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This explores an alternate universe Omniverse where Sveena's love of freedom stops being a thing.
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Bahahahahaaa! Oh my Me this feels good!" Slaanesh cried out in the midst of her maniacal laughing.

Earth DK-348 was in the middle of a large scale invasion by the Prince of Pleasure. Denizens of the planet screamed out in pain, pleasure, or a mixture of both as daemonettes raped and slaughtered everyone in sight, including each other if a daemon was feeling particularly antsy.

The militaries of Earth DK-348 stood no chance, as this particular version of Earth was still in the medieval ages. Not only that, but their armies were inexperienced due to war being outlawed across the Omniverse by the Overlord. Armies could only be maintained under War Ban Section 13.2 which states, in pen (Up until the pen ran out of ink, then the author of the document used crayon instead) "people can still have armies i sorry i ran out of ink people can still have armies as long as they dont hurt anyone and its just for making sure if you do get attacked illegally that you can keep yourself safe until i get there"

Oh this is so gonna be worth the community service!" Slaanesh boasted.

"I hope so." Stated a disappointed voice behind the Prince of Pleasure.

Slaanesh whipped around, her diabolical smile dropping instantly before being replaced by one of nervousness. “Sveenaaaa! Heeeey! How's my fa-"

"This is your 582nd relapse, Slaanesh," Sveena sighed as the destruction caused by Slaanesh began reversing itself. A tear in reality opened up above Earth, and the tens of millions of daemons recruited for the invasion were sucked back into the Warp where they would await judgement from Overlord Sveena.

The Overlord stared Slaanesh down with folded arms, shaking her head as a chart poofed into existance with a flash of green light. On it were five rows, each marked with the names of the major Warp gods: Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, and Aetulia. Every row, save for Aetulia's, had hundreds of sad face stickers to indicate how many relapses into evil (As defined in the Evil Definitions Amendment) each of the gods have gone through since Sveena appointed herself Overlord of the Omniverse and established the Omniversal Peace Accords Wait What's An Accord Accords, or the OPA.W.W. Triple A.

Khorne had so many stickers that Sveena had to invent a new type of sticker, the red sad face, to represent a full row of sad face stickers. He had three red sad faces and a few hundred sad face stickers on the chart. Tzeentch was dangerously close to receiving a red sad face sticker of his own, only 72 away according to the cha-

Wait! Tzeentch is cheating again! He had more stickers than that!" Slaanesh whined, pointing up at the chart where she was the third highest recipient of sad face stickers. Aetulia had but one sad face sticker while Nurgle had 37.

"Oh, I know. This chart is just for you guys. I have how many stickers you actually have memorized. I try to fix the chart whenever I can though and then add another sticker when he cheats," Sveena explained, taking a few stickers from Slaanesh that Tzeentch had moved from his row before adding another sticker to both his row and Slaanesh's.

You know, why do you keep doing this? We're gonna relapse! Wh-" Slaanesh started.

"You've said this the past 189 times. My answer is still: Because I love you. I care about you. I want you to be a better person that people aren't afraid of like everyone on this planet is now," Sveena sighed unhappily as she wrote down on a piece of paper, ripping it out of her little book, and handing it to Slaanesh.

It was Slaanesh's 582nd relapse ticket. "You're gonna have to say sorry to everyone on this planet and learn all of their names before you apologize to them," Sveena decreed.

What!? Come on- Sveena- Sveena, Sveena, Sveena, darling," Slaanesh tried to turn on her charm, moseying up close to Sveena and placing a hand on the Overlord's chest, “Let's forget about this and have a little fun, huh? You must be stressed from 499 years of being Overlord of the Omniverse..."

"Well... I am.. You're right about that.. Maybe we could have some fun..."

Hook, line, and sinke-

"After you serve your community service!"

Slaanesh dammit.

"You'll have to report to the CSO when you finish apologizing to receive your community service mandate," Sveena informed.

Uggghhh! I hate going to the CSO! The Necron that works there is so lame!" Slaanesh groaned. A split second after the insult, she quickly realized her mistake and frantically waved her hands, “Wa-Wa-Wait! I didn't mean-"

But it was too late. Slaanesh received a TTBB (Ticket for Talking Behind Back).

"Bye, Slaanesh! I gotta write a bunch more tickets for those daemonettes you roped into this!" Sveena exclaimed before giving the Prince of Pleasure a big hug, kiss, "I love you," and a wave. She then vanished in a flash of green.

