub's calling you a chick, and you are calling you a chick. That's what matters."

“...Yeah, you’re right,” Salgia’s frown faded back into a smile as they looked back up at Zoey, before hugging them again, “I’m not gonna care if the whole world calls me some drag freak. As long as you guys support me even a little, I’m happy with that.”

"Well, I support you more than a little, so you must be fucking ecstatic," Zoey joked.

“Yeah, actually,” Salgia laughed, before pulling back from the hug, “Which is exactly why I shouldn’t be hugging you or be so close... because horny juices, remember?”

"Yeah.. Say, that reminds me," Zoey noted, "You're dating Avalam right? Does that mean you like chicks more than guys?"

“I mean, I like both, but... yeah, I’d say I’m more interested in chicks, yeah,” Salgia nodded, “Why do you ask?”

"I was just curious," Zoey shrugged, "I dunno, I just got the vibe from you that you really, like,... Like taking it."

“I do, but I also like changing things up every now and then and being the one who gives it,” Salgia explained, “It gets boring just being the one getting it all the time.”

"Huh... Yeah, I can get that," Zoey nodded as a wide grin drew across her face, "This one time... I found a magic tie that turned me into a dude."

No. Freaking. Way,” Salgia gawked, mouth agape, “That sounds amazing!”

"Oh it was!" Zoey giggled, "And, like... It doesn't just turn you into a guy, it turns you into a man! Ruby was especially happy when I wore the tie for a little while."

“Oh my god, I could only imagine how that must’ve been,” Salgia bit their lower lip, turning to Ruby, “I’m envying you right now if you got to have that.”

”it give boy tentacle?” Octavia wondered.

"PINGAS," Zoey corrected.

"A really big one too," Ruby murmured, smiling in remembrance.

“That interest.”

“It’s really interesting,” Salgia mused, “...You don’t still have it somewhere, do you?”

"Nah, I wish. Clara, one of my sisters, has it and she doesn't live here," Zoey answered with disappointment.

“Damn,” Salgia huffed, “That could’ve been something neat to see.”

"Well... I could ask Clara to bring it over... Maybe tomorrow or something. She might let me borrow it," Zoey mused.

“Yeah, if you ask her for it, and she does, I’m gonna be so happy,” The Liss gasped.

"And why's that?" Zoey inquired with a smug grin.

”Are you wish to do a sex?” Octavia asked very confused.

“N-not sex, no,” Salgia shook their head, “I just want to... see it in action.”

"Uh-huh," Zoey giggled, not believing Salgia, "What if Avalam wore it?"

“I dunno,” Salgia shrugged, “I don’t think she’d change that much.”

"Why wouldn't she?"

“Oh, she’s a.. shapeshifter,” Salgia explained nonchalantly.

“Um what happen if wear?” Octavia asked pointing to herself.

"You'd turn into a guy octoperson," Zoey answered.

“Oh... but hunans are like mate with octopus no?”

"What do y- Wait a second!" Zoey gasped, registering what Salgia just said, "She's a shapeshifter?! That's badass!"

“Oh yes that is not being normal yes?”

“Yeah, she’s pretty shy about it, though,” Salgia mused, “It’s why she looks like how she looks. She thought it looked plain and normal.”

"Oh, she's much better than normal," Zoey remarked before thinking, "Hey... I guess you don't gotta worry about not being able to take it, huh? Since she's a shapeshifter?"

Salgia smirked at Zoey, “Well, I only asked her about it like, last night, but she’s... she likes that, yeah.”

"Ooooh!" Zoey squealed, "How was it?"

“Where do I even begin...?” Salgia hummed with a smug grin

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

Post by Lowfn on Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:59 am

Zandoo, H, Teed

Melissa's apartment door was probably silent until a rapid knocking was heard on the door.

"Ugh," Melissa groaned before lethargically yelling, "I'm coming!"

The knocking increased in loudness and speed.

"Oh my god, why can't I just kill myself," Melissa grumbled quietly to herself as she heaved her body off of the couch, spilling over the empty tub of ice cream that was once on her stomach onto the floor. She moped over to the door and threw it open, cracking the wall just a little as she frowned at whoever was knocking so furiously.

Standing in the doorway, Melissa would see Fennel now wearing purple materinity dress, though her fur and hair were a little damp and her hair seemed particualrly messy. "Hey, guess what, bitch, I'm buying your fucking ass some damn chinese food." Fennel seemed to be putting up a faux gangster act.

Melissa's frown twitched a little bit, as if she were holding something back before suddenly bursting into laughter as she kept one hand braced against the door to support herself. "Pfft- Oh my fucking- Pffhahahaha! You- Oh my gggg-Pffft!" She sputtered out.

"So... you down or what?" Fennel asked as she pulled out a brush and sorted her hair out.

"Pfft, fucking- I don't think I've laughed that hard in... Ever," Melissa wheezed.

"I decided to take your advice about not being pathetic." Fennel giggled.

The ex-Nazi shook her head, a few more amused huffs escaping her before she let out a sigh. "I'm gonna regret this, but sure, you can buy my 'fucking ass some damn chinese food'."

"You're gonna have to drive, I told hubby to head back and deal with the kids. I'll pay you for gas if you need it." Fennel offered as she dug through her purse.

"It's fine, lemme just turn off the TV and we can go," Melissa shrugged, grabbing a bottle near the door and chucking it at her television, turning it off before she stepped out of her apartment and shut the door behind herself. It didn't seem she felt the need to 'get ready' to go anywhere. She didn't even bother to put on shoes.

"Yeah, I don't know if you've been there but that twin dragons over the bridge place has spring rolls that are to die for." Fennel said before cooing into baby talk "And someone has been trying to get mommy to go all week."

"Pft, I usually just eat ice cream or whatever," Melissa shrugged as she lazily gestured for Fennel to follow her down the hall.

"Oh yeah I did that for like a week halfway through the second trimester." Fennel nodded as she followed after Melissa.

"I do it because I like chocolate ice cream," Melissa remarked with another shrug.

"What you do is you gotta put like a few dashes of rosemary on your cookie dough icecream." Fennel noted.

"... That sounds fucking disgusting," Melissa stated as she opened the door to the parking garage, holding it open for Fennel.

"Yeah, in retrospect it is." Fennel nodded as she walked through the door, "That one over there right?" Fennel asked pointing to Melissa's car that happened to look similar to a few others in the garage.

"No, the one over there," Melissa pointed to her actual car, which did match a few others save for its comparative lack of care by its owner shown in a few dents and scratches.

"If you want to clean it up a bit I have a friend who can get you a good deal." Fennel offered.

"Are you saying there's something wrong with my car?" Melissa asked, glaring at the fox.

Fennel help up her hands realizing she had oversteped her boundries "No, no, it was just an offer, I didn't mean it like that."

"... Not as pathetic of a reaction as I thought you'd have," Melissa remarked with a brief smirk before opening the driver side door. It didn't seem that she locked her car.

Fennel then opened the passenger side door and got in. "So, it's nice inside, I swear, I'm so tired of cleaning up the car after the girls."

"How many kids do you have again?" Melissa asked as she shoved her key into the ignition and began pulling out of her parking spot.

"Jannet and Clara are married so soon eleven in a week or so." Fennel explained.

"What the shit?" Melissa blinked, giving Fennel a surprised look before looking back out the windshield, "You need to fucking calm down making so many god damn kids.

"Hey just because we did it at the gy... oh except for Cinnamon here the rest are adopted." Fennel explained patting her belly.

Melissa decided to ignore the part about Fennel doing things she shouldn't have in a gym and asked, "And why'd you decide to adopt fucking... Twelve kids?"

"Well, so I found myself in some alternate dimension version of Texas a-

"Stop," Melissa held up a hand from the steering wheel, "All you had to say was Clash. The word pretty much encompasses all bullshit."

"Yeah... basically we convinced them their dad's sex cult was bad... and we kinda took them in." Fennel muttered.

"Of course there was a sex cult," Melissa muttered, "Well, I guess the Clash turned out great for them then."

"Yeah, they still struggle a lot though, we're starting therapy soon." Fennel nodded.

Melissa let out a sigh as she continued driving, unsure of what else to add to the conversation.

"So ya like jazz?" Fennel asked a she looked for an album on her phone.

"No," Melissa answered bluntly.

"Bob likes it. What do you prefer though?" Fennel asked.

"Hmm... Now that I think about it... I don't really listen to music," Melissa mumbled, "I've been too busy in the Clash trying to not die up until the point I literally couldn't fucking die."

"Sounds tough." Fennel nodded.

"I've been in this shit... Literally my entire life," The bitter woman went on, "This is one of the longer locations, but it'll pass at some point or I'll get thrown into another fucking Clash."

"Maybe this is like some sort of like exam where you become like a god at the end. That seems kinda cool." Fennel mused.

"I'd rather just die already," Melissa huffed, "But, of-fucking-course, when I actually want to, I can't."

"Yeah, sounds sucky, so do you like still feel pain."

"Yeah, 'best' part is, my nerves are still nice and fucking fresh, so my body doesn't get used to getting my arm sawed off or anything," Melissa spat, "... Mentally though, it's a different story. I've learned to ignore pain as best I can."

"That's good I guess." Fennel replied. "I guess to closest I've gotten like my arms feel all tingly sometimes when I use a lot of magic."

"Yeah, that's... Pretty fucking different from having your entire arm cut off."

"Yeah, pretty different, Some people can reattach freshly amputated limbs, with like magic and stuff.. It's really gross though."

"Oh, no, yeah, my body fucking does that automatically if it can," Melissa sighed, "But if I'm literally fucking vaporized by a giant fucking piece of shit laser then I just... Reform out of the ashes or some shit."

"Oh like wolverine but minus the metal bone claws?"

"I don't know who the hell that is, but sure."

"Oh there it is!" Fennel exclaimed pointing out her window.

Unfortunately, Melissa had missed the turn into the parking lot. She let out an angry growl and glanced around before driving over the median, through two lanes of traffic and avoiding incoming cars, and arriving at the restaurant.

Fennel had since braced herself in the car with her tail tucked between her legs, to the best of its ability given her position and dress, her fur was standing on end as her face expressed the fact she'd rather not experience that again.

Melissa glanced over at Fennel before opening her door and getting out out as she remarked, "Don't worry, I wouldn't have let you get killed. Come on."

"Yeah, what are you trying to do scare the baby out of me?" Fennel chuckled before wincing as she climbed out of the car.

"Last thing I want is to help you give birth," Melissa scoffed, holding the door to the eatery open.

"Yeah you probably won't have to worry about that." Fennel waved as she walked through the door. "I don't have to worry about that for about another week or so anyway." Fennel directed her attention to the hostess at the desk. "Table for two please" The woman nodded before showing the two women to their table.

Upon being seated, Melissa just ordered a soda for herself while Fennel got a glass of water. A few moments later a waiter arrived and greeted the women "Hello and welcome to Twin Dragons under the Bridge, what can I get for you two ladies today?" Fennel then replied "Can I get two orders of the orange chicken and spring rolls but could you please bring half of it out with the check please?" The waiter then jotted down a few notes before adressing Melissa "And what can I get for you Ma'am?"

"I don't fucking know, I've never been here abd I don't have the menu memorized," Melissa grunted, "Fennel, you order for me, I don't feel like reading shit."

"She'll have an order of spring rolls and the kungpow chicken." Fennel replied before the waiter took their orders and left.

"So," Melissa spoke up, "Why'd you bring me out here anyway?"

"I was hungry after yoga, but I just want to take the time to get out of the house before the baby arrives, cause i won't really have many chances after."

"Yeah, but why bring me into it?"

"I thought it would be nice to have friends other than a robot woman and the wife of a death god. and you're kinda intimidating."

Melissa blinked. "And why would that... Incentivize you to eat chinese food with me?"

"You were nice enough to invite me into your apartment, I thought it was a nice way to return the gesture."

"I mean the intimidating thing."

"Oh, yeah, well my husband is a really intimdating person but he's really sweet once you get past it. I figured, eh, maybe you're not as spitefull as you seem off the bat." Fennel replied.

"I try not to make friends," Melissa muttered, "But... It ends up happening anyway whether I want to or not."

"Oh, yeah I guess the immortality thing would make it hard to have friends."

"I mean, yeah, but I haven't lived that long," Melissa explained, "It's just everytime I make a friend, they either fucking die or the Clash says 'Fuck you' and I never see them again."

"Ah yeah that sucks." Fennel nodded.

Melissa went silent after that, boredly glancing around with her usual, bitter expression.

After a few more minutes, the waiter brought the women their food and went to attend to other patrons.

Fennel's tail wagged as she watched Melissa In anticipation of her reaction.

Melissa looked down at her food, then glanced up at Fennel, noting the wagging of her tail. "... It's not hard to get you excited, is it?" She asked as she picked up one of the spring rolls.

“Umm, yeah.” Fennel nervously chuckled, feeling somewhat self aware.

"Do you play fetch too?"

“N-no that’s absurd, I’m not a dog.” Fennel huffed.

Melissa reached over and grabbed a pair of chopsticks on the table, still connected as she pulled them out of their paper sheath and held them up for Fennel to see as she began waggling them. "See the stick? See the stick? You want the stick?" She asked in as excited of a tone as she could muster before throwing the chopsticks a few feet away, "Go get it!"

Fennel’s ears pressed against her head as she firmly did not chase the stick. “Very funny.” Fennel’s eyes did however follow the chopstick as her tail wagged faster.

"... I can tell how hard it was for you to not fly off your fucking seat to get those chopsticks," Melissa remarked before biting into her spring roll.

“If you're gonna do that, somewhere not in public would have been better.” Fennel mumbled under her breath.

"I'll remember that next time you come to my apartment," Melissa snickered, "... And yes, it tastes good."

”But... yeah we have a yard if you ever wanna, like, come over,” Fennel mumbled, “But it’s good to see you like it.” She added before biting into a spring roll.

"Yeah, meeting ten kids sounds like a blast," Melissa said sarcastically.

”Oh, they're mature thier age but they’re all in school so you can just visit during the day, we always have plenty of food abd stuff.“ Fennel added.

"... Are you inviting me over to your yard to play fetch with you?"

“Ummm, yes...” She admitted sheepishly, “I’m not gonna slobber on the stick or anything. I just think I’ll need some help with an exercise program... like a motivation thing.”

"Uh huh..." Melissa smirked and raised an eyebrow, "I'm starting to see some undertones here that I'm sure your 'hubby' loves."

“What are you getting at?” Fennel squinted before glancing around the restaurant to ensure none of the pta moms were there. Luckily none were.

"Oh, I'm sure you know exactly what I'm getting at."

“I definitely don’t like it when he scratches behind my ears and calls me a good girl...” Fennel said puffing out her cheeks.

"Oh, and I bet you would just hate to wear a collar too, right?"

“Y-Yeah...“ Fennek then hushed her voice and whispered, ”We might, umm have a ah... umm, little leash.”

"Oh my fucking god," Melissa snickered, "And what other totally-not-a-dog things do you two get up to?"

“He brushes my tail... and belly rubs, those are nice, especially now.“ Fennel explained, only somewhat trying to redirect the focus of the conversation.

"Hm, well, you're having fun and not hurting anyone, I guess," Melissa shrugged before biting into her roll, "So I can't judge- Well- I can, but I won't."

“... He likes winter time...” Fennel muttered before taking another bite if her roll.

"Is that bad?"

“More because of something I do then...” Fennel added her tone indicated she was referring to the not-dog-things they did.

"What do you mean?" Melissa inquired before slipping some chicken into her mouth.

“Well, you see, there’s this certain time of the year where, ah... I get strong urges.” The vixen stammered.

"Oh, as if they weren't bad enough already," Melissa snarked, "I can see why he'd like that time of year."

“That and it makes making the baby a lot easier. And I get to avoid the mega bitch period of the year so that’s an extra bonus.” The mother-to-be replied, smiling at her bump as it seemed to squirm a bit.

"Hm... You know... Now that I think about it," Melissa hummed with both fondness and disappointment, "I think I've only done it once."

“Oh maybe we can find you another immortal?” Fennel offered before she was trying to finish with a sickly look on her face.

"Oh, yeah, and then never fucking see them again when the location cha...nges... Uh... You alright?" Melissa asked, inspecting Fennel's expression with squinted eyes.

”Yeah, if you could excus-” Fennel then ran off to the bathroom where loud retching sounds are heard.

"Aw, shit," Melissa sighed, slowly getting up from their table and going to check on Fennel, "Hey, you alright?"

“Yeah, I’m fi-“ Before Fennel was interupted by her own vomiting. “It’s just a little morning -“ The vixen continued before gagging again.

".. Uhh..." Melissa looked around for a bit before awkwardly patting Fennel's back, unsure of what else to say or do.

“Thank y-“ Fennel tried to say before being interrupted Once again. After a few minutes, Fennel’s wave of nausea would be over before she spoke again, ”Why don’t you finish eating? I’m going to freshen up a bit.”

"Uh, yeah, sure," Melissa nodded, leaving the bathroom.

Soon enough Fennel exited the bathroom with her breath smelling particularly minty and took her seat across from Melissa. “I think, ill just get this to go, so I’m ready whenever you are.” Fennel added with a slightly woozy smile.

"Sure, let's get the hell out of here," Melissa agreed, "I guess I'll drive you home."

“That sounds good... and you want to come over the girls are gone by seven thirty.” Fennel agreed before getting thisr waiters attention “Umm can we get our check please?” And soon enough the duo were out the door with doggie bags in tow.


Bob opened the door, carrying some yoga equipment. “I didn’t know Yoga was that intense,” he huffed, setting the equipment by the stairs as he walked into the kitchen to get himself a drink.

Mary, meanwhile, had fallen asleep in one of the recl9iners in the living room. She had pushed it a bit closer towards Zoey's room to make sure she could hear if anything was going on, but by her hand draped over the side of the recliner and her phone on the ground, it could be assumed she fell asleep while texting someone.

Bob looked over to Mary and chuckled, taking a sip of water before walking over and gently shaking her shoulder. “Hey, Mary,” Bob quietly said, “I’m home, so you can stop watching Zoey.”

"Mm... Daddy..." Mary mumbled in her sleep before jolting awake with a yelp, "Hu- Wh- I, uh- I wasn't sleeping!"

“You’re fine,” Bob assured, “You can be finished watching them, by the way.”

"Okay..." Mary yawned before reaching down and grabbing her phone off of the ground, "Um... I don't think they did anything... While I was awake, at least."

So will us study for chemistry test on Friday, tommorrow?” Octavia could be heard asking on through the door.

"Ohh! Ohh! Yes! Harder!" Zoey could be heard moaning in the other room.

“Oh, you gotta be kidding me,” Bob grumbled as he barged in, “What is going on in here-“

Zoey pointed up at Bob and burst into laughter alongside Ruby. "I knew he- he- Pffft! I knew he'd come in here all 'what is going on in h'eereebfff- hahaha!"

Octavis snapped her head to face Bob before attempting to camouflage herself in the room. “Are we do a bad?”

Salgia shared in Zoey’s laughter, wheezing alongside Zoey and Ruby, “Oh my gosh- that was- heheeeh!”

Bob’s face went deadpan as he sighed, “So, did I miss anything with you all?”

“Zoey teach many word, Both good and shit word.” Octavia beamed after returnung to her usual colors assuming that this would net her friend praise.

“Shit word?” Bob scoffed with amusement, “Like what?”

“Bitchanny. It also punt.” Octavia smiled.

"Just some dumb cunt at school," Zoey explained.

“Oh yeah?” Bob mused, “Tell me about her.”

"She's just a bitch to everyone," Zoey shrugged, not wanting to talk about how Brittany treated her specifically with Bob.

“She no nice nobody.” Octavia added.

“Well, be sure to let me know if she keeps being a bitch to you,” Bob stated as he walked out, “I’ll see what I can do if she does. I bet I can get the resource officer there to give her a very stern talking to.”

"Pfft, it's fine. Brittany's no problem," Zoey confidently waved away the notion.

“Well, still, if she’s ever a problem,” Bob assured as he walked out, “Just tell me. Oh, and no banging in here.”

“Oh I should going.” Octavia said before hopping off the bed. “Many much funs.”

"Oh, alright! I'll see you tomorrow!" Zoey waved, "Thanks for coming over."

“Yeah, I should get going too,” Salgia mused as they pulled themselves off the bed, “Avalam’s probably waiting for me back home. Thanks again for letting us come over!”

"No problem! See you guys later!" Zoey smiled.

"Hey, Bob?" Ruby asked as she walked out of the bedroom, "Am I still banned from my room?"

“What? No,” Bob shook his head, “I just needed to talk to Zoey alone about her grounding then. You’re fine to stay in your own room.”

"Oh, okay," Ruby let out a sigh of relief, stepping back into the room and flopping onto their bed.

"So, how was yoga with Latte?" Zoey inquired.

“It was a lot more exercise than I was expecting out of stretching,” Bob admitted, “But it was also nice stretching.”

"Yeah, I bet it was nice seeing all the milfs doing yoga," Zoey sneered.

Bob glared at Zoey for a moment, “Fennel does have some good-looking friends, I gotta admit. But none as good as Fennel.”

"Nice save," The teen snickered.

“Aw shush,” Bob huffed, “It wasn’t like there were many people I didn’t know personally there. It was Ernette, Clara, Jannet, Moomek, and some other couple that was there besides us.”

"Yeah, yeah," Zoey rolled her eyes with a giggle as she got up to shut her door, "I'm gonna take a nap. Hanging out is as tiring as yoga."

PING! Bob had received a text.

”Oh, sure,” Bob huffed as he walked out, pulling his phone out to see who had texted him.

The text was from Fennel. It said, “Be home soon, love you. XOXO collar.”

Bob smiled and put his phone back in his pocket, taking a relaxed sigh as he flopped down onto the couch.

Meanwhile, Ruby had literally fallen asleep on their bed as Zoey let out a sigh. She looked around her room a bit boredly before grabbihg one of her toys off of the ground with a complete lack of excitement.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

Post by Lowfn on Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:26 am

Zandoo, H, Teed

“This the right place?" Melissa asked as she pulled up in front of Fennel's house, "I expected it to be... Bigger since you said you got ten kids in there."

“Yeah. It’s a little cozy but it gets the job done.” Fennel noted. “Most of the girls should be asleep right now if you want to grab some cookies or T for later.” The Jc vixen offered.

"Fuck it, I got cookies at home. Thanks though," Melissa shrugged.

“Alright, then.” Fennel said as she opened the door to get out of the car. ”See you tommo... huh, I’ll whenever, I guess?”

"Yeah, whenever," Melissa nodded.

“just call me like half and hour before and I can whip something up for you.” Fennel said before leaning over to give Melissa a good bye hug.

Melissa let out a groan before reluctantly accepting the hug. "Go on, get," She shooed, "I'm sure your guy's waiting to leash you."

Fennel seemed a bit embarrassed by that statement. ”Alright then have a good night!” She wished before stepping out of Melissa’s car. Melissa gave Fennel a brief wave before driving off.

Fennel waved until Melissa was out of sight before heading inside “Honey, I’m home!” She called as she locked the door behind her.

Bob, meanwhile, had fallen asleep on the couch. Meanwhile, Shlyke, who seemed to have just gotten home, was busy in the kitchen.

“Oh, hey Shlyke how was work today? Fennel asked as she sat next to Bob.

“Is work,” Shlyke grumbled, snatching some cookies and gobbling them down quickly.

“Not good t hen?” She asked.

“I was of thinking I was getting raise,” Shlyke huffed, a cookie hanging halfway out of his mouth, “But the manager was of finding something really little to say ‘oh, Shlyke, you are of not getting that raise’! He say I am not of good cleaning my workspace, but I am most thorough in cleaning it!”

“That’s sad, they aren’t treating you right. Maybe you can apply for the competitor across the street,” Fennel suggested.

“And do the same thing all over? I am not of agreeing,” the Abrol disagreed, putting the cookie jar back up.

”We can put in a good word for you. Maybe it’ll help you get that promotion."

“Do you think?” Shlyke asked with a somewhat happier tone.

“I think it’s worth a shot. You are a hard worker, and you taught Tina about having a good work ethic.” Fennel assured the locust before she took a picture of Bob’s sleeping face and began typing a message.

“I guess you are of being right,” the Abrol shrugged, snatching a bag of chips out of the cabinet, “...I think they just don’t like me being an Abrol.”

“I’m sure there’s some anti-discrimination laws if it goes that far.” Fennel added as she draped a throw blanket over Bob and herself.

”But is that of applying to a ‘stupid bug’?” Shlyke asked, imitating a coworker’s voice crassly.

“Are they really saying that?“ Fennel asked.

“I heard one be saying that behind my back,” Shlyke nodded.

“I can start building something on that.” Fennel replied as she snuggled up to Bob.

“Like what?” the locust asked, popping open the bag of Doritos and sticking a hand in to grab a handful of chips.

“Like if you get recording or something abd the manager doesn‘t do anything about it, I think you can sue.” Fennel clarified. ”But I don‘t know American law that well.”

“Huh. Maybe I am of needing to do that,” Shlyke murmured.

“But yeah see if you can avoid that first.” Fennel cautioned before nuzzling Bob’s cheek.

Bob’s snoring stopped as he awoke suddenly at Fennel’s cheek nuzzle. “Huh-wh- Oh, hey...” he mumbled, a smile forming as he yawned, “Sorry about that.”

“Were the girls good while I was out?” The vixen asked.

“Yeah, they were fine, I think,” Bob mused, “Mary said they didn’t do anything, and Zoey’s friends left after I got back, so I’m sure they’re fine.”

“Did you get my text?” The fox questioned before snuggling up closer with her husband.

”Yeah, that’s why I was waiting on the couch and kinda..” Bob mumbled, “Fell asleep or whatever, I just... that yoga took a lot outta me.”

Shlyke took this time to grab the bag of chips he was eating out of and open the sliding door in the dining room to get back into the backyard, presumably just to go to his ‘room’.

“Is that a no?” Fennel asked,while fine with either outcome she was hoping for a yes, she then planted a kiss on Bob’s cheek.

“I didn’t say that,” Bob chuckled, returning Fennel’s kiss on her lips.

Fennel’s tail wagged as she pushed the blanket off of them, and headed down stairs. Bob, a grin on his face, followed close behind.


“I am of being home,” Shlyke exclaimed as he clambered into the room, closing the door tight behind him.

"Hey, Shlyke!" Tina squealed with glee, hugging the Abrol.

“Oh, Tina!” Shlyke chattered happily, wrapping his arms around the seven-year old in response, “How are you been being today?”

"Good!" Tina answered as she hopped over to their bed, "My teacher told me I'm really smart!"

“And you are very smart!” Shlyke agreed, skittering over and sitting next to Tina, “What were you learning today?”

"Vocabulary and math stuff," Tina smiled at Shlyke as she kicked her legs, "How was work?"

“Work was of being long and boring,” Shlyke described, “A bunch of orderings came right before I was to be of getting off work, so I had to stay and make many more burgers and boxes of fries and all of the other stuff!”

"Aw, Poor Shlyke," Tina pouted as she crawled over and sat in the Abrol's lap, facing him and giving him a hug.

“Is fine,” Shlyke assured, “Is how work be, after all. It may be being rough sometimes, but is my job, so I must be sticking to it.”

"Hmph," Tina hummed, "Do you want me to make you feel better after working hard all day?"

“If you are of going to do what I am thinking... I am not of being sure I am not fine,” Shlyke mumbled, “I am not of wanting Bob to kick me out for that. He is still of being annoyed by me, I know.”

"They won't be able to hear us, they're inside the house," Tina assured, planting a kiss on one of the Abrol's mandibles.

Shlyke thought about it for a moment, before shrugging, and giving Tina a peck on their cheek, a tiny bit of their tongue poking out from near-closed mouth-pieces being what pressed against her cheek for a moment. “See? You are of being very smart for having thought of that,” Shlyke hissed.

Tina let out a giggle at the compliment before laying down on the bed with a wide grin.


The next morning, Fennel arose as usual and was cooking breakfast, it seemed she had forgotten she was wearing the collar. That morning, on the menu was biscuts and gravy with hard boiled eggs. Fennel was humming a song to herself as she stirred the salt and pepper inti the pot of gravy.

"Hey, Latte," Zoey yawned as she walked into the kitchen before doing a double take, "... You and Bob have fun last night?" It seemed Zoey had woken up just a bit earlier than usual, and was more than happy to take the breakfast excuse to get out of her room.

“Why do you ask?” Fennek asked as the wagging of her tail made the answer obvious.

"... No reason," Zoey smiled, "I just care about your sex life is all."

“I am not answering that, littie miss early bird.” Fennel teased before handing Zoey a plate of food. “I didn’t overdo the salt and pepper did I?”!5

"I'm sure Lizagna will tell you if you did," Zoey remarked as she cut into her biscut with her fork and popped it into her mouth before shrugging, "I hink ish fine."

“Oh good, I always struggle with the getting the spices right.” Fennel saud before making a small plate for herself.

Through the sliding door, Shlyke stumbled in, still stretching and in his pajamas. “Is good to have a day off, for once,” he mumbled, sniffing the air, “Oh, Fennel! Did you make something good-tasting?”

“Yeah biscuts and gravy.” Fennel nodded, passing a plate to the insect.

“Oh, you are of being too kind!” Shlyke praised, gladly taking the plate.

Ruby and the rest of the girls began filing into the kitchen as usual with a mixture of yawns and mumbling conversations.

“Good morning, girls!” Fennel beamed as she set out the plates and pot of gravy.

"Hey," Mary greeted, "I was texting Kanen last night, and we were wondering if he could pick me up from school for a second date?"

“Oh of course. What did you two have planned?” Fennel asked before taking a bite of food.

"We're going to the shooting range," Mary smiled giddily.

“Oh, sounds fun, maybe we should join you.” Fennel joked before tussling Mary’s hair.

Mary could only give Fennel a grave look of concern and worry at the prospect.

“Oh don’t be like that. I’m joking.” Fennel giggled, before addressing Lizagna. “I didn’t over do the spices did I?”

Elizabeth opened her mouth, prepared to give a brutal, harsh critique of Fennel's cooking before clearing her throat. "They're a bit off, but overall it's alright," The little chef answered, "Too much salt, not enough pepper is the most notable issue."

“Oh, I’ll take that into account next time.“ Fennel nodded before calling down the stairway, “Breakfast is ready!”

“Coming!” Bob called back as he ran up the stairs in his uniform, “Mm-m! It smells amazing!”

“Oh, thank you!” Fennel blushed as her tail began wagging again.

As breakfast went on, the girls would occassionally whisper to one another as they glanced at Fennel and giggled.

“It's good to hear everyone is having a good morning.” Fennel smiled, “Oh Anna can you draw a fish for a friend?”

"Sure! Do they want a certain kind of fish?" Anna asked with a big smile.

“Oh... she didn’t mention, maybe an angel fish?”

"Okay," The artist nodded before returning to munching on her biscuts.

"Hey, mommy?" Tina piped up.

“Yes Tina?” Fennel replied as she turned her attention to the girl.

"Why are you wearing a collar?" Tina asked, pointing at the accessory.

“Oh... It’s s necklace... from daddy.” Fennel lied.

"Nuh-uh, that's a collar. It even has a name thingy on it," Tina shook her head as Zoey and many others in the room stifled their laughter as best they could.

“It’s umm necklace for nighttime.” Fennel stammered.

"... Do you and daddy do BDSM?" Tina blinked. The entire dining room erupted into laughter at Tina's question.

“Nnnoooo, I wouldn’t call it that.” Fennel mumbled as she went to remove the collar and placed it in the counter.

“No, you see.. Mommy sometimes wants to do new things with daddy sometimes, and the collar’s one of those things," Bob tried to explain.

"... So you and mommy were trying BDSM?"

“Uh- no, no, she just wanted to wear the collar,” Bob shook his head.

“I thought it would look pretty.” Fennel stammered.

"It did look pretty," Tina smiled.

Fennel simply moved the collar to a pocket in her bathrobe, a bit embarrased by the situation.

"Latte, it's fine if you and Bob get kinky," Zoey assured as she calmed down, "We're not laughing at the collar! We're laughing because you're so embarrassed about it!"

Fennel sheepishly put the collar back on. “Umm so does anyone need me to get something from the store, today?” Fennel asked the girls.

"I wanna go to hobby lobby and home de-pot!" Tina exclaimed, "I'm gonna make a wagon!"

“That sounds fun, i Can pick you up after school.” Fennel nodded.

“Why are you of building a wagon?” Shlyke asked, perplexed.

"I wanna build stuff like daddy did the treehouse!" Tina exclaimed, smiling up at Bob.

“Oh, that's just precious.” Fennel gasped placing her hands over her heart.

“Well, daddy’s happy to see what you can build, Tina!” Bob assured with a chuckle.

“So I guess you two have a week end project then?” Fennel giggled.

"Nuh-uh! I'm gonna build it all on my own!" Tina proclaimed.

“Oh that’s very grown up.” Fennel smiled.

Tina internally cursed herself for seeming 'grown up' given her recent revelations, but continued smiling happily anyway as she silenced herself with some biscuts and gravy.

“Oh, Anna? Do you want to help her paint the wagon?” Fennek asked before taking another bite of food.

"Oh, yeah!" Anna gasped as the two sisters exchanged excited looks with eachother.

“Do you need me to get more paint or no?” Fennel asked.

"That's why I was gonna go to hobby lobby," Tina stated.

"Home depot has all the paint we'd need," Anna noted.

“So I’ll pick the two of you up after school then so we can get everything. Hmm... I might get you girls out early so we can avoid traffic.” Fennel mused.

"Yay!" Tina exclaimed, giving Fennel a hug.

“Alright, make sure you have everything you need for school.” Fennel said, returning the hug before she started cleaning up and putting the left overs to the side, incase Melissa decided to visit.

Fennel then sent a text to Melissa “We have left overs if you haven’t eaten yet.

After a minute, Fennel recieved a reply, "k"

”Alright, girls be good. Learn lots at school!” Fennel said, pointing to the clock indicating it was time for them to finish their morning preparations.


"Can't believe I'm driving all the fucking- Just to play some goddamn fetch," Melissa grumbled to herself as she pulled into the Roberts' driveway, stepped out of her car, and slammed the door shut behind her. She let out a sigh before walking up to the front door and ringing the doorbell.

“That must be her.” Fennel muttered, she had yet to change after the girls left. She opened the door and said, “Oh, hey, Melissa how are you today?”

Melissa slowly looked Fennel up and down before asking suspiciously, "Is your 'hubby' here?"

“No, he just left a few minutes ago. I’m just drying off.” Fennel replied not catching the implication of Memussa’s Question.

"... Are you coming onto me?"

“What are you talking about?” Fennel asked.

"You tell me to come over here when your husband and kids leave, and you answer the door wearing nothing but a collar and a robe," Melissa detailed.

“Ooh, i guess that’s a reasonable guess to make. Oh I just needed to dry off after the shower and I forgot about the collar. Food’s on the table, though I’m gonna go put some clothes on.” Fennel explained before heading down stairs to change clothes, while leaving the door open for Melissa to enter the house.

Shlyke was still sitting at the table, enjoying his third plate of biscuits and gravy as he noticed Melissa, “Oh, hello! Who are you of being?”

Meanwhile, downstairs, Fennel was busy changing into a pair of cargo pants and t-shirt that, judging from how lose it was on her, was clearly Bob‘s. The collar was placed in a dresser drawer, before she grabbed a box containing swing out of the crib and carrying it up stairs.

"Melissa," Answered she. She would've asked if Shlyke was the family pet, but given Fennel existed, it was more likely he was, "Are you one of her kids or some shit?"

“I am not of being a kid,” the Abrol shook his head, “I am Shlyke.”

”Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about Shlyke.” Fennel huffed as she carried a big box upstairs. “Umm once I get this in the living room I’ll be good to go outside.” After a moment Fennel put the box containing the baby swing on the floor in the living room.

"So what're you doing here?" Melissa asked, folding her arms.

“I am of living here,” the Abrol explained between bites of biscuit and gravy, “And what are you of being here for?”

"Fennel wanted me to play fetch with her," Melissa explained before calling out, "Hey! Are you ready yet?"

“Yeah,” Fennel replied as she poked her head around the corner, ”Did you eat yet?”

"Oh, I forgot about the food," Melissa muttered before pointing at a biscut covered in gravy, "This it?"

“Yeah, its seasoning could be better so if need it, salt and pepper are on the table.” Fennel replied as she walked barefoot into the kitchen.

"Mm, I think it's fine," Melissa shrugged after swallowing a bite.

“Do you need anything to drink, milk, juice, water?” Fennel asked as she headed to the cabinet to collect a glass. “Oh it’s your day off isn’t it, Shlyke?”

"Juice, I guess," Melissa shrugged again.

Fennel then carried the glass to the fridge “Grape, orange or a passion fruit, orange, guava blend?”

“Fetch is a pet-game, yes?” Shlyke snickered, washing his plate off, “Why are you of playing a pet-game with Fennel?”

“I wanted some one to exercise with.” Fennel replied.

"'Why are you of' not being able to speak basic fucking English?" Melissa questioned Shlyke, irritated by his criticisms.

"Well, not all are of being with perfect understanding of language, softskin," Shlyke huffed, "Is difficult enough for me to speak in english. To speak with being of one hundred percent correctness? Of being not possible."

"Then take some fucking English classes," Melissa spat, "Come on, Fennel. Let's just play fetch already."

“Oh okay then.” Fennel said before leading Melissa to the back yard. “It’s just this way.”

Once outside, Melissa took a look around before grabbing a random stick off the ground. "I can't believe I'm doing this," She sighed.

“Umm... I can just ask Bob later if you changed your mind.” Fennel offered.

"No, I already drove out here," Melissa grunted, "Where'd your collar go?"

“I put it away... I didn’t want to make this weirder.” Fennel explained.

"It's already weird. If you want to wear the damn collar, then wear it."

“It’s reserved for mommy daddy alone time.” Fennel muttered

"... You could've said that in a thousand different ways, and you chose the weirdest fucking option."

“Just throw the damn stick.”

"Alright, fine," Melissa chucked the stick across the yard, "Go get it. Go get the stick."

Fennel then jogged after the stick before picking it up and returning it back to Melissa. ”Here.”

"I half-expected you to grab it with your mouth," Melissa remarked.

“Why would I do that?” Fennel asked.

"I dunno. Something about a collar and a leash and playing fetch and having your man call you 'good girl' gave me the impression," Melissa smirked.

“Ok you bring up a fair point.” Fennel giggled.

"Now..." Melissa did her best to sound excited as she waved the stick, "Want the stick?! You want the stick!? Go get it!" She threw the stick once more across the yard.

This time Fennel bolted off with much more energy than before and quickly returned the stick to Melissa. “You like angelfish, right?”

"Uh, yeah? Any fish really, I guess," Melissa blinked, "Why?"

“No reason.” Fennel replied, not wanting to spoil the surprise.

"Uh-huh-" Melissa gasped before holding up the stick, "See the stick?! See- You want the stick? You want it? Go get it!" Again, she threw the stick.

Fennel’s tail was wagging rapidly as she returned this stick, “I like this. It’s like a bunch of little sprinting exercises.” Fennel commented with a slight pant.

"Yeah, that's the reason," Melissa sneered before holding the stick up again, hyping Fennel up with the usual dog-talk before pretending to throw it and quickly hiding the stick behind her back.

Fennel looked and ran off before searching the sky for the stick. Melissa finally tossed the stick, sending it soaring just over Fennel's face.

Fennel ducked before running to fetch the branch once again. “You bamboozled me.”

"Good girl," Melissa snickered, patting Fennel's head as she took the stick.

Fennel let out a happy whining noise and pressed her ears to her skull. "That's a- Wait!" Melissa gasped again as the stick reared into view, "Is that a stick?! You want it?! Go get it!"

Fennel, as to be expected, ran after the stick. Though this time she was holding the stick in her mouth upon her return. Melissa gave the vixen further praise as she patted her head before throwing the stick yet again.

After about twenty minutes of back and forth stick throwing and fetching, Fennel was lying on the ground and catching her breath. “That was a lot of fun,” She panted.

"... Yeah.. Yeah it was pretty fun," Melissa admitted as she sat down on the ground beside Fennel. It didn't seem she was tired out whatsoever. Then again, she wasn't the one running after sticks.

Fennel started to pull herself to a sitting position before placing a hand in her stomach “Ah, shit that one hurt.”

"They're probably telling you to calm the fuck down already," Melissa remarked, "Getting pissed off with all the running."

“Yeah I probably shouldn’t be exerting myself like that.” Fennel agreed before getting herself to sit up. “So, could you help me put together a baby swing?”

"A what now?"

“It’s a little mortized swing for the baby. It‘s to help them go to sleep and stuff.” Fennel explained before standing up.

"Oh, I see. Entice me with fucking biscuits and fetch, then get me to build your baby swing."

“It’s just a bunch of interlocking parts. Please?” Fennel begged, pulling some puppy dog eyes with a slight pout.

Melissa glared directly into Fennel's very soul for a moment before letting out a sigh, "Fine."

”Oh thank you so much! You're the best!” Fennel replied with a tight hug before she headed inside to the living room.

Melissa delayed for a bit, sitting there. She realized, in that moment, she was starting to like Fennel as a friend. "... God dammit," She grumbled as she got up and headed inside, "Alright, where's the fucking swing thing?"

“Oh it’s just in here.” Fennel said, opening the box and reading over the instructions.

The vixen then dumped out the box and started piecing together the base of the swing. "Gimme that," Melissa snatched the intructions from Fennel and setting them flat on the ground, "You're putting that on backwards. There's two fucking pieces that look the same but one goes on the left."

“Huh?“ Fennel grunted before flipping the pieces around, “Like this.”

"Yeah, otherwise the little shit thing here would've been the wrong way and we wouldn't be able to stick this asshole on," Melissa huffed as she affixed a piece that connected between the two identical pieces.

“And those go here, right?” Fennel asked as she connected two parts creating one of the swing’s legs.

"Yeah, then we stick this on..."

“And I think we just slide these two together.” Fennel mumbled as she attached what she held to Melissa’s part.

"And this seat thing goes on here... No.. Yeah," Melissa turned what she was holding around and nodded to herself.

And with that, Fennel slid one last part in place and the swing was done. ”Thank you so much Melissa.” Fennel said, admiring their work. “Get over here, I’m going to take a picture.” Fennel ordered as she pulled out her phone.

"You must be one of those kinds of moms," Melissa rolled her eyes as she got into position.

”A little bit.” Fennel admitted before getting into position abd getting a selfie with her, Melissa, and the swing abd sent it to Bob. “A new friend helped me build the swing today. Love you Bobby!”

”Who is she? And why is she so grumpy looking,” would be the reply back from Bob.

”Melissa, she lives near Clara and Ernette and she’s not that grumpy.” Was Fennel’s response.

”Alright. I’ll have to meet her sometime. I gotta get back to work. <3 <3”


"Oh, I forgot, this is Bob." Fennel gasped tapping the contact's icon, where the image would be revealed to be the two of them at their wedding, where Fennel was shoving a piece of wedding cake into Bob's face.

"Oh, man, I can see him so clearly in this picture."

"Oh sorry..." Fennel said swiping to a picture of Bob in his uniform.

"Oh, he's a cop, huh?" Melissa grimaced, "Good thing he didn't see me driving to chinese yesterday."

Fennel giggled. "Don't worry that's our little secret." The fox then winked before opening a family photo of Bob, Fennel and the girls. and began listing off their names as she pointed to them.

"Fucking hell..." Melissa muttered at the number of children Fennel had to raise, "And here you are adding another."

"I know, isn't it wonderful, it's like a new start on everything for the girls." Fennel gushed as she rubbed her belly "Oh she's kicking."

"Wonderful is... Definitely a word," Melissa slowly nodded.

"Oh come on, don't be like that." Fennel said as she got up to grab the cookie jar.

"I just know I wouldn't want to have that many fucking kids," Melissa shrugged as she stayed on the ground and relaxed, "Maybe one or two if I could have kids; not as much as you, that's for sure."

"You... can't have kids. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, It never occured to me that... I didn't mean to open any old wounds."

"There aren't any, save the apology bullshit and just gimme a cookie," Melissa grunted, reaching an arm in Fennel's general direction.

Fennel opened the jar and handed a few finely decorated cookies. "Here you go, Elizabeth made these." Fennel then took a cookie for herself before sitting next to Melissa.

"Pretty good," Melissa nodded as she munched on the cookie.

"These are my favorite cookies that Elizabeth makes, It's peanut butter with like four different chocolates." Fennel nodded.

"I'm mostly liking the chocolate part," Melissa noted.

"If you have a preference, I can ask her to make something for you." Fennel offered.

"Bah... Well... Can she make brownies?"

"One's that are like an orgasm in your mouth." Fennel chuckled. Melissa raised an eyebrow in response.

“They are of being very good,” Shlyke agreed, laying splayed out on the couch, watching a show on the TV while munching on some chips.

"Give me a second, I'll ask Elizabeth if she's willing to make them." Fennel said as she pulled out her phone "Elizabeth can you make your period brownies for a friend of mine?" Fennel asked as she sent the previous selfie to Elizabeth.

"She definitely looks like she is on her period. Okay." Elizabeth texted back.

"Thank you Lizagna, your the bestest!" Fennel responded

"Okay, she said she'll do it." Fennel replied, making a point not to let Melissa see Elizabeth's response. "Trust me, they'll be the best brownies you'll ever eat. She's really proud of them and refuses to give me the recipe."

"Probably some weird shit in them then," Melissa asserted.

"I think she just understands supply and demand. She runs a little business selling lunches at school." Fennel remarked.

"Pfft, that's... Pretty cute," Melissa smirked.

"She also has a crush on Gordon Ramsey, but don't tell her I told you that." Fennel giggled.

Melissa couldn't help but laugh a little at that. "So, uh... Now what?"

"I need to buy a stroller before I pick up Tina and Anna so we can buy things to make a wagon." Fennel answered, "If you want to tag along, Anna is the one with a present for you." Fennel shrugged. "I think there's a fish store nearby if you get fed up with us though."

"A fish store? What're you getting at?"

"If the girls bother you when I am getting supplies with them you can look at the fish. And I might get the girls some lunch while we are out, if you want to join us."

"Ah, fuck it, why not?" Melissa sighed.

"I'll let you pick where we eat." Fennel offered as she got up and extended a hand to Melissa to help her up.

"I don't really know anything here," Melissa grunted as she helped her own self up, "I've just stayed in my apartment and ate ice cream."

"Let me just change real quick and I'll be ready to go." Fennel said before heading down stairs to change into a light dark green dress that had several large leaf patterens of a lighter green coloration and a pair of sandals. After a few minutes, she was back up stairs and opened front door "After you!" Fennel called.

Melissa got up and stretched before walking out the door and getting into the passenger seat of Fennel's van after the vixen unlocked the door.

"I'm sorry about the mess." Fennel apologized regarding the general clutter of the van, indicating that it was frequented by children. "I've been meaning to clean it up, I just haven't been able to bring myself to clean it the last month.

The back passenger side door slid open, and Shlyke hopped inside, sitting down on the seat sideways like a cat would rest, and awkwardly buckling himself in.

"Oh you joining us too, Shlyke?" Fennel asked.

"I am, yes," Shlyke nodded, "Tina would be of being happy to see me in helping with this."

"Okay, she probably would like that." Fennel agreed before starting the ignition.

"So did you sleep well last night?" Fennel asked the two passengers.

"I don't sleep," Melissa answered simply.

"I was of sleeping just fine," Shlyke nodded.

"Oh is that because of the immortality thing?" Fennel asked.

"Yeah," Melissa sighed. It was technically true, not the whole truth, but the truth.

"That must be why you didn't get tired playing fetch." Fennel theorized, though it was likely because she was just throwing a stick for twently minutes.

"I am still not believing you played fetch," Shlyke snickered.

"It was fun." Fennel huffed.

"And at least she can speak English," Melissa remarked in defense of Fennel.

"Let's just not tell anyone about the fetch thing." Fennel added a little shamefully.

"Secret's safe with me," Melissa swore before glaring back at Shlyke with a threatening look, nonverbally demanding he make the same promise.

"And I will be of keeping it a secret, too," Shlyke declared with a nod.

"Would you look at that, here we are." Fennel said as she pulled into the parking lot of a Walmart after a ten minute drive. She cut the engine before getting out of the van and waited for the others. Fennel then closed the drivers side door and went to grab a cart. "Are you two coming?" Fennel asked.

"Nah, I felt like waiting in the fucking van with my thumb up my ass," Melissa replied as she hopped out of the car and followed the vixen.

"I am of coming too, just give me the moment," the Abrol mumbled, struggling for a second to undo his seat belt, before clambering out of the passenger side, shaking himself for a moment, before clambering along on two feet.

"Alright then." Fennel said as she gave the two a moment before pushing the cart towards the store.

"So who's Shlyke again, and why does he live with you?" Melissa inquired curiously.

"Shlyke is I," he informed quite shortly.

"Yeah, no shit that 'Shlyke is you', I'm asking who the hell you are to her, as in your fucking relationship," Melissa snapped.

"Oh he's a friend of Tina's." Fennel replied, having assumed the two had broken up some months ago.

"We are of being close friends," Shlyke assured, "Which is why am in living in the house of trees in their backyard."

"What are you, her boyfriend or some shit?" Melissa asked with a raised brow.

"No, I think they broke up a few months ago." Fennel replied.

Shlyke, deciding not to comment on it, simply shrugged.

"... How old are you?" Melissa questioned.

"I am of being thirteen earth cycles elderly!" Shlyke declared with pride.

"Oh," Melissa's eyebrows raised a bit. She had expected him to be an adult. While it was still gross to think of a thirteen-year-old dating a seven-year-old, it was not as bad as her previous assumption. "So you're just a kid still, huh?"

"No, I am of being adult Abrol," Shlyke harrumphed, "Just on the side of being younger."

"You're either a kid or a fucking pedophile," Melissa hissed, "Pick one."

