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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

Post by ToadRopes on Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:46 pm

(Continued from Dimensional Clash IX on the Sporum)

By Jawlord and Erops

Street Corner realitivly near the Library

A very dejected looking clown has been abandoned, the past few days had been draining on the hero, signs that his hair was plummeting ever so slightly, and that he had bristles of the beginning of a purple beard sprouting from his angular chin.

He paused pacing tapping his chin with his left hand before tapping the meter, like one tap a watermelon, listening to the clanking sounds.

He took a deep breath, folding his hands and closing his eyes, before commencing beating the everlasting daylighting out of the machine, first talking and doing it with Gertie, wrestling the pole with his hands, before taking a grenade and ducktaping it on , before pulling the pin.

A muffled boom was heard as being in the parking fixture, which slid into the far side of the building, slapstick strolled over, before he frowned, his lips appearing to the bottom of his face in annoyance.

The machine was bent and twisted yes, but it was refused to open.

Slapstick paused, internally screaming in rage before going to shrug and walk away.

This was not the case as he said, and leaps onto the machine, clawing, gnawing and beating at it.


The Inkling and Chara stopped and saw Slapstick wrestling with a parking meter. They glanced at each other, then stared at slapstick.

Slapstick's eyes made contact with the two individuals, before swiftly averting them as if that would somehow ally suspicions, as he stopped what he was doing.

He was up and whistled a little , a crooked nervous note fluttering out of his mouth .

"Well you see the thing here is ..." slapstick began , raising a hand up pointer finger out, while theother rested on his hip before booking it, with all the grace of a drunk gibbion.

"Should we follow him?" Chara asked.

The Inkling shook her head.

"Yeah ... you're probably right. We need to get to the library."

The parking meter was a good sign. The Inkling girl and Chara traversed the streets before coming to a public library. "I still can not believe you were able to get that over us," Chara remarked.

The Inkling shrugged. Somehow the cab driver got it. Thank goodness for map apps.

When they reached the library, they walked up to the librarian. Chara reeled backa little bit, so the Inkling did the talking.

Or, well ...


She held the paper and pointed at one of the copy machines.

"Ten cents to the copier," she said.

"How many do we need?" Chara asked the Inkling.

She shrugged.

The Inkling has been tapped to the copy machine and tapped it a couple times. It sputtered. Great. Even in this age of advanced technology, copy machines STILL had these kinds of issues.

"What's wrong with it?" Chara asked.

The Inkling pointed at the screen. "PAPER JAM," it read.

Chara groaned. "There's another machine across the library past those bookshelves," Chara said. "Let's use that instead."

The Inkling nodded. She and Chara started to walk past those bookshelves.

Chara stopped. "Did you hear that?" they asked.

The Inkling girl shrugged. She did not.

Suddenly, a horrifying screech came from the ceiling of the library. A purple blur streaked towards the children's section. The children screamed and ran away; one of them started to cry loudly. The Inkling whipped out her E-Liter and aimed at the flying purple menace; as it paused, she got a good look at what. It was a bulbous, crude humanoid [url = https://www.khwiki.com/Gargoyle ] creature [/ url] with purple wings and ragged sleeves, and its spindly talons were a dull yellow.

The Inkling made it clear that she was going to change that. She took careful aim with her sniper, keeping the monster in her crosshairs. The monster screeched again, and dove towards the crying child as the Inkling fired. A stream of ink dripping in a straight line across the carpet, narrowly missing the monster as it dove out of the way. The Inkling ran out into the main hall again, this time from behind. She fired another quick burst from the E-liter; upon contact with the ink, the thing turned around; on his chest a black heart with a red outline, crossed out with X.

The Inkling glared at the screaming kids, then pointed with her head out the door, telling them to get out while they still could. The kids started to wail and move to the exit. The Inkling facepalmed as the monster turned back and screeched at the kids once more. More of the kids started to burst into tears.

Near the bookshelf where the youngster with blue eyes, stared out, and then gave a wink.

"HEY!" Slapstick yelled standing on top of one of the bookshelves looking down at the monster.

Slapstick jeered before pulling out a large book and opening it up, "Its the most annoying sound ever!" He yelled before leaping, and in mid-air, tunking his legs in the book they are restoring on the pages of the book, and letting go, smashing into the creature, with the spine of the book and his full weight right on his head.

The monster screeched and smashed through the window, Slapstick following it, then rolled onto the pavement. The Inkling pulled out splat dualies and dove out of the window as well, before laying the pain (t) upon the creature. Her highlighter-yellow ink colored the monster quickly and covered its eyes in squid goo, causing it to slow down. The Inkling then charged forward and body-checked the monster, before jumping up and kicking it in the jaw.

The monster, reeling from two instances of head trauma in quick succession, is now disoriented. It was attempted to lunge at slapstick, but landed comically on the pavement, for it was blinded by squid ink.

"Stay ....." Slapstick said, "Gertie weilding and pointing at the temporarily downed creature," Be a good .... dragon ". he added.

The monster screeched and scrabbled across the pavement, charging straight for slapstick, but meandering in it's course.

Slapstick, "slapstick, noting that he was silent in the proximity of the wall, braced himself and when he was at a loss.

"No, no after you". The toon said the monster streaked towards the wall of the building. [b] SMASH! [/ b] the monster backed up, dazed. However, when the monster got up, cracks began to break out of the point of impact, exhibiting structural insecurity. The Inkling's eyes shot open. There were people in there! CHARA what's quiet in there! If the wall caved, people could get injured.

The Inkling girl shouted to slapstick, then pointed at the monster, before diving back through the window she came through.

"... WHAT DO YOU MEAN" WOOMY ?! "Slapstick yelled before noting the cracks in the wall," Whoops .... meant to crack 'em up but not like this ... "Slapstick took out Gertie and smashed the monster's footsteps The creature screeched, then turned around, trying to screech at slapstick.

"My what big eyes you have ..." Slapstick quipped, backing up.

[b] [i] "BRAAAAAAAAAWK !!!!" [/ i] the monster screamed, spreading its wings and flying at slapstick, grabbing it by the hair with its good foot. It then swooped upward.

"Look Ma !, I'm flying!" Quasimoto's anti-animation gun, and aiming it at the creature's chest.

The monster screeched one last time, before starting to dissolve; the inkling's ink were already irritating it, but the anti-animation gun the heartless to dissolve into darkness.

This, of course, left slapstick in mid-air.

[i] think, think, think ....! "Slapstick braced himself, before posing in the ever reliable superhero landing TM, pose.

Unfortunatly for slapstick as he landed his bracing arm snapped off, his legs shattered like fine china, littering around him in sharp shards, his gritted teeth showing how he'd felt about it.

Reassembling himself like a broken jigsaw puzzle Slapstick grabbed his broken off right and left.

But it was clear that there were some problems with the wall started to crumble.

Slapstick, spat on both of his gloves, rubbed them togather and clamped himself over the wall, supporting it if only barely.

6 "Hey anyone who wants to join the 6 feet under club I suggest checking out, now!" He yelled wheezing as his face grew bright red.

The Inkling, having helped herd the kids. parents, and elderly old ladies out of the library, what now searching for Chara.

It's a whimsical ditty drifting out of Slapstick's pants pockets.

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWhtPByViJU [/ youtube]

Slapstick's left shaking leg snaked into his pants and pulled out of his cellphone, holding it up to the side of his head he smac k edit agaist himself, picking it up the call.

"Steve's bad puns and tons of fun emporium, Steven speaking." He trilled into the phone.

There's nothing too happy "Terrasa !, hows it been .... well I just got it sort of renaissance fair. .... no, this is not a joke, no, I have not whacked my melon on something hard! ".

As slapstick attempted to explain to his girlfriend why he was doing what, a small figure walked towards him, tilting her purple head in a curiosity at the toon.

Cupop had had a rough few weeks, stealing sugar from stores, and hiding from carnivorous cookie beings, she'd somehow wound up here.

She stared at slapstick, gave a slow blink and licked one of the lolly-pops she's covered with sticky salvia.

"Uh ..... Ter .... I think I'm gonna go, there's a .... thing?" Slapstick squinted at the candy coated pokemon.

Before she slaps her face, she slaps her face and slaps her face.

Tears welled up in Slapstick's eyes, before he screamed "YEEEEEOOOOOWCH!", And dropped his phone, which shattered instantly.

Cracks ran up the side of the wall holding hands clenched in restrained fury .

The Inkling ran out of the building with Chara in tow, then stared at the wreckage. Several people were dialing 9-1-1, and there were police, fire engine, and ambulance sirens wailing from down the road.

"Woomy?" the Inkling said to Chara, patting them down.

"I ... I'm okay ... that was close," Chara mumbled.

Seeing that they were clear Slapstick gave Cupop a smug grin before sticking out his tounge in mockery, before letting go and beginning to step forward.

, He is resting on his head in his hand, his elbow resting on the ground, as the candied creature gave animalistic grunts that sounded suspiciously like laughter., Before aiming one of her lollipop's at Slapstick's purple hair plumps hiping to repeat previous actions.

The Inkling turned to slapstick, then motioned for Chara to help dig the clownish hero out of the rubble. The kid and the squid pulled rocks off of Slapstick's legs; then, the Inkling grabbed Slapstick's arms and yanked back, trying to pull him out of the rubble.

"Thanks kid, and uh ...." Slapstick said the tentacles on the Iinkling's head, "Squa-kid", Slapstick dusted, leaning to the side and hitting the side of his head with one hand, causing a bit of rubble to fall out of the other side of his head.

Slapstick airquoted with "I want to spill before they start his hands.

"Slapstick, like the comedy" The toon said introducing himself.

"I am Chara," Chara said, cautiously clinging to the Inkling.

"Woomy!" the Inkling exclaimed.

The sirens grew louder.

Slapstick started to take a step, he said "Hey kid, where's your folks, I noticed a distinct lack of responsible adults for you when the purple people eater what here?"

"My ... Oh," Chara mumbled. "I do not ... really have a family ... I ran away and I was taken by the king of monsters ... but then I was taken from [i] his [/ i] family as well, and now ... Now I'm not sure where my friends are, or [i] who [my friends are for that matter. " Chara looked up wearily. "So ... why did you decide to help protect all those people?"

"I'm sure you're expecting some well thought out words of inspiration, full of patriotism and quotations ..... they needed help, so I helped them, I'm not the best clown in town, heck you saw me steal a parking meter, but on my best days ... The clown sighed, sitting down on the pavement.

"Lost your friends and family?"

Slapstick took a deep breath, "I really should not take this, I'm not gonna let any kid, or two deal with all this m the farthest away from 'responsible', I suppose I can help you ... that is if you want me to? "

"... what do you have to gain from that?"

I just inadvertantly ended the first stable relationship. I've been in years, and I've seen that's easier than me. "

Slapstick paused.

"Was not reassuring at all what?"

"I do not know," Chara replied. "We just had to pull you out of a pile of concrete and you're not dead."

"I mean, not on the outside anyways". Slapstick asserted.

Cupop strode towards Slapstick to try to rip out more of his hair, the toon in a hurry up and planted it on the pokesweet's snout, causing it to stop in its tracks before pushing against the pinwheeling force in annoyance.

Oh, by the way, do you have any way to make a bunch of copies of these? " Chara asked, holding up the poster the Inkling had made of Lilina.

Slapstick glanced at the wreckage, then back at the poster.

"Give me a few seconds", The toon took the poster and dove into the wreckage, a few seconds later he came back with a handful of copies.

"Would not ya know it, wreckage fixed the paper jam in the thing!" The toon stated.

"That's... Wow, thanks... for sticking your neck out for someone like me," Chara said, taking the stack of papers.

"Pretty good at sticking around , it is the second part of my name". Slapstick jested.

"So where do we go?" Chara asked.

"I don't know,most of what I've seen is pretty bad, I'd guess we'd keep moving.

Slapstick walked over to a parked car, "Don't worry, I've got a key.." Slapstick produce what appeared to be a simple door key, without pausing he smashed the passenger window and crawled it, after a few seconds of fiddling the controls of the vehicle turned on and Slapstick opened the back side door of the car.


The Inkling and Chara decided not to question why Slapstick had decided to add breaking and entering to their list of collective crimes for the greater good, and got into the vehicle.

As Slapstick drove away, his shattered phone sparked, and audio came out, "Steve? STEVE?"

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Zandoo and H


"... And so what is twelve divided by three?" Sveena asked Neb. After having been bestowed the knowledge of mathematics by the powers that be, the Enclavian thought it was important for her little daemonette to learn division as well.

Slowly, Neb thought about it, counting twelve out upon her fingers several times, before gasping and answering, "Four! It's four, right?"