Two and a half weeks later...

... And to you, Harold... Haroldson.. I am deeply sorry. I apologize from the very bottom of my heart. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask," Slaanesh groaned. At least she invaded a medieval world with a low population. She grimaced at the thought of having to do an apology spree on a modern Earth...

Oh wait, she did have to do an apology spree on a modern Earth quite a few times. Her last time was back on relapse 194. It was then that she decided she would never relapse on planets with populations that large.

"Uhmmm.. Now that ya mention it. I could use some help cleaning all this semen off the ceiling. Me and my wife can't seem to reach it. You know... After your filthy ddaemonettes ra-"

GOTCHA! OH SVEENA!" Slaanesh yelled.

"Wait! No! I didn't mean to say filthy! Please!" Harold cried out.

A disappointed Sveena handed Harold an Insult Ticket through a portal. The hand vanished back through as the portal closed.

"Oh, Sveena dammit!" Harold cursed while Slaanesh snapped her fingers, cleaning the semen off of his ceiling in an instant.

Have fun at the CSO!" slaanesh teased as she teleported away.

Unfortunately for her, she too had to visit the Community Service Office. It was so embarrassing having to go through those doors, receive a punishment in front of so many everyday folk and daemons. Slaanesh glanced over at a building flanking the enormous CSO complex, spotting one of many propaganda posters, or as the Overlord called them 'Inspiration Posters'.

It depicted Sveena winking to a random individual with a little cartoon heart above her head. Under the image, the poster read, "MAKE YOUR DAY BY MAKING SOMEONE ELSE'S!" Of course, the dot below the exclamation mark was a heart. The appropriated former logo of the Fallout universe's Enclave had been re-purposed as the Overlord's insignia, which found its place in the lower right corner of the Inspiration Poster.

Slaanesh couldn't take in the sights of the inner workings of the Omniverse capital, Sveentopia, for long, however. Tzeentch is a big jerk and would have given Sveena an approximation of when Slaanesh would finish her apology spree, and when she would arrive at the CSO.

With a miserable sigh, Slaanesh stepped inside. The interior of the CSO was lavishly decorated, and had many amenities to make one's stay as comfortable as possible. The bathroom had an entry door and an exit door. Upon entering, the individual would actually be going through a portal to a bathroom customized to their biological needs and cultural preferences. Upon exiting the bathroom, they would leave through the exit door. If two individuals happened to be exiting their bathrooms at the same time, another exit door would spawn into existence to allow both to leave at the same time before disappearing.

Slaanesh grumpily grabbed a chocolate muffin from the buffet line before taking a number froma dispenser and sitting down in the waiting area, which was decked out with fifty television sets (It was a large waiting room). Slaanesh threw on some pornography and munched on her muffin as she picked up where she left off in the pornographic series last time she was here.

"Hello, Slaanesh! Is there anything I can get you to make your wait more comfortable?" A Necron employee inquired.

Slaanesh looked over at the Necron with disdain. Sveena had somehow managed to make the Necrons and the Warp compatible with each other, and has since employed them in most government positions. The Necrons, since being blessed with individuality, sapience, and souls by Sveena, were eternally grateful to Sveena, and were more than happy to work under their Overlord. It was from them that Sveena's Omniversal title of 'Overlord' came from.

The usual," Slaanesh sighed, waving the Necron away so she could get back to her show.

"Very well! Viagra smoothie coming right up!" The Necron exclaimed, prancing off to fulfill Slaanesh's request.

Just as Slaanesh turned back to her show, however, a PSA interrupted all television broadcasts. Onscreen was the district's Governor of Entertainment, Steve Harmon, better known as Slapstick.

"Hey everyone! G.O.E. Slapstick here. Up coming, all you can eat buffet day! Note, all you can eat does not include the people... And the furniture.... Please people, we do not need another Bloody Monday. Next up, we have National Bouncy Museum opening next week, now with slightly less shattered art!"

Oh my me, who fucking caaaares!? Let me watch my show!" Slaanesh seethed.

"Balloon animal petting zoo open today! Remember kids, they’re so much more afraid of you then you are of them! Please, clip your nails! That's all for today! Have a... Slaptastic day? Are you guys seriou-" Slapstick looked away from the camera with a disgusted expression before the PSA suddenly cut off. The TV returned to Slaanesh's regularly demanded programming.

"Your Viagra smoothie, as requested!" The Necron waiter returned.