"Ay-brol. Not pee-doe-feel," Shlyke corrected.

"Holy fucking shit," Melissa pinched her brow, "A pedophile is someone who touches fucking kids you stupid motherfucker."

Fennel sighed, maybe Melissa was right about what she said earlier.

"...So who is not a pee-doe-feel?" Shlyke asked with confusion, "Lots of people are of having touched kids."

"She means that-"

Melissa quickly turned around and grabbed Shlyke by his throat, straining not to squeeze it into nothing in her hands as she shouted, "TOUCHING THEM AS IN FUCKING DATING THEM OR FUCKING THEM! DID YOU REALLY THINK I MEANT LITERAL, PHYSICAL TOUCHING LIKE A FUCKING POKE ON THE ARM, YOU STUPID ASSHOLE!?"

Shlyke did not say anything at the sudden grab, only letting out a flurry of scared clicks and whirrs as he grabbed at the arm around his neck, though unable to do anything about it other than grab it weakly, in utter terror that Melissa would do anything else.

Melissa glared at Shlyke, seething with rage for a moment longer. She was moreso infuriated by his stupidity testing her patience than the moral dilemma at hand of his relationship with Tina. Eventually, she let go of the Abrol, dropping him as she stared at her shaking hands and took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm down.

Shlyke, wanting to get out of the situation as quickly as he could, skittered underneath an ajacent car, shuddering scared underneath.

However, Shlyke's cowardice only enraged Melissa further as she screamed, "GET OUT FROM UNDER THE FUCKING CAR OR I WILL CRUSH YOU UNDER IT!"

"AA- Y-YES!" Shlyke yelped, hastily complying with Melissa's demand as he scrambled out from underneath the vehicle, "N-No hurt me, please!"

"ARE YOU A KID!? OR ARE YOU A PEDOPHILE?!" Melissa screamed down at the pathetic insect.

"I-I AM NOT SURE!?" If Shlyke was physically capable of crying in fear, he would be doing it at this moment as he held himself as low to the ground as he could be, like a dog afraid of being scolded, but instead of scolding, it's getting beaten by an ex-nazi immortal.

Needing to release her anger out on something, Melissa punched the car Shlyke had hid under previously, her fist going straight through its hull before she violently ripped her hand out, grabbed the car by one of its tires, and threw it over the walmart.

Fennel being terrifed of what was going on, simply stood with her tail tucked between her legs with her ears pressed tightly against her head.

"I-I AM OF B-BEING S-SO SORRY!" the Abrol stammerd out in a whine, still hunkering down on the ground in abject terror.

"SHUT UP!" Melissa snapped before letting out a slow, shuddering breath, "Just-.... Calm down... Don't fucking kill the- First... I want you to think long and fucking hard about my question... Second, I want you to take fucking English class- No- Enroll in fucking elementary school. Do you understand me?"

"Y-Yes!?" Shlyke gulped, "I-I am of understanding you, yes!"

After another deep breath, Melissa turned to Fennel. "Fennel," She sighed, "Let's get... The stroller, okay?"

"Umm, yeah." Fennel said as she started pushing the cart into the store

Shlyke, meanwhile, slowly made his way quietly back to Fennel's van, whimpering along every moment. "No. Bug. Come on," Melissa ordered as she followed Fennel. Reluctantly, the Abrol followed, head down and unreceptive.

After a few minutes, the trio had reached the baby aisle, and was choosing between two strollers "I'm not sure which one to get. The black one has a cup holder but the orange one is going to stand out so it would be easy to find if I ever have to put it in a stroller park.

"You could just stick a cup holder on the orange one," Melissa shrugged.

"Oh yeah that's a good point." Fennel nodded, "I think I'll get that one then." She then looked up to notice that the last one was up on a shelf. Fennel stood up on her tip toes and tried to reach for the stroller only for it to remain just barely out of reach.

"I got it," The ex-Nazi sighed as she reached up to grab the stroller's bottom, lowering it down to the floor.

"Thanks." Fennel nodded, "Ah shoot, I gotta grab something real quick." Fennel said before heading down the aisle and returning with a box depicting two bottles with a funnel shaped end with some wort of other box attached via a hose. Fennel then placed the boxes in the cart and headed to check out.

"What do you mean you can't find my car?!" A woman starting the biggest scene in that walmart's history roared, causing every checkout line to stall as she huffed and puffed at various employees and the manager of the store.

"Ma'am, we have called the police, and they should be able to-" The manager tried to speak.

"Aren't you supposed to have your own security? Or at the very least, cameras?" The woman interrupted, her neck flab jiggling with each furious syllable.

"We only have cameras inside the store b-"

"That's pretty stupid, don't you think? How can I come here and shop feeling safe when I could get robbed in your parking lot and you've done nothing to help prevent that? I am telling everyone I know to go to Target instead, or else their cars will get stolen too!" The woman, only known as Helen, glanced over and saw Fennel, Melissa, and Shlyke, immediately throwing another fit.

"Oh, hey, Helen." Fennel waved.

"I know, somehow you're involved in this," Helen spat before turning to the manager as she began walking out of the store, "You should really enforce your policy of keeping dogs on leashes, you know!"

"Fox." Fennel replied, her tone showed a lack of emotion.

The manager looked around at the small crowd of customers and employees, and gestured for the workers to get back to their stations. "I'm sorry about that, everyone. Please, uh... Go about your day..." He grimaced before fleeing the scene, presumably to his office.

"... You know... I'm actually really glad you pissed me off so much earlier, Shlyke," Melissa remarked, figuring she was at fault for Helen's missing car, "I never would've chucked that piece of absolute dogshit's car otherwise... And I probably would've snapped her neck after she called you a dog." She looked to Fennel.

"Yeah... It's not the worst I've gotten from her." Fennel sighed, as she fished her wallet out of her purse to pay for the items.

Shlyke simply stayed silent, still not happy with what had happened regardless of what may have happened otherwise.

After a few moments, Fennel had paid for the items and headed out the door. "Come on, let's go."

"That is... good," Shlyke mumbled, fumbling into the van as soon as he could.

Fennel then loaded the boxes into the trunk and unlocked the other doors so Melissa could get it. "So off to the girls." Fennel noted as she climbed into the drivers seat.

Fennel pressed a button on her keys that oppened the side door along with the trunk. Before snickering and noticing that it was infact Helen's car that Melissa threw.

Melissa shuffled into the passenger seat, silent for a few moments before letting out a sigh, "Shlyke."

The locust quietly looked up at Melissa, his form slumping over a bit. "Yes?" he answered.

Realizing that the Abrol might be a pathetic slump for the rest of the trip, and that Melissa did not want to have to deal with that, she reluctantly apologized, "... I'm... Sorry for yelling at you and... Choking you. I just... Get angry and... It's not personal."

"It is... It is fine," Shlyke mumbled, "I can become... irritating to some, I know."

Meanwhile, Fennel began her journey to the elemetary school.

Soon enough Fennel was standing at the front entractance of Tina's school, having already asked the office to call her from class. "While we're here," Melissa spoke up, "We should enroll Shlyke."

"Oh yeah, if Tina get here before I get back, can you tell her I'll be out in a minute?" Fennel said as she headed back into the office.

"You should go with her," Melissa grunted to Shlyke. The Abrol, not wanting to start an argument with Melissa again, glumly followed Fennel.

"Umm, hi, can I register someone for classes?" Fennel asked the woman at the desk after heading back into the office.

"Oh, of course!" The lady replied, finishing typing something on her computer before looking up and letting out a shriek at the sight of Shlyke, "Oh my god! W-What is that?!"

"Shlyke, he's like an alien locust."

"Abrol," Shlyke corrected, "But yes, I am of being Shlyke."

"I-Is he w-who you're wanting t-to enroll?" The woman shivered, shakily pointing at Shlyke.

"Yes." Fennel explained.

"A-And I'm assuming he's... From another universe?" She asked with dismay.

"Yes." Fennel replied.

The terrified woman turned away and opened up a filing cabinet, sifting through some papers before pulling out a form and slowly handing it to Fennel, "P-Please fill this out..."

"Of course." Fennel replied as she took the papers and began filling them out. "Could I fill these out tonight and give them to my daughter to turn in, in the morning?" Fennel asked.

"It's not a lot of paperwork.. A-And if you w-want your... Child... Enrolled as soon as possible... Then..." She trailed off, trying not to look at Shlyke.

"Oh... Um, Shylke, can you fill out your personal details?" Fennel asked handing the papers to the Abrol.

"Yes, I can!" Shlyke nodded, quickly taking a pen and jotting down what was needed, before handing it up to the woman behind the counter.

"... Okay, and... I think I recognize you... Mrs. Roberts?" The lady cleared her throat.

"Yes, that's me." Fennel replied happy to be referred to something other than a dog in a school building.

"Okay... I'll... Get this processed.... Did you need anything else?"

"As long as Tina has been called to go home, no." Fennel shook her head.

"O-Okay... Have a good day," The lady waved wearily, wanting Shlyke out of her sight as soon as possible.

"Thank you, you too." Fennel replied with a good bye wave out the door.

"Mommy!" Tina exclaimed as she ran up to hug Fennel, "And... Shlyke?"

"Hi Tina." Fennel saida she crouched to give Tina a hug "Oh, Shlyke is going to go to school now."

Tina let out a gasp, staring at Shlyke in ecstatic shock. "Really?!"

"I am, yes!" Shlyke nodded in glee, "I am to be going to school here, I think!"

"Oh my gosh! What grade are you gonna be in?" Tina squealed.

"I am of thinking I chose second grade... why are you asking?" Shlyke cocked his head to the side.

Fennel stood next to Melissa and gushed in a hushed tone. "Isn't she just adorable?"

"I'm in second grade!" Tina cried out, flinging herself to Shlyke for a hug, "We might be in the same class together!"

"Oh my goodness!" Shlyke cheered alongside Tina, embracing her hug, "That could be of being so exciting!"

"Man, I'm on a roll with me being pissed off resulting in something good happening," Melissa remarked.

"Oh! I came out here and that lady told me to wait with her and I got scared at first but then she told me she knew you and that you wear collars!" Tina exclaimed as she pointed at Melissa.

"Oh Tina this is Melissa, she's kinda like daddy, looks mean and scary at first but is really nice." Fennel giggled before taking Tina's hand

"That guy did not look mean or scary whatsoever," Melissa snickered.

"Daddy blew up a helicopter one time! " Tina proclaimed.

"What why did he never tell me that?" Fennel asked.

"... I dunno!" Tina shrugged after giving the question a moment of thought.

"Alright, let's go get Anna." Fennel smiled as she took Tina's hand and headed towards the van.

Tina opted to sit in Shlyke's lap as she went to grab the seatbelt to rope over the both of them.

"Tina you need to sit in your own seat, it's not safe to do it like that." Fennel scolded.

Tina let out a disappointed and quiet, "Okay, mommy," as she slid off of Shlyke's lap and into the seat beside him before putting on her seatbelt.

"Thank you, Tina." Fennel said before driving to Anna's school.

"So, Shlyke," Tina spoke up after a few moments of driving, "How're you gonna go to work if you go to school now?"

"...Hm," Shlyke thought. He hadn't actually thought about it up until now, "...I will be of taking the night shifts, then."

"But if you're working all night, then you won't get enough sleep and you'll do bad in school," Tina warned, "Mommy said you need at least eight hours of sleep!"

"Yes, but I am sure I will be fine," Shlyke assured, "I am Abrol! We are evolved to be working a lot and sleep little... I think!"

"And what if you don't get enough time to study stuff... Or play with me?" Tina looked up at Shlyke with a sad expression.

“Oh I hadn’t even thought about that.” Fennel muttered as she turned into Anna’s school.

"I.. had not thought about that," Shlyke admitted, "...Maybe.... I am of having to... quit?"

“You could also request part time hours too.” Fennel suggested as she parked the van.

"Or you could work for Elizabeth!" Tina gasped.

"Is that a real job?" Shlyke cocked his head to the side.

"Uh-huh! The school doesn't like her selling food, so she has to hire some other kids to help her keep it secret and stuff!"

“I’ll leave the car on. Melissa, do you want to come inside with me?” Fennel asked.

"Someone's gotta stay here and watch the kids," Melissa remarked.

“Okay, be good, don’t throw any cars.” Fennel giggled before she walked towards the middle school's office.

Once in the office, Fennel spoke to the woman at the desk “Hi, I’m here to check Anna Roberts out for the day.”

"Oookay... She should be here soon," The woman hummed as she checked something on her computer screen, "We sent for her a bit ago."

“Thank you, have a nice day.“ Fennel added before taking a seat on a bench by the front door and waiting for Anna.

After a minute or two, Anna approached Fennel with a happy wave. "Thanks for getting me out early!" She exclaimed.

“Well you’re Very welcome.” Fennel smiled before leading Anna to the van.

“Oh, Melissa this Anna, the artist of the family.” Fennel said introducing her daughter to the woman with a big smile.

Anna blushed at the title and meekly waved to Melissa, who gave brief, casual wave of her own and a, "Hey," before asking, "Where else are we going, again?"

“Just Home Depot. I need to get some wagon parts and paint, for thier weekend project.”

"So why're you guys building a wagon?" Melissa inquired as Anna buckled her seatbelt.

"'Cause I wanna build stuff like daddy did with my treehouse," Tina answered with a big smile.

“She loves that treehouse; I can hardly get her to sleep inside.” Fennel added before pulling out of the parking lot.

"It is of being a very good treehouse," Shlyke agreed, "Of being very cozy."

“So Anna what color did you want to paint the wagon?” Fennel asked as she pulled into the Home Depot’s parking lot.

"Umm... I was thinking maybe brown... With some black and yellow on it," Anna replied.

“That sounds nice.” Fennel said after taking a moment to imagine the wagon, and getting out of the van. After opening the door Fennel asked, “Tina can you get a cart for Mommy?”

"Okay!" Tina nodded dutifully, running ahead of everyone else to acquire a cart for Fennel.

“So umm if you didn’t want to join us for getting the supplies there’s a pet store with some fish you can look at.” Fennel added though it was obvious she’s prefer Melissa join them.

"Oh, now you're trying to get rid of me?" Melissa raised an eyebrow, though smirking after a brief moment to show she was kidding as she followed Fennel as the group approached an eager Tina pushing a cart towards them.

After making their way to the lumber section, Fennel pointed to a few pieces of wood before asking “Will this be enough or do you want more?” Fennel asked the younger of the girls.

"Ummm.... I dunno, I think it'll be okay," Tina replied. The selection of wood was very long, so it was hard for her to judge whether or not it would be enough or if it'd be fine once she cut it down.

"Hmmm... I am of saying it will be enough to be made into being a wagon," Shlyke assumed, "...But for being safe, we should be having extra."

“All right let me just go find an employee to cut it for you.” Fennel added before leaving abd returning with someone to cut the wood a few moments later. While she didn’t have any exact measurements, she made an estimate that seemed about right.

“Alright Tina can you pick out the wheels with Melissa, While mommy gets paint with Anna?” Fennel asked as she gently took Anna’s hand.

"Okay, mommy! Let's go!" Tina exclaimed, taking Melissa's hand and dragging her along to find wheels, "Come on, Shlyke!"

“I am coming!” Shlyke assured as he scuttled along beside Tina, “So, how would you be being of... describing school? I have not been of being enrolled in one before.”

"That's not surprising," Melissa mumbled quietly to herself.

"Ummm... It's kinda boring sometimes, but recess is really fun!" Tina answered.

"Well, that is reassuring," Shlyke hummed, "I was of thinking it was 'WORK WORK WORK' all day for a little smartness. This is of being better, though."

"We have some work we have to do, but a lot of the time we just listen to what the teachers talk about," Tina mused, "And you learn about a bunch of different stuff every day like history, math, science, reading, and stuff."

"That can be of being interesting," Shlyke mused, "I am of knowing some history, some reading, and some of other stuffs, but this will be of some neatness."

"I think you'll be learning history about Earth though, mostly the United States," Tina clarified, realizing Shlyke probably only knows space bug history.

"Oh, I am of knowing that," Shlyke shook his head, "I am not of expecting them to have the history of Kanak or Aoshtai or any of the Cluster. Just Earth."

"Do you know any Earth history?" Tina inquired as she looked over the various wheels before her.

"Eh... Is having the United States and a lot of other human nations?" Shlyke shrugged, "And things happening before that? And then some more? I am not of knowing much history of Earth."

"Oh, umm... I guess they'll teach you everything in school," Tina shrugged before running up to a stack of wheels that looked more suitable for a car than a wagon, "I want these wheels!"

"Hmm... Those may be of being too big for a wagon we want to be building," Shlyke commented, "Perhaps wheels that are being of a little smaller?"

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Zandoo, Teed, H

“Sooo let’s see... all these paints look grey Anna.” Fennel said standing infront of The obviously colorful selection of paints.

"W-What?" Anna blinked, "They're not grey."

“Are you sure?” Fennel teased.

Anna gave Fennel a look of concern and asked, "Are your eyes okay?"

“I’m joking. I’m not color blind Anna.” Fennel giggled.

"Oh, okay," Anna let out a nervous laugh before looking over the paints with a hum, "Could you get some primer while I choose the paint, please?"

Fennel grabbed a can of wood primer and placed it in the cart before watching Anna pick out her paints.

"Hmmm..." Anna hummed, slowly looking between two similar shades of yellow, "Lemon... Or Icterine..."

At that moment, Tina, Shlyke, and Melissa returned wheeling four of the large wheels Tina had picked out earlier. "Look how big these wheels are, mommy!" Tina exclaimed. Melissa was rolling two wheels herself.

“I think Lemon.” Fennel suggestes before looking at at the wheels. “Oh wow those are big, buuut maybe you can get some smaller wheels?” Fennel suggested.

"I think these are basically tires," Melissa remarked.

"Nuh-uh!" Tina shook her head, "These are perfect!"

“Are you sure these are the wheels you need?” Fennel asked.

"Mhm!" Tina nodded happily.

“Okay, we’ll get them then.” Fennel agreed. “Can you carry them to check out though?” Fennel asked as she pushed the cart carts to the cashiers desk.

Tina giggled as she rolled her tire past the cart and towards the checkout, bouncing in place a little as she not-so-patiently waited for Fennel and the others to hurry up. "This is gonna be the best wagon ever!"

Soon enough, Fennel was paying for the last tire, and just before swiping her card, she asked “Girls did you grab anything else?“ she asked, as the children tended to grab snacks.

"Nuh-uh," Tina lied as she helped set their items back in the cart, bagging each individual paintcan despite them having handles.

”Okay then.” Fennel nodded as she swiped her card to pay for the items and took a step away after placing everything in the cart to allow the next customer to pay for thier things.

"Alright, let's get out of here," Melissa gestured away and began walking out, "Do we got any more errands?"

Fennel soon followed, “No, I just have to make lunch.” Fennel replied figuring that it was better to eat at home after her shopping spree. “I hope you're fine with the slight change of plans.” Fennel said not wanting to mention that she had plans to eat out in front of the girls.

"I honestly don't give a shit," Melissa shrugged.

"O-Oh, mom!" Anna piped up, scampering close to Fennel and whispering, "Is she that friend you wanted me to draw the fish for?"

“Yes.” Fennel nodded in a hushed tone as she popped the trunk of the van. Anna opened the side door and reached inside for her backpack as Melissa helped lower the back seats to load in the tires.

"Hey, um.. Melissa?" Anna poked the woman's side as she held a piece of paper in her hands.

"Huh? What is it?" Melissa grunted after storing the last tire before turning to the child.

"I drew this for you in school today," Anna turned the paper around and held it up to Melissa. It was a fairly detailed angelfish in a little coral reef she drew in pencil. She added a little color with some quick, light runs with a few colored pencils just so it wasn't too lifeless in her eyes.

"Uh.. Thanks," Melisa blinked as she slowly took the drawing, surprised by the gift and its quality, "I, uh... Guess your mom wasn't lying about you being the artist or whatever."

Anna lowered her head a bit as she smiled, letting out a quiet, "Thank you," before climbing back into the van. Melissa was about to fold the drawing to put in her pocket, but quickly stopped herself as she did not want to crease it. She supposed she would just hold onto it until she got home.

After yet another drive they were finally back home. ”So, Melissa did you want to stay for lunch?” Fennel asked as she cut the engine.

Melissa did not like the bond developing between her and Fennel whatsoever (Well she did, but she also didn't), and looking down at the angelfish Anna had drawn for her made her realize she'd probably end up liking the kids too.

She gave it some thought before sighing in defeat, "I don't fucking have anything better to do, so sure."

“Alright.” Fennel saud as she got out of the van and opened the door to the house. “Don’t worry about unloading anything, I’ll have Bob do it when he gets home.”

"Are we eating here or going out?" Melissa asked as she followed Fennel inside, along with the others. She set the angelfish drawing down on a counter, making a mental note to grab it when she left.

“I’d forgotten I need a pump and and the wagon was more than I was expecting so I thought we’d eat here.” Fennel explained as she dug through the fridge.

"Can we get McDonald's?" Tina asked.

“No, I’m sorry, Tina.” Fennel apologized as she dug ingredients out of the pantry.

"Okay," Tina frowned before scampering off to the backyard, "C'mon, Shlyke! Let's go to our treehouse!"

"Yes, let us be of going!" Shlyke agreed, following close behind the seven-year old.

”Melissa are you okay with grilled cheese and tomato soup?” Fennel asked as she grabbed the butter and cheese from the fridge.

"Yeah, it's fine," Melissa nodded before plopping down on the living room couch to relax. Anna sat down in one of the recliners, doodling in her spiral notebook.

Fennel quickly prepared the soup and set it in the pot to warm up, tossing in a little seasoning.

Fennel then buttered two pieces of bread and placed a sliced of cheese inside before it magically became a grilled cheese. Of course being a good hostess, she offered the first sandwich to Melissa before quickly making a plate of sandwiches.

"Shit, that was fast," Melissa remarked before biting into the grilled cheese with a brief, "Mmm."

“Oh yeah, I always use magic for grilled cheese, it takes so long otherwise.” Fennel commented before stirring the soup.

"Mmm, can I get like..." Melissa swallowed her bite, "Two more of those?"

Fennel, of course, was happy to oblige and made two more sandwiches and handed them to Melissa. After a few more minutes, Fennel had enough sandwiches and the soup was ready to eat. “Anna can you call Tina and Shlyke?” Fennel asked as she set the table.

Anna set her notebook down and ran to the backyard, yelling up, "Hey! Tina! Shlyke! Food's ready!"

"O-Okay!" Tina stammered back from within the treehouse, "Gimme a second!"

As Anna ran back inside, she spotted Melissa peeking at her notebook. "I'm surprised you got my nose right," She joked, looking down at a sketch of herself before handing the notebook back to a blushing Anna, embarrassed that Melissa had seen the drawing before it was done.

“Oh that is very good, Anna.” Fennel praised, ”Have you drawn me recently?”

Anna always made sure to have a fresh sketch of Fennel every single day just incase the vixen asked, as to ensure she wouldn't hurt Fennel's feelings by saying no. "Mhm! I drew you too earlier today before I drew the angelfish!" She turned her notebook to the previous page and presented it to Fennel. The sketch depicted the pregnant vixen smiling downwards as she tried on a collar.

“Awww, you made me look so cute.” Fennel gushed before giving Anna a hug and kiss on the forehead.

"Thanks, mom," Anna smiled, happy to have made Fennel happy.

“Have you drawn Dad recently?” Fennel added to her request.

"U-Uh..." Anna gulped, "Um- Uh- N-No?

“Oh okay, I think he would like it if you drew him sometime.” The vixen smiled.

"O-Oh, okay... Sorry," Anna shrank a bit.

“You don’t need to apologize.” Fennel assured with another hug.

"Sorry," Anna apologized for apologizing before realizing she just apologized again and shutting her mouth before scampering into the living room just as Tina entered the house with messy hair.

"What'd you make, mommy?" Tina asked as she sniffed the air and gasped, "Did you make grilled cheeses?!"

”I did, Tina.” Fennel smiled before filling the bowls.

"Thank you! Is it okay if I get my soup in a cup and eat in the treehouse?" Tina requested.

”Umm, sure.” Fennel replied before filling a cup with soup.

Tina stuffed two grilled cheeses halfway into the cup and let out a happy, "Thank you!" before walking back outside. She bit down on the rim of the cup to carry it in her mouth so she could climb up into the treehouse.

"Well, that was strange." Fennel commented.

"Guess you were right about her liking the treehouse," Melissa shrugged as she bit into her third grilled cheese after dipping it into her tomato soup.

"I take it you like the sandwiches." Fennel giggled before dipping a sandwich into her soup and taking a bite herself.

"Mm- Do-" Melissa swallowed her bite, "Don't get me wrong... I fucking love chocolate, but... I eat it every day."

"Yeah, I get it." Fennel nodded before returning to her soup. "What did you learn at school today, Anna?"

"Uhm... Math and stuff," Anna shrugged before eating her grilled cheese. In all honesty, she didn't pay too much attention to what went on in class.

After a few mintunes Fennel had finished her food, and yawned. "Oh, If you were ready to go Melissa, I was just going to take a nap before cleaning up the house. Thank you for stopping by today though."

"Yeah, sure," Melissa grunted, finishing slurping her soup before getting up, "I'll see you whenever."

Fennel then got up to give Melissa a goodbye hug. "Okay, see you soon. Call if you need anything." The vixen insisted.

"Yeah, yeah," Melissa returned the hug before walking out the doo-

"Oh, shit, wait," Melissa stepped back and grabbed the angelfish drawing off the counter before walking out the door, "See ya."

"Bye bye!" Fennel waved with a smile before adressing Anna. "Do you want to cuddle before I go to sleep?" Fennel asked as she headed down stairs.

"Um, okay," Anna nodded, setting her notebook down and following Fennel.

Soon enough Fennel was fast asleep on the bed, with one arm draped over Anna.


That morning at Generitown High School is called Octavia was eating a sandwich she had brought from home that day.

"Oh, hey there, Octavia!" Brittany greeted happily with a stack of fliers held close to her chest in one arm as she sat down by the octoling, "Having a snack?"

Octavia nodded.

"That's nice! Say, I'm doing a little something, and I was hoping to get your opinion on it," Brittany giggled.

“On what?” Octavia asked with genuine interest.

"Well, I've got a few of my friends working on it already," Brittany smiled before pulling the stack from her chest, letting Octavia see what was printed on every paper. It was a picture of Salgia and a smaller picture of a closeup of a sheep's face below them. A big arrow pointed at the picture of Salgia with text that said, "THIS FREAK DRESSES UP LIKE A GIRL AND CHANGES IN THE GIRLS LOCKER ROOM TO STARE AT THE OTHER GIRLS! HE IS OVER EIGHTEEN!!!"

“That no nice.” Octavia replied.

"It's not nice for some creep to be changing in the same room as a bunch of underage girls," Brittany retorted, her smugness showing through her disgust, "I'm having these slipped into every locker in the school, and a few of them taped onto some of the corkboards."

"I suggest not do." Octavia replied as a barely noticable pulsating of color spread through her tentacles. "Salgia no human, that is racist"

"Ugh, it is not racist to want to keep this adult guy out of the same locker room as a bunch of underage girls," Brittany groaned before smiling, "Or should I start telling my friends that you support pedophilia now?"

"Is Salgia adult?" Octavia wondered for a moment.

"Mhm, my mom has friends in the school and I was able to get his age," Brittany nodded.

"Oh, this is to be a shit cunt." Octavia replied.

Brittany looked at the octoling with a confused expression for a moment before shaking her head. "Sure, anyway, do you mind handing some of these out for me?" Brittany asked, "It'll be good for you to. I know you're not from here, so you don't understand our culture very well, or our language it seems, but this'll be good for everyone if you help distribute these."

"I will not be doing that... however if keep doing, I will make you regret."

"Oh... I hope you do," Brittany grinned cruelly, leaning close to Octavia, "And the instant you try to 'make me regret', I'm gonna love getting you suspended." She pulled back and stood up, waving goodbye to the octoling as she began walking off, "See you later!"

A few moments later, a still-ignorant Zoey and Salgia happened upon the scene on the way to their lockers. "... But yeah, him blowing up the helicopter was really cool," She finished her telling of one of her stories about Bob as she stopped in front of her locker and waved to Octavia, "Hey, 'Tavi!"

"Hello. We need to be breaking Brittany's legs."

"...What?" Salgia asked with confusion, standing outside their locker and turning away to open it.

"She is going to be posting these." Octavia said pulling out a poster she had somehow managed to swipe.

Salgia let out a gasp as they opened their locker; it seemed there was already one of the papers wedged into their locker. "...Oh my fucking god," Salgia huffed with distress.

Zoey quickly opened her locker, and of course, there was a flier in there as well. She grabbed it, wrinkling it in her grasp before letting out an infuriated, "That motherfucking piece of shit bitch!"

"I will break her teeth." Octavia offered.

"S-she put one in every locker..." Salgia took a deep breath, shuddering at the sudden realization that they were about to be exposed across the entire school, "Oh my god, oh my god..."

Zoey's furious expression melted away upon looking at the Liss. She quickly, but gently, wrapped her arms around them in an attempt to comfort them. "I-It's okay, Salgia," She tried to reassure, "It- It'll be fine."

"Excuse me." Octavia said as her tentacles darkened in color.

"I-It's not fine, Zoey!" Salgia stammered, tears beginning to roll down their face, planting it square on Zoey's shoulder as they returned the hug as tightly as they could, "S-she's fucking ruined me! N-now everyone is gonna call me a f.. FREAK!"

"No, it not. Still have those other poster Zoey?" Octavia asked.

Zoey angled her hand with the crumpled poster in it towards Octavia. She gently stroked Salgia's hair, unsure of what else to say or do as she breathed as best she could in the Liss' tight hug. Salgia, meanwhile, sobbed as quietly as they could into Zoey's shoulder, their grip around the girl weakening as they cried.

"Hold, I got make Britany regret." Octavia said before storming off.

"W-Wait, 'Tavi!" Zoey called out, "Don't actually break her teeth or her legs or something!"

"Okay, only make eyes match." Octavia replied.

"No, 'Tavi, I.. I don't even know what that means," Zoey sighed, "We can't just... Attack her, 'Tavi. We'll get arrested."

"We wait then. Plot. fester, revenge." The octopus settled.

"Yes, we are fucking getting back at her for-" Zoey pulled back from Salgia and tried to look them in the eyes, "We will get back at her for this, Salgia."

"Yes, make her wish we break legs."

"...R-really?" the Liss sniffled, looking up at Zoey with tear-soaked eyes and runny makeup.


"It is my fucking mission now," Zoey nodded with newfound determination, "Breaking her legs or her teeth won't do shit. She'll just buy new teeth and a broken leg will just get her sympathy and us prison time. We have to hit her where it hurts, and we're really gonna make her hurt."

"B-but how?" Salgia asked with distress, "How do we do that? She's the most popular b-bitch here."

"Expose her, dirt dig up." Octiavia replied.

"That's right," Zoey nodded, "We return the favor. By the time we're through with her, she won't be the most popular bitch, just a bitch."

"Then we break legs."

"... No... No 'Tavi, we're not breaking anyone's legs," Zoey sighed.

"What if we make her break finger."

"... Make her... Actually... That gives me an idea," Zoey grinned, "Maybe we can't break her legs... But maybe she can."


"I don't want to hurt her like that," Salgia muttered, "...I just want that slut to get what's coming to her."

"We rip off her mating organs!"

"... Okay, too far, 'Tavi," Zoey gave the octoling a look of concern.

"That was joke."

"But, yeah, it's up to you, Salgia. We won't... Break her legs. Besides, what we will do will be much better anyway."

"Break toe."

"'Tavi..." Zoey pinched her brow.

"Uhg fine."

"She's gonna regret having ever messed with us," Salgia furrowed their brow, wiping away their tears in a frustrated manner, "Nobody gets away with dissing a Puyri or their friends like that."

"And now we plot." Octaiva said rubbing her hands together.

"... Well, now we go to cheer, but you guys should come over tonight. Then we plot." Zoey grinned.


"That... sounds like a plan, then," Salgia agreed, "Tonight, we're gonna plan Bitchanny's downfall, and nothing is gonna stop us!"

"Yes revenge."

"That bitch picked on the wrong girls!" Zoey declared.


"Hey, Latte!" Zoey called from her room, "'Tavi and Salsa should be here soon!"

"Umm yeah, let me just get some food on the table." Fennel called as she set up a few plates of baked goods as snacks for Zoey's friends.

"Wait, does that mean I can come out?"

"Yeah, until you girls are done eating."

"... Actually, can we eat in here?... I, uh... Don't... Wanna violate the guidelines we set for my grounding," Zoey lied. She just didn't want to involve Fennel in their revenge plot.

"Okay, then." Fennel replied as she picked up the plates.

At that moment, the doorbell rang and Fennel opened it to reveal Octavia. "Hello Mrs. Roberts. Am here to help Zoey with the work homes."

Fennel smiled and replied "Oh okay then she's just up in her room if you could bring this too her."

Octavia nodded and took the plate if cookies from Fennel before the two headed to the master bedroom. "Zoey, Octavia is here." Fennel said.

Another knock was heard from the door. Surely, this was Salgia, ready to plan their revenge against Brittany.

Fennel then made her way back to the door and opened it for Salgia. "Salgia?" Fennel asked rather confused by the Liss's clothing.

While it was Salgia, the Liss looked rather different than their typical feminine look. With somewhat baggy jeans and a black t-shirt, it was far more masculine than what they usually wore. They had even undone their braided ponytail, their hair simply tossed behind their shoulders.

"Is this the new hip thing to wear?" Fennel asked.

"I... don't know," Salgia shrugged, their eyes hidden behind thick sunglasses. Though their face was naturally feminine, it lacked any of the makeup that made it truly genuine in its look.

"Oh umm let me just get your snacks then." Fennel said before briefly going off and returning with a plate with a few glasses, sandwiches and a bottle of soda. "Zoey's just in her room."

Salgia quietly took the snacks with a nod and a soft, "Thanks," before walking over and entering the master bedroom, setting the plate down on a dresser with a glum expression. "Hey," he sighed.

"... Salgia?" Zoey stared at her friend in pure shock, quickly getting up and shutting the door before standing in front of the Liss, grabbing his arms before grabbing his sunglasses and tossing them across the room. She returned her hand to his arm and looked him up and down. "W-What... What the hell happened to you?"

It was fairly obvious that the Liss had been crying fairly recently, his eyes still puffy. "All day... Everyone knew, and I heard about it all day," Salgia huffed with sadness, "I... I can't take it. I... I had to stop being a... freak so they'd stop."

Zoey looked absolutely heartbroken as she gently guided Salgia to her bed and sat him down.

"Are you sure we are not breaking of legs."

"Shh," Zoey shushed Octavia before silently hugging the Liss, holding him close and gesturing with her eyes for the octoling to join.

Octavia joined in on the hug, figuring it was the best thing to do.

"I hate her..." Salgia sniffled into Zoey as he simply began to cry, "I hate her! I-I can't even be myself now without getting taunted by everyone because of her!"

Zoey began tearing up as well, sniffling as she tried not to cry herself as she kept a tight (But not too tight) grip around around Salgia. "I-I... I know," She murmured quietly, at a loss for any other words.

"I-I can't go back to that!" Salgia moaned sadly, "I can't take another day of it!"

Zoey thought for a moment before reassuring the Liss, "... It's okay... You won't have to go back there... If you... Still want... Uh, education... I know someone that could homeschool you... I'll do it too, so you won't be by yourself."

"N-no! I need to go back to that school," Salgia exclaimed, pulling back from the hug, "...I need to pay that cunt a lesson."

"How, how you say 'thot' Bitchanny?" Octavia asked.

"Salgia... We can still get back at her, but... I..." Zoey's lip quivered, "Look at you.... I-I... I don't want you going through that..."

"But I can... if it means sticking it to her behest, then... I am staying," Salgia huffed, "That's what she want's us to do. Run away, like cowards. Is it bad? ...Yes, it is. But... it's not going to get better unless we do something about it."

"It's not running away. We can still get back at her, but... This?" Zoey looked Salgia up and down, "This isn't you. This isn't... Salgia... Please, we can get back at her, but... Outside of school."

"No!" Salgia stood up and argued loudly, "I know this isn't me! And I'm not happy about it, but this is how it has to be until I beat that bitch into the ground! And the only place where it matters, where everyone will actually care about it, is in school, so yes, Zoey, I am staying in school, I will handle it, and I will give that slanderous cunt a piece of my goddamn mind, and you are not going to stop that!" For a moment afterwards, Salgia stood there, shaking with both frustration and sadness as he realized how terrible he sounded.

"... You don't wanna 'run' and 'give her what she wants'," Zoey said after a moment to process what Salgia told her before pointing at a mirror, "But that's what she wanted."

"We make her regret wanting that, make not worth what happen to us."

The Liss looked at himself in the mirror for a moment, wiping away some tears as the realization hit them fully, "...Oh my god," he gasped quietly, sitting back down on the bed, "I-I... I don't know what to do, Zoey. I know this is what she wants, but... I don't want to leave school. It's... I dunno. It has its charms I don't think I'll get anywhere else."

"And I don't want you being convinced you're a freak for being Salgia," Zoey asserted, "Remember what we said last night? About you being a chick? And about Brittany calling you out in the locker room?"

"I know it shouldn't matter what they say, but... when so many people are saying the same thing... it's hard not to think you're in the wrong, and that... you might be what they're saying you are," Salgia murmured, tearing up again.

"... I know the feeling," Zoey lamented, referring to her treatment beforehand, especially regarding the notes in her locker, "I know how... Hard it can be to not let it get to you... But... I don't wanna lose my friend." She seemed on the verge of crying, doing everything she could to not burst into tears at that very moment.

Octavia gave both of her friends a hug.

At this particular moment Fennel knocked on the door. "Zoey, is everything okay?"

"Go away!" Zoey yelled, the emotional outburst causing her to finally cry as she returned Octavia's hug, wrapping her arms around both her and Salgia. The Liss was quick to return the hug, wrapping his arms around his two friends as closely as he could.

Fennel opened the door a little more before walking into the room. "Zoey?"

Zoey let go of Octavia and grabbed a soda bottle, hurling it as best she could in the middle of her hug and just barely missing Fennel's head as it hit the door.

Fennel ducked and quickly darted out of the room, and made her way to the couch, and tried to think of how to approach Zoey about this after her friends were gone.

After Zoey had calmed down, she pulled away from the hug, looking at Salgia for a moment before drying his face with her sleeve. "... Close your eyes," She ordered.

The Liss, after a moment of hesitation, went along with his friend's order, closing his eyes. Zoey got up from the bed and took one of his hands. "Keep them closed until I say so," She commanded, gently leading him off of the bed and towards her lavish makeup station and sitting him down on its rotating stool.

Octavia simply looked on, confused, before realizing what was happening and joining Zoey, who opened every single compartment the station had, grabbing her most expensive foundation and getting to work...

After about twenty to thirty minutes, Zoey finally stood behind Salgia, brushing the Liss' new braid over a shoulder and saying, "Okay, you can open your eyes now." She poured every ounce of knowledge she had about makeup into Salgia, going above and beyond what she would even do for herself as she stared at the Liss in the mirror.

Salgia slowly opened their eyes and gasped, holding their hands over their agape mouth as they looked back and forth from the mirror and Zoey with happy surprise, eyes watering, "Zoey! You... you shouldn't have!"

"I just wanted to see Salgia again," Zoey smiled, adding in whisper, "Don't worry about crying. This is the good stuff. It won't get messed up."

"Oh Zoey...!" Salgia could only wrap their arms around Zoey in gratitude, a few little tears streaming from their eyes, "...I'm so sorry for thinking that... that I should've got rid of everything that made me... me."

"You should be sorry to yourself, not me," Zoey returned the hug, "... But I accept the apology anyway."

"...You're too good to me," Salgia pulled back from the hug with a smile on their face, "But I still wanna grind Brittany into the dirt."

"Oh, no, we are definitely still doing that," Zoey assured, "But the three of us girls are doing it. Zoey, Octavia, and Salgia. Got it?"

Salgia gave Zoey and Octavia a small smile before nodding, “I got it.”

”Yes, we will fuck her up.” Octavia said, trying to get her conviction across.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Fennel had gotten on the phone and called Bob, “Honey?”

Hey, Fen. What’s up?

"It's Zoey." Fennel added somberly.

...What about Zoey? Is everything alright?

"It's just I overheard her crying and she got mad when I went to ask her about it." Fennel explained.

Well... Just.. give her some time, and ask her again later. It’s probably something she’s not comfortable talking about with us.

"Yeah, I'll try talking to her alone again and let you know it goes. On another note, are you almost home?" The vixen asked.

It’s gonna be a bit, I work until the end of this shift,” Bob explained before some chatter of a police radio could be heard on Bob’s end, “I gotta go. Love you. Bye!

"Love you too, baby cakes." Fennel said before making several kissy noises into the phone. After putting her phone away, Fennel signed and laid down on the couch.



Before school that day, Mary had stored her rifle in Kanen's car so they wouldn't need to make a stop at her house and could get straight to their date. (And so she wouldn't have to take any pictures with Fennel). "Did you bring a gun or are we stopping by your place to grab it?" She asked with an eager smile.

"I brought it with me," Kanen stuck a finger back towards his trunk, "So I think we can go right there, unless you need to stop somewhere beforehand."

"Nope!" Mary shook her head, "That's the whole reason I stashed mine in here too."

"Allright then!" Kanen grinned, pulling out of the school's parking lot, "Off we go, then!"

"What gun did you say you have again?" Mary inquired, glancing briefly out the window.

"Oh, nothing special, just an old bolt-action, I think its's a Thompson," Kanen shrugged, "I got it for a good price, and it's sorta like what I used during my army time, so I'm fine with it. What was it you brought?"

"My Ruger Carbine!" Mary exclaimed, "It's a semiautomatic!" She kept her mouth open, about to say something else, but kept quiet and smiled. It may have not been the best idea to blab about the grenade launcher that Bob gave her that she kept at home.

"Semiautomatic? Well, you already got me beat, then," Kanen laughed, "I can't wait to see how well you use it."

Mary grinned at that. "Artillery isn't the only thing I've had experience with as a kid," She remarked with pride, "Buuut, you're probably better than I am considering you have, like, military training and everything."

"I'd say I got a good aim, yeah," Kanen agreed somewhat, "But other than that, I'd say I'm on par with whatever you can do, to be honest. I mean, you beat my bench press with barely a sweat, so..."

"Well, yeah, but," Mary blushed, stifling a giggle, "I'm sure you're much more skilled in... Hand-to-hand stuff than me. A bench press doesn't mean I know how to fight that well."

"Eh, true," Kanen nodded along as Mary spoke, "I guess you're right. A lot of the stuff I went through was either long range or right on top of me, so I guess I'd say I'm used to that."

"Yeah a- Wait a second," Mary realized, "What do my bench presses have to do with shooting guns anyway? You're just trying to flatter me!"

"Ah, well, a guy can always try," Kanen shrugged with a chuckle, "And I almost got away with it, too!"

The artillery-loving teen let out a giggle and added, "I didn't say it didn't work."

"Ah, but yeah, I'd say I got some experience," Kanen agreed with Mary's previous claim, "But I'm sure all that artillery practice and practice in general adds up to something, right?"

"Don't be all modest," Mary playfully huffed, "You were in the military! I just shot at targets and people that got too close to our home."

"Fair enough," Kanen gave in with a sigh as they pulled into a parking spot outside the range, "But I guess we'll see if I'm just being modest, huh?"

"I guess we will," Mary smirked, "Oh, but just because I think you're better than me, I'm still gonna try and beat you into the dirt."

"Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way," Kanen grinned, "I'd be disappointed if you weren't."

Mary let out a brief giggle before hopping out of the car and retrieving her rifle case, grabbing Kanen's as well and holding it out to him as she walked by. "I guess one thing I miss about my old home," She remarked, "Is I basically lived in a shooting range."

"Then I bet you got plenty of target practice," Kanen noted as he took his rifle.

At this exact moment Mary would receive a text. "Oh," Mary blinked, reaching into her pocket and pulling out her phone.

"Take some pictures please." as to be expected the message was from Fennnel.

"Someone checking up on you?" Kanen smirked.

”Have fun! .3.” a second message followed.

"Just when I thought we could get away from her taking pictures," Mary snickered as she gestured Kanen over for a selfie, "Mom wants to see us."

Okay I‘m done texting until you get home.

"Well, if it's just one, I don't see the issue," Kanen shrugged as he got in close next to Mary, wrapping an arm around her and grinning for the photo.

Mary, similarly, wrapped an arm around her date and smiled up at the phone before pressing the button on the screen, taking a picture of the two. She took the opportunity to give Kanen a quick kiss on the cheek before texting the selfie to Fennel.

Fennel promptly fowarded the selfie to Bob ”Aren’t the ssoooo cute!

"Yeah. I can't wait to finally meet him tonight."

"C'mon. Let's hurry up and get shooting so I can use that as an excuse for not checking any more messages and taking a hundred pictures," Mary briskly walked inside to pay for their time.

"Yeah, I can agree with you there!" Kanen followed close behind Mary, anxious to see how well she could shoot.

After a brief wait for an employee to call a ceasefire, Mary was able to jog out onto the field and hang up two targets at a far distance for her and Kanen. She plopped down in the seat beside his before adjusting her ear muffs and glasses before asking, "Have you ever been to this range before?"

"No, No I haven't," Kanen shook his head with a laugh, "I haven't really... shot anything since I joined the navy, to be honest."

"Really?" Mary gasped, "I don't know how you've survived! I love coming here. Just make sure you wait to shoot when that guy over there says, and to stop when they blow their whistle and call a ceasefire. They're really strict about it."

"Sounds simple enough," Kanen shrugged, "I just... never thought about shooting some more until now, to be honest."

"Well, I'm glad I got to take you here, then," Mary cooed, "Oh! And don't shoot too fast, either. I mean- You don't gotta worry about that, I guess, since you have a bolt-action."

"Oh, I'm guessing they're not a fan of that?" Kanen asked, checking his rifle over quickly.

"Yeah... I got a little too eager one time and was shooting really fast," Mary admitted, "The 'shooting range' at home was a lot less restrictive, but it's better than nothing, that's for sure."

"Yeah, a place to shoot's better than none at all," Kanen shrugged.

Soon enough, the range patrons were given the go-ahead to fire. Mary couldn't help but giggle a little as she picked up her carbine and rested her elbow against the shelf in front of her, aiming down to her respective target and firing two consecutive shots which landed on the edges of the small bullseye in the center.

Kanen held himself up, standing as he aimed down the sights of his rifle, lining it up with the target. He took a long sigh, before firing off a round with a barely noticeable flinch, and with a flash of movement in reloading, firing another off, both shots hitting nearly dead on their marks. Slowly, he brought the rifle down, staring off at the target to try and see from afar if he had hit the bullseye.

Mary couldn't help but stare at Kanen, wide-eyed, mouth agape, and blushing. She hadn't even checked to see where he hit on his target, but she was sure he hit it dead-center or at least close enough.

After a moment of looking at his work with a scoff, Kanen turned to Mary, "So, how's your ai-" he stopped at the sight of Mary staring at him in such a shocked manner, surprising Kanen. "Are you... you okay?" he blinked.

Mary quickly snapped out of it, blinking a few times and shaking her head. "Y-Yeah, yeah, I'm fine!" She tried to assure, "I-I just... You're... Really good with that thing."

"I'm not that good," Kanen shrugged, trying to be humble about it, "I've seen plenty guys better than me."

"Oh, you shut your mouth. You're not allowed to be modest after that," Mary giggled.

"It's not that great," Kanen shrugged, "I doubt I'd be able to get a third shot on that. Besides, how well did you do?"

"Uhh..." Mary looked over and squinted to both of their targets, "I mean... About as good as you, but- You reloaded so fast and then just... Shot again!" She exclaimed, "I couldn't do that with a bolt-action!"

"It takes some practice, I'll admit," Kanen nodded, "Buuut I'd bet you'd be able to do it if you tried long enough."

"Oh my god, you are incapable of bragging," Mary laughed.

"I mean, I can, but I'd rather not," Kanen grinned, taking up his rifle again.

Mary resumed her own firing, but found every shot afterwards to be nowhere as accurate as the first two. Sure, they got in the center ring, but they weren't touching the bullseye. Despite trying her best, she was clearly distracted after Kanen's performance.

Kanen, meanwhile, was still firing off consequtively well-placed shots, hitting the targets square in their centers at some, but at some points, straying off some, as to not try and seem like he was over-the-top perfect in comparison to Mary.

"Oh, I think I ran out of ammo," Mary realized after reaching into her second box of bullets she had been refilling her magazine with. She assumed Kanen still had more, given he was using a bolt-action, but considering how quickly he could reload, she wasn't so sure.

"Well, I'm about out myself," Kanen admitted, "...You wanna take a few shots with mine?"

"Maybe just one; I'm fine with watching," Mary smiled, holding her hand out for his rifle.

Kanen tossed the gun to her and took a step back, "By all means, take a shot."

After taking a moment to admire the firearm, Mary aimed down as carefully as she could. It was even more distracting using his gun, but she was determined not to end it with such a poor show. She took a few deep breaths before pulling the trigger.

She gulped and squinted her eyes, peering at her target before gasping happily, "Yes! Bullseye!"

"Well, would you look at that?" Kanen looked at the target with a smile, "That's a helluva shot for the first time you used it!"

"I've used one of these before," Mary rolled her eyes with a smile as she handed the gun back to Kanen, "Otherwise though, I've been off today."

"Because you've been busy watching me instead of the target," Kanen teased as he took his rifle back, before looking at his phone for the time, "It's pretty early to call it quits... you wanna do something else?"

Mary blushed at his accusation, briefly pouting before thinking. "Hmm.. I mean, yeah, but what would you wanna do?" She asked.

"Whatever you want- e-except what you want to do for the third date," Kanen added, "Other than that, whatever you're wanting to do."

Dammit. "Come on, there has to be something that you wanna do," Mary insisted, "I've picked Texas Roadhouse, the gym, the shooting range."