"That's right!" Sveena exclaimed with pride. A small can of tuna appeared before Neb as a reward. Tuna was, after all, the tastiest thing Sveena knew of.

Neb held the can in her hands, observing every angle of it, confused. "What is this?" the daemonette asked, still overlooking the can, "Tu-na?"

"Mhm!" Sveena nodded, kneeling down, "It's really tasty- Not the.. The outside part though. You have to grab that little... Thingy on the top and pull it open," Sveena pointed to the top of the can with a fuzzy finger.

After another look-over, Neb set the can down, held it firm to the ground, and wrapped a finger into the tab on the can's top, yanking with all her efforts until a light pop reverberated from the can, as did the smell of tuna. "That smells weird!" Neb noted with a wave of her hand, "What is Tuna?"

"It's..... Food!" Sveena answered with a smile.

"What kind of food?" Neb cocked her head to the side, examining the contents of the can with slight confusion as to how something so weird-looking could be considered tasty.

Sveena's smile gave way to a look of confusion as she tried to think of what Neb meant. She was silent for a moment. "... I.. What do you mean?" She asked. Sveena only knew of one kind of food: Food.

"There's fruit, there's meat, there's veggietables," Neb listed out the three she knew, "And... then some more."

"Oh... Um... I'm not sure," Sveena scratched her head, "I just know that.. Tuna comes from these and it tastes really good."

From seemingly nowhere (though the far-off cackle of Tzeentch noted otherwise), a small encyclopedia appeared before Sveena, seemingly entirely about fish. A single page had been bookmarked, with the word "TUNA" written in bold on the bookmark.

"Oooh!" Sveena looked the book over for a moment before noticing the book mark. She let out a gasp before flinging the encyclopedia open with excitement. "I don't know where this came from, but I think we're about to find out what tuna is!"

The two pages that displayed themselves to Sveena showed a large fish, with a caption underneath it indicating that it was a kind of Tuna. All around were pictures of the fish in its natural habitat as well as caught in fishing nets and the like.

Sveena's smile slowly shrank as she looked at the different pictures. "Wait a second..." She murmured, slowly putting the pieces together, ".. Wait.. Tuna..." She slowly looked at the contents of the can then slowly back at the book. "Tuna.. Tu.." She let out a horrified gasp as she realized just what tuna was. In fact, the realization was so terrifying that she let out a shriek.


"TUNA IS FISH!" Sveena cried out, "PEOPLE KILL FISH AND... EAT THEM!?"

"WHAT?" Neb gasped, a look of shock on her face as startled as her parent.

Sveena frantically snatched the can of tuna and tossed it into the air. In a flash of green light, the can transformed into a live tuna that then flopped onto the ground and continue to flop in a desperate search for water, which it soon found as a chunk of the ground beneath it was removed and filled with water. Sveena, however, fared far worse than the fish as she began hyperventilating. How many cans of tuna did she eat back in the Commonwealth?! How many fishes had to die!?

“Mommy? Mommy?!” Neb, scared for her mother, stood up and moved to try and help the Enclavian, shaking her shoulder in an effort for her to stop breathing so fast, unaware of how hyperventilating works.

After a few moments of shaking, Sveena's rapid breaths slowed slightly as shuddered and ensnared Neb in a pitiful hug as she began to bawl her eyes out. Sveena felt horrible. She had eaten a living creature, thoroughly enjoyed the taste of it. Just the concept of killing something and then eating it was horrific to her.... And it was her favorite food too.

"Are you okay, Mommy?" Neb asked from her place, nuzzling tightly against Sveena, still scared.

"I-I-I a-ate fff.. Fishes!" Sveena sobbed, "Th-They make tuna f-from.. A fish! They kill it a-and turn it into food!"

"Oh..." Neb gasped softly, trying to comfort her mother as much as she could.

"And I almost fed it to you! I.. I.. Wait.." Sveena slowly calmed down, blinking away tears as she let go of Neb and looked over to the tuna swimming in circles in the small water hole Sveena had made. The gears in her head were turning as hard as they could. "...Wait.....But... I didn't... Kill a fish... When I made that tuna...." While Sveena still felt pretty bad about having eaten tuna in the past, she felt a little silly about getting so upset over it now, especially since no fish were harmed in the making of her can of tuna.

"Oh," Neb realized this too, but continued to think, "Then how did you make it?"

"I just... Made it," Sveena tried to explain, "Because I'm a god, I can... Make stuff." Not even Sveena was really sure how it worked, she just knew that she could do it.

"Oh." Neb noted, taking Sveena's answer as enough for her, "So, may I try some of your tuna, and not fish tuna?"

"Oh, yeah!" Sveena smiled as she wiped her tears from her face before two cans of tuna poofed before them. The Enclavian eagerly ripped open her own can and scooped a little bit of the fish-meat out with a finger before sticking it in her mouth, letting out a delighted moan at the taste.

Neb opened her can, and hesitantly took a small chunk of the squishy fish into her hand, before slowly puting it into her mouth, cringing at the texture for a short moment, but quickly finding it to taste rather nice. She let out a calm moan, intent on imitating her mother. "That's really good!"

"Mhm!" Sveena nodded with a mouth full of tuna.

Off in the distance, a golden light fluttered, prancing seemingly back and forth in the Warp's void, as if it was looking for something or someone within it.

Tzeentch, a bored look on his equivalent of a face, appeared next to the two, looking up at the light and sighing. "[color:5e96=A6E5E3]Yep. He's at it again." he commented with a taste of annoyance.

"Huh?" Sveena huh'd, her mouth still full of delicious tuna as she looked up at Tzeentch, then followed his eyes to the golden light.

"[color:5e96=A6E5E3]You see that little thing up there? That's a part of the God-D*ck of Mankind himself, the Anaethema," The God of Change continued, "[color:5e96=A6E5E3]Big E's up to something."

".... Huh?"

"[color:5e96=A6E5E3]Y'know," Tzeentch turned to look at Sveena, "[color:5e96=A6E5E3]The Anaethema. The guy who's entire existence is an affront to Chaos and seeks to destroy it? I think I told you about him once."

Sveena gulped her tuna down and looked at Tzeentch for a moment, then back at the golden light. "Why does he want to destroy chaos?" She asked.

"[color:5e96=A6E5E3]Because we gods love our schemes that benefit only ourselves, as well as the Warp's tendancy to let loose hordes of daemons on will, mutate those within its vicinity, and destroy entire planets if given enough time."

"Hmph. Well that's all changing," Sveena harrumphed.

"[color:5e96=A6E5E3]You think he knows that? His son killed him around ten thousand years ago, and his psyche's been shattered ever since. He's nigh omnipotent, but his smarts are strung across the warp and reality further than concievably possible." Tzeentch explained.

"Hm... Well then I'm gonna find his smarts and help him!" Sveena proclaimed.

The God of Change looked at the Enclavian for a moment, before letting out a long wheeze that broke into a great cackle. "[color:5e96=A6E5E3]Good luck with that!" Tzeentch said in an excessively sarcastic tone, "[color:5e96=A6E5E3]Him taking help from a Chaos God is as plausible as his followers not calling him a god!"

".... I'm gonna say hello!" Sveena exclaimed, turning to Neb, "I'll be back later! I love you!"

"Bye!" Neb waved back to her mother, as Tzeentch simply sat in place, "[color:5e96=A6E5E3]I'll bet ten bucks she'll be disappointed." before vanishing into thin air.

In a flash of green light, Sveena teleported closer to the light of gold. "Hello! My name's Sveena!" She happily introduced herself.

The orb of golden light said nothing in return, hovering for a moment, before darting off towards a far off shift in the color of the Warp itself, straying from the usual magentas and purples into a more golden color.

"Wait! Come back! I just wanna talk,! I'm not gonna hurt you!" Sveena cried out, repeatedly teleporting after the orb.

Eventually, in her many teleports, she would find herself standing next to a massive figure, ornate gold plating covering his body, from a massive eagle rising past his head, to the very tips of his massive boots. She could watch as the orb she had followed was absorbed by the man, who shined radiantly in every way. From the silky look of his long brown hair, to the chiseled, serious face that looked down upon the Enclavian as he turned to face her, one could tell that he was no ordinary man at all.

Of course, she had no time to respect whoever this individual may be, for she was too busy gasping in horror. "Oh my gosh! Did you just.. Eat him!?" She cried out, believing the orb of light she had chased down was the 'Anaethema' in his entirety, and that he had just been consumed by whoever this very shiny man was.

The hardness of the man's face softened for a moment, as he let out the slightest of chuckles at the Enclavian's dismay. "You understand not, warp god," he spoke in a calm manner, "I merely became one step closer to being the man that I once was before your kind's filth tainted half of my sons, my devoted Primarchs, and left me to die."

Sveena blinked, unsure of what this man had said exactly. "... So... You... Didn't eat the Ana.. Anthema.. Anaethema?"

"Anathema," the baroque man grunted, "A name created by your kind to brand me with. I am the Anaethema, cowering warp god, as was the piece of myself that just returned to me."

"Oh! Was that one of your smarts?" Sveena asked, oblivious as ever.

An angered look crossed the Emperor's face as he pulled out a massive sword, its blade caught in an eternal fire. "I grow impatient with your foolery, beast! Did the Changer of Ways send you just to taunt me? Or have you come by your own, misguided thought?"

Sveena reeled back a little at the sight of the sword before explaining herself, "I just wanted to help you find your smarts. Tzeentch said that your smarts are all over the Warp."

"So he did send you here for his own amusement and, in some way, his sinister plots!" the massive man stated, poking his sword slightly towards her, "I need no help from squirming daemons!"

"Oh, I'm not a daemon," Sveena smiled, "I'm a human!"

The Emperor glanced at the half-cat Enclavian, dressed in Necron-themed garb and living within the Warp, and gave a hearty chuckle, slowly sheathing his weapon. "That is a good joke, warp spawn," he sighed, "But in all reality, what sort of mutant or neverborn are you?"

Sveena blinked, confused for a moment as to how what she said was a joke. "I.. I don't get how that was a joke.. I'm a human," She insisted.

"Sure, and I'm an Ork!" the man grunted in response.

"You are?" Sveena squinted her eyes, trying to spot any orky details.

"No!" he sighed, grasping his forehead in annoyance, before replying, "I am the Emperor of Mankind. I know when I see a human, whether it be a mutant or not. And you... if you ever were a human, you are far detached from being so now."

"Oh... So I was a human... Then what am I now?" Sveena asked.

"A vile warp god, of course!" the Emperor stated with a seriously annoyed tone.

"Oh... But.. If I can't be a god and a human at the same time... How are you a human?"

"I am the pinnacle of Humanity's potential, not a god," the Emperor explained, "I will not let myself fall in the same categories as the Blood God or the Plaguefather in their disgusting ways."

"Oh... I better tell Tzeentch that when I see him again. He said that you're a god," Sveena noted.

"Tzeentch is a liar at heart. He lied to my son, and nearly crossed his warring daemon hordes to Terra itself because of the consequences of his lies. I don't like talking to him much, but if you must, take every word he says with a grain of salt."

"Why do I need salt?" Sveena blinked.

"It's a mere phrase," the Emperor explained, beginning to see the shortcomings of Sveena's intelligence, "It means to not simply listen to one's words and believe them for fact."

"Oh, okay," Sveena nodded before quickly realizing with a short gasp she had not introduced herself to the Emperor, only one of his smarts, "Oh! My name's Sveena, by the way!" As usual, she neglected to list off her title as the other gods would.

"Hmm," the Emperor nodded, as another orb of light flew into him, his radiance shining slightly brighter. "So, what have Tzeentch and the other Gods told you of me, Sveena?"

"Ummm... They haven't actually talked about you before. I just found out about you when I saw one of your smarts and then Tzeentch told me you wanna destroy chaos and that your son killed you and then your smarts got all over the Warp."

The Emperor nodded slowly, "Yes, Chaos is a terrible force of nature, and Yes, I seek to remove it from existence so that it may not continue to subsist upon the weak and the innocent. But my son, my most trusted Horus, 'killing' me is a slight stretch. I did not die, but came close to so."

"Why did he try to kill you?" Sveena asked with genuine concern.

"The Gods of Chaos had inflicted his mind, corrupted him into believing that my destruction and that merely letting the galaxy burn were righteous choices. He was the leader of my armies as I worked upon my projects alone, so he gained the allegience of half of his brothers, generals of my armies, quite easily. The resulting war split my sons, killed many of them, and left me upon a throne to rot for ten thousand years."

"Oh my gosh," Sveena gasped, "That's awful!"

"It was. To watch my sons, my people, and my Imperium, crumble and fight itself on every basis, to see Horus strike down my son Sanguinius..." the Emperor quieted, seemingly losing his train of thought as he thought back to the Heresy so long ago.

