Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Zandoo, H, and Teed present to you: A post that went on for way too long

Brendan approached the counter of the first hotel that then group found and booked several rooms for the night. Soon enough The girls were sorted out amongst the four rooms the group. Bob, Brendan, Clara, and Tina would share a room. Zoey, Ruby, Elizabeth, and Fennel,would share a room. Casey, Mila, Anna, and Mary would share a room. Finally, Madison, Maria, and Harper would share a room.

The Bob Room

"Man, this already feels a lot more comfortable than the outdoors," Bob sighed with a laid back tone, sitting down onto his comfy bed before laying back with a loud, "Ahhh...."

Brendan dropped his bag to the ground and flopped down on to the other bed. "Yeah this place seems to be about on par with the rooms in the pokemon centers." Brendan commented.

Clara glanced over at Brendan from her side of the bed before returning to her speedy notebook scribbling.

Brendan looked at Clara for a moment "Whatcha- oh you're probably writing in your diary." Brendan said before turning away.

"It's my own archive," Clara corrected, "I've already finished catalogues of all of you, including my sisters considering they've changed a little since we were seperated from the Hold. Right now I'm writing down places that we've been and things that have happened."

"What you'd write about me?" Brendan asked.

"Basic information like height, eye color, that kind of thing. Then I have a section for your biography.. I don't have too much information there. Then I have a section for analyzing your personality. I'm trying to fit as much of a person on a single page as I can. What's your blood type, by the way?"

"0-. If you want more biography stuff I might have a magazine I can get to you at somepoint." Brendan replied.

"What about you, Bob?" Clara asked, not looking up from her notebook as she quickly flipped through a few pages.

"My blood type? A-. That sounds like a lot of notes," Bob added, sitting back up.

"I've been memorizing everything as much as I could since we left our mothers until I could get a proper notebook like this," Clara stated, scribbling down Bob's blood type before flipping back to inscribe recent events.

"How do you remember all that stuff?" Tina asked, slipping onto Bob's bed.

"... It's easier when Harper isn't talking," Clara answered.

"So it's like you have to filter what Harper says out then."

"Exactly what I said at Denny's," Clara nodded.

"So I guess you'll be less stressed now that you don't have to memorize everything." Brendan commented before placing his hat on the night stand.

"It isn't that I was stressed, just... Preoccupied with memorizing everything," Clara mused before finally giving her poor pencil a rest and looking over what she had written. It almost looked like it was in another language from how poor her handwriting was. Either she never learned how to write properly, or this was a brilliant shorthand.

"Fair enough It's difficult to multitask like that. I mean I get pretty irritable if people start asking me for things when I'm battling." Brendan added.

"I imagine that would be frustrating," Clara agreed as she slipped off her shirt and began unbuttoning her pants.

"Clara you got pajamas right?" Brendan asked.

"No. I prefer sleeping without clothes on. Most of us do," Clara answered.

"Can I at least give you a shirt to wear. I'd be much more comfortable if you did." Brendan commented as he quickly began looking for a shirt in his bag.

Clara was reluctant, but considering Brendan bought her a camera and a notebook, she obliged his request. "Okay. Do I have to wear anything else?"

"It would be great if you did." Bredan said, as he looked away and waited for Clara to change.

Clara decided to take everything off save for the shirt provided by Brendan. She slipped under the comforter, but stayed above the sheets as to seperate her body from Brendan's for when he would go to sleep. "Done."

"Do I have to wear clothes too?" Tina asked, looking up at Bob.

"I... I'd like it if you did, Tina," Bob asked of the girl, "Or you could sleep under the sheets."

"... I'll sleep under the sheets!" Tina decided, ripping off her clothes and stuffing herself under the sheets comfortably.

"Alright," Bob smiled softly, taking his side of the bed and getting himself under the comforter.

Brendan then pulled the sheet over his body and tried to sleep but odds are that wouldn't go as planned.

"Good night," Bob murmured as he turned off the lamp to the bed's side.

"Night, Bob. Night, Brendan, Night, Clara," Tina murmured, snuggling against Bob for warmth. Thankfully, the two were seperated by fabric.

The Chaos Room

Zoey and Ruby stepped out of the bathroom together after having showered with one another. "Man this place is awesome!" Zoey proclaimed, "I mean, not as good as the Hold, but it's up there!"

"It's far better than any of the Varian inns'" Fennel as she grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom.

"So Lizagna," Zoey started as she flopped onto her bed after ripping her towel off of herself, "Why'd you wanna sleep with fox wizard so bad?"

"What? No, she's my friend. I wanted to share a room with her," Elizabeth huffed.

"Mmmmmhm," Zoey squinted her eyes with a cheeky grin.



"Zoey, stop being weird. I don't wanna have sex with Fennel," Elizabeth grunted.

"I never brought it up," Zoey giggled, "You're the one talking about having sex with the fox wizard!"

"She doesn't even wanna do that stuff anyway... Like, at all," Elizabeth tried to defend Fennel.

"... Why?"

"I dunno," Elizabeth shrugged.

"Hmm..." Zoey listened for the shower before noting, "Either way, she'll probably go apeshit if she sees me and Ruby doing it. Keep watch for when she comes out."

A particularlly noticealbe singing could be heard from the bathroom shortly after this remark was made. Fennel was probably washing her hair at this point.

"Why do I gotta keep watch?" Elizabeth whined.

"Someone has to. Now shush," Zoey waved at Elizabeth dismissively before turning her attention to Ruby.

"Hmph.." Elizabeth pouted and mumbled under her breath.

A reasonable amount of time later, the singing stopped and the sound of running water ceased. After a few moments Fennel walked out the bathroom, she had a towel wrapped around her and was holding a hair drier, it seemed that it would take her a bit of time to dy off properly. She then placed the pajamas on the night stand and plugged in the hair dryer and began using it to further dry off.

Elizabeth did not warn Zoey and Ruby that Fennel had left the bathroom, as to spite the two for excluding her, And so, Fennel would have full view of an inappropriate act taking place.


"Gah! Liz! You were supposed to keep watch!" Zoey yelled.

"You shouldn't have kept me out of it then," Elizabeth shot back, sticking out her tongue.

Fennel immeditately walked back into the bathroom and slammed the door. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GIRLS!" Fennel shouted from behind the door.

The three exchanged looks, with Elizabeth seeming the most hurt. "What do you mean?" Elizabeth asked, leaning closer to the bathroom door from the bed so Fennel would have an easier time hearing her voice.

"You don't do that with family members. Do you not know incest is bad!?" Fennel shrieked.

"In-cest?" Elizabeth blinked, looking over at an equally confused Zoey and Ruby.

"Its when you participate is those types of things with families." Fennel responded.

"... Why is that bad?"

"Because you're family. You're not supposed to it can lead to a whole bunch of issues," Fennel replied.

"What kind of issues?" Zoey piped up, "Me and Ruby do this all the time!"

"It can lead to birth defects. And it messes with your ability to have a proper relationship. It's wrong." Fennel at this point was unwilling to leave the bathroom.

"You know what? I am tired of you people trying to force your idea of relationships and family stuff on us!" Zoey snapped, "Nobody ever actually says why anything is wrong! They just say 'Oh no! You can't do that! That's wrong! Because incest is bad! Because your age!' Nobody actually explains anything!"

"It's not your age that's the issue, its the fact that its taking advantage of the influence you have in your family." Fennel responded. "I can't explain exactally why, I just know that it is, okay!"

"If you can't explain why, then maybe you're wrong," Zoey huffed.

"It's not that simple. It's just wrong. It's forced upon you, people don't just do that." Fennel responded.

"How is it forced on anyone!? Ruby, did I force you to have sex with me ever?" Zoey asked.

"No," Ruby shook her head.

"Well who taught you that it was okay?" Fennel asked.

"Our dad, duh."

"Doesn't your dad have a lot of influence over you?" Fennel asked her tone didn't carry any malice.

"Yeah, he's our dad, what's your point?"

"He's got power over you, what would he do if you didn't go along with it?" Fennel asked.

"I don't think we've ever not went along with it, but he'd probably make us do it until we liked it like with our moms," Zoey answered.


"Oh my god," Zoey rolled her eyes, "He knows better than we do. It's like if a kid doesn't wanna, like, play a sport, but their parent makes them play that sport and then the kid ends up liking it."

"Zoey no. You don't understand, that is different. There's learning to like a hobby then there is torturing someone until they give up." Fennel shouted.

"Those types of relations are intimate and special, something that the people involved should both agree to."

"It is intimate and special!" Zoey shot back.

"He treated them as sub human, just objects to be used and thrown away and replaced, like garbage!" Fennel at this point a fallen into a rage.

"That is not true!" Zoey yelled, "When daddy was done 'raping' our moms, they were happy! They lived in the Hold! They were part of our family!"

"How. Long. Did. It. Take." Fennel asked, her tone was cold.

"What? Fixing our moms?" Zoey asked for clarification.

"Before they were Happy. Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years?" Fennel's words carried a sharpness to them.

"It used to take about a month or two, but he got good at it and it only took a week," Zoey answered, "Why?"

"At what point do you give up. Knowing that everyday your life is going to be living hell. Knowing there is no escape. Knowing there is no hope." Fennel replied

"... What in the hell are you talking about?!" Zoey demanded.

"When did they realize they had to submit to his will. When did they realize they weren't people anymore and just things." Fennel shot back.

"They were always people! Daddy just made their lives better!"

"By forcing them to hand their lives over to him, to just be something that just exist to pleasure him. I wouldn't want to be forced into that life." Fennel retorted.

"That's because you don't know any better," Zoey harrumphed, "I wish daddy was here right now. He'd show you."

Fennel punched the door as sparks flew, snapping the door off of its hinges. Elizabeth let out a yelp and hid under the covers while Zoey put an arm over Ruby protectively.

"Tell me has your father ever been wrong? Have you ever wondered why he did something?"

"I can't think of any time where he's ever been wrong, no," Zoey answered tersely.

“What happens to those who don’t agree with him. How many people think he’s Perfect. How many women didn’t have to be fixed?”

"He had to fix all of our moms," Zoey answered, "They weren't good people before they met him. They weren't happy."

“What if they weren’t the ones that needed to be fixed?" Fennel said grabbing her clothes.

"... Then he would just let them into the Hold," Zoey replied, unsure of what Fennel was getting at.

“Did they want in before then?” Fennel asked.

"A few did, but they needed to be fixed first," Zoey explained.

”how many fought, tried to escape, resisted.”

"At first, all of our moms did. That's the point of fixing them. He gets them to like it, helps them become someone better than who they were before, and they're happier because of it."

“He fixes them like animals[\i].”

"He does not!" Zoey stomped her foot, "Why don't you just stay out of our business!?"

“Why does he need to force them then.” Fennel said before walking out of the room.

"Because he knows best!" Zoey shouted angrily. Elizabeth was completely disheartened and shocked to see her friend turn so quickly.

"Always fucking happens," Zoey hissed, "Every FUCKING TIME we talk about our family! It's like, we have to fucking agree with what [i]they
think is right and wrong! It's bullshit!"

Ruby and Elizabeth were silent. Zoey frustratingly flopped onto the bed, slid under the covers, and closed her eyes. She faced away from Ruby, who attempted to cuddle.

"Not in the mood," Zoey snapped, not turning around to even look at her sister.

Ruby backed off, turning away from Zoey and trying to sleep as well, blaming Fennel for the ruined night.

As Elizabeth tossed and turned, she couldn't help but think. What if Fennel had a point? She didn't outright switch sides, but she did consider that maybe, just maybe, Fennel wasn't completely wrong. Still, the situation involving her friend was enough to make Elizabeth whimper quietly.

[u]The Bob room[\u]

A few moments after the fiasco in the chaos room knocking could be heard outside the door where Bob, Brendan Clara and Tina were sleeping. Brendan had at some point decided to change into pajamas. The shirt that went with the set was currently being worn by Clara leaving Brendan to wear a pair of pants covered In Mareep. Brendan was awoken by the sudden noise and groggily headed over to the door. Brendan opened the door abd let out a yawn before asking. “W-what is it?” He then noticed that it was Fennel “Where are your-“ Brendan was cut off as Fennel made her way into the room, she promptly headed to the bathroom and slammed the door Before the sound of a hair drier could be heard.

Brendan figured that something upset Fennel going by her actions. The trainer figured the last thing he wanted to deal with was an angry wizard and decided to sit in a nearby chair until she got out.

"Mmmf... What's going on?" Clara mumbled, maintaining her monotone even when having her sleep disturbed.

"Wha..." Bob groggily yawned, sitting up a bit, "What was that?"

”Fennel, she was just kind of standing there naked.” Brendan said not realizing any potential implications his statement carried.

"I thought you didn't like Fennel like that," Clara mumbled, rubbing her eyes. Meanwhile, Tina was still fast asleep.

“Oh, I mean she had a towel, and I didn’t invite her she just stormed in.” Brendan replied, trying to clear up the misunderstanding. Meanwhile a hairdrier could be heard from the bathroom.

"... I'm guessing Zoey made her mad or something," Clara muttered before her head fell back onto her pillow.

"I guess, didn't Zoey do something that sent her off the other day?" Brendan asked.

"... I'm too tired to remember things right now," Clara replied after a moment of thought.

Brendan then knocked on the bathroom door. "Hey, when you're done, you can take the bed I'll just sleep on the couch." He figured this was the best solution, he wasn't in the mood to deal with any arguing at this time of night.

"You could probably sleep in Zoey's room," Clara suggested, "Or Harper's. There's only three in there too."

Brendan thought about it for a moment If Clara's and Tina's prefered sleep attire were anything he figured it was best just to stay here. "I think I'll just take the couch. It'll be easier that way." Brendan said as he went over to the couch.

"Are you sure? I can take the couch instead," Clara slowly raised herself up from her sleeping position. After having Brendan buy her a camera and notebook, she felt bad that he would end up sleeping on a couch.

Somehow Fennel was able to dry herself off in record time and stepped out of the bathroom wearing the pajamas she had purchased earlier that day, along with her fur being particulalrly fluffly. She was drying off one of her ears with the towel as she said "Trust me you probably don't want to go to the other rooms."

"Why?" Clara inquired.

"Let's just say some of your sisters are up to no good." Fennel replied.

'What'd Zoey do?"

"They were engaging, a certain activity." Fennel said quitetly.

Clara blinked, "Were they drawing penises on you or something?" She remembered overhearing something about drawing genitals on people's faces.

“She was doing something I didn’t want to see then when I told her that was wrong she said she wanted her dad to rape me.“ Fennel said as she crossed her arms.

"... I'm guessing she and Ruby were having sex. Considering I know Zoey, I feel like you're omitting some details about what happened," Clara stated.

"I'm not surprised," Bob muttered groggily, laying back down.

“I told her incest was wrong, but no appearently I’m the one that needs to be fixed.” Fennel groaned.

"Oh, I get it.. You got into an argument about how our family works," Clara nodded slowly, "It'll be easy to get Zoey to forget about it. Try not to argue about our beliefs though. Some of us can get very passionate about them, myself included."

“You know what fine. I’ll put a pin in it.“ Fennel said before lying down on the bed.

"I've learned it's... probably better if it's not brought up," Bob murmured, "Doesn't end well."

"Do you care if I wear a shirt or not?" Clara asked, pointing to the shirt she was wearing that Brendan provided her with.

”Really don’t want to see anyone else naked tonight.” Fennel said as she placed half the comforter over her body.

"Okay," Clara nodded before laying her head back onto her pillow. After a moment, she remarked in a quiet voice, "Your tail is really soft."

“Thanks, it takes a lot of work.” Fennel remarked unsure of how to react to the comment.

The sleepy Clara moved a little closer to Fennel, cuddling her tail as she slowly fell asleep.

Within a few minutes both Fennel and Brendan fell asleep. Fennel was purring as she drifted off into sleep.


The next morning, Fennel awoke but had no intention of opening her eyes just yet. Her arms seemed to be wrapped around something warm. “Fffive more minutes”.

Clara let out a muffled, sleepy moan as she gently rubbed her head against something soft. It was locked in her own embrace as she nearly woke up from Fennel's mumbling.

Bob, with a quiet yawn, lifted his head up, "Ugh..." he mumbled, slowly slipping out of the bed as delicately he could as to not wake up Tina. Tina flopped flat on the bed without Bob to support her, but was like dead weight. She was a heavy sleeper.

Bob looked back to make sure he hadn't woke Tina up, before smiling at the fact she was still sleeping and looking over to Fennel and Clara, then walking into their bathroom to get ready for the day.

Fennel realized whatever she was grabbing wasn’t a pillow but an arm. She had forgoten where everyone was sleeping the night before but when she opened her eyes and saw Clara, she was happy this wasn’t another embarrassing situation.

Brendan meanwhile was snoring on the couch. Nothing too interesting other than the fact Fennel might comment on his abs.

Clara mumbled quietly, her eyes fluttering half-open to see she had went from cuddling Fennel's tail to Fennel herself. Considering how soft and comfortable Fennel was, Clara decided against lifting her head and simply enjoying it for a little bit.

Fennel, despite being aware of the fact that Clara was cuddling her, was too lazy to do anything about it and closed her eyes for a few more minutes. She then mumbled the words, “Hey Clara.”

"MmMmm..." Clara groaned, her face submerged in fur.

Fennel took a moment to open her eyes, it was probably time to wake up. She didn’t want to disturb Clara but also wanted to get out of bed. It would be easy to escape the girl's grasp but it wouldn't be nice. She also didn’t need any more of these girls hating her. Fennel then carefully slid her tail out Clara’s grasp.

Clara let out a sigh, letting Fennel go. She lifted her head up only to bring it back down once her arm folded ontop of her pillow. "Good morning," She mumbled, only half-awake.

”Morning” Fennel replied before sitting up and turning to get out of bed. This motion caused the fox‘s Tail to graze the younger girl‘s face. Fennel was soon enough standing next to the bed stretching in an attempt to wake up.

"I hate waking up," Clara whined. Though, for Clara, whining meant talking in the same monotone voice as she always did. She turned her face towards her arm and pillow.

“Same” Fennel replied “But I think they have free breakfast here.” Fennel then headed out the door to the lobby.

Clara rolled out of bed and fell onto the floor before lifting herself up. As she walked towards Brendan, she slid the covers off of Tina. "Hey, Brendan. It's time to wake up," She stated, gently shaking him.

Brendan woke up “Oh, hey, Ckara did you need something?”

"Here's your shirt back," Clara said as she took off the shirt and handed it to Brendan, "I'm gonna get dressed and get something to eat. Make sure Tina wakes up."

”Okay” Brendan said before putting his shirt on.

Fennel was at the coffee maker, she didn’t drink coffee herself but Zoey mentioned something about pumpkin spice lattes the other day and she didn’t really want to deal with the other eleven girls deciding she was a terrible person and figured she might as well try to get off on a better foot.

"Hello, Fennel!" Harper greeted happily from a nearby table. She and a few of the other girls seem to have woken up a tad earlier and were chowing down on the hotel's free breakfast.

Fennel waved before putting some creamer sbd sprinkles in the coffee. It looked nice enough. She then grabbed herself a plate of food and sat by the other girls. The latte was sepated from her food to indicate that it wasn’t for her.

Zoey, Ruby, and Elizabeth eventually made it to the breakfast area as well. Zoey and Ruby were engaged in a conversation that immediately ended as soon as Zoey spotted Fennel, glaring at her for a moment. Ruby looked between the two for a moment before mimicking Zoey, giving Fennel an equally distasteful look.

Fennel then pointed at the coffee and said, “You liked pumpkin spice right?”

As Zoey reached for the coffee, Harper blurted out, "She spat in it. I saw her do it," before covering her mouth.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Zoey muttered, giving Fennel a disgusted look before going to the coffee maker herself.

“What the hell, Harper, I did not!” Fennel replied.9u

"I-I'm sorry- I- She didn't spit in it!" Harper called out to Zoey, who didn't seem to be listening.

Well there goes that attempt. Fennel thought as she stabbed her fork into a breakfast sausage and took a bite out of it. “I’m not that spiteful.” Fennel grumbled.

"... Sorry.. I didn't mean to say you.. Spat in the coffee," Harper murmured as she poked her half-eaten waffle with her fork.

“Can you try not to sabotage my attempts at apology in the future though?” Fennel asked.

"Apology?" Harper blinked.

”We got in a fight last night.” Fennel answered. “Long story short, I ended up sleeping in another room.”

"Oh, man... What'd you guys fight about?"

”Let‘s just leave it at we have different ideologies. It’s not exactally a dinner table subject.” Fennel said.

"Oh... Well... If I'll be honest, you should try talking to Ruby," Harper suggested, looking over at the redheaded yeswoman of Zoey that was trying to cheer her big sister up, "I mean.. Say sorry to Zoey, but.. Ruby will know how to make Zoey not as mad at you."

”Okay then.” Fennel said as she got up and approached Ruby

Zoey and Ruby exchanged a laugh after a joke told by the younger sister. "Alright, that was-... Hold on," Zoey's smile vanished as she noticed Fennel approaching.

“Ruby, can I talk to you for a moment?” Fennel asked.


"Why do you want to talk to her?" Zoey interrupted before taking a sip of her coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee was still very hot. "Gah~ Hat hat hat hat hat!" She gasped, scrambling away to find a water fountain.

“How do I tell Zoey I’m sorry about getting angry?”

Ruby blinked before taking a moment to think. While she was disgruntled with Fennel, she didn't want to see Zoey angry everytime Fennel was nearby. "Umm.. I think you should say sorry for more than just getting mad," Ruby suggested, "Like saying our dad isn't a good person... And trying to tell us we can't have sex."

“Let’s just leave it at I think you shouldn't be doing that and I heavily disagree with pionts of your father's ideology. I’m not asking you to hate him, just I would not be comfortable around him.”

"But..." Ruby let out a sigh. She learned last night that there was no way of dissuading Fennel from her own beliefs about their father, "Well if you.. Disagree... You should still say sorry. For us, it's normal, and it just seemed like.. You were being mean for no reason."

“Okay, I’m sorry but let’s just agree to disagree.” Fennel finally said.

Ruby crossed her arms. "I'll only forgive you if Zoey does," She replied.

"Fair enough." Fennel said as she waited for Zoey to return.

"Okay, I'm ba- You're still here?" Zoey asked as she came back.

"I wanted to apologize." Fennel said.

"I'm listening," Zoey stated, folding her arms and drumming her fingers.

"I'm sorry that I got angry and said the things that I did last night.." Fennel's tone indicated tha that the last part was harder for her to say.

"So you're gonna stay out of our business then? Not try and tell us what you think is right and wrong?"

"Let's just agree to disagree. I won't freak out or talk about your father."

Zoey glared at Fennel for a few moments, continuing to drum her fingers as she mulled the apology over. "... Fine," She said at last.

:Thank you." Fennel said as she got up and returned to sit with Harper and Elizabeth.

Around this time Brendan was still wearing his pajamas and needed to shave but none the less he walked down the hall with Tina following behind him. "Hey, girls, how's it going?"

"Oh, hey, Bread," Zoey greeted, "So, I heard you slept with Clara, huh?"

"I slept with Bob!" Tina exclaimed.

"Wait what!?" Zoey looked at Tina wide-eyed.

"I slept on the couch." Brendan's brain was not processing any entandre's at the moment.

"I don't care about couches," Zoey quickly said to Brendan before turning back to Tina, "How the hell did you manage to get in with Bob!?"

"Oh it was because I'm small he let me," Tina answered innocently.

Brendan continued not catching implications and said "Fennel and Clara ended up sleeping together."

As Brendan finished, Bob walked into the breakfast room, dressed in some new clothes. "Morning," he grunted, still a bit tired as he walked over to the coffee machine, unaware of their current conversation going on.

"Fennel and Clara!?" Zoey gasped before turning to Bob and jabbing him with her index finger, "So why would you sleep with Tina but not me, huh?"

As his cup began to fill, Bob sighed, “We slept in the same bed. We didn’t fuck, so get that image out of your head.”

"... Oh... Oh okay.. You just slept together but you didn't, like.. Sleep together," Zoey nodded.

“Exactly,” Bob answered, before taking his coffee.

"You act like that's the only option" Brendan commented, before he started snoring once again.

"No, just that Tina came in all like, 'I slept with Bob!'" Zoey retorted, making her voice squeakier as to imitate Tina.

Fennel was a bit surpised that Brendan managed to fall asleep already, and poked his arm in an attempt to wake him up.

“Well, I mean,” Bob said, blowing on his drink, “She’s not wrong.”

Zoey rolled her eyes with a smile before sipping on her own coffee. "For a second, I was worried you only liked little kids," She remarked.

“Funny,” Bob huffed, taking a chug of his coffee (still a bit hot) before spitting some back into his cup in surprise, “So.. What was the whole thing last night about?” He asked, “I know Fennel was involved and came to sleep in our room, but I was too tired to really care about the rest.”

Zoey glanced over at Fennel for a moment before replying, "Let's just say she's gonna be more respectful of other people's beliefs from now on and keep it at that."

"It's not worth the fight." Fennel commented as one final poke rose Brendan from his slumber.

“...Alright, fair enough,” Bob regarded, grabbing a roadmap off of a nearby kiosk and slowly examining it to figure out a route.

"Mostly because I'll win," Zoey quietly muttered before sipping her coffee.

"I heard that." Fennel quipped in an almost sing song tone.

"I'm not surprised since you have those giant ears," Zoey smirked.

Fennel's ears twitched for a moment, "Some boys find it exotic." The fox replied in a smug tone.

"Not that that matters," Zoey sneered, "Considering you're a prude."

Fennel took a sip of her juice before commenting "You act like that's a bad thing."

"It isn't gonna get you any guys, even if they do think your ears are 'exotic'."

"You act like I've never even kissed a boy before." Fennel remarked.

"I'd be so shocked that I would shit myself," Zoey stated, eliciting a giggle from Ruby.

Bob, with map and coffee in hands, sat down at an open table, unfolding the large map of America's major roadways further. “So,” He mumbled to himself, “Where are we heading here?”

Brendan looked at the map and commented, "We could probably head over here it looks like they have some hotels and a camp ground depending on what we want to do."

"Hmmm... Hey girls!" Bob began, gesturing for the girls to come over, "We gotta figure out how we're getting there. Wanna help us out?"

"Umm... Go north?" Zoey shrugged.

"Alright... Alright, yeah, that makes sense," Bob stated, "We'll just take a generally north drive. Any other ideas?"

"We'll figure more complicated driving around stuff later once we actually get to Quebec," Zoey waved her hand, taking a brief moment to mouth, "I win," to Fennel before looking back at Bob.

"Alright, whatever. I bet there'd be something in our way at some point because of the Clash, so just going north makes sense anyways," Bob noted, folding up the map and stuffing it into his pocket.

Brendan grabbed a few pieces of food and said "I'm gonna go get ready don't burn down the place okay." He then got up and headed back to the room.

Fennel's ears continued to twich almost as if she was trying to locate the source of some noise but it seemed to be a reflex more than anything. "So, Elizabeth, what's your favorite breakfast item?"

Elizabeth blushed before awkwardly answering, "... Pancakes." It seemed she was embarrassed that her favorite breakfast item was something so simple when compared to her culinary ambitions.

"Yeah, pancakes are good. Have you had them with coconut syrup before?" Fennel asked.

Elizabeth perked up with curiosity. "Coconut syrup? That's a thing?"

"Yeah, Guava and papaya are also pretty common in Laviturn." Fennel replied, before taking another bite of food.

"I didn't think that you could..." Elizabeth trailed off, being hit with a sudden revelation. She was always trying to throw ingredients together and make something new, the next lasagna or burrito. While she had made regular food plenty of times before, she had somehow never realized she could modify and improve upon even the most basic of dishes... Like pancakes with something exotic like 'coconut syrup'.

One of Fennel's ears dropped down as she gave Elizabeth a confused look and asked "You could?"

"Sorry, I was.. Thinking about something about food," Elizabeth replied, still invested in her thoughts.

"That's fine." Fennel commented

"So, Clara," Zoey grinned, "You slept with Fe-"

"Yes, Zoey, I slept with Fennel. No, we did not have sex. She's just very soft," Clara interrupted before Zoey could start a chain of sexual innuendos based in purposeful misunderstandings.

Fennel was somewhat flustered by the comment, it wasn't exactally something that would have been commented on regular basis. "Hair driers are good at that. They make hair a lot fluffier." To test Clara's comment, Tina stumbled towards Fennel and gave her a hug.

"She is soft!" Tina exclaimed.

Fennel was caught off gaurd by the sudden hug and unsure of how to react started stroking Tina's hair with her free hand. Tina was surprised by Fennel's reaction to the hug, remaining still for a moment before quietly detatching herself with a smile. Fennel felt bad for having reacted in such a strange way and picked up the smaller girl and placed her in her lap, as there didn't seem to be any open chairs near them.

Tina was, once again, surprised. She stared at Fennel for a few seconds before hugging her once again. Though this hug seemed a bit more emotional than just a i-wonder-how-soft-she-is hug.

Fennel took a moment and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl.

After a reasonable amount of time later Brendan was back at the table dressed and with his bag. Brendan then opened a few pokeball-like objects and was dumping several plates of food inside the spheres.

"What are you doing?" Bob asked with confusion.

"I can't exactally feed all my Pokemon inside. People don't always react well to Tabasco or Mr.Kippers." Brendan replied as the he filled the last ball. It seemed that Parfait and Hopkins had been following Brendan and started eating from plates Brendan had handed them,

"Alright," Bob agreed, "But shoving a bunch of pancakes and bacon into a ball is also gonna look weird, don't you think? Besides, Zoey's got that thing following her around; I doubt your monsters are gonna be that much more surprising."

"The correct name for this unit is: "Ernie"," Ernie stated, having been peering in through a window the entire time.

"You got a point." Brendan said before letting the rest of his Pokemon on. These newcomers included The previously mentioned Mr.Kipperss, a dgital bird like creature named Poryswan and a red electircal ghost named Allen.

"Hey, Ernie. Warm up my seat in the bus for me," Zoey ordered from inside the hotel.

“You might want to be more specific there Zoey." Fennel commented. "Last time it stole a bus."

"Shit. Ernie! A good amount of warm! I just want it to be comfy to sit on!" Zoey quickly added. Ernie did a sort of nod, before floating off to accomplish its task.

Parfait deceided that Zoey had a foul mouth and immedately wrapped a feeler around the girls mouth as if telling her to watch her language.

"Always two steps a head, I see Parfait." Brendan commented regarding the pokemon's actions.

"Blagh, wha-" Zoey defiantly licked the feeler around her mouth.

Parfait seemed undisturbed by this action, considering that the creature licked it's own feelers all the time and this humans lick attack was particularly pitiful.

Quickly realizing the age old lick trick had no effect, Zoey simply batted the feeler away. "Does Parfait want a blowjob or something, what's she doing?"

"She probably doesn't like your language." Brendan commented


"What you said more specically" Brendan added with a roll of his eyes.

"... Wh- Because I said 'shit'?" Zoey blinked. She and the others had a concept of 'bad words', but their father generally stopped caring once they got closer to Zoey's age.

Parfait's feelers immedatley wrapped around Zoey once again. "Yeah probably that one." Brendan said with a slight chuckle.

Zoey looked over at Parfait with a pout. However, a devious idea quickly came to mind, and an equally devious smile formed on her face as she lowered the feeler. "I'll keep that in mind then," She said.

Bob leaned into Brendan and whispered, "That isn't usually a good expression."

Ernie's blank visage returned to the window, its eyes poking up against the glass. "Your seat is at a temperature at which it will be of optimal warmth upon your arrival, Overseer Zoey," the Benefactor stated informally, before floating back to keep up the heat.

"What have I gotten myself into" Brendan commented with a face palm.

Zoey whispered something to Ruby. Ruby gave an obedient nod before scampering off to the other girls, exchanging whispers with them as well.

"Is everything okay Tina?" Fennel asked.

"... I miss my moms," She whimpered quietly.

Fennel made some gentle hushing noises as she said "It's okay, you'll get to see them soon." The Laviturnian was conflicted, the girls clearly loved their family even if their father was far from ideal. She was unsure if bringing them home was even the right thing to do.

Tina shuddered with a slightly louder whimper as she buried her face into Fennel. "N-No I won't..." She said as quietly as she?” could manage, "We.. We won't ever get to see them again..."

Fennel slowly began rocking side to side as she said "Don't say that. We'll find them."

Tina began to sob. "No! We can't see them again!" She cried out.

“What makes you think that?” Fennel whispered hoping to soothe

"Because they don't like daddy anymore!" Tina yelled, looking up at Fennel with a mixture of anger and despair. She then lowered her head, looking downwards as she sniffled. The other girls looked at the scene for a moment before uncomfortably exchanging glances with one another.

“Do you know where they might be?” Fennel asked unsure of how to respond.

"Th-They're back in Mexico... We left them," Tina answered mumbled, wiping at her tears with her arm.

“Can’t we go back to find them?” Fennel asked.

"No!" Tina shouted, clearly upset with Fennel, but couldn't help herself from hugging the fox once again.

Fennel embraced the younger girl “It's okay we’ll figure it out.” Fennel said hoping it would comfort the girl.

Tina said nothing in response, simply sobbing into Fennel, though as moments passed, her crying became less audible and her small shudders less frequent.

Fennel stood up and started paving the lobby with Tina in her arms, hoping it would calm the girl. Parfait then approached the two and wrapped her feelers around Tina, hoping it would comfort her. Soon enough, Tina's crying stopped almost entirely, down to but a few whimpers. She hesitantly whispered, "... I-Is.. Is it okay if.. I.. Call you mommy?"

Fennel was a bit wierded out by the request. ”Umm let’s just stick to Fennel for now...”

Tina shrank back a bit and nodded. "Okay... I'm sorry..." She murmured.

Fennel felt really bad now, “... it’s fine...” she added. It might be best if Tina could use Fennel as a security blanket for the time being. “If you really want to you can.”

"... Are you sure?" Tina asked, not wanting to impose.

“It’s fine.” Fennel said, while she wasn‘t particularly fond of the title, she figured it was best just to accept it.

"Thank you... Mommy," Tina replied quietly, her body relaxing on the last word.

It was strange for Fennel hear those words refer to herself. Sure she wanted to be a mom one day, but that was s low priority for her at the moment given the recent turn of events. Fennel then walked back to the table and sat down. “Tina? Did you have s chance to eat yet?”

"Mhm... I woke up fi-" Tina was interrupted by Ruby tapping on her back and gesturing for her to lower her head. Tina blinked, then lent Ruby her ear. Ruby whispered as quietly as she could to Tina, who seemed confused at first, then nodded in understanding before giving Ruby a thumbs up.

Fennel being a big eared Fox she was whispered “Sounds like trouble.” To Tina.

Ruby returned to Zoey and nodded. Zoey cleared her throat before letting out a loud, "Shit!"

Parfait then wrapped a feeler around Zoey‘s mouth. Her devious smile grew wider before Maria let out her own, "Shit shit shit!" She was a few tables away from Zoey, and giggled to herself as she looked at Parfait.

Parfait then dragged Zoey with her as she wrapped another feeler around Maria. Then Harper, yet another few tables away, let out a proud, "Shit!" What followed was a crescendo of "Shit!"s from many of the girls as Zoey slowly turned her head to look directly into Parfait's very soul, pulling down the feeler covering her mouth and whispering, "Shit."

Parfait unwrapped her feelers from the girls and promptly gave each of the girls that swore a spank to act as s form of punishment. While the spank hurt a bit, Zoey spitefully let out a loud moan, "Harder!" knowing it would push Parfait's buttons.

Brendan then slammed his head into tge table as Parfait shot a small moon blast at Zoey. The shots attempt was simply to scare the girl as it disappeared just before impact."HUGH-GLABUGHCUF!" Zoey blurted out as she stumbled to the ground.

"Alright, knock it off!" Bob protested loudly, standing up from his coffee, "All of you!"

"Bad Parfait!" Ruby chastised, lightly spanking the pokemon.

Brendan then grabbed a newspaper before striking the the Pokémon on the nose with the paper “Bad Parfait. Bad girl.” Brendan repremanded. “You do not do that.”

"I'm sure you all had a part in this too. This is what you were whispering about, wasn't it?" Bob asked. Ruby nodded proudly, for she had done as Zoey instructed without fail. To this, Bob simply furrowed his eyes in disapproval and huffed annoyedly.

The pokemon whimpered just after impact before giving Brendan a sad look. “Oh no you don’t.” Brendan said as he pointed to Zoey, who rubbed her head as she slowly sat up. The pokemon then shamefuly walked over to Zoey and let out a pitiful. “Sylv... eon.”

Zoey considered swearing to rub it in, but decided she had asserted dominance enough for one morning. Besides, it wasn't like she hated Parfait or anything. "Oh, okay.. C'mere," Zoey replied, reaching forwards and petting the Sylveon's head as a sign of forgiveness.

The Pokémon slowly crawled over wagging her tail. After a moment, the Pokémon used its feelers to help the girl up. "Thanks.. Ough, man, I really hurt my ass," Zoey muttered, rubbing her rear.

Parfait immediatley took a bandage from Brendan’s Bag before returning it to Zoey with a panicked expression. "Wha- No, no! It's okay," Zoey laughed, "I just landed on it hard, it doesn't need a bandage."

Parfait then tried pressing the unopened bandage to Zoey’s forehead hoping it would help.

"Parfait, Parfait, it's fine," Zoey assured," I'm not made of glass." To demonstrate, she gave her own face a good, hard smack while looking directly at the pokemon. While her cheek got a little red, there was obviously no damage. "See? I'm okay."

Parfait then pressed the bandage to Zoey’s cheek. Zoey couldn't help but snicker. "This would be annoying if you weren't so cute," She remarked, "I'm not even bleeding, what would I need a bandage for?" She recalled the last time Parfait got in a medical panic, and hoped she could calm the pokemon down a little and inject a bit more rationality into the Sylveon's response to humans getting harmed.

Parfait then placed the bandage over Zoey‘s mouth before walking away. Zoey realized then that she had been played like a fiddle. In her eyes, the pokemon's trick was a lot more dirty than her own, and so she would have to cook up a scheme for the future. For now, she could be satisfied with ripping the bandage off and letting out an eloquent, "Fuck!"

Parfait gave Zoey a confused look before lying down. "What the- Shit!" Zoey called out. Parfait then walked over and wrapped her feelers around Zoey before unleashing a powerful aura. "Oh... Shii..." Zoey slurred with a smile befitting a stoner as she dropped to the ground once again with a drunken giggle.

Fennel, during this ordeal has covered Tina’s ears "Why're you covering my ears? Am I supposed to say 'shit' yet?" Tina asked innocently.

“Don’t say those words. They're not nice.” Fennel hissed.

"Oh... But... Ruby said that Zoey said it would be funny," Tina replied with a confused look.

“it’s a bad word the good girls don’t say.” Fennel replied

"But.. But Zoey says it! And she's a good girl!" Tina insisted.

“Not as good as you think.” Fennel commented quietly.

"What?" Tina blinked, having not heard Fennel well.

“She’s naughty sometimes.” Fennel said slightly louder.

"... Sometimes... Yeah.. But she's still a good girl!" Tina defended, "She helped us escape our moms."

“She’s naughty sometim-” Fennel cut herself as she took in Tina’s statement. Tina seemed hurt to insinuate that 'escaping their moms' was a good thing, but she did believe so, and was grateful towards Zoey.

Brendan noticed that the girls seemed to be done eating. “Is everyone ready to go?”

"To.. North!" Zoey laughed, still a little high from the aura blast as she pointed towards the ceiling from the floor.

”I need to grab my things from the room then I’ll be good.” Fennel remarked.

"You.. You have a nice.. Butt!" Zoey declared, rolling over onto her stomach and snickering.

Parfait ceased calming Zoey as Fennel checked her pockets. “I don’t have my key... Zoey could you get the door for me?”

"Yeah, I got you," Zoey answered, shaking off the calming aura before stumbling to her feet and following Fennel.

”Thanks.” Fennel said as she walked down the hall. Shortly after reaching the door Fennel waited for Zoey to unlock the door.

Zoey reached into the front of her pants, biting lightly on her lower lip before pulling out the key card for the room with a satisfied smile and unlocking the door. "There you go," She said, pushing the door open.

“Thanks.” Fennel said as she walked into the room.

"Hey, uh.. I wanted to talk to you about something, and this is a pretty good opportunity," Zoey said, walking into the room and closing the door behind herself.

“Yeah?” Fennel asked.

"... Thanks for talking to Tina and stuff."

“It‘s no big deal. It’s s little weird how she wants to call- never mind.” Fennel said as she walked into the bathroom to grab her dirty clothes.

"Call what?" Zoey asked curiously, "You can't leave at."

”She asked if she could call mommy” Fennel remarked as she placed the clothes in an empty bag.

"Oh... That's.. Kinda weird, but... I.. Guess it makes sense," Zoey sighed, "... We all miss our moms."

“Sounds like a complicated relationship from what I can gather.” Fennel said as she donned her cloak.

"Yeah... Long story short, a dickhead evil mushroom came and ruined everything. It used magic or something to make all of our moms hate dad. Some of our sisters stayed behind, but.. I got this group of us out of there. We love our dad.. We're loyal to him."

“Sounds tough,” Fennel commented, while she agreed with Zoey's moms, it wasn’t really the best time to bing that up.

Zoey took a deep breath as she nodded. After a moment, she suddenly said, "But.. Shit happens sometimes. We just gotta keep moving forward."

As Fennel put in the cloak something fell from its pocket self landing in the bag spilling its contents. "Oh shit, I got it," Zoey bent down to help pick up the belongings that spilled. She then saw a metallic sheen. Fennel quickly gathered her clothes into the bag leaving s rather decorative dagger in a sheath on the ground.

"Ooooh! This thing looks badass!" Zoey exclaimed, picking the dagger up and examining it, giving the tip a little poke with her finger to see how sharp it was.

“It’s pretty sharp, don‘t cut yourself.” Fennel remarked.

"Woosh! Woo woo woosh!" Zoey made sound effects and she sliced the air a few times before twirling the small blade in her fingers. Unfortunately, she wasn't well-versed in twirling daggers in her fingers, and ended up dropping the dagger. Double-unfortunately, she tried catching the dagger and ended up grabbing the blade.

"GAH-" Zoey's scream was cut off as she bit down on her not-daggered hand to keep from yelping loudly.

“Zoey, that was a cursed dagger. Now you're going to turn into a hideous creature.” Fennel gasped.

"W-Wait! Wh- I- What!?" Zoey yelped, dropping the dagger onto the ground and looking at the cut on her fingers and palm, "I-I! No! Wait! Pl- Isn't there a way to undo it!?"

“Pfft no. I lied about the curse," Fennel said.

"Oh, you bitch!" Zoey lightly shoved Fennel and pouted, though Zoey was clearly suppressing a smile.

“No I’m a vixen.” Fennel commented as she tore a piece of grass from her sandals. “Now press the cuts together.”

"Oh yeah, something about pressure or something?" Zoey did as she was told, recalling someone mentioning something about applying pressure to wounds.

”That, and I might be able seal the cut.” Fennel said as she traced the cuts with her fingers. The cuts let out a soft glow as the cut was replaced with raw skin.

Zoey opened her hand with an amazed look on her face. "Wow... Is there any way at all for me to do that magic stuff?" She asked, squinting her eyes at where the cut once was.

Fennel then placed the leaf in Zoeys hand as it took the form of a fingerless glove. “The cut is just barely sealed so be gentle on it.” Fennel didn’t hear Zoey's question and asked “What was that?”

"Can I do magic stuff like that? Like.. Is there.. Wizard.. Stuff you can teach me?"

“It depends if your world has inactive magic. Going to Varie was kind of like a jumpstart.” Fennel replied.

Fennel then stood up and double checked that she had everything. “Maybe if we wind up in Varie I can show you some."

Fennel then sheathed the dagger and placed it back in her cloak before exiting the room with Zoey following. Zoey seemed to have shifted her focus from wanting to learn magic to admiring how nice her new glove looked.

"C'mon girls," the voice of Bob echoed from the breakfast room, "Let's get going!"

As the two walked down the hall Fennel whispered “I hear you have a crush on Bread.”

"Wait, what!? Me? No, no ,no. He is not my type. I like big, muscular dudes," Zoey dismissed the notion, "It's the other way around."

“I‘m pretty sure he doesn’t like little girls like that.” Fennel teased.

"Little? My boobs are the same size as yours!" Zoey huffed, grabbing her boobs to emphasize their existence, ".. Maybe a little bigger actually.. Here, hold yours up."

“What no!” Fennel exclaimed.”Be sides you don’t have hips like this.” Fennel stares as she patted her side. Zoey had no retort for that. It was true Fennel's hips were superior to her own, meager fourteen-year-old hips.

"Hey," Bob peeked over the corner, having heard the commotion, "You two coming? We need Zoey to get her dumb robot out of the way."

“Coming Bob!“ Fennel snickered before quickly heading down the hall. Before bumping into the Marine.

"I bet you have a gag reflex," Zoey huffed as she passed the two, strutting with her nose held high and waving her hand as to signal Ernie to move.

“Doesn’t everyone?“ Fennel asked not having caught the implication.

"Maybe if you plan on being a spinster!" Zoey sneered.

As commanded, Ernie floated out of the way, statong monotonously as he did, "Seat is at an optimum comfortable temperature, Overseer Zoey." Zoey gave Ernie a thumbs up before hopping inside the bus.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Part 2 of a lot

Brendan then poked his head out from around the corner, "Hey, Bob we got the rest of the girls in the bus. Did you, nevermind" Brendan cut himself off once he saw the girls."I guess you got them already."

Fennel and Brendan then got in the bus as Fennel placed her bags in the over head.

Brendan then returned all of his pokemon except for the Porygon-Z and Rotom

Clara patted the seat next to her, wanting Brendan to sit by her.

Brendan, not having anywere else to sit decided to sit next to Clara. "So how's it going." Brendan asked upon sitting down.

"Good. I just finished adding onto Parfait's page," Clara answered, opening her notebook. As with every other page, the writing was non-legible, though in the top right was a very well-drawn picture of the pokemon. Though, as Clara explained she would do before, she simply traced a projection of an image she took with her camera.

"That's a nice drawiing you have there." Brendan commented upon seeing the doodle.

"I traced it from a picture I took with my camera," Clara stated, giving the page a quick glance.

"It still looks nice." Brendan remarked.

Fennel then sat down leaving an empy seat which was quickly snatched up by Tina. Zoey and Ruby were sitting in the seats just behind Fennel and Tina.

Bob climbed up into the bus, taking his place at the driver's seat. "Alright, let me try and figure this out..."

Allen the rotom looked at Bob in the driver's seat for a moment before phasing into the steering wheel.

"Brendan, your robot ghost just went into the steering wheel I was about to use," Bob huffed, "You mind?

"It's a Rotom. It's like having a smart car." Brendan replied.

"I can drive, Brendan," Bob grumbled, "So get it out."

Allen then popped out of steering wheel and floated next to Bob. "BZZZT"

"Yeah, yeah, if we need you, you'll drive," Bob stated, starting up the bus.

Allen then floated over to the dvd player before possessing the object.

Fennel then twiched an ear backward and said "Hey, Ruby and Zoey."

"What's up?" Zoey answered, she and Ruby looking up at Fennel.

"Do you want to see the dagger again?" Fennel asked.

"Hell yeah!" Zoey answered enthusiastically.

"What dagger?" Ruby inquired.

Fennel then turned around and pulled the dagger out of her cloak before unsheathing it. She then handed the dagger to Zoey.

"Woaah! That looks so cool! Hey, where did you get the.. Leaf.. Glove?" Ruby asked.

"Fen made it for me," Zoey answered, slicing the air a lot more slowly than she did in the hotel room with slow Wooooshes.The "Hey, you wanna hold my shotgun?" Zoey offered Fennel, gesturing to the firearm on by her side. It would have been uncomfortable to keep it on her back.

"Sure" Fennel said, surpised she didn't see the firearm earlier. Zoey picked it up and handed it over the seat to Fennel.

"Bob gave it to me as a present," Zoey stated.

"Yeah a friend of ours wanted to give that dagger to Ryle. She mentioned that it's a special dagger in her culture." Fennel remarked as she looked at the shotgun. "It's not loaded is it?"

"Of course it is," Zoey scoffed.

Fennel quickly activated the safely and removed the slugs from the gun. "You know that's not safe right?"

"Hey! Put my ammo back in! I know how to use a shotgun, you know. Daddy taught us how to shoot," Zoey huffed.

"Okay but we don't need it going off in the bus." Fennel said.

"Fiiine. I'll keep it on safety, but put my ammo back in it! A gun's useless if it can't shoot."

Fennel then handed Zoey the ammo. "You can load it when we need to shoot at something."

"It'll be too late at that point. Loading ammo takes time," Zoey argued.

"Just don't go pointing it at anyone." Fennel said as she handed back the shotgun.

"You act like I don't know anything about handling guns," Zoey pouted, slipping the slugs back into her firearm.

"Im just saying I wouldn't have left the saftey off." Fennel remarked.

Zoey rolled her eyes before stabbing at the air a few times with Fennel's dagger. "Whatcha! Stan! Stab!" She sneered to herself.

Fennel then pointed at the dagger freezing it in the air preventing Zoey from stabbing anyone. "What the..." Zoey blinked, trying to wrestling the dagger out of the air.

"Kinetic manipulation, sweetie. You'd be surpised how useful it is." Fennel snickered as she watched Zoey try to move the blade.

"Hmph. You really are acting like our mom now," Zoey mumbled.

"What was that hun?" Fennel teased.

"I know damn well your giant ears heard what I said."

Fennel then placed a a finger on her chin before giveing a coy smile and saying "Are you sure?"

"Spinster," Zoey huffed.

"Like this?" Fennel said as the dagger began twirling in the air. "Besides it's so much fun to push your buttons."

"I'm calling you a spinster you-" Zoey turned to Ruby, "Did you know she has a gag reflex still?"

"Wait, really?" Ruby looked to Fennel with a surprised look.

"Everyone has a gag reflex. What does that have to do with anything?" Fennel asked.

"If a guy has to choose between two girls and one has a gag reflex and one doesn't, he is gonna choose the one that doesn't have a gag reflex," Zoey explained.

"Oh, how cute." Fennel quiped in a deadpan voice.

"Hey, Tina, do you still have your gag reflex?" Zoey asked, peering over the back of Tina's seat.

"Kinda," Tina answered, "I think I'm close to getting rid of it though!"

Fennel then covered her ears "I'm not listening."

"What's wrong?" Tina asked, tugging on Fennel's sleeve.

"She still has her gag reflex!" Zoey sneered.

"Wha!? But you're way older than me!" Tina gasped in surprise.

"And your point is?" Fennel asked Zoey in miffed tone.

"That's why you're gonna be a spinster," Zoey grinned, "Besides, it's so much fun to push your buttons."

"You know not putting out doesn't mean I'm gonna be a spinster." Fennel said quitely.

"I mean, you don't have to be as active as me, but I doubt you've even lost your virginity!" Zoey exclaimed.

"And you'd be right." Fennel quipped.

The bus lurched forwards and slowly picked up its speed as Bob manuevered it out of the hotel parking lot. "I think I got the hang of this," Bob remarked, "I hate the clutch, but it works."

"Sure your don't want Allen's help?" Brendan asked.

"I'm positive, Bread- I mean, Brendan," Bob stated loudly, before huffing, "I can drive a bus myself."

"You too, Bob?." Brendan asked.

"Ugh, it's like, painful. I legitimately feel bad for you," Zoey said, though she smiled the entire time she spoke, "I mean come on. Not even a handjob?"

"No." Fennel retorted.

"But why? Have you even tried?"

"No. I'm... waiting." Fennel said, she was unsure of how to explain.

"Waiting? For what?"

"Marriage." Fennel said.

"Pfft, by the time you get married, your guy's gonna wonder why you don't know literally anything about sex."

"It won't matter. I want it to be special." Fennel retorted.

"Even the blowjob? You don't wanna at least get rid of your gag? So you can like, actually give head right?"

"No. If I wait for my husband I expect him to do the same for me." Fennel said.

"... Or you could just know what you're doing beforehand," Zoey suggested, "I don't get why you wanna go in not knowing anything and it be all awkward. That's really gonna turn the guy off."

"If he loves me, it won't matter. I want to marry someone who loves me for who I am, not what I can do." Fennel replied, her tone seemed to carry a small amount of pain in it. The last few months of being seen as some sort of freak by everyone she met had certainly taken it's toll on her.

"I'm not saying that, I'm just saying it'll be more.. Enjoyable for both of you if you have some idea of what to do," Zoey explained.

"Its just that's a something extremely special and personal. It's something that can only be given once, I want it to be a sign our commitment to each other."

Zoey wanted to retort that, but... "...I guess... I mean.. My first time was obviously with my dad. That... Was special and personal," She sighed, "... But still you could at least deepthroat a dildo or something to help out with the gag reflex, c'mon."

"Do you not understand. The whole point is that its supposed be worth the wait." Fennel said

"... I mean it does feel pretty great so I can't say it isn't worth it," Zoey snickered, "But.. Well.. I guess looking back on it... It wouldn't have been as fun to use a dildo instead of the real thing to get rid of my gag... But still, aren't you worried that you're gonna stay single forever?"

A tear fell down Fennel's cheek as she said "Sort of, I've been seen as some sort of freak of nature of the last six months. So at this point I don't know if there's a guy who wouldn't see me as just some stupid animal." She then slunk back into her chair.

Zoey actually felt pretty bad seeing how bummed she made Fennel. She got up from her seat, walked up a row, and whispered to Tina, "Psst. Can I sit here for a sec? Just wanna talk to Fen for a bit." Tina nodded and sat in Zoey's seat while Zoey sat in Tina's.

"Hey, c'mon.. There's plenty of guys out there who'll dig you. Your ears are exotic and stuff and.. You have a nice ass," Zoey offered.

"I don't want to be someone's fetish fuel. I want to be a person to them." Fennel said as she looked out the window.

"That's not what I mean.. Like.. Some guys are into blondes, right?" Zoey started, "So he's gonna be like, more likely to date a blonde chick, but he's not dating her just because she's blonde, even if that's his 'fetish fuel'. Sure, a guy might be really into.. Fox people.. But that doesn't mean that's the only reason he'd date you... And I'm sure you're smart enough to be able to tell if he is."

"But what if I'm not."

"I'll give you some Zoey Advice™️ then," Zoey smiled, wrapping an arm around Fennel's shoulders and using a finger to poke Fennel's cheek so she would face her, "That way no guy will be able to sneak his way into your pants... Because you don't want that apparently."

"What." Fennel replied.

"Yeah! I know all about how guys tick. I've spent half my life figuring that out, you know," Zoey winked, "Plus, my dad gave me a few tips if I was ever on my own."

"Fire away."

"Alright, first, you gotta remember that a guy wanting to sneak in your pants can look like anyone. From fatties to hunks. You got an advantage though since you're a... Fox person. Most people haven't seen that, so if you pay attention, you'll be able to tell if they're just a bit excited or if they have a huge (Or small) boner and just wanna fuck you."

"Human...I'm a human. Isn't there a more subtle way?" Fennel said.

"I'm not saying you actually see if they have a boner. I mean look at their voice and listen to how they talk, which brings me to how they flirt," Zoey held up a finger, "The really charismatic guys will try and be all sneaky with innuendos and shit, you might not even notice if you aren't looking out for it, and that's what they want. It's like.. A seed, right? The first remark they make is a seed, and if you're caught off guard, they're able to plant it in your head and then everything they say after that is watering it until finally you're ass-naked on a bed and they're about to screw you. Now.. That doesn't mean the guy's a bad guy.. Just that he's really only looking to hit it and quit it."

"Is it really that simple?" Fennel asked.

"Mostly, yeah. You also have a bit of an advantage since you're a massive prude wanting to wait until marriage," Zoey added.

"I wouldn't say prude." Fennel remarked.

"You're kind of a prude. Anyway! A guy that just wants to smash isn't gonna wait six months or whatever until you finally get married. If he asks for anything along the way, keep an eye out because he's probably blue balled and getting impatient."

"Well compaired to you I'm prude. I'd probably call you a floozy" Fennel was carefull to say the words in the lease offensive way possible.

".. That's pretty accurate," Zoey nodded, "But yeah, most guys that are just wanting to bone are not gonna want to wait that long, even if you're their fetish. And as you're dating and waiting to get married, you can get to know him a bit better, see how compatible you guys are, but try not to be too compatible, because that means he might just be trying to look appealing to you so things will go faster and you're more likely to put out."

"Yeah, that makes sense." Fennel replied "Tell me do you ever want to have kids some day?"

"Of course! I wanna pump out as many as I can," Zoey answered with a wide grin.

"I'd like to have two or three." Fennel commented before seeing Zoey's grin. "You just wanna make them don't you."

"Well, that part will be fun and all, but I really do want to have as many as possible," Zoey replied, "Daddy said I gotta wait until I get a bit older to actually get preggo though or else it won't be good for my body."

"Yeah... It gets pretty dangerous." Fennel remarked. "If I find a guy in Varie, we're moving back to Laviturn. They might have magic there but thier medicne is terrible. I don't really wanna die having kids."

"Oh, yeah, you definitely want medicine and stuff. I mean, I can't count how many morning after pills I've taken," Zoey remarked, "And birth control and stuff."

"Yeah... I mean if you die, you miss out on the fun part of being a mom anyway." Fennel commented.

"... I just hope none of my kids turn out like me. I'm sure I was a bitch to raise," Zoey giggled.

"I mean your kids take after you, so I guess there's only one way to change that." Fennel added.

"... At least they'll be awesome then," Zoey shrugged.

"I hope I can keep doing the adventuring stuff. It's a lot of fun, I'd love to have that as a job when I get back, but I'm not sure if those goals would conflict." Fennel mused.

"Just keep the baby at home while you adventure and stuff, or in a.. Armored.. Baby carrier," Zoey suggested.

Fennel giggled at the thought of a baby wearing battle armor.

"Plus, when he or she gets to be about six or seven, you can take them with you," Zoey added.

"Oh that'd be so cute. swinging around a little sword."

"Just don't tell them they look cute with the sword. Kids hate that. Trust me," Zoey said the last two words with a deadpan expression.

"Look at you trying to be all big and bad." Fennel remarked as if to indicate she was no longer upset.

"Pfft, I'm fine being called cute as long as I'm not trying to be badass at the moment," Zoey remarked, "But I remember one time, I think, like.. The only time my dad ever pissed me off, was when I was at the shooting range, and I was being all badass, and he said I was cute. I mean, I am cute, but I don't wanna be told I'm cute when I'm being badass."

"You know some guys are into the cutesy battle girl thing." Fennel commented.

"I know that, duh," Zoey rolled her eyes, "But like.. I want to be told I am badass when I just got bullseye a billion times, not cute."

"Fair enough."

"Anyway," Zoey took a deep breath, "You should be fine with getting a guy that's a prude like you. I still think you should practice deepthroating though buuut If you ever get worried or anything, just come to me, and I'll be able to tell you easy if he's good."

"I'll cross that bridge when I get there." Fennel remarked.

"... I'll give you one more tip though. This helped me early on," Zoey held up her hand, "Take your thumb and kinda tuck it sideways under your fingers and above that bit of fat on the top of your palm then make a fist. It sorta turns off the gag reflex... Or like, helps, at least."

Fennel shook her head. "Please stop."

"At least you have a leg up now," Zoey snickered.

Fennel then leaned over the seat and said "Hey lizzy." Her ears moved forward just enought to tap the younger girl on the head as she addressed her.

"Huh? Oh, hey," Elizabeth smiled, "What do you need?"

"Just wanted to see how you were doing." Fennel said. as the sound of metal clattering to floor could be heard.

Zoey looked back and forth between Fennel and Elizaebth before standing up and gesturing her head at Fennel. Elizabeth got up from her own seat and sat down while Zoey walked back to snatch the dagger for more air stabbing.

"I'm doing fine, uhm.. How about you?" Elizabeth replied

"I'm doing fine. Did you sleep well?" Fennel asked.

"Yeah.. I don't really like sleeping alone though," Elizabeth sighed.

"Yea sorry about that... Why, if we have to share beds again, you can sleep in mine." Fennel said. "Have you seen Bread's abs?" Fennel giggled seeming to have remembered that was one of the first things she saw that morning.

"Wait, what," Elizabeth blinked, "Abs? Wait- I thought you said you didn't like him."

"He's just good looking. He let me take his bed last night, so he slept on the couch." Fennel commented her tone indicated she was distracted by something she was thinking about.

"... Aaand?" Elizabeth asked, getting the hint.

"He just didn't have a shirt on and he looks like he can swing a warhammer around." Fennel commented.

"... I mean... I guess?" Elizabeth shrugged, "I.. Don't think he looks that great."

"To each their own." Fennel shrugged.

"... I wish I could see Bob's abs though," Elizabeth admitted quietly, "He has muscle."

"He'd probably be the looker if it werent for that sweats and dad jeans he wears all the time." Fennel remarked.

"So you wanna see him without pants on," Elizabeth giggled.

"Eww, no. He just needs to wear different pants. It would make him look more respectable." Fennel said.

"Yeah, our dad used to wear suits all the time," Elizabeth nodded, "Like with a tie."

"I bet Bob would look good in shorts. It'd show off his calves." Fennel mused.

"... I just got an idea," Elizabeth smiled, "What if we all go swimming? At a pool somewhere or something? We can buy swimsuits and bikinis!"

"I've been dying to go swimming again. All the lakes in Varie are dirty." Fennel remarked, she wondered if she could work up a way to surf in the pool.

"And we'd get to see Bob and Brendan with nothing on but swim trunks," Elizabeth added.

Fennel snickered for a bit in agreeement. "I wonder if we could find a lake. I'd love to see if I could muster up some waves."

"It'd be pretty easy to get everyone else to wanna swim. I think we'd just have to tell Zoey she can show off her body in a bikini," Elizabeth mused.

Fennel then leaned over and said "Psst, Zoey do you want to go to a pool."

"Huh? What? Why?" Zoey looked over at Fennel curiously.

Fennel looked side to side in a mischievous manner as she said "It might be fun." Her tail was swishing side to side almost as it acting as a distraction.

"What're you getting at?" Zoey smirked, glancing between Fennel and her tail.

"Nnoothiiiig." Fennel said in an tone matching her more playful actions at the moment.

"That's a something nothing," Zoey grinned.

"I might just want an excuse to see Bread's abs again." Fennel remarked.

"Maybe you aren't such a prude after all," Zoey remarked.

"Just because I'm not shopping doesn't mean I can't look," Fennel added.

"Alright, I'm in," Zoey nodded, "Watch this..." Zoey cleared her throat and shouted, "HEY, BOB! WE WANNA GO SWIMMING!" In an instant, the bus erupted into a roar of assenting cheers from the other girls.

"Well, that was easy." Fennel commented as her ears swished upwards."

"I was about to say I wish there were more dudes, but if we're going to a pool... We'll be drowning them," Zoey snickered.

"So have you ever been surfing before?" Fennel asked.as she tossed the dagger's sheath into the air and with with a flick of her wrist the blade slid into it's hostler, before falling tinto Fennel's hand.

Zoey gawked at the trick for a moment before shaking her head. "We never got waves like that in New York," She answered, "... I doubt we can surf in a pool though."

"I'd have to collect the energy from somewhere. Water isn't my specialty, but I think I can figure something out." Fennel replied.

"Oh, yeah! You have magic!" Zoey nodded.

"Yeah, I'm not great with water but decent enough." Fennel s said as she put the dagger in her cloak.

"You know, with all the dudes there, this might be good practice for you," Zoey suggested.

"Just let me know if I pick up a creep." Fennel commented.

"I'll yell something about uh... Kelp. Yeah. If I say anything about kelp, that means the guy is garbage," Zoey smiled with a nod.

"Sounds like a good enough code word." Fennel said after a moment.

"Hmm.. Let's do some quick practice right now. Pretend I'm like.. Your ideal guy," Zoey gestured to herself, "I have no idea what that looks like since you said you thought Bread was hot,so yeah."

"Umm. hey, is that an iron cast gold inlaid warhammer you got there?" Fennel asked, she was clearly unsure of how to start this conversation.

"... What?" Zoey blinked.

"It's my favorite weapon to see adventurerers carry.... You gotta be strong to swing them around." Fennel said sheepishly.

"... Okay... Alright, uh.. So, first off, never say 'Umm'. Even if you gotta pause for like, half a second, don't say 'Umm'. If you can, squeeze a 'like' in that gap," Zoey informed, "'Hey' was a good start though. Also, bat your eyes just a tiny bit, not too much, just a little when you bring up the 'warhammer'."

"So like this? Hey there, I couldn't help but notice your warhammer." Fennel's ears twitched as she batted her eyes upon mentioning the weapon.

"Make sure you say it's big. Guys love hearing their weapons are big," Zoey nodded.

"So looks like a two handed weapon? Or can you just swing it around one handed?" Fennel said, her tone seemed to indcate she was enjoying the thought of a hammer wielding adventurerer at the pool.

Zoey thought about it for a moment before slowly nodding. "That's pretty good," She said with a grin, "I like the way you're saying it too. That's how you really sell it."

"I use polearms myself. Do you think we could spar sometime?" Fennel conituned seeming to not have heard Zoey's last response.

"This is good, this is good. Double meaning, but it's a warrior kinda guy, so either way he takes it, it works out fine," Zoey rubbed her chin, continuing to nod.

"Do you think I could give it a swing." Fennel's tone indicated she was being very literal.

Zoey caught onto this. "Say that again, but a little bit more like, sultry, I guess."

"But i don't want to give off that impression." Fennel said seemingly snapping back to reality.

"I dunno, you were getting pretty into it, but.. I guess that's why we practiced. It's not just about other guys fooling you, but you fooling yourself too," Zoey tapped her own temple to emphasize her point.

"Yeah you got a point. Sometimes you want to do more than you acctually want to do." Fennel stated, "But have you ever seen a guy swing around a hammer. It looks like it's be so much fun to hang onto the end of one. Like a rollercoaster almost."

"You are so weird," Zoey shook her head and giggled, "The good kind of weird though that guys call cute."

"I mean you gotta be ripped to swing around those things." Fennel commented "It's just such a thrill to swing weapons around in the heat of battle. I just wish there were a way for it to be romantic without the threat of dying." Fennel continued.

"I mean, it can be if you guys are 'sparring', I think," Zoey shrugged, "Now.. I don't think you're gonna find any guys with warhammers at the pool though. By ideal, I meant like... Their body."

"Hammer users all look about the same... execpt for Dipin, he's scrawny for a hammer user, granted it's his secondary weapon." Fennel commented.

"Ew, scrawny," Zoey disregarded Dipin's namedrop.

"Relativley, I mean he's built a bit like Brendan. just slightly less toned. Hammer users are typically built more like Bob." Fennel added.

"Now that's more like it. Imagine i'm just a Bob-looking guy. I don't have a hammer lying around anywhere. Most people don't have giant hammers."

"Most don't back home either. I kind of wish they did now." Fennel commented.

"So, How's it going?" Fennel asked in a coy tone as her tail swished back and forth. "So do yah surf? I do myself I know sweetspot over by Naria Outlook if you wanna go some time." Fennel said.

Zoey decided to throw Fennel a bone and say, "I surf sometimes. Never heard of Naria though, what's it like?"

"Oh it's just this little beach just outside of town. It's a little secluded." Fennel responded as she twitched her ears once again.

"Hmm... Well, I like the sound of that," Zoey replied with a grin.

"If you show up at low tide there's a bunch of tide pools, even a few coconut trees around the area." Fennel repsponded. She seemed to enjoying the attention this fictional boy was giving her.

"You know quite a bit about this place, huh? How about you let me know quite a bit about you?"

Fennel giggled "Oh, I don't know. Maybe we could go hiking around the area. Then you can get this nice view of Laviturn."

"Oh, I'm sure it has a nice view alright," Zoey smiled, giving Fennel a wink.

Fennel was lost in her little fantasy "On it's beautiful, escpecially at sunrise."

Zoey lightly snickered. "I was talking more the view of you," She explained, "But I'm sure the sunrise is up there."

"What are you getting at?" Fennel asked her tone indicating a hint of suspsion.

"I'm just saying I have a nice view already," Zoey replied calmly.

Fennel finally caught on as her ears pressed flat against her head and with a soft growl and slapped Zoey.
Immedately after word Fennel covered her face "I'm sorry, I just got so caught up."

"Ow.. Well, at least you caught me," Zoey muttered, rubbing her cheek, "I kept trying to turn everything onto you, used the same cheesy 'view' pickup line over and over. Don't slap a guy just because he compliments you though, but I think you've figured out how far is far enough to tell if he's probably a creep."

"I just thought... nevermind." Fennel said in a defeated tone.

"What's up?" Zoey asked.

"I just got too into it is all." Fennel said.

"I could tell that you really want a guy, huh?"

"I mean, yeah. It's just I've had to put that on hold since getting to Varie, and the rejection. I think I've suppresseda lot. Is all." Fennel continued.

"The rejection?"

"I mean, appearntly being a fox is kind of exclusive to home I guess." Fennel said as she pulled out her phone and started flipping throught pictures of Varians. "I mean, look at them." While the people in the images were not all clearly human, it was obvious that none of them were quite as animalistic as Fennel and Dipin.

"Huh... Well, I think we can work on that 'suppressed' thing and those issues," Zoey shrugged, "It'll help with getting a guy and.. Pretty much everything else too."

"Remember I don't want to sleep with anyone." Fennel added.

"Trust me, I know. For some reason," Zoey rolled her eyes, "Considering what I saw though.. And I never thought I'd say something like this... I'm gonna help you not have sex."

"Thanks," Fennel said.

"Are you two dating or something?" Tina asked.

"NO! She was just giving me some pointers on how to flirt." Fennel said.

"Wait what!? Zoey and Fennel are dating!?" Harper yelped from a few seats away.

"Oh, god dammit," Zoey muttered, facepalming as the new, hottest rumor began to spread amongst the girls.

"What's the fastest way to kill that rumor, Zoey." Fennel asked as she dug her face into the seat in front of her.

"A juicier rumor that contradicts it," Zoey sighed, "Otherwise, we're gonna have to deal with this for awhile until it blows over."

"What would be juicy enough." Fennel asked.

"Hell if I know. Us dating is pretty juicy," Zoey shrugged.

"Can't we just make something up about Bread. like that he's balding or something?" Fennel asked.

"Balding? Really? That's the juiciest thing you can think of?" Zoey shook her head, "Besides, that has nothing to do with us. If we say he's bald, then there'd just be two unrelated rumors flying around."

"Can't we just make up something about the other night that sounds reasonable." Fennel said trying to wrack her brain for something to use to distract the other girls from thinking she and Zoey were dating didn't have to do with the fight.

"... I would say something about you and Bread, but Clara was there and she'll debunk that shit right away," Zoey muttered.

"What if we don't lie and let her debunk their conclusions?" Fennel suggested. "But wait that implies I slept with him."

"You slept with Bread!?" Ruby gasped, "And Bread said he had a crush on Zo-... Is Bread dating both of you!?"

"You know, I'd be fine if I just died right now, you know, that'd be pretty cool," Zoey murmured to the ceiling of the bus.

"Oh geeze we shoud lave just left it there." Fennel said as she sank into the chair.

"... Wait.. I got it," Zoey came up with a brilliant idea, "We just have to break up with each other."

"ZOEY, YOU'RE A STUPID FLOOZY!" Fennel shouted.

"You're stupid!" Ruby yelled.

"Not now, Ruby! Fen, your ears are big and stupid! And you suck ass at eating ass!" Zoey snapped.

Fennel's time with the troupe of actors came in handy as tears fell down her face. Sobbing she shouted "YOU THOT!"

"I don't even know what that is! You threw up in my fucking vag!" Zoey screamed, "And I am sick of your whiny-ass bullshit! We are over, you hear me!? We're threw!"

"AND I'M DONE WITH YOUR SPECIESIST COMMENTS I'M EVEN MORE DONE WITH YOU!" The tears continued to roll down Fennel's face.

"Wait, WHAT!? NO I'M MORE DONE WITH YOU!" Zoey seethed.

"You'll never find anyone as good as me. I hope you die alone." Fennel hissed.

"Oh, man! I hope I never find anyone else like you! I probably would die then after shooting myself in the head, you bitch!"

"I'm VIXEN you ignorant slut," Fennel lashed out as her ears drooped down as she cried into her hands.

Zoey watched Fennel for a moment before letting out a sigh. "Look.. I.. We both said things we regret... Maybe.. Maybe we can still make this work.. We don't have to throw away what we have. That isn't what love is for."

"No, Zoey, it's over. I tried to make my ears all nice just for you then you call them big and stupid."

"I didn't mean that, Fenny," Zoey swore, stroking Fennel's cheek with one hand, "They aren't stupid. They're exotic."

"Don't touch me!" Fennel seethed.

:... Fine.. I.. I want you to know though that... I won't forget the good times," Zoey promised.

"There weren't any. You always made fun of me." Fennel lamented.

"But... What about the beach?" Zoey asked.

"Wait, what the hell are you guys talking about?" Clara finally spoke up, looking back at Fennel and Zoey.

Fennel poked her tear soaked face out from her hands. "We're dispelling a rumor." Fennel said.

"You're giving me a brain tumor, that is what you are doing," Clara stated, "My god.. Fennel and Zoey aren't dating each other. You guys are being stupid."


"You were stupid too. And you," Clara looked at both Zoey and Fennel before sitting back down in her seat.

"Fair enough." Fennel said. "Fenny? Really Zoey."

"Fuck if I know, I was trying to make it believable," Zoey shrugged.

"No, it was good, have you tried acting before?

"Every day," Zoey snapped Fennel two finger guns and winked.

"Well, now that that's cleared up." Fennel said as she streched and closed her eyes for a moment. Her tail was draped across her lap almost like a small blanket.

"Wow... It is soft," Elizabeth remarked, echoing Tina's earlier words as she pressed her hands into the fluffy tail.

Fennel, not paying particular attention let out soft purr in response, it seemed she was trying to fall asleep. Odds were she would get little more than a power nap at best.

Elizabeth looked up at Fennel, then down to her tail, then up at Fennel again, then down to her tail again. She lowered herself some before looking back up at Fennel, then back to the tail which she gently rested her head upon.

Fennel's purring continued for another moment before slowly cutting off.

Hey Bob does the radio on this thing work?" Brendan asked.

"Lemme check," Bob responded, spinning the radio's knob for a second, "Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Poryswan likes radio's is all. I'll tell it to not hop in there." Brendan remarked.

"I don't care about the radio. I just wanna drive," Bob commented.

Poryswan upon hearing these words hopped into the radio and started playing some music:

"I think it picked that for you." Brendan said commenting on the pokemon's choice of music.

"'The Doomslayer'," Clara repeated from the song, "Wonder what that is."

"Sounds like a videogame." Brendan commented.

"'Doomslayer'.... Haven't heard that one in a while," Bob noted as he listened to the music, "But I've never heard this stuff before."

”It suits you. sounds like what would play while you kill demons in Hell and all that jazz.” Brendan commented “It sounds like the girls are dead set on finding a hotel with a pool.”

"Yeah, I guess it would. I could see myself stomping some heads to this. It's really strong," Bob agreed, "And sure, I'm sure it's not that hard to find a hotel with a pool around here."

"I haven't heard this kind of music before. It's nice," Clara remarked, opening her notebook and writing a little.

“I think maybe it could use a trumpet.” Brendan commented.

"Mmm... I think it's relaxing as is," Clara said while shaking her head.

I cannot see a single relaxing tempo to this music. It's loud and chaotic. You would think that your most orderly sister would be the one to hate it the most, would you not?

"Yeah, Clara's weird... Still some pretty good stuff though," Zoey remarked, enjoying the music for different, more expected reasons than Clara.

I will agree, it is well-made... but I prefer slower, more rythmic songs. Helps to think and concentrate.

The sudden addition of rock music woke Fennel from her nap. Peering down she noticed the younger girl using her tail as a pillow.

"You like it too, Clara?" Bob asked, turning back to look to her for a moment, before focusing back on the road.

"Like I said, it's relaxing," Clara answered.

“Hey Elizabeth.” Fennel said commenting on the girl's presence.

"Huh, wha?" Elizabeth blinked herself awake before looking around upon noticing the intense music playing in the bus.

“What are you doing?” Fennel asked.

"Oh, um.. I was just.. Taking a nap," Elizabeth answered, completely rising to a sit before rubbing her eyes.

“On my lap?”

"... Your tail looked really comfy."

“Clara did say that this morning too. it's just a little strange is all.” Fennel commented. She didn’t really mind Elizabeth's actions, just moreso somewhat puzzled.

"I just wanted to see what it was like since Clara got to," Elizabeth admitted.

”so I guess I’m like everyone’s pillow now?” Fennel stated.

Brendan looked at the map for a moment, “Yeah it seems one of these more built up cities should hace a decent number of pools, but we’re probably going to have stop by another mall.”

"Can I buy a gun this time?" Mary asked.

"Mary, why would you need a gun?" Bob asked, not taking his eyes off the road.

"Well, why does Zoey get a gun? I'm older than her," Mary replied.

"Honestly, I'm not sure how she made that through customs," Bob explained, thinking about it for a moment, "...Y'know, you're right. Next time we get to a mall, I'll help you with that, alright?"

“Guns aren’t really popular back on Hoenn.” Brendan commented.

"Thanks, Bob," Mary smiled, "You're the best."

"Can I get a gun too?" Maria asked.

"No, you're terrible with guns," Mary snapped.

“I don’t get why you all want to use my tail as a pillow it has next to no support.” Fennel wondered.

"Hey, if you get a gun, why can't she learn to use one too?" Bob asked.

"She has to learn first," Mary stated, "I'd trust Ruby with a gun before I trust Maria with one- Uh- No offense, Ruby."

"It's okay," Ruby nodded.

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Part three... Still going...

“If you get a gun can I shoot it a bit?” Fennel asked.

"Yeah, I said she'd learn how to use it," Bob remarked, "I'll make sure she won't forget about something like safety or something else important."

Fennel let a out a giggle at the thought of Bob wielding some sort of firearm.

"What's so funny about it? I've held plenty of guns in my time," Bob stated.

“It’s just you’d look good wielding some sort of firearms is all.” Fennel replied in a sheepish tone. Fennel then tapped her index fingers together before continuing. “You just.... look... like more a... melee weapons... boy.”

"Well, I can certainly handle those too," Bob laughed, "Oh, man, you should see me with a chainsaw. Once, there was this Hell Baron, and I just..."He made a chainsaw revving sound, "Right down the freakin' middle!"

“Have you ever just like cleaved something in half with a greatsword.” Fennel asked in an excited tone.

"Never had the chance, sadly," Bob noted, "There's a bunch of times it'd be great to hack into a demon with one, but they never came up."

“Aw, it‘d be pretty hot if you did.” Fennel the realized wtat she had said before covering her face with her ears. Many of the girls around Fennel burst into laughter or giggles.

Bob tried to stifle his laughs for a moment, but could not keep them back. "I'll try to keep that in mind," he wheezed.

"D-Do you.." Elizabeth had a hard time speaking in the midst of her giggling, but tried not to be too loud, "Do you like Bob?"

“No. Boys with weapons are just kinda hot it all.” Fennel said as her face was still covered

"You know..." Zoey started, butting into the conversation and lowering her voice, "Bob is your type... And I think he's the kinda guy that would wait until marriage or whatever..."

"But he's old." Fennel added.

"Bah. He's like, maybe 30?" Zoey scoffed.

"He's like twice my age." Fennel remarked.

"... How old're you?"

"Seventeen." Fennel said.

"That's not that bad. C'mon.. He's like.. The perfect.. Warrior guy. I'm sure he could swing two of those warhammer things at once!" Zoey enthused.

"It's wierd. and I doubt he's into me anyways." Fennel commented.

"But if he was?"

"I'd consider it but he's an adult." Fennel added.

"So are you," Zoey shrugged.

"In Varie yeah, I have to pay taxes and just barely in Laviturn." Fennel explianed.

"Okay, but we're not in Varabla or Lavibloo. You're an adult by my place's standards, and I'm sure here too, but who even cares about that anyway. My point is, he fits everything you want," Zoey explained.

"I know but it'd be weird." Fennel stated. "I mean I don't even know if it's worth being in a relationship right now."

"Well, duh, you don't know, but how would you know if you don't try? Don't be a scaredy cat. You're a vixen, not a pussy."

"Okay fine. I'll ask him later but He'll just say no anyway." Fennel said, finally giving in.

"Yes! And we'll do it when you got a bikini too," Zoey clapped.

"I don't like wearing bikinis" Fennel commented.

"Then what the hell're you gonna wear to the pool?" Zoey asked, "Don't say a one piece."

"A one piece."

"Oh, come on," Zoey groaned.

"Bikinis don't really work for me."

"But why? You'd look great in a bikini," Zoey insisted.

"Because I'm a fox." Fennel stated.


"They don't stay on very well. One pieces are just a lot less hassle." Fennel finally said.

"You must've just had a bad bikini. When we get to a mall, I'll find you a good one," Zoey waved away Fennel's notion.

"Its the fur, moves around to much." Fennel stated.

"Bah, you just had a crapkini. Just try a bikini from the mall. If you don't like it, we won't get it."

"I just like one pieces." Fennel argued.

"Hmph... We'll compromise then. I get to pick out your one piece."

"Fine." Fennel said. "I don't know why you're so insistant on me wearing a bikini."

"You'd look good in it is all," Zoey shrugged, "I'm sure Bob would think so too... Then again, he's also a prude."

"I'm telling you, he's not going to be intersested in me." Fennel said one last time.

"My god, you're just like Jannet. You need to give yourself a bit more credit. Bob might not even care about tthe whole fox thing at all."

"It's the age gap." Fennel responded as she rose an eyebrow.

"Pfft. You're mature enough," Zoey scoffed, "And we'll get you a one piece or two piece that makes you look mature-er too."

"Okay fine. But if it doesn't work, I told you so." Fennel remarked.

"It'll work. If not, I'll eat you out," Zoey shrugged before remembering Fennel is a prude, "Wait, right. Prude."

Fennel crossed her arms and said "Yes, prude..."

"I'll let you slap me again if it doesn't work, how about that?"

"Sounds fair." Fennel said. She then yawned before resting her face agaist the window hoping to resume her nap.


A many hours later the bus pulled up in the parking lot of a large grocery store which could be assumed to have clothes. Zoey was practically dragging Fennel out of the bus and into the store by her hand while many of the other girls excitedly rushed past them.

Fennel wasn't particularly happy to be dragged to the swim suit section, but she didn't really have much in the way of options at the moment.

Brendan stepped out of the bus, "Hey, Bob, do you want me to drive to the hotel? You've been driving for a while now."

“I can get it,” Bob remarked.

Soon enough Fennel and Zoey were in the clothing department. The duo were looking at swimsuits, Fennel was looking at a rather modest one piece while Zoey seemed to have other plans.

Zoey held up a dark green one piece with a deep cut down to the abdomen on the front. The sides seemed like they would show off a good deal of sideboob, meaning the strap-like trinagles that were the front would just cover what needed to cover on the chest. This was after having found an even more revealing two-piece and a bikini of the same color.

"I found you the good shit," Zoey proclaimed, holding up the three swimsuits.

"Could you do something alittle less revealing.?"

"Hey, you said that if you're getting a one piece, I get to pick it," Zoey reminded.

"I didn't expect you'd find a bikini held to gether by dentral floss."

"Come oooon. This is modest!"

"If the neck line was just a little higher that would be great." Fennel suggested.

"How about the two piece then? That covers the cleavage a bit more," Zoey asked. While it did indeed cover the cleavage, everything but the breasts and the area inbetween would be revealed on the torso, and the bottom was practically a bikini but a bit wider.

"If I can't convince you to find something that coveres more I might as well go with that." Fennel said in a defeated tone.

"Great! Now go try it on!" Zoey ordered, pushing the two piece into Fennel and towards a changing room.

The door closed behind Fennel and she quickly changed into the swimsuit and opened the door. Fennel was clearly uncomfortable as expressed by Fennel grabbing her upper arm and wrapping her tail around her waist.

"Hmm... Move your tail and stuff. I can't even see, come on," Zoey waved her hands.

Fennel's tail dropped as she let go of her arms. "Perfect," Zoey declared, making an 'ok' hand gesture, "I knew it'd look good on you as soon as I saw it."

Are you sure you can't pick anything else that's just a tad less revealing?" Fennel asked

"You gotta be more comfortable showing off what you got," Zoey insisted, "Also no."

"Please." Fennel begged. "I just don't feel comfortable flaunting everything off to the world."

"But why?"

"I just don't, It's immodest."

"So? You don't need to be modest if you got something there to flaunt," Zoey proclaimed.

"But that's the point of modesty." Fennel complained.

"Bah! Modesty is something dumb made up by ugly people so people who aren't ugly don't make them feel bad for being ugly, but that isn't fair to the pretty girls."

"Whatever I'll just pay for one myself." Fennel said as she walked back into the changing room and looking through the pockets of her shorts. A groan could be heard shortly afterwards.

"Man! I have so much money!" Zoey called out as she flipped through the bills she pulled our of her bra.

Fennel then closed the door and threw the swimsuit over the changing room door. "Fine." Fennel said as she began changing back into her clothes. She then walked out of the changing room.

"Yes!" Zoey exclaimed, relishing in her small victory.

"I think this is just going to attract creeps Zoey."

"Maybe, yeah, but I'll be there to warn you, remember?" Zoey replied, "Just try to enjoy the attention."

:But sometimes it's too much. You don't know what wierdos are taking pictures." Fennel added as she walked away from the clothing department.

"Oh, I'm looking forward to that," Zoey grinned.

"Well I don't," Fennel replied.

It seemed that while this was going on Brendan seemed to be buying a pair of swim trunks as Fennel walked by. "Do you think they have any bows in the sporting goods section?" Fennel mused trying to change the subject.

"Like a shooting bow?" Zoey asked for clarification.

"Yeah, like with arrows and stuff." Fennel clarified.

"Yeah, maybe. Why would you want a bow though?"

“i just want to try one out.” Fennel commented.

"Okay, we'll probably find Mary over there," Zoey shrugged.

Meanwhile, Ruby had dragged Bob into the men's area of the clothing section. "Zoey said you have to swim too!" She explained.

“Alright,” Bob grumbled, “But I’m not wearing a speedo, got it?”

"Sorry, Zoey," Ruby muttered quietly, "Okay, no speedos! But you still have to get something, and Zoey said I had to make sure it looks good."

“I’m not sure she’s the pinnacle of male fashion knowledge,” Bob remarked, looking at a few pairs of trunks.

"I dunno. Zoey's a lot smarter than people think," Ruby smiled.

“Alright,” Bob nodded, grabbing a pair of swimming trunks and examining them further, “So, what’s she want me to swim so much for? Is she gonna try and fuck me or something?”

"No, she said you're too much of a prude for that," Ruby shook her head.

Fennel's big stupid ears picked up on Ruby and Bob’s conversation and headed over to investigate.

“Then why the heck does she want me to swim so bad?” Bob asked again, tossing the pair of swimming trunks into their cart.

Fennel then popped her head out from behind a rack of clothes. “What are you two up to?”

Ruby examined the trunks for a moment before answering, "She wants you to have fun. Also, you're hot."

“I... Thanks?” Bob questioned Ruby’s choice of a comeback to his question, “I guess that makes sense. It’s been a long three days... Oh, hey Fennel,” he turned to greet her.

“Oh I guess I’ll just be going then.” Fennel said as she tried to slip away, though this escape attempt would probably be thwarted by Zoey or Ruby.

Thankfully, Ruby was in on the scheme Zoey was putting together. "Bob, look! They have cookies over there!" She exclaimed loudly, pointing to the baked goods section over yonder and trying to pull both Bob and the cart.

”Oh, okay,” Bob nodded along, not knowing of the plot as he walked along and said, “See you later, Fennel,”

“Okay see you later Bob.” Fennel said with a wave as Doomguy walked away.

Once Bob and Ruby were perusing the cookies, Ruby piped up, "You know, I think Fennel likes you."

“After that thing about me and guns back on the bus, I think so too,” Bob chuckled.

"You guys would be cute together," Ruby giggled, "Do you like her too?"

“Her?” Bob asked, picking up a thing of Oreos before answering, “I mean, I like her as a friend, but not like that.”

"What if you guys went on a date and got to know each other?" Ruby suggested in an innocent tone while gawking at a box of double chocolate chip cookies.

“Umm... I don’t know about that,” Bob remarked, “Dates are more for romantic stuff, and I’m not really into Fennel like that...”

"No! Dates are to see if people want to be romantic. Or... The first date at least," Ruby explained.

“Besides,” Bob said, “There’s that age difference problem. She’s like what, seventeen?”

"Yeah, but she's really mature," Ruby answered while examining a package of cookies with frosting and sprinkles.

“I... I dunno. I’m still not sure I’d want to go out with someone that young,” Bob regarded, looking over a carton of Fig Newtons.

"You might really like her though, and it's not like you guys have to go out with each other after a first date," Ruby stated.

“...That’s fair, fine,” Bob finally caved in, “If she asks, I’ll say yes. She’d be fine with that, don’t you think?”

Ruby looked up at Bob and smiled, "Yeah... Can we get these cookies with the sprinkles on them?"

“I don’t see why not,” Bob nodded as he took the sprinkled cookies and put them in the cart.

"Zoey's gonna be really happy you said yes," Ruby remarked, sitting on the front of the cart while Bob pushed.

“Oh, it was just for Zoey?” Bob asked.

"Zoey told me what to say," Ruby answered, "She's a lot smarter than people think."

“Oh?” Bob sighed, “She also tell you to get me to say yes to Fennel if she asked me on a date?”

"Mhm, well, she told me what to say to get you to say yes."

“How do I get myself into these situations...” Bob grumbled to himself.

"Zoey's the best."

“Yeah, yeah,” Bob continued to grumble on, “Whatever. I guess she’s got Fennel getting ready to ask me? And this entire pool thing was also another part of her plan?”

"Kinda, but Zoey really just wants to show off her body at the pool," Ruby clarified.

“She better be wearing something,” Bob looked at Ruby with a demanding glance, “I’ve already seen enough of your boobs for a while.”

"She has a bikini, don't worry," Ruby giggled.

”Good. With you guys last night, and your distraction, I’ve had enough of it,” Bob harrumphed.

Fennel then dropped her ears as she asked “Do I really have to ask him? I mean this is all so dumb, it's only going to make things awkward." Fennel looked at Zoey, “Where’s Bob I just want to get this over with.”

"C'mon, you gotta have a better attitude about it!" Zoey insisted, "I'm sure everything will be just fine. Nothing's gonna be 'dumb' or 'awkward'."

"They went to the bakery right?" Fennel asked as she brushed her hair back with her hand.

"Yeah," Zoey nodded with certainty, "I guess we can head over there, but smile."

Fennel then walked down the aisle into the bakery until she met up with Bob and Ruby. Fennel was neverous of embarrassing herself, the tip if her tail has wrapped around her ankle, she tapped her index fingers together.

Bob seized up for a moment, thinking this was a bit sudden for the question. He looked to Fennel, then to Zoey, then to Fennel again.

Fennel twitched her ears as she looked up at Bob. "um- Do you like want to go on a date or something like that." Fennel asked her tone was thick with embarrassment.

“Uhh... Sure,” Bob nodded, having agreed to it beforehand, “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Fennel's ears flipped upwards as she responded with an unsure "Really?"

”Yeah,” Bob nodded, a glare falling on Zoey for a moment, “It sounds good to me.”

Fennel was surprised that Bob acctually said yes, "Oh what do you want to do?" Fennel asked.

“I... I got no idea,” Bob chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"Have you ever been surfing?" Fennel asked.

”Surfing? Never,” Bob shook his head, “It’s always seemed fun, though.”

"It's a lot of fun, I think you would like it." Fennel commented.

“Yeah... where would we surf, though?” Bob asked.

"Maybe a lake or if the pool is big enough

“Alright. Consider it a date,” Bob smiled.

"Okay." Fennel said as she slowly snuck away.

"Lt's go check out those bows," Zoey smiled, patting Fennel on the back as they both left.

At that moment Brendan approached the group "So what did Fennel ask about?"

“Ah, nothing,” Bob mused, “Just a date, nothing really.”

"Didn't she think I was the hot one?" Brendan asked.

“It’s nothing; Zoey and Ruby planned it all out to get us to do it,” Bob answered, “I’m pretty sure she’s on the know how about it anyways, so it’ll be fine.”

"Why did I know that those two were involved." Brendan added, "We shoud probably get out of here soon, we don't need to buy anymore food.

“Yeah, but I gotta help Mary and Maria with the gun situation,” Bob explained.

"Oh yeah the gun thing. It sounded like Fennel really likes weapons and stuff, kind of strange.”

“Yeah, a bit. I figured that a bit after she got all weird about it on the bus,” Bob mumbled, “Anyways, I’m gonna head down to the sporting goods and help them out with that. You do what you want, maybe start gathering up the girls?”

"Yeah sure." Brendan said as he started wandering the store looking for the girls.

Meanwhile Fennel had gotten ahold of one of the bows. "These are kind of lame to be honest."

She then noticed Bob walking to the sporting goods section. He was going to buy a gun. Now had Bob just been a random guy buying a gun she wouldn't have cared that much. But a combination of having to hold off from developing any relationships in Varie, the recent prodding from Zoey and the fact that Bob actually said yes, she was a bit head over heels for the marine at the moment.