"Bob can't wait to meet your boyfriend." A message from Fennel pinged. Mary checked her phone while waiting for Kanen's answer.

"I'm not usually this adventurous about where I go," Kanen shrugged, "Hm... You like, uh... mini-golf?"

Mary blinked. "Uhh... I don't think I've even played regular golf," She replied before quickly texting Fennel back, "Can I bring him home for dinner tonight?"

Of course little miss gun slinger uwu.” Fennel replied.

"Really?" Kanen gasped, "Well, if you want, I could take you to that kind of shooting range, and I'll show you how to swing."

"I'd love to," Mary smiled as she began packing up her carbine, "Oh, and after that, you wanna come over to my house for dinner? Apparently my dad wants to meet you."

"Yeah! I'd be happy to meet him," Kanen agreed, "I'm surprised I haven't already, to be honest."

"He's really cool, and it's thanks to him we got to stay out as late as we did last night," Mary smirked.

"Wub wuw."

With a roll of her eyes, Mary texted a, "Thanks and love you too!" to Fennel before gesturing for Kanen to follow her out, "Come on. I wanna see why you called golf a shooting range."

"Oh, you'll see," Kanen assured as he followed, "It's definitely a bit like shooting... even if it's just a club and some balls."

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Zandoo, H, Teed

"So which one am I supposed to use?" Mary asked, looking at the different clubs in the golf bag.

"Well, since we're on the shooting range, I'd say the driver," Kanen suggested, pulling a club out and holding its handle out to Mary for her to grab, "They're good for hitting the ball far."

"So do I just... Hit it?" Mary questioned, holding the club at an awkward angle.

"What? No," Kanen shook his head with a laugh as he sat a yellow golf ball down on a tee, "You first gotta get your stance just right, so you're standing almost sideways," he instructed as he did as he said, "Then, you gotta steady your club so you got the head aimed at the ball. Then, you swing back, and..." he swung back quickly, and with a huff, hit the ball with his club, eliciting a loud clap as the ball went flying, "And then you hit it."

"Oh, okay, so..." Mary cleared her throat, standing perfectly sideways to her golf ball, bringing her club up, and quickly swinging down. She (sorta) hit the ball, sending it tumbling away along with a small spray of dirt and grass. "Woops," She grimaced.

"Eh, that's normal," Kanen reassured, "It's probably better if you take a few practice swings before you hit the ball. It'll help steady your aim."

"Right," Mary nodded, grabbing the club's handle with both hands, as if she were holding a sword. She gave the air near the ground a few swings, putting a lot of power into each and managing not to graze the ground.

Kanen came up behind her, grabbing her hands and fixing her hold on the club, "You're a bit off on the grip, but I'd say those're some good swings."

"O-Oh, thanks," Mary smiled, blushing at the brief moment, "So I hold it like that and... That's it?"

"Yeah, just hold it like that and swing," Kanen replied, still keeping his hands on hers and holding himself behind her, "A lot of its in the wrists. You gotta flick it just right to get air."

"In the wrists..." Mary repeated. She brought the club back and swung down at the ball, managing not to rip up any of the ground and even send the ball soaring. "Look at that! I did it!" She exclaimed, angling her head back to smile at Kanen.

"See? All it takes is a bit of practice and you can send them flying," Kanen smiled, before leaning in with a whisper, "But I'm bettin' you can't get it further than me."

Mary's eyes shot open before she immediately grabbed another ball and set it on the tee. "Just watch me. I'll keep swinging all day if I have to!" She declared before bringing her club back, "But I doubt I'll need to!" She swung her club down as hard as she could, letting out the greatest warcry in golfing history.

She would send the ball flying so far th- Oh wait, she missed the ball and the club slipped out of her hands, flipping through the air and deep into the field. She stared out at her mistake with wide eyes and a red face before slowly turning to look at Kanen.

Kanen was on the verge of laughter, taking a deep breath as he spoke, "Oh, Mary. You've really got an arm, huh?" he snickered sarcastically, before waving it off, "It's alright. Looks like we're the only people shooting, and there ain't no guy who's gonna yell at me for running out and grabbing it, so I'll be right back." He would then run as fast he could to the club, snatching it up before running back, club held out for Mary to take it.

"Thanks," Mary said sheepishly before clearing her throat. She made a note to keep a very firm grip on the club as she brought it back and swung at the ball with the same ferocity as before. She actually managed to hit the ball this time, sending it soaring. Unfortunately, it did not go as far as Kanen's, and so she went about quickly repeating these steps.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll get it," Kanen said, steadying his own club and driving off a ball alongside Mary, landing close to where his last had, "Me and some other guys used to play this when we were in the navy, and I used to be terrible at it. We played inside a carrier ship's cargo hold, so it was hard to make it go far without having the ball stop before it was supposed to when it hit the ceiling. But after a while..." he paused as he swung again, making impact with another ball and sending it a small bit further than before, "..I got the hang of it."

After about twenty swings, Mary finally managed to get her ball to land farther than Kanen's with a victorious, "YES! WOOO!" Both of her fists were in the air, one of them clutching her club as she panted and smiled at her accomplishment.

"That was a great shot!" Kanen clapped in genuine praise for Mary, "I think you got the hang of it pretty fast, too!"

After swinging as much as she did and with such passion, Mary had tired herself out. She went to give Kanen a hug before looking at herself and frowning a little, "Aw, man, I got all sweaty and gross."

"Ah, it's fine," Kanen remarked, "I got some towels in the back- I always keep some for a rainy day or whatever. You never know when you'll need one, to be honest."

Mary snickered a little. "I think I'll just rinse off real quick when I get home," She continued to giggle at Kanen's towels, "Speaking of which, we should probably get going if we don't wanna be late for dinner."

"Oh yeah, you're right," Kanen realized, "Well, let's get going!"


Meanwhile Fennel was at home and dinner was about ready for the part regardless of how far away the meal itself was, the menu tonight would include burritos, chips, salsa and flan for dessert. She couldn’t explain why, but Fennel was particularly excited to see Bob again.

Eventually, Bob walked through the front door, hanging up his cap by the door as he called out with a sigh of relief, "I'm home!"

As soon as Fennel heard the door open she hand rushed up to Bob and was practically spinning in a happy circle repeating "Bob, Bob, Bob, I have good news!"

"Well, you're certainly happy," Bob chuckled, "What's the good news, Fen?"

Fennel stopped spinning for a moment and replied "Mary invited her boyfriend to dinner, isn't that so cute!" Before hugging Bob.

"Ah, that's pretty nice," Bob agreed, hugging Fennel back comfortably, "I'm just happy to finally meet this guy."

"From what I can tell so far he seems like a nice young man." Fennel said as she led Bob to the couch. "So how was work today?" She asked with a smile and a rapid tail wag.

"I pulled over one guy today, and that's the most excitement I had," Bob sighed, "Imagine it. Giving someone a ticket for speeding is the highlight of my day."

"Maybe I can visit you on the job at some point, bring you lunch, say hi to your boss, something like that." Fennel suggested as she latched onto Bob's arm.

"That'd certainly be more interesting than tickets," Bob smiled, "But I dunno about saying hi to Ms. Gray. She's a bit serious about the job."

"I guess... You feel all tense, maybe I can give you a back rub?" Fennel cooed as she tightened her hug on Bob's arm.

"...Why not?" Bob shrugged, "But only if I give you one after. I can only imagine how much you've been working with the kids and whatnot."

"Only if you toss in a belly rub." Fennel teased before placing her hands on Bob's shoulders and giving him a kiss on the cheek. With this she began massaging Bob's shoulders "Honey, you really should ask me to this for you more often."

"I'll be sure to do that too," Bob assured, holding Fennel's shoulders and rubbing them softly as he looked down to her.

"Hey, I'm home! Kanen's with me!" Mary exclaimed as she opened the front door, walking inside and gesturing him in before spotting Bob and Fennel, "Are you guys trying to massage each other at the same time?"

"Y-yes." Fennel replied realizing the lack of efficiency this technique had. "Oh, Mary, can you call your sisters down for dinner, we'll just be a minute."

"Well, you're Kanen?" Bob greeted, holding out a hand out for Kanen to shake.

"Yeah, that's me," Kanen nodded as he took the hand and shook it, "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir!"

"Ah, just call me Bob," the ex-Doom Marine assured, "Everyone does."

"I'll go get my sisters and rinse off," Mary smiled, giving Kanen a kiss on the cheek before walking off.

"Oh you two are just so cute." Fennel giggled.

"Hey!" Zoey shouted from her room, "Is that Mary's boyfriend!? Have they fucked yet?! Can I come out?"

"Not right now, no!" Bob shouted back to Zoey to answer her last question only, before turning back to Kanen, "That's Zoey. She can be... a handful- she's grounded right now, so just ignore her."

Many of the girls began scampering downstairs for dinner and to meet Mary's boyfriend, including Maria, her not-muscular twin sister.

"Oh hey Maria, what was that cardgame you've been playing recently? It looks like fun." Fennel asked.

"It's just poker with different rules," Maria answered with a laugh.

Kanen had to take a second glance at Maria to realize that she wasn't Mary, blinking with quiet surprise.

"Oh we should learn that one." Fennel said as she looked up at Bob while biting down on her bottom lip, ever so slightly.

"I'm Maria," Introduced she, "I know, Mary and me both hate having basically the same name."

"Y-yeah, it's pretty similar," Kanen nodded with a nervous grin, "I'm Kanen, it's nice to meet you."

"And I'm Elizabeth!" Proclaimed the ten-year-old, holding her hand up to Kanen for a shake, "Soon-to-be world famous chef!"

"Well, I can't wait to see what you can cook up!" Kanen accepted Elizabeth's hasty handshake.

Soon enough, Kanen had been introduced to every girl living in the household save for Zoey and Harper, who were grounded. "... And voila!" Madison exclaimed, being the last to introduce herself and showing Kanen a magic trick. She turned her hand to reveal... "And now! Your wallet is mine!" She let out a giggle as she tossed it back at its owner.

"That's impressive," Kanen nodded as he snatched back his wallet.

"Madison, you haven't been pickpocketing have you?" Fennel asked.

"Ew, no," Madison grimaced.

"Good." Fennel nodded, before calling for Zoey, Ruby, and Harper to come out for dinner.

Finally, Zoey could introduce herself, strolling straight up to Kanen for a confident handshake. "I'm Zoey!" She introduced, "This is Ruby, and the one that's gonna introduce herself next with the pink hat is Harper. I gotta tell you that beforehand, because she'll probably make up a name. She has a lying problem. More importantly, though, are these!" She pulled out a box of condoms that she had behind her back in her other hand and slapped them into Kanen's.

"Zoey!" Fennel glared "That is inappropriate."

"C'mon Latte, it's not long before they screw. I'm just making sure they have protection," Zoey smiled.

"Isn't that the same box Mary dropped on our first date?" Kanen asked.

"Mary, i thought you were joking." Fennel then sighed "You know the rules, Zoey."

"Latte, I'm just campaigning for safe sex and against teen pregnancy," Zoey proclaimed.

"Zoey, that is good but this is not the place to be handing out condoms." Fennel added "Look, Kanen, I'm sure you know enough about the situation, while I'd prefer you two don't have sex, I know it's probably going to happen, so be safe and don't do it here." The vixen explained.

"I understand, Mrs. Roberts," Kanen nodded in affirmation.

"Thank you." Fennel nodded "Do you have any other thoughts on the matter, Honey?" Fennel asked looking to Bob.

"Just- don't do it with her," Bob demanded calmly, "I don't set down a lot of rules, but that's one I'm serious about. Mary might be mature for her age, but she's still sixteen, so please remember that before you get any ideas."

"I-I'll remember that, sir- I mean, Bob," Kanen assured nervously.

Fennel realizing that she and her husband didn't particualrly see eye to eye regarding this situation spoke up "Honey? I think it would be a good idea for us to set decide some dating rules for the girls tonight."

"Yeah, that'd probably be a good idea," Bob agreed, "Maybe later tonight, though. I don't think now's a good time."

"No, I agree, we should definatley to that later." Fennel nodded as she got up to lead the group to the table.

"I hope you all haven't been embarrassing me," Mary remarked as she came downstairs, in a fresh set of clothes and cleaned of her sweat.

"No fucking, Daddy said." Fennel added, though her tone indcated that she was simply making light of the disagreement she and her husband just had.

"W-Wait, what?!" Mary gasped, in shock and dismay at both the fact that she might not get to do it with Kanen and that this had been a conversation topic while she was gone at all. She looked directly at Bob, her expression conveying her emotions and confusion.

"I'm sorry if you're upset about it, but I'm putting my foot down on that," Bob said, "If Zoey's not allowed to do it, then I can't be a hypocrite and let you go do it."

"B-But-" Mary stopped herself, realizing that Kanen was standing there and that this was the absolute worst conversation to have with Bob with her boyfriend there. She bit her tongue and clenched her fists, staying silent to try and keep from making Kanen feel more awkward than he probably did.

"How about we change the topic. So, I had a freind over and we got the baby swing set up." Fennel added cheerrily as she pointed to the swing in the living room.

"Oh yeah, you text me about that earlier," Bob mentioned, "So how was that?"

"It was fun, she helped me run some errands after than, but it wasn't too hard to put together." Fennel replied.

"And we bought stuff so I can build my wagon! I got really big wheels!" Tina exclaimed while Mary simmered on the couch.

"Oh and we also got a stroller and a pump." Fennel added.

"A pump?" Bob repeated, as Kanen sat next to Mary to try and calm her down, "For what?"

"Umm, for the baby." Fennel muttered realizng the akwardness of the situation.

On the couch, Mary quietly muttered, "There goes my plans for the third date."

"What was that?" Fennel asked cocking an ear towards Mary.

"Nothing, mom," Mary sighed.

"Okay, go to the table, everyone is waiting." Fennel said before heading to the table herself.

Once everyone was at the table, Harper surprisingly did not greet Kanen. She just bitterly ate her food, clearly still upset about being ratted out by Zoey and subsequently grounded, no longer able to see Tychen. Mary seemed similarly upset, though less so than Harper.

Fennel dipped a chip into the bowl of queso and held it up to Bob for him to eat, with a smile on her face and slight wag to her tail.

Bob took the chip presented to him and ate it, asking as he swallowed, "So, how was everyone's day?"

"It was great!" Tina exclaimed, "Can you help me get the stuff out of mommy's car later?"

"Of course, sweetie," Bob agreed with a nod.

”You have Sunday off again right?” Fennel asked.

"Just like always," Bob replied, "I'll be here."

"Well, at least my date went well," Mary mentioned as she poked at her food.

“Oh did you two have fun?” Fennel asked.

"Yeah, I'd say it went pretty well," Kanen looked up from his meal to Fennel, "We went out to the shooting range for a bit, and then I taught Mary here how to drive a golf ball a pretty good stretch."

"You should've seen him at the shooting range. I think Kanen's better with a gun than even you," Mary looked up at Bob and smiled in both rememberance and at the opportunity to try stinging Bob's ego after his decree that she could not have sex.

"Oh, really?" Bob scoffed with a chuckle, "Maybe I could tag along sometime and we'll see if that's true."

“Oh, did you do the the old 'show her how to swing a club' trick?” Fennel asked.

"The ol- oh, you know about that?" Kanen laughed nervously.

“Oh, Bob pulled the same move when we started dating.” The fox giggled.

"My new club meets tomorrow!" Madison chimed, "Magic club! Ernette's sponsoring it for me!"

“That sounds fun, you could do a show at the end of the semester.” Fennel suggested.

"Oooh! The whole club could enter as a group in the talent show!" Madison gasped, "I put up posters for the club all over school, so I bet a bunch of people are gonna join!"

“Oh a talent show too.” Fennel gasped.

"I have a big reveal planned too for everyone when they show up!" Madison went on, "Like, all the people wanting to join the club come in... Ernette greets them.. And then BAM! I magic all over the place and wow them! It'll probably be my greatest trick yet! I've put a lot of work into it!"

“Oh if only I could go to the first meeting or are parents allowed?” Fennek asked.

"I promise to record it for you," Madison giggled, so excited that a playing card flopped out of her shirt and onto the table. "Oh, woops," She cringed, quickly grabbing the card and stuffing it back where it belonged.

Fennel simply giggled at the card.h

"... Hey, Bob?" Casey spoke up, seeming hesitant.

"Yes, Casey?" Bob responded softly, "What is it?"

"Well... You know how you built that treehouse for Tina?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"Well, um... Could you build a shed, please?"

"Uh... sure," Bob nodded, "What would it be for?"

"I wanna use it for... Bug stuff," Casey perked up a little, surprised Bob said yes, "I've been watching a guy called AntsCanada and he has a huge ant farm- A bunch of ant farms and stuff."

"Oh, alright," Bob nodded along, not showing his confusion as to why Casey would need an entire shed for ant farms, "I'm sure I can get started on that soon."

Casey let out a little gasp and a rare, big smile came upon her. "Thank you!" She exclaimed before happily munching on her burrito.

"You're welcome," Bob smiled as he took a bite of his own meal.

”Oh, were you looking into any specific types of ants?” Fennel asked, before biting into her burrito.

"Well, I wanna have more than just ants. And I'm gonna start my own YouTube channel like his, but for all bugs!" It was obvious that Casey didn't get to talk about her passion for bugs often.

“Oh that sounds really cool. When you start looking for a camera, I’ll see if I can get some light magic doodad figured out for you.” Fennel offered.

"Why would someone make a YouTube channel just about... Ants? I mean, how many videos can you make about just ants?" Zoey questioned.

"They're fun videos," Casey harrumphed, "Why would someone spend a hundred dollars on shampoo?"

"Hey! My hair is very soft because of my special shampoo mix! And it lasts a long time," Zoey retorted.

“Sometimes I wish didn’t have to use so much shampoo.” Fennel muttered.

"I'm surprised we haven't gone broke from how much Zoey spends on clothes and shampoo," Maria remarked.

“To be honest, I don’t really care as long as you aren't stealing it, considering our shampoo budget isn't as big as you’d think, even with Zoey,” Fennel commented.

"I'm not a thief, Latte," Zoey assured.

“Okay, I wasn't saying you were,“ Fennel assured, “Oh, yes, uncle Ryle is going to be over for dinner tommorrow, but I told you girls already right?”

"Mhm! And I'm making dinner!" Elizabeth proclaimed, "It's a shame you won't be able to eat it, Kanen... Unless you wanna come over tomorrow too!"

"I mean," Kanen shrugged, looking to Mary, "If it's alright with you guys, then I'd love to come by."

"Yeah, as long as she's here for dinner, I think that should be fine," Fennel nodded. "Unless you have any objections, Bob, that is," The vixen added, turning to her husband.

"Oh yeah, of course you can come over tomorrow," Bob agreed with a nod, "I don't see why not."

"Mmm, that was really good, mommy," Tina smiled before turning to Shlyke, "Did you like it?"

"Aww thank you, Tina." Fennel smiled.

"It was of being very good, yes," Shlyke agreed with a nod, "I was of tasting all the spices and seasoning. Very good!"

"Come on! Let's go to the treehouse!" Tina exclaimed, getting up out of her chair and practically running towards the sliding door to the backyard.

"Whoa, slow down, Tina!" Bob stated, "You're gonna miss out on dessert!"

“Yeah, mommy made flan.” Fennel added.

"Oh!" Tina skidded to a halt and immediately ran back to the table.

Noticing that most everyone was close the finishing, Fennel got up and brought out several ramekins of flan out and placed them on the table.

"Oh, this is of looking delicious, Fennel, yes!" Shlyke declared, taking a spoon and sticking a spoonful of flan in his mouth.

"Oh, speaking of dessert," Elizabeth piped up, "I should have the period brownies ready soon."

"Ok good."

"...Period brownies?" Kanen leaned into Mary and asked.

"They're special brownies that Elizabeth makes for Zoey and Fennel on their periods," Mary informed, "They're like... Literally the greatest thing ever."

"Yeah, a friend was wondering if you could make brownies, and I know she'll love them." Fennel nodded.

"She showed me her friend, and she looks like she's on a really bad one," Elizabeth grimaced.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Tina gasped, "I almost forgot! Mommy! I got you a present!"

"Oh what is it, Tina?" Fennel asked.

Tina quickly fished a collar out of her pocket, holding it up to Fennel and for everyone to see. It was a bright pink with a heart-shaped tag that read Mommy.

"Oh that's very pretty." Fennel replied as she somehow took on a shade of red, though her tail wagging indicated she definately liked the present.

"Don't ask," Mary whispered to Kanen.

"When you are done eating, can you put it on Mommy's night stand?" Fennel requested.

"You don't wanna wear it right now?" Tina asked.

"Oh, I just didn't want to get it dirty, but I'll wear it now." Fennel said, trying to perform damage control. "Can you hand it to Mommy then?" Tina stretched her hand out as far as she could across the table, handing the collar to Fennel.

Fennel then grabbed the collar and quickly put it arround her neck as the heart shaped tag jingled with her head movements. "How does it look?" Fennel asked, placing a few fingers near on her collar bones near the tag.

"I think it looks good?" Bob answered, unsure how to answer such an awkward question in front of all the girls, most of whom began giggling in response.

Tina innocently turned her head to Kanen and informed, "Mommy and daddy have been trying BDSM."

"It's not BDSM!" Fennel squeaked. Mary buried her face in her hands. Likewise, Fennel covered her own face.

"...Alright then..." Kanen replied awkwardly, unsure what to say.

"Are you done with your flan? I'm done with my flan," Mary asked, eager to get Kanen out the door before she could be embarrassed further.

"Uh- yeah, I'm done with my flan," Kanen set his spoon down, noting how embarassed Mary was by the situation.

Fennel was still very embarrassed herself.

"Okay, I'll walk you to your car," Mary quickly said, getting up, grabbing Kanen's hand, and leading him to the front door without giving him a chance to say goodbye to anyone. Immediately once the two were outside, she shut the door and let out a heavy sigh, "Oh my god... I'm sorry about... Everything in there."

"It's fine, it's fine," Kanen reassured, "I kinda got the feeling it was gonna be a bit chaotic the moment you told me you lived there with nine of your sisters."

"Ugh, and then the no sex thing," Mary mumbled, covering her face with a groan as she leaned against the door.

"I mean, it's not that bad," Kanen regarded, "But I see why you're mad about it."

Mary thought for a moment, and an idea dawned upon her. She would do something she never thought she would do in this household...

She was going to disobey her parents. "... Well... I'll see you tomorrow," Mary suddenly smiled, her mood doing a complete 180 as she kissed Kanen on the lips and waved him goodbye.

Kanen reciprocated the kiss, and waved, "Alright, see you then!"

Meanwhile in the kitchen “Bob, can you just unload the van and bring the pump and stroller downstairs, please.” Fennel requested before heading to their bedroom.

"Sure," Bob agreed, walking out to the van and grabbing the bag in which the pump, along with the box for the stroller, and heaved both downstairs.

Fennel walked up to Bob and took the pump off him before placing it on the bed, “Ive been having trouble going to bed... I just feel like my breasts are really full and sore at night. I dunno. But regarding the girls and dating rules.” Fennel added as she opened the box. ”I don’t want them having sex with thier boyfriends it’s just you know they are all kind of sex addicts, I just felt allowing them some room would be easier on them than going cold turkey. I was also thinking it would help them see sex as an expression of love over something more casual, but how do you feel?” Fennel explained.

"I may have been a bit harsh about that, yeah," Bob admitted, sitting on the end of the bed with a sigh, "I guess it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Zoey was on my mind, and I was wrong to inflate Mary and Kanen with her... you know."

“No, I understand. But that’s what I meant the other day when we grounded Zoey. Like if she was dating a guy and after a while they started having sex, I’d prefer that as opposed to her sleeping with three guys on a single night. You know?”Fennel replied as she opened the box and read the instructions.

"Yeah, that's a lot better than her sneaking out to bang a room full of guys from school," Bob agreed, "...I should talk to Mary about this. Apologize for that and clear things up with her about it. I bet she's madder than she's letting on about it."

“Yeah, probably.” Fennel nodded before setting the battery operated pump on the bed “Hmm. So I think I just make sure this part is over my nipple properly and switch it on.” Fennel muttered as she looked over the device. “Maybe we should maybe set limitations other than use protection and not at home?” The vixen suggested.

"To be honest, I'm not sure what other limitations we could put on them before they start going behind our backs about it," Bob shrugged, "I mean, I trust the girls, don't get me wrong, but with Zoey having done it, and Harper's trips with Tychen..."

“Yeah? I think those are good for now, I think the therapist will help us set other guide lines.” Fennel agreed before attaching the pump. “Oh can you just hit the switch?” Fennel requested, a bit distracted before continuing. “But yeah we should talk to her tonight. I don’t know maybe call her down?” Fennel said as she pulled the blanket over herself.

"Uh... yeah, sure," Bob was a bit distracted by turning on the pump, "Are you sure that a pump is gonna help you sleep?"

“I dont know for sure but if we don’t need it now it will be nice to have in case we need to have someone else to feed the baby, but right now it’s more about emptying them.” Fennel explained.

"Fair enough," Bob shrugged, gently laying back next to her.

“Do you think you can give me a belly rub after you call Mary?” Fennel asked, using her best puppy dog eyes.

"Sure, honey," Bob smiled as he got up to call Mary downstairs to talk.

After a few moments, the teen made her way to the basement. She gave the breast pump a curious look before asking, "Why hat's up?"

“We decided to reset your and Kanen’s... initmacy rules, to be more lenient.” Fennel replied.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Mary asked with a tinge of hope and surprise.

“Use protection and please not in the house and only with Kanen or whoever is your current boyfriend in the future.” Fennel stated, “We’d prefer you didn’t but this is us giving you some freedom okay?”

"Oh my god, thank you!" Mary gasped, leaping forward and giving Fennel a hug before doing the same to Bob.

“Please not so hard next time.” Fennel grimaced, rubbing her chest.

"Yeah, I'm sorry for having done that," Bob apologized, "In retrospect, it's not a great comparison between you and Zoey."

"I would've told you that if Kanen wasn't there... Or yelled," Mary smirked.

“So we are in agreement then, no foursomes?” Fennel jokingly asked.

"No foursomes," Mary snickered as she started for the stairs, "Thanks again! Is that all?"

“Yes that’s all.” Fennel nodded. Mary bounded up the stairs with newfound joy, likely off to text the good news to Kanen.

“So about that belly rub?” Fennel asked, as she turned to face Bob.

"A deal is a deal," Bob chuckled as he laid back down next to her, beginning to rub Fennel's stomach.

“Oh, I never got you your back rub.” Fennel poured as her tail wagged at an increasing speed.


"Roberts," Sarah Gray called as she approached Bob's desk with a cup of coffee in her hand, "Where's the papers for that speeding ticket you gave yesterday?"

"I thought I handed them in before I checked out yesterday," Bob hummed as he looked up to his boss, as he began to fumble through the various piles of paperwork on his desk, "Could've sworn I- ah! Here they are, Ms. Gray."

She took a look at the report as she sipped on her coffee. "Don't give me late paperwork next time," She sighed, walking towards her office.

"Won't happen again!" Bob assured, before quietly sighing as he went back to work with another set of papers.

At this moment, Fennel opened the door to the police department, carrying a small cooler. “Umm, hi I’m here to see officer Roberts.” She said to the receptionist.

"Hm? And who are you? Can I see your driver's license, please?" The receptionist asked, holding out her hand.

“I’m Fennel Roberts.” The vixen replied before Fishing out her drivers license and handing it to the receptionist.

"... Oh! You must be Bobby's wife!" The receptionist suddenly smiled as she handed the license back to Fennel, "It's nice to finally meet you. Just take the elevator to the second floor and walk forwards a bit. You should see him at his desk."

“Okay then.” Fennel smiled back before heading to the elevator and after a few moments she leaned over his shoulders from behind. “Hi, honey, I brought you lunch.”

"Oh, hey Fen!" Bob smiled as he stood up to hug his wife, "How are you doing?"

“Fine, I just wanted to bro g you lunch today. How’s work been so far?” The vixen asked as she took a seat in a nearby rolling chair.

"Yeah, honey, how's work been?" Sarah questioned, appearing seemingly out of nowhere as she sipped on her coffee and glared at Bob.

“Oh, um is it not Bobby’s lunch break?” Fennel asked, fearing she had come at the wrong time.

"Mm, it's just 'Bobby' should know that I like to be warned before people visit," Sarah forced a smile.

“Umm... If it helps you can have some of the lunch I brought... as an apology.” Fennel offered obviously intimidated by her husband's boss.

"... You know what? No," Sarah gray as she put a hand on Bob's shoulder and jostled him a little, "I know a much better way to make it up to me, 'Bobby'. How about your wife watches us fight in the ring downstairs? Er, uh.. 'spar'."

"I uh... yeah, why not?" Bob shrugged back, "I'm not gonna turn down some sparring."

"Great. If you can manage to hold your own for at least twenty seconds, I might make this a regular thing then," Sarah grinned, gesturing for Bob and Fennel to follow her to the elevator.

Fennel promptly followed as she took Bob’s hand and led him to the elevator.

The three entered the department's "training room", which held what looked to be a boxing ring surrounding by various exercise equipment, and dummies of various quality, all of which had a rough doodle of a large-nosed bald man on them.

Sarah unbuttoned her coat and tossed it on the ground, wearing only a tank top, her pants, and boots as she quickly climbed into the ring. "C'mon, Roberts! Make this fun and I'll extend your lunch break!" She hollered. It would probably be the first time Bob would have ever seen his boss excited by anything.

“Kick her ass!” Fennek cheered. It was obvious the vixen was excited to watch the event.

Bob took a moment, taking a few deep breaths as he clenched his fists together. "You're on, Gray!" he declared as he himself climbed into the opposite side of the ring, not bothering to strip down any.

"If you can manage to break a bone, you get a raise," Sarah teased, "Go on, ladies first." She was never so cocky before a fight, but she hoped to rile Bob up enough for him to make this good.

Bob took a moment to eye his opponent, crunching his knuckles in his clenched fists, before charging at Sarah, fist flying at her. He didn't want to disappoint.

Sarah waited until the last possible second of Bob's charge before sidestepping his advance, kicking off the ground and swinging her foot for behind his knee in more of a mid-air stomp than a kick.

The ex-Doom Slayer pulled his leg forwards just enough that Sarah's stomp would be rendered null, as he turned himself about as fast as he could, his fist leading the way in a direct arc towards Sarah's chest.

However, Sarah had used her stomp to then propel herself backwards and away from the punch, her eyes staring down at the fist inches from her face mid-movement before she landed about a foot away from Bob. "Wow, usually going for behind the knee ends the fight like that," She snapped her fingers, smiling at Bob, "Maybe I should've taken that demon stuff on your résumé more seriously." Her stance clearly showed that she was nowhere close to being done with their sparring session after just a single exchange.

“Woo!” Fennel hollweed as her tail wagged furiously.

Bob did not respond, too 'in the zone' to focus on conversation as he swung at Sarah again with his other fist, heaving himself forwards in a furious hurry.

Using Bob's speed during his attack and her own comparative nimbleness to her advantage, Sarah bounded to the floor to move between Bob's legs and come out safely on the other side, her fist ready to strike at the man's weak spot on the way. She was obviously not above low blows.

“Watch out!” Fennel called out, seeing what was about to happen.

Bob, though, was not about to let his jewels be so easily desecrated. Hunkering down somewhat, as Sarah tried to bound under him, Bob brought his knee down, hoping to catch her under it. It may have still left his weak point vulnerable, but bringing his weight down on her’d have a more lasting impact in the man’s thought process about what he was doing.

Sarah let out a wheeze of pain as the air was forced out of her lungs by Bob bringing his weight down on her. There was no way for her to dodge such a move, but it did provide her with ample opportunity to punch upwards without relent, like an upside down jackhammer.

While he tried to hold his position through the searing pain of the flurry of crotch-shots, gritting his teeth and groaning, Bob knew he could not take much more. As such, he pulled a fist upwards, and brought it down towards Sarah's arm, hoping for at least a moment's reprieve from the gential beating.

However, despite crying out in agony of what might have been a broken bone based on the sound her arm made, the pain only seemed to egg Sarah on further as the punching increased in its frequency exponentially.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Fennel cried as she extended her brush freezing the two in place. “You're gonna break his damn balls!”

"Fennel, I'm fine," Bob assured through a groan of pain.

"Yeah, come on," Sarah grunted out, her teeth clenched as she held in a cry of pain.

”First off, you have a broken arm, and you know I want more kids still.” Fennel barked at the two.

"I've broken my arm lots of times," Sarah huffed, "I was just about to win too."

”And we don’t need two officers out of commission.” Fennel snapped. “Now get over here so I can fix that while it’s still fresh.”

"It's not like this town is a hotbed of crime," Sarah muttered;

"No, it's such a cesspool, I had to give someone a ticket for speeding," Bob sarcastically huffed.

“Ok how about this, come to the barbecue tommorrow then you two can go ham and avoid the paper work.” Fennel suggested.

"There's more paperwork involved with us fighting outside of this building than inside," Sarah corrected, disappointed that their fight had been so abruptly cut short as she patted Bob's leg, "You're still crushing my ribs, by the way."

"Ah right," Bob noted as he stood up, offering a hand down to Sarah as he did. She grabbed his hand with her not-broken arm and pulled herself to her feet with a grimace.

Fennel then walked up to the two “Ms. Gray, if you would please hold out your arm.”

"More magic?" She sighed, holding her arm out.

Sarah would then feel bones sliding together before snapping together with an audible click. “Just take it easy, it's just kinda stuck in the right place.” Fennel then turned to Bob ”And your balls?”

"I'll walk it off," Bob held up a hand to gesture that he was fine, "I'm sure they'll be fine."

“Well they better be fine by the time you get home.” Fennel huffed. “Now the Invitation is still extended, even if you don’t want to murder each other.”

Sarah let out a sigh, "I'll pass. I don't like barbecues. Roberts, you'll get your raise, and it was fun while it lasted, I guess." She began walking to the staircase, grabbing her coat off the ground on the way, "Go ahead and just... Take the rest of the day off. It's not like we'll have to deal with a terrorist or gang violence or whatever."

“Umm, though if you two insist on sparring, let me know and I can mitigate injuries.” Fennel offered. Gray said nothing in response, walking up the stairs and out of sight.

"Alright... thanks, Ms. Gray," Bob called back, unsure what to do as he turned to Fennel and sighed, "I appreciate you coming up, but you really should've given me some time to tell Sarah about that. Otherwise, she..." he gestured about around him.

“I’m sorry, I forgot.” Fennel replied as her ears drooped down.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

Post by Lowfn on Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:32 am

Zandoo, H, Teed

After the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, Madison had bolted straight to the classroom she and Ernette reserved for her new club. She waited outside the door for Ernette to show up, overflowing with excitement. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" She mumbled, bouncing in place a little.

Hastily, the benefactor carried her work-bag with her as she speed-walked over to the door. "Sorry if I kept you waiting," Ernette apologized, "I-I had some last-minute paperwork, but I am here now!"

"It's fine!" Madison exclaimed, impatiently waiting for Ernette to open the door, "I ran over here really fast!"

"I'm sure you were quick," Ernette agreed as she fumbled with the key for a moment, before unlocking the classroom's door.

Madison quickly stepped into the classroom and set her backpack near the door, looking around with a big smile. "Everything should already be ready... I set most of the stuff up in the ceiling tiles before school. Can you put this note on the door and close it?" She requested, unfolding a paper from her pocket and handing it to Ernette which read, "Magic Club will meet fifteen minutes after the bell! Please wait here and you'll be let in!"

"Oh, sure!" Ernette happily chimed, walking to the door, taping it to the door, and closing it behind her, "So, what are you planning to do for your first meeting?"

"Oh, you'll see!" Madison giggled, clapping her hands together and creating a small puff of smoke before a thick, black cloth appeared in her hands, which she promptly covered the door's small window with. "But first, we need to change! You're gonna be my lovely assistant!" She had spent so much time on the rest of the tricks planned for the meeting that she had to actually bend down and pull Ernette's costume out of her backpack and hand it to her.

It was the typical "magician's assistant" wear, with high high heel black boots, fishnet leggings, short and tight black plants, a white, button-up shirt that was designed to show off plenty of cleavage, a black coat with long tails, and a white bowtie that would go around her neck. Madison, of course, was already wearing her usual magician's garb.

Ernette looked over the costume, weighing internal conflict. On one hand, it was not very teacher-like to wear such a revealing outfit in school. However, she was helping Madison as much as she could with the club. She held the costume for a moment, humming quietly, before looking to Madison and nodding, "A-alright, sure!" She would then attempt to scamper off to the restroom to change quickly.

"W-Wait!" Madison gasped before Ernette could open the door, "If anyone sees you leaving or coming back in, it'll ruin the surprise of everything!"

"O-Oh!" Ernette lightly smacked her forehead, "I should've thought about that! I guess I'll change in here, then." And so, she hastily changed into the given outfit, though was still unsure if it was in any way near proper school attire (she was leaning towards the prospect that it was not).

"You look perfect!" Madison exclaimed giddily, "Okay, I need you to hide these six smoke pellets in the six teenie tiny pockets on the sides of your coat," Madison poofed six pellets into her hand and showed Ernette where the barely visible pockets were located.

Ernette looked over the miniscule pockets with intrigue, gently placing each and every smoke pellet where they were supposed to go. "I know I'm agreeing to all of this, but... isn't this a bit... revealing?" Ernette asked, as she made sure her top was buttoned up right.

"Wha?" Madison blinked before realizing what the Benefactor was getting at, "Oh! No, no no! This is, like, a classic magician's assistant outfit! Haven't you ever watched a magic show or anything before?"

"Other than watching you do magic, no," Ernette shook her head, assured that she was fine with what she was wearing (even if it didn't line up entirely with the school's strict dress code).

"Now, uh... Uhm..." Madison quickly went over the performance in her head, making sure that everything was as it needed to be, "Oh! Right!" She pulled out a screwdriver from her pocket, turned off the lights, and asked, "Hey, can you use your phone's flashlight and shine it over here? I need to take the... Light switch... Panel thingy off the wall."

"Wait, what?" Ernette blinked, unsure of why in the world Madison would need to take the light switch off the wall. That, and more than likely constituting destruction/abuse of school property, made the Benefactor hesitant on doing it.

"You're gonna like this, just shine your flashlight over here," Madison giggled, waving Ernette over despite the darkness obviously making the gesture unseeable.

Ernette sighed and went along with what Madison wanted, pulling out her phone and turning on its flashlight, shining it where Madison was working on the light switch.

The young magician quickly unscrewed the screws holding the fixture to the wall and held it in her mouth before gently pulling on the wires that connected to the light switches. She held onto one with one hand and then reached into her pocket with the other, grabbing a very small, cubical device and pinching it and the light switch to free up her hand so she could carefully disconnect the light switch from the wire. She then attatched the cube to the back of the light switch and inserted the wire into the device. She repeated this series of steps with the other switch before replacing the panel and screwing it back in.

"Okay, turn off your flashlight," Madison requested, "This is one of my favorite things to do." Once the flashlight was off, the teen snapped her fingers, causing the lights to turn on.

Ernette gasped at the sudden return of the lights, a giddy smile on her face. "Oh my gosh!" Ernette gawked, "How did you do that?"

"Normally, I wouldn't reveal my secrets, buuut... You kinda saw how anyway," Madison shrugged, "That little thingy I put in the light switch responds to my snapping! It's a pretty small range of error, so I gotta make sure I snap just right or it doesn't work, but it makes sure that nobody else snapping doesn't screw things up." She snapped her fingers twice, turning the lights off and then back on again.

"Huh," Ernette looked between Madison and the light switch for a few moments, before realizing with a blink, "Just remember to take it out when we're done. I don't want whoever uses this room to have their lights going on and off in the middle of class, because they'll track that back to the last people who used the room."

"Of course, of course," Madison nodded, "I always clean up after an act. There's a lot that goes into my magic shows that you don't see."

"...Well," Ernette looked at her phone again, before setting it down, "It's been about fifteen minutes. Should we open the doors?"

"I got it. I just need you to stand riiiight..." Madison put her hands on Ernette's upper arms, moving the Benefactor about a foot to the left, "Here. Just stand still and look pretty."

"I can do that!" Ernette beamed, smiling innocently as she awaited to see who had come to join Madison's ambitious club.

Madison snapped her fingers, and the lights went out. The door seemed to open on its own as Madison's voice echoed around the entire room, "Come in... Welcome... To Magic Club!"




There wasn't anyone standing outside the door.

"Wh- What the-" Madison blinked, scampering up to the door and peeking out into the hallway, seeing a complete absence of students. She snapped her fingers, turning the lights back on and revealing nearly seventy knifes dangling out of several open ceiling tiles by thin strings. She didn't seem concerned about that all as she looked around, "Where the heck is everyone?"

"Wh- what?!" Ernette's smile faded almost instantly as she peeked out the door, looking up and down the hallway in despair. "D-did nobody show up?!" the benefactor stuttered in somewhat shock.

"I know I put the right time and stuff on my posters... Oh man... What if I accidentally put the wrong room!?" Madison cried out, "Come on! I put a poster up down the hall on a pillar down here!" She rushed out of the classroom, not sure what she hoped the result of her search would be. Ernette, not wasting a moment, was in hot pursuit behind her.

She stopped in front of a pillar, every ounce of optimism and joy drained from her as she stared at the flier proclaiming Salgia was a freak. It was much smaller than the large poster she had made was, meaning someone had to have purposely taken down her poster to replace it with this.

"...Oh my god," Ernette mumbled as she, too, saw the smaller flier that covered Madison's club poster spot. It was one of the few times that she let herself feel angry, at whoever would dare post such a small, insignificant sheet she had seen before across the entire school on this single spot.

"... Why would... Someone just... Tear down my posters?" Madison whimpered, removing the flier and letting it fall to the ground, just in case her large poster was somehow hidden behind it. Her eyes filled with tears, and she seemed on the verge of crying.

"I have no idea, Madison," Ernette harrumphed as she looked at the empty spot, before her visage softened as she noted Madison's sadness, "... But we're not gonna let this set us back, Madison. Alright? I promise you that you will be running a club with plenty of members."

However, as soon as Madison realized she would have to disassemble her magical performance, she burst into tears, hugging Ernette for support and sobbing.

"It's okay..." Ernette hummed as she wrapped her arms gently around the teenager to comfort her.

"Oh my!" Gasped Brittany as she approached the two, "What's going on here? Is she okay?"

"Some terrible person tore down her club's poster, and put up some stupid flier that was everywhere else, too," Ernette explained, still fuming about it as she continued to hug Madison.

"That's awful!" Brittany harrumphed, "I mean, taking down a student poster isn't technically against policy- But that's besides the point!" She let out a sigh before introducing herself, "My name's Brittany. I'm on the student council. I'll try to see what I can do... What club was the poster for?"

"It was for 'Magic Club'. It was supposed to be its first meeting, and we were both excited for it, but since nobody saw the poster..." Ernette detailed the situation.

"Oh dear..." Brittany grimaced, looking at the sobbing mess that was Madison and gently resting a hand on her shoulder, "Hey.. Hey... I'll come check out your... Magic club. How about that? Do you have any 'tricks up your sleeve' for me?"

Madison sniffled a few times and began to calm down. After wiping her tears on her sleeve, she thought for a moment. A small smile formed on her face as she tuned to Ernette. "Maybe we'll get to do the show after all?"

"...Yeah, that sounds good to me," Ernette smiled back to the teenager, "Let's go make some magic!"

After Madison and Ernette slunk back into the classroom and fixed the knives coming out of the ceiling, the door opened in front of Brittany as Madison repeated her previous greeting, "Come in... Welcome... To Magic Club!"

As soon as Brittany stepped in, she heard a snap as the door closed behind her and a singular light above Ernette turned on. "Say hello to my lovely assistant, Ernette! Wave to the crowd- Er, person, Ernette!" Madison's voice echoed all around, but the teen herself remained unseen.

Ernette enthusiastically waved on command, a cheery smile on her face as she did.

"Don't get too attatched to my assistant though! We won't be seeing her for long!" Madison sneered as the ceiling tiles folded in on themselves as two halves of a floorless box swung down and entrapped Ernette. It became obvious why Madison needed her in a very specific spot.

Other ceiling tiles popped out of place as seventy long knives swung out and stabbed into the box from all directions. "Owch! I guess I'll have to get a new assistant after that! But who should it be.... Oh! I know!" There was a puff of smoke as the pellets in Ernette's coat went off, and as the smoke cleared just as fast as it came, the Benefactor was standing in front of the death trap. "How about Ernette! Give her a hand!"

Again, Ernette waved happily. She was just glad to be there, to be honest.

With a snap of Madison's fingers, all of the lights turned on to reveal Madison standing right next to the Benefactor, giving a dramatic pose as confetti shot out of her sleeves. She held in the urge to pant after what was likely some strenuous behind-the-scenes work as she gave Brittany a big smile.

Unfortunately, Brittany was not smiling nor clapping. "... Is that it?" She asked, "Honestly, the cheesy act aside, I could totally tell what was going on. You tried, but, uh... I've seen better tricks from kids still in middle school."

".. W-What?" Madison murmured, once again drained of all joy as she looked at Brittany in shock.

"Yeah, but hey! I guess it's not so bad someone took those posters down, huh? This could've been really embarrassing if you tried pulling this in front of a whole crowd of students," Brittany shrugged, "Anywho, I really should be going. Try to find an already existing club to join, 'kay?" With that, she turned away and began to walk off.

Madison stared out the door where Brittany once was for a moment, feeling a heavy pain in her chest as she stumbled over to a chair and sat down as what the cruel teen said echoed in her head and brought her to tears once again. However, before Ernette could attempt to comfort her, she took off her iconic hat and threw it against the wall before continuing to sob.

It took Ernette a moment to fully process what had just happened, standing completely still and mute until the movement of Madison’s hat snapped her out of her daze and into an attempt to comfort the teen. “H-hey! You don’t need to listen to her,” Ernette insisted, “I thought your tricks were amazing! And so would anyone else, other than her!”

"You only think that because we're like family!" Madison cried out, "I-It's like.. Like thinking a baby's drawing is amazing!" She had spent so much of her childhood hiding her passion for magic out of fear of being mediocre until only recently.

“No, I think that because I’m almost positive she’s the one who put that shitty flier up where your poster was,” Ernette shook her head, “And that’s why she came in here in the first place. To dash your hopes again, like she did with the poster.”

"Why would she do that!?" Madison yelled through her sobbing with a tone that indicated she didn't believe Ernette's theory, "I don't even know her!"

“Why else would she be so happy to ridicule all that hard work you put into this? And why else would she have even said anything about it ‘not being against school policy’ if she didn’t know exactly what we meant?”

Madison gave it a little thought as she tried to calm down some. While what Ernette said did make sense, it was all enough to reignite the magician's doubt in herself that took so long to quell. She sniffled and muttered, "I wanna go home."

While the Benefactor wanted Madison to try and reconcile the mess Brittany had made for her, she also didn't want to force her into anything. "...I can clean this all up, if you want to wait in my car," Ernette informed softly, holding out the keys for her to turn on the air conditioning or whatever she would need to wait.

With a mixture of bitterness and misery, Madison took the keys from Ernette, grabbed her backpack, and walked out of the classroom, leaving behind her hat. Ernette hastily cleaned all she could, changing back into her clothes afterwards. While she knew that Madison was a bit doubtful in her magic, she still grabbed the hat anyways as she locked the classroom door behind her.


"Almost here?" Kanen would recieve a text from Mary. Earlier that day, she had texted nothing except an address to a motel, a room number, and a time while providing no context other than the previous night's excited text informing him of the rule change.

"Almost; I'll be there in a few minutes," Kanen texted back as he pulled into the parking lot of the motel. Though somewhat confused as to why Mary had chosen that location specifically, he had a feeling he knew what she wanted from it.

"Knock on the door and then close your eyes. When you hear it open, walk in and it'll close by itself.  Open your eyes when I tell you to." Was another text from Mary.

Kanen looked at the text, then up at the correct room with a sigh, closing his eyes as he knocked on the door. Almost immediately after the knock, the door opened. Kanen would hear a few quick footsteps and the sound of bedsprings squealing.

As instructed via text, he would walk in, eyes still closed. Once the door shut behind him, Mary spoke up, "Open your eyes..." Mary was laying sideways on the bed, her head resting on one hand while her other arm was draped over her body, which was completely lacking in clothes. She had even gone the extra mile and set up a few candles here and there and tossed rose pedals all over the bed and herself. "Ready for our third date?" She purred.

"O--oh my," Kanen blinked a few times to make sure he was seeing things right. "This.. this is a lot further than I was expecting with a third date," he laughed nervously.

Mary's smile did not waver as she looked Kanen up and down. "It feels like I've been waiting forever for this," She cooed, "Is this your first time?"

Kanen nodded along quietly, standing and unsure what to do, "M-maybe this is going a bit fast," he stammered, "I-I mean, most people, uh... take it a little slower?"

"You did say the third date," Mary reminded hungrily with a sultry giggle as she slowly slid off the bed and approached Kanen, "Besides... After your performance at the shooting range yesterday... It was hard enough waiting until now..."

"I just... I dunno if I'm really ready for this," Kanen muttered, keeping eye contact and eye contact alone with Mary, "I just don't know."

"I can guide you through it, don't worry about anything," Mary smiled, cupping Kanen's cheeks in her hands. It took every ounce of her willpower to take this as slow as she was, but she didn't want to scare Kanen off when she was this close.

"I, uh..." Kanen gulped down his anxiety, blinking for a moment, before looking back into Mary's eyes with a sigh, giving in to her demands, "Alright."


"Is there anything else you wanted to get for the barbecue?" Fennel asked as she went over the list on her phone.

"Well, I think some more buns could be good," Bob thought, "We can always need some more brats, too."

"Don't worry I got you on the second one." Fennel giggled as she patted her stomach. "But yeah, so just off the walmart then?"