Shove it up your ass," Slaanesh grumbled. A ticket fell down from the ceiling and into her lap for the rude remark, eliciting a groan from the Prince of Pleasure.

The Necron silently placed the Viagra smoothie on the coffee table in front of the sofa Slaanesh sat on before walking away. Slaanesh glanced behind the TV to see yet another Inspiration Poster, this one a humurous recreation of the old "Hang In There!" posters where a cat would be hanging onto a tree branch, but with Sveena in the place of the cat.

It made Slaanesh chuckle a bit. She did like Sveena and all, but this whole Omniversal government she set up could be a little-

"Number 68! Number 68!" A Necron voice spoke over a speaker.

Slaanesh cursed herself for not waiting to grab a ticket for number 69. It was the little things that made life worth living after all. The Prince of Pleasure saved her progress on her show for the next time she would be in the CSO before heaving herself off of the sofa and walking over to the CSA Booth. (Community Service Administration Booth)

"Hello, Slaanesh!" The Necron greeted the Prince casually, "How's your day going? I see here that you... Had another relapse? You also have two rudeness violations?"

Just give me the thing," Slaanesh groaned, not looking at the Necron bitch that was always so cheery yet simultaneously disappointed whenever Slaanesh showed up, “What do I got this time?"

"One moment! Let's see here..." The Necron tapped her computer screen for a few moments before printing out a CSID (Community Service Issuing Document) and frowning. "Aw, sorry Slaanesh! It's... Not your favorite community service task."

I hate all of them."

"Oh come now! Community service is great! Some of us Necrons even issue ourselves community service just to help others out!"

Sveena would be proud," Slaanesh rolled her eyes as she took the document from the Necron. Her grumpiness only intensified when she saw what she was tasked with.

The Necron was not lying.

This was Slaanesh's least favorite community service task...


"Okay, children! Today we have someone issued by the CSO here to give you all a presentation! Please give a warm welcome to the Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh!" The principal of Sveelementary proclaimed to the bleachers packed with young students.

Slaanesh rolled a projector screen on wheels into the gym while the children applauded before walking back out of the gym and then rolling in a projector. She grumpily fumbled around with it for a few minutes before the principal attempted to come over and help.

"You just push the-"

I know how to work a projector!" Slaanesh snapped in a hushed tone. The principal backed off and sat with the students in the bleachers.

Finally, Slaanesh got the projector to work. It projected her relapse score onto the screen with her name below it. “Hello everyone," Slaanesh said in a monotone voice, “My name is Slaanesh. I had a relapse into evil. I'm here to tell you why evil is bad and how I'm turning my life around."

Many Horrible Presentation Later...

"Bahahaha! I can't believe you got another relapse ticket!" Tzeentch roared with laughter, suddenly pausing and adding, “Oh wait, no! I can believe it! Bahahahaha! And- And- And you had to give how many school presentations!?"

Slaanesh, Nurgle, Khorne, and Tzeentch were gathered in a small office with a window overlooking Sveentopia. The four sat around an oval table, each of their chairs placed to maximize distance between one another while still being at the table. Aetulia was excluded thanks to having gone 250 years without relapse. These weekly meetings were for the relapse-prone gods.

Khorne seemed extremely weak compared to his former glory. One could even say withered if not for the fact he still had muscles. They were certainly not the oil tanker muscles the once-enormous Blood God sported in the past.

Twenty..." Slaanesh grumbled, much to Tzeentch's amusement. “Oh knock it off! You had to go to the CSO too after Sveena caught you cheating! Again!"

Mmm... I don't shee why ish sho hard for all of you to jush... Not relapshe," Nurgle mocked lazily.

Says the one who created Bubonic AIDS seven years ago!"

At leasht I don't relapshe every year," Nurgle shot back.

Well- I- At least I don't have any red sad faces! Right, Khorneflakes?" Tzeentch turned to Khorne with a sneer.

"FUCKING DAMMIT!" Khorne roared, smashing his fist onto the table. It magically repaired itself after the area he had punched exploded into shrapnel. This was a regular enough occurrence that a magic table was necessary for the meeting room.

Woah, calm down Corny! You don't wanna ge-"

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SMARTASS REMARK! IT'S FUCKING APRIL 14TH YOU SHITHEADS!" Khorne yelled with fury as a ticket fell into his lap, causing him to smash the table once more as the other gods groaned.