"I'm... Really sorry that happened..." Sveena briefly thought of her own children turning on her, she could only imagine the heartbreak the Emperor must have endured, "... I do want to help you... Not just get your smarts back, but... Maybe we can get Horus to... Not want to kill you anymore."

"No... he is long gone..." The Emperor sighed, "As I came to find him strike down Sanguinius, we fought, and as he struck a mortal blow to me, I used a great amount of my energy to remove him from the Materium, the Imaterium, and beyond, to end his insurrection and the monster he had become. It was my rage that brought this, but even looking back, seeing him remorselessly strike down his own brother... I hold no qualms with myself."

There were a few tears in Sveena's eyes as she moved towardfs the Emperor as to hug him.

The Anathema quickly held his sword at arms length towards the Enclavian. "I do not ask for your sympathy for ancient history, Sveena, warp god."

Sveena jumped back a little, holding her hands close to herself in surprise before slowly relaxing. "I'm.. Sorry, I.. Thought a hug.. Would feel good," She whimpered.

"Not from your kind, it would not," the Emperor growled, "If you had listened, you would have known that whatever the cold grip of the Gods wraps around, it corrupts and leads to slaughter. The Warp's predators never change, from the time of Horus to now, they never will."

"That's... Not true," Sveena stated, her previous frightened posture fading away as she looked up at the Emperor, "The Warp can change, and it is changing."

"It may shift for a moment, but the flow of the Empyrean always returns to its natural course, given time," The Emperor retorted, "When I ruled over Mankind, I starved the gods of their power through my demands of removing religion from the eyes of man, and yet, they grow fatter with influence by the day."

"I don't.. Know what that means... But what I do know is the Warp made peace with the Champions, and there's no more war with anyone now outside the Warp. We even had a meeting where all the gods came together and we talked about what would help all the people in the Warp! We built a road that goes all over the Warp!" She exclaimed.

"What I mean is," the Emperor explained, "That no matter how much you attempt to change it, how powerful your actions, in time, the warp will revert back into its horrid, predatory ways."

"That's what everyone says, but with different words. But everyone also said a lot of things couldn't be done, and they were done," Sveena insisted, "I know how bad the Warp can be, I've seen it. Cego.. Ceroach.. Roach showed me how bad it can be. I walked across the entire Warp before I became a god, and there was a lot of bad... But there was good too, and I saw that it could be better. The Warp can be a better place for everyone."

"You see good where there is none, Sveena. The Warp is corrupt and rotten to its core. My past alone can attest to this. Even now, I gather my fractured mind, readying to reignite my grand Imperium and lead mankind into a noble future, a future free of the taint of Chaos and the Warp."

"Please, let me... Show you that things have changed, that the Warp can be good," Sveena pleaded.

"Why would I let myself be sent astray by a Warp God, furthering my abscence at the mantle of Humanity at the sinister plots of the gods?" the Emperor demanded, his blade unwaivering towards the Enclavian.

"I don't want another war," Sveena declared.

"By its very nature, the Warp needs War to thrive," the Emperor stated firmly, "For Slaanesh, pain. For Khorne, the bloodshed. For Tzeentch, the mutation and magics. And for Nurgle, the sickening plagues passed through it."

"No. It doesn't. Nurgle needs stagnation. War means people need to do things and they can't be with their families. But war also means people are doing the same thing over and over and over, killing each other. Tzeentch would be better off if there was peace. If there's no war, then people get to do sex a lot more, which is better for Slaanesh than people getting hurt. Khorne.... He's still dead and I'm going to take care of him later when he comes back. The Warp isn't at war with the Champions anymore, or anyone else, and it is going to stay that way forever. I will do whatever it takes to keep the Warp out of another war because I am the god of peace and hope," Sveena proclaimed, standing tall (Or as tall as she could) and confident before the Emperor.

The Emperor glared at Sveena for a moment, before turning away. "The gods benefit, whether there is war or not. War is merely their greatest instrument of founding it. Your incompetance to the world at large keeps you from seeing the bigger picture, parasite of emotions. My patience with you wears inexorably thin, so I demand you leave, or else you will understand why the Warp Gods fear the power of Man."

Sveena would have pressed further, but even she could parse the Emperor's threat, and she would rather avoid a fight with someone she was trying to convince that the Warp could be good. She let out a sigh and turned away from the man. "I'm still going to help you," She stated.

"You are NOT." The Emperor turned, a scowl on his face, "I will not take the help of foul warp monsters, be them self-proclaimed gods of 'peace' or not."

"But... Why?" Sveena looked back at the Emperor, a mixture of confusion and concern on her face.

"..." The Emperor let out a groan, "I told you of the many crimes against me and my Imperium they have committed. Why would I ever trust a terrilble, stinking, warp filth with assisting me, only to end with it stabbing me in the back?"

"Because trust is how you make friends. You could have stabbed me in the back when I turned around, but you didn't," Sveena answered. She knew how much he seemed to loathe the gods of the Warp, yet she had turned her back towards him anyway.

"Because you have not threatened me yet," The Emperor stated, "But that does not mean I will allow you to help."

Sveena's eyes were downcast with a sad look on her face. "... I just want people to get along... I don't want anymore war.. It ruins everything.. For everyone," She lamented, shoulders slumped.

The look upon the Emperor's face hardened. "You wish to live in a fairy tale, and impossibility. Differences will always arise, people will always find conflict, and the existence of the Ruinous Powers does not bring any assistance to it. You and your kind are an obstacle to the very thing you seek. The sooner you realize such, and find something more meaningful to do, the contempt I shall have for you is unending."

It took Sveena moment, but she remembered what 'contempt' meant from her time reading the dictionary. "... Why do you hate me?" She asked, "Like... I know you don't like the other gods because of what they did to you, but why me?"

"Your very existence is an opposition to my plans," he stated clearly.


"Mankind has been, and always will be, plagued by the predatory nature of the Warp. If Humanity is to endure and thrive, then it must remove that which ails it with daemonic hordes and corruption."

"But... I stopped Nurgle from killing a lot of people, humans. How am I hurting humans?" Sveena asked.

"Oh, you halted him? My corporeal body walks again, and I can assure you, his beasts still march upon the world." An image of the legions of Nurgle, the ones lead by Thrax, causing devastation in the Middle East hovered behind the Emperor for a moment, before fading.

There was an initial gasp of shock at what Sveena saw before she clenched her now-shaking fists. She turned away and screamed furiously, [color:5e96=50C878]"NUUUUURGAAAAAAAAAL!"

The Emperor let out a sharp chuckle, "Ah, yet again, the gods snap at one another. The Great Game is eternal, it seems."

Sveena snapped her head towards the Emperor and shouted, [color:5e96=50C878]"I AM GOING TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR SMARTS WHEN I AM DONE WITH NURGLE!" With that, she vanished in a violent flash of green light.


Nurgle, the god of pestilence and stagnation, let out a long sigh of relief as he laid in his murky swamp, dozing off to sleep without a care in the world. Having told Thrax to return, and settling his issues with the God of Peace, he had not a problem to worry abou-


Swamp sludge sprayed in all directions and soon rained from the sky, jutting away from an explosion of furious green with Sveena at its epicenter. [color:5e96=50C878]"NURGLE!"

[color:5e96=2E492E]"Huh?" Nurgle lazily opened his eyes, letting out a yawn, [color:5e96=2E492E]"What?"


[color:5e96=2E492E]"What? I'm not!" Nurgle stated with a plegmy cough, [color:5e96=2E492E]"I ordered them to retreat after you first yelled!

[color:5e96=50C878]"Then let's see where they are," Sveena hissed, teleporting both herself and Nurgle to the location revealed to her by the Emperor of Mankind. They would appear close to Dr. Thrax, who was enjoying a cocktail of various alcohols while watching a few television screens uplinked to drones. He had been ordering his petulent forces through radio while watching them on the screens, as if this was all some sort of strategy game in real time or something.

"Oh, oh! And tell them 'doctor's orders'! Bahahaha!" Thrax laughed into a radio, unaware of the two gods behind him.

[color:5e96=2E492E]"Ahem." the god of plagues cleared his throat loudly.

"Eh? Hold on guys there's some a**hole behind m-" Thrax stopped talking upon turning around and seeing just who the 'a**hole' was, "... Heeey! Noogie! What ah.. What brings you here to my humble encampment?"

[color:5e96=2E492E]"I see you're still continuing the incursion... against my will." Nugle crossed his chubby arms as he gave a fat scowl to Thrax.

"Wh- Well- I, uh- Listen... Twizzler made me do it," Thrax declared, "Eh.. Blue guy. He threatened me... He.. Threatened my men- Well, I don't know.. If they are men- But he threatened them. But he only threatened me directly, so I... Had to.. Lie to everyone, tell them that you actually wanted us to ah.. Continue. Otherwise, he would kill us all!"

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"That's only partially not true!" Tzeentch appeared to the side of Thrax, [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"I mostly threatened him by dumping bleach on him and all of his sickoes if they didn't keep doing what they were doing. And Thrax here looooved the idea of keeping his work going, didn't ya, buddy?"

"Wha- No, that is ridiculou- Noogie, are you going to trust a man that is blue?" Thrax asked.

[color:5e96=2E492E]"Why should I trust the man who worked for the blue guy?"

[color:5e96=50C878]"ALL OF YOU- Except you Nurgle, you've been doing good, I'm really proud of you- [color:5e96=50C878]YOU TWO THOUGH!" Sveena screamed, pointing her finger at Thrax and Tzeentch, [color:5e96=50C878]"WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AT PEACE! THRAX.. I DON'T REALLY KNOW YOU! BUT YOU NEED TO STOP! YOU, TZEENTCH! WHY ARE YOU TELLING EVERYONE HERE TO KEEP KILLING PEOPLE?! DO YOU WANT ANOTHER WAR WITH THE CHAMPIONS!?"

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Nope, not dealing with this, you're on your own Thrax, I'm out, cya!" Tzeentch yelped hastily before dissapearing.

Sveena clenched her teeth and growled, turning to Nurgle, [color:5e96=50C878]"You take care of Thrax. I'm going to find Tzeentch." Without waiting for a response, she vanished as well.

"... We were threatened, by the way," Thrax defended himself.

Nurgle sighed and snatched Thrax by the head, dragging him back through a portal to the swamp. [color:5e96=2E492E]"Let's go. There is much to do, now that you've betrayed me."

"Bah! Not if I take my CYANIDE CAPSULE!" Thrax declared, wiggling a bit and pulling a small pill out of his pocket as he was dragged. He tossed the little pill into his mouth and chomped down on it before going limp.

[color:5e96=2E492E]"...I know you'll be fine, and your body is still being taken to the swamp," the Plaguefather sighed.

"No I'm dea- WAIT S***!" Thrax yelped, realizing he had blown his 'perfect' cover of playing dead. It turned out there was no cyanide pill at all, and what Thrax had taken was just a bit of candy. This plan had worked out far better in his head.


[color:5e96=50C878]"TZEENTCH!" Sveena roared, appearing in the God of Change's domain. She was getting very tired of screaming at her fellow gods.

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Nope, not coming ooooout!" Tzeentch stated in a sing-song manner.

Sveena took a deep breath as her fists clenched, ready to scream at the top of her lungs in frustration. By some miracle, she managed to regain some of her composure, slowly but angrily letting out her breath as her hands unclenched and trembled for a moment. "Tzeentch," She said shakily with closed eyes, still trying to come down from her rage, "... Please... I promise I won't scream."

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"I'm good... We can still have a nice chat like this, now can't we?" The voice of Tzeentch echoed about, untraceable in its starting location.

Sveena let out an exasperated sigh and took a short moment to formulate her words, "Out of all the other gods.. Except maybe Aetulia.. I thought you would be... I thought you'd want things to change."

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"And things have!" Tzeentch chimed, [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"But I have to ensure that they keep changing, or else I'm out of an occupation... or existence. You see my dilemna?"

Sveena didn't know what a 'dilemma' was, but at this point, she could get the gist of these things. "Tzeentch, if you keep trying to change things like that, like doing war stuff.. They're gonna stay the same. It'll make more war and then Khorne will come back. And if you didn't get yourself killed by the Champions because of all the war you started, it'll happen once he's back for sure. War just makes more war and then nothing can actually change. Peace helps everyone... Except maybe Khorne, but for everyone else, peace is a good thing! Even Nurgle can change to make peace happen. Slaanesh is going along with it. The Champions are changing their attitude and... The only person not changing is you."

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Me? I've changed so much, you wouldn't even believe! I've changed from a manic douche who didn't think you were amusing, to one who did, to one who's somewhat afraid of you! See? Change!"