"Yeah, I don't see why not," Bob shrugged.

"Okay, do you want to drive?" Fennel asked as she took Bob's hand.

“Sure, I’ll drive,” Bob agreed as he took her’s In response.

After a moment, Fennel was in the passenger seat of the van and looked at a message on her phone.  “Oh hey, Ryle’s in town now.”

"Oh, yay," Bob exclaimed unenthusiastically, "I get to see your brother again."

“What’s wrong with Ryle?” Fennel asked defensively.

"He just seems... too big for his britches, sometimes," Bob tried to explain his contempt.

“He’s not that cocky.” Fennel Insisted, defending her brother.

"He can be pretty cocky sometimes," Bob argued.

“That is true.” Fennel agreed, ”But he does seem to like you though.”

"Yeah, and I'm fine with him, as long as he doesn't flex his power or whatever," Bob grumbled.

“He is a bit of a show boat.” Fennel agreed as the van pulled into the parking lot of the Walmart. “Have you told him about the helicopter yet? I’m sure he’d like that.”

"You know? I don't think I have," Bob pondered as he got out of the van and grabbed a cart, "I'm sure he'd love to try and one-up it."

“I’m pretty sure he’d think it’s badass.” Fennel argued before clinging to one of Bob’s arms.

"Yeah, but still," Bob shrugged as the two walked through the sliding doors of Walmart.

“Alright fine.” Fennel replied ”The girls at least seem to like his stories.”

"I like his stories, they're just... over-the-top, sometimes."

”Well that’s Ryle for you.” Fennel giggled before grabbing a few packs of buns and placing them in the baby seat of the cart.

"Yep, that's Ryle..." Bob agreed with a sigh as he looked over the bread aisle to make sure they had all they needed.

“Oh wow that’s going to be like twenty people at dinner tonight. let me ask if Elizabeth needs anything.”

"Do you need anything else for dinner?" Fennel quickly texted the chef.

"ive already bought what i need!" Elizabeth replied, adding a quick, "thank u though!"

“Okay, it looks like she has everything.” Fennel informed Bob, ”Anything you want? I’ve been craving like a coconut or something like that.”

"Coconut? What're you gonna do with a coconut?" Bob scoffed, "Gnaw on it?"

“You know you can eat the inside right?” Fennel asked missing the joke.

"...I was joking," Bob blinked, setting a small coconut into the cart.

“Oh... yeah... you know they say pregnancy messes with your ability to think 100% straight.”

"Really?" Bob asked as they pulled into the line for checkout.

“Yeah it’s like the hormones or something, I don’t really get it.” Fennel shrugged, “All I know is that it’s your fault.” She joked before giving him a kiss on the cheek.


As Elizabeth hung up blankets to cover the entrances to the kitchen with sheets of paper taped to the blankets declaring the room restricted until she was finished cooking, Harper let out a sigh of boredom and bitterness before picking up her phone and texting, "i miss u :'( :'("

Unlike communicating verbally, which required her to think on the spot, thus resulting in her constant lies, she could take her time with texting and actually 'speak' the truth.

"same here ;(" would be the response from Tychen, before another text came through, "maybe we could meet up later?"

"still grounded >:( i dont know if anna will tell on me if she sees me going thru the window" Harper replied, also sending a sad selfie of herself laying on her bed. She made sure her crop top showed off just enough cleavage in the picture before hitting send.

Wwhy awe u shoeing off uw boobies” while the message was from Tychen‘s phone it was obvious Molota had taken then device for a moment.

"molota is that u give the phone back to tychen that pictures for him >:(>:(>:(" Harper huffed as she sent the message.

i onlyy sentt oone." Molota responded

”sorry bout that. ghosts yknow?” Tychen would respond after a brief pause.

"how can we meet up??" Harper texted before letting out a gasp and quickly typing, "oh! u could sneak into my school and meet me in the bathroom!!!"

"im not sure how id even do that," Tychen responded, before a singular shrug emoji came below it.

"u could go thru the ceiling tiles. lizzy does that for her food thing at her school," Harper suggested.

"im not as small as lizzy tho lol."

"tru..." Harper sighed, thinking a moment before smacking herself in the forehead, "o wait duh i culd just meet you somewhere during lunch."

"u can do that?" Tychen questioned.

"yea they dont rely keep track of us then lol. as long as i get back before my class after lunch its fine."

"ah ok. u wanna meet at like mcdonalds or something? ill buy lunch."

”yes! can u bring booze too pls?”

"you bet harp. just dont drink too much and get us caught, or bob is gonna shove his boot up my ass."

”lol thank u!! <3<3” Harper replied. She quickly lifted her shirt up, exposing her chest as she took another selfie and attached it to the message.

"np bby <3 <3" Tychen texted back.

Harper set her phone down and sighed with a smile as she looked up at the ceiling.


"Hey Avalam!" Salgia called out as they walked into their apartment, a giddy smile on their face.

“Oh, Salgia!” Avalam greeted back, skipping up to the Liss in her comfortable pajamas and giving them a hug, “You seem quite happy to see me!”

"Uh-huh!" the Liss nodded quickly, "Guess what I was out doing? I went and I applied for that salon down the way a bit! And they said I'm hired!" Salgia could barely contain their happiness in their near-squealing.

“Oh my goodness!” Avalam gasped, quickly ensnaring Salgia in a hug and squeezing them against her chest, “I’m so happy for you! A salon sounds perfect!”

"I know, right?! One of my friends told me I'd do great at a salon, and the longer I thought about it, she was so right!" Salgia giggled happily, returning the hug graciously.

“Is this the same friend you’ve been visiting recently?” The shapeshifter inquired, “If so, I’d love to meet her!”

"Yeah! Zoey's been really too nice to me, to be honest," Salgia quipped, "But I'm not complaining! I bet she'd love to meet you, too. She really likes your work."

“Perhaps we could arrange something then,” Avalam mused with a smile, “Would you know if she is free tomorrow?”

"Well, she did ask if I wanted to go out with her to some thing at the beach. I said I'd have to check what you're wanting to do, but if you wanna go," Salgia mused, "I can send her a text saying we'll be coming."

“... Hm... Now that I think about it... I don’t believe I have been to a beach before,” Avalam remarked as she tapped her chin with a finger.

"Really?! Oh, we just have to go then!" Salgia exclaimed, "Beaches are great places to go for whatever, to be honest. That, and you can get a chance to wear your swimsuit."

“... I have a swimsuit?” Avalam blinked, “... I don’t believe I’ve ever swam before.”

"...You're really gonna like the beach then," Salgia giggled, "We'll get you a swimsuit tomorrow before we go, alright? Beaches aren't as fun without one 'cause you're not really supposed to go in the ocean without one. You can, but... it'd be kinda weird to just wade out into the water with your regular clothes."

“Well, I suppose I have no choice then,” Avalam giggled, “I’m anxious to see what a ‘swimsuit’ even looks like.”

"...It might not be the kind of clothing you're used to," Salgia warned, "But... I'm sure you'll like it."

“Well, of course I wouldn’t be used to it if I’ve never gone swimming!” Avalam laughed, “I’m sure I’ll like it as well!”

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Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teed

As dinner time approached the sound of a rather muffled motorcycle could br heard pulling into the Roberts’ driveway before there was a knock at the door.

"I am getting it!" Shlyke declared as he skittered over to the door hastily, standing up on two feet and grabbing the door handle, fumbling with it for a moment, before opening the door.

Standing at the door was none other than Ryke Geoffrey, he was, for whatever reason, still wearing his armor and had several bags of presents along with a large beetle perched on his arm, he seemed to be sporting some fresh cuts on his face. “Hey Shlyke how are you?” The laviturnian asked.”Are Fennel and everyone else here?”

"Am of saying hello to you too," the Abrol muttered, before speaking up, "I am not sure about everyone, but Fennel and Bob are of being at the store. Be coming in, everyone will be being happy to see you!"

“Thank you very much.“ Ryle nodded as his armor melted into a wave of metal shavings that hung on the coat rack like a sheet of aluminum foil. “Oh yeah I got you a present.”

"Oh, really?" Shlyke's eyes focused on the adventurer as he sat back down on the arm of the couch.

“Yeah it’s a jar of Varian Fireweed honey. It’s got like a spicy kick to it. I thought you’d like it.” The adventurer replied as he pulled out a large jar of a vicious golden liquid that let off a soft glow.

"Oh ho ho!" Shlyke examined the glowing fluid with intrigue as he held the jar with four hands, turning it about in his grasp with curiosity, "This is of being very thoughtful! Many thanks!"

“Just be careful its a slow heat that lingers.” Ryle warned before he called out “Oi! Anyone else home?”

"Uncle Ryle!" Tina exclaimed, running up to the man and hugging him.

“Hey Tina! How’s it going kiddo?” Ryle responded returning the hug.

"I'm gonna build a wagon! With really big wheels!"

“Oh wow that sounds fun!” Ryle exclaimed, “Are you going to take it exploring in the woods or something?”

"Oh, uhm... I dunno," Tina shrugged, "I just wanna build one!"

“Well luckily for you I thought you might want to do something like that so I got you this.” Ryle said before pulling a small tool belt from one of the bags.

"Oh cool!" Tina gasped, "Thank you! Daddy's tool belt is too big!"

“I take it you like it then.” Ryle grinned before tussling Tina’s hair, “Alright now go get your sisters so Ryle Claus can hand out the rest of these presents."

"Latte! Can I come out and see Ryle?" Zoey yelled from her room.

”She ain’t here, but I won’t snitch on you if you do.” Ryle called back.

"You're the best!" Zoey giggled as she scurried out of her room to meet Ryle, Ruby in tow.

“Princesses Wolfe, truly an honor to be in your presences.” Ryke chuckled with a playful bow.

Zoey and Ruby couldn't help but giggle as they performed a cursty. "It's about time I got some proper respect around here," Zoey joked.

“Alright check these out.“ Ryle said pulling out two pairs of earings made of red and yellow gems, the wire surrounding each gem had a very Celtic feel to them. “You got your phones on you right.”

"Oooh! Uh- Yeah, why?" Zoey asked as she and Ruby quickly pulled their phones out.

”Okay, put the earrings in then play any song.” Ryle requested as he handed each of the girls a pair of earrings.

"Are they like, bluetooth or something?" Zoey inquired, hurriedly putting the earrings on before looking for a song on her phone. She settled on Material Girls by Madonna.

“Sort of, they are new in Varie but yeah, basically all the benefits of wireless earbuds minus the battery life and getting uncomfortable after a while.

"Wait, don't I have to connect them to my phone or something?"

“No, it’s like does some sort of mind reading to link everything together. So you should be able to swap to any device by thinking about it.” Ryle explained.

"Woah!" Ruby gasped, obviously listening to some song on her phone. Zoey quickly pressed Material Girls and let out a gasp of her own.

"These are awesome!" Zoey exclaimed.

“Yeah if they act up put them in direct sunlight for like an hour or so, it’s relatively new magic and that’s supposed to act as a reboot or something.” Ryle instructed.

"Hey, Ryle!" Maria greeted, surprisingly not joined by her own best sister, Madison.

“Hey Maria, how are you?“ Ryle asked as he began digging through his bags.

"I've been better, or... Well- Madison's really upset," Maria admitted with a sigh.

“What happened?” Ryle asked as he stopped digging through the bag.

"Well... I had to get most of the story from Ernette," Maria explained, "She was trying to start a magic club at school, and apparently some bitch took down the posters for her club, so nobody showed up. Ernette thinks it's the same bitch that showed up after they found out the posters got taken down and watched Madison do a trick she worked really hard on and called it garbage... It took a really long time to get Madison, like... Confident in her magic tricks to do them around people, and this just completely fucked that up.”

“Oh shit that’s a fucking low blow.” Ryle muttered, “Could I talk to her or does she want to be alone?” Ryke asked, wanting to knkw how to help his niece.

"I don't really know, to be honest," Maria sighed, "I think she wants to be alone, I guess..."

"Who the hell told her her magic was shit?" Zoey guffawed.

"Some cunt named Brittany, I think Ernette said?"

Zoey growled the name, "Brittany..." and clenched her fists as tight as she could.

“Oh extra personal I see.” Ryle nodded. “It seems like you have something planned for her then, I take it?“

"Yeah, I do," Zoey hissed, "But now I'm thinking it's too nice for that piece of shit."

“Look now I can‘t say I'll help, lest the old man say I’m a bad influence on you girls and bam me from the house, but if you need a few things to happen for that I can make sure they ‘get done‘.” Ryle suggested.

"If I need you, I'll let you know," Zoey replied, still seething over Brittany's attack on one of her sisters.

“Oh yeah but a Maria I got you these cards that can pull themselves into a deck for easy clean up and when she’s ready these bracelets that can basically shoot smoke pellets.” Ryle added as he handed the gifts to Maria.

"Oh, I bet she'll love these when she's... Out of her slump," Maria smiled as she took both her and Madison's gifts, "They're not like, magic, right? You know how she is with 'cheating' magic."

A car rolled into the driveway, and out came Bob and Fennel. The ex-Doom Slayer took his time to come inside, instead grabbing groceries from the trunk.

A few moments later the door opened before an excited Fennel rushed up to Ryle and gave him a hug “Ry-Ry!” She exclaimed with a wag of her tail.

“Hey, it looks like you’re About to pop.” Ryle chuckled before giving his sisters belly a light pat before the two engaged in an overly complixated hand shake that involved various foot and hand taps. “So how’s it been sis?”

“Oh you know, the usual insanity. Bob and his boss got into a sparring match at work. Made friends with a woman with super strength you know.”

“Oh of course that’s the usual for you.” Ryle chuckled.

"Woah, wait, what?" Zoey gasped with a smile, "Did he win?"

“It was a tie.” Fennel added. “I figured it was best to break it up after there were broken bones and punched nuts.”

"I would've won, if you didn't stop us!" Bob chuckled as he passed with groceries.

Ryle winced, “Bro, you kept going after several nut shots, that’s hard core.”

“Yeah, but would you have been able to walk after?” Fennel asked.

"All you had to say was your balls got punched and I'd know right away Latte would try and stop it," Zoey snarked, giving Fennel a sly grin.

Fennel nodded, “She’s right you know.”

“Oh yeah, Bob, I got you these friggin‘ dope adventurer-grade pair of boots.” Ryle said before producing a pair of nice leather boots.

"Oh, these're sweet!" Bob scoffed as he looked over the boots with intrigue.

“Okay so they have these shock and sound absorbing runes on them so you could jump from like five stories and not feel at thing.” Ryle explained.

"Oh, that's awesome, man!" Bob blinked as he examined the boots further, "Thanks, man!"

“Yay, anything for my favorite brother in law.” Ryle chuckled with two light punches to Bob’s side
"Hey, Ryle," Anna greeted quietly before holding up a framed painting of the adventurer on a forest background, "I painted this for you."

Ryle looked at the painting for a moment to take it in, “You got a really nice color palette here. Thanks Anna.”

"Thank you!" Anna blushed, glad to hear a little more than just 'looks good'.

“So, Anna, what have you been up to recently?” The man asked, looking the painting over once more.

"Uhmm... Nothing much," Anna shook her head, "Uh, I'm gonna help Tina paint her wagon though."

“Well, that sounds fun, be sure to send me a picture if I’m not here before you guys finish it.” Ryle asked. “Oh yeah I got you some paints.” Ryle remembered before pulling out a variety of paints that let off soft glows in their respective colors.

"Woah... Is that, like, glowing paint?" Anna asked, carefully taking the gift from Ryle.

"Yeah, I thought you might like to experiment with it." Ryle explained.

"Thank you! This is great!" Anna beamed, scurrying away in excitement to use her new paints.

"Hi, Ryle!" Mila greeted happily with Casey by her side.

"Hey, Mila and Casey. Don't you worry Ryle Claus got you girls something too." Ryle laughed as he pulled out a replica of the gale boomerang from Zelda Twilight Princess and held it out for Mila. As he did this the beetle on Ryle's arm made a happy chittering sound before climbing on top of Casey's head to greet its friend. "They don't really have any games in Varie so I looked into getting you a nice replica."

"Woah, this is really cool!" Mila exclaimed. While she hadn't played the game the boomerang was from, she could still gawk in awe at it.

"What kind of beetle is this?" Casey gasped, very gently picking the beetle off of her head to examine it.

"It's a Varian Starbeetle. They tend to get used as magic batteries, I usually bring him with me for jobs, but I figured you'd like to meet him." Ryle said as he pet the beetle. "Now I can't bring you a dog sized insect, unless Bob agrees. However, I did get you this ant farm." Ryle then pulled out a crystaline ant farm that still needed to be filled with its own critters.

"Thank you!" Casey smiled before asking, "If Bob says yes, though, I can keep the beetle?"

"Not Chuckles specifically, but I can be sure to bring one back for you next time I visit, assuming we are all in agreement."

"I guess I'm fine with that," Bob agreed as he went to put away groceries, even if he thought that it may have been a bit much.

"They are pretty easy to feed, as long as you exercise daily they'll be fine. But I don't want to put you guys on the spot, so just let me know when you are ready for a dog sized buggy boi." Ryle added, to further clarify he wasn't trying to push a pet onto the already large family.

As Bob approached the blanket blocking the entrance to the kitchen, Elizabeth's head popped out. "Kitchen's still restricted!" She barked.

"Yo Lizagna, I got some exotic spices for you!" Ryle called out.

"Ryle, are you sure you aren't just trying to buy their affection." Fennel joked.

"Pfft what I would never do that." Ryle scoffed.

"It's working," Zoey grinned as she showed off her earrings.

There would be a knock at the door, to which Shlyke would jump up to get.

"Hello!" Ernette greeted happily as she carried in Claire's carrier, before gasping at the sight of Ryle, "Oh my gosh, Ryle! I forgot you were coming in today- Oh, I'm so forgetful sometimes!"

"It's the whole reason we came over here," Clara stated in blunt monotone as she followed Ernette in.

"It's.. been a long day," Ernette defended with a pout as she set down the carrier next to the couch.

"Hey Clara, you like history books right?" Ryle asked as he dug through his bags.

"I'm guessing you got me a history book," Clara remarked with a nod, "Yes I do."

"Oh good, I found this really neat history book in Varie about the area where 'Latte' was when she was there, and I tossed in some feather pens for good measure."

"Thank you," Clara replied as she took the book and pens, "It'll be interesting to read about Fennel's home."

"I thought Laviblah was her home, not Varie..." Ernette mumbled as she thought about it.

“Laviturn...” Ryle corrected with slight agitation, ”But yeah I got a Laviturnian one too.” Ryke added as he pulled out the book. “Ernette, I got you a necklace, I thought you’d like it.“ Ryke then produced a necklace that was similar in fashion to the earrings he gave Zoey and Ruby.

"Oh, this looks amazing!" Ernette chimed as she took it and gently put it on, admiring it on herself, "I really like the style! Thank you!"

“Glad to hear you like it. Oh, and I managed to find this for Claire.” Ryle saud as he pulled out a small fur hat.

"Oh, it's adorable!" the Benefactor squealed happily, taking it and looking over it, "Claire'd look so great in that when it gets cold out! What do you think, Clara?"

"It'd look very cute on her," Clara agreed.

“Fall is just around the corner,” Latte noted.

"'Sup, Ryle," Harper finally came downstairs rather unenthusiastically, but happy to see Ryle regardless.

“Hey Harpsicord! I got you some cross stitch supplies.” Ryle replied pulling about a few spoils of iridescent thread.

"I don't really know what I'd do with this," Harper blinked as she took the thread with a smile, "This is the worst gift you could've gotten me."

”So you hate it then?” Ryle asked.

"I hate it more than anything, but I'll take it anyway for your sake."

“Oh good.” Ryle nodded.

There was a series of excited knocks at the door. Once the door was opened, Jannet burst into the room with Moomek's arm in her own. "Hello, everyone!" She greeted, in full cultist attire and makeup as usual.

“Oh... Jannet you look very detailed. Anyway, I got you make up.” Ryle stammered.

"Oh, thank you," Jannet beamed, giving Ryle a hug, "I can never have too much of that!"

"She really can't," Moomek added, pulling his head back from Janos in his arms, who snapped at him several times, a small bit tired and hungry as he whined, slithering out of his father's arms (with his allowance, of course) before slipping off, writhing across the floor and sniffing about for something to eat.

”Yeah so you can make it glow.”

"Wait, really?!" Jannet gasped, excited to recieve her gift, "Is it like.. Glow in the dark? Or does it always glow?"

”You just think about making it glow, it’s invisibke otherwise once applied.” Ryke explained.

"Oh my g- Moomek!" Jannet gasped, "This is perfect for... This is just perfect!"

"Yeah, I couldn't agree more," Moomek nodded along, slightly preoccupied keeping an eye on Janos and making sure he wasn't getting into what he wasn't supposed to be.

“Oh yeah, I got you some comfortable shoes for work, quiet and shock absorbent.” Ryle explained before pulling out a pair of nice looking dress shoes.

"Oh, thanks, Ryle," Moomek turned his attention to Ryle and nodded. In this time, Janos would take note of the blankets in the way of the kitchen entrance, and decide to quietly slither into the kitchen to see why, and as well to see if there was any potential meals to be found.

"Hey! No peeking!" Elizabeth yelled, waving a spatula she had prepared specifically for waving at people that tried to enter her kitchen.

Janos let out a yelp, squirming hastily out of the kitchen in fright and annoyance, before hissing loudly as he looked back at the blanket.

"Oh, poor Janos!" Jannet cooed, reaching down and gently picking the eldritch spawn up off the ground and taking him into her arms as she gave him a little tickle, "Do you want mommy to feed you herself?"

The xinth-spawn let out a mewing gurgle, nudging his head against Jannet's chest.

"Jannet, are you sure you should be doing that here?" Moomek asked.

"Oh, don't worry, Moomoo, I'm taking him to the bathroom," Jannet assured, giggling at Janos as she meandered her way towards somewhere more private to feed her baby.

“Jannet if you’d prefer, you can take him downstairs," Fennel called.

"Oh! Thank you," Jannet smiled, changing her course for the basement.

"...I'm surprised you haven't weaned him off," Ernette remarked as soon as Jannet had gone downstairs.

"Eh, I can't enforce it; It's more Jannet's call," Moomek shrugged as he sat down on the couch, "And she's perfectly fine with it.“

“Anyway I got Janos this swirly space ball.” Ryke said. The ball was in fact swirly.

"I'm sure he'll like it," Moomek noted as he took the ball and looked over it, "...That is, if he doesn't try to eat it."

Finally, after another knock and answering of the door, Mary arrived with Kanen in tow, her hair rather messy despite her earlier attempts to fix it even after her shower. "Heeey, guys," Mary smiled. It was probably the most relaxed anyone had ever seen her.

“Oh, hey, Mary.” Fennel smiled, a bit uneased by the actions her daughter had taken.

Bob eyed the two for a moment, before excusing himself to the bathroom to try and vent his frustrations elsewhere.

"Oh, daddy!" Mary called to Bob, "I just wanna say I love you! You too, mom!"

"Love you too, Mary," Bob acknowledged back, before walking into the bathroom and locking the door behind him.

“Love you too honey.” Fennel smiled.

"...Miss Wolf?" Kanen blinked as he saw Ernette sitting on the couch, "What're you doing here?"

Ernette quickly realized that Kanen, being in her second hour P.E. class, knew who she was. "Oh, Kanen! I'm surprised you're here!" she grinned, "Me and the Roberts family are very close. Fennel invited me over because her brother came into town," she gestured to Ryle.

"Yes, and my father is sick, so he couldn't come," Clara added.

"Huh... Well, it's good to see you," Kanen nodded, before looking at Moomek and asking, "But I don't think I've met you before."

"The name's Moomek," the xinth held out a hand which Kanen shook, "Me and Jannet don't come out here much, but if family's coming into town, well she can't turn that down."

“Yo, names Ryle, if you break any hearts of my niece’s, i’ll make you regret it.” Ryke added with a set of finger guns.

"I heard my name!" Jannet exclaimed as she came up the stairs with her mess of tendrils of a baby in her arms to greet Kanen.

"...Y-you must be... Jannet..." Kanen mumbled, his attention stuck on the abominable thing that was Janos, "It's, uh... I-I hate to ask, but... what is that?"

"Why, this is Janos!" Jannet beamed, looking down at her child for a brief moment before looking back up at Kanen, "He's my baby! Me and Moomoo's!"

Kanen looked back at Moomek for a moment, then to Janos, then back to Jannet with a simple, "...Oh."

Mary stretched and made it seem as though she was looking around, whispering to Kanen when she looked away, "Yeah, Jannet turned out a bit... Yeah."

Kanen agreed silently with a nod as Janos tried to squirm out of Jannet's grasp.

“Isn’t he adorable.” Fennel sighed looking at Janos.

"Yeah... adorable..." Kanen lied as he couldn't help but stare at the writhing mass that was Janos, which whined with several hisses to be let down.

"Okay, okay. Give mommy kisses and I'll let you down," Jannet cooed, puckering her lips. Janos reluctantly smacked his jaws lightly into Jannet's lips, a trick he had been taught over numerous attempts (most of which did not end well).

"Mommy loves you!" Jannet exclaimed, gently setting Janos down and clasping her hands together close to her heart as she watched Janos. Janos slithered up to the couch, climbing ungracefully onto it and looking up at Clara and Ernette, who was holding Claire close, with curiosity.

"So yeah, this is the family," Mary remarked, looking around the packed room, "Other than Elizabeth, who's in the kitchen making us dinner."

"It's a... pretty big family," Kanen mused, before continuing sarcastically, "And you deal with all of them on a daily basis? I feel bad for you."

"It's normal for me," Mary shrugged with a giggle, "You should've seen it back at the fortress we used to live in. Fifty sisters."

"Jesus!" Kanen scoffed, "How did you even make it out of that?"

“Bob blew up a helicopter in Mexico.” Fennel replied in a way that seemed to be her answer regarding the matter.

"...What?" Kanen asked in utter confusion.

"Everything is a long story," Mary assured with a laugh, "It's kinda funny though, even now, seeing everyone else's families all 'normal' sized."

"Yeah, I guess it's a bit amusing," Kanen agreed with a half-smile, still unsure how to feel about everything dumped onto him.

Janos, meanwhile, was still curious of the two sitting on the couch. With several precursory pokes of his head, the xinth-spawn slowly squirmed onto Clara's lap innocently, curling up into a little ball of comfort.

"I think that means he likes you," Ernette informed, having had the same thing happen when she had to watch him before, "...I think."

"I wonder why," Clara mused, unsure of what to do. To get even more comfortable, the xinth-spawn began to even knead against Clara's leg, sinking deeper into his resting position.

“Oh yeah Mary, I got you a present.” Ryle piped up.

"Oh!" Mary chirped, "Thanks! What'd you get?"

“Well I can tell you it’s not a sword because someone wouldn’t let me. So I got you a shield.” Ryle said, pulling a shield out of the bag.

"Oh, wow! That's amazing!" Mary gasped, quickly snatching the shield and equipping it before realizing, "Wait a second..." She turned to Bob and Fennel, "Which one of you said he couldn't get me a sword?"

”I only said no swords in the house.” Fennel barked to her brother.

”I stand corrected, expect a sword next time.” Ryle nodded.

"Either way, a shield is really cool," Mary giggled, turning to Kanen, "Don't you think?"

"Yeah, shields are pretty neat," Kanen agreed, "...But you gotta agree, a sword's cooler."

”I dunno shields have some arguably better utilities, like doubling as pizza cutters.”

"That's... that's kinda gross?" Kanen winced.

"... I would've gone with... Like... Using them as a weapon as another utility, but... Okay," Mary blinked, "... You're definitely Fennel's brother."

“Yeah, oh yeah, they make pretty good sleds too. Be sure to clean it up after though.” Ryle added with a laugh.

“Wait? Bob you blew up a helicopter!? Why have you never told me this!?” Ryle demanded.

"It never came up!" Bob exclaimed, "Besides, it's a really long story, and I never thought we'd have time to tell it."

"We were being chased by the police!" Zoey declared.

“Cool.” Ryle replied. “Why not tell it now?”

"I never thought mexican police were gonna be that intense, to be honest," Bob huffed, "But, uh, sure, I'll tell it I guess."

As Bob began to explain the entire incident, Janos continued to make himself feel comfortable on Clara's lap at her expense, wrapping a tentacle around her leg and gripping it tightly, with little spines in it kneading against it.

"...I can get him off you, if you want," Ernette offered quietly, not wanting to drag much attention to the situation.

"It's uncomfortable, but I'm fine," Clara murmured.

Fennel then placed a hand on Bob, “Honey, I hate to ask now but can you move the couch like three feet to the left.”

"What? Why'd you wanna do that?" Bob asked with confusion.

“I just think it will make the house better for the baby.” Fennel replied before attempting to lean her head on Bob’s shoulder as she rubbed her stomach.

"I mean, that sounds like a problem we can confront when the baby's here," Bob shrugged, placing a hand on Fennel's own hand, "...But I'll do it for you."

“You're so sweet.” Fennel cooed Before kissing Bob on the cheek.

"Latte's been moving all the furniture, like, an inch or something in every direction," Zoey remarked.

“I just want to make sure everything is perfect.” Fennel huffed.

"You've been pretty perfectionist about it for a bit now," Bob noted as he did as asked, pulling the couch to the left approximately three inches.

“Just a little bit more.” Fennel whined.

Begrudgingly, Bob pulled it a little more.

"I bet she's gonna look at it, and tell him she wants it an inch back the other way," Moomek whispered to Jannet with a snide smile. Jannet stifled a giggle.

Fennel took a moment to think of a response. “It’s perfect.” Fennel replied as tears of joy welled up. “Oh thank you, I’m so grateful.”

"No, she's just gonna cry instead," Jannet whispered, covering her smile with her hand.

Fennel wiped her eyes and called to the kitchen, “Elizabeth, is dinner ready?”

"Almost!" Elizabeth replied, "I'm putting the final touches on it! Go ahead and get seated!"

After a moment Fennel got up and began herding her children and guests to the table. “Alright, everyone get to the table.”

"Knowing Elizabeth, you're in for a treat... Literally," Mary remarked, sitting down by Kanen.

“So Kanen tell me about yourself.” Ryle asked looking to strike up a conversation.

"Eh, there's not much to say, really," Kanen shrugged, "Went through mandatory service, got hooked on the navy, and stuck with it till I got dumped here."

“Ah, sounds neat.” Ryle nodded.

"Oh, you should see him when he fires a gun!" Mary gushed, "I've never seen someone reload a bolt-action as fast as he can!"

“Oh bolt action, I use a rail gun myself.” Ryle commented.

"Oh? Do tell," Mary smiled, "What kind?"

“It’s a custom designed model. Nordhaven aka the Ryle Gun.” Ryle explained pointing to the sword propped up in the corner.

"Alright, everyone!" Elizabeth declared from the kitchen, tearing down the blanket and rolling in two carts she taped together with several rolls of duct tape. On top of the two carts was a tray as long as the Roberts' dining room table, hanging a good deal off of either side. One side of the long tray slid onto the table, and Elizabeth began pushing it down until it was off of the carts entirely.

She excitedly kicked the carts back into the kitchen and stood proud with her hands at her hips at the feast she put together.

On the tray itself wereshelves on thin supports, allowing those eating to have more room for plates and the such while the dishes were on the shelves. There was a mix of many different English and Hawaiian dishes and desserts. However, that was not all. Elizabeth rolled in three carts with many, many glasses of different drinks that she knew everyone would enjoy, and she did not want people to have to wait for refills or walk all the way to the fridge or something. Plus, there wasn't any room left on the tray without taking away eating space.

The most notable feature of Elizabeth's feast, however, was the one side that was not English nor Hawaiian. There was a queso moat in the middle of the tray, stretching from one end to the other. There were, of course, a few small bowls of chips easily accessible by all.

"I'm... wow," Kanen gasped at the sheer scale at which Elizabeth had gone above and beyond in cooking, "This is all really good looking, Elizabeth!"

"... Well? Go on!" Elizabeth ushered everyone to begin eating before she sat down with a proud smile on her face, "I didn't kill myself cooking all this for you all to just stare at it!"

After a moment, Ryle began eating food from the Hawaiian parts of the tray.

"Jesus Christ, Lizagna," Zoey gasped, taking a chip and dipping it in the queso. Upon closer inspection, the entire queso moat had a series of thin electric heaters below it to ensure it didn't get cold, "Did you get all the shit for this with just your black market cash?"

"That's right!" Elizabeth smiled, "I mean, my competition is pretty garbage, so I'm not surprised I'm doing so well."

“I’m surprised you make so much off of this,” Bob remarked as he filled his plate with a variety of English and Hawaiian foods.

"Before you ask," Mary quickly assured Kanen, "It's not drugs or anything. She sells food at school. She just calls it a black market because her school doesn't like her selling food to the other kids."

“That’s reassuring,” Kanen mused as he took a chip and dipped it into the moat.

"The queso was really hard to get just right," Elizabeth proclaimed, "But it was worth it to get that slight... Smokey taste to it!"

“That’s Elizabeth for you,” Fennel giggled before biting into a slice of pineapple.

"Soo... I'm guessing you two boned?" Zoey asked, gesturing her fork between Mary and Kanen with a shit-eating grin.

Kanen's face went flush red as he near choked on his drink, taking a second to swallow properly, "I, uh... I'd rather not talk about it."

"Especially not at the dinner table, Zoey," Mary huffed embarrassedly before biting down on a cut of her beef wellington.

"Is he big?"

"Oh my god," Mary groaned, holding her face in one hand, obscuring it from Kanen's view as she smiled and mouthed to Zoey, "Yes!"

Ryle just kind of sat awkwardly trying to ignore the conversation. Unfortunately for him, Zoey's sly grin turned his way. "So 'Ry-ry'," She chimed, "Found any nice girls on one of your adventures or whatever when you're not here?"

“Yeah there are some nice girls in Varie, but it’s not like I’m any more than, 'Oh it’s that guy from that Laviturn place'.” Ryle replied, his tone indicated he was perfectly fine with his small amount of clout.

"Really?" Zoey asked incredulously, "I would've expected, like, a billion girls waiting in line for you."

“I mean I appearentky have a moderate reputation but it‘s more due to the fact I do some ambassadoring for Laviturn, I mean Serina’s far better at adventuring than I am.” Ryle added rather modestly.

"Huh..." Zoey gave Ryle a brief look up and down before glancing to Mary and Kanen as an idea began taking shape in her mind. She looked back down to her food and continued eating, shelving her thoughts for when Fennel and Bob weren't around.

“So, Ryle, kill any dragons recently?“ Fennel asked.

“The closest that there was an outbreak of the dragon fruit plant things that I got called into deal with because I’m apparently an expert.” Ryle explained, “Mostly hack and slashing.”

"Dragon fruit plant things?" Mila repeated.

“Yeah, I think when we first got there some plants got mutated and turned into angry lizard things with dragon fruit for heads.”

"Wow, your life's a lot like a video game," Mila remarked, "Except cooler."

”Yea, it is at times. Honestly, I try to think of things a bit more along those lines, it makes a lot of things easier to break things down there.” Ryle nodded.

Tina looked over at Fennel and spotted the collar she gave to her mother. She was reminded of a topic that everyone had seemed to smile and giggle about, and so she turned to Ryle and informed, "Mommy and daddy have been doing BDSM!"

“Oh... hmm... Well good for you two, I guess.” Ryle shrugged.

Fennel seened a bit relieved by Ryle’s indifference.

“It’s not BDSM, it’s just a... collar...” Bob sighed as he slowly stopped trying to defend the move.

"Bob, there's nothing wrong with you and Latte being kinky," Zoey assured with a shrug.

“Bob, you know I don't care what you two do during your ‘married people time right’?“ Ryle added.

“Yeah, I know, I’m just trying to clear up the fact that it’s not bounds and gags and crap like that,” Bob tried to explain.

"Not yet," Zoey grinned before tossing a chip in her mouth.

”That’s weird.” Fennel commented before returning to her food.

"Ernette likes it," Clara noted as she cut into her steak.

Ernette’s face turned blush almost instantly as she swallowed and smiled weakly, “W-well, that’s not a topic we should talk about at the dinner table, Clara.”

"I know, I just like making you blush," Clara remarked, giving Ernette a deadpan look that would've been a sly grin if she were anyone other than Clara.

As Ernette garnered up a giggle at that, Kanen would glance over to Mary, hoping to see if she knew if this was normal or something, as he had already encountered enough strange things for one night.

"Ah..." Mary tried to think of something to say before gesturing to the queso moat, "Isn't this queso really good?"

“Yeah, it’s.,, It’s good,” Kanen agreed, still unsure of what to make of the situation.

Mary offered Kanen a nervous smile, but for the first time, she felt ashamed of her family. She had never realized how often things like this happened or were talked about until she had a reason to be embarrassed about it.

“..,So! Mila,” Ernette broke the awkward silence that ensued, “Have you been, uh... playing any good games?”

"Well, I wouldn't be playing bad games," Mila giggled, "I've been playing a bunch of different ones."

“Oh? Like what?” Ernette asked, wanting to keep up the small talk and get away from the previous topic as she took a very small cut of her steak and began to chew.

"Umm, well there's dad's game I've been playing more than the others," Mila looked over at Bob with a big smile before looking back at Ernette, "It's called Doom!"

Doom?” Ernette repeated, looking at Bob before looking back to Mila, “That sounds... violent.”

"Uh-huh! You play as him and you kill demons and stuff!"

“Oh gosh!” Ernette gasped, surprised by how violent it sounded, “Is that... appropriate for your age?”

"... What?" Mila blinked, cocking her head to the side with a look of confusion.

“There’s those little ratings on the backs of movies and games,” Ernette explained, “that say if it’s appropriate for a certain age range.”

“It’s fine, Ernette,” Bob assured, “She’s perfectly old enough to be playing it. As long as it’s not causing her to shoot up schools or something like that, I’m sure it’s not terrible.”

"Yeah, don't oppress me," Mila asserted.

“O... oppress you?” Ernette repeated with confusion.

"Oh my god," Casey muttered.

"That rating thing is just a way to oppress gamers," Mila declared.

“Ah... alright then...” Ernette turned away from Mila with some confusion, before turning her attention to Casey, “So, Casey! Have you had any new bugs recently?”

"No," Casey grumbled, "Elizabeth and Mila don't like me keeping bugs in our room, so I've only had a few ant farms and my cockroach. That's why I'm asking dad to build a shed for me in the backyard."

“Oh, you are? That’s wonderful!” Ernette looked between Casey and her dad, “Well, if your dad needs any help, don’t be afraid to give me a call. I would be more than willing to help out.”

”Bob, why don’t you let me wear your armor some time?” Fennel asked.

"I mean, you can wear it all but the helmet," Bob promised, "Mary's got the rights to the helmet."

"I'd try and take the rest too if it'd fit me," Mary remarked.

“And here I am about to give birth to your child and I can’t wear a helmet one measly time.” Fennel joked.

"Hey, like I said, I'm not the guy you have to fight to get it," Bob defended jokingly, gesturing to Mary, "You have to get it from her instead." The teen smiled at Fennel as she slammed her fist into her palm and stifled a giggle.

“I’ll make Ryle let you shoot the rail gun if you let me wear it.” Fennel quickly replied.

"Deal," Mary instantly accepted Fennel's proposal with a grin and a nod.

"You're shooting it outside, away from the house," Bob quickly ordered, not wanting to fix any sort of disasters that may unfold inside.

"Aw, man, I was totally planning on shooting my wall with it," Mary said sarcastically.

“You know how to brace for the recoil? It packs more punch than you’d expect.” Ryle asked.

"A gun isn't fun without recoil," Mary remarked, "I'll make sure to brace for it."

”Yeah, I dislocated my shoulder the first time I used it.” Ryle nodded.

"Ow..." Mary winced, "I dislocated mine a few times when I was a little kid."

"I broke mine once, dislocated it a few times too 'cause of recoil, so that's definitely something to look out for," Kanen agreed.

“Now let me tell you what sucks is when you hit something that reflects shock, feels like the your arm shattered, with swords atleast.” Ryle added.

"Yeah, things like that pretty much suck in every way," Kanen agreed, "Once, me and a partner had to bust down a little bunker door in the ground, had some Kanaki stuff inside. I didn't know it was booby-trapped with a freaking reflector array, and boom, I had to wear a freaking boot-cast for three days."

”Bummer, dude.” Ryle winced, “Magic isn’t the best pain killer, do you still feel the pain.”

"Nah, it was a pretty temporary fracture," Kanen shook his head, "We had enough stuff there to heal an entire three platoons when we first went land-side. By the end, I think we were down to... well, we were scrapping together the barest necessities, to say the least."

”Sounds rough.” Ryke Nodded.

"It wasn't fun," Kanen agreed, "I'd... rather not go into too much more detail, it gets kinda boring and, uh... you probably don't wanna hear."

“Fair enough.” Ryle nodded.

Mary highly doubted that Kanen's story could be boring, but she figured it was more tough talk and respected his wishes as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I guess what matters most is you're here now, right?"

"You're dang right," Kanen snickered back, giving her a kiss on the cheek back, "And I'm glad I am."

"I know I am," Mary cooed before sipping on her drink.

“So, Kanen do you like any weapons others than guns?” Fennel asked.

"Eh, Knives and swords are pretty okay, I guess," Kanen shrugged, "Lots of guys I worked with really liked swords, so it kinda stuck."

“Got one yourself?” Fennel asked.

"A knife, yeah," Kanen shrugged, "But a sword? Those're pretty expensive, to get any that aren't hang-on-the-wall antiques that'll break the first time they're used."

“So there are like light sabers then? But Ryle‘s sword is a bunch of manipulated iron shavings.” Fennel continued.

”it gets the job done.” Ryle modestly added.

"Light sabers? That sounds... corny," Kanen chuckled, "Nah, a few of the higher ups had some special 'energy blades' which looked like big, heavy hilts without a blade until they did anything with them. All the officers under those guys then got vibroblades, but... how does that work? A bunch of metal shavings making a sword and a railgun?"

“Well basically I use some metallurgy, mixed with magnesis and getting the molecules to rearrange, so the shavings help with the visualization aspect, gives them a sand like quality until they lock in place. Once thry lock in place they might as well be forged together,” Ryle explained, “Then there’s a second blade that floats off to the side so it acts like a rail for the slug.”

"Magnets are pretty neat like that," Kanen nodded as he listened along.

“Yeah, Fennel uses this like a paintbrush, broom, spear, wand thing.” Ryle added.

“Yeah, it’s just in the closet over there. I mostly use it to sweep up these days.“ Fennel replied, having forgotten it was on her person.

“Huh- wait, this is all magic talk, isn’t it?” Kanen realized.

“Yes?” Fennel replied a bit confused.

Madison quietly grumbled at the mention of magic, shrinking in her seat a little as she ate her food.

“...Nothing,” Kanen mumbled, “Just not a real fan of it, to be frank. It’s.. it’s lot like cheating in places. Makes things too easy for some people.”

"Maddy says the same thing," Maria mentioned, smiling to her younger sister. Unfortunately, Madison was unhappily focused on her food, and was not in the mood.

“In that case, so what plans do you have for the weekend, Ernette?” Fennel asked.

“Hmm... nothing much, really,” Ernette shrugged, “I have some extra paperwork and permission forms from parents I need to go over and send in, but there’s nothing serious... Unless you wanted to do anything, Clara?”

“So You’ll be over for the barbecue tomorrow night then?”

“Yep, we’ll be here!” Ernette promised, “We wouldn’t miss one of your barbecues for anything!”

"Yeah, we'll be there," Clara nodded.

“Oh you know your neighbor, Melissa? Can you invite her over?” Fennel requested with a smile.

"... Who?" Clara blinked.

“...Oh, was she the one who knocked on our door and complained about the noise... with a lot of profanity?” Ernette asked Clara.

“That was probably her, she has a major case of rbf.” Fennel nodded.

“Okay, well, I’ll try to get the message across to her,” Ernette assured.

"Why're you inviting her though?" Clara inquired, "I've only seen her a few times, but she doesn't seem the social gathering type... Or the anything type."

“She’s nicer than she seems.” Fennel countered, “She helped me build the swing.”

“That’s... actually really surprising,” Ernette mused.

“She does have a bit of a temper.” Fennel added, before biting into a piece of food.

"Oh, we knew that part," Clara remarked as humorously as someone speaking in monotone could.

“...Jannet! How have you been doing?” Ernette asked, wondering about the well-being of Jannet as, well... she certainly didn’t seem the most sound of mind at that time.

"I've been great, thanks for asking," Jannet beamed, "I've just about finished my book! Though... I can't seem to find anyone willing to distribute it."

“Some might be interested in Varie.” Ryle mused.

“Oh, you write?” Kanen inquired, unaware of the actual material itself, “What do you write about?”

A good majority of the girls desperately tried to signal for Kanen to shut up as subtly as they could, but to no avail. "Oh! It's a book of religious scripture!" Jannet exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around one of Moomek's, "It's centered around my cult with Moomoo here as its god."

“He’s a xinth, right?” Ryle asked.

“Yep, that’s right,” Moomek spoke up, “100 percent Xinth here.”

”...Oh...” Kanen replied with a murmur to Jannet’s explanation of her delirious writings, unsure what else exactly to say to such a thing.

Mary wanted to just die then and there as Jannet opened her mouth once more. "The way I do my make up is actually very ritualistic," She continued, "The designs and everything are all in this book!" She produced a dark, leather-cover book with a strap holding it closed. On its cover was what appeared to be a Star of David painted on in blood and lightly burned onto the leather

“Jannet, maybe it’s not a good time at the table to be... wait a minute... that’s not a pentagram, honey,” Moomek was caught off guard by the imprint in the leather, “That’s got six points, not five.”

"W... What?" Jannet blinked, quickly turning the book around to look at it herself and letting out a whimper of despair, "Oh, not again!"

“Is that really the biggest issue right now?” Bob asked with confusion and a slight tone of annoyance, “I don’t know why you brought your book here, even. It’s.. really not a good time.”

"O-Oh, I'm sorry, I.. I just keep it with me whenever I leave the house," Jannet sniffled as she tied the book back around her waist.

“It’s okay, Jannet, there‘s no neeed to cry.” Fennel assured.

Jannet quietly poked at her food with a sad frown, hurt by Bob's slight to her book.

Apologize.” Fennel ordered in a hushed tone.

Bob looked at the vixen for a moment, seemingly dumbfounded that he would have to apologize for tagging on a cult about a manipulative demon, before relenting with a sigh, “Jannet, I... I didn’t mean that. It’s an okay time to talk about your book like that, I guess.”

"No, no, it's fine..." Jannet murmured before perking up a little, "... Buuut... If you want to attend a riutal on Sunday..." She looked to Bob and Fennel with an eager, hopeful smile.

“I... gotta do something Sunday, sorry,” Bob apologized, “I promised Casey I’d start working on her shed then.” Casey glanced to Bob and gave him a wink, more than happy to be used as an excuse to keep him from having to attend Jannet's rituals.

“I have a prenatal check up.” Fennel replied, though her tone indicated she did at least have some interest in going just to humor Jannet.

"What time is it?" Jannet asked, "Usually the rituals are later in the day or at night."

“Like six.” Fennel replied.

"A.M. or P.M.?"


"Hmm.. Well, depending on how long it takes... You should be able to come!" Jannet nodded happily, "This sunday's ritual is at eight!"

“Umm... yeah I’ll watch.” Fennel offered.

"Oh, thank you!" Jannet exclaimed, her eyes lighting up with joy, "You're gonna love it, I promise!"

“Oh, okay then.” Fennel added before she seemed to wince.

".. Oh, no! Latte. You and I were gonna go to the salon at that time, remember?" Zoey piped up, hoping to save the vixen.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Fennel nodded.

As Zoey gave Fennel a wink, Jannet deflated a little, but continued smiling. "Oh, that's okay," She assured, "Maybe some other time."

“Another time for sure.” Fennel promised.

“Yeah, some other time for sure,” Bob muttered, finishing up his steak.

Fennel then began eating her dessert, she seemed to be tired as she was laying her head on Bob‘s shoulder.

Eventually, everyone had finished their food, and Jannet began leading Moomek to the door. "Thanks again for dinner, Elizabeth! And it was really nice seeing you again, Ryle!" She waved.

“Later, Jannet!” Ryle waved. “Well Sis, Bob, I’ll be heading over to my place, I’ll probably be here at like 10:00 to get Madison Ice cream.”

“Alright, I’m sure we’ll all be here then,” Bob assured as he waved off Ryle.

“Alright later! Chuckles!” Ryle called to the Bug.

"Hey, wait, Ryle!" Zoey bounced up, "Could I sleep over at your place? Ruby too?"

“I don’t see why not, as long as you two’re on your best behavior,” Bob sighed, before leaning into Ryle and whispering, “Be very careful with those two.

“Yeah, got it. You got an extra helmet on you? I’m gonna have to modify the bike a bit to safely fit three.” Ryle asked.

“Well, I think Tychen left one here after he had a bike. I think he forgot about it after he crashed it, so it’s probably fine for you to use it,” Bob assured.

“Yeah, Thanks, I’ll drop them off when I come over for Madison.”

"Ruby, get our sleepover cases!" Zoey called. Promptly, Ruby wheeled out two small suitcases from their room pre-packed with clothes and necessities.

“Well ain’t that smart.” Ryle said as he stepped outside, as he did so a wave of iron shavings formed a bike and two side cars along with two helmets over the girls’ heads.

"Bye Bob! Bye Latte!" Zoey waved as she and Ruby stepped outside. She was just happy to get out of her room.

“Remember! Be appropriate there,” Bob stated warmly with a smile, indicating he was still happy for them, even if he was giving them a strict order.

“Bye, girls! Be good!” Fennel waved.

”Alright get In the side cars you two.” Ryle added as he hopped on the bike and put on the helmet.

"Are we actually gonna start on the shed Sunday?" Casey asked with a small tug on Bob's shirt.

“Of course!” Bob chuckled as he looked down to Casey and put a hand on her shoulder, “I always keep a promise like that, Casey.”