The 14th of every fourth month was a dreaded day for them all... It was when Sveena gave them a...

Greed Lecture.

As if on cue, Sveena appeared before them in her usual flash of green light. "Hello, everyone!" She greeted her fellow Warp gods happily. The four returned with unhappy "Hello"s, though Khorne's seemed the most pained as he tried to keep from shouting at her. While direct offenses to Sveena were treated with a more lax attitude, as Sveena worked such problems out with her insulter directly rather than directing them to the CSO, Khorne was already close to reaching his daily threshold of tickets before he would receive a relapse ticket and a sad face sticker.

"I'm glad to see you guys here, and I'm very proud of the fact that, despite your relapses, you are trying to do better!" Sveena proclaimed. From anyone else, this would have sounded extremely fake, but they all knew by now how genuine Sveena was. It was the one, singular thing Khorne did not hate about Sveena. She was honest.

Khorne hated literally everything else about her though.

"Today, we're going to talk about greed, and why-"

Look, Sveena," Slaanesh interrupted, “We've heard this spiel more times than I can count-"

That's not saying much," Tzeentch snickered. His smile was wiped away as a ticket floated down into his lap.

Slaanesh gave him a smug grin before continuing, “We already know what you're gonna say. We get it. Greed is bad, bla bla bla."

Sveena thought on this for a moment before shooting back, "Obviously, you don't get it. If you did, you would not have had a relapse a few weeks ago and invaded an entire planet. The point of these Greed Lectures is to try and show you that you have a good influx of power. You don't need more by raping entire planets. That's being greedy, and I'm trying to help you overcome that so you can be happier, as well as keep you from hurting others like you did."

But why did you have to ban things like.. Adultery though!? That was a huge chunk of my income Poof!" Slaanesh whined.

"Because we banned war and murder. Because that was how Khorne got most of his power, we need to accommodate him by appealing to the smaller things he represents, like integrity," Sveena explained.

Yeah, but... Why?"

"SO I DON'T FUCKING DIE!" Khorne shouted, once again smashing his fist onto the table.

Would that really be something to cry over though? I don't even think the emo god would be sad about that."

"WHY YOU LITTLE MOTHERFUCKING- I'LL KILL YOU!" Khorne leapt over the table, but was quickly teleported back to his seat and restrained by Sveena's superior power. Ever since peace had overtaken the Omniverse. She had little trouble restraining the once most-powerful Chaos God.

"Khorne, please, calm down. Tzeentch, you just hit your threshold for the day," Sveena snapped.

Wait what!? I still have one ticket left! This is kangaroo court! This is bigotry! Justice for Tzeentch! The system is rigged!" Tzeentch rambled.

Sveena poofed a whoopee cushion into her hand. "I know you put this on Nurgle's chair. I managed to grab it before he sat down."

Ah Ah Ah! Harmless pranks are legalized under Section-"

"You filled the whoopee cushion with nails, Tzeentch," Sveena interrupted humorlessly.

Once the chaotic happenings were out of the way, Sveena got on with her lecture about greed. Slaanesh slowly tuned Sveena out. She attempted to rub Sveena's crotch with her foot under the table, but the lack of reaction reminded Slaanesh that Sveena always wore a crotch shield to these meetings after the last time Slaanesh tried the dirty trick.

Sveena had gotten quite good at predicting their actions over the past 499 years.

Slaanesh could at least admire Sveena's physical appearance, but even that was tainted. The Prince of Pleasure missed the good old days when Sveena was so innocent- Well, Sveena did still have an air of innocence about her, but things were just... Different ever since Sveena became Overlord of the Omniverse.

Their relationship was never the same, though Slaanesh doubted Sveena saw the strain. It wasn't just because Slaanesh wanted to rape a planet now and then either due to Sveena's rules stressing her out...

Sveena's rules also stressed Sveena out too. Sveena was constantly working to make sure her Omniversal government did not crumble, or worse, some kid stole some other kid's lollipop. Slaanesh wasn't sure how, but Sveena managed to keep this up for the past 499 years. That includes all of the relapses she and the other gods have gone through.

Sveena's closest friends were equally concerned. They got to spend time with her, sure, but that was only because Sveena dilated time to ensure the time she spent with them did not take up time in the rest of the Omniverse.

With the 500th anniversary of Sveena's coronation as Overlord, the stress was piled onto God of Peace more than ever.