"Afraid of me?" Sveena blinked, "I.. Don't want you to be afraid of me, Tzeentch. You're my friend. Even if you make me mad, that doesn't mean I hate you and that you should be afraid of me...." She thought for a moment on how furious she had gotten earlier, "I'm.. Sorry for screaming at you. This peace thing means a lot to me, but.. That doesn't mean I should've gotten so mad."

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Apology accepted!" Tzeentch stated, poofing into existence from a cloud of smoke, [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"And I get it means a lot to you and all.... But I'm probably gonna find another loophole to your whole 'Peace with the Champions'," with aggregious air quotes (in fact, some weren't even attached to his body), [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Like sending a bunch of Khornate Marines into the real world or something fun like that. Actually, exactly that. Their yelling and nonexistent self-preservation makes for entertaining viewings."

"Tzeentch," Sveena huffed, "Please try not to do evil tricks and stuff. I'm trying to get the Emperor of Mankind (His name isn't Anathema, by the way) to see that the Warp isn't all bad...." Her expression changed to show the lightbulb that had struck her as a small, cheeky smile found its way on her face, "I mean... Wouldn't you want to change his mind?"

Tzeentch stared deadpan at Sveena for a moment, before wheezing, breaking into a fit of cackling. [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"You... you think you can make HIM not hate the Immaterium?! the God of Change managed to huff out amidst his laughter, as he fell to the ground, smacking the ground with a fist to further show that what Sveena had said was hilarious to him.

Sveena folded her arms and pouted. "It won't be easy," She insisted, "but peace hasn't been easy either. It'll be worth it in the end though."

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Getting him to change his mind on that is like making a nurglite bathe," Tzeentch commented, back to floating in his position oncemore, [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"It's nearly entirely impossible. I mean, you've crossed through their swamp, so you know what I mean."

"Hmph. I'm sure I could get a nurglite to take a bath," Sveena mumbled, "Don't you want to try? Then there's someone that doesn't hate us and you changed something that is 'nearly entirely impossible' to change."

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Nnnnnnnnnnnnope," Tzeentch grinned, [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"I don't want to touch that mess of a situation with a stick as long as the warp is wide, or even wider. Leave me out of that, 'cause it'll only lead to bad things. Trust me on that one."

"Can you at least help me find his smarts?"

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Nah, he can find them on his own. Not my fault his sons rebelled, stormed his shiny castle, and managed to put him into a century long coma that shattered his very being-" Tzeentch stopped himself rather quickly, remembering that he did in fact play a part in the Heresy.

Judging by Sveena's expression, she knew that too.

[color:5e96=A6E5E3]"I'm just gonna... go back to scheming..." Tzeentch nervously laughed, floating backwards, a portal slowly opening behind him as he slipped through, [color:5e96=A6E5E3]"Oh, but before I go let me tell you that Magnus was stupid for trusting me in that moment to get to Terra."

"Wait, who's Magnus?"

But before Sveena could even finish her question, he had slipped away yet again.

"Hmph...." Sveena stood there for a few moments, thinking. Eventually, she teleported away to Nurgle's swamp in search of a nurglite to give a bath.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Erops and Card

"We might be safe now, but we have to figure out where to go next. This world is becoming increasingly dangerous..." Leo commented, as he paced around the ship.

"Dangerous? Ha! You should've seen the way those guys freaked out when I took over their ship," Ben laughed.

"This isn't a mere game, child," Reinhardt said. "We need to find out which way the Múspellian forces are headed, and avoid the ones who attacked the Overwatch carrier at all costs."

"It already seems that they have spread over much of this area. Where would they go from here..." Leo mused, thinking aloud.

McCree approached grimly. "Y'all might wanna check the news for this one," he grumbled, turning around a tablet and scrolling down to a news story.


"Well, that does it. What should we do now?" Leo asked the others.

"We need to reach this... what is it? Village? Town? Province?" Celica asked.

"City," McCree replied.

"We need to get to this city before the Múspellian army does, and help vacate it. If we do that, we can assure that few lives will be lost in the inevitable razing of that city," Celica finished.

"If we reach there quickly enough," Reinhardt added, "we may be able to set up a stronghold there. A bastion to guard against the oncoming army, to repel them from the city's borders. It would be a war of attrition."

"Does anyone know where Xander went?" Celica asked. "We split up in the Overwatch carrier..."

"He was with me," McCree replied. "He shouldn't be too far off. Tracer's helpin' him get his wounds dressed, but... well, it ain't pretty."

"I am perfectly fine," Xander grunted, walking towards the rest of the war council. His expression was strained, but he was struggling to remain stoic. "Though I am inhibited in my sword combat until I have recovered."

"You should still be careful in battle, brother," Leo said, "It would not help us any if you push your limits too far at this point."

"Again, I stress that I will be fine," Xander said.

"Please, don't overexert yourself," Celica pressed. "You have as much to offer in terms of tactics as you do battle."

Xander closed his eyes. "I was injured because I was not paying attention. I will observe more carefully from now on, in order to serve you, and my people, better," Xander stated.

"Be that as it may," Reinhardt said, "we still need to craft a plan to intercept the army."

Ben smirked. "Well, we do have this cool airship that Upgrade can make go SUPER fast," the kid said, folding his arms.

"Any extra time would be beneficial," Leo mused, "It will no doubt take us some time to set up proper defenses against the army."

"I'll relay a message to the watchpoint, tell 'em to tell the local government to issue a mandatory evac," McCree said. "In the meantime, Mei and D.va are gonna get the Los Angeles evacuees outta here and to a safer locale. Y'all go ahead to Anaheim, and take Tracer with ya. Remember, this ain't no Disneyland trip, so don't goof off."

"I assure you, McCree, we intend to do the opposite of goof off," Reinhardt replied.

"Alright! Let's give this thing a little Upgrade!" Ben announced, the plunger on his watch rising out of its socket. He slammed the Omnitrix, and a green light enveloped him. He began to change, his head deforming and bulging out, his body becoming skinnier, spindlier, smaller...

...until all that was left of Ben was a tiny, grey frog-like life-form with bulging orange eyes.

"Aw, man! Grey Matter?!" Ben complained. "Whatever. I can still make this work. Fasten your seat belts, guys."

The little grey Ben opened up an air vent and crawled inside.

"I suppose while we wait for him to get to the helm, we'd better discuss our battle strategy for once the Múspellians arrive," Celica said.

"I agree," Leo remarked, "We have to make sure that we know what we're doing when we get there. We need all the time we can get to prepare."

"How can we disperse the Múspellian troops? Thinning their numbers will allow us to drain their resources and attention faster," Celica wondered.

"For that, we will need a map of the city," Reinhardt replied. "We have the advantage of alliance with local authority. Therefore, we can plot out all possible entry points and work on disrupting any possible courses of invasion."

Tracer pulled up a holographic map, and set it on the ground so that it was visible to all. It was a three-dimensional map of [url=

https://www.mapsofworld.com/usa/states/california/maps/anaheim-city-map.jpg]the city[/url], with all possible points of invasion marked in orange.

"There's a long road that cuts through the city from the northwest to the southeast," Celica pointed out, gesturing to the Interstate 5. "We can set up barricades on both sides of that road to stop any of our enemies fro passing into the city limits."

"That would work," Leo agreed, "It would divert their attention for a while if they try those entrances that they can't pass through."

"It would also force them to detour to the narrower, less-organized part of the city," Celica added, gesturing to the roads surrounding Yorba Linda.

"That would make it easier to attack them first, or force them into less-organized groups." Leo commented as he looked at the roads in that area.

"In addition, there are many open spaces in that area to set up camps and fortifications," Celica replied, pointing at the three parks to the east of Yorba Linda.

"With the local resources from the authorities of the area on our side, I think we can make this work." Leo agreed, scouting the area on the map once again.

"There appears to be some sort of resort to the south of the city, as well as a large stadium," Reinhardt mused, pointing to Disneyland Resort and the Honda Center respectively. "If we fortify these areas, we can house the allied Nohrian soldiers as well as any allied local military forces."

"It would also behoove us to block off some of the roads in this grid," Celica said, circling around the angular street maps in western Anaheim.

"I agree," Leo said, "And it would definitely make sense to use the resources of those resorts in southern area. Extra space for troops like that could be very beneficial."

"So it appears we have the basics of our plan; once we arrive, we can flesh out the details," Reinhardt said.

"Agreed," Celica replied.

The ship jerked. The intercom crackled, and the high-pitched voice of Grey Matter said, "Alright, guys; we're ready to roll! Let's get a move on!"

"Hold onto something," Reinhardt suggested. "I have a feeling that someone so small will inevitably fly a little... recklessly..."

"I think I'm starting to get used to reckless flying..." Leo commented, thinking back to the incident that had happened just a little earlier.

The ship lurched forward, and Celica toppled on her rear. She grabbed onto the side and staggered to her feet. Once the ship leveled out, Ben began the trip to Anaheim...

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Build Up Our Army, He Dies Tonight (Part 1)


Death, EEEEVIL Magikarp and Lemongrab were sitting together in a low star hotel in Overwatch's New York, bored out of their minds. They had pretty much toured most of New York at this point, and had nothing to do. Things were more exciting with Ganon, that was for sure. "Hey man, ya'll hungry or...somethin?" asked Death. Everyone moaned. "...'Take that as a 'No'." replied Death. "NnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. THIS BOREDOM IS ANGERING MEEEEEEEEEEEE. I DEMAND SATISFACTION." growled Lemongrab as he flailed his arms, crossing his eyes so far that it almost looked like they would roll back sideways. "Silence fool! You're not the only one who's bored to death you sour faced lemon tart!" yelled out EEEEEEEEEEVIL Magikarp.

"Hey dudes, calm down. We ain't gonna let this stupid boredom try to tear us 'part." spoke Death, attempting to calm down the two. "Well we would'nt have to act this way if we could just DO SOMETHING FOR GOD'S SAKE!" exclaimed the demonic Magikarp. "Mmm....idea, man. Let's go outside, y'know, stretch our legs and all that stuff." suggested Death. Lemongrab and the Magikarp looked at each other, then quickly back at Death. The two nodded, slowly got up, Death following their movement by doing the same, and slowly slumped over towards the door. They proceeded to the parking lot of the motel, and....well...nothing.

They just stood out in the parking lot, looking around. At least they did something. "...So...now what?" asked EEEEEVIL Magikarp. "I dunno, man." confessed Death. The three slumped to the ground in an exaggeratedily bored manner. Suddenly, someone yelled at them from the far side of the street. The three got up and examined the street. It was Bendy, trying to get the other three's attention. "Hey, fellas!" yelled out Bendy, waving to them with both arms. The Ink Demon darted towards the three. "You guys friends of Ganon? Oh, hey Lemons." asked Bendy. Lemongrab grunted. "Yeah, we friends with him!" exclaimed Death. "More or less." remarked EEEEEVIL Magikarp. "Well, he and a couple of his buddies are trying to build an army to fight this Hitomi shmuck. You guys in or skin?" asked Bendy.

The three's eyes lit up, and were quick to nod yes. Bendy gave a grin. "Well, follow me. We gotta find a lot more people for this army thing." said Bendy, gesturing the two as he dashed off. The three followed Bendy, glad excitement was resurged for them once again.

However, it was'nt long as they traversed the streets that they encountered a small Slime Legion Slime, falling from the sky and splattering on the road. The four were horrified at first, but the slime was quickly to reform itself. It jumped up and down gleefully. "Again! Again!" it exclaimed. A cloud came floating downwards toward the slime, allowing the slime to get on and fly back into the sky. The four were immensly confused...but then Death remembered something. "Wait...Derpy's dragon pet thing! It can like, control clouds and stuff like that! He must be up there!" exclaimed Death. "Well, we better follow that cloud, then." said Bendy. "But how will we do such a thing?" asked EEEEEVIL Magikarp.

Bendy took out his pipe cane, pulled the trigger-like device under the straight end and switched it into its gun mode. Bendy aimed at the cloud and fired a large cartoon bullet, a string attached to the inside of the barrels. The Bullet bit the cloud, acting as a grappling hook for them to follow the cloud. Death, the Magikarp and Lemongrab grabbed onto Bendy and slowly arose from the ground, dangling from the floating cloud.

The four arrived on a bed of clouds, on said large bed was a small group of the Slime Legion, along with Derpy Hooves and Barak. The slimes and Derpy were bouncing up and down on the clouds, while Barak was fast asleep. Derpy spotted Bendy and the others and quickly darted towards them. "You guys made it! Quick, get on a cloud and bounce on it! It's fun, hee hee hee!" giggled Derpy, excited to see her old friends have come to the "party" she and the other slimes were having right now. "Dang Derp, you've been here this entire time?" asked Death. "Well, no, we were on the ground and stopped some bad metal things from bullying these slimey slimes, but Barak flew us here so they'd be safe and now we're having a party!" beamed Derpy. "Cool! I wanna join the bounce party, dude!" said Death, about to leap on a cloud before Bendy stopped him.