"I just wanted to make sure you weren't just saying that to not have to go to Jannet's thing."

“That just happened to be a coincidence she wanted to do it on Sunday. I’m... not really sure I’d go if she’s wanted it tomorrow or Monday, either.”

"I wouldn't wanna go any day," Casey shook her head.

”Regarding earlier... you just needed to be kinder to Jannet about her church thing.” Fennel Clarified.

“How can I be kind about that, though?” Bob asked, “She was trying to get Mary’s boyfriend to join her cult about her weird demon husband!”

“Just do it gently next time.”

Speaking of Mary and Kanen, they did not seem to be in the room with everyone else.

Fennel sighed, “Give me a minute, I need to talk to Mary.” The vixen then went to Mary’s door and slammed her fist into it several times, “ARE YOU TWO IN THERE!?”

Mary let out a yelp and coughed. "Y-Yeah! Why?" Mary continued coughing.

“What were the rules?”

"I'm just-" Mary coughed a few more times and cleared her throat, "Showing him my room!"

Fennek jiggled the door knob loudly. Quickly, Mary came to the door and opened it for the vixen, fully clothed and everything. "What's wrong, mom?"

“Your breath smells like dick.”

Mary froze, slowly gulping.

”Now I told you the rules young lady, but I have a proposition for you.”


“One, this never happens again in the house, understand?”

Mary nervously nodded in response.

”Two, you get to handle any night time diaper changes or burpingd or what ever on the week of my choosing, and Bob never finds out. Deal?”

Mary grimaced and sighed, "Yes ma'am."

“Kanen, make sure to wash up and if you two must get a quickie in at home, use your car and go into the woods out back.”

“Y-yes ma’am,” Kanen nodded nervously, “This, uh... this won’t happen again, Miss Roberts, I swear-“

"I-It was all me," Mary quickly added, "He was nervous about it, b-but I kept insisting."

“Okay, thank you Mary. Use the cinnamon flavored mouthwash after you brush your teeth when you do something like this again.” Fennel said as she turned to return downstairs. “Oh and if I do catch you two again, it will be more severe.”

"You won't!" Mary promised, gasping and adding, "B-Because it won't happen again, I mean!"

“Good, remember I hear more than you think.” Fennel giggled before finally leaving.

As soon as the door closed, Kanen sighed deeply, “I-I’m sorry, Mary. I, uh... couldn’t help it.”

"Don't," Mary held up a hand, "I shouldn't have tried blowing you in the house... Besides, it's cute when you moan."

“Oh, you hush!” Kanen laughed back, “...It’s getting a bit late and I should probably get goin-“

"What’s cute?” Fennel texted Mary.

"Oh my god," Mary muttered as she texted back, "Nothing mom."


Mary rolled her eyes before looking back at Kanen. "Alright," She sighed, "I'm... Sorry for getting us in trouble like that."

“N-no no, it’s fine, it’s fine,” Kanen assured as he stood up, “You’re fine. I should’ve expected that to happen when she’s got ears like that.”

”And nose.”

"I'll walk you to your car," Mary offered as she held up her phone, showing her notes app where she had typed, "And we'll finish up in there."

“Oh, sure,” Kanen agreed with a smile, “I’d.. like that.”

"Yeah, and you still have to show me those music CDs," Mary very obviously winked before opening her door.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teed

After Fennel had delegated dish duty to the children, she was lying in Bed next to Bob, “Those two are at it in his car.”

“Even without your hearing, I can tell,” Bob agreed, “She’s been out there a lot longer than it takes to get someone to a car.”

”Wait, lie on your stomach I never gave you your massage.” Fennel ordered.

“Oh, right,” Bob sighed as he flipped himself over and laid back on his stomach.

After a moment Fennel positioned herself on top of Bob and began rubbing his shoulders. ”So how do you feel about those two?”

“I’m fine with them... as long as they keep the sex outside of the house,” Bob grumbled.

“I don’t think that will be an issue," Fennel giggled.

“Yeah, I’m sure you gave them quite a scare about it,” Bob c huckled.

“I did get them pretty good.” Fennel giggled. ”Now tell Latte where you’re sore.” The vixen then began massaging between Bob’s shoulder blades.


“Alright here we are.” Ryle said as he pulled into the drive way of a small house.

"Motorcycles are way funner than cars," Zoey laughed as she and Ruby took off their helmets, "I wanna get one when I turn 16."

“Yeah, they’re pretty nice. It does help bring in the ladies in Varie though.” Ryle chuckled.

"I can imagine," Zoey remarked, heading inside with Ryle and Ruby, "Ever had girls in here before?"

“An ambassador needed place to stay and I got a guest room so yeah for like four days.” Ryle answered, not gcatching Zoey‘s real question.

"... That's it?" Zoey asked, "No, like.. Hot chicks you boned for three hours or anything?"

“Yeah, I’m a prude like Latte remember.” Ryle explained.

"Ugh, right," Zoey muttered with a sudden tone shift of disappointment before getting a little more hopeful as she inquired, "But what if it was, like.. A really hot chick? And like, not just hot but... Really nice and smart too? The full package and she came onto you?"

“Make out, farthest I'll go is see if I could get to second base, eventually.” Ryle replied.

"But what if she wanted to bang?" Zoey pressed.

“Nah, I’ve seen too many relationships fall apart because people jump that gun before tying the knot.” Ryle replied.

"What? Why would screwing ruin a relationship just because they didn't put rings on their fingers first?" Zoey scoffed.

“It’s like a commitment thing, like how much more intimate can you get after that.”

"But like, how does marrying them change that? You get married and then you bang, it's the same 'how much more intimate can you get after that' thing," Zoey questioned.

“It’s like the symbolism of being one or something. I just don’t like the idea of casual sex.” Ryle explained, seeking to end the conversation.

"But what if it's just with your girlfriend though?" Zoey continued.

“Well if she were my girlfriend I’d ask her to respect I want to wait.” Ryle nodded.

"But I don't get why you want to wait!" Zoey huffed exasperatedly.

“Just do. I want to reserve that for my wife. I’m probably just gonna have similar responses to Latte in this regard.” Ryle nodded.

"... Ugh!" Zoey groaned, stomping off to find the bathroom. Ruby awkwardly stood there, looking between Ryle and the frusrated Zoey as she quickly understood what was going on.

“Well, then, I got a Netflix if you want to watch a movie or something.” Ryle offered.

"Um, sure," Ruby smiled, "Uhh... Random question, but what hair color do you like the most? Brunettes or blondes or what?" She figured she would at least help Zoey in some wa-

“Red heads.” Ryle instantly replied.

"O-Oh," Ruby gulped, quickly blushing. She suddenly felt guilty for being a redhead at that moment.

”There was this cute milkmaid in Varie, we dated for like a week.” Ryle remembered with a grin. “Left me for some loser with a cross bow.”

"B-But what about blondes though? I-I mean..." Ruby wasn't sure where she was going with that thought, and just awkwardly ended the sentence there.

“They’re nice, close second. Strawberry blondes beat redheads though.” He nodded.

"But, like... Let's just say a random blonde like, uh... Zoey, for example!" Ruby exclaimed. Smooth, Ruby. "She's way better looking than a redhead like me!"

“I mean yeah could find a blonde more attractive.” Ryle agreed. “On a side note you don’t need to see yourself as an inferior version of Zoey.”

"W-What- I don't- That's ridiculous," Ruby stammered, "I'm not a version of Zoey, I'm just 'Ruby'... But I appreciate the compliment."

“You are a pretty, young lady. It’s just your question was worded strangely, don’t think much of the inferior zoey comment then.”

Ruby's blush intensified before she blurted out, "Please don't call me pretty! Zoey's way better, you should date her instead! Not me!"

“I am not going to date either of you.” Ryle added flatly. “And you two are equality pretty.”

"B-But... Why not Zoey? She's... Like... The full package."

“She’s my niece... Is Zoey trying to date me or something.” Ryle added.

Ruby gulped, putting on her best poker face as she replied with a nervous, "No."

“Are you telling the truth.”

"... She's really mature for her age!" Ruby cried out, nearly crying as she clutched Ryle's shirt, "Please! Just give Zoey a chance! She's the best person ever! Please!"

“Ruby, I’m not going to date Zoey.” Ryle added flatly.

"B-But... It's Zoey!" Ruby was absolutely stunned and even a little angry at the fact that she wanted Zoey so badly but cannot, and yet Ryle was rejecting Zoey before she could even ask him out.

“And she’s my niece, it’s not happening.” Ryle shook his head.

Zoey exited the bathroom looking refreshed from her brief argument with Ryle. "Back," She sighed with a smile, "What're we talking about?"

"Nothing!" Ruby immediately shouted, "Uh- I mean- Netflix!"

“Yeah, what did you two want to watch?” Ryle asked.

"Hmm... I'm guessing you won't wanna watch anything porny, right?" Zoey asked.

“Correct.” Ryle nodded.

"Uhhhhh...." Zoey hummed before shrugging, "I don't have the Netflix library memorized, let's actually open it up first."

Ryle snapped, causing his modest television to turn on and open Netflix. “Please note, I can only do that with this tv.”


"Oh! I was so embarrassing!" Jannet cried out as she stormed into her home.

“VEE!” a small fox like creature called, happy to see its owner.

"I thought you were fine, Janney," Moomek assured as he set down Janos, who scrambled up to the Eevee with a squeal.

"I was not fine, Moomek," Jannet huffed, "I was so stupid! Bob and Fennel don't actually want to come to a cult ritual! Of course they wouldn't! I shouldn't have even brought it up!"

Eevee was happy to see his friend and promptly pounced on Janos before licking the abomination.

"...Okay, maybe not Bob," Moomek agreed somewhat, "But I'm pretty sure I heard some wanting to come in Fennel's voice."

"She did not want to come. At best, she was just being nice!"

"...Well, at least she let you down better than Bob," Moomek shrugged as he sat down on the recliner with a sigh, "Did you hear anything off of that little website you set up? Or the pamphlets you posted across the neighborhood?"

"Just a bunch of prank calls," Jannet sighed as she sat in Moomek's lap, "I mean... I know it's a cult, but you'd think someone would be seriously interested..."

"It's a pretty niche market for cults," Moomek shrugged, "I bet there's someone out of a million other douches."

"Moomek, there are cults surrounding... School shooters of all things, and those have more members than ours!"

"Yeah, I know. There's a cult made by a crazy science fiction writer, too, and it's got celebrity support! The point is, if you give it enough time and effort, people will come, Janney. You just have to put in a hundred-and-ten percent with everything you do," the Xinth assured, brushing his hand over Jannet's hair with a warm smile, "And I got faith you can do that."

"I... Suppose..." Jannet mumbled as she untied her book from her waist and held it for both her and Moomek to look at, "... Do you think it's the book? Am... Am I a bad writer? And please be honest." She looked up at Moomek to reveal her eyes were full of tears.

Moomek was somewhat surprised, and shook his head, "n-No, I think you are an excellent writer, and that this book is a perfectly fine religious text. The Bible? Who cares about a bible when you wrote this!?" It was blatantly obvious that Moomek was overdoing it, but he was almost sure Jannet had grown accustomed to it as if it were truth.

"... Well, I... I suppose you're right," Jannet sighed and slowly nodded, trusting the Xinth's judgement and not catching on to his dramatic flaire. "But... Why hasn't anyone joined, then?"

"Well, like I said, it's a... more niche religion," Moomek shrugged, "You gotta find the right people to join it. Like how people join the cults you talked about. They wouldn't be caught dead joining some other cult because it's not their niche. Just... expand on it a little. Try and make the cult more appealing to the public, if you have to."

"Hmmm..." Jannet wiped at her eyes as she started to think. She gasped as a sudden revelation slapped her in the face, propelling her off of Moomek's lap to grab her laptop. "I got it! I got it! I know exactly what to do!"

"What's that, Janney?" Moomek asked with interest, gently patting Janos on the head as he squirmed by.

Jannet jumped back into Moomek's lap with an excited squeal as she loaded up Microsoft Paint and began editing a flier for the previous week's Sunday ritual. After changing the date and time, she then added at the bottom in big text, "FREE FOOD AND DRINKS!!!"

Jannet gestured to the screen with one hand as she looked between it and Moomek with a smile. "Eh? Eh?"

"It's a... a very good start," Moomek agreed, "But I meant the religion itself. I mean- I told you about the Advance. It isn't dark and using satanic symbols and banning crosses. In fact, one of their main symbols looks a lot like a cross, and they're super popular!"

"... Oh..." Jannet slumped down a little, glancing at her reflection in the darker parts of her laptop's screen.

"...But you know what?" Moomek added, putting a hand on Jannet's shoulder, "I'm fine with a cult of one. I'm fine with how you're running it. And I don't want to see you change everything about it to bring in a bunch of douches who'd just misunderstand everything we're doing here."

"Oh... Moomoo," Jannet smiled as she set her laptop to the side and rested her head on the Xinth's chest, "You always know just what to say, don't you?"

"Eh, sometimes," Moomek tried not to be too proud of his not-so-smooth save, "But it helps to have someone as devoted as you at my side."

"Moomoo..." Jannet cooed sweetly before a stray thought caused her to sigh, "But... I want other people to be devoted too... Not just so they can worship the great Moomoo and everything, but... I just wish I wasn't doing some of these rituals by myself..."

"Yeah, I can understand that," Moomek agreed, guiding Jannet back into his lap with a sigh, "You just need to find people who'd... have something like your vision. Your devotion to me."

"So... People like me?" Jannet blinked, "... You'd have to help me with that. Like... What would be, like... A person like me?"

"People who... aren't really sure of themselves a lot, and... need some sort of guiding hand in their life to get them on a better path, and'd probably take any help they got," Moomek tried to describe that she needed to find people who were easy to manipulate without actually describing it as such.

"Huh... It'd be hard to, like... Find a bunch of people like that, unless... Oh, I know! Children!" Jannet exclaimed, "I could go to a playground and ask them to join! Maybe offer some candy as some incentive!" There was no indication whatsoever that Jannet believed this may be a bad idea.

"...Maybe not kids, or maybe not... like that," Moomek mumbled, "How about you connect with people... oh, through that social media stuff. I'm sure that can pick up some followers both online and in real life."

"Heh... About that..." Jannet grimaced as she grabbed her laptop and opened her internet browser, "I... Didn't want to tell you about it, but... I did try doing that on one website called tumbler or something, and..."

She gestured to a gallery of smut and poorly drawn pornographic content. "... They... I thought they were enthusiastic at first, but... I think they just thought you were some... Fictional character. They started just... Writing all these porn stories and they drew pictures of you having sex with a skeleton and... And some guy in a green suit and... It's just awful..."

"...I mean... It's better than nothing?" Moomek cringed as he scrolled through the horrible content, "But, uh... maybe if we keep, uh... just ignoring all the porn, I think it could be good."

"Well, everytime someone tried to join, this is all they saw... This isn't supposed to be a... Moomek fucking black hedgehogs cult!"

"Then try, uh... what're the other ones? Twitter and Bookface?"

"So then I went to Twitter..." Jannet huffed as she went to the website and question and gestured to the screen in frustration, "And the people from tumbler came too and scared everyone off!"

"And what about Bookface- Facebook or whatever?!"

"Oh, I got banned from there," Jannet sighed.

"What?! How?!"

"Inappropriate content or something," She muttered bitterly.

"Like what? There's nothing inappropriate about Moomooism," Moomek griped, still unsure

"I think part of it was the 'blood sacrifice' thing, even though that's just me cutting my palm a little," Jannet shrugged.

"Wait, what?" Moomek looked to Jannet with concern, "You never told me about that."

"B-But... It's in the book... I thought you read it," Jannet looked at Moomek in pained shock.

"I did, I just didn't think you were doing all of that on yourself- Jannet, I don't want you cutting yourself," Moomek stated, "Not for me, not for the cult, not for anything."

"I-It's just my palm! And only a little bit of blood, I promise! I make sure to clean the cut and bandage it right after!" Jannet swore.

"...Alright," Moomek sighed as he sat back a little bit, "But you promise that's all it's gonna be?"

"I-I promise. I only do a little bit of blood whenever I do it," Jannet nodded as she placed her head on his chest once more, "I know how much you care about me. I wouldn't wanna hurt you just to have fun."

"I know you wouldn't," Moomek cooed as he brushed her hair gently with his hand, "I just get worried sometimes, and I have to make sure.... Oh, what about Instagram? Isn't that popular with young people?"

"Huh... I don't think I've tried that," Jannet hummed.

"Yeah, maybe if you start one of those, and I deal with the other ones, like a prophet speaking his word out for those who'd wanna hear," Moomek described with flair, "We'll grab more attention for the better that way!"

"How're you gonna deal with the other ones?" Jannet inquired curiously.

"I'll find a way, don't you worry," Moomek assured.

"Okay," Jannet giggled and relaxed, setting the laptop to the side once again as she cuddled with Moomek on the recliner, "Hm... Moomoo?"

"Yeah, Janney?" Moomek looked down at Jannet calmly.

"... Can you help me draw a pentagram?" She requested with an embarrassed blush.

Though the xinth would have to stifle a laugh at Jannet's request, he nodded slowly, "Of course, Janney. I'd be glad to help."

"Thanks Moomoo," Jannet sighed as she nuzzled her head against his chest a bit and closed her eyes, "... Not right now though..."

"Yeah, not now," Moomek agreed as Janos came and slithered up inbetween his parents, cuddling with them as it sensed sleep to be coming soon. Eevee then curled up beside the infant before falling asleep itself.


The next morning was a rather groggy one for Mrs. Roberts, but she was wrapped in her husband‘s embrace, which she thoroughly enjoyed. For whatever reason, she decided to nibble on Bob’s ear to wake him up.

“Ugh... Fennel?” Bob grumbled as he began to stir, his elbow moving up slightly to try and get rid of whatever was biting at his ear to no avail.

“Huh?” Fennel groaned, it seemed she wasn’t fully aware of the fact she was biting Bob.

“Did you just... bite me on the ear?” Bob asked as he sat up, feeling the spot where Fennel had bit him with a yawn, looking at the clock and mumbling, “It’s six in the morning. They don’t have school today, ugh...”

Fennel yawned and rubbed her eyes, they were only half open when she spoke “I thought you’d like it.”

“Who likes that?” Bob mumbled in a confused and tired tone.

“I like getting my ears nibbled on.” She tried to reason before putting her head back down on the pillow.

“Well, you got bigger ears than me, so that’s probably why,” Bob grumbled, getting out of bed. Once he woke up, it was hard for him to get back to sleep.

“Nuh uh yours are bigger.” Fennel giggled.

“You haven’t looked in any mirrors lately, have you?” Bob huffed amusedly, as he put on some pants.

“Your butt’s still cute.” She added.

“Ah shush.”

“It’s true.”

“You say that, but yours is in another league altogether,” Bob mused, sliding on a white t-shirt.

“You just like the spot on it don’t you.” The vixen giggLed.

“I mean, it helps.”

“Can you get me something to wear?“ Fennel asked as she pulled herself to a sitting position.

”Yeah, sure,” Bob agreed, snatching out some comfy-looking clothes for the vixen to wear before setting them at the end of the bed. “I’m gonna go get started on breakfast,” he mumbled, starting up the stairs.

“Ok sweetie cakes.” Fennel called before getting dressed into the sweat pants and maternity shirt Bob had set out.

Unsurprisingly, Mary was already awake. "Hey, Bob," She greeted with a yawn, dressed up and ready for a morning jog despite how tired she looked. Granted, she had been very active the day before.

“Oh, hey Mary,” Bob greeted with a half-enthused wave, “You’re up early. Going for a run before everyone gets up?”

"Y-" Mary let out a yawn in the middle of speaking, "-Yeah... Man... I don't think I've woken up this tired before."

“Long night, I’m guessing?” Bob asked, turning on the coffee maker and beginning to get out the pans needed to make a proper breakfast, along with eggs from the fridge.

"... Yeah, I guess you could say that," Mary smiled, realizing why she was so tired.

At this moment Fennel made here way up stairs. “About to go fir a jog?”

"Bob just asked the same thing," Mary luaghed tiredly, "Yeah, I usually do."

“Mind if I join you?” Fennel asked.

"Are you... Able to jog and stuff?" Mary asked, briefly glancing down to Fennel's belly.

“Yeah, as long as I don't overexert myself its fine.” Fennel nodded. “Op, looks like some just work up.” Fennel gaspsed.

"Yeah, maybe it's not the best idea," Mary remarked, "Overexerting myself is kinda the point when I run in the morning."

“Fine, i’ll sit this one out.” Fennel huffed.

"We can jog together all you want when Cinnamon comes out," Mary promised as she opened the front door.

“Alright then, have fun.” Fennel waved.”So what’s for breakfast?”

“I was gonna try my hand on some omlettes,” Bob asserted, frying up some bacon and sausage to go into the omlettes themselves.

“So is this where you ask how I like my eggs?” Fennel asked with a grin.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Bob snidely remarked back.

“Well I was gonna say fertilized.” Fennel huffed, “You ruined my joke.”

“I think you’ve used that one before,” Bob shrugged as he cracked some eggs into the pan.

“You can’t prove that.” Fennel jokingly argued.

“I bet if I asked the girls, they’d say otherwise,” Bob chuckled lightly, “Especially Zoey.”

“Zoey isn’t here to say that.”

“Well, I guess you’re off the hook for now, huh?” Bob huffed jokingly.

“Okay, fine, I have used it before.” Fennel groaned.

“I knew I heard it from somewhere before,” Bob chuckled again, “So, what’re we gonna do today?”

“Hmm well we could just be naughty until the girls wake up, but eh. We have the barbecue at the beach today. Maybe we could do a little baking or something.” Fennel suggested.

”Yeah, I’d rather not have them waking up to us banging in the kitchen,” Bob agreed, “And I dunno about baking. I think we can get something while we’re out- we spend enough time cooped up in here on a normal day anyways.”

“Oh we could do like a couples spa hmm, maybe a nice walk in the park and a light lunch.” Fennel mused.

“Couples spa? Should I call up Ernette now and ask her to watch the kids?” Bob asked, taking one omlette off the pan and cracking another egg on the stovetop and into the pan for another.

“If she’s willing, I’ll probably end up watch Claire as payment in the future anyway.” Fennel nodded.

”...Wait, I don’t think we can do that,” Bob noted, “You’re not supposed to do that kind of stuff when you’re this pregnant, right?”

“Uuhg, being pregnant sucks, this is your fault.” Fennel complained.

My fault?” Bob scoffed, “You’re the one who told me to put a baby in you in the first place!”

Fennel snickered, “Did I?”

“Yeah, several times,” Bob stated with a sly nod, “So I had to cave in and supply you with one. But hey, at least you got like a week left, right? That’s when they said it was due last?”

“Yeah about a week now, and don't you tell me you were hesitant to do the job when i was in heat.” Fennel giggled.

“..,Okay, I guess that’s fair,” Bob laughed.

“Hmm, what could we do... I dunno, maybe we can buy baby clothes.” Fennel shrugged.

“I thought you and Ernette... mainly Ernette did that already,” Bob pondered.

“Yeah... hmm what do you want to do?” Fennel aaked.

“I think going to the park could be nice,” Bob agreed with Fennel’s earlier idea, “Better than being stuck in the house all day until the beach.”

“Okay then.” Fennel nodded before heading down stairs, “I’ll just change then.”


Eventually, Ryle knocked on the door with Zoey and Ruby in tow, both of them already wearing their bikinis.

”You know you two still have a few hours before the beach, right?” Ryle asked.

"Yeah, but we're just excited," Zoey smiled, "Me and Rub love going to the beach or the pool or whatever!"

“Okay then, well why don’t you two go inside and get Madison?” Ryle aaked.

With a shrug, Zoey and Ruby scurried inside, Madison morosely exiting shortly after. "What is it?" She sighed.

“I thought some ice cream would cheer you up.” Ryle offered.

"I'm fine," Madison huffed, turning to walk back inside.

“I’ll buy you anything you want from the magic shop!” Ryle called.

Madison stopped and turned to Ryle, snapping at him, "I don't want anything from the magic shop!"

”Look I just want to talk, Madison.” Ryle tried once more.

"I don't wa- What is it?" Madison turned to her sister, Maria who tapped her on the shoulder. She whispered in the depressed magician's ear, causing her to gasp and yell, "That's not fair! You can't pull that on me!"

"Well, I guess I'll just go to our room and-" Maria started.

"Nonono!" Madison cried out before giving Maria the evil eye. She then turned around and angrily walked out the door, "Fine. We can get ice cream."

“Why don’t we walk.” Ryle suggested, leaving his armor and sword at the door.

"Yeah, sure," Madison sighed bitterly as she followed Ryle.

“I heard what happened yesterday, you okay?” Ryle asked as he began walking.

"I'm fine," Madison insisted, looking towards the ground as she walked. She was a stark contrast to her usual, energetic and show-offish self that came with her passion for magic.

“Well you don’t seem fine, you’re all mopey and introverted for once.” Ryle argued. Madison had nothing to say to that, only slinking down a little as she walked.

“Now you might not believe me when I say this, but I think the magic you do is very impressive.” Ryle added.

"No, it's not!" Madison suddenly cried out, finally looking up at Ryle, "You only think that because I'm your niece! Other people don't think that! And they can tell how I do my stupid tricks!" She quickly looked back down at the ground.

”Now let me stop you right there. I am not saying this because you are my niece. now I want you to watch this.” Ryle said, pulling out his phone and opening it to a video of a chimera-like woman watching a recording of Madison. ”And she did this without magic?” The woman asked before Ryle’s voice replied, ”Yeah, you’d be surpised with all she can do!

"I'm... She's just saying that because I'm a kid!" Madison insisted with a few tears in her eyes.

“Madison, she isn’t.” Ryle saud before trying to give his niece a hug. However, he was pushed away by the teen before she folded her arms.

“Madison, look. What you do takes a lot of time and effort, and it's wonderful seeing the pride you take in it. I don’t want to see anyone take that away from you.” Ryle sighed.

"It doesn't matter!" Madison yelled with a stomp of her foot, "How much... 'time and effort' or what the hell ever! Why bother if I'm not even good at it!?"

“Alright, how many people said you weren’t good at it then?” Ryle asked.

"Well- Just Brittany- But she's the only person, like, my age and outside the family that's seen me do magic!"

“And from what I can tell, this Brittany is a stuck up little bitch with nothing better to do.” Ryle countered. “There are two ways to deal with people like her, one you can give up and prove them right, or tell them to shove it and use it to fuel the fire so to speak.”

"I'm not in the mood for stupid.. Metaphors... And crap! I only came out here because Maria made me!"

“Ok how about this you keep doing your magic, show it to everyone, and think about how you feel when you perform.” Ryle added.

"Oh my god, just- Just shut up! Just- Let's just get ice cream so I can go back home," Madison snapped.

“Alright.” Ryle relented, realizing this wasn’t going to be effective.


“Hmmm... we should figure out what we’re gonna watch tonight,” Ernette mused as she half-focused on skimming through their streaming service while rocking Claire in her arms as she sat on the couch, “If we’re going to the beach when we’re supposed to meet them, we won’t have much time to do it afterwards.”

"Why wouldn't we have time?" Clara asked as her eyes drifted across the television screen.

“I’d have to put Claire to bed, and sometimes that takes a while when she’s fussy and really tired,” Ernette explained.

"Alright. Was it my turn to pick or yours? I can't recall."

“...I lost track,” Ernette admitted, “It’s been a somewhat busy week, and I just got caught up with other things...” while it seemed this fact upset the Benefactor, she did her best to calm herself with a slow breath.

"Well, I'm in the mood for a horror movie, but if Claire's gonna be out here, maybe you should pick this time then," Clara offered.

“Well, she might be asleep by the time we would start,” Ernette mused, “Besides. I know you wouldn’t be in the mood for... whatever I’d choose, you know.”

"... Ernette," Clara began, "How old are you, again?"

“Well, now, I’m two thousand eight hundred and five years old... why do you ask?” Ernette asked with perplexion.

"In all that time, what could possibly have led to your obsession with spaghetti westerns?" Clara asked, motioning to the recommended movies on the screen which primarily consisted of the genre because of Ernette's watch history.

“I-It’s an interesting genre to me!” Ernette argued with a blush, “The drama, the action, the romance... I-it’s all really nice... That and I like the hats and the lassoes and the shootouts.

"... You're cute when you get defensive," Clara remarked as she looked back at the screen for a moment before looking back at the Benefactor.

“Hmph!” Ernette pouted lightly, “Well... ooh! What about that one!” Ernette suggested, scrolling over to one film, “Tremors 4... Oh, it’s a western and horror!”

"Huh... Wait, what about Tremors 1? Shouldn't we watch the first 'Tremors' before watching the fourth one?"

“That’s... Yeah, you’re right,” Ernette mused with a nod, before passing the remote over to Clara, “Hmm... I’ll let you choose. I’m being too indecisive today.”

"We'll just watch the first Tremors..." Clara mumbled as she searched for the movie, "Here it is, Tremors, made in 1990."

“Oh geez, I can’t wait,” Ernette giddied, simply happy to spend the time with her family, as well as the promise of Tremors 4’s western traits, “...Oh, don’t forget to get your swimsuit and whatever else you need together.”

"Already done," Clara assured as she pressed a button on the remote, selecting Tremors and turning the movie on. While she was not a fan of most of the movies Ernette wanted to watch, it was worth seeing how happy they made the Benefactor.

Ernette nuzzled herself and Claire against Clara, holding their child close as the movie began. “You’re the best, Clara,” Ernette complimented for whatever reason, either it being relenting to her choice of film, having done whatever she was going to ask her to do, both, or simply being there. She generally complimented Clara a lot for the last one.

"You're the best, Ernette," Clara insisted, wrapping her arm behind the Benefactor.

“No, You’re the best!” Ernette proclaimed politely, pecking Clara on the cheek, “And there’s nothing that’s ever gonna change that, ever!”

Clara lightly shook her head, smiling (On the inside at least) as she sighed in monotone, "I love you."

“I love you, too,” Ernette smiled happily as she looked to Clara for a moment of appreciation, before looking slowly back to the movie, before realizing with a gasp, “Oh! I need to go tell Fennel’s friend about being invited!”

"Oh, right," Clara grabbed the remote and paused the movie, "On your way back in, can you grab the goldfish from the pantry?"

“Oh, sure!” Ernette nodded as she handed off Claire to Clara, before hastily speed-walking through the apartment complex, internally cursing herself for having almost forgotten as she hurried over, taking a second to get a breath as she reached the correct apartment number, before knocking on the door lightly, putting on her best smile for meeting somewhat new people.

After a moment, the door slowly opened to reveal a very grumpy Melissa, made even grumpier by the sight of Ernette. "The hell do you want?" She greeted.

“O-oh, good morning!” Ernette greeted, somewhat put off by Melissa’s generally drowse attitude, but still extremely willing to maintain a positive energy, “I-uh.. right! Fennel wanted me to tell you that she’s having a barbecue today, and that you’re invited, if you wanna come down to the beach for a little bit!”

"I don't have a swimsuit," Melissa grumbled, "I own two fucking outfits."

“You can borrow one of mine!” Ernette offered meekly, “I’d be happy to share!”

The ex-Nazi's eyes slowly drifted down to Ernette's body, then back to the Benefactor's face. "Would it even fit?"

“I think?” Ernette thought for a moment, “It’s a one piece, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.”

"We're different heights and we have very different body types," Melissa muttered, pinching her brow, "Fuck it. I'll just buy some shit on the way to the beach."

“Oh, let me get you one!” Ernette exclaimed, before covering her mouth, “If... if that’s okay with you. I mean, if it’s not, I-I totally get it, but-“

"Holy fucking shit stop talking, fine," Melissa interrupted before Ernette could continue her pathetic display, "Jesus Christ, what is it with you people and being so... Pathetic?"

“Sorry...” Ernette mumbled, her form slumping a bit, “I didn’t mean to come off like that.”

"You're still coming off like that," Melissa sighed, pinching her temples between one hand, "Look. We'll fucking... Stop by the store together, alright? And- And stop looking like that, you look like you're about to fucking cry, come on."

“O-Okay!” Ernette’s mood seemingly snapped back to a forced happiness as she pulled out her phone, “I just gotta text Clara that I’m helping you out.”

"So what, are we leaving now?" Melissa asked.

“Unless you want to do it later, yep!” Ernette nodded.

"Okay, well when is the fucking barbeque?" Melissa questioned, "Because it's just buying a fucking swimsuit, it's not like we need a lot of time for that."

“It’s later today, but it’s... always better to be prepared beforehand than just running around at the last second, grabbing the first trashy-looking bikini that fits because you’re on a time crunch, right?” Ernette asked with a shrug, shrinking down a little as she thought about what she was saying.

"... I guess. Let's go then," Melissa stepped outside of her apartment, closing the door behind herself. It didn't seem she had any preparing to do before leaving.

“Wait, really?” Ernette blinked, surprised her explanation worked at all, “I thought you were just going to slam the door in my face or something like that... n-no offense.”

"I can still do that," Melissa grunted.

“I-I’m sorry,” Ernette apologized with a mumble, “I’m just not really used to... talking to you.”

"So you're borderline crying every time you meet someone?"

“No, I’m not borderline crying! I just.. get easily emotional, is all.”

"No fucking way, you do?" Melissa asked sarcastically.

Ernette made a pouting face at Melissa’s snide remark, before sighing and smiling, “But I’m sure I can be fine from now on.”

"Hey, Ernette," Clara greeted, pushing Claire in her stroller.

“Oh, hey!” Ernette greeted, somewhat surprised that Clara showed up.

"Huh, so where's 'dad'?" Melissa asked.

“He’s off at work,” Ernette answered automatically, “He works open to close a lot of the time, so he isn’t home much.”

"Hm.. He's home enough for me to have to buy headphones for at night... And sometimes in the morning too," Melissa muttered as she began walking in the direction of the parking garage.

“He’s... definitely something,” Ernette mused with a smile, looking to Clara for a moment before back to Melissa, “I’m sorry if we make a lot of noise, though. We’ll, uh... we’ll keep it down from now on.”

"Don't make promises you can't keep," Clara whispered with a quick squeeze of Ernette's rear as they walked.

“I’m not sure he’ll share that sentiment though, so I can’t be one hundred percent sure it’ll get better,” Ernette winced, “So I’m still sorry if it doesn’t...”

"Oh my fucking god, I already bought the headphones. It's fine," Melissa groaned, "The apologizing and shit is getting worse than the fucking moaning and screaming."

While Ernette opened her mouth to apologize for her excessive apologizing, she simply thought for a moment before not saying anything at all.

"... I think.. My mom's apologizing is cute," Clara noted in defensive monotone. Melissa gave Clara a weird look for a moment before shaking her head.

"Whatever. Are we going separate or do you want to carpool?" Melissa asked Ernette.

“I was thinking we take my car,” Ernette suggested, “It’s got enough room for everyone and a baby seat, so I’m sure it’ll be fine, unless you wanted to go in your car?”

"It's fine. We'll take yours," Melissa shrugged, gesturing for the Benefactor to lead the way.

As Ernette approached the minivan and clicked the unlock button on the key fob, she asked, “Clara, can you put Claire in her seat? I’ll handle putting up the stroller.”

Once Claire was situated and the stroller put away, Clara walked up to the passenger door to find Melissa getting inside, sitting in her seat. The two briefly exchanged glances before Clara reluctantly sat in the back alongside Claire.

Ernette, after nervously watching the previous situation play itself out much better than she anticipated, sighed, “So, do you wanna go anywhere specific to get a swimsuit or no?”

"Wherever. Walmart, I guess," Melissa replied. Given she was resting her cheek on one hand, Melissa did not notice Clara glaring at her with hatred behind her deadpan expression.

“Alright! Walmart it is, then!” Ernette exclaimed quietly as she started up the car. She looked in the rear view and frowned as she looked back and asked, “Is something wrong, Clara?”

Melissa lazily glanced back at the mention of Clara, who had time to look out the window before the woman could see her. Clara looked back as Melissa turned back around before putting it bluntly, "I don't like you."

Clara!” Ernette huffed, “That is not a nice thing to say about our guest here!”

"Bah, I don't give a shit anyway," Melissa waved her hand.

"Yes you do," Clara retorted, causing the ex-Nazi to glance back again, "You're rude and aggressive on purpose. You're trying to make me and Ernette, and likely everyone else, not like you. You want to be alone, yet you decided to live in an apartment located in the town where the majority of the people from other universes ended up, a group of people that you probably know by now are more social than people native to this universe. You are bullshitting everyone around you, including yourself. It's annoying."

While Ernette wanted to stop Clara or have her calm her tirade against Melissa, she couldn’t bring herself to be a wedge in this argument. That, and listening to her made the Benefactor realize that most of what she said made sense to her.

"... You're really fucking lucky you're a kid," Melissa hissed as she turned away, looking out the window with a snarl.

Clara waited for a moment before adding, "Also, you're sitting in my spot, and the back seats don't have seat warmers."

Ernette, while wanting to speak up about the situation and try and ease tensions, did not know what to do, and simply kept herself quiet as she drove. To spite Clara, Melissa turned on her seat warmer as they remained silent as well.

Eventually, however, Ernette decided to try and ease how tense things were with a simple question. “So... do you have any hobbies?” She asked meekly.

"No," Melissa answered, not offering any more than that as a reply.

"Oh..." Ernette mumbled with a sigh, unsure what else to respond with.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, Teed, H

After Zoey had gotten home Fennel figured now was about as good a time as any to talk to Zoey regarding her outburst the other day. She inhaled before knocking on the door.

"Come in!" Zoey called. She and Ruby were laying on their bed, squished up against each other as Zoey took selfies of them both.

“Is everything okay, you were really upset the other day?” Fennel asked aa she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Nah, yeah, it's fine," Zoey assured with a smug smile and a wave of her hand before turning her phone to Fennel, "Hey, do you think this selfie is cuter... Or... This one is cuter?"

“Second.” Fennel nodded. “I’ve been thinking... I understand you prefer me as a sister rather than a mom.”

"You just figured that out?" Zoey joked.

“Well I‘ve known, it’s just...” Fennel exhaled before continuing, “I’m going to try being more of a sister to you.”

Zoey paused with a look of surprise before looking at Fennel proper. "... Really?"

“If you want that is.” Fennel nodded.

"Wha- No- Yeah, yeah, that'd be great," Zoey smiled as she sat up, "That's, like, literally what I've wanted."

“You sure?” Fennel asked waiting a solid answer.

"One-hundred percent," Zoey nodded, giving the vixen a hug.

“Okay. I’ll try to do that from now on. Now go to the kitchen, breakfast is almost ready.” Fennel said as she got up.

"Oh shit, I'm starving," Zoey gasped, quickly tapping Ruby before the two scrambled off of the bed, "So, Latte, how're things gonna be different with you being my sister instead of a mom?"

“Try to be less controlling. Maybe some other things.” She added.

"Other things?" Zoey smirked, "Like what?"

“Asking some questions.” She replied.

"Latte, what questions," Zoey laughed.

“I dunno, like how to wife better.”

"Oh, I see... You want sex tips from the master," Zoey proclaimed.

”I’ll let you figure out that one.” Fennel said before heading to the kitchen. “Honey is the food ready yet?” The vixen called to Bob.

"Just about, yeah!" Bob replied with a nod, "What? Are you getting anxious?"

”Nothing.“  Fennel said before approaching Bob and giving him kiss on the lips.

"Oh! If Latte's my sister now..." Zoey strolled right up to Bob with a cheeky grin as she poked his arm a few times with her elbow, "I guess that makes you my brother!"

"...What?" Bob blinked with confusion, looking between Fennel and Zoey for a moment, "What're you talking about?"

"Tell him, Latte!" Zoey exclaimed, gesturing to Bob.

“I told Zoey I was going to treat her more like a sister.” Fennel replied.

Like a sister, okay,” Bob sighed, relieved that it wasn’t that bad,, before looking to Zoey “So I’m still your dad.”

"My last name isn't Roberts," Zoey huffed, snidely adding a, "Bro."

“Not your bro,” Bob shook his head, “Say whatever you want, it ain’t happening.”

"If you don't be my bro, then I'll call you daddy in public, except I'll moan it like this," Zoey threatened before moaning out, "Daddy!"

“Zoey, please don’t.” Fennel sighed. “Besides I’m the only one who is allowed to do that if I chose to.”

“Fine, fine, you can call me bro, but that’s it,” Bob groaned, “Just don’t do that anywhere around my work, or I swear to god.”

“Zoey please don’t make me regret this.” Fennel sighed.

"You guys are no fun sometimes," Zoey snickered with a roll of her eyes.

“So... Bob, you ready to see me in a bikini again?” Fennel asked failing to chose a better topic.

"Oh, you bet," Bob agreed, before looking to Zoey, "Yeah, only sometimes. Otherwise, we wouldn't be going to the beach, now would we?"

"Hmph, well what about my bikini?" Zoey asked, striking a few poses alongside Ruby.

"Yeah, I'm definitely not your audience for that," Bob shook his head, "But from a not-pervy outlook on it... I'd say you look fine."

"Thanks, bro," Zoey giggled as Ruby stifled a laugh.

“So Zoey? How do I like my eggs?” Fennel asked trying to resolve the earlier debate.

"Fertilized!" Zoey sneered.

"Ugh," Bob groaned, beginning to get all of the food together and ready to go.

“I thought I hadn’t pulled that one yet.” Fennel griped.

"Wait, was- Oh, shit. Did I ruin your joke?" Zoey asked.

“We were arguing if I had told the joke before.” Fennel waved.

"She tried to tell me that joke this morning," Bob added.

“Well, regardless, you’re good at making them.” Fennel snickered as she rubbed her belly.

"It's a good joke. I thought I just now came up with it," Zoey remarked.

"Oh, really? Shoot, sorry Fennel," Bob apologized, "I thought I heard that one before, is all."

“Oh in that case how ever could you make it up to little ol' me.” She giggled.

"Eat her out... bro," Zoey whispered up to Bob, standing on her tiptoes.

"I'll think of something," Bob shooed Zoey back a bit from his ear, "But I'll definitely make it up to you somehow."

Fennel gasped, “"Oh she’s kicking why don‘t you say hi as part of your punishment.” Fennel giggled.

"I guess that's a start, then," Bob agreed, placing his hand on Fennel's stomach and rubbing it, softly saying, "Hey, Honey! How're you doing in there, little Cinnabun?"

“Oh, you‘re too cute, Bobby!” Fennel gushed. “You’re such a good daddy!”

"I'm just doin' as told," Bob laughed, "And you're a great mom...Oh, I'm sorry Zoey, I mean sister."

"Latte's a mom, bro, just not my mom," Zoey shook her head.

“It’s just kind of unreal you know?” Fennel added.

"Yeah, it's... it's actually kinda amzing," Bob agreed.

”We just need somewhere to deliver Cinnamon and I think we’ll have everything.” Fennel realized.

"... You mean, like... A hospital?" Zoey blinked, "Where else would you do it?"

“Umm yeah, I’d prefer something like a birth center or at home. I just don’t really like hospitals.” Fennel admitted.

"...I'm fine with whatever," Bob shrugged, "Wherever you're comfortable, and that it's gonna be safe."

“If it’s okay, I’d prefer to do it at home, and we can call in a midwife.” Fennel added.

"Why don't you like hospitals?" Zoey asked curiously.

“They just feel cold and unloving and they push for epidurals.” Fennel explained.

"... You know... Now that I think about it," Zoey glanced around before finishing her thought, "I'm really surprised we didn't end up with one of my sisters that were into, like, medicine stuff... Doctoring."

"Like Paige?" Ruby mused.

"Yeah, yeah, or Lindsey," Zoey nodded.

“Yeah, we just have to find a midwife, I guess.” Fennel muttered.

"I wish I could help you out there. I've never actually seen, like, birth," Zoey shrugged.

“Thank you for the offer. Maybe Ernette has the book knowledge, but I don’t know about practical. Oh wait, Jannet! She knows someone.” Fennel said with a snap.

"You sure you wanna trust whatever midwife Jannet hired?" Zoey grimaced.

"I doubt she'd even help, seeing how Janos is," Bob mumbled, "I mean, imagine waiting for it to crest, and a bunch of whiny tentacles pop out."

"I probably would've shit myself in her position," Zoey agreed.

“I’ll just ask the ob/gyn at my appointment tommorrow, I’m sure they know someone.” Fennel sighed.


"Okay, let's go," Melissa muttered. The trio had almost just walked into Walmart. Upon finding the womens' swimwear, Melissa had simply just grabbed the first black bikini that was in her size she saw.

“Oh, are you... are you sure?” Ernette asked, “There’s plenty more to choose from, if you’d like a little variety or... or whatever.”

"Variety for what?" Melissa huffed.

"Ernette," Clara said quietly, speaking to the Benefactor in aside, "Melissa isn't your overseer. You don't need to act so... Subservient and apprehensive."

“Am I really coming off like that?” Ernette mumbled to Clara, before looking back to Melissa, “Nevermind. It doesn’t matter.”

"No, Ernette," Clara turned Ernette back around while Melissa looked on with a confused expression, "You wanted her to get more than just the first swimsuit she saw. By saying it doesn't matter, you're relenting to her."

Ernette’s eyes widened as Clara went on, thinking for a second about how to go about the situation, before turning back to Melissa with a chime, “Well- actually, I was thinking we could choose some more. You don’t want to wear the same swimsuit every single time you do anything involving water like that.”

"Why not?" Melissa grunted, "It's not like I swim every fucking day."

“Fennel really likes that kind of stuff, swimming and whatever,” Ernette mentioned, “And as long as you’re friends with her, let me assure you that you’re gonna get invited to that kind of stuff a lot. She might even invite you to yoga night.”

"Ugh. Fine, fucking..." Melissa turned around and snatched a dark grey bikini, "There."

“Hmmm...” Ernette hummed as she looked over the second bikini Melissa had chosen, “Maybe you could get one with a little more color? I’m not saying you wouldn’t look great in this one, but... I think a little splotch of color’d make it look even better.”

"Good girl," Clara whispered as Melissa let out another irritated groan.

"If you're gonna fucking- Fine! You choose one for me then, god dammit!" Melissa huffed, tossing the grey bikini behind herself onto the floor.

Ernette looked over the racks of bikinis and swimsuits for a moment. “Hmmm... Aha!” Ernette exclaimed, pulling out a bright red bikini, setting it on the edge of the cart, “This one would look really good with your complexion in general! But lemme see if there’s anymore that’d look good on you.”

"You know, Ernette. We should test that theory," Clara mused, "Maybe Melissa should try it on, and whatever others you think might look good on her."

“Oh yeah!” Ernette nodded excitedly, “Before we make any serious choices, we should see them in performance, first!”

Melissa took a long, deep breath after shooting Clara a glare. "... Fine," She sighed, snatching the bikini from the cart, but causing the hook on its hangar to snap off in the process before she stomped over to a changing room.

"Ernette, you will never comprehend just how much I love you," Clara remarked as Melissa slammed the door to the changing room behind herself.

“Oh, I know,” Ernette snickered quietly, “I’m kinda disappointed in myself for not thinking of that. I really hope she’s not too mad at me about it, though.”

"If it's any consolation, I'm loving this," Clara assured with a quick slap to Ernette's rear.

“I’m kinda having fun with this too,” Ernette mused as she shuddered at the slap very slightly.

"Remember that time we did it in one of those changing rooms?" Clara reminisced.

“Yeah... and we almost got caught, but you kept going anyways?” Ernette sighed, “That was a good time.”

"We should do something like that again," Clara suggested, "Maybe at Starbucks."

“Oh yeah, maybe,” Ernette agreed, before looking back at their child sitting in the cart and sighed, “But what about Claire? I’d feel bad for just leaving her somewhere while we bang.”

"The bathrooms in Starbucks are pretty big, and they have a lock on the door," Clara assured with a brief gesture when describing the size of the bathroom, "We can bring her in there with us."

“...Okay,” Ernette agreed, “We can face her away from us doing it so she doesn’t see anything too... bad, like you choking me or whatever.”

"I don't see a problem with her seeing," Clara remarked as Melissa stepped out of the changing room in the bikini Ernette had picked out.

"... Well?" She huffed, her hands on her hips as she frowned.

“You look amazing!” Ernette cheered, “Like I said, it compliments your complexion pretty well.”

The ex-Nazi's frown faltered a bit at the compliment as she glanced down at herself. "Whatever. Is that it?"

“You might want some yoga stuff if Latte decides to drag you into that,” Ernette suggested, “But that’s just sweatpants and a nice spare t-shirt.”

"Oh, Ernette, I think she might look good in one of these striped bikinis, don't you think?" Clara suggested, pointing to a collection of various striped bikinis for sale.

“Oh, I might really look good in that black-and-white one,” Ernette agreed, taking it off the rack and examining it thoroughly.

"Of course you would, but what about her?" Clara gestured to Melissa, who seemed absolutely exasperated that she may have to try on more clothes.

“Oh, I think she’d look great in some of these,” Ernette agreed, but looked to Melissa with some sympathy, “.,,But, if she’s happy with what swimsuits she’s got, we should just grab me this one and whatever yoga stuff she’d need. Are you okay with that, Melissa?”

"Sure, fine," Melissa sighed with a bit of relief, heading back to the changing room to put her regular clothes back on.

"But yeah, I don't see a problem with it," Clara shrugged.

“Well, I’m just worried she’d get the wrong idea with the hitting and choking that it’s okay to be... violent,” Ernette shrugged, “I read that children will try and imitate what they see their parents doing in regards to stuff like that.”

"Hm, I suppose you have a good point," Clara nodded, "Alright, we'll turn her around when it gets to that."

“That’s a fair compromise,” Ernette agreed, “I’m sure it will be fine until then.”

Melissa exited the changing room and chucked the red bikini into the shopping cart with a huff. "Am I gonna have to try on the fucking yoga shit?" She asked.

“No, you don’t have to,” Ernette assured, “We gotta get everything ready to go and make sure we have everything for the beach, too. Some extra sunscreen and towels and whatever else we’d need. Oh! Maybe some extra little snacks and drinks, too.”