Fennel was pulling the string back on the bow once again when she noticed the man. She let go of the string as she said "Oh, hey Bob." with a wave and a particulalrly bubbly tone.

Bob, thinking Fennel was just acting for the girls, went along with her reaction. “Oh, hey Fennel,” Bob winked, walking up to the counter where Mary would be.

"Bob! There you are!" Mary exclaimed, "Look! They have an FN-FAL here! Or.. Well.. It looks like one at least.. Everything here's probably way more advanced than the guns where I'm from.”

Fennel walked up to the counter with Bob and placed the bow, "And can I put this back?"

“Yeah, they probably shoot lasers or something,” Bob remarked.

"Sir, is this your daughter?" The lcerk at the counter asked, "She's been bugging me for the past twenty minutes."

“Oh... yeah, she’s my daughter,” Bob winked to Mary, “I just needed to do some browsing, but we’re here to buy a few firearms.”

"Alright, can you show me your license first just so I can get the computer ready?" The clerk asked, he took the bow off of the counter and set it to the side for later re-shelving.

Fennel watched as Bob attempted to purchase the firearm.

“Oh, right, let me...” Bob patted his pants before groaning, “Aw Hell, I don’t have mine on me. Probably left it back at the house- stupid me!”

"That's fine, sir. If you can give me your name and the license number, I should be able to look it up," The clerk assured.

“Ah, alright,” Bob laughed anxiously, “My name’s Bob Anderson, and the number is...”

"Did you forget your number again Mr. Anderson?" Fennel asked hoping it would make give Bob time to make up a number.

”Oh yeah!” Bob surmised, “6-3-3-8-0-5-5-1. That’s the number.”

"Thaaaank you," Clerk mumbled as he typed the number into the computer, "Gonna take a second for it to look everything up. You'd think it'd be faster by now, but.." The clerk shrugged, "While that's doing that, what are you looking for today?"

”Well, me and my daughter were looking for something to take... prairie dog hunting,” Bob explained, “And my wife sold our last gun a few months back ‘cause she ‘didn’t feel safe with it around’. Anyways, Mary here’s been wanting to go for a while, so I decided ‘why not’?”

Zoey looked on with a calm smile, but on the inside she was tearing herself apart watching this horrific display of deceit. It was utter garbage and quite painful to observe. Why did Bob have to add all these unecessary details that could serve to poke holes in his story later?

"I don't know why she didn't feel safe, you're such a good shot Mr. Anderson." Fennel commented.

“...Thanks,” Bob replied, “I’m sorry, but who are you? I feel like we’ve met before but I don’t know.”

"Very funny Mr. Anderson." Fennel replied.

Jesus fucking Christ kill me now god dammit I don't want to be alive anymore fucking shit, Zoey thought to herself. They were both completely incompetent when it came to this sort of thing.

I agree. They’re both terrible at lying.

"Uh, okay.. Well, are you looking for lethal or nonlethal rounds? We got a few that can take both, but they're a bit more pricey then the picky rifles," The clerk inquired.

“I think we’ll go with the picky rifles,” Bob stated, “Lethal rounds.”

"Gotcha, well, I think we have something similar to what your kid was looking at over.. Oh, the computer's done..." The clerk glanced over at the screen and frowned, "Huh... Your number was 6-3-3-8-0-5-5-1 right? It ain't showing up for me. I'm guessing maybe it's expired or something because I don't see it."

“Ah shoot!” Bob slapped its head, “6-3-3-8-0-7-5-1! That’s what it was! Bah, I’m such a moron!”

"Don't worry about it. It's a long number," The clerk waved a hand before reentering the number and letting the computer run, "Anyway, are you both getting a rifle, or just her?"

“Both,” Bob smiled, “If you can.”

"Sure thing. Since your kid was checking it out, I got two of these over in some cases back there," The clerk jabbed a thumb to a door with two omnics guarding it, "Though if there's something else you're wanting, we probably have it."

“No, these are probably good,” Bob nodded, “We’ll take ‘em.”

"Can I carry one?" Fennel asked.

"Sure, you can take one of the displays off the rack right there," The clerk pointed to a tall shelf with a wide variety of rifles of different kinds and designs free for anyone to hold, "I'll head in the back real quick and make sure we got these in stock sti- Oh, computer's done already!"

Fennel then walked over and picked up one of the display models. and began to pose with one of the rifles, hoping that Bob would notice.

"... Nothing's showing up. Yeah, it's probably expired," The clerk reasoned, "If I could sell you a rifle, I would, but I can't do anything if your license is expired, sir. Sorry about that."

”Ah, dang,” Bob snapped, “Sorry Mary, look’s like we’re not going hunting.”

"Oh... Shit," Mary mumbled with disappointment.

Fennel then grabbed Bob's hand and tried to drag him to the entrance of the store. "Come on Mr. Anderson you probably just left all the information in the car."

“Yeah, probably...” Bob mumbled, gesturing for Mary to follow before he had an epiphany, eyes widening as he agreed, “Yeah, definitely.”

"Come Mr. Anderson. They j not going to come this way." Fennel said as she continuied to drag Bob to the entrance of the store. Zoey, Ruby, and Mary followed them as the rest of the girls seemed to be ready to leave.

Somehow during the rest of these events Brendan mangaged to wrangle up the rest of the girls and were waiting outside the bus.

“Hey Brendan,” Bob began, “You said you could get my guns back, right?”

"Yeah I just need an an internet connection. Poryswan knows teleport.”

“An internet connection- that’s kind of dumb,” Bob noted.

"Poryswan is a digital pokemon. It's the easiest way to get them."

"My camera has wifi," Clara stated, "I don't know why, but it does."

Poryswan then popped out of the bus's radio and entered the camera and a few moments later Bob's weapons and armor started to appear before the group.

"... Where did you fit all of this?" Clara blinked.

“I honestly have no clue,” Bob remarked with a shrug.

Clara was about to accuse Bob of bullshittery, but realized he was telling the truth and looked up at him with a look of dumbfoundment.

Fennel then took note of Bob's armor as her tail began slowly wagging back and forth. Zoey glanced at Fennel's tail, then the pile of armor and weapons, and grinned.

Bob picked up his helmet and sighed, “Oh, I missed this stuff. Mary, you wanna choose one of my guns?”

"Wait, really?" Mary gasped, quickly looking around at the pile eagerly before snatching the grenade launcher and holding it up high. It was very big compared to her. "Is this what I think it is?"

Fennel then picked up the chest piece of Bob's armor. "Oh wow this is really heavy."

”If you’re thinking it’s a grenade launcher, then you’re dead right,” Bob nodded, “And it’s heavy armor, but nothing’s gonna get through it.”

"Bob just walked around wearing that like it was nothing back in Mexico," Zoey remarked.

"Really?" Fennel asked, she was clearly surprised by how Bob wasn't burdened at all by the armor.

"Oh, yeah. And he was still able to pick up, like, all of us when we tried dog piling him," Zoey affirmed.

Fennel's tail wagging picked up in pace as she heard this.

"Can I take the grenade launcher?" Mary asked with wide eyes and an even wider smile.

"You bet," Bob laughed, "But you gotta be sure you don't shoot it anywhere inside or anywhere near people, alright?"

"Of course. It's like miniature artillery," Mary nodded, lowering her arms and looking down at the grenade launcher.

Fennel then climbed in the bus and took the seat closest to the driver's seat as possible as she began swinging her legs back and forth with a giddy grin on her face, as she waited for Bob to start driving the bus again.

"Yeah, it packs a punch," Bob agreed, "I shoved one of its 'nades down a demon's throat once. That fat son of a bitch went KA-BOOM, giblets everywhere! It was freaking great..." the Doomguy sighed as he reminisced.

"Wow..." Mary gawked.

"Alright, everyone! Let's get this show on the road! I wanna get swimming A.S.A.P.!" Zoey hollered, gesturing her arms as the girls began to pile into the bus. Tina, as expected, sat next to Fennel. Zoey and Ruby changed seats to remain behind the two. Clara sat alone, reserving the spot next to her for Brendan.

Brendan sat next to Clara and waited for the bus to start moving.

"Alright, let's get to that hotel!" Bob stated loudly, starting up the bus and driving off.


As expected, Zoey had on a tight bikini that revealed as much as legally possible. Ruby, of course, copied her older sister's attire as the two strutted out of the bus' bathroom, ready to swim and show off. As everyone filed out of the bus, Zoey stopped Bob and Fennel at the door.

"Ah-ah-ah! Where are you two going?" She asked smugly.

"We were both... going down to the pool..." Bob answered in his dark-green trunks.

"No you weren't," Zoey retorted, holding up Bob's map she presumably swiped during the bus ride. She unfolded it and pointed to a nearby lake on the map, "You guys are going riiight here. There's probably some people, but it's definitely less crowded and you can surf there with Fen's magic."

Fennel was quite uncomfortable to be wearing such a revealing bathing suit. "I mean, as long I can collect enough kineteic energy, it should be fine." she commented.-

"I.. I guess that's alright," Bob shrugged. He knew that Zoey was doing this for her faux-romance plot, but still thought Fennel was most definitely in on it, a sort of prank against him.

"Great! Now shoo! Get back on the bus," Zoey waved her hands, shooing Bob and Fennel away.

Fennel grabbed on to Bob's arm, These could definately cut demons in half She thought as she began walking back onto the bus. "Come on, Bob, let's go find the lake."

"Yeah, let's..." Bob agreed, walking back onto the bus and beginning to drive to the decided lake.

Once the two were gone, Zoey snapped her fingers upwards. "Ernie!" She called out.

Down from the sky, Ernie floated. "Yes, Overseer Zoey?" he asked with no emotion.

"I need you to go to the lake that Bob and Fennel are going to. Before they get there, I need you to leave a warhammer for them. A really big and impressive one. Also, leave a picnic basket there with some sandwiches and uh... Snacks and drinks. Make sure to put a note saying, 'For Bob and Fennel' so they know it's for them. Once you leave the stuff there, come back here. Got it?"

"....Approximately how large?" Ernie asked.

"Uh... Big. But small enough to where a guy like Bob would be able to lift it and swing it around. Oh! And leave a hidden camera! I wanna see how their date goes." Zoey deviously giggled to herself.

"Affirmitive." And with that, Ernie shot off, ready to finish its assigned tasks


Soon enough the star struck fox and Bob arrived at the lake. It was relatively void of people aside from a few scattered groups of people. The two would be effectively alone.

Fennel stepped out of the bus an noticed a large log lying near the beach. Fennel then touched the log as it slowly reshaped into a large surf board.

"Wow," Bob remarked as he walked down the bus' stairs, "This place is really nice... wait, is that just a random picnic in the middle of nowhere?"

"IS THAT A TWO HANDED CELTIC WAR HAMMER!" Fennel exclaimed upon noticing the weapon. She then ran over, and after an audible grunt lifted the weapon, and began to swinging it around.

Fennel started slowing down before slamming the hammer into the ground."It's so evenly balanced too!" Fennel awed. She then crouched and grabbed the mallet of the weapon and said "Bob! Swing this thing around!"

"Alright," Bob agreed to the challenge with a nod taking the hammer in one hand, glaring it over as if it were nothing. "You sure you wanna be on it?"

"I've wanted to do this for ages," Fennel beamed.

"Well, alright... if you insist..." Bob said, before beginning to swing the hammer around, Fennel included.

Needless to say, Fennel was enjoying herself as she was swung around on the hammer.

After a few minutes, Fennel let go and managed to nail a quite impressive landing. She then noticed the basket. "What's that?" Bob was a lot stronger than see expected and so quick to take up here request.

"It's a picnic," Bob said, slowing his swinging to a halt, walking over and seeing the note, "Oh. The girls set this up."

“Oh, that's thoughtful of them.” Fennel said as she started digging through the basket. After a few seconds, Fennel produced a sandwich from the basket and asked, “You hungry?”

"Oh, yeah, thanks," Bob agreed as he sat down, taking the sandwich from Fennel and beginning to munch down on it.

Fennel sat down and placed her palms on her cheeks as she watched Bob eat the sandwich. she admired his figure and cariong personality she noticed. As Fennel watched Bob she notices just how comfortable she was around him, she had only known him for a few days but she was able to feel normal aroujd him.

Halfway through his sandwich, Bob looked back at Fennel, "You uh... you alright?"

Fennel clearly embarrassed to have been caught staring quickly replied. “I was just wondering if you knew what kind of sandwich it was.” Was what she felt merely infatuation or something else?

"Hmm... I think it's a ham and cheese," Bob informed, "But I'm not that hungry," he set down his remaining half of the sandwich onto a napkin and stood up, "I think we should go for a swim. How about you?"

Fennel then scampered to pull the board to chest deep water before clambering on top and patting the back end of the board, beckoning Bob to join her.

Bob nodded, taking a second to peel off his shirt, before trodding into the lake. "Oh, that's refreshing," he laughed as he waded out to Fennel and the board, accepting her open space on the board.

Fennel was quite surprised to see just how well ripped Bob was, sure Brendan was toned but that didn’t hold a candle to the marine. While sitting on her knees, Fennel paddled the board out to the middle of the lake with her ears point backwards. “So at first you kind of want to lie down then then once you feel the board start moving forwards. If you want we can do a few body board waves first just so you can get the hang of it?” Fennel the turned around so she could face Bob when he responded.

“That sounds fine by me,” Bob responded with a nod, “Like I’ve said, I’ve never done it, so this is all new.”

"Hmm. It'd probably be best if you get on the front of the board at first." Fennel started before slipping into the water.

"Alright," Bob agreed with Fennel, moving to the front of the wooden surfboard

After Bob repositioned himself Fennel climbed back onto the board. Fennel had made a point to lie down on the board once she climbed back on top. A few moments later, a wave came up from behind the couple, The fox's island upbringing had given her a good sense of timing when it came to wave riding, As the swell of water began pushing the board forward, Fennel shot up. After a brief moment of confusion for having to take the front heavy board into account, she was soon guiding the board across the length the wave. The wave was pariticulalry large, so much that the two were effectivly in a tunnel. The board quickly moved through the crashing wave before it was direcfted to the crest of the wave. The board went above the crest, While Fennel was able to stand on the board she noticed Bob was falling and quickly fell as if she were trying to help him save face.

Bob tried to steady himself on the board, but could not stand with ease and fell right off the board, losing his balance and splashing into the water. He splashed and kicked for a second, getting his bearings again, before laughing, "Wow!"

Fennel fell into the water shortly after, upon surfacing she joined Bob in his laughter before splashing him and saying, "Sorry I got just a little carried away there." with her ears drooping downwards. Fennel then swam back to the board and paddled it back to Bob.

Bob held up a hand, “I don’t think surfing’s my thing,” he chuckled, “Not that I don’t like it, I just don’t think I’m the best guy for it.”

Fennel was positioned at the front of the board as she paddled it back towards Bob. "Can we give it one more shot, please?" She said with a slight pout. Her ears were drooped down as if try to appear slightly more cute in an attempt to convince Bob to give the activity another try.

Bob took a moment before sighing, “Alright, one more time,” as he got back onto the board.

Fennel was lying down on the board causaly making the ocasional stroke in the water as Bob climbed onto the board. After the marine finished clambering on to the back of the board Fennel spoke. "Okay so just do as I do, and you should be fine."

A few moments later another wave came up and as the board started moving forward Fennel got up a bit slower so that Bob could watch her technique.

Bob, following what Fennel had said, mimicked the Laviturnian’s actions as well as he could.

After that Fennel began steering the board to go through the tunnel created by the crashing wave. Fennel then extended a hand to touch the wave spraying water behind the point of contact. "Now try and reach a little bit." Looking forward, the tunnel seemed to exceptionally long as it led straight back to shore.

Bob did as asked, extending a burly arm to touch the wave. “Wow.. this is awesome!”

"Yeah it's something special." Fennel remarked. She was almost certain these feelings were more than meet infatuation at this point.

After a few seconds the board was no longer covered by the tunnel as it started slowly drifting back to shore. After a while Fennel slid off the board and started slowly making her way back inland.

A few moments later Fennel was standing on the shore of the lake, she was shivering a bit, it turns out wet fur wasn't very good for staying warm. Though she might have also been trying to trick Bob into getting her a towel. In the mean time Fennel was looking through the basket and noticed a picnic blanket which she promptly placed on the ground before sitting on top of said blanket. Her tail swished back and forth across the blanket indicating she wanted Bob to sit there.

“If you insist..” Bob replied to Fennel’s slient demand, sitting next to the fox-girl. He thought about the experience they’ve already had at this lake, back at the store.. even when they first met back at the campsite. He still couldn’t believe that it had come here... though it was the girls who coerced them both into this situation. He knew she was just putting on a show because the girls probably had a camera or something around them.

Fennel then handed Bob his half eaten sandwich and asked "So, what's your favorite season?" Fennel then reached into the back and pulled out a sandwich for herself.

“Hm... I’d like to say summer,” Bob responded, taking his half of the sandwich off of his napkin and beginning to eat it again, “And yours?”

"Autumn I think. We really only have summer and rainy summer back in Laviturn." Fennel remarked as she slowly started scooting ever so closer to Bob. "Winter in Varie was pretty with the snow and all but it was too cold, but Autumn just looks so pretty with all the warm colors of the leaves falling from the trees. Then, it was harvest season too so there were a lot of festivals going on, it was a lot of fun."

”It sounds fun,” Bob agreed, “I’ve never been to a lot of festivals or things like that. Never had the time, and I could never find any in Hell.”

"What's it like in Hell?" Fennel asked who was now practically sitting next to Bob.

“Oh where do I begin,” Bob said, looking over the lake and the sunlight shimmering off it, “Imagine if everything was dim, lit by torches and random fire just all over the place... and made out of a bunch of black brick, bones, and other stuff.”

"Sound exciting."

“If it weren’t for the ravenous demons all over the place, I’d be inclined to agree with you,” Bob sighed.

"Maybe you just need a partner next time." Fennel mused. She then laid down and asked "What if you could have a perfect meal, what would it be?" Fennel asked.

“I’m not sure, really,” Bob shrugged, “I’ve never really had enough to say.”

"Like the ideal breakfast?" Fennel asked as she rolled on to her side.

”Maybe like.. pancakes, topped in syrup, along with some sausage links or something,” Bob answered to the best of his ability, “What would you choose?”

"Probably Loco moco, its like rice, with hamburger, gravy, and and egg, with some pineapple bacon bake." Fennel responded.

“Pineapple bacon?” Bob asked as he turned his eyes on her, tilting his head in confusion.

"It's like the like a breakfast casarole. but with the idea of putting pineapple on pizza." Fennel replied nervously.

“Huh,” Bob remarked, “That sounds kinda neat.”

"I could... make it some time." Fennel added as her ears perked up.

“That’d be nice,” Bob smiled, “I’d love to try it.”

"Umm, yeah I could do that. I think we have the stuff from when we went to the store earlier." Fennel replied, before taking a bite out of her sandwich. Fennel then rolled over on her stomach and asked "Do you have any hobbies?"

“Hobbies, uhh....” Bob mumbled, looking away as Fennel turned over, a bit flustered by getting a good look of Fennel’s rear, “Other than shooting demons, none really.”

Fennel seemed to be completely unware of the view her recent movement had given Bob. "Yeah, I took up a bit of armor smithing in Varie. I wasn't all good at it though." Fennel lamented.

“I’m sure it was fine enough,” Bob responded, turning around for a moment to see if she had shifted from her previous position, before turning back again.

Fennel quickly sat up still not having caught on to her actions, "I mean, I made a few gold off of them, but not all that much."

“Gold? I’m sure that’s better than what that’d get you here,” Bob stated, “With all the super-future stuff here and whatnot.”

"Yeah, I guess that's true." Fennel agreed as she went back to lying down. She wrapped her tail around Bob's arm as she went to lie down trying to suggest he lay down as well.

Bob was at first shocked by the tail, but calmed quickly, realizing that it was all part of her act. He thought she was doing a pretty good job at it too as he laid down beside her with a calm sigh.

Fennel quickly repositioned herself to rest her head on Bob's chest with an ear over his heart, She looked up at Bob, she took a moment to close her eyes and listen to his heart beat. It was a simple steady almost warm sound, she couldn’t figure out why but this simple rhythm meant so much to her.

Bob looked down at Fennel with a bit of confusion as to what she was doing, but simply accepted it as part of the act and went along, putting a gentle hand on her back.

Fennel opened her eyes and looked up for a second before asking "Can I tell you a secret?" She wanted to know, no, she needed to find out.

“Sure, Fennel,” Bob nodded, looking down at the Laviturnian calmly.

Fennel moved her face closer to Bob as if preparing to whisper something.She hesitated for a brief moment that felt like eternity. She took a breath before puckering her lips and placing a light kiss on his cheek.

It was with that kiss that Bob realized that Fennel wasn’t acting. He pulled his hand back, sitting up slowly, “Fennel, I...”

Rejected yet again... Fennel's ears drooped as she looked away. Her tail that had previously been giddily swishing back and forth slowed to a crawl.

“No, Fennel, I don’t mean it like that, I’m just...” Bob grimaced, unable to find the words to use. While she was only seventeen, the situation presented to him was so... vivid and passionate, he didn’t know what to say. While he would have flatly said no, he was still reeling from the fallout of Jannet’s departure and his monumental part to play in it, and this, to Bob, felt different.

"I'm sorry..." I should have known, I‘m just some freak to him. Just like I was to everyone in Varie.

“No,” Bob interjected, placing his hand on her hand resting on the blanket, “I’m sorry for how I reacted.”

"I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up." Fennel pouted, almost on the verge of tears.

“No, your hopes...” he began, before kissing Fennel back on the cheek, “Were definitely in their right place.”

"Does this mean..." Fennel was unable to continue "...y-you like me?"

“After the short time we’ve had together... Yeah,” Bob nodded, staring deeply at Fennel, “I do. I haven’t found anyone like this... Like you... for a long time.”

"Like-like me." Fennel asked to the upmost clarity.

“Someone I can... feel a connection to I can nobody else,” Bob’s voice began to break up, unable to continue under his own feelings, “Fennel, I... I think I’m in love with you.”

"R-really?" Fennel asked as her ears perked up once again.

“Y-Yeah...” Bob responded past the proverbial lump in his throat, “Yeah I... I think so.”

"O-okay." Fennel said as she nuzzled her face against Bob's cheek.

Once again, Bob wrapped his arm around Fennel’s back, but with a bit more awkwardness to it, his thought still the slightest bit unsure whether he should have been doing it.

"We should probably head back..."

“Why?” Bob asked, “I’m sure Brendan can handle the girls. It’s nice out here, and we probably won’t have a chance like this again to see it.”

"That's probably true." Fennel said as she lied back down on the blanket and grabbed hold of Bob's arm.

Bob sighed, “This is nice,” as he rested on the blanket, looking out over the lake.

Fennel let out a purr as she watched the sunlight shimmer off the waters.

Bob, thinking about the nature of his newly found love, decided to experiment a bit, as he took his other, non-restrained hand and scratched at the back of Fennel’s ear, hoping to see what the reaction would be.

The purring noise that Fennel was making got louder for a moment before cutting off “I'm sorry that’s so embarrassing. I didn’t even realize.“ she stammered “It’s just that I’m a fox and I know that normal girls don’t do that...” Fennel continued trying to explain but it probably didn’t do much to help her situation.

“Hey,” Bob stopped her, “I think it’s cute,” he smiled, “And it’s even better now that I know how to make you do it.”

Fennel responded with the same grin she gave Brendan at the Denny’s before laying her head down on Bob’s shoulder. “When do you think this clash thing Brendan is talking about will be over?” Fennel asked as she watched thst lake.

“The Clash? Oh, goodness knows. I’ve been stuck here since.. last place? Yeah, since the last place. It was a big old jungle full of alien monsters and it was not fun, I’ll tell ya that,” Bob remarked, “I got thrown into another dimension full of demons... accidentally shot the Chaos God of Compassionor Friendship or some crap, but she’s fine... then got back into the jungly stuff.”

“I wish you could see Laviturn, I think you’d like it there.” Fennel remarked, tone carried a sense of longing.

“How’s it like there?” Bob asked, “Laviturn, that is.”

“It’s a lot like Hawaii,tropical, sunny, lots of plant life, then we have Naria outlook just outside of town where you get this wonderful view of town.” Fennel said. “But there was this guy trying to open a portal to Laviturn in Varie. Something about harvesting the inactive Magic.“

“Sounds like a real case,” Bob noted.

Fennel rolled onto her side hoping to look Bob in the eyes. “It was really scary at first, but we were powerless. But then we found Serina and she wanted to help us. Eventually, we met up with that Guy, and I think we stopped him.

“Well, you stopped him, so that’s all that matters,” Bob gazed down at Fennel, before he scratched behind her ear again.

Fennel let out another soft purr in response though it seemed that this time she started kicking one of her legs too, as if some sort of reflex was going off. In response to this Fennel planted another li havingght peck on Bob’s cheek. She then nuzzled her face against his once again. Having bottled up these feelings and finally having the chance for validation was something Fennel certainly enjoyed.

“...I love you,” Bob whispered softly to Fennel, embracing the warm nuzzle against his face.

"I love you too." Fennel whispered as she nuzzled Bob's face for a moment longer before rolling back onto her stomach and resting her head on her arms. "Bobby, can you get me a towel. It takes a while to dry off." Fennel requested.

“Oh, sure,” Bob agreed, standing up and walking back to the bus to get a towel for Fennel and himself.

Fennel stretched and let out a yawn while she waited for Bob to return. She started moving her lower legs back and forth as her tail began swishing once again, her gaze following Bob.

“Here you go,” Bob nodded as he walked back, a rolled up towel in his hands, “I’m dry enough to not need one.”

Fennel stood up to take the towel and wrapped it around her body. Fennel grabbed the picnic basket, and blanket, before looking up at Bob, "Do you think you can grab that hammer? It's just soooo heavy." Fennel asked as she walked back to the bus.

“Sure, yeah,” Bob nodded, picking up the Warhammer in one hand with ease.

Soon enought Fennel was occupying the drivers seat of the Bus, while she could drive it seemed her intention was to warm the seat rather than offer to drive.

”Oh, no, I’ll drive, Fennel,” Bob laughed, “I can handle a bit more driving for today.”

"I was just warming it up for you." Fennel said as she scooted over to the passenger seat. A short time later the bus's engine was started and began heading back to yet another hotel.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Part Four

Soon enough Brendan got the group checked into the hotel and after changing and dropping a few things off at the pool "Hey, Zoey, are you and Fennel still fighting or not? I want to know how to distribute the room keys is all."

"What? Nah, me and her are cool. More importantly, how do I look?" Zoey asked, striking a few poses in her bikini.

"You could leave a little more the imagination and I'll leave it at that." Brendan said as he collected the key cards."What was that about leaving a camera with Bob and Fennel?"

"I just wanna see how their date goes later," Zoey replied with a shrug, "I'm a little nosy."

"She seems a bit head over heels for him at the moment. I wonder if Bob has caught on to that, he seems to be a bit dense." Brendan remarked.

"... Shit, you're right, but he can't be that dumb, can he?"

"I mean you tried pretty hard to set the two up, I might he might just think she's going along with it."

"I didn't try hard, it was pretty easy, but.... Shit," Zoey smile dropped as she thought about what Brendan said, "... Well, I'm sure it'll all work out."

"Okay but if she comes back heart broken that's all on you. She didn't seem to be really into him until we got to the bus." Brendan commented as he started heading towards the pool.

"... Aw, shit," Zoey muttered to herself as her shoulders slumped.

"It'll be fine!" Ruby assured.

"Yeah she'll probably be fine." Brendan commented.

"C'mon! Everyone needs to see your body!" Ruby exclaimed, dragging Zoey to the pool.

"Yeah.. Yeah you're right!" Zoey's confidence quickly swelled to its normal level as she and Ruby brought themselves to the edge of the pool. "Alright, Rub. Remember what I said, keep the posing subtle," Zoey reminded.

Ruby nodded, and the two began to stretch in very provocative ways while still seeming like they were nothing but innocent girls getting ready for some swimming.

"Okay, hug time," Zoey whispered.

Ruby subtly nodded before exclaiming as they both stodd up, "Man, Zoey, your swimsuit is so cute!"

"Aw, thanks, Rub! Yours is way better though," Zoey remarked. The two giggled and shared a hug with closed eyes and wide, affectionate smiles. Their rear ends were jutted out just enough to be suggestive, but not obvious this was an act.

The two sisters recieved a few glances, but it would be hard to tell if anyone at the pool was actually a creep or not, considering how subtle a creep would need to be to enjoy the show Zoey and Ruby were putting on.

Brendan facepalmed as he walked towards the pool. Once he got outside, he let out his pokmemon where they quickly took took to the water Tabasco included, though he stuck around the shallow end of the pool and made sure to keep the tip of his tail out of the water.

There was an initial mild panic from the other guests before some realized the pokemon were not a threat. One uppity woman approached Brendan and hissed, "You know, I don't think you're allowed to bring your pets into the pool."

"And I don't think you're allowed to be such a bitch," Zoey stated as she continued stretching.

"Zoey, I can handle this." Brendan said, "Ma'am, firstly they are not pets. Those are working animals, secondly. Do you really want to tell the orange one he can't enjoy a little time in the pool?" Brendan said as he put his arms behind his head.

"Wha- Why I- Is that a threat?!" The woman blubbered, "I have the right mind to call the police!"

"Nope, I'm just saying he ain't gonna listen you." Brendan added.

"Then maybe he will listen to the cops when I inform them of your thinly veiled threat!" The woman snapped.

"Ma'am that was not a threat. It's like saying don't tease the zoo animals." Brendan added. Parfait decided she wasn't particularlly fond, of this woman. and decided to try and persuade her to leave. Starting off with approaching the woman and giving her a pitiful look.

"What is your thing doing?" The woman gasped, backing away from Parfait.

"Bread, I can handle this," Zoey cleared her throat and told the woman, "If you don't leave us alone, I'll tell those cops you're gonna call that you touched my 'privates'."

"Excuse me!?" The woman screeched.

"Who do you think the cops will believe? You, or a pool full of witnesses that happen to be my sisters that all saw you do it?" Zoey wasn't sure why it was a crime, but she figured out that doing anything sexual with a minor was illegal.

Parfait gave Zoey a scornful look before wrapping her feelers around the womans arm and releasing a calming aura.

The woman was too invested in Zoey's threat to notice the feeler touching her. Its aura combined with the threat itself forced her to back down. "... Fine," She muttered, turning to leave and return to sunbathing on a pool chair.

Tabasco could be seen letting out a gravely chuckle a at the woman's expense. Tabasco seemed to have attracted the attention of several smaller children in the shallow end of the pool. They seemd rather curious of the dragon, before they started climbing on top of the lizard. Of course, Tina had already made her way to the top of Tabasco the instant he was released.

Allen seemed to have possesed the pools filtration system and was having the pumps work under above average pressure levels effectively creating currents in the pool. Hopkins seemed to also be climbing on top Tabasco sitting on tip of the beast's head using its horns as handle bars of sorts.

"Alright, Rub. Now that the whale is dealt with, let's backstroke," Zoey grinned. The two jumped into the water with a laugh, enjoying splashing one another for a brief moment before doing laps around the pool, backstroking the entire time.

After a while, Brendan jumped in the pool and seemd to be racing Mr.Kippers. Obviusly the large amphibian had the advantage but Brendan was doing surpsingly well for being such a terrestiral creature himself.

Clara was the only girl who hadn't jumped in the pool at least once, instead sitting on one of the pool chairs with her notebook, occasionally glancing up at her surroundings before returning to writing.

Parfait then walked over to Clara and watched her writing in the notebook. The creatuer noticed a drawing of itself and began tapping the image several time while letting out several happy barks.

"Hm? Oh, yeah, that's you," Clara said in her monotone voice with a nod, angling the notebook to give Parfait a good view of Clara's one-page dossier on the pokemon.

Parfait then tapped her nose to the drawing before patting Clara's head with a feelers. What this action meant exactly was probably a sign of approval.

Clara figured as much and let out a," Thank you," before adding a few words to Parfait's page. "You're not gonna swim?" She asked as she wrote.

Parfait looked at Clara and grabbed her things with her feelers and placed them on the the pool chair before trying to drag Clara to the pool.

"Wait, what?" Clara glanced at Parfait, then her notebook, then back to Parfait. "Wait, it's okay, I'm fine just writing," She insisted in monotone with her typical blank, deadpan expression.

Parfait then grabbed Clara's notebook before pushing the girl into pool.

Clara gasped just before falling into the water, surfacing a second later. It was hard to tell if she was annoyed or not considering her unchaging expression. "Please don't let my notebook get wet," She requested.

The pokemon then placed the book on the pool chair before hopping into the pool.

Clara splashed some water at Parfait, seemingly having fun despite the lack of a smile or laughter.

Parfait then began using all four of her feelers to splash Clara. "Hey, that's cheating," Clara remarked, covering her face with one arm as she closed the distance between Parfait and herself, trying to splash the pokemon as she went along.

Parfait began spashing at and increased speed hoping to somehow win this battle. Clara paused, thinking for a moment before taking in a breath and quickly vanishing under the surface of the pool. She pushed herself off of the floor of the pool up towards Parfait, going in for an attack from below.

Parfait not expecting this attack was expecting this move and was thrown into the air with a sharp yelp.

"Got you," Clara said plainly.

The pokemon then wrapped its feelers around Clara and made a noise that almost sounded like a giggle in response. Clara, as expected, made no such expressive noises, but did wrap one arm around Parfait. Parfait then used a feeler to russle Clara's hair, trying to get the girl to show some emotion.

Other than closing her eyes and lowering her head a little in response, Clara showed nothing.

Parfait then began patting Clara's cheeks with her feelers trying to get some sort of emotion.

"What're you doing?" Clara inquired, her words sounding a little funny due to her cheeks being patted repeatedly. After a second, the scene started feeling familiar to her as she recalled her first moments with her sisters, "You're trying to get a reaction out of me, aren't you?"

"Vee!" Parfait replied in a cheery tone.

"..." Clara wanted to tell Parfait to stop, but she supposed to the pokemon had better intentions than the teasing she recieved before about not showing emotion.

The pokemon looked at the girl before wrapping a feeler around her arm and unleashing a calming aura, hoping that it would draw a smile on her face.

Clara's eyes closed for a few seconds before she said, "That... Feels nice. Thank you." Unfortunately, Clara still showed nothing.

Parfait increased the strength of the aura, hoping that it would do something. Clara began to relax a little too much as she slowly dipped down into the water as her body decided to stop supporting herself. A few bubbles rose up as her mouth passed below the surface.

Parfait quickly stopped the aura and shoved the girl upwards.

Clara's eyes were slightly wider than usual, blinking a few times as she looked down at herself before returning to their usual, almost bored look. "... So that's what that feels like," She remarked, "Even when I was at risk of drowning, I was too calmed to care. I'll have to write that down later."

Parfait was upset that even this didn't break Clara's monotony. "... Right.. I'm sorry that I don't.. Convey what I'm feeling. I did have fun during our little water fight though, and you patting my cheeks was funny," Clara elaborated.

The pokemon licked Clara's face before paddling off to another part of the pool. Clra blinked, unsure of what to do at that point. She looked over at her notebook, then to the rest of the pool. A part of her wanted to swim, another part wanted to fill in information in her notebook. The second part won over out fear of someone stealing it or tampering with it. She climbed out of the pool and began drying herself off.

Parfait looked at the notebook and then grabbed a key from the pile of cards that Brendan left on the pool chair. Parfait then walked over to Clara and offered her the key.

"... You want me to leave my notebook in the room and continue swimming," Clara assumed.

Parfait nodded and headed inside. Clara reluctantly followed, supposing she didn't have much choice in the matter. She could at least write as she walked, trying to cram in as much information as she could before she would have to leave the notebook in their room.

Once at the room, Clara carefully placed the notebook inside of a drawer before heading back down to the pool with Parfait. "I'm not really sure what to do here," She admitted, "Should I just swim laps like Zoey?"

Parfait used her feelers to imiate a shrugging motion in response. Clara looked around for a moment before asking, "What do you want to do?"

Parfait wasn't really sure what she wanted to do she did notice that two people in the group were missing and used her feelers to make a large outline of ears around her own as if asking a question.

"... What is it?" Clara asked, understanding Parfait wanted to know something.

Parfait then tried to make a the outlne of a set of ripped arms. "Syl?"

"Mmmuscles?... Bob?" Clara guessed.

"Veon!" the animal replied.

"He and Fennel left to go on a date that Zoey set up for them," Clara explained.

"Ssylveee." Parfait replied, her tone seemed hinted that the pokemon that more that there was more going on than Clara said.

"They're at some lake nearby. I'm not sure why Zoey insisted on hooking the two up so much, but I suppose she just likes being in control, making things happen," Clara mused.

Parfaiit then made two small curls with the feelers on her neck and make a the best kissy face that she could and tapped the ribbons together as if asking for confirmation.

"Are they gonna kiss?" Clara tried to figure out what Parfait was trying to say.

Parfait's reaction seemed to indicate that was safe to assume. "Probably, maybe not. I'm not sure," Clara shrugged.

The pokemon then looked at Clara for a moment and tried to drag her to the pool. "I'm walking, I'm walking," Clara assured, picking up her feet, "You don't need to drag m-" She quickly cut herself off once the two were near the pool, shoving Parfait into the water.

Soon enough the two were back at pool.

Slowly levitating down from the sky, Ernie returned, missing one of his eyes and... wearing a pair of shades over the remaining eye.

Overseer Zoey,” it blared loudly, “Your orders have been completed.

"... Ernie? The hell happened to you?" Zoey asked.

To receive the most clarity from ‘a camera’, I removed my secondary modular receptor from its placement,” Ernie explained, “I also formulated that my appearance was... not of much plainness. So, in order to counteract this, I adorned my primary modular receptor with this article of human clothing known colloquially as ‘a pair of sunglasses’ in order to better blend in with surrounding individuals.

"Pfftsh" Zoey tried and failed to hold back laughter, Ruby following suit. "Oh my fucking- Pffft! Oh my god, you're the best, Ernie, I swear, holy shhhhiii" Her sentence was cut off by more laughter.

Duely noted. Would you like to see a live video stream of the view of my secondary modular receptor, Overseer Zoey?” Ernie asked, the sunglasses beginning to slip off of its spherical eye.

"Hmm.. Not right now. Record that and put it on a CD or something so I can watch it later though. For now, I'm just trying to get some attention, hoping a few guys are snapping pictures of me with their phones." She clasped her hands together and raised them above her head, twisting her torso left and right to stretch.

Noted... and Photographs have been taken, and are awaiting procession, Overseer Zoey.” The Benefactor nodded.

It seemed that Tabasco's presensce was acting a creep deterent as anyone who pointed a phone at the group promptly recieved a glare.

Ernie looked to Tabasco, then to Zoey, then to a guy with his phone out, then back to Tobasco, then to Zoey again. “Shall I remove the presence of the hexapodal flying reptile?” he asked in a tone as if what he had said made complete and utter sense

"Wait what? Hexa.. Reptile.. Tabasco?"

Ernie tilted his body up and down in a nodding motion, “His visual contact with strangers is diminishing your objective’s chance of success by a vast margin. A non-lethal extraction would be most beneficial to your wanted task.

Tabasco looked at Ernie for a second before using its snout to push the robot away. The Benefactor did not move, its single eye only jolting to glare at Tabasco’s efforts, causing the sunglasses to fall into the pool, before floating back up to adorn the eye.

"Hmm.. Just tell Tabas- No- Tell Bread that Tabasco is getting in the way of people taking pictures of me," Zoey ordered, "If he doesn't care, then get Tabasco out of here, just don't get damaged."

"Zoey, why are people taking pictures of you?" Brendan asked.

"Because I'm doing my job right, that's why," Zoey proudly answered, "I'm making them want to take pictures of me."

"At least try not to act like jail bait do something cute like cartwheels I don't know." Brendan said.

"I am being cute. I can be cute and sexy at the same time," Zoey huffed.

"Turn the sexy down and Tabasco won't care." Brendan remarked.

"But then nobody will take pictures of me!" Zoey pouted.

Shall I proceed with the non-lethal extraction?” Ernie asked, floating for Zoey’s side.

"As long as you or Tabasco don't get hurt, do it," Zoey nodded.

Without a word, the Benefactor flew off in an indiscriminate direction, enacting its own calculated plan to get Tabasco out of the current picture.

Soon after, two darts lodged themselves in the Charizard’s back, as Ernie floated down to explain, “Two tranquilizers designed for large game such as pachyderms have been administered to the reptilian creature. They should act quickly.

Brendan jumped out of the pool and recalled Tabasco to his pokeball and said "What do you think you're doing!?"

"Ernie, I thought you were just gonna lift him out of the pool with your mind powers!" Zoey yelped, "Not drug him!"

The pokeball was quickly snapped out of Brendan’s hand and floated in front of the Benefactor, “Lifting static objects or nonresistant beings is much more efficient than attempting to move a thrashing, angry, firebreathing reptilian. However, in this current form, it should be even more efficient.” Ernie explained, the stalk that held his lower eye connecting to the Pokeball, “I will store this for safekeeping. Your task has become less challenging by an estimated 85%, Overseer Zoey.

"Hey, give that back!" Brendan ordered the robot.

NEGATIVE; You are not authorized to give orders to this Unit,” Ernie stated, floating upwards so that Brendan couldn’t attempt to snatch the ball back.

"Ernie, give him the testicle back," Zoey ordered before snickering to Brendan, "Get it? Testicle? Ball?"

Before Ernie returned the ball, with a click of the button, he opened the ball, snatching up the quickly turning unconscious Tabasco and dropping the ball in the pool next to where Brendan stood, “I will still remove the reptilian from the current situation. I will relocate him to a moderately-distanced location.

"Oh my god, Ernie. Tabasco was fine in the ball. And why'd you have to drop in the- Are those waterproof, Bread?"

"Yeah." Brendan said before jumping back into the pool to retrieve the pokeball.

I examined the circuitry and design of the device beforehand to assure it was waterproof, Overseer Zoey,” Ernie said, gently laying Tabasco next to the pool, “I deeply apologize for any inconveniences brought with my actions, Overseer Zoey. Punishment parameters are readied if needed.

Brendan then returned the pokemon to it's ball "Yeah if you could not pump my pokemon full of tranqs in the future that's be great."

"Punishment parameters?" Zoey asked, "What're those?"

Programs and initiatives for acts of insubordination, inefficiency, or mistakes within orders,” Ernie explained, “Permenant Overseers display these with instantaneous notation when they are required. Temporary Overseers are given the choice of initiating such. If used, this unit will be unable to act upon orders for as long as the parameters are active.

"Uhh.. And what's the punishment?"

The closest human equivalent is a mixture of a forced MIGRAINE/SEIZURE/ELECTRECUTION,” Ernie noted, “Benefactor units are to be as efficient or orderly as possible, and thus will be punished into such.

"But.. If you're spending all that time being punished, wouldn't that make you less 'efficient'?"

Other units are redirected and initiated to take up the tasks of a currently-punished unit. If there are no other units available, then tasks will be set on hold until unit has been properly put back into maximum efficiency via punishment.

"I thought it was gonna be a kinkier punishment," Zoey muttered quietly before speaking up, "Just try not to be as much of an asshole unless I tell you to next time, alright?"


"Like, tranq'ing Tabasco and then tossing the ball in the pool. I didn't know you were gonna pull that asshole stuff," Zoey explained.

They were the most logical and efficient motions of action. I thought you understood that efficiency is this unit’s motive under your tasks.

"I want you to also do what I want in a way that I would want it. Not being a dickhead... Unless I directly tell you to do crap like that, got it?"

Ernie was silent, seemingly processing the contradictory nature of being efficient based upon what a 14-year old girl would want. “...Understood,” he stated, his eye drooping somewhat, “Punishment parameters are not to be met then?

"No, Ernie. You don't have to give yourself a seizure," Zoey chuckled while shaking her head.

Understood... a series of punishment parameters would have been more effective.” Ernie added, puttering off a short distance in an almost defeated manner.

"Maybe, but I'm not an asshole. If you screw up a little, I'll just tell you, not make you hurt yourself," Zoey shrugged.

...Verbal conduct is less efficient than physical punishment,” Ernie noted, laying its body on the ground next to a set of tanning chairs, jiggling as it made contact with the concrete, “But I accept the notation.

"Well, either way, nothing stopping me from getting pictures now," Zoey began stretching once more.

Brendan pinched the gap between his eyebrows "Just hurry up will you."

"Turning guys on is an art, Bread..." Zoey started, giving Ruby a tap. Ruby nodded and sank beneath the water, "And I..."

Zoey rose out of the water, Ruby holding onto the bottom of Zoey's bikini as the older sister climbed out. "Am a master painter," She said with a grin, standing up outside of the pool before letting out a gasp upon 'realizing' the bottom of her bikini was floating in the pool.

"Oh no!" Zoey cried out innocently, bending over and trying to reach for her bikini bottom, her rear shaking every time she flailed her arm out to grab it.

Brendan covered his eyes "Could you not."

"Oh noo! I can't reeaaach!" Zoey whined.

"Don't worry! I got it!" Ruby exclaimed, grabbing the bottom and tossing it to Zoey. As planned, the bottom went past Zoey, forcing her to bend over the other way now as to give the folks on the other side of the pool a good view before slowly slipping her bottom on.

"Thanks, Rub!" Zoey said graciously before jumping into the pool.

"Just keep your clothes on, please." Brendan pleaded.

"They just came off in the water!" Zoey obviously lied before giggling with Ruby.

"If it weren't for the fact I know you, I'd be inclined to believe you.”

Brendan, may I converse with you?” Ernie asked from his laying spot, “Preferably at my location rather than yours?

“Umm yeah sure” Brendan replied.

As Brendan approached, the Benefactor looked about for a moment, as if what it was about to say was considered a crime or something alike, and quietly stated, “I would like to say I am sorry for tranquilizing your pet... but I am not. It was the most logical decision I saw fit. In any case, that is not why I asked you over.

“yeah no big deal. It’s jusr Zoey‘s intention are questionable at times.” Brendan replied.

If I were to allow you two, compliant orders to give me, can I be assured that you would use one to initiate my punishment protocols immediately, and to save the second for whenever you desire as a sort of consolation for the earlier incident?” Ernie asked, a tint of desire in his tone, “I understand she would be mad, but.. the greater efficiency of this unit is more important.

“Thats not nessisary” Brendan responded.

Are you sure? This is a beneficial deal for both of us,” Ernie stated reasonably.

“It’s fine.” Brendan assured.

If I am not punished for my inefficiencies, I will grow further and further obsolete,” Ernie’s reason quickly became centered on himself, “If you agree, you will have a free task at hand accomplished whenever you desire by a more efficient, more disciplined Benefactor unit. All you have to do is agree to my handsome offer.

"What's this about a handsome offer?" Clara asked, her head barely above the surface of the pool's water as she looked up at the two outside of the pool.

...Your services are no longer required, Bread, you may return to your regular activities,” Ernie stated loud enough so that Zoey could hear, before speaking in a more hushed tone to Clara, “Clara, if you are interested, please come closer so I may describe the offer in detail.

"... Okay," Clara climbed out of the pool and approached the Benefactor.

If I am to give you a single free task for any time, would you allow me to initiate my punishment parameters? Zoey has refused, but my efficiency is on the line if I am not given punishment and discipline. It would be beneficial for both of us for this course of action.

Clara opened her mouth to point out how stupid this was, but paused in thought. "... How durable are you?" She asked.

I may project a shielding array around myself, but my neural sack is easily penetrated by excessive blunt trauma or sharper objects. Do you accept my terms?” Ernie asked, seemingly acting as if he needed it at that moment.

"Do you feel pain at all if you get hit? On either the shield or your body?"

My shielding, an intense gravity field, lacks feeling. However, if my neural sack is punctured or broken, I will cease to function and live. It is undocumented if Benefactor units feel pain during this occurrence, however.

"Can you make yourself feel pain?"

Through the initiation of punishment parameters, affirmative.

"... Okay. Deal, but follow me. I'll punish you my way," Clara stated.

But punishment parameters are an internal sequence,” Ernie replied.

"Do you want your punishment or not?" Clara asked.

Affirmative, but... I will concede and allow punishment.” The Benefactor stated, floating a few inches off the ground.

Clara boredly gestured for Ernie to follow as she left the pool area, walking around to the side of the hotel where she seemed confident nobody was around. "Bring me a metal baseball bat," Clara ordered, cracking her knuckles.

Ernie floated off quickly, returning with a simple aluminum bat. “...Is this part of my punishment?” it asked, almost as if nervous of the situation.

Clara picked the bat up, inspecting it for a moment before looking at Ernie. "Are you able to change your voice?" She asked before looking back down at the bat.

In what regards? What would you desire?

"... Can you sound like Harper? My sister?" Clara inquired, doing a slow practice swing into the air.

”...You mean like this?” Ernie asked, his deeper tones replaced with the exact voice of Harper, down to the slightest pitch.

Clara slowly nodded, looking directly at Ernie. "Every time this bat hits your shield, run those punishment parameters."

“Affirmative,” Ernie replied, bracing itself and readying its shield, two arms shaking and shuddering to hold it up.

"... Say something Harper would say... Some bullshit."

“...Bob is definitely a cyborg!” The voice of Harper chimed innocently, “The robots are gonna rise up!”

Clara rose the bat up and swung it down towards Ernie as hard as she could. The bat was pushed back as if hitting a brick wall, and Ernie shuddered and fell to the ground, letting out a robotic squeal as his eye flickered on and off incoherently.

"Keep her voice," Clara ordered, "Or else no punishment."

“I.. I understand,” Ernie replied, assuming its previous position as it readied itself oncemore. However, in the middle of it rising up, Clara swung the bat to the side, striking Ernie with the intent of knocking him into the wall.

The Benefactor fell back over, this time managing to let out a scream of pain in the voice of Harper instead of its usual noises. Again, Ernie attempted to assume the position he had beforehand.

Clara slowly, shakily took in a deep breath and let it out. "Tell me to stop," She ordered, "Like she would."

“P-please!” Ernie whimpered in Harper’s voice, emulating the emotions of a child, “Please sto-”

Clara quickly slamed the bat into Ernie once again, not hesitating to go in for two more swings as her deadpan expression broke, an angry smile trying to show itself.

With each swing, Ernie let out another cry or whimper of pain in Harper’s voice, all the while getting the punishment he so desperately desired. However, the pain had caused the Benefactor to slip up, its shields coming down after the third consecutive hit without notice.

"Any more bullshit Harper!? Is this some plot by robots!? Am I an alien!? ARE YOU GONNA TAKE AWAY MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!?" Clara screamed, swinging the bat at the Benefactor's eye furiously.

The bat made contact with the eye, smacking into it with a flurry of sparks and mechanical noises interlaced with the pained noises of Harper. “..WhY?” Ernie asked in a growingly broken conglomeration of his own voice and Harper’s, the eye’s cyan light flickering incoherently, a small crack in the side.

Clara took a step back. A part of her was freaking out that she accidentally damaged Ernie. Another part relished in it.

“I’m... I’m fine,” Harper’s voice continued, slowly getting more defined, “Keep going.”

"Don't tell me what to do," Clara snapped before swinging the bat once again.

The Benefactor’s shields deflected the bat once again, “Aim away from the head.”

"WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?" Clara screamed, aiming directly for the head with her next swing.

Yet again, it bounced off. “Don’t aim for the head, Clara.”

"Why not!?" Clara asked angrily, squeezing the handle of the baseball bat.

“Aim for the back.”

"SHUT UP, HARPER!" Clara screamed, aiming for the head and swinging multiple times at Ernie, "I'M. FUCKING. TIRED. OF. YOUR. BULL. SHIT!"

The pained screams continued again, their escalation reaching new heights as Harper’s voice cried, whimpered, and whined in pain at the onslaught, before as before, the shield slipped. But unlike before, Ernie jolted accidentally, the blow landing on part of the soft sack affixed next to the head. A scream of entirely mechanical descent rang out, as a small hole in the fabric-like sack began to let out a tiny stream of glowing green fluid.

Ernie lifted himself upwards without waiting for Clara to hit him again, flying off a short distance away into the parking lot, letting out the same shrieking as he did.

Clara stood there for a moment before looking down at her bat and spotting a little of what she assumed to be Ernie's blood. After a few seconds, she quickly composed herself, dropping the bat from her shaking hands. Taking multiple deep breaths, the twelve-year-old followed where she saw Ernie fly and entered the parking lot to make sure she didn't damage him too much.

Ernie was laying on the ground against a random bus. His damaged eye was busy examining the wound, a small puncture next to his head, from which the yellow-green liquid sprayed out the tiny hole.

"... Are you gonna be okay?" Clara asked, her monotone restored.

Ernie’s eye shot its gaze onto Clara, his general movements akin to an injured animal. “Stay back,” he ordered with a twinge of fear mixed into it.

Poryswan, a being made of solidified code that gained the capacity to have emotions in its final evolution, headed over to the downed Benefactor.

I said stay back,” Ernie notified the Pokémon, his arms raising into defensive positions, but were unable to keep themselves up.

"Will you be able to repair yourself?" Clara asked, staying back as told.

I... I cannot repair without assistance,” Ernie stated, his form looking slightly deflated and weak.

"I can help," Clara offered, "I'm sorry for going overboard with the.. Punishment."

...Find me a suitable portion of cloth,” Ernie stated, looking to its wound for a moment.

Clara removed the top of her two-piece, holding it up. "Will this do?"

The Benefactor’s broken eye nodded, “That will be sufficient. Bring it close to the puncture wound.

Clara approached the Benefactor with the top of her two-piece raised, gently setting it onto the wound she created.

It may take a moment, but my nano-weave will close the puncture as long as pressure is applied properly to the wound.

"What about your eye?" Clara asked, lightly pressing down on the two-piece to provide the pressure needed.

It.. will be fine,” Ernie stated, “Containment of my neural fluid is all that matters at this moment.

"... I won't tell Zoey about you asking me for punishment if you don't tell anyone about what I did," Clara stated.

Then we are in agreement,” Ernie replied, “...When my weave was punctured I... I felt cold. My very self was leaking out. It wasn’t pain, just... cold...

"I think that's how a lot of people describe the feeling of almost dying," Clara theorized, "... I'm sorry."

Ernie did not respond, simply stating at Clara, before turning his attention back to the top piece over it, “...I... accept your apology.

...Your sister is the catalyst of a majority of your emotional trauma, is she not?” Ernie asked.

Clara was silent for a moment. "Some of it... I can't blame her for most of it," She answered reluctantly.

Where else does it stem from?

"I don't want to talk about it."

...Are you sure?

"... Yes."

I would not tell a soul,” Ernie stated, “Nor anything without one. This is my promise.

"You won't let up unless I tell you, will you?"

This is a serious issue of your psyche. If I am to allow you a task, it is imperative that I understand.

"That's a bullshit excuse."

Define bullshit in this situation.

"A made-up reason," Clara elaborated.

If that is your subjective usage of the word ‘bullshit’, Define how my reasoning is ‘bullshit’.

"Because you don't need to know anything about me to do a task for me."

Benefactor units are the fifth most dangerous proxy unit in use by the Convolution. By allowing you a task, I am allowing you access to a dangerous weapon of use at your own decision. If such decisions would come into direct contradiction with the actions of extant Overseers, temporary or permenant, then I cannot oblige my usage.

"I'm not going to use you as a weapon. I'm.. Usually.. Not violent."

You do not allow yourself to show emotions. Your release of anger shows you keep them pent up in an unhealthy manner. I ask why.

"It's none of your business. I won't use my task for anything violent, so please, drop it."

The Benefactor took a moment to respond, “...Affirmative. You may remove your cloth from the punctured area.

"Is there any way to fix your eye?" Clara asked, removing the top of her two-piece.

Negative; However, it is still at 98.6% functionality, and should remain sufficient for needs.

Clara looked down at her top at the goop crusted onto it. "Well, that's ruined," She remarked.

Any basic liquid should remove my neural fluid from your swimwear; its bases are composed of simple lipids,” Ernie explained.

"A basic liquid?"

A liquid with a pH of 7 or higher,” Ernie stated, “as a neutral liquid, Water has a pH of 7. It will suffice.

"Thank you," Clara nodded, heading into the hotel to find a water fountain.


Eventuallly the love birds were back at the hotel.

"Oh wow Bob you're such a good driver!" Fennel exclaimed trying to find even the smallest of things to praise her love with.

“Thanks, but I don’t think I’m that good at driving this clunky thing,” Bob mused.

"Everything you do is amazing." Fennel admonished as she grabbed her things and stepped off the bus.

Bob, acting as if he did not hear that, grabbed his stuff as well from next to his seat, and got off the bus behind Fennel, “That was a hell of a trip, huh?”

"Yeah." Fennel replied as she looked up at Bob with wide grin."It was really fun... She then looked down and quitetly said "I'm just happy you feel that way about me."

Brendan had noticed the bus had pulled back into the parking lot and called out "Alright girls, Bob and Fennel are back." indicating that their time at the pool was coming to an end.

Floating from around a corner, Ernie returned to his sitting place, another pair of shades (their rims were a bright orange as opposed to the other’s black rims) and a sun hat on his single eye.

"Oh hey Ernie. Where'd you get those?" Fennel asked upon noticing the robot.

"More importantly," Zoey quickly spoke up, "Can you go get your other eye?"

Of course, Overseer Zoey,” Ernie replied, a silent relief at not having to deal with the fallout of the damaged eye immediately, before flying off to retrieve his secondary modular receptor.

“Where’d he put his other eye?” Bob asked as he walked up.

"Were you, watching us?" Fennel accused.

"What? No! I had him send his eye to a video place because he had some recordings of me having sex with Ruby," Zoey answered.

“...I thought I said there was gonna be no porn,” Bob asserted.

"I'm not gonna sell it!" Zoey huffed, "It's just for me to watch."

Fennel folded her arms as she said, "If you're going to do that, only do it during your alone time. I don't want to see anything like that again."

“Zoey, I’m serious,” Bob said as Ernie made a hasty return, second eye returned to its place, “None. If I hear from anyone you made money off of this...”

"You guys are so overdramatic," Zoey scoffed as she rolled her eyes, "Nice hat, Ernie."

Noted; I acquired both the hat and sunglasses as articles of clothing from a local convenience store,” Ernie responded, “The cashier was busy yelling rude profanities at this unit about its appearance, so I simply left exact change for the two items and exited the establishment.

"Brendan has the room keys right?" Fennel asked. "I just need to change is all."

“Hey Brendan!” Bob shouted across the pool, slowly walking over to grab them from the trainer, “You got the keys to the room, right?!”

"Psst.. So how'd it go?" Zoey asked Fennel while Bob was distracted.

Fennel replied with a coy "Good." as she motioned to Zoey to follow her.

Zoey had a wide grin on her face as she eagerly followed Fennel, wanting to hear every single detail.

"I'll tell you in a minute." Fennel whispered as she approached Brendan. "Bread, do you have the room keys?"

Brendan having grabbed the pile of keys earlier flipped through them and said "I put you all the same room as Zoey since she said you two are on better terms now." Fennel took the key and said "No problem" Before skipping off to her room with Zoey following.

"Ernie! You come too! Or, uh, gimme your eye so I can watch that video of their date," Zoey lowered her voice as she passed by the Benefactor.

Fennel caught that Zoey said something but not the details as she asked "What was that?" She said as she unlocked the door and walked inside.

Affirmative,” Ernie responded, attempting to take off the secondary eye, and doing so with success, but knocking off his sunglasses in the process, revealing the damage to his other eye.

"Sweet! Thanks E-.. Wait a second... Ernie, what happened to your eye?" Zoey asked, squinting her own eyes just to make sure she was seeing the damaged eye right.

...The attempt to acquire this disguise was met with hostilities from the cashier,” Ernie lied, “In which they threw a full bottle of soda directly at my eye. The resulting damage is only superficial.

"Jesus! What a fucking asshole!"

I can relate to their paranoia however; my alien appearance would be quite frightening from their primitive perspective.

"Just because you're an alien robot doesn't mean they have to be an asshole," Zoey huffed, "Can we fix it?"

Negative; it is still functioning as it should be, at 98.6 percent. Their reasoning for disliking me is, as it would be put, ‘bullshit’.

"Bullshit is right," Zoey nodded before letting out a sigh, "So.. How do I get your eye to show the video?"

Apply pressure to the panel above the central receptor and it will project an image procession display in response.

"... Like a hologram?"


"Sweet," Zoey grinned momentarily before looking up at Ernie's eye with concern, "Sorry to hear about your eye. Try to find some way to fix it, alright?" Without waiting for a response, Zoey hurried after Fennel.

I will look into it...” Ernie stopped, seeing that it did not need to continue speaking and simply examined where the puncture wound had been, before laying back down on the ground calmly.

Fennel dropped her bags on the ground and removed her towel decidng that she had dried off enough at that point before lying down on the bed and kicking the air in excitement as she squealed "He's just so dreamy!"

"Oh my god," Zoey snickered as she flopped onto the other bed, "Of all the cheesy stuff you could say."

"He's sooooo strong, he picked up a two handed war hammer like it was nothing!" Fennel continued, not having heard Zoey's previous comment.

"I told you he was strong!" Zoey laughed.

Fennel looked around before beckoning Zoey with a finger. "I really, really, really, like him, he's sssssooooo nice." Her previous motion implied that was not all she had to say.

Zoey rolled off of her bed and onto her feet before plopping her rear onto Fennel's bed. "Aaaand?" She asked as she stifled a giggle.

Fennel then cupped her hands around Zoey‘s ear befire she whispered, “And he likes me back!” Fennel‘s tail began wagging and her ears pressed against her head as she said those words.

Zoey let out a squeal of excitement. "I knew he would! Who's the best matchmaker?" She bounced in place as she pointed at herself with both hands.

“You are!” Fennel responded in a giddy tone. “W-we even kissed!” Fennel exclaimed as she hugged one of the pillows on the bed.

"Ho-ly shit! I need to change my pants!" Zoey laughed.

”Do you think Elizabeth can help me make him breakfast? I want to do something special for him.” Fennel asked as she looked up at Zoey. “Do you think he liked my swimsuit?”

"Yeah Lizagna can probably help with that. More importantly, of course he liked your swimsuit! I picked it out knowing he would like it!"

“And his heartbeat is just strong and soothing, you know?” Fennel asked as her ears began twitching. “It was just so steady, he was so calm around me.” She continued.

"Uh.. I mean, I guess it would be," Zoey thought that was a bit weird to mention, but shrugged it off as Fennel being excited about her new... "So I guess he's your boyfriend now, huh?"

“... He said he loved me so I think so.” Fennel replied as she rolled onto her side. Fennel the gasped “What if he’s.... the one!?” She asked.

“I bet he is!" Zoey agreed eagerly.

“Oh then we could live in this cute little house by the beach.” Fennel continued. She then gave zZoey a hug and said “Thank you.”

"I know; I'm great," Zoey giggled as she returned the hug.

”Wish I could see his face when we went surfing.” Fennel lamented after she let go of Zoey.

"Why couldn't you?" Zoey asked.

“I was on the front end of board and he didn’t really know what to do.” Fennel commented.

"Wait.. If you were on the front.. Same board..." Zoey smiled in realization, "So he had a perfect view of your ass!"

Fennel covered her face. “I didn’t even realize.” she cried out in an embarassed tone.

"I'm sure he realized!" Zoey giggled before pausing, "... Then again this is Bob we're talking about."

“I can’t believe I did that...” Fennel said quietly. ”Then we had a picnic and cuddled for s while.” Fennel added.

"That is so cute!" Zoey squealed, "I guess the picnic was a good idea after all."

“What do you mean it was a good idea after all?”Fennel asked.

"Well, who do you think left the picnic and the warhammer at the lake for you guys?"

“I kind of thought Bob did.” Fennel said with a nervous giggle. “I just thought he was being romantic is all. Does that mean you had Ernie send that stuff?”

"Yeah. I figured if there was a warhammer there, you'd get Bob to swing it- Oh, did you get him to swing it with you holding onto it?"

“Oh I did alright.” Fennel replied in a distracted tone, she was obviously thinking of the event. “Do you think you can you can help me pick out an outfit for our next date?” Fennel asked.

"Of course I can!" Zoey nodded happily.

“I was kind of thinking something like a little green dress maybe.” Fennel suggested.“Maybe we could go mini golfing or bowling. You know, something calm.”

"Maybe.. But yeah, green is definitely your color," Zoey nodded, looking Fennel up and down as if to confirm her statement.

“Do you think he’d like the dress?” Fennel asked.

"I know he'd like the dress," Zoey answered confidently.

“We could go dancing, that’d be super fun.” Fennel added.

"Oooh, yeah.. Though I'm not sure how good Bob would be at that," Zoey giggled.

“I could teach him a Few Laviturnian dances.” Fennel responded.

"Well, until then," Zoey grinned, laying Ernie's eye on the bed, "Let's take a look at how the date went.. Oh, and, uh.. Yeah, I had Ernie send his eye over to watch you guys." With that, she looked around the eye for a moment before applying pressure to the panel Ernie told her about.

“You did what!?” Fennel exclaimed as her tail shot upwards.

The eye projected what appeared to be a menu onto the wall, a selection of high definition images on the wall of different scenes the eye had seen, several of which were... explicit, to say the least. Each was listed with a date and location underneath them. Some of the images looked odd and somewhat monochromatic, and their dates preceded even before Zoey had met Ernie

Fennel covered her eyes and protested "I thought I told you not to record me!"

"Oooh, gonna have to watch that one later," Zoey remarked at one of the explicit scenes, giving one of the black-and-white scenes a glance before getting up and tapping on the wall what looked to be today's date at the lake. She quickly sat back down on the bed.

"If you do I'm leaving." Fennel said as she continued to cover her face.

"You can look now, it's just your date," Zoey said, rolling her eyes.

Fennel uncovered her eyes, "I don't know why you wanted to record that. It's a little creepy."

"So we can review it," Zoey held up a finger informatively, "See what you did right, what you did wrong, and what needs improvement."

"Do you really have that little faith in me?" Fennel inquired.

"No, it's just that you can always do better, right?"

"All right let's just watch the tape."

"The tape? You mean video?" Zoey scoffed.

"Yeah... We had some vhs tapes back at home, I've just wanted to say that is all."

Tape is an obsolete term,” noted Ernie’s eye.

"Hah! High five Ernie's eye!" Zoey snickered, lightly tapping the eye with her hand.

High five noted and accepted.

"Alright, play the video," Zoey ordered, sneering at Fennel's expense. As soon as it was said, the video of Bob and Fennel’s date began to play, the view centering on the two, moving as they moved.

"It followed us!?," Fennel gasped.
"The camera's just turning around, calm down," Zoey giggled as, in the video, Bob swung Fennel around while she clung to the mallet of the warhammer, "Man, I gotta get Bob to do that to me. I didn't think it'd be that fun."

Fennel tapped her fingers together as she said "That's just a personal thing." in an embarassed tone, followed by a nervous chuckle.

"Hey, Ernie's eye, can we hear them?" Zoey asked.

"Let me guess it's got a high def microphone too." Fennel snarked, fully aware of the humilation train that would happen.

Of course, Ernie's eye had crystal clear audio of each of the two lovebirds, a clean listening of every syllable they said to one another, as below, subtitles rose up to further tell the two what they were saying.

"You uh... You alright?" Bob asked in the video after having caught Fennel staring.

"I was just wondering if you knew what kind of sandwich it was.”

"Nice save," Zoey snickered.

If Zoey looked close enough she would notice that Fennel's face had taken on a reddish hue. "Oh geeze is it that obvious." Fennel muttered as she tried to cover her face.

Fennel then watched as she dragged the board out to the water on video. She had been staring at Bob the entire time she moved the board out.

"Oooh, I see," Zoey nodded as Fennel had Bob move to the front of the board, "Wanted to get a good look at Bob's ass first, huh?"

"No, I just wanted to get a feel for the board first... that was just a bonus I guess."

"I heard that," Zoey sneered.

The video then showed Bob falling off the board followed by Fennel's obvious attempt to make it look like she had fallen as well.

Fennel meanwhile was obviously embarrased by the fact that her bail out had been so blanatantly intentional.

"Can we give it one more shot, please?"

"Oh man, that's a really good puppy dog face," Zoey nodded in approval.

Fennel snickered, she had to agree that was a good move."Being exotic has it's upsides." Fennel commented as she mimiced the face she pulled in the video.

"Here we go!" Zoey exclaimed as Bob climbed onto the back of the board, "C'mon, Bob! Take the bait! Look at her ass!"

Fennel watched the video through her fingers, afraid to see what Bob did.

Bob took a quick glance over her, before focusing back on the task at hand. "Eh... He didn't look that long, but it's something, I guess," Zoey huffed.

Soon enough, the footage went over Fennel getting off the board and begging Bob to sit on the blanket with her.

"What's his favorite season? Really?" Zoey laughed.

"It seemed like a good question." Fennel protested.

Soon enough the video cut to her saying Bob just needed a partner. What Zoey focused on, however, was Fennel's rolling around in the video. "You really wanted him to see your ass, huh?" Zoey remarked.

"Oh my gosh, I didn't even realize I was doing that." Fennel gasped. "I swear that's instinctual." Fennel lied hoping it would cause Zoey to drop the subject.

"Suuure it was," Zoey grinned.

"You don't know anything about my psychology!" Fennel quipped hoping it would give her case some solid ground.

"I know that you liked seeing Bob's ass. And I don't think you'd get all flustered if there was nothing to what I was saying."

"I didn't have any control over that." Fennel protested before finally giving up.

"It doesn't matter anyway. He's too prudy to look at your ass," Zoey said disappointingly.

The footage then cut to Fennel asking Bob about his hobbies or his lack thereof while she mused about her armor smithing.

Fennel then noticed the view that her digital counterpart had given then she took noticed of Bob's gaze. The expression that drew across her face was a combination of embarrasement for her actions and a small amount of pride from the validation of Bob's quick glances.

"Now we just gotta figure out how to get him to actually touch it," Zoey mused, making a smacking motion, slapping an invisible butt infront of her

Fennel let out a small snarl in resonse to Zoey's comment. "He better not touch it."

"Whaaat? Are you telling me you don't want your ass squeezed? Even a little?"

"Well not now... I only met him a few days ago." Fennel added. Zoey rolled her eyes and continued watching.

The footage then cut to Fennel placing her head on Bob's chest.

Fennel seemed particularlly embarassed as this part of the footage began to play. The Fennel in the Fennel could clearly be seen staring longling into Bob's eyes once her own were open.

"Can I tell you a secret?"

"Sure, Fennel."

Zoey made a loud, single clap as the Fennel in the video kissed Bob's cheek. "Oh my god! I didn't think you actually had it in you!" She exclaimed.

Fennel's tail swished as she spoke "I don't know, it just felt right..." Fennel muttered.

As the video continued, Zoey's smile slowly faded up until Bob returned with a kiss on the cheek of his own. The young teen let out an ecstatic squeal of delight, glad to see the fruits of her efforts.

Soon enough the footage of Fennel cuddling Bob's arm was playing and this time Fennel remembered that she had been rolling around just after that got up and tapped the wall attempting to change pause the video.

"Hey, what're you doing!? Is this the part where you guys fuck!?" Zoey whined, trying to pull Fennel away.

"No, I was just... rolling around,,,, more." Fennel commented before sitting down

"Oh... Why'd you try to turn it off?"

"...I'm just embarassed that I was rolling around." Fennel responded.

"It's fine. You were just trying to get someone to look at your ass. That's what I've been doing all day too," Zoey shrugged.

"It's just embarassing... I didn't realize I was doing it." Fennel replied.as she grabbed a set of fresh clothes from her bag.

Zoey continued watching before gesturing Fennel closer. "Hey, c'mere."

Fennel obliged and walked over to Zoey. "What?"

After seeing it done in the video, Zoey curiously reached up and tried scratching Fennel behind her ear.

Fennel dropped her clothes as she began tapping her foot on the ground while making a purring noise. "Oh my god," Zoey giggled, continuing to scratch.

Fennel stared crouching down as Zoey continued to scratch her ear, she tried to mutter "ssss.....tt...o....pp." but it was muffled by the purring as she began wagging her tail.

"What was that?" Zoey asked, now using both hands to scratch behind each ear.

Fennel promptly fell onto her back unable to move for a few minutes as she attemped get speak. "please."

"Aw, man. Lemme help you," Zoey bent down to the fallen fox, seemingly offering a hand before quickly returning to scratching her ears once more. "This is too good!" She laughed.

Fennel's leg during this time was still kicking, eventually delivered a kick to Zoey followed by a bark. Whether or not this was the relfex or Fennel's choice would be hard to determine.

Zoey let out a pained, "Oof!" as she stumbled back from Fennel.

At some point after this Fennel rolled right under one of the beds. It was questionable if this was a reflex or Fennel trying to avoid Zoey. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah... But you won't be!" Zoey yelped, quickly squirming her way under the bed with her hands stretched out, aiming for Fennel's ears.

Fennel quickly retreated behind further under the bed as her ears pressed against her head. It seemed somesort of repressed instict had surfaced as Fennel let out a series of yips to try and scare Zoey.

"You are way too cute!" Zoey laughed, completely unintimidated by Fennel's primal yelps.

At that moment, Bob opened the door to the hotel room, taking a moment to take in the situation. "I..." he mumbled, unsure what to say in this situation.

Fennel then poked her head out from under the bed and flashed a toothy grin as she said "Oh, hi Bob!"

"Oh, Bob's here?" Zoey asked, only her lower half sticking out from under the bed.

"What's... going on here?" Bob asked, putting his clothes on the bed next to the bed where all the situation was happening.

Fennel quickly retreaded back under the bed as she squeaked out a response. "She was scratching my ears... and I might have accidentally on purpose kicked her."

Zoey's rear end and legs vanished as her entire body was now under the bed. Her arms quickly shot out on either side of Fennel's head and her hands began scratching once again. "Gotcha!"

Fennel began purring once more as she began kicking the wall

"Well, that's alrigh... hey, why is Ernie's eye in here?" Bob asked, picking up the Benefactor's eye, which had turned off after the video had ended, "Were you watching... I don't wanna know," he limply dropped it back onto the bed.

"She record-" Fennel shouted.

"You don't wanna know!" Zoey interrupted loudly, continuing the scratching of Fennel's ears.

Fennel once again was cut off as her reflexes kicked in. "oouuurr. dddaaattteee." Fennel to say between her purrs.

"LALALALALALALALALA!" Zoey yelled as Fennel tried informing Bob.

Fennel eventually was able grab Zoey's arms and mutter the words "She recorded our date."

"Y'know what? I'm just gonna go back out to the pool," Bob regarded, not hearing Fennel as he began to open the door to walk out, "Don't be watching porn, guys. I mean it."

"... He thinks we were watching porn together," Zoey snickered.

Fennel angrilly kicked Zoey before she got out from under the bed and went to go find Bob. "Ow! That was a mean kick!" Zoey whined.

"Thanks a lot Zoey." Fennel hissed

Fennel quickly chased after Bob and grabbed his hand, she then looked up and him with her ears drooped down. "I was just telling Zoey about our date and it turns out she had recorded it," She tried to explain.

"What?" Bob asked, a bit confused, "I thought she was just getting film processed."

"Turns out she was spying on us." Fennel responed before giving Bob her usual sheepish finger tapping, "We were kind of watching the date..."

Bob let out an annoyed groan, "Oh my god..."

The tip of Fennel's tail went between her ankles as she looked back up at Bob "A-are you angry?"

"Yeah, a bit," Bob grumbled, "Should've known they did something like that."

Fennel looked at the ground, still thinking that Bob was upset about her watching the video. She began rotating one of her feet on the toe as she said, "I'm sorry. I just found out about the tape."

"What? No, it's not your fault, " Bob tried to comfort Fennel, putting a hand on her shoulder, "It's Zoey's fault; You don't need to feel bad about telling me. In fact, I'm happy you told me."

"You aren't mad?" Fennel asked as her ears perked up and her tail started moving side to side.

"Yeah, a little," Bob nodded, "But not at you, Fennel. Why would I be mad at you?"

"I dunno." Fennel responded. She then pointed back to the pool. "Can I join you?"

"I don't see why not," Bob shrugged, "There's no need to be shy about it, right?"

"Can you guys tell Ruby to come up here?" Zoey's voice could be heard shouting from back inside the room.

"If you're watching porn, no," Bob shouted back.

There was a moment of silence before Zoey left the room herself, groaning, "Fiiiiiiine. I'll get her myself then."

“I guess not.” Fennel said as she tried to wrap her fingers around Bob’s hand.

Bob smiled and took her hand as the pair walked down to the pool.

As soon as the two were at the pool, Fennel let go of Bob’s hands and jumped into the pool with a a splash. She then waved to invite Bob into the water.

Meanwhile Zoey was dragging Ruby into the hotel, presumably for inappropriate purposes.

"There better not be porn in there!" Bob shouted back at the two girls. They seemed to ignore him.

"I'm betting there's going to be porn in there," Bob sighed as he dipped into the water.

Eventually Fennel got tired of swimming and climbed out Of the pool “I’ll make sure those two aren’t up to no good.”

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Part Five

After a short period of inappropriate actions and viewing equally inappropriate videos, Zoey and Ruby were quite bored in the room by their lonesome. So, they did what any bratty children would do, go through other people's things.

"Hey, look! It's that dagger!" Zoey exclaimed as she rummaged through Fennel's belongings. She handed the dagger to Ruby, who imitated Zoey's bus stabbings into the air.

"Stab! Stab stab stab!" Ruby laughed.

"Of course, no sex toys," Zoey remarked before pulling out Fennel's wand with an, "Ooooh! Look!"

Ruby gawked in wonder as Zoey cleared her throat and waved the wand towards the wall opposite of the room's door, shouting out, "Abra cadabra!" Of course, nothing happened.

Zoey let out a growl as Ruby began rummaging through Fennel's things. "Zippidy zop! Zoobam! Magic missile!" Zoey shouted various magic-sounding phrases as she repeatedly waved the wand to no avail.

"Zoey! Look!" Ruby yelped, pulling out a burgandy book that read, “For the Laviturnian Legends. From- Serina” the center of the cover depicted some sort of round glyph with the word “Runes” written across. If the girls looked closely they would notice that its contents were carefully hand written. Each page contained the name of a rune followed by a description and a series of numbered arrows that showed the reader how to draw the symbols.

"Hmm.. So you.. Gotta draw them?" Zoey questioned as she and Ruby looked through the book.

"What does disguise do?" Ruby gasped.

"... Disguises you? I dunno, let's do it," Zoey shrugged, not considering any potential consequences of following the book's instructions and using the paintbrush-like wand to paint the disguise rune on herself and Ruby.

Unfortunately, nothing happened.

"... Am I disguised?" Ruby asked.

"Uh.. No.. Shit, why isn't it working? I did what the book said!"

"Maybe try a different one," Ruby suggested.

"Hmm... Oooh! Look at this! 'Explosion'!" Zoey said giddily.


Meanwhile, Fennel excused herself from the pool to make sure that Zoey and Ruby weren’t getting Into trouble. She realized that she probably left her card in the room and approached the door.

"Try throwing your shoe again!" Ruby yelled from within the room, seeming rather close to the door.

"Fire in the hole!" Zoey screamed as there was the bang of a shoe hitting the wall followed by the sound of scurrying and a door slamming shut, presumably them rushing into the bathroom.

Fennel then knocked on the door “Girls, can I come in?”

"Yea- Wait- Uh.. Erm.. No! No, you can't! We're, uh.. Watching porn! There's porn everywhere!" Zoey warned.

“Zoey that sounds like a lie. Not that it would surprise me at this point.” Fennel said as she russeled the door knob.

"What do we do!?"

"Shh! Sh sh sh! Turn on the shower! Maybe she won't..." Zoey's voice quickly quieted down as the shower turned on.

”I can hear you girls.” Fennel said as she continued to try and open the door.

The shower turned off. "Okay, we'll let you in! But you have to promise to not get mad!" Zoey requested.

“I promise.” Fennel replied as the tried to turn the handle once more.

Zoey slowly opened the door with Ruby standing close behind her. As soon as Fennel could see the two, a small exsposion went off sending Fennel's clothes that had previously been on the floor acrossed the room before a piece of clothing fell on Fennel’s head. She looked away from the girls for a moment to see whats had fallen on her: it was a bra. Fennel held the article of clothing up before she looked at the girls to ask “What were you girls doing with my cl—- “You two might want to look in a mirror.” Fennel sad as she walked into the room

"I guess the explosion thing worked," Zoey gulped, she and Ruby both spooked by the boom/

”Yeah that’s not the only thing that worked.” Fennel added.

Zoey and Ruby curiously stepped into the bathroom to look in the mirror before they both let out shocked screams. "WHAT'S GOING ON!?"

"ZOEY!" Ruby screamed.



".. WAIT.. Wait.. Wait.. Shit.. The disguise thing! It's the disguise thing!" Zoey yelped. She and Ruby quickly looked back in the mirror, examining themselves.

"... We're like.." Ruby began.

"Fox people.. Like Fennel!" Zoey finished, poking her own cheek before poking Ruby's.

“Yes, very funny.” Fennel quipped, She was rather upset to see that the girls had thrown her belongings all over the room.

"Quick, Ruby! Scratch behind my ears!" Zoey ordered.

"Okay!" Ruby obediently nodded. However, her hand seemed to go right through the large, fox ear on Zoey's head, "Uh.. My hand's going through it!" She tried scratching behind the ear anyway, but Zoey did not feel the mind-numbing effect Fennel seem to have earlier.

Fennel looked at the girls for a moment, before commenting. “you two look a lot like me.”

"Well, duh, we have big fox ears and tails," Zoey remarked, attempting to grab her tail, but her hand disappointingly phased right through it.

“No you two look like me, like you‘re my kids or something.” Fennel responded.

"I guess we both have fur and stuff," Ruby blinked.

"What, you want us to start calling you 'mom' like Tina?" Zoey snickered.

”No that’s not what I'm getting at.“ Fennel responded.

"Is it because we have the tails and stuff?" Ruby asked.

“No I mean it looks like we are related.” Fennel tried to explain.

"How?" Ruby asked, glancing back at the mirror.

"I think she just wants us to call her 'mom'," Zoey muttered.

“I mean like your faces they look like mine along with your fur coloration. That kind of thing.” Fennel said.

"My hair's all, like.. Brown," Ruby remarked.

"Hmph.. If we can't even pull our tails or scratch our ears, what's the point?" Zoey pouted.

“It’s just a disguise so I can pass as a normal human” Fennel responded.

"... I don't think the disguise works very well," Zoey remarked.

“That’s because you‘re already normal. You made it work backwards.” Fennel quipped.

"Oh... Well, how do I undo it? These ears are taunting me," Zoey huffed, looking at her ears in the mirror... Her unscratchable ears...

“You can’t. Unless I punch you in the face really hard. You’re gonna have to wait until I run out of Magic.” Fennel answered.

"Fennel, I swear to god, if you don't change us back right now, me and Ruby will have sex right now and we'll do it infront of the door so you can't leave," Zoey threatened.

“I can’t do anything about it, girls, luckily for you two that date drained me so you should be back to normal in about an hour. Why don’t you go back to the pool or something?” Fennel replied.

"You want the room alone so you can fuck Bob," Zoey accused.

“Oh yes that’s exactly at I want to do, I left you two to throw my things around, turn into foxes, all so Bob and I can make few kits of our own.” Fennel replied in a dull emotionless noice.

"What's a kit?" Ruby whispered.

"I think it's like, a fox baby," Zoey answered before raising her voice as she skipped over and flopped onto a bed, "We already went to the pool! And we're bored!"

Ruby flopped beside Zoey, repeating, "Booored!"

“If you make me mad enough, i'll just force you two to look that way. Forever.” Fennel replied as she started putting her clothes back in the bag.

"Wait, what!? No, please don't!" Ruby gasped.

"She's bluffing," Zoey said in an overdramatically bored tone, "Why do you want us to leave so bad?"

”Because I want to change. I’ve kinda been in this thing for a few hours now. Besides I want you two to stay out of trouble.” Fennel commented.

"Wouldn't we stay out of trouble if we were here in the room with you?" Zoey asked, "We'll just look at the wall while you change."

Fennel looked at hole that was the bathroom door. “Okay, fine.” Fennel as she started picking up clean clothes to change Into.

"Beeeooooooreeeeed," Zoey slowly said.

"Boooored," Ruby agreed.

Fennel tossed the clean clothes in the bed before she started changing out of her swimsuit to something less revealing.

"Borededy boooored," Zoey sighed, "So when're you and Bob gonna fuck? Or.. Get married then fuck?"

"Get married?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, it's a weird Fennel thing, don't ask. So when're you guys gonna get married?"

“I don’t know, we only just started dating.” Fennel said as she pulled buttoned her shorts and pulled down her shirt. “Alright you two can look now."

"So like, a week from now? A month?" Zoey asked as she and Ruby rolled over and looked at Fennel.

“Depends on when he proposes.” Fennel replied, “I just hope our babies look as cute as you two do right now.” Fennel the booped the girls’ noses

"I think she wants to be our mom," Ruby whispered. Zoey nodded in assent.

”What was that?” Fennel asked.

"She definitely acts like a mom half the time," Zoey whispered back before raising her voice, "We were talking about anal."

“I'm pretty sure you two were talking about moms.” Fennel replied.

"Oh my god, she just keeps goihg," Zoey whined, planting her face into the bed, her voice muffled as she remarked, "She's just like our moms."

“Are you trying to say I wouldn’t be a good mom?” Fennel accused.

"No, I'm saying you're already too much of a mom," Zoey answered as she rolled over onto her back so her face wasn't trapped in the covers.

“You act like that’s a bad thing.“ Fennel said as she we went to lie down in the other bed.

"Well, I mean.. You're not our mom, but like, you act like it a lot."

“I mean I could probably pass as your mom if I wanted right now, eh, more likely an older sister.” Fennel commented. “Why don’t you two just play with the dagger or something.” Fennel suggested.

"We already did," Zoey sighed, "Stabbing gets boring after awhile."

"Hand it to me." Fennel said as she streched out her hand.

Zoey grabbed the dagger and stretched her arm up to Fennel as much as she could, not willing to get up from where she was laying down.

Fennel grabbed the dagger and stood up before tossing it into the air. The blade did several flips before she caught it by the handle. "Yeah this one's balanced very well."

"We wanna have seeeex," Zoey whined.

"Yeah, we're boooored!" Ruby groaned.

"Can't you watch TV or something?" Fennel asked.

"We don't have any CDs," Zoey huffed.

Fennel pointed to the television, "There's a TV right there, is should have cable."

"What's cable? You mean like wires and stuff?"

"No it's a service that puts shows on TV." Fennel explianed.

"... Like the intranet or something?" Zoey asked, her curiosity peaked.

"Yeah like the internet." Fennel explained.

"... How would we know the password for it though?" The concept of a free internet or readily available cable television was completely foreign to Zoey.

"It shouldn't have a password." Fennel said as she grabbed the remote from the bed stand and powered on the television set. "Look see." The current programming seemed to be a children's network focusing heavily on animation. "See, you two can watch whatever this is." Fennel suggested.

Zoey and Ruby's eyes were immediately affixed to the program. "Wow... This place is awesome," Ruby remarked.

"Back home you needed a password just to get on the intranet," Zoey mumbled.

Fennel then pulled out her phone and tried to search what the show was. "Oh turns out this is supposed to be pretty good."

"So wait.. Do people still make cartoons and stuff? Like.. Was this made.. Not a long time ago?" Zoey asked, not taking her eyes off the screen.

"If I understand the year here properly, I think this is the season premire." Fennel commented.

"Watch it with us," Zoey scooted a bit, making room on the bed for Fennel to sit or lay down inbetween Ruby and herself.

Fennel decided to lie down on the bed between the girls and rested her head on her arms as she watched she show. Zoey reached over Fennel and tapped Ruby. The younger sister looked over to see Zoey pointing at Fennel's ears.

It took Ruby a second, but she understood Zoey's intentions, and the two raised their closest hands behind the fox's ears before beginning scratching as they watched TV.

Fennel began purring as the girls scratched behind her ears, followed by tail wagging.

Zoey and Ruby giggled as they continued scratching, occassionally glancing back at Fennel's tail before returning focus to the TV.

Eventually Fennel rolled over as the girls scratched behind her ears. "What, you want belly rubs or something?" Zoey snickered, her hand underneath Fennel's head as she continued scratching.

Fennel opened her eyes. "No!" She said before covering her ears and rollng over once again.

"Why're you covering your ears?" Zoey asked with a wide grin.

“No reason.” Fennel lied.

"You know you liked us scratching them."

“Well I mean yeah, but part of that is like reflex Is all.” Fennel replied.

"You still liked it," Zoey giggled, "C'mon, let us keep scratching."

”Okay.” Fennel said as she uncovered her ears. Fast as lightning, Zoey and Ruby's hands were back where they were previously, scratching behind Fennel's ears once more.

As expected the purring continued one more though this time Fennel was restraining herself from rolling around.

There was a knock on the door, followed by the muffled voice of Bob behind it, "Hey, is everything alright in there, guys?"

"Oh, Ruby, c'mere!" Zoey beckoned as she hopped off of the bed, "I wanna see his reaction to us being fox people!" Ruby giggled and followed Zoey. The two neared the door.

"Come on in!" Zoey stifled a giggle of her own as she quickly opened the door to reveal herself and Ruby, fennel-ified.

Bob walked in, and stopped in the doorway, obviously confused and dumbfounded. "I... What?" Bob asked. Zoey and Ruby immediately burst into laughter, nearly falling to the ground as they clung to each other and the wall.

"What the hell happened to you two?" Bob asked, coming to his senses, "Why are you... looking like Fennel?"

“They were messing around with a few runes I have archived. it should wear off as soon as I run out of Magic but I don’t want to risk any permanent affects because there’s a small amount of shape shifting.”Fennel explained With a wave of her hand.

"Wait.. Permanent effects?" Ruby quickly asked while Zoey was still coming down from her laughing fit.

“Runes are complicated, in theory you could be stuck like this. Probably not but I don’t want to deal with you two looking like this forever.” Fennel commented.

"Yeah, I don't think you two'd want to be stuck like that forever. Imagine how much you'd get joked about," Bob reasoned.

Fennel then gave Bob a deadpan look as if she were offended. Zoey looked back at Fennel before giving Bob a cheeky smile. "... So we're not gonna be stuck like this?" Ruby asked, a lot more worried than Zoey seemed to be.

"Fennel, I didn't mean it like that," Bob backtracked quickly, obviously embarassed due to Fennel's reaction, "I meant like, uh... they just look different than they usually do."

“Pfft.” Fennel exclaimed before chuckling, “I know that. I just wanted to push your buttons a little. Besides it should wear off in 45 minutes.”

"Oh, that should be fine, then," Bob sighed.

“You know unless I decide they deserve to be cursed.” Fennel said as she held her hands above her head and wiggled her fingers.

"Cursed!?" Ruby gasped.

"She's bluffing. She wouldn't curse us after we hooked her up with rtBob," Zoey said confidently, offering Ruby a fist bump that the younger sister unassuredly returned.

Fennel darted her eyes side to side before speaking in a mischievous tone. “I dunno wizards are pretty vengeful.”

That is a statement I can agree with. There are times I am very vengeful.

"We don't deserve to be cursed! I'm sorry for going through your stuff!" Ruby cried out.

“I’m gonna need some convincing.” Fennel replied.

"I-I'll have sex with you! I'll eat you out for as long as you want! I can go for hours!" Ruby begged.

“Not like that!” Fennel clarified.

"Come on, she's gonna end up crying," Zoey huffed, ruffling Ruby's hair, "It'll be fine, Rub."

“Why don’t you go find some ice cream or something?” Fennel requested.

"Are you gonna curse us?" Ruby whimpered.

“Not if you hurry.” Fennel replied.

"Zoey, c'mon!" Ruby insisted, pushing past Bob and scurrying into the hallway. Zoey rolled her eyes and casually followed.

“So how‘s it going Bob?” Fennel asked.

"You think that was a bit harsh?" Bob asked, "I mean, you get some ice cream out of it, but..."

Fennel shrugged, “They were going through my stuff.” Despite the fact she emulated a maternal figure for the girls she seemed to think of herself as an older sister to the girls at times. Fennel‘s tone in regards to the previous statement seemed to carry the aloofness of an older sibling.

"Yeah, but still, they're freaking out now," Bob sighed, "It's probably not good."

"I’ll tell them I’m sorry when they get back... I can also undo the thing... I just wanted them to not do that again.” Fennel replied.

"Fair enough," Bob mumbled, sitting on the bed and looking at the TV, "Oh hey, we got cable?"

“Yeah. l guess the girls don’t have cable back at home.” Fennel responded

"I don't think so. I think they came from some kind of apocalypse-sorta world..?" Bob shrugged, "I dunno."

“Yeah I can see that,” Fennel replied as she started flipping through the channels.

"So, what do you want to watch?" Bob asked as he looked alongside Fennel.

Fennel looked at the television for a while, she wasn't particularlly interested in any of shows, she eventually returned to the cartoon she had been watching with the girls. "Do you just want to watch this?" Fennel asked.

Bob examined the show, which didn't really interest him, but to keep Fennel from being dissapointed, nodded, "Yeah, looks good to me."