"We'd love to party right now, but we're trying to gather an army for Ganon. You guys want in?" "Ooh, ooh, I wanna help in the army thingie! I wanna come! I'll ask the slimeys!" exclaimed Derpy. The cross eyed pegasus flew towards the slimes, conversing with them, the slimes responding by nodding. The slimes then approached Bendy's group. "We will aid you in your battle, however, we will need our entire population and our leader, Bark Slimely, before we agree on anything." Bendy nodded. Barak awoke from his slumber and approached the clashers. "Barak says he wants to come too!" said Derpy, flying along side her electric dragon partner. "Alright, we got a good few people so far, but we're gonna need A LOT more if we wanna stand a chance against Hitomi. We're gonna need to go back into the city." explained Bendy.

Barak nodded, bowing his head to lead the Clashers onto his back. The group hopped on, and as soon as everyone mounted the long dragon, the pet of Zeus darted towards the city bellow, flying past buildings as they examined the streets bellow to find any out-of-place characters. Luckily, they found one. A small blue tinted girl on top of a building. Barak and Derpy landed, and the group dismounted the dragon and approached the ghost girl. The ghost girl, said ghost girl in question obviously being Spooky, was laying on a beach chair, sunglasses on her face. She was'nt asleep, but just sunbathing...or rather impersonating someone performing such an act because she was a ghost and therefore could'nt get a suntan.

"Hey, Ghostie Goo--" began Bendy before Spooky rudely interupted him. "Ah ah ah. If you're askin for a flyer you're out of luck. I just gave away the last one. You want another, you're on your own." remarked Spooky. "Wha--No, listen to me kid. We're trying to make an army to go against a long eared @$$hat named Hitomi. You look like a Clasher, so we're askin if you want in. You join us, you save the universe and get free brownie points or...whatever you ghost kiddos are into nowadays." explained Bendy. Spooky slowly got up, turning towards Bendy. "An army, huh? I'll join...on one condition." spoke Spooky. "Name it." said Bendy. "You gotta get me a Gamecube. I've always wanted one of those things. A human who came through my mansion one time mentioned it and from what I know it looks pretty cool."

Bendy stared at Spooky with a face that was a cross of immense confusion and slight annoyance. "Uh...wh..what?." said Bendy. "Listen Felix the Cat Ripoff, these three words are nonnegotiable: Super. Mario. Sunshine. I know what you want, and I know what I deserve. I need a little break after passing out these Black Hat INC flyers, ya know? Advertising for villianous wares is hard stuff for a ghost kid like me." stated Spooky. "Okay, I get what you're saying but...uhh...I don't...I don't know what that is." said Bendy. Spooky frowned. "Fine. I'll join anyway. I'm kinda bored here anyway. I can summon some ghosts for you guys if you want." "We'd appreciate that, yeah. The more the merrier." approved Bendy. "Alright, give me a few minutes. I gotta find them first." commented Spooky. She closed her eyes and began to feel at the air. After a full minute, Spooky opened her eyes and faced Bendy yet again.

"Kay, I know where they are now. Follow me." said Spooky, taking off towards the city. The group hopped back onto Barak and went after Spooky. The group found themselves in an alleyway, though it looked like a small little town of its own. "Ah man, it's that Slime Alleyway again. I hope we don't get kidnapped again, dude." spoke Death, a bit worried as he looked around the village. Suddenly, a circle of cars, no passangers inside of them and headlights glowing red right in their faces, slowly approached them, some of the Slime Legion residents hiding behind buildings or in houses. "Halt!" yelled out Spooky, holding out both hands into the air as if she was the phophet to these Ghost Cars.

"Fellow specters, we are in need of your assistance! We are attempting to fight an elf known as Hitmoi, and we need a large army to stand up against them! Please, will you help us?" The cars slowly closed in as Spooky made her speech, however, they abruptly stopped, their headlights turning off. One of the Ghost Cars revved up in approval, saying they would help Spooky and the others in their indevours of defeating this "Hitomi" person. "Good!" beamed Spooky. The group were stunned, who knew this ghost had such a connection with other ghosts to the point where she could pasify them? One of the slimes hiding behind a building approached the group. It was, surprisingly, Bark Slimely.

"...Thank you. Perhaps I misjudged you all. You are not responsible for this...strange sequence of events we're in, are you?" stated Bark. "Whadaya mean?" asked Bendy. "This...series of unforunate events, us changing locations, us encountering these strange beings, you all have no control over this? Are you as confused as us?" "Pretty much, man." responded Death. "Oh...I apologize for our violent behavior towards you. We were simply confused as to where we were, and how we were going to survive in this confusing world...or worlds rather." said Bark. Slimely then looked towards Barak. "Especially you, dragon." Bark said. Barak growled passivly, pretty much saying "I guess I forgive you".

"Because of your kind efforts to help us against these...Ghost Cars, as you call them, we as well shall aid you against this elf tyrant. Rest assured, we will make sure this Hitomi will have his head on a spike before the day is over with!" proclaimed Bark. The slimes gave a hoorah to Bark Slimely as he said this. "Uh, the Bookwielders probably want him alive but...eh, what the heck." commented Bendy. "Sound the alarm! We must alert the other factions to get them involved in this! We will overwhelm this elf with our biggest army!" ordered Bark. One of the slimes grabbed a horn from behind and blew into it.


The battle horn sounded off once again. Soon enough, a stampede of slimes paraded themselves directly towards the alleyway village. Bark Slimely bounced towards the army that just arrived. "Brothers, this ghostly young woman and her adversaries request for us to aid them in a legendary battle against an elf known as Hitomi, who for all we know is plotting a dastardly plan that will harm this world that we are currently in. Because of this, we must reunite our factions once more, so we can be assure this Hitomi is defeated beforen the day is over!" announced Bark Slimely. The slimes cheered, and Bark faced the Clashers yet again after he delivered his speech. “We are ready when you are.” spoke Bark.

“You don’t mind if I get up on the soapbox and talk to everyone real quick, do ya?” asked Bendy to the Slime Commander. Bark nodded, and Bendy took out an actual soapbox out of his hammerspace and plopped it onto the ground. He leaped up onto the soapbox, grabbed a megaphone from his pocket and turned it on. “Alright, listen up!” yelled Bendy through the megaphone. “Now, we got a big group right now, but we’re gonna need just a few more if we really wanna give Hitomi the disadvantage!” announced Bendy. “How do we know the amount we’ll obtain will be enough?” asked one slime in the crowd. “....Eh.” spoke Bendy. “Anyway, we’re gonna split up into three groups!” Bendy pointed towards Spooky, Derpy and Barak.

“Dragon, Ghost, Horse, you guys are our air team! We need you guys to scan the city from the sky and see if you can find anyone who would be helpful to us!” ordered Bendy. Derpy gave a one hoof salute to Bendy, and gave a silly attempt at a serious expression. “Sir yes sir!” beamed Derpy. “We’ll do our best!” added Spooky. Bendy then pointed to the Ghost Cars and the Slime Legion. “Cars, Slimes, you’re our road team. Slimes, you hop into the cars and take a joyride out into the streets.” said Bendy. The slimes quickly slipped themselves into the Ghost Cars, and instantly they drove off into the streets of New York. “What about us, Ink Dude?” asked Death. “We’re the ground team. We’ll patrol the city by foot. If we don’t find anyone, we’ll move to the outskirts of New York, and go into the next town if we gotta.” The group nodded, and with this four raced out of the alleyway and onto the streets.

The quest was on.

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Reimu and Rumia

Despite having some of the evil within her leeched out by Rumia, Reimu was still a rotten human being to the core. She was still just as irate and violent as ever. An unfortunate sign that she was normal.

Luckily, Rumia’s specialties in darkness extended to “darkness within.” And due to Reimu being nothing but nastiness, the darkness sprite had almost unlimited access to puppeteering the shrine maiden.

"This is abuse! Let go of me and I'll consider ending you painlessly!"

Like a fly caught in a spider's web, Reimu strained and wriggled in midair in an attempt to loosen Rumia's grasp over her. But like an angry, volatile puppet, Rumia held her in place, with ink-black "strings" extending from Reimu's hands and ankles.

"No more hurting people," the smaller spirit insisted. "That's mean!"


Rumia gave a harsh tug, and Reimu promptly lurched back, as though she were pulled by the collar. "Then I'll have to make sure you're not a meanie," Rumia responded. "You can be my little pet until you're a good person! We're going to be best friends!"

"F@ck you!" Reimu continued to squirm.

"No! I want a snack instead!"

Reimu rolled her eyes. "I'M the grown up here! Why are YOU in charge?!"

"Because you're a meanie," Rumia answered. "Now get me something to eat!"

"Do it yourself!"

"No! You!"

"Never! I'd rather die!"

"Too bad! I'm hungry! Now find me something to eat!"

Reimu hated Rumia. She wouldn't save her if Yukari ended the world. She wouldn't care if she was sold for prostitution. And she certainly would NOT be getting her a snack.

Never the less, Rumia was the one in charge. Against her own will, Reimu's legs began to walk forward on their own despite Reimu's desire to stand ground. Her hand, against Reimu's will, took Rumia's, leading her towards where Reimu only presumed was the direction of food.

"I'll have to cut that arm off later," Reimu muttered to herself.

"We're going to be great friends," Rumia sang. "We're going to be BEST friends!"

"End my suffering," Reimu spat.


"A foreigner to Earth, a traitor on the moon. Truly, there's no place for a traitor."

Leaning against the corner to reflect on her actions, Reisen let out a sorrowful sigh. In this world of tyrants and cowards, only following in Eirin's following gave the rabbit comfort, no matter how shady her practices were. And now even that was ripped away from her.

"Who'd you betray?" Asked Matilda from behind, carrying two mugs (She dropped another off for Mokou moments prior) of her not-so-famous 'hobo coffee'.

"Nobody important. Just the entire Lunarian civilization, that's all. Ran at the first sight of the landers. The Apollo ones…." Even Reisen herself couldn't forgive her cowardly behavior, looking back on the incident. "… The Apollo missions were big news on Earth, right?"

"I've never heard of them, but I'm sure they were important back in the day where I'm from," Matilda answered, offering a mug to Reisen, "I'm a traitor too."

Carefully, Reisen took the mug and took a small, experimental sample of Matilda's brew. "I suppose that brands two of us, wouldn't it? Traitors, I mean…." The hobo coffee tasted like a blend of 'fresh' (Fresh by Matilda's standards) coffee that had been thrown in the trash mixed with a few drips of hamburger grease.

"Yeah... I, uh.. Promise I wont betray you guys though," Matilda smiled before sipping her concoction.

"… Wouldn't blame you if you did." Flashbacks to Eirin's sick experiments flooded Reisen's memory. The disfigured faces, the decomposing bodies, the sounds of dozens begging for freedom, just to list the most bearable experiences. "…But thanks, anyways."

Reisen took a larger sample of the disgusting brew. It was awful, but it kept Reisen's mind off of her past crimes.

Matilda wasn't sure what Reisen could have done in the past, but her expression made it seem comparable to Oyler's own crimes against humanity. She briefly recalled the many occupied buildings she had burned down, those that she had personally soaked in gasoline, and then turning against those that had raised her. Even if they were the bad guys, they were still family in a messed up way. "I guess we both suck... But at least there's something that sucks more than us," Matilda gestured her mug, "Hobo food."

The Lunarian chuckled. "Yeah, can't argue with that. Hobo food." She paused briefly. "Hobo food… and whoever we betrayed, I suppose."

"Oh yeah, the people I betrayed really sucked," Matilda nodded, "But... Even after I betrayed them, everyone else still wanted me dead because I worked with the bad guys."

"Chin up," Reisen offered. "You can't be the worst person out there. No matter how bad you are, there's bound to be someone worse, right?"

Out of nowhere, a scream cut through the white noise of the city alley, startling the ex-veteran and the pyromaniac. A voice that she, and everyone else in Gensokyo, learned to fear.

"…Speak of thy devil." Reisen grabbed her firearms. "This could get messy very quickly," she warned Matilda. "Be ready to fight tooth and nail if you have to."

"W-Wait, what? What's going on? Who screamed?" Matilda stammered, readying her flamethrower.

"Possibly the most dangerous psychopath, as far as I know." Reisen loaded a rocket launcher. "She's not too strong, but don't let that get the better of you; she's a mean fighter with an attitude, and isn't against killing for fun."

Slowly, Reisen crept towards the mouth of the alley, using the wall as cover. Slowly, she peered around the corner, making sure her ears wouldn't give away her position.