"And an umbrella or something," Clara suggested, "Claire'll get sunscreen anyway, but better she have an umbrella over her too."

“Yeah, you’re right,” Ernette added an umbrella to the list of things they needed she was making in her head, “Do you need anything specific while we’re here, Melissa? Don’t be afraid to ask for anything.”

"No, I'm fine," Melissa shook her head.

“Alright then, let’s go!” Ernette exclaimed, taking hold of the cart again and beginning to push it to the closest aisle that’d have something they’d need. “So, Melissa, what do you do for a living?” Ernette asked kindly.

Melissa's eyes widened a little bit before she quickly responded with a snappy, "None of your fucking business."

“I-okay,” Ernette mumbled, before continuing, “I work up at the high school. I’m a gym teacher, actually. Last week was my first week. I was so scared and worried about it, but it turned out pretty nice.”

"... Huh... I wouldn't have thought you'd be a gym teacher," Melissa remarked.

“Why’s that?” Ernette asked with a bit of confusion, cocking her head as she looked to Melissa.

"Just gym teachers are usually assertive and shit," Melissa shrugged before giving Ernette a brief glance from the side of her eye as she added, "And you, uh... Just... Y'know, don't really look like a gym teacher."

“I can be assertive with my students-... What does that mean?” Ernette asked with simple curiosity, looking herself over with a bit of confusion as to how she didn’t look like a gym teacher.

As rude as Melissa could be, she didn't want to go there. "Just, uh... You know. Some people just look more like gym teachers than other, I don't fucking know," She tried to shrug off her remark.

“No, I don’t know. Why don’t I look like a gym teacher?” Ernette asked again, showing the first signs of frustration she had shown to Melissa.

"I'm not saying you're not a good gym teacher or some shit, I'm just fucking saying that... At first glance, I wouldn't guess you're a gym teacher," Melissa huffed.

“But why? Why would I not be considered a gym teacher at first glance? What about my looks makes you say that?” Ernette asked with a bit of tiredness.

Melissa let out a frustrated sigh. "Well, uh... Gym teachers aren't usually... Curvy, yeah," Melissa nodded, relieved she found a nice way of putting things.

“...Oh! Yeah, I guess I understand where you’re coming from,” Ernette mused, “I wouldn’t expect most gym teachers to be anything but muscly on every part of their body.”

"Yeah, yeah," Melissa continued to nod, "I mean, if I were to guess what kind of teacher you were, I would've guessed English or some shit like that."

“I can see that, too,” Ernette mumbled, “Maybe that or Math or something like that... But you’re right, I’m a bit thicker than what’d be expected from gym teachers.”

"Just the way I like it," Clara whispered with a quick rear squeeze.

As Ernette grabbed a small parasol for the beach, setting it in the cart, she looked to Melissa, “You sure you don’t need anything at all?”

"... If we're getting snacks and shit, maybe cookies," Melissa relented with a sigh.

“Any kind in specific?” Ernette asked as they pulled into the cookies and crackers aisle.

"Uh... These chocolate ones," Melissa quickly snatched a box of triple chocolate brown cookies and tossed them in the cart, "Oh shit, these muffins too." She scampered over to a box of chocolate muffins, quickly bringing them to the cart.

“Those muffins can be pretty good,” Ernette complimented Melissa’s choice in snack foods, “I haven’t had the cookies before, but I bet they’re really good too.”

"Really? Here, just have one then," Melissa peeled the sticker holding the plastic box shut and opened it up, taking a cookie from inside before offering another to Ernette.

“Oh- I... alright,” Ernette muttered as she took the cookie, unsure of the consequences of just opening boxes of cookies before they were bought as she took a small nibble of the side of the cookie, “Mmm! It’s pretty good!”

"... Let me try one," Clara grabbed a cookie from the box, taking a bite out of it. After swallowing, she nodded in assent, "Yeah, these are good."

“Maybe we should close it back up, before someone thinks we’re just taking food out of the box without going to buy it,” Ernette suggested.

"Yeah, I guess," Melissa shrugged, closing the box back up and replacing the sticker that held it shut.

“...So, Clara,” Ernette mused as she thought of conversation, “Are there any clubs or anything that look interesting to you? I’m trying to see if Madison will still be doing her magic club after what happened last time, but it’s not looking the most promising.”

"I've been considering the journalism club," Clara answered, "It seems like something that'd suit me pretty well."

“I was thinking the same thing,” Ernette agreed, “That and debate club seemed like some good clubs for you to look into, or at least, things I thought you’d like.”

"Debate club, hm?" Clara mused, "It sounds interesting, but I think a lot of people put just as much value in conviction and emotion as they do a logical argument."

“I mean, if you’re presenting a sound enough argument with enough logic behind it, emotion’s not that important,” Ernette encouraged, “But if you wanna do just Journalism Club, I’m fine with that. I bet you could write some amazing pieces in the newsletter.”

"I think so too. The newspaper as is is very bland," Clara agreed, "It covers a few school events and might mention something someone popular did or said, but that's it."

“Then I say go for it!” Ernette smiled, pulling into the checkout and beginning to put their items on the conveyor, “Just... if you gotta work with some girl on student council named Brittany, I have to warn you she’s a bitch. She’s the girl that made Madison want to stop doing magic at her club.”

"... I look forward to joining the newspaper," Clara stated in cold monotone.

“I look forward to it, too,” Ernette agreed as she paid for everything, before looking Melissa’s way and changing the topic, “So, have you been out to the beach any recently? Last time me and Clara went, a bunch of jellyfish got washed up and it was a pain to walk around, so we just stayed on the dry part of the beach. But other than that, it’s generally nice and relaxing.”

"I haven't been to any beach in a long time," Melissa thought back, "I can't really recall the last time I was at one."

“Well, then this will be a refreshing time then, huh?” Ernette remarked, taking the bags and plopping them back into the cart, beginning to push said cart out of the Walmart.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Out on the outskirts,where suburbia met hugh crime rates stood a building,it was squarish, but not too garish,plain white with accents of dark paint along the roof and trim, a sign stretched across the top, bolted in with baseball sized bolts, the sign was arguably the loudest thing about the outside of the establishment, a dull neon yellow, scrawled in lights across a black backdrop, it read “Sarrhows,Bar and Such”.

A small ‘Put-putterin’ sounded as a lanky figured scooted in on a motorized police scooter,parked, and took of his helmet, revealing his startlingly pale skin, large yellow eyes, and three plumed purple hair,like that of a jester hat.

This was of course Steven Harmon, more commonly known as the hero/vigilante The Awesome Slapstick,but you already guessed that did’nt you?

In uniform from his day job as a “traffic cop”, Slapstick looked at his phone(with a protective rubber bananna case), looked at it and looked at the establishment,and strode into the double doors(which seemed to be blocky and made of multicoloured legos,stacked in a arched shape).

The interior was ‘adequate’ in terms of lighting,the furniture and tables were varied in terms of size,shape and general design,of various sorts of materials, adorning the walls vere various weapons and commeremative knick-knacks from past clashes, a sort of decoration sense I suppose,there were no windows, becuase if you came to drink you would likely not want to see or be reminded of the outside world.

There was a bar,and a jukebox,everything a bar should have,including alcohol.

The clown sat down on the barstool,and drummed his slightly pointed fingertips on the counter.

“FORSEUSS!”a figure popped up from behind the bar,a busty tallish lass with curled hair of a golden sheen that covered her eyes,with a wry wide grin she noted with some amusement the clowns surprise as he clawed at the bar in guffawment.

“75.03”, said a somewhat familiar voice as a short figure walked up,polishing a mug, a simplistic figure, one would say cartoonish even, his face covered with deep red scar tissue his repaired eyesockets clearly being present ,his left eye a white blind oval, his red dreadlocks undone and his hair wrapped up in a frizzy bob,his red nose still present,however his attire seemed much less classy, a bar uniform.

“Its Goldilock’s fault!” Slapstick stated, it soon being clear McCoin was not at all recognized.

“Tell me again who of you two has claws that caused the actual damage”.

“Verily!”Goldie agreed.

“ I know you?”Slapstick asked, a thought cloud appearing over his head displaying grinding gears.

“Got one of those common faces, most of the people I lived with had a similar mug”.

“Tis a nice mug, though”.Goldie commented.

“C’mon I never forget a face!”Slapstick interjected his eyeball sticking out from his socket to inspect McCoin.

“Hey pal if,I can’t take out my eye neither can you”.The scarred dweller commented, snapping the towel he was using at the eye.

“A patience to match the size”Steve Haromn implied.

“Oh but thou are incorrect,he ist very tall where it counts!”Goldie stated.

McCoin’s face turned as red as his nose.

“We agreed,not at work!”He stuttered, little bits of steam floating up from his face.

“Thine agreement was nothing of thy physical nature,not of blustery comments”Goldie defended, bending over and tapping McCoin on the forehead.

“Go tend to the other side of the bar...please”.The dweller stated.

“For now”. Goldie giggled and gave a grin before tapping over to another section.

“So who runs this joint?”Slapstick asked.

“Me,figured nothing better than after dealing with the clash than a nice stiff drink”.

“You were in the clash?”Slasptick asked.

A vein pulsed lightly on McCoin’s forehead.

“Yes….most of us who work here were”.

McCoin motioned over to around the room.

“Got headless Harry over there busing table,Jawlin over there taking orders,That little box guy cleans the carpet, while D-00-T washes dishes, got a few more that rotate shifts, and I’m pretty sure that Jukebox is a Go-Bot”. McCoin commented.

“Its like a Transformer but less impressive”.McCoin explained

There was the slightest skip in the record.

“Anyways, you hired a new girl here?”

“Penny,yeah she starts soon”.

“Wait how do you know Penelope?”Slapstick said rubbing his chin.

McCoin motioned a finger to come closer and when Slapstick did, McCoin clocked him as hard as he could with the mug.

“Whasss”Slapstick said before getting up.

“McCoin when did you get here?”The clown asked.

“About three seconds ago”. The dweller shrugged.

“Get a sight of who hit me?”

“I did not”.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teedler

“Alright girls, we’re here!” Fennel said opening the door to the van before stepping out with a beach bag in tow.

"Lizagna! Wake up!" Tina exclaimed, shaking the chef awake.

"Wh- Huh W-What's!? Oh.." Elizabeth sighed before letting out a long yawn as she meandered out of the van.

"hey were here you guys here yet?" Zoey texted Octavia and Salgia as she hopped out of the sidecar of Ryle's motorcycle.

"almost there. gimme five minutes and well be there," Salgia texted back.

”Vemo!” Octavia responded.

"kk!" Zoey quickly stuffed her phone into her purse. "C'mon, Rub! We gotta set up our HQ!" She exclaimed as Ruby carried a large beach bag in her arms.

"Hmmm.... The water comes up to about there... Some guys there... Bathrooms over there... Here!" Zoey declared, stomping her foot ddown on an arbitrary part of the beach. Ruby quickly got to work setting up four poles before tossing a stylish tarp over them, creating a decently sized area of cover for her and Zoey that was just tall enough for them to be able to stand under.

”Alright honey I’m going to change real quick!” Fennel called as she headed to the changing rooms.

“Alright, you go change!” Bob called back, already in his swimming trunks as he simply took off his shirt and began to set up their spot on the beach with chairs laid out and a parasol and cooler between them.

"Hey Kanen, you here yet? I need you at the changing room. I'm having trouble getting my bikini on," Mary texted as she slipped into a changing room.

”Yeah, im here. I’ll be on my way,” Kanen replied back, jogging hastily to the changing room from his seat,

"Kanen? Is that you?" Mary called from a stall, sticking her foot out from under the door to show where she was.

“Yeah, It’s me!” Kanen replied as he walked up, “It’s me. What kind of help do you need?"

The door opened, revealing a completely nude Mary as she pulled Kanen inside and quickly relocked the door. "You know what kind of help I need," She cooed.

“Really?” Kanen asked in an exasperated tone, “We did it last night for like, forty minutes!”

"I know, I know, but we didn't have that much time last night," Mary nodded, believing Kanen was complaining about them having not had sex enough the night prior.

“N-no!” Kanen shook his head, “I meant... I mean I like doing it with you, but.. aren’t we doing it a bit too much? I mean there was our third date, and then you sucked me off, and then we did it in the car, and now...?”

"... What do you mean?" Mary blinked with a confused expression.

“I mean... maybe we should slow down,” Kanen asserted, “Take it a bit more slowly so that banging... doesn’t lose its importance or anything. That and... like I said, w-we’re doing it a lot more than most people would be doing by the third date.”

"But... Doesn't it feel good? Am I not doing a good job?"

“No, you do fine. I just... I want to do more in our relationship than just meet up and bang.”

"Oh... Yeah, yeah, of course," Mary nodded unsurely, taking a step back to give Kanen a little space, "I'm sorry, I... I just haven't really done anything in a long time... I've been kinda... Pent up, I guess."

“Oh...” Kanen blinked as he nodded along, “And the only way for you to wind down is to... ah ... I guess that makes sense.”

"... Maybe if... What if we met up tomorrow and just... Made that a sex day?" Mary suggested a bit awkwardly, "I might be able to, like... Flush it out of my system... Mostly."

“So... if we do this ‘sex day’, you’ll... you’ll calm down a little about... this?” Kanen gestured around.

"Promise," Mary nodded.

Kanen was silent for a moment, before sighing, “Alright. I can do tomorrow.”

"Oh, thank you!" Mary gushed, giving Kanen a kiss before hugging him tightly, "And don't worry! I'll get the good viagra for it!"

“Wait, you mean... ‘sex day’ lasts literally all day?”

"I mean, other than a break to eat and stuff, yeah," Mary pulled back with a nod, smiling at her boyfriend.

“Oh, what did I get myself into?” Kanen sighed amusedly.

Mary gave a short, sympathetic laugh before giving Kanen another kiss. "I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend," She cooed, "Now help me put on my bikini!"

Soon enough, Fennel emerged from the changing room and plopped her bag down next to Bob before she began digging a small hole in the ground.

“Why’re you digging a hole?” Bob asked with confusion, as behind them, Ernette’s van pulled up.

Fennel took a moment to look at her handiwork before lying down with her stomach over the hole. “Do you think you can put some sunscreen on my back?”

“Oh, sure, Fen,” Bob agreed, squirting some sunscreen on his hands, before beginning to lather it on Fennel’s back.

“A little lower.” Fennel mumbled. Bob complied, lowering his hands and rubbing it in deeper down her back.

“Yeah, that’s the spot, my back has been killing me.” Fennel moaned softly.

“Alright!” Ernette chimed as she got out of her car, already in her bikini, “Are you gals ready?”

"Yeah, yeah," Melissa sighed, having changed into the red bikini Ernette had gotten her already. She spotted Fennel and jabbed a thumb to the vixen, "I'm gonna head over there... Uh.. Thanks for the bikini, by the way."

“Oh, no problem! If you ever need anything else, just give me a holler!” Ernette promised before she turned back to Clara as she got Claire out, “So, what do you want to do first?”

"Give you a holler?" Clara repeated, "You're becoming more and more cowgirl with each spaghetti western."

“Oh, shush!” Ernette blushed as she took Claire up in her arms and started off for Fennel’s general vicinity.

Fennel looked up for a moment before waving to Melissa “Hi, Melissa.”

"Looks like you're having fun," Melissa remarked, sitting down on the sand beside Fennel and Bob. "So, you're Bobby?"

”So, you’re Melissa? My wife’s been saying plenty of good things about you,” Bob wiped one of his hands on his trunks and held it out to Melissa, “Name’s Bob. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Oh your brownies are in the bag right there.” Fennel said pointing to her bag.

"Oh shit!" Melissa completely ignored the handshake upon Fennel speaking, quickly reaching for the bag, "I've been wondering what the hell these taste like since you told me about 'em." She popped open the small plastic bag of brownies, quickly taking a bite out of one of them.

"Holy fucking shit!" Melissa gasped after swallowing her bite, "Fuck me, these are good."

“Oh, the bikini looks good on you.” Fennel commented.

"Yeah," Melissa absent mindedly replied as she started stuffing the brownies into her mouth.

“Yeah, I told you you’d look goo- Wait, Melissa, stop!” Ernette exclaimed as she trodded up to the group with a parasol in one hand and Claire in the other, setting up the umbrella before setting down Claire for a moment, “Don’t eat them all at once!”

"Huah?" Melissa looked up at Ernette, her mouth absolutely full of brownies as the Benefactor caught her before she could shove another in.

“You should savor them instead of shoving them all in at once,” the Benefactor suggested as she laid down a towel for Claire to sit on, beginning to work on a bottle of sunscreen and squirting some on her hands, “That way, you can have that good stuff for longer. That and Elizabeth only makes like a batch every month.”

"Wh-" Melissa choked a bit before swallowing her mouthful with a strain before asking, "The fuck are you? My mom?" Despite her snark, it seemed she took Ernette's advice as she closed the bag for later.

“I’m just making sure you’re not burning through them,” Ernette murmured, starting to rub sunscreen over Claire’s exposed arms, legs and face.

“Yeah, Elizabeth only cooks so many a month.” Fennel explained.

“That’s dumb,” Melissa grumbled, looking at the ocean water for a moment.

“Yeah, I’ve tried telling her but she understands supply and demand.” Fennel nodded.

"Hey, Zoey!" Salgia shouted to their friend as they ran across the beach, towel in hand. They were wearing... black gym shorts and a white t-shirt?

“Vemo!” Octavia called as she walked up to the group wearing a simple black bikini.

"Hey 'Tavi! Hey.. Salsa? What're you wearing?" Zoey asked, stepping from under her and Ruby's covered area with a confused look on her face.

“What, this?” Salgia looked down to their clothes before back to Zoey before realizing with a laugh, “Oh! Yeah, no, I’m just wearing these to not have to wear a seatbelt right on my swimsuit. Lemme just...” The Liss quickly stripped down, revealing that they were in fact wearing a skimpy pink bikini, “See? Perfectly fine!” They looked back to see if Avalam was still coming.

"Looking sexy, Salsa," Zoey winked. Avalam, meanwhile, was peeking from behind her car with a nervous blush. It looked like she was trying to yell the Liss' name, but was too embarrassed to actually spit anything out.

“Oh I was bringing the weapons.” Octavia said as she held up a bag of various ink weapons.

“...I’ll be right back,” Salgia assured, setting their clothes down on their towel as they walked back up to their car. “What’s wrong?” Salgia asked with concern.

"I-I don't know i-if I can d-do this, Salgia," Avalam squeaked, covering her body behind the car.

“Avalam, trust me, you’re going to do just fine,” Salgia assured, “Everybody here is wearing stuff like that- I mean, look at me!” The Liss gestured to themself.

"That's part of the problem!" Avalam gulped, "It's as if I have stumbled into an enormous nudist colony!"

“What? They’re still clothed, it’s just... less!” Salgia tried to explain, “It’s not like people are out here, flashing their tits out at everybody, or just walking around with nothing covering their crotches!”

"B-But look how exposed I am!" Avalam cried out, shaking a little as she stood up fully in her cream-colored one-piece.

“So you show off your arms and legs a bit,” Salgia looked her over once, “You’re still off a lot better than wearing a bikini- look, just... try to ignore that for a bit, and... just try to focus on the other stuff and I’m sure you’ll get used to it. Alright?” They asked compassionately.

At this moment, Octavia poked her head around the side of the car and said “Henlo!”

"OH GOODNESS!" Avalam shrieked, falling over and barely managing to catch herself as she slapped her hands against the hood of the car.

Octavia!” Salgia harrumphed, rushing over to see if Avalam was okay, “I didn’t say you should follow me back!”

“Oh, sorry I am on the wrong.” Octavia apologized before walking back to Zoey.

“...I am so sorry about that, Avalam,” Salgia tried to alleviate the situation, “She’s one of my friends, and... are you okay?”

Octavia wouldn't have to walk far as Zoey quickly skipped past Octavia and peeked around. "What's going on over here?" She asked, prompting another terrified squeak from Avalam, albeit less chaotic than her previous fright.

“Zoey, please, I-“ Salgia took a moment to take a breath, “I’m trying to calm Avalam here about going out there in her swimsuit. She’s very... sensitive about her body.”

"Really?" Zoey scoffed, "Why? Your body's great! Look how massive your tits are!"

"Oh goodness," Avalam whimpered, covering her beet-red face.

”Tits?” Octavia asked.

Zoey, that’s not helping,” Salgia scolded quietly, before speaking again to Avalam in a regular voice, “I know you’re worried about this all, but... if you give it a chance, go in the water? You’re gonna forget all about the swimsuit! It will be great! You just haveto trust me on this, Avalam.”

"... Okay... Okay.. Okay, okay, okay..." Avalam murmured, slowly standing up, "L-Let's... Go in the water then..."

“Alright,” Salgia nodded slowly, offering Avalam a hand to lead her along, “Oh, and uh- these are my friends. Avalam, Zoey,” They gestured to each person as they went along, “Zoey, Avalam.”

"It's great to, like, meet you for real. I love your stuff," Zoey smiled and gave a short wave.

"O-Oh, thank you," Avalam tried for a smile as she glanced to Octavia.

“And this is Octavia,” Salgia greeted, “She’s... a bit new and foreign.”

“Woomy!” Octavia replied.

"P-Pardon?" The shapeshifter looked to Salgia.

“It’s like saying hello in her language,” Salgia informed.

“Um.., That inkling.”

“Huh?” Salgia looked to Octavia with confusion, “What is?”

“Not my language... is Veemo in octopus.”

"... L-Let's just.. Get to t-the water..." Avalam mumbled, trying to cover her arms with her hands, inadvertently propping up her chest in the process as she shuffled onto the beach with Salgia, Octavia, and Zoey.

“...Who’s that?” Ernette murmured, looking up from her playing with Claire and noticing Avalam next to Zoey. She quickly looked over the woman and furrowed her eyebrows ever so slightly, looking back to Claire to continue to keep her entertained.

"Hmm... I'm not sure," Clara mumbled, staring at Avalam as she tried to recall if she knew the woman from somewhere.

Ernette glanced over to Clara to see her reactions to Avalam, only for her eyebrows to furrow some more and for her to pout ever so slightly, “Well? Is she anyone familiar, or no?”

"I believe I've seen her before, but I suppose just in passing. It looks like Zoey knows her though," Clara mused before finally turning to look at Ernette, "Is something wrong?"

“N-no,” Ernette lied, her expression softening and returning to normal, “I was just curious if you knew about her or not.”

"Okay. It's just that you looked a little upset," Clara shrugged.

“Upset? What would I have to be upset about?” Ernette asked as she focused on Claire.

"I have no idea. That's why I asked if something was wrong," Clara blinked, "And by you saying that, now I'm certain something is wrong."

“W-well... I just saw you staring and I... I got a little jealous, I guess,” Ernette murmured with shame.

"... Jealous? Why?"

“I mean... she has such a nice body, and... I know you definitely saw her chest,” Ernette huffed, “So it should be pretty obvious why I’m a little jealous.”

"... You're jealous of her boobs?" Clara asked plainly.

Yes!” The Benefactor whined, quickly stammering, “I know you like how big mine are, and hers are even bigger, and eventually mine’re gonna shrink back down because I can’t keep them like this forever a-and... I’m just jealous of them.”

"... I mean you probably could through self-breastfeeding," Clara shrugged, "But they were still very large beforehand, and it's not like I'm going to leave you for someone with bigger boobs. Keep in mind we became a couple when you were still a robot."

“Yeah, I-.. I know,” Ernette sighed, “That doesn’t mean I can’t get jealous when you’re staring at her like that for so long! I-I mean, would you be fine if I just started staring at random guys all the time like that?”

"I was trying to see if I remembered her from somewhere," Clara explained, "I wasn't staring at her chest."

“I know that now, but I didn’t then,” Ernette sighed, “I just... I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made a screwup like thinking you’d cheat on me. It was dumb of me.”

"Wait, you thought I was going to cheat on you?"

“No, I thought you might, in the most slightest amount possible, cheat on me,” Ernette huffed.

"Look, I think you just need to calm down," Clara gestured before laying on her stomach, "Would a back rub help?"

“... I think it might,” Ernette nodded, moving Claire over a bit as she began to rub at Clara’s shoulders with a quiet, “I’m so dumb sometimes.

"It's okay, I still love you," Clara remarked, "Just let me do the thinking."

“O-okay...” Ernette mused as she still kept rubbing. While she agreed with Clara’s statement, there was some nagging feeling in the back of her mind that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to let Clara alone take that responsibility. But it was mostly glossed over by the Benefactor’s loyalty to her lover.

Soon enough Octavia and filled a splattershot with water abd was shooting it at Zoey.

"Hey!" Zoey laughed turning away from the shot of water and waving her hand in the octoling's direction, "I can't defend myself!"

“There more!” Octavia calledd, pointing to the bag, before she continued her assault.

"Bah! 'Tavi!" Zoey giggled, running into the water past Avalam and Salgia to escape the ambush.

“Graaah!” Octavia shouted as she continued to shoot at Zoey.

"Oh gosh!" Avalam gasped, jumping back as the water came up and nearly slapped her feet.

“No, it’s okay! The water will feel just fine,” Salgia assured, dipping their feet into the next wave, “You just... gotta make sure you don’t get knocked over by some of them if we get out any deeper.”

"Knocked over!?" Avalam cried out, "W-Why is the water moving in the first place?!" The shapeshifter was not lying when she said she had never seen a beach before.

“It’s tides, they’re caused by the moon and- I-it’s different world rules, I’ll explain it later- but they’re not dangerous, they’re just... a bit pushy sometimes.”

After a moment, Octavia turned her attention from Zoey and fired towards Salgia and Avalam.

Avalam let out a terrified scream, throwing herself to the ground (Away from the water, of course) and covering her head with her arms

“Avalam!” Salgia let out a little laugh as they kneeled down next to the shapeshifter, “You’re fine! It was just water from Octavia’s watergun!”

Octavia it seemed had since left to collect a few guns for Salgia and Avalam as she was currently digging through her bag.

"Y-You did not tell me I would be shot at, Salgia!" Avalam whimpered.

“I didn’t think Octavia would shoot at us,” Salgia rose their voice slightly, looking to the Octoling for a moment as to drive the point home that Avalam was off-limits, “But I think she’s not going to again, alright? You don’t have to worry about getting shot again.”

Octavia dropped her additional weapons and simply returned to shooting at Zoey and Ruby, who screamed and laughed at the continued assault.

"... Oh... This is too much," Avalam sighed, shakily standing up as she faced the water.

“Just take your time,” Salgia assured, holding out a guiding hand for Avalam to take.

Ever so slowly, Avalam stepped onto the wet sand before her. She carefully shuffled forwards, meeting the approaching water with a squeak, but was surprised to see that the sky had not fallen when her feet had gotten wet. "W-Well... This... Isn't so bad," She nervously laughed, only up to her ankles deep.

”See? It’s not bad at all!” Salgia assured, tugging on her hand ever so gently to come further into the water, where they stood at about knee-level with the water.

"Y-Yeah... This is kind of nice... And I'm not as... Exposed!" Avalam tried to think positively, looking down as her calves were obscured by the ocean water.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!” Salgia exclaimed, tugging again, “Let’s go a bit further out, c’mon!”

"Okay!" Avalam glanced back at the shoreline, still a little nervous as she stumbled after the Liss and allowed herself to be dragged along.

“Isn’t this nice?” Salgia asked with a sigh, the water all the way up past their waist.

"Yes, I... I suppose it is..." Avalam nodded, lowering herself down and sitting in the water. She was just tall enough for her head to poke out, causing her to giggle a little bit.

Salgia giggled along, getting down on their knees right alongside the shapeshifter and looking about at the waves for a moment, “Man.. I’m surprised we haven’t come here alone ourselves. It’s... so nice out here.”

"Perhaps we can another time," Avalam suggested, squinting her eyes at the horizon, "... Is... Umm... Aren't 'Europe' and 'Africa' supposed to be in that direction somewhere? Where are they?"

“I guess?” Salgia shrugged, before replying, “I told you about horizons, right? Well, they’re way over the horizon.”

"My word... I did not think the ocean was that big," Avalam blinked in surprise.

“I mean, your world’s infinite, so it’s... kinda tiny in comparison,” Salgia shrugged, “But its pretty big for this world, I think.”


“Do you want me to get your back next?” Fennel asked Bob.

“Ah, sure, why not?” Bob shrugged as he turned about and laid on his stomach, “Your massages are always the best. Did I ever mention that? ‘Cause they are.”

Fennel then rather unessisarily climbed on top of Bob to apply sunscreen to his back, “Sounds like you want something extra," she smirked as she began massaging the sunscreen onto Bob’s back.

Meanwhile, Shlyke had busied himself with sighing through the wet sand, grabbing at the various shells to see if their mussel occupants were still inside, plopping the ones that were into a bucket slightly full of seawater. “Oh, Tina!” He shouted as he pulled one out of the sand about as large as a walnut, “This one is of being massive!”

"Wow! What're you gonna do with all these anyway?" Tina gasped as she followed the Abrol around in his collecting.

”I am of trying to see if I can get enough of them to make a little stew or something,” Shlyke suggested, “But if I cannot... I will be of dumping them back into the water.”

"Oh..." Tina looked into the bucket with a nervous expression. The mussels inside looked kind of cute in a way, and she wasn't sure about eating them after having seen them alive.

“...Is something of being wrong?” The Abrol asked, noting the softness of Tina’s response as he turned about to look at her.

"... Do we have to make them into stew?" The seven-year-old murmured.

“Hmm... Not exactly, no,” Shlyke shook his head, “What, eh... what were you of having in mind for them?”

"I kinda wanna dump them deep in the water so they won't be on the beach," Tina mumbled, staring at the bucket of critters for a moment longer before looking up at Shlyke.

Shlyke looked at his bucket for a moment. While he was somewhat hesitant to throw all of his hard-earned spoils back, he also did not want to see Tina glum in such a place as the beach. After a moment of thought, the locust handed Tina the bucket. “Do as you are wanting with them,” Shlyke shrugged.

"Yay! Thank you, Shlooh my gosh this is heavy!" Tina whined, barely able to pick up the bucket.

“Are you needing help?”

"Yes, please!" Tina heaved. Shlyke put two of his hands near the bottom of the bucket, assisting in helping Tina tip the bucket into the water, the mussels rolling out and splashing into the water like pebbles.

”Well, there they go,” Shlyke sighed, watching them drift with the waves in and out. Tina gave the Abrol as big of a hug as she could, happy to see the mussels be free. “So, eh... what now?” Shlyke asked her.

"I wanna go in the deep water! As deep as I can!" She exclaimed, waving her arms to emphasize the floaties she had put on for this very purpose.

“Alright! Let us be going!” Shlyke declared, jumping into the water with a splash before yelping, “This water is of tasting bad!”

Tina burst into laughter as she followed Shlyke into the water. "It's ocean water, duh! It has salt and sand and stuff in it!"

“Eugh,” Shlyke grumbled as he prodded along, “I will be being of definite molting tomorrow. It is of being like the pool all over again.”

"Come on! It's fun! We get to see how far we can get out!" Tina exclaimed, "and mommy's busy massaging daddy so she won't see and make us come back because we're getting too far!"

“But what if we go too too far? And we can’t get back?” Shlyke asked, standing up on his back legs to continue to be above the water as he was as he followed behind.

“So how does this feel?” Fennel asked as she began rubbing Bob’s lower back.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Bob sighed as he relaxed in Fennel’s massage.

“So tell me Mr. Roberts, how can your loving wife help you more?” She cooed.

“I think you’re doing a good enough job as is,” Bob assured with a laugh.

“Okay, honey buns.” Fennel cooed as she continued the massage.

“Wait, Tina’s running into the ocean!” Fennel huffed before getting up and going after Tina.

"Oh no! Mommy's coming!" Tina cried out, no longer able to touch the ground as she froze, staying afloat thanks to the floaties around her arms.

“Tina! What did I say about going out that far!” Fennel called as she waded out to pick up Tina.

“It was of being worth a shot,” Shlyke shrugged, on his tip-toes as he followed Fennel back in.

"Mommy! Come on!" Tina whined, "I have floating thingies!"

“You need to be out with me or daddy if you want to be in deep water.” Fennel chastised as she hauled Tina back to shore.

"But you and daddy are doing massages!"

“Then you have to wait.” Fennel replied as she plopped Tina down next to Bob.

"Hmph!" Tina pouted and folded her arms. Shlyke folded his arms and harrumphed alongside her, plopping his abdomen down and sitting next to her.

“Now you have to be in time out for five minutes.” Fennel ordered.

"What! Why?!" Tina whined.

“Because you disobeyed Mommy and Daddy.” Fennel replied.

"Hmph!" Tina pouted more intensely.

And so, Tina sat there for what felt like hours. She had fallen onto her back in time, staring up at the sky in pain... She had been in time out for so long... She slowly let out a quiet wheeze, aware of how thirsty she was, how hungry she was. What kind of Hell had she found herself in?

She could see the birds in the sky, no doubt glancing in her direction, waiting for the soon-to-be-corpse. Was running off into the deeper parts of the water really worth this eternal punishment? The coarse sand dug into her skin, and without the cool of the water, it was like she was being stabbed a thousand times across her entire body.

What was fun?

She had almost forgotten such a concept in the years that passed since she was first put into time out. Going into the deep water... That was fun, was it not? But was that brief period of adrenaline and childish disobedience truly worth this damnation? She could have had fun doing a thousand other things, and yet she chose the one thing that carried the risk of this cruel torture.

If God was real, then he created a world of cruelty. A world that basked in the suffering of Tina.

“What you thinking about, Tina?” Fennel aaked as she stroked the girks face with the tip of her tail.

"How long until I'm done being in time out?" She whined.

”Two and a half mimutes.” Fennel responded.

"What?!" Tina cried out, sitting up straight, "I'm only halfway done!?"

“Yes.” Fennel nodded.

Never again, Tina swore. After such an exorbitant amount of time of her life stolen from her, she was only halfway finished with her sentence. She vowed, in that moment, to lead a life of purity. No more would she commit such petty crimes for the sake of fun. There were so many ways to enjoy life, and she had chosen the only ones that she knew would lead to this.

Fennel decided to lie down next to Tina watched the child with a loving smile.

Tina glanced to Fennel, her warden. Though... Could Tina really harbor any ill-will to her executioner? It was the seven-year-old's own actions that led to this. Were all children born with an inclination to evil? To disobedience? To going to the deep end of the water at the beach? Did this render man inherently evil?

“You‘re cute.” Fennel smiled.

No, of course not. If man had no choice in the ruinous desires that plagued him, he could not be judged as evil... Surely? Was the lion evil because it was born with the urge to chase the gazelle? Then again, Tina had a level of intelligence the lion did not, but if she had no choice in the evil she was born with, then she herself should not be considered wretched. Her actions? Her thoughts? Perhaps... But those were forced upon her... If only she-

“If you give mommy hugs and kisses you can go back in the water.” Fennel suggested.

"Okay, mommy!" Tina squealed, quickly wrapping her arms around the vixen and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay, have fun, baby! I love you.” Fennel waved before lying down to enjoy the sun.

"I love you too, mommy!" Tina exclaimed before tugging on one of Shlyke's appendages as she bounced towards the water, "C'mon, Shlyke!" Shlyke was quick to take Tina’s hand and follow her quickly back to the water.

“Have fun you two!” Fennel called before resting her head in the sand.

"Hey, Salsa!" Zoey yelled, "Wanna pose for guys?"

While Salgia would have immediately jumped at such an opportunity in normal circumstances, they were rather hesitant to do so with Avalam sitting right beside them.

”Uh... you guys go on without me!” Salgia assured with a smile, “Me and Avalanche here are just fine!”

"Avalanche?" Avalam blinked.

“It’s a play on words. Your name sounds kinda like avalanche,” Salgia shrugged.

"Oh, I s- GAAAA OH MY GOSH!" Avalam screamed, leaping upwards before flailing in the water, "SOMETHING TOUCHED ME!" As her foot came up, a bit of seaweed was flung out of the water.

The Liss couldn’t help but break into laughter as soon as the seaweed popped out of the water. “I-It’s just some seaweed, Avalam!” They cackled uncontrollably, “You’re fine!”

"Can we go back to the land?!" The terrified shapeshifter squeaked.

“Avalam, you need to relax a little,” Salgia assured, “There’s nothing out here that’s gonna hurt you. And if there is, well, I won’t let you get hurt. Not on my watch.”

"O-Okay... Okay..." Avalam gulped, trying to calm down. She gave a glance around before trying to lower herself in the water a little. If Salgia was so sure that nothing could hurt her, then she just needed to take a deep breath and re-

"AAAAAAAAAAA!" Avalam screamed, flinging her leg up and sending a jellyfish soaring past Salgia, "SALGIA, YOU LIED TO ME!"

It took Salgia a moment to register all that was happening, before their eyes widened and they jumped up to help her to her feet, “Shit! I forgot about jellyfish- c’mon, let’s get you out of the water.”

The shapeshifter definitely did not need to be told twice, scrambling for the shore as she cried out in pain. She stumbled the entire way before falling onto her side and clutching her leg once finally on the beach, where it was clear that the jellyfish had stung her.

“Oh hell, that’s bad,” Salgia huffed, looking at the marks where the jellyfish had stung, “Uh- don’t touch the sting! I heard that’ll only make it worse,” they looked about quickly and shouted, “Hey Zoey! Help!

"I'm coming!" Zoey yelled as she and Ruby booked it over to the Liss and the shapeshifter after hearing Avalam's initial scream, "Shit, was it a jellyfish?!"

“Yeah, and it got her all down her leg,” Salgia gestured to Abalam’s leg, “I don’t think it’s one of those deadly ones, but I know it’s still bad! We gotta wash off her leg as quickly as we can!”

"We have to pee on it!" Zoey declared.

"You what!?" Avalam cried out.

“Zoey, that’s not how it works!” Salgia harrumphed, “That might irritate the stinging stuff stuck in her leg even more- just get her a bottle of water!”

"No, no! I saw it on TV! You're supposed to pee on jellyfish stings to heal them!" Zoey insisted.

“I read that’s bogus, Zoey,” Salgia retorted, “Just get something to wash it off!”

"I CAN'T TAKE THIS!" Avalam screamed, letting out a howl as the stung portion of her leg disconnected itself from her body, leaving behind a flat nub. The shapeshifter let out a brief whimper before relaxing a little, sighing in relief.

"Oh my god, her leg came off!" Ruby shrieked in horror, "Is it because we didn't pee on it!?"

“It’s fine,” Salgia assured, “She can put it back on when we fixed up the sting. She’s a shapeshifter, remember?”

"W-Wait, you told them about that?" Avalam asked wearily.

“Yeah, I thought they’d be generally okay with it if they’re being friends with me of all people,” Salgia shrugged, before looking at the leg and then back to Avalam, “... Can I go wash this off really quick? It get it back to you as soon as I can.”

"No.. No, I'm just... I'm just going to grow a new one," Avalam muttered, not wanting anything to do with her jellyfish leg as the nub slowly expanded.

Knowing that she didn’t like to show off her talents, Salgia grabbed a beach towel and draped it over Avalam’s legs, all the while moving the other leg away a bit, unsure of what else to do with a severed leg.

"T-Thank you, Salgia... I... I don't want to go back in the water," The shapeshifter murmured, the towel shifting a little as her new leg grew underneath it.

“You don’t have to go back into the ocean, Avalam,” Salgia assured, wrapping their arms around Avalam in a comforting hug, “...But you’re gonna go swimming in a pool sometime with me. That way, there’s gonna be nothing to worry about.”

"Oh... That's what you said just before that happened," Avalam glanced over to her severed leg.

“Yeah, well they usually don’t let jellyfish into pools,” Salgia shrugged, “Or any animals, really, so there’s nothing in there that can hurt you.”

"Hey, uh... If you want, you can rest under me and Rub's thing over there. It's got chairs and towels and snacks and stuff," Zoey offered, jabbing a thumb over to her setup.

"O-Oh, thank you very much... I am... Very hungry after that," Avalam, with Salgia's help, got to her feet and slowly meandered to Zoey's safe haven while the teen tried her best not to gawk at the new leg.

“Are you gonna be alright under here if I go do stuff with Zoey and Ruby?” Salgia asked, somewhat wanting to keep attention off of Avalam, “I can get you more to eat from our stuff, if you need.”

"No, i-it's okay... You go have fun," Avalam assured, carefully sitting down and shrinking a little bit. Her eyes nervously glanced down to her feet before she slowly brought them up into the chair with her.

“...Alright, But if you need anything, just give me a shout, alright?” Salgia assured.

Avalam only nodded in response as she protectively held her legs close to her body.

Without anything to say, Salgia walked off hurriedly to join Zoey and Ruby with a half-smile. "Hey, uh... 'Tavi!" Zoey called, "Wanna join us? We're gonna pose around the beach!"

Octavia had since taken the corpse of the jellyfish and was crying “Jelfonzo.”

"Uh... 'Tavi?" Zoey blinked.

“Are you seriously mourning a jellyfish that stung my girlfriend?!” Salgia scoffed indignantly, their face getting a little red. While the Liss could easily put up with most of whatever Octavia usually said or did that was out of the ordinary, this was too far for them.

”jelfonzo?” Octavia sobbed. Zoey and Ruby exchanged confused glances, both of them unsure of what to say.

“No, it’s- fucking drop it!” Salgia demanded loudly with a pout, “It’s a stupid jellyfish! So what?!”

“Jelfonzo jellyfish!” Octavia snapped.

“It doesn’t have a fucking name!” Salgia snapped back, jabbing a finger at Octavia from a distance, “It doesn’t even have a brain to give itself one! It’s a stupid sack of stinging assholery that deserved what it got! Now put. It. Down.”

Octavia simply ran with the jellyfish before and swimming into the ocean.

The Liss watched Octavia run off for a moment with a deep angered sigh, rubbing their face with both hands as to calm down.

"... What the fuck just happened?" Zoey asked nobody in particular, absolutely dumbfounded.

“I don’t fucking know,” Salgia murmured from behind their hands, sitting down on the beach for a moment, “All I know is it pissed me off.”

"Come on, Salsa... I, uh.. I think one of those buff dudes over there was looking at you earlier," Zoey chimed, trying to change the topic away from Octavia's madness as she subtly pointed over to a group of men chatting to one another.

“He probably saw me yelling at ‘Tavia then,” Salgia sighed, leaning back into the sand, “...I feel like an asshole now.”

"I mean... Yeah, yelling at her was pretty dicky, but... In your defense, all of that jellyfish stuff with Avalam, like, just happened," Zoey tried to reassure as she sat down by Salgia and mouthed something to Ruby, who quickly ran off.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” The Liss murmured, pulling back their hands to look back into the water, “I just saw her crying over something that just put Avalam through so much pain- I... I couldn’t control myself from wanting to stop that.”

"It's alright, it's alright..." Zoey assured as Ruby came back with a bottle of lotion and a towel. A quick gesture from Zoey, and Ruby laid the towel out beside Salgia. "Roll onto your stomach," Zoey ordered, "We're gonna make those guys forget all about you yelling."

Salgia looked to the towel for a moment, then to Zoey with a forming smirk. “Alright,” they agreed happily, rolling onto their stomach so that their back was upwards, “I can’t wait to see the stares.”

"What's that?" Zoey asked just loud enough for the group to hear, "Oh, of course I'll rub some lotion on your back! Can you undo your top for me?" She grabbed the bottle of lotion from Ruby with a little giggle, angling herself a little so the men had a good view of Salgia.

“Sure!” Salgia agreed loud enough as well, undoing the straps of their bikini top.

"There you go!" Zoey smiled, slowly squirting a line of lotion from the top of Salgia's back down to just above their rear before squirting a little more in her hands and sliding them across the Liss' back, stretching as she reached up to their shoulders.

“Yeah! That feels nice!” Salgia exclaimed, lying as still as possible as the lotioning went on. Truth be told, the Liss really was feeling good from Zoey’s rubbing, an unnoticeable sweat rising with the lotion on their back.

"There we go... Gotta really get it in there!" Zoey bit down on her lip as she started massaging Salgia's back, looking over to the group out of the corner of her eye before murmuring, "A few of 'em are glancing over here."

Perfect!” Salgia murmured back, before exclaiming, “Oh Yeah! That’s the spot right there! A little lower, actually!”

"Oh yeah? I guess I should get your legs now that I think about it!" Zoey squirted two lines up and down Salgia's legs, getting into it (Aided by their sweat) and massaging the lotion into their calves and thighs.

“Oh, yeah! Get in there!” Salgia goaded on loud enough for the other group to hear, “You’re almost there!”

"Gotta get everything covered!" Zoey continued, sliding her hands up and grazing Salgia's inner thighs before squirting a little more lotion into her hands and rubbing it into their rear.

Salgia stifled a small moan of their own before yelping, “Yeah, right there!”

"There we go," Zoey mumbled, rubbing the lotion in for a moment longer before admiring her work, "You need your front done too?"

“Oh, of course!” Salgia declared, moving themselves about so they could flip over so their back was on the towel beneath them.

Zoey positioned herself on top of Salgia, sitting on their thighs with her legs around them as she quickly arched her back, stretching and wiping at her brow to give the guys a good show before squirting some more lotion into her hands and rubbing it into Salgia's torso, smiling down at the Liss.

“Thanks! I’m really needing this!” Salgia declared as they relaxed, continuing to sweat.

Zoey scooted herself up as she continued to rub the lotion into Salgia's chest and stomach, the effects of their sweat really starting to take hold as she stared down into the Liss' eyes more than she glanced to the group of guys over yonder.


"Hey, mommy! Daddy!" Tina yelled, waving her arms as she, Shlyke, Casey and Anna sat around their sand castle, "C'mere!"

Fennel looked up before heading to her feet and walking over to Tina, “Wow, that’s very pretty!” She cooed.

"Is a good one, yes!" Shlyke agreed, adjusting a little 'flag' at the top of it made from a stick and a small piece of seaweed.

"Anna did the..." Tina paused, trying tot hink of what the word was before just blurting out, "Lines and stuff on the castle!" Anna shyly blushed, smiling up at Fennel.

"And I am of being responsible for the fish in the moat!" Shlyke declared, gesturing to several minnows swimming about in a somewhat deep moat around it. He licked his mandibles looking at them, before returning his attention to Fennel.

“Oh wow it’s prettier than I thought, and the fishies are so cute.” Fennel cooed.

"Thanks, mommy!" Tina exclaimed, looking over their creation with pride, "Can you take a picture of it?"

“Okay, let mommy get her phone.” Fennel nodded before returning to ger her phone from the bag near Bob. After a moment, she returned and snapped a few pictures of the castle and kids.

"Heycoolsandcastlebye," Zoey quickly said as she ran past them and towards the changing room.

"Hey, what's the rush?" Bob asked with confusion.

"Horny!" She yelled back before vanishing into one of the changing rooms.

Bob blinked with a wide-eyed expression, turning back to Fennel with a shrug.

"Zoey?!" Salgia shouted as they came running by, holding the bikini top in folded arms around their chest and ran into the changing room after Zoey, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Ruby asked, having followed the Liss.

"You got all sweaty, Salsa," Zoey spat out, followed by quiet, heavy breathing.

"Oh, god... I'm sorry, Zoey," Salgia lamented, taking a moment to put their top back on.

”What was that all about?” Fennel asked, looking to Bob.

"Something about her being horny was all I got out of her," Bob shrugged.

”Oh, okay then, I guess.” Fennel shrugged.

"Hey, Rub... I need you to get in here and help me out," Zoey requested as the door unlocked.

"Oh, okay," Ruby nodded, opening the door a bit before turning to Salgia, "This'll probably take awhile."

"Ah, alright... I'll, uh... I'll wait for you in the shade-thingy," Salgia murmured with a bit of shame, dragging their feet a little as they walked back to Zoey and Ruby's set-up.

"Oh, hey Salgia," Avalam smiled wearily. Surprisingly, there were no wrappers surrounding her to indicate she had eaten anything. In fact, there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that she had moved any part of her body from the safety of the chair she was balled up in. "Did you have fun with your friends?"

"Yeah, I... I guess," Salgia sighed as they sat on the towels next to Avalam's chair, "We were putting lotion on eachother, and... I messed it all up by sweating a little and... and now they're stuck in the changing room,” they harrumphed, “...I don’t think we should’ve come here in the first place. I... I think I messed everything up.”

Avalam looked over at Salgia with an expression of sympathy. She seemed to be debating something in her mind before straining herself as she forced her feet to the ground, stifling a whimper as she stood up. "L-Let's go back in the water," She smiled nervously, holding her hand out for the Liss'.

“W-what?” Salgia looked up in confusion at Avalam’s sudden change of heart, “But I thought you didn’t want to go in the ocean again...”

"Don't make me change my mind," Avalam muttered quietly before speaking up proper, "T-The beach isn't so bad... A-And what are the odds t-that I'll be attacked by another... J-Jellyfish?" She didn't want Salgia feeling awful about taking her to the beach, especially when their intent was for Avalam to have a good time.

The Liss contemplated it for a moment, before accepting Avalam’s hand and standing up, “If you’re sure about it, than I am too,” Salgia smiled, walking with Avalam back to the water’s edge.

The shapeshifter's chest rose and fell noticeably faster and faster as they approached the water, her body trembling a little. Her face was a contorted, pained smile as she screamed internally while stomping through the water.

While Salgia knew that Avalam was not enjoying herself in the slightest way walking through the water, they still hoped that somehow she’d get over her fear if they just stayed in the water. “Just a little further,” Salgia insisted.

Meanwhile a but farther out there was a boy repeatedly diving, it seemed he was searching for something in the waters below. The figure had a light, sandy-brown coat of fur, a thin, arrow-tipped tail and distinct, almost elvish pointed ears along with three small plate-like protrusions on his back.

"O-Oh.. Look.. S-Someone went... V-Very far out there..." Avalam murmured, watching the boy dive into the water a few times as she stood close to Salgia, slowly hugging them for comfort as she shook in fear.