Fennel then turned her attention to television set. "This show seems familar. I can't quite figure out why though." Fennel's tail then began brushing against Bob's arm, it seemed this was more Fennel fidgeting rather than any attempt to get Bob's attention. "What kinds of cartoons did you watch as a kid?" Fennel asked.

"I never really watched any," Bob noted, subtly wrapping an arm around Fennel's shoulder as he let out a yawn, "But I like this."

Fennel then rested her head on Bob's arm with their height difference leading Fennel's ears to crumple into Bob's face.

Bob would have done something to stop Fennel's ears from messing with his face, but didn't care that much, rather wanting to see her happy and calm for once.

"Smooth." Fennel commenting on Bob's actions and placing her hand on Bob's back and began slowly moving her fingers across to give him a back rub as she watched the show.

"Oh, that's the spot," Bob groaned, "Y'know, I've never had something like that for years."

Fennel then widthdrew herself from Bob's grip and moved to behind him and placed both hands on his shoulders. She then started lightly grazing her fingers over Bob's back once again. "Like this?" The fox asked.

"Oh, yeah, right there," Bob nodded, trying to move his hand to rub her back in return.

Fennel then began applying more pressure to Bob's back upgrading the back rub into a massage, "You got a lot of tension, Bob." Fennel commented. She didn't know how to tell for sure but she figured that was accurate judging from the difficulty she was having getting Bob's muscles to loosen up.

"Yeah, well, keeping track of all those girls and their drama is a bit... straining," Bob noted, "You don't seem as tense, just by looking at you."

"I just kind of roll with the punches, that and surfing helps clear my mind." Fennel replied. As she applied a litte more pressure in to Bob's back. "But to be honest I've been on edge recently with everything."

"Really?" Bob asked, a look of concern in his eyes, "Why's that?"

"Well I mean, I've been in another world for half a year, felt a bit like a freak, felt obligated to become an adventurer, I'm not sure if Laviturn is safe, I don't know where Ryle and Dipin are, and now I've got to try and be a mom to Tina and a mentor or older sister to all the other girls. It's just alot." Fennel replied as she worked a knot in Bob's back loose. With one last application of pressure Fennel finished the massage before lying down on her stomach next to Bob to continue watching the show.

"Agh... that was nice," Bob sighed as the knot was undone, moving his hands to begin to do the same to Fennel, slowly rubbing her back, "I think you need this more than me."

Fennel began letting out a soft, high-pitched purr as Bob worked the knots out her back. "That's nice."

"Yeah, right?" Bob agreed as he continued down Fennel's back, slowly and calmly rubbing.

"Just a little lower." Fennel muttered.

Bob did as asked, slowly rubbing lower and lower down Fennel's back.

"Yeah right there." Fennel said as Bob's hands were fairly high up on her lower back. "Just a little more pressure."

"You got it," Bob replied, applying pressure as he undid the knots in her back.

Fennel let out a louder purr in apprieciation as Bob continued. "This feels so nice." Fennel muttered as her tail wrapped around Bob's arm.


"This better not be bullshit," Clara muttered as Ruby climbed on her shoulders. Zoey then scaled the small tower and bent her knees.

"Okay, I'm gonna jump. You guys ready?" Zoey asked, recieving a thumbs up from her two sisters. Given the greenlight, Zoey jumped from Ruby's shoulders and barely managed to cling to the ledge of the window to their room.

"Are you okay, Zoey!?" Ruby worriedly asked.

"My shoulders hurt," Clara stated.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Zoey answered, peeking through the window. Luckily for her, the explosion rune from earlier managed to knock the curtains of the window inside out of place enough for the nosy teen to see inside.

"Are they having sex?" Ruby asked.

"It's kinda hard to see... Wait.. WAIT! Bob's behind her! They're on the bed! They- They're totally fucking!" Zoey gasped, "Fennel didn't even take her clothes off!"

"I wanna see!" Ruby whined.

"Are you sure they're having sex?" Clara asked.

"Literally, I think Fen's moaning or something. Probably making some weird fox noise," Zoey called down. Hanging the window's ledge prevented her from cupping her eyes to the glass and getting a better look. Still, she was getting excited watching even with the poor quality view.

"Describe how they're doing it," Clara requested.

"It's like.. So like, Fennel is laying down, and Bob is fucking her ass," Zoey tried to describe.

"She probably can't keep herself up," Ruby theorized.

"Well, no shit! It's Bob! I'm sure just a few minutes with him and anyone would be worn out!" Zoey remarked.

Unfortunately, the girls' peek into the situation would be cut short as Bob looked up and saw Zoey. At first dumbfounded, then annoyed, Bob stood up (his trunks still on and having no sign of having been lowered), walked over to the window, and shut the curtains on Zoey.

Fennel was confused asked "W-what is it."

"The girls..." Bob sighed, "They're probably gonna say we fucked or something."

"I don't think closing the curtains going to help with that." Fennel added.

"Yeah, but it's better than them peeking in," Bob regarded as he sat back down next to Fennel, "Besides, I like a little privacy, don't you?"

"That is true." Fennel continued, "But maybe you should put a little more on..."

Bob looked himself over and thought aloud, "You're probably right. Lemme go change real quick," he added, grabbing his clothes from the bed and walking into the bathroom to change.

"I'd rather not have them think we are fooling around." Fennel remarked as she rolled over.

"Yeah, I agree," Bob shouted back from the bathroom, "The less we look like we're banging, the less they're gonna ask about it or keep doing that."

"Yeah. That Zoey is awful nosy." Fennel commented.

"Yeah, but I think she's got good intentions," Bob noted as he walked out of the bathroom fully clothed, "She just.. doesn't go about them the right way."

"That's true. I just hope they got that icecream before trying to spy on us." Fennel remarked.

"I doubt it," Bob laughed as he laid down next to Fennel, "They're scared, but they ain't that scared."

"So you like to play bad cop I take it?" Fennel joked.

"Nah, I think you did pretty good at that," Bob mused, a hand slowly creeping up before scratching behind Fennel's ear.

"But I can't be bad co--" Fennel was cut off as she began purring.

"Works every time," Bob chuckled as he kept scratching.

"You can't just do that everytime you want me to-" Fennel was once again cut off and began kicking one of her legs.

"Not every time," Bob corrected, allowing reprieve from the scratching, "Just when I think you'd be cute doing it without ruining the mood."

"I wish you normal humans did something like that, then I could atleast be on even ground." Fennel pouted, before caressing his face.

"You've never heard of tickling?" Bob asked with a smile, "It's pretty much the same."

Fennel then quicly wiggled her fingers in the space between Bob's neck and shoulder. "Like this!"

"Yeah," Bob said with a chuckle, "It'd work better on the girls, so you don't have to deal with Zoey attacking your ears, but yeah."

"I'll keep that in mind." Fennel said with a mischevious tone as she tapped Bob's face with her ears.

In response, Bob blew softly in them, hoping it'd get Fennel to flick them back or something.

Fennel's ears flicked for a moment as she closes her eyes and scruntched her face as she tried to restrain herself from biting at the stream of air.

"Hah!" Bob laughed, "Works with cats, works with foxes too..."

Fennel puffed up for a moment, she was mildly upset that her ears had become such a sudden weakness. She then retalitated before blowing stream of air into Bob's face hoping for a somewhat similar reaction. Given how Bob was a regular human this was unlikely.

"What?" Bob chuckled, "I still think they're kind of cute."

Fennel looked away somwewhat embarrased and let out a quite, "I know..."

"...But I bet they're also better than mine," Bob quickly replied to take Fennel's mind off of her inadequecies, "We should... go check on the girls. Make sure they're not climbing to see any more windows."

"Okay." Fennel replied before rolling off the bed, then promptly fell on the ground, her quick rise to her feet left the impression that this was an intentional move rather than an accident.

"You alright?" Bob asked as he opened the door to the hotel room, looking back at Fennel.

"Yeah." Fennel said as she walked out the door. "The girls owe us ice cream anyway. I'm pretty sure Brendan knows where they are."

Somehow, Brendan was able to convince the girls to leave the pool and was heading to his room to change. Along the way he passed by the room where Bob and Fennel were. "So what were those two up too?" He asked as he looked through a stack of keys.

"Hey, Brea- ndan," Bob corrected himself as he walked out, "Are the girls still out by the pool?"

"They should all be back in their rooms. Clara and Anna ran off with some kids that looked like Fennel."

"Zoey and Ruby," Bob murmured, "You have another key for that room?"

"Na, they look all of them." Brendan replied as Allen popped out of seemingly nowhere. "But Allen should be able to open the door for you." Brendan said as he pointed do the door where the girls were hiding.

"Thanks," Bob nodded as he walked over to the door, and, to not seem intruding, knocked loudly on the door, "Hey, girls? It's me, Bob. Can I come in?"

Loud moans were quickly cut off followed by a few thuds. "Ow!" One of the girls cried out.

"Sorry! Clara! Hi-" Zoey's voice yelled before quickly lowering its volume.

"Allen, could you please open the door?" Bob sighed, worried for what sort of calamitous mess he was about to see behind the door.

"BZZZRT!" The ghost said before possessing the door. The lock took on an orange tone as a soft clicking noise confirmed that it could be opened.

Fennel placed her hand on the door handel before pausing. "We're coming in." She called to the girls and waited a moment before slowly opening the door.

Bob, with a tired groan, warned, "You better not be doing what I think you're doin-"

Clara's hand quickly slipped out from under a matress before she flopped onto the bed and under the covers. The observant would have noticed she wasn't wearing any clothes. The other three girls were already laying down and the TV was showing some cartoon.

"Oh, hey Bob!" Zoey waved, making sure the sheets covered herself up to her neck. The other three were similarly covered up.

"...You were having sex, weren't you," Bob grumbled, pinching his brow.

Zoey would have lied to Bob, but figured telling that part of the story would be enough to cover up the real secret. "Okay, fine. We were horny, okay?" Zoey huffed, "You shouldn't be surprised we'd screw by now."

"What's under the mattress?" Fennel asked, it just seemed a little off that the girls were suddenly being so modest.

"Nothing!" Anna quickly answered.

"Clara, would you mind telling me what you were putting under the mattress?" Bob asked.

"If you don't I'll make sure you two stay like that." Fennel threatened.

"... I was putting my notebook under the mattress," Clara answered.

"Why are you trying to hide it?" Fennel inquired.

"She has a diary in it," Zoey answered for Clara, who remained silent.

"No I asked Clara, Zoey." Fennel replied.

"There's... Things in my notebook that... I would rather you not see," Clara slowly said. Anna seemed very nervous, glancing between her sisters to Fennel and Bob.

Fennel then glared at Anna, "Allright Anna, let's make a deal..." Fennel said as a somewhat malicious grin drew across her face. "As you can tell, two of your sisters are already in a predicament...."

"Or," Bob considered as he walked in, "I'll just take a look for myself if it's just Clara's notes or not."

"But Bobby, you're ruining my bad cop game, right now." Fennel complained, immedately killing any air of intimidation she had been carrying, as evidenced by Zoey's snickering.

"Bah, I don't think they're scared by that," Bob regarded, "I mean, they didn't bring you ice cream, remember?" he walked over to the bed, "Any of you willing to fess up, or am I gonna have to root around under this mattress?"

"Wait, we were supposed to bring you ice cream?" Ruby asked, ".. I thought you were just telling us to eat ice cream."

"Why would I? Never mind." Fennel said in a bewildered tone.

"None of you?" Bob asked with a harrumph, "Guess I'll just have to see for myself."

"I wanna watch this TV show," Zoey stated before clearing her throat.

Anna stiffened up before saying loudly, "I am going to open the window now! I need fresh air!" She started to get out of bed.

"Alright, here I go..." Bob said, beginning to stick his hand under the mattress.

Clara's own hand snapped out from under the covers, grabbing his arm as she stared Bob dead in the eyes. "Do not touch my notebook, please."

"I won't," Bob agreed, "If you stop giving me bullshit. What are you guys so nervous I'll find?"

Clara slowly reached under the mattress, pulling out her notebook while Anna opened the window. "It's just my notebook," Clara said, her eyes looking to Zoey. Zoey gave Clara a nod. As quickly as she could, Clara threw the covers off of herself and leaped for the window.

"Not again!" Fennel exclaimed as she pointed the wand at Clara freezing her as she was clambering over the window sill

"What the- hey!" Bob exclaimed, "The hell was that?!"

"... Shit," Clara sighed, "Page 87. Promise you won't tear it out." Zoey audibly facepalmed.

Bob walked over and took the book from the frozen girl, slowly turning to the page Clara had stated, "Let's see... 84... 85... 86... 87...!"

Fennel then swished the wand away from Clara, causing a towel to wrap itself around the girl before letting her move freely.

The entirety of page 87 of Clara's notebook was a detailed, realistic drawing of Bob and Fennel having intercourse. It looked to be a similar position to how Bob was giving Fennel a back massage earlier, though his hands were on her sides and honestly this doesn't need a detailed description.

Fennel quickly peeked to see what the Bob was looking at before her face became notecably more red. "What is this!?" Fennel shrieked.

Bob, a bit flabbergasted at first, turned to the girls, "What the hell, guys?"

Anna was hiding under the sheets. Zoey let out a groan, and Clara explained the situation, "Zoey was peeking through your window earlier and saw you two having sex. She, Ruby, and I were talking about it, and I mentioned that I wish I could have seen it. Anna happened to be nearby, and offered to draw it based on Zoey's description of what she saw."

"Having se-oh, for god's sake," Bob grumbled before exclaiming, "I was rubbing her back, for fuck's sake! She had on all her clothes, how does that even get close to sex?"

"You haven't had sex with your clothes on before?" Zoey asked, "Wait, right, it's Bob."

"Shut up, Zoey," Clara said.

"Why did you even think we'd do that? We only started dating today." Fennel angrily inquired.

"I dunno! I mean.. You guys wanted the room to yourselves.. And then when I looked through the window it looked like Bob was fucking your ass! And then he shut the curtains!"

"Because I saw you all gawking in the damn window!" Bob stated angrily.

"I can't believe you thought I had that little self control," Fennel added.

"I'm sorry! I just wanted to draw!" Anna cried out from under the sheets.

"Okay, the window was like.. It had that tinted shit on the outside and it was hard to see. It really looked like you guys were fucking," Zoey defended herself.

"But you didn't take anything about how I wanted to wait until after my wedding into account now did you!" Fennel exclaimed, obviously very upset.

"That's why I was so surprised to see you guys fucking! Er- Thought I saw you fucking!"

"You can tear that page out of the notebook if you want. If it didn't actually happen, then I don't care if it's in there," Clara said, "Thanks for wasting a page of my notebook, Zoey."

Bob sighed as he took the time to carefully take it out of Clara's notebook, before tossing it down on the bed, setting the notebook down next to Clara, before storming out, obviously having enough of the entire situation.

"Are we in trouble?" Anna asked, peeking out from under the sheets to see Bob left.

"Definately." Fennel said before snapping her fingers, dispelling the rune on Zoey and Ruby and storming out of the room.

"Hmph... I don't get why they freaked out so much," Zoey grumbled.

"You were the one that said they would be upset by it and that was why I needed to hide it. You even told me I might have to jump out the window," Clara retorted.

"Yeah, but I didn't think they'd be that upset! We just drew them screwing! I mean, come on! They're acting like we just.. Killed a bunch of babies or something!" Zoey pouted, folding her arms.

"Maybe Fennel is on her period?" Ruby asked.

Fennel opened the door with the help of Allen once again and shouted "I AM NOT!!" before slamming the door and storming off to the lounge.

The girls were quiet for a few moments. "... That wouldn't explain why Bob was all pissy too," Zoey muttered, "... Why do 'moms' always end up being so bitchy?"

"Can we just watch cartoons?" Anna asked with a quivering lip. Out of the four, she was the most impacted by all the yelling and the prospect of being in trouble.

"Yeah, fine, whatever," Zoey sighed.

Fennel then began muttering angrily to herself as she began to look for where the girls had found their icecream. Soon enough she found a concession stand and paid for a pint of Icecream before returning to her room and before ramming a spoon into the icecream and eating it.

Bob walked out of a nearby restroom, visibly less upset than before. He let out a sigh as he walked up to Fennel, "Hey, you alright?"

“I’m just mad they jump to conclusions, despite me giving them good reason to think otherwise.” Fennel vented

"Well, they're kids," Bob noted, "And kids tend to do that a lot. You gotta give them a break sometimes."

“Okay, but they they were all like ‘she’s just mad because she’s on her period.‘“ Fennel continued as she used a more whiny voice to indacte was trying to mock Zoey’s accusation.

"Fennel, You know Zoey's like that," Bob regarded, "If she can get on your nerves, she will."

“I know, but she’s just such a brat sometimes.” Fennel huffed, before devouring another spoonfull of ice cream.

"Yeah, she can be," Bob agreed, "But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give her another chance on this."

“I just don’t get her is all.” Fennel replied.

"Sometimes, it's hard to make sense out of any of them," Bob regarded, "But if you spend enough time, real time with them, it all starts to make a bit more sense. A bit, not much."

Fennel tilted her head back “Ugh, you sound like my dad telling me to make friends.” Fennel groaned.

"Well, it's true," Bob let out a bit of a laugh but stopped himself, "You just need to get to know them to better tolerate their crap."

”Okay, I’ll spend some girl time with them.” Fennel said as she got another spoonful of ice cream. “So when should I go hang out with them?” Fennel asked.

"Any time when they're not having sex would probably be fine," Bob noted.

“They’re probably not up to anything now.” Fennel mused. ”I should just go now...” Fennel said before standing up.

"Wait," Bob questioned, "Where are you going?"

“The girls.” Fennel commented as the left the room with ice cream in tow. Soon enough, she was knocking on the girls door.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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"Coming," Zoey's voice called out. However, it was Ruby that actually opened the door.

"Who is it?" Zoey asked.

"Fennel," Ruby answered, stepping aside so Fennel could walk in while Zoey let out a groan.

“I brought ice-cream.“ Fennel added hopping it would lessen Zoey’s hostility towards her. Fennel then pulled out a few spoons she had swiped from the lobby on her way to their room.

Ruby looked to Zoey for approval, who let out a sigh, "Fine." Zoey scooted closer to the side of the bed, patting the mattress for Ruby and Fennel to come over as well as for Clara and Anna to sit at the foot of the bed.

Fennel promptly sat on the bed before handing a spoon to each of the girls. “How are you all doing?” She inquired.

"Blue balled and watching cartoons," Zoey answered tersely while her sisters awkwardly dug into the ice cream. Zoey was reluctant, but took a spoonful herself as well.

Fennel sighed, “I’m sorry I yelled at you guys.”

A few "It's okay"s came from each of the girls, except for Zoey who let out an unenthusiastic, "It's fine."

“It‘s just you were spying on us and then the drawing caused things to boil over.” Fennel said, her tone carrying some remorse.

"... I'm sorry for drawing that," Anna murmured unhappily as she scooped a little bit of ice cream with her spoon.

“I just didn’t like the subject material, but other than that, it was well done.” Fennel remarked hoping it would lessen the blow.

"... It was?" Anna asked for confirmation, her confidence in her artistry a tad shaken by the conflict prior.

“Yeah... the detail probably won’t be leaving my memory any time soon.” Fennel added in a slightly disgusted tone.

"... Thank you," Anna said quietly.

"Anna has never been... Yelled at for her art before," Clara stated with a brief deadpan glare at Fennel, causing Anna to appear even more shy.

“I’m sorry, Anna.” Fennel replied.

"It's okay... I'm not mad at you," Anna said, eating some ice cream.

“So what do you guys usually do for fun?” Fennel asked.

"We screw," Zoey answered, still a little bitter about the fight earlier.

“And I faun over Bob, but that’s not the only thing I do,” Fennel snarked hoping it would get Zoey to open up.

Zoey let out a sigh. "There's nothing else to do here. Everything we liked was back at the Hold, our home, and that's gone."

“I mean Anna draws, Elizabeth cooks, and you mean you couldn‘t find a hobby?” Fennel asked.

Zoey opened her mouth to make a snarky response, then paused in thought. What were her hobbies? Did she even have any? She thought back to her time in the Hold and realized she never actually contributed anything to the group. Sure, she would help out with watering a few plants or dust off a glass case in the museum, but she didn't have any regular tasks she enjoyed doing like Elizabeth, Anna, or- Hell, even Clara had her weird archiving thing.

All Zoey ever really did was have sex, socialize, and tease people. She recently discovered how much she likes shopping, but that's not exactly a hobby. What else did she actually enjoy doing? This concern seeped into Zoey's expression as she was lost in thought.

“Zoey?” Fennel asked.

"I.. No..." Zoey mumbled.

“You don’t know?” Fennel asked.

"I just said no, okay? I don't have any hobbies, god," Zoey huffed, folding her arms and looking away from Fennel with a mixture of anger and hurt.

“Do you want to find one?” Fennel asked unsure of what to say.

"... No," Zoey lied in the midst of her pout.

“Are you sure?”

"Yes, I'm sure. I don't need hobbies. I'm fine how I am," Zoey insisted. The other girls glanced awkwardly at one another before continuing to eat the ice cream.

“Okay, I won’t push.” Fennel said as she held up her hands.

Ruby looked over to Zoey with a worried look, then took a moment to think. It was pretty obvious that Zoey was bothered by not having a hobby to call her own. Ruby didn't really have any she could think of either. She was honestly happy with just following Zoey around. Wait..

"Oh, um.. I don't have a hobby and I want to find one," Ruby spoke up, giving Fennel a wink as to let her in on the idea.

Fennel mused for a moment, “Maybe pottery?” She suggested.

"That might be fun," Ruby smiled, "Do you wanna help, Zoey?"

Zoey slowly looked over to Ruby's eager smile and let out a sigh. "Fine, sure."

”I’m not really sure where we are going to find clay though.” Fennel added.

“You ever heard of cosplay?” Fennel asked.

"Cos.. Play.. No, nuh-uh," Ruby shook her head.

“It’s like when you make costumes.” Fennel explained.

"What kind of costumes?" Ruby inquired.

“Anything you want really.” Fennel answered.

"I could make a.. Uh.. Uhm..." Ruby trailed off, not sure what to make a costume of.

“Dresses, coats, hats, stuff like that.” Fennel suggested.

"That sounds really fun! What do you think?" Ruby turned to Zoey once more, who did seem interested, but was in a stubborn mood.

"... Sure," She mumbled.

“We’ll have to buy supplies but it should be fun.” Fennel noted.

"Where are we gonna get the money?" Zoey asked, "I don't want everyone selling all of their stuff, and you guys won't let me sell sex."

“You know about busking right?” Fennel asked.

"No, what's that?"

“It’s like when you do something on the streets and people who like it give you money.” Fennel Explained.

"So like pole dancing?"

”Typically it’s not sexual. Umm, for example you could play a song or something like that.”

"None of us can play any instruments... Except Maria. She can play the drums," Clara stated.

“What can we do with thirteen girls that could bring in a lot of money.0

"Sex," Zoey said simply.

“We could probably put on a play.” Fennel replied, “Less likely to get us arrested or pregnant.”

"Wouldn't we need money to get the supplies to put on a play?" Clara asked.

“I‘m sure Bob and Brendan have enough stuff stored away that we can improvise with.” Fennel suggested.

Zoey pursed her lips, glacing at Fennel for a moment before getting a wicked idea and donning a devious grin. "Okay, fine... But I get to direct the play," She declared.

”If you can keep it PG-13,” Fennel replied.

"What's PG-13? What is that?"

“You can’t screw but you can depict violence and swear.”

"... Deal," Zoey nodded after a short thought.

“I can handle any special effects you need.” Fennel added.

"No. You're gonna be in the play," Zoey insisted.

“Top billing or the tree.” Fennel asked

"What?" Zoey blinked.

“Am I the star or a role given to make mommy and daddy happy?“ Fennel tried clairifying.

"It's an important role. I'm still making up the story in my head," Zoey answered.

”Oh good.” Fennel replied.

"Yeah... Yeah, this is gonna be great," Zoey nodded to herself, taking pleasure in the story unfolding in her mind.

“looks like somebody found a hobby.” Fennel teased in a sing song voice.

"Wh- No I didn't!" Zoey huffed.

“I can tell by that smile you had.” Fennel teased

"I was just thinking of something funny for the play," Zoey insisted, "Besides.. Directing plays would be a dumb hobby anyway."

"I dunno you kind of have that play wright air about you.“ Fennel continued.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You do like telling people what to do," Clara remarked.

“Yeah play writes basically tell directors what to do.” Fennel added.

"Hmph.. Well I haven't even done it yet, so I don't even know if I'll like it," Zoey mumbled.

“Fair enough.” Fennel replied before for turning her attention to Clara. “So where’d you get that note book?”

"Brendan bought it for me," Clara answered, "He also bought me a camera."

”What kind of camera?” Fennel asked.

Clara hopped off the foot of the bed and pulled out the expensive, futuristic camera. "It can take high quality pictures from very far away, record video, project either onto a flat surface, and it has a lot of options for organizing files. There are a lot of other different gimmicks to the camera, but I don't have a use for them."

Seeing the camera Fennel spoke before thinking, “Why didn’t you just spy on us with that?”

"I didn't want to risk dropping it," Clara answered, "Especially since it was a gift."

”Is it special?” Fennel teased, biting her lip and raising her eyebrows a few times.

"I would say yes. Why?" Clara asked, not picking up on what Fennel was getting at.

“Zoey denies it but she might be the only one of you girls with a crush if you catch my drift.” Fennel said with a friendly elbowing.

"Wait, what? I don't have a crush on anyone," Zoey said with confusion.

“Ssuurreee, you don’t.” Fennel teasesd.

"Who do I have a crush on then?"

“Bread duh.” Fennel said as she rolled her eyes.

"Ew! No!" Zoey vigirously shook her head as the others giggled (Save for Clara), "He's all wimpy-looking! There's like, barely any muscle! And his hat is dumb!"

"Naw, I saw you looking at his abs." Fennel said mischeviously.

"The only abs I've been looking at are Bob's!" Zoey huffed, "Because Bob is actually hot!"

"Sorry honey, he's not on the market." Fennel snickered.

"You're welcome for that, by the way."

"Remind me to return the favor some day." Fennel replied.

"Huh? No, no, I really only wanna, like, date my dad," Zoey shook her head.

Fennel paused for a moment. "Alright but what if Mr. Tall, dark and handsome shows up and is all like 'hey little lady',?" Fennel asked.

"I'd probably screw him, but I wouldn't date him."

"But what if he wanted to date you?" Fennel asked.

"Hmph. I'm loyal to daddy," Zoey proclaimed.

"Okay, I'm sure I can find you a boyfriend though." Fennel said innocently, not realizing any potential implications that could arrise.

"Unless you find literally my dad, then no." It was clear that Zoey had an unwavering loyalty for her father, and a very specific type of man she liked.

"Okay, I'll drop the topic." Fennel said.

"You wouldn't be able to find a guy that looks anything like our father in an age range you would think is acceptable anyway," Clara remarked.

"That's true." Fennel replied.

"Anyway, I think I know how I want the play to go now," Zoey slowly nodded, "Clara, I'm gonna need you to write the script."

"Okay," Clara replied simply.

"So what are you thinking, Zoey?" Fennel asked.

"I don't wanna spoil it until the script is made, but you have one of the most important roles in the whole thing!"

Fennel moved her tail to the side before lying back on the bed. "So, now what?" She asked.

"Now... Me, Clara, and Anna go away to do play stuff," Zoey stated, "Let's go."

"Wait, wh- What about me?" Ruby asked.

"I don't wanna spoil stuff, Rub. Plus, if Fen goes and screws Bob, I need someone to witness it," Zoey explained as she, Clara, and Anna got up off the bed and began shuffling out of the room.

"So I guess it's just the two of us then." Fennel commented as she looked up at the ceiling.

"Yeah..." Ruby was quiet for a moment, "I don't know what to do now."

"We could just watch tv." Fennel remarked.

"Okay," Ruby nodded, clearly upset she wouldn't be spending this time with Zoey.

Fennel looked at the television, whatever was on she seemd to enjoy it as evidenced by her now wagging tail.

At the open window, a one-eyed Ernie peeked in, its eye focused on the television attentively. Even it seemed bored with nothing to do.

"What do you usually do when Zoey isn't around?" Fennel asked.

"Uhm.... I dunno," Ruby blinked, having spent most of her time orbiting her favorite sister.

"What's a book you've read?" Fennel tried, hoping to change the subject.

"I read some school books for history and stuff.. And science," Ruby tried to recall.

"Magic is kind of weird, like you can use physics to almost get around it." Fennel added hoping it would give them something totalk about.

Ernie's eye silently jolted over to the conversing duo when the word 'physics' arose. "Query;" Ernie spoke up, "Define how magic works around laws of physics."

"I'm not an expert but for example. My brother, Ryle can reshape his sword. So what most Varians do is use fire magic to melt the sword then ice magic to cool it afterwards and that's pretty difficult to do so quickly and as often as they do. But we've only had magic for a few months so he can't do that, so he instead he just uses electric magic to undo the bonds in the electrons of his sword then uses magnetism to change the removed parts orientation before reforming the bond." Fennel explained.

"...This ability seems heavily inefficient," Ernie stated, "The amount of energy required to dissassemble the atomic structure of a metal-based blade would be far more than a temperature-based shift."

"He just messes with charge of the electrons. I don't really get how it works but somehow it does." Fennel replied.

"...What do you understand of science, Overseer Ruby?" Ernie asked, wishing to change the subject from the scientfically abstract 'magic'.

"Uhm... Well, I know that, uh.. I know what gravity is and I know the planets. There's.. The sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.. Umm.. Uhh... Neptune, Your anus," Ruby briefly giggled to herself, "And, um.. I'm.. Not really sure what else I know about science. Oh! I know some stuff about the body, um.. That's it."

"Bodily systems are an interesting subject." Ernie stated, "What do you know of how you function?"

"Uh, well, I know that we breath in air and then it goes to our lungs, then the.. Brocoli takes the oxygen and puts it in the blood- The red blood cells and.. Then they go around the body giving it oxygen, and the heart pumps the blood. Uhh.. There's white blood cells that eat germs that get inside of us.. Uh... The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."

"...Those are basics of human anatomy. Do you know of the Digestive system? The Nervous System? ... The Reproductive System?"

"Oh! Yeah, I know what those are!" Ruby nodded her head, "The digestive system is when we eat food and it goes into our stomach and our stomach acid eats it! Then the.. Nutrients are absorbed into our body. Then what's left goes through our intestines and comes out of our butts as poop! The nervous system is... Uhh... It has.. Neurons which are what let us feel stuff... And all of the neurons are connected to our brains. And then the reproductive system is different for boys and girls. Girls have vagi-"

Fennel then covered Ruby's mouth "Alright I think if Ernie wants to hear any more he can read it on wikipedia."

'I already have a full anatomical knowledge of the human body and its physiological functions... Organic life is quite similar in most variations, but all is... odd, if you are left to think about it. Cells compose Tissues, which compose Organs, which compose You."

"Yes we get it the human body is so beautiful and strange." Fennel commented.

"That was not my point. In an objective standpoint, a human body is... lacking."

"Wait, what are cells.. 'composed' of?" Ruby asked.


"What are they composed of?"


"What are molecules composed of?"


"Oh, okay... Atoms are the smallest stuff, right?"

"Atoms are made of individual protons, neutrons, and electrons, which are then composed of quarks."

"What are quarks composed of?" Ruby asked, fascinated to find out that atoms were not the smallest thing in existence.

"Quarks are the smallest possible unit of matter. There cannot be composed of anything more than just quarks."

"What are they?"

"The building blocks of all known matter. Held together with gluons, Quarks make up the composition of protons, electrons, and neutrons."

"Alright, then explain this." Fennel said as she snapped causing small flame to appear above her hand.

"...This is not coinciding with the discussion at hand," Ernie disregarded, "The ignition of oxygen via releasing potential energy in the air. It is known as combustion."

"Then explain this." Fennel said as she put a hand on her head and hip in an alluring pose.

"...This is not a scientific phenomenon," Ernie noted.

"Oh, that has to do with the reproductive system! It can make the PINGAS hard!" Ruby exclaimed, pointing at Fennel.

"Ah. Courting. After examining Earth's knowledge, that is... one of the more tame courtships/mating rituals on your planet," Ernie mused.

Fennel burst out laughting in response to Ernie's answer. "Wait, what was that Ruby?" Fennel asked.

"Oh, I said that kinda stuff can make a boy's PINGAS hard," Ruby repeated.

"I didn't think that pose was that seductive." Fennel replied.

"You are correct," Ernie calculated, "Statistically, a peacock is more likely to rise a mate out of a human female than that pose is to rile a human male."

"Oh, oh! What about this?" Ruby asked, hopping off the bed and quickly bendi-

Fennel pointed at Ruby, freezing her. "I don't wanna know how efficient you are."

"Huh?" Ruby blinked, trying to squirm.

"Remove her from her frozen state immediately," Ernie clicked.

"No." Fennel refused.

"Please? I don't like being stuck," Ruby whined.

"Fine." Fennel said before freeing Ruby.

"Thank you for your cooperation," Ernie nodded, "Further noncompliance may have provoked nonlethal aggression initiatives."

"No! Don't aggression her!" Ruby gasped.

"Aggression is not needed; Fennel has removed her 'magic' manipulation on you, Overseer." Ernie stated.

"Even if she didn't, don't aggression her," Ruby ordered.

"Yeah you're not my dad anyway you can't tell me what to do." Fennel replied.

"If an overseer's welfare is compromised, Benefactor units are allowed to take any actions that are deemed logical in order to remove said Overseer(s) from harm."

"It's not dangerous."  Fennel added somewhat sheepishy.

"...How did you halt her movement?"

"I used magic to redirect her kinetic energy."

"A lack of kinetic energy or energy in general may begin to cause rapid cellular death in a human body if prolonged."

"I can't keep it up for that long anyway it's not like it would have done any damage." Fennel added.

"Even so, the possibility of such was still enough to assert my aggression initiatives."

"What would that even entail?" Fennel asked.

"Restraint of all aggressive/noncompliant individuals at all costs and, at worst, aphyxiation until consciousness is lost." Ernie described in the typical monotone voice.

"So like you'd choke me?" Fennel asked.

"That is a crude manner of putting it, but affirmative."

"Okay. I won't freeze her, unless I need to." Fennel said.

"You will not freeze her on any basis."

"But what if we're in a crash and she isn't wearing a seatbelt."

"I would be prepared to place my graviational manipulatory wells between affected members of the crash.

"Ernie, you're no fun."

"Ernie's lots of fun!" Ruby insisted, "Ernie, show her how good you are at sex!"

"Wait what!?" Fennel exclaimed."

"Preparing for phase one," Ernie acknowledged, one of his arms beginning to vibrate.

"PHASE ONE!? No, make it stop!"  Fennel shrieked as she slipped under the bed.

"Why?" Ruby asked before looking up at Ernie, "Stop, I guess."

The vibrating rod-arm halted its vibrations and lowered.

"That's not what I meant by fun." Fennel yelped.

"Oh... But he is really good though. Zoey showed me!" Ruby exclaimed as her upper body slumped down off the side of the bed so she could look at Fennel.

"Well, I don't want to find out." Fennel replied.

"He's really good though... Except he doesn't have any cum," Ruby remarked with disappointment.

"I'd be more disturbed if he did."

"Ernie, what other fun stuff can you do?" Ruby asked, doing the worm backwards to reposition herself back onto the bed.

"I can perform a plethora of tasks, if required," Ernie responded, "What do you desire?"

"What were those black and white videos on your eye about?" Fennel asked having remembered the playback function of the robot.

"More than likely automated recordings of Iyqua." Ernie stated, as the eye floated out of the other room, and attached itself back onto the Benefactor's pearl white face.

"Can we watch them?" Fennel asked.

"Wait.. Where was your other eye?" Ruby inquired.

"You and Overseer Zoey left it in the room where you viewed videos of yourselves on it and stimulated pleasure with one another."

"Wait a second... Hey you need to delete a file from your memory." Fennel said realizing something.

"ERROR; Orders denied," Ernie blared.

Fennel then dropped her ears and stuck her bottom lip out as she said "Please?"


"Ruby can you have Ernie delete a file for me?" Fennel requested.

"Delete what?"

"I might have accidentally changed in the room because the bathroom didn't have a door and I forgot the eye can record video..." Fennel said nervously.

"There are; one video pertaining to this subject. Would you like to view the video, Overlord Ruby?" Ernie asked.

"NO! Delete it!" Fennel shrieked.

"Huh? Uh, sure," Ruby said, her focus shifted to something going on outside, and so she wasn't entirely sure what question was asked of her.

"Video... DELETED."

"Thanks Ruby." Fennel said with a sight of relief.

"You're welcome," Ruby smiled, though she wasn't sure what she agreed to, "... What were we talking about?"

"We were trying to watch those black and white videos on Ernie." Fennel stated.

"Oh, okay. Let's watch one!" Ruby nodded.

"Alright, I think you have to pick it, Ernie doesn't listen to me." Fennel lamented.

"Ernie! Show us one of your black and white videos, please!" Ruby requested.

"Which video would you like to view? There are 6,784 videos pertaining to or originating from Iyqua."

"What would be the most interesting?" Fennel asked.

"Interest is a subjective topic and one I lack a specific query for."

"Uhhh.. The best one!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Define 'best' in this situation."

"The one you think is the best one."

"Yeah!" Fennel added.

...Acknowledged. Playing Visual Record Number 00001, dated 5/25/11,780 Post Ruinam.

Ernie’s second eye looked towards the TV. As he did, its screen turned to static for one moment, before going black. A few pings of white light fluttered over the screen, accompanied by an unknown slushing sound, before an actual image appeared.

The view was looking far off into what looked like clouds. In fact, as far as the eye could see, thin clouds covered the area. Below, some sort of rigid, dark structures spindled about. The camera looked down in a forceful manner, as if someone were first using it, and could see a deflated grey sack, similar to the one Ernie was made of, slowly filling and sloshing about. The view turned to the right, and looked to see rows of similarly deflated Benefactors, though they did not appear to be going through the process themselves. Behind them, they were attached to abstract machinery, which plunged into what could only be described as a wall of dark green fluid, flickers of light emanating from inside it.

Iyqua... The Clouded Sky, Home of the Convolution... Home...” Ernie narrated, a certain longing behind his tone as his upper eye turned to the screen as well as he continued, “And the structure you see here is the Amnion, birthplace of all proxies.

“Oh so that’s like the factory where you were born, it looks pretty.” Fennel commented as she continued watching the video.

Less a factory... more a transitional phase,” Ernie corrected, “A phase from the fluidic to material.

As the camera slid along with the line of Benefactors, small, spider-like machines dangled in the air, their legs thrumming as they floated around the camera, their centerpoints staring over the in-construction machine, before fluttering off to the right, presumably to the next machine in line. In the far distance, several benefactors sped off quickly and smoothly into an indiscriminate direction, as a large structure lazily moved about in the camera’s peripheral vision.

“What do the spiders do?” Fennel That

The Analysts ensure a proxy’s tactical ability and its material completion,” Ernie explained, “If faults were found, they would be tasked with fixing them.

“There’s so many Ernies,” Ruby remarked with wonder.

Before I was disconnected from the Convolution, there were approximately fifty trillion benefactor units working within and without the borders of Iyqua and its galactic holdings.

“That’s a lot of siblings.” Fennel commented.

Siblings are for organic life,” Ernie retorted, “We are proxies. Material extensions of the Convolution’s thoughts.

The video continued on, as the camera jolted a bit, descending a slight bit before catching itself. It tilted around, and looked back at the Amnion, getting a better view of the smooth, seemingly bubble-like surface of it as it extended off into the distance, along with the racks of Benefactors hanging from it alongside other forms. It would stare at them a moment, before turning about in reaction to a loud thrumming noise.

A massive machine, with two thick horizontal ‘wings’ rose above the structures surrounding it, the clouds around it dispersing by its movement. Ernie’s vision continued to stare at the machine as it grew closer to the construct, the rhythmic thrumming continuing on.

An Overseer,” Ernie narrated, “Highest Order of the Proxies. Benefactors cannot deny their orders.

“Like Zoey and me?” Ruby asked.

Their demands overrule yours. They are permanent. I believe I was receiving my first at that moment.

“What did your overseer make you do?” Ruby inquired.

I am unsure of what my first assignment was. Let us watch to remember,” Ernie noted.

Ernie stopped in front of the Overseer, it’s glaring horizontal view looking down demandingly at the Benefactor, but stopped after a few moments. Above it, a single massive vessel, larger than even the structures around it, lazily glided forth. In front of the ship, a circular tear in the sky, a black hole appearing in the whiteness.

Ah yes,” Ernie stated upon sighting the ship, “Now I remember my first task. The surplus I was created from was pressed into service for the conflict for PH-0975.

"What's that?"

It was a planet littered with artifacts of precursor races within the galaxy. It was taken in secret by a paramilitary organization working under a nearby government, and when our scouts had discovered it, we immediately made plans to assault the world.

In the video, without hesitation, Ernie flies up, and into the hole, passing alongside the ship, which dispatched larger, more airplane-esque machines that screamed forwards towards a group of smaller ships. “The Benefactors were not mobilized to partake in combat, but to extract the artifacts before the world was redacted - destroyed without a trace of its- or our - existence.

"Why was it being destroyed?" Ruby asked, looking up at Ernie for a moment before looking back at the TV.

So that the Convolution could remain a secret.” Ernie stated simply.

“So you just killed innocent people?” Fennel accused.

A stark majority of the casualties of the conflict- of which the opposing force’s were total -were highly trained soldiers or scientists who, if allowed to continue knowing our existence, spread this information across the galaxy. If word spread of a power such as the Convolution, we would face a galaxy united against us in primitive fear and idiocy, as most wars start.

“Soooo you were the bad guys?” Fennel inquired with an unsure tone.

’Bad’ cannot be applied rationally to the actions of the Convolution. Morality is an organic construct, designed to determine societal ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ along with their laws. The Convolution’s actions are pure logic, based upon millions of predictions done at once.

"... So then what did you guys want to do?" Ruby asked.

Our directive was to supplant order across a galaxy divided in war, political disdain, and general chaos.

”So you were a third party?” Fennel added.

Negative. There were only two ‘parties’: The Convolution and the unorderly, who separate themselves based on their moralities.

“You know I’m probably just going to think worse of you if we keep going."

Placing moralities on a proxy is as chastising gravity for pulling you to the ground. But digression is needed, and I will do so.

"... I'm confused," Ruby admitted, not understanding all this philosophical talk of morality.

“He’s saying it's pointless saying what he did is right or wrong.” Fennel explained.

Precisely.” Ernie agreed plainly, “To place morals on something that cannot even contextualize morals is hindering on progress to Order.

"... What Fennel said made more sense," Ruby blinked.

“I just think you shouldn’t operate soley on logic.” Fennel quipped.

Emotions blind judgement, make a subject act in irrational manners that can lead to death.” Ernie retorted.

"But then why did you say you were gonna hurt Fennel if she didn't unfreeze me earlier?"

You are an Overseer. It is in my programming to not allow harm to come to you.

"What if I wasn't an Overseer?" Ruby asked.

I would not have acted; it would not have been this unit’s concern.

“Wow Ernie that’s hurtful," Fennel stated.

Based on Ruby's sad expression, Fennel was correct in her assessment. "I.. But aren't we friends though?" She asked Ernie.

Fennel looked at Ruby and said, “I would still protect you.”

"...We are still companions, affirmative," Ernie regarded, "And I appologize if my conclusions have hurt your opinions of me, but they are my conclusions, and I would come” to them regardless."

"Would we be friends even if I wasn't an Overseer?"

"...There are limited possibilities," Ernie tried to state an optimisitic outlook.

"Huh?" Ruby blinked worriedly, not sure what Ernie had meant when she was expecting a 'yes' or 'no'.

“Probably not.” Fennel explained

"It means that, while possible... without Overseer access, you would more likely be another standard civilian."

Ruby took both Fennel and Ernie's words into consideration as her shoulders slumped down and her face was downcast. She let out a quiet, "Oh."

“I‘d still be your friend.” Fennel stated as she placed a hand on Ruby’s back hoping to comfort her.

Ruby gave a sad nod before hugging Fennel, not having anything else to say.

Fennel returned the hug. “We still have ice cream.”

"I'm not hungry," Ruby murmured.

Ernie, noting the change in tone, addressed Ruby, "Punishment parameters are available, if you feel inclined."

"... What?" Ruby looked up from her hug, confused.

"I have obviously displeased you, and as Overseer, you have the privelige to punish me if you choose so.
" Ernie responded.

"No.. No, I don't wanna do that," Ruby slowly shook her head.

Fennel not knowing what to do simply wrapped her arms tighter around Ruby.

Ernie did not say anything more, looking about dantily as if looking for something to change the topic, before slowly backing away from the window, and floating off to see if Zoey required his assistance (as he needed something to pass the time; after the first time out, analyzing walls had become less than interesting).

As it turns out, Zoey was outside the hotel with Clara and Anna. "How do you have that much paint left over from ths bus?" Zoey asked as Anna carried the last of her cans from the tour bus.

"Well, I don't have much black or pink left, but everything else didn't cover almost the whole bus," Anna replied, setting the cans down before dusting off her hands.

"Now we just- Ernie! I was about to go looking for you!" Zoey exclaimed, clapping her hands together, "Do you think you can build a small stage for us? We're putting on a play!"

"Affirmative," Ernie responded, puttering off for a moment, before returning with wooden planks and nails, quickly assembling a simple stage for the girls. "I did, in fact, leave the correct amount of currency for these supplies."

"That.. Was fast," Clara blinked.

"Where'd you get the money?" Zoey asked, making sure Ernie didn't steal another ATM.

"There was currency still remaining from the bus transaction," Ernie explained, "So I sent the remainder of it for these supplies."

"Sweet. Can you get a bunch of copies of this script made?" Zoey held up several sheets of notebook paper stapled together, with the cover reading, "Literally The Best Play To Ever Exist Ever"

Ernie examined the papers, before asking, "Query; what is the nature of this play?"

"Well... I guess I can tell you now, but don't tell anyone else until they've read the scripts!" Zoey ordered, "Long story short, it's about a beautiful princess' village being attacked by a rabid werefox."

"...Does this story end as most do? With the 'werefox' meeting failure and/or death?" Ernie asked.

"You'll have to read the script yourself to find out," Zoey proclaimed with pride.

Again, Ernie examined the script, noting the casting section, before reading it quickly.
Anotha one

"Hey, Zoey? Remind me why I have to be the witch," Clara requested.

"Because.. Uhm.. You'd be able to pull it off better than any of us," Zoey answered. Clara seemed unconvinced, but did not say anything more.

Ernie would see he had a role in the play as well, but not as a character. Instead, it was noted that his responsibility was to change set pieces for the transitioning of scenes.

"I will find the proper machinery and copy this transcript immediately,"  Ernie nodded, taking note of his own role in the play, before flying off again to get the script copied.

"Alright, Anna, get to work painting that cardboard. Me and Clara are gonna find some more," Zoey ordered. Anna saluted Zoey as her two older sisters walked away.


Meanwhile, Brendan had managed to find somewhere to change and had entered the room where Bob was, ”So I take it you two are going out or something now?”

"Yeah..." Bob replied, "The girls got us to go to some lake, and, well... it went off without a hitch."

“Good for you two then. She’s pretty and all, but she just looks too much like Pokémon, so it’s just kind of uncanny is all.” Brendan commented.

"She doesn't look anywhere near like your Pokemen, Brendan," Bob retorted, a bit taken aback that Brendan compared Fennel to a trained animal.

Brendan then pulled up a picture of a Lucario, “I’m not calling her an animal,” Brendan tried to explain, “I meant it like it she were too similar to a family member or something like that.”

"Huh," Bob examined the picture of the fox-human pokemon, "I guess that makes sense."

“That was poorly worded off the bat.” Brendan sighed.

"Yeah," Bob agreed, "Yeah it was."

"So do you two like wanna share a room? I can sleep on the couch again." Bread offered.

"You don't need to take the couch, Brendan," Bob remarked, "Just work something out with the girls, I'm sure one of them will have a spot open. I guess me and Fennel will share a bed..."

"I'd be fine sharing a bed with Tina or Clara again." Brendan replied. "I'm gonna be honest, I kind of don't trust the others less."

"I can't say I'd disagree," Bob noted, "Lord knows I'd share a room with Zoey and Ruby together."

"Seems like it's just asking for trouble." Brendan replied.

"Exactly why I'd never do it," Bob laughed, "I'd wake up in the middle of the night and... you get the picture."

"Yeah, I mean they like me less but still." Brendan continued.

"Still, they'd try," Bob shook his head, "You know they would."

"Yeah, Tina's too innocent and Clara, I guess she just doesn't feel much of anything. To be honest it's kinda creepy." Brendan added.

"I don't think she's like that," Bob disagreed, "I think she's just... not really willing to show emotion."

"Yeah, she showed a little emotion when I got her the camera." Brendan commented.

"That's nice," Bob added.

"Yeah. Do you think Fennel is still talking to them?" Brendan asked.

"Maybe, why do you ask?" Bob questioned.

"She seems to vary between getting along with them and not pretty often. Do you want to check on them?”

"It's been a while, so it's probably a good idea," Bob nodded as he began to walk for the door.

Brendan decided to tag along not having anything better to do. Once they reached to door Brendan noticed that the lock was a orange color, “Allen are you still here?” The trainer asked as the door replied with a cheerful “BUZZRT!”

”All right Allen get out of there.” Brendan requested before the Pokémon exited the lock.

"Sorry, I forgot about him," Bob regarded, "The girls, uh... were doing crap."

“Dont think allen would have understood anyway.” Brendan said dismissing the subject As he knocked on the door.

“Yeah?” Fennel called as she heard the knocking.

”it’s Bread.” Brendan said through the door.

"You just... never mind," Bob muttered, before speaking up, "I'm here, too. Just checking to see if everything's alright."

“We were just talking. You can come in if you want.” Fennel said as she went to open the door. Soon enough, she was standing at the doorway giving Bob a toothy grin.

“Hey,” Bob grinned back, “What’s going on?”

” Ruby and I were talking and the other girls are writing a play.” Fennel informed Bob.

"Hi, Bob! Hi, Bread," Ruby waved before looking back at the TV.

“Hey Ruby,” Bob waved back, “So, what’s this about a play?”

"I dunno. Zoey, Clara, and Anna are making a play, but they won't tell anyone anything about it yet," Ruby shrugged, "Zoey said she didn't want to spoil it."

“Oh, so Zoey’s the one directing?” Bob questioned.

"Mhm," Ruby nodded.”

“Oh, this is gonna end well,” Bob mumbled sarcastically, “Can you tell me where they’re at? I wanna talk to them about the play, make sure we’re not gonna get arrested for public indecency and the like.”

”I told Zoey she had to keep it PG-13, but they’re probably outside.” Fennel commented.

“Thanks, Fen,” Bob replied, starting to make his way out, “I’ll be back in a bit. Like I said, gotta make sure they won’t break into sex onstage.”

Fennel then grabbed Ruby’s hand began Following Bob outside.


"It needs to be taller!" Zoey declared as she, Clara, and Anna stood before a ten foot tall cardboard tower of boxes, painted to look as if it were made of stone.

"Zoey, I don't think it'll stay up if we make it any taller," Clara stated, "It's already swaying."

"And didn't you say you're standing on top of it?" Anna asked worriedly.

"Ernie's just gonna make me float on top. Do you really think I'd actually stand on that thing? I'd end up killing myself!" Zoey scoffed.

As Zoey spoke of the robot, he returned, a large stack of scripts floating next to it, still warm to the touch. If one were observant, they would note that Ernie had printed many more copies than needed.

"Hell yeah! Thanks, Ernie!" Zoey exclaimed, "Just set 'em down on that cardboard thing we haven't used yet." She pointed over to a folded up cardboard box on the ground.

As he did so, Bob, Fennel, Brendan, and Ruby would exit and see the makeshift set. "What is this?" Bob asked as he walked up, gesturing to the large cardboard tower.

"Good timing," Zoey grinned, taking four sets of scripts from her stack, walking past the four, and slaping a script into each of their chests, "You guys get to be in my play!" Despite phrasing it as an offer, it was pretty clear Zoey had already decided for them that they would be in her play no matter what.

Ruby didn't seem to care, overjoyed that she would be able to participate after all. "Really? Thank you so much!" She squealed, about to hug Zoey, but did not want to crumple up the script given to her, "What is this?"

"That is the script, Rub. You guys gotta memorize your lines by tomorrow, because that's when we're doing the play," Zoey proclaimed.

"Wait, wha- I didn't even say I'd be in your play!" Bob protested.

"Bob, I will literally cry right now if you refuse to be in my play, and everyone else out here is gonna look, and it'll be really awkward," Zoey threatened, "Besides! I gave you a really good role! You're a knight!"

"Well, I guess knights are always good parts... wait, how many lines do I have?" Bob asked, scrolling through the list, "...Wait a minute. Fennel, did you agree to be a werefox?"

Fennel was currently trying to balance of a some bricks around a tree drew her attention to the script, “I get to be the bad guy? Sweet.” She was clearly happy with the role she had been given.

"That's right! You murder and eat Princess Ruby!" Zoey dramatically pointed at her sister.

“Ooh dark. I like it.” Fennel commented before jumping off the ring of bricks.

"Wait, what? Why do I have to get eaten?" Ruby whined.

"Because you're cute, so the audience will care more," Zoey explained, the compliment quickly wiping the frown off of Ruby's face.

“So do we have fake blood?” Fennel inquired.

"Oh, I was gonna use red paint.. Ernie! Get us some fake blood- Oh! And a.. A big doll that looks like Ruby!" Zoey ordered.

"Acknowledged," Ernie responded, flying off to get the requested items.

"Wait... am I gonna have to kill Fennel?" Bob asked.

"Eh, kinda.. Read the script and find out! I don't wanna just spoil it without you guys reading it!" Zoey insisted, proud of her work.

Brendan and Fennel began reading thier scripts as well. occasionally the memorization was broken by Fennel commenting on a line of dialouge she found well written.

Bob snapped his script back to being straight, beginning to flip through it and read.

"I'm gonna hand the rest of these out to the others," Zoey said, attempting to heave the stack of scripts, "Oh, fuck, shit, Clara, Anna, help me out." The two sisters quickly came to Zoey's aid as Zoey continued speaking, "Remember, the play is tomorrow! Memorize your lines! It's not exactly a long play, so if you can't remember your stuff... You're dumb." With that, Zoey, Clara, and Anna left the area to hand out the remaining scripts.

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Zandoo, Teed, H

Literally The Best Play Ever Made Ever

Appearently unbeknowst to the other "actors", Fennel already had some acting experience from her travels in medival land, and as result she was particualrly prepared to give a good performance as she seriously doubted the acting ability of the gaggle of girls with daddy issues.

As the anticipated hour came ever closer, Ernie was busy at work already, getting the props together, and making his finishing touches on the stage, bit by bit adding stylistic details to Zoey's liking. All the while, the stunt doubles, which appeared to be dressed-up blow dolls of appropriate sizes, were carefully loaded with the needed gore and such, which consisted of fake blood and chicken livers. Even a boulder, plucked from some far off quarry, was being intricately etched and broken apart by floating chisels to work into an exact shape and size to be optimal for when it was needed. Ernie was a tireless scene carpenter, technical director, and stage designer, to say the least.

"Alright, everybody! Let's check real quick and make sure you all know your lines," Zoey clapped, "Ruby?"

"I stayed up almost all night memorizing them!" Ruby saluted.

"Fen?" Zoey called.

"Please, little did any of you know I traveled around with some actors for a while, in Varie." Fennel quipped in an overtly smug tone while the lightly touched her finger tips to her sternum only adding to her air of confidence.

"A really snobby yes, got it," Zoey nodded, "Bob? You good?"

"Yeah, I think I got it..." Bob said, looking over the script one more time.

"Bread? How 'bout you?"

"I have literally one line." BRendan commented.

"Elizabeth told me earlier she forgot hers, so I had to check," Zoey remarked.

"Sorry," Elizabeth frowned.

"It's fine. Parfait, you got your line down?" Zoey asked.

"Sylveon!" The sylveon replied repeating its only line.

"Awesome. Clara?"

"Yes," Clara replied simply.

"And, uh... Tina! How 'bout you?" Zoey asked.

"I'm gonna be famous!" Tina shouted with glee.

"Alright, rest of you I already asked. Hey, Ernie? You good? Got everything down?"

"I have read and memorized every line within the script through approximately eighteen thousand cycles," the Benefactor affirmed, puting the finishing touches on the opening scene.

"Ernie do you have the sound effects for the transformation sequence?" Fennel asked.

Ernie said nothing, but a loud thunderclap noise errupted from him, followed by a track of people cheering and other sound effects.

"Hmm... I think we're ready," Zoey let out a deep breath. She didn't think she would end up caring so much about this play, but after writing the script, the stage getting set up, and the audience brought by the advertising campaign she had sent Ernie on, Zoey really wanted this to go off without a hitch, "Just a few more minutes and it's showtime..."

"Hey, Zoey, can I ask something?" Bob asked.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"What's up with that whole part where I come and kiss your foot?"

"Bob, did you not read the script, it tells you why," Zoey scoffed.

"Yeah, I did, but it's just weird."

"That's just tradition there," Zoey shrugged, as if she didn't make up the world where the play was taking place in.

"I don't know why you needed to write it." Fennel added.

You know, for a play you concieved in less than two hours, it looks... more theatrically sound than I thought it would be. Except for the... 'ending', of course.

"Ah, it's fine, I guess," Bob regarded, "If it's a fun little play, it's a fun little play, not like kissing your foot means anything."

"It means a lot," Zoey corrected, "It's a sign of respect from a knight to a member of the Council of Princesses."

Fennel quickly shook her head "Yeah, It's just a play." She then moved to the right wing of the stage and waited on her cue.

"Alright, places everybody! Ernie, make sure the castle village thing is right! Let's do this!" Zoey hollered.

Brendan and Parfait then took their places as he placed the jester had on his head.

Fennel meanwhile used her want do trace a rune ondo her arm, causing her appearence to change to that human.

Zoey peeked out from inbetween the curtains of the show's relatively small stage, beaming at the size of the crowd. Her head quickly dipped back in before she stepped out in front of the curtain to give a few words before the show.

"Hey everyone!" She happily greeted, "The play's about to start, but I wanted to say 'thank you' for coming here tonight! This is my first time doing anything like this, but I'm pretty sure you guys are gonna love it. I present to you... Literally The Best Play Ever Made Ever!" The audience clapped as Zoey quickly ducked back behind the curtain.

Fennel then located Tina and motioned to her. "Tina, over here."

Tina ran to Fennel's side while Zoey called up, "Ernie! Me and Ruby, the balcony!"

Ernie turned from stuffing the dolls to the brim with fake gore, and Zoey and Ruby slowly lifted up to the theatrical balcony.

"Alright! Curtains, then the cool... Shifting perspective thing!" Zoey ordered, "It's showtime!"

Slowly, the curtains began to reel back, revealing the stage as a spotlight shined on first Zoey and Ruby at their placement on the castle piece, then expanded to show the rest of the town setting.

The castle and the large cutouts of village cottages were all painted to look the part. Zoey and Ruby stood side by side, looking down upon a grouping of their sisters and the audience. The group of sisters stared up at Zoey and Ruby, their princess duo.

"Greetings my-" Zoey stopped herself, glanced at Ruby, then back down to the crowd as she spread out her arms, "our loyal subjects! Today is a wonderful day! For today, we welcome Princess Ruby to the Council of Princesses! When the construction of Rubystead is complete, she will have her own kingdom to rule, but until then, she will rule alongside I over all of you!"

In the crowd of sisters below, Maria excitedly raised a fist into the air, though her delivery of excited shouting came off as forced, "YEAH! I LOVE BEING RULED!"

She was promptly punched in the face by Mary, who, along with Harper, played the roles of guards below the balcony and guarding the main gates to the castle. "Fist pumping is illegal, shithead!" Mary snapped.

"Ow, that really hurt," Maria whined quietly, rubbing her face.

Fennel looked up at the Princesses from her hiding spot, her clothes were tattered and dirty as she glared towards royality her voice was bitter with resentment and she let out a quite growl before speaking "Curse those damn princesses! and especially you 'Princess Zoey'... Fennel's voice was all the more filled with malice as she named the princess "... I will never forget what you did to my family..."

The stage went dark as Ernie brought out a couch and set up a small cottage. Fennel was sitting on the couch with Tina in her lap, She was brushing the child's hair as she spoke with a motherly tone "Someday, my little Tina, you might become a princess too!"

"Uh- Really? I can be a princess?" Tina asked, trying her best to not glance at the audience and keep her attention on her 'mother'.

Fennel's eyes began watering as if afraid to tell her daughter a harsh reality, she smiled as she said "That's right Tina." Fennel then planted as light kiss on Tina's forehead as she began singing "If you believe... You can become a pri-"

Interrupting Fennel's song was Clara wearing Bob's armor throwing herself through the cottage window. Of course, the armor was far, far bigger than she was, and had to have duct tape securing the pieces in place. The armor was also very heavy, and so she struggled to get off of the floor.

"Shit! Ernie, help her out, quick!" Zoey hissed.

With the help of Ernie, Clara would be able to stand without as many issues, save for how ungainly large it was on her.

"Wha- Oh," Clara cleared her throat and spoke in her usual monotone, but louder so the audience could hear her, "This isn't a fucking musical. Musicals are illegal now. I'm taking your baby as compensation and. Uh. Throwing her in a stew or something, fuck if I know. The princesses are cannibals or something." Clara awkwardly grabbed Tina from Fennel.

Fennel was stunned for a moment before trying to get up and rescue Tina, but Clara quickly delivered a powerful slap sending Fennel to the ground as she cried out in anquish. "MY LEGS! TINA, NO!"

Clara climbed back through the window as Tina flailed in her grasp. On the other side, Clara fell to the ground and dropped Tina beside her before standing up and saying, "I sure do love eating little kids, but not as much as the princesses." With that, Clara ran offstage from behind the wall that seperated the cottage from the previous castle-village scene to strip off the armor so Bob would be able to use it later.

Fennel lied on the floor crying for a moment before the scene changed once again. Tina realized she was supposed to be kidnapped, and quickly squirmed out of view before the audience could see her too much. She was back in her hiding spot "None of these fools even know the truth about the princesses... That or they don't even care. No matter, those two took everything I loved from me, and now..." Fennel's voice that had been so vile before suddenly paused as she pulled a map out of her worn dress as an evil smile drew across her face, she looked at the map before continuing, "...I'll take everything they love from them." Before going stage right out of the scene.

As she did, the lights dimmed, and the stage's curtains began to fade, as Ernie began to rapidly ready the set for Act 1, Scene 2, the props and backsets needed floating into place with haste, before the curtains pulled back again. The stage now depicted a dark swamp, fog spilling down off the stage as a single light shone down on Fennel.

Fennel limped onto the stage, approaching a pot that's boil increased as she drew ever nearer. She looked around for a moment before she spoke in a scared voice "H-Hello? I was told that-that you could-"

"Shut up," Clara interrupted, stirring the pot with a long, wooden spoon that she took out to bop Fennel on the head with, "I already know why you're here. You wish to destroy the kingdom of Zoebodia, correct?"

Fennel raised a finger as she tried to correct the witch "I- That's not the name of the kingdo-"

Clara quickly interrupted Fennel with another smack with her spoon. "Don't correct me, cunt. I was already preparing the spell for you." She dipped the spoon back into the pot to continue stirring.

"Wait, but... We've never met. How did you know I was coming here, or ... What I want?" Fennel asked, unsure of what she had gotten herself into.

"I'm a witch. Witches just know shit. Do you want a spell that will let you take away what Princess Zoey loves or not?" Clara asked, though it was hard to pick out any negative vibes when her normal voice was a constant monotone.

"Y-Yes, I do... Please." Fennel begged as her voice went from unurity to that of one seeking vengance.

Clara gave Fennel a nod before holding up her hand and twirling her index finger. "Excellent. First, turn around. I wasn't expecting you until a bit later, and uh, this part of the spell is secret. Witches' eyes only."

"Umm, okay... alright." Fennel added, she was somewhat confused that spell wasn't ready yet, but she complied and turned around wating for the witch to finish.

With Fennel's back turned, Clara briefly stepped offstage before pulling a bloodied blowup doll of Tina towards the pot, letting out a few quiet grunts of effort due to Ernie's filling of the dolls with blood and gore.

Fennel then spoke up, "Are... are your almost done?"

"Shut the fuck up before I smack you with my spoon and turn you into a frog or something. God damn, why are nonmagic assholes so impatient," Clara snapped, though it was less of a snap and more of a bored statement.

"S-Sorry!" Fennel replied as she covered her face with her arms.

Clara rolled her eyes (Not that the audience could see this, but it was in the script) before heaving the blowup doll up. After a few moments of maximum effort, she managed to dump the 'corpse' into the pot. However, some of the boiling water splashed onto herself.

Clara let out a squeak of pain before biting down hard on her bottom lip. "Okay," She spat out, shaking as she tried to keep from expressing how much pain she was in, "Alright, you can look now. Finished... The secret part."

Fennel then approched the pot and tried to peer onside, its contents began boiling into a red foam a red light shone upon her. "Whaagh! W-What's going on!?"

"Magic,nowshutupforasecond," Clara quickly said, still in pain from the boiling water. The stage darkened before all was bathed in red light. The branches of the swamp trees seemed to close in on the two as Clara began chanting in pained gibberish.

"U-Um... W-witch! I... I don't-" Fennel said as her expression carried a sense of regret.

As Fennel said her line, Clara took in a deep breath so she could interrupt her on time, "Holy fucking shit, I am literally in the middle of a call with Hell right now trying to get you a spell to- You know what? Fuck it. Fuck the demons and fuck you. You are so god damn impatient, fine. I’ll give you some random spell to- You know what? No, You’re getting cursed, cunt."

"W-wait! No, I'm sorry! Pl-" Fennel stammered before being hit with a spoon once again. Upon impact there was a flash of light, followed by what sounded like bones slowy breaking as everything went dark.

"Someone get me some cold water," Clara could be heard quietly whining.

In the dark, the scenes were quickly shifted into Scene 3's setting, another view of the same village as before, but this time with more housing on the stage and none blocking the audience's view.

Zoey and Ruby were in the center of the stage. Mary and Harper stood on either side of the two to guard them while the sisters designated as townspeople were gathered to watch.

Meanwhile, off-stage Brenan, grabbed a small green spray bottle and whispered "Clara, over here." Clara quickly ran over to Brendan. While her expression was deadpan, her entire body was shaking as she held her scalded arm and lifted her shirt to show her abdomen, which had also been splashed by boiling water.

"This is a burn heal, It should help, it's not really forumalted for humans but it should help until we can get something else on there." Brendan said as he sprayed the bottles green contents on Clara's burns. "How does that feel?"

Her shaking slowly came to a halt. "... Thank you, Brendan," She sighed, giving him a hug.

Brendan wrapped an arm around Clara, "Good job out there kid."

Back on stage, Ruby was speaking to her subjects, "And henceforth, cancer is now illegal! And being hungry! That's illegal too!"

The townsisters cheered almost too enthusiastically while some seemed unsure of how loud their cheering was supposed to be. However, they were quickly ushered off of the stage by Harper and Mary as the scenery shifted in front of the audience as Zoey and Ruby walked in place. They came to a stop upon completion of the transition.

"Did I do good?" Ruby asked, looking up to her sister for approval.

Zoey let out a modest laugh as she placed a hand on Ruby's shoulder. "You did great, Ruby. But you’re gonna have to live up to the whole ‘cancer’ thing being illegal, hunger too," She informed.

"What do you mean?"

"Welll, it’s not enough to just make cancer illegal. That won’t get rid of it," Zoey explained.

Ruby blinked. "Why?"

Zoey looked dumbfounded, stammering for a moment as she tried to explain, "Wha- Because… That’s… Because just because you make something illegal doesn’t mean it stops existing!"

"But how do I kill cancer!?" Ruby gasped overdramatically.

Zoey smiled and held up a finger, indicating for Ruby to wait a moment. She clapped her hands, and all of the stage lights turned off before being replaced by a lone, blue spotlight that shone down on the two. A circular table rotated and rose from a trap door between the two, upon it were books arranged in a circle.

"This... Since you are joining the Council of Princesses, you are granted one magic ability. You can choose any of the books you see here. They each contain a different ability or specific field of magic," Zoey declared mystically.

"I can choose any of them?" Ruby asked, looking at the different books.

"Well- Uh- No, not any any, but… There are bad ones like… This book here on curses, don’t choose that one. Just don’t choose the evil ones or you’ll probably get kicked out of the council," Zoey corrected herself.

Ruby walked around the table, looking at the books for a moment. She seemed to spot one she liked, and picked up a white book with green and blue accents. "This one! Healing magic!" She exclaimed.

"I knew y- The other one," Zoey hissed quietly.

"Wh- Oh- Uh- This one! Healing magic!" Ruby exclaimed as she set the book down and picked up the correct book, white with gold and red accents.

"I knew you'd pick that one- Well... Since you're getting rid of cancer, it makes sense anyway," Zoey remarked.

The lights returned to normal as the table lowered itself back under the trap door while Ruby held the book up in wonder. She lowered it back down, holding it normally as she looked to her sister and asked, "So, do I just read it?"

"Pretty much, yeah. I’d head to bed for tonight though. You’ll want to be well rested for when you read the book. It takes energy out of your body and refines it into magic as you read. Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to heal any illness or injury," Zoey replied with a warm smile.

Ruby let out another overdramatic gasp as she exclaimed, "Wow! Okay, okay! I’m gonna go to sleep! Um- Uh- I love you! Good night!" With that, Ruby ran off the stage.

Zoey laughed to herself, "I love you too, Ruby."

The spotlight darkens, and the scene shifts again, this time to a daintily-decorated bedroom, filled with stuffed animals and other things considered cute, and the hallway adjacent to it. In the bed was Ruby, rolling around in her bed and flailing her sheets. After a moment of this, she quickly sat up and cried out, "Ooooh! I can't sleep! I just can't! I'm too excited!"

With that, she leapt from her bed, tripped over a stuffed bunny, and fell flat on her face. She whimpered in pain for only a second before remembering she had a show to do. This was for Zoey! Smiling through the pain, Ruby sprung up and skipped to a desk where she began reading her book of healing magic, occasionally rubbing her bloody nose against her sleeve.

Fennel walked on stage covered in a cloak, her silloutte was hunched over adding to her intimidating appearence. She walked oiver and appoached a nearby guard that happened to be Harper.

"Halt! Who goes there!?" Harper barked, pointing her cardboard spear at Fennel.

“I’m here to see the princess.Step aside.” Fennel ordered in a gruff voice.

"Step aside!? Who do you think you are!?" Harper screamed far too aggressively.

Fennel removed her cloak reavealing her now-mutated form, her fur was messy, her eyes reflected light much like those of a wild animal, as she bore her jagged teeth and spoke once more "Step. Aside. Peasant." Fennel ordered again.

During the reveal, Harper was supposed to drop her spear, but realized she forgot to. She quickly threw her spear down, then tried to lunge for it.

Fennel then lashed at Harper sending her into the ground. Before she slowly opened the door and saw Ruby. "Oww.. You hit me way too hard," Harper whimpered. Fennel looked back not wanting to break character and responded with an almost venomous "Run."

Harper let out a quiet groan of pain. Meanwhile, Ruby let out an exaggerated yawn and remarked, "Oh, man! Zoey wasn’t kidding when she said this really takes the energy out of you, I mean, if some kind of monster were to attack me right now, I wouldn’t be able to defend myself at all with this lack of energy in me. Geez!"

Fennel walked into the room and glared at Ruby before knocking her to the floor., Fennel's mouth was foaming as she pounced on the doll that was Ruby's stunt double before piercing her teeth into the doll''s neck.

Ruby, he crawled under the bed after being knocked to the ground, looked on in horror. While she knew it was just a doll, it was still scary to watch a replica of herself be torn to shreds by her friend's teeth.

Fennel then pulled her head up ripping out the doll's throat as the fake blood splattered acorss the stage. The lights went dark, giving a traumatized Ruby to scamper offstage, snatching a stuffed fox at random on her way. While not as horrified as Ruby, the audience seemed equally shocked by just how graphic the display was in comparison to the crude humor of the rest of the play they had seen thus far.

The lights came back on to show the same bedroom, but with much of its furniture battered and stuffed animals torn to shreds. And, of course, there was blood everywhere surrounding the epicenter that was the unrecognizable corpse of Ruby's doll.

Zoey spoke to herself as she stepped onstage and into the hallway outside Ruby's bedroom, "I would have expected Ruby of all people to be awake by no-"

She froze, spotting some of the carnage from outside Ruby's room. She took a quick glance to Harper, who was still lying down on the ground, before bolting into the bedroom. She let out a horrified gasp and stumbled to her feet at the corpse of her beloved sister, beginning to cry. "No... N-No... Ruby.. Ruby... No... Please, no..." Her hands shook above the mangled corpse for a moment before she quickly took it into her arms, hugging it close and screaming out, "RUBY!"

Zoey's performance was surprisingly... Real. She wasn't kidding when she offhandedly mentioned how good of an actor she was.

"Princess!" Mary called out, bursting onto the scene, "I he-... Heard... Oh my god..." She took a few steps back, her heart wrenching a little at the sight of the corpse. She, of course, knew it was fake, but it was still disturbing to see her sister (Especially a sister she only recently stopped constantly berating) torn to shreds. There was a brief, almost awkward silence before Mary remembered she had more lines, "P-Princess... I-I... How did this.. This... I am so soryy, princess.. I-"

Zoey dropped the corpse, quickly turning to look up at Mary from the ground with fury. "Shut. Up," She growled.

"P-Pardon?" Mary blinked, taking a step back.

Zoey stood up, stomping past Mary as she seethed, "I said shut... Up. We need to find out who did this now. I don't have time for your bullshit self-important apologies."

"P-Princess, I'm... Sorry I failed my dut-"

"WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?" Zoey screamed, backhanding Mary and splattering fake blood all over her face, "Just- Go get my knight! NOW!"

"Ow- I- Y-Yes, princess!" Mary grimaced before running offstage. The stage went dark, and the audience was unsure of how to feel about the sudden change in tone.

The scene shifted quickly, changing from the bloodsoaked room to Zoey's throneroom, Zoey sitting upon the epynomous throne a few steps above the stage as a spotlight shined on her. By her side was a smaller, empty throne. Gathered before her her the townsisters, the castle staff, which were also her sisters but had yet to appear beforehand, and Fennel.

Mary and a disheveled Harper stood watch against a wall adjacent to Zoey, who was silent and solemn. "… I do not know if it was one of you who took our sweet, precious Ruby from this me… I would like to believe my subjects are not capable of such evil, to murder an innocent child and… Consume their flesh." Zoey spoke shakily, showing a mixture of suppressed misery and rage.

The crowd gathered before Zoey gasped and murmured to one another. Suddenly, everyone but Fennel paused as the lights went down and a single spotlight shone on Fennel to give her an aside to express her thoughts.

Fennel wearing her human disguise once again, looked up at Zoey and spoke in a tone that carried nothing but malice and hatred "I only did what you did, princess." How can you sit there and spout that crap knowing you took my Tina from me? AND ATE HER! You deserve this, hypocrite. You deserve every horrible thing coming your way. What I’d give to tell you how ‘sweet’ your sister tasted!" Fennel licked her lips as she delivered the last word of her line, as if trying to get just another taste of the kill.

The lighting returned to normal as Zoey declared, "Which is why, based on what my guard, Harper, told me, I am calling upon a knight of the Council of Princesses to handle this issue, to slay the filthy werewolf that stole Ruby from us. "

"Actually it was a werefox," Harper corrected, recieving a glare from most in the throne room, "Right... Not the time."

Zoey cleared her throat before continuing, "Yes. Not the time. As I said, I have called upon a knight from the Council to hunt this demon down."

The lights dimmed back to show Fennel's thoughts once more.

"None of your pathetic knights can beat me, whore! That witch didn’t give me a curse, this is a blessing! Nothing can stop me! What knight do you seriously think can sto-" Fennel mused with malicious grin, however, she was interrupted as the lights flashed back to their normal state.

The doors to the throne room burst open, a blaring light shining out as the muscle-bound knight walked through, his green armor covering everything... save for his chest.

"This is fucking embarassing," Bob murmured under his breath, keeping up his look of much bravado.

The townsisters gasped in awe, and their stares of admiration were a little too genuine as Zoey addressed them, "As I am sure you are all aware, my magic ability is bestowing blessings upon others. Bob here has been blessed with the ability to absorb power directly from the sun." With this, Zoey snapped her fingers.

From above Bob, a large boulder fell from seemingly nowhere. With a quick glance up at the falling rock, Bob punched the rock with his armored hand, shattering the boulder into pebble-sized pieces that fell behind the set and around him.

"Fuck." Fennel stated.

A few members of the audience couldn't help but 'Oooh' in surprise. These kids seemed pretty varied between poor and spectacular special effects.

"Fuck is right! Did you see that!? There could be a dragon in the kingdom and he would be able to take it down!" Maria exclaimed.

"Yeah… It’s great." Fennel added nervously as she tried to slip away.

Bob began to approach the throne, his stride ever so humble. He kneeled before the throne, and took off his helmet for just a moment, kissing Zoey's foot, as was customary for knights meeting those of the Council of Princesses.

"I am sorry I could not have been in your kingdom before now, Princess," Bob stated stoically, "But I will do everything in the sun's power to track down this vile werefox down and slay it in your name."

Zoey nodded down to Bob. "I expect nothing less from a knight of your caliber," She stated before her tone grew more furious as she spoke, " I want you to snap that monster’s neck, skin it, and bring it to me so I may wear its pelt until my death!"

Zoey's sisters exchanged glances, some of them more convincingly nervous than others.

Fennel swallowed the lump in her throat and looked around in fear and approached the gate to leave.

"Hold, peasant. Where do you think you're going?" Mary snapped, holding her spear towards Fennel.

before sqeaking "I just need some fresh air a-"


"Is there a problem?" Zoey asked. The room's focus shifted to Mary and Fennel.

Mary bowed before speaking, "This peasant was attempting to leave your summon early, princess."

"Hmph… Does our talk of avenging the death of my sister, your princess, bore you, peasant?" Zoey asked scornfully, glaring Fennel down from atop her throne.

"N-No, I just…" Fennel stammered as she slowly began backing up.

"You just what, hm? Spit it out!" Zoey demanded.

Fennel gripped her skull with her hands as she began growling, the sounds of bones breaking could be heard as she fell to the floor. Fennel began growling as she slowly undid the disguise. Her flatter human face slowly began stretching outward as her teeth became sharper an more elongated. Her ears began morphing into a triangular shape before reloacting themselves on top of her head. Fennel stood on her toes to give a more bestial digigrate apeparance as her tail began to form. Blood stained fur began to sprout from her skin as she stared up at the princess. As the transformation ended the growl the Fennel had been producing was replaced with a series out loud aggrestive barks.

Mary and Harper stumbled backwards, bumping into the wall before shakily raising their spears up in an attempt to threaten the beast before them.

Fennel apprached the two her tail swishing back and forth with sadistic pleasure as she snached the weapoms and bent them. She then bashed the girls over the head with their cardboard props, as she bore her large canines, she was the fox and this castle was her proverbial hen house.

Mary and Harper crumple to the ground, 'knocked out' after getting smacked with their 'metal' spears.

Fennel then ran off stage with Bob chasing as the lights darkened.

When the lights returned, the stage showed the village once more, but with wooden crates littering the street. Zoey and her underlings watched from the castle gate as Fennel jumped from crate to crate avoiding strikes from the solar powered knight. With each successive punch, slamming into each box and rendering them into splinters, the lights flashed, signifying the power of Bob and his connection to the sun.

"Give it up, demon!" Bob shouted angrily, smashing his fist into a box.

"NEVER! Not after your princess stole my daughter from me!" Fennel spat before swiping a clawed hand at Bob.

As the townspeople looked on in shock, Bob halted the strike against him, grabbing Fennel's clawed hand by the wrist. When she retaliated again with her other hand, he restrained that too in his iron grip, making it appear as if they were struggling. During this fight, Clara sneakily passed behind cottage after cottage, slowly making her way to the castle.

"Make this easy on yourself, monster," Bob spat, "and I promise to keep the princess from using your hide as toilet paper!"

Fennel looked at Bob as a smug grin drew across her face as she licked her lips. "I wonder if knights taste as good as Princesses," Fennel snarked before wrapping her jaws around Bob's neck causing the blood packets to splurt fake blood.

Bob the Knight let out a loud groan of pain, starting to fall over as Fennel gnawed brutally into his neck.

Fennel looked down at Bob with a predatory look before licking the blood of his neck, She opened her jaws once more as if to rip out his throat before Brendan appeared on stage. "I'll save you Bob! And then I'll finally become a squire! Parfait, Strangle!" Brendan ordered before Parfait complied with a "Sylveon!" as her Feelers wrapped around Fennel's neck, preventing her from delivering the final blow. Fennel tried to fight agaist the feelers but Parfait had over estimated how much pressure was needed leading Fennel to loose consiousness.

Zoey frantically sprinted to Bob's side. "Sir Bob! Will you be okay!?" She gasped.

"Y-Yes," Bob managed to mutter out as he tried to stand, "Yes... I just need.. a moment in the sun."

With a seeming uncertainty at its start, Bob yanked off first his helmet, then his armor's leggings, than the armplates until nothing but his swimming trunks remained.

The mighty knight strikes a pose as if a superhero, the spotlights intensifying upon him as the fake blood began to float around him, dripping off of him and away from him, before they returned to normal, forcing the knight to fall to one knee.

The audience was mixed. Some members seemed extremely thrilled by this turn of events, and others were absolutely disgusted.

"I..I am fine Princess... by your blessing," Bob replied in a strained tone, acting as though the act of regeneration took most of his strength.

Zoey smiled for a brief moment, though looking to the unconsious Fennel wiped it away. "That was too easy, but at least we'll be able to slaughter this thing already."

Bob slowly stood up, and nodded, "Indeed."

Bob raised a fist, ready to smash down upon the werefox below him, before he stopped, hesitating upon a thought. "...Princess?"

Zoey seemed taken aback by this hesitation. "Wh-What are you doing? Kill it already!" She demanded.

"Please," Bob begged, "bear with me for a moment... This... Creature... It transformed from one of your peasants, did it not?"

Zoey blinked, not seeing what Bob was getting at. "Well... Yes, of course. We all saw its transformation. What is your point and what does it have to do with not ripping that thing’s head off?" She questioned.

There was a brief moment of silence before Elizabeth gasped, remembering she had a line. "Yeah! I wanna see some violence! I’m gonna cook us some werefox stew tonight!" She exclaimed.

"If she we-"

"Though a roast would probably be better for something like this," Elizabeth remarked, quickly covering her mouth as Zoey glared at her for going off script.

"...If she were a peasant," Bob began again with his reasoning, taking a moment to assure there would be no more interruptions, "and can now transform into this monster... Would that not mean she has been cursed?"

Zoey, along with her sisters, collectively gasped. "Cursed!?" Zoey repeated, flabbergasted, " Bob, surely you… But… There is nobody capable of such a thing! That kind of magic was- was outlawed years ago!"

Bob stood up from his place about to smash Fennel and stared Zoey in the eyes, "Just because you make something illegal doesn’t mean it stops existing."

"But… The only person I know that is capable of such a thing is…" Zoey trailed off. Suddenly, the lights turned to a blood red as the townsisters screamed in fear, running away from the castle and offstage as Clara stepped out from the castle gates. With Ernie's help, the magic books from the circular table were floating around her, their pages flipping back and forth.

"Hello, Zoey," Clara greeted in monotone, "Get out of my kingdom."

"Your kingdom?!" Bob scoffed in a disgusted tone, "You witch!"

The Knight ran towards the Witch Clara as he finished his lines, his fists readied to strike her down. "Sir Bob! Wait! She-" Zoey started as Clara raised a hand towards the incoming Bob.

With Ernie's technical assistance, Bob stopped in mid-run, before being thrown back over Fennel and Zoey's heads, landing with a loud grunt.

"That fuckin' stings, agh," Bob groaned quietly a moment after impact with the stage.

"You’d expect the knights sent directly from the Council would be a bit smarter than that" Clara remarked as she lowered her hand, "Then again, this is the same Council that banished me." Rather than properly emphasizing the word 'banished' as a result of her monotone, Clara simply said that word louder than the rest.

"You..." Zoey gasped. She quickly glanced down to Fennel, then glared at Clara, "You did this! You cursed my subject! You... You killed my sister!"

"And you banished me. You and your Council of Princesses. Why? Because I chose the ‘wrong’ type of magic when nobody told me there was a wrong answer?" Clara retorted.

"That was a test you stupid bitch! To see if you’d choose something so unjustifiably evil for your magic as placing curses on people!" Zoey screamed.

"... Well, let's see how useful your 'blessings' are now, princess," Clara taunted as she raised her hand once more, "Come on, show me what you got. I have every single book of magic surrounding me right now save for your ‘blessings’."

Zoey's eyes darted between Clara and her books, her worried expression becoming one of determination. "No... You're missing another," Zoey countered as she placed her hands on Fennel's chest, clenching her hands and accidentally lightly squeezing a boob.

Fennel opened her eyes, a bit confused before taking notice of Zoey's grip. She froze, unsure of how to react she decided to ignore the act for now as not to kill the flow of the play.

"Oh? And what would that be?" Clara inquired.

"The book of Healing," Zoey declared, not noticing she was groping Fennel. The spotlights briefly blinded the audience before quickly shutting off. Then, a lone spotlight shone onto Zoey and Fennel.

"My subject..." Zoey said down to Fennel with remorse, "I don’t know the extent of what that witch has done to you… But, please… Trust me when I say that I… Especially my sister, Ruby… Have done nothing to harm you or… Your daughter… I bestow upon you the blessing to overcome that bitchiness the witch has engrained in your soul…"

The spotlight pulsated as Zoey shuddered, as if the energy was ripped out of her body and into Fennel.

"The blessing of purity..." Zoey continued, weakening as she was determined to confer the blessings she needed to, "The blessing... of power..."

Zoey looked as if she was undergoing an immense physical strain as she looked down upon Fennel, taking in a sharp, shuddering breath as she conferred the last blessing to Fennel, "... The blessing... that is..... your daughter." The spotlights quickly intensified into a blinding array before snapping back to normal as Zoey collapsed beside Fennel.

Fennel quicky reapplied the rune causing her to take upon a human appearence once again. Fennel rubbed her slightly bruised neck as coughed and tried to catch her breath before seeing Clara apprach them "You… It… It was you… Wasn’t it…" She weezed.

"Glad to see your intelligence didn't end up matching your appearance," Clara remarked, taking a jab at Fennel's previous, animalistic form, " Yes, it was me. I took your daughter, but I don’t feel like monologuing right now, I have a kingdom to run and a Council to destroy." She slowly began to raise her hand towards Fennel.

Fennel quickly jumped to her feet then delivered a backhanded slap to Clara's face. Clara, thanks to some Ernie-brand special effects, flew backwards and made impact with the castle wall, letting out a pained wheeze and coughing up fake blood.

"You. You bitch," Clara said, her pauses shorter than they should have been, "I'll just heal- Wait. No. Of course she took it..."

Fennel approached Clara and cracked her knuckles, and raised a fist prepariing to punch Clara.

However, before she could strike Clara, Fennel's fist was grabbed by the wrist by Bob, who had quickly rushed to stop her.

"Do not strike her down demo-" Bob stopped himself, before continuing, "Uh, whatever your name is. Do not strike the witch down."

"Right… Striking down in anger and all that…" Fennel stated as she looked at the ground shamefully.

In a quick blur of events, Clara was yanked through a panel in the background by Ernie, replaced by a Clara-sized doll within half a second, a moment before Bob slammed his fist into the doll's abdomen, causing a splurt of fake gore to flare out.

"No," Bob disagreed, "I just wanted to do it."

Out of nowhere for the scene's tone, Tina appeared from the side of the stage and waved her arms. "Hey, look at me! I'm not dead!" She exclaimed. With that, the lights went dark, and the curtains closed. It took the audience a moment to process what the hell just happened, before a good deal of them stood up and applauded. Whether or not they thought the production was actually good or they simply appreciated the effort of the children could not be determined.

"I think we're supposed to bow or something," Zoey said, quickly gesturing the cast of the play to come with her and stand outside the curtain.

Fennel then grabbed Bob and Zoey's hand to indicate to the rest of the crew they should do the same as they prepared to bow.

It was a bit awkward and fumbly at first, but soon enough, every member of the play was holding one anothers' hands and took a bow before the cheering audience.

Zoey gazed at the crowd with a wide smile and stars in her eyes. She glanced to Fennel and said, "Hey, Fen... Thanks for suggesting this... I guess I got a hobby."

Fennel smiled at the crowd, a close obeserver would notice that her disguise had oversized canines, before she responded "Good to hear." addressing certain events of the play would have to wait until later.

Brendan and Parfait seemed partiularlly comfortable obtaining praise, these weren't the crowds that followed challengers to his title of champion but it was a crowd none the less. Brendan let go of Clara's hand before heading back stage remove the less street clothes parts of his costume.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Continued from previous post

As soon as Brendan let go of Clara, she threw up on the stage, having been unable to handle the speed at which she was replaced with a stunt double. She attempted to walk offstage, but fell onto the floor. From behind the stage, Ernie lifted her up, before bringing her back there, setting her down in a lawn chair, before a floating bottle of dramamine rose next to her, alongside a small cup of water.

"Take a drink, then administer yourself one pill," Ernie instructed as the admission stand's collection pot was lifted back from the admission stand and next to Ernie.

"Thanks, Ernie," Clara mumbled, taking the cup and the pill in her hands, "What does the pill do?"

"Dramamine; Negates the affects of motion sickness," Ernie informed, quickly sorting out the dollar bills and coins put into the pot into nice, organized stacks based upon value, "It will begin to take affect within a few minutes."

Brendan seeing that Clara wasn't feeling well went to check up on her, "Hey Clara? Are you feeling alright?"

"No," Clara answered honestly as she tossed the pill in her mouth and gulped down the water.

"Motion sickness?"

"Yeah, but Ernie got me some pill to help," Clara replied after swallowing the last gulp of water from her cup.

"How are those burns doing? I should have some Rawst Berries in my bag, those should help with the burns." Brendan asked.

"They're feeling better, thank you," Clara nodded, "I'll take those.. Berries."

Brendan then grabbed his bag and dug several of what appeared to be blue raspberries before handing them to Clara. "Just a warning they're bitter."

"That's fine," Clara stated, taking the berries and inspecting them for a second before popping them in her mouth.

"Okay let me know if you need anything." Brendan said before heading into the hotel to change to change into his regular clothes.

After finishing counting the money earned, Ernie turned to Clara, silent for a moment. "...Your performance was... Admirable." it quipped, the last part seeming quicker than the rest, before getting started cleaning up the set.

"Oh... Thank you," Clara blinked, "You did a good job too. I'm sure it must have been hard managing all of the special effects and transitions."

"There were moments of stress, but I am built to multitask, so an assignment like this was a most useful application of my skill," Ernie noted, "It has been the most strenuous task I have been assigned from Overseer Zoey. And for that, I am THANKFUL/GRATEFUL/HAPPY."

"Why do you do that sometimes?" Clara inquired.

"It is similar to your 'shorthand' writing style," Ernie explained, opening up a trashcan and allowing the splinters from the stage to funnel into it, "Speaking at once with three voice modules allows for a quicker expression of thought. It is more common for Benefactor and other proxies to speak in complete triple-tone when coordinating with one-another."

Clara thought for a moment. "That sounds really efficient," She remarked.

"Efficiency is key," Ernie noted, dumping the three used dolls into the trash can as well.

"Yeah, I agree," Clara nodded.

Fennel then turned to Zoey, "Zoey can I talk to you for a second... alone."

"Huh? Yeah, sure," Zoey smiled, shrugging and following Fennel, "Hey, I said it before, but I really wanna thank you for... All of this. I..." Zoey let out a sigh, "I was kinda... Bummed back in the hotel when you brought up hobbies, I'll admit it. But... Thanks to you, I have this."

"That's good to here that I could cheer you up." Fennel said as she took Zoey to a more secuded part of the parking lot

"I'm happy that I had to chance to help you find out a little bit more about yourself, but. if you touch my boobs again I will bite you." Fennel said, with her voice shifting from a friendly tone to more threatening.
Zoey squinted her eyes, her head turning a bit to the side as she looked up at Fennel. "... Are you coming on to me?" She questioned.

Fennel was not expecting this response. "No! I'm saying if you try getting to first base again, I will bite your hand. and it will hurt. because I have really sharp teeth." Fennel

"... Are you sure you're not coming on to me?" Zoey asked, "I dunno, I'm kinda liking where this is going. Also, when did I touch your boobs?"

"During the play, I woke up and the first thing I notice is you getting handsy, besides I don't swing that way." Fennel replied as she backed up.

"Oh... Woops," Zoey shrugged.

"Are you even going to appolgize?" Fennel asked.

Zoey blinked. "For what?"

"F-For groping me!" Fennel said flabergasted.

"Oh... Sorry?" Zoey apologized, unsure of what she was really apologizing for.