By the time Slaanesh snapped out of her own thoughts, she was already back at the Palace of Pleasure, in her own chambers. She must have been on autopilot after zoning out during the lecture. Of course, Sveena looked for responses and the such, but Slaanesh always gave the same ones. The Prince of Pleasure let out a sigh and shut her eyes. The lectures and community service tasks and whatnot had a way of draining her libido, despite her being the manifestation of pleasure.[/b][/b]

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Trouble in Paradise

A large tear that was between the sizes of big and large opened but briefly, spewing out an party sized assortment of things

The first being a fungaliod being,with traits akin to raccoons, including a brown and black markings two ears and a tail,he bore a three pronged dented golden crown, and small velvet red cape wrapped around the stalk under his cap.

Following him was a diminutive, rounded cube-like creature whose sole features were two gigantic eyes and nubby beak, this one two was clad in an obnoxious leopard skinned cape and slightly larger crown.

Comically tripping over that one and crashing into the first was a large purple being square in shape with a gaping mouth full of fangs and confused eyes with nubby limbs on his simplistic body, himself wearing a tophat equally as big as himself, the final figure appeared to be no more than a cartoonish poop shaped creature with long spindly arms, who bore his disgusting teeth and yelled "DOGPILE!" before leaping on the mass of fallen beings.

"Quit it Dumplass!"



"Uh Uh,not until you say uncle!"

"You LITERAL shit-head get off of me!"

Were the abrupt sounds of this small conglomerate of what appeared to be failed government officials.

The small pile of leaders soon noticed the massive shadow,of their 'boss' a massive muscled bright red being,who just also happened to be Claymoore, he walked forward, lifting one leg and smashing it down into the ground creating craters from his bulk.

The leaders all spun rolled out of his way before the were crushed.

"What kinda fancy fantasy fuckery is this?" Yarl Tagoomba, muttered looking around, his eyes ringed by annoyance, and rings.

Yarl Squeaky Toy Noise, kicked his co-ruler in the head letting out a barrage of distressed angry sounding rubber chicken sounds.

"Ay AY!"Yarl Tagoomba twisted around morphing into a carbon copy of his assualter(despite the raccon tails and ears) "This isnt just my fault!"

Sir Squeakers, gave the Tagoomba the look.

"Ok sure, I slept with a lot of wives, but its not like I didn't return the favor to the husbands, and I'm not the jaundiced Idiot who poisoned the water with waste!" Yarl Tagoomba, stated smugly glancing over at Yarl Dumplass.

To further drive the point home he morphed into the Digimon, "Look now I am, Oh-ho-ho look at me I got arms but no brain!"

"Hey, I loaned it to Chuumon!"Yarl Dumplass defended poorly.

Yarl Fridge, tried to get King Claymoore's attention by grabbing his meaty arm, only for Claymoore not to notice and have Yarl Fridge get dragged with no more apparent effect than a child hanging onto a parent's arm.

"Screw you guys,y'all and Claydork over there have been holding me back, I don't need this, I don't need anybody...because I'm everybody!" Yarl Tagoomba morphed into a copy of what looked like a Skyrim woman, before thumbing their nose and walking off.

Claymoore stopped wear he was(apparently a nice grass park) before reclining under a tree, his leaning against it caused the three to bend and crack under his weight, but he didn't seem to notice.

Yarl Fridge again tried to get Claymoore's attention by yanking on his arm, Claymoore responded by lifting one massive swole arm and pushing the yokai onto his back, where he flailed around like a turtle trying to get on his feet.

"Loud shape" Claymoore commented, as a Thomas-the dragon soul engine appeared from the blue clay orbs on his head and circled around the arm and back, while the other dragon orbs snoozed around Claymoore's neck.

Before Claymoore could get his well deserved rest what appeared to be Slannesh Prince of pleasures came bolting in what appeared to be cash stuffed in her cleavage, however by the cartoonish raccoon ears and tail, it was clear that it was none other than Yarl Tagoomba.

"Guys,guys I fucked up".He stated before morphing back into his regular self, "I tried to scam some bills but they needed I.D. so I left and came back with a form I saw....turns out that person should not have been there.

There was the slight feeling of INTENSE foreboding in the air, "So,I figured my good and wonderful, never-not-not-helping leader could uh clear this up for me".

"Hey called you Clay-dork"Yarl Dumplass reminded.

"Its a term of affection".

"Squeak squak squeak".

"Yes it is you rubber dickie"Yarl Tagoomba hissed.

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