“Hey, It’s gonna be okay,” Salgia assured, hugging Avalam back in order to comfort her back, “We’re fine right here.”

The figure surfaced again, holding an oyster and began making his way back to shore.

"Phew, thanks, Rub," Zoey sighed, walking out of the changing room and in the direction of the water as she fixed her messy hair, "I really needed that."

"Anytime," Ruby smiled happily, fixing her own hair.

The lad walked past the two girls though he did take a moment to admire Zoey before stopping just off at the shoreline and and placing the bucket of oysters he had been carrying down before sitting down and handling one of the shellfish.

Zoey stopped, looking back with a curious look at the boy and his unique features. After a brief moment of contemplation, she strolled up beside him and plopped her rear down on the sand. "So, where are you from?" She asked curiously.

“Gertaliem, it’s a city in the Orbel mountains, just south of Varie.“ He explained as he pried open the oyster and felt around for something.

"Varie? Huh," Zoey blinked, "My friend, Latte's talked about that place a few times. She's from Lavibla- Laviturn."

“Laviturn... Laviturn? That’s the place with the human and the two others right?” The boy asked as a small blade of light cut a pearl out of the creature.

"Honestly, I know, like, barely anything about Laviblah. I j- Oh, shit! A pearl!" Zoey gasped, gawking down at the boy's finding.

“Ah, a gem of the sea. These sell for quite a bit In Gertaliem, so strange how this little creature created something like this, no?” He mused, rolling the greenish pearl in his hand.

"Yeah, I guess so," Zoey smiled before holding her hand to the boy and introduced herself, "I'm Zoey, this is my sister, Ruby."

“Hello, Zoey and Ruby, I am Bysmerth.” He replied taking Zoey‘s hand and placing the pearl in it.

"For me?" Zoey gasped, pulling her hand towards herself as she glanced down at the pearl, then up at Bysmerth.

“For a gem like yourself, of course.” He added with a grin.

"Aw, that's so corny," Zoey giggled, "But it's true, I guess." She admired the pearl for a moment before asking, "So are you just visiting, or do you live around here? We live over in Generitown."

“Oh Generitown? I just moved there last week.” Bysmerth replied. “Heard the schooling here is of good quality compared to what we have in Gertaliem.“ As he said this, he held up the corpse of the oyster as it began cooking.

"Yeah, I guess the school here is pretty good," Zoey shrugged before doing a double take at the oyster.

“Your schools have access to this internet.” He replied as he offered the now-cooked oyster to Zoey.

"Oh, thanks!" Zoey smiled, taking the oyster and looking it over. "You got magic?" She asked before biting into the snack.

“It is common where I am from.“ He nodded.

"That's pretty cool. I love that kind of stuff," She remarked after swallowing her bite, "Mmm, especially if you can do this with it."

Bysmerth chuckled as he opened another oyster and removed a blueish pearl before cooking it and offering the shellfish to Ruby.

"Oh, thank you!" Ruby exclaimed, happily taking the oyster and munching on it after Zoey had finished hers.

"You know, we're doing a- Wait," Zoey looked over in Bob's direction and shouted, "HEY! Hey, Bob! When are we doing the barbeque?!"

"Uh- in a bit, why?" Bob shouted back.

"Can this guy join us?" Zoey yelled, pointing at Bysmerth very obviously.

The boy waved back.

"Alright, sure!" Bob agreed, "We got plenty to go around."

"Thanks!" Zoey shouted before turning to Bysmerth and asking, "So, you wanna join our barbeque?"

Bysmerth nodded “Sounds like fun.”

“Who’s that, Honey?” Fennel asked.

"I'm not sure," Bob answered, "But if Zoey's asking to bring him to the barbeque, I gotta think she likes him."

“Oh, if that’s the case, they look cute together.” Latte giggled.

"So, I was thinking-" Kanen stopped for a moment to hike the beachball back to Mary, "We should try and get on one of the fall sports teams together."

"You think?" Mary asked, leaping forwards to slap the ball over to Kanen, "I mean, we're already in ROTC right?"

"Yeah, but it's still nice to have something else to do," Kanen shrugged as he slapped the ball back, "Besides, you get to have your picture put up on a wall somewhere. Who doesn't want that?"

"I guess, but what sport-" Mary literally punched the ball back with a huff, "Should we do?"

"I was thinking-" Kanen slapped it back, "-thinking of soccer."

"Soccer?" Mary gave Kanen a brief look of surprise before slapping the ball, "You look more like a baseball guy."

"Yeah, but baseball's not a fall sport, and I'm not too fond of football," Kanen said quickly before hitting the ball back, "So soccer's a pretty good fallback for me."

"What's wrong with football?" Mary asked, jumping up and spiking the ball down.

"It's just-" Kanen smacked the ball back up, "It's a lot more rough than I'm comfortable getting myself into. I mean, a lot of those guys get knocked pretty good on the head."

"Yeah, good point," Mary nodded as she slapped the ball over, "Soccer sounds fun."

"Yeah, and besides-" Kanen spiked the ball, "I think you'd look cuter in a soccer uniform than a football one."

"Pfft, you t- Gah!" Mary had been too distracted by the compliment, and bounded for the ball too late as it hit the ground. She landed on the sand with a huff and pouted up at Kanen, "I take back the compliment I was about to give you."

"Well, I'll keep mine out there," Kanen assured as he walked around and offered a hand down to Mary.

She gingerly took his hand before quickly pulling him down with a laugh, "That's what you get!"

Kanen fell into the sand beside Mary with a laugh, taking a second to flip himself back over onto his back. "I should've seen that coming!"

"Yeah, you should've," Mary snickered before giving Kanen a kiss on the cheek.

“Can you get my apron, honey?” Fennel asked as she went to get the meat from a cooler.

"Oh, sure," Bob stood up, walking back to the car with the apron and a small grill, setting it down in front of their chairs.

Fennel then put on the apron and began cooking several hot dogs. Meanwhile, Bysmerth noticed Zoey’s free hand and gently wrapped his fingers into her open palm.

Zoey jolted slightly before glancing down at her hand with a look of surprise. While she was certainly one to move fast, she wasn't expecting the same of anyone else given her experiences with people outside her family. Quickly, she relaxed and smiled as she scooted closer to the boy with a giggle.

”You have soft hands. I like that.” He commented.

"Oh, uhh... Thanks? I have a special moisturizer I use now and then. It's a blend of a few different brands. I do the same thing with my shampoo and conditioner," Zoey angled her head towards Bysmerth, offering him to touch her hair.

Bysmerth then stroked his fingers though her hair.” Yes, it is very soft too.” He noted.

Zoey giggled as she gently slid a hand on his thigh. "You're pretty soft yourself," She remarked with a sly grin.

”Thank you.” He nodded before placing an arm over her shoulder.

Zoey scooted closer, their hips pressed against each other as she leaned into Bysmerth, her face only a few inches from his as she murmured, "You move pretty fast, huh?"

“Is this not the standard courtship of your people?” He asked, a bit confused.

"Not really, but it's working," Zoey giggled before giving him a kiss.

Bysmerth returned the kiss as she stroked her hair.

"Psst, Tina, look," Shlyke nudged Tina's shoulder as they worked on the sand castle and pointed subtly towards Zoey and Bysmerth, "Zoey is of falling in love, hm?"

"... You think?" Tina blinked, "She could just be finding another guy to have sex with,"

"Eh, maybe," Shlyke shrugged, "But it is sudden to do that in front of Bob without reason, no?"

"I guess," Tina mused, "... He's fuzzy."

"Hmm, he is," the Abrol mumbled, "...does that mean Fennel will be of knowing him?"

"Maybe.. Hey, mommy! Do you know that person Zoey's kissing?" Tina called to Fennel.

Fennel looked at the two for a moment. “I just know he’s a Zwelt, but I don’t know him, baby,” Fennel replied.

"Nuh-uh, she doesn't know him," Tina shook her head to Shlyke, who probably heard Fennel's response anyway.

"Eh, whatever," Shlyke shrugged, before his attention was caught with some moving sand, before he pounced on it and declared, "Oh yes!" before turning around and showing off his prize, a sand crab angrily flailing about, "It is of being a crab! I have caught it, yes!"

"Wow!" Tina clapped happily, very impressed with Shlyke's feat, "That was really cool!"

"Yes! I will keep him in my bucket until the moat is ready for him," Shlyke nodded as he gently set the crab down in his bucket, narrowly avoiding a snip from the crab's pinciers.

“So, Zoey, perhaps we will meet again tommorrow if we hail from the same city then, no?” Bysmerth inquired.

"Well, I can give you my phone number," Zoey cooed.

“That sounds wonderful.” He said, giving Zoey another kiss.

"Hey, Rub, can you get one of my little number papers?" Zoey asked before turning back to Bysmerth and wrapping her arms around him, making out with the boy as Ruby awkwardly got up and left the two alone.

After their long kiss was over, Bysmerth had taken to gently cuddling Zoey as he caressed her hair.

"So... You wanna do it in one of the changing rooms?" She asked bluntly.

Bysmerth seemed rather shocked by this sudden proposal “Can I have a few days to think it over?”

Zoey was equally surprised by his hesitation. "Oh... I guess..." She muttered with disappointment and a sigh as she pulled back from their cuddling.

“I still think you are a good girl though.” Bysmerth added as he tried to continue cuddling with Zoey.

"Hmph..." Zoey allowed herself to be taken back into his arms as she looked up at Bysmerth and batted her eyes, "Then why wait? What's there to think over?"

“For my people, this is an important life long decision.”

Zoey sighed. At least he didn't seem to be a prude like Fennel, and wait until marriage for this sort of thing. "Alright, fine... But you better call me the instant you make up your mind."

Bysmerth nodded. “I will, my little pearl.”

"Your little pearl?" Zoey scoffed before breaking out into a short giggle fit.

”W-would you prefer a different gem? Perhaps citrine?”

"N-No, it's fine," Zoey calmed down from her giggling, "It was just funny. It's like you're from a romance novel or something."

“Oh, that is good, I assume.” Bysmerth nodded.

After a moment, Zoey impatiently asked, "What about a blowjob?"

“A blowjob?” Bysmerth asked.

"Yeah w- You... You haven't heard of a blowjob before?" Zoey asked incredulously, "It's... Like, I would put my mouth on your dick. That's a blowjob."

“Umm, hmm, I guess that would be okay.” He mused.

"Great!" Zoey looked absolutely ecstatic as she got up, "I'll head into the changing room. You, uh... Try to get in there without one of those two noticing." She subtly pointed to Bob and Fennel before giving Bysmerth a kiss and walking off to the changing room, winking his way before slipping inside.

It seemed that Bob and Fenmel were quite distracted as the vixen had taken on to giving Bob a very passionate kiss. During that time, Bysmerth snuck over to the changing room.

"Well... I.. This is nice," Avalam sighed. While the shapeshifter was still a little nervous and jumped a bit at anything that brushed against her, she had spent enough time in the water to ease her fear by a large margin.

"See? It was a one-in-a-million chance for that to happen," Salgia assured, shuffling behind Avalam and beginning to rub her shoulders to relax her.

"Y-Yeah... Yes, you're right, I suppose..." Avalam slowly nodded, "I-I mean... I suppose it was good it happened then, right? That... Just means it's even less likely to happen in the future."

"Exactly, I guess," Salgia agreed, continuing to gently rub her shoulders to ease her tension, "Now you can just enjoy the water..."

"Yes.. Enj- Eep!" Avalam shrieked at a piece of driftwood before forcing herself to relax, "J-Just enjoy... The water..."

"Yeah, just... enjoy," Salgia agreed, slowly working their hands down the shapeshifter's back.

Avalam let out a semi-relaxed sigh, slowly closing her eyes. "You've always been so good at that," She murmured, enjoying the Liss' massaging.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teedler

Roughly fourty minutes later, a very satisfied Zoey meandered out of the changing room, licking her lips and fixing her hair yet again.

Bysmerth seemed very content as he held Zoey’s hand. “I love you.” He whispered into her ear.

That caught Zoey completely off guard. She quickly turned to him with a look of surprise. "Uh, you do?" She blinked, "We, like... Just met."

“You are a wonderful person.” The Zwelt replied, it seemed his kind became quickly attached to those they engaged in naughty activities with.

"Um- I mean- I know that, but... We just met. It's, uh... Like... Pretty sudden to ,like... Say you love someone when you just met them... An hour ago? Hour and a half?"

“Is not what we did an expression of love for your people?” He asked.

"I-I mean, I guess? But... Not always?" Zoey shrugged awkwardly, "I just... Did it for fun."

“People do that just for fun?” Bysmerth asked, obviously a bit hurt.

"Not everyone, but..." Zoey looked at the Zwelt for a moment feeling bad for what was effectively her turning down his love, "Look, I'm sure you're... A really great guy and everything, but I don't just... Fall in love that fast."

“Oh... um.. Okay then.” The Zwelt replied.

"I'm sorry, uh... Just... Give it a bit of time? I'm sure I'll come around," Zoey offered her hand to him once more.

He took her hand with a smile that became a smirk as he picked up the girl and carried her to the group by the grill. Zoey let out a shriek of surprise. While it was kinda fun being carried, she couldn't help but feel weirded out given she only met Bysmerth an hour ago. "Uh... Hey... Bob! Hey, Latte!" She greeted awkwardly.

The Zwelt cockedhis head “Latte? Isn’t that Fennel the laviturnian?“ He asked Zoey.

"Well, who's this?" Bob asked in a friendly manner, turning to look at the two.

"It's just a nickname," Zoey mumbled before introducing her new friend, "Bob, this is Bysmerth." She did not register the fact that somehow he knew Fennel.

“Hello, you are Zoey’s... father?” Bysmerth asked, confused about their relation, as there was no way Fennel was old enough to be Zoey’s mother.

"...I guess you could say that, yeah," Bob looked between Bysmerth and Zoey.

"I like to think of him as a brother," Zoey huffed.

“Well, aren’t you two just adorable.” Fennel cooed.

"Oh, now you're okay with me being with a guy?" Zoey asked, raising a brow.

"That's a lot different than how it was," Bob huffed, not wanting to bring it up in front of Bysmerth.

“And Fennel the Laviturnian is your wife?” The Zwelt asked.

Fennel simply nodded and grabbed onto Bob to further evidence their marrriage.

“Well, you two are taking care of a beautiful maiden.” Bysmerth added. Zoey looked at Bob and Fennel with a confused smile as she shrugged.

“I... guess we’re proud of that, then?” Bob chuckled unsurely.

”Anyway, the first batch of hot dogs are ready.” Fennel added pointing to the grill.

"Hey, uh... Bysmerth?" Zoey asked, "Could you go over to that tarp area thing there and get my purse for me, please?... And put me down?"

“Umm yeah.” Bysmerth replied before putting Zoey down and getting the girl’s purse.

Once Bysmerth was out of earshot, Zoey whispered to Bob, "Hey, can you, like... Talk to him and make sure he isn't weird? Like, I mean, he is weird, but not the bad kind of weird, you know what I mean?"

“...Of course, Zoey,” Bob nodded as he stood up and stretched, “I’ll talk to him.”

"Thanks... Bro," Zoey smiled, giving Bob a quick hug before he went.

While Bob groaned at the use of ‘bro’, he was still happy to help Zoey make sure she wasn’t getting in over her head.

“This is the purse you wanted, right?” Bysmerth asked, holding up the purse.

"Yeah, thanks!" Zoey smiled as she gingerly took the purse before looking up at Bob and gestured to Bysmerth with her eyes.

“Umm hi.” the Zwelt added, obviously intimidated by the doomslayer.

“Hey,” Bob nodded back, “Let’s take a little walk.”

“Okay Mr. Bob.”

“Just call me Bob,” the ex-Doomslayer assured as he walked slowly with the Zwelt at his side, “So, you’re wanting to... go out with Zoey?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Well, as you said, she’s my little princess,” Bob assured as he put a hand on Bysmerth’s shoulder, “So you know that I want to see her happy.”

“Yes.” The Zwelt replied with a nod.

“Which means I don’t want to see her... getting hurt,” Bob went on, “Either physically, or emotionally. So if you do anything that could do that to her, I can guarantee you one thing. That it’s not gonna end well for you. You understand?”

“Understood.” The merchant replied.

“...Good,” Bob agreed, “Now, another thing. I bet she’s already made it apparent, but Zoey’s... a bit promiscuous.”

“Umm, yes, she already proposed.” Bysmerth replied nervously.

“Proposed? That’s a bit further than usual, but alright,” Bob sighed, “I know she’s gonna be asking about it all the time, but.. try and not feed into it all the time.”

“Understood, Bob.” The Zwelt answered.

“Alright then, I-uh... I think that’s all I really need to talk to you about,” Bob mused, taking his hand off of the Zwelt’s shoulder, “You, uh... run along now, I guess.”

“Alright,” Bysmerth replied before awkwardly rejoining Zoey.

Bob returned to his seat with a sigh, quietly murmuring, “That should do it.”

"Hey, Bishmerf," Zoey greeted with a bite of her hotdog in her mouth.

”Hey.” The Zwelt waved.

"... Aren't you gonna get a hotdog?" Zoey asked after swallowing her bite and immediately taking another before gesturing over to Fennel's wieners.

Bysmerth nodded before getting a hot dog for himself, adding some mustard before taking a bite.

Around the grill and the smell of hotdogs, several seagulls began to flutter around, standing at the edges of the set-up impatiently.

Shlyke looked at them for a moment, before his eyes widened with a snicker. “Tina, watch this,” he snickered as he scrambled up to the towels, grabbing a snack-sized bag of potato chips. The birds looked on anxiously as the Abrol skittered back to Tina’s side, a few coming closer to him as he popped the bag open.

With another stifled laugh, Shlyke grabbed a single chip from the bag, looking between it and the impatient birds, before flinging the chip into their general direction. The seagulls were quick to run or fly at it, a few squabbling over the chip as it was crunched up between several of the birds.

Tina quickly burst into laughter at the silly seagulls before reaching for the bag. "Lemme try!" She exclaimed. Shlyke quickly handed her the bag with anticipation, “They will be doing anything for it!”

Tina quickly pulled out a chip and acted as if she threw it before quickly hiding her hand, and the chip, behind her back with a cheeky grin. The seagulls were quick to lunge, looking about for the chip, before looking back at Tina, somewhat confused and still waiting for a chip.

After a bit of giggling, Tina finally threw the chip, along with two others, to the seagulls. "Why do they like chips so much?" She laughed.

”They are of loving human food in general!” Shlyke ascertained, “I am guessing that people have been of throwing food to them before, so they are knowing it is a good way of eating.”

Tina hummed for a moment before grabbing another chip. She made sure the birds could see it and let out a squeaky grunt of effort as she threw the chip directly upwards as high as she could.

While many of the gulls simply waited where they thought the chip would land, one eager bird was in the air already, snatching the chip mid flight.

"Come on, birds!" Tina yelled, chucking another chip up in hopes that the other birds would be as smart as the one to fly into the air.

However, all but the one from before remained on the ground. But the one that did fly up for it missed, letting the chip careen back down into the waiting beaks of several other gulls, who fought for a moment before the largest among the snapped up the chip.

Tina watched the large bird for a moment before slowly looking down at her bag. After a few moments, she readjusted her grip and brought the bag forwards, hurling its contents out of the bag and over the birds' heads in a wave of delicious potato chips.

Needless to say, it was utter madness for a few moments. Several feathers flew upwards as the birds squabbled against one another for the chips that fell closest to them, before most wisened up to the fact that there were many more than there were birds, and began to peck at the chips individually.

"Now all of them get chips!" Tina proclaimed happily.

“Are you feeding the birdies?” Fennel aaked.

"Uh-huh! I gave them a whole bag of potato chips!" Tina exclaimed, already opening yet another bag of chips before chucking its contents out the same as before despite there still being plenty of chips left on the ground. She hoped to attract the attention of even more seagulls. And attract their attention she did, as several more came skittering by to try and peck at the specks of chip she dumped around her.

Yet again, she opened another bag, dumping the chips out as she spun around, creating a ring of potato-based snacks around her. "I'm the queen of the birds!" She declared.

“Careful or they’ll poop on you.” Fennel teased.

"They wouldn't dare poop on their queen!" Tina asserted.

And they didn’t; they were far more interested in swarming around her for the many delectable chips she had littered about her. Of course, this brought some squabbling, but not as much as one would think.

“You are of being too kind to them,” Shlyke stated, “They would be being of just fine without all of the chips.”

"Yeah, but now they're surrounding me and it looks cool!" Tina beamed, slowly turning all the way around and gazing upon her subjects with glee.

The birds seemed rather complacent with Tina’s rule. However, one noticed the slightest of a crumb on Tina’s foot, and could not resist rushing up below her and hastily pecking it off of her with several quick pecks before flying off.

"Ow!" Tina cried out, holding her foot and beginning to cry at both the pain and the sting of betrayal, "Y-You don't get any more chips!" She shouted amidst her crying as she clutched Shlyke for comfort and protection.

The gulls were quick to disperse in a wave of surprise at the sudden change of behavior, with many flying off, and others going back to patiently waiting for a chance to come back and get whatever fragments of chip still remained on the sand beneath them.

”Are you okay?” Shlyke asked with concern, wrapping an arm around Tina to support her.

"I-I.. I think it's bleeding a bit," Tina sobbed.

”Oh, come along, let us go to the van and get a bandage for it, hm?” Shlyke assured with a pat on the back, “It is of being okay, just a little poke on the foot.”

Fennel then retrieved a bandaid and said, “Let Mommy see your boo-boo.”

Tina did not want to let go of Shlyke, and so she simply raised her leg up towards Fennel with a little whimpering squeak as she tried to calm down from her crying.

Fennel gave the small wound a kiss before wiping it clean and putting a band aid over the wound. “Does that feel better, Tina?”

After a sniffle, Tina slowly nodded and wiped at her eyes and she hummed out a, "Mhm..." Fennel could bandage Tina's physical wounds, but not the emotional ones left behind at the sudden destruction of her bird empire at the hands of a single traitor.

Fennel then hugged Tina and showered her in kisses, hoping to make Tina laugh. Sure enough, after a few kisses, Tina began to giggle before bursting out into laughter. "Okay, okay! Stop!" She blubbered in her laughter, playfully pushing away at Fennel.

“Okay, Baby.” Fennel giggled before finishing with one last kiss.

"Oh my, I am absolutely starving!" Avalam remarked. Given it was Avalam, she probably wasn't kidding. "Y-You don't mind if I have some of these 'hotdogs' do you?" She asked Fennel.

“No that’s fine, your one of Zoey’s friends right?” Fennel asked.

"She's not just a friend, Latte," Zoey informed, "That's Avalam Wukir. She's a famous fashion designer!"

"N-No, I'm... I doubt my name is even that prevalent in just our town," Avalam nervously laughed as she prepared ten hotdogs for herself, loading them with the various condiments and toppings laid out.

“Oh, don’t be so humble, Avalam!” Salgia acclaimed as they walked up beside her, “You’ve got the best clothes in town, by far!”

"S-Salgia, please," Avalam blushed before scarfing down her hotdogs at an incredible speed that would put some of the best champions of hotdog eating competitions to shame.

”Wukir... oh yeah I think I have something you designed.” Fennel replied.

After swallowing her fifth hotdog and taking a breather, the shapeshifter curiously inquired, "Oh? What would that be?"

“Oh um just some panties.” Fennel explained.

"O-Oh, um... How do you like them?" Avalam awkwardly asked as she gently dabbed at a bit of ketchup on her chin with a napkin.

“Super comfy, I just had to modify them a bit for my tail.” Fennel replied.

"Oh! We can do that at the shop for you," Avalam informed, "I-If any of our standard clothing needs modifying.. And, of course, we can do completely custom outfits and the such..." The shapeshifter shrank a bit, her face red as a beet from her plug.

“Oh maybe I can look into that.” Fennel nodded. “Do you make baby clothes?”

"Of course!" Avalam perked up, "Anything you need, we can make! I-I mean.. Me and... My coworker, Oboro... Who isn't here."

“Oh, you work at that clothing store?” Ernette asked as she walked up, wanting to finally face the new face, “I’ve been meaning to go in there, but I’ve been so busy, it’s crazy.” She held out a hand with a plastered-on smile, “Ernette Wolf. It’s nice to meet you, Mrs...?”

"Wukir," The shapeshifter introduced as she took Ernette's hand, "Avalam Wukir. We have a website as well where you can buy any standard items or send in an invoice for something to be modified or custom-made."

”Well, I’ll be sure to check it out then!” Ernette grinned, “I can see where the niceness of all your clothes must’ve rubbed off from, as well. You’re... very nice in every way, it seems!”

"In... Every way?" Avalam repeated curiously, tilting her head to the side.

“Yeah, I mean, look at you!” Ernette exclaimed with a gesture over Avalam’s body, “I mean, whoever’s lucky enough to call you Mrs. Wukir is a lucky guy-or gal, whichever!”

"O-Oh, that... Would be Salgia.." Avalam gulped, blushing as she nervously glanced around and tried not to cover her face in embarrassment, "And... T-Thank you?"

“You’re certainly welcome,” Ernette nodded along, looking down at Salgia wrapping an arm around Avalam’s shoulder to comfort the shapeshifter, “Well, I don’t wanna waste your time. I’m gonna skedaddle back to my daughters, but if you wanna talk, I’ll be just over there!” She affirmed, waving as she walked off back to their towels.

"O-Okay!" Avalam smiled and waved before turning away from the group and covering her face, quietly muttering to Salgia, "W-Why is everyone always talking about my body!?"

“Because you look good in that!” Salgia assured, “It really suits you.”

"W-What?!" Avalam gasped, "H-How does... This revealing swimwear suit me?"

“I mean, not that revealing,” Salgia gestured back to their own bikini, “And besides, beige looks good on you no matter what.”

"... I-It's cream..." Avalam mumbled, "And I prefer brown myself... I-I just... How do people not get... Embarrassed and... Flustered when others say things like that?"

“They just... take it as a compliment,” Salgia shrugged, “Nothing more, nothing less. I mean, I bet some people do get embarrassed when they talk like that, but- still, usually, they just take it as a compliment or something like that.”

"Still, I-I just don't get it... P-People are always talking about my body, or... Or my breasts," Avalam made sure to lower her voice even further when speaking such a horrendously naughty word as breasts.

“People are attracted to big breasts,” Salgia stated simply with a shrug, “You inarguably have the biggest here. It’s gonna be a talking point.”

"I-I just wanted to look feminine when I first made this body," Avalam murmured shamefully.

“And you do,” Salgia assured, “You look really feminine. And I don’t think it’s a problem at all!”

"But, I..." Avalam let out a sigh, "I don't want to be... 'beautiful'... I didn't know that... Making myself so feminine would make me stand out like this. I don't like attracting so much attention, b-but I don't want to just... Change my body at this point..."

“Then don’t change it, Avalam. Embrace it,” Salgia asserted, “Be happy with who you are now. You’re not in Regat anymore. You don’t have to hide any of that stuff now at all! And I know that, deep down, there’s a part of you sormwahere that really does want to be beautiful. But you know what? You, now... to me, you’re perfect. I wouldn’t want you to change that face of yours in a million years.”

Avalam covered her mouth with both hands, a few tears in her eyes as she started getting emotional at the Liss' kind words. "S-Salgia, you're gonna make me cry," She whimpered with a quiet huff of a laugh.

Salgia looked up to the shapeshifter with a smile and open arms waiting for a hug, “Aww, come here, Avalam.”

Avalam started to whimper as she accepted the hug, unable to contain herself as a few happy tears rolled down her cheeks. "I-I love you... S-Salgia," She sputtered out.

“I love you too, Avalam,” the Liss murmured back, rubbing their hand across Avalam’s back in a comforting manner.

After a moment to calm down, Avalam sniffled, "I... I know I'm not in Regat, but... I-I lived there for so long, it's... Hard to... Just leave some of it behind."

“And I do get that, Avalam, but... like it or not, things have definitely changed,” Salgia muttered, “You’re a lot more free to do whatever you want, and people won’t literally burn you at the stake for it. It’s a whole new kind of freedom for you, but... it’s only there if you’re willing to go with it and be free. And that freedom means having to deal with a new set of consequences and whatnot... and I get they’re difficult... so maybe.. I can help you through it wherever it comes up?”

"H-How do you mean?" The shapeshifter asked, slowly pulling back as she looked down at the Liss.

“I mean, whenever you have a problem, like you, you come to me, call me, or whatever you need to do to try and console it with me,” the Liss suggested, “I want you to be happy here too, you know. Not embarrassed about yourself, or thinking that you’re too feminine, or are a... a freak..”

"You are too kind to me, Salgia," Avalam smiled warmly as she wiped at her wet eyes with her shoulders.

“Well, I gotta match up to your kindness somehow!” Salgia giggled, “I mean, remember those first few days together? You were so sweet to me, and I’d barely told you I was who I am!”

"Oh, you stop. You were far kinder to me than I was to you," The shapeshifter cooed.

“Well, still, how could I not be kind to that face?” Salgia asked with a coo, “With those puffy cheeks and cute eyes, I couldn’t say no.”

Avalam's hands quickly covered said cheeks and eyes as she quickly became flustered by Salgia's words. "Salgia!" She whined.

“Oh- uh, sorry, sorry,” Salgia apologized, “I got carried away there, but... you were just so strangely nice to me then, even after I admitted who I am to you. I just... had to be nice back to that.”

"I-I mean... It isn't as if I had nothing to admit about myself as well," Avalam murmured, forcing her hands away from her face, "And yet... You acted as if what I told you barely mattered."

“To me, you being a shapeshifter... didn’t change anything about you as a person,” Salgia shrugged, “To me, it just meant that you were special, and in this case, a nice kind of special.”

"... It's still a little hard... Getting accustomed to that," Avalam admitted, "That... That kind of thing is okay... Not just being a shapeshifter, but... The abnormality of it."

“I bet it can be,” Salgia nodded, “But it’s... kinda reassuring though, right? That you don’t have to worry about all the stuff you said would happen if you got caught?”

"I.. I suppose, but... I suppose it's just... Ingrained in me," The shapeshifter sighed, "It's why I... Prefer things staying as they are... Not.. Changing routines or anything... In Regat... The idea of order was our religion."

“I see... so it’s hard to try and deal with all of this.. change that’s come into your life?”

"Yes..." Avalam slowly nodded, "It's... A little ironic really... We shapeshifters are... Inherently a species of chaos."

“That is a bit ironic,” Salgia agreed, “But... maybe it would be better to.. try and find some sort of order around all of this change? Make sure that you can keep your routine flexible even with whatever happens?”

"I-I mean, I've managed to do that to an extent... Having a 'smart phone' helps," Avalam smiled. As Salgia likely knew at that point, the shapeshifter had many, many, many reminders on her phone, a good deal of which repeated daily to help give each day a sense of order.

“Yeah, I know about your tower of alarms and reminders,” Salgia giggled, “But is there anything I can do to try and help you with that?”

"I'm not sure, but... Perhaps you have a point too... Maybe I do need to break out of that... Regatian view on things a little," Avalam agreed with the Liss' previous points, "It can be a simple and content life, but... Perhaps a little bit of chaos can make things more fun." She almost seemed disgusted with herself when saying 'chaos' could be a good thing.

“Yeah, you just have to give it a try with it,” Salgia shrugged.


“You like gems right?” Bysmerth asked Zoey.

"Huh? Of course I do!" Zoey replied with a smile, "You should see the jewlery boxes I got at home."

“It’s just I’m a gem merchant, and was wondering what you preferred.” Bysmerth ecplained. “Oh that was an invitation.”

"Hmmm... Well, I don't actually have one myself, but... I've seen these diamonds called 'fancy vivid pink diamonds'. They're apparently super expensive, but they look amazing," Zoey sighed as she imagined the diamond.

“I think i have a few of those.”The Zwelt answered.

"No way!" Zoey gasped, "That's amazing! I've always wanted one, like, maybe as a necklace or something.... Definitely, though.. Like.. Whenever I get married, I hope I get a ring with one of those fancy vivid pink diamonds!"

“Okay.” Bysmerth replied making a mental note of what he needed to get in the future. “I like bismuth. It’s almost unnatural.“

"And like, there's this one called 'the pink star'," Zoey went on about pink diamonds, "It's the most expensive diamond ever. Like... It's Fifty-seven million dollars! And it's just on a ring! It's not super big or anything, it's just really good!"

”Oh diamonds sell for that much here?” Bysmerth replied, a bit shocked.

"Well... Yeah. Why wouldn't they? But pink diamonds are the most expensive," Zoey nodded.

“Well they aren’t that rare, rubies tend to sell for more back home.” Bysmerth commented.

"It's no surprise those are Ruby's favorite," Zoey remarked before pulling herself a bit closer to Bysmerth, "But ,uh... If pink diamonds aren't too hard to come by... If you have a way back home... Could you get me one? I'd really appreciate it..." As she went on, her voice had become quieter as she came closer to the boy, whispering the last few words into his ear.

”O-of course, travel isn’t all that difficult, it’s more paper work.” Bysmerth replied.

"Thank you... If I could finally get my hands on one of those, I..." Zoey brought herself back to his ear, "I would just have to express my gratitude..."

“I might have one lying around, I’ve been looking into gem setting recently.” The Zwelt added.

"Oh? Maybe I should come over to your place when we're done here... Or you could take me there," Zoey grinned, her arms wrapped around the boy as she stared into his eyes with desire.

“I think that can be arranged... as long as Bob is okay with it.” Bysmerth replied before giving her a kiss.

Zoey angled the two of them to allow her to rub her hand exactly where you think she would in the middle of the kiss before pulling back and calling to Bob, "Hey, Bob! I'm gonna go over to Bysmerth's place! Is that okay?"

"Uh... Okay?" Bob agreed in confusion, "Just be back home by ten..."

"Thanks, bro!" Zoey giggled before grabbing Bysmerth's hand, "C'mon, I wanna see that pink diamond."

“Umm Okay then.” Bysmerth replied before gathering his things and heading to the parking lot.

"W-Wait!" Ruby yelped, having already began hurriedly packing up her and Zoey's things, "Wait, wait! I wanna come too!"

"Oh, hold on, we gotta wait for Rub," Zoey stopped the Zwelt, "Where I go, she goes... She hates not being in high school with me."

“Yeah that’s fine.” Bysmerth nodded as he unlocked a car that had been purchased from Moomek. After a few minutes, Ruby jumped into the backseat with their beach bag and her own purse after tossing their tarp and poles into Fennel's trunk. It would have taken too much time to compress them back down.

"I'm surprised you let Zoey go with him," Mary remarked to Bob as she watched Bysmerth's car drive off.

"Bah, she was gonna do something dumb with him anyways," Bob shrugged, "I might as well hurry that along and get it over with."

"Yeah, I think she gave him a blowjob in the changing room," Mary noted before finishing her hotdog.

“They seem invested in each other at least.” Fennel added.

"Yeah," Bob sighed, "I just sure hope its more than just Zoey wanting to get off, though."

"I'm sure everything'll be fine," Harper assured.

"That's not reassuring in the slightest," Bob grumbled.

“I think it’ll be fine.” Fennel nodded.

"Yeah, why wouldn't it be fine?" Harper shrugged, "He seemed like a good, normal guy. I doubt they'll even bang."

"You're not making me confident, Harper. You're really not," Bob murmured.

"W-Why?" Harper asked worriedly, "Was it something I said?"

"It's... nothing at all," Bob shook his head, "You're fine, Harper."

"Hmph," Harper folded her arms.

"What?" Bob asked, "Do you want me to say I'm a bit worried something might happen, and it's not assuring to hear you comment on it like you are?"

"What? I just said it'd turn out fine, god!" Harper threw up her hands and stormed off to the furthest of their chairs she could fine before dragging it closer to the shoreline and sitting down.

"...Harper," Bob sighed as he realized how rude he was, getting up after the girl, "I didn't mean to make you upset about it, I'm just... used to you saying the opposite of what you mean."

"I... Was... Lying," Harper seethed, speaking carefully so as to not spit out a lie, "But... I wanted... To help you... Feel better... About Zoey..."

Bob's face eased as he smiled. "Well...thank you, and I'm... sorry about that," he apologized.

"Whatever," Harper muttered. still looking out towards the water.

Bob looked out over the water alongside Harper, sitting down next to her chair as he sighed, "I know you're still mad at me about Tychen."

"Oh, no, I completely got over that. That was one of the best days of my life," Harper scoffed.

"I just... He's not a good person to hang around," Bob admitted his opinion, "He's a bad influence on you. I mean- drinking?"

"Who cares?" Harper huffed, "And yeah, my sisters or, hell, even Fennel are the best influences on the planet!"

"They're better influences than a god-knows-how-old pirate who was going to kill Fennel before he joined us and make her into some kind of zombie slave," Bob grumbled.

Harper shrunk down a bit at that, thinking over what Bob said before letting out a sigh and speaking carefully once again, "... He just... I'm happy with him... And... He doesn't... Care... That I lie... I can just.... Relax with him..."

"I know he makes you happy, but... does he really care about you?" Bob asked, "I mean, would someone who care just let you drink without a care? Or... not care about your lying?"

"Yes.... No.. I... I don't know..." Harper murmured before whimpering a little bit at the harsh truth presented to her.

"That's why I'm worried about you," Bob admitted as he looked to Harper, "I don't want you to be... lying to yourself about Tychen. I don't want to see you get hurt by him, like I don't wanna see Zoey getting hurt, or Mary, or any of you."

Harper whimpered a moment longer before breaking into tears, covering her face in shame as she cried, "I-I.. I just wanted it to work!"

"I know you did, Harper," Bob softly assured, gently placing a hand on her back and rubbing lightly, "And I know you tried all you could, but I just don't think... Tychen's... the guy for you."

The sobbing teen clutched Bob in her arms, hugging his neck and crying into his shoulder. Bob wrapped his other arm around Harper, returning the hug as he cooed and rubbed her back comfortingly, "Just let it out..."

"I-I'm... I'm sorry, Bob!" Harper cried, "I-In my b-beach bag..." She couldn't even finish her sentence, but hoped the doomslayer would be able to figure it out.

Bob took a moment, getting out of their hug, before bringing over Harper's beach bag, unsure of what she wanted exactly.

Harper flicked the bag open before shuddering as she started sobbing again. Just under a towel on the top of the bag's contents were a few cans of beer and a small glass bottle of vodka. One of the cans was crushed, and the bottle partially empty.

Bob looked at the contents of Harper's bag for a moment, before up to her, unsure of what to say to her. Instead, he simply wrapped his arms back around her and tried to comfort her again for what she had done. Harper's crying momentarily stopped. She seemed surprised by Bob's response before breaking out into sobs once more as she returned his embrace.

For a while, Bob kept up that hug, holding Harper as close as the chair would let them be, keeping her in that embrace until her crying calmed. With that, he would slowly pull away, waiting for her response before anything.

Harper wiped at her face a little bit, unable to look Bob in the eyes as she mumbled out a small, "Thank you..."

"No... thank you," Bob spoke slowly back, "For being honest with me about how you're feeling... So... do you wanna... go grab some ice cream?" He tried to lighten her mood, "There's a stand not too far down the beach that sells some."

"... Nah... I hate ice cream," Harper smiled, giving Bob a wink as she got up from her chair.

Bob smiled along with her as he stood up, walking alongside her on their way to the ice cream stand.


After about out an hour the Bysmerth pulled into the parking lot of an apartment complex, and opened the doors for Zoey and Ruby. “My tools are still out so it might be a moment before I can find the diamond.

"Oh, thanks," Zoey smiled as she and Ruby stepped out, "It's fine if it takes a bit... So what do you do with your 'tools'?"

“Gem cutting.” The zwelt replied as he headed up the stair case seemingly ignoring the elevator. “We just have to go up a few flights of stairs.”

"Can we take the elevator?" Ruby huffed, carrying the heavy beach bag.

“The what?” Bysmerth asked.

"The... It's right here," Zoey blinked, walking towards the elevator doors and pushing the button to call it. Coincidentally, it was already at ground level, and opened up to the three.

“Oh yeah them.” Bysmerth replied before going in the elevator and selecting his floor.

"Oh, man. I can't wait to get out of this bikini," Zoey stretched in the elevator, "You don't mind if I use your shower, do you?"

”That’s fine, I might have something you can wear but I’m not sure.” The Zwelt added.

"Don't worry! We brought spare clothes in the bag!" Ruby exclaimed, proudly patting their beach bag.

“Oh that’s good.” Bysmerth replied as the elevator stopped on his floor. After a moment, he got out and opened the door to his apartnent when there was a pile of recently cut gems setting along with a few chunks of the ores lying on the table.

"Woah!" Ruby gasped, she and Zoey darting over to the table and gawking at the gems and equipment.

"This is badass!" Zoey exclaimed, "You weren't kidding!"

”just give me a second to find the pink one.” Bysmerth said as he headed into the bedroom.

"Pink one?" Ruby asked Zoey.

"He has a pink diamond, Ruby!" Zoey squealed, causing both of them to squeal.

"Oh my god! That's amazing!" Ruby gasped.

After a few moments, the zwelt returned, holding a pink, quarter-sized gem. “I cut this one a few days ago, it’s a bit on the small side.” He added modestly as he held the gem up for the girls to inspect.

"OH MY GOD!" Zoey screamed happily, snatching the gem and looking it over excitedly, "RUBY LOOK!"

"OH MY GOD!" Ruby screamed.

"I KNOW!" Zoey screamed in assent, admiring the gem for a moment longer before practically throwing herself at Bysmerth and locking lips with him.

Bysmerth was still a bit confused to see such surprise over such a common gem, but returned the kiss gladly. After breaking away, he added “If you like it so much you can have it.”

"Oh my god, you are literally the best, I can't even-!" Zoey gasped. She handed the pink diamond to Ruby before kissing Bysmerth again.

“It’s fine.” The Zwelt bashfully replied.

"It is not just fine, you- you- Where's your bedroom?" Zoey huffed, quickly looking around herself.

“Um just back there.” He replied gesturing with his thumb.

Zoey pushed him towards the door of his bedroom before reaching past him, opening the door, and shoving him inside before slamming the door closed behind her after following him inside. Ruby stared at the door for a moment, knowing exactly what was about to happen next.


After about an hour and a half, the moaning from inside the bedroom finally stopped. Ruby would've peeked inside if she hadn't passed out on the couch.

"Man... You were like... Way better than I thought you'd be," Zoey remarked with an arm wrapped around Bysmerth in bed.

“Oh umm I’m supposed to give you a ring now right?” Bysmerth asked.

"Hm? I mean, you don't have to give me a ring," Zoey laughed, "Rings are nice and all, but, like, I'm not forcing you to just give me jewlery or whatever... Why?"

“But that’s how your culture finishes the engagement ceremony, right?” The Zwelt aaked.

".... Wait w- The what?" Zoey blinked, doing a double take as she gave Bysmerth a confused look.

“Sex is how my people propose.” Bysmerth explained, “I assumed it was the same with your people.”

"Oh... Oohhhh... That's... What you meant by... 'Life long' decisiooohhhhhh..." Zoey slowly gulped, "N-No, I... That's... Yeah our people don't... Work like that..." She cringed a little, realizing how complicated of a situation she had put herself in.

“But are we engaged?” The Zwelt asked in a hurt tone.

"Ah..." Zoey wanted so much to give him the answer he wanted, but she had to painfully put her foot down and slowly shake her head, "No... No we're... We're not engaged. I'm sorry, Bysmerth..."

A look of pain and betrayal drew across the young Zwelt’s face as he stayed silent.

"Bysmerth, I... I didn't know it was... Like that with... I didn't know you thought sex was literally getting engaged..." Zoey sighed guiltily.

“It’s... fine.” he lied.

"That is the most not fine 'It's fine' I have ever heard," Zoey huffed, "Look, I'm just... Getting married is like... I mean, I barely know you... You know?"

“I don’t know... I just feel something around you.” Bysmerth sighed.

"Look, let's just... We can date for a while, okay? See how it goes, and... If it's working out... Then maybe we can... Get engaged," Zoey offered.

“Yeah.” The Zwelt agreed “You don’t have to leave now do you?” He asked.

"Ehh... Nah, I think we still have some more time," Zoey shrugged before rolling herself over and on top of Bysmerth, grinning down at him.

“I, ummm just wanted to cuddle.” He explained, giving her a soft kiss.

"Oh... Yeah.. Yeah that's... Yeah," Zoey blinked, surprised by his request as she lowered herself down and to his side, draping an arm over him and keeping her hand on the Zwelt's chest.

The Zwelt gently wraped his arms around Zoey before nuzzling her. She was knocked out of her state of surprise as her eyes glanced to Bysmerth. After a brief moment, a small smile formed on her face as she returned the gesture.

"Hold on, just... Hey Siri," Zoey called out, not moving her head away from Bysmerth, "Text Bob, 'Hey just gonna spend night here, really tired.'" She heard an affirmatory response from her phone on the ground shortly after.

“Who’s Siri?” Bysmerth asked obviously confused.

"Just telling my phone to text Bob, don't worry about it," Zoey giggled as she pecked Bysmerth on the lips.

In response the Zwelt caressed her hair, before slowly drifting off to sleep.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Teedler

The next morning Zoey would be alone in the bed as the smell of potatoes and onions filled the apartment.

"Blegh... What.. Mmmf... Go away.." Zoey muttered, swiping at the smell as if it were shaking her awake like a person, "Wait... What..." She groggily sniffed the air a few times, but was too lazy to actually sit up.

After a few moments, Bysmerth returned with a tray of a potatoes, onions, and eggs alongside a glass of orange juice. He stood and waited for Zoey to sit up before giving her the meal.

"Oh, hey... What's... All this?" Zoey yawned and rubbed at her eyes.

”Breakfast.” Bysmerth snswered, bringing the tray closer.

"Wow, thanks! You didn't have to do this," Zoey smiled, sitting up properly so the tray could be set on her lap, "It smells good."

“Thank you.” Bysmerth nodded “I’ll be back in a moment.” He added before going off to get his own tray.

Zoey was already scarfing down her eggs by the time Bysmerth came back in.

”Oh, you really liked it. You can have mine if you want.” He offered, holding the tray.

After a quick swig of orange juice to help swallow her food, Zoey shook her head and gestured Bysmerth over to sit down with her. "Nah, nah, it's your food. I've just been hungry after how hard we screwed."

Bysmerth sat next to Zoey “Is that good, that I made you hungry? It seems it would be the opposite of providing for you?.“ he commented.

"Mmm, nah, it's perfect," Zoey assured after another swig of juice, "You were amazing last night, trust me. Like, and if that was your first time, then phew, I can't imagine how hard you'll be able to pound me in the future!"

“Woukd it make you happy if we did it again like now?” Bysmerth asked obviously conflicted.

"W- Y-Yeah! Yeah, that'd be great," Zoey grinned as she put her tray to the side.

“Anything for you.” Bysmerth nodded, trying to brace himself for the emotional backlash to come.

But before Zoey could put herself into any sexual action, there was a loud ring of the doorbell followed by a slow knock.

“I’ll answer that.“ Bysmerth said, obviously relieved before heading over and opening the door.

It was a large machine, kneeling slightly so that it did not hit its oblong ‘head’ on the ceiling. In one of its small hands was a bunch of envelopes, many of them obviously entitled to Bysmerth’s address. “This is the second time your mail has come into my inbox this week,” the Voice of Consular stated monotonously, though it was obvious somehow that it was not delighted with providing the news.

“Oh... I’ll check and try to get that sorted out.”

"Who's this?" Zoey asked, peering from behind Bysmerth stark naked.

“I don’t know.” Bysmerth replied.

“I was aware you had company,” the Sylaar stated, “Which is why I awaited until now to provide your mail, in hopes of not interrupting you in any process.”

"Hello!" Ruby waved from behind Zoey, hopping a few times so she could be seen.

One of the machine’s hands gyrated in a sort of wave back to Ruby, acknowledging her existence, “If you are to ever receive mail that is belonging to me, or need anything, I am currently inhabiting the domicile to the immediate left of yours.”

Bysmerth took his mail as he said “Thank you, I’ll get right on it.”

“...Goodbye,” the Voice of Consular waved, unsure how else to end the conversation as it slowly closed the door, ensuring that it had clicked shut.

"Huh... Oh! Good thing you're up, Rub! Hey, Bysmerth, is it cool if Ruby joins us?" Zoey asked

"Oh, were you guys about to have sex?" Ruby inquired.

“Wait, you do polygamy too?” Bysmerth asked.

"Well, duh, of course," Zoey smiled as she put an arm around Ruby, "Besides, me and Rub are a package deal. You can't have one of us without the other."

“Oh, umm, okay then.” Bysmerth replied a bit unenthusiastically but willingly as he closed the door.


"So, how was it with two girls?" Zoey cooed as she and Ruby had a hand on Bysmerth's chest each, all three of them laying comfortably in his bed.

“Good, just feels... detached.” He replied, trying to express his conflicting emotions.

"Detached?" Ruby repeated, both her and Zoey looking up at him with curious looks on their faces.

“It’s just it kinda feels like it doesn’t mean anything.” Bysmerth replied, still trying to grasp the concept of casual sex, surely a second round would have changed Zoey’s mind regarding how he felt.

"Of course it meant something," Zoey assured, gently caressing his chest, "You know, uh.. Like we enjoyed doing it with you and stuff."

“I, it’s hard to understand.” Bysmerth admitted.

"What do you mean?"

“Just, I feel maybe I’m too attached.” The Zwelt added with a saddened tone.

"Bysmerth.. It's... It's fine if you feel... Attached," Zoey assured.

"Yeah," Ruby added.

"It's... It's like I said, with time, we might get to that, you know? Think of sex as... Part of that," Zoey tried to explain, "Like, helping... To strengthen the bond to get us there, you know what I mean?"

“Okay, it’s just hard.”

"Well, you know what?" Zoey asked, angling her head up just enough to kiss the Zwelt's jaw, "Because we banged, you're the first guy to say he loves me afterwards." She didn't mention that one other man had said such a thing, but her father didn't really count considering... Everything.