Surprisingly, Reisen's head did not explode or otherwise die in a horrific fashion. Instead she saw Reimu screaming and protesting, her head cocked towards an impatient Rumia. The unfortunate snack vendor was cowering from the madwoman before him.

"Should I spray and pray?" Matilda whispered nervously, obviously referring to her flamethrower.

"Stand down," Reisen commanded. "But don't lower your guard. Heck, don't pull your fingers from the trigger. Be ready to torch at a moment's notice."

Reisen slowly emerged from the shadows. She had no interest in confronting Reimu promptly otherwise interact with her. But she knew she couldn't stop a Lunar invasion force on an empty stomach, and Hobo food was, from a medical standpoint, not a healthy meal. Snacks were at least a step up. Matilda's head and the nozzle of her flamethrower peeked around the corner, ready to strike should this supposedly Greg-tier maniac attack.

Reisen tried to approach the vendor from behind, hoping not to be noticed by Reimu or Rumia. She needed to avoid drawing attention to herse-

"It's the doctor!" Rumia pointed and jumped about ecstatically. "Maybe she can fix your leg!"

Reimu glared in the direction Rumia pointed at, her eyes filled with hate and her hand itching for a weapon. Otherwise, typical Reimu.

"We're not open right now," Reisen snapped quickly. "Please try again lat-"

"The mean lady won't get me food. Can you get me something to eat?"

"…What on eart-"

"Doctors always have lollipops on them!" Rumia's knowledge in medical professionals clearly extended to food.

It was irritating to have to deal with what essentially amounted to a child, but at the same time, if Rumia would leave them alone if she was just given something to eat….

"… What's your call?" Reisen glanced back at Matilda for her input.

"W-What?" Matilda blinked, coming halfway out from cover.

"You think she'll leave us alone if we get her food?" Reisen motioned to Rumia. "It's not wise keeping her near, considering her 'cargo.'"

"I, um.. Well, I was always told to not feed hobos because then they keep coming back for food," Matilda answered, "... I fed the hobos anyway... Only some of them came back for food."

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?" Rumia pouted.

"Do... You want some coffee?" Matilda offered, holding up her mug of hobo coffee that she had only sipped on.

"No! I can smell that from here! I want food! Not junk!" Rumia pointed insistently at the food stand.

"Will you stop bothering us?"


"Let her starve," Reimu spat, still straining under Rumia's grasp. "It's what she deserves."

"You were right about the psychopath thing," Matilda remarked.

“… Well,” Reisen consented, as to spite the violent shrine maiden. “If you insist. Just tell us what you want.”

"Yay! I want that one and that one and that one and that one…." Rumia began pointing at everything the stand had to offer. Reimu, meanwhile, gave Matilda and Reisen a hateful glare, prompting the paranoid pyromaniac to retrain her flamethrower on the shrine maiden.

As Rumia listed off her meal choices, Reisen gave Matilda a nervous look. "I know where we can get the money to pay for that, but I'll need you to keep an eye on the both while I go out.
Can I trust you to do that?"

"... Okay... You're not gonna... You know..." Matilda felt a bit awkward saying it out loud, so she sheepishly moved her head back and forth with her mouth open. Normally it wouldn't be an issue to just say it, but Rumia looked like a little kid. "Are you?"

Reisen shook her head. "I'll be back. Promise. Just make sure the two don't hurt anyone while I go."

"You got it," Matilda nodded, quickly turning her attention to Reimu and Rumia. Her finger had no intention of leaving the trigger to her flamethrower as she aimed it between the two.

"Where'd she go," Rumia inquired as Reisen disappeared around the corner.

"She's getting money so you can get food. I'm watching you guys to make sure you don't hurt anyone... Especially you," Matilda finished her sentence by aiming her flamethrower at Reimu's head.

"Right. You're worried about me when she's the fucking MAN EATER over here!" Reimu gave Rumia a disgusted look.

"One of my best friends was a cannibal. People have to survive somehow," Matilda huffed, "Reisen told me you're the most dangerous psycopath she knows. One wrong move and I'll burn you alive!" While Matilda did her best to sound intimidating, she couldn't entirely hide her fear. She had no idea what this Greg-tier maniac was capable of. Considering she was presumably being held hostage by the little girl, that meant the little girl was even more dangerous. If only Matilda had two nozzles on her flamethrower she could aim with.

Reimu huffed. "I expected as much from a dirty monster sympathizer like you, defending the rights of creatures that don't have any."

Matilda squinted her eyes in confusion. "Is this... Some kind of racism thing going on? Is that a thing where you're from? Racist stuff between people and... Bunny.. Ear.. People?"

"Yōkai," Reimu and Rumia both corrected. "Devious little monsters of the night. Them, Lunarians, and foreigners like you are the reason why this world has problems to begin with… little shits…."

"We didn't have any bunn- yōkai where I'm from and we had plenty of problems," Matilda spat, "So far things here, where there are yōkai, are a lot better than where I'm from."

"No, no," Rumia interrupted. "Rabbits are moon people. Yōkai are things like me!"

"Besides, that wasn't my point. I'm saying that monsters and foreigners-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard enough racist rambling where I'm from. You guys never make any sense," Matilda rolled her eyes before looking down at Rumia, "You just look like a little kid though."

"Well… I am." Rumia gave Matilda a confused look. "Is that bad?"

"No, I mean, like... What makes you a yōkai? You look just like a regular person," Matilda explained.

"Oh! Well, us yōkai are kind of like ghosts, I think. Ghosts with magic! We can control something or do stuff to make us scary so we can live!"

"They're fear sprites, feeding off the suffering and misery of others, as well as their children." Reimu tried to whip her arm free, only to be pulled back to her side by Rumia.

"Okay.. That's.. Kinda.. Really messed up," Matilda nodded,"... But at least she's cute! She's got a.. Cute dress and... Hair thingy. I mean.. It sounds like Freddy Krueger except.. Without the killing.. And it's a little girl."

"Teeth!" The vendor whimpered from behind his stand. "Forget her looks! Her teeth are the nastiest set of gnashes you'll ever see!"

"Oh you be quiet before I burn you! That is really rude! Not everyone has toothpaste and toothbrushes," Matilda huffed, quickly pointing her flamethrower at the vendor before snapping it back towards Reimu, "I'm sure they're not that bad."

"No, really! I swear, they're horrible! Rows and rows of piranha-like, flesh tearing teeth!" The vendor nervously lifted a finger at Rumia.

The yōkai looked up at Matilda. "Pointy teeth are scary, right?"

"Ehh... I've seen a lot of guys that sharpen their teeth because they thought it looked cool, so.. I don't know.. Lemme see your teeth so this guy will shut up," Matilda answered.

Rumia pulled back her lips, giving Matilda a wonderful, toothy grin. Asesure enough, her jaw was lined end to end with cylinders of bone crushing teeth, with the spacing of Rumia's dentition revealing a second row of similar teeth.

"Woah!" Matilda was startled by the unexpected sight, accidentally squirting a little liquid fire near Reimu. It stuck to the road while the teen gave a nervous laugh and a, "Whoops," before gazing into Rumia's mouth proper, "That's actually, like... Really cool."

Rumia giggled. "Thank you! It let's me eat things without cutting them into little pieces first like others do."

"You could have killed me!" Reimu violently tried to lash out at Matilda, only to be restrained by the ropes of darkness.

Reimu's aggression spooked Matilda however, causing a small burst of napalm to splatter onto the shrine maiden's torso. Matilda immediately let out a yelp at her mistake.


"OHMYGODI'MSOSORRY!" Matilda screamed, turning to the vendor, "WATER! WE NEED WATER NOW! PLEASE!"

"I ONLY HAVE SODA! DOES SODA WORK?!" The vendor quickly began filling a cup with coke.

"THAT'S FINE! JUST FUCKING- GIVE IT!" Matilda screamed in a panic.

The vendor tossed the pyromaniac a cup before filling another, figuring that a fire fight needed more than a large cup of soda.

In her panicked state, however, Matilda could not catch the cup properly. It bounced off of her hands as she desperately tried to grab it and instead spilled onto Reimu's face. "AHHHH!" Matilda screamed, switching to Plan B and planting both of her hands on Reimu's chest to chroke the fire, patting repeatedly.

Panicked by the sudden screaming and flurry of actions, Rumia herself let out a yell as visibility began to drop for all four individuals present, in credit to Rumia's power of darkness.

"Where are you?!" The vendor haphazardly threw the half-filled cup in a random direction, with the perfectly fine coke going to waste on the asphalt pavement.

"OH MY GOD I CAN'T SEE!" Matilda screamed, in the middle of groping Reimu before stepping back and frantically reaching for her flamethrower for comfort.

Slowly, the fire crept up Reimu's dress and began lashing at her skin, and without immediate help, threatening to incinerate the shrine maiden. Unsure of her continued existence, Reimu said something she wanted to say before she died loud and clear, for the whole world.


And then, the fire vanished. One moment, there flame was present, yet was gone the next.

Slowly, the darkness lifted as Rumia regained her composure. And as the quarter's vision returned, a hand fell onto Matilda's shoulder.

"Fire safety number one: don't play with it… unless you know how to speak its language."

Mokou rubbed her eyes, having just risen from her slumber.

"Oh my god, I am so glad you're here," Matilda said with relieved laugh, quickly looking at Reimu, "Phew, I was worried I wasn't able to put it out."

"Your screaming woke me up. I'm guessing Reimu said something to piss you off?"

"Oh- No- I mean.. She peeved me a little- But, I just got scared," Matilda explained, feeling ashamed of herself after spilling the beans to Mokou.

Mokou judged Matilda for a moment before shrugging. "Eh, you'd have done the world a favor anyway if I didn't step in to put it out."

"EXCUSE ME," Reimu growled.

"I mean... She did say she wanted that little kid to starve, but.. What's she done? Reisen said she was dangerous and stuff," Matilda asked, quickly remembering that she needed to train her nozzle on Reimu once more. (This time without her finger on the trigger)

"Reimu Hakurei…." Mokou shut her eyes as she tried to recount the crimes of the shrine maiden. "Where to begin? Attacks everything on sight, bullies and kills fairies without provocation, slander denizens in the human village for money…. Can't say for sure, to be honest. I rarely leave my territory in the bamboo forest." Mokou shrugged. "Most of what I hear are probably tall tales and legends, but I do know that she's a violent bully."

Matilda considered what she had been told and looked back at Reimu, then glanced down at her flamethrower, then glanced back at Reimu, then glanced back at her flamethrower, then glanced at Mokou, then glanced back at Reimu.

"... I could just... Set her on fire again," Matilda said.

"Hold your horses. Reimu may be an absolute bitch, but she does have close ties with the powerful Kirisame family. Kill her, and you'll get them on your bad side, hunting you down to the ends of the earth. Last time a Hakurei was killed, that little squirt had some of the strongest binding seals and charms placed on her." Mokou nodded to Rumia. "And damn did that witch hunt last for days…."

"How would they find out who did it though?"

"Oh, they know. I hardly leave the forest, but there's rumors that they come back as ghosts to keep our realm safe. I dunno the details, but I know that they're hella strong, and they always have a way of knowing."

Matilda gulped as her eyes darted left, right, and up around. "Okay!" She said, loud enough for anyone who might be watching to hear, "I won't set her on fire!"


"… Again, just rumors and urban legends." Mokou shrugged. "Just stay on their good side, and they're harmless. Their last daughter's a real punk, but gets along really well with nearly anything, or so I hear. No need to flip your shit when you see one, that's all."

Having recovered from the flamethrower episode, Rumia pulled herself up. "… So… am I gonna get food?"

"When Reisen gets back with the money," Matilda nodded, glancing in the direction she left, "I really hope she's not... You know."

"Wait, did you say when the rabbit gets back with money?" Mokou asked in a startled voice.

"Uh, yeah. She said she knew where to get money for some snacks from this guy," Matilda jabbed her thumb at the vendor.

"Eirin never paid the rabbit. That's the deal they made…." Mokou's eyes darted around before landing on a KFC within walking distance. "…actually, I've got to go. If you need me, I'll be over there…." The immortal broke into a brisk walk.

"Oh, okay," Matilda blinked before looking down at Rumia. She felt bad about the whole 'burning Reimu' incident. Not because Reimu got burned, but because of how scared Rumia must have been in the chaos.

"Hey.. Uhm.. Would you wanna shoot my flamethrower a bit?" Matilda asked.

"Nuh-uh," Rumia announced. "I don't wanna shoot. I wanna eat!"

"While we're waiting to eat. Here, watch this," Matilda aimed her flamethrower at the ground a few feet away and pulled the trigger a few times, drawing a smiley face with liquid fire, "Eh? Pretty cool, right?"

"You can draw with fire?" Rumia gasped. "But isn't it dangerous? Someone can get hurt, right?"

"I'm a fire pro, don't worry about it," Matilda assured, ignoring very recent events, "It's just drawing stuff on the ground."

Rumia watched the burning smile for a moment before asking, “Where are his arms?”

"Oh, uhh.." Matilda shrugged and squirted more napalm onto the ground, giving her smiley man a stick figure body, "There!"

Rumia watched the flames, mesmerized as any child would be.

"Sorry I'm late!" Reisen ran to meet back with Matilda, with someone being dragged behind her. "I had to convince her to come out; she's become an indoor person lately."

"And for good reason! What about my Fortnite victory?!"

With a pair of thick sun shades, a parasol, and a t shirt advertising some MMO RPG, Kaguya stumbled over her own feet to keep up with the athletic, fleet-footed Reisen. "I'm on a winning streak!"

"Who's that?" Matilda asked curiously, gesturing her flamethrower towards Kaguya.

"Princess Kaguya Houraisen, the heiress to the Lunarian throne… well, formerly. But she has money, and that's what matters."

"Can I go back inside yet? It's hot out," Kaguya whined. "And the sun's too bright!"

"Hot?" Matilda repeated, "We're in... I forgot what this place is called, but it's a cold place! How are you hot?"

"She's… kind of sensitive to heat," Reisen explained. "… especially after a century of air conditioning and staying up late to play videogames."

That caught Matilda's attention. "You got video games?"

"I have all the vidya," Kaguya bragged. "Everything from potato DOOM to 48K curved plasma screen TV Overwatch. You name it? I got it. Hell, I've even got the Chinese knock offs of those, too!"

"I haven't played a video game in years," Matilda remarked with wide eyes.

"Well, you two can play that on the plane," Reisen said hurriedly. "First things first."

Reisen got on her knees and kneeled before Kaguya. "Your grace, if it's within your mercy to do so, would you please expend some of your vast wealth to pay for this yōkai's hunger?"

Kaguya looked down at Reisen with a bewildered expression before turning her head to Rumia. "… You want a Dorito?"

She tossed the yōkai a small bag of chips.

Rumia leapt up to catch the bag midair, inspecting it once she landed. "… More," she demanded.

"… 'Kay." Kaguya tossed another bag at Rumia, only for the yōkai to demand another.

"Oh my god, it's the hobo thing all over again," Matilda sighed.

Reisen drew in a breath as bags sailed from the loser princess to the darkness spirit. Eventually, after around a hundred or so bags, Rumia stopped asking for more.

"Thank you," she said with delight, happily tearing into one.

"Do you have one more bag of those? I promise I won't ask for.. A billion of them," Matilda requested.

"Nyeh." Kaguya chucked a bag at Matilda with one of her noodle-arms, thin and weak from a diet of chips and soda.

"Ohmygodthankyou," Matilda gasped as she ripped the top of the bag open, "I am so sick of hobo foo-" She interrupted herself by stuffing the tasty chips into her mouth.

"Well, anyway, we don't have time to get distracted." Reisen spoke in an urgent tone. "Apparently, what's left of the Moriya empire has backed itself into a mountain far away, and rumor has it that they're building a rocket. Why, I have no idea, but it could be our only chance to bring Kaguya back to her throne."

"Right. And No Man's Sky 2 will get great reviews!" Kaguya remarked sarcastically. "How the hell do you know that?"

"I switched one of your TV's to news before we left."

"Wh-HEY! I needed that TV to be on DOOM online!"

"Whatever. The point is, we need to get going. Matilda, the Lunarian military is a brainwashed force serving under a pair of tyrants mindlessly. We're going to need all the power we can get to stop them. Will you join us?"

"Fighting brainwashed armies and tyrants is what I've been doing for the past however many years now," Matilda replied, "At least this time I won't be alone... Or have to eat garbage."

Reisen smiled. "Thanks. We leave in fifteen minutes so Kaguya can pack her things. We'll meet back here. Got it?"

"Got it. I'll get Mokou and fill my tanks up," Matilda nodded.

"Oh, HELL no!" Kaguya objected. "I'll be teaming up with Mokunt when I'm dead- permanately."

"The two aren't exactly 'friendly'," Reisen briefed. "It's best we leave her behind."

"Mokou could help though, and I don't wanna just leave her here," Matilda glanced over to the KFC Mokou seemed so eager to enter.

"No," Kaguya insisted. "She won't come, and that's final."

"Fine. Can we leave the racist behind?" Matilda asked, jabbing a thumb at Reimu.

"Of course we will. We'll be dead be before we get there if we brought her along anyway."

"Can I," Rumia asked.

"It's not safe for a yōkai. The Lunarians are stronger than any one of you. Best you stay here."

"Oh." Rumia looked dissapointedly at the ground.

"It's no fun on the moon, anyways. Stay here and enjoy yourself. Find something good to eat."

"Okay!" Rumia began to hop away. "Bye bye! Thanks for the snacks!"

Like an angry balloon, Reimu began to float away, the black strings binding her to Rumia. "Fuck you all."

"Well, I guess I'll just say 'bye' to Mokou then," Matilda sighed.

“Remember,” Reisen reminded. “15 minutes. I'll be helping Kaguya pack."

Reisen and Kaguya both turned and left, going the way they came.

Matilda waved before scampering off to the KFC. Her nose was quickly blessed with the succulent scent of fried chicken as she grew close. With excitement and salivation, she opened the front door to the fast fod restaurant.

A number of overweight patrons passed by, one of them grunting as Matilda crashed into him. “Watch where you’re going, doll! I’m try’na eat!”

"Oof, sorry, sorry," Matilda quickly stepped to the side, her nervous smile hiding her shock at how fat this man was. Sure, she had seen the odd chubby guy here and there, but obesity was not a problem in her world where everybody was killing each other.

“Ya better be!” The man shoved Matilda into a wall as he passed out of spite, his greasy fingers coating Matilda with sweat and grime.

"Hey!" Matilda yelped as the twin canisters on her back banged against the wall. She blinked for a moment, looked down at her flamethrower, then back at the obese man. "... I'm leaving this place anyway, fuck you," She huffed, giving not a second thought before squirting napalm onto his large back.

The man howled in pain as the napalm burned for a moment or two, before dissipating into smoke.

"Hey! No throwing fire 'round here except the kitchen!" The cashier spoke in a very familiar voice.

"He started it!" Matilda stomped, looking over and having her stern expression washed away upon seeing, "Mokou?"

Behind the register, Mokou attempted a smile that instead came out as a kind of crooked grimace.

"She attacked me," the customer roared. "I'm calling the cops!"

"Do that," Mokou shouted, "if you have a prison wish!"


"Don't think I didn't see you harassing her! Now eat your damn chicken!"

As the man grumbled something about liberals, Mokou motioned Matilda to come. "Need somethin'?"

"I just wanted to see what you were doing and to say 'bye," Matilda answered dissappointedly despite how smug she felt when the fat guy got dunked on, "Apparently I'm going to the moon to fight a tyrant or something. Princess Kaguya wouldn't let you come when I asked." It was clear the 'princess' title left a bad taste in her mouth.

"Oh." Mokou rolled her eyes. "Kaguya. Yeah, best I didn't come with. Real piece o'shit, that one. Can't keep a civil conversation without getting into a fire fight, y'know? Sorry to hear you're stuck with Princess of sittin'-on-her-ass-all-day."

Matilda weighed her options. On one hand, she could go to the Moon and ditch the first friend she made here. She would have to help a princess claim power, something she was not fond of at all. Then again, she was overthrowing a pair of tyrants that are brainwashing their people. Plus, Kaguya had snacks and video games.

On the other hand, she could just not go to the Moon, but ditch Reisen. She wouldn't be helping the fight against tyranny, and wouldn't get to brag about having been to the Moon. Then again, that would mean staying with her fire-friend and getting chicken.

It came down to Matilda choosing between herself (Because she would honestly stay with Mokou and eat chicken) or her ideals and what was right, fighting against tyrants that were evil and whatnot.

With a groan, Matilda chose the selfless option. Why did being a good guy have to suck most of the time? "Yeah, I hope you're still here when I get back," Matilda sighed, giving Mokou a smile, "Chicken's a lot better than doritos."

“Well, if you say that….” Mokou turned as she brought out a large bucket of chicken. “In case you get lonely. Or hungry. Or when Kaguya tries to feed you."

Matilda laughed a bit as she took the bucket of chicken, "Thanks Mokou. I'll see you later."

"I'll be sure to have lots of food ready. Now run along, kid. Cook some rabbits. Have fun. Don't get hurt. Etcetera, etcetera."

"You too, except with chicken," Matilda waved before exiting the eatery.


[b]Around 20 years ago…[/u]

"What do you want?"

Rumia collapsed as she reached the top of the steps. Why was the Hakurei shrine so high up? Why couldn't it be by a lake, or somewhere else cold?

As the darkness yōkai fell, the Hakurei Maiden turned. "Oh! Just thought I'd let you stay overnight! You know, escape the heat a little!"

"Well, too late to relax me up here. Climbing to your shrine in the middle of summer should be an exercise."

The shrine maiden giggled. "Now, now. I'll get you some watermelon slices soon enough. Just stay under the roof. Escape the sun."

As the maiden disappeared, Rumia did as told, huddling into a little ball under the shade.

Eventually, the Hakurei maiden returned, and with her came a tray of melon slices, exactly as promised.

"I hate melons," the spirit groaned. "They always have to have seeds in them."

"It shouldn't matter to you, with your giant banana teeth, right?"

"Doesn't make them any more appetizing."

The shrine maiden laughed. "Well, you aren't getting any cooler not eating them. Go on!"

Rumia shrugged, lifted a slice, and crushed it into a slushie as she bit down. "Still hate the seeds."

The two continued eating as the blazing sun cooked Gensokyo's forests. "So why did you invite me over," Rumia asked at last. "It's gotta be more important than eating melons, right?"

"Yes, you're quite right. There's someone I'd like you to meet. Hold on while I get her."

The shrine maiden, again, disappeared into her dwelling.

"…who?" It was unusual for people (who were not either Yakumo or the Kirisames) to visit.

As Rumia was lost in thought, the shrine maiden returned, cradling a small bundle in her arms. "Say hello to the newest Hakurei!"

Rumia blinked. "… You… have a daughter now?"

"Yep! And she's excited to meet you, too!" The shrine maiden offered her friend the small bundle, and within, a tiny pair of stubby arms sprung out, the baby within giggling.

"They usually cry when they see me. This is a first." Rumia stared down at the baby who was now busy trying to grab the yōkai's nose. "What's her name?"

"I've been thinking of calling her Reimu. What do you think?"

"Reimu Hakurei…." Rumia paused. "Rolls off the tongue nicely."

She looked back at Reimu, who returned the spirit a large, toothless smile. "Cute girl. Real friendly, too."

The shrine maiden smiled. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, wouldn't you say?"

Rumia thought. "…I suppose so. Well, congratulations, I guess."

"Thanks! We'll try extra hard to make her into the most pure and kindhearted woman you'll ever imagine."

"I can see that as happening."

Rumia gave Reimu another look. "…Reimu Hakurei. Welcome to the world, I guess."

Reimu laughed as she grabbed Rumia's chin.

"…Again, real cute girl. Do the Kirisames know?”

”I heard that Mima’s busy caring for a child of their own.”

"Oh. How old?"


"Ah." Rumia waved her fingers over Reimu's head. "Wish us yōkai could have kids, too."

"Hey now," the Hakurei Maiden joked. "Once in a blue moon, there's a half-yōkai man you can have kids with!"

"Don't be ridiculous."

"But I'm not! There's the store keeper, and a few other ones around. There's also ghosts… if they choose to stay behind."

"Which they don't." Rumia sighed as Reimu tried to grab one of Rumia's fingers with her chubby hands.

"… You know," the Hakurei Maiden suggested. "She could use somebody to give her advice in life…."

"You mean a sibling?"


"… Where is this going?"

"Can you come over tomorrow?"


"Then how about you watch over Reimu for me while I'm gone? I hear there are dangerous yōkai in the sea that need some…." The subject of yōkai extermination was not exactly something the two could talk about comfortably.

"… yeah, yeah, I'll keep an eye on her."

"Don't eat her," the Hakurei Maiden warned. "I'll be very upset with you if you did."

Rumia groaned. "You know I'm working on that! It's low to poke fun at someone's… problems."

"I kid, I kid. So, tomorrow morning?"

"Sounds good."

Reimu giggled as she flailed her arms at Rumia's face. She truly was a wonderful child.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Clement basked in the rays of the sun,the heat cascading off of their colorful(Albeit slightly sticky from failed consumption of the caffeinated beverage), as they plodded along,oblivious to the fact they had unwittingly handed over something most likely very bad to someone who would use it for bad things.

Clement however was being watched as a few feet over behind a partially collapsed brick wall,in in a brick opening a large eye looked at the stange blue and yellow being, there was a grunting sound as whoever was looking was pushed aside for a much more eager observer.

Clement stopped in their tracks, “Al-oo?”They questioned sensing someone’s presence.

A cartoonish face peeked out from the wall, bright green with two large eyes with massive black pupils, and a single sharp tooth jutting out from its, mouth, sharp triangluar spikes ran down from his head to his back.

Bub looked at Clement , then approached slowly, Bob glanced out nervously, sweat beads running down the side of his head as he saw his brother.

Bub walked up to Clement and looked at them, gave a sniff and then began to walk around them, Clement not understanding what was happening, turned as the Bubble dragon circled them, keeping eye contact, as then spun in a circle.

Bub stopped, Clement stopped, Bub ran around Clement in an attempt to get them to stop doing that, Clement in response spun around in a circle.

This resulted in Bub wheezing, and stopping in place, while Bob giggled at the tomfoolery from behind the wall.

Bub put on his best intimidation face and got up in Clement’s space, Clement in response morphed their eye arches to mimic Bub’s large eyes, as well as several spikes popping up on their helmet to mimic the bubble dragons.

Bub cracked, and started laughing, a mixture of mirthful growls and happy yips was heard from Bub, followed by spitting out a green bubble. “Orb?”Clement asked as they streched out a helmet flap to touch it.

“POP!”The bubble popped, sending a large sharp sound, which made the surface of the clay being’s skin quiver like jello.

“Loud orbs!”Clement proclaimed.

Bub winced than nervously gestulated with his small body, before making a thinking gesture with one of his claws tapping on his lizard chin before morphing into a young with messy brown hair, and blue overalls with a green undershirt(with small brown shoes).

The glint of excitement in his eye showed that this was still Bub, well in his human form anyways, that being Bubby.

“Hiya!, Sorry bout the bubble wasn’t tryin to pop ya or nuthin, I’m Bubby!”The boy stuck out his hand to shake, “Uh…”Bubby commented realizing Clement had no real “hands’ to speak of, as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly with his other hand.

Clement stood up, “I’m Clement!,I’m mades of clay!,how did you make orbs? Why are they empty inside?, How were you the ‘sca-lee’ and then not?”Clement fired off a few questions.

“Well me and Bobby,we were well I guess we were royals,before this big Dweeb called Super Drunk,turned us into Bubble Dragons and captured our girlfriends,we had to fight like...a bunch of monsters,hey Remember that Bobby!?”Bubby began to explain, before glancing over at Bob who shook his head and ducked behind the wall once more.

“Bo-bay!”Clement repeated.

Bubby snickered at Clement’s pronunciation,before calling his brother again, with clear hesitation Bobby transformed out of his cartoonish dragon form and into his human form,which was similar to his brother’s except his hair was blue his eyes were green and he wore a yellow undershirt and orange overalls.

“Hi...I’m Bobby” he said meekly,”Yeah me and my brother can transform into Bubble Dragons, its handy….considering how much trouble Bubby gets us into”.

“Thats a funny way to say fun”.Bubby chortled.

“I never metta-dragon,well I met Snar-peesh, but ‘e was a worm with a y!”Clement explained as he plodded over to Bobby, “Hi, I’m Clement,I’m a Clement…..”

And togather the three after several minutes of introductions and explanations,Clement feverishly trying to explain what a “Burd’ was and Bobby silently contemplating how a being without a mouth could talk so much ,decided it would be best to travel in threes, due to there being a large amount of awful happening around of late.

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Isaac had traveled out of the way of the ruination he had witnessed earlier from Surtr. Donnel had come with Isaac on this journey.

Ryle was currently try to treat the wounds he recieved during the battle, the spear wound was proving troublesome, because it was a gaint stab in his let. The alligator had since wandered off somewhere. It was probably eating corpes or something.

"Oh hey, wouldya lookit that! Ryle's made it here too!" Donnel exclaimed. He approached his old ally, and Isaac walked over alongside him.

"What happened here? It looks like a mess..." Isaac observed.

"Some kind of clay critter, alligator and actor fought, a cutesy ice thing and bounty hunter maybe. I'm not really sure why, they didn't give any clear answers but i got stabbed in the leg pretty bad." Ryle replied.

"I can see that, at least. I think I can fix that, though." Isaac said knowingly. Holding out his opened palm towards Ryle, a bright orange energy descended onto Isaac's ally, healing his leg injury.

Ryle looked down at his leg for a moment before standing up and causing his sword to attach to the back of his armor, He then rubbed the back of his head and said, "That's what twice today you've patched up my stab wounds. Remind me that I owe you lunch some time."

"Oh, it's not such a big deal. I used to do this all the time for my friends back home." Isaac reminisced.

"So you're and adventurer of sorts too I see, always good."

"I've been all over the world back home. I had to stop it's complete destruction during my travels. Though, I worry that it might be in danger again..." Isaac explained.

"Yeah I've been dealing with sort of the same thing in Varie, it seems that place always has something happening, but I don't really get involved in those, it seems there are others who handel it pretty well." Ryle mused after a moment of though.

"Even I've gotten caught up in that kinda trouble before. Lotta dangerous people and things that could destroy the world out there, in every universe, I guess. That's what I've learned from the Clash, anyways." Donnel observed.

"Anyway, we should probably get out of here, I imagine this play probably isn't the best to hang around." Ryle responded, as he began to make his way along one of the corridors, with one hand lightly touching the wall along the way.

"Yeah. We should try to find some place to rest, away from any more fighting." Isaac suggested as he followed along with Ryle and Donnel.


After 15-20 minute of wandering the group eventually exited the compound. it was fairly bright outside the the smoldering remains of the part of town the group met in earlier off in the distance. "Donnel, you said something about calling this a clash right?" The Laviturnian asked.

"That's what the others I've met during it have said it's called. Ya know, the whole big event with all these folks from different universes." Donnel explained.

"So is there a point to it all like something to look for? I figure burning man had a goal more that just buring down Hollywood for kicks and giggles.." Ryle inquired. Before Donnel had time to respond, a noticeable pinging sound went off followed by a quite buzz.

"Huh? Did ya hear that too? What was that?" Donnel exclaimed, taking his hands off his ears.

Ryle then reached into is pocket and retrieved a rectangular shaped object that what a block of light emiting from it." M8 where U at do?" Ryle said as he looked at he object.

Another ping and buzz went of as Ryle read more "It's cold here."

Another combination of noises followed by "I found a robit, he swears. and maybe something Phil called a space mom. I don't know what he means by that."

"What is that? Are you talking to someone with that?" Isaac asked.

"Yeah, I'm talking to my friend Dipin. It seems he's around here somewhere." Ryle replied thinking that Isaac and Donnel were joking, as the Varians took the idea of a phone much better than these two did, it seems after while they had gotten tired of send messages via birds and figured out something similar. He then typed out a reply "Hollywood, kind of on fire. Got stabbed a few times." with each letter being followed by a clacking sound.

"Wow, I wish we had that kind of thing back home." Isaac commented.

"Hmm you guys are different to the Varians then, it seems they figured something similar to these out a bit before we ended up there." Ryle replied, he was holding his phone out in an almost compass like fashion before he tapped squared in the shape of a treasure chest, and waited a few moments before a map of the general area began to load. "If you guys know anything we need to this clash thing needs us to look for I might be able to program it in here, and get us a radar of sorts going." Ryle added.

"Hmm... I think I know some things we should be looking for. In my universe, these artifacts called the Elemental Stars are needed to free the force of Alchemy from its seal. I have the Mars star, the bound force of fire. I know the Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury stars have to be out there somewhere, too. If I don't find all of them, my world could be destroyed..." Isaac explained.

"Oh like the planets." Ryle then started typing some information into the program before some sparks small orbs appeared in the air and started circling the phone. "If you could project something into those orbs about the stars, into one of the circles or tell me someore about it, I might be able to get somethig going.

"Well, each star contains the power of one of the elements of Alchemy. The Mars Star, which I have, contains the bound power of fire. The brown star is the Venus Star, which contains the power of earth. The blue star is the Mercury Star, which contains the powers of the various forms of water. The purple star is the Jupiter Star, which contains the power of wind. Each are very powerful artifacts, and all four are needed to release the sealed power of Alchemy." Isaac explained.

"Anything about rate of radioactive decay?" Ryle asked.

"Decay? Well, they're powerful magical artifacts, with the power of psynergy contained. I don't think they could be destroyed." Isaac replied.

The orbs then gently floated into the screen of the phone, before a rune on the back started to glow, "I can't promise this is going to be too accurate, but It should getting us somwhere." Ryle replied.

"That's good to hear. Knowing how it works, I think the Clash might have transported the Stars to other people from my universe." Isaac mused.

Ryle looked at his phone and tapped a few shapes on the screen before walking towards the city once again, "We should probably head this way." Ryle proclaimed.

"Alrighty. Lead the way!" Donnel exclaimed.


Eventually the group wandered into a more already rundown part of town. After a short amount of time Ryle entered building that appeared to have since long been abandoned. He stepped inside with an audible creak of the floor boards.

"Did ya find one'a them stars in here?" Donnel asked Ryle as he and Isaac also stepped into the abandoned building.

"Can't tell yet, but the radar said we should find something soon." Ryle then stepped on another board only for it to crumble into a gaping hole in the ground, Turns out it was a tunnel, a secret tunnel to something.

"Well, that's suspicious. Only one way to find out what's down there, though..." Isaac commented, as he jumped into the tunnel.

As Ryle fell down the tunnel, he extented the armor on his arm into a shield that he used as a make shift shield. Eventualy the Laviturnian reached the bottom of the shaft and landed on a pile of coins.

Isaac slid down through the tunnel to catch up with Ryle. Donnel joined them soon after.

"Whoowee! Some folks left a lot of money down here..." Donnel observed, "It's like a whole durn treasure trove here!"

"Indeed... We should take a look around here." Isaac commented, looking around the space they had landed in.

Ryle looked at the coins for a moment before looking around and noticing a similar gold color thoughout the cavern. "Strange, I think I might know where we are." The Laviturnian mused the idea of finding a city of gold, it would be strange but maybe not unlikely given the current turn of events.

"Really?" Isaac asked, before peering ahead into the tunnels. "Wow, there sure is a lot of gold here. Whoever put this here must have been really rich..."

Ryle making use of the darkened state of the cavern to lit a small fire, "Legend goes that somewhere on the American contient, there lies a city of gold." Thunder cracked the the caveren a Ryle exstinguished the flame and continued "They say that the city is guarded by an ancient beast."

"How did you do the l-" Isaac began, before being cut off by Donnel. "Ya know, if yer right about this, we could get a lot of resources outta this. They might not mind sharing money with us if we're fightin' to end th"e Clash and save worlds, right?"

"Improvised solid state Tesla Coil." Ryle replied with the wave of a hand., "Also I lied about the beast, the gold could also vary in value depending on location, as various ancient America civilizations didn't put much value in gold."

"Well, ya never know. It could come in handy." Donnel commented, as he started walking around the tunnels, looking at the various collections of treasures.

"What we should be collecting is copper if we are talking about useful metals. It's far more useful than gold." Ryle said as he attached a few handfuls of coins to his armor.

As Isaac passed by the mounds of coins, some of his Djinn peeked out through his clothes and snatched some of the coins. Donnel began taking the coins into his inventory for safekeeping.

"We should be careful though, odds are this place is booby trapped, as going to lead to something trying to kill us." Ryle said as more coins attached themselves to his armor. Ryle then stabbed the his sword into pile of gold, "Unless you have rubber shoes I suggest you get onto something stone, I'm going to try and figure out how big this place is. Also Isaac you do any Psychokinetic lighting or something like that?"

"No, but I do have the power of Venus psynergy on my side. I can manipulate the Earth, and its energies." Isaac explained.

Ryle then placed a hand on his sword, "I don't think that will be nessisary, I don't want any interference on this scan. just get on to something non metallic and you'll be fine." Ryle said as spark of electricity emanated from the hilt of his sword.

Isaac created a shield of Venus energy for him and Donnel, which they both stood under to avoid any interference with Ryle's scan.

A pulse of electricty flowed through the coins with a loud crack followed by a slow visible wave of electrons pulsed from the sword. After a few seconds Ryle wave his hand to indicate that it was safe to stand on the ground. Ryle then pulled his phone out and looked at the screen. "We're going to need some for the this map to render, but from the looks of things