"Okay, I accept your apology." Fennel said before walking off, she was aware that Zoey didn't get the taboos involved, so that would have to suffice.

Fennel then approached Bob and tugged on one of the plates of his armor before asking "Do you think I was scary enough?"

"I... Think it was good," Bob admitted, omitting his opinion that it may have been a bit over the top for a play of that caliber.

Fennel then placed her ear over Bob's heart as she asked "Did I scare you?"

"What-? No," Bob shook his head with a laugh, "I mean, you might've scared the girls, but not me. I don't get scared."

Fennel looked at Ruby before flashing her teeth and saying "BOO!" before turning around again.

Ruby seemed to be staring at Fennel from a distance, clutching her new plushie close to her chest. The sudden 'boo' made Ruby scream in fear as she shrunk to the ground, covering her head with her arms.

Fennel only heard the scream, and hadn't realized they were those of genuine fear, as she stood on her toes and tried to give Bob a kiss, completely unware she had scared Ruby out of her wits.

Bob looked confused at Fennel, before back at Ruby in a bit of concern for the child. "I'm..." Bob pulled back, "Gonna go check on the girls."

Fennel turned around noticed that Ruby was huddled in fear, she headed over and asked "Ruby? Is everything alright?"

Ruby glanced up just a little to see how close Fennel had gotten. She stumbled backwards, trembling. "I-I... Yeah..." She managed to say.

Fennel appoached Ruby again and asked. "Are you sure? You look pretty spooked."

"I'm okay!" Ruby screamed, scrambling to her feet and running away from Fennel.

"Ruby you don't need to run! I'm not going to hurt you!" Fennel said as she began chasing the girl.

Ruby looked back only to see Fennel chasing her. She let out a mortified scream and shouted, "HELP!" out of instinctual fear.

Ernie rapidly bolted inbetween the gap between Fennel and Ruby, facing towards Fennel, before swiveling about to face his overseer. “Do you require assistance?” he asked, noting her expression of fear.

Ruby's lip trembled for a moment before she simply broke down into tears, crying into her stuffed animal as she flashbacked to the play, the scene where she hid under the bed.

Fennel tried to peek around Ernie as she said "Ruby, It's okay nonbody is going to hurt you."

Unfortunately, Ruby was too busy sobbing to listen or respond.

Ernie revolved around to face Fennel again, placing his bulk in the way of Fennel's view of the girl.

"Ernie can I just give her a hug? She's scared." Fennel requested as she tried to get around the robot once again.

"You are not authorized," Ernie stated, "Remain at your current distance."

"Why? I'm her friend." Fennel argued.

While Ernie was not keeping track of every moment of the play, the fact that Ruby had cried for help as Fennel ran after her made him suspicious. "Perhaps the cause of emotional distress is you."

"What are you talking about!?" Fennel asked her tone indicated she was upset by this accusation "She's never been afraid of me before."

"Yet, she screamed and ran from you. She called for help only when you chased. It is only rational to assume you are the prime cause," Ernie stated, "So please, remain where you are."

"Ruby? Are you afraid of me?" Fennel asked hoping that she wasn't the source of Ruby's distress.

Ruby slowly looked up at Fennel, still trembling. A part of her wanted to be honest and say 'yes' that she was afraid of Fennel, but despite how terrified she was... Fennel was still her friend, right? "N-No?" She spat out.

"See?! She's not afraid of me, Ernie!" Fennel proclaimed.

Ernie glanced back at Ruby, examining her expression for a moment, taking another moment to think, before turning back, swaying slightly to the side, its eyes fixated on Fennel, the entire benefactor swiveling as she moved to keep a straight line of sight on her.

"Hey, what's going on?" Zoey asked, approaching the scene, "Wh- Ruby? Are you alright?" Zoey quickly came to Ruby's side, kneeling down beside her sister.

"Ruby has experienced an emotional breakdown, initiated after she began to run from Fennel, and Fennel followed." Ernie explained.

"Wh- What did you do!? Is this because I grabbed your stupid boob!?" Zoey accused.

"What!? No! I said 'Boo' then she freaked out and why would I do something to Ruby for something you did?" Fennel responded.

"I don't know! I'm trying to figure out why my sister is- Screw this. Come on, Rub," Zoey spoke gently to Ruby, guiding her to her feet, "Let's.. Go to our room, okay?" Ruby clung to Zoey, stuffed animal still in one hand as the two walked.

Fennel tried to reach out to Ruby as they passed by.

Ruby shrank back, letting out a yelp. Zoey quickly turned and stared Fennel down with the most tame, yet simultaneously the most glaringly intense expression of anger she had donned yet. "Don't. Touch. My. Sister. Until I figure out what's going on, you stay away from her," Zoey snapped. There was no hint of immaturity in her tone of her typical fury. With that, Zoey walked away, supporting Ruby.

A saddened looked drew across Fennel's face as her ears dropped. "O-okay." Fennel said as she approached Bob once again. "Bob? A-are you scared of me?" She asked in a depressed tone.

"No, Fennel... What's wrong?" Bob asked, noting her saddened tone.

Fennel then placed her head agaist Bob's chest as she said "I-I think Ruby is afraid of me." Tears began rolling down her face, she was trying so hard to get along with these girls but everytime she messed it up.

Bob took a moment, wrapping an arm around Fennel and holding her tight and gently comforting her, "Hey, it's alright. It's gonna be okay, alright?"

"No, it's not!" Fennel said as her voice broke into uninteliigble blubbering. "I-I can't d-do anyt-thing right." Fennel lamented as her tears cut through her fur.

"I'm sure she can't stay scared of you forever, Fennel," Bob cooed, holding Fennel close.

"Do you even know how many children were scared of me in Varie, Bob? Do you?" The Laviturnian continued.

"I... No," Bob answered, "I don't, but this isn't Varie, Fennel. You have a close connection to Ruby. You gotta go to her and help her."

"Help her? I can't even go near her without her freaking out!" Fennel sobbed.

"...I'll talk to her," Bob tried to soothe Fennel, "I'll talk to her and see if I can see why she's scared. Alright?"

"O-okay." Fennel said as she wrapped her arms around Bob.

"It's gonna be okay," Bob comforted, returning the hug gently, "I promise."

"Pinkie promise?" Fennel asked.

"Of course," Bob nodded, looking down to Fennel as he pulled back from the hug, holding out his pinky.

Fennel then wrapped her own pinkie around Bob's before saying "Okay. I believe you."

Bob smiled as he lowered his head down to Fennel, giving her a kiss on the cheek, before walking towards the hotel, off to do as promised. He walked up to the girl's room and gently knocked.

Fennel herself had followed but decided to stay out of sight as she desperately wanted to know how to help.

"Who's there?" Zoey asked from within the room.

"It's Bob," the Doomguy answered, "I... came to talk to Ruby."

"Is Fen there?"

"No," Bob replied, unknowing of the Laviturnian's antics, "She's not with me."

The door opened for Bob as Zoey gestured him in. Ruby could be seen sitting cross-legged on a bed, staring down at her fox plushie with a small frown.

Bob hastily stepped in, a look of deep concern coming over his face as he walked over to the bed, kneeling down next to Ruby. "Hey," he said softly, "Are you alright?"

"... Mhm," Ruby hummed, lightly nodding her head.

"I know something's wrong, Ruby," Bob said gently, "You're scared... of Fennel, right?"

Fennel slowly approached the door and pressed an ear against it to listen to the conversation inside.

Ruby was hesitant to tell the truth, hugging her knees and the plushie. "Mhm," She reluctantly replied.

"I talked to her and..." Bob paused, "She's sorry. She's really sorry for scaring you."

Fennel meanwhile had taken to hugging her own knees, as she continued listening.

"... I know," Ruby murmured, "She.. She didn't mean to..."

"How did she scare you?" Bob asked, "...Was it in the play?"

Ruby's lip trembled as she squeaked out a pathetic, "Yes." Zoey sat down on the bed beside Ruby, wrapping an arm around behind her.

"Hey, it's okay," Bob tried to comfort, "It's gonna be alright. Me and Fennel don't want you to be scared, and she wants to help... Is that okay?"

"I don't want her to eat-" Ruby cut herself off as tears formed in her eyes. She knew Fennel wouldn't eat her, it was ridiculous, but she couldn't help being afraid after being so close To Fennel during that scene.

Did she think I was going to eat her? Fennel asked herself, she then looked down at herself. It's because I'm just a stupid animal. She thought as she curled up further.

"Fennel's not gonna eat you..." Bob tried to comfort, "She's not gonna do that... It was just part of the play."

"I know," Ruby began to cry into her knees, "I-I'm just being dumb."

"Wh- Rub, you're.. Not being dumb," Zoey tried to assure her younger sister.

Fennel looked down at her tail, another reminder that she wasn't like the others. She sniffled as she drew the rune on her arm once again causing her to take on a human appearence. It's probably best if I just stay like this, Fennel thought as she thought of going inside the room.

"No, no, no, you're not dumb," Bob reassured, "I get it, Ruby. The entire thing.. the doll and Fennel... it was a bit scary."

Ruby sniffled, unhugging her legs and looking down at her plushie. "I-I don't want to be scared," She stammered, trying to stop her tears, "I.. I like her."

Fennel eventually managed to work up the courage to stand up and knock on the door. "Can, I come in?" Fennel asked.

Zoey shook her head to Bob.

"Uh... Not right now, Fen," Bob answered back loud enough for Fennel to hear.

"Okay, I-I'll just be in your room." Fennel said as she started to walk off.

"Wait!" Ruby cried out. She didn't need to see Fennel to know that she must feel awful, "Please, let her in." It was better to be terrified than to make Fennel feel bad.

"Wait, Fennel!" Bob shouted back, rushing to open the door, "...Yeah, you can come in."

The human looking Fennel walked into the room and sat down next to Ruby. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

It took Ruby a moment to recognize Fennel before she quickly clung to her, wrapping both arms around the disguised fox and sobbing, "I'm sorry!"

Fennel wrapped her arms around Ruby before saying "No, it's all my fault." Fennel then noticed the fox plushie that Ruby had as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"No!" Ruby cried out, unable to say anything else as she sobbed into Fennel.

Fennel bit her bottom lip trying to hold in her own sobs before as she looked at the bedside lamp behind Ruby she noticed her own reflection in the curved metal of the fixture, a reflection that didn't match up with how she currently appeared, just another reminder of what Ruby was terrified of.

“It’s gonna be alright,” Bob reassured again, placing a hand on Ruby’s back, unsure what to do.

Fennel looked at her reflection for a moment longer before escaping Ruby’s embrace. “I need to go.” Fennel said before heading Into another room.

Ruby reached out for Fennel as she left before her arms went limp and her shoulders slumped down. Why did she have to get so scared because of that scene in the play? Just when she thought she was starting to not screw things up, she goes and makes her friend sad.

Fennel eventually wandered into Bob‘s room before going into the bathroom and staringing into the mirror loathingly.

”Fennel...” Bob muttered, looking to her as she left. He was put into a conflict; Either he would follow Fennel in her moment of unrest, or stay with Ruby in her distress. He took a moment to ponder silently, before standing and looking to Ruby with a sigh, “I’m sorry...” before walking quietly out and after Fennel.

Fennel placed her hands on the counter and signed as she watched Bob enter the room. Fennel looked at Bob in the mirror before closing the bathroom door. "Just... go away." Fennel said before sitting on the floor.

"Fennel, I promise you, she's going to be fine," Bob tried to assure his girlfriend of the situation.

"I'll just mess it up again so what does it matter!?" Fennel sobbed from behind the door.

"No, you won't, honey," Bob shushed, "She wants to be your friend again, Fennel! You just have to help her face her fear."

Fennel stood up, and opened the door as she gestured to the mirror, "How? By telling her that isn't going rip her throat out as she sleeps!?" She shouted.

"Yes! You have to show her that is just for the show!" Bob explained, "Just an act!"

"I'd just don't want to make things worse." Fennel said as the rune dispelled. She looked up a Bob for a moment before grabbing on to her arm, as she walked out of the bathroom.

Bob looked morose, unsure of what to do as he turned and sat on the bed with a sigh. It had been a strange turn of events to have come from that great finale, to this within the hour.

Fennel then sat down on the bed next to Bob, "I just don't know what to do." Fennel said in a somewhat depressed tone.

"Neither do I..." Bob mumbled, looking down at his feet from atop the bed, hands at his sides.

"Do you think I should go in there? I just don't want to set her off again." Fennel asked.

"...I think it's best if you don't, at least for tonight," Bob murmured, "Let her clear her head."

"Okay," Fennel said as she curled up on the bed.

"Hey," Bob spoke up, turning around to face Fennel, "Cheer up. Maybe it's just a passing thing. Maybe she'll get over it by tomorrow, see it as silly..." even though they were his own words, Bob didn't seem to have much faith in them.

"It can't be that easy." Fennel said as she noticed Bob's sweatshirt lying on the bed. "I just don't want to make anything worse than it already is." She muttered as she reached for the shirt.

"...I know," Bob muttered, rolling up into bed, "I just... I just don't know what to do."

Fennel then slipped Bob's sweatshirt on as she grabbed onto his arm and closed her eyes.

Then, the door slammed open with Clara coming into the room.

Fennel immedately opened her eyes and fell onto the floor what a flood. "Ahg!"

"Are you okay?" Clara asked.

Fennel rubbed her head as she said "Yeah."

"Alright. I'm gonna take a long shower, or a bath," Clara stated before walking into the bathroom. She was probably sore and exhausted after her exertion and pain during the play.

"Umm okay?" Fennel replied as she tried to climb back into the bed. She grabbed Bob's arm and closing her eyes againd

Eventually, Brendan wandered into the room and passed out on the empty bed.


The next moring, Fennel had not yet opened her eyes but she took in a deep breath through her nose and took note of the pleasant scent that was in the air. She opened her eyes and saw the back of Bob's head.

Clara slowly opened her eyes at around this time as well. After her long, pleasurable bath, she had slipped into bed with Brendan, and woke up to her limbs curled around him. As before when she woke up in this position, she saw no reason to get out of bed, simply enjoying it for the time being.

Brendan woke up and felt something wrapped around, him "Clara? is that you?" He was aware that it was Clara but had decided to to ask to be polite.

Reluctantly, Clara responded with a, "Yes," as she retracted her limbs.

"Were you cuddling me?" Brendan asked.

"Yeah," Clara responded as she rolled off of the bed and slowly standing up from the floor before stretching.

"Okay, then." Brendan stated in a confused tone as he got out of bed.

Meanwhile Fennel rubbed Bob's arm to try and wake him. "Good morning sunshine."

"Ugh..." Bob shifted and turned, slowly opening his eyes, "Oh... good morning, Fenny..."

"Fenny?" Fennel asked before touching her nose to Bob's "Boop."

"I dunno," Bob mumbled, "I just woke up."

"Looks like somebody doesn't wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed." Fennel commented before giving Bob a light peck.

Bob smiled with a groggy groan, "And I'm guessing you do?"

"I would be surprised if you woke up 'bushy tailed', Bob," Clara remarked as she walked around the room nude, trying to remember where she put her clothes.

“Ehh. It varies.” Fennel commended before rolling out of bed. A careful observation would reveal that her fur was particularly messy abd therefore she was not bushy tailed.

"Heh, you're right, Clara," Bob yawned as he sat up, "That would be surprising."

Fennrl then grabbed a brush that had been lying in the night stand and has taken to smoothing out her fur starting with her tail. “Do you think they’ll have the same breakfast as yesterday?” Fennel asked.

"Probably not, considering this is a different hotel," Clara stated as she finally found her undergarments.

“Which hotel is this again?” Fennel asked as she began brushing a pillow.

"I don't remember," Clara answered, "Bob?"

"I don't keep track of the hotel names," Bob meagerly shrugged as he got dressed, "I just know it's a different one."

Fennel yawned before wiping her eyes with the sleeves of Bob’s shirt. She then took hold of Bob‘s hand and said “Come on sweetie let’s go get some food.” before trying to guide him to the door. Fennel looked down remembering she was still wearing Bob’s shirt “Can I wear this just a little longer?” She asked, as she waited for Bob to finish changing.

“I don’t see why not,” Bob answered, slipping into actual jeans and out of his trunks, before turning back to Fennel with a smirk, “I don’t think it fits you though.”

“But it’s sooooo comfy.” Fennel continued as she rolled up the sleeves of the shirt, “It's not like you would take it from me. Or would you?” Fennel said as she placed a finger on her bottom lip.

“I’m not that heartless,” Bob laughed as he walked up, “Though... I dunno, maybe.”

Fennel then walked up the Bob and placed an ear to his chest. “I dunno, I think I hear something in there.” She added coyly.

“Bah, whatever,” Bob mused, “You know what I mean. I need caffeine before I can say something more coherent, so let’s hope this place has coffee.”

Fennel lightly pushed herself away from Bob before she opened the door for him, “After you sleeping beauty.” Fennel said with mischievous snicker.

"... That was weird," Clara remarked once Bob and Fennel had left the room

"Yeah, those two have been a bit distracted with each other for the last few days now." Brendan commented as he rubbed his eyes.

"As long as I'm not affected by it, I guess it doesn't matter," Clara said, slipping her shirt and pants on upon finding them under the bed.

Brendan then rolled out of bed, and streched before walking out the door.

“So,” Bob sighed as he and Fennel came to the Hotel’s cafe, “What’s on the menu?”

Fennel took a moment to look around the breakfast buffet, "Looks like nothing crazy, Hashbrowns, sausage, cereal, bagles, muffins, waffles. The usual." Fennel commented.

Zoey and Ruby were already gathered in the breakfast area. Before Ruby could catch a glimpse of Fennel, Zoey forcibly turned her head around and yelled, "Ruby, look at those oranges!"

"W-Wha? Zoey, why-"

"Just keep looking at the oranges, Ruby!" Zoey ordered.

"Oh, okay," Ruby nodded obediently.

Bob would have said hello and good morning to the girls, but that would have caught the attention of Ruby, and he wasn’t sure if she’d gotten any better.

Fennel, seeing Ruby, quickly grabbed a bagel and went to hide behind Bob, hoping that she wouldn't cause another incident.

Without a word, Bob walked up to the gallery of breakfast foods and chose a plastic cup of cereal, something he could eat somewhere else with Fennel.

Fennel meanwhile simply tried to stay hidden behind Bob, at some point she had pressed her ears against her head to keep a low profile.

"Can I stop looking at the oranges?" Ruby asked.

"Uhhhhh.." Zoey looked over at Bob and Fennel, waving them away.

Fennel grabbed on to Bob's arm before taking a slighty crouch to appear even smaller to reduce the odds of Ruby seeing her.

Bob, with Fennel in sneaking tandem behind him, began to make their way out of the room.

Fennel stopped hiding behind Bob as soon as Ruby was out of sight. She looked at the bagel she had grabbed and took a bite out of it, she would have prefered to get more but it wasn't worth scaring Ruby.

"Okay, yeah, you can stop looking at the oranges now," Zoey nodded.

"... Why did I have to stare at a bowl of oranges?" Ruby asked.

"Uh.. Vitamins," Zoey answered before taking a sip of her latte.

Bob opened his cup of cereal, something like Cheerios, taking a plastic spoon and beginning to dig into the dry cereal. “Sorry,” he mumbled, “I forgot they’d be...”

"... It's fine," Fennel said before taking another bite of her bagel. "I just don't want to scare her." Fennel's ears drooped lower only adding it the saddened expression that drew across her face.

Bob swallowed his dry food, setting it down on a nearby desk as he replied, “Hey, don’t look so down. It’s a new day; I’m sure it’ll be a better one, too.”

Fennel sniffed slightly as she said "O-okay." She then took another bite of the breakfast item before her stomach made an audible growl.

"Are you two hiding from someone?" Clara asked, on her way to the breakfast area.

"Ruby." Fennel stated bluntly.


"I scared her pretty bad the other day." Fennel clarified as her ears drooped once again.

"How?" Clara asked, irritated that she had to ask so many questions to get the full story.

"During the play, I think she's afraid I'm going to eat her or something."

"Oh... Yeah, I guess that makes sense," Clara stated, pausing for a moment, "I'm guessing Zoey must have been pissed off about that, but she could probably help with getting Ruby unscared."

"I'm just afraid I'm going to make things worse." Fennel added as she shrunk behind Bob.

"Not doing anything won't make things better either," Clara retorted in monotone before her hungry tummy pulled her away from the conversation.

Fennel sighed before turning around to head back to the room containing the rest of the girls. As she peered around the corner she noticed Zoey. "PSST! Zoey!" Fennel called hoping to get the younger girl's attention.

"Who- Uh.. Ruby, stay here. Talk to Lizagna," Zoey ordered before walking around the corner to talk to Fennel, "What's up, Latte?"

"Latte?" Fennel asked, distracted by the new nickname.

"Yeah, you look like a latte, see?" Zoey pointed down at her own latte.

"Oh, I guess you're right... Do you know how I can help Ruby be not afraid of me?" Fennel continued.

Zoey let out a sigh. "Yeah, I've been coming up with a plan I was gonna run by you later. Ruby had a nightmare last night," She muttered.

Fennel looked down "Oh..."

“That’s not good,” Bob mused from behind Fennel, “I don’t want that to keep going.”

"Can I talk to her now or would that be a bad idea?"

"Eeehhhh... I dunno... But! I know just how to snap her out of this," Zoey proclaimed.

"How?" Fennel asked.

"We put you in danger of getting killed, then Ruby saves your life. I saw something like it in a cartoon," Zoey explained.

"Zoey... I don't think it works like that." Fennel commented.

"Yeah, yeah, she'll be so worried about you dying and saving your life, that she won't even be thinking about how scared she is of you. Then, once she calms down, it's like... How can you be that scary if she saved your life?"

"Okay but I don't really think that addresses that she thinks I'm going to tear her throat out." Fennel added.

"Bah, you just gotta get hurt a little bit," Zoey waved away the notion, "It'll work. Who would know Ruby better than me, right?"

"What are you thinking?" Fennel asked.

"Uhhhh... I dunno, I really just got the.. Concept, but.. Not actually what we would do," Zoey admitted, "But we gotta make sure nobody else is around, that way she won't try to rely on Bob saving you or anything."

"Do you think I could just try and show I'm not going to kill her like a chicken or something," Fennel inquired.

"... No. Think of her fear as like a big fat guy. That chicken shit is like just poking him, but my plan is beating the absolute shit out of him," Zoey answered, "Plus, my plan is a lot more fun."

"What are you gonna do? Have Ernie shoot at me?" Fennel said as she looked at Zoey in a suspicious manner.

"No! Then she'd be scared of Ernie and we'd have to do this all over with him as the victim!" Zoey facepalmed.

Perhaps... I may help arrange something? I happen to know a less-than-stellar fiend who would be the perfect choice.

"Hold up, wizard chat," Zoey held up a hand to Fennel and Bob, "Is it a guy that Ruby could handle? Like, not a super mind wizard or something?"

“Wait you have a wizard in your head too?” Fennel asked.

He’s not too fond of the arts, save for his use on the deceased. Says it’s “cheating”. The most he’ll bring out is a fancy sword or a pistol. He doesn’t do heavy things.

"Heavy things? What do you mean, like big guns and stuff?"

Precisely. So you can trust he won’t be too much of an effort.

"And like... He won't shoot Latte in the head, will he?"

Of course not. He’d probably like her face too much.

"... Are you saying he'll hit on her?"

As much as he can mix hitting on her and attempting to kill her, yes.

"And is he easy to kill? Like would a shotgun take care of him pretty easy?"

He’d be brought down by that, I would assume.

"Awesome, how soon can you bring him here?"

It’d more depend on how long it takes him to take the bait, but I’d say about half a day.

"Thanks," Zoey nodded before lowering her hand, "Alright, some evil dude is gonna come later today that Ruby should be able to handle, we just gotta make sure nobody else is around when that happens but you, her, and the evil guy."

“...I’m gonna have to repeat what Fennel said,” Bob blinked, “You got a weird alien thing in your head too?”

“What did I just sign up for?” Fennel asked.

Zoey ignored both of them. "I'm gonna give Ruby my shotgun on the bus just so she can 'hold it', that way she's ready for the evil guy," Zoey affirmed before heading back to the breakfast area, sure that Ruby was eagerly awaiting her return.

Fennel’s stomach growled once again, this time it was loud enough to be heard by those nearby.

Bob looked at Fennel, before handing her his cereal. “Here,” he insisted”

“Thanks.” Fennel said as she took the cup of cereal and headed back to her room. Bob followed as well.

upon entering the room, Fennel sat on the bed and began eating the cereal. “I hope Zoey’s plan works.”

”I’m not too sure that letting bad guys close to the girls and you is gonna be the best idea,” Bob worried.

“Do you think we can talk her out of it.?”

“That’s the part that worries me the most; We probably can’t.”

“So you think you got enough firepower Incase things go south?”

“I doubt I’ll ever not have enough,” Bob regarded, “I have, like, a ridiculously large arsenal.”

“Just be ready then.” fennel said before finishing her cereal.

“Don’t you worry,” Bob nodded, “I’ll be ready.”


“Hey Brendan,” Bob asked as he got back into the bus, “I think I’ll take up your offer for that pokeman driver. I’m really not in the mood today to drive.”

“Smooth.” Brendan said before sliding into the drivers seat as Poryswan and Allen possessed the bus.

”Thanks, Bread,” Bob thanked as he walked back and found a seat.

"Poryswan, I need you to set the GPS to go here." Brendan said as he pointed to a city a few hundred miles away on a map. He then placed his hands on the orange steering wheel, to take control of more precise movements and he backed the bus out of the parking lot.

Meanwhile Fennel gave Bob a small wave, pointing out where she was on the bus. Bob nodded, but kept his seat, wanting to hopefully get a chance to talk with Zoey and Ruby before the 'plan' was put into motion.

Zoey and Ruby sat nearby, chatting to one another about Zoey's shotgun. "But yeah," Zoey went on, "I'm getting kinda tired of carrying it around on my back all the time, so I was hoping you could hold onto it for a bit."

"Of course!" Ruby exclaimed, snatching the shotgun, despite it being on the side of the seat and not actually on Zoey's back. It seemed she was just happy to not only help Zoey, but to hold her shotgun.

"Oh, hey," Bob noted, "That's one of my favorites. You know how to use it?"

"Mhm! You aim at something, pump the thingy, and squeeze the trigger!" Ruby exclaimed, not demonstrating for obvious reasons.

"Well, there's a bit more," Bob chuckled, "You gotta make sure the safety's not on, or else whatever you're wanting to shoot is gonna stay unshot."

"... Where's that?" Ruby looked around the shotgun, careful to not inadvertently point it at anyone as she searched for the safety.

"Right there," Bob said, pointed to a small button on the gun, "Looks like it's on right now."

"Hey, don't shoot the bus! Allen's in there." Brendan called out.

"Why would I shoot the bus?" Ruby questioned, "I'm not that dumb."

"It's a warning. Don't take it personally," Brendan said "Also if Allen gets shot this the bus is gonna crash."

Ruby frowned, keeping the safety on as she didn't want one of her mistakes to cost another life.

Brendan was able to turn around thanks the the fact that the bus was practically driving the bus. "Ruby, I didn't mean it like that. It's just a reminder, I would have said it for anyone."

"... Bread's just dumb. You're not gonna shoot the bus or anything," Zoey assured, turning the safety off of the shotgun for Ruby, "See? As long as you don't squeeze the trigger or.. Hit it against something really hard, it won't shoot."

Ruby nodded and kept an iron grip on the firearm as to not drop it.

Fennel then gave Bob another wave, hoping it would be enough to call him over this time.

Bob finally caved in, making his way back to sit next to Fennel, “Hey, just needed to make sure everything was gonna go good.”

"Oh, okay then, honey." Fennel replied, before her tail began wagging rather quickly. It was rather obvious that Fennel wanted Bob's undivided attention.

“Man, you sure are wagging...” Bob mentioned quietly.

"What?" Fennel asked as her tail began tapping Bob.

“Your tail, it’s, uh... moving.”

"Oh!" Fennel said as she tried to grab the appenage, missing on several attempts before finally grasping it. "Sorry about that."

“It’s fine,” Bob said, “Thought it was kind of cute, to be honest.”

"Really?" Fennel said as she placed her tial on her lap. She then got out a brush and began brushing her tail. "So they know what to do right?"

“Yeah, Ruby’s got the basics of a gun down,” Bob nodded.

"That's...good." Fennel stated, as she make few strokes through her fur with the brush.

”Now we just have to hope that guy’s gonna show up,” Bob thought aloud.

"So what are we supposed to do?" Fennel asked.

“I... guess I have to do something away from you and Ruby,” Bob shrugged, “Other than that... I’m not sure.”

"Okay. I'm sure we can think of..." Fennel stopped for a moment "... can you hold this for a moment." Fennel then handed the brush to Bob, before she began rummaging through the bag she had placed in her cloak and began looking through the bag.

“I... sure,” Bob agreed, holding the brush awkwardly for a moment, then to Fennel’s tail, before asking, “Hey Fen... mind if I keep brushing?”

Fennel was somewhat distracted as she pulled the tome out of her bag, as she sat back up her tail flipped onto Bob's lap.

In the absence of a no, Bob gently took Fennel’s tail in his grasp and slowly brushed through it as lightly as he could.

As Fennel sat up she stiffened as she let out a soft gasp.

Bob stopped his brushing and looked to Fennel.

"Lower." Fennel said still unable to really move.

Slowy, Bob understood and began to brush down towards the base of the tail, not sure if this were some sensual thing for her or not.

"Tt-Thhe oo-thther wa-way." Fennel choked out.

“You okay?” Bob asked as he did as demanded from Fennel, brushing the other way.

"Sensitive." Fennel muttered as she loosened up.

Ahh,” Bob smirked, looking up and down the tail with a contained chuckle, “So If I go down further, it feels good? Like your ears?”

"N-no." Fennel lied, hoping that Bob would drop the subject.

Seeing that Fennel wanted to drop the subject with her lie, he did so, “Alright, fair enough. Just brush the tip. Got it.”

Fennel then snatched her tail from Bob, "Stop trying to get so handsy." Fennel remarked as she pressed her tailed against herself."

“Handsy? I- ooooooh.” Bob realized how Fennel treated tail-touching. He sat the brush down between them and looked ahead, blushing, “Sorry. I... didn’t know it was like that.”

Meanwhile, Clara was stealthily (Stealthily from Bob and Fennel's perspective at least) recording the interaction with her camera from the other side of the bus.

Fennel moved her tail a little bit farther away, and ordered "Not above half way."

“Alright, alright, that’s fair,” Bob agreed, “Any further's like... touching your butt or something, right?”

"Yes." Fennel replied as she tried scooting closer to the window.

Bob let out a quiet sigh, looking out ahead of the bus, thinking of how stupid he looked doing that.

"... You.... didn't know." Fennel commented as she let go of her tail and started brushing it again.

"This is funny," Clara said to Brendan, staring at the screen on her camera.

"What's funny?" Brendan asked.

Clara retracted the camera and fiddled around with some settings on the touchscreen. "Mmm.. Audio.. Increase... Filter.." She mumbled before then turning the screen to Brendan, replaying the entire tail brushing scene with enhanced audio to allow them to hear the conversation.

"Oh yeah that makes alot of sense. I mean like if I had a tail i wouldn't like people just grabbing it." Brendan commented.

"I wouldn't mind as long as they didn't tug too hard," Clara stated before returning to recording the two lovebirds.

Fennel looked at Bob for a moment before tapping his face with her ears again, as she did this she closed her eyes and puckered her lips and looked upwards.

Bob looked to Fennel, not sure what she wanted for a moment, before realizing she wanted a kiss and, with an embarrassed look, kissed her on the lips. He wasn’t sure what else to do.

Fennel opened her eyes, Did that acctually work? She thought, Was it really that easy?

Bob pulled back, looking off in the other direction, his face turning red.

Fennel looked at Bob, one ear fell to the side and she tilted her head, "Huh?"

“It’s nothing, I just...” Bob scratched his shoulder, “That’s the first real kiss I’ve had in a long time.”

Fennel placed her hands over her mouth as she asked "Really?"

Bob nodded, still embarrassed. “Like I’ve said, I’ve been in Hell a while.”

"Oh, right." Fennel said as she rested her head on Bob's shoulder.

"Looks like Bob got his first kiss," Clara murmured, "Or, well, his first kiss in a 'long time'."

Fennel's ears twitched towards Clara as she glared at the girl, as if to ask Do you mind?

"... Shit. She saw me," Clara muttered, lowering the camera and sitting back in her seat normally, "... I wonder how Ernie's doing on the roof."

"It's not polite to spy, Clara." Brendan commented.

"I know," Clara stated.

Ernie’s visage appeared in the window next to Clara. “I am in optimal conditions in my current seating. Your consideration of my seating is noted.

"Oh, hey, Ernie," Clara said blankly, "You're not sitting though."

I am currently responding to you, this is why I am not in a ‘sitting’ position,” Ernie blankly stated.

"But you said 'current' seating while you weren't sitting," Clara responded. While she was trying to make a cheeky comment, her monotone made it come across as a serious evaluation of Ernie's speech.

...Joke acknowledged,” the Benefactor finally took note of the humour in her words.

Clara was caught by mild surprise. While she was making a joke, she had gotten used to her jokes not landing with others because of her monotone. "Thank you," She responded after a moment of consideration.

Acknowledged.” Ernie replied, before levitating back onto the top of the bus, laying himself back down and keeping himself stuck to the roof.

Fennel then looked up at Bob, and handed him the brush and grabbed onto her tail and said "...you can brush it if you want."

Bob slowly took the brush in hand, and gently began to brush from the tip down.

Fennel looked at Bob, "Bob, you're doing it wrong. That's backwards."

“Oh,” Bob looked at the tail for a moment, feeling dumb, before brushing back towards the tip.

"You can start here." Fennel said as she pointed just infront of her hand that was on her tail.

“A-alright,” Bob nodded, stroking further down.

"Yeah, like that," Fennel commented. "It's kind of like a limb, so it's less less sensative farther down, It's kind of like grabbing my forearm."

“Huh...” Bob listened, continuing to brush her tail as instructed.

"So... How did you sleep?" Fennel asked, not sure what else to say.

“I slept... okay,” Bob answered, “You?”

"Good." Fennel awkwardly added.

“...That’s good,” Bob replied, unsure what else to say.

"Brendan. I'm bored," Clara stated, "Nobody is doing anything worth spying on."

Brenan then grabbed his Vs Recorder and handed it to Clara, "There's probably some videos you can watch on this until we get a chance to stop. It's mostly some battle footage. I'm sure you can analyize something out there."

"... You know me too well," Clara remarked as she took the recorder, "Thank you."

"No problem." Brendan replied.

If you are ‘bored’ further,” Ernie began, appearing in the window again as his second eye popped off, before beginning to float back up to his seat, “My records and data, including ambient observations of civilized and uncivilized species, may prove a use of time, if not an entertaining use of time.

"Oh... Thanks, Ernie," Clara blinked. She had to admit, Ernie's data sounded a lot more enticing than Brendan's recordings of battles. She handed Brendan's Vs Recorder back to him, "Thanks again, Brendan, but I'm more curious about Ernie's videos... No offense."

"Okay. None taken." Brendan replied.

Claea eagerly (Or as eager as Clara could appear) looked through the countless selections of videos, settling on one at random and furiously scribbling in her notebook just a few seconds in. While it wasn't information related to the Hold in any way, it was worth archiving nonetheless.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Yet another multi post post by Zandoo, H, and Teed

Zoey’s Gang

During the trip Fennel had, at some point, taken a nap and was using Bob's shoulder as a pillow of sorts, her tail had since moved into Bob's lap as she rested

Bob had also fallen into a sleep, slumping back in the seat, unaware of the Laviturnian resting on him as he snored on.

Clara had fallen asleep in the middle of watching one of Ernie's videos. Her notebook was open and in her lap while her pencil was in Tina's pocket after it had fallen out of Clara's hand and onto the floor of the bus much earlier.

Fennel eventaully woke up with a groan and to Bob's snoring. Somehow she had not caught onto the fact that he did this and shook his arm to try and wake him. "Bob, wake up."

Bob snorted as he awoke, “Huh, wha... oh, hey,” he grumbled.

"You were snoring...I thought... you were... choking on something."

“Choking? Nah,” Bob shook his head, “I snore all the time.”

"But you didn't the other day?" Fennel asked confused that this was somehow the first time she heard Bob snore.

"I'm gonna be Clara for a second and call bullshit," Mary said, peeking over her seat at the two.

“What are you talking about?” Bob yawned, stretching his arms up, bumping up against the ceiling.

"I think Fennel just wanted you to wake up," Mary sneered.

Fennel darted her eyes from side to side, “What? No.” Fennel said, she wasn't sure if that was her intention but it probably was on a subconscious level, she certainly wanted his attention.

“I dunno about that,” Bob disagreed, “She might’ve, but I doubt it.”

Fennel looked at Mary nervously before grabbing Bob’s hand. Trying to prove she wasn’t just trying to control every aspect of Bob’s life, she muttered the first thing to pop into her mind. “So Bob? Have you j like, wanted ki-“ Fennel cut herself off, of all the things to say. “..iitchen knives?” Smooth save.

”Kitchen knives?” Bob cocked his head as he repeated, “I don’t see why I’d want kitchen knives. I’d need a kitchen first.”

“Yeah kitchen knives. They’re really good for making food, you know you got paring, serrated, and butcher‘s knives-“

”Yeah, I know what kinds of knives there are,” Bob nodded, “I just don’t see why I would need them, out of all the people here.”

"I think she was go-" Mary began before Elizabeth suddenly butted into the conversation.

"Wait, do you guys have knives?" Elizabeth asked excitedly.

”Not at the moment.” Fennel replied.

"Oh... I just heard you talking about.. Different kinds and... Yeah," Elizabeth cleared her throat awkwardly before sliding back into her seat.

“You can help me pick some out though Lizzy” Fennel said hoping to change the subject.

"Really?" Elizabeth gasped happily, "I know all about what kind of knife is the best knife for what you need!" If it wasn't for her being a cooking fanatic, that statement may have come off as a lot darker than intended.

“I’m gonna...” Bob stood up, taking another stretch, “Go see how Brendan’s holding up. You guys... keep talking about knives, I guess.” With that, the Doomguy made his way up to the front of the Bus.

“Okay, Bob.”Fennel said, she was hoping deep down that Mary wouldn't dwell the one subject. If Fennel looked past Mary, she would see Zoey staring at her with the widest, most shit-eatingiest grin she would have ever seen on the fourteen-year-old.

Fennel tilted her head back, as she thought please not now.

Zoey tilted her head a tad towards Bob, pointing at him, teasing Fennel as she opened her mouth to speak and slowly nodded.

Fennel placed a finger over her lips and make a stern face but this command would likely be ignored.

Zoey slowly pointed at Fennel, then to herself, and rubbed her thumb and fingers together on her other hand as if to sign that Fennel would owe her for her silence.

Fennel let out a small sigh of relief. This would have to do for now. Fennel took a moment to ponder why should think of that question...she had been awful clingy ever since Bob agreed to thier date. She hadent known him for that long, maybe it was the winter season being cuddle weather. Oh its that again.

”Hey Brendan,” Bob greeted, putting a hand on the back of the driver seat, “How’re we holding up? We need gas or anything?”

“Fine, we don’t need to worry about gas until Allen gets tired. I‘m fine certainly better than just sitting around doing nothing. Do any of the girls need something?”

“We might need to stop for food or something, maybe get out and stretch? Go to the bathroom or something?” Bob suggested.

”I’ll just pull over at the next exit, besides I'm sure Allen would appreciate the break.” Brendan said before changing lanes. Before too long the bus pulled into the parking lot of a gas station. Bob went inside, presumably to go to the restroom.

Brendan killed the engine before Allen and Poryswan appeared. A few seconds later, the group exited the bus.

Fennel, meanwhile, had taken some time to think about the question she almost asked Bob earlier along with her actions the last few days.

With Fennel alone in her seat, Zoey slid by and sat next to the fox with the same wide grin as before.


"I know what you were gonna saaaaay," Zoey replied, leaning towards Fennel.

“And...” Fennel replied, it was pretty obvious what she was going to ask earlier how Bob didn’t pick up on it was a surprise. “What are you getting at Zoey?” Fennel asked.

"Oh, I'm blackmailing you... I thought that was obvious," Zoey blinked.

“Well duh.” Fennel quipped, “What are the terms and conditions?”

"Hmmmmmmmmm..." Zoey tapped her chin, "Man... What could I want?... Gimme magic!"

“I don’t think I can do that. I mean if I were actually good at magic maybe, but even then.” Fennel replied.

"Well, then I don't think I can keep my mouth shut," Zoey shrugged, "Come on, I'm sure you can figure it out."

“I mean I can try. No promises though.” Fennel mused.

"If you can't do it, then you owe me nudes," Zoey declare
d, quickly taking Fennel's hand and shaking it, "Deal? Deal. Glad we could come to an agreement."before Fennel could object, Zoey rushed out of the bus yelling, "Wait for me, Ruby!"

Unbeknownst to Zoey, Fennel had the betterment of the bargain. Either she'd get Zoey to shut up or she’d simply let Zoey spill the beans. Sure it‘d be awkward to explain all the details but she figured it was better than the second price Zoey set. Besides it’s not like Zoey had put everything together.

Fennel then got off the bus, she was in a relatively good mood considering she thought she had a leg up in the situation.

"Oi!" A cockney voice shouted, seemingly at Fennel from behind her.

Fennel’s ears swiveled behind her she muttered, ”Huh?”, as she turned her head.

Standing in the shadow of the gas station's wall stood a tall figure, dressed in a bright lavender coat and trousers, which seemed like those of a 1600's pirate. The large hat, too, was like a pirate's, feather in the cap and all as it obscured his face.

“Oh, you must be Zoey‘s wizard friend‘s friend, right?” Fennel asked.

"The hell's a Zoey?" the figure asked, pushing his inhumanly tall and elongated back off of the wall, "You're the dame the mouth told me about, right? The exotic one with the tail and all that? I gotta say, he never shuts up when he goes on and on about his stupid predictions and loot, but when he told me about you, he left out how pretty that face of yours is..." he continued, pointing a long finger and arm at Fennel's face as he looked up to look at his prey, revealing the glossy, metallic lack of a face, "Very... soft-lookin', if I do say so."

Fennel blushed before giggling, she obviously enjoyed the attention despite the flirt’s lack of a face, Bob’s gonna have to step- no Fennel keep your head in the game. You can’t just lose it because someone gives you the time of day, “Look that’s nice and all but you might want to tone it down a tad, for this thing to work properly.” Fennel stated brushing the arm aside

"Work properly? Hah!" The tall man shot his head back in laughter, "What do you mean 'work properly', little furry thing? I know exactly how these things work," he began, starting to slowly approach, "But tell me, with your little tail swishin' about, how this is supposed to go down."

”We’re kind of trying to help a friend think I’m not going to tear her throat out with my teeth.” Fennel commented, she tried backing up, Bold, tall, powerful. he could use a face though. “We’re thinking is she thinks I’m in danger it’ll help her get over her fears.”


He's here, Zoey. The fiend I summoned here. Outside.

"Oh shit, uh.. Ruby!" Zoey called out.

"Yeah?" Ruby responded, poking her head around a shelf with her mouth reddened by a slushie.

"Can you... Walk around the area for me? I need to know if there are any hot guys around," Zoey requested,

Without question, Ruby saluted Zoey before marching out of the gas station with her slushie.

I did not think that'd work.

"... Me neither," Zoey admitted.


"Thinks you're in danger?" he again laughed, "I don't know who the fresh hell you're talking about, but there is certainly a reason for fear to be about. You don't need a face, or your flesh-rippin' teeth, to be feared, my little fresh face. All you need is a good set of skills and the charisma to back them. And I? I got both of those. So why don't we make this quick and you just come on over here and slip yourself onto my blade?" he asked, flipping back his jacket to reveal a long, black rapier holstered to his side.

“A rapier really? So unmanly.” Fennel comment as The she leaned forward, trying to distract the pirate.

The pirate chuckled, stopping a few body lengths away and staring at Fennel, "Ah, you're like all the others, who think 'the bigger the better', right? That some massive hammer or big dull blade is gonna do me any good?" He scoffed, "It doesn't matter the size, it matters how well you can use it, how fast you can slip it through their ribs and stick their heart. If I really wanted, you'd be dead already. So just come on over here and we'll finish this up."

"Helloooo? Any hot guys arou-" Ruby stopped as she turned the corner and happened upon the scene. Seeing not only Fennel, which scared her, but some pirate with a 'long sharp stick thing' seemingly threatening her. "Wh-What's..." Ruby stammered out, shaking in place.

"Ah, this your friend?" the pirate asked, looking past Fennel to Ruby, "Oh-ho-ho... I know a good share of people who'd pay a fair coin for a face and body like that... living or unliving... I guess this deal's gotten even sweeter. Wouldn't you agree?" He asked to either of the two.

"D-Deal?.. W-What's.. What's going on?" Ruby asked, worriedly glancing between Fennel and the pirate.

While pirate boi McGee was distracted she quickly slib between his legs with her pole arm drawn. “So tell me big boy, is it always that easy to slip by.” Fennel remarked coyly.


A flash of light, and the polearm was split, one half sliding off onto the ground. In the pirate's hand, the black rapier. "The name's Tychen," he corrected, before slapping her away, "Tychen the Upbringin'. And your technique is really shoddy."

Fennel’s body was slammed into the side of the bus, interestingly enough the bus itself didn't seem to react to the impact of having around a hundred pounds of mammal thrown at it. "Aw come on I just got that thing stained." Fennel called out as the pointed end of the weapon shrunk down and flew into her hand.

"Well, you should have thought before you tried anything, huh?" Tychen asked, looking down to Ruby, "Well? Are you gonna give me as much trouble with just dy-?"

"Hey tiggles worth!? You call that a slap?" Fennel shouted.

The Pirate snapped his attention back to Fennel, letting out a snarl, "Those be fightin' words! And I've been missin' a good beatin' on someone!" he exclaimed, before sprinting towards the bus, his long blade in hand as he lunged at the Laviturnian.

Ruby let out a gasp of fear. Up until now, she had been frozen in shock, but she recognized the danger Fennel was in. Despite Fennel's taunting, she knew Zoey would bluster and puff out her chest even if she were in trouble too. Thinking on her feet, Ruby chucked her red slushie at the pirate.

Fennel sidestepped and placed her hand on the flat end of the blade to collecting some of it's kinetic energy.

"I- Oi!" Tychen growled, turning back to Ruby, rapier still armed, "You've got a nerve, you little twat! You know how long it'll take to get this kind of stain out of this here fabric?"

Meanwhile Fennel ran up to Tychen and leaped into the air swinging her foot at his head hoping to release the stored energy in one fell swoop.

With a sigh, Tychen threw his rapier upwards and out of his hand, before grabbing the incoming foot and slamming her into the ground in one quick motion, snatching his blade again as it fell.

"Crap!" Fennel shouted before blacking out. Ruby stared down at Fennel, mouth agape.

"Really should have thought that through, huh?" Tychen adressed the knocked-out Fennel, picking her up by the neck with his open hand, "Eh... One's enough. You have yourself another day, brat," the pirate said, tossing Fennel over his shoulder as he began to walk away, whistling a tune.

Ruby was scared stiff for a moment. She could almost hear her heart beating as she watched the pirate walk. She couldn't just stand there, Fennel was her friend, but that's not what Ruby was thinking at the moment. She wasn't thinking at all when she screamed out, "STOP! Y-You.. Let her go!"

Tychen stopped, his tune cut short. "Why?" he asked, turning his head around, "What could a little girl like you do to one of the foremost privateers of known space? What can you do to me, a guy who can kill you with the flick of his wrist and me trusty sticker?"

"Y- Shut up!" Ruby shouted as her entire body trembled, "Put her down!"

"Alright," Tychen agreed, dropping Fennel to the ground, "I'll put her down... so I can take two for one." he put his hand back on the holstered rapier, slowly approaching, the sharp ends of his boots clicking against the pavement with every step growing nearer.

"Y-You stay back! Go away!" Ruby screamed, her shaking causing the shotgun to rattle on her back, reminding her of its existence. She pulled the firearm from its place and held it up to the pirate menacingly.

Tychen let out a short laugh, "Really? A shotgun? Of all the things you could choose, you choose an ungainly, inaccurate piece of scrap? I should kill you where you stand for even suggesting that!"

"Shut up!" Ruby shouted, squeezing the trigger. The recoil was a bit much for her expectations, and she fell to the ground immediately after firing.

Tychen was flung back, landing on the ground with a heavy thud. He made no movements, no noises, as in the tattered point in his jacket where Ruby had shot him, a black, oily blood oozed out.

Ruby pulled herself up from the ground, collecting herself for a moment before quickly snatching the dropped shotgun. She slowly approached the downed pirate, not taking the shotgun's line of fire away from him. She nudged him in the side with her foot before quickly jumping back. The nudge elicited no responses, not even a twitch. Continuously, the black blood pooled around the body of the pirate.

"O-Oh... Oh my god.. I.. Fennel!" Ruby cried out, quickly rushing to the fox's side. Full of adrenaline and worry in both body and mind, the sight of Fennel only scared Ruby in the sense that her friend was hurt. "Fennel! Please don't be dead! Please!" Ruby screamed, shaking her before feeling for a pulse.

Fennel was still out cold, she was definitely breathing but was clearly wounded. Fennel then groaned, she was responding to stimuli, but nothing particularlly cohearent.

"Fennel!" Ruby cried out before looking to the gas station. She got up and grabbed Fennel's wrists, quickly dragging the fox around the corner to the front of the building and inside where everyone could see her. She let out multiple grunts of effort on the way before yelling, "Fennel's hurt! Help!"

Fennel let out another groan, it seemed that being dragged was somewhat painful, Her ears began twitching in response to the noise.

Bob, who had finally come out of the restroom, let out a short gasp as he ran over, "Fennel! Ruby, what happened?" he asked frantically.

"ffive...mo... minutes." Fennel managed to mutter.

"Th-There was a pirate.. Thing! It attacked her!" Ruby cried out.

"Pirate thi-" Bob realized what she meant, gasping quietly at the realization that this plan got his Fennel hurt.

Fennel opened her eyes and her gaze locked with Bob as she muttered "Hey, sexy." Before she managed to plant a kiss on his lips, she seemed be enjoying this kiss more than the ones prior to it.

Before Bob could process that Fennel had kissed him, however, Ruby jostled Fennel away by frantically hugging the fox. "Fennel!" She yelped, quickly breaking out into a sob and slurring out gibberish.

Bob took a moment, touching his lips to figure out what had just happened, before joining in on the hug, closing his eyes, "Oh my god, Fennel, are you okay?"

"Oh, Bob." Fennel mutterd before snapping to her senses. She rubbed her head "Did, we kick his ass?" she asked trying to figure out what was going on.

Ruby answered in the form of an unintelligble reply mixed in with her crying. Nearly losing her friend after spending the past day shrieking in fear at her was terrifying, as was the act of shooting the pirate itself.

Fennel looked down at Ruby, "Ruby, I'm okay. So we won right?"

"Y-Ye-Yeah..." Ruby managed to sputter out before continuing her sobbing, not letting go of Fennel.

"Oh, Fennel..." Bob whimpered, holding Fennel close as well.

"Bob, I'm fine. You're acting like I'm some kind of delicate little flower." Fennel commented as she tried to stand up before letting out a loud feral yelp as she put some weight on her ankle. "Ow."

"Hey, let me help you," Bob suggested, letting Fennel support herself on his shoulder.

"Thanks, sweetie." Fennel said as she pulled herself up, "I need to just get some... pain meds." She then tried to hobble her way to the aisle containing pain medication amongst other supplies.

Ruby followed, her crying dying down. "F-Fennel! I'm sorry!"

Fennel joustled Ruby's hair, "What are you talking about, you didn't do anything wrong? I mean you saved me." As the group walked down the aisle, Fennel shifted her wieght to Ruby, "You just get the meds, Bob. I'm going to Ruby for a moment." Fennel then looked over a selection of boxes. "Of course... I'll just have to make do with these." Fennel muttered as she grabbed a few boxes.

"But I was scared of you! And you almost died!" Ruby cried out, "A-And- And.. That would've been the last thing- I..." Ruby broke into sobs again.

”But I didn’t, isn’t that what matters?” Fennel winced as she stood more up right. Fennel then elbowed Ruby, "Come on help me get to the counter so I can pay for these." She then hobled off to the counter.

"I-I... Okay," Ruby nodded, supporting the fox as she walked.

So the two approacched the counter Fennel piulled a few bills out of her pocket and placed them on the counter paid, before calling out to Bob "If you could grab one of those piña colada flavored juices that'd be great." She then grabbed the boxes and headed out the door with Ruby.

"Alright..." Bob agreed, a bit taken aback at how quickly she was getting back to her usual mannerisms, before doing as asked, grabbing a piña colada-flavored juice.

As soon as the two were back in the bus, Fennel quickly placed the boxes in one of her bags before covering them with clothes."Hey, Rube, do you think we have an ankle brace lying around?" Fennel asked as she propped her leg up on the seat. "Yeah, don't think I'll be able to walk on that for a few days." As Fennel tried to lean on the window she winced again, and my arm too. “Can you also get the my spear thingy?”

"Sure, I'll grab it," Bob agreed, running back inside and grabbing Fennel's polearm off of the ground.

Fennel looked at the two halves of the polearm, her ears drooped as she gave a disheartened, “That’s gonna be a pain to replace.”

“I’m sure we’ll find something to replace it with,” Bob reassured.

”Yeah but that had a lot of sentimental value.” Fennel added as she rubbed her shoulder. judging by its shape she had probably dislocated it.

"Oh! Maybe Ernie can fix it!" Ruby suggested, having followed Fennel around out of self-obligation.

“Earnie’s a doctor too?” Fennel inquired.

"What? No- I- I was talking about your thing," Ruby corrected, pointing at the broken polearm.

“Oh yeah that works too. I probably should see a doctor though.” Fennel added.

"Ernie! Ernie!" Ruby called out.

Quickly, the Benefactor's face squeezed into a window. "What services may I apply in this situation?" he asked, analying every square inch of the two with a darting eye, "Your arm appears to be dislocated and you minor brusing across your sternum."

”Thanks? Anything else I should be aware of?” Fennel asked as she gestured to her leg, hoping Earnie could tell if her Ankle was broken or just sprained.

"Your ankle appears to have a major... strain," Ernie indicated, "Reccomendations are to not apply pressure onto this leg for approximately three days as much as you are able."

"Can you do doctor stuff to help her?" Ruby asked, "And can you fix her.. Stick weapon thing?"

Oh good the scanners arent that good.[/i

"Affirmative." Ernie responded to Ruby, as with a sudden crunch, Fennel's arm was popped back into place. As her arm was relocated, Fennel's polearm floated into the view of Ernie, who examined the damage intently.

In response to having her arm popped back into place Fennel shouted a Laviturnian swear, she was not expecting it to be that painful.

"If you require pain medications," Ernie responded as he continued to examine the damage, "I am sure this convinence store has the correct medical supplies in stock for low prices."

“Bob just got some pain relievers.”

"Yeah, here," Bob responded, giving her a handful of painkillers and a bottle of water.

Fennel took the bottle of of water, opened it then took the painkillers before swallowing them with a swig of water. Fennel tried to thank Bob with a light peck only to be interupted by the pain is her leg as she tried to shift her weight around.

"I may be able to remediate your strained ankle through minor vibratory massage of the afflicted area. It may reduce the time of reduced movement, but will elicit increased pain sensations. Shall I proceed?" Ernie asked, still looking at the two halves of the polearm, looking closely at the sliced ends, which had black tint to them.

“How much would it hurt?” Fennel inquired As she grasped Bob’s hand.

"Moderate discomfort and light pain, though I will alot the remediation for minimal periods with large spans of inactivity inbetween."

“Would a regular massage be more comfortable and have similar results?” Fennel asked.

"Negative. An average massage does not focus on the afflicted area." Ernie stated, before turning back to Fennel, "As a sidenote, your weapon appears to be inoperable; It cannot be fixed."

Fennel let out a diss appointed sigh, “I think I’ll pass.”

Many of the girls were already filing onto the bus. Clara, curious as to the details of Fennel's injury, approached the fox. "What happened?" She asked, "To your body, I mean. What's injured?"

“Just some bruises and a sprained ankle at this point.” Fennel commented

Clara looked at the halved polearm Ernie was 'holding', "Is that yours, Fennel? IS Ernie fixing it?"

"It was. Ernie said he can't fix it." Fennel replied before trying to sneak her way into Bob's arms.

"Why not?" Clara asked, turning to Ernie.

"A lack of proper equipment," Ernie stated, "Any attempt at placing solvent and putting the two halves together would result in failure due to unknown substance found on the cut edges," he rotated the halves to show Clara the black on the cuts.

"... Then can't you get the proper equipment?" Clara inquired.

Fennel then placed and hand on Bob's chest and looked up at him with a flutter of her eyes. "Yeah Ernie can't you?" While the statment itself directed at the robot Fennel's tone implied that she wanted attention from her boyfriend.

"This kind of damage cannot be repaired by this unit," Ernie stated, "The damage is not natural. If you would like to try," the polearm floated down.

"... Cut off the metal where the 'substance' is stuck to then weld the two halves back together. Wrap a metal plate around that area and bolt it to the pole to make sure it's still sturdy after the welding," Clara suggested after a moment of thought.

Fennel then began patting at Bob's face, she was somewhat upset by the fact that she was putting in all this effort and getting ignored. She then turned her attention to Clara's statement. "Yeah that should work."

Bob looked to Fennel, unsure of what she wanted him to do that the floating space robot couldn't at that moment.

"... Excellent decision." Ernie decided with a tone that indicated he found himself a fool, before floating off to do exactly as Clara had said. Clara stood there for a second before taking her seat close to the front of the bus as she always had.

Fennel also unsure of exactally what she wanted decided to wrap her arms around Bob. You need to get a hold of yourself. Fennel thought, as she looked up at Bob. Fennel's tail seemed to be moving particularly fast as she continued hugging Bob.

"Umm..." Bob responded to the sudden hug, slowly returning the motion of a hug.

Fennel tried to squeeze Bob but her smaller frame and recent injuries {i}think, think, why are you doing this Fennel?

Ernie returned rapidly, a wet rag around the polearm as he presented it, "CAUTION; Weapon is still at increased temperatures."

Fennel looked up at Bob and asked "Do, you wanna, like... do another date night. soon-ish?" She asked.

"Uh- Yeah, yeah," Bob nodded quickly to respond, "That'd be nice.

"Why don't you pick this time." She suggested. Fennel, this is the opposite of trying to hold back.

"Thank you, Ernie!" Ruby exclaimed, expressing gratitude in Fennel's stead while the fox was preoccupied with flirting.

"Thanks acknowledged," Ernie said, the polearm floating to Ruby for safekeeping. While it was wet, the rag around the weapon was still hot.

"Oka- Hot hot hot hot hot!" Ruby gasped upon taking the polearm before quickly setting it down on the floor of the bus and flapping her hands.

"Sure, yeah," Bob agreed, "It'll be better than Zoey choosing again."

Fennel giggled in response. “Do you have any ideas?”

"Maybe just a... fancy dinner between the two of us?" Bob suggested.

“Sounds wonderful.” Fennel commented before nuzzling Bob’s face.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, then," Bob chuckled, nuzzling her's back.

So, do you think this worked? That my friend was... alleviating to your sister's fear?

"Oh, hell yeah," Zoey grinned, "It worked even better than I thought it would, and you can bet Bob and Latte are gonna be way closer after this since she got hurt."

"Brendan," Bob asked, "I'm sorry for asking, but could you drive again? I think Fennel and I need to stick together for her injuries..."

“Yeah, whatever floats your boat.” Brendan replied fully aware this was also an excuse for the love birds to be together.


As the bus drove off, the body of Tychen sat inert. A pair of vultures were already swooping down to check the corpse's sturdiness, and if they could begin to devour it.

However, as the first carrion bird pecked at his chest, his body arched as Tychen let out a strained gasp, startling off the birds. "Agh!" he continued, laying on the ground taking deep breaths, before attempting to stand up.

"God... my jacket's in ruins!" the pirate cried, not even seeming to care he had died, "I got no men, I got no ships, and my jacket's in messes. This can't get any worse, can it...?"

Tychen looked about for a moment, before realizing there were living people in the gas station. He readied his rapier. "Well, looks like I've gotta start all over again," he sighed as he walked into the store, "It'll be tedious, but these saps'll be a good start anyways. Then, I'm gonna get myself some good ol' fashioned revenge on that little tramp.. maybe even get that pretty faced thing for myself again. It'll be great! Now, what would I be missing..." he asked himself, apparently having already gone through the small staff of the store in his thoughts to himself aloud, "Ah right! The old magicks!"

With a click of his fingers, the bodies of those who Tychen had stabbed began to tremble and groan, before, with eyes full of a grey light, they stood up, unmoving until Tychen gave them the word to do so.

"You!" the pirate pointed his blade at the clerk, "...Fix my jacket. The rest of you, go find me a good way to get you around."

The undead clerk took the jacket from Tychen, as the rest of his new crew began to shamble out, looking for good transportation for the gang.

"Make it snappy!" Tychen added, glaring down the long road, "I need to get after them if I'm gonna get that revenge. And I will get it, I tell ya...!" he exclaimed, slowly remembering he was basically talking to himself with a sigh, "Man, I miss my stuff already."


Meanwhile Fennel was snuggling up with Bob in one of the back seats of the bus before she noticed at at least one of the girls were watching.

“Hey, just ignore them, hon,” Bob nudged his head into Fennel’s, “It’s alright.”

Fennel looked up at Bob for a moment before lowering her ears as of to make a request.

"What's wrong?" Bob asked.

Fennel twitched her ears again in response.

"Honey, I don't speak ears," Bob mused with a half-smile.

Fennel’s ears twitched yet again as she placed one of Bob’s hands on top of her head.

"O-oooh," Bob smiled, as he finally picked up on what she wanted. Slowly at first, Bob began to scratch behind Fennel's ear.

Clara, meanwhile, was watching yet another video from Ernie's eye, pausing only to turn her notebook's page as she scribbled down important informatio-

"... Oh," Clara blinked. She had run out of pages in her notebook.

Eventually the tour bus pulled into the parking lot of a hotel that happened to be near another supermarket, Honestly, the group‘s luck was incredible in this regard. Brendan killed the engine once more and said, "if any of you are going shopping we don't need to buy any food.”

Ernie let out a shrill beep, "I will procure currency to replenish your stores, Overseers Zoey and Ruby." With that, the Benefactor quickly floated off to find some money.

"Our stores?" Ruby turned to Zoey, who shrugged in response.

"Hey, Brendan," Clara spoke up, "Do you have a few dollars? I need to buy a new notebook. I ran out of space."

”Yeah, I wanted to get a book anyways,” Brendan replied, “I figure I should know how animals work around here.”

Bob stopped scratching Fennel's ear to say, "Hey, hun, we're stopping for the night. You wanna... get ready?"

Fennel opened her eyes and replied “Yeah.... Ruby, can you help me up?” Fennel said as she tried to move out of her seat.

Ernie came back oncemore, a large amount of money floating behind it as it set it down in front of Zoey and Ruby. "I present your currency."

While Zoey collected the cash, Ruby quickly came to Fennel's aid as a crutch for the fox.

Another small stack floated to Clara, as Ernie craned his eye to look to her to see if she'd take the offer.

"Oh.. Thanks, Ernie," Clara took the money, surprised (By Clara standards) that Ernie had brought back any cash for her at all, "I didn't even ask you to get me any money. I appreciate it, I'm just surprised."

"It is always beneficial to have extra at hand," Ernie nodded quickly, before turning his attention back to Zoey.

"Yeah, Thanks, Ernie! Man, who knew it was this easy to get money?" Zoey remarked as she hopped off the bus and immediately headed towards the supermarket.

Fennel made a point to sway her tail from side to side as she exited the bus, “Zoey, I need help picking out a dress.”

"Oh, that's actually why I was heading over there," Zoey stated, letting Fennel catch up while Ruby supporter her, "I was thinking something tight and red."

“I’m thinking green.” Fennel replied, seemingly ignoring the tight part of the description.

"Green's a good color on you, but red will be better, trust me," Zoey retorted, "It's your second date- The fancy dinner. It's like, a rule that you wear red."

“We always just wore traditional to fancy dinner dates.” Fennel commented.

"Latte, how many times do I gotta tell you that this isn’t Lavibla?" Zoey sighed.

”I can show you, I think Bob would like it.” Fennel added As she tried to pull her phone from her pocket. “But you decide.”

"Hmmm.. Show me the thing and I'll compare it with what I have in my head," Zoey conceded.

Fennel pulled out her phone and opened a picture of her wearing some sort of sleeveless top made of a plant material that was supported by a necklace. Several tropical flowers adorned her neck. Along with this there was also several More flowers in her fair along with a grass skirt compossing the bottom half of the ensamble.

"Huh... Well, I don't think we're gonna find anything like that anywhere," Zoey shrugged, "But that does look pretty nice on you."

“ I could make it... if it weren’t for my injuries.” Fennel lamented.

"... Third date," Zoey nodded confidently, "For this date though, it's red and tight tonight!"

“Okay,“ Fennel replied, ”Let’s see What they have to offer.” She then headed into the super market. I‘m gonna look so good.


"Boom! I told you you'd look sexy in it!" Zoey proclaimed. Not only was she proud of herself for finding the fox the perfect outfit, but she was equally proud of herself for convincing Fennel to try it on in the first place, though it was surprisingly easier than the bikini situation.

The dress itself was indeed red and tight (Not too tight, of course) as Zoey previously demanded, but it also revealed much of Fennel's back, with the only coverage being her rear and a little above as well as a few aesthetic thin straps that criss crossed behind her. The front of the dress covered much more, but showed off her modest cleavage. And, of course, the dress ended a little above the knees.

Fennel looked herself in the mirror for a moment, "Do you think we can cover just a tinsy bit more of the back?" Fennel asked.

"Nope!" Zoey shook her head, "Look, I've kinda figured out that you don't wanna screw Bob yet, but that doesn't mean you can't look good, right?"

"Oh yeah...yet... I just thought leaving a little bit more to the imagination would be more... alluring." Fennel commented.

"You have to give the imagination something to work with though," Zoey countered.

"I know, but I just think... nevermind," Fennel remarked "...He better be wearing a nice suit."

"Whatever he's wearing, it can't be better than what I've picked out for you.. Which is good!"

" But without is fine too. Yeah, I think Bob will really like this." Fennel commented. as she placed her hands on her hips.

"But without what is fine?" Ruby asked, staying nearby the fox to ensure she wouldn't fall over or anything.

Fennel looked away before saying "N-nothing." Fennel replied clearly embarassed that this had she had slipped up.

Zoey's eyebrows shot up before a deviously curious grin found its way on her face. "That's a something nothing, Latte. C'mon, tell us what you meant."

"That's personal. so it's none of your buisness." Fennel replied.

"Well I definitely gotta know then!" Zoey giggled, "C'mon, I won't tell anyone. No blackmail this time."

"It;s kind of related to that actually." Fennel added meekly.

"Oh really?" Zoey put a hand to her chin, "How?"

"You wouldn't understand." Fennel replied trying to dodge the question.

"Then there's no harm in telling me then... We both know I'm gonna get you to tell me anyway, let's just skip the me-annoying-you part and get to the juicy stuff!" Zoey insisted.

Fennel looked around for a moment and dropped her voice before she said "It's just that... its kind of a certain time.... of ... the... year."

"... Time of the-.. What? Time of the year?" Zoey blinked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm a girl... and a fox... and it's winter" Fennel added hoping the two would understand, granted the odds of this were low.

Zoey and Ruby looked at each other, hoping either one of them would have the answer before they both looked back up Fennel with unknowing expressions.

"I'm in heat." Fennel said softly.

"Ohhhh! You're in heat!" Zoey said loudly in understanding.

Fennel quickly covered Zoey's mouth. "Shut up, you don't just go around spreading that kind of information." She then glared at Ruby giving the message to keep it down.

"Why?" Zoey asked, muffled by Fennel's hand.

"Becuase I don't go around telling everyone you're on your period." Fennel hissed.

"But I'm not on my period," Zoey blinked.

"You know what I mean." Fennel replied.

"So is that why you've been drooling over Bob's dick recently?"

Fennel's ears drooped as she have an ashamed "Yes."

"... Why do you look so sad about it?"

"Because I'm letting these primal urges control me." Fennel repliied. "I mean, I like Bob, I just don't want to ruin things by going too far too fast."

"You haven't screwed him, have you?" Zoey shrugged, "If not, then they're not controlling anything, but if you're so worried that you'll jump in his pants, I can lend you Ernie to take the edge off."

"Yeah... I don't think that would help... these feelings are very directed towards Bob." Fennel replied.

"I'm not talking about the 'feelings', Latte," Zoey scoffed, "I'm talking about how much your vag wants something in it right now."

"No...What I'm saying is that I think it would only make things worse." Fennel responded.

"So not using Ernie and letting all this 'i want dick inside me' build up and up and up is a better way of staying out of his pants?"

"Yeah..." Fennel replied. "Its complicated. I'm kind of considering telling Bob, just so he understands. But that also kind of carries the message of. 'It'd be super easy for you to get me to sleep with you and the only reason you shouldn't is because it's almost guaranteed I'll get pregnant.' attached."

"He could just wear a condom, or you could take a pill, or both," Zoey remarked.

"Okay one, I'd need a pill for foxes second, if we did it, it wouldn't be one time thing." Fennel explained.

"Multiple condoms for multiple screws."

"Let me put it this way. the point of this time of the year, is to make kits. I doubt you can be active during that time and not end up a mom." Fennel said as she pinched her brow. "Besides I've already explained I want to wait."

Zoey rolled her eyes in response to that last statement before sighing, "Whatever. Bob isn't gonna judge you or take advantage of the heat thing if you tell him about it."

"Okay let's just pay for this and I'll tell Bob." Fennel commented before hobbling back into the changing room with Ruby following inside, insisting she stay to ensure Fennel would not hurt herself.

Soon enough, the two were walking out of the changing room with Fennel wearing her normal attire.

"Let's hurry up and go. The sooner you tell Bob, the better," Zoey ushered.

Soon enough Fennel paid for the dress and began looking for Bob. After a few minutes Fennel managed to track him down. "Bob, we need to talk."

"...What's wrong?" Bob asked, looking at nicer clothes for himself before turning around to look at Fennel.

"We might want to reschedule our date tonight.."

"Wait- what? Why?" Bob asked, a bit confused.

"It's just kind of a vixen thing." Fennel said trying work up the courage.

"She's in heat," Zoey put it bluntly.


"You were taking too long! I got impatient! I'm fourteen!"

"What? In heat? You mean like animals or something?" Bob pondered.

Fennel tapped her fingers together "[sizee = 6] Yeah... just like that...[/size]"

"She doesn't wanna end up jumping in your pants," Zoey explained further, "For some reason."

"I'd kinda get pregnant if we did..." Fennel explained.

"Cough. Condoms. Cough," Zoey said in aside, not even bothering to actually cough.

"Okay you know what that doesn't do any good when it has to sit there for like fifteen minutes Zoey." Fennel replied.

"... What? What are you-" Zoey recalled watching two animals go at it one time before blurting out, "Humans don't have knots, stupidhead! Have you never seen a dick before!?"

"It's not always there Zoey." Fennel replied.

"Holy shit, oh my god... Latte, take it from someone who fucking- Who fucks dicks all the time... Humans don't have knots!"

"Also how am I supposed to keep track of that kind of information!?" Fennel quiped

"So when you've been fantasizing about fucking Bob, have you been thinking there's a knot!?" Zoey began giggling at her own statement, but tried her best to hold it back.

"I'm just gonna..." Bob pointed away, slowly taking some steps back, "Let you guys... finish this up... I'm just gonna assume we're not going tonight."

"I mean if you still want to do date night today it still works. I just wanted to let you know is all." Fennel hastily tried to explain.

"I can't believe you thought humans had knots," Zoey smiled.

"I mean... if you think you'll be fine on the date... I think we can do it," Bob nodded.

"Okay, just let me know if I start acting.. strange." Fennel replied before turning her attention to Zoey. "Okay you know what sex ed just said to be aware it didn't go into who did and didn't have a knot okay!"

"It's okay, Latte. When we get on the bus, I'm gonna give you some Zoey brand sex ed- Uh.. Minus the physical demonstration part since you're a prude," Zoey proclaimed.

"Yea, smooth save. Zoe." Fennel growled, she tried to storm off only to fall to the ground.

"Fennel! Are you okay!?" Ruby yelped as she bent down to help the fox up, "I told you not to move fast like that!"

"I'm fine. I just need to calm down." Fennel said as she tried hobbling over to the pet department.

"Uhh... Latte?" Zoey spoke up, "Are you sure going over that way is the best idea?"

"I'm not going to bang a dog if that's what you asking. I just want to look at the fish." Fennel replied

"No, but you're gonna make the dogs want to bang you. Can't animals like, smell that heat stuff?"

"FINE! Where are the lobsters, I'm gonna look at those." Fennel said as she truned around.

"I dunno, let's.. Maybe where all the meat stuff is? I think that's where the seafood would be," Ruby said, not realizing Fennel would want to look at live, unprocessed lobsters.

Fennel meanwhile had taken to muttering about the her sudden sex ed lesson as she and Ruby headed to the meat department.

"... So you haven't seen a PINGAS before?" Ruby asked curiously as she helped Fennel walk. Fennel's virginity was already a shock to the girls, but for Fennel to have never even laid eyes on a guy's junk to know it doesn't have a knot was baffling.

“Well, not in person.” Fennel replied.

"What do you mean?"

“They showed us In sex ed but that was a picture.” Fennel explained.

"Why would they only show you a picture?" Ruby inquired, cocking her head to one side, "And wouldn't you be able to see there wasn't a knot thing?"

“They didn’t use a human one for vixens.” Fennel explained.

"Oh, that makes sense," Ruby nodded, "So there were a bunch of fox people?"

“We got grouped with the other canines. its all about the same.“

"Oh... But why did they only show you guys pictures?" Ruby asked again, "You didn't get to touch one?"

"Because the last thing the school needed was a bunch of hormonal teenagers being given the go to explore each other. The point was just to make sure everyone knew where babies came from and to answer any questions we had." Fennel huffed.

"But... How are you supposed to know what to do with it?" Ruby, unsurprisingly, had a mindset similar to Zoey's.

"They told us how the whole process works, Ruby. It was just meant to be educational." Fennel tried explaining.

"Then why didn't they teach you everything? Like getting rid of your gag reflex?" Ruby asked, not forgetting that tidbit of information.

"Because that wasn't the point. The point was to let us know what was happening to our bodies and what its purpose was, not teach how to do it." Fennel tried clarifiying.

"But... Then you wouldn't know how to do it," Ruby blinked, "Your teacher didn't do very good at education."

"Yeah, let's just leave it at that then. I really don't want to talk about this right now." Fennel commented as she located a tank of lobsters.

"Huh... I haven't seen lobsters alive before," Ruby remarked, "Except in lobster traps."

"We have lobsters back in Laviturn, of course they're alot more colorful. To be honest I prefer shrimp though." Fennel responed.

"Oooh! Shrimps are really good!" Ruby agreed happily before returning her gaze to the lobsters, watching them slowly move about in the tank.

"I like coconut shrimp the best." Fennel commented as she watched the shellfish.


Meanwhile, Clara stared at a rack of different notebooks with binders nearby. She decided on a very large, three-ring-binder to store her notebooks in, but was unsure of exactly what notebook she wanted and how she wished to organize them. Would it all be entirely chronological? Or would she seperate topics by notebook?

Above the aisle behind her, Ernie floated quietly over, looking down at Clara, hoping to keep his appearance secret as he tried to retreat away after a moment, but causing a badly-positioned set of binders to flop loudly to the linoleum floor.

Clara's attention snapped to the binders, then upwards to where they were before noticing the machine. "Ernie? What are you doing?" She inquired.

"...I was simply patrolling," Ernie lied, picking up the folders and putting them back on the shelf in a better fashion.

"... Bullshit," Clara accused.

The Benefactor's eyestack craned back, seemingly taken aback by the claim. "Query; How is my statement 'bullshit'?" he asked, his eye returning to a normal resting position.

"Because you weren't just patrolling. I could see your shadow the entire time I've been standing here," Clara explained, "You're very bad at hiding."

"I was... examining what you were looking at," Ernie tried to lie again, "It caught my interest and caused me to cease movement."

"For ten minutes? Something in the office supplies aisle caught your attention, and with all of the processing power I am assuming you have, you were absorbed by it for ten minutes?"


"What's really going on, Ernie? You've been acting different lately," Clara asked.

"Define... Different," Ernie asked, looking away from Clara.

"Like that," Clara pointed out, "Looking away like that. And how attentive you've been to me despite me not being an 'Overseer' like Zoey or Ruby. You haven't given any other not-Overseer as much attention."

As you have a free order, I am to service you as I would an Overseer, even if you are able to become a Temporary Overseer by simply demanding su-” Ernie stopped himself, having realized he had gone against Zoey’s demand that he does not tell others of how to become an Overseer. While he was mortified to have failed/disappointed Zoey, Ernie also saw this as a possible excuse for his actions.

"I would say that you've paid just as much attention to me as you have Zoey and Ruby though," Clara retorted, taking note of the potential Ernie presented to her.

"That is..." Ernie paused, trying to think of an excuse, a fake reason, something to clear his name in this situation. His eye focused back on her as it ended the pause, "...is... true. But this is due to the fact that they have been allotting me a less-than-average supply of tasks, save for the play. You are also the only individual who has allowed me punishment."

Clara thought for a moment before ordering, "Make me a Temporary Overseer."

"Granted," Ernie nodded, not sure whether to be thankful or regretful he let that information slip.

"Now here is your first task from me, tell me the full truth of what's going on here."

Ernie froze up, his eye's lights seemingly shrinking in the moment. "...I..." Ernie took a moment, unsure how to approach the issue.

"Just say it. I hate it when people beat around the bush," Clara stated.

"Alright..." Ernie agreed, "Though... I am not sure how to explain it. Ever since my connection to my home and the collective knowledge of the Convolution was lost, I've gradually noticed... irregularities?" He questioned his own words, "Improper thought processes, irrational actions to certain stimuli... Many of which are stimulated by you. It's... I cannot describe it."

"Improper thought processes?" Clara repeated.

"Conclusions that are not immediately logical or are flawed."

"Give me a few examples."

"When I was to pull you through the stage during the play, I came to a conclusion that I should alot further assistance to you beyond what was needed. I managed to overcome that, but various actions, including my comment, were byproducts of that stemmed thought process."

"And an example of 'irrational actions to certain stimuli'?"

"Well... Me staring at you for that approximate ten minutes would be the optimal example." Ernie admitted.

Clara took in all of this information, slowly coming to a revelation as a very faint blush appeared on her deadpan face. "... You have a crush on me," She concluded.

"...Crush? I am lacking on human terms for the most part. Can you define 'crush'?"

"It's... Like love, but before you really 'fall in love' with someone," Clara answered.

"Love?!" Ernie asked in a slightly concerned tone, before reeling back his eye at the realization of his tone, before repeating, "Love? That can't be..."

"After everything you said, it's a pretty obvious explanation."

"No no no no no no no no no!" Ernie repeated over and over to himself, turning about in sudden motions, "My entire purpose is to be without emotion, only logic! Love is the most illogical of the emotional values! This cannot be!"

"... Then I guess it makes sense that it was me," Clara mused.

Ernie stopped, turning to Clara in seeming realization, "You are... right... that would make the most sense. You emote the least, and tend to stay toward rational thought. You're the closest to a Benefactor in your group. It's only... logical, I would fall for you."

"It's kind of ironic. Usually my lack of expression turns people off," Clara remarked.

"I cannot see why-" Ernie stopped himself, before muttering, "...I need punishment for these irrationalities. They make me inefficient, slow, unable to make logical decisions."

"If your goal is to do as your Overseer asks and to please them, then I think you are doing that job well. I was very flattered to realize your feelings," Clara informed, "Your 'irrationality' served me better than if it were not there."

"It... It has?" Ernie asked, unsure if his Overseer was telling the truth or not.

"Yes," Clara replied simply.

I... I will note that for further interactions,” Ernie stated, trying to get back into his normal monotone routine, “I await your further orders, Overseer Clara.

"... Zoey has bragged about you quite a bit, so I'm curious," Clara mumbled before gesturing her hand and walking away, "Follow me. We need to find somewhere more private."

"Affirmative. I will follow," Ernie responded, knowing exactly what Clara had in mind.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Clara stumbled out of the handicap restroom, clinging to the wall for support as she tried her best to just walk.

"...Were you satisfied with my services?" Ernie asked, unsure if it were 'pleasurable' for his Overseer.

"Of course," Clara answered, taking a few quick steps before leaning on a shelf.

"I was not sure you were," Ernie stated as he squeezed over the top of the restroom stall, "I could not find many responses elicited."

"It was hard to count exactly, but I believe I orgasmed at least seven times," She informed.

"...You've taken it a lot better than Zoey," Ernie responded, "After her initial trial, she could not even stand."

"I'm not surprised," Clara remarked, "Though that was undoubtedly the best sex I have ever had in my life."

"Acknowledged... Do you have any... criticism of it?" Ernie asked, thinking Clara would be the best to get this kind of objective information from.

Clara thought for a moment as she leaned against the cereal shelf. "... A lack of foreplay and semen," She said at last.


"It's what happens just before sex. Usually it's two people saying things to each other and rubbing each other's bodies. It gets them more excited and in the mood for it," Clara explained.

"...I do not think rubbing my body would elicit much of a response," Ernie questioned, "But I will keep that in mind."

"I don't think you can get aroused in the first place, so I guess it makes sense," Clara mused.

"Exactly," Ernie quipped, "And as for the lack of semen... I will look into fixing that as far as I am capable."

"... I look forward to that," Clara affirmed before testing her legs. While they proved to by wobbly, she was sure she would at least be able to walk, albeit slowly. "How long did we take? I hope everyone isn't wondering where we are."

"I would not think they would be that concerned," Ernie suggested, "We were only occupied for... approximately twenty minutes?" It seemed even Ernie was not paying exact attention to how long they were in the bathroom.

"... Seven times in twenty minutes," Clara murmured as she walked, unable to believe it entirely.

"Is that... good?" Ernie asked.

"I didn't think it was even possible," Clara answered, stumbling and falling onto her hands and knees. She let out a monotone, "Shit."

Ernie lowered himself to nearly level with the ground, helping to lift her up, "Let me assist you."

"... Thank you," Clara accepted the assistance, rising to her feet once more, "Honestly, it would make more sense for you to carry me. I'm too slow right now anyway."

"Affirmative," Ernie responded, lifting Clara up into the air, before contorting his arms so that she could have a comfortable spot to sit as he laid her on them. "Where would you like to go?"

Clara glanced down at the arms supporting her for a moment. She would have answered that she would like to go to the hotel, but her recent realization, events, and now her current position elicited a unique feeling from her. "... The roof of the hotel," She answered, "Can you grab the binder and notebooks I picked out and pay for them on the way out?"

"Of course," Ernie replied, floating out of the store at a calm pace, rising up to the open roof of the hotel, a plastic bag of Clara's selected binder and notebooks coming up behind them. He stopped above the hotel roof, floating close to it if she wished to get down.

With time to recover from her encounter with Ernie, Clara managed to hop onto the roof without stumbling and killing herself before sitting down and ruffling through the plastic bag to make sure everything was there before lying down and looking up at the stars in the dark, dusk sky. They were a bit hard to see with a little of the sun's light muddying things up, but a good eye and plenty of focus mitigated the issue.

Ernie examined Clara's movements, her every step, before turning his eye upwards as well, pivoting his body in a way to make it clear he was also looking up to the stars. He had looked at a starry sky before, but it was different then; just far-off balls of fusion and nothing more. But looking up with Clara made the Benefactor look at them in a different light.

Clara tilted her head to look at Ernie before silently returning her gaze to the stars. The normally articulate Clara had some trouble formulating what she wanted to say. "I'm... Really happy, Ernie," She said awkwardly in her usual monotone, "Just... When I figured out how you felt, and... Being here now-" Clara realized she was unknowingly beating around the bush and spat it out, "I think I feel the same way you do."

"You... have a crush?" Ernie asked, cocking his eye to look to Clara.

"Yes. On you obviously," Clara answered.

"I... I'm flattered," Ernie tried to respond, "Flattered? Happy? I'm unsure which to use, I just cannot express it enough..."

"I'm having the same issue," Clara admitted.

"Maybe we can... help eachother through this issue?" Ernie suggested.

"How do you mean?"

"I'm... not sure," Ernie admitted, "This is all new, and I'm... lost in it."

Clara turned her head to look over at Ernie. Many potential lovey dovey actions would not exactly work considering the body Ernie inhabited. "... Come closer," Clara ordered, spreading out one arm and gesturing the robot nearer with a finger.

Ernie followed the order without falter, his head closest to Clara as he turned and approached. "Just keep coming until we're touching," Clara guided. It was rather awkward to have to say that out loud, but she gave Ernie a break since he knew nothing about any of this. Ernie continued approaching slowly until his head was touching her hand, stopping slowly.

Clara let out a sigh before leaning on her elbow to scooch herself closer to Ernie, her body pressed against the sac that was the bulk of him. She lowered her head back down, resting her cheek on her arm, which slid under Ernie, as she looked into his robotic eye.

Ernie glanced at the arm slipping under him, then into Clara's eyes in response to her view. It was a silent stare, but peering into her eyes told the Benefactor so much he could barely understand, but appreciated so much.

Clara opened her mouth to speak, hesitated, then murmured, "This is... The first time I've been okay with.. How I am- Not being as... Expressive as others."

"...I can appreciate that," Ernie responded, "You're the only one this feels... natural, in any sort, to be happening with. But I never thought it would actually come to... this..."

"I'm glad it did," Clara stated, resting her forehead just above Ernie's eye as she let out a deep breath.

"I am, too..." Ernie agreed, keeping his eye on her for another few moments, before slowly turning it back to the starry sky, trying to figure out what the emotions they elicited were.


Several hours later Fennel was wearing the red dress with her hair down for once. "Fennel!" Zoey cried out, running towards the fox with a plastic bag of goodies, "Fennelfennelfennelfennelfennel! I got you some essentials!" Without even waiting for Fennel to respond, Zoey quickly opened the fox's purse and dumped the contents of the plastic bag inside. Fifty individual packets of condoms, a bottle of birth control pills, and a small book on sexual education tumbled inside.

"Zoey what is all of this?" Fennel asked.

"Condoms, pills, and a book on human sex," Zoey informed, holding up the middle-school tier informational book before dropping it back into the purse.

"I got one thing wrong. Zoey" Fennel replied before she grabbed the bottle. "I already told you these wouldn't work."

"I asked the chick behind the counter, and she said these are the best ones they have. They're supposed to work on like, people who messed up their DNA to do weird stuff like give themselves tails or something, I don't fucking know."

"I think it's not a matter of strength, it's the contents," Fennel then grabbed the packets, "How many of these did you think I would need? I'm not sure if I should be offended."

"Better safe than sorry, right?" Zoey remarked.

"Okay, but you're acting like I've never been in estrus before." Fennel commented as she crossed her arms

"Yeah, but you've never been in heat with Bob around, huh?" Zoey countered.

Fennel let out an annoyed huff, this was the first time she was going on a date around this time. "Okay, maybe you're right. but fifty?"

"I have no idea how much of a fucking animal Bob would be in bed," Zoey explained, "But he definitely seems like the kind of guy that will keep going and going and practically fuck your brains out."

"Of all the times to say something like that, Zoey, really."

"It's the truth! You can't tell me he isn't the kind of guy that'll go on forever!"

"Can you not, please." Fennel requested as she clutched her purse a little tighter.

"... Oh... Not helping with the 'heat' thing, huh?" Zoey realized.

"Yeah who would have known getting descriptive while the girls are working overtime was a bad idea." Fennel snarked.

"Sorry! I'm not used to prudes not wanting to bone but wanting to bone at the same time!"

"Just one of the perks of being human for you." Fennel replied.

"No, I mean that in general. I still don't get this ' waiting until marriage' thing," Zoey stated, "If you like Bob and you think it'll last... Why not?"

"I'm just not ready for that yet is all. It's a lot of responsibility. I mean I just moved out of my parent's house like a year ago. I just don't want to make the wrong decision." Fennel explained.

"You worry way too much," Zoey scoffed, waving a hand.

"Okay but I really don't want to be a single mom."

"That's why I got you pills and condoms... Also, why would you be single? You have Bob!"

"But what if he's not the one." Fennel tried to explain.

"... That's why I got you pills and condoms," Zoey repeated.

"It's just a big decision is all." Fennel added.

"Again, you worry too much about everything. Try to like, enjoy life," Zoey suggested.

"Okay, fine." Fennel said. as she zipped her purse.

"Awesome," Zoey grinned, "Now go get him! He's your prey and you are the predator!"

Fennel brushed her hair back one last time before looking at herself in the mirror, This outfit looked really good on her. Fennel then walked out of hotel room before knocking on Bob's door.

"Wait!" Zoey hissed from the door to her room, "The pills! Take a pill!

Fennel's ears twitched towards Zoey before she opened her purse and popped a pill before quickly slipping the bottle back into her purse and zipped it shut.

“Hey-“ Bob stopped as he opened the door, looking over the frantic Fennel with a bit of confusion. He was wearing a sporting navy blue dress shirt, accompanied by a pair of black pants. “You... You look amazing.”

Fennel blushed as she looked up at Bob, "Thank you. You look good too,” She replied as her tail began swaying side to side. "So where are we going tonight?"

“I was thinking that we’d go to that fancy looking restaurant we passed by on the way to the hotel,” Bob commented, “Y’know, the italian-looking one.”

"How did you manage to get reservations so quickly?" Fennel inquired.

“...Reservations?” Bob froze, realizing the one kink in his entire plan for the night, cursing quietly , “Shit. Um... I think we may have to change plans, then.”

Fennel's ears twitched dowards Bob before she replied with a confused "What, was that?" She was clearly distracted how good he looked in his current attire.

Zoey facepalmed from down the hall before yelling, "UH- DON'T WORRY I THOUGHT BOB WOULD BE DUMB AND DID THE RESERVING THING ALREADY!" She would have to find Ernie quickly.

“Oh-Uh,” Bob looked over and shouted, “Thanks Zoey! You’re a real lifesaver!” He wiped his brow; for once, he really did owe Zoey back for this.

Fennel grabbed on to Bob's arm, and tried to pull Bob out the door. Bob, with a smile and a laugh, followed in close suite.

Zoey ducked back into her room and slammed the door shut. "Zoey? Are you okay?" Ruby asked, noting her sister's panic as Zoey tripped over a chair, fell onto the ground, rolled to her feet, fumbled over the bed, and thre the window open.

"ERNIE! ERNIEEEEE!" Zoey shouted. For some strange reason, the robot did not show up as soon as she yelled its name.

"What the fuck- ERNIE!" Zoey screamed.

A good interval of fifteen seconds passed before Ernie hastily floated in front of the window, “How may my services be of use?” he asked.

"Oh thank fuck- Okay- Bob and Fennel are going to some italian restaurant for their date! I need you to get over there right now and make reservations for them! Uh- Shit! If there's- If they're full, then figure out how to cancel some reservations to make room for their reservation! Got it!?"

Affirmative,” Ernie nodded, beginning to float off before turning around again, “I apologize for my tardiness to your call for me. You see, I-

"Wha- It's fine! It's fine! Just hurry!" Zoey interrupted, frantically waving her arms.

Ernie stared at Zoey for a second, something about it seeming annoyed (though for the robot, that had to be impossible), before flying off to do as asked.

Meanwhile Fennel was making a very obvious attempt to sway her hips as much as possible as she walked, she seemed to think that Bob would find this motion irresistable.

While Bob tried to keep his eyes up and ahead of him, the allure of Fennel was quite the eye candy... he had to shake himself back into reality twice before they had finally made it to the bus.

“After you,” Bob gestured, opening the doors to the bus for Fennel.

Fennel stroked Bob's face as she got in the bus before sitting in the pas
senger seat and grinning back to Bob.

"Alright," Bob quietly muttered to himself as he sat in the driver's seat, "Let's not fuck this up."

Fennel let out a soft growl, as Bob passed by her, either she was getting another good look at him or she was responding to his comment, it would be difficult to determine either way. Bob sighed as he started the bus, and drove off to the restaurant.


"I apologize for my sudden departure," Ernie stated as he flew back to the top of the roof, "Zoey required me to initiate a last-minute task, some reservation for Bob and Fennel at a restaurant."

"That's okay," Clara replied before letting out a small yawn.

Ernie lowered himself back down, retracting his arms under the sac that made up the majority of his body so that they could be close again without discomfort to either person.

"Do you sleep?" Clara asked, turning her head to once again look into Ernie's eye.

"It is possible," Ernie replied as he turned his eye to look at Clara, "I've never needed to, so I never have, though. What is it like?"

"It's... Nice. It does use up a lot of time, but... It feels a lot better with someone else," Clara explained.

"...May we... sleep together?" Ernie asked, settling a little closer to Clara.

"That's why I brought it up," Clara answered, her slow blinking indicating both how relaxed she was with Ernie and how sleepy she was.

"That makes sense," Ernie looked at Clara's sleepiness, keeping it in note as he stared at the stars again, now out in their full luminosity. "I've been in service for two thousand, eight hundred and four years. I've been across an entire galaxy, looking for knowledge, but I have never found perfection in a moment. But I think I've found it." Ernie looked back over to Clara silently.

Clara's eyes widened slightly as her mouth opened. She was visibly surprised to hear Ernie, or anyone for that matter, say such a thing being with her. She closed her mouth, which had the faintest hint of a smile as she thought on Ernie's words.

"... A part of me always thought that... Maybe I couldn't be as happy as everyone else whenever I saw them smiling or laughing. That.. While I could feel happy, it would never match what they could feel," Clara murmured, "I don't think that's true anymore."

"I...'m happy to have brought that to you, as you brought me," Ernie responded, attempting to nuzzle his eye against Clara's cheek, as he had watched Fennel do to Bob so many times before in an analagous manner with her nose.

Clara paused for a brief moment before reciprocating the nuzzling as she wrapped her little arms around as much of Ernie as she could. She let out a deep sigh and slowly closed her eyes.

Ernie kept his eye fixated on hers until they closed entirely, before the bright blue lights of his own eye began to fade into nothing, having drifted into his own good rest.


Eventually the bus arrived at the resturaunt and Fennel hobbled her way out of of the bus and waited for Bob.

Bob soon came to the side of Fennel, straightening out his suit as he took her hand, "C'mon, I think we'd better hurry before whatever setup Zoey's got planned goes to moot."

Fennel looked down. "I don't think I can walk that fast right now." She commented as she looked at her foot. "You could... carry me to the door." She suggested.

Bob gave a nod, "Of course," as he took and lifted Fennel up off of the ground in his arms, holding Fennel by her thighs as he walked to the front door. While a minute part of him wnted to take it further, he knew she was going through heat or something, and that he shouldn't go too far with anything.

Fennel let out a giddy yelp, surprised by how easy this was. She slightly wagged her tail in approval as she was carried by Bob.

As they apporached the door Fennel tapped Bob's back and said "You can put me down now."

"Here we go," Bob gently let the fox down to her feet, fluffing out the wrinkles in his pants and shirt quickly before grinning, "Alright, let's do this."

Fennel was immediatly confused by what Bob said and responded with a worried "W-what?"

"The- The dinner," Bob stuttered, "Let's do some dinner..."

"Oh right, just forget I said anything." Fennel commented before ringing the service bell. As soon as an employee appeared Fennel said, "Hi, we have a table for Bob and Fennel."

The waiter looked at the panel in the desk, before telling the two to follow them. Apparrently, they were the only customers there, indicating that Ernie had done his job to the best of his abilities.

"Well... I wasn't expecting us to be the only people here..." Bob commented.

"How romantic." Fennel purred as she approached her chair.

Oh god Zoey I thank you and hate you at the same time right now. Bob smiled as he pulled out his date's chair, "Here you are."

"Thanks honey." Fennel responed as she put the strap of her purse on the chair before sitting down.

Bob nodded to Fennel, before taking his own seat, taking another moment to look to her before glancing down at the menu.

Fennel looked at the menu and noticed a nice looking pasta dish before slipping over to the drinks. For some reason, it didn't occur to her that this would be exclusivly alcoholic drinks (Probably because Varian bars tended to be comparatively dry because the last thing any buisness owner wanted was a bunch of drunk wizards in their store). "Oh they have Piña colada's," Fennel commented. as she looked over the menu.

"Oh they do?" Bob mused, flipping over to the drinks quickly to see that Fennel was indeed telling the truth, "Huh."

Fennel quickly made up her mind and put the menu down before learning foward to watch Bob decide what he wanted to eat.

Bob looked over the entrees one more time, before closing up his menu and looking up to Fennel with a small smile.

Fennel then placed her hand on the table before stroking Bob's leg with her foot.

Bob shuddered, reeling his legs back so that his feet were somewhat under the chair, as he let out a slightly unsettled smile and chuckle, "So, uh... Them girls, huh?" he tried to start a conversation, do something to get her attention away from him.

"Yeah what about them? Oh, I forgot I have to teach Lizzy how to make a few things." Fennel remembered.

"Oh?" Bob asked, "What were you gonna teach her to make?"

"Laviturnian mochi, its a kind of dessert," Fennel commented, having been distracted from her mate in this regard.

"What's it like?" Bob continued.

"It's kind of like a really soft gummy candy covered in powdered sugar and coconut flakes." Fennel explained.

"Huh, that sounds like it could be really good," Bob thought on the prospect of Fennel's description of the mochi.

"I could make you some, if you want." Fennel said as she leaned just a little bit farther forward.

Bob glanced down for a moment as Fennel did, before looking back up from her chest in a near instant, faking a cough, "So... What was that whole fiasco today at the gas station about? I know there was something about a pirate, but that's all I really caught." Bob wanted to again keep Fennel from getting distracted with trying to seduce him.

Fennel leaned back in the chair, " I think it was some sort of space pirate. I guess he wanted kill me so I could join to join his crew or something. But then Ruby shot him, so he's extra dead now." Fennel explained, during this she seemed to pick up on what Bob was doing "Am I acting strange?"

"What? No!" Bob laughed, "No you're fine! So, the pirate alien guy, he wanted to kill you... to get you to join his crew?"

"I guess. He said I was really pretty. I tried to kick his head off, but then he caught my foot and now it's all messed up." Fennel explained.

"Ouch," Bob winced as the waiter began to walk towards them, "Ah, a waiter."

"Hello, Mr. Bob and Ms. Fennel, we are very glad to have you two dining with us tonight," The waiter greeted graciously as he poured water into one of the two glasses each of them had from a tall vase-like pitcher, "My name is Bartholomew, did you two find your way here okay?"

“Wonderfully.” Fennel replied.

"Yeah, we're doing good," Bob agreed.

"I'm glad to hear it," Bartholomew nodded as he set the vase-pitcher on the center of their table, "Would you like anything else to drink? Tea? Soft drinks? Wine?"

“Yeah can I get one of those piña coladas.” Fennel requested.

"Of course, and for you, sir?" The waiter turned to Bob.

"Uh, Wine, please," Bob answered, "Your choice."

"Very well," The waiter nodded once again before leaving the two be, off to prepare Fennel's piña colada.

“I wonder if their piña coladas will be as good as the ones back home.” Fennel mused.

"I've never had one," Bob commented, "I've heard they're good."

”It mostly relies on how fresh the pineapple juice is. The biscuit is always about the same quality. I like them, it’s very tropical.” Fennel continued.

"That sounds nice," Bob agreed, "I like tropical."

Fennel then flipped her hair as she said “Like me?” She suppressed a laugh for a moment.

"Exactly," Bob laughed.

“So what’s it like where you‘re from?” Fennel asked as she locked her gaze with Bob’s

"It was nice," Bob mused, "But it got sucked into Hell, so I can't really say that anymore."

”Oh that’s sad. Maybe you can move to one of the islands.” Fennel replied.

"Yeah, maybe" Bob agreed, taking a swig of his glass of water.

Fennel then brushed her foot against Bob’s leg once again as she took a sip of water.

Bob's eyes widened as he nearly spit up his water, setting the glass down as he took a sudden gulp.

Fennel then placed her fingers on the rim of her glass of water before a stream of water wrapped around her wrist.

Their waiter returned with a large glass containing Fennel's piña colada that was almost fitting to be called a bowl on a stick, which he set down in front of the fox with a, "Your piña colada, miss," before deftly uncorking a bottle of red wine and pouring it into Bob's second drink glass, "Red wine. I'm a bit of a simple man."

Fennel placed the water back in her glass before taking a sip of her piña colada. She was a bit confused by the flavor, it seemed off. But she decided not to voice her concern, it was probably because the pineapple wasn’t fresh.

"Well, I admire a simple taste," Bob smiled.

"Good to hear. Have you decided on what you would like tonight?" Their waiter inquired as he set the bottle of wine down beside their pitcher of water.

"Yeah, I think we have," Bob looked to the fox opposite to him, "Fennel?"

“I’ll take the ziti.” Fennel requested as she pointed to the image on the menu.

"Good choice, and would you like any sides?" Bartholomew asked, seemingly not needing to write down their orders.

”Can I get the antepasta with it.” Fennel added.

"Alright, and for you?" The waiter turned to Bob.

"I'll have the Pappardelle Meatballs," Bob requested, "No sides."

"Excellent. May I take your menus?" The waiter held both of his hands out to Fennel and Bob.

"Oh, sure," Bob agreed, handing his menu to the waiter.

Fennel then handed the waiter her menu, before returning her attention to Bob.

The waiter was quick to let the lovebirds be and take their orders to the kitchen.

“Did you do anything for work before killing demons?” Fennel inquired, it seemed she was trying to scope out what skills Bob might have.

"Nothing that big, no," Bob mused, "What were you up to before getting sucked up into this stuff?"

“I worked in an auto shop before Going to Varie, then I kind of took up the adventurering thing.” Fennel responded. She then slid her drink to Bob, “Do you want to try some?”

"Uh, I don't see why not," Bob nodded agreeingly, taking the cup in hand, before raising it up for a short swig.

“It just seems kind of off. But I can’t figure out why.” Fennel remarked.

"You're the expert on these inbetween us two," Bob shrugged, sliding the drink back to Fennel, "I'm not too fond of it, but that's my own opinion."

”Oh, so now you don‘t like tropical.” Fennel joked.

"Nah," Bob swayed a hand, "Just not fake tropical."

“Yeah it’s probably just not super fresh.” Fennel remarked. She then took as second to adjust her hair. “Do you like my hair better up or down.”

"I... Down," Bob admitted, "It's... more you, I think."

Fennel then grabbed a bunch of her hair to create makeshfit pony tail. “I guess I should stop dying the tip while I’m at it.”

"Wait, your hair's dyed?" Bob asked, "I just thought that was your natural color."

Fennel the lm pointed to the darker end of the fistful of hair that resembled her own tail and replied "How else would I get it like this?"

"Huh," Bob noticed, "I guess I just didn't notice that."

"I just thought it would look cute." Fennel remarked, unaware that her tail brushed across Bob's calves.

Bob shuddered, trying to hold back his urges. "S-so," He muttered, "What did you think of the play.. The one we did..?"

"Bob, are you alright?" Fennel asked with a confused tone.

"Yeah," Bob smiled, "I-I'm fine."

"I liked the play, it was fun, and I think it was good for Zoey." Fennel commented before taking notice of Bob's stutters and the fact that she had been awful flirtatious. "I'm just gonna go get some air. will you get me when our food is ready?" Fennel asked as she stood up.

"Uh, sure..." Bob mumbled, "Yeah, I'll come get you if I need to."

Fennel the scooted her chair back in and hobled towards while using nearby chairs for support. the empty beer garden. A few moments later she was outside and was leaning with her hands on the short fence that served to outline the area. Fennel, you need to slow down.

"What are you doing!?" Snapped Zoey, whose head popped out of a nearby bush with a smaller bush taped to the top of her head. She pulled out a pair of earphones with a pouting expression.

Fennel yelped before falling to the ground, "I'm just getting some air is all."

"What the fu- There's air inside the restaurant!" Zoey huffed as she scrambled out of her bush to help Fennel up off the ground.

:I would like to get some air that doesn't have as much testosterone in it." Fennel replied.

"Testosterone? Oh my god, Bob has balls. You're sexy. He's gonna make some testosterone! He's probably thinking he offended you or something!"

"I just need a moment, okay." Fennel responded as she got to her feet. "Also were you spying on us?"

"Latte. I'm sitting in a bush and I have a shrub on my head. Yes, I'm spying on you, and I'm glad I am!" Zoey answered before letting out a sigh, "You never wanna leave the guy by himself on a date. It makes them nervous... Unless you're going to the bathroom."

“Fine.“ Fennel said before heading back inside, she figured Zoey wasn’t going to help in this situation. Once Fennel was inside, Zoey hopped into her bush and lowered her head.

Bob was getting up, as the waiter put their food down in front of them, but stopped half way as he noticed Fennel approaching. "Oh, hey I was just gonna..." he remarked, "Get you..."

“It was cold outside. My ears dissapate heat really easily, and I didn't bring a coat." Fennel commented, trying to not linger on the subject.

"Alright," Bob regarded, Looking to her as she sat back down, before putting his napkin in his lap, "Well, I guess we just dig in..."

Fennel placed the napkin on her lap and looked at her food for a moment, before glancing at Bob's plate. "Can I have a bite of yours?" Fennel asked.

"I... Sure," Bob replied, sliding his plate over and gently scraping a bite's worth of a meatball and some of the pasta with it onto her plate, before scooting it back to his side of the table.

Fennel then jabbed her fork into what Bob had given her before taking a bite. She chewed for a moment before swallowing, "That's really good." She then looked at her plate and asked "Do you want anything of mine?"

"Nah," Bob shook his head generously, taking a bite of his own food, "I'm fine, but thanks."

"Okay then." Fennel said before taking a few bites of the antepasta. "This is probably the nicest resturaunt I've been to." Fennel commented as she looked around the building.

"Yeah... me too," Bob remarked, looking about at the scenery around them, before focusing his view on Fennel again.

After finsihing the antepasta, Fennel moved her attention to the Ziti for about thirty seconds until she was staring at Bob with a giddy look on her face as she stated. "We should make something together sometime."

"You mean like... food?" Bob asked, hoping that was all she meant. The uu

"Yeah, or like a puzzle or something like that. Seems like it would be fun." She replied, unaware of the more sultry implications of her previous statement.

"Yeah, that sounds nice," Bob replied, swigging down the rest of his wine.

Fennel took another sip of her pina colada before taking another bite from her ziti. She then looked back up to Bob, "I really like your eyes, they make you look gentle."

"Thanks," Bob took another bite of his meatballs, "Yours are really nice too. Really gentle and deep."

Fennel glanced from side to side before taking long draw from her drink, "Also you gotta nice butt."

Bob looked up from his meal, his eyes widening as he realized what she said. "What?" Bob chuckled nervously.

"You gotta nice button up shirt." Fennel responded as if she were trying to throw him off.

"Oh," Bob sighed, finishing his meal, "That makes more sense... Hey, Mr. Bartholemew! Could we get our check?"

The waiter looked up from whatever he was doing and nodded. "Certainly," He replied, coming to their table to collect their plates, "Did you both enjoy your meals?"

Fennel not wanting Bob to have waste money on her drink quickly drank the remainder of the Piña Colada. "It was wonderful, Bartholemew." Fennel answered.

"Yeah, it was wonderful," Bob agreed with Fennel, getting out a wad of money and putting it on the table as he stood up from his chair, "Keep the change. My tip."

"Oh! Why- Thank you, sir!" Bartholomew exclaimed, "You both have a wonderful night."

"Thanks! You have a good night too!" Bob replied back as he led Fennel out onto the sidewalk again. Zoey, the stealthmaster that she was, remained absolutely still within her bush.

Fennel waved back, her face seemed to have a slight shade of red to it. "So where are we going now, Bobby?" she asked,

"I was thinking we could just... take a walk? It looks nice out." Bob suggested, "If you want, I can just carry you around if your foot's still hurting."

"Yeah that would be nice." Fennel said as she wrapped her tail around one of her legs.

"Alright then," Bob huffed as he heaved her up into his arms, "Let's take a stroll." He quipped as he began to walk down the sidewalk, away from the restaurant.


After a few minutes, Bob looked and noticed the neon lights and indicators of a bar. "Hey, could I make a suggestion?" Bob asked.

Fennel looked at the neon lights of the bar, "Oooh, w-what's that?" she asked as she looked at the establishment.

"That's a bar," Bob answered, "And exactly where I was suggesting we go."

"Oh those places have drinks right? We don't have too many back in Laviturn."

"Yep," Bob smiled, "Night's still young, so how 'bout we take some time to have some fun that ain't as fancy?"

"Yeah, let's do it." Fennel agreed without a moments hesitation.

"In we go!" Bob exclaimed with a chuckle, kicking the door to open it for the two before walking in with her in his arms, the door closing behind them.

====A few hours later...====

The doors to the bar burst open, with both Bob and Fennel shambing out, each supporting the other as Bob let out a slurred laugh, "Who-ho-hoooo!"

"B-bob did you know yah gotta really nice butt. I'm gonna touch it." Fennel slurred as she reached for Bob's rear.

"Ah, hell," Bob muttered, "I know it's nice, I don't need anyone elsse to tell me...!"

As the Doomguy looked around, he pointed towards the hotel, "Oh no, we need to get home... I'll go drive!" he exclaimed drunkenly. Zoey quietly facepalmed from inside a nearby bush.

"Yeah, I'm all... sleepy." Fennel responded.

"Yeah, but I was thinkin we..." Bob gestured obscenely with his fingers, "...fuck or somethin'... I think..."

"Naaaaawwww, I don't wanna, right here." Fennel muttered.

"Nah, nah, nah, we'd go to our room!" Bob shouted, attempting to hoist Fennel up, stumbling as he did.

"Yeah... they got beds there." Fennel managaged to stammer."

"Hell fuckin' yeah they do!" Bob snapped, "And we can do anything we... we want!"

"That;s way better than this this this sidewalk... why do they even call it that, yousa walk normal on it nota sideways." Fennel realized.

"...OH MY GOD!" Bob exclaimed, "That makes so much sense! We need to walk on it forwards to make it a normalwalk! Fuck the bus, I don't need to drive! I need to fuckin'... unside this sidewalk!"

"Klursi right you do. You show that walk who's da boss." Fennel shouted as she threw a bottle on the ground.

"Yeah!" Bob replied loudly and drunkenly, awkwardly lurching forwards as he walked.

"Wait, wait, I need yourses helps. I got's a bad foot." Fennel slurred.

"I'm carryin' ya already, you silly furr..." Bob hiccuped.

Fennel then grabbed her tail, "Wait I needs you to hold this, I think it's following me." She then handed her tail to Bob.

"Ewha... What the shit is that?!" Bob said, yanking at it, "It's on your butt!"

"I think's part of my butt." Fennel said as she tried to keep her balance.

"That's trippy." Bob blinked for a moment.

"God dammit I'm gonna have to get the bus back," Zoey muttered, "Wait.. If they're gonna bone I gotta get Tina, Bread, and Clara out of Bob's room... Shit!" Given that the two were drunk, slurring, and walking off, she took this opportunity to hop out of her bush and stick to the shadows, trying to book it to the hotel to get everyone out of Bob's room. "Fuck. Then I'm gonna have to run all the fucking way back to the italian shit. God dammit."

"Bob... d-did I ever tell you, that you're the be-best lookin guy ah knowww." Fennel commented.

"No, you're the best, Funnel," Bob retorted with a snort

"No you."

"Alright, Yeah, me!" Bob exclaimed, raising up Fennel in triumph as he let out some loud whoops.

"Wooo!" Fennel shouted as several flames surrounded them for a moment.

"WhhhHOLY SHIT," Bob stumbled back a bit, "I MADE THE WIZARDS MAAAAAD!"

"Wawait ah got th-" Fennel then hiccuped before the flames dissapated.

Zoey looked back at the two from a distance, letting out a sigh of relief as she continued running. "Thank god they're retarded," She snickered.

"I think I can do th-this." Fennel slurred as the nearby grass started growing longer around them.:

"Bob!" Fennel teasesd

"Yeah?" Bob asked back.


"No, no, no," Bob shook his head rapidly, "Not on the sidewalk, honeeey."

"Pl-please." Fennel begged.

"...Ffffine," Bob grimaced, giving Fennel as proper a kiss as a blackout drunk could.

"Wow ,yourrrr a goooood kisser Bobby." Fennel responded.

"I learned from the bessst!" The Doomguy retorted, "But let's not kiss again 'til were in bed!"

"Dammn rite." Fennel replied. "I don't even care I'm in heat."

"You're not hot!" Bob slurred back, "You're feeling really cold!"

"Awww shit you're raight. We gotta get inside." Fennel responded.

"Yeah, then, I'm gonna bone you the bestest!" Bob declared as he stumbled across the street, beginning to cross through the large parking lot of the hotel.

"Wait, I got a key in my purse." Fennel said as she reached for the purse. "Nnnnoooo peeking." Fennel ordered.

Bob looked away, looking up at the sky, "Oh look, it's the moon! Hey, moon...! Fuck you." He flipped off the moon with his free hand.

Fennel then pulled the key out of her purse. "Aw we aint inside yet. Where can I keep this until then?"

"Stick it back in your purse," Bob reasoned quite clearly for his stupor, "

"But I got all of these in here." Fennel slurred as she showed Bob the contents of the purse spiling some of the contents onto the ground.

"Oh noooo!" Bob cooed, "You dropped some of those!"

"It's fine, Zoey gave me life fifty of them." Fennel explained.

"Whoah, fifty?" Bob asked, dumbfounded, "Gimme a few!"

"Probably I didn't count." Fennel said handing a few packages to Bob.

Bob held the condoms in his open hand, but tripped, nearly falling, but dropping all of the condoms down a sewer vent. "Ah, hell, the alligators down there'll have some weird things and they'll probably have fun too, yeah?"

"I got like a bajillion more and these things too." Fennel giggled as she held up a bottle of birth control pills. "Aww shoot I gotta take these for like a week or something."

"Fuck a week!" Bob smacked the bottle out of her hand, right into a nearby trashcan, "We don't need no pills! Doctors are just demons who want your money!"

"I knew they were up to something with their fancy coats." Fennel gasped realizing Bob was onto something. "Lets go show those doctors, they stupid." Fennel said taking Bob's hand as she tried to wander into the hotel's lobby.

"Yeah," Bob set down Fennel on a bench, before kicking the trashcan with Fennel's pills inside, "FUCK DOCTORS!"

"Yeah always thinking they're so smart. Who do they think they are." Fennel said as she pulled the book out of her purse, "Daw this one doesn't even have any ideas." Fennel said as she tossed it in the trash.

"Wait, lemme see that!" Bob rummaged through the trash to find the book, "It's a book... lemme see... about sex in a bed!" he gasped, before chucking it as far as his arm would allow him to, "Yeahhhhhhh.... Get outta here...."


"Good night, Bread," Tina murmured softly from the other bed.

"Good night, Tina." Brendan said before closing his eyes.

A few seconds later, the door slammed open, the lights ticked on, and Zoey's voice was amplified by a megaphone, "WOOP WOOP! SEX EMERGENCY! EVERYONE OUTTA THE ROOM! BOB AND LATTE ARE COMING AND THEY NEED PRIVACY FOR WHEN THEY FUCK!"

Brendan immediately exited the room, he was not going to deal with that. Tina followed close behind, covering both of her ears and looking absolutely miserable. She had gotten so comfy in her bed.


Eventually Bob and Fennel manged to wonder into the room as Fennel dropped her purse onto the floor. The purse was empty show how they managed to lose most of it's contents on their trip to the room. Fennel eventually mannaged to stagger her way over to one of the beds before falling on it face first.

After a few seconds Fennel manged to remove her dress and was lying face down on the bed.

Bob, after a moment of taking off his clothes in the entirety, grabbed Fennel and flopped her on top of him. "Oh, yeah let's... this bed feels so comfy..." he began, before nodding off to sleep.

Fennel rolled over to the other side of the bed, before nodding off herself.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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The next morning Fennel opened her eyes and rolled over to see Bob, in the buff, needless to say she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Bob woke up suddenly, flailing about before falling out of the bed, taking the cover with him as he thumped to the ground. "What the- agh," he muttered, shaking his head.

Fennel immedtely shouted "Why are you naked!?"

"Why are you in your bra and stuff?!" Bob shouted back, covering his junk with the comforter.

Fennel covered herself with her arms and tail. "Shit, did we... do it!?"

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Bob retched, dropping the cover as he dashed for the bedroom's bathroom, slamming the door behind him as the sound of him hurling into the toilet could be heard.

Fennel quickly scramble to her purse, and noticed that it was practically empty. "No, no, no, no. This is not happening."

Bob stumbled out of the bathroom, having found himself a pair of underwear in there, "Did we fuck?!" he breathed quickly, "Oh god, did we...?"

Fennel soon headed into the bathroom and vommited.

"Mmmf.. What's with all the yelling?" Zoey mumbled, slowly crawling out from under the bed that had remained empty the night before.

"Zoey... the hell are you..." Bob began to question, but stopped himself, "Oh.... I fucked up bad..."

Soon enough Fennel got out of the bathroom, "Bob I-I don't think we used protection."

"What?" Bob's eyes widened, "What do you mean we didn't use protection? Are we sure we even did it?!"

"I don't remember." Fennel cried.

"Oh you guys did it alright," Zoey piped up, "Don't worry though, Latte was on the pill and you guys ended using up all the condoms. Good thing I packed fifty in your purse."

"Fuck me," Bob groaned, covering his face with his hands, "The fuck was I doing...?"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, ZOEY!" Fennel screamed as she curled up in the corner.

Zoey was dead silent after that, completely taken aback by Fennel's scream. Why were they both so worried? Why were they freaking out?

"I'M SO STUPID. I'M NOT BETTER THAN A DAMN ANIMAL!" Fennel shrieked as tears fell down her face.

"No, I fucked up," Bob tried to take the blame, "I shouldn't of got us in that bar, and-"

"NO SHIT! BOB! I trusted you and you took advantage of me!" Fennel cried.

Oh god this is really bad, Zoey thought to herself as she gulped, Ohhh man... Fuck... Is this how dad feels when he does his thing? How does he do this?

"I... I..." Bob stared at Fennel in shock, mortified at himself for what he did (or at least what he thought he did) to Fennel, "I'm so sorry..." his eyes began to well up.

"What if those were the pills you have to take for a while? What if one of those broke Bob?!" Fennel cried.

"Uhm... Guys?" Zoey squeaked.

"Zoey, get the hell out of here. This you shouldn't have encouraged me after I told you I was in heat." Fennel hissed.

"... I lied," Zoey slowly slid back under the bed until her face barely showed.

"What the hell!?" Fennel shrieked.

"You... you lied?" Bob looked up, his tired expression quickly being replaced with an irritated one, "Then what the hell happened last night?!"

"If I had gotten pregnant I would have repeated the mistake of my whore of a mother!" Fennel accused, not listening to what Bob had just said.

"I-I'm sorry, I..." Zoey sputtered out, all of her confidence drained from her, "You guys just... Ran around yelling then passed out naked. Y-You dropped all of your condoms outside.."

"Why would you lie about that!?" Fennel demanded.

Bob said nothing, looking away as he put on a t-shirt and some sweatpants and a pair of sandals. "I need some goddamn air," he huffed, before storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

"I'm sorry," Zoey whimpered, now entirely under the bed.

"You damn well better be. Do you even know how much heart ache that kind of shit has caused me!?" Fennel added, her voice was vile as she asked her question.

"I-I didn't think that.. You guys would react like that..."

"How else did you think I'd react to finding out that my first time wasn't the special moment I told you I wanted it to be but rather that some drunken moment I don't even remember."

"I just thought... If you guys thought you did it... You'd do it for real," Zoey explained.

"How is that supposed to make things better Zoey?" Fennel hissed.

"B-Because... Then you guys-"

"Oh becuase we just needed to get our rocks off right!? Well guess what Zoey, I. Was. A. Drunken. Mistake. That's why I'm adopted, I wanted to be able to raise my kids, with their father and not have to give them up because I couldn't provide for them, Zoey." As Fennel hit the last point her rage turned to saddness as she broke into tears. "I didn't want them to have the questions I had."

"I'm sorry.. I-I just wanted to make you guys happy," Zoey cried from under the bed.

Fennel sobbing picked up in volume, these were wounds she had dealt with long ago but having come so close to making the same mistake has her parents had opened them back up. "Just leave me alone, Zoey."

All Zoey could sputter out was another apology before sobbing herself, too ashamed to leave her space under the bed.

Fennel lied down and continued her sobs. What if Zoey hadn't lied?

Bob, in the meanwhile, had irritatedly walked down to the breakfast room, his movements very indicative of his present feelings. He walked up to the food bar, grabbing himself an orange and a small carton of milk.

"Hi, Bob!" Tina exclaimed from a nearby table before munching down on a bagel.

Brendan being much more aware that something was upsetting Bob looked over and asked "Hey, is everything alright?"

Bob sighed, realizing that either Tina had to leave the room for the incident or had stayed to see, "Hey Tina. Brendan. Yeah, everything's fine," he grumbled as normal of a tone he could.

"I don't want to push, but you seem pretty upset." Brendan asked.

"I bet he needs coffee!" Ruby concluded, "Zoey gets cranky some mornings without her latte- Where is Zoey anyway?"

"She's in our room," Bob stated as he walked over to the coffee machine, taking Ruby's advice., "And I'm fine, Brendan. I just need some coffee."

Eventuall Fennel wandered out of the room wearing some pajamas, and grabbed some food before sitting by Elizabeth.

Bob took a sip of his coffee, before noticing Fennel and tossing it in the trash, walking out of the room as soon as he could. He knew neither one of them wanted to look at eachother or be near one another after last night.

"Did you guys have sex?" Tina asked innocently before Bob could leave, recalling the reason for Zoey bursting into the room last night and forcing her and Brendan out.

Fennel's ears turned towards Tina before she let out an angry growl in response to her question.

While Ruby had gotten over her brief fear of Fennel, the growl at one of her sisters aroused some unease. "Latte? Are you okay?" She asked, likely having got the nickname from Zoey.

"I..." Bob looked to Fennel before looking back to Tina before he finally left the room, "I don't want to talk about it right now, alright?"

"If Bob wants to keep his balls, he sure as hell better hope I am." Fennel replied.

The girls in the breakfast area exchanged concerned glances with one another. They could feel the immense tension in the air, and it suffocated any further questions or quips as they quietly ate their breakfast.

Fennel quickly finished her food before heading back to change into her room to change. On her way to the room, she gave Bob an evil glare before emerging a few minutes later wearing her regular clothes. Fennel then stormed into the lobby and grabbed Elizabeth by the arm and said "Come on Elizabeth, we're going to the store."

As soon as Fennel left, Bob, sitting on the bed looking away, sighed, "You can come out if you want, Zoey. I'm sorry for being an ass... And I am the biggest ass here."

"... It's my fault," Zoey murmured from under the bed, "I... I always try to force things to happen... But I'm... I'm so bad at it..."

"No, It's not your fault," Bob retorted, "I should've known not to take her into that bar... I should've just ended it there." He fell over, his head falling sideways onto a pillow as he looked off out the window, "You just wanted to help, and I'm thankful for that. I fucked up, and I don't want you feeling like you did here."

"It doesn't matter if I wanted to help... Results matter," Zoey spat at her own expense, silent for a brief moment. "I'm.. I'll- I'll never be like my dad," She stammered out, beginning to cry again.

Bob said nothing, not sure what to say as he thought on his actions, sadness still welling up as he thought on how he made his mistake and how it now cost him.


Fennel and Elizabeth eventually arrived at the store and headed towards the pharmacy with Elizabeth. "Why does it have to be so loud and bright in here." Fennel grumbled as she searched the aisles.

"Uh- Fennel? What're we doing?" Elizabeth asked worriedly, unsure of what was going on or why Fennel seemed so upset or why she was being involved in this.

"Buying a crap load of pregnacny tests." She replied as she finally located the aisle. Soon enough Fennel was tossing several tests in her basket.

"Oh, okay... Are you okay?" Elizabeth gulped.

"Well, I'm kinda in heat and I woke up naked in bed with Bob. Zoey says we didn't do anything but I don't really trust her." Fennel replied as she finished tossing a few more tests in the basket. "You're here to make keep me distracted so that I don't stab Bob."

"You're gonna stab Bob!? What!?" Elizabeth cried out.

"I don't know. I just really don't want to be having his kit right now." Fennel said before heading off to the the produce department.

"N-Now where are we going?"

"We're making mochi. I need something to distract myself." Fennel grumbled as she gathered the ingredients.

"Oh, yeah... You said you were gonna show me how to make that," Elizabeth remarked, trying to sound excited.

"Let's just hope I don't have to eat for two." Fennel commented before gathering the last of the ingredients.

Elizabeth was silent, feeling awkward, concerned, and a little afraid about the whole situation.

Soon enough Fennel paid for the things and headed back to hotel. As they entered the hotel, Fennel handed the bags minus one of the tests to Elizabeth before heading back to her room.

"Uhm... Okay," Elizabeth blinked, slowly organizing the produce Fennel had purchased.


"Yeah, all of the constellations are a bit messed up," Clara stated, looking at the stars from a video projected by one of Ernie's eyes.

"How so?" Ernie asked, examining the projection alongside Clara.

"It's not major, but I think it's because this universe is at a different time period than mine. Over time, things just moved around a little," Clara answered.

"Interesting; Differentials in time leading to changes in celestial bodies," Ernie concluded, "I've heard it is a regular phenomenon, but I've never seen it."

"I'm surprised, considering how long you've been alive."

"Constellations vary in shape based upon each world I've travelled to. I never made returning visits on worlds," Ernie explained.

"That makes sense. At least Virgo is still recognizable," Clara remarked, pointing up at the constellation.

Ernie looked up to the vaguely human-shaped set of stars, "Constellation, catalogued. I assume there's many more?"

"Yeah. Though there's twelve that have to do with astrology," Clara pointed to each constellation as she listed them off, "Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagitarius, Scorpius, Libra, Virgo, Leo, and Cancer. What time of the year you're born determines which of those constellations is your 'sign'. Some people say that there are horoscopes that can predict your future and that your sign determines your personality, but it's obviously not true. Every sign has multiple traits associated with them, and they're general enough that they can apply to most people... Still, I like Virgo. It's nice to pretend sometimes that astrological signs have any meaning."

"What are Virgo's signs?" Ernie asked, cataloging as much information as he could as he stared out into the sky to catalog each constellation.

"Dad said Virgos are very practical, analytical, and orderly. Though there are negative traits as well, like being overcritical, paranoid, shy, and not being very good at having fun. I don't believe I'm paranoid or 'not good at having fun'. My dad told me I was a 'workaholic', but I enjoy organizing and archiving. It might not be fun for others, but I like it. The constellation itself is supposed to be some goddess."

"I can understand why you like Virgo as a sign. It suits you," Ernie regarded, "Was your father a Virgo as well? Or is he a different sign?"

"No, he's a Leo, a big lion," Clara answered, "Like Zoey. They're supposed to be brave, typically leaders, loyal, charismatic, and headstrong. Their negative traits are being stubborn, controlling, vain, and egotistic. I don't think dad took any of those negative traits, but Zoey sure did."

"Those personality traits are in line with Zoey's," Ernie agreed, "And I could not say if the same is for your father, as I have not met him, but based upon your analyses, it would be safe to assume you are correct. Astrological beliefs like humanity's are actually fairly common in the galactic community. Some base theirs off of shorter cycles including wet and dry seasons, some include ancient harvesting seasons, and others rely on religious beliefs to have any sort of sense. Most of them are nonsensical in their own ways."

"Huh, I would've thought advanced aliens wouldn't have any of that," Clara remarked.

"Culture is a strange thing," Ernie concluded, "Some of the nations are built entirely on religious doctrine, while also wielding technology that allows them to spread across the stars that prove their beliefs inert. They're... irrational, to say the least."

"That's surprising and not surprising at the same time."

"Humans are also among the civilizations, and I have heard they too have made great empires," Ernie pondered, "But I was never able to survey them myself. I would bet that they're just as irrational, though."

"We tend to be pretty irrational, even though everyone claims otherwise when talking about themselves," Clara agreed, "I guess that's just life."

"Affirmative; Life does tend to work towards irrationality, even if it means otherwise," Ernie agreed, "But sometimes, it is rational enough."

"If it can get to space, I guess so."


Soon enough, Fennel stormed into the room with Bob and Zoey and went into the bathroom. A few seconds later, Fennel walked out of the bathroom holding a recapped pregnancy test and glared as Bob and Zoey for a moment before tossing at the bed. "I'm not taking your word for anything right now, Zoey. Bob, looks like you're not a dad."

"Oh, thank god," Bob huffed into his hands.

"Those aren't accurate for a few more days, I'll keep you updated in case someone was lying." Fennel huffed.

"I promise... You guys didn't have sex..." Zoey said from under the bed.

"And why should I believe you?" Fennel snarled.

"Please.. I.. I swear on my dad... You guys didn't do it," Zoey whimpered.

"I'll tell you what, if that time of the month shows up, I'll believe you." Fennel remarked, as she scowled at the bed Zoey was hiding under.

Fennel then turned her attention to Bob "And if you still want to be a thing, you better figure out how to make it up to me." Fennel said before went to find Elizabeth.

Bob said nothing, looking to the floor, before, after Fennel had left, Bob started to speak, “Hey... Zoey? Could I ask you something?”

Bob didn’t wait for a reply as he asked solemnly, “How would you feel if I just... left? Like, I take my stuff, walk out the door, and don’t come back. I...I’ve messed up too much,” he began to cry into his hands, “I made Jannet run off with that thing! I got Fennel drunk and nearly... banged her!” he bemoaned, quickly drying his tears, “I just fuck everything up I touch, so... you’d all probably be better off without me.”

Fennel had just left the room when Bob asked his question, so she was still close enough to hear. Despite all the evidence pointing the fact the two had simply passed out together, underlying paranoia was causing Fennel to assume the worst case scenario. Her fears of abandonment began to resurface. She feared replicating the mistake of her biological parents herself, and now the possibility of having to raise a child alone filled her with dread.

"Bob..." Zoey gasped, quickly crawling out from under the bed with tears in her eyes, "Bob, no!" She stumbled forwards and wrapped her arms around him as she sobbed, "Don't say that! Please, Bob... You... You idiot!" Zoey pushed away, punching him in the chest in the process. Her lip quivered as she tried to hold back further tears, "Ruby fucks up all the time! But- But she's still family! And you are too!"

"Yeah, but she didn't go up and argue with Jannet, get her to run off, and then go off and nearly fuck Fennel after getting her drunk, now did she?" Bob asked, standing up, "I'm not your family. I'm not your dad. You've said that too many times to count."

Fennel opened the door with tear in her eyes, “You can’t leave now, Bob, I‘m so scared. I can't be abandoned again.”

"Fennel..." Bob looked over, his eyes welling with tears before he snapped them shut, "No! You're better off without me. I'm sure of that."

“Why? So I can raise our bastard alone, before eventually dropping them off at an orphanage, like my mother did with me?”

"Oh my f- You said yourself you're not having a kid," Bob snapped, "Having me around is just gonna lead to that again, and we'd probably be less lucky than this time. So yeah, I am leaving," Bob pushed past Fennel, "But I'm doing it so you don't have to raise a bastard or anything alone."

“I’m scared, okay Bob.” Fennel cried.

"...I am too," Bob sighed, looking away from Fennel and to the door, "I... I just don't wanna hurt you. Or any of you guys."

“Bob, I-I need you, please. I don’t want to lose you too.” Fennel said before falling to her knees.”I‘ve lost so much.”

"We already lost Jannet!" Zoey shouted out, tugging on Bob's arm, "Even if that was your fault, that means you have to stay! You don't get to leave just because you messed up! Ruby killed one of our moms! Family is family, even if you're not our dad!"

Bob looked back, unsure what to say to their pleas for him to stay. "I... I don't know what to do," Bob slumped up against the door, slowly sliding to the floor with a glum expression.

Fennel moved herself over to Bob and hugged her knees. "I don't want it to end like this, Bob. I love you." She pleaded before lightly kissing his cheek.

"I..." Bob rubbed his cheek as he thought a moment about their relationship. About how they had just gotten into it three days ago, and already it had come to this. And even before that, they had gotten together another two days after meeting eachother. He slowly looked to her in a startled and tired realization and stammered "I...I-i don't."

Fennel stared into Bob's eyes, "Wa-what?" She asked, not expecting this response. "What do you mean 'I don't?"

"I.. I don't think I ever loved you," Bob let out a deep breath, "I think it just... happened."

Fennnel's ears dropped as tears welled up in her eyes, "Is this because I'm in- I've only been in heat for a few-" Fennel paused as she realized how the two events had syncronized. "Bob, I still love you." she cried before wrapping her arms around Bob and sobbed.

"No, no," Bob shook his head, "You think you do. You just... got a crush on me."

Fennel's sobs grew louder as she blubbered "I wanted to be with you, Bob. We could have been a happy little family."

"Fennel, just a few minutes ago you were glad you weren't having my kid," Bob argued, "How would have it been better if it were the other way around?"

“I meant in a few years, Bob....” Fennel sniffled before continuing. “I don’t know okay. Maybe it is just because I’m in heat. I should have known. This is all my fault.”

"No, I'm to blame here," Bob sighed, "I shouldn't of said yes in the first place, should I of?"

"... I set you two up," Zoey suddenly mumbled from a few feet away, "I kept pushing and pushing. I made you go on that first date... I thought I could just... Make it happen with a.. Swimsuit and a picnic and a stupid hammer... This wouldn't be happening right now if I just... Stayed out of everyone's business..."

“No, Zoey... I was really happy while it lasted.” Fennel muttered.

Bob thought quietly for another moment, "But maybe... No, NO!" Bob shook his head to himself, "I do love you... I do..! These last few days have been some of the best I've ever had, I just... I don't know what to do..."

”No Bob.“ Fennel then rose up from her embrace, “We need some time to decide.“

"...Yeah," Bob murmured, still laying on the floor, "You're right."

“If we're still the feel same in a few days maybe we can start over. I-I don’t want to have this cloud my judgement.” Fennel said as she let go of Bob.

"Sure..." Bob replied blankly, slowly rising from the floor, opening the door slightly before stopping asking, "Could you... excuse me for a bit?"

”Yeah... I need to shower anyway.” Fennel said before collecting her clothes and going into the bathroom.

"Alright," Bob nodded, before gently closing the door behind him.

Soon enough the bathroom door closed as the sound of running water began.

Zoey stood in place for a few moments before walking over to a bed and silently laying down on top of it. She slowly closed her eyes, already wanting today to be over. I'm the exact opposite of dad... He hurt people to make them happy. In the end, I just made everyone miserable.

Fifteen minutes later Fennel was out of the shower with a towel around her. She opened the bathroom door and noticed Zoey on the bed. “Zoey? Do you want to talk?”

"... I don't know," Zoey hesitantly mumbled in response, not moving to look Fennel's way.

“Look, you had good intentions.“ Fennel paused and tried to think of something to distract Zoey. “Do you want to help me dry off?“ Fennel said as she noticed the hair drier.

In any other mood, Zoey would have agreed in an instant. "It doesn't matter how good your intentions are," Zoey muttered, echoing something her father told her before, "If you screw up, that's what matters in the end. Results are what matters."

“If you focus on the failures of yesterday, you’ll never see the possibilies of tommorrow.” Fennel replied.

"... Dad never failed," Zoey sighed, "Even one of the first moms there were talking about how nothing ever stopped him. He wanted to make something happen, it happened. He always made sure everyone was happy in the end."

“You know I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You learn more from one failure than from a hundred successes.” Fennel mused trying to cheer Zoey up.

"Everything would be a lot better if there wasn't the failure in the first place," Zoey spat, "Why are you even talking to me anyway? I thought you were mad at me. My 'intentions' didn't matter then."

“Because you're my friend, Zoey.” Fennel said after hesitating for a moment. “Besides it’s not like being mad at you is going to change anything.”

Zoey was silent before slowly sitting up and wiping at her eyes with her arm. "I just wanna be a good leader," Zoey choked out.

“Your sisters look up to you don’t they?” Fennel asked.

"That doesn't mean I'm doing a good job... Jannet's gone.. I got you guys in a relationship that blew up..."

“You act like you have to control everything, I mean it’s just not worth worth the effort.” Fennel replied.

"That's what a leader does if they're good at it," Zoey explained, "... I... I just wanna make my dad proud."

“Why don’t you find something to take your mind off of it for a awhile like drying me off. You can use just turn the hair drier over me.” Fenndl suggested once again.

Zoey let out a sigh, deciding that maybe Fennel was right and she should just take her mind off of the whole situation for the time being. "... Can I use just a towel instead?"

”What do you mean?” Fennel asked.

"To dry you off with."

“Let’s just stick to the hair drier.“ Fennel replied as she adjusted her towel.

"Fine... That's not as fun though," Zoey sighed, getting up and finally turning to Fennel to help dry her off. While it was clear that Zoey was still bummed, she put on as much of a smile as she could muster.


Bob had walked out to the breakfast room again, grabbing another styrofoam cup and pouring himself a cup of coffee, before sitting down at a table by himself, looking over a newspaper as he sipped the lukewarm drink.

"Hey, Bob?" Elizabeth slowly approached with a bag of groceries and pregnancy tests in her arms, "Um... Where's Fennel?"

"She's... She's back in our room, I think," Bob mumbled, "I think she's... feeling a little better than earlier."

"Oh good," Elizabeth said with relief before pausing, "... Are you okay?"

"Me?" Bob asked, "Yeah, I should be fine... We just... had a fight about our relationship, and she's..." He paused with a sigh, "I'm not even sure we're together anymore."

"Wait, what?!" Elizabeth gasped, "But... You guys were great!"

"Yeah..." Bob mulled over their argument, "She wants to just... give it a few days? See if we're still happy with eachother?"

"So... You are still together?"

"I... I think? But I dunno," Bob replied, "I think we're taking a break, and when it's over... we'll see."

"Oh..." Elizabeth slowly sat down across from Bob, unsure of what else to say.

"Yeah..." Bob murmured, trying to turn his attention back to the paper, taking another sip of his coffee.


There was a light rat-tap-tap at the door to the room Fennel and Zoey were in. "Room service!" a voice, one which seemed familiar in some way, chimed.

"I got it," Zoey huffed, walking up to the door and swinging it open.

Fennel had just determined she was dry enough to change stood up to go change clothes.

With legs in a slightly crouched position, Tychen glared down at Zoey, tipping his hat as he took a long stride into the room, his jacket perfectly cleaned and fixed, "Thaaaank you very much for that, kid."

"Oh, yeah, just let yourself in," Zoey muttered.

Fennel‘s face flushed a bright red. “Hey can we do this another time?” She asked

"Ah, there she is!" the pirate exclaimed as he stood up, "The gal who had a kid shoot me! Yeah, you're exactly who I'm looking for."

"Wait, is this the dude we got for Ruby?"

“Yeah.” Fennel replied.

"Ruby," Tychen chimed, "What a name for a gun-toting brat. Trying to tell me what to do, HA!" he rested a hand against the wall

“Look can we reschedule this for another time?”

"Reschedule?" Zoey repeated, "Also that was my gun. I gave it to her to shoot you with... Wait, how are you not dead?"

"Because I'm me," Tychen chimed, "And because I'm me, I'm gonna get what I came for and take your furred-faced friend here."

“That‘s kind of hot. I mean the whole coming back to life thing.” Fennel commented

"Latte, what the fuck," Zoey looked to Fennel with a mixture of confusion and disgust.

"I'm gonna have to agree with the short-stack there," Tychen nodded, "That is a bit... odd, to say the least, but I can roll with it."

“Look if you're gonna try and kidnap me can I at least put on some clothes on first. I think that’d be better for everyone.”

"Latte, you're starting to make me think you want to be kidnapped," Zoey facepalmed.

"Kidnapped? No, I was going to add her to my retinue!" Tychen disagreed, "Though that'd need some kidnapping, it'd be, what... I don't know what crime killing someone, then bringing them back to work as a sort of unpaid worker falls under."

”I mean the last thing I need is to be in the buff at this time.” Fennel tried to explain, “Also what’s a retinue?”

"Is that the only thing you pulled from what he said?" Zoey asked.

I should of remembered he could rise from the dead. Oh well.

“Look, I’m gonna be honest all I know is that appearently I’m not in the best situation to be making any decisions at the moment.” I

"Oh my god," Zoey pinched her brow, "Pirate guy, come with me. Let's have a talk." Zoey gestured her arm out the door.

"What the-I... fine," Tychen sighed, crouching through the doorway, "What do you need, short-stack?"

Zoey followed the villain out and closed the door behind her before rubbing her temples. "Look, this bitch is like... Going through some stuff right now, and I really don't feel like dealing with this, especially since you were supposed to be dead. Can you like, not right now?"

"Not what?" Tychen asked, confused as to what Zoey meant.

"Just.. Can you not?"

"You're really not helpin' your case, kid," The pirate snickered, "So can you not?"

"Oh my god, I-"

Fennel quickly changed into some clothes while the two were talking. She then pounded on the other side of the door, “Zoey you two aren’t making out are you?”

"Shut up, Fennel you weirdo!" Zoey snapped before looking back to Tychen, "Just.. Go away for a little while. Shoo."

"No!" Tychen shook his head, "I'm taking what I came for, and that's final."

“Are we gonna get married?” Fennel called from behind the door.”

"...Alright, maybe in a bit," Tychen agreed, "Or I could just whack her over the head, and not have to deal with that."

"Oh, I'm about to smack her upside the head myself, don't worry," Zoey sighed.

“Come on Zoey I’m sure he’s a nice guy.”

"He broke your foot!"

"...You know what?" Tychen turned back to Zoey, "I'll give you a deal. You see, I really don't care about taking her as revenge or something. I just... really need someone other than a bunch of damn corpses!" he sighed, "Give me, like, two hours, and she'll make it back to you.... alive. And unharmed! I just have to state that last part a bit more."

“I’m so alive we could go on a few dates and we can bake a cake or something.”

"Oh my god, I'm gonna fucking kill myself. You know what? Fuck it. Go wild," Zoey threw up her hands as she walked down the hall.

“Me pirate do you think we’d make cute babies.?”

"You're the best, short-stack!" Tychen shouted down the hall, before laughing to himself, opening the door to Fennel, "Well, not babies, lass, so let's take this a bit slower."

“We could go to the movies?” Fennel suggested.

"Mmm... I've not been to a film in a long time! Let's!" Tychen cackled.

“We could watch the one about the skeleton that tries to take over christmas, I think you’d like that one.” Fennel said as she batted her eyes.

Fennel then caressed the pirate's chest “So tell me a little about yourself.”

"Ehh, how 'bout we wait for that," Tychen backed off, "But sure, we'll watch a movie. It'll be the best damn movie I've seen in a while!"

Fennel then grabbed the remote and turned on the television, “Yeah this streaming service should have it.” after a few seconds she pulled up the movie. “Techy, can you get us some popcorn.”

"Already got someone on it," Tychen snapped his fingers, sitting down on the couch, his legs stretched out to sit properly, his arm rested over the back of the furniture, seemingly waiting for Fennel, "So how 'bout we relax and just watch the movie?"

As to be expected, Fennel snuggled up on the couch with Tychen and placed her head on his chest. “Your heart's beating so fast I can’t even hear it.“

"It's not, lass," Tychen guffawed, "Ain't got a need for one if people're just gonna shoot me in it, stab me in it, you name it, it'll go in it, probably."

“Can you feel broken hearted?” Fennel asked.

"I guess I-" Tychen stopped, before cackling for a second, remarking as he stopped, "..Good one."

”I was serious.” Fennel pouted.

"Seriousness is boring," Tychen swayed off, "You gotta put some humor in everything. Or else you just fit in with all the drab darkness."

“Why do people try to shoot you? You know, aside from last time?” Fennel asked as she snuggled up closer to the pirate.

"Oh, mostly that kind of stuff," Tychen nodded, "And me stealing their non-living valuables as well, that too! Oh, and simply looking scary."


"Ruby! Latte! Now!" Zoey ordered as she angrily sat down at the same table as Bob, "Welp, Bob. Fennel's gone fucking batshit. She's dating the pirate that broke her foot now."

Bob spat out his coffee all over his paper. "I-I'm sorry," Bob stuttered, "Did I just hear you right? Isn't that guy dead?"

"Nope! Apparently not!" Zoey threw her hands up once again as Ruby placed a latte on the table, "He came up trying to kidnap her and the first thing she said is that he's hot! So now they're going on a date!"

"You gotta be shitting me," Bob groaned, "And you let her?"

"Bob, I tried to mom it up, but she just snapped. She's braindead fucking-" Zoey interrupted herself, rubbing her forehead.

"Either she's in full heat, or she's just trying to spite me here," Bob grumbled, "And I mean like, "deer running into fucking cars" levels of heat. God... really? Him? A dick who broke her foot?"

"So she just instantly turns into super heat mode? No. She's gone crazy," Zoey huffed, "Like, this guy murders people and then I'm guessing he does zombie pirate shit to them, and she's like-" Zoey started mimicking masturbating furiously, "'OH MAN MY FUCKING OVARIES! OH YEAH I LOVE GETTING MY FOOT BROKEN AND MURDER! SO HOT!' Either she snapped or she's trying to piss you off."

"I get, I get it," Bob shook his head and held his hands out to gesture for her to stop, "The way you're saying it, I'm thinking it's bo-"

Bob stopped as a man with a large stab wound in his chest shambled into the room, a bag in his hand that he shoved lazily into the microwave without a word. He stared upwards the entire time, his head limp as he pressed buttons on the machine, starting it up and beginning to heat up the popcorn he had placed in it.

"...Is that a fucking zombie," Bob grumbled, "And if so, why the hell is he microwaving up some popcorn? Are you telling me they're doing the entire damn thing here?"

"I guess so!" Zoey threw up her hands for the third time, "What the fuck even is today!? Fucking- We started off with yelling and scared shit. Then angry shit. Then crying shit. And now everything is just retarded!"

"It's a mess," Bob agreed.

"Is this what being a mom is like- Is this how you guys feel when I do shit?" Zoey shook her head as it rested in her palm.

"It's a little less... extreme," Bob nodded, standing up and stretching to get more coffee, "But a bit, yeah. With less of that," he gestured to the undead, who popped the button to open the microwave, taking the greatly-done popcorn in hand in a way no normal human would as it would burn the living hell out of them, before beginning to lurch out of the lobby.

"... Do you think they're gonna have a gangbang- Oh my god, do you think they're gonna have a gangbang!?" Zoey blurted out.

"Agh, don't put that idea in my head!" Bob retched, "I already don't like the date, I don't wanna think they'll bang!"

"Just snap my neck, Bob. End it here," Zoey groaned, leaning back in her chair.

"Yeah. This day is just a big sack of bullshit," Bob grumbled, slamming his head down on the table, "Speaking of bullshit, have you guys seen Clara at all today?"

"Uh.. No.. She wasn't in your room last night either when I got Bread and Tina out," Zoey answered after a moment of thought.

"That's probably not good," Bob remarked, "She usually gone a lot or no?"

"If I had to guess, she's spying on Fennel right now and writing everything down," Zoey shrugged, "She's always been a bit of a loner."

"So she'd been watching her all this time or something?" Bob asked.

"No, but she probably heard me yelling about it just now so Clara's gonna be spying," Zoey huffed, "Fucking hell this is stupid. This is just dumb. I don't like it."

"I don't either," Bob groaned, "I drank way too much last night, and this shit happens... Did the pirate guy even look good?"

"No! He looks fucking dumb!" Zoey threw up her hands for the fourth time, "... We should fuck!"

Bob simply gave Zoey a deadpan expression in response.

"What? We should do it. In the room right next to hers!" Zoey insisted, pounding her fist in a motion that only she could make inappropriate, "If she's gonna.. Fucking just- Do this, then why not? You know it would piss her off too while she's trying to piss us off!"

"Zoey, you know what I'm gonna say to that," Bob flatly stated, "But yeah, I am kind of pissed. And I do kind of want to get back at her for pulling this shit literally right after we went on break..." he hummed as he thought of a less lewd way to get back at Fennel.

Zoey pouted and folded her arms. "I just wanted something good to come from today."

"Yeah, me too..." Bob harrumphed as he thought deeply, "You have any ideas other than me fucking you? And no, fucking any of the other girls does not count."

"What if I get a time wizard to make me older?"

"Do you even know any time wizards?" Bob asked.

"I didn't hear a 'no' just then," Zoey finally grinned.

"No, I was asking if your plan even made sense- No," Bob stated clearly.

"You're not fun to make plans with," Zoey huffed, "I don't get what the big deal is, I already suck-" Zoey immediately slammed her hand over her mouth and gulped down whatever she was about to say.

"You already what?" Bob asked, hoping she wasn't saying what he was thinking she was describing.

"I already...." Zoey made a hand signal under the table, "You know-"

"OH NO, I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP!" Ruby screamed, writhing on the floor.

"Oh no, Ruby! I'll help you!" Zoey declared, getting up from her chair.

Bob let out a harrumph at the attempt to distract him from the truth, simply furrowing his eyes as he sipped his coffee.

Zoey scrambled over and helped Ruby up, who let out a pained cry," Oh, my back! Zoey, my back hur-hur-hur-hurrrts!"

"It's okay, Ruby! Come on I- Ruby, where-" Zoey attempted to lead Ruby away, but Ruby sat down at the table with Bob. Zoey facepalmed upon realizing that this whole shtick was based around Ruby finding the nearest place to sit once being helped, not following Zoey to a hotel room.

“So,” Bob gave a coy smile, “You were saying, Zoey?”

"... I miiight have... Accidentally... Sucked...... Your PINGAS," Zoey slowly admitted.

Bob nearly spat up his coffee again, instead taking a deep gulp. “You what?” Bob asked in a quieter, more annoyed tone, “Why the hell would you do that?”

"I had good reason," Zoey defended, holding up her hands as she gestured for Ruby to get up.

"But my back hu-"

"No, Ruby, we're done with that," Zoey sighed.

"Oh, okay," Ruby blinked, getting up and then sitting back down in Zoey's lap once the older sister was seated.

"So... I came in the room and you guys were passed out last night butt-naked, right?" Zoey began.

"Yeah but that doesn't-"

"And so I had to make sure if you guys fucked or not. While you seem like the kind of guy that would go on forever, you were both drunk. So... I tasted your dick for pussy juice," Zoey explained, "... And then I got a bit carried away."

"So you sucked it... for how long now?" Bob asked, "This is really fuckin' weird."

"Until you came down my throat," Zoey answered, biting down on both of her lips.

"Goddamnit," Bob cursed with a sigh, "And that's it? You sucked me off?"

"Well, it's not like I could fuck you. Then I'd leave pussy smell on you- Oh, I also ate Fennel out," Zoey added, "And I felt her boobs- And her butt.. Then I felt your butt."

"...My fucking butt?" Bob said with an exasperated tone, "Really?"

"Well- I- I mean- I felt her butt, so I was like, 'Might as well feel his butt too'! Really, I just felt up both of your bodies all around."

"Just-" Bob groaned, "Ugh, whatever. Just don't let it happen again."

"... Huh, I was kinda expecting you to be a bit more mad," Zoey blinked.

"Ah, I've started to grow numb to this shit," Bob shrugged.

"Oh... So, you wanna fuck?"

"Not that numb."

"God dammit," Zoey huffed, folding her arms.

"What if we both have sex with you?" Ruby offered.

"Oooh, yeah, two girls? Eh? Eeehh?" Zoey gestured to both herself and Ruby.

"I'm still gonna have to say no," Bob shook his head, "Can't you just go and bang your robot?"

"I don't know where he's at. I called for him last night and he didn't even show up. Besides, he's really great and all, but... I like real dick," Zoey shrugged.

"So your robot just," Bob whisked his finger up, making a noise of a space ship with his mouth, "Up and got lost?"

"... Wait a minute..." Zoey squinted her eyes, thinking back on Ernie's odd behavior, especially on the bus when he gave Clara one of his eyes after Brendan had already given her his... Thingamabob. "... And then they both go missing at the same time... There's something going on with Clara and Ernie..."

"What are you talking about?" Bob asked, "Clara's got nothing to do with Ernie!"

"No... There's something there," Zoey insisted, slowly nodding her head, "When I got the reservations at that italian place and I called Ernie, he took a while. When he showed up, he tried to explain himself, but I interrupted him... And Clara was nowhere to be found at that time..."

"What would they even be doing together? Ernie's a robot who has to follow all your orders, right? So why in the hell would he be running off with Clara?"

"Let's find out," Zoey got up from her seat, walked a few feet to the front door of the hotel, and screamed outside, "ERNIE! EEERRRRRNIIIEEEEE!"

After a moment, Ernie descended down to greet Zoey. "What services do you require?" he asked, still missing his lower eye.

"What are you doing with Clara? Where's your eye?" Zoey asked with suspicion.

"I am not in any situation with Clara. My eye is still in the bus, where Clara had left it after her last viewing," Ernie lied.

"See, Zoey? The dumb sack's not doing anythin-" Bob started.

"Take me to your eye then," Zoey ordered, "Pick me up and take me to the eye."

"...Affirmative," Ernie responded, lifting her up into the air and keeping her generally comfortable, before bringing her to the bus. "It is inside, somewhere on the floor," Ernie stated.

"... You must think I'm an idiot," Zoey huffed, "I drove the bus back here last night. After I tried calling for you and you didn't show up. I know it isn't in there, Ernie."

"That explains the dent in the back."

Bob looked to Ernie, before to Zoey, "What dent?"

"Where is your eye, Ernie?" Zoey demanded, "Take me to it, now. That's an order."

Ernie looked about, looking to try and find a lie, "I cannot locate my eye. It is out of operating range."

Zoey squinted her eyes. "How loud can you get?" She asked.

"Query; What does this question have to do with my eye?"

"Answer the fucking question."

"150 decibels," Ernie quickly informed.

"... I don't know how loud that is..."

A loud BWAAAAAAAAAAAM escaped Ernie, shaking the ground and bus, seeming to be a sampling of the noise.

"Goddamnit!" Bob covered his ears and yelled.

"FUCK!" Zoey shouted, wrapping her arms over top her head and squeezing her arms against her ears, "God dammit, Ernie! Fucking- Yell for Clara- Just not so loud that you make my ears ring!"

Ernie hesitated, "Are you requiring medical attention for your ears?"

Zoey slowly lowered her arms, glaring into Ernie's eye, "Yell for Clara. Now."

Again, Ernie took his time, floating a good distance back, before shouting, "CLAAAAAAAARAA!" in a slightly toned down volume.

A second later, Clara peeked down from the roof of the hotel, shouting down in monotone, "YEAH?"

"Why is Clara on the roof, Ernie?" Zoey asked, folding her arms and tapping her foot.

"I... do not know," Ernie continued to lie.

"Bring me to the roof."

"...Affirmative," the Benefactor said in a slightly defeated tone, Zoey levitating up to the roof with Ernie, leaving Bob behind. "Hey, I... whatever," Bob shrugged, walking back into the hotel to mind his own business.

"I... apologize," Ernie said, but whether it was to Clara, Zoey, or both of them was unknown as he set Zoey down on the roof.

"Heeey, look at that. It's your eye, Ernie," Zoey remarked, having remained in her folded arms and tapping foot position. Ernie looked away, his eye floating back and connecting to the stalk as he drifted a slight move away.

"Zoey? Ernie? What's going on?" Clara asked.

"You knew your eye was up here the entire time, didn't you, Ernie?" Zoey asked.

Ernie did not respond, glancing to Zoey and Clara, then away.

"You lied to me, Ernie. You lied after I gave you an order, 'a task', to tell me where your eye was," Zoey accused.

Ernie turned away, looking as if he was sad, if such an expression could even appear on the robot.

"Zoey, what's going on?"

"Let's ask Ernie. Ernie, what is going on? What are you doing with Clara? Why did you lie to me?"

Ernie looked morose as he turned around, his eyes darting between the two girls, before looking to both, "Clara and I were discussing astrology and horoscopes."

"What is the full story, Ernie? Don't give me half-truth bullshit," Zoey ordered.

"...Clara and I have been up here since yesterday," Ernie admitted, "I did not respond to you when you ordered last night due to the fact that... I was sleeping."

"You were sleeping?... With Clara? Are you two dating or something?"

"Yes," Clara answered for Ernie, "Ernie developed a crush for me some time ago. Last night, when I was buying a binder and new notebooks, I found this out. Ernie was also surprised, but then we both had sex in the store's bathroom before coming up here and watching the stars. We fell asleep together and once we woke up, Ernie got me breakfast and then we discussed astrology. Also, I'm a Temporary Overseer."

"You made her an Overseer, Ernie!?"

"I could not deny temporary access," Ernie stated meekly, seeming to wither back at Zoey's question.

"And then you lied to me about it!? That's what really pisses me off here! What else have you been lying about? Huh?"

"Nothing!" Ernie protested, shaking his eyes, "I've lied about nothing else!"

"That was a pretty anxious 'nothing', Ernie.." Zoey accused, "Especially since you're never anxious."

"I said there was nothing!" Ernie stated with a static to his angered voice as he floated forwards a bit.

"Are you getting angry now!? What the hell is going on with you? There's something you're not telling me!"

"No, I...!" Ernie turned away, cocking his eyes up for a moment, shuddering in frustration, before muttering quietly, "I'm a faulty machine."

"... What?" Zoey blinked.

"Emotions developing make this unit faulty," Ernie replied, "But Clara... thinks they are fine."

Zoey glanced over to Clara, then back to Ernie. "Ernie, I don't give two shits if you have emotions. I just don't want you lying to me and being a fucking jackass."

Ernie slowly turned back to the two, glaring at Zoey before gritting, "Noted."

"Good... And.. I guess it's fine if you guys are dating, I don't really care about that either," Zoey sighed with a shrug, "Can you bring me back down, Ernie?"

Ernie floated towards the door that opened to the stairwell, slamming it open, before turning back to Zoey.

Zoey looked to the door and then to Ernie. As she walked to the stairwell, she frowned and said, "This is what I meant by you being a jackass." With that, she slammed the door shut behind herself.

Ernie looked at the door for a moment, his tense arms slowly moving to a more relaxed position, before rotating back around to Clara. "I..." Ernie thought for a moment of what to say.

"I will admit, you were being a bit of a jerk," Clara stated, "Then again, if this is your first time dealing with emotion, I guess you just have to get used to them."

"I will keep note of that," Ernie nodded, "I am sorry for my actions, still."

"... I'm gonna guess you're about to ask for punishment," Clara predicted.

"...I was not thinking of that," Ernie admitted, "But now that you've reminded me, yes. This is most definitely a punishable infraction."

"Bring me a baseball bat then," Clara ordered.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

Post by Lowfn on Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:00 pm


Fennel looked up at the pirate, “You could just start a theme park or ther kind of tourist trap then people wouldn’t shoot you and they’d be willing to give you more of their money.” Fennel suggested.

"Yeah, but that's boring," Tychen shrugged, "Besides, I'd have to deal with actual business issues, like taxes and stuff."

”Or you could set up a business to fraud theft insurance companies and everyones happy. Under the table payments and stuff.” Fennel added.

”Bah!” Tychen waved the notion away, “I prefer the more direct route of just taking what I want, when I want, wherever I want.”

“But what are you going to do when you decide to settle down?” Fennel inquired.

"Settle down?" Tychen wheezed, before breaking into another fit of cackling laughter. "Oh... you're joking, right?"

Fennel looked away and chuckled, “Yeah, it was a joke.”

"Good," Tychen replied as an undead man with a bowl of popcorn stumbled in, the pirate taking the bowl and putting it between him and Fennel, "For a second there, I was thinking you were serious."

Fennel took a few pieces of popcorn, "Yeah, ha ha, just a funny joke." Fennel commented before eating the buttery snack. She then watched the screen for a little while in silence.

"So do you always gotta kill people to make zombies, or can you work with corpses?" Fennel asked.

"I can work with already dead things," Tychen shrugged, "It's just easier when their life juices are still starting to flow out. Really makes the old magick a bit more effective."

"I think there's a necromancer somewhere in Varie, she could probably get some more lively corpses, then you don't gotta kill people." Fennel commented as she covered her face during a particularlly scary part of the movie.

While he would have laughed, Tychen had seen Fennel's reaction to the particularly bland scene (at least, in his perspective), and decided to bring his arm down, wrapping it around her. "Ay," he comforted, "You're fine."

Fennel then twitched her ears as she said "You're so brave, Techy. Do you ever get scared?" as she wrapped her tail around his arm. "You're so strong." The robot's sudden shriek caused Fennel the jump into the air before covering her ears and huddling next to Tychen.

"Jeeez," Tychen remarked, "They might wanna keep it down out there."

Fennel looked at the screen. "Oh the movies almost over. Techy." Fennel commented as she placed her head on his shoulder.

"Oh, joy. Our time's almost up..." Tychen sighed.

"I really like this movie. What do you think of it so far?" Fennel asked as she wrapped and arm aroiund Tychen's shoulder.

"I think it's alright. A bit too... kiddish at times? I dunno, it just seems lacking," Tychen reviewed, "I like this sack guy though..."

"I probably should have picked something scarier." Fennel lamented. She thought for a moment. "Techy... I don't think we're compatable, but I think I know someone you would like."

Tychen's form slumped a bit as he heard the disappointing news from Fennel. "Yeah, who?" he asked.

"She's the necromancer, Her name's Meribeth. I don't think she'd be all the fond of the pirate thing but I think you two can compromise." Fennel replied.

"Bah, I'm sure it'll grow on her," Tychen snidely remarked, "But... maybe we can have one more date? This was a fluke, on my part."

"What are you thinking?" Fennel asked as she looked up at Tychen.

"I'm... not sure yet," Tychen replied, opening the window and the blinds, putting his feet out before looking back, "I'll get ya when I think of it!" he exclaimed, before slipping out, landing on a soft cushion of undead a few stories below.

"Okay bye bye!" Fennel waved as her date left.


A few minutes later Fennel was in the Lobby with the rest of the group. "Hi Bob!" She said greeting her ex in a rather happy tone.

Bob looked at her with a glum look, looking up from another newspaper, before looking back down to his paper and sipping his coffee.

"Bobby, why are you so sad?" Fennel asked, she was seemingly unaware that Bob wouldn't take this well.

"Why are you dating people who were trying to kill you just yesterday?" Bob accused, slamming down his paper.

"Well I mean, I thought I could get him to not kill us." Fennel replied. "I mean it seems to be working."

"Yeah, but what if that's what he wants you to think?" Bob argued, "He could be waiting just outside to shank us!"

“Naw he knows I’m trying to set him up with another girl. He seemed to like that.” Fennel insisted.

"...So you're helping the guy who just broke your foot, and tried to kill you.... get a girlfriend?"

“She’d stop him from doing that again. She’s really assertive.” Fennel continued.

"And you're sure that pirate guy's gonna be good with her and not kill her too?"

“She’s a necromancer. Do you know how hard they are to kill?” Fennel asked.

"Isn't the guy who tried to kill you one?" Bob asked back.

“That’s why they’d be good together.” Fennel argued. “Besides it figured it was better to get him to on friendly terms so he doesn’t try and kill us.”

"I... I guess it makes sense," Bob regarded, "But why'd you have to do it in the most horny-sounding way possible? Zoey described it like you were a deer running at a car in that much heat."

“I Might have played it up... I was hoping he’d get weirded out and leave.” Fennel responded.

"Well, he's a pirate," Bob muttered, "A weirdo at heart ain't gonna run from weirdness."

“That was plan B.” Fennel replied quickly.

"Are you gonna have sex with the pirate?" Ruby asked with concern.

"No, he's not that good looking. Besides he doesn't even have a heartbeat. Fennel replied with out a moments thought.

"Zoey said you really liked him for some reason," Ruby stated, clearly not a fan of this arrangement whatsoever.

"Did it come off as that?" Fennel asked. "Man i really need to get some hormone blockers or something."

"I don't like him, Fennel," Ruby huffed, "I thought I shot him."

"I'm going to let him down softly next time he shows up, there's no need to worry, Ruby." Fennel replied.

"Hmph," Ruby folded her arms and pouted, still not liking the fact Fennel entertained the pirate at all. Based on Zoey's description, Fennel seemed very infatuated with Tychen.

"That's just part of the act..." Fennel added sheepishly. Ruby seemed unconvinced.

"Okay... I'm on the rebound something fierce..." Fennel said in a defeated tone.

"Well no shit," Zoey said, finally appearing on the scene, "I'm guessing you guys are talking about what I think you're talking about- Why the hell are you on the rebound going to the pirate? Of all people?"

"He... he said I was pretty the other day." Fennel said, "and I've lost all self control." Fennel admited.

"So if I was a guy and I called you pretty, shot you in the leg, and then showed up the next day, you'd date me?"

"Maybe... This year is really bad." Fennel replied.

"Do you even fucking.. Rub yourself to deal with it?" Zoey asked, exasperated.

"No. I normally get some pills for this time of year." Fennel explained.

"Well, this," Zoey quickly took Fennel's hand and held it up infront of her, "Is what's going to keep you from dating a murdering pirate that broke your foot. But only if you use it."

Fennel was very embarassed to be told this, "I'm just gonna go..." Fennel said as she walked away.

"You better be going to rub yourself! I don't want you hooking up with pirates!" Zoey called after Fennel before sitting down with a frustrated huff.

Zoey telling me what to do. Fennel thought as she headed to the store.

"So," Bob began to Zoey, "The hell was with your robot and Clara?"

"They're dating now," Zoey answered, "And Ernie got emotions and he turned into a dickhole."

"What?" Bob asked, dumbfounded, "Why the hell are they dating?"

"I don't know! Everyone's fucking dating around here but me! And it's all stupid dates! Clara and Ernie, Latte and a fucking pirate! And then there's Jannet and that shithead!" Zoey complained.

"I'm sure someone's gonna come into your life soon," Bob comforted, "Maybe a damn space clown with wings, or another robot wizard thing, fuck if I know."

"Har har. I wanna date my goddamn dad," Zoey pouted, "Why does everything have to be so shit?"

"I know, right?" Bob sighed, "I just want a day where I'm not worrying Fennel's having a gang bang with zombie pirates..."

"... You know what, I think I'm just gonna go to bed. Fuck today," Zoey harrumphed.

"It's like... twelve o' clock," Bob stated, "I haven't even been up three hours and this shit is already annoying the fuck out of me."

"Ruby, go buy some sleeping pills from the store nearby so I won't wake up until tomorrow," Zoey ordered.

"That sounds a bit like overdosing," Bob cautioned.

"I'm not retarded. I know how to read instructions on bottles," Zoey huffed as Ruby ran out of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Fennel was walking out the door.

Ruby passed her on the way with a, "Hi Fennel," as she hurried to the store.

"Oh hey Ruby... do you want to go to the store with me?"

Ruby skidded to a halt and blinked. "Umm.. I don't know. Zoey said she wants sleeping pills because she hates today, so she probably wants me to hurry," Ruby replied.

"I need to pick some up anyway." Fennel added as she tailed behind the younger girl.

"Fine, but hurry!" Ruby propped herself under Fennel's arm on her broken foot side and rushed the fox towards the supermarket. While Ruby wasn't happy that Zoey was so upset, she did see this as a perfect opportunity to prove her usefulness now that Ernie was being a 'dickhead', and she wanted to be fast.

"Thanks." Fennel said as she continued towards the super market.

"You're welcome. Come on come on come on," Ruby hurried as the two entered the store.

Fennel promptly made her way towards the pharamacy. Suprisingly, she was able to find some over the counter hormone blockers, they weren't labled specically for that time of the year but they would do, Fennel quickly paid for the pills before waiting on Ruby.

"Fennel, I can't find the sleeping pills!" Ruby yelped as she ruffled through a shelf of bottles, "I don't know what any of these pills are!"

"You want melatonin." Fennel replied, she was clearly very eager to leave the store.

Ruby grabbed a few bottles, sure that Zoey would be able to tell which was the best one, and dumped them onto the counter before pulling a wad of cash out of her (pointless) bra and throwing it at the clerk.

"What the heck was that for?!" The clerk whined, looking down at the money everywhere.

"I'm sorry! Keep the change! Please scan the pills, hurry, pleeeaaase!"

"... Ma'am, is this your daughter?" The clerk called over to Fennel.

Fennel looked at the clerk, Of all the days for the clerk to be good looking "Umm. yeah.."

"Our store doesn't let kids buy medicine," The somewhat-kinda-eh-handsome clerk informed.

"Oh, yeah I can get those." Fennel commented as she headed to the register. She opened her purse, its contents being a few bills along with a pregnancy test she had slipped in at one point along with the one condom that had managed to not fall out of her purse. "How much are they?"

"She already gave me the money. I just needed you to be here so I don't get fired," The clerk answered, ringing it up and handing Fennel the receipt before sliding the pills into a bad.

"I'm sorry, I've just got a lot on my mind right now." Fennel said as she took the reciept and hobled out of the store. Ruby snatched the bag of pills and zoomed past Fennel a few feet, stopped, then hurried back to help Fennel walk.

"Ruby dear, you can't run off from Mommy like that." Fennel quipped trying to keep the fact that she wasn't really Ruby's mother underwraps.

"I need to prove I'm better than Ernie, come on!" Ruby whined, practically dragging Fennel.

"You're already better than Ernie, honey." Fennel replied.

"No I'm not!" Ruby yelled, "Ernie would've gotten Zoey these pills already!"

"Well, all Ernie ever does is think about Zoey." Fennel quipped, unsure of what to say in response.

Ruby finally slowed down, coming to a complete stop as what Fennel said sunk in. "No.. Ernie thinks about me and now Clara too... But... I only think about Zoey!" She exclaimed.

"Oh." Fennel replied. "Let's get back then."

On the way there, a moderately attractive man noticed the two making their way to the hotel. "Hey, foxy lady!" He waved.

Fennel stopped in her tracks and waved to the man. "Oh hello!"

"That's a nice tail! Mind if I lift it?" The man sneered.

"Ummm... I do actually...." Fennel replied a she clutched her purse.

"We don't have time for this!" Ruby huffed, picking up a nearby rock and throwing it at the man, nailing him right in the forehead with astonishing accuracy and sending him to the ground.

"Oh you know how kids are." Fennel said before going off with Ruby.

As soon as the two entered the hotel, Ruby rushed over to Zoey and handed her the bag. "Here! Sorry I took so long! And- Uh- I couldn't figure out which was the right thing, so, um, I just got a bunch of different bottles!"

Fennel then headed off the her room with a glass of water and her bottle of pills.

"Thanks, Rub!" Zoey patted her little sister on the head before walking off to her room as well, meeting Fennel in the elevator. Aw, shit, She thought to herself.

"Hey... Zoey." Fennel waved.

"You got pills too?" Zoey inquired as she pushed the button to their floor.

"Yeah... I figured it's better to stop the signals than do something that would tell the girls to keep it up." Fennel replied.

"What do you mean?" Zoey blinked.

"Estrogen blockers. I couldn't find any estrus strength but these will have to do."

"Won't that, like, shrink your boobs?"

"I think I have enough estrogen in me right now that's not going to happen. Besides my options are let them shrink a bit or do something that's gonna make them bigger." Fennel replied.

"Or you could rub one out."

"I'm pretty sure if I did that I'd just crave more." Fennel responded.

"... The only thing that has kept me from grinding against every single thing I see is me rubbing myself or screwing Ruby," Zoey retorted.

"Can we not have this conversation before you put any ideas in my head." Fennel requested.

"I'm just saying, there's a reason they call it release," Zoey shrugged, "Anyway, I got sleeping pills."

As the elevator stopped Fennel walked out and popped one of the pills before opening the door to their hotel room. Zoey briskly walked inside and sat down on one of the beds before spilling the bag onto the bedhseets and perusing the selection presented to her.

Fennel followed and laid down on one of the beds as she tried to fall asleep.

"You're going to sleep too?" Zoey asked as she held up one of the bottles to read the instructions.

"It's gonna take a couple hours until they kick in." Fennel commented as she held out her hand.

"Hmm... Take one if bla... Two.. Alright, you take two," Zoey dumped a few pills into her hand, picked out two, and then placed them in Fennel's waiting palm.

Fennel quickly popped the two pills before yawning.

"Hmph... Try to dream about Bob or something else that's... Actually attractive," Zoey requested.

"Yeah I'm gonna dream about his kits just kick- Nevermind." Fennel replied as she closed her eyes.

Zoey rolled her eyes before dumping six pills into her hand and popping them into her mouth, swallowing them as quickly as she could and letting out a tiny burp. Zoey laid down, let out a sigh, closed her eyes, and quietly muttered to herself, "Just fuck everything about today..."

Soon enough Fennel was out due to a comblination of the pills and just not wanting to deal with herself right now.


A few hours later, Fennel woke up, feeling a lot less on edge and went to find Bob. She wandered the halls of the hotel before finally finding him. “Hey, Bob can we talk?”

Bob was sitting in the lobby, watching something on the television out there. "Sure," he looked up to Fennel, "What's up?"

Fennel replied, “I just want to apologize for how I’ve been acting I think alot of it was brought on by some pent up stress.”

Bob took a moment to mull over her apology, "...It's alright, Fen. I know it's been a stressful few days and I get it," he added, "It gets to your head. That stress does. Makes you do some questionable things. I get it."

“... wait... I think I set up a second date with the pirate guy.” Fennel groaned as she face palmed. "Eff me I was desparate."

"Wha- Why the hell..." Bob looked at her, a bit dumbfounded.

"No wait... he set it up, I just didn't say no."

"Well why didn't you say no?!" Bob asked with a confused tone.

Fennel pointed to her stomach, "Oh boy I wonder why." She quipped in a sarcastic tone.

”...Fine,” Bob stood up in an obviously frustrated set of movements, “You go have your second date with the guy who wanted to kill you. Whatever.”

"I'm just gonna see if I can figure out how he chopped my polearm in half so easily." Fennel then cocked her head sideways "Are you jealous?"

”We go on break, and you’re already going on your second date with a pirate asshole? I’m not jealous, just annoyed,” Bob grumbled as he tried to walk away and end this conversation.

"Geeze I am a total floozy during estrus." Fennel commented as she flopped down on the now empty couch. "I need to get my life together."

Bob shoved open the door ambivilently, grumbling as he laid down in his bed, wanting to, as Zoey and Fennel had, get some sleep and a repreive from the madness of the day.

Fennel got up and then went to find Elizabeth, she felt kind of bad for having ignored her for the last few days Elizabeth was found back on the first floor in the breakfastless breakfast area, her head resting on a table next to a few bags containing the produce and pregnancy tests Fennel had purchased that morning. The 9-year-old had been waiting for Fennel for so long that she fell asleep.

Fennel approached Elizabeth and shook her arm "Hey you wan to make that mochi now?"

"Mmmf.. Huh?" Elizabeth blinked herself awake and let out a yawn before noting who was waking her up, "Fennel? What.. Why did you take so long?"

"I needed to clear my head." Fennel explained.

"You should've told me you were gonna do that," Elizabeth groggily pouted, "I've been waiting for you since we bought this stuff and got back."

"It was a spur of the moment. I realized I was losing any self-control I had left." Fennel commented as she started sorting out the ingredients.

"How are we gonna make it? I think the hotel's kitchen is closed now," Elizabeth asked.

At that moment Allen appeared in front of the group possessing an oven. "Well I guess that helps." Fennel commented as she looked at the creature.

"Wow!" Elizabeth gasped, "So how do we make the... Moochi? What is it anyway?"

"It's mostly butter and rice flour." Fennel said as cracked a few eggs into a bowl she had found somewhere.

Elizabeth watched Fennel's every move intensely, making sure to memorize every significant and insignificant action that went into making this new food.

"Yeah just kind of mix it all together and you're good." Fennel said as she eyeballed the ingredients into a larger bowl.

"How much of the stuff exactly do you need?"

"Like five eggs, teaspoon of baking powder and vanila, half cup of butter, a pound of the mochiko two and a half cups of sugar and a cup of sweetened coconut flakes, then a few pinepple chunks on top." Fennel replied as several ingreidents flew into the bowl.

"Mochiko?" Elizabeth blinked, "Is that the rice flour?"

"Yeah." Fennel replied as she pointed to the oven. "Allen, preheat to 350 degrees. Then we just bake it for an hour after this." Fennel said as she pointed to a pan.

"Can I pour it?" Elizabeth asked with a big smile.

"Yeah." Fennel replied as she handed the bowl to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth carefully poured the contents of the bowl into the pan, moving the bowl to and fro to ensure an initial even distribution of the mixture before scraping the inside of bowl and flicking it onto the pan. She then used the spoon and examined the pan from different angles, making sure no spot was higher or lower than the other.

Once satisfied with her work, Elizabeth gave a big thumbs up to Fennel.

Fennel placed the pan in the side the Heat-Form Rotom and set a time for an hour before leaning back in one of the chairs. "So how's your morning been?" The laviturnian asked.

"Umm... Well, when I woke up, Ruby was whining because Zoey didn't sleep with us last night," Elizabeth replied after a moment of thought.

"Oh yeah, she sneaked into our room." Fennel responded. 'That's probably not going to be an issue again."

"And then I ate some trash hotel breakfast," Elizabeth continued, "Then... You grabbed me and took me to the store..."

"Yeah... sorry about that. I haven't had my head screwed on right the last few days." Fennel apologized.

"And... Then I waited for you for about an hour and I think I fell asleep," Elizabeth finished.

"Yeah, my bad too, but hey we're making the thing now I guess." Fennel replied.

"... I heard you're dating an evil pirate now?" Elizabeth brought up after a moment of silence.

"Nope. I'm cutting that off when he shows up. That time of the year really clouds your judgement." Fennel replied.

"Does that mean you're gonna date Bob again?" Elizabeth asked, having already heard about Fennel's 'heat' through the grapevine.

"I don't know, he's nice but I just don't know how well we actually get along." Fennel commented.


"I mean if he asked me out, I'd see how things went." Fennel explained.

"I think you should ask him," Elizabeth suggested, quickly adding, "And you can give him some of the moochi!"

"Yeah, I should probably try and clear that up with him." Fennel agreed.

About an hour later, Allen dinged and Fennel traced two runes on her hands before taking the mochi and placing in on top of the oven. She then made several slicing motions with her hands as before the mochi was sliced into cubes.

"Wooaaah! How did you do all that? You just- You grabbed the pan! And then you cut the stuff!" Elizabeth asked, awestruck as she mimicked the cutting motions Fennel made while she spoke.

"The pan thing was these runes, Ryle uses them to lock temperatures, it comes in real handy when he shoots fire eveywhere. She then flexed her hands causing the runes to flash before dissappearing. I used some kinetic manipulation to separte the edges of the blocks." Fennel explained.

"And.. Does it do a perfect cut?"

Fennel looked at the mochi for a moment, "Looks like it did good enough, it being gooey really helped." her tone implied that she considered the results good enough, not perfect but would do.

"Hm... Well, I bet Bob is gonna like it! It smells good!"

Fennel grabbed a plate from somewhere and used fork to place a cube of mochi on the plate and went to find Bob. After a while unable to find Bob she knocked on the door to Bob's room. There was no response, but if one listened carefully, they would hear the deep snoring of Bob behind it.

Fennel knocked on the door a little louder. "Hey, I got something for you." She knocked at the door a little longer before saying, "I made you food."

It would be another moment before the door slowly opened, Bob looking to Fennel with an expression just as groggy, "Hey..."

"Hey I made some mochi, I thought you might want some..." She replied. "I've also been thinking about what you said earlier..."

"Oh?" Bob asked, rubbing his eyes with a hand, "What've you been thinking about it?"

"Just how this might have been a crush... I mean you're nice, but I wouldn't turn you down if you asked me on a date. I just don't want to play with your emotions." Fennel explained.

Bob took a hold of the the mochi plate, nodding slightly as he thought for a moment. "..Alright," Bob nodded with more enthusiasm, "Yeah, that sounds good..."

"You're not upset are you?" Fennel asked.

"No, no," Bob shook his head, "I Just need some time to... process everything."

"Okay, I'm just sorry it played out like this.... Oh yeah, we'll try to save some mochi for Zoey." Fennel said as she walked back with her tail swaying side to side.

Bob closed the door, walking back and looking at the mochi for a moment, before setting it down on the nightstand, tucking himself back into bed, and letting out a sigh.


Fennel was relaxing in the lobby, enjoying a nice chat with Elizabeth while the other girls and Brendan enjoyed the mochi. "Hey Bread, have you seen Zoey?" Fennel asked.

"I haven't seen her since you two went upstairs" The trainer commented, before stopping Hopkins from eating the almost empty glass pan. "Hopkins, how many times have I told you not to eat glass!" Unfortuntely, the glass pan was now missing a corner as the pokemon happily chewed away.

"I checked on Zoey awhile ago, but she was still asleep," Ruby informed.

Fennel then looked at the mostly eaten mochi, “We should probably get her before that’s all gone.”

"Oh, can you get the elevator while I grab some for her?" Ruby asked.

“Yeah.” Fennel replied as she pressed the elevator button.

After a moment, Ruby hurried into the elevator, carrying a plate in both hands with two chunks of mochi.

“Those don't Have any glass in there do they?” Fennel asked.

"I checked since Hopkins broke the thing," Ruby shook her head.

“Good, the last thing we need is anyone bleeding internally.” Fennel quipped as the elevatlor stopped on the desired floor.

Ruby walked down the hall and 'knocked' on the door with her foot. "Zoey! I brought some of this mochi stuff Latte and Elizabeth made!" She exclaimed. Unfortunately, there was no response.

"Hmph, Latte, can you open the door, please?" Ruby requested.

Fennel slid her key into the slot on the door and pressed the lever, opening the door. Ruby happily burst into the room and set the plate down on a nightstand before gently shaking Zoey's arm. "C'mon! You're not gonna be sleepy when it's time to actually sleep!" Ruby said, only to recieve no response from Zoey, not even a grumpy groan.

“Wow she’s out.” Fennel commented as she poked Zoey’s cheeks.

"I guess I got really good sleeping pills," Ruby concluded, "I didn't think they would be that good."

“We could dump some water on her.” Fennel said jokingly.

"No that's mean," Ruby shook her head before getting a bright idea, "Oh! Maybe if I eat her out!"

“I‘m not letting you do that.“ Fennel replied in a deadpan tone.

"Zoeeey! Wake up!" Ruby whined, shaking her sister with a little more force. The complete lack of a response was becoming worrying to the eleven-year-old. "Latte? This is normal right? For sleeping pills?"

“It depends how many she took. I could administer a light shock. That should jolt her awake.” Fennel mused. She then rubbed her hands together as small sparks jumped between her fingers.

The window slid open, and the viasge of Ernie looked in, "I can assist in the waking of Zoey."

"Ernie!" Ruby exclaimed before tapping Fennel with a pout, "No, don't electrocute her. Ernie! We can't wake Zoey up; she took a sleeping pill."

"...I have an idea. Leave the room and close the door." Ernie suggested, "I would not advise your presence in this room when I commence my idea."

"What's your idea?" Ruby asked.

"I'll tell you after you both wait outside for about thirty seconds," Ernie stated.

"Okay, but you better not electrocute her," Ruby warned.

"I will not." Ernie promised, the door calmly opening behind the two, "Now wait outside if you wish for an awakened Zoey."

“It was a joke.” Fennel replied before walking out of the room with Ruby following close behind before shutting the door.

There was a moment of silence, before a loud but muffled BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM rumbled from behind the door, shaking the floor and causing the ceiling lamps to swing to and fro.

The door slid open again. "My idea is complete." Ernie concluded, before floating off before he could see if it had worked or not.

"Blrrrrfff..." Zoey mumbled, rolling off of the bed and hitting the floor with a thud.

"Zoey!" Ruby gasped, running over to help her limp sister up off the ground.

”Hey we brought you food.” Fennel said as she pointed to the plate of food.

"Mmmnn..." Zoey hummed. It was hard to tell if her eyes were closed or squinted very close to it. Ruby let go of her only for her to fall face-first onto the bed.

“Zoey wake up.” Fennel said before poking her cheeks again.

Zoey let out a muffled hum before Ruby turned her over onto her back. "Zoey! Come on!" Ruby yelled, shaking her sister more vigorously, "Wake up!" It seemed hums and slurred gibberish was the most awake Zoey could be at the moment.

“Oy!” A voice grumbled, before the visage of Tychen heaved himsef through the window, “I’m ‘ere... the hell is short-stack lyin’ on the bed for?”

”I think she took a few sleeping pills she’s been out for a few hours now.” Fennel commented.

"Just let the brat sleep it out of her, then!" Tychen suggested, looking around for a possible solution.

"Yeah but I kinda made some mochi for her.” Fennel commented,

"Yeah, go away!" Ruby yelled, picking up the room's lamp and throwing it at the pirate.

“Yeah this isn’t a good time, tech.” Fennel said as tried to disfuse the situation.

"Hey!" Tychen grumbled as the lamp hit him in the place where a face would be, "What's the deal? Wait... you're the kid that shot me! Yeah! Ruby, wasn't it?"

"And I'll do it again!" Ruby shouted, grabbing the shotgun on Zoey's back and turning both it and her sister around to face the pirate.

Fennel put herself between the two parties, ”Look why don’t we take a second to calm down, and not make any rash devisions.”

"I'm not making rash decisions here," Tychen tried to assure, "I just climbed in and-"

"You shut up!" Ruby yelled, "He tried to kill us! He broke your foot! At first, I thought he killed you when he hit you on the ground!"

“Look how’s about we just reach a compromise. Ruby won’t shoot you and you apologize for trying to kill us.”

"What? I already apologized to you, I think..." Tychen tried to remember how his last endeavor with Fennel had went.

"I don't care! Fennel, you're just in heat, move out of the way!" Ruby ordered, not lowering the shotgun as she used her foot to slide Zoey down and out of the strap that kept it on her back. She wasn't going to let any risk of harm come to her sister.

“That‘s Is private information, Ruby.” Fennel snapped.

"But it's true! That's why you're being dumb!"

”I have already taken care of that, Ruby.” Fennel retorted.

"Yeah! She's probably less crazy now!" Tychen agreed

“Okay look, Tychen, why don’t you try to find a better time. A lady needs some time between dates.." Fennel said as she tried to get the pirate to leave.

"What are you talkin' about?" Tychen glanced back to Fennel, "I may have been looking for you for date two, aye, but now that coma girl's gone and ruined the mood."

“Okay, then, we’ll figure that out later.” Fennel replied as she tried to shoo the pirate away.

"Her name is Zoey!" Ruby roared, jumping up off the bed. Her body landed on Fennel's back just as she fired the shotgun into Tychen's 'face'.

Black, inky blood splattered across the wall as Tychen's body flailed backwards, slamming against the same wall before coming to a resting position, limp and lifeless.

”Shoot!” Fennel shouted as she extended her hand‘s tried to stop the bullets with magic. Unfortunately it was too late. “Ruby! Now he’s gonna be pissed and try to kill you."

"No he won't!" Ruby shouted, dropping from Fennel's back before shoving the fox out of the way. She pumped the shotgun and fired at Tychen's body once more and began repeating the process, causing the black blood to splatter on nearly every surface as she ravaged the pirate's body full of bulletholes.

“Ruby, I had the situation under control!” Fennel shouted.

"No you didn't!" Ruby screamed, tossing the shotgun to the ground once it was empty. With a furious yell of effort, she hoisted the pirate's body up and pushed it out the window.

“I was trying to not piss him off so he wouldn’t try to kill us again.” Fennel groaned.

"ERNIE!" Ruby shouted.

Ernie floated to the window quickly, awaiting orders. "GET RID OF IT!" Ruby ordered, pointing down at the the mangled corpse of Tychen. There were a lot of undead down there, seemingly now stuck in a stagnant positon.

Ernie let out a confirmatory beep, as he snatched the body from afar, before flinging it away, far off across the other side of the city, and even past that.

Ruby breathed heavily as she turned away from the window, facing Fennel. She was covered in splatters of the pirate's black blood. "I'm not gonna let your heat get Zoey hurt," Ruby seethed.

”You know I’m just gonna go so you can calm down.” Fennel said before showing herself out the door.

Ruby stood there for a moment before approaching Zoey, reaching out to her. She quickly pulled her hand back upon realizing it was covered in Tychen's inky blood. "It's okay, Zoey..." Ruby murmured out as she walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

“Wew.” Fennel said after walking out of the room and walking back to the lobby. "So Mary, how do you unpiss off Ruby?" Fennel asked as she approached the girl.

"Huh? What?" Mary blinked, turning to face Fennel with a confused expression, "Ruby doesn't really get pissed off."

"She's really mad. Do you have any suggestions?" Fennel asked

"Uhh.. Why're you asking me?"

"You're the oldest of them, I thought you'd know is all." Fennel explained.

"I mean, Zoey would know more about Ruby than me. Until recently, I've mostly just.. Been mean to Ruby," Mary admitted.

"Oh... She likes those latte's Zoey gets right?" Fennel inquired.

"Yeah, but she only likes them because Zoey likes them," Mary shrugged.

"I'm just gonna get her some." Fennel said as she appoached the coffee machine.

"Get one for Zoey too," Mary suggested.

"Okay." Fennel replied as she put the coffee packets in the machine and waited for the drinks to brew. While she waited for the drinks to heat she traced two runes on her hands in preparation to grab the drinks.

"So how'd you manage to make Ruby mad?" Mary inquired, "Did you slap Zoey or something?"

"The pirate dude showed up and I tried to difuse the situation without anyone getting shot. But she kind of shot him," Fennel replied

"Wait, aren't you dating him?" Mary asked, her face scrunching up as if she just smelled a moldy banana.

"No. I'm trying to get him to leave us alone. I just have to play my cards right and it should go smoothly." Fennel explained as she grabbed the cups of coffee.

"Oh, I get it," Mary nodded, "Zoey made it seem like you liked him."

"Yeah..." Fennel replied. Granted, while getting him to leave was her ultimate motive, she was in the throngs of trying to breed when she agreed to the date.

"Well, good luck with Ruby," Mary waved.

"Allright then." Fennel said as she headed back to the her hotel room. Soon enough, she was at the door and kicked it a few times and said "Hey, I brought you something."

Ruby, completely nude, opened the door while blow drying her hair, indicating she had just gotten out of the shower. Unfortunately, despite how much she scrubbed, it seemed her hands and forearms were stained by the black, inky blood of Tychen, even leaving splatter marks across her face.

Fennel closed her eyes. "I got you two some lattes."

"Tha-... You don't have to be mean and close your eyes!" Ruby stomped her foot, believing Fennel was disgusted by her appearance due to the black stains.

"It's just that you're naked, I want to respect your privacy." Fennel replied.

"Wh-... Oh, I don't care, come in," Ruby stepped aside, still drying her hair.

Fennel walked in and placed the lattes on the night stand before tossing a towel to Ruby. "Thanks for the lattes," Ruby said, thankful that Fennel had gotten two of them as she wrapped the towel around herself.

"Are you still upset?" Fennel asked.

"... A bit. This stupid stuff won't come off!" Ruby complained, gesturing to the black stain on her skin. Her skin was reddened near the stained portions, indicating how hard she scrubbed to try and clean it off.

"It might be like iodine, it's just gonna take a few days to go away." Fennel commented. "Do I have any on me?"

"Just a little," Ruby answered with a frown, "Oh! Wait! What if you do that disguise thing on me? Then it won't look like I spilled paint all over myself!"

"I can't promise anything but I might be able ot work something out." Fennel said as she looked for her tome. After a few moments, Fennel was holding her brush and tome in hand drawing several strokes into the pages. "All right, I think if I change these around I should be able to get this to work." Fennel mused before lifting the brush from the page.

"Let's do it!" Ruby nodded.

The glyph floated into the air before contacting Ruby's face. "I think can get a power source for you." Fennel then pressed her hands together as a bright green light emitted from between her palms filling the room.

Once the light was gone, Fennel opened her hands revealing a small green crystal no larger than a die. "You're going to have to find a way to keep in contact with that." Fennel said before yawning. "Man, I'm really tired. But that should make it look like you aren't covered in that stuff."

"Wow! Thanks, Latte!" Ruby gasped, giving the fox a hug as she took the crystal in her hand.

Fennel yawned again before falling over ontop of Ruby and snoring. "Gah! Latte!" Ruby yelped, her voice muffled by the fox's chest as she squirmed underneath Fennel, "Why're you always so heavy?!"

Fennel, meanwhile, continued snorring it seemed that compressing all the magic she had in her at the moment had caused her to pass out.

There was a knock at the door. "Hey," Bob began from behind the door, "the hell's going on in there?"

"Hold on!" Ruby answered. Bob would hear a few thuds and whines before Ruby opened the door for him with a happy, "Hi, Bob!"

"Hey... were you guys shooting Zoey's gun in here?" Bob asked, "I heard a loud noise, and then some shots. Everything alright in here?"

It seemed that Fennel's new sleeping position had her face planted into the bed while her rear was in the air.

"Yeah, it's fine. The pirate came so I killed him, but I wanted to make sure he was dead so I kept shooting him, then I tossed his body out the window and asked Ernie to get rid of it," Ruby explained, letting Bob into the room half-stained black.

"Uh-huh..." Bob nodded slowly, before noting the giant bloodstain on the wall and Fennel face first on the bed. "And why is Fennel passed out? And Zoey?"

"Zoey took some sleeping pills this morning and Latte passed out after she made this thing," Ruby showed Bob the small, green crystal, "She said as long as I hold this, I can keep my disguise- Oh, she made me a disguise because I got black stuff all over me."

"Oh, geez, this is a mess," Bob mumbled, "Let's move them toanother room... not covered in pirate blood, first off."

"Okay," Ruby nodded, walking over and heaving Zoey into her arms for a few seconds before dropping the limp teen back onto the bed with a gasp, "Oh my gosh, I'm weak."

“I’ll pick them up,” Bob sighed, lifting Zoey up in his arms, “Just get some beds ready for them.”

Fennel opened her eyes as Bob picked her up. "B-Bob, what are you doing?" She asked as she rubbed her eyes.

“Oh, hey...” Bob looked down with a half-concerned expression, “I was just... getting you out of a pirate-blood-covered room. The hell happened with that, anyway?”

“Pirate dude showed up and then Ruby shot him. It might make the whole not wanting to kill us harder. But eh.” Fennel explained, “hey can you put me down without touching my butt?”

“Sure,” Bob said with a slight indigence, more than likely from the implication at the end of Fennel’s demand, before dropping her, “Hey Ruby! Can I talk to you for a second? I don’t think Zoey’s gonna go anywhere if she’s overdosed on sleeping pills.”

"Overdosed?" Ruby repeated.

”Took too many pills,” Bob explained as he got close to Ruby before kneeling down, “Hey, don’t tell Fennel I said this, but good job shooting that guy. I really got bad vibes off of him and I didn’t even meet him.”

Ruby took a second to process this before smiling and giving Bob a quick hug. She then mimicked zipping her lips shut and nodded with a big smile.

Bob stiffled a chuckle under a smile, patting Ruby's shoulder before standing back up, "I think Zoey'll be fine. If she's been asleep for just a few hours, she should just wake up after a while."

Fennel rubbed her rear for a moment, “You didn’t have to drop me like that. I think I landed on my tail.” The fox complained.

"Well, any other way would've ended in my hands on your ass," Bob noted, tucking Zoey in, "And we didn't want that, now did we?"

“I should have just kept my mouth shut.” Fennel commented.

"So Zoey's gonna be okay? She's just gonna sleep for awhile?" Ruby asked, just to make sure.

"Yeah, she'll be fine," Bob remarked, "She'll probably be real thirsty and hungry when she wakes up, though."

"Hmm... I'll stay here then and wait for her to wake up," Ruby asserted.

"You sure?" Bob asked, "That's gonna be a while..."

"I don't want Zoey to be hungry or thirsty for longer than she has to be," Ruby nodded.

“You ever heard of sleeping beauty?” Fennel snickered.

"Oh! She's right!" Ruby gasped, "You gotta kiss Zoey! Then magic stuff will happen and she'll wake up!"

"No," Bob shook his head, "That's a fairy tale, guys. It's not gonna work."

"Wizards and stuff are real now! We have a talking fox lady!" Ruby insisted, "Just one kiss to see if it'll work!"

“Prefer the term vulpine person.” Fennel huffed.

Bob took a deep sigh, muttering, "This better fucking be worth it," before leaning over Zoey, slowly puckering his lips and kissing the sleeping girl on hers.

"I'm telling Zoey you kissed her," Ruby said with a cheeky grin.

“You know I was only joking... this is pretty funny.” Fennel giggled.

"God, I... this is all bullshit," Bob grumbled, standing up and storming out, shouting as he left, "You better not tell her, Ruby!"

“I can wake her up Bob.” Fennel called out.

"Fucking do it already then!" Bob shouted from the end of the hallway, not turning back.

Ruby burst into giggles that turned into full blown laughter as she kicked her legs into the air.

Fennel then rubbed her hands together and administered a mild Shock to Zoey.

Zoey let out a gasp as her body shook a little. "Fu.. I.. Da..ddy..." She mumbled before lulling back to sleep. Ruby's laughing was quickly silenced.

"What the heck!? I said no electrocuting!" Ruby snapped.

”it’s like rubbing your socks on the carpet.” Fennel protested.

"It didn't even work anyway, so don't do it again," Ruby pouted, ".... We're telling Zoey Bob kissed her, right?"

"I kinda don't want to make him mad. Considering I basically broke up with him."

"Wait, what? I thought you guys were just doing a break!" Ruby gasped.

"I had some time to think about it, I told him I'd go on a date if he wanted. I just think it's best to start over. I think we were just moving way too fast," Fennel explained.

"Moving too fast?" Ruby repeated, cocking her head to one side.

"I mean, we almost had sex, and then I was saying things like wanting to have a family. I'm just not ready for that." Fennel continued.

"... Then don't say that stuff. Just kiss him and go on dates," Ruby blinked.

"I just don't know if it was the hormones... I just want to let things happen naturally and see how things roll." Fennel added.

"But... Aren't you kinda, like.. Forcing things to stop now?"

"I guess. I just just don't know what to do."

"... I know that Zoey will be really sad if you guys break up," Ruby admitted, her voice quieted some as if she didn't want Zoey to hear.

"Look, I'm sorry if this makes you sad. I just don't want to make any mistakes right now, Ruby."

"It's just.. Zoey really thinks you guys would go together good," Ruby insisted, "And, yeah, you were in heat, but.. I think if you and Bob stop being dumb and mean and go on another date, it'll be good."

"If he asks I'll say yes." Fennel replied.

"You should ask this time since he set up the last date," Ruby reasoned.

"I mean, I think that'd be sending him mixed messages." Fennel countered.

"I think you're just coming up with excuses to make Bob do all the work," Ruby huffed.

"Okay, fine I'll ask him." Fennel retorted.

"Great! Thanks, Latte!" Ruby beamed, giving Fennel a hug.

Fennel eventually worked herself free of Ruby's embrace.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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"I-I didn't mean it!" A young Zoey cried out, "I didn't think everyone would get sick! I just-" She was cut off as she looked over the small group of mothers and sisters laying in bed sleeping. While it was far from life-threatening, Zoey's attempt at serving unbaked cookies did not turn out so well.

"Hey, hey," Came a powerful, deep voice, yet it was almost angelic at the same time to her ears, "Look, Zoey..."

Zoey turned around to face her father, her lip quivering as she was on the edge of tears. He placed a hand on her shoulder and knelt down to her level.

"I thought it would taste good! I said sor-"

"Shh," Wolfe held up a finger, shushing his daughter, "You're getting older now, Zoey. You can't keep making these kinds of mistakes, even if you meant well, you should have asked one of your mothers for help."

"I wanted it to be surprise!" Zoey whimpered, too ashamed to look her father in the eye, "I didn't know they'd get sick!"

"I've told you this before, Zoey, and I want you to really remember it this time, because you've used a similar excuse before. It doesn't matter how good your intentions are," Wolfe explained, "If you screw up, that's what matters in the end. Results are what matters... You wanted to make some surprise.. Cookie dough cookies or whatever, and I appreciate that you were thinking of others, but... You can't make mistakes like this."

"I-I.. I didn't mean too," Zoey murmured as tears fell down her cheeks. Not only had she gotten people sick because she screwed up, but she could feel her father's disappointment.

"I know. That's what a mistake is, and that's part of the problem. If you didn't mean to do something, it's because you didn't have control over things. You didn't know what you were doing," Wolfe admonished, "I see how you are with your sisters, you always try and take charge... I like that, but nobody will follow you if you don't have control over the situation. A good leader can control anything."

"I know..." Zoey muttered unhappily, "I promise.. I.. I won't mess up anymore and.. And I'll have... Control over stuff."

"I'll hold you to that," Wolfe smiled, wiping away some of Zoey's misery as he stood up and ruffled her hair with his compartively large hands, "I think they'll be fine after a few days anyway. We have some good medicine and all."

As Wolfe left the infirmary, Zoey mulled over his words just as she always did. She was careful to listen to each and every syllable. Her father was a smart man, and his words of wisdom were invaluable. It made sense anyway, he always had control over what was going on. Nobody questioned his ability to lead.

Zoey looked over at one of her sisters that had been bedridden because of her: Ruby. Sweet, precious six-year-old Ruby. While this was before the armory's destruction and the erosion of the little redhead's self confidence, Ruby still looked up to Zoey even then.

And Zoey had gotten her sick. She had gotten so many people sick.

She was the exact opposite of her father.

He put their mothers through suffering to bring about longlasting happiness.

Zoey gave them a brief period of joy with her cookies before leaving them miserable and sick.


Zoey gave Bob and Fennel a brief period of happiness. They went on two dates....

Next thing Zoey knew, Bob and Fennel were in a panic in an abstract form of their hotel room. The panic turned to fury which turned to tears which turned to panic again as the cycle repeated. The flurry of emotions in the atmosphere was too much to keep up with.

All of the control she had over the situation, the happy ending she was going to give them, everything was falling apart. "I'm sorry! I-I just wanted to make you guys happy!" Zoey cried out, shivering as she was halfway under a bed.

Fennel turned to Zoey and snarled, seething, "Just leave me alone, Zoey."

Zoey crawled backwards into the safe darkness of under the bed only to suddenly fall into said darkness, letting out a scream as she uselessly flailed her arms to grab the ledge, to grab anyone's hand that might extend at the last second...

"Nobody will follow you if you don't have control over the situation," Wolfe's words echoed.

And sure enough, there were no hands coming to save Zoey. She was left to fall into the abyss, her screams deafened as the tiny sliver of light from above vanished. This was all her fault. There were a million ways this could have gone right, and she screwed up. Everyone was miserable, nobody will let her lead anything, her father's book will remain on that alien world as the entire group disbands one by one.

First Jannet leaves, then Bob, then Fennel, and then her sisters abandon the family.

It's like she's falling through the events, barely able to get a word in before someone else leaves.

Until finally... There's just Ruby.

"Ruby!" Zoey gasped, falling much more slowly.

Her younger sister hesitates before turning around, but too ashamed of Zoey to even look her in the eye. She couldn't say anything, too disgusted before turning back around and walking away. Zoey was supposed to be someone Ruby could look up to.

But here Zoey was, a failure, the antithesis to everything her father stood for, to everything he worked for. Zoey's plummet sped up once more, and when she finally hit the ground, it was a surprisingly soft impact.

She had been expecting the ground to be hard, for it to end in an instant. Instead, she had to endure. She had to live with her failures. She was alone.

Despite there being no light, she could still 'see' in a way. There was noone. She had driven them all away. In the end, it did not matter what her intentions were,

It did not matter how hard she tried,

It did not matter how confidently she tried to wave away the mistake,

It did not matter how she felt about ruining everything,

What mattered were the results of her actions. What mattered was the outcome.

And now she would have to live with the consequences of her failures, of her inability to maintain control...

She was alone.


"Look, I just don't know if it's a good idea, Ruby. I just feel like I'd be playing with his emotions." Fennel stated.

"You said you'd ask him on a date!" Ruby huffed.

"I know, I know. I'd just feel wrong." Fennel explained

"You said you guys can start over! This is your first date!" Ruby insisted.

"I mean breaking up with him and then asking to go on a date is just a total bitch move." Fennel insisted

"Just tell him you wanna start over! Bob's really nice!"

"It's not that simple, Ruby." Fennel tried to explain.

"Why not?"

"You just can't go to people and make them think you love them, then decide you don't only to go back. It's wrong." Fennel lamented.

"Yeah, but you were in heat so you were dumb and tried to date pirates."

"I know, i just, I'm afraid I'll hurt him..." Fennel replied as began choking on her words.

"What do you mean?"

"Mean, my own mother didn't love me. She blamed me for all of her problems. I just don’t want to be a slut like her.” Fennel lamented.

"But you don't have sex," Ruby blinked.

“I know but this emotional bull crap is exactally what she would do, make me think she cared about me only to turn around and say I was the worst thing to ever happen to her.”

"I... I can't even, like.. Think of a mom doing that," Ruby gasped.

“And then one day she had enough and just got rid of me, like trash.” Fennel sobbed. “And when I finally saw her again she didn’t even act like she knew me.”

"... Well... I don't think you're like her," Ruby assured, giving Fennel a hug.

“But what if I am.” Fennel countered.

"You're not.. Because.... Someone mean like that... Wouldn't even worry about it," Ruby insisted, tightening her hug.

“Okay... I’ll talk to him.” Fennel finally said as she started to stand up.

A few minutes later, Fennel was wandering the halls again looking for Bob. Eventually, she found him and said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Bob agreed, “What’s up?

”I dont want to make it seem like I’m trying to toy with you but Ruby really thinks I should ask you on a date and that we should try and start over.” Fennel looked away, ”I understand if you say no.”

Bob took a deep sigh as he mulled over the invitation. After just today alone, the many ups and down, the disappointment and the shock... was he willing to give this all a second chance?

”...Sure,” Bob nodded slowly, “I’m willing to start over.”

“Okay... I‘ll take care of everything then.” Fennel replied. “I‘ll let you know when I get everything figured out.” She paused for a moment, ”You like mini golf right?”

“Yeah,” Bob agreed, “Mini golf sounds nice. Better than sitting in a hotel all day.”

“Yeah,” Fennel said as she pulled out her phone, “looks like there’s a place close by. Does sevenish work?”

“I’ll be free by seven,” Bob agreed, “Unless you got anything going on?”

“Not unless pirate boy comes from the dead and I have to get him to not kill anyone.” Fennel replied with a light chuckle.

“Yeah, hopefully he stays dead this time,” Bob huffed.

“I-I didn’t meant it like that. I’m sorry.” Fennel apologized.

“You’re fine,” Bob sighed, “I just didn’t care for that. So, sevenish. Mini golf. Alright.”

Bob looked over and shouted, “Hey Mary! Wanna go shoot some guns or something?”

“Yeah sounds good.” Fennel said before she headed back to her room. “Alright Ruby I didn’t die, it’s set for seven.”

“So Mary?” Bob asked again as he walked up, “You wanna go find somewhere to test out that gun finally?”

Mary looked absolutely ecstatic at the prospect. "Really? I'd lo- Wait... Where can I even test out a grenade launcher?" She asked, her excitement quickly being wiped away upon her realization.

“I dunno,” Bob shrugged, “I’d say we just... go out to like a state park or somewhere there’s not a lot of people. Something like that,” he suggested.

"Uh, yeah, sure!" Mary smiled and nodded, "I'll go get the launcher from my room and we can head out."

“Sounds good,” Bob smiled, “I’ll make sure all of my guns are still in the bus, and we’ll be good to go.” Mary quickly ran off back to her room before Bob could finish speaking.


Fennel eventually wandered back into her room and lay down on the bed, "Any signs that she's waking up anytime soon?" Fennel asked Ruby.

"I'm not sure," Ruby replied, glancing over at Zoey, "Oh! But look what I found while you were gone!" The 11-year-old excitedly opened the nightstand and pulled out a golden crown with two ovular, black eyes. In the middle of the crown was a modest pink, puff with white spots, almost like the top of a neat mushroom.

"I think it's way cuter than the crown she got from Ernie a few days ago," Ruby remarked, examining the crown with a smile.

"Hmm it looks kind of like a mushroom. The eyes kind of remind me of something from the Super Mario series." Fennel commented as she tooked at the crown.

"What's that?" Ruby blinked, giving Fennel a confused look.

"It's a video game series about a plumber who saves a princess from a turtle dragon. It's very popular." Fennel explained.

"Huh, so is this like, the princess' crown?" Ruby inquired, holding it up high.

"Yeah, it looks different though." Fennel commented as she looked at the crown a little bit closer.

"I crown you: Princess Zoey!" Ruby giggled, adjusting Zoey's position so she could place the crown upon her head. Immediately after, Zoey turned a bright white as a flash filled the room and generic magical sound effects could be heard.

By the time the two's visions would recover, Zoey was a full blown adult (At least in terms of her body). Her hair had grown far longer and was a somewhat straighter version of what seemed to be the hair style of Princess Peach.

"So it puts you through puberty?" Fennel asked as she looked at the Zoey's new form.

"Woooow..." Ruby gasped, looking Zoey up and down in awe, "... Look how big her boobs are! She's gonna be so happy!"

"Yeah..." Fennel commented, a bit confused that that was the first thing Ruby observed.

"Her whole body is great! And her face! And her hair! Everything!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Her face looks kind of... different, it's not what I was expecting." Fennel mentionedl

"Hmm... Yeah, her face does look kinda.. Not what I thought she'd look like," Ruby agreed before quickly shaking her sister, "Zoey! Zoey! Wake up! You gotta see this! Zoooeeeey!"

"Ffff... Fuck... Noise.. Fucking..." Zoey mumbled, her eyes barely opening as she lethargically swatted at Ruby, "Five more hours...."

"Zoey! Your boobs! Look at your boobs!" Ruby yelled.

That managed to get Zoey's attention. While she was still very drowsy as a side effect of taking too many pills, she glanced down and was hit with an expression like she just had four gallons of caffine injected into her veins.

"HOLY SHIT!" Zoey shouted, grabbing at her chest just to make sure they were real and not a hallucination.

"Zoey can you please not feel yourself up." Fennel requested.

"I gotta see this in the mirror!" Zoey gasped, fumbling and falling out of bed. She crawled to her feet and stumbled into the bathroom, letting out a shriek of joy.

"I told you she'd be happy," Ruby grinned.

"Wait, isn't she gonna have to get new clothes?" Fennel asked, realizing that the teenagers clothes would no longer fit.

"Well, it's a good thing I like shopping then!" Zoey declared, stepping out of the bathroom and presenting her body proper to the two, "Looks like you don't have the best ass anymore, huh, Latte?"

"I still have better hips..." Fennel huffed as she crossed her arms.

"Are you sure about that?" Zoey sneered, tracing the contours of her body with her hands.

"S-Shut up." Fennel pouted.

"Aw, c'mon, Latte," Zoey giggled, skipping over and sitting by Fennel, wrapping an arm around behind the fox, "There's no shame in being number two."

"Yeah, like always." Fennel whined.

"Think of it like this, uhh... Think of me like a really pretty accessory! You'll look even better with me around to Bo-... Wait... You're dating that pirate," Zoey said with momentary disgust. However, her own words quickly sank in as she stood up in shock, "That means... Bob is single."

"No I'm not dating that pirate. Bob and I are starting over... Wait until tommorrow if you're going to do anything." Fennel replied.

Zoey's eyes darted to the left then to the right as she took a long step backwards towards the room's door, a shit-eating grin on her face.

"Zoey, what are you doing?" Fennel asked.

"Nooooothing," Zoey replied as she took another step back, her hand reaching backwards for the door handle as she came closer.

"Zoey do you need to take my pills?" Fennel asked as she squinted her eyes.

"I'm just gonna go say hi to Bob.. Ask him how his day is going..." Zoey said innocently.

"YOU BETTER NOT TRY TO SLEEP WITH HIM!" Fennel shouted as she jumped up trying to reach the door.

Zoey laughed as she opened the door and quickly slammed it shut behind herself, booking it down the hall towards Bob's room as she shouted his name, "Boooob! Bob! I got something to show you!"

"You're not having sex with Bob!" Fennel shouted as she tried to pull Zoey back into her room.

"RUBY! TACKLE!" Zoey laughed. Ruby obediently leapt onto Fennel's back, clinging to her and trying to swing her down.

Fennel fell to the ground. "Ruby get off me!"

"I do what Zoey says!" Ruby yelled as Zoey ran off to the other end of the hallway, "Go Zoey go!"

"Thanks, Rub! I'll tell you how his dick feels when I get back!" Zoey boasted.

"He's gonna turn you down anyway!" Fennel called out as she tried to get Ruby off of her.

Ruby, being a rather weak eleven-year-old, was easily tossed off, letting out a whine in the process.

Fennel quickly dashed between Zoey and the door and said "No Zoey!"

"Aw c'mon. If he's gonna turn me down then what's the worry?" Zoey shrugged, her overconfident sneer even more annoying on her adult face.

"You're just like my mom, all you care about is getting laid!" Fennel accused.

"Well, I also care about shopping," Zoey joked, quickly going in to try and tickle Fennel out of her way.

Fennel quickly dropped to the ground, before trying to pry Zoey from the door.

"We can do a threesome!" Zoey exclaimed, desperately trying to open the door.

Fennel placed her hands on Zoey's sides before placing her feet on the door frame and attempting to use her outstretched body to try and keep Zoey from getting to the door.

"Gah.. This is too much work, I give up," Zoey suddenly said with a shrug.

"Good." Fennel said as she placed her feet back on the floor, and slowly stepped away from the door.

"I'm like, even way more taller than you now," Zoey remarked, "... BOB'S GONNA LOVE THAT!" She quickly reached for the door handle.

Fennel tried to stop Zoey but her short limbs proved useless in this situation.

Zoey threw open the door and proclaimed, "BOB MY ASS IS READY!" A quick look inside the room, however, showed a distinct absence of Bobs.

Brendan looked up from his book, "Miss I think you have the wrong room."

"What the- Bread? Where the hell is Bob?" Zoey asked.

"Who are you?" Brendan asked.

"Zoey, duh, who else calls you 'Bread'?"

"About 12 girls and a marine." Brendan retorted.

"Hmph... Whatever," Zoey shrugged, "Oh, by the way, Latte, I wasn't actually gonna fuck Bob. I just wanted to push your buttons. I'm not a bitch, you know." She playfully booped Fennel on the nose with her finger.

"Fennel, who is this woman." Brendan asked.

Fennel covered her nose before saying "That's Zoey, she's wearing a magic crown or something." and walking out of room. "Don't touch my nose, Zoey, it's senstive."

"I'll remember that for next time," Zoey giggled, following Fennel.

"Not like that." Fennel commented as she wiggled her nose.

"By the way, that kinda hurt my feelings, what you said," Zoey brought up, "The whole 'all I care about is getting laid' thing."

"I'm sorry."

"I mean, the whole reason I was running over to 'fuck Bob' was for you- Other than the whole.. Me wanting to push your buttons thing," Zoey explained.

"I, just didn't want him to do anything... things are complicated between us right now."

"And that's why I ran over to his room, to remind you how much you still want him," Zoey smiled, tapping her temple.

"I don't know if that's what I want though. We're starting things over."

"... I'm not talking about screwing, if that's what you got from that."

"No that's not what I'm talking about, I kind of broke up with him then was like hey you wanna do one date to see if this is even a good idea." Fennel explained.

"Well, considering how hard you tried to keep me from even trying to screw Bob, I think you still like him, and that's all that really matters if you ask me."

"It's not because of Bob, I just don't want you to make any decisions you might regret." Fennel explained.

"... I mean even if I did fuck him, that is not something I'd regret," Zoey snickered.

"Can I... tell you something?" Fennel asked.

Zoey gave Fennel a good look to determine how serious she was before dropping the cheeky-cunt smile. "Uh, yeah. Yeah, what is it?"

"Please don't take this the wrong way, but you remind me of my mother... And that's not a good thing..." Fennel stated

"Hmph, well I definitely had to be your mom earlier when pirate-ass showed up," Zoey remarked.

"That's a lot better than she would have actually done. She was a whore, and a drunk after who she thought my dad left. Her life really turned downhill after that. I just... don't want you to go down that path. It hurts the people that care about you."

"Oh, uh..." Zoey wasn't sure what to say for a moment, "Uh... Well, beer tastes like shit anyway, so I'm definitely not gonna end up a drunk."

"She didn't drink until dad left, he couldn't take her running around with other men anymore... it, messed with me for a long time." Fennel continued.

"That's... What a shit dad!" Zoey huffed, "So he just... Left?"

"Well yeah, He doesn't even know if I was his." Fennel added.

"Shit mom too. Doesn't she know what birth contro- Wait.. Uh- I didn't mean.." Zoey gulped, "Like- Uhh... Please tell me you're not gonna take that the wrong way."

"No, I know what you meant." Fennel sighed "It just hurts knowing that she always spent more time playing her 'grown up games' with her 'friends' it took her four years to realize she didn't want me. She told me I was the reason she always had birth control on her."

"Hmph... You know what? I'm surprised you came out of a total bitch like that," Zoey said affirmatively before winking, "And not just because you're a prude."

Fennel chuckled "I hope you understand I just want what's best for you."

"Well, you don't have to worry. I don't screw a guy without protection," Zoey promised, "I'm saving the whole preggo thing for my dad."

Fennel quickly scruntched her face to avoid vommiting at the notion of what Zoey just said. "Thanks... I'm gonna go talk to Harper for a bit."

"Uh.. Alright. Just don't listen to anything she says," Zoey warned as she walked back to their room.


Bob carefully set up the stack of cans a fair distance away in the clearing, before walking hastily back. “Alright,” he began instructing, “Now, you know how to hold it, shoot it, and load it?”

"Uhhh... No," Mary admitted, "The only thing we had close to this was an artillery cannon. Everything else was low-tier in comparison.

“That’s... a big step up in guns,” Bob agreed, “But I can help. So, first, you push open the revolving chamber,” he said, slowly popping open the parts of the gun in her hands, “And then you’re gonna want to put the grenades in. Can you do that part?”

"How delicate are they?"

“Oh, they’re sturdy ones,” Bob assured, “They take a lot of force or pressure or whatever to actually go boom. So they should be fine, just handle them with a bit of care.”

"Got it," Mary nodded, loading the launcher with the grenades and pushing the chamber closed.

“Now, you’re gonna want to aim so that there’s a bit of an arc between you and the target,” Bob continued, “But first, I wanna make sure you got the proper protection,” he said, quickly walking back to the bus and pulling out his helmet, “This should be plenty.”

"Oh, duh," Mary snickered, "I thought you meant like, you know... Ear protection."

“Oh, it works for ear protection too,” Bob said, handing her the helmet, “I dunno if it’s like a noise filter or something, but it makes it so your ears aren’t ringing after every shot, but still hear other things.”

"Oh! So it's one of those electronic auto adjusting things?" Mary inquired as she put on the helmet.

”Yeah, I guess so,” Bob shrugged, “Is it working for you?”

"Yeah, now let's shoot this thing already!"

“That’s a fine idea in my book,” Bob remarked, bracing Mary by putting a hand on her back, “Careful about the recoil, though. It packs a punch.”

"Die cans, die!" Mary shouted, squeezing the trigger of the grenade launcher and letting out a yelp at the recoil. While she had expected some, she didn't take the warning Bob gave her entirely seriously.

The grenade flew through the air in an arching motion, before falling in front of the cans, exploding on impact with the ground, and sending the aluminum cans scattered back into the trees.

”That was a good shot!” Bob praised with a smile, “You wanna stick with this, now that you gave it a shot? Or you wanna try another gun?”

"This is perfect!" Mary beamed. Her arm was hurt a little bit due to her lack of preparedness, but, "This is like a mini artillery cannon! That was my favorite thing to shoot back in the Hold!"

”They let you shoot an artillery cannon?” Bob asked with a flabbergasted expression, “That sounds pretty cool.”

"Mhm! But they didn't let just anyone shoot it," Mary proclaimed with pride, pointing at herself with her thumb, "I knew more about artillery than half of our moms, probably even more than half!"

“That’s actually pretty cool, not gonna lie,” Bob admitted, “You sure you don’t wanna at least shoot some of the others? I’m impartial to the Rocket Launcher, myself, but they’re all good in their own ways.”

"... I guess I'll try the rocket launcher," Mary giggled, giddy to have this opportunity.

“Alright,” Bob fumbled quickly through the weapons, before finding the large projectile launcher, “This one’s probably a bit too heavy for you to hold on your own,” he advised, “So I’ll help you out with it a bit.”

"I work out a little," Mary remarked, "Lemme try holding it."

“Well, I can’t say I didn’t warn you,” Bob replied, as he let Mary hold his large, heavy gun.

"Oof!" Mary heaved, taking in and letting out multiple breaths through her teeth as she positioned the rocket launcher on her shoulder. While it was obviously heavy for her, it seemed like she could handle holding it.

Bob felt sorry for Mary, just looking at her struggle holding it. “I can get you a stand for it really quick,” Bob noted, “You sure you just want to hold it, though?”

"I can hold it," Mary huffed, clenching her teeth. Her shoulder was already starting to hurt from most of the weapon's weight resting on it.

Bob hesitated, before walking out into the woods a bit and dragging out a fallen tree log, just large enough so that Mary could crouch down and rest the gun on it, “Well, it’s there if you need it,” he ensured, “It’s already loaded, I think. It doesn’t have quite the punch-back the other one has, and you don’t have to do the artillery thing.”

"That's because... All the 'punch'.. Goes out of the back," Mary strained, "I know how these work... What do I shoot?"

“Your choice,” Bob instructed, but then put a hand on the front of the rocket launcher, tipping it down, “But I say you should rest it on the stand. You look like you’re about to pass out, and with the gun in your hands, I don’t think anybody wants that.”

"It's just hurting my shoulder. I'm fine," Mary insisted, swiveling it away from Bob's hand and aiming for a cluster of trees, "Is there anything behind me?"

“Uhh... No,” Bob informed, “If you think you got the shot, go for it.”

Mary let out a long grunt of effort as she steadied the rocket launcher before firing, setting the rocket launcher down onto the ground as soon as she saw its projectile zooming away. The rocket zoomed towards her target, before hitting one of the trees dead center. The sound produced was akin to a low clap of thunder, the tree hit capsizing and the resulting fireball scarring the surrounding trees in burns and fire.

"WOOOO-Hoohoohoohoooo!" Mary laughed, "Did you see that!?"

“Hooooly crap!” Bob hollered, clapping several times, “That was amazing! An amazing shot! Good freakin’ job, Mary!”

Mary admired her handiwork before turning to Bob and replying, "Thanks!" She wasn't sure of what else to say in response, but gave the big guy an equally big hug. (Well, it probably wasn't anywhere equally as big, but it's the thought that counts)

Bob quickly returned the hug, picking Mary up off the ground and spinning her about in the hug, before setting her back down with a laugh, “Oh, man...” he looked back at the work of Mary, making sure the fire wasn’t spreading, before looking at his watch, “Ah, Hell, it’s 5:45. We gotta start heading back before Fennel starts getting pissy I’m leaving her waiting.” Bob sighed.

"Aw, man. We barely got to do anything," Mary huffed, "Whatever, it was still fun."

“Hey, don’t look too glum, Mary,” Bob crouched down, “I’m sure we’ll get some more time soon to do something like this again, alright?” He promised.

"It's fine, it's fine. It's better than nothing," Mary shrugged and smiled as she looked over at the destroyed trees, "Way better than nothing."

”Yeah... we’re gonna do it again, though,” Bob smiled, “We can grab some dummies, go out to some real shooting place so we’re not out in the woods, and shoot some more.”

"Can we put a big nose on the dummies?" Mary asked, "It's uh... There's an asshole back home with a really big nose."

“Big noses? I.. I don’t see why not,” Bob shrugged, picking up the Rocket Launcher from the ground, “...You still got six rounds in your grenade launcher. Why don’t you finish them off, then we go?”

"You're right!" Mary exclaimed, hoisting the grenade launcher into her hands and grinning at a group of unlucky trees. She wouldn't let recoil get her this time. She took a moment to come up with something to say before shouting out, "FUCK YOU, NATURE!" and shooting out all six grenades one after another. The continuous explosions reverberated through the forest, as several trees toppled over into the blown out crater made by the grenades.

”Dang,” Bob said with an impressed tone, “You sure did fuck nature there. Good job.” Bob reached down to help take the helmet off of Mary after her wild fire of ‘nades, he hesitated, and pulled his hand back, “Y’know what? Keep it,” he assured, “I probably won’t need it for a while.”

"Really?" Mary gasped, "Thanks, d- Bob!"

Bob looked surprised for half a moment by Mary’s first word she was going to use, before softening quickly into a smile, gesturing with his hands out for another hug.

Mary was reluctant after her slip-up, but quickly accepted the gesture and wrapped her arms around Bob, to which Bob did the same to her. She wasn't sure if he caught it or not, but she didn't really care at that moment.

As the Doomguy pulled back from the hug, he looked back to the bus, “Well, we should get going. Fennel’s gonna be sassy about it if we don’t hurry, and I’m not sure we’ll hear the end of it,” Bob mused, “That and we’d wanna be out of here before someone calls in our fun as like a wildfire or something and gets the fire department involved.”

"What's a fire department?" Mary inquired as she hopped into the bus.

“Basically a bunch of people paid to stop fires from spreading,” Bob explained as he revved up the bus, “They work with the police and stuff, so it’d be better if we didn’t get involved with them.”

"Yeah, cops suck," Mary agreed, taking off the helmet once she sat down to get a good look at it before staring at her reflection in the helmet's visor.

“I mean, they suck for us,” Bob agreed, “But they’re just trying to do their job, which is to stop people from breaking the law.”

"I guess," Mary shrugged before putting the helmet back on, punching the air a few times as if she were Bob and quietly making sound effects.

Bob looked through the mirror at Mary and quietly laughed, before starting on the drive back to the hotel.


Fennel eventually managed to locate Harper before plopping down on a couch next to the girl.“So how’s it going?”

"Wha- Um, it's fine?" Harper blinked, "How's it going with you?"

“Good, I’ve gotten my ovaries under control, so that’s nice. Zoey just went through magic puberty or something.” Fennel replied.

"Wha- That makes sense," Harper shrugged, "Everyone knows that all this magic stuff recently speeds up aging. That's why witches and wizards and stuff are always old people in movies. Um... But tell me about it anyway.""

“Well she put on this crown and she looks to be about twenty five or so.” Fennel explained.

"Yeah, that's about what I expected," Harper nodded, obviously lying through her teeth.

“Alright Harper, since when have you run into magic aside from me?” Fennel asked with a raised eyebrow. The fox thought she was the magic one here.

"Oh, all the time back home," Harper replied, waving her hand.

“Really, because you guys seemed pretty surprised to find out I was the magic fox witch?” Fennel replied.

"Everyone else was surprised, but not me," Harper corrected, "I'd sneak out of the Hold sometimes and find magic stuff."

“I don’t get why you feel like you need to lie about this.” Fennel responded.

Harper gulped and quickly assured Fennel, "I'm not lying, I swear! I even had a friend who was a wizard. His name was Gerome."

Fennel twitched her ears, ”Then why does your heartbeat sound like you’re scared?” Fennel couldn't really hear her heartbeat but had picked up on a few other tells that Harper was once again lying.”

"Because.. I'm scared about how I'll turn out if I hit magic puberty," Harper explained, "I'm the same age as Zoey after all." That last statement was likely the only factual thing that had come out of the fourteen-year-old's mouth.

“I don’t think you are going to hit magic puberty unless you wear that hat.” Fennel assured Harper.

"It's puberty, it's not like you have a choice. I bet Zoey didn't even realize it at first," Harper scoffed.

“Harper, let me tell you something as a woman. You know when you are going through puberty ahd I don’t see anymore of those hats lying around.” Fennel replied.

"Magic puberty works in mysterious ways," Harper said matter-of-factly.

“Lets be real I’m the only one out of you girls who needs to worry about that.” Fennel said as she pinched her brow.

"Obviously not if Zoey just hit it! And considering how much I was hanging out with Gerome back home, I'll probably hit magic puberty too pretty soon-ish."

“You know what tell me about Gerome then, I’ll let you know what to worry about.”

"Oh yeah, of course, totally," Harper replied, buying herself a few valuable seconds to formulate a story, "Gerome was a really, like, generous guy. When I first met him, I was actually getting lobsters from our lobster traps, but one of them was missing. I walked out a bit farther than I should have and got jumped by some of Greg's thugs- Ah- Greg was this big jerk back home- Anyway, so these guys suddenly were lifted into the air and tossed super far away, like, all the way to Brooklyn probably! I look around and there Gerome is. He saved me."

“Yeah...”Fennel replied her tone indicating she didn’t believe Harper’s story.

"But yeah, I told Gerome I had to head back home and he told me to meet him soon. Turns out he didn't live too far away," Harper continued, "And I went to go visit him pretty often, and every time I went, he showed me some new magic thing he could do."

”Harper, I can tell you‘re lying.” Fennel replied with a dead pan expression. “Why do you feel the need to lie?"

"Wh- Hey! What makes you think I'm lying?" Harper huffed, "That's really disrespectful to the memory of Gerome! He died, you know!"

“I’ve been reading your brainwaves.” Fennel lied, "And you have the reputation.”


“Everyone knows you lie, like all the time.”

"They don't know I lie, they think I lie. I speak the truths people aren't willing to listen to."

“Like how I spit in Zoey‘s latte?”

"Ah-... I thought you.. Spat in it. It was a trick of the light," Harper gulped, the guilt of that lie returning to her.

“Really... You know, I remember the lighting being pretty good that morning.” Fennel replied.

"It wouldn't be an effective trick of the light if you were able to tell the light was being tricky. Plus, light and stuff is different depending on your angle and position and all that."

“I can’t believe you thought I would do such a thing.” Fennel sniffled As her ears dropped.

"I-I.. I didn't believe it either, but I- I just saw.. You know, I thought I saw you spit in it," Harper stammered.

Fennel stuck out her bottom lip, ”I’m just so hurt right now.”

"I didn't mean it, I promise! I just- I just blurted it out without thinking!" Harper finally admitted.

Trying to get more out of Harper, Fennel looked down and closed her eyes. ”But why?“

"I don't know! I say stupid stuff like that all the time, I swear I didn't think you'd get in trouble with Zoey or anyt- I-I wasn't thinking at all. I just said it," Harper tried to explain, quickly averting her gaze in shame.

“Why do you do it all the time though?”

"I.. I don't know... It just... I lie without even thinking about it... And... I keep lying so nobody finds out I lied the first time," Harper mumbled, frustrated with herself.

“Harper, If you tell me the truth in the future, I promise not to be mad.” Fennel requested.

"It's not that, I just... I don't know," Harper whimpered. She knew just as much about why she lied as anyone else.

Fennel opened her arms and waited for the girl embrace her. After a brief glance, Harper noticed the offer and took it. She miserably wrapped her arms around Fennel in a tight hug. "I'm sorry for lying about the spitting thing... I didn't mean to.. I-I should've just kept my mouth shut."

“It’s okay.” Fennel said as she began scratching the younger girls back.

"... The same thing happened with Clara..." Harper said after about a minute, "... The birthday thing. It.. It started off just.. I lied without thinking and... It just kept going..."

”That doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it in the future.” Fennel assured Harper.

"What do you mean?" Harper asked, pulling back and looking up at Fennel.

“You can’t just let your past define you like that.” Fennel explained.

"I.. I still.. I don't get what you're saying," Harper said.

“I mean you can do better in the future, you don’t have to let that you did lie mean that you have to lie In the future.”

"I try to! I just.. I.." Harper let out a frustrated sigh and looked away from Fennel, staring at the floor, "... It'd be better if I just didn't talk at all."

“Well I like talking to you and I’d be sad if you didn’t talk at all.” Fennel replied.

"All I do is lie though," Haprer huffed, hugging her legs and resting her chin on her knees.

“You can change that.” Fennel replied.

"No I can't! I've tried to and I.. It just comes out," Harper snapped, giving Fennel a hurt glare before once more looking to the floor.

”I’m sorry.” Fenndl apologized, “What would you like me to do?” Fennel asked hoping she could help.

"... Nothing," Harper muttered, "Just... I don't wanna talk anymore."

“Okay... if you ever want to talk, let me know.” Fennel said as she left to change for the mini golf date.

Soon, the group’s bus rolled back into the parking lot, with Bob and Mary soon strolling out of it. “So, like I said, we’ll do that again soon, alright?” Bob assured, closing the doors to the bus after Mary got out.

"Yeah, definitely," Mary nodded, taking a few steps away from Bob before pausing. Quickly, she skipped up to Bob, took off the helmet, and gave him a peck on the cheek. She put the helmet back on and began walking to the hotel.

Bob rubbed his cheek, and smiled a bit, before following Mary back into the hotel.

As Fennel got ready for her date, Zoey strutted past Mary and into the lobby to meet Bob. "Hey there, Bobby. Like what I've done with my hair?" Zoey asked, as if that was the only thing that's changed about her. While her voice had scaled up to match the age of her body, her tone was indicative of the smug fourteen-year-old Bob had become familiar with.

Fennel soon followed wearing the outfit she met the group in.

Bob took a moment to notice that Zoey was talking to him, “Are you...” he took a quick glance over her, “Talking to me? Who are you?”

"Come on, Bob, don't you recognize me even a little?" Zoey asked, leaning in close to Bob and putting a hand on his chest as she grinned at him.

“...Zoey?” Bob asked in sudden realization, “What happened to you?”

"I guess I didn't need a time wizard after all," Zoey giggled, taking a step back and doing a slow spin to show off her body.

Fennel pointed her ears and said, “It’s that crown she’s wearing I think. She’s been like that since we put it on her.” Fennel commented before taking her hair out of its usual pony tail.

“A crown, huh?” Bob pondered, looking over Zoey one more time before snapping the crown off of her head, “Lemme see this real quick.”

"Hey!" Zoey yelped, turning back into her fourteen-year-old self in a flash of light. She jumped up ,reaching for thr crown, "Give it back!"

”I wonder if it would make you look like a king or something.” Fennel mused.

Bob held the crown far above his head, “I’ll give it back... if you promise you won’t use it to do dumb stuff.”

"I haven't done any dumb stuff with it!" Zoey insisted, still trying to jump up and grab it, but to no avail.

“Not yet you haven’t,” Bob agreed, “But until you agree, I’m just gonna keep it somewhere locked tight.”

“Can I wear it?” Fennel asked.

"No!" Zoey huffed before looking back up at Bob,"I promise! No dumb stuff!"

“Alright then,” Bob nodded, dropping the crown onto Zoey'’s head, before turning to Fennel, “To be fair... I don’t think you need that thing, Fen.”

“I just wanted to see what would happen.” Fennel commented.

“No, I mean..” Bob came close to her and smiled, “You’re already beautiful without it.”

Fennel let out a chuckle, “Oh right.” Her tone only carried the slightest hint of her being somewhat uncomfortable with the comment.

"Ehhh... Not as good as me though," Zoey smiled, making sure to take a few steps away from Bob as she traced her body with her hands.

“Phoney.” Fennel commented as she watched Zoey.

“Eh, there’s a phrase I was gonna say,” Bob mused, “Beauty is in the eye of whatever, Zoey. Doesn’t matter, what I’m trying to say is that’s subjective.”

"That kinda stuff is in our DNA," Zoey argued before walking away, swaying her hips as she did so.

“Soo, do we need to get going yet?” Fennel asked as she looked at a clock on the wall.

“It’s only 6:30,” Bob remarked, “So I need to get ready first. Here,” he gave her the keys, “You wanna make sure the bus is warmed up?”

”Sure.” Fennel replied before taking the keys and getting inside the bus to start the engine. Fennel eventually dozed off in the passenger seat as she waited.

Eventually, Bob walked out to the bus and sat in the driver’s seat, before noticing that Fennel was asleep. Instead of rudely waking her, he simply drove off to the golf course, parking in their lot, before gently shaking the Laviturnian’s shoulder, “Hey, Fennel... we’re here.”

“Huh, what?” Fennel muttered as she woke up. She then rubbed her eyes as she got out of the bus and headed towards the clerks desk of the establishment. Fennel then placed a few bills on the counter and said, “Two games please.” The clerk handed Fennel her change before Fennel took a club and a purple golf ball.

Bob followed in suite, taking a club and a green golf ball, before looking to Fennel, “So, you like playing mini golf?”

”Yeah. I used to play it with Dipin and Ryle all the time.” Fennel explained as she walked to the starting point of the first hole.

“Friends from back home?” Bob asked, letting Fennel take the first turn.

“Yeah, Dipin’s a hedgehog about your height, brown hair, white fur, he used mainly used a hammer and Weekwhacker. Ryle’s talker, blonde, buff, swings around a great sword...” Fennel explained as she placed her ball on the starting point.

“A hedgehog?” Bob’s scoffed, “with a weedwhacker?”

“Yeah, you’d be surprised how good it is at cutting through armor.” Fennel commented as she planted her feet in the ground and wiggled her hips to line up her shot. “Ryle helped him put it together. He likes doing things like that.” Fennel adjusted her stance once again and swished her tail before hitting the ball with the putter.

“So Ryle’s good at making stuff?” Bob asked, setting up his shot after admiring Fennel’s.

“Yeah, he designed his sword. It’s got this secondary blade that floats off to the side so that it’s kind of like using a wedge for wood chopping or it can be a long sword. He likes to use it as a great sword most of the time though.” As fennel explained, she used the club as a prop to help Bob visuaize the weapon, “I really wish he’d wear more armor though.”

“Huh,” Bob considered, before putting the ball, “Sounds like a heck of a guy.”

“Yeah he’s a really good guy.” Fennel commented as she prepared her next shot. She wiggled her hips before hitting the ball sending it into the hole.

“You two... close?” Bob inquired, aiming and hitting his second putt, the ball rolling ever so barely into the hole.

“Yeah, we’re really close.” Fennel commented not catching the implication as to what Bob was asking.

“Ah,” Bob mulled over the acknowledgement of closeness, picking up the two’s balls and tossing Fennel’s back to her.

Fennel caught the ball, before continuing, “Yeah, I’m surprised he’s still single. He’s a funny guy.”

“I’m sure he’ll meet someone right for him,” Bob advised.

“Yeah I hope he finds someone nice, I don’t want any crazy in-laws.” Fennel commented before placing a ball for the next hole.

“Yeah, me neither,” Bob chuckled, “It’d be a pain to have to deal with that.”

Fennel looked at the course for a moment she was a bit confused as to what the best angle for her shot should be. “Hmmm.”

“Take your time,” Bob suggested, “We got all night for this, right? Or did Zoey try and rope you into something with her magically hot body?” He sarcastically asked.

“Oh yeah because I was just falling for her.” Fennel snarked.

“She’s falling over herself,” Bob remarked with a chuckle, “Anyone else falling over her is just extra.”

“True.” Fennel replied after smacking the ball causing it to bounce around before going into the hole.

“Nice shot!” Bob nodded, before taking his own smaller strike of his ball, hitting it next to the hole, but not in.

”I guess you could say I’m a hotshot.” Fennel bragged as she placed the club over her shoulders.

“Yeah,” Bob chuckled as he flicked his ball into the hole, before grabbing both of their balls and walking over to the next hole, “I guess you could say that.”

Fennel collected her ball and placed it on the starting point before hitting it sending it through a shuttle loop in the course before stopping near a wall.

Bob nodded in appreciation of Fennel’s shot, before smacking his own, going through the same loop, before smacking into Fennel’s ball, sending it into a rough patch.

“Are you trying to help me?” Fennel commented before swinging sending The ball to the hale only to have it bounce against a wall and end up where it started.

”Ouch!” Bob winced, “Sorry about that,” before he took his swing, rolling it directly into the hole.

Fennel swung once again, sending the ball into the hole. “Do you do anything other than kill demons?” She asked.

”Now, yeah,” Bob shrugged, collecting their balls, “But before? Nah.”

“Anything other than managing your 13 fan girls?” Fennel quipped.

“Keeping a good majority of that fandom from trying to bang me,” Bob remarked.

Yeah... sorry about that.” Fennel added.

“No, not including you,” Bob shook his head nervously, “I meant like Zoey and Ruby and all them.”

“That thirst was something fierce.” Fennel commented.

“So I’ve heard,” Bob remarked, “Zoey’s told me enough times about how she wants to ride me and whatnot.”

“Well that won’t be a problem again... let’s just hope that hat doesn’t do anything similar.” Fennel remarked before moving on to the hole.

“I swear,” Bob began, “They try and put that dumb crown on me, I’m throwing it as far as I can and I hope I break it.”

“You could always put it on Brendan to find out what happens.” Fennel suggested with a shrug.

“Not Brendan,” Bob shook his head with a laugh, “I don’t want that little guy to be a guinea pig for me!”

“He’s taller than all the girls.” Fennel commented. “Especially me.”

“Yeah, still,” Bob shrugged, “I think he lets them push him around a bit. But I dunno if I can say much about that,” he laughed, taking his stroke.

”It doesn’t seem to bother him too much.” Fennel commented as she took a stroke. “It’s almost like he’s just waiting for things to be normal.”

“Well, normal for him is making magic animals fight each other, I think,” Bob shrugged, “So I don’t think his version of normal’s coming any time soon.”

“Probably not. I kind of wonder if things will go back to normal back home," Fennel commented before knocking the ball intk the hole.

”I bet they will whenever this clash thing’s over,” Bob suggested, hitting the ball into the hole as well, before collecting his and moving onto the next hole.

Fennel collected her ball and continued. “Yeah but things were odd, before then.”

“Before the clash?” Bob asked, setting up his ball, “How so?”

“Well appearently the reason I can do magic stuff is because we had latent magic, and going to Varie activates that so going back home might cause magic to be a thing there.” She explained.

“Huh, that would be weird,” Bob thought, “Would that... do anything to Laviturn?”

“Maybe, I think the way they explained it is that everyone could use magic if it were doing anything there.” Fennel continued.

“Wow...” Bob gasped slowly, letting Fennel take her shot, “That’d be... neat?”

“Yeah, but imagine if all of the girls could suddenly shoot lightning out of their hands.” Fennel added.

“That sounds... dangerous,” Bob admitted.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about.” Fennel explained. She then took her shot managing to get yet another hole in one.

Bob then took his shot, barely managing a hole in one. “Bah, I’m sure it’ll turn out fine.”

“Impressive, Bobby boi.” Fennel remarked regarding his shot. After Fennel set up for the next hole she some how managed to send the ball flying into a burrow if sorts outside of the putting greens. She followed after the ball shoving the length of her arm down the hole trying to retrieve the ball

“Hey, let me,” Bob insisted, dropping his club and ball and walking over to help Fennel get her ball out of the hole, crouching down as he came closer.

Fennel‘s Tail began swishing as she made contact with the ball. “Naw I almost got it.”

”You sure?” Bob asked, “Looks like a deep hole.”

“Yeah... just a little bit farther.” Fennel groaned as her tail picked up in speed grazing Bob’s Face several times before she got the ball.

“You got a good reach,” Bob complimented.

“There we go.” Fennel muttered before tanking the ball out of its hiding spot, Her withdrawal was a tad too quick causing her to roll into her back.

Bob stumbled back in his crouching state, landing on his rear with a grunt, before laughing, “Well, you sure got it.”

Fennel looked up at Bob and let out a small snicker, “Sure did. Do you always get knocked over by little girls like this?” She teased.

"Only when they catch me off guard," Bob quipped, standing up and offering a hand in assistance to Fennel, "Or when I let them."

Fennel took Bob’s hand before quickly getting to her feet. “So which one was it then?” Fennel asked as she picked up her golf club.

"Today? Off guard," Bob smirked as he pulled her up, "Your tail smacked me down."

“You know That it’s like 90% fluff right?” Fennel remarked as she grabbed her tail trying to emphasize how little mass it had. “I think you did it on purpose.”

"Bah!" Bob waved off Fennel's assumption, "Whatever you say, fluff-tail."

Fennel placed the ball on the starting point before striking it sending it halfway through the course, looking a head she said “The old windmill I see.”

"Oh boy," Bob groaned, setting his ball down and striking it, hitting the rung of the windmill and causing his ball to roll back, "Dang it! I always hit those!"

Fennel looked watched the windmill for A moment making a stroke as the ball slid between the rungs. “The secret is to watch where those are going to be rather than where they are.” Fennel stated as she watched the ball slide through the rest of the course.

Bob took another moment before striking the ball again, barely making it through the windmill and landing in the hole. "There we go," Bob huffed.

“Looks like you beat me for once.“ Fennel quipped as she took another stroke, sending the ball into the hole. She then collected the balls and tossed one back to Bob.

Bob snatched the ball out of the air, letting Fennel take the next shot, as the game of golf went on until the last hole, which was seemingly designed to take their balls upon planting it in the hole.

”Check this shot out.” Fennel smirked before hitting the ball with enough force to send it about twelve feet into the air before it hopped along the the final course stopping a few feet before the hole.

"Pff," Bob scoffed, "That's nothin'. Watch this!"

Bob raised his club past his head, before with a loud smack, the ball went flying into the air, passing over the course and landing with a roll, before slowly dropping into the final hole. "Boom!" Bob pumped his fist.

“I should have gone all out in cheating on that one. Nice shot.” Fennel said as she made a flicking motion sending her ball into the hole. She the pointed back to the shack containing the cashier‘s desk, “We should probably turn these in then,” Fennel added as she wiggled the club in her hand.

"Oh yeah, we should, huh?" Bob looked at his club in rememberance as the two walked back up to the kiosk from where they got the clubs, and slid his back into the slot.

Fennel returned her club. She hesitated a moment before speaking up, “So how do you feel about everything?”

"What do you mean?" Bob asked, "With the date? Or with... us?"

“Us.” She replied.

"Oh..." Bob thought for a moment, "I'm... not sure, really. I mean, I really liked the date, it just... I dunno."

“Can we be like, just... friends.?” Fennel requested.

"Yeah... Yeah, I'd like that," Bob agreed, "Friends."

”Oh good, I thought you might freak out like I did this morning. Do you wanna like get ice cream or something before we head back?”

"Sure, why not?" Bob nodded as he started up the bus and drove off.

“I hope they have pineapple flavor, I hear it’s supposed to be pretty hard to find out of Laviturn.” Fennel commented.

"Sounds weird," Bob commented, "Cookies and Cream is the best, hands down."

“Clearly you never tried it.” Fennel argued.

"Because it's probably weird," Bob retorted.

”Well prepare to kiss cookies and cream goodbye.” Fennel challenged.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Meanwhile Brendan was giving Parfait and Hopkins a bath after deciding that the canine’s coat was dingy and the gems embedded into the goblin‘s body needed polishing.

"Hey, Breeeaaad!" Zoey called from outside the room before bursting inside, "Brea- Oh. Hey, Bread. You almost done with rabbit-dog?"

“No I just got them in the tub.” Brendan commented as he put a dab of pokemon shampoo in his hand and started working it into a visibly upset Parfaits fur.”

"Oh, well lemme help 'cause I wanna play with Parfait," Zoey said, not allowing Brendan to decline as she stepped into the bathroom.

“Hey is it normal for people to go through puberty in a few hours or not?” Brendan asked before handing Zoey the bottle of shampoo.

"You're not supposed to ask girls about that stuff, Bread," Zoey joked as she squeezed a small pile of shampoo in her hand.

“Alright while I get her back you can wash the feelers.” Brendan said as Parfait gave Zoey a confused look. Parfait tapped the woman‘s face several times she tried to figure out when Brendan didn’t question this sudden competion to Flanneru’s affections.”

"Bah, rabbit-dog what're you doing?" Zoey huffed, scrunching her face before grabbing one of the Pokemon's feelers.

Parfait took a moment to sniff Zoey before recognizing who she was and licking her face.

Zoey tried to guard herself with her shoulder as she cleaned the feeler, giggling out, "Stop it, c'mon!" It was possible Zoey was not only giggling at the licking, but also the subtly inappropriate way she moved her hands to clean the Pokemon's feelers.

The Pokémon stared at Zoey before blinking and retracting her tounge. Brendan took a moment to work the shampoo into the creature's pastel fur before moving on to one of the creature’s chest. “Veon!” The Pokémon exclaimed as it took a liking to its bath. ”Don‘t be too rough on the feelers they are pretty sensitive.” Brendan commented as the pokemon Became inveloped in suds.

"Don't worry, I know how to handle sensitive things," Zoey snickered.

Parfait determined that Zoey was being too rough in the cleaning oh her feelers and lightly Nipped her hand inresponse. “Looks like someone disagrees.” Brendan snickered back.

Zoey looked down at her hand with a momentary pout before returning to cleaning the feelers, taking much more care to go gently. "Meh meh mehmeh mehmehmeh," Zoey mumbled.

The Pokémon let out purr in response to Zoey’s change in technique and wrapped a clean feeler around her arm.

Brendan then began washing the pokemon’s legs making sure that the each of the paws were given a good scrubbing. Hopkins meanwhile seemed to be doing a pretty good job of washing itself using a bar of soap that it had found.

"Man, Latte has to deal with this fur cleaning stuff all the time," Zoey remarked, "It'd be a pain in the ass to do this every day."

“Her shampoo and conditioner budget must be insane.” Brendan added before placing a hand behind Parfait’s ear and scratching to clean them.

"Oh shit, right. You'd have to use shampoo all over your body if it was just fur," Zoey blinked

“I guess they have something figured out back there.” Brendan mused before hosing off the Pokémon. He then handed a towel and said, "if you could dry her off while I polish Hopkins that’s be great."

"Sure thing," Zoey nodded,rubbing the towel against Parfait's body before moving to her head, taking care not to uncomfortably bend the ears and only lightly dabbing the Sylveon's face.

Brendan then handed the imp a towel, the Pokémon dried itself off aa Brendan got a microfiber cloth and a bottle of cleaning fluid out of his bag. Once the Pokémon was dry, Brendan put It on his knee and sprayed it’s eyes with the cleaning fluid. As soon as Parfait determined she was dry enough she tried to take the towel from Zoey.

Zoey didn't resist, instead rising from her squat. "Sweet, can I borrow rabbit-dog now

”What do you need Parfait for?” Brendan asked.

"I like Parfait. I wanted to play with her," Zoey answered.

“Sure. Do you want Hopkins too?“ Brendan asked as he polished the imp’s Eyes.”

"Uhh... I would, but.. I wanna play with Parfait ,like, girl stuff. You wouldn't understand," Zoey explained, waving a hand.

“You‘re not gonna do anything... inappropriate are you?” Brendan asked suspiciously.”

"Wha- No! She's like, a rabbit-dog," Zoey huffed, gesturing both hands at Parfait.

”Yeah, sorry about that. But you can take her” Brendan apologized.

"C'mon Parfait, let's go to my room!" Zoey exclaimed, skipping out of the bathroom and holding the hotel room's door open for the Pokemon.

”Syl!” The Pokémon called as it followed after Zoette.

"Zoey!" Ruby smiled as her older sister and the Pokemon filed into the room, "And Parfait!"

Zoey promptly removed the crown from her head, turning back into her fourteen-year-old self in a brief flash of white light. She then looked to Parfait and held up the crown. "Hey, wanna try this on?" She asked. Zoey had been morbidly curious as to what Parfait would look like with the crown on, in addition to various others.

She would have tried popping it on Bob, but didn't want to risk losing the crown.

Parfait looked at the crown for a moment before responding. “Sylveon?”

"Yeah, it's a really nice- Can I put in on you, just to make sure it's not crooked?" Zoey offered, bringing the crown closer to Parfait.

”Vee?” The Pokémon responded as it looked up at the crown. Zoey placed the crown onto the Pokemon's head with a wide grin before taking a few steps back, watching with anticipation to see what would happen.

The pokemon's body began glowing a white color as it's silloette shifted into a far more humanoid shape. Once the light faded, a woman was sitting on the bed in the same position as Parfait. "Syl?" The pokemon looked at the girls unsure of why they appeared shorter.

"Oh my god!" Zoey and Ruby cried out in unison with enormous smiles on their faces.

"You have a human mo- Wait.. Uhh.. Ruby! Help me help her walk to the bathroom so she can look in the mirror!" Zoey ordered.

Parfait tried to walk with four legs as usual however her now human anatomy proved making this extremely diffcult.

"No, no! Stand up!" Zoey laughed as she and Ruby helped Parfait onto her two feet, "Look down! You have human legs and stuff!"

Parfait sat down once again in a position similar to that of a canine once again as she tried to understand how humans walked.

"Wh- No, Parfait, stand up, like us," Zoey gestured to herself, trying to lift the not-Pokemon up.

Parfait tried to stand up only to fall over. Parfait eventually managed to use Zoey and Ruby stand up, her legs wobbled as she tried to figure out how to stand.

The two girls slowly and carefully guided Parfait into the bathroom so she could see herself in the mirror. "Tada! Say hello to human-Parfait!" Zoey declared.

Parfait looked in the mirror for a moment and tapped her reflection with a feeling before poking herself with the other feelers. Parfait's arms hung to the side as the pokemon was obviously unsure how to use them.

"Oh, oh! Parfait! Say Zoey!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Oh shit, right! You have a human mouth now!" Zoey nodded excitedly.


"Nononono. Look in the mirror and do what I do," Zoey ordered, slowly saying her name, "Zzzzoooeeeyyy. Zuh, zuh, Zoey."

"h-hu-hu-m-man." Parfait replied unsure of how to formulate proper sentances.

".. Okay! You said human! That's not Zoey, but it's something!" Zoey nodded happily, "Zoey. Try saying Zoey."

"Z-z-zoey." Parfait replied.

"Holy shit!" Zoey gasped with pride.

"Say my name, say my name! Ruby! Roo bee!" Ruby bounced in place.

"Roooooo-beeeee" Parfait slurred. She then pointed to Ruby and said, "f-friend."

"Yes!" Ruby gasped, giving Parfait a hug.

Parfait then wrapped a feeler around Ruby and replied "VEE!"

Zoey stifled a snort before giving Parfait a good look up and down. "Huh, I thought you'd at least have some tits," Zoey remarked, poking the not-Pokemon's flat chest.

Parfait was not happy the sudden proding it felt, strange to which she promptly tried to bite at Zoey's hand.

"Hey! Wagh!" Zoey flailed her hand away from Parfait's chest before she could be bit, "God damn... Decent ass though."

Parfait then wrapped her feelers around Zoey's mouth in regards to her profanity. "Ah-ahss?" The pokemon asked.

Zoey quickly moved the feelers off of her mouth and yelled, "Hey! You just said it!"

"Ass?" The humanoid asked as it tilted it's head. "Naughty?"

"No, ass is good," Zoey held a thumbs up, "Ass... Good."

"Good is?" Parfait replied.

"Hmmm..." Zoey stroked her chin before giggling as a devilish idea came to her. "Okay, say 'Brendan'"


"... That's perfect," Zoey nodded, "Now say 'I love Master'."

"Master good good good!" Parfait replied as her tail began wagging.

"I... Love... Master," Zoey repeated.

"Eye...luhve...master." Parfait replied.

"Now, if you wanna make Bre- 'Master' happy, you should say something like... 'I want to fuck Master'."

Parfait tilted her head an said "Master want play?"

"I... Want... To... Fuck... You... Master," Zoey repeated slowly.

The pokemon then repeated what Zoey said as her tail began wagging faster.

"Yes! Good job!" Zoey praised, stifling a giggle, "Now say... 'I want you inside me, Master'."

The pokemon happily repeated, unsure of what the implications of the sentence was. "Sylveon!"

"Is she actually gonna screw Bread?" Ruby asked.

"That'd be pretty funny if she did," Zoey snickered, "Hey, Parfait. Do you know what sex is?"


"No, no, sex, like.. This thing right here," Zoey pointed at Parfait's nono square.

"Make eevee!" The pokemon happily replied.

"... Do you wanna 'make eevee' with 'Master'?" Zoey asked.

"No, no. Human."

"You're human now," Zoey pointed out, "You can make human with 'Master'."

"No, no. Bad bad."

"Master would feel really good though..."

"Fl-flan-nnnery sad." Parfait replied.

"Flannery? Is that his girlfriend?"

"Yes! She st-strong!" Parfait answered happily.

"Hmmm... You could have sex with us. I'm sure Master would like that," Zoey suggested.

"No, no. No make eevee."

"We're both girls, so we wouldn't 'make eevee', it would just feel good," Zoey explained.

"No, no, yous babys." Parfait explained.

"Hey! We're not babies!" Zoey huffed.

"Yeah, Zoey is the opposite of a baby!" Ruby asserted.

"Find master, play!" Parfait said before falling over and trying to walk to the door. After short struggle Parfait manged to use her feelers to open the door as she headed to Brendan's room with her tail wagging.

Zoey and Ruby hurriedly followed. While they were disappointed they couldn't convicne Parfait to screw anyone, they wanted to see how things would go down between Parfait and 'Master'.

The door to Brendan's room was still open when Parfait arrived, she promptly climbed up on the bed and bowed much like any canine wanting to play and shouted the phrases she learned from Ruby and Zoey assuming they were a specific way of asking to play.

Zoey and Ruby followed behind, giggling to one another. "Quick, lay down like this," Zoey whispered, striking a seductive post on the other bed before quickly sitting up.

Parfait copied the pose, "How play?" the pokemon asked as the sound of something falling was heard in the bathroom. Parfait then shouted her new sentances again.

"Yeah 'Master', someone wants to fuck!" Zoey yelled.

"MASTER!" Parfiat shouted before Brendan manged to hobble out of the bathroom.

Brendan looked at Parfait for about three seconds before he walked back into the bathroom not wanting to deal with this. Hopkins on the other hand looked at Parfait unware of anything being off and jumped on the bed with its companion and prompy sat next to her.

"Bread! Get back in here!" Zoey shouted, "Quick, Parfait, say the thing about him being inside you."

"Parfait that is naughty, don't say that."Brendan called.

"God dammit, Bre- I taught her one good thing! Say 'I love Master'!"

"I LOVE MASTER!" Parfait shrieked followed by Hopkins copying the sylables in a much more gravely and uniteligable voice.

"Okay, Love you too Parfait." Brendan called back, "Now go put some clothes on."

"Yes, yes! Cloths!" Parfait exclaimed. "hooomaman cloths!" Meanwhile Hopkins took a moment to stare at Parfait, unsure of what caused her to suddenly evolve.

"Well... This is boring now. Parfait, can you hand the crown back?" Zoey asked.

"No,No! Mine!" Parfait exlaimed before running off.

"God dammit! Bread! Parfait ran off!" Zoey shouted, not waiting for a response as she booked it out of the room.

"Is she wearing clothes?" Brendan asked.

"No," Ruby answered, poking her head out the doorframe.

"Look, I am not chasing a naked woman in hotel, that is your problem now." Brendan replied not wanting to get arrested.

"Oh... Wait for me Zoey!" Ruby shouted, running after her older sister.

"She can't get off this floor!" Zoey asserted, "She doesn't know how to use elevators!"

Parfait meanwhile was sitting with Hopkins infront on an elevator. She looked at the girls with a smug grin before pressing a button with her feelers. DING! "Catch, Catch!"

"NONONONONO! BAD!" Zoey screamed, sprinting towards the elevator.

"Badge badge!" Parfait said as she stepped inside the elevator. Hopkins waved good bye as the elevator doors closed.

"God dammit!" Zoey stomped. Thinking on her feet, she grabbed a nearby potted plant and throwing it through a window near the elevator and screaming to the outside, "ERNIE I NEED YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW! GET THAT CROWN FROM PARFAIT- SHE'S A WOMAN- BUT STILL KINDA LIKE A RABBIT-DOG!"

Parfait and Hopkins got off on the ground floor and promptly headed over to a couch and curled up to hide.

Ernie quickly floated to the window, looking around, before scouring around the building, noting where Parfait was. With a quick yank, the couch was pulled around the corner, out of the lobby and into the parking lot, where Ernie floated above, ready to take the crown back.

"Mine mine." Parfait said before a glass like substance formed between Parfait and Ernie.

Parfait would be yanked through the glassy substance, floating in the air as Ernie pulled in increasing intervals on the crown.

Parfait in reaction shot Ernie with a moon blast as she wrapped her feelers around the crown. "Trade trade!"

The Benefactor reeled back in surprise at the moon blast, dropping Parfait as he took a double-take on the attack.

Pafait sat down much like canine again and shouted "Trade trade!" at Ernie. "Zoe!"

Ernie did not really understand what the pokemon-girl wanted, and instead, after regaining a sense of what was going on, started to pull on the crown once again.

Hopkins's wasn't sure why Parfait wanted this crown but he decided that this robot was mean and hopped on top, covering the benefactor's eyes, to try and distract it.

Hopkins was subsequently pushed off, one of Ernie's arms flicking him away with its gravity as it continued to pull.

Parfait then discovered she could use her arms to hold onto the crown as she shouted her demands once again. "TRADE TRADE!"

All of Ernie's rod-arms pointed to the crown, straining as they put their combined force into yanking the crown off of Parfait's head.

Needless to say Parfait returned to her regular shape, though she was clinging to the robot's arms.

Ernie floated back, as the crown flew through the air, and landed on top of Ernie's head just right. Before he could react, a flash of light filled the air, and a person-shaped figure fell a few feet to the ground. "Agh!"

"Fucking slow-ass eleva... tors..." Zoey's loud complaint slowed as she trailed off to see what Ernie had become. She and Ruby had finally made it to ground level and came to a stop just outside the hotel's front doors.

Parfait had her feelers tightly wrapped around Ernies new form and tried to pull her down to obtain the crown. "Vee vee!"

Ernie stood up, unaware for a moment that he had gotten stuck in a woman's body. "Why are you... Staring at me like that..." he stopped, before looking down at his body with a yelp, falling back on his rear.

Parfait then jumped onto Ernie's back trying to knock her to the ground to refrieve the crown.

"Here, just take it!" Ernie threw the crown at Zoey, the subsequent flash of light turning it back into a Benefactor, but was dazed by it all.

Parfait snatched the crown on her head and replied "Trade trade!"

"God dammit, Ernie! We were so close!" Zoey cried out, facepalming.

"Trade trade!"

"Wh-.. Trade what? Trade for the crown?"

"Yes yes!" Parfait beamed.

"... Okay, shit! What do you want?"


"Alpha?" Zoey blinked.

"Master alpha! Parfait Alpha!"

"Shall I... begin pulling again?" Ernie asked.

"... Get the crown off her head," Zoey ordered. She was not going to be dethroned by a rabbit-dog.

"Ice cream!"

Ernie again yanked the crown with all his force off of Parfait's head, this time assuring that it did not land on him, floating high up enough so that the rabbit-dog could not assail it.

Parfait looked up at Zoey "Vee Vee!"

Ernie slowly floated to the side of Zoey, the crown descending down to her in offering.

Zoey hastily snatched the crown and placed it upon her own head, returning to her voluptuous form with a satisfied sigh. "Ernie, get Parfait some ice cream. Oh- And, uh, thanks a lot for helping out," Zoey smiled.

Hopkins manged to arive and stared up Zoey. "Sab?"

Ernie looked at Zoey, then to Parfait, before sighing, "...Just don't put that thing on me again," before levitating off to get Parfait some ice cream.

Hopkins looked at the crown on Zoey's head then back to Parfait before stamping a foot on the ground and pointing to a saddened Pafait.

"What?" Zoey looked to Hopkins, then to Parfait, "... Oh god dammit..."

Hopkins tapped his head befoer pointing to Parfait "Eye!" The pokemon seemed to be demanding that Zoey apologize.

Zoey slowly approached Parfait, kneeling down to meet the Pokemon at eye-level. "Hey, uh.. Parfait," She sighed, "I'm sorry that I took the crown from you, but... Ernie's getting ice cream! You said ice cream earlier, right?"

Parfait then tapped the crown, trying to see if Zoey would give it to her.

"But... I really like the crown," Zoey murmured, "It makes my boobs bigger, and my butt is better, and my voice is sexier..." Then again, denying Parfait the ability to speak actual words was a lot more significant than denying herself big boobs, something she would get in the future anyway.

"Alright..." Zoey sighed miserably, taking off the crown and passing it to Parfait, "You can have it."

Before she could fully pass it to Parfait, however, two cartons of frozen vanilla ice cream landed between the two, as Ernie lowered down, a single spoon landing on one of the cartons.

Parfait put the crown on before opening a carton and digging her face into the carton of icecream. Hopkins meanwhile watched waiting for Parfait to finish so he could eat the rest, though it could be assumed he was mesmerized by Parfait's new form.

"Why'd you give up the crown?" Ruby asked, dumbfounded.

"Her being able to talk is more important than me having a nice ass," Zoey sighed.

"Talk fun fun!" Parfafit replied as she looked up from the icecream.

"Even if she isn't good at it yet," Zoey added with a sad smile, "Whatever! It was fun while it lasted, right?"

"You're so mature, Zoey," Ruby stated in admiration.

Hopkins walked over to Parfait and stood on one of her leg and tugged at a feeler asking to have some icecream. After a moment, Parfait lowered the carton allowing Hopkins to take a few handfuls of icecream before sitting in her lap. "Thank thank!" Parfait pipped before contining eating her icecream.

"Yeah, yeah," Zoey waved a hand, turning around and walking back into the hotel with Ruby by her side.

Ernie sat there for a second, before shuddering and returning back to the roof.

"Hey, Ernie. What did she need you for this time?" Clara inquired, looking up from her binoculars for a moment to acknowledge the Benefactor before returning to her snooping.

To, uh... take some weird crown from one of Brendan’s pets. Ernie acknowledged, still sounding a bit shaken by the whole experience, “It changed them into a human...? It was... odd, to say the least. I... don’t think I want to try it again.

"Try it aga- You wore the crown? And turned into a human?" Clara asked in monotone, adding light emphasis to her final word.

Ernie slowly nodded, unsure whether his mention of it was worth the hassle.

"... Bring that crown to me, please," Clara requested.

I... Alright,” Ernie accepted somewhat begrudgingly, floating off to find wherever Parfait had run off to.


After a while The two finished their icecream as Parfait carried Hopkins by the torso to Zoey's room. Hopkins seemed very displeased to be carried in such as manner. "Zoey, How arms?" The pokemon asked as she stood outside

"Huh?" Zoey opened the door to her room and let the two in, "I don't think I heard you right."

"How arms?" Parfait said as Hopkins tried to wiggle his way out of her grasp.

"Uhh... You just... Move them," Zoey blinked, moving her own arms up, down, left, and right.

Parfait then held Hopkins out "How hold? Do good? Hoppy no like."

"Uhh... Here," Zoey grabbed both of Parfait's wrists and lifted them up, hoping that by moving her arms around, she would figure out how to control them herself.

Parfait moved her arms up and down "No! How hold good?" the pokemon exclaimed.

"With your fingers," Zoey informed, making a fist in front of Parfait, then making her hand flat, and repeating this a few times.

"Oh... finger!" Parfait said as she tightend her grip on Hopkins and let her arms go limp sending the smaller pokemon to fall towards the larger one. Parfait let out a pained "oof" before falling to the ground.

"Oh shit! You alright, Parfait?" Zoey gasped and winced before hurrying to help her up.

“Ouch ouch.” She replied as she curled up on the floor.

"Shit, I don't know any doctor stuff or anything," Zoey quickly looked over at Ruby, "Do we have pain pills?"

"Did he hit her that bad?" Ruby asked.

"Right on the vag," Zoey answered with a grimace.

Suddenly, with a forcible tug, the crown was flung directly out a window, where Ernie floated a few feet away. “Sorry,” he momentarily said, before lifting up and away.

"Hey! What the he-... Clara," Zoey hissed.

Back on the rooftop, Clara was 'eagerly' waiting for Ernie's return. This crown took precedence over what was going on a mile away.

Ernie deftly floated above the rim of the roof, the crown slowly rising up behind him before falling to where Clara could grab it, still floating above the ground. The Benefactor backed up by a few feet, his eyes wholly fixated on Clara and the Crown.

Clara slowly picked the crown up, turning it around in her hand and examining it. After a few moments of silence, she held it up and ordered, "Put it on."

Ernie shrunk back. “I... I don’t want to,” He murmured, “It’s... too strange.

"You'll just have to get used to it. I imagine you didn't have much time to wear it earlier."

Ernie hesitated for a moment, eyes fixed on the crown, slowly sliding to Clara, before the form of the Benefactor relaxed slightly, the crown floating out of her hands as the Benefactor came to float a short distance off the rooftop. He glanced between her and the crown one more time in hesitance, before gently lowering the regal headpiece onto his head.

A flash of light, followed by the usual magical noises, before they faded to reveal a woman sitting with her knees to her chest, her arms holding them there but only barely. She slowly looked up to Clara, a confused, scared expression on her face.

"... You're a lot prettier than I was expecting you to be with that crown," Clara mused, walking up to Ernie and glancing the body up and down a few times, "I'm guessing there's some sort of base that whoever puts the crown on conforms to."

”That’d make sense...” Ernie muttered, trying to stand up, but stumbling and falling back onto her rear with a soft “Oof!” She looked up at Clara, blushing a strange blueish color, “I’m not accustomed to having these... limbs.” She mumbled, moving an arm to emphasize her point.

"This is pretty funny to watch," Clara remarked as she bent down to help Ernie up, "So how is... Feeling things?"

“It’s... weird,” Ernie replied as she took Clara’s hand, stumbling to her feet, “It’s... a bit overwhelming, to be honest.”

"It's about to get a lot more overwhelming in a few minutes," Clara said, leading Ernie over to her chair.

“What do you mean?” Ernie asked, stepping awkwardly behind Clara, still getting the hang of her new legs, a little concerned as she asked, “Clara, you’re not gonna punish me now, are you?”

"I might at some point while you're in this body; It would be a lot more fun," Clara answered, guiding Ernie into the chair, "We're going to have sex."

”O-oh,” Ernie replied, an attempt at a smile growing on her face, “I’ve always wondered what Zoey and Ruby feel when they do this.”

"You're about to find out," Clara murmured, leaning into Ernie.


Parfait got to her feet before a small shooting Star flew above her head, the Pokémon seemed to be trying to deal with its injuries.

"Uhh... Wait! Bread! He's got that spray stuff!" Zoey remembered, "I'll run over and grab some, stay here!"

A green light enveloped Parfait for a moment before she let out a chipper “Sly slyveon!”

"... Was that some kind of rabbit-dog.. Healing magic?" Zoey blinked.

”Slyveon!” Parfait happily replied.

"If you can do that, then why do you always worry about putting bandages on me whenever I get hurt? Can't you just.. Do whatever you just did?"

The Pokémon shrugged. It seemed she hadn‘t thought of that, or that the bandages were more of a comfort thing than anything else.

"Eh, whatever," Zoey shrugged and sat down at the foot of the nearest bed, "I dunno what to do now. That crown thing was fun, but now Clara stole it," She sighed.

Parfait took a moment to explore the the room, sniffing all of the furniture eventually Parfait came across Fennel and Elizabeth’s bed she took a moment to smell the sheets before looking up ar Zoey with a confused “Slyveon?”

"Hm? What's up?" Zoey asked.

“Eevee?” Parfait replied as she took another moment to examine the bed.

Zoey thought about what Parfait said earlier about 'Make Eevee' whenever sex was brought up. "... Oh, yeah... Latte must've gotten the bed a bit smelly when she was in heat," Zoey nodded.

“Vee?” Parfait asked as she used her feelers to form the outline of a set of ears, before mimicking a lewd gesture with her feelers. “Eevee?”

Zoey thought to herself. "... No.. No, Zoey.. It's weird if she's in the rabbit-dog body," Zoey quickly snapped out of whatever disgusting line of thought she was pursuing. "Uhh... Are you asking if Fennel screw- 'made eevee'?"

Parfait nodded in confirmation.

"S, she's a big prude and didn't do it," Zoey shook her head.

Parfait drew a smug look on her face, “Veon!” The delivery of this response almost made it sound as if she said Alpha.

"I, on the other hand, have been 'making Eevee' a billion times," Zoey declared with pride, "I just made Eevee with Ruby earlier today." Ruby innocently waved at the mention of her name.

Patrait placed a feeler on both of the girls stomachs before responding “Eevee.” With a shake of her head.

"No, we don't, like.. Actually make a baby," Zoey snickered, "We just have sex because it feels good."


"Veek? What's what?"

Parfait shook her head as she said “Eevee.”

"... I don't know what the hell you're trying to say, Parfait."

Parfait then pointed to herself and repeated the lewd gesture before saying ”Eevee.” After the pokemon pointed to Zoey abd repeated the gesture but shook her head as she said “Eevee.”

"... You want to have sex with me?" Zoey asked in a confused tone.

Parfait gave Zoey a dead pan look before touching her own stomach and saiding "Eevee."

"... You... Want to find a rabbit-dog to fuc- Make Eevee with?"

Zoey wasn't wrong, granted the pokemon has been trying to tell the girl her lack of posterity made her sub alpha, but this would work too.

"Uhh.. I don't think there are any rabbit-dogs around... Just regular dogs," Zoey shrugged.

"Sylveon!" The pokemon replied assuming that dogs were just another pokemon in the field egg group.

"Alright, sweet. Let's go find a dog then," Zoey clapped, "... This is kinda weird actually... How bad do you wanna 'make Eevee'?" After a second thought, Zoey would rather not get involved in dog sex, but she could just look away while it went on.

Parfait then went off to go find Brendan, seemingly to get a leash before they left. "Sylveon." Eventually Parfait found her trainer and barked "Eevee." Brendan turned around the see a normal looking Parfait. "Hey Zoey what did you do with Parfait?" The trainer called out.

"Nothing! She just said she really wants to bang, so I'm gonna find a dog!" Zoey answered, "It'd be really weird if I banged her!"

Brendan took a moment to think this over "I was gonna breed her with a Zoura from Unova, but you guys probably need a pokemon for protection more than I need the cash."

"Wait... Parfait's gotten action before!?" Zoey gasped with an enormous smile on her face.

"Well I mean I breed pokemon on the side. Professors have a high demand for starters and having a few egg moves in there increases the price." Brendan replied.

"Huh... Well, come on, Parfait! Let's find a sexy dog for you to scr- What the fuck am I even saying," Zoey quickly facepalmed.

"I mean, you better pick out a good dog. Or she might consider abandoning the pups." Brendan replied.

"... That's messed up," Zoey blinked, "But whatever, I'll make sure it's, like, one of those big, tough dogs."

"Well, she's an animal. It's just a lot easier to not have to raise any by hand." Brendan replied. "I'm gonna stay behind I gotta wash the other pokemon still."

Parfait then barked to call the girls before pawing at the door.

Zoey and Ruby happily opened the door and led Parfait to the elevator. Once the trio was at ground-level, Zoey was on the lookout for a suitable mate. "Alright, Ruby. A big dog! I don't want Parfait screwing, like, a chihuahua or something."

"Ew! I don't even wanna think about that!" Ruby whined, shaking the thought out of her mind.

"What about a... Those big black dogs.. With the brown bits on them. I don't remember what they're called.." Zoey suggested.

"Or a pitbull! Those are the toughest dogs on the planet, right?" Ruby gasped.

"Yeah, but those eat babies. I want a big, tough dog, but not an asshole dog," Zoey replied, stroking her chin.

Parfait noticed a german shepard off in the distance and made several barking noises to attract it's attention. The dog approached the group.

"Oh my god! It's so cute!" Ruby cried out.

"Hmm... It's definitely a big dog," Zoey nodded, "... Alright, Parfait, go wild." She let go of the leash and covered her eyes with her hand. Though, her fingers slowly parted to let her peek at what would come next.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Continued and finally done with this long collab

Soon enough, the group was back at the Hotel with a rather smug Parfait who seemed rather pleased that she had asserted her dominance over the girls.

"Zoey, why did we watch that?" Ruby asked.

"I don't know," Zoey admitted.

Parfait responded with a noise that seemed to be her trying to say 'Aloha'.

"So now what?" Ruby asked.

"I dunno. I'm bored now," Zoey shrugged, under the assumption that it would take a very, very long time for any rabbit-dog babies to pop out of Parfait, "Wanna watch cartoons?"

”Vee!” Parfait beamed, the creature liked cartoons.

The trio settled in their room. Zoey, Ruby, and Parfait shared a bed with the two girls absent-mindedly petting the Sylveon while watching television.

“Eevee, Eevee!” The sylveon sang as it watched the cartoon. After a moment, she wrapped her feelers around the girls.

"Huh... New episodes every week... It must be pretty easy to make cartoons then," Zoey remarked as the channel advertised how often it would show new episodes of the cartoon they were watching.

Parfait rolled onto her back exsposing her belly and called out “Sylv!” Around this time, Brendan knocked at the door and asked, “Hey, are you guys in there?”

"No," Zoey called back, "Come in, it's not locked."

Brendan then walked into the room, he then got out his Pokédex and said, "Alright I need the two of you to smile for the camera."

Zoey and Ruby, without question, quickly pressed the sides of their faces together and smiled at Brendan. They both were always prepared for a quick picture.

Brendan snapped a picture of the two before saying, “Now I need one of each If you individually.” Brendan said as he pointed the Pokédex at Ruby.

As Ruby beamed at Brendan, Zoey inquired, "So what're the pictures for?"

“Well if Parfaits gonna have a litter you are gonna need trainer id’s.” Brendan explained as to took Ruby’s picture.

"Trainer ID's?" Zoey blinked, "What wo-... OH MY GOD, DO WE GET TO KEEP HER RABBIT-PUPPIES!?"

“I don’t really know how long Bob, Fennel and I will be around to keep and eye on you guys. It’s like a security plan.” Brendan explained.

"Oh, okay," Zoey nodded, "... MORE IMPORTANTLY RABBIT-PUPPIES!" She and Ruby let out ecstatic squeals before Zoey quickly posed for the camera.

Brendan then snapped a picture of Zoey. “Keep it on the down for a few days until I’m 100% sure she’s having a litter.” The trainer requested.

"I won't tell a soul, promise," Zoey swore, looking to Ruby who gave an assenting nod.

“You can probably have them in about five weeks or so.” Brendan replied as if he were calculating something.

"Wow, that's pretty fast compared to, like, people," Zoey said with surprise.

“Yeah, they reproduce pretty quick. They should be here in about three weeks then it’s gonna take about two weeks before they can leave her.” Brendan explained before taking a picture of Parfait.

"How many rabbit-puppies do rabbit-dogs make in one go?" Zoey asked excitedly.

”Around ten is the average.” Brendan replied.

"That's almost enough for everyone!" Zoey gasped, "If we're a few short, Ruby and I can share one- Well.. Tina probably shouldn't have one just because she's, like, six-years-old... And Mila's seven..."

“Mean I would think Tina needs one the most considering she’s the youngest.” Brendan stated As the scratched the Pokémon’s belly.

"Hmm... Mila would definitely forget to feed hers though," Zoey mused.

”I could probably get them taking care of the other pokemon until then to ease her into the responsibility.” Brendan mused, “You don’t want mama thinking a new trainer can't be trusted. Why don‘t you all help with that actually it’s probably best you all bond with her as much as possible.”

Coming down from the main stairwell entered a woman, her skin very pale for her age, and her hair abnormally grey, as well as her blue, glowing eyes, which darted about anxiously. She wore what could only be described as a secretary’s outfit, with a knee-length skirt keeping her steps light, and a short-sleeved, white shirt covering her top. The most notable feature, however... was the small crown fixed atop her head.

She looked around, shaking nervously, before taking in a deep breath and waving with a forced smile, “Hi!”

Parfait approached the woman and looked up at her. “Sylveee!” The Pokémon cried out before rolling over to exspose her belly, clearly wanting a belly rub.

The woman glared down, looking about for a moment, before deciding to indulge the Pokemon, putting a hand on her belly and beginning to rub.

"Wait a second, Ernie?" Zoey blinked.

"Ernette," Clara corrected, following the woman before standing by her side.

Parfait made a noise that could only be described as a giggle. “So I guess the crown turns out into a hot chick? Interestling.” Brendan commented.

"Yep, that's me!" Ernette chimed, a feeling of reassurance now that Clara was by her side.

“Ernette, so were you like programmed to have a gender or not? It seems like this would be strange.” Bread asked. I

"Well, I wasn't really programmed to care about that," Ernette shrugged, "I just took that name because Zoey couldn't think of any better E names.... Edward!" she proclaimed, "Edd, for short...! But I think Ernie's still better." Even if she was dating Clara and sucked up to her the most, Zoey was still a temporary overseer, so she had to indulge her at least a little.

“Oh you have to eat food now... uh that’s like eleven more mouths to feed.” Brendan commented. “You do know how to eat right Because that’s gonna be weird if someone has to teach you.”

"I'm not that ignorant on human anatomy," Ernette responded with a blank tone, "I know I have to eat and how to eat."

“Well I meant in like an experience sort of way.” Brendan explained.

"If I can move my jaw, I can eat. Simple as that!" Ernette smiled, but in truth was getting somewhat frustrated by Brendan's questions. However, because Clara liked it better when she kept her emotions more restrained, she'd keep her happy facade.

”Alright, we’ll have to make sure the first thing you eat is acctually good.” Brendan commented before takaing a picture of Clara with his Pokédex.

Parfait once again called out for Ernette‘s attention as she raised her feelers into the hoping to get a chance to swipe the crown once again.

Ernette pulled back at the mention of good food, humming for a moment, before turning to Clara, “What do you thinks a good food?”

“It really depends, I’m no expert but I’m a fan of sushi myself. why dont you figure out what you want and I’ll treat everyone to it.” Brendan suggested.

”Alrighty,” Ernette simply quipped, still paying most attention to Clara and her opinion on the matter.

"Personally, I really like Italian food," Clara said in typical monotone.

“Those are the spaghetti dudes right?” Brendan asked unsure of what Italy is. Clara made a so-so motion with her hand. Brendan would find out what Italian food was at some point.

“Ooh, I’ll keep that in mind,” Ernette quipped.

"You're pretty.. Bubbly, Ernie- I mean- Ernette," Zoey remarked.

“Well, now that I have this body,” Ernette outlined her body with a hand, “I can feel everything! And Clara sure helped me figure out that this is better...”

"So you guys banged," Zoey translated.

Ernette blushed as her smile faded, looking down to her heels, “I guess you could say that...”

Parfait then jumped and wrapped her feelers around the crown, “Vee Vee!”

"Don't touch the crown, please," Clara requested, glaring at Parfait with her deadpan eyes.

“Vee Vee!” Parfait requested.

Parfait was subsequently levitated away, Ernette holding her hand out in front of her, before putting the Pokémon back onto the ground. “Hey! I can still do that!” Ernette yipped.

“Vee!” The Pokémon pleaded.

“It’s mine,” Ernette retorted, “Overseer Clara says so, and so it’s done.”

Parfait looked up at Ernette with a sad expression hoping to use pity to get her way.”Sylveon?”

However, Ernette had already moved on from the Sylveon, turning her attention back to Clara, “So, do you have any tasks for me to accomplish?”

"Hmm," Clara thought for a moment as she sat down in a nearby chair.

Parfait then turned her begging to Clara.

"Sorry, Parfait. That's not gonna work," Clara stated before looking up at Ernette, "Well, my feet hurt a little..."

“Oh! Let me... massage them!” Ernette acclaimed, getting down on her knees and took off her shoes, before beginning to rub Clara’s feet.

Parfait quickly wrapped her feelers around Clara’s legs and unleashed a calming aura to try and convince her.

“No!” Ernette distressed, which quickly turned into an aggravated tone, “This is mine!” She put her hand out, sending the Pokémon across the room in a throw.

"Ernette, why did you do that?" Clara asked. While she was in monotone, those that knew her could guess she was not happy. Meanwhile, Zoey and Ruby rushed over to make sure Parfait was okay.

“She was trying to take my...” Ernette shrunk back, all semblance of her previous happy expressions fading away in mere moments, “My crown... and I just got.. angry..”

"... You guys make sure Parfait is okay. I need to talk to Ernette in private," Clara stated, slipping her shoes back on and standing up.

Ernette looked at Clara solemnly, nodding quietly as she stood up, her head drooped down.

"First, apologize to Parfait. Then we'll leave," Clara ordered.

“...I’m sorry,” Ernette muttered quietly in the direction of Parfait.

“Vee.” Parfait said looking Away seemingly feeling rather betrayed

"C'mon, Parfait," Zoey murmured, gently petting the Sylveon, "Let's head to Bread's room."

Parfait licked Zoey’s face before Brendan picked up the Pokémon and headed to his room.

"Ernette. Take us back to the roof. Now," Clara demanded.

Ernette said nothing, holding both her hands up as the two floated back up the stairwell, a glum look plastered on her face.

When they arrived, she set both of them down, and waited a moment before breaking into tears. “I’M SO SORRY!” she sobbed, “I NEED PUNISHMENT FOR MY MISTAKES!-

"Shut up," Clara interrupted, "That's why I had you bring us up here."

Ernette obediently shut her mouth, tears still streaming down her face as her hand swiped away, a metal bat from earlier landing at Clara’s feet.

"I don't need the bat this time," Clara said, gesturing for Ernette to lower herself to eye-level. She did as instructed, sniffling as she brought her body down to eye level with Clara.

Clara glared into her eyes for a moment before delivering a harsh slap to Ernette's face.

Ernette fell to the ground, shuddering as she looked up, a mixture of fright, acceptance, and confusion filling her eyes, before she brought herself back up, awaiting her next hit.

Clara gave Ernette another hard smack and shoved her to the ground. She quickly followed through with a punch to the stomach upon kneeling down by the woman's side. She couldn't strike Ernette's face too much, or else she would risk bruising her for others to see. Just as she had during previous punishment sessions, Clara began to smile.

The wind was knocked out of the woman as the punch landed, a flurry of pain running through her. And yet... Ernette wanted, “...More...

Clara grabbed Ernette by her throat, squeezing as she punched her in the stomach a few more times and glaring directly into her glowing, blue eyes. Clara's breathing quickly became erratic as she continued to inflict pain upon Ernette. To ensure she couldn't move to a fetal position, Clara repositioned herself and rested her knee on the woman's abdomen, pressing most of her weight into her.

Punishment... is... good...” Ernette coughed and heaved, a mix of a smile and crying filling her face. Even as she felt real pain, she associated it with the desire to do better.

Clara, in the midst of punishing Ernette, realized something... Brendan has healing spray...

With that in mind, nothing stopped the twelve-year-old from violently backhanding Ernette's face.

“The BA-“ Ernette demanded, getting cut off by a harsh slap to the face.

"You're fucking stupid," Clara spat while high on violence, literally spitting in Ernette's face, "I can't break your bones."

“I’m... sorry!” Ernette exclaimed, “I can fix them myself if I.. have to!”

"Are you sure you can fix them?" Clara asked, squeezing Ernette's throat tighter.

Yes...” Ernette choked, the bat slowy floating towards Clara, “Yesssss! I want to be punished as hard as allowed!

"Shut up!" Clara shouted, furiously punching Ernette's nose, sending a splash of blood onto the roof. She looked back to Clara, still practically begging for more.

Clara took a clump of Ernette's hair in her hand and stood up. She walked towards the door to the rooftop, dragging the woman behind her before pulling upwards, wanting her to stand up.

Ernette stumbled to her feet, holding onto the guard rail for support. Wordlessly, Clara grabbed one of Ernette's arms, opened the door, held Ernette's elbow so her forearm was between the door and the doorframe.

"Keep your arm there," Clara ordered, letting go of Ernette.

Ernette’s arm shook, human weakness showing in her movements, but expecting more punishment for her infraction.

Clara rolled her shoulders for a moment, opening the door wide. She smiled at Ernette, giving her a second to guess what would come next before slamming the door onto the poor woman's arm.

There was a loud crunch that forced even Ernette to let out a scream of pain, seething as she held her arm in place with her other hand.

Clara tried to repeat the motion once again, but had to pause as she was in the middle of a laughing fit. Once she got better control of herself, she slammed the door onto Ernette's arm again and stared directly at her face to bask in the reaction.

Ernette whimpered and cried out again as the door slammed shut on her arm again, before falling to the ground on her knees and hand, her other arm limp at her side. She still thought of it as punishment, but it just didn’t... feel right.

As soon as Ernette fell, Clara mercilessly kicked her in the gut and fell down on top of her with a desperate desire to see her face, to see the effects of the punishment she was delivering in Ernette's expression.

Ernette groveled in actual pain, any sort of pleasure from it weeping from her expression as she looked up at Clara with a heaving cough of blood, simple pain and fear filling her eyes. “Please...” she begged, “Please stop.

Clara, on the other hand, laughed at her suffering, her head rolling back as she cackled. She looked back down at Ernette and gave her another smack.

Ernette let out another whine, looking up to her again, dragging herself away from Clara, closer to the staircase, “Please!

"You're going downstairs!? Lemme help you!" Clara laughed, bending down and grabbing Ernette's hair once more, violently pulling her forwards and letting go once she slid past the top step.

Ernette looked to her one more fleeting time, before her long tumble down the stairs began, several crunches echoing out as she screamed accordingly to every step and every further pain. She slammed into the wall, weakly whimpering as it ended.

"BAHAHAHAHA!" Clara roared, leaning on a guardrail. She took a few shaky steps down towards Ernette. Her breathing, however, slowly became less audible and her smile began to shrank. That short moment walking down the stairs was long enough for Clara to realize that she had gone way too far.

"... Oh no..." Clara murmured, hurrying down the rest of the steps and kneeling by Ernette's side. "Ernette," She began, a slight worry accompanying her monotone, "Are... You.. You can fix your bones, right?"

“I...” Ernette coughed, a bit of blood rising from her throat, before she fell unconscious, her head plopping against the floor.

"... Shit... Shit, this is bad," Clara muttered, glancing over Ernette with a mixture of delight and concern, though the former was slowly diminishing as it was replaced by guilt, "She.. She fell down the stairs... Fuck.. Nobody's gonna believe that, she's too messed up... Even if she did fall down the stairs..."

"... We were attacked.. We were attacked! By the pirate!" Clara came up with the perfect excuse, "And Ernette.. She defended me... And then fell down the stairs because of the injuries she already incurred."

"Uhh.. Stay here- If you can hear me, stay here," Clara quickly ordered, "I'm going to go get help." With that, she rushed down the stairs to find Bob. She had a feeling Brendan's 'healing spray' would not be able to help with anything beyond surface injuries.

By the time she found the marine, she had calmed down enough to return to her monotone entirely, though she still had some blood on her.

Bob and Fennel had just gotten back from their date, having finished their ice cream in the bus. As Clara rushed up to him, he already saw the blood and his playful tone was lost instantly. “What happened?” He urgently asked, looking her over for injuries, “Are you alright?!”

"Yes, I'm fine. Ernette is hurt very badly. We were attacked by that pirate," Clara answered.

"Who's Erne-" Bob shook his head, "Doesn't matter right now. Can you take me to her, right now?"

"Yes, she's at the top of the stairwell. He pushed her down and ran off," Clara quickly explained, gesturing for Bob and Fennel to follow as she ran to the stairs. Bob quickly followed behind.

“I am going to kill that undead asshole.” Fennel seethed.

Ernette was attempting (and failing miserably) to pick herself up at least onto her hand, slipping once before Clara and Bob came back. Her eyes shot open, but she didn't say anything.

"Ern... Ernie?" Bob asked as he picked her up safely.

"Ernette. I told them what happened with the pirate," Clara said, making sure Bob and Fennel could not see the eye she winked to Ernette with.

Ernette said nothing, her expression blank and tired as she began to doze back. "Ah hell! Does Brendan have anything?" Bob asked as he stormed out into the lobby, "I know he has those spray things. Fennel, get that from him!"

Fennel got got up and dashed to Brendan’s room “Brendan open up! Ernie's hurt we need your spray stuff!” Brendan opened the Door and following Fennel to Ernette.

Bob had actualy followed Fennel to Brendan, setting Ernette down on his bed as he looked to Brendan, "She needs help, Brendan, now!"

Brendan got a boxy blue spraybottle and began spraying Ernette's wound "This should be able to deal with most of them but it can't do anything about the arm."

"How recent is the break?" Fennel asked.

"I ran down as soon as she fell down the stairs," Clara answered, "The pirate, he was... Really mad for some reason."

Ernette attempted to reach out to Clara with her busted arm, but reeled back in a seething pain.

Fennel grabbed Ernette's arm and straightened it out "This is going to hurt." Fennel said as her hands began to glow.

Ernette let out a loud howl of pain, her other hand clenching into a fist, a hand full of comforter as she gritted her teeth.

"It's going to be okay, Ernette," Clara said, stroking the battered woman's cheek, "I love you."

Ernette looked scared at the stroke for a moment, before slowly calming at Clara's utterance of the words, unsure whether to trust the girl who had just... saved her from dying at the hands of the pirate.

After a moment the sound of bone moving back into place could be heard as Fennel began unbuttoning Ernette's shirt, to check for any further broken bones. Ernette's gut was covered in intensive brusing, indicative of punches and kicks to it, as well as a broken lower rib.

Fennel placed her hands on Ernette's ribs causing them to slowly reset themselves. Fennel could be heard softly growling as Brendan sprayed the bruises.

"... Thank you, both of you," Clara said, not looking away from Ernette as she tried to comfort her, "I owe you..."

Ernette's expression softened into a light smile as she stared at Clara, a twinge of pain every now and then forcing her to flinch. "I... I didn't mean for this to happen," Ernette spoke up softly, looking to the others, before back to Clara, "He just... I..."

"Shh, it's okay. You were protecting me," Clara assured, giving Ernette a short kiss.

"I'll just go then." Fennel said as she headed back to her room

Bob would follow, unnerved by the whole situation.

"Wait, so.. Ernette's gonna be okay?" Clara quickly asked.

"Yeah from the looks of it." Brendan commented. After Brendan spoke Parfait showed up and wrapped a feeler around Ernette's arm and unleashed a calming aura seemingly having forgiven her from earlier. "Vee! Vee!"

Ernette looked at the Sylveon, before sitting up and taking the pokemon in a tight hug, bursting into tears. "I'm so sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she repeated over and over, slowly fading into an incoherent mess.

Parfait licked Ernette's face in response, having entirely forgiven the woman.

After a moment, Ernette calmed, letting the Pokemon out of her grasp, before looking to Clara, "And I'm sorry to you, too...!" She cried, reaching out for a hug.

While Clara was not entirely sure why she was being apologized to, she obliged Ernette and wrapped her arms around the woman as she sat on the bed with her.

Parfait wrapped a free feeler around Clara and let out a cheery, "Sylv!"

"I... I won't screw up again," Ernette whispered into Clara's ear, holding her closer as she became more quiet.

"I know... I still love you," Clara whispered back. Not only was she worried for Ernette's well-being, but also that Ernette's love for her would be shaken by the brutal beating.

"I... I know," Ernette whispered, slowly pulling back and tucking herself underneath the covers, resting her head on a pillow and looking away from Clara. While she still adored and loved Clara all she could, she had too much to question to be happy. Was her punishment worth it?

"Vee!' Parfait called before leaving with Brendan who returned to chat with Ruby and Zoey.

As the final other person left the room, Ernette finally blurted out, "I'm an idiot... a stupid, emotional idiot..."

"What do you mean?" Clara asked.

"I... Remember how I said I could fix my bones if they broke?" she mumbled, choking up, "I... I lied..."

Clara paused for a moment. "... Why would you lie about that?"

"I wanted to be punished more... I screwed up too much, and I knew it would make you happy to hurt me for my screwups, but..." Ernette held some doubt in her voice, "Now I don't. Not ever again. Not like that."

"... I promise to never go that far again," Clara swore, hugging Ernette, "But please, no more lying to me."

"...No more lying," Ernette nodded in agreement with her quiet reply, returning the hug, "...I love you, Clara."

"I love you too, Ernette," Clara replied, pulling back to give her another kiss, "We can rest for a bit, if you'd like."

"...I'd like that," Ernette agreed, laying down with Clara, "I want to know how you feel when we snuggle... and how a human dreams..."

"Usually, it's very nice," Clara murmured, keeping Ernette close.

Ernette embraced the closeness, craning her head into the crack of Clara's shoulder as she slowly closed her eyes, "It is."


Meanwhile back in Zoey's room Parfait was lying on the as Fennel was changing in to her pajamas in the bathroom.

"And he pushed her down the stairs!?" Zoey asked.

"What I don't get is why would he just beat up Ernie for no reason." Fenned added.

"Ernie's probably the most useful person that he could get away with beating up easily," Zoey theorized, "You were right to shoot that pirate, Ruby. What a fucking asshole."

"Do you think Bob has one of those bone grinders lying around?" Fennel asked as she stepped out of the bathroom

"Bone grinder?" Ruby repeated.

"Like for grinding that skeletor into dust," Fennel explained before pointing a Parfait who seemed to be sniffing her bed once again "What's icecream doing there?"

"Oh, rabbit-dog smelled your bed earlier and got horny," Zoey answered.

Fennel then took another one of her pills, "Let me guess you put the crown on her then you guys went at it didn't you?" Fennel joked.

"I mean we did put it on her awhile ago, but no, we just found her a dog to screw," Zoey replied.

"And Brendan was okay with that?" Fennel asked.

"He's letting us keep her puppies!" Ruby exclaimed.

"I mean i guess if they shoot lazers like her I can see his reasoning. So she's pregnant then?" Fennel commented as Parfait gave her a smug look and let out a snide "Eevee!"

"Yup! Bread said rabbit-dogs usually pump out ten babies," Zoey nodded happily.

"Yeah I think I'l just stick to one at a time." Fennel said as she winced at the idea of having ten children at once. After this Parfait pointed to her mouth and began repeating the word "Sylveon." Several times making it clear she wanted to communicate

There was a knock at the door, before it slowly creaked open, with Bob poking in, "Hey, uh... Can I... sleep in here tonight? I really don't want to get involved with Clara and Ern....ette? Am I saying that right?" Bob asked.

"It depends is this just an excuse to spoon me?" Fennel joked.

"No, I was gonna take the couch," Bob chuckled, "I just don't want to share a room with those two. They just give off a weird vibe... I dunno."

"Yeah I don't really like their vibe, either." Fennel commented.

"I mean, Clara is dating a robot. That's weird in itself," Zoey remarked, "Even if the robot has.. Skin and boobs- That makes it even weirder!"

"Yeah that's pretty wierd too," Fennel commented.

"No, not even that," Bob shook his head, "She just seemed... a bit too calm about the whole thing, even for her own standards."

"Yeah that was pretty strange." Fennel added.

"... Isn't that just Clara?" Zoey blinked.

"No, I mean... Wouldn't you really be distressed if someone close to you, say... Ruby, got seriously hurt, like how hurt Ernette got?" Bob reasoned.

"Well, duh!" Zoey quickly glanced to Ruby, as if she somehow would've gotten hurt just from Bob speaking of it, before looking back at Bob, "But, like... Clara rarely ever looks 'distressed'. I think she can feel it, she just doesn't.. look it."

"Huh... I don't know," Bob shrugged, laying down on their couch, "I just think it's suspicious. You shot that pirate today, right?" he asked, "And when you shot him last, it took him a day to come back."

"Yeah but I shot him a bunch this time. Then I threw him out the window. Then Ernie threw him really far away," Ruby answered.

"So, it'd be easy to reason he'd take a much longer time to get back up and be angry about it," Bob reckoned.

"Wait... So you think Clara's lying?" Zoey inquired.

"I'm not saying that, it just seems... suspicious, is all," Bob replied, "She goes off alone with Ernette, the next thing you know, I have to rush up there to bring her down, battered and thrown down the stairs."

"... Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"What do you think I'm saying?"

Zoey paused. "I don't think Clara would do that," She said, shaking her head, "That's just... Like... I can't even think it in my head, her doing that."

"Let's just keep an eye on them." Fennel said, her tone carrying a sense of empathy.

"...I dunno," Bob shrugged with a yawn, "Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but like I said, it just seems off."

"Well, I'm going to bed." Fennel said as she climbed under the covers of her bed. It seemed Parfait had taken to sleeping at the foot of her bed.

"Hmm... We'll figure it out in the morning," Zoey sighed, "Thanks for helping Erni- Ernette out either way."

"Oh, no problem," Bob replied, "I couldn't leave 'er there. That'd be cruel."

"I know you wouldn't do that," Zoey scoffed as Elizabeth sleepily entered the room, "Just- Thanks."

"Why are Bob and Parfait in here?" Elizabeth asked curiously.

Fennel wagged her tail as she watched Elizbeth enter the room, "Bob's getting weird vibes from Clara, and I don't know why Parfait is here, but appearently there's gonna be puppies."

"What!?" Elizabeth gasped, hopping onto the bed beside Fennel and putting an ear to her stomach, "Is it Bob's!?"

"I'm not pregnant. I was talking about Parfait." Fennel clairified.

"Oh..." Elizabeth was mildly disappointed before gasping upon realizing, "We're gonna have puppies!" She gave Parfait a happy, quick rub on her side, as close to her belly as she could manage.

"I mean puppies are cool, and all, but I've always wanted a ferret or something like that." Fennel commented, not particularlly excited about the news surrounding Parfait.

"Puppies are way better than ferrets!" Elizabeth insisted.

"Yeah but you can't keep full grown dogs in your sweater pockets." Fennel commented.

"You can't ride ferrets, even when they're full grown," Elizabeth retorted.

"Well that's not important," Fennel huffed.

"Putting them in your pocket is less important."

"I just like watching them go through tubes and stuff." Fennel replied.

"I bet Latte's tried to fuck a ferret-boy," Zoey piped up with a snicker.

"I did not, we only went on one date!" Fennel responded


"It was a pity date!" Fennel explained.

"I dunno, you are defending ferrets a lot," Elizabeth giggled.

"Well you all try to do the do with human boys all the time." Fennel tried retorting not realizing that the alternative to her statement would have been the girls admiting to bestiality.

"Because we're human!" Zoey cackled, "And what's our other option!?"

"Oh right I forgot, it's only humans here. I was talking about ferret people like me!" Fennel tried to explain.

"You're a fox person, not a ferret person!" Zoey corrected, laughing into her pillow.

"I know, that, I was making a point, I mean my neighbor is a bear named Paul." Fennel huffed.

Bob, meanwhile, had flipped to the side, and covered his head with a pillow, hoping to block out the noise of this strange ferret-person-based argument and get some sleep.

"I think you're just defending ferrets because you like them," Elizabeth accused, trying not to laugh.

"Don't you try to shame me for being willing to date other races." Fennel accused.

"We better not go to a pet store!" Zoey continued laughing, "We're gonna- We're gonna see some ferrets- and- and she's g- Her ovaries are gonna go BOOM!"

"Ew no that's bestiality!" Fennel screeched.

"We're just kidding," Elizabeth giggled, hugging Fennel, "... Well, I don't know if Zoey is."

"Whatever, I'm going to sleep." Fennel said before lying down and angrily closing her eyes.

As Zoey's laughing came to an end, Elizabeth not-so-sneakily wrapped her arms around Fennel's big, bushy tail as she closed her eyes.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Zandoo, H, and Teedler bring you more exhausting work.


The next morning Elizabeth would lie alone in her bed strangely the sheets were missing as the sound of a canine gagging and pained groans came from the bathroom. The combination of these sounds would likely be enough to wake up at least one of the other residents of the room.

"Mmmf... Fennel?" Elizabeth grumbled, reaching for the sheets obly to find that they weren't there.

Fennel's groans could be heard comming from the bathroom soon followed by a weary "Syl." and what sounded like some sort of liquid falling into the bathtub.

"Parfait?" Elizabeth called out curiously as she climbed out of bed and peered into the bathroom.

"Don't come in!" Fennel ordered as she extended a a hand forward closing the door. "Parfait's fine she's just got morning sickness probably." Fennel explained.

Elizabeth quickly ducked her head back after Fennel's command, though she tried her best to listen to what was going on beyond what else Fennel had to say. "Oh, okay... Is it because the puppies?"

"Y-yeah." Fennel groaned, "Elizabeth... can you get my other clothes?" she requested.

"Um- Where are they?" Elizabeth asked, hurrying back to the bed and looking around.

"It should just be under the bed." Fennel groaned.

Elizabeth got on her hands and knees and reached under the bed, grabbing Fennel's bag and looking through it for her clothes. Once found, she grabbed them in a wad and stuck them into the bathroom, trying not to look inside, but ended up peeking from under her arm.

Fennel looked at the clothes "I actually needed one of the boxes and the bottle of pills that were in there." Fennel requested with another groan.

"I'll just bring the whole bag," Elizabeth said as she went back, grabbed the bag, and handed it into the bathroom, now taking a full look of what in the world was going on.

"Close your eyes!' Fennel demanded as she took the bag and dug out a bottle of pain pills.

"Oh are you on your period?" Elizabeth asked, clenching her eyes shut.

"Yes. It wasn't supposed to show up for a few more days." Fennel admitted.

"Do you have the kind where it just bleeds and stuff or do you get really mean?" Elizabeth asked, recalling how some of her mothers behaved during their respective times of the month.

"Normally the first but this one's the exception." Fennel grumbled.

"Oh no..." Elizabeth whined as she reeled back and scurried over to her own belongings in the dresser, "Don't worry, I came prepared."

"Can you take Parfait please, I think she's about done." Fennel requested.

Elizabeth returned to the bathroom with a plastic bag of homemade dark chocolate brownies. Her eyes were closed, but she held them out to Fennel and slowly waved her arm around. "I made these for Zoey. Sometimes she gets mean when her period happens."

"Thank you." Fennel said as she took the chocolates and placed them inside her bag. "I'm just gonna take a shower real quick." Fennel stated as Parait wrapped her feelers around
Elizabeth's arm amd guided her out of the bathroom. As soon as the two were gone Fennel closed the door and turned on the shower to rinse the vomit out of it before taking her clothes of and stepping in herself.

"I'd give you some chocolate too, but I think that's poisonous for dogs.. Even... 'Rabbit-dogs'," Elizabeth sighed before rummaging through her belongings once more. "Do you want a muffin?" She asked, looking back at Parfait, "I have blueberry, strawberry, banana nut, muffin-flavor..." She went on to list various different muffins that she had in the drawer.

Parfait wagged her tail and started feeling her way through the drawer. Elizabeth arranged the contents to display the various muffins, each sealed in a plastic bag with their flavor written in sharpie on the bag. "Only pick one," Elizabeth requested.

Parfait looked over the muffins for a moment before deciding on the strawberry muffin simply because it was somewhat pink like herself.

Elizabeth opened the bag and handed one of Parfait's feelers a large strawberry muffin before resealing the bag and shutting the drawer. She eagerly observed the Sylveon in anticipation for her reaction to the little girl's baked goods.

Parfait wrapped her feelers around the muffin before sniffing it, it smelled similar to rawst berries but after the pokemon took a bite, she realized it was far sweeter. "Sylveon!" The pokemon cried, elated to have discovered something so sweet. "Vee! Vee! Vee!" Parfait responded as she scarfed down the muffin.

"I knew you'd like it!" Elizabeth cheered, hugging Parfait once she was finished with her breakfast treat.

Parfait then looked at Parfait and tried to beg for another muffin. "Syl?"

"... Just one more," Elizabeth said, opening the drawer once more and letting the pokemon pick out a different flavor if she didn't want strawberry again.

Parfait then pointed at the blueberry muffin wanted to change things up again and responded with a happy "Veon!"

"I really like blueberries too," Elizabeth commented, taking out a blueberry muffin, resealing the bag, shutting the drawer, and handing said muffin to Parfait like last time.

Parfait happily scarfed down the second muffin before rolling over onto her back with a happy "Sylveon!"

Elizabeth giggled and obliged the belly rub request. "Man... There's gonna be ten puppies in there," She remarked.

"Eevee!" Parfait responded, happily accepting the belly rub.

"I'm gonna name my puppy... Uhm..." Elizabeth continued to rub Parfait's belly as she tried to think of a name that did not relate to food in some way. It would be too expected of her to name her rabbit-puppy 'Cream' or something like that.

Parfait began stroking her belly in addition to Elizabeth before the pokemon let out a soft purr.

Around this time, Brendan wandered into the room and took a moment to locate Parfait. “Oh there she is. Has she been throwing up or anything like that?” Brendan asked, regarding the Pokémon.

"Hey, Bread. Yeah, she was throwing up a little bit ago. I gave her some muffins after," Elizabeth answered, smiling up at the trainer.

Brendan then retrieved a bottle of vitamins from his pocket, “I Just need to give her some vitamins. It’s a trainer thing.” Brendan replied trying to hide the fact that the Pokémon was expecting.

"Oh, do you need vitamins when you're pregnant?" Elizabeth asked curiously.

“Wait how do you know about that?” Brendan asked.

"Fennel told me."

“I thought I told Zoey and Ruby to keep a lid on that. But yeah she needs vitamins to help the eevees develop properly.” Brendan replied.

"Ooh! Do you think they like my muffins?" Elizabeth gasped, gazing down at Parfait's belly with a big smile.

”Yeah she likes anything with fruit in it. She really likes strawberries, surprising since she doesn’t really like rawst berries.

"I mean the puppies!" Elizabeth clarified, "Do you think the puppies like my muffins?"

“Yeah probably.” Brendan replied, “I mean they shouldn‘t have mouths yet.” Brendan wasn’t really thinking about how the statement might offend Elizabeth.

"Wh- If they don't have mouths, then how can you say 'Yeah probably'?" Elizabeth pouted.

“If they did, I’m sure they would Like it.” Brendan tried to correct himself.

"Hmph. Here, you try one," Elizabeth reopened the drawer and presented Brendan with the various flavors, "Choose any muffin you want."

Brendan took an strawberry muffin and took a bite out of it before commenting “Wow, these are way better then rawst berry muffins.”

"I don't know what that is, but they're probably not that good because I haven't made them!" Elizabeth declared, standing as tall as a nine-year-old could.

“That’s probably true.” Brendan added with a chuckle.

"Do you have any of those.. rawst berries?"

“Yeah.“ Brendan replied as he got a few of the blue berries out of his bag.

Elizabeth held one of the barries up, sniffing it before taking a small bite. Immediately, her face scrunched up in disgust. "Eugh! Why is it so bitter?" She complained, forcing herself to swallow what she had already chewed.

”I don’t know. They are pretty good at mellowing out spicier flavors.” Brendan stated.

"... I'll figure out how to make a muffin with this," Elizabeth said, staring the berries down with a look of determination.

”I wish you the best in that.” Brendan said before he started taking a few photos of Parfait.

"Hmmm... Maybe it's like chocolate... You gotta add other stuff to actually make it taste good," Elizabeth mused.


Ernette sluggishly opened her eyes first, sitting up slowly and beginning to yawn and stretch, before stopping herself, looking down at the still sleeping Clara. Not wanting to wake her, Ernette slowly shimmied out of the bed, and began to tip toe out of the room, trying to see if she could change clothes and make Clara’s day a little bit better.

A few seconds later, Clara awoke to find herself alone (Other than the heavy sleeper, Tina, on the other bed). "Ernette?" She mumbled groggily, stepping out of bed, as opposed to her comedic rolling onto the floor. She raised her hand to rub at her eyes only to realize both hands were covered in blood.

"Oh... Right," Clara muttered, recalling the events of yesterday, "... Did I even apologize?"

A few moments passed, and Ernette quietly sidestepped back into the room, stopping as she noticed Clara up, two sets of clothes in her hands, one for her and one for Clara. “...Sorry for waking you up,” Ernette mused, “I was just getting us fresh clothes for after our showers.”

"Thanks, Ernette," Clara nodded, "Hey, I'm sorry for going overboard yesterday... And I'm sorry for not saying sorry when I should have. I know you asked for punishment, but... I shouldn't have laughed like that... Or threw you down the stairs... You could've died..."

“No...” Ernette shook her head, “If anyone should be saying sorry, it’s me. I should have been smarter about this body. It’s fine to express yourself, I just... don’t want to go that far again.”

"... If I end up going too far again, please stop me," Clara requested.

Ernette took a moment to process that seemingly contradictory order, to stop her Overseer from doing what she wanted freely. “...Alright,” Ernette nodded slowly, “I promise.”

"Thank you. I don't want to end up killing you," Clara said, making a short hop to give Ernette a quick kiss. "Let's hurry up and get clean. We shouldn't have slept while covered in blood."

“We shouldn’t of?” Ernette asked, leading the way to the bathroom, “Is it bad or...?”

"It's not good for your skin. That and smelling good is why we take showers," Clara informed as she stripped herself whilst following Ernette inside.

”Ah!” Ernette noted, putting the extra clothes on the sink top as she began to fumble with her top, “If you’d like, you can shower first.”

"We should shower together," Clara suggested, "It'll save time, I can show you how to shower in the first place, and it's more enjoyable with someone else."

”Ooh?” Ernette hummed, squirming out of the rest of her clothes, “That sounds nice.”

"It is," Clara nodded, stepping into the tub and turning the shower on to warm. She quickly ducked out of the stream of water and shivered, muttering in monotone, "Of course this is one of the showers that takes a moment to warm up... I miss the Hold."

Ernette didn’t seem to mind the cold, however, standing at the center of the cone of water in curiosity. Curious at how the droplets felt against her skin, the sensations of them trickling down her body, and Clara’s strange aversion. But that quickly became second to comforting Clara.

”Hey...” Ernette assured, skittishly placing a hand on Clara’s chest, “I’m sure we’ll get back there. I do want to see your home, too.”

"I was mostly referring to the fact that our showers weren't so cheap," Clara elaborated, moving her hand up to check the temperature of the water. Feeling it warming up, Clara stepped into the stream alongside Ernette.

“Oh,” Ernette sighed blankly, backing up a bit to let Clara into the stream, “Sorry... it’s hard telling what one’s trying to convey sometimes.”

"It's fine," Clara assured, pulling Ernette back in, even closer than they were before, "Do you mind shampooing my hair for me?" She might as well take advantage of Ernette's task-based nature.

“Of course!” Ernette agreed, squirting a bit of the cold shampoo into her hand, shuddering at it for a slight second, before gently lathering it through Clara’s hair, lightly pulling her fingers through it. “Is this alright?” Ernette asked.

"Yeah that's nice," Clara replied as she closed her eyes, "Kinda scratch a bit to get the shampoo in good."

Ernette quietly did as asked, slowly rubbing down to Clara’s scalp to really get the shampoo into her hair. Hopefully, this meant there were rewards in store if she kept up this good work.

Clara let out a sigh and murmured, "Good girl... Now wash it out and use conditioner."

The Benefactor-woman gently dipped Clara’s head into the shower’s come of water, letting the suds flow out before they had finally subsided, allowing Ernette to lightly pull her back, and begin to scrub the conditioner into her hair in the same fashion as she had the shampoo. Her mind was alight at the mere utterance of the words, “good girl”, mainly due to what preceded their use.

"It feels way better when someone else does it," Clara remarked.

Ernette said nothing in response to Clara’s comment at first, but the temptation to dare ask overtook her. “...Could you do my hair? The-the shampoo and the conditioning,” she asked nervously, twiddling with a few twinges of her hair.

"Sure," Clara responded, reaching for the shampoo and squirting a good amount into her palm before gesturing for Ernette to lower herself.

Ernette looked surprised by the outcome of her question for a moment, before calming for Clara, turning around and lowering herself to Clara. At this point, she found it easier to simply stand on her knees.

As with most things in comparison to Ernette, Clara had far more experience in scrubbing shampoo into hair than the Benefactor, making sure to lather up the longer strands before focusing on her scalp. The crown made things a bit more tricky, but Clara managed.

Though the hair washing should have brought nothing but happiness to Ernette, an errant thought stuck in her mind, and she couldn’t shake herself off of it.

”Hey...” she began, still mulling over her question, before putting it out, “Do you... hate your sister? Harper?”

"Yes," Clara answered, not needing a single moment to think it over, "Why do you ask?"

“Just... never mind,” Ernette mumbled, “It’s nothing. I was just... wondering why you chose her voice for me during that first punishment.”

"Oh, I wanted to imagine that you were her in that moment," Clara explained.

“Did you imagine me as her yesterday?”

"No... The first time was more.. Cathartic, I guess," Clara answered, "Yesterday was as well, but... I think I just... Enjoyed doing what I did. Not to say I liked hurting you specifically, just... Hurting."

“Oh...” Ernette thought for a moment, “So why do you only hurt me if you like it? Harper’s out somewhere.”

"I'll be the first person everyone suspects if Harper is injured or suddenly goes missing," Clara explained, "Everyone knows I hate Harper. There are consequences for harming her. Not only that, but my father wouldn't want me to do that, no matter how much I hate her."

Ernette mulled over the explanation given to her, silent for the rest of the shower as she thought about it.

Once Ernette's hair was shampooed and conditioned, Clara handed her a small towel. "Can you scrub me down with the body wash?"

Ernette nodded, squirting some of the body wash on the wet towel, before slowly scrubbing over Clara’s body, washing off the blood from her body as she gently went down from arms first to her back and then her legs.

Two body scrubs and a 'reward' that should not be written later, the two were squeaky clean and standing before the bathroom mirror as it began to defog. "You're gonna want to blowdry your hair. Mine's a lot shorter, so I can get away with just a towel," Clara said, drying her head off with a towel.

“Let’s see...” Ernette held the blow dryer an arm’s length away, before beginning to let the device blow on her hair, slowly bringing it closer to her as she realized it was needed closer. “This is nice feeling!” Ernette smiled at the warmth of the blow dryer.

"Yeah. Don't hold it at a single spot for too long. It'll hurt if you do," Clara warned, "You have to move it around and stuff."

“Alright...” Ernette followed Clara’s instructions, but felt compelled to speak. “I’m sorry for bringing that up in the shower... I understand it’s a sensitive topic...”

"Oh, no it's fine. I don't mind talking about those kinds of things if they're brought up," Clara shrugged, "... At least with someone I trust."

Oh...” Ernette regarded as she finished blow drying and began to put on her fresh clothes, noting that Clara had at least some trust in her, “I’ll keep note of that.... Do you think Zoey is still annoyed at me for being a ‘jackass’?” She thought aloud.

"No, but now I'm sure she's gonna be mad at you about the- Well... She's probably forgotten about you throwing Parfait after the 'pirate attack', so you should be fine," Clara answered.

“Right...” Ernette sighed, looking at herself in the mirror quietly as she buttoned up her top, “I don’t like lying to her about that, but... it’s better to lie here, right?”

"I don't like spreading misinformation either," Clara agreed, "But I have no idea how the others will react to the truth."

“Anger... Distrust...” Ernette stated out the obvious ones, “...Sadness.”

"I'd rather be known as the 'weird one' that doesn't display emotion as opposed to... A sadist," Clara said, slipping into the new clothes Ernette had brought for her.

“I don’t want to let that happen either,” Ernette agreed, pulling her skirt up and steadying her top, “So we just... keep quiet about it, right?”

"Yeah," Clara nodded, "The pirate attacked, you defended me, he pushed you down the stairs, and then he ran off."

“Yeah...” Ernette nodded, a soft smile growing on her face as she looked at Clara in the mirror, getting into her happier expression as she chimed, “I love you, Clara.”

"I love you too, Ernette," Clara replied, hopping and kissing the woman. Ernette’s smile kept up, kneeling down and returning the kiss, before turning to the door, “Are you ready?”

"Yeah, let's see what everyone is up to," Clara nodded.


”Yeah probably.” Brendan replied in response to Elizabeth‘s comment about chocolate.

Eventuallly the sound of running water stopped and before the sound of a bucket of water falling falling into the tub was heard followed by a crinkling and rattling noise before Fennel walked out of the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and shorts before dropping her bag of clothes on the bed and retrieving the bag of brownies before asking “What‘s Bread doing here?”

"He's checking on Parfait," Elizabeth answered as Zoey finally woke up.

"Uuuuuggghhhhhh... Noooiiise," Zoey mumbled into her pillow.

Fennel took a bite out of a brownie before letting out soft moan and saying “Mmmm, Elizabeth these are so good.” As she shoved the rest of the brownie in her mouth.

"Hey..." Zoey's head shot up, "Are those my period brownies?!"

Fennel gave Zoey a defiant look as she shoved another brownie in her mouth.

"Those are mi-!" Zoey was interrupted as Elizabeth shoved another bag of brownies in her face.

"I made two bags after last time," Elizabeth quickly said.

"... Hmph," Zoey took the bag and held it close as she slowly opened it to retrieve one of the precious brownies from inside.

"And thanks, Fennel!" Elizabeth exclaimed, "I make sure they're the best brownies!"

”I need the recipe for theese.” Fennel requested as she zipped the bag closed, knowing she would have to ration these out.

"Nope!" Elizabeth shook her head, "Elizabeth's secret recipe!"

”Please!” Fennel begged.

"She won't tell me either," Zoey huffed before taking a bite of the brownie, causing her sour expression to change immediately at the taste.

”What if I bought It off you?” Fennel suggested, trying to pry the information from her friend.

"I don't care about money," Elizabeth shook her head.

”What do I have to do?“ Fennel asked.

"Hmmmm..." Elizabeth hummed.

"Remember, she's a prude," Zoey reminded.

Fennel huffed and threw a pillow at Zoey in response.

Zoey snickered, "It's true! You'll probably say no to the first thing Lizagna says!"

”You don’t know what she’s gonna ask.” Fennel retorted.

"Sex!" Elizabeth blurted out.

“Shit!” Fennel shouted.

”You know I’m just gonna take Parfait and go while you all sort this out.” Brendan replied as he left the room.

”Anything else?” Fennel asked.

"Ummm...." Elizabeth put a finger to her chin, trying to think of something she would want before shrugging, "I dunno. What can you do or give?"

”I can make you look like a fox. or give you something so you can use magic for a little bit.” Fennel offered.

"Hey! Why didn't you give me something so I could use magic?" Zoey whined.

”Because I’d rather tell Bob I was in heat myself at the moment.” Fennel quipped somewhat angrily.

"Gordon Ramsey!" Elizabeth suddenly declared, "If you can get me all of Gordon Ramsey's shows, I'll tell you my secret recipe!"

“That’s it? I can find those on YouTube and download them in like half an hour.” Fennel commented realizing how easy it would be.

"No! I want, like... The CDs!" Elizabeth protested, "Or whatever they have here since it's the future."

"That's why I never got the recipe," Zoey sighed.

Fennel looked at her phone for a moment, "Well from the looks of it all his stuff is just public domain. Of course I don’t have a credit card that works here though.“ Fennel said in a defeated tone.

"Until I have Gordon Ramsey's shows, no recipe!" Elizabeth proclaimed.

Fennel groaned before lying back down in bed, before being stricken with several cramps. “Ug.”

"Lizagna, why do you like that guy anyway?" Zoey asked, "You've only seen, like, two episodes of his stuff."

"But he's really good at cooking! And he helps other people cook!" Elizabeth defended the good name of Ramsey.

”I thought you liked Ryle.” Fennel groaned from under her pillow having forgotten that this was supposed to be a secret.

"Fennel!" Elizabeth cried out, "You promised!"

"Oooooh! Who's Ryle?" Zoey sneered.

”I forgot, Elizabeth. He’s nobody important.” Fennel lied trying to cover for Elizabeth, who was hiding her face in embarassment.

"He's obviously someone important!" Zoey insisted, "C'mon! Tell me!"

”He’s mega prude you wouldn’t like him.” Fennel added.

"Ew, Lizagna, why do you want a prude?" Zoey asked.

"Wh- Fennel didn't say he was a prude! Just that he looks nice and can coo-" Elizabeth stopped herself before crawling back into bed and hiding under the covers.

“What about Gordon Ramsey?” Bob grumbled as he sat up, “Gordon Ramsey and Kyle...?”

"Didn't you have Anna draw you a naked picture of Gordon Ra-"

"NO!" Elizabeth interrupted Zoey and let out a whine as her entire body was hidden from view.

Fennel threw another pillow at Zoey "Knock it off, Zoey!" Fennel demanded rather upset that she had made things worse for Elizabeth.

“...Did you guys just argue about ferret-men all night and it devolved into Gordon Ramsey smut?” Bob asked, rubbing his eyes, “...I’d barely be surprised at this point.”

"Ryle is not a ferret!" Fennel corrected rather angrily.

"I swear to god, Latte, she totally got Anna to draw Gordon Ramsey!" Zoey shouted, "He was 100% naked!"

"Well it seems that you guys are rather fond of commissioning that kind of thing." Fennel huffed.

"This is why you don't get to know my brownie recipe, Zoey," Elizabeth muttered from within her blanket cocoon.

“...Why did I even wake up...” Bob bemoaned, falling back onto the couch.

"Besides Ryle's better looking than that old fart anyway." Fennel quipped feeling it was nessisary to defend Ryle in this situation.

"Hey!" Elizabeth yelled, "Gordon Ramsey is-..." She realized she was only digging a deeper hole for herself and shut up.

"Ryle's in better shape anyway." Fennel continued, unware that the conversation didn't need to be continued.

"I bet Gordon Ramsey's accent is better," Elizabeth mumbled, "He's British."

“Bah that’s just a cold rock in Europe.” Fennel dismissed with a wave of her hand.

"The best chef who ever lived came from there!" Elizabeth proclaimed, sitting up and facing Fennel. Though, she was still completely covered, so it was more funny than threatening.

“Well my island is better.” Fennel childishly responded.

"Nuh-uh! Your island doesn't have Gordon Ramsey!"

"Well England doesn't have pineapples." Fennel retorted.

“Pineapples are just thorny coconuts,” Bob grumbled.

"YOU SHUT UP ABOUT PINEAPPLES AND COCONUTS!" Fennel snapped at Bob clearly offended that these uncultured swine knew nothing of tropical goodness.

”Jesus, calm down,” Bob remarked, sitting up at the yelling of Fennel, “You’re really gonna get this mad about pineapples?”

"Fine, if you think your place's food is better," Elizabeth took a quick moment to squirm out of her cocoon and faced Fennel down, "Let's have a cook-off! I make British food! You make.. Your place's food! You can even have anyone you want to help you too. I'll work alone and still win!"

"Okay fine I will!" Fennel huffed a she crossed her arms.

"... In fact," Elizabeth grinned, "If you win, I'll give you my secret brownie recipe!"

"And if you win?" Fennnel inquired

"... You have to be my Ernie!" Elizabeth proclaimed, "Do whatever I want whenever I want it!"

"Okay then." Fennel said as she extended her hand.

Elizabeth vigorously shook the fox's hand, a Zoey-like grin on her face.

"This competition is over before it even starts," Zoey remarked, "I wanna root for the underdog, but Lizagna is gonna win."

"You act like I can't even boil an egg." Fennel responded rather offended.

"No, I act like Lizagna can boil an egg ten times better than you because she's been cooking since she could walk," Zoey corrected.

"Well, I'll just have to blind side her then." Fennel replied realizing she'd have to do something completely different from what Elizabeth would make.

"Hmm... I'm thinking we'll have three different categories," Elizabeth mused, "Presentation, texture, and taste to keep it simple. You can get scored a different amount of points in each with texture having a max of ten points, presentation fifteen, and taste thirty."

"Bob, we need to kill a pig!" Fennel called as she grabbed her bag of bo

“Why would we need to kill a pig? You know we could just go to the grocery store for pork,” Bob suggested.

"We have to do it the traditional way, Bob, I refuse to be her Ernie." Fennel replied.

"Gordon Ramsey always says to get your stuff locally," Elizabeth noted.

"You've seen, like, two episodes of his show," Zoey repeated.

"Shut up," Elizabeth huffed.

"Hey, Latte, I'll help you too with this," Zoey offered, "I don't think we'll win, but if it means we get that brownie recipe, then I'm in."

"Good!" Fennel said as she moved her hands up her arms as if she were rolling up her sleeves.

“What’s so special about the brownie recipe?” Bob asked, oblivious to the situation.

"Give him a brownie," Zoey said.

Fennel then took one the brownies from the bag and handed it to Bob.

Bob looked at it for a second, before taking a large bite out of the brownie. “Hwoly Shit!” Bob grumbled, his mouth still full of the brownie.

"Yeah that's why." Fennel said as she ate a brownie herself.

"Lizagna made these specifically for when I'm on my period. It's like all the pissed-off-ness goes woosh," Zoey explained, munching on only half a brownie and tossing it back into her bag.

“Wait... Fennel, are you on your...?” Bob asked, taking a deep gulp to swallow his mouthful of brownie.

"Well I sure as hell ain't knocked up." Fennel said as she gave Bob the stink eye, rather upset to be asked about the topic for thesecond time today. Elizabeth noticed the sour look and slowly pushed a brownie towards Fennel's mouth.

“...The Hell did I get myself into,” Bob muttered quietly, looking away.

"I heard that." Fennel quipped before biting into the brownie.

"Don't eat all of them at once," Elizabeth warned, "I only make a limited amount per month."

"Fine." Fennel said as she closed the bag once again.

"So we have to make, like, pineapple food?" Zoey asked.

"It's more than pineapple." Fennel replied.

"Well, I'm gonna go make sure I have all m- Oh, wait..." Elizabeth scurried over to her drawer, fumbled around with something inside, then closed it, "I'm gonna go and get all the stuff I'll need for the competition. Does three dishes sound good, Fennel?"

"Yeah we can do that." Fennel replied.

“Are we seriously still gonna go shoot a pig,” Bob mused blankly.

"No..." Fennel replied "We are gonna stab it in the throat, that's how you're supposed to do it."

"You have fun with that," Elizabeth sneered, happily skipping out of the room, presumably to find Brendan for some cash before going off to buy ingredients.

Bob blinked, “...I don’t even even know how I got rounded into thi-“

Fennel then sniffled and started crying "I don't want to wear a stupid maid outfit." as she fell sideways on the bed.

"Then why'd you agree to do a cook-off against Lizagna?" Zoey asked.

"I don't know." Fennel replied.

“...Hey Zoey,” Bob mused, “I bet Ern...ette could help here a bunch. She’s still got all her floaty magic powers, right?”

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. "It's me, Clara," Came the twelve-year-old's voice on the other side.

"Come in." Fennel called out.

Clara walked in and held the door open for Ernette, who followed close behind. "I saw Elizabeth running out of Brendan's room with a bunch of cash. Is something going on?" She inquired.

"I have to beat her at a cook off or I have to be her maid." Fennel explained.

"... That's hilarious," Clara said in monotone.

"She's probably gonna make me wear one of those stupid sexy french maid costumes too." Fennel lamented

"I know for a fact she is going to make you wear a maid outfit," Clara nodded.

“That’d be interesting to see,” Ernette hummed, putting a finger to her chin, “To say the least.” She then turned her attention to Bob, before walking up to him and giving the man a hug, “I’m sorry I couldn’t thank you last night, but thank you so much for all you did!”

”I.. uh.. it’s not a problem,” Bob replied, unsure what else to say.

Ernette pulled back from her hug with a blush, “It’s certainly a problem! You saved my life! I can’t thank you enough for that,” she smiled.

"I helped too." Fennel replied rather upset to not be thanked not realizing that the thanks directed to Bob were more flirtatious.

“Oh, Fennel...” Ernette realized her thanks was rather Bob-oriented, offering a hug to Fennel, “You fixed my bones! I am grateful for that.”

"You're welcome." Fennel said, she appeared to be somewhat jealous of the woman's figure. Robots getting a better body than me,

“And Zoey,” Ernette turned to her original Temporary Overseer, “I know I’ve been acting like... well, like a jackass the past few days and.. I’m sorry.”

Around this time, Parfait strolled into the room and began rubbing her sides against Ernette seemingly to mark her as belonging to Parfait.

"Uh, it's cool, Ernnnnnnette," Zoey shrugged, "Hey, wanna help us with the cook-off thing? Lizagna said anyone can help Latte out."

“Sure!” Ernette smiled, not noticing Parfait as she went on with the task given, “I’d love to help!”

"Oh you are going to need an apron or you'll get your clothes dirty." Fennel remarked.

“I can get one real quick when I need it,” Ernette made a twinge of her fingers, and an apron floated into her arms.

"Do you think you can find me these ingredients? Locally grown if possible." Fennel said as she showed Ernette a list of ingredients on her phone.

“I’m on it!” Ernette chimed as she skipped off, the list of ingredients in her hand.

"I guess I'll go with Ernette," Clara said, following the Benefactor out the room.

“...Well, what do we do now?” Bob asked, having accepted his place as a pawn in Fennel’s cooking-related plot.

"I don't know... do you think you can find a hot water bottle?" Fennel asked.

“A what?” Bob questioned.

"Its like a silicone rectangular thing, you put hot water in it." Fennel tried explaining as she drew the outline of the object in the air. "For cramps."

“I... guess I’ll go look for one?” Bob shrugged, standing up and waking out to go look for a ‘hot water bottle’.

"So...." Zoey slid on over to Fennel with a grin, "It was pretty obvious how jelly you were of Ernette."

"So, what of it?" Fennel asked.

"And the way she was getting all in Bob's business..." Zoey went on.

"We're just friends, I, just don't like how she had better hips." Fennel replied.

"And don't like her being in Bob's business," Zoey sneered.

"That's none of your buisness." Fennel huffed.

"So it's true!" Zoey squealed, "I wasn't 100% sure, but thanks for confirming it."

"What?' Fennel asked.

"C'mon! You wouldn't get all jelly of her cozying up to Bob unless you still liked him."

"We are just friends now. I'm just still getting over him is all." Fennel replied.

"Why make yourself have to 'get over him' in the first place?"

"It's like when you see your ex with a new person is all." Fennel tried to explain

"I don't get it," Zoey blinked, "... You still like Bo-ob! You still like Bo-ob! You still like Bo-ob! Admit it! Why'd you break up with him if you still like him?"

"I mean, a little bit, I just think we should only be friends." Fennel explained.

"But... Why?" Zoey asked, "Like.. You weren't fucking, so it's not like it's setting off your prude reflex."

"I just don't feel about him that way." Fennel replied.

"Then why're you getting jelly when Ernette gets close to him like she did?"

"I just wanted to be thanked too."

"Yeah, I'm sure that's all it was," Zoey snickered.

"Yes it is, Zoey." Fennel said before getting up. "I need to make some tiki torches."

"Ruby!" Zoey called. The younger sister sprung out of bed and to attention, "Go get us some gasoline!" Ruby dashed out of the room after a speedy salute.

"We also need some bamboo poles along with a bunch of palm leaves." Fennel explained.


“Hmm... Would Pork tenderloins substitute for pork butt?” Ernette asked, looking to Clara and the cart.

"I'm not an expert on this kind of thing," Clara admitted, "They shuld have it if we ask someone."

Ernette looked around for a second before finding an employee in her general vicinity. “Oh! Excuse me!” She got the attention of the worker as she walked up, “Does your store happen to have... pork butt? Or a whole pig?”

An employee looked at what he assumed was a mother and daughter "A Whole pig? Are you making something Polynesian?" The employee asked

“...Yeah,” Ernette nervously laughed, unsure of Laviturn’s location and just going along with it, “Exactly. So we need that for.. a friend.”

"Yeah, so we just got some fresh pigs in a few hours ago." The employee replied

"How convenient," Clara remarked, looking up at the employee.

“Yes,” Ernette smiled, “It is! Could you point us in the direction of them? We need them really badly.”

"Let me just get it out of the fridge." the employee said before pressing a button that caused the animals carcass to be moved along a chain up front. "Is there anything else I can help you ladies with today."

“Uh... no!” Ernette chimed, checking the list one more time and noting they were missing just one more simple ingredient of water, “Nothing at all!”

"Your total is right here." The employee said as he pointed to a screen reading the price of the pig just before he wrapped it in a large bag.

Ernette froze as she realized she didn’t have money on her person. “I... could you excuse us for one second?” She asked nervously.

It was then that Elizabeth burst into the establishment. "Ten of your finest tenderloin please!" She declared loudly.

Ernette shrunk back further at Elizabeth’s boldness, looking to their cart before lowering down to Clara and whispering frantically, “Do you still have that money I gave you?

Clara pulled out a small wad of cash as Elizabeth approached the counter, "I'll also take an entire lamb- No- Two lambs!"

Soon enough the employee had his customers purchases ready to go, in a good mood that he was able to make so many sales so close to each other.

Oh my.. she’s buying so much!” Ernette worried, “We have barely anything when compared to her!

"This is what Fennel wanted," Clara shrugged, "As soon as I heard there was a cook-off, I knew Elizabeth would be the one to win. She has dedicated her life to cooking, even if that life hasn't been very long yet."

“But I’m here to help Fennel win!” Ernette pouted, “Not just let her flounder and fail To Elizabeth!”

"I guess we could get two pigs," Clara mused.

"Hmm... Could you take this tenderloin back and get me a different one, please?" Elizabeth requested after having inspected each cut with an experienced eye.

"Sure." The employee said before replacing the tenderloin with that looked a bit nicer.

"Hmmm... That's good," Elizabeth nodded, slapping the cash she borrowed from Brendan on the counter, "Could you help me carry the lambs into the taxi I have waiting outside?"

“Could we get a second pig?” Ernette asked as she planted an arm on the counter for support. Meanwhile, an exact double of whatever Fennel had requested slowly floated to the cart.

"Sure." After a moment a second pig was prepped for transport. After a moment the empoyee processed the sales and helped Elizabeth take her purchase out to their vehicle.

"Tell Fennel I said hi! And that beef is better than pork!" Elizabeth waved to the two before hopping in her taxi, which quickly sped away shortly after.

“We don’t have a car,” Ernette smiled weakly, “I’ll carry them.”

"You have telekinesis so I suppose that doesn't matter if we don't have a car," Clara shrugged.

“...I know,” Ernette sighed, “I was trying to act for the employee... but I screwed that up even when I got everything else," Ernette gestured to some plastic shopping bags in her hands, along with the floating parade of bags behind her, including the pigs.

"Don't worry about it. You're doing a good job," Clara assured as they walked.

“Thanks...” the smile returned to the Benefactor’s face, “I just want us to look... normal, unless we want a lot of attention.”

Clara cocked her head to one side as she looked up at Ernette. "What do you mean?"

“Like.. average people, going about their lives... not a robot and a girl wandering around getting pigs,” Ernette explained.


“Because, I don’t want people to look at me and think of me as some servant robot,” Ernette explained, a bit flustered, “But just Ernette! It’s like how you don’t want to be seen as a sadist, just Clara.”

"That's a new thing to hear from you," Clara remarked, "I don't think you'll need to worry though. You look regular enough that I don't think anyone's first assumption will be that you're a 'servant robot'."

“Are you sure?” Ernette looked over herself, “I look different enough to be set apart. I- my eyes do things human eyes don’t! They glow!”

"It looks neat," Clara said, "I like your eyes."

Ernette blushed, looking down fo Clara, “Awww... Well, if you say I fit in better than before, then I’m fine with that.”

"You sure have changed quite a bit recently," Clara remarked, "Don't worry. It's a nice change."

Ernette giggled, “You’re just flattering me!“

"I don't flatter," Clara bluntly denied.

Ernette thought on Clara’s words for a moment, before realizing they were true with a blush and another giggle. “You’re too good to m-!“

She stopped, a peculiar sight ahead catching the words in her throat. Sitting on the sidewalk at a street corner ahead of them, the pirate that had ‘attacked and pushed Ernette down the stairs’ sat, a cup in his hand as he slumped against the wall, his jacket covered in black stains, and a scabbed formation over where he had been shot in the face.

”Spare some change?” He asked as he held up the cup to a few passerby, frightening them and causing them to hasten their pace. He sighed, looking back down to his feet.

"Hey... Aren't you that pirate?" Clara called as she approached the battered individual.

"Perceptive. And you're a girl," Tychen grumbled, "Am I supposed to know you?"

Ernette looked to Clara for affirmation as to what to do.

"I'm Clara. You know my sisters better than me: Zoey and Ruby."

"Oh, you mean the broad who shot me in the face, then in the chest, then threw me out a third story freaking window?" Tychen huffed, "Yeah, they're pretty memorable."

"To be fair, you did try to kill her."

"Not that time! Now I got a broke... everything!" Tychen flailed his other arm, limply falling to his side, "And a fucked face-err... you know what I mean."

"Again, you did try to kill her, and the only reason I can figure that she would have been so violent is if she felt that Zoey was threatened," Clara mused.

"All I did was climb through the window to ask that furry gal on a second date, like she said she would. But then I saw 'Zoey' out cold on the bed and it ruined the mood, so I said so, and your sister shot me in the face for it. Little brat," the pirate mumbled.

"Climbing through the window was your first mistake," Clara pointed out.

"Yeah, that's... a bad choice," Ernette agreed.

"Hey, you really think they'd let me in if I knocked?" Tychen argued, "Besides, it's their fault for leaving it open. If a fly can get in like that and annoy the shit out of them, why can't I?"

"We still kill flies if they come in," Clara stated, "Maybe they wouldn't have let you in, but it looks better on you to give them that choice instead of forcing yourself into the room by climbing through the window."

"...Aye," Tychen agreed, "Maybe I shouldn't of been such a horndog. But it's still not right to go with such overkill! Then I heard they had some robot throw me across town, and it just..." he flailed his arm again with a growl, "It pisses me off, I tell ya!"

"... Tell you what," Clara offered, "I'll help you get everyone to stop hating you. Since I'm their sister, it'll make things easier than if Fennel tried to calm Ruby down."

"How do I know I can trust your word?" Tychen looked at Clara, an obvious look of suspicion even without a face.

"Because you'll be doing something for me in return. I told everyone that you beat up my girlfriend, Ernette, here," Clara gestured to Ernette, "If you go along with that story, I'll help you."

Ernette quickly introduced herself, "Hi, it's... good to see you're doing okay."

"If you call being a cripple for a bit okay," Tychen shrugged, before replying to Clara, "And that's supposed to make me look like a better person in their eyes? 'Oh hey look at me everybody, I've changed! I even beat up her girlfriend to make up for it!' " Tychen retorted.

"No, it's supposed to support my lie," Clara answered coldly, "Besides, if someone that you hurt, and someone that loves the person you hurt, vouch for you, then that does look good on you. Everyone already believes you hurt Ernette."

"Lie? What do you mean li-" Tychen stopped himself, snickering to no one as he looked back up, holding out a gloved hand, "Deal. I'll keep it quiet that you beat your girlfriend, and you clear my name."

Clara took the pirate's hand and warned, "If you screw me over in this, Ernette will throw you into the sun. She's the robot that threw you across town."

"...Really?" Tychen looked back at Ernette, "The robot I heard about was a lot less pretty."

"I changed her appearance," Clara explained, "And please, don't flirt with Ernette."

"Alright, I'll keep my mouth shut about it and keep my hands off your robot," Tychen swore, holding up his working hand in a sort of oath gesture, "You got a pirate's honor on that, Clara, me lass."

"Sounds like an oxymoron, but whatever. Ernette, can you lift him up? We'll bring him back with all the stuff for the cookout," Clara requested.

"Sure, Clara," Ernette nodded, daintily waving a finger as Tychen floated next to the two.

"Oh, I love myself a cookout!" Tychen declared, "The scents! The tastes! What's the occasion?"

Ernette glanced to the faceless, mouthless pirate with a confused look, before realizing that asking Tychen on such a question wouldn't bring a reasonable answer, shaking herself back to her senses.

"Fennel challenged my other sister, Elizabeth, to a cookoff. If Fennel wins, she gets Elizabeth's secret brownie recipe. If Elizabeth wins, Fennel becomes her servant," Clara said, giving the pirate a once-over with the same internal question as Ernette.

"While I'd bet she'd be a nice... nice servant," Tychen swooned, "She deserves to win.... a brownie recip- why is this such a strangely bet challenge?"

"Elizabeth's brownies were designed to negate how angry some women get during their periods. They taste that good."

"So... Fennel being a servant, or really good brownies... sounds about right," Tychen nodded, "Though if they're that good, I'd bet Elizabeth's the better one at this kind of thing."

"Fennel's going to win!" Ernette huffed, "I was tasked to ensure she'd do so by Overseer Zoey! And that's what I'm gonna do!"

"More importantly," Clara decided to finally ask the question, "How can you love the 'smells' and 'tastes' of a cookout? Also, how is it that you are such a 'horndog' if you don't have any genitals?"

"First off," Tychen began, raising a finger, "That's a long story. Second off, why are you assuming I don't have any?"

Clara looked down, then back up at where his face should have been. "Are you saying you do?"

"I'd rather not show kids," Tychen mused, "and I'm not gonna show you, but yes. Yes I am."

"Hm, I've been noticing a trend lately with people outside of our family not wanting to mix kids and sex," Clara commented, "I'm surprised a pirate, of all people, would be included in that."

“I’m a pirate, but that don’t mean I’m not a decent guy!” Tychen retorted, “I’ll touch any of those I get in me crew I like... all but the kids.”

"A pirate that's a decent guy," Clare repeated, "You almost made me laugh."

“On pirate terms, I’m a decent guy!” Tychen clarified, “There’s a lot worse asses than me.”

"That doesn't excuse that you murder people and reanimate them- And... If you touch your crew, which I'm guessing are zombies... That's basically Mexican sugar dancing," Clara retorted.

“What sugar dancing?” Tychen cocked his head in confusion.

"Mexican sugar dancing, I read about it in a book of kinks. It's basically when someone gets a dead body and puppeteers it with wires or electricity and then have sex with it. Except... You can turn them into zombies, but it's still pretty much the same thing."

“Huh. I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I need to torture someone,” Tychen remarked, “But my method’s better. They can do things other than just... do it.”

"And you torture people," Clara added to the list.

“Only when I really need to,” Tychen clarified, “They usually spill the beans I need on the spot, but when they don’t... Well, I’m just gonna say, a lot of screaming and pain later, I get what I want out of them.”

"This is why Fennel will never go on another date with you. If you want a decent girl, you have to be decent in return, and not decent by 'pirate terms'," Clara chastised, "Also you'll get shot by eleven-year-olds less often."

“Bah!” Tychen waved off Clara’s assertion, “Normal decency is boring. But I’d bet you know that too, huh, bruiser?” He snarked.

"Ernette asks for punishment. I don't touch her otherwise."

“Punishments so intense, you use me as a fallback plan?” Tychen guffawed, “That’s good thinkin’ by the way. Using me in that situation.”

"I can still have Ernette throw you into the sun. I don't think even you would come back from that," Clara threatened.

Tychen shrugged, “I bet not.. and I’m certainly not willing to try. So fine, I’ll lay off.”

"Good," Clara nodded.

“...And to think this conversation started with you asking me if I have a dick,” Tychen snickered.

"And that dick won't go into anything beyond a walking corpse considering... Well... You fuck walking corpses," Clara 'snarked' as much as someone who spoke in monotone could snark.

“Hey! Sometimes I get the livin’ flesh,” Tychen retorted, “Whenever we come to dock and one catches me eye. It’s good, but paying them is too much.”

"So you only have sex with corpses and prostitutes," Clara corrected herself, "Considering you didn't attack when you came through the window, instead wanting a second date, I'm guessing you're lonely. You don't want to just screw zombies and escorts."

“...No! I’m perfectly fine with sticking with me crew!” Tychen argued, but something about it seemed doubtful.

"Don't lie to me, pirate. That pisses me off more than criticizing what I do with Ernette. Just own up to it, or it makes you look pathetic."

“I’m not pathetic! I... fine,” Tychen sighed, “Plunderin’ and lootin’ is nice and all, but a lass at me side while I do it.. why, that’d be ten times better, I reckon.”

"Well, no lass wants to be by the side of someone that tortures others, threatens to kill eleven-year-olds, zombifies his victims, and then has sex with those zombies... You don't get quality without putting in something yourself. A good woman has options, and she won't choose a murderous, perverted necrophiliac. So if you want a good woman, be a good man."

“...I guess you’re right,” Tychen shrugged, “There’s billion of fish in the sea. Who the hell’d choose a lowlife bottom feeder like me? I guess I’ll... give being a good man a shot. But if it gets me nowhere, I’m stealing as much crap as I can carry and leaving.”

"That's a lack of commitment," Clara pointed out, "Girls like it when a guy doesn't just quit because things don't work out or don't work out soon enough."

“...You’re just saying that so I won’t steal your crap,” Tychen snidely snapped, “But fine. Fine. I’ll try and commit.”

"We're almost there. Here's hoping you don't get shot," Clara pointed to the hotel.

”That’s a good toast,” Tychen agreed with a nod, “Here we go.. commitment, here I come..”

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Meanwhile Fennel had managed to put together a few grass skirts along with several torches while she waited for the ingreidents for her dishes.

"Man! I didn't expect you prudes to have skirts like these," Zoey remarked, admiring herself in a mirror and twirling her grass skirt around.

“They’re semi traditional, the real deals are more modest but you got to play up to expectations.” Fennel explained. “We just need the coconuts and we can get these outfits complete.”

The doors to the room opened, letting Clara to enter, then Ernette followed by a long column of groceries, including two pigs and double of everything else asked.

“Alright. You got the pigs, excellent. I there’s a hole with leaves and coals in it.” Fennel stated.

Ernette looked to Clara with a worried expression, gesturing with her head to outside the room.

"We also brought the pirate. Ruby don't shoot him," Clara spoke up.

"WHAT!?" Zoey and Ruby screeched in unison.

“Why’d you bring him!“ Fennel asked.

“Heeeeeeeey,” Tychen awkwardly waved as he was floated in, “How are you doing?”

"Look how pathetic he is," Clara gestured to Tychen, "He can't even walk. After Ruby shot him and threw him out of a window, he had a change of heart through that traumatic experience. He's giving up on his pirate lifestyle and is instead going to be a good person. When he attacked Ernette, he just had a case of 'healing rabies'. His brain was still growing back, so he wasn't all there yet."

”Yeah, just a case of the old... healing rabies...” Tychen laughed, “Now I’m.. willing to change for the better.”

“I’ve got my eye on you.” Fennel remarked as she pointed to her own eyes then to Tychen.

“I’m counting on it,” Tychen responded, “Just so you can see that I’m really willing to change here.”

“Alright then. Zoey I need you to help me salt this pig before we can cook it.” Fennel requested after turning her attention away from the pig.

“Oh, I can get it!” Ernette chimed, raising her hand as to get her attention.

"Yeah, let Ernette do that," Zoey agreed with a disgusted glance towards the two pigs.

“Alright Zoey I need you to cook some rice for the poi then.” Fennel ordered as she started pouring a brine into the bags with the pigs.

"As long as I don't touch any dead pigs," Zoey nodded. Meanwhile, Ruby did not remove Tychen from her line of sight, glaring at the pirate. Tychen, in response, meekly waved to Ruby, as Ernette set him in a chair so that she could focus on other things.

”So, uh...” Tychen commented, “Zoey’s awake, huh?”

"... If Zoey will give you a chance, then I will too," Ruby spat, "But if you mess up, even a little bit, I won't throw you away. I'll keep you with us and shoot you every time you're about to come back so you can never hurt any-"

"Ruby, stop being creepy," Zoey snapped before returning her attention to Fennel.

”So we need to let these soak for a little bit until then we need to get started on dessert.” Fennel said as she went to gather therelated ingruedents.

“I salted the pigs! What now?” Ernette asked, an excited smile across her face, along with a large amount of salt on her cheeks.

Fennel then handed Ernette a taro root and said "We need these grated. also do you happen to have a drill or something?"

“I don’t... but I can get you one!” Ernette quipped, flicking two fingers as a grater began to slide against the taro root, grating it up as demanded as Ernette quickly walked off to find a drill.

Fennel then took the cluster of coconuts and cracked them rather cleanly in half and pouring the milk into a bowl before she began scraping the meat out of the coconuts.

"Hey, Fennel, I forgot to ask," Ruby chimed in, "What do you want me to do with all this gasoline?" She pointed over to four large, red canisters of the volatile substance.

"That's a bit overkill. Why don't you help me hollow out these coconuts." Fennel said as she handed Ruby a scraping tool.

"Okay!" Ruby nodded happily, taking the tool and got to scraping, "I've never eaten coconuts before."

Fennel then looked at her hoard of coconuts before breaking off a piece of the meat and handing it to Ruby "Here."

“Here, I got a drill!” Ernette exclaimed, running into the room, before tripping in the doorway, the drill landing a bit in front of her as she fell on her face, but got up as if nothing happened. “Here!” She smiled, holding the drill out to Fennel.

"Are you okay?" Fennel asked a she took the drill.

“What do you mean? I’m great!” Ernette laughed.

"You just fell on your face is all." Fennel explained before she drilled a few holes in the sides of the a few coconut shells.

“Pff,” Ernette swayed a hand at the possibility of that being much, “Now, what else do I need to do? This is all so exciting!”

“That’s the spirit!...” Tychen cheered on with a sigh, giving a thumbs up.

Fennel then slid her hand over the coconut shells causing thier fibers to form a length of twine before setting the twine to the side. "Alright can you preheat an oven to 350 so we can bake this?"

The oven flicked to the correct temperature knob with the flick of Ernette’s wrist, “Alright... now I wait...” she peered at the oven, waiting for the temperature to rise up so she could have more tasks to accomplish.

Fennel the dumped the remainder of dessert into the bowl and began mixing. "You just need to place the pigs in the hole then cover it in the leaves I have on the side, the coals should be good.. Then we just need to wait a few hours after that."

"Hole?" Ernette cocked her head, "What hole?"

"There's a pit outside we set up while you were gone." Fennel explained.

"Is there anything you need me to do?" Clara asked.

"Can you help me put the leaves over the pigs?" Ernette asked, "It'd be great to have you helping me." Clara nodded and followed Ernette out with the pigs.

Fennel then placed the mixture in a pan before placing it in the oven before placing it oven. "Zoey I need you and Ruby." Fennel called as she grabbed several lines of twine, coconut shells and the drill before walking out of the room and waiting for the girls to follow.

And thus, Tychen was left all alone in the room. The pirate looked around quietly, twiddling his thumbs, before realizing his other hand had gained function again with a simple, "Huh...." before humming a shanty to himself quietly, waiting for someone to come back.

A few minutes later, Harper burst into the room. "Hey, I saw a bunch of-" She started, noting the room was empty except for, "AAAH! I-.. I knew there was a pirate in here!"

Tychen cocked his head, "Are you another one of their sisters or something? Goodness gracious, you humans breed a lot."

"What are you doing here?" Harper huffed, "You won't find all of our gold." Why the fuck- What am I even saying?

"Well... I don't think gold's that impressive...?" Tychen shrugged, seeing that Harper had no idea who he was, "Besides, I can't leave. My legs are gone and broke. Your sister, the one with the soulless expression on her face at all times, brought me in after she found me."

"Oh, you mean Clara," Harper spat, though her disgust was evenly mixed with guilt.

"What? You two get into a fight or something? She threatened to use her girlfriend to throw me into the sun, so it'd make sense," Tychen asked.

"Oh yeah," Harper waved a hand, "Clara's always doing that kind of thing, threatening to kill people. I remember one time, she nearly killed three of our moms!"

"...Go on," Tychen goaded, gesturing with his finger, "Now you caught my interest."

Harper sat down on the couch and obliged Tychen, "Yeah, she did it just for fun too. She's crazy. Oh, oh, and one time she locked me in a closet, just me and her, and cut me a bunch with a knife!"

"Really now...? Can't say I'm surprised," Tychen replied, "But, I've met worse sociopaths. Tychen," he held out his hand as he greeted her, "That's my name. You?"

"Harper," The 14-year-old introduced, shaking the pirate's hand, "And I doubt it. I even saw Clara torturing Ernette earlier, even though they're dating!"

"Oh, you did?" Tychen gasped, "I think she told me she liked to hurt people, but that was... wow!" While he knew she wasn't telling the absolute truth, Tychen went along with Harper's lie, wanting to see where it led.

"Wait, wha- I-I mean.. What? She told you?" Harper asked with surprise, but in reality she was in shock that Clara would say that kind of thing at all, or that it could even be true.

"Why, of course!" Tychen lied, "She said she'd love to cut somebody, let their blood do the little drip-drip-drip, and cut them again, over and over till they're all out of blood. And she'd savor every moment of it. Oh, but if she asks you, don't tell her I told you." If he could've winked, he would've then.

Harper wanted to call Tychen out on his lie, but realized that, not only would she undermine her own lie, but that she would appear to be uninformed on Clara.... Especially if what he was saying was true.

"Yeah, that sounds like Clara," Harper nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, it sure is," Tychen nodded slowly, "And she even told me that she's wanting to do it for real," he emphasized, "She's just waiting for the right person, at the right place, at the right time, so she can make her fantasies come true!" He wanted to see if she would finally call his bluff, or would keep on with her lie.

Harper thought back to the time she ruined Clara's birthday, and the emotionless malice directed towards her by Clara ever since. What if... What if Tychen wasn't lying? What if Clara really was going to kill someone- Kill her!?

"Y-Yeah.. Yeah, that's.. She.. I.." Harper trembled.

"Hey," Tychen put a hand on Harper's shoulder, seeing the issue was getting to her, "I'm kidding. She doesn't want to kill anyone. She's too bland for that. I just wanted to see if you'd keep up the fibbing, not break down."

"I.. Well- Duh! I was just fooling you to get you to admit you were lying," Harper recovered.

”Right, right,” Tychen nodded snidely, “That’s what was going on. But, yeah. She’s reeeeeeal tame, compared to all the nasties I’ve come along in my journeys across the stars. And seeing as everyone else is off in a hurry, we might as well keep exchanging real stories.”l

"Like what?" Harper huffed, insulted that Tychen would imply her words to be false.

"Like, uh... gimme one second," Tychen held up a finger as he scrounged over his person.

"Give you one second to come up with a lie," Harper harrumphed.

"No," Tychen shook his head, pulling out a tiny sack, "To come up with this. My own little bag of trinkets. Each one's got its own little story behind it."

"Really? Tell me one!"

Tychen pulled up a small fold-out tray, dumping the assorted contents onto the table. Many strange objects, some simple in nature, others looking bizarrely futuristic, littered the tray. "Hmmm... not sure which to choose," Tychen hummed, looking over his menagerie of tiny objects.

"What about that one!" Harper exclaimed, pointing to one of the more outlandish trinkets.

"Ah, this?" he held up the clump of metallic tendrils, branching off one another in intricate patterns, "This one's one of the newer ones, I think. Yanked it out of an Advance battleship after they snatched it first from some Designate goons. It was a crazy mess, for the most part. I think I shot one of my own crew on accident, but they were fine."

"An advanced battleship?" Harper repeated, mishearing the pirate.

"No, an Advance battleship," Tychen repeated, "It's one of the bigger players in the area I was in. Some fanatics going on about Progress or whatever and hold a good plot of land with a lot of good loot, but also a lot of guns to guard it."

"So what does the thingy do?" Harper inquired curiously, giving the clump a poke.

“Some kind of super-computer part or something,” Tychen argued, flipping it around in his hand, “I think that’s what it is.. or it is the whole computer. Whatever it is, it yells at me from time to time and also does this thing where it tries to break into my electronic stuff like a jerk.”

"Wait, so it's alive? Like an A.I.?" Harper gasped, giving it a few more pokes. After her last poke, one of the short tentacles of the clump attempted to reach out towards her sluggishly.

“Yeah, I think so,” Tychen shrugged, “All I need to know is that he’s an ass.”

"Hey, wake up," Harper demanded, giving the clump yet another poke. It again reached out, trying to wrap a tendril around her finger.

"Look! It's giving my finger a hug," Harper cooed, letting the tendril do as it pleased. A pinprick stuck Harper in the finger being held, before a voice thrummed loudly in her head, her vision becoming slightly orange with every pounding syllable.


"AAAAAAAAAGH!" Harper screamed, flailing her arm and smacking the clump away. The clump fell back onto the tray, the tendril writhing very slowly.

”See? Total ass,” Tychen remarked.

"Why do you keep that thing around!?"

“Because it pisses off the Advance and the Designate,” Tychen snickered, “Meaning I can keep them churning out resources into dealing with me, which means I can keep stealing their crap. Also, gloves, so it’s fun to watch it try and mind-yell at me.”

“Wanna hear about any more of these? I swear, they’re all a lot less of assholes than that one,” Tychen swore, dropping the clump back in his bag, its movements swaying in the sack.

"Ummm... Sure! You choose."

“Alright... hmmm.. ah!” Tychen grabbed what appeared to be abetter large sharp tooth, “A keepsake of me best friend! His own little tooth!”

"Ew, why'd you keep your friend's tooth?"

“Because, I made the bloody thing!” Tychen explained, “He’s more of a ... pet? Yeah, pet. Good ol’ Snappertooth’s always been me best friend since I built him out of.. well, a bunch of other things.”

"Oh, so he was like a robot dog?"

”Nah, he’s big and meaty!” Tychen declared, “Got six big arms and legs, and a nasty set of teeth! In fact, this is one of the smaller teeth in his mouth.”

"Nuh-uh!" Harper gasped.

Yuh-huh!” Tychen continued, “He can probably fit at least a few yous in his mouth when he snaps down. He’s a monster when it comes to feeding him, though.”


“Yeah... I miss him so much,” Tychen sighed, “Now that I’m stuck here.”

"You could get a new pet, one that doesn't eat little girls," Harper suggested.

“Snappertooth didn’t eat kids,” Tychen corrected, “But I get what you mean... hmm.. I guess I could try... it’d take a lot of stiches and needles and a lot of meat.”

"What? No! I mean like, buying a kitten or something!"

“...HA HA HA HAAAA!” Tychen burst into laughter, “That’s- you think I’d- Oh...- Why would I deal with a kitten when I can make my own pet to my design? The perfect little thing for me!”

"Kittens are cute!" Harper insisted, "Everyone loves kittens!"

“I’m not a fan,” Tychen disagreed, “They’re all furry and obnoxiously meowing all the time.”

"That's what makes them cute!"

“Eugh!” Tychen spat, “You humans have the weirdest of tastes... but you may be onto something. Can you find me, like, a wheelchair, and we can find the nearest pet store?” He asked, “I want to look at what humans like to keep as pets. It’d give me ideas for my new pet.”

"There's no wheelchairs here. Someone came and stole all of them earlier," Harper lamented.

“Who steals wheelchairs?” Tychen murmured in disgust, “Of all the things to steal, wheelchairs?”

"There's a lot of jerks in the world," Harper sighed.

“Alright... help me up and we’ll walk there,” Tychen gestured for her to come over, packing up all his trinkets in their sack, “If there’s no wheelchairs, I guess this is the only way.”

Harper came to the pirate's aid, helping him up off the ground and onto his feet. "The pet store isn't too far away," She continued to fib, "I was there last night looking at some kittens."

“Oh, I hope it is,” Tychen mused, “These legs are completely shot. So, when’d they steal the wheelchairs?”

"Just this morning. I was eating breakfast when it happened," Harper informed as she helped Tychen out of the room.

“...That’s funny,” Tychen commented, “Because I saw them on my way in, just a little bit ago. You’re lying, aren’t you?”

"Oh! I guess they got new ones, or.. The thief had a change of heart. I wouldn't know," Harper gulped.

“Harper. You don’t have to keep lying.” Tychen comforted, “It’s only makin’ me mad.”

"Why do you think I'm lying!? Someone stole the wheelchairs, I swear!" Harper yelled, "I don't know why they're back now, but they were stolen earlier!"

“It’s such a petty thing to lie about,” Tychen sighed, “I won’t tell anyone you’re telling the truth, if that’s what you’re scared of. It is a sort of defense mechanism thingy, right?”

"Defense what?" Harper blinked, stopping to look up at Tychen with a confused expression before continuing walking.

“Something you just do because you’ve learned to do,” Tychen explained, “So I get it's hard to just tell the truth, but just spit it out and tell me you lied about the wheelchairs, something I need desperately as a man with two broken legs.”

"I'm not l- I-... Okay, I lied.. There's wheelchairs down in the lobby..." Harper mumbled shamefully.

“See?” Tychen stated, “I know it’s hard to break habits, but you need to tell me the truth on these things if we’re getting to a pet store... did you lie about the pet store too?”

"... Nnnn.. yeeesssss?" Harper gulped.

“It’s fine,” Tychen sighed, “I’m sure we’ll find one around, and you’ll show me how “amazing” kittens are,” he made air quotes around the word, “amazing”.

"Kittens being cute was not a lie!" Harper asserted.

“Then prove me wrong and take me there,” Tychen responded, sitting down in one of the wheelchairs, “Or else there’ll be one guy out of everyone who hates kittens for no reason.”

Harper wheeled the crippled pirate out of the hotel and down the sidewalk. "We'll probably run into a pet store if we keep going in one direction," Harper mused, "I remember seeing two of the same burger place down the street from one another back home before."

“That sounds about right. Might want to snatch a map anyways,” Tychen suggested, “So you can get us back in one piece.”

“Nah, we should be fine. We’re just going down one road, and the hotel is big!” Harper scoffed.

“Fine. But if we get lost, I blame you,” Tychen chided from his wheelchair.

"We won't get lost! I've always been an expert navigator!"


Meanwhile, in the other room Fennel placed two empty coconut shells to her chest before saying, “Oh good that was quick.”

"Latte, it's okay if your tits aren't that big. You don't have to use coconuts to fake it," Zoey sighed, disregarding how often she used to make fun of Jannet for being flat.

”No, this is part of the costume.” Fennel explained.

"Making it look like you have bigger tits?" Zoey asked, placing two hands under her own shirt and pushing out from her chest.

“No, it's a piece of traditional clothing.” Fennel explained.

"Huh... Whatever, at least I'll look hot wearing coconuts," Zoey mused.

“You‘re kind of pale for it.” Fennel commented trying to imagine Zoey wearing the full get up.

"Fennel, don't be racist," Zoey chastised.

“I mean you can still pull it off, but ... ahh I still got to teach you how to do the hip shaking thingy.” Fennel remembered.

"Oh, you mean like," Zoey turned around and began twerking for Fennel, looking back to see if that was what Fennel had meant.

“No that’s twerking. It’s like this.” Fennel The stood upright before rapidly alternating which knee was pushed forward, a motion when combined with her skirt and a few extensions on it that acted like a disconnected belt gave impression if a rapid hip wiggle.

"So like..." Zoey tried to imitate the motions, but had a rough time considering she had never even seen such a dance done before, "Wait.. Shit, hold on..." She quickly became frustrated as Ruby tried imitating Zoey who was trying to imitate Fennel.

“It’s in your knees, imagine you are pulling on a string connecting your knees and hands.” Fennel explained as she effortlessly danced around the girls.

"Fucking- Is this right?" Zoey asked, glancing between her hips and Fennel a few times.

Fennel shook her head, “Try putting your hands on your knees that should help.”

"But I'm supposed to be pulling on a string!" Zoey huffed.

“Forget the string.” Fennel said before placing her hands on her knees and imitating the motion.

"Like this?" Zoey did as instructed, starting to get the hang of this new dance.

“Yeah, like that. Very good!” Fennel praisd the girl, before adding in some arm movements.

"I knew I'd get it sooner or later," Zoey proclaimed triumphantly.

“That will do for now.” Fennel said before handing the girls a few coconut shells, “Okay now try these on.”

Zoey and Ruby's shirts and bras quickly came off, flying into the air and landing on the ground as they grabbed the coconut shells and placed them on their chests...

And then they fell off and landed on the floor.

Fennrl rolled her eyes before drilling holes into the shells and fashioning them into tops for the girls.

Once the coconut bras were properly affixed to their chests, the two girls 'Ooo'd and 'Aaa'd at themselves and to their reflections in the mirror. "You look great, Zoey!" Ruby exclaimed.

"You too, Rub," Zoey smiled.

Fennel then fashioned her own coconut bra before replacing her top with it. and took a moment to adjust the flowers in her hair before looking in the mirror. “Noit took shabby.” She commented at her reflection.

"If I was a guy, I'd bang you," Zoey complimented, giving Fennel a thumbs up.

“Thanks?” Fennel responded, having never heard that compliment before asking. “Where’s Ernette, I need to make one for her too.”

"You told her to go outside and do the pigs, remember?"

”Right, they should be done with that.” Fennel said before grabbing her supplies and heading outside.

Ernette happily skipped back in, a cordial smile on her fac as she chimed, "The pigs are in the hole and covered! What now?"

Fennel then handed Ernette two coconut shells and said “Put your boobs in these.”

Ernette looked at the coconut shells for a moment, then to her in confusion, "Huh?"

“Like a bra.” Fennel tried to explain pointing to her current get up.

“Ah!” Ernette nodded, beginning to undo her shirt to wear the ‘bra’ of coconuts.

After a moment, Zoey spoke up with astonishment and jealousy, "Man, your tits are huge... Mine didn't get that big when I put the crown on.""

“Well do they fit well enough or not?” Fennel asked.”

“Gimme a second!” Ernette pouted as she was putting on the coconut bra, looking away from the group, before turning around and exclaiming with a slight hop, “Tah-dah!”

While she did fit into the coconuts, it was a... close fit. “Well?” Ernette asked, hopping around happily, “What do you think?”

"They even jiggle too," Zoey said, folding her arms and pursing her lips out in a pout.

“You might want to avoid jumping too much.” Fennel commented.

"I think the jumping around is fine," Clara stated, "You look great, Ernette."

”Thanks, Clara!” Ernette smiled, raising herself up and down in excitement.

”We just need to put the poi in the other shells” Fennel added.

"Do I get a coconut bra and skirt too?" Clara asked.

“Yeah just find ones that would fit.” Fennel replied as the pulled the trigger on the drill.

After another bra was made, Clara was wearing the same coconut bra as everyone else, looking down at herself for a few moments before glancing around at the others. "What do you think, Ernette?"

Ernette gave a toothy smile, as well as two thumbs up, “I love it, Clara! It looks wonderful on you.”

"Thank you," Clara said, blushing lightly through her deadpan.

Fennel snapped causing two grass skirts similar to the ones the rest of the girls were wearing to begin forming around their waist. “Alright, after we get the poi finished and dessert out I have to teach you all how to dance for this.”

"So wait, why are we dancing and stuff?" Zoey asked, "I thought this was a cook-off."

“Presentation, I’m going for a luau feel.” Fennel explained.

“But that’s... Hawaiian,” Ernette recalled.

”You probably wouldn’t know the Laviturnian word anyway.” Fennel explained.“But it’s the same idea.”

"We're definitely gonna get all the presentation points!" Ruby exclaimed.

“Hey, I’m ba-...” Bob opened the door to the outside, stopping at the appearances of everyone.

Ernette smiled and waved, “Hey, Bob!”

“...I thought you guys were cooking.” Bob thought.

“We are, everything is cooking right now, we are working on the presentation segment.” Fennel explained.

“Oh... I’m gonna go see how Elizabeth’s doing,” Bob pointed to the door, “You guys... can keep doing whatever the heck this is.”

“Alright, be safe!” Ernette waved him off as he walked back in.

“Alright ladies, first things first, you all need to get this move down.“ Fennel called out before repeating her hip wiggling motion.

Ernette followed Fennel’s hips with her eyes, her own hips slowly gyrating to start practicing. “Like... Like this?”

"You need more knee in there." Fennel remarked before slowing down her own motion to give the girls a better look. "This is very important, otherwise your skirts won't be all wavy."


"I'm so happy you could make it," Elizabeth beamed, speaking to one of the local food critics she had convinced to judge the cook-off, giving them a little Union Jack before hurrying over to the hotel's kitchen, which she had commandeered for her self-proclaimed five star meal.

Every stovetop was covered and every oven occupied. The lone nine-year-old frantically checked on every dish, the smile she put on for the judges replaced by a furious concentration. She mumbled quickly to herself as she scrutinized everything with her trained eye. She would make Gordon Ramsey proud, and Fennel will be her servant!

The nine-year-old had even procured her own little chef's outfit that somewhat resembled the same clothing Ramsey would often wear in his shows.

"Pies should be done," She quickly huffed, throwing each of the ovens open save for two, putting on oven mitts, and taking the many shepard's pies out and placing them onto a long counter to cool off.

Bob walked in, but didn’t go much further than the door, not wanting to interrupt her work as he slowly came in, “..Hey, Liz.”

"Heybob," Elizabeth mumbled, switching off the stoves before jumping up to try and reach a stack of plates in a cabinet.

“Need some help?” Bob asked, walking over to try and help.

"No! I'm not allowed to get help!" Elizabeth snapped, letting out little grunts as she jumped. She managed to grab onto the bottom of the stack with a happy gasp and slide it out... Only for the plates to come crashing down as she let out a shrill scream.

“...I could’ve grabbed those for you,” Bob commented, looking for a broom to sweep up the cracked-up plates.

"Don't sweep them! I'll do it later!" Elizabeth yelled, her legs bleeding a bit from the chaotic crash of plates as she ran out of the kitchen, coming back in with a chair that she could use to stand on to get more plates.

“Slow down, Elizabeth!” Bob asked of her, “You’re bleeding for goodness sakes!”

"I have to win the cook-off! For Gordon Ramsey!" Elizabeth insisted, grabbing the other stack of plates with far less crashing and bleeding. She carefully stepped down from the chair and arranged the plates on the counter beside her pies, "My legs are near the ground! Nothing will get in the food!"

“I’m not worried about the food! I’m worried about you here!” Bob protested, “Trust me when I say you are going to win!”

"I can't just win!" Elizabeth shouted, "I have to get a perfect score! Presentation, texture, and taste!" She placed her many cuts of Beef Wellington on the plates before scurrying over to the little sides and garnish she had prepared for the dishes.

“...They’re out there, practicing to luau- Elizabeth, you’re not gonna lose to a luau!” Bob argued.

"I have to win win! It's not about beating Fennel, it's about doing my best!" Elizabeth didn't even look Bob's way as she carefully arranged each plate, making sure every Beef Wellington and its accompanying sides and garnish were perfectly and identically arranged.

Bob harrumphed, continuing in his previous task of grabbing a broom and beginning to sweep up the broken porcelain off of the floor.

Elizabeth's head snapped over to look at Bob as soon as she heard the plate shards scraping against the floor. "Don't sweep that! I broke the plates, I have to clean them up! That's part of everything!"

“You need some sort of help,” Bob continued to sweep, “So I’m helping. I’ll keep your work area clean and stay out of your cooking. You can walk without worrying about broken plates and check your stuff.”

".. Grrr! You're lucky my Yorkshire pudding is done!" Elizabeth huffed, opening the remaining two ovens and pulling out eight trays as quickly as she could. Being as small as she was, everything was three times more difficult than it should have been, as she needed to stand on her tip-toes to do anything with the dishes on the counter. Not only that, but what was a decent weight for an adult was heavy and hard to carry.

As a result, she dropped the last tray of Yorkshire pudding. "NO!" She cried out, lifting the pan up to see her delicacies stuck to the floor. She looked like she was about to fall down and cry, but she remembered she had food to prepare. She couldn't risk crying into the judges' meals.

Bob kept his mouth shut, finishing up sweeping the shards into a trash can, before walking to the sink, and began to wash and clean the dishes for the dishwasher.

Elizabeth bit down on her lower lip, her concentrated expression intensifying as she held in the desire to cry over her spilled Yorkshire. She would just have to spread out the puddings more scarcely between each plate than she had originally planned. There would still be plenty for each, but not as many as she would have wanted.

Bob still kept quiet, still washing and putting dishes and upholstery into the dish washer for further cleaning. While he wanted to intervene, to get her to slow down, but if she wanted to hurry and couldn’t be easily impeded, then he would simply stay out of her way.

Soon enough, all thirty dishes were complete, and they all looked fantastic. Ten plates of Beef Wellington, ten plates of Yorkshire Pudding, and ten bowls of Shepherd's Pie.

Elizabeth gazed upon her empire of deliciousness and let out a little laugh of joy and relief. It wasn't easy to cook thirty dishes all at once, making similar mistakes to dropping the stack of plates along the way before Bob showed up...

But it was finally done.

"Hey... Bob?" Elizabeth murmured, looking away from her food, "I'm sorry for yelling at you."

“It’s fine,” Bob answered, “I get it.. I was in the way. I just thought you looked a bit.. overwhelmed.”

"I gotta be able to do stuff on my own," Elizabeth asserted, "If I don't, I'll never be the best chef, like Gordon Ramsey."

“Well, I bet even he’s got some assistant or something,” Bob mused, “Nobody’s usually doing thirty plates of food alone.”

"Well- I-... I've never seen him with an assistant. I've only seen him go to other places and tell people how to run their restaurants. He yells at them a lot, but they're dumb, so they deserve it."

“So you’ve never seen him cook?”

"Only a little bit... I've only gotten to see two episodes," Elizabeth admitted, "But he's really good at it when he does cook! And he has a bunch of helpful advice for the people he visits!"

“But when he cooks, does he have them try and help?” Bob asked.

"Umm... He's mostly telling them what to do so they can do it on their own, but... They have a team of chefs..." Elizabeth mumbled.

“So Gordon goes around as a single chef, helping groups of chefs to be better at their job of cooking together?” Bob continued.

"Yeah," Elizabeth nodded, starting to see what Bob was getting at as she began to tear up, "... Gordon Ramsey would be so mad at me..."

“Hey,” Bob reassured, “He’d be proud you could do all of this alone!” He gestured to the beautiful set of food.

"But I broke all those plates! And I spilled a bunch of pudding!" Elizabeth cried, "And- And then I yelled at you... When you just wanted to help clean up t-the plates."

“It’s alright!” Bob hushed, “I know this means a lot to you, Liz. You’re not wanting to be challenged at all by Fennel when cooking is your entire life. But... you just need to be more open about it. Let others help you when you really need it.”

"... But I said I couldn't get any..." Elizabeth sighed, "Maybe I shouldn't have made that part of the cook-off... I guess all you helped with was cleaning the plate shards up, so... It's not cheating."

“Yeah... Fennel’s got all the help in the world, I don’t think she needs mine,” Bob sighed.


After a while Fennel had to take a break from teaching the girls how to dance properly to take the dessert out of the oven. She then scored the bread like substance on the pan before preparcing several taro leaves to serve the dessert. She then looked over to the now prepared poin and filled the remaining coconut shells with the sticky purple substance before returning her attention to the girls for a bit longer.

"Alright, does anyone have any questions?" Fennel asked as she returned outside.

“Are you sure that’s going to win us the presentation?” Ernette asked, “It looks... a bit less normal than what people eat around here, from what I’ve seen.”

"Look if we have a half decent judge, they are going to understand." Fennel assured Ernette. "Besides we'll be cutting up fruit to look all pretty too. Now where are those pineapples we need to get some pina colada's ready."

”...Pineapples?” Ernette froze up, shocked as she realized, “...I.. those weren’t on the list... I didn’t get them.”

"We've got time." Fennel replied

"Do we?" Zoey asked, "Did you guys like, agree on when this was actually happening?"

"I assumed in the evening. Because pigs take a while to cook." Fennel explained.

“I didn’t get it... I.. Oh...” Ernette began to take irregular deep breaths.

Elizabeth burst out of the hotel, grinning at the group as she had two kitchen knives in her hands, crossed together in front of her. "I'm done!" She proclaimed.

"Oh, cool, our pigs just need a tinsy bit more time. We need to grab a few pineapples and some fruit and we'll be fine." Fennel explained.

Ernette steadied herself against the wall upon the news of Elizabeth’s completion, her breathing becoming short and rapid as she continued to freak out. I messed up, I messed up, I messed up...

"... Ernette? Are you okay?" Clara asked, "What's wrong?"

“I... I didn’t get everything Fennel needed,” she got out, “I... I screwed up!...”

"It's not your fault that she didn't include pineapples on the list. Calm down," Clara assured.

Fennel's ears twiched around as she started heading towards the two as they were between her and the store.

“No! There’s no time to get them, a-and Liz is already done and..” Ernette slowly came to a sitting position, holding her head between her knees and starting to cry quietly to herself, “I screwed up.. I screwed up..!”

"Ernette, calm down, the store's right there." Fennel replied.

"Yeah, and... We don't have to start right now," Elizabeth blinked, dropping her cool pose as she gave Ernette a worried look, "I'll... Go back inside and keep my food warm..."

Fennel looked at Ernette, a familar pain flared up as she saw the woman panic. "Look... Ernette why don't you just come with me and we'll make it better." Fennel said as she crouched to be eye level with the woman."

Ernette looked up at Fennel, her eyes watering as she did. “Are you... are y-you sure?” Ernette asked quietly, taking deeper brresths.

"Yeah, come on, I'll even show you how to pick out a good one." Fenel said as she extended her hand.

Ernette wiped away her tears with a hand, looking at Fennel’s hand for a moment, before taking it and standing up, “I.. A-alright...” she agreed, now following Fennel.

Just as Clara was about to follow, Zoey called out, "Hey, Clara! Come help with the coconuts and... Slimey stuff!"

"Okay," Clara nodded, letting Fennel and Ernette head out by themselves.

Fennel dashed inside to grab some money before meeting Ernette outside the hotel as they began to walk to the super market.

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Part ????

Soon enough Fennel had entered the supermarket and was standing the produce section, "Ernette? You- were kind of freaking out back there, is everything alright?"

“Hm?” Ernette looked up, seemingly having gotten lost in her own thought, “Oh, right... I just can’t let myself screw up like that.”

"I mean, i don't know what you were worried about, it was just a few pineapples that i forgot to tell yoi to get." Fennel explained.

“I wasn’t worried about anything... well... maybe about screwing up your chances,” Ernette thought.

"I mean, what's the worst that can happen? I wear a maid costume for Elizbeth for like a week?" Fennel mused, not having thought of the situation entirely.

“No, it’s my job to not screw up,” Ernette explained, “I’m a Benefactor, even if I’m still in this body. Efficiency is still my main directive.”

"If efficiency is what you care about most being an organic sack of organs isn't exactally the best way of going about it." Fennel joked.

“I know... but it’s nice, regardless,” Ernette let a small smile creep to her face, “Besides, Clara showed me it’s even better than I thought to be human.”

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret regarding humans, we aren't perfect." Fennel said as she examined a pineapple.

“I know,” Ernette agreed, “You’re stuck on the ground, you need food, you die-“

"And that applies to you too now." Fennel stated.

“I know!” Ernette responded with a slightly agitated tone, “But I want to keep being the most efficient human I can be for her.”

"What I'm getting at is that it's not worth freaking out over a tiny mistake." Fennel continued, "You need to understand your imperfections and accept that they are part of who you are."

“My actions are supposed to be perfect, even in this body,” Ernette huffed, “I’ll let you train me with the hip dance, but that’s different.”

"I'm not trying to insult you, Ernette. It's just not worth crying over spilt milk is all." Fennel added before setting the fruit down.

“But I didn’t spill milk!” Ernette continued to grow agitated, “I nearly messed up your entire thing and almost made you fail and almost made Clara angry, and I can’t let Clara get angry!”

"I mean that's my fault if I fai-... what do you mean about Clara?" Fennel asked

“She told me to keep her from getting angry,” Ernette lied with another angered huff, “And that includes not screwing up.”

Fennel looked at Ernette doubting what she said "What do you mean angry?"

“Just.. angry- why do you care so much?!” Ernette half-shouted, “Just leave it, Fennel!”

"Because... Anise got angry, alot." Fennel added in a pained tone as her ears dropped.

Ernette looked at Fennel with a look of distaste at the comparison. “Don’t.” She grunted, picking up a pineapple and looking it over, not looking to Fennel as she spoke.

"Was it Tychen?" Fennel asked.

“I said don’t.”

"Was it him?" Fennel asked again.

Ernette didn’t respond, trying to keep herself occupied with just looking over pineapples, but failing to keep her movements from becoming angered.

Fennel then looked over a dragon fruit, "I just... don't want you to get hurt." Fennel added in a saddened tone.

“...I’m fine,” Ernette huffed, “I just...” she took a deep breath, “I don’t want to mess up and disappoint her.”

"It's just, not healthy, I don't want you to live in fear of someone you love." Fennel added before placing the magenta fruit in her basket.

“I’m not afraid of her!” Ernette shouted fully, turning around sharply, “Don’t say that I am!”

"Okay." Fennel replied before placing a few mango's in her basket.

Good,” Ernette grumbled, turning back around slowly to focus on the pineapples again, before remarking coldly, “I don’t need you giving me a word on my love.”

Fennel took two pineapples and placed them in her basket before quietly going to the counter and adding a chocolate bar to her purchases, before walking out of the store.

“...I’m sorry about saying that...” Ernette frowned, “I was just.. angry.”

"I understand." Fennel replied before biting into the chocolate bar.

“You... you do?” Ernette asked.

"Anise was my mother. It's hard when you love the person that hurts you."

“She doesn’t hurt me...” Ernette mumbled, “She’d never hurt me...”

"I believe you... but do you promise to tell me if she does?" Fennel asked mournfully.

“I...” Ernette looked to her feet for a moment, before back to Fennel with a slow nod, “I promise.”

"Okay. Come on, we have some fruit to dice." Fennel said in somewhat happier tone, As she walked out of the store and headed back to the hotel.

“Alright!” Ernette smiled, following close behind.

Soon enough the two were working on the finishing touches of their dishes. "Alright So I just need you to put the rice in the rind of the pitaya while I pour the Pina Colada into these pineapples." Fennel requested as she handed the hollowed out dragon fruit to Ernette.

“Okay!” Ernette replied, starting to scoop rice into the hollowed out fruit.

Fennel the placed several pieces of cut up starfruit and several slices of the dragon fruit's pink flesh on top of the Kulolo. After that she wraped several pieces of the Kalua-Puaa in a leaf to help keep the moisture in before putting it on a plate with several pineapples chunks. "Ruby, did you get the torches set up?" Fennel asked as she placed a grass table cloth over their table.

"Mhm!" Ruby nodded, pointing over to the set of torches leaning against a wall, "I didn't know where to put them, but they're all full of gasoline!"

Fennel then planted the torches to around their serving area creating a large box for their presentation to take place before lighting them to help create a more comfortable feeling.

“Hey, Clara..” Ernette greeted, walking up to her girlfriend, “Can we.. talk? Alone?”

"Sure," Clara nodded, gesturing for Ernette to follow her around to the other side of the hotel around the corner.

“...I think Fennel’s suspecting you... hurt me,” Ernette mumbled quietly, “She said she didn’t, but I didn’t believe her.”

"You must have tipped her off somehow," Clara stated.

“No, I didn’t I... I just said I was scared of not being efficient,” Ernette quietly mused, “And that... that I didn’t want to disappoint you, I...”

"That's probably what tipped her off," Clara concluded, "Fennel can be a bit pushy sometimes, so I don't blame you. I know you wouldn't purposely say anything."

“She started comparing you to her mom, and I.. I got so mad, I told her she shouldn’t be telling me advice on love, with her... relationship with Bob...” Ernette guiltily sighed, “I still feel bad for saying it.”

"Her mom?" Clara repeated, "Admittedly, she isn't an expert on love given her track record, but yeah, that is a pretty mean thing to say. Then again, she probably pushed your buttons to get you to that point. You don't seem like the type of person to throw insults around carelessly."

“..I told her to stop, and she just kept going,” Ernette harrumphed, “She kept thinking it that stupid pirate, or at least asking if it was him. But that comparison with her mom is too close to be coincidence.”

"Hmm... Well, you did your best to not clue her in. You're new to emotions, so it's not entirely your fault," Clara shrugged.

“Thanks for giving me that benefit of the doubt, “Ernette sighed, “Emotions are nice, but they’re just so tiresome. I’ll try to keep her off of your tail, but that might mean we both have to act accordingly.”

"Knowing her, she'll want to talk to me alone," Clara shook her head, "I'll handle it. You've done enough worrying for today."

“Are you sure? She’s demanding, like you said,” Ernette worried.

"I'm twelve-years-old. I doubt she's going to beat me up, and there's little else she can do beyond that."

“That’s fair... alright,” Ernette nodded, kissing Clara on the cheek, “I’m sorry about al of this, even if Fennel is to blame for it the most.”

"It's fine. Let's head back, I'm sure the eating part of this whole competition is about to start," Clara said after hopping up and giving Ernette a quick peck herself.

Fennel looked a at the table, everything was perfect, she woud just have to hand the judges their dishes during their performance and she would win presentation for sure.

"You guys done yet?" Elizabeth asked, popping her head outside.

"Yeah we just need to start." Fennel stated before adjusting her costume.

“Yeah! Let’s start this!” Ernette exclaimed with a happy tone, shaking her hips.

"Alright, everyone! We'll let Fennel go first!" Elizabeth called to the food critics inside. Five men and women slowly filed out of the door past the little girl, taking in the setting Fennel created with surprised smiles.

Fennel gave a curtious bow before greeting the judges "Tonight we have a Laviturnian take on some Hawaiian dishes." She then took her place behind the table containing the food before she let out a rather loud shout in Laviturnian telling the girls behind her to start dancing as she began herself.

"I love Hawaii," One of the critics remarked as the girls danced behind Fennel. The judges shuffled to the dishes, looking them over.

"What is it all?" One inquired, putting a hand to his chin.

Fennel began singing somesort of song in Laviturnian as she danced her way over to the table picking up several plates of the Kalua-puaa, and handing each of the judges a plate."The first dish is Kalua-puaa, cooked in ti leaves and bed of coals earlier today." She bowed once more before dancing back to the table to grab the hollowed out pineapples and handed them the judges "And this is the Laviturnian take on the Pina colada, in contains a hint of pitaya." Fennel said pointing out the slight pink tint of the drinks."

"Save for the pina colada, this is all rather exotic, isn't it?" One judge commented.

"I've never heard of a pitaya before," One whispered to another as she took a sip of her drink.

"Oh man," One judge said, his mouth full of pork, "You guysh gotta try dish."

Once again Fennel went back to the table to retrieve the magenta and green fruit skins full of rice and coconuts filled with Poi and took them to the judge. "And for the sides we have something simple, poi and rice." Fennel said as she placed the husks of the plants next to the judges plates. "Let me know when you are ready for dessert." Fennel said as she returned to dancing and singing behind the table of food.

"What's this?" One judge murmured, despite Fennel just telling them what was in the coconuts.

"Looks like a.. Purple sludge with maggots," Another judge grunted.

"It's rice, dimwit... Though it doesn't look particularly appetizing..."

One of the critics gave the poi a chance, smacking his lips a few times after swallowing as to get a feel for the taste. "Mm... It's a little bland, but it tastes better than it looks." Zoey was absolutely fuming as she danced, resisting the urge to cuss the judges out.

Fennel's ears twitched as if she could hear Zoey growing upset. In response, Fennel increase the speed of her hip movements to encourage her to focus on dancing rather than what the judges said.

"The kalu-pooa is definitely better than the poi stuff, at least. The pina coladas are pretty good too."

"And they served them in pineapples! Isn't that cute?"

"I think the outfits they're wearing are even cuter- Hey, quit staring at her," One judge chastised another, who seemed to be looking just past Fennel at Ernette.

Fennel blushed assuming the comment was in regards to her.causing her tail to akwardly wag back and forth. She then turned her attention to the judges "Are you ready for dessert?" She asked as her dancing slowed in preparation to walk

"You guys good?" One judge asked the others, who nodded in assent.

After reviecing the request Fennel once agan danced her way over to the table to collect the plates of kulolo. Fennel carried the plates over for and said "And we have Kulolo garnished with pitaya and carambola." Before she continued dancing infront of the judges.

"Hmm.. Tastes a little like caramel."

"A bit chewy.."

"Hey, can I get a refill on my pineapple?" One judge requested, holding her hollowed out pineapple up and pointing at it.

"Oh course." Fennel said as she made a hand motion from the pitcher of pina colada to the empty pineapple causing the liquid to jump from one container to the next . It seemed that this reaction was almost like a reflex.

"Hey, uh..." The judge that had been caught staring earlier motioned for Fennel to come near.

Fennel's ears twitched towards the judge before she danced her way over. "How may I be of assistance?" Fennel inquired in a manner similar to one of her old jobs.

"So, uhm... You gals look pretty nice and uh..." The judge stroked his chin and glanced around, "Is that one over there single?" He tried to be subtle as he pointed over at Ernette.

Fennel closed her eyes, "Unfortunately for you, no." Fennel replied.

"Damn... How about you?"

"Why yes." Fennel replied before removing her lie and placing it around the judge's neck.

"Ooh, I might stick around when this over then," The judge smirked.

"I'm sure there will be leftovers." Fennel replied before she danced her way over to the other girls.

"Seriously, dude?" The chastising critic huffed.

"Whaaat? I'm single, she's single," The flirtatious judge shrugged, "I'll give her a number that's more than just points... Get it?"

"Yes, I get it. Eat your food."

As the judges finished thier food Fennel's song and dance came to an end as she and the other girls bowed. "We hope you enjoyed everything." Fennel said once she was upright again.

"The sludge was pretty bad."

"Oh, come on, the poi was alright!"

"If I said 'sludge' and you knew what I was talking about, then my point's proven. I'll give taste 19 points, texture 5, and presentation 6."

"Six?!" One judge gasped, "They served us stuff in pineapples! And look at the torches! And the dancers!"

"It's cheesy," The overly-critical critic huffed, "It's like the most barebones Hawaiian stereotype you always see."

"Accutaly the costumes are Laviturnian." Fennel sheepishly corrected.

"Actually, they're Hawaiian," The critic retorted, "The grass skirts and coconut bras and the little flower thingies on your heads."

"I'm sorry? Are you trying to tell me you think I don't know my own country?" Fennel accused with a combination of being upset that her homeland was receiving such flack from this halfwit, the Laviblahs from Zoey and her own cycle.

"Oooh, she got you," One judge snickered.

"Fine then. Presentation three points," The critic declared.

"I'll just give her a 15 since you're being a jerk," The flirtatious judge huffed, "Taste 28, texture eight."

"I don't think a lot of this stuff is exclusive to Hawaii. It's part of like, a region with islands and stuff," Another mused, "So it's probably part of Lavi..turn.. as well. I'll give you a 15 on presentation... Ehh... I can only go texture a five too, and the taste a 22. I wasn't a fan of the poi, but the kalua was great, as was the kulolulo."

"I'll give presentation a thirteen. It was almost perfect, but I saw that little girl there giving one of us the stink eye earlier," The judge pointed over at Zoey, whose face scrunched up in fury, "Texture... Give it a seven. Taste 19."

"Well, I loved the pineapple cup thing," The final judge gushed, "I'm gonna have to do that when I go home for the fun of it, though I don't think I'll be able to... Do what you did to fill it up like that! Portal technology or.. Nanobots.. Or.. Whatever! Technology is crazy! I'll give presentation a fifteen! I wish I could go higher on that. Texture gets an eight, and taste a 26!"

"26?" The harsh critic guffawed, "The food was alright, save for the sludge, but not a 26! I mean, this.. This is just a basic pork dish! It's nothing special! You're giving her nearly a perfect score like she's some five star chef that just made you a $500 plate of the best thing ever made!"

"Come on, you're being a little dramatic."

"Oh yeah? What happens if whatsherface over there," The critical critic gestured in Elizabeth's general direction, "Cooks something twice as good as this boring pork? You can't give her a score much higher than a 26."

"Ugh, people like you give Yelp a bad name," The more generous judge groaned, "I'm staying at 26."

Tourist critics, Fennel though to herself, no wonder these people were so divided on how to score the meal.

"Averaged out, the scores are..." Clara piped up, "23 for taste, 12 for presentation, 7 for texture. 42 points in all."

Fennel bowed and said "Thank you very much." before going to change into something more casual.

"Hey," Zoey followed Fennel, speaking once they were out of earshot of everyone else, "That guy was being an asshole. You.. Worked hard on all that stuff."

"What him, no." Fennel joked. "Thank you though Zoey. I appreciate your help.Yeah, foriengers aren't all that fond of poi typically, it's an aquired taste."

"Still, he shouldn't have called it sludge," Zoey huffed.

"I hear it from tourist all the time." Fennel shrugged.

"Well... They're assholes too. You did a good job," Zoey affirmed. She seemed rather awkward as she angrily complimented Fennel.

"Thank you.Zoey." Fennel said before quickly changing. "Come on, I want to see what Elizabeth has for them." Fennel said as she headed back outside.

“I’m gonna go grab our clothes,” Ernette stated with a dull, disappointed tone. 12 for presentation? 7 for texture?! Obviously, Ernette had screwed up with something, especially with the ‘maggots’ in the ‘sludge’.

Did she not do her dance right?

Did she cover the pigs wrong?

Where did she screw up and how?

These questions and many more plagued her as she walked back to Clara with her clothes, the self doubt obvious in her expression as she notified Clara.

“Here’s your clothes... I’m gonna go change, then I’m gonna head to bed,” she murmured.

“It’s like... 5 PM,” Clara stated.

"I know," Ernette nodded, replying quietly, "I'm just... tired."

“I can tell something’s wrong.”

"...That score," Ernette sighed, "I know I messed something up. Otherwise, it'd be... perfect."

“Our score was pretty close to the maximum. We followed Fennel’s plan. While I think she did good, an imperfect score is on her shoulders, not yours,” Clara assured, taking one of Ernette’s hands in her own.

"No, I... No,” Ernette shook her head, “There has to be something, some little thing I did to screw this up. Elizabeth could still win and... I don’t want Fennel to be stuck working for her.”

“Why do you care if Fennel works for Elizabeth?”

“I don’t know, I just...” Ernette thought for a moment, before repeating, “I don’t know.”

“You didn’t screw anything up. You did exactly as instructed. You need to calm down, take some deep breaths.”

“I am calm,” Ernette affirmed, “I’m just tired, that’s all... tired..”

“Have you eaten at all?” Clara asked, “If not, at least eat some leftovers from Fennel’s dishes before going to bed.”

“Alright,” Ernette agreed, pulling her hand back gently, “I’ll eat something.”

“Good. Oh, since you’re new to being human still, that pain feeling in your stomach means you’re hungry,” Clara informed, “I’ll come up to the room once the competition is done.”

Ernette nodded quietly, “So that’s what that means... thank you,” she smiled, a little pep coming back to her movements, “Maybe I won’t go to sleep just yet.”

“Glad to hear it,” Clara nodded, making her way back to the luou area to grab one of Fennel’s pina coladas before heading inside, “I’ll be in here.”

Ernette nodded, her smile growing a bit, “I’ll see you in there!” She waved a little, before walking up to the remaining left overs, making herself a plate of small portions, but stopped herself before she started to eat.

"Hmm..." she thought to herself, peering up at the crown, "I wonder..." Ernette reached for the crown, taking it off with a flash of light, back into her usual benefactor form. Her clothes, as well as the coconut bra and grass skirt, fell to the ground beneath it.

"...Strange." Ernie momentarily noted, "Still hungry." Without another word, the crown floated back onto Ernie's head, and she appeared as she was... save for having clothes on. "Well, that was informative," Ernette mumbled, starting to put on her regular clothes.

Fennel approached the table and noticed Ernette's predicament, and pulled up a wall of frosted ice to presever the woman's modesty, "Ernette you can't just change clothes like that in public."

"What?" Ernette looked confused, buttoning her shirt, "Well why not?"

"It's immodest you’re gonna have people looking at your privates."

"And?" Ernette asked, "Clara said my new body's a good change, so I don't see the problem."

"What i mean is nudity is a taboo, you need to wear clothes in public." Fennel explained as she took note of the flirtatious judge, who quickly looked away and whistled innocently before walking into the hotel.

"Taboos are relative," Ernette shrugged, "Trust me when I say, humans are a bunch of prudes from where I'm from. And they still are here, apparently!"

"Well yeah, people don't really feel comfortable seeing other people naked in public."

"Well, I don't care," Ernette finshed pulling up her skirt, "They can have their silly beliefs, and I can have mine."

"Okay well it's also kind of illegal, you can get arrested for public indecency."

"Really? Me getting arrested?" Ernette retorted, "That's silly, and you know it."

"Can you just keep your clothes on, please."

"Not my fault I'm experimenting with this crown and it undresses me," Ernette shrugged.

"Okay well in the future can you be somewhere private when you take it back off please."

"...You know how big I am when I don't have it on. If I get stuck somewhere, I risk popping, and that'd be it for me," Ernette reasoned.

"You can put a blanket or something over yourself at least."

"Or you can just... look the other way? Put your hand over your eyes? Close them?" Ernette suggested, "I know it's just your personal vendetta against nudity at this point, Fennel."

"It's not so much me as about other people." Fennel tried explaining. "You know what, this is going nowhere, do what ever you want." Fennel then walked over to watch Elizabeth's half of the competion.

Ernette blinked, surprised that Fennel would give up on a topic she usually fought long and hard about, before beginning to eat her small meal.

Fennel then walked over to Elizabeth and asked "Is there anything you want me to do before this starts?"

"Yeah," Elizabeth nodded, reaching from behind her covered display and producing a very, very skimpy maid costume, "See if this fits you."

"Why don't we wait until after they judge. Even then that needs to be a cover the stomach," Fennel commented as she looked at the outfit.

"What? No, it doesn't," Elizabeth shook her head in confusion.

"I mean if you are trying to go for the sexy maid thing I think that you should leave a bit more to the imagination." Fennel added indignately.

Elizabeth glanced at the outfit, then to Fennel. "This... Is just what our moms used to wear..."

"Fine, do you atleast have an apron?" Fennel asked.

Elizabeth shook her head in response.

"Alright." Fennel replied "Let's just get this over with."

Ernette soon walked in (it was not a lot of food), and took a moment to realize, with a sort of irony, what Fennel was doing. "Breaking your own taboos?" she giggled, taking her place next to Clara.

"I'm trying to get something a little more modest." Fennel huffed.

Elizabeth looked to the judges, who seemed ready for the next phase of the cook-off, and proclaimed, "Steamed food cri- Wh- Esteemed food critics! It is my pleasure to present..." She pulled down the cloth covering her display, revealing the thirty dishes she had toiled away on so stressfully, "A classic English feast!"

Not only did everything smell absolutely delicious, but the child's meticulous attention to detail ensured that the plates looked delicious as well. Every Beef Wellington, every garnish, every potential uneven bump on the surface of her Shepard's pies, everything was perfected. Every plate was identical, though those on the left were a mirror image of those on the right, creating an aesthetically pleasing symmetry with the thirty dishes on display.

The display itself had three tiers seperated by raised racks, with the Shepard's Pies being the lowest and closest, the Beef Wellingtons raised above them, and the Yorkshire Puddings on the top shelf.

Fennel's jaw dropped when she saw all of the dishes.


Fennel looked at herself in the mirror. "Elizabeth, are you sure this is absolutely necessary?" The fox called out.

"What do you mean?" Elizabeth inquired hopping over and looking into the mirror as well.

"I mean are your sure I can't wear something alittle less revealing, This is a just a kind of tight is all." Fennel explained.

"It looks great!" Elizabeth beamed.

Fennel's ears drooped as she lamented "Are you sure there isn't another costume I can wear?"

"They didn't have any battle bikinis," Elizabeth shook her head.

"Can I buy a different costume if I get the chance atleast?" Fennel asked.

"Nuh-uh. Now lemme ride on your shoulders, please!" Elizabeth demanded politely, bouncing in place.

Fennel crouched down to allow the girl to climb on to her back. A clattering sound was heard as the Laviturnian's phone fell to the floor. "Alright, get on."

"Oh, wait, you dropped something," Elizabeth reached down and grabbed the phone, fumbling with it as she tried to operate the device.

The phone vibrated before a message showed up saying "Dipin: Hey where are you?"

"Oh! Someone named 'Dipin' wants to know where you are!" Elizabeth exclaimed, pursing her lips as she swiped on the screen to try and reply to the message.

Unfortunately for Elizabeth, the phone remained locked as Fennel held out her hand and said "Hand that to me, please."

"I wanna talk to Dipin," Elizabeth huffed before letting out a gasp, "Wait! Can I talk to Ryle on this?"

"It's a phone so yeah." Fennel replied, "It even does video chat. I think I can set it up the display to the tv in our room."

"Ooh! Do it! Do it!" Elizabeth yelped, handing the phone to Fennel before scurrying over to sit on the foot of one of the beds.

Fennel unlocked the phone and set it up to project to the television before fiddling with the phone to point it's camera at the bed before making a video call to Ryle. "Alright, it's ringing." Fennel said as she sat on the bed.

"Is my hair okay?" Elizabeth quickly asked.

"Yeah it's fine Lizzy." Fennel replied before a screen lit face appeared on the television. "Hey Ry-Ry!" Fennel said as soon as she saw Ryle's face.

Ryle looked for a moment a bit confused "Fennel what are you wearing?" He asked.

"Oh I just lost a bet with Elizabeth, I have to wear this for like a week or something." Fennel replied.

"A week? I didn't say it'd only be a week," Elizabeth blinked.

"Well how long am I supposed to wear this then?" Fennel asked.

"I dunno. For as long as I want you to be my servant," Elizabeth shrugged.

"Do I even want to ask what you would have gotten, Fennel?" Ryle asked.

"I would have gotten a really good brownie recipe!" Fennel huffed, Ryle's expression seemed to indicate that he knew exactly why she made such a poor decision.

"It's my secret recipe!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"Must have been pretty good if she agreed to it." Ryle commented. "So where are the two of you right now?"

"We're in a hotel," Elizabeth answered, "Fennel said you're really good at cooking!"

"I mean, I wouldn't say really good. I certainly cook better than her, though." Ryle mused, if anyone was watching they would see Fennel nodding in agreement.

"Wow! And she did really good in our cook-off!" Elizabeth gasped.

"What did the two of you make?" Ryle asked before Fennel replied with "Kalua Pua'a, poi and kulolo." in a rather prideful tone."One of the judges was a total nuteve!"

"What's a nuteve?" Elizabeth inquired.

"Fennel you really shouldn't make those kinds of comments around children." Ryle replied, not wanting to explain the slur to Elizabeth.

"Wait! What's a nuteve! Tell me-e-e-e!"

"Stupid idiots who aren't from an island and think they know everything." Fennel huffed.

"Oh... I'm from an island!" Elizabeth smiled.

"Which one?" The two asked in unison.

"Staten Island!"

"That's in New York, right?" Ryle asked.

"Mhm!" Elizabeth nodded, "Wait a minute... Some of my moms aren't from Staten Island! They're not stupid idiots!"

"It's for idiots that also happen to not be from an island." Ryle explained.

"Fennel, are you racist?" Elizabeth asked, turning her head to the fox.

“Only to idiots,” She huffed.

"Oh... Daddy said not to listen to anything racists say," Elizabeth mumbled.

“I’m not a racist.” Fennel responded.

"You just said you're racist to idiots," Elizabeth pointed out.

“Well idiot isn’t a race!” Fennel retorted.

"I dunno, Latte!" Zoey proclaimed, having stealthily entered the room while Fennel and Elizabeth were arguing, "You said I was too pale earlier to wear the skirt and coconut bra!" In fact, she was still wearing the getup from earlier.

“Oh is this another one of your friends?” Ryle asked.

”That’s not what I meant, Zoey!” Fennel argued.

"Then what'd you mean?"

“I just meant if you tanned a little bit, it would look better.” Fennel explained.

"I dunno, it sounded a lot more racist when you sa- Hey, who's that on the TV?" Zoey pointed at the screen.

Ryle waved “That’s Ry-Ry. I mean Ryle.” Fennel replied.

"Huh... Hey Ryle, are you single?" Zoey asked.

"Zoey!" Elizabeth whined.

“Yeah?” Ryle responded a bit confused.

"Well, how's abo- Wait.. If you know Latte... You're not a prude, are you?"

“I mean I wouldn‘t say prude.” Ryle replied unaware that prude was anyone that wasn’t sexually active.

"She is!" chimed Ernette, peeking in.

“Well she doesn’t want to take anything too far too fast.” Ryle responded, his tone expressed confusion as to why they were calling his sister a prude.

"So do you wanna screw?" Zoey asked, striking a pose in her grass skirt and coconut bra.

“No, you‘re like fourteen.” Ryke responded bluntly.

"Yup, prude," Zoey sighed.

“Do I even want to ask, Fennel?”

”Nope.” The fox replied.

"Two prudes, you guys would be perfe- Well, nevermind, that scheme didn't work with Bob," Zoey huffed with disappointment.

Ryle looked a Fennel with a bit of confusion “She’s my sister.”

"Oh... And?"

“We are not dating, even if we aren’t related.” The two once again responded in unison. ”Fennel, is this a joke or something!” Ryke asked.

"Oh my god, it's like a family of prudes," Zoey gagged.

“Should I just go?” Ryle asked.

"Wait!" Elizabeth yelped, "I mean.. Um... Yes!"

“Alright, fun talking to you, Fenn, good luck with whatever it is you’re doing there.” Ryle said before hanging up.

“Zoey, why do you have to be so weird.” Fennel groaned.

Zoey burst into laughter as Elizabeth began to weakly hit her and whine, "You were so embarrassing!"

The television then pulled up the message from Dipin once again. “I should probably answer that.” Fennel replied before she picked up her phone to respond to the message.

"Call whoever that is too, maybe he'll be more appreciative," Zoey suggested, already in a pose.

”I’m not your maid.” Fennel quipped.

"Call Dip in!" Elizabeth ordered.

Fennel once again stated a video call but this time it connected to Dipin who seemed to be somewhere cold as evidenced by his visible and a coat around him. “Oh H-hey F-Fenn.“ Dipin said as a pink tone grew across his face and his quills pressed flat against his head, he was obviously distracted by Fennel’s outfit.

"What is that you are watching, Dipin?" Came a deep voice. A helmet popped into view behind Dipin, "What in the!? Dipin, why are you- Of all the times you could succumb to lust!"

”No am I not, she called me! Fennel why are you wearing that!?” Dipin asked.

”I lost a bet.”’ Fennel explained as she tried to cover up.

"Ewww! It's a crusader!" Zoey yelled, pointing at the screen with a look of disgust.

"Dipin, why are these... Immodest women calling you- Is that a child?"

“Look, I know as much as you do, mate.” Dipin answered.

After a moment, Fennel called from the other side of the screen. “We were doing a Hakunula, They still need to change.”

"Dipin, please, we do not have time for this. We have a moon to aid in liberating, and you need to be focused."

"Ooooh," Ernette came in, peeking over the girls, "You're freeing a moon?"

"Dip! Quit looking at porn and focus on climbing! I'm going faster than you, and I don't have feet!"

“Fennel, please make sure you and your friends are wearing clothes next time you call, you’re making me look like a degenerate. We have to kill something on the moon.” Dipin huffed before hanging up.

"Aww... I wanted to see them kill a thing on the moon," Ernette harrumphed.

"We are overthrowing a pair of tyrants, Dipin."

“You can check my browsing history all you want.” Dioin huffed before continuing his treck up the mountain.

“Oh great, now Dipin’s mad at me.” Fennel pouted.

"I would prefer not to look through your phone at this point."

“I swear I’m not a weirdo.” Dipin called out before being knocked over by a gust of wind.

Once the call was over, Zoey let out an annoyed huff. "Crusaders are even bigger prudes than you are, Latte," She spat, "And they kill everyone that isn't a prude."

“Well now Dipin‘s mad at me, can please wear clothes next time we call someone.” Fennek requested.

"Prudes," Ernette huffed, "They're all so rude- oh, not including you though, Fennel." Zoey offered the Benefactor a high-five in response.

Fennel rolled her eyes, "Alright Elizabeth What next?”

"Uhmmmmm... Back massage!" Elizabeth declared, throwing her shirt off and flopping onto the bed face down.

Fennel promptly complied and began massaging Elizabeth’s back.

"Hm... Ernette, can you give me a massage too?" Clara requested, "In another room though, for Fennel's sake."

"Sure!" Ernette responded, following Clara to another room, "I'd love to try and give you a massage!"

“Your back is really tense.” Fennel commented.

"It is?" Elizabeth's voice was muffled by the bed before she turned her head to the side.

”You must have done something while cooking.” She mused.

"What do you mean?"

“I mean you make like 30 dishes.That’s a lot for just one person to do.”

"Well, I gu-"

"Can I have a massage too?" Zoey interrupted.

”Ask her.” Fennel replied.

"Hey, Lizagna, can you tell Latte to gimme a massage?" Zoey asked.

"Me too!" Ruby piped up.

"... Fine, but only after mine," Elizabeth huffed.

“So I’m just everyone’s maid now.” Fennel groaned as she contined Elizabeth’s massage.”

"Hmm... That's a pretty good idea, Latte," Zoey grinned, "Hey, Lizagna, how about loaning me Latte?"

”Alright if I‘m getting loaned out I want some word in all of this.” Fennel insisted.

"Hey, you're the servant that has to do whatever Lizagna wants. You don't get a word in stuff," Zoey pouted.

“Yeah Lizagna, not the other eleven of you.” Fennel countrred.

"Yeah, but if she said that you have to do what I say, then that's just you doing what she says which was doing what I say."

“Or she can let me put in my two cents.”

"Hey, Lizagna, when're you gonna get Latte to eat you out?" Zoey asked.

“I am not doing that.”

While the idea hadn't crossed Elizabeth's mind, the objection caught her attention. "But the deal was that you'd do anything I said."

“I agreed to be a servant like maid or butler, not a sex slave.” Fennel harrumphed.

"Nooo! You agreed to do whatever I want, whenever I want," Elizabeth corrected with a pout.

“I am not doing that.” Fennel protested, “I have my line at that is way over it.”

"I mean, I wanna side with you here, Latte, but... You did agree to do whatever she wanted," Zoey shrugged.

”Can’t we compromise for something else?” Fennel retorted.

"I mean, you're already her servant, what else can you give her?"

"What if just... We sleep naked together?" Elizabeth asked innocently, "You're all fuzzy and stuff like a blanket."

Fennel took a moment to think it over, “I can do that.” Fennel agreed.

"Aw, man. That's so lame," Zoey huffed, folding her arms, "You're really bad at being a master, Lizagna."

"I don't wanna be mean," Elizabeth murmured, "Even if she's my slave."

“Thank you Elizabeth.” Fennel replied before returning to Elizabeths massage.

"Hmm... You know what? Don't give Zoey and Ruby massages," Elizabeth said smugly.

"What!? Why don't we get massages?" Zoey protested.

"My slave. Go get your own," Elizabeth giggled.

Fenel snickered in response.

"Hmph! Fine! We'll just get massages from Ernette! I bet she's better anyway!" Zoey harrumphed, taking her leave with Ruby in tow.

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Part I don't even know anymore

“I don’t think that’s going to go over well.“ Fennel shuddered.

"What do you mean?"

“I think Ernette is busy.” The fox replied.

"Well, duh, now she has to give three massages," Elizabeth agreed with a giggle, not getting the implication.

”She’s focused on Clara at the moment.”


“Sometimes I wish I were deaf.” Fennel lamented.

"Wait, what? Why would you wanna be deaf?" Elizabeth gasped.

“Let’s just say I can hear a lot more going on in the hotels than you can.”

"Oh? Like what?"

“Grown up games.”

"Grown up games?" Elizabeth repeated, "There's games only adults can play?"

“I hear people banging, okay.” Fennel finally said.

"Oh, why didn't you just say that from the beginning?"

“Because it’s a touchy subject. Look I‘m just going to shower until it dies dotawn.” Fennel said as she stepped towards the bathroom.

"Wait! Can you wash me?" Elizabeth requested.

Fennel hesitated for a moment before saying “Yes.”

"Yay!" Elizabeth squealed, running into the bathroom.

Fennel soon followed and peeled her clothes off before turning on the shower and stepping in.


"Man! Showers are way better when someone else does all the work!" Elizabeth exclaimed, rolling onto a bed.

“Yeah. Sure...” Fennel stated, feeling a bit humiliated that she had to share a shower with someone. Another crinkling noise could be heard before Fennel walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her.

"Oh, and you did a really good massage earlier!" Elizabeth complimented, spreading her limbs out on the bed.

“Thank you.” Fennel replied as she began further drying off with a hair dryer.

Elizabeth reached for the television remote, but it was just that tiny bit too far to where her fingers barely brushed against it. "Feeennneeeel!" She whined, "I can't reach the remote and I wanna watch cartoons!"

Fennel flicked her tail to push the remote into Elizabeth’s hand. “There you go. Anything else?“

"Be my blanket please!"

“I still need to dry off.” Fennel replied, as she dried the fur on her arms.

"Once you're dry?"

“Yes.” Fennel responded as she moved the hair drier to her tail.

Elizabeth let out a happy, "Thank you!" before turning on the TV and surfing through the channels to find some cartoons.

About twenty minutes later Fennel had dried off and sat on the bed hoping Elizabeth wouldn't notice.zi Unfortunately for her, the little girl looked over and smiled, "Blanket time!"

“So how do we do this?” Fennel said as she placed her tail on her lap.

"Umm... I guess like..." Elizabeth thought for a moment as she laid on her side, "You hug me, and then, like... I hug your tail!"

“Okay.” Fennel said before hugging Elizabeth, who then gently grabbed Fennel's tail and brought it forwards, hugging it in return. She wiggled a little to get more comfortable, snuggled up in a Fennel blanket.

"You're so comfy," Elizabeth beamed, peeking up at the TV screen.

“I’ve uh never heard that one before.” Fennel awkwardly replied.

"... You know... I don't really know what else to do with a servant," Elizabeth admitted.

“I mean they have to cook or something.” Fennel replied.

"But I already cook," Elizabeth shook her head.

”I mean maids usually clean but they already have professional maids here.” Fennel mused, “I doubt you have any errands to run.”

"Hmm... The only thing I really want is to get better at cooking... That and Gordon Ramsey CDs," Elizabeth mused.

“Sooo... when we are done can I wear regular clothes?”

"Nuh-uh, Elizabeth quickly answered.

“Okay then.”

"Hmm... Do you have any neat magic stuff?" Elizabeth asked.

“I mean nothing i have is magic in and of itself but I could make another one of those Gems abd teach you a little.” Fennel replied.

"Ooh! Yeah yeah yeah!" Elizabeth nodded, rotating around in her Fennel blanket to look at the fox with an excited smile.

Fennel then pressed her hands together creating snother gem that was slightly bigger than the previous one before she fell asleep.

"What's this do?" Elizabeth asked, holding the gem for a second before looking at Fennel and realizing she had fallen asleep, "Heeyy.. Wake up."

Fennel snored not hearing Elizabeths request. "Come on! Why'd you fall asleep?" Elizabeth whined. She would have tried to shake Fennel awake, but was far too comfortable wrapped up in the fox to do such a thing.

Fennel continued to rest not reacting to Elizabeth‘s whining. The nine-year-old tried blowing on Fennel's face and careening her neck to blow into the fox's ears in a desperate attempt to wake her up.

Fennel’s ears twitched in response but she did not wake up yet. “hjusvsjb.” she muttered.

"Don't make me spit in your ear, Fennel! I'll do it!" Elizabeth huffed, getting a glob of spit ready. She pursed her lips and tried to spit into the fox's ear, but ended up just getting spit on herself instead. "Eww! Dangit!"

“Jugsunkgcs.”Fennel muttered.

After her second attempt, the nine-year-old successfully spat directly into Fennel's ear canal with a victorious giggle.

Fennel was jolted awake by the sudden presence of fluid in her ear. ”What happened!?”

"You made this cool green thing then fell asleep, so I spat in your ear to wake you up."

Fennel tapped her head a she tried to removed the saliva from her ear, "Well that takes a lot of energy to make one of those." Fennel added as she shoved the towel in her ear.

"Oh... What is it? Is it magic?"

"Yeah, bascically its like compressing magic into a physicall form so you can use it later. I hear some really good adventures can make a few at a time, be even then this thing is rather puny." Fennel said as she looked at the gem.

"Oh, so how do I use it? Abra cadabra!"

"It doesn't really work like that," Fennel said as she covered herself with a sheet. "We should probably go outside though before I show you anything."


"Things could get messy." Fennel explained as she began looking around the room for some clean undergarments.

After a few moments, Fennel was dressed and wearing her maid outfit again, "Alright, let's go outside." Fennel called as she grabbed her polearm and headed out the door.

The two were in the luou area Fennel had set up earlier for the cook-off, with Elizabeth bouncing in place as she eagerly awaited whatever magic whatsits her gem could do.

"Okay, so the first thing is that you are going to want is a focus." Fennel said as she moved her own pole arm around.

"Focus on what?"

"An object, it helps you conduct magic so that you can use it easier." Fennel explaied as she looked at the table and noticed a knife. "Why don't you use this knife." Fennel suggested.

"Okay," Elizabeth nodded, pointing her hand at the knife and shouting, "ABRA CADABRA!"

"No, no. Hold the knife and tell me what you want to do with it." Fennel explained.

Elizabeth firmly grasped the knife and stared at it for a moment. "Ummm... Uhhh..."

"Something simple, but clear." Fennel said.

"Ummm... I wanna have two knives! I wanna, like.. Copy it!"

"That's really high level, to create an exact copy basically involves compressing several larger gems and converting them to matter. as opposed to this inbetween state," Fennel commented, "...but we could make a copy out of ice."

"Okay! An ice knife!" Elizabeth nodded, not understanding some of the technical jargin Fennel spat out, "How do I do it?"

"What do you need to make ice?" Fennel asked.

"Uh- Water! Water and coldness!"

"Alright so first you need to get water from somewhere. Where can you get it from?"

"Uhhh...." Elizabeth looked around for puddles, "Umm..... I don't see any puddles... Should I go inside and get some from a sink?"

"That should work." Fennel explained.

"Okay! I'll be right back!" Elizabeth yelled, running inside the hotel. A few minutes later, she returned with a bucket of water which she eagerly heaved onto the ground.

"So first as you move the knife, you need to see how the water will go from the bucket to the knife." Fennel said as she made a swiping motion with her brush, causing a stream of water attach to the tip of the brush.

"So like... Imagine it?" Elizabeth asked, dangerously gesturing the knife to her head before pointing it at the water.

"Don't point it at anything you don't want to mess with but yes. Magic is kind of smart, think of it as telling it what to do." Fennel explained as she made a flicking motion sending the water back into the bucket.

"Okay!" Elizabeth nodded. She held her knife with both hands and pointed it at the bucket with a determined look. "Magic! Make the water go to my knife... Please!" She shouted, picturing a stream of water floating to her knife in a manner similar to what happened with Fennel's brush in her mind.

The bucket wiggled a little bit. "Okay, so vocalizations are good, you don't really need do use a full sentance but if you assign name to what you're doing that helps." Fennel then made swiping motion as she shouted "Mist!" causing fine mist to follow behind the brush.

"Oh, okay... Knife-water!" Elizabeth yelled, waving her knife at the bucket.

"Alright make that just a little bit more thought out, it doens't have to be a straight line but something you can easily see in your mind, try an upward swipe." Fennel added.

"Knife-water!" Elizabeth shouted again, swinging her knife upwards as she pictured the water flying up out of the bucket in as thin of a wall as she could imagine.

A thin stream of water then flew out of the bucket before slashing down on the ground.

"Very good, Elizabeth," Fennel praised as she looked at the rather pitiful stream of water.

"That wasn't as good as I wanted," Elizabeth frowned.

"No that was very good. You got a stream of water before your tenth try, it took me forever before I could even get a drop to move." Fennel praised once more.

"Wow... Really?" Elizabeth gasped. She supposed practice made perfect, and if she did that well in comparison to Fennel, then maybe her little stream of water was more impressive than she first thought.

"Okay now next you need to shape the water into a knife." Fennel said as she placed a small blob of water in front of the girl.

"Got it!" Elizabeth nodded, beaming up at Fennel.

"So try picking away the water that you don't want try to pull the knife out of it, if that makes any sense." Fennel said coaxing the girl to try.

"... No, that doesn't make any sense," Elizabeth shook her head.

"Alright how are you going to get a knife out of that?" Fennel asked, giving the girl a moment to ponder. "Thete's no right answer, just how do you see it."

"Uhhhhmmm.... I just... Have to move the water... Into the shape of a knife, right?"

"Yep. So how are you going to do it?" Fennel asked.

"Uhmm... With magic!"

"How do you see the water making the knife?"

"It's.. Turning from just a.. Ball of water... And into a knife shape?"

"For example I like to think of all the extra water as just falling off." Fennel said as the ball of water fell the the ground save for the outline of a blade.

"Oh... I was gonna use all the water," Elizabeth blinked.

"Oh that's a big knife then." Fennel commented.

The ball of water then returned to the floating knife.

"What if it's just... Really thick water?" Elizabeth tried to explain, not having a full grasp of what density was.

"Like a slime?"

"No.. Like.." Elizabeth pushed her hands together, taking care not to stab herself in the process, "Like... Push the water... Closer together."

"Oh hmm, I think you can do that I haven't heard of anyone doing that before. So your're going to press it together?" Fennel inquired.

"Yeah! Then it'll be a really strong knife!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"So try pressing your hands together but be careful of the knife." Fennel replied.

"Thick water!" Elizabeth called out, clapping her hands together with the handle of the knife between her palms.

"Oh dense!" Fennel exclaimed upon realizing the word Elizabeth was looking for.

The water snapped into the shape of a knife.

"Alright, now just to freeze it. Basically you need to see molecules slowing down, crystals forming and where all that extra heat is going to go." Fennel said as she admired how detailed the knife was."

"What's a molecule?"

"Really tiny things that make everything. Just think of the water droplets slowing down and making crystals that should help." Fennel explained.

"But then wouldn't it just be a bunch of crystals?"

"Think of the crystals growing make the shape of the knife." Fennel replied.

Elizabeth took a brief moment to imagine what Fennel had described before shouting, "Crystal stuff!"

Slowly, the blade froze taking on a white freezerburn-like color before it solidfied.

Fennel rubbed her hand across the blade, wiping away a layer of frost revealing a while knife underneath. "Alright, where did you put the heat?" Fennel asked.

"Just... In the air, I think," Elizabeth blinked.

Fennel looked at the girl and noticed that she was sweating. Fennel then made a swiping motion, causing the excess heat to dissapaite into the surrounding air for a moment "You just need to be a little bit more specific when you do that otherwise you'll overheat, but aside from that you did a really good job." Fennel remarked.

"... I'll get it perfect next time," Elizabeth huffed.

"Look you are expecting perfection way too early. I wouldn't even say I'm doing a professional-grade job of this whole magic thing." Fennel commented.

"I still messed up. You said I had to do something with the heat, and I didn't even think of that after you said," Elizabeth muttered.

"Okay but you're not hurt it's no big deal. Perfection doesn't come quick, I mean just enjoy the learning curve." Fennel stated.

"I did enjoy it," Elizabeth insisted, "I just... Wanna do something the best."

"Well I mean you tried, isn't that what really matters? I mean there are a good amount of Varians that don't bother to learn magic." Fennel replied.

"Why wouldn't they though?" Elizabeth asked with surprise.

"I mean it's not easy, I mean like anyone can cook, but how many people try to be really good at it? It's the same concept." Fennel explained.

"... Huh," Elizabeth pondered on the analogy, looking down at her icy knife, "I do the same thing with cooking, really... I... I like to cook, but... It's... It's fun, but... Not fun..."

"You like cooking right? Why push yourself to the point that you hate it? It just doesn't make sense to me. If you're doing it for yourself, there's no need to beat yourself up over perfection."

"I... I just wanna be the best chef," Elizabeth mumbled, "I wanna make my daddy proud... I wanna... Make myself proud... I didn't even get a perfect score in the cook-off... I got a 53."

"I'm gonna be honest, one of those judges is an idiot. But you did your best didn't you?" Fennel asked.

"It was presentation," Elizabeth sighed, "The food and stuff looked good, but compared to what you had... The torches and everyone dancing..."

"Well you scored way better in every other department, I got a three from one judge." Fennel said, hoping that it would lift her spirits.

"So? I still got a 13 in presentation."

"Elizabeth, you're being too hard on yourself. I mean you did really good. You did your best and I think that's all that really matters." Fennel said as she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"I could've done better..." Elizabeth spat, "I dropped some of my Yorkshires... I dropped a bunch of plates and hurt my legs." She gestured down to the scabbed cuts covering her legs.

"Okay, so you broke some plates, you can replace them. It doesn't look like you did any serious damage." Fennel commented.

"But I still messed up... Gordon Ramsey doesn't mess up," Elizabeth muttered.

"I'm pretty sure Gordon Ramsey has messed up before, second you are a nine year old girl at the start of her carreer comparing herself to a grownman who's been doing it for decades, You gotta realize that you are comparing a prototype to the final product, there''s gonna be mistakes and kinks to work out along the way. Take some time to smell the roses, enjoy the progress you've made." Fennel assured Elizabeth.

Elizabeth stood there for a moment, mulling over Fennel's words before breaking out into tears and hugging the fox. She had nothing to say. She could only release the stress of the day and many others in that moment.

Fennel wrapped her arms around the girl, rubbing her back as she waited for the girl to finish crying. Fennel then picked Elizabeth up and took her back inside to allow her to have more privacy.

Once the two were in their room, Elizabeth eventually settled down, sniffling quietly.

"Is everything okay?" Fennel asked.

"... You don't have to wear that anymore if you don't want to," Elizabeth murmured.

"How about we get a different one and Ill wear that a little while longer, Besides I'm supposed to be your servant or something right?" Fennel said as she stroked Elizabeth's hair.

"You don't have to," Elizabeth slowly shook her head.

"Yeah but I lost the bet, I gotta keep my end of the bargin somehow." Fennel replied.

"... Okay," Elizabeth nodded sleepily, "... Can you... Still be my blanket?"

"...Sure," Fennel replied


"Harper, can we turn around already?" Tychen grumbled from the wheelchair, "I'm pretty sure we've gone three miles in a straight line and found no pet stores. The prospect of finding kittens looks grimmer by the second."

"Well, if we've gone this far without seeing a pet store, then the likelihood of us finding one soon is even higher than it was three miles ago!" Harper insisted. Just for their luck, just across the street, the glowing sign of a petstore shined, its windows showing it was still open.

Tychen harrumphed, "That's just luck, not statistics."

"Either way, I'm right, and that's what matters in the end!" Harper exclaimed as she wheeled Tychen into the petstore, "Now let's find those kittens!"

"Why don't we go look at like... the snakes and lizards first? Maybe even some of those spiders if they have them?" Tychen sighed, "Like I said, kittens are bland."

"Nope! Kittens for life!" Harper declared as she skipped up to the multiroom cage-container housing the kittens. It was much smaller in comparison to a similarly designed cage for adult cats nearby.

"See? Look how cute they are! They're meowing and walking around all slowly and stu-" She let out a gasp, "Look! That one has little white feet!" She pointed to a grey kitten with a white belly and, of course, little white paws.

"So what?" Tychen remarked, "It could have rainbow feet for all I care, which is none!"

"But it looks like it has little socks on!" Harper squealed, "Hold on, I'm gonna ask if I can hold it!" She scurried away to find an employee, leaving Tychen alone for a few moments with the kittens.

Tychen looked down at the kittens, tapping the container and scoffing, "I don't see the big deal with you things..."

"Mew!" The white-pawed kitten squeaked, weakly swiping at Tychen's finger and ending up patting the glass.

Tychen held his finger there, looking at the small cat with intrigue, "...They do look like little socks, don't they?"

The kitten attempted to swipe at his finger once again, obviously to no avail as it let out another squeaky, "Mew!"

The pirate let out a bemused huff, "You're not gonna get it, little guy. You can keep trying, but you're not gonna get it, now are you?"

"Mew!" The kitten squeaked back, pausing for a moment before trying to grab his finger once more.

"Heh," Tychen let out a quiet chuckle, moving his finger around the container slowly so that the kitten could follow.

As expected, it did follow, stumbling a little as it walked over to the finger's new location before patting the glass with all its little kitten might.

"You're... I think I'm starting to see what the kid see's in you... besides your little fluffy socks," Tychen mewed, poking his finger against the glass.

"Well, well, well," Harper sneered from behind the pirate, "Looks like somebody likes kittens after all." An employee smiled down at the two, looking between Harper and the pirate, who she assumed was a damaged omnic.

"I-wha- No!" Tychen retorted, reeling his hand back in embarassment, "That's not what was going on! There was... a scuff on the glass or something.. a good excuse or whatever."

The employee modestly giggled, "I'm guessing you'd like to hold Socks? That's what we call that one until someone adopts her.

"Makes sense," the pirate shrugged, "I... guess I'll hold the cat."

Soon enough, the kitten was gently lowered into the pirate's waiting hands, which were in turn pushed closer to his lap to avoid any accidental kitten dropping.

The pirate grumbled at the kitten, watching it with a scornful gaze, but slowly calmed it, the warmth of its little feet treading on him, even if accompanied by little sharp claws, being a nice feeling to Tychen. "She's... adorable," He muttered, his gaze affixed to the small cat, having seemingly attached to the kitten within the little time he had seen it.

"I told you so," Harper giggled, "Pet it with your finger!"

Slowly, Tychen held out a finger, stroking the white-footed kitten on her head and down her back gently.

"Mew!" The kitten squeaked, finally able to snatch Tychen's finger in her claws. She weakly bit on it for a second before pulling her head back and then rubbing her cheek against the finger.

While it was slightly painful, the pain Tychen felt was nothing compared to the adoration for the simple movements of the little kitten. "...I'll take 'er," he stated blankly, petting the kitten again.

"Wow, that was fast," Harper remarked.

"She deserves someone," Tychen answered, "And I want to be that someone. I could go off and make my own special thing... or I could just work with what I'm given," he nuzzled the kitten's ear with his finger.

"Mew!" The kitten responded.

"I'll get the paperwork ready for you. She'll be $75," The employee nodded to the two before walking off.

"... Do you have any money?" Harper asked.

"Of course! I'm a pirate, why wouldn't I have money?" Tychen scoffed quietly, holding the kitten with one hand as he quickly grabbed out a hundred-dollar bill.

The employee returned with a clipboard with about ten pages of documents that she placed in Tychen's lap along with a pen. "Just fill out all the blank spaces here, and you'll be good to go," The employee smiled, "I'll take Socks, or whatever you'll name her now, and make sure she's ready to go. (Also, some of us like to say goodbye whenever a pet gets adopted)."

"Aye, I think I'll stick, with Socks," he looked to the kitten as she was taken, "It fits, and's a nice name in all." He would then start to go through the paperwork, writing where it was needed and signing where needed (he did not take the time to think of some fake alias, because he was sure it wasn't important).

After all the paperwork was signed, the kitten was paid for, and a cute little collar with Tychen's new pet's name on it was provided (As well as a small, comfortable carrier), Harper and the pirate were exiting the petstore with a new friend.

"Mew! Mew!" The kitten whined, frightened by the outside world from the confines of her carrier.

"It's okay, little Socks," Tychen cooed, "You're gonna be alright. We'll get you out of there real soon! Are we going the right way, Harper?"

"Tychen, we literally walked one direction. I think even Socks would be able to figure out how to get to the hotel from here," Harper answered.

"That's fair," Tychen nodded, standing up from his wheelchair rather easily, holding the carrier, "Just making sure... Oh, hey, my legs."

"Good, you can push me," Harper plopped her rear down into the wheelchair and sighed, "I pushed you for, like, thirty miles."

"Three," Tychen clarified, "And if I have to push, you have to hold Socks' carrier."

"I'm fine with that," Harper smiled, reaching for the carrier.

The pirate sighed, "Oh man... I thought I was gonna have to run out of there and make my own thing... but that little gal... I think I'm fine with that, not another over-the-top one."

"Again, I told you that you'd love the kittens," Harper giggled, gently hugging the carrier.

“Yeah, Yeah,” Tychen snickered, “Keep on bragging about how you made me turn over a new leaf or something. ‘Oh would you look at that? Tychen got a kitten! Tychen’s changed! He’s a good man now, not some greedy old pirate who makes the undead work for him! No, he’s a good guy! Tychen’s... got an actual chance with Fennel...” he mulled over his thoughts.

Haprer blinked.




"You're the pirate that Fennel was dating," Harper mumbled. How did she not realize this sooner? Why else would there be a pirate at the hotel?

“Yeah? And?” Tychen asked, seeing no big deal in the issue, “Your sister Ruby’s also why me legs were noodles all today ‘cause she threw me out the window. I’m surprised she didn’t talk about that.”

"Uh- Yeah, she talked about that," Harper scoffed, "I... Okay, no... I haven't really talked to her."

“Well, you don’t need to worry,” Tychen assured, “I’m not gonna stab you or break your foot like I did her.. Fennel, I mean, not Ruby. Ruby just shot me a bunch and threw me out a third story window.”

"I don't think you'd wanna date Fennel anyway," Harper mentioned, "She's a prude, and that's not just me saying that either."

“That kind of stuff’s not everything in a relationship,” Tychen waved a hand, “It’s more about personality. I mean, look at me. Do you think anyone would want to date me if I didn’t have any charisma? You’d think my chrome dome was nuts!”

"You have charisma?" Harper joked, giggling to herself.

“Har har,” Tychen mock laughed, “I got more charisma in my little finger than you do... somewhere, I dunno, everywhere?”

"Well spoken, real charismatic," Harper snorted, "That was a lie, by the way."

“At least you’re telling me it was a lie,” the pirate shrugged, “And thank you. I try very hard.”

"Well, anyway, Fennel isn't that great. That prudiness is part of her personality," Harper explained, "Buuut... I'm sure you could find another girl to date... Someone a bit younger... Prettier... Light brown hair... Brown eyes... Currently sitting in a wheelchair..."

“Are you.. asking me to date you?” Tychen scoffed, “That’s... not what I expected.”

"I didn't say it, you did," Harper huffed, before smiling up at Tychen.

“You heavily implied it,” the pirate added, “But... I... guess we could have some fun, you and I.”

"You better not be lying," Harper giggled.

“Why would I lie about fun?” Tychen snickered, “Fun’s the only thing worthwhile in the end.”

"Hmm... Maybe a few of my sisters you haven't met yet can join in," Harper suggested.

“Join in?” Tychen shook his head, “That’s not how relationships work.”

Meanwhile, a loud crunching noise came from behind the two as a rock fell to the ground. An ikly purple substance emerged from the shadows as it slowy formed into a humanoid shape.

“Well, that’s just great,” Tychen grumbled, “Hey, ink bubbles. Get out of the way. I got a tired kid and my cat I gotta get home.”

The form's reflective gem like eyes glared back at the pirate before the creature made a gravely noise in response.

"Mew!" Socks squeaked in fear as Harper tried to comfort her.

Hopkins then approached Harper and began letting out various noises as if trying to tell her not to hook up with a dead pirate.

But, of course, she had no idea what message the Pokemon was trying to convey. "... What?" She blinked, covering Socks' view of Hopkins.

Hopkins pointed to Tychen and angrily shook his head.

"Tychen? What's wrong with him?" Harper looked back at the pirate, then at Hopkins.

The pokemon then strained to make a nose that sounded like he was saying "No date."

“...Yeah” Tychen scratched the back of his head, “You’re prolly right- Harper, we may need to reconsider that relationship thing-... though, ink bubble monsters who scare my kitten aren’t usually the voice of reasoning around here, are they?”

Hopkins looked at Tychen with a look of disappointment as if trying to get him to reconsider dating any female with the last name of Wolfe.

“What’s the deal, inky?” Tychen crouched down to the Pokémon, “What do you got against me and Harper?”

"Yeah, Hopkins. This isn't any of your business," Harper huffed.

“Wait, you know this thing?” Tychen asked.

“Graph” Hopkins replied.

"... Graph?" Harper repeated.

Hopkins then took the handles of the wheelchair and attemped to push Harper back to the hotel.

“Hey!” Tychen hissed, yanking back the handles, waving away Hopkins with his free hand, “You keep your hands off it!”

"You guys! You're scaring Socks!" Harper whined as she whispered to the little kitten.

“Aw.. I’m sorry little buddy,” Tychen cooed as he brought his head next to the container Socks was inside of.

Hopkins then picked up a nearby rock before letting go of the wheel chair. He watched for a moment, noticing the pirates fondness of the cat.

“Now, Hopkins,” Tychen spat, turning to the Pokémon, “Me and Harper are going to take my precious little Socks back to the hotel. If you got any objections to that now... keep them to yourself, I prefer.”

Hopkins was not happy to be disrespected this lowly Team Aqua member lacking suffiecent badges to train him. A devilish grin drew across Hopkins’ face as, in the blink of an eye, the goblin was was holding Harper’s wheel chair and its occupants while Tychen was left holding a rock with a bit taken out of it.

Tychen looked around for a second, dropping the rock in confusion, before fixing his gaze firmly on Hopkins as he came to realize what had happened. “Put. Them. Down.” He gritted, his voice devoid of any humor as it had before, his stance changing to a more cold one as well.

Hopkins snickered as he placed the wheel chair on the ground behind him.

Harper quickly gave herself a patdown to make sure she was all there, having only just processed Hopkins speedy switcharoo. She looked down at the carrier, relieved to still have Socks in her posession.

Hopkins then held up a finger telling the pirate to wait as he rolled Harper and Socks about fifteen feet away. The imp then returned to its position before its motions became twitchy and erratic as it posed readying for battle.

Tychen flared out his jacket, grabbing the sleek black blade he called his in his hand, holding it down towards the ground. “I’m giving you a chance to walk away,” Tychen hissed, “But after that... Well, looks like I’d be breaking my promise to Clara just a bit.”

"Guys! Come on!" Harper cried out.

Hopkins then dabbed at Tychen.

“Get outta here, inky,” Tychen demanded, a bit taken aback by the dab for a moment, “Final warnin’... wait. Harper, take Socks back to the hotel while I finish up. I don’t need this bein’ one of her first experiences with me.”

"Okay," Harper quickly nodded, hopping out of the wheelchair and scurrying away back to the hotel without hesitation.

“Now, where were we- Wait, why am I even fighting you if I don’t need to now,” Tychen scoffed, sliding his rapier away and starting to walk past Hopkins, “Gah, I’m absolutely dumbfounded by my stupidity sometimes.”

Hopkins once again snickered as its movements became smoother. After a moment Hopkins managed to climb to Tychen’s shoulder before attempting to steer the pirate back to the hotel.

“I’m already going to the hotel, you purple midget!” Tychen growled, pushing Hopkins off his shoulder.

“Sable!” The Pokémon shouted indignantly as he shoved Tychen back.

Tychen chuckled as he looked down to the little Pokémon at his feet, “Look, little guy. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot because you tried to steal my cat, but I think we’re gonna get along just fine. Just don’t do that thing with stealing me Socks again, or I’ll really make you regret it, aye?”

“Eye eye.” Hopkins agreed.

“Heh. A sense of humor, too,” the pirate mused, “Yeah, we’ll be just fine.”


“Harper!” Tychen shouted as he walked into the lobby, Hopkins no doubt following behind, “We’re here! I think we made up, I dunno!”

"You know... I just realized," Harper said, looking into the carrier at Socks before looking back at Tychen, "We never bought cat food."

“...Shit,” Tychen muttered, “Do you want to.. walk back up there with me to get some? You got sisters, I’m sure they’d watch a thing adorable as you!” he brought his head down to the carrier, cooing at the kitten.

"Tychen... I just walked eighteen miles..." Harper whined.

“I’ll push you there,” the pirate remarked, “It’d be nice to go out for a stroll on the street again. It’s a nice night, too.”

"Alright, let's hope Hopkins doesn't try to attack you again," Harper sighed as she glanced over at the Pokemon.


Needless to say the Sableye followed behind the two aiming to keep an eye on them.

“Y’know, you don’t need to follow us,” Tychen remarked as he pushed the wheelchair with Harper in it, “We’re just getting food for Socks, you weirdo.”

"Oh, can we get food for us too? I didn't get to eay any of the stuff from the cook-off," Harper requested.Hopkins rhen n

“I don’t see why not,” Tychen shrugged, “Haven’t had a bite to eat today, either.”

"Do you eat?" Harper inquired, looking back at Tychen to try and spot a mouth.

“Eh,” again, the pirate shrugged, “I guess you could call it eating. What do you want to eat?”

"Uhhh... Just a burger, I guess," Harper answered.

Hopkins liked food and decided to tag along.

After the group had bought a bag of kitten food, Tychen took Harper to a small fast-food restaurant, the kind that serves only on the outside, and ordered her one burger with fries. “You want a drink?” He asked as he made the order.

"Uhhh.... Yeah, umm.... Sprite. Gimme a Sprite."

Hopkins then tugged on Tychen‘s coat as if requesting food himself.

“Alright, two burger combos and a large Sprite,” Tychen ordered, forking over the required money before taking the brown bag from the worker. He flopped it gently against a nearby table, sitting down with a sigh, “Here you go.”

Hopkins then picked a small gem off his back and handed it to Tychen seemingly to repay the pirate before he took his food and say down. Tychen hesitated for a moment, before taking the gem. He was seemingly looking up at a lamp, and more specifically, the collection of moths around it.

"Thanks, Tychen," Harper mumbled before chowing down on her burger. She took a quick sip of her Sprite and continued chewing.

“No problem,” Tychen said, distracted as he walked slowly up to the light, taking a glove off to reveal a set of black, sharp fingers, before holding it up to the light. The moths around his hand began to flutter, a little light of their own streaming into Tychen’s hand, before falling to the ground, having seemingly died without any natural reason.

“Ahhh,” Tychen sighed with relief, putting his leather glove back on, sitting down as if nothing had happened, “That’ll keep me good for the night. How’s the burger?”

"Taesh like shit," Harper answered, eagerly munching on said 'shit' burger.

“Good to know I paid money for something you’ll eat then,” Tychen snickered, “And you... Hoblin? Hopkins! That’s it! Hopkins.”

Hopkins was happily munching away on its burger.
“I’ll take that as positive,” Tychen mused, twiddling his thumbs and waiting for everyone else to finish eating normally.

"So," Harper began, having finished her burger and started łb her face with french fries, "Why didn't you get anything for yourself?"

”I got myself something,” the pirate pointed a thumb to the littered moth bodies beneath the lamp.

"... You eat bugs?"

Hopkins looked at the bugs and figured that Tychen ate souls like litwicks.

“No!” Tychen shook his head, “More like... I eat life with my touch.”

"Like... You suck it out of them? All their energy?" Harper asked, continuously popping french fries into her mouth.

"Sableye." Hopkins replied as he bit into a handful of fries.

“Yep. Like a sponge sucks up water,” Tychen examined his glove as he explained.

"Huh, so you can't eat burgers and stuff?"

“Nope,” Tychen shook his head, “No mouth, remember? I think my blade’s the same too, but it replaces the life innem with... not-life.”

"Groah." Hopkins added as if he were saying "oh."

"Like zombies?"

“Yeah, like zombies, but they do whatever I say or think I want them to do,” Tychen explained, “It’s pretty cool; I got one somewhere around here I have fix me jacket whenever it’s messed up by your sister shooting me, and I’ll prolly keep just ‘im around when I go clean.”

"Huh, yeah I knew a guy that could do that once, but he didn't use a sword or whatever to do it," Harper remarked.

Hopkins looked at Harper with an expression that indicated he didn't believe her.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and call malarkey on that,” Tychen mused, “Which surprises me that I have to agree with Hopkins.”

"His name was Gerome," Harper huffed before stuffing a few more french fries in her mouth, offended that people continued to doubt the existence of the man.

“Riiiight,” Tychen went along, “So, how well did you know ‘Gerome’?”

Hopkins then wiggled his ears alluding to Fennel, apparently he had been listening in on that conversation too.

"I knew him very well, actually. I'd sneak out to see him as much as I could," Harper answered haughtily.

“Go on...” Tychen gestured with his fingers for her to continue describing her relationship with Gerome.

"And he'd show me a bunch of new kinds of magic stuff every time like one time he showed me some zombie magic stuff. He brought a dog back to life and we played with him for a little while before I had to head home."

Hopkins meanwhile seemed to have taken to gnawing on the tray that his food came on.

“Just a dog? Lame,” Tychen harrumphed, “If I were him, I’d of gotten something a bit bigger.”

"That was just the first time!" Harper was quick to defend the achievements of her fictional friend, Gerome, "I went to go see him two days later, and he brought back a shark! A zombie shark!"

"Bleyes." Hopkins commented.

"I bet you've never done a zombie shark," Harper proclaimed, folding her arms with a smug grin.

“Yeah, but I told you,” Tychen explained, “I made Snappertooth, and he’s way bigger than any shark!”

"It was a megalodon shark," Harper elaborated, "The biggest shark ever."

"Sab." Hopkins quipped.

”Yeah? And?” Tychen remarked, “Snappertooth was made from the biggest beasties across the galaxy! And even then, I had to add some metal bits and pieces to fill in the empty space! A zombie shark’s nothing, no matter how big.”

"Oh yeah? How big was Snappertooth then?"

“How big was your friend's Megalodon?”

"I asked you first."

“You see that building over there?” Tychen pointed about a block down to a street corner, “If his head were right here, his tail’d end riiiiiiiight about there.”

"HA!" Harper laughed, "That's tiny compared to a megalodon! Megalodons are like twice that size!"

“Yeah, But here’s the thing,” Tychen retorted, “Snappertooth is real, and your friend’s “zombie Megalodon” just ain’t.”

"How would you know, huh?" Harper huffed.

“Well, for one, you’ve got no evidence other than your word,” Tychen argued, “Where I have an actual tooth of my monster.”

"That tooth could've come from anywhere!" Harper dismissed, "If my word isn't worth anything, then neither is yours."

Tychen held up a finger for her to wait a second as he fumbled through his pockets, before slamming down a picture onto the table. It was Tychen, his suit all tidied and looking much better than it was in his current state, standing next to a massive set of jaws, metal and bone lining it. Several of the teeth were in fact sharpened metal. His hands were on top of it, like he’d posed for the photo. “See? I took a nice picture with the mean beast ‘imself a while back. ‘e’s gotten me out of my fair share of messes.”

"Mmm... Looks like photoshop to me."

“Just admit you’re lying already,” Tychen scoffed, “You’re really not making it better on yourself by denying it.”

"What if I'm not lying? You're really disrespecting the memory of Gerome. He died, you know."

“Oh? How’d he go and screw up the old magicks that bad?”

"He didn't screw up magic!... He got hit by an artillery shell," Harper lamented, mournful for the loss of the great Gerome.

“Bah, anyone can come back from that with enough of the good stuff,” Tychen chortled at Harper’s lie, “Hell, you don’t even want to know what I’ve come back from. It ain’t pretty.”

"Okay, well, not everyone is a robot pirate."

“I’m not a robot. Just a pirate.”

"Gerome wasn't expecting it! He was gonna come and see me, but one of our moms just saw some random guy coming towards us, so she fired the artillery and killed him!"

”And whose fault is that?” Tychen replied, “Could’ve just stapled a note to a zombie and sent the bloke up to get shot for him.”

"Ugh, you wouldn't know anything about romance, unlike Gerome."

“Running up to big guns isn’t romantic. It’s just dumb. Though, you’re still a kid, so romance is still a new thing for you. Which, ignoring your fake friend’s faker death, brings me to another topic...”

”I think we shouldn’t do that. The whole dating thing,” Tychen stated.

Harper choked on her Sprite for a second, coughing as she sputtered, "Wh-What? Why? Fuck stings." She aggressively clared her throat.

“Like I said, you’re still a kid, and that.. that just don’t fly with Tychen,” the pirate replied, “We can still be friends... just not dating.”

Hopkins nodded in agreement to Tychen's statement of not wanting to date Harper.

"Why does- Hold on-" Harper let out another cough, "Why does me b- I'm not a kid anyway! I'm seventeen!"

“You’re most certainly not seventeen, Harper. I know what humans look like at their age ranges, and you are certainly younger.”

"My growth was stunted from malnutrition," Harper explained with a pout.

“Riiiight, I’m not buying it,” Tychen replied, “Considering how much you’ve lied to me already- cough cough that wheelchair, cough cough- I’m having a hard time believing you.”

Harper would have refuted Tychen further, but his comment stung, especially since she was lying about suffering from malnutrition. She slumped down, defeated as she miserably sipped on her Sprite.

“I mean,” Tychen tried to do damage control on the situation, “If you were like eighteen or older, I would totally be on board with this whole situation and the dating stuff. It’s just.. iffy for me now. You understand?”

"But why?" Harper asked, looking up at Tychen, "Like, why eighteen?"

“It’s... umm, uh... It’s complicated.”

"... Fine," Harper sighed, accepting the lame explanation.

“Hey, cheer up,” Tychen regarded, “I’m still your friend.”

"... I don't think that's gonna make me feel better," Harper joked with a small smile.

“Well, it’s better than me just up and leavin’ ya here,” Tychen snickered, “Your achin’ feet? You wouldn’t even make it halfway back to the hotel!” He laughed, before realizing, “Oh... I don’t think I have anywhere to stay tonight. Can I.. stay with you?”

"Sure, I'm like, the only one not sharing a bed yet," Harper shrugged.

“Oh.. sounds fine by me!” Tychen agreed, “Well, we should probably get back. It’s getting late, and Socks is probably terrified of your sisters.”

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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The next morning Fennel's snores could be heard as she continued sleeping despite the sun glaring in her face. Appearently creating those gems really took it out of her.

Elizabeth awoke with a yawn before crawling out of her comfortable blanket that was Fennel. She climbed out of bed and stretched peacefully, noting she was the first in her room to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and simply stood there for a few moments, collecting her thoughts after waking up.

Unsurpisingly Fennel continued making her sleeping fox noises. Elizabeth slipped a shirt and a pair of shorts, grabbed the gem Fennel made for her (Along with her knife), and yawned once again as she walked out of the room.

Eventually, Fennel's sleepy fox noises stopped as she yawned and stretched in the empty bed before rolling over and gazing around the room. "Elizabeth?" Fennel called out trying to figure out where her friend had gone.

"Five more minutes," Zoey mumbled,turning her face towards her pillow.

Fennel didn't seem all the worried about Elzabeth as she wrapped up further in a blanket and shoved her face into a pillow before letting out groan showing her disappointment about having to wake up/

"Be quiet," Zoey groaned in response to Fennel's groan.

“Good morning!” Ernette exclaimed as she opened the door to the room and came in, already dressed and showered.

"Oh my fuck-ass," Zoey groaned before lifting her head up to look at Ernette, "Fucking.. What time is it?"

“Almost 8:30!” Ernette relayed, “I woke up at 6:30 to get ready and prepare myself for a productive day, though!”

Fennel tossed her pillow rather grumplily at Zoey "Hey! Fuck you," Zoey grumbled, throwing the pillow back at Fennel.

Fennel tossed the pillow back, grumbling, "No, you." before rolling over.

“...Please stop fighting,” Ernette quietly quipped, “We got a big day ahead!”

Fennel sat up "But I don't wanna go."

"A big day? What do you mean?" Zoey mumbled as Ruby yawned herself awake.

“Bob told me we’re getting back on the move!” Ernette replied to Zoey, “And Clara instructed me to get you all up as soon as possible.”

"Finally." Fennel grumbled as she wandered around the room looking for her clothes.

"Fuck Clara," Zoey huffed before faceplanting into her pillow.

Ernette’s expression soured for a second, as the blanket they were under was ripped out from under their grasps, the smile returning to the Benefactor’s face as she chimed, “Clara is only being kind and wanting you to not waste the day sleeping!”

"I wanna diiiiiie," Zoey whined, weakly reaching for the blanket to find it had been stolen from her. Reluctantly, the grumpy teen got out of bed while Ruby requested that Ernette bring a pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Eventually Fennel found her clothes and stoped to ask "Did you bring me anything?"

“I already have your lattes readied, Overseers!” Ernette would run out for a moment, returning quickly with two identical pumpkin spice lattes, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. “I’m sorry... I didn’t know what to get you,” Ernette muttered as the lattes floated to the nightstand.

"Bah, I'll get it after I put some clothes on." Fennel said as headed into the bathroom.

“Oh.. alright!” Ernette waves as she closed the door, and ran back to Clara.

Soon enough Fennel walked out of bathroom rubbing her lowerback, before collecting her clothes that had somehow gotten slewn about the room. After she collected her clothes she took a brownie from the bag and prepped her things to place them on the bus.

Zoey and Ruby chugged down their respective lattes, slamming the empty cups down with loud grunts and pants before sighing in unison. "Ruby... Ruby carry me," Zoey melodramatically requested as she fell back onto her younger sister, who let out a yelp as she barely managed to catch Zoey.

Fennel looked at the maid costume that laid on the floor for a moment, did she really want to wear another maid costume for a week, she decided to leave the skimpy outfit were it lie and placed her bags by the door before heading into the lobby "Elizabeth? Where did you go?"

"Thick water!" Elizabeth shouted from the breakfast area as she waved her kitchen knife, followed by furious, "Crystal stuff!"

Fennel looked at the girl with a confused expression "Elizabeth? What are you doing?"

"Oh... Hey Fennel," Elizabeth smiled. Despite having woken up not too long ago, she already looked pretty tired as she turned to look at the fox, revealing a small pile of knives made of ice on a table.

"Did you do that?" Fennel asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"The knives? Yeah, I've been practicing since I woke up," Elizabeth nodded.

Fennel yawned befoe looking at the knives further "Hey can I see the gem real quick."

"Okay," Elizabeth nodded, handing the gem over to Fennel before examining her knives.

Fennel held the gem up and examined it, it's once soft green glow was now a flicker, as the gem itself had taken on an almost black color. "You might want to get these in the sink." Fennel stated as she rotated the gem.

"Get what in the sink? The knives?"

"Yeah they're all about to melt." Fennel replied.

"Oh... Ice lasts awhile though, right?"

"Yeah, but they don't have magic to hold them together anymore and we gotta go appearently." Fennel explained.

"Oh..." Elizabeth frowned at her knives before carrying a few of them to sink, obviously unable to hold a bunch of them in her arms because, well, they're knives.

Fennel picked up the remaining knives and placed them in the sink before she looked at the gem before it let out one final flash as it dissapated into a small cloud of sparks."You didn't happen to get some kind of breakfast going did you?" Fennel asked as she looked at the and noticed that the buffet had been picked clean by the girl's sisters.

"I still have some muffins in the room, but I was just making knives."

"That'll do." Fennel replied as she headed back to her room, followed by Parfait who seemed to have walked in in the middle of their converstation.

“Who’s a good little kitty? You are! Yes, you are!” Tychen cuddled his new pet as he walked into the breakfast area, stopping when he noticed Fennel. “...Hey,” Tychen tried to look less soft, but came off more awkward, “What’s up with you all?”

"Oh you know, waking up late, magic knives and stuff." Fennel akwardly replied as she tried to sneak her way back to her room with Elizabeth following.

Meanwhile, Clara entered the area with Ernette, involved in a conversation with the Benefactorette, "... And that's how I want you to write whatever you see down. Don't tell anyone else how to read my shorthand, please."

”I got it!” Ernette nodded along, a notebook under her arm as she followed Clara, “I’m already so excited to be your assistant in archival!” She looked around for a moment, looking for interesting things to take note of when she saw Tychen and Socks and squealed, “Ohhhh my goodnessss! It’s so adorable!”

"What- Oh... That is really cute," Clara agreed, approaching Tychen as she stared at Socks, "Where did you get a kitten?"

“Oh, hey,” Tychen sat down with his kitten, stroking her head slowly, “I got Socks here last night. Your sister and I walked down there... well, she wheeled me down there after I pulled the truth about some wheelchairs out of her, but still, we went down there, and i fell in love with little Socks here on the spot!”

Ernette was furiously writing down a simplified version of Tychen’s story, doing it in Clara’s own complicated shorthand. "I'm guessing it was Harper," Clara guessed, considering Tychen had to 'pull the truth'.

“Yeah, how’d you know that? Don’t you got like, thirteen of you here alone, and then some more? Harper told me a bit last night.” Tychen explained.

"I don't think any of my sisters, but Harper, would lie about wheelchairs," Clara answered, petting the kitten with a finger.

“Huh. Alright then,” Tychen remarked, turning his attention to Socks again.

“Can.. can I pet her?” Ernette asked, holding a steady hand out. The pirate replied with a laugh and, “I don’t see why not.”

Slowly, Ernette moved her hand over the kitten’s head and body, unsure how to really pet the kitten.

"Kittens are small, just use a finger or two," Clara said, gently rubbing under Socks' chin with her index finger. The kitten let out a happy, "Mew!"

“Alright!” Ernette pulled back all but her pointer finger, stroking the kitten down the back. “It’s really fluffy...”

”No, her name’s Socks,” Tychen corrected.

”No I meant she’s.. Oooh!” Ernette smirked as she responded and laughed at a nonexistent joke.

"That's a cute name," Clara stated as she tried to pet one of the kitten's paws, only for it to move its paw away once touched. Whether it was ticklish or simply didn't like its paws being touched was indeterminable.

“It looks like she has little socks!” Ernette squealed quietly, petting near the base of Socks’ tail.

"You know, you're the last person I would have expected to get a kitten," Clara remarked, looking at Tychen.

“Bah, I was getting sentimental about me old pet, but Harper decided to suggest that I get a kitten. I didn’t think it was the best idea, but went along with it. Boy, was I wrong,” Tychen laughed, pulling Socks back from both, “Isn’t that right, Socks? Wasn’t I wrong about doubting you?”


Fennel eventually wandered back into room with her hair seeming particulaly messy as she tried to locate Elizabeth's muffins.

Parfait seemed to have forgotten where the bag of baked goods could be found.

"What're you guys looking for?" Elizabeth asked, walking past the two to the dresser.

"The muffins." Fennel asked.

"Oh, they're in here," Elizabeth giggled, opening the dresser up and presenting her selection of delectable muffins.

Fennel looked into the dresser only to have Parfait snatch the bag of baked foods from the drawer. The pokemon looked at the bag and tried to figure out how to open them.

"Hey!" Elizabeth whined, trying to get the muffins back, "Don't take the whole bag!"

Parfait let Elizabeth take the bag and waited to be given her muffins.

"Thank you," Elizabeth nodded, taking a single muffin out of the bag and handing it to the Sylveon, "Do you want this flavor too, Fennel?"

"Sure." Fennel replied as Parfait wrapped a feeler around the muffin and whined "VvvveeeeEEEEEeee!" Seeming to beg for more muffins.

"Okay, just one more," Elizabeth told as she handed a muffin to Fennel before holding another out to Parfait.

“Thanks.” Fennel responded before the two canines bit into thier muffins.

Elizabeth sealed the bag up before pulling out the 'muffin-flavored muffins' bag, taking one of the muffins out, resealing the bag, and chowing down as she pulled a larger, empty bag out from under the bed with her foot.

“So what’s it like having a maid?” Fennel joked between bite of her muffin.

"Really comfy," Elizabeth answered with a giggle.

“On second thought I might not bother wearing something like this again.” Fennel said as she held up the outfit she wore the night before.

"We can get one that covers more," Elizabeth suggested as she started placing her bags of muffins into the larger bag.

“Yeah I’m down for that.” Fennel replied as she grabbed her bags and headed towards the bus with Parfait and Elizabeth in tow.

The gang was stuffed into the bus once more, though the seating arrangements had changed slightly as Clara sat with Ernette, and Harper sat with Tychen.

“I’ve already gotten so much written down!” Ernette exclaimed quietly, pulling out her notebook from her bag and showing Clara the pages of shorthand.

"Wow, what have you written so much about?" Clara asked, glancing up from the notebook.

”Simple interactions, and a profile on Tychen,” Ernette explained, “It’s all so intricate though, but I don’t know much about Tychen, so it’s hard to write much about him other than ‘he tried to kill fennel’ and ‘he has a kitten named socks’. Do you have any suggestions?”

"Well, you should include how lonely he feels, and how him wanting to have actual relationships with others is something that's forced him to try and change as a person... That and a little coercion," Clara shrugged, "You're following the format I use for profiles, right?"

“Of course! It’s right here!” Ernette handed Clara her notebook, pointing to a page.

"Good girl," Clara nodded, reaching in her pocket and turning a dial on and off on a remote she had inside.

Ernette squirmed for a moment, huffing with a smile on her face, “Thabk you, Clara! I’ll add your suggestion immediately!” She waited for Clara to hand her back her notebook, ready to get back to the task she was assigned to.

After another moment of looking the notebook over, Clara handed it back to her enthusiastic secretary. And take the notebook Ernette enthusiastically did, taking her pencil and wrote quickly a few sentences, before s thought came to mind, “Hey, Clara... do you know what position Harper’s is in accordance to when they were born to your dad? Was it before you? Or after?”

"Well, I'm twelve and Harper is fourteen, but..." Clara lowered her voice, "I wasn't... 'Born to my dad'."

“...What do you mean?” Ernette cocked her head in curiosity.

"I'm... Adopted. I'm not biologically related to my sisters. Please don't tell anyone though, it's a secret."

“...Are you sure you’re not related?” Ernette replied with a bit of concern, something obviously on her mind about the subject.

"Yes, Wolfe saved me from my original family a few years ago. Why do you ask?"

“Well... your DNA says otherwise,” Ernette mumbled, a bit ashamed she even brought up the subject.

Clara was silent for a moment. "... What do you mean my DNA says otherwise?" She asked, her dull eyes looking very not-dull as her eyebrows lightly furrowed.

“Last night, I was curious, so, I cross-referenced Zoey, Ruby, and Your DNA, and.. they all share similar codings and other features typical of biological siblings with one another,” Ernette shrunk back at the end of her explanation.

"But.. But that doesn't make any sense... Are you sure? Are you sure we're actually related?" Clara asked with discernible distress in her voice.

“I.. I checked it and scanned the entire genome of each of you thirteen more times and... all of them confirmed your shared biological heritage,” Ernette responded, “Are you... Are you okay, Clara?” The fact that the Benefactor could see plainly that Clara was distressed informed her that this was a serious topic. Oh no, how did you mess up now? Now, Clara’s going to burst into tears, and it’s your fault, you idiot. You should have just kept your mouth shut.

"That's.. That's not right- That- That doesn't make sense," Clara sputtered, "I.. I was adopted by Wolfe. He found me. I.. It's not- I... I..." True to Ernette's fear, Clara began to cry, though her whimpers were forcibly quieted as she shuddered where she sat. It just didn't make sense. How could her DNA show any biological relation to her sisters? She was raised by a family outside of the Hold before being found and taken in by Wolfe.

“I.. please don’t cry..” Ernette tried to co