“Really?” He asked.

"Mhm... And I've banged a lot of guys," Zoey slowly nodded.

Was this normal for them?

"And you know what? You've done a pretty good job at making me feel special," Zoey cooed, giving Bysmerth another peck.

“Oh, thank you.” Bysmerth replied before giving each girl a kiss.

"No, thank you," Zoey giggled, as did Ruby as they rested their heads on either side of his chest.

Bysmerth then caressed the girl‘s backs to help them further relax.

"... Man, you really are an animal in bed though," Zoey remarked after a comfortable moment, not raising her head up from its resting place on his chest.

“Oh, is that a good thing?” He asked.

"Pfft, yes, it's a good thing, Bysmerth," Zoey snickered, "It means you go real fast and hard, like... Like an animal."

“You like that? Okay then, I guess.”

"... It'd be better if you pulled my hair during it though," Zoey suggested, "... Maybe a few spanks."

“Like this?” Bysmerth asked before yanking on Zoey’s hair.

"Ow! No!" Zoey yelped, holding the back of her head, "No, like- Fucking- Only during sex and like.. Not yanking it, just... Pulling on it... Like a leash, kinda..."

“This?” The Zwelt tried again more along Zoey’s suggestion.


"Okay, so now that we got all the wood and stuff, let's build this shack!" Casey cheered with Bob while Tina and Shlyke built their wagon nearby.

“That’s what I plan on doing,” Bob agreed with a smile, hoisting some lumber in one arm, and a box of tools in the other.

“You having fun?” Fennel aaked.

"Uh-huh!" Tina exclaimed as she strapped an oversized pair of safety goggles to her face before reaching for the power drill.

Fennel then got up and took the drill from Tina, “That’s for daddy to use.”

"What? But how am I gonna screw these screws?" Tina whined, holding up a long screw in protest.

“Is not to worry!” Shlyke assured, taking a screwdriver in four hands and screwed a screw quickly into place.

"Wow! You're like a... An alive power drill!" Tina exclaimed, "Okay, we gotta screw these boards onto these big thick wood things. And then that's the bottom, then we screw those boards on the sides, and those are the bottom walls of the wagon. Then we gotta drill holes in those blocks there and put the metal things in them and put the wheels on the metal things. Then we gotta get those poles really hot so we can bend them into a big U shape. Then we gotta connect this big thing of cloth here to them. Then we put that on the wagon, and that's the roof. And then we put the handle here! Got it?"

While Tina listed off instructions, it appeared that Shlyke had zoned off, instead focused on swiveling the screwdriver inbetween his four hands. But as soon as Tina had finished, he looked up at her with a blank stare, looking to the side for a moment, before responding unsurely, “...I was of losing track- where do we screw the boards?”

"... I'll just point where you need to screw stuff," Tina huffed as she held a board steady over one of the beams and tapped on the board twice where she needed two screws.

“I-I am sorry for losing track,” Shlyke mumbled as he began to screw into the wood where Tina insisted, “It was just of being a lot at once.”

"It's okay. I'm just really excited to build this," Tina assured with a big smile before setting another board in place.

“...Wait, would this not be of much more ease with a hammer?” Shlyke pondered as he screwed in the next few screws.

"Nuh-uh- I-.. Yes- But screws are better! They don't come out as easy!"

“Ah. I am of seeing,” Shlyke nodded along as he contemplated how sore his hands would be by the end of this experience.

“You can say that again.” Fennel snickered as she approached Bob.

“Say what?” Bob asked as he looked up to Fennel from his hammering.

“Screws are better.”

“Yeah, but we don’t wanna work with just a drill out here ‘cause its battery will run out eventually, and working on this with a screwdriver’s insane,” Bob mused.

“You forget I can charge it.” Fennel added grumpily.

“Yeah, but that still leaves us waiting for it, and it kills our momentum here,” Bob argued, “What do you say about it, Casey?”

Fennel then crouched down to Bob and whispered into his ear, ”That was a sex joke, dear.”

“Har har,” Bob feigned laughter, but it was clear that he did in fact enjoy it, “Zoey must be teaching you some of these, I swear “

“You can sleep on the couch tonight.” She huffed, upset for whatever reason.

"... You can sleep in my bed if you want," Casey whispered up to Bob.

It’s fine, Casey, I can handle a couch for a night,” Bob assured.

”You can still find a way to change my mind.” Fennel called before sitting down.

"I think mom's making sex jokes because Zoey isn't here to make them," Casey giggled.

“Yeah, maybe,” Bob chuckled along, “But she’s also probably trying to not-so-subtly tell me something she wants.”

"... Sex?" Casey blinked.

“Yeah,” Bob nodded simply, having thought it was obmvious, as he hammered a nail into a few boards, before figuring he’d have Casey help out. “You wanna nail a few of these in with me?” He asked, “I’ll hold the nail, and you take the hammer and punch it in?”

"What if I hit your fingers though?" Casey asked, gingerly taking the hammer.

“Bah, it’s me who we’re talking about,” Bob shrugged with a smile as he set up a nail, “I’ve had plenty worse than a hammer to the finger. I’ll be fine, but I think your aim’s good enough that we don’t even have to worry bout that.”

"Okay..." Casey gulped, raising the hammer up and gently tapping the nail with it a few times. Each tap barely moved it further downwards at a painfully slow pace. It seemed her carefu nature carried over to her hammer strikes.

“Hit it a little harder,” Bob instructed calmly, “It’s gotta have some force behind it to go through the wood.”

Fennel had since placed a set of headphones over her belly and began playing some music.

The child hesitated before hitting the nail twice as hard as she did before. However, her initial strength was so meager, that doubling her efforts had about the same effect as her previous strikes.

“C’mon, put some muscle behind it,” Bob stated, “You don’t have to be scared about hitting a nail too hard.”

“Long as you don’t hit his balls, it’ll be fine, Casey!” Fennel called

The idea of applying such force seemed to frighten Casey before she looked up at Bob and asked, "C-Can I just hold the nail instead?"

"...Sure," Bob agreed, switching out the hammer for the nail as he waited for Casey to hold it in place.

The child took the nail with a quiet sigh of relief before positioning it where needed, just barely pinching it as she smiled up to Bob, then down at the nail.

With an affirming nod, Bob aimed for the nail and hammered it in, keeping his aim steady as it took him but two taps of the hammer to put it as far as its head would let it go.

"I wonder how Zoey and Ruby are doing," Casey mused as she grabbed another nail and held it in place for Bob.

"Probably fine," Bob assumed as he hammered in the nail, "Considering it's Zoey and Ruby, I'm sure we should be worrying for Beesworth or whatever that guy's name was."


”So, should I take you two home?” Bysmerth asked as he put some clothes on after a shower.

"Hmm... Nah!" Zoey shook her head as she and Ruby finished getting dressed, "You're taking us to the mall instead!"

“That is the large indoor market, correct?” The Zwelt replied.

"I guess- Have you never been to the mall?" Zoey asked incredulously.

“Not like the ones here.” Bysmerth shook his head as he buttoned up his shirt.”I should probably get some more normal clothes.” The Zwelt added, noting his rather dated clothing.

"Well, it's a good thing you have Zoey here!" Ruby exclaimed.

"That's right. I know exactly what'll look good on you," Zoey affirmed as she grabbed her purse and made her way to the door, "C'mon!"

“Well, okay then.” Bysmerth replied as he headed to the car.


"Smile!" Zoey exclaimed as the three of them walked out of one of the many clothing outlets and held her phone up to take a selfie of the trio. Once taken, she gave the picture a giggle before sending it to Fennel.

“Doesn’t it have to develop?” Bysmerth replied.

"... Develop?" Zoey blinked, "Does what have to develop?"

”The picture.”

"W-What?" Zoey pulled the picture back up on her phone and showed it to Bysmerth, "I'm not sure what you mean."

“Hmm your camera must be more advanced than mine.” bysmerth nodded. “I have a polaroid“

"A what? Don't you have a smartphone?"

“Wait they can be smart?” Bysmerth asked holding up a smart phone.

"No, it's- Oh my god- It's just called that," Zoey sighed as she grabbed his phone and showed him how to navigate to the camera app, "And to take a picture, you just press that button there. Here, take one of me and Rub." The two girls stood in front of Bysmerth and hugged each other while looking at the camera with big smiles on their faces and their cheeks pressed against one another.

The Zwelt waited, “when does the picture come out?”

"Just press the button," Zoey huffed before smiling once more.

He pressed the button.”Ok.”

Zoey and Ruby quickly slid back over to Bysmerth as the older sister pressed the little thumbnail in the bottom-left corner, showing the picture to the Zwelt. "Now you have a picture of us! You can even make it your background on your phone if you want instead of... What is it, like a sky or something?"

”Oh, then I can always have a picture of you!” Bysmerth realized “How do I do that?”

Zoey seemed thrilled that he wanted her as his background as she fiddled around on the phone for a moment, making sure he was able to see what she was doing. She then clicked the power button on the side of the phone, then clicked it again and sent it to the lock screen to reveal the picture of her and Ruby.

“Oh, wow, it’s like I’m holding both of you in one hand” He exclaimed.

"I guess, yeah," Zoey snickered, unlocking the phone and showing the background was also behind his default apps as she handed it back to Bysmerth.

Unsure of how else to thank his lovers, he gave them both a peck on the lips. Zoey and Ruby both giggled before Ruby piped up, "Can we get smoothies?" She pointed over to the mall's generic drinks and snacks outlet.

"Please tell me you've had a smoothie before," Zoey said as she turned to Bysmerth.

“Those are blended fruits and ice.” He nodded, cleary proud to know what a smoothie was.

"I think there's a bit more than that in it, but close enough," Zoey giggled. Immediately upon approaching the outlet, the employee began working as he greeted the two girls.

"Hey Zoey, Ruby!" He smiled as he tossed some cut strawberries and peeled bananas into a blender.

"What? Why are you making smoothies when we haven't even ordered?" Zoey scoffed sarcastically, "You don't even know what we want!"

"Eh, I have a hunch," The employee joked. Clearly, Zoey and Ruby came to the mall very often.

“Can I ger a strawberry banana?” Bysmerth asked.

"Oh my god, that's what we always get!" Zoey exclaimed as the employee tossed some more strawberries and bananas into another blender along with a few other ingredients before turning them both on.

“Oh, you go here often?” The Zwelt aaked.

"We try to come at least once a week if we can," Ruby nodded.

“Oh, wow, that’s a lot.” Bysmerth replied.

Soon enough, the three smoothies were ready. Zoey handed the employee her card, which was promptly swiped and handed back to her. "You all have a good day!" He waved while Zoey tossed a few dollars in the tip jar before grabbing her smoothie and taking a big sip through her straw.

“This is better then I expected.” Bysmerth commented.

"I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't taste good," Zoey giggled.

“You have good tastes.” Bysmerth nodded.

"She knows," Ruby joked.

"So, Bysmerth, what do you wanna do? You have a whole mall at your disposal!" Zoey proclaimed as she wrapped an arm aroun the Zwelt and gestured her smoothie hand out to the large, open, and busy commercial space before them before sipping on her drink.

“Um, you said buying clothes right?” Bysmerth replied, figuring it was the best thing to do.

"Well... I guess we did mostly buy clothes for you..." Zoey grinned before sntaching Bysmerth and Ruby's hands, dragging them towards an outlet of women's clothing, "This is one of my favorite stores to go to here!"

“They look like princess dresses.“ Bysmerth commented.

"Huh? Oh, I was gonna get some of these," Zoey turned Bysmerth over to a sheld of some jeans and very short jean shorts, "On one hand, I like jeans that are, you know, pants. On the other hand..." She held up the short shorts, "These would really show off my legs. What do you think?"

”I think you would look good in the jeans.” He commented.

"Hmm... Yeah, and I guess fall's a thing," Zoey agreed, reluctantly tossing the shorts back as she grabbed a cute shirt on the way to the changing room, "Bysmerth, Ruby? Could you come in here and help me try these on?" Ruby scurried up to Zoey, having picked out multiple outfits worth of clothing while Zoey had debated whether ot not to get the shorts.

“Um, okay.” Bysmerth replied before following.

After some time of trying on clothes and performing naughty activities, the three left the changing room with Zoey declaring, "You always know exactly what looks good on me, Rub."

“That was nice,” Bysmerth added, “Do you want one of those dresses?” The Zwekt asked.

"I mean, they look nice, but look how much those things are," Zoey gestued at the price tag, which proudly displayed the hundreds of dollars that the dress was worth.

“Oh I can afford it. I just have to sell a few gems after.” The boy replied.

"Oh, Bysmerth, you.. I mean, I love expensive gifts and all, but.. You don't have to get me that," Zoey assured.

“But you want it. Am I not supposed to provide for your wants and needs?“ He asked with the implication he felt that he was supposed to be more than a boyfriend.

"I mean... If you want, I guess- But like... I'm not expecting that you buy every dress I think looks pretty."

“Not every dress, but the ones you two think are the best.” He replied.

"It's just.. A lot of money- But if you really wanna get it..."

“You spent a lot on my clothes; it wouldn't be right not to.” He answered.

"Well, I guess..." Zoey rolled her eyes before giving Bysmerth a kiss.

After returing the kiss, the Zwelt went to the counter and informed the clerk he would like to buy the two dresses.

A few moments later, the deed was done and the girls eaxh had a dress in thier bags.

"You are literally the best!" Zoey squealed as she grabbed the Zwelt's hand and led him back into the changing room with Ruby following close behind, "C'mon, I gotta say 'thank you'!"


"What!? Why can't I use the blowtorch?!" Tina cried out, desperately reaching for the blowtorch that Bob had confiscated.

"Do you know how to use a blowtorch?" Bob asked, looking over the beam Tina was needing bent.

"Uh... Yeah! You just gotta hold that trigger!" Tina exclaimed, still trying to hop and reach for the blowtorch, "And then a tiny fire comes out of it!"

"That's not all," Bob held the torch up higher, "There's still how to make sure you don't hurt your eyes with it, how to make sure the metal's okay to touch, and then some more. I know you wanna do this on your own, Tina, you gotta let me... wait, what kind of wagon is this?"

"It's a wagon!" Tina smiled, "I saw a picture of one in school when we were learning about the organ trail!"

"Organ- Ohhhhhh," Bob realized with a smile and a laugh, "Well, I think you're doing a good job so far, then."

"Thank you, daddy!" Tina proudly replied before resuming her hopping, "Now gimme the blowtorch!"

"I'm still doing that part, though," Bob shook his head, "I don't wanna see you burn yourself with it."

"... Fiiiine. We gotta bend the poles like a big 'U'," Tina made a U shape with her hands to help emphasize her points, "And they gotta fit just right on the wagon so we can connect them on the outside!"

"Alright then," Bob nodded, handing Tina a pair of welding goggles, "If you wanna watch, you gotta wear these. They'll make sure you're not hurting your eyes."

"Oh, thank you! Do you have some for Shlyke too?" Tina asked as she took off her safety goggles and replaced them with the welding goggles.

"Uhhh yeah, right here," Bob grabbed another extra pair, tossing them to the Abrol, who gazed over them with intrigue as to how he was to fit his eyes into them.

With that, and his own goggles put on, Bob began to weld the bar, making the metal glow red as he bent it slowly into a U-shape.

Once all three poles were properly bent to the seven-year-old's specifications, Tina gave Bob a grateful hug and a happy, "Thank you! Can you weld them to the metal things we screwed on the sides?"

“Of course!” Bob agreed with a hug back, hoisting the bent poles over to the wagon and painstakingly lining them up with the sockets and welding them into place.

Once the welding work was finished, Tina happily ripped off the welding goggles, once more donning her safety goggles as she bounced up into the wagon. "Shlyke! Can you throw the cloth thingy on top? Make sure it's even!"

“I will try...” Shlyke grabbed the large cloth tarp on one side, raising himself up as high as he could as he tossed it upwards, flopping it over all three beams, before skittering to the other side, snatching the side just barely and dragging it down so that both sides were even. “I am of thinking that’s it...” he estimated, looking over it with anxiety that he did it wrong.

"Okay!" Tina exclaimed, trusting the Abrol's judgement as she called from inside the wagon, "Make sure it doesn't move!" She grabbed a large roll of gorilla tape that she had on the tool belt Ryle had gotten for her, using said tape to secure the cloth to the poles. It was a rather slow process, given she was intent on ripping off a strip of tape to fasten the cloth to the pole across the entire pole, and that this process needed to be repeated for the other two poles as well.

Once she was finished taping, she returned the roll of tape to her belt before grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting a line straight up the cloth on the handle-side of the wagon and then the opposite side before crawling out after securing the scissors back in their strap. She took a quick moment to look around for any more parts before realizing, "It's done! We did it!"

”Yes! We are having done it!” Shlyke declared happily, clapping with one set of hands and flailing about the others for a moment.

Bob admired the hard work that had been put into the wagon and his daughter’s excitement at having finished. “You did really good, Tina,” he complimented, before looking back to the half-finished shed, “I gotta get back to working on the shed. Maybe you can ask Mommy if you can get it to drive on the street?”

"Oh!" Tina gasped, "Mommy! Mommy! Can we put the wagon on the back of the car!? And then you drive and me and Shlyke sit in the wagon!?"

“Sure, Honey.” Fennel smiled.

"Yay!" Tina cheered as she ran over to the handle of the wagon, about to pull it out of the backyard when she realized two things: One, she was much too weak to pull her wagon. Two, the wagon was too large to fit through the gate to the backyard.

"... How are we gonna get it out?" Tina asked with worry, realizing she had not thought this through very well.

“Umm... that is of being a very good question,” Shlyke mumbled as he looked over the wagon and then to the gate several times as he tried to formulate a plan to no avail.

“Don’t worry, Mommy knows what to do.” Fennel said as she placed a hand on the wagon causing it to shrink down enough to fit through the gate. With a flick of the wand, the wagon slowly made its way to the front yard before returning to its original size.

"Woah!" Tina gasped in awe before excitedly running out to the front yard, "Now we just gotta turn-..."

“What?” Shlyke looked to Tina with confusion, “Is there of being something wrong?”

A horrifying revelation dawned upon Tina as the seven-year-old slowly looked at her wagon, tears welling up in her eyes. "W-We...." She sputtered out before bursting into tears, "I DIDN'T MAKE IT ABLE TO TURN!"

“I-It’s of being alright,” Shlyke assured, patting the girl on the back as he wrapped a reassuring arm around her, “If we go slow, we can still turn!”

Fennel gave Tina a reassuring hug before replying “It’s okay, Tina, there’s no need to cry.”

After a few moments, Tina calmed down and wearily nodded to the two as she rubbed at her eyes with her arms. "Okay..." She mumbled before unsurely climbing into her wagon and waiting for it to be attached to Fennel's car. Shlyke followed close behind her, leaping up and resting his appendages underneath him as he pressed himself comfortably up against Tina.

After a few minutes, Fennel hooked the wagon up to the car and began to slowly drive it down the road, eventually Fennel reached a turn and slowly made her way across it hopeful Tina was having fun.

Poking her head out of the cloth and seeing that the wagon could infact make turns, Tina's optimism almost immediately returned as she gave Shlyke a big hug and exclaimed, "It works! It works! Look! It's turning!"

”See? Is okay!” Shlyke chittered back happily, snuggling against Tina in her hug.

After about another thirty minutes of slow driving and turning, Fennel made her way back home before parking the car and getting out to see how to Tina enjoyed the ride.

As soon as Fennel would look inside the wagon, the excited little girl hugged the vixen's head estatically. "Thank you, mommy!" She squealed, "Did you see it turn!?"

“I did!” Fennel exclaimed as she returned the hug.

As Tina hugged Fennel, she looked behind her mother to see her car... The car that pulled the wagon...

Tina slowly pulled away from Fennel, her eyes transfixed on the automobile with a wide-eyed look on her face, as if she was in a trance.

“Tina?” Fennel aaked.

“What are you of seeing, Tina?” Shlyke pondered as he looked to where Tina looked with confusion.

"... I wanna build a car," She murmured.

“A- A car?!” Shlyke gasped with surprise.

"A car!" Tina exclaimed, broken out of her trance as she turned to the Abrol with a big smile.

“Hm,” Shlyke murmured as he thought about it, “I am.. not knowing much about the car, but I know it is of being... much more complex.”

“You wanna build a car?” Bob asked loudly from the porch, having come out to the front to watch Tina’s wagon drive.

“So like a soap box derby?” Fennel asked, trying to figure out what Tina envisioned.

"... What?" Tina blinked, unsure of what Fennel was speaking of, "No.. No, I wanna build a car!"

“Yeah, we need to talk to Daddy about that.” Fennel replied regarding the exspense involved.

“Well... I could probably talk to Moomek about seeing if you and I could get something barebones and needing some fixing up, but... it’d definitely be a project we could work on,” Bob suggested.

"Yay!" Tina squealed happily, "I'm gonna build a car!"

“Yep! We’re gonna build ourselves a great car! And I’ll try and teach you how,” Bob smiled, “It’s tough sometimes, I’ll admit, but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty quick.”

"I'm gonna make a million cars!" Tina declared before letting out a gasp, "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! What if this is, like.. My thingy!"

“Your thingy?” Bob repeated.

"Yeah! Like, umm... How Lizzy cooks stuff and Harper makes clothes and Casey likes bugs and stuff!" Tina explained.

“Oh!” Bob nodded slowly in realization of what Tina meant, “Yeah, it very well could be that. I’d be happy to see what you can do with this kind of stuff, too.”

"I'm so happy you've found your muse Tina."

"... My mouse?" Tina cocked her head to the side.

"Mew-z, it's something that inspires you." Fennel explained.

"Ooohhh," Tina slowly nodded, "... Yeah! Cars are my muse!"

"You know Bob, you're my muse." Fennel sighed as she batted her eyelashes.

"... You wanna make Bobs?" Tina questioned.

"Oh, do I." Fennel added with a seductive growl as she leaned against her husband.

“Heh.. that’s a good one,” Bob smiled and laughed lightly.

After a good amount of thought, Tina slapped her forehead with a loud, "Ooohhhhh! You're talking about sex!"

"Yeah." Fennel giggled as she rubbed her belly.

The subject of sex reminded Tina, "Oh! Daddy! Did you hear that Shlyke's gonna go to school with me now?"

“Oh, really now?” Bob looked down to the Abrol with mixed feelings about the situation.

"Uh-huh! He's in my grade too!"

“I am of needing, eh... better speaking skills,” Shlyke shrugged, “And school is where I will be of finding help for that.”

”Well, then... good for you,” Bob mumbled.

Fennel then gave Bob a kiss before batting her eyes once more.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Domestic Clash! [IC] Empty Re: Domestic Clash! [IC]

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H, Teed, Zandoo

"How close are you to being home?" Jannet asked, her phone set on the recliner on speaker while she carefully poured the contents of her jar onto the carpet.

“Looks like I’m gonna be stuck in traffic for a bit, why?” Moomek responded.

At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

"Oh- Coming!" Jannet called to the door before replying to Moomek, "Oh, no reason! Love you, byeee!"

"Hello?" Fennel called from the other side of the door.

Jannet closed the child-proof jar to ensure Janos wouldn't get into its contents before hurrying over to the door, opening it to show her entire body was covered in a very intricate web of bodypaint consisting entirely of thin, black lines that followed the contours of her body while also branching off into complex designs. Her limited attire was rather revealing, being composed primarily of lace with only some opaqueness covering her most sensitive areas save for the hood she had down.

"Oh, I didn't come in at a bad time, did I?" Fennel asked.

"No, no! I-I didn't think you'd actually come! I-I mean, come in!" Jannet exclaimed, stepping to the side for the vixen and gesturing her inside, revealing that the living room furniture had been rearranged around a new centerpiece, a large, darkred ring in the carpet. There were many, many pentagrams printed out and hanging on the wall, some of which looked to actually be guides on how to draw the basic shape.

"Thank you." Fennel nodded before stepping inside, "What's the end of goal of this ritual?"

Janos tumbled into the living room, letting out a squeal as he noticed the vixen, scrambling towards her to give her a proper meeting.

"Why hello, Janos!" Fennel cooed as she picked up her grand-nephew, "Have you been good for Mommy?" She asked, tickling the baby.

Janos let out an amused scream, tendrils wriggling as he returned his affection through sloppy ‘kisses’, lapping at Fennel’s face with a long tongue.

"Oh, you're so cute, Janos!" Jannet giggled happily before answering Fennel's question as she gestured to the large ring she had painted into the carpet, "This ritual is to officiate this soon-to-be pentagram made of my own blood!" Sure enough, she had brought out her jars of blood, all of them closed so as to prevent Janos from drinking them.

"Oh, um, I don't need to cut myself for this, do I?" Fennel asked.

"No, no, no!" Jannet assured, "I handled that already. But, um.... Can you help me with the pentagram part? I... I always seem to make a hexagram instead of a pentagram..."

"Um, yeah." Fennel replied as she went to cradle Janos in one arm to help Jannet draw the pentagram.

"If we have time, I also wanna try doing this bodypaint on you... Though... I don't know how well I could do it since you have fur," Jannet hummed as she popped open a jar of blood.

"Yeah it takes a bit more to actually paint me." Fennel nodded.

As soon as the pop of the jar’s lid rang out, Janos’ licking stopped and he sat at attention, his eyeless head swiveling about to the location of the noise as he prodded it in the jar’s direction, letting out a quiet whine as he could not get to it.

"No, Janos. This is for the pentagram. If there's any left over, I'll let you have it, okay?" Jannet promised.

Janos let out a frustrated squeal at his mother’s use of the word ‘no’, tendrils wrapping around fennel’s cradling arm annoyedly as he tried to use them to push himself out of her grasp but yielded few results with a disgruntled hiss.

Fennel put her other arm around Janos to help stabilize the xinth spawn. "No, no, no, Janos." She gently chastised.

"If you behave, I'll even let you lick the jars clean," Jannet offered sweetly.

While letting out a hiss at Fennel’s continued use of the word no, the offer was one that was enough to calm the xinth spawn down somewhat, tentacles still wrapped firmly around Fennel’s arm with no seeming end, but did not push against her any more. Nothing more than a few frustrated sighs rose from Janos past that point.

"Oh, Fennel, aren't you able to do that... Thing where you look human? Wouldn't it be easier to paint you then?" Jannet inquired.

"Um yeah I could." She nodded.

"Great! For now, let's do this pentagram... I want one of the points to be facing the door, so right when you walk in, it's upside down," Jannet mused, "Just, um... Tell me how I should poure the first line of the star and... The rest after that. I only get one shot at this, and I really don't wanna make another Star of David..."

Fennel then put her finger on the floor before dragging it across the floor to make a line for Jannet to follow. The dedicated cultist very carefully poured the blood along the path Fennel outlined, making sure not to pour too fast or too slow so as to ensure the carpet was soaked just enough and that the blood would not spill out past the estimated thickness she needed the lines to be.

"I've been saving up blood for a really long time..." Jannet remarked as she poured, "I couldn't let out too much at a time because.. You know, that'd be bad."

“Yeah, umm, are you sure Moomek wants you cutting yourself?“ Fennel Asked.

"Yeah, I talked to him about it. He didn't like it, but I assured him that I was only letting out a little bit of blood, and I only cut my palms... That's why I always wear my gloves... Other than now," Jannet held up her hand, revealing the scar on her palm before resuming her pouring.

After a few seconds, Fennel gave Jannet enough instruction to draw her pentagram. “So, umm, Jannet? How bad is the recovery after giving birth?”

"I don't think I could give you a good answer. Giving birth to Janos is... Very different from a regular pregnancy," Jannet replied, "I mean... The whole process in general apparently has a pretty high risk of... Dying."

“Oh... do you have any suggestion on how to make sure an at-home birth runs smoothly?” Fennel replied a bit uneasy with Jannet’s response.

"Oh, I actually cover that in my book," Jannet winked, "It goes over how you need to get the area ready and everything, including the chants you need to do beforehand and whatnot."

“Okay, I’ll give it a read then.” Fennel nodded.

"Great!" Jannet smiled before standing up to admire the bloody pentagram on the floor, "Oh my Moomoo, I can't believe I did it! I didn't make a Star of David! Yes!" She jumped up into the air a few times with her hands clasped together in joy. Considering just how proud she seemed of herself, it was likely that this was one of her first successful attempts at a pentagram, if not the first.

“You did so good!” Fennel smiled.

"I know! Thank you so much for helping me! You have no idea how much this means to me, really!" Jannet squealed, "Now, let's get you painted up! I have a few spare garbs you can put on when I'm done!"

“Okay.” Fennel saud as she pulled her free hand across her face, giving her a human appearance.

Jannet looked down to see that there was actually an entire jar and a half of blood left, as well as the many empty jars with blood caked on the inside of them. "Okay, Janos! Because you've been so good," Jannet went on as she hid the full jar of blood under the nearby recliner's cushion before wafting the smell of the half-empty jar towards her child, "You get to have all of what's left in this jar, and you get to lick the rest of the jars clean! You were very good for mommy!"

Janos was more than excited to hear such a wonderful reward for his good behavior, his tendrils loosening up as he vaulted out of Fennel’s grasp with an excited squeal, fumbling around and poking his head down into the half-full jar, his jaws completely submerged as he tossed and turned himself inside to get at all of the tasty fluid inside.

"Okay so what do I need to do?" Fennel asked.

"There's just a few chants, but it's mostly you watching," Jannet explained as she reached over for her body paint.

"I meant with the paint." Fennel asked.

"Oh! Don't worry, I'll handle that. Though, you're gonna need to take off your clothes," Jannet gestured her brush up and down at Fennel.

Fennel signed and rolled her eyes began taking her clothes off. "Okay where do I need to go""

"Oh, I can take care of it right here. I have the patterns memorized at this point," Jannet smiled as she dipped the brush into her black paint, "Just try to stay very still, okay?"

Fennel then laid down on the floor as she waited for Jannet to begin.


After the painging was done Fennel took a moment to dry her chest before putting the cult clothes on "Sorry about that."

"It's fine, but I'm surprised any milk came out that easily when you're not even breastfeeding yet," Jannet remarked as she put away the licked-clean jars.

"I've used a pump a few times since I feel really full at night, but I don't know, maybe it's just a me thing." Fennel shrugged.

"Yeah, genetics or something," Jannet agreed before giggling and joking, "Unless you've been feeding my sisters or something."

"Not that I'm..." Fennel then gave a grumpy sigh "I bet Zoey has something to do with this."

"... That does sound like something she'd do," Jannet nodded with a nervous smile, "I'm glad I get to do it for Janos, even if it took a little while to get him to not... Bite me. It's not like our mothers breastfed us, you know?" She inspected the collection of jars before replacing the portion of the floor she kept them under.

"Realy?" Fennel asked rather shocked.

"Yeah, we all drank from bottles. I think it was to help keep us from knowing which of our mothers were our real one," Jannet sighed.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." Fennel shrugged.

"Maybe that's part of why she likes you so much," Jannet mused with a giggle before getting out her black candles in preparation for the ritual.

"Maybe." Fennel mused, "So what's the point of this ritual again?"

"Well, we just went over it while I was painting you. Weren't you paying attention?" Jannet huffed as she set the candles down at each of the pentagram's five points.

“Sorry, I was distracted and pregnancy hormones you know?” Fennel replied sheepishly.

"Just... Try to repeat after me when I chant in another language, and maintain a calm smile. Other than the chanting, it's important you remain very quiet. The ritual is very important, and if it's messed up, everything has to be redone, including the pentagram."

“Ok.” Fennel nodded as she began mimicking Jannet, who pulled out her book and flipped to a page of what seemed to be gibberish that the cultist began reciting from memory while allowing Fennel to read along. Thankfully, it did not seem that the ritual included many chants, and the bulk of it was silent action that the cult leader would perform while members watched based on the diagrams in the book.

Eventually, Fennel assumed the ritual was over, “So is that it?” She asked.

"What? No, we didn't even do the ritual, we... We were just practicing the chants," Jannet blinked, "We can't do it until Moomoo gets here. He's been stuck in traffic."

Eventually, Moomek's car rolled up into the driveway, and the Xinth himself began to get out, looking somewhat disheveled as he pulled out his briefcase, with several papers poking out, looking as if they were about to burst out of it.

"Hey, I'm home," Moomek greeted as he focused on stuffing a paper back into his briefcase, taking a moment to turn around and close the door, and began to turn around, "So, why were you wondering when I'd get..." he looked over the living room and its general state for a moment, "...home?"

"Oh!" Jannet gasped, quickly shuffling to the side of the pentagram opposite of Moomek, pulling Fennel along and sitting her down on her feet to her right before hastily pulling up both of their hoods. The cultist cleared her throat before slowly gesturing to the successful pentagram before them, "We are here to officiate this pentagram of blood in the name of Moomoo."

"...Can I get a second before we start this?" Moomek asked with a sigh, "I just need to set my work stuff in my office."

"O-Oh, okay," Jannet nodded, "And, um... Could you switch to your... Real form for the ritual, please?"

“Oh, Moomoo, do you have some old junkers at the lot?” Fennel asked.

"Yeah-yeah, sure," Moomek said to seemingly neither woman in particular as he stormed quickly off to his office, before hurrying back, turning into his real eldritch self as he did, floating to the opposite side of the pentagram from Jannet. "Alright, continue."

Jannet cleared her throat, quickly getting back into serious cultist mode as she spread her arms out and chanted the gibberish she had scrawled into her book, "Tarakusha jorsack... Ituh claried Moomek... Leichjah..."

Fennel unassur repeated Jannet’s gibberish and motions. Jannet slowly glanced towards the vixen, gesturing for the ritual kris.

Fennel looked at the kris for a moment before handing it to Jannet, this vixen had lost control of her life long ago. Jannet nodded to Fennel as she took the wavy dagger, slowly turning and looking up at Moomek to display the devotion in her eyes as she grabbed the kris by the blade with both of her hands and squeezed.

She managed to only slightly flinch as she carefully set the dagger down in the center of the pentagram before holding her hands out over two of the black candles closest to her and squeezed some of the blood from her palms. It dripped down onto the small flames, putting it out. She repeated this motion for the other to points, and then clasped both hands together to put out the fifth candle.

Finally, she lowered her head and held up both palms upwards and above the center of the pentagram in offering to Moomek for him to draw from her a small amount of her blood for himself.

Fennel was obviously uneasy with the ritual as she cringed each time a drop of blood touched a candle.

Gently, one of Moomek's tendrils wrapped itself around Jannet's wrists, keeping her hands in place as another tendril lowered down, beginning to split off into two tendrils, which themselves split like fine roots that wriggled ever so slightly before slithering into the cuts. The blood around Jannet's self-inflicted wounds dissapated, as some of her veins turned into a pulsing miasma of black and glowing turquoise, the Xinth taking some of her life, however so minor, for himself. Very slowly and delicately, these roots receded out of Jannet, the wounds closing behind them quickly and leaving Jannet's hands with only a few stains of blood.

"Your consecration of this pentagram has been officiated," Moomek declared in a low, vibrating tone, wanting to play it up only somewhat for his devoted follower.

Jannet slowly lowered her hands and crossed her arms against her chest for a moment. "Thank you... Moomoo..." She murmured. There was another moment of silence as the cultist remain absolutely still before her head sprung up and she happily clasped her hands together, "Yay! We did it! Oh, I was worried I'd never be able to save up enough blood for this pentagram! Or that I'd end up messing it up and make a Star of David!"

“Can I borrow your shower?“ Fennel asked, “You know how Bob is.”

Sure, first door on the left,” Moomek replied hastily, before sweeping up Jannet in a few of his thicker tendrils, like some Xinth form of cuddling, “I was thoroughly impressed by it!... And the fact it’s an actual pentagram’s pretty good too!

Jannet couldn't help but giggle at her own giddyness and being picked up by the Xinth. "Thank you, Moomoo!" She squealed, "This is why I said we couldn't buy a rug for the living room! I was saving the space for this!"

I can see why,” Moomek agreed, “But... is this carpet washable? I’m not saying we need to get rid of it now, but it’d definitely be something that’d need to be done if we move out or something.

After a few moments Fennel gathered her clothes and headed to the shower.

"I... I think it's permanent..." Jannet hummed, "... But we can replace the carpet if that ever happens!"

Always thinking one step ahead,” Moomek chuckled as he set Jannet down, “That’s a quality I like about you, Janny.

"Aw, Moomoo," The cultust giggled, "You're always flattering me."

That’s what a husband and a god are good for,” Moomek smiled as he returned to his human disguise, “And I’m willing to do it for both of those reasons and then some more.”

"Aww... Say, I've been wondering. Do you... Prefer your human form?" Jannet inquired, "I've just... Noticed that you spend a lot more time as a human than a Xinth at home."

“...No?” Moomek questioned his own answer, “It just seems more... natural for me to do, I guess. I kinda forget to turn back sometimes.”

"Oh, okay... I just... I wouldn't want to pressure you into one form or the other or anything, it's... I just prefer you in your... Xinth form," Jannet explained with a small smile.

"Well, if you like me like that then..." Moomek shrugged as his human form vanished again, returning to his more natural state, "I guess I'll have to stay looking like this more often."

"Oh, yes," Jannet cooed, "... Maybe we'll have to perform the other ritual once Fennel's gone."

"You still have the paint to do that one?" Moomek asked.

"I'm wearing it right now," The cultist giggled, "It's like you said, I'm always thinking one step ahead... About the ritual though..."

"Oh, um... what about it?"

"Well... Having Janos around is wonderful, so... I... I want another baby," Jannet smiled before quickly adding, "And! I know the risks, I know, but... It's a risk worth taking, isn't it?"

"I... I guess... but are you sure you wanna deal with two little guys right now?" Moomek asked, "I mean... not only the risk, but... it's gonna be a lot harder on us to deal with two little guys like Janos."

"If Fennel can manage my sisters, I'm confident that I can handle another Janos," Jannet nodded.

"I guess you have a point- and you're sure you really want to take the risk again?"

"I'm just as sure as I was last time, Moomoo," Jannet answered with confidence.

"Well then, I... I guess we'll give it a shot," Moomek chuckled unsurely.

"Yeeeee!" Jannet squealed, skipping forwards and hugging the nearest of Moomek's thicker tendrils, "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome, Janny," Moomek sighed, wrapping a tendril around Jannet's head to rub her head, "...We gotta start thinking of names, then. We named Janos after what I wanted... so what're you wanting it to be?"

"Oh, no, I'm terrible at names, Moomoo," Jannet quickly replied, waving her hands.

"Jannet, I'm sure you'll be fine about it," Moomek assured, "Just... lemme hear some."

"... Ummm... Uhhh.... Carl?" Jannet suggested, quickly cringing at the name she spat out, "... It's not very Xinthy..."

"No- no, it's fine, it doesn't have to be Xinthy," Moomoo comforted, "It just... needs to be a name that's not Carl, I guess..."

"I'd prefer it to be Xinthy though, since... You know, that's what our children are."

"They're just as much you as they are me," the Xinth reminded.

"Oh, yes, Janos really has my eyes," Jannet joked.

"He's definitely got your everything else but exteriror, though," Moomek assured, "Something I don't got. So c'mon... What if it's a girl?"

"Umm... Hmm..." Jannet thought for a moment, "It's kinda hard to think of one... Every girl name I think of is either the name of one of my sisters or mothers..."

"Well, that sounds fine by me," Moomek stated, "But, if you're not wanting to... I guess we could do a Xinthy name.."

"I just don't get what you mean by him having my 'everything else but exterior'." Jannet shrugged.

"He's got all your guts and your gross insides," Moomek explained, "Maybe not your looks, but if I can teach him how to look more... humanish.. maybe he'll have your eyes."

"Pfft, okay... I would prefer a Xinthy name though. They just... I like Xinth names much more than human names... And that's not just because I'm a cultist."

"Then why's that, my devoted follower?"

"... I dunno, I just do," Jannet giggled, "'Moomek' and 'Janos' are certainly much more interesting than 'Carl'."

"Yeah, but names like Jannet got a.. certain flair to them Xinth names don't," Moomek considered.

"Oh there you go again," The cultist cooed, leaning into the mass of tendrils, gently caressing whatever was in front of her.

"What? It's true!"

Jannet coldn't help but giggle as she turned around, letting herself fall backwards into Moomek as she looked up to him. "I'm so lucky," She remarked blissfully.

"You really are," Moomek agreed, his tendrils wrapping around Jannet snugly and as warmly as the eldritch being could present.

Jannet playfully huffed, "You're supposed to say 'why' so I can say a bunch of nice things about you, Moomoo."

"I know I'm gonna hear a bunch of nice things anyway," Moomek cooed, a tendril brushing against Jannet's cheek, "But I'll hear them later... during your ritual."

"I'm not sure I'll even be able to speak during the ritual," Jannet cooed as she gently reached up and cupped the tendril in her hand.


"Bye! I'll see you later!" Zoey cooed as she reached her head back into Bysmerth's car to give him a smooch.

“Okay, see you later, My pearls!” Bysmerth replied as he pulled out of the driveway. As this happened, Fennel was waiting in Zoey’s room.

"But yeah, he really was great," Zoey finished speaking to Ruby as the two of them entered the room with shopping bags hanging from their arms. "Oh, hey, Latte."

“Zoey, can I ask you a question?” Fennel asked a bit aggressively.

Zoey and Ruby exchanged surprised looks as they slowly set the bags down. "Uh... Sure? What's up?"

“Have you been... breastfeeding?” The vixen asked.

"Uh.. No? Of course not. Do I look like I'm making milk?" Zoey scoffed.

“Allow me to rephrase, have you been breast eating.”

"I don't... I'm not a cannibal, Latte," The teen blinked, giving the vixen a confused look.

"I think she means, like, drinking boob milk," Ruby piped up.

"Oh! Duh, right," Zoey nodded, feeling rather silly before looking back at Fennel and awkwardly clearing her throat, "So, uh... You found out, huh?" Ruby quickly turned to Zoey, giving her sister a surprised, curious look.

“I eventually put a few things together. Any reason you thought it was necessary?” Fennel asked.

Zoey meagerly shrugged. "I dunno, I just... It kinda started out with me wanting to make your boobs bigger, 'cause I know guys like big boobs, but then... I, uh... Started liking it."

“Okay, Zoey, why would I need bigger boobs?” Fennel aaked pointing to her wedding ring.

"Because Bob's a guy," Zoey replied bluntly.

“Well, I thought he liked small boobs.” Fennel huffed.

"He's a guy," Zoey repeated, "Besides, that's not the main reason I do it at this point... I dunno, I just... Like it."

“Wait, you like it?” Fennel asked, now catching some of the meaning in Zoey’s statement.

Given how awkward Zoey seemed as she nodded, there was clearly more to her enjoyment of her ethically questionable actions than just a sexual high.

“I understand you were bottle fed... is that true?” Fennel asked.

Zoey's eyes shot open in surprise. "Yeah, how'd you know about that? And what does that have to do with this?" She asked curiously.

“Jannet brought it up.”

"Okay, but what about it?"

“I guess I can’t get too mad, it’s just wierd cause you‘re not a baby.”

"... So?" Zoey blinked.

”it’s just, I guess like if you were a baby it would be different.” Fennel rambled.

"I guess?" Zoey shrugged, "So, uh... Can I keep... You know..."

“I’d prefer not...” Fennel shrugged, “it's just weird.”

"Please?" Zoey pursed her lips.

“Zoey.” Fennel replied with a deadpan expression.

"It can be like one of those bonding things you like," Zoey continued.

“Are you trying to talk me into this?”

Zoey's expression quickly soured as she folded her arms, quietly muttering, "Hmph... I see how it is already.

“What?” Fennel asked, shocked.

"I bet you're gonna let Cinnamon do it, huh?" Zoey huffed.

“Well she’s a baby it’s all she can eat.” Fennel replied.

"Yeah, she's a baby," Zoey mumbled, not looking Fennel in the eye as she lowered her voice, "I'm sure being blood-related helps too."

“What, it’s not because of that!” Fennel gasped.

"Whatever, I figured a long time ago it was gonna be like this anyway," Zoey sighed bitterly, sitting down on her bed.

“Like what?” Fennel aaked.

"Fennel, you know exactly what I mean," Zoey muttered.

”Zoey!? Tell me.” Fennel pleaded shocked by being called by her name.

"Holy- She's gonna be your favorite!" Zoey snapped, "Just because she's 'actually' related to you!"

“Zoey, please you know it’s not like that.” Fennel replied as tears welled up in her eyes.

Zoey did not even look at the vixen. "Right, yeah. Just get out of my room," Zoey grumbled.

“Okay, okay, fine you can keep doing it.” Fennel cried.

While the teen perked up a little, she did not turn around. "... You're just saying that so I won't think she's the favorite."

“No I swear, I don’t have favorites. You can do it right now and any of your sisters that want to.” Fennel pleaded.

Zoey slowly turned around to look at Fennel, revealing that she too had been crying, albeit silently.

Fennel quickly gave Zoey a hug to comfort her daughter/sister. Zoey returned the hug, struggling to not whimper as she buried her face in Fennel's shoulder. Meanwhile, Ruby had since left the room out of awkwardness.

“It’s okay, I’m here.” Fennel assured Zoey. Despite the teen's best efforts, Zoey finally cracked and let out a few sobs as she cried into Fennel.

Fennel’s embrace tighened as she gave the teen several motherly kisses. After a few moments, Fennel cradled Zoey in her arms.

Shortly after, Zoey slowly pulled Fennel's shirt up, glancing between it and the vixen's face a few times to make sure Fennel was alright with what she was about to do.

Fennel was a bit hesitant but smiled, giving her child a sign of approval.


Fennel smiled and continued brushing Zoey’s hair as the bonding time came to a close.

"You know... It's a lot better when you're actually awake for it," Zoey remarked, smiling calmly up at Fennel.

“Umm, you're done right?” Fennel asked.

"Yeah, I'm done," Zoey replied with a nod before letting out a comfortable sigh.

Fennel then pulled her shirt back down before resting Zoey’s head on her lap. “You know I don’t have favorites right?” Fennel asked.

"... I hope not," Zoey murmured. The subject was obviously especially close to heart for her given her favorite status under Wolfe.

“You know I love you?” Fennel asked, running her fingers through Zoey‘s hair again.

"Yeah," Zoey sighed with a smile, "... Do you mind... Sleeping with me and Rub tonight?"

”Yeah. if it makes you feel better. Oh, um, just after the baby gets here she just needs to drink first because it’s all she can eat.“ Fennel replied.

"Yeah, I understand," Zoey slowly nodded, nearly falling asleep with her head in the vixen's lap.

“So I guess Beesworth is your boyfriend now.”

Zoey perked up a little as she turned her head around to smile up at Fennel. "Bysmerth," She corrected with a giggle, "Yeah, Ruby's too. I told him me and her are a package deal."

“Oh yeah, I forgot Zwelt are polygamist.” Fennel responded, a bit surprised.

"They also fuck like absolute animals," Zoey added with a wide grin.

“Oh of course you three have been.” Fenndk commented, ”Oh can you get me a glass of water?” She requested.

"Oh we really went at it... He's a pretty innocent guy though. He didn't even know about hair pulling or spanking," Zoey remarked before calling out, "Rub! Quit peeking through the door and get Latte a glass of water!" There was a brief yelp before the door shut itself all the way as Ruby could be heard scampering towards the kitchen.

“Oh, so you two start it then?” She asked.

"Uh-huh, but once we get going, he really takes over," Zoey smirked as Ruby came in with Fennel's glass of water, "Like, he just... He's relentless once he gets in there... And he has one of those knot things that you thought everyone had."

“Oh... It’d be nice if Bob has one.” Fennel huffed before drinking the glass of water. “I guess you also explain why I wake up thirsty in the morning.”

Zoey gave Fennel a smile and a shrug before continuing, "Yeah, it's pretty great... Though Bob's is bigger than his is, so pros and cons."

“I guess you have a point.” Fennel nodded.”You are using protection, right?”

"Latte, I've always used protection," Zoey scoffed, "Just pills though. I don't like condoms. They take away part of the fun, you know?"

”Okay, as long as you are safe.” Fennel sighed.

"You know, I'm a little bit surprised with, like... How cool you are right now about me and Rub screwing Bysmerth," Zoey chimed as Ruby sat down beside the two.

“It seems you’ve settled down a bit, so I can support that.” Fennel explained.

"I wish I would've known that before I got grounded. You made it sound like you were just banning sex in general."

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if you would settle down.” Fennel admitted.

"Well, I just met the guy, so who knows," Zoey shrugged, "But, uh... I know for sure he wants to settle down. He already wants to get married. I mean, I know I'm great and all, but... Yeah."

“I forgot that’s how Zwelt are, just understand he’s very attached to you girls already.” Fennel requested.

"Trust me, I know," Zoey nodded, "It's like everytime we screw, he's more, like... Uh... Devoted, I guess. He even gave me this!" From out of her pocket, Zoey produced the pink diamond that Bysmerth had gifted to her, "Do you realize how expensive these are? Millions of dollars!"

“Oh, wow, that‘s pretty.” Fennel nodded. “It’s really unlike them to just give out gems.”

"Like... This thing is probably ten million dollars easy," Zoey sighed dreamily as she looked at the diamond for a moment longer before setting it on the bed by her side, "... He really is a nice guy, even if he is a bit weird."

”Just don’t play with his heart, okay?” The vixen added.

"Wh- No! No, I wouldn't do that," Zoey assured, "Who do you think I am?"

“Its not that, it’s just you’ve been... frisky is all.” Fenndk tried to explain.

"Don't worry, Latte. I won't screw other guys when I have a boyfriend."

“Okay. I just worry about you some times.” Fennel sighed.

"Pfft, what's there to worry about?" The teen scoffed, waving away the notion. Ruby glanced to Zoey, but said nothing before getting ready for bed as she took off her clothes.

“I’m assuming you want a Latte blanket?” Fennel aaked.

"I mean, you're sleeping with us," Zoey snickered, following Ruby's example.

“It’s not like I hardly wear clothes to sleep anyway.” Fennel replied before undressing herself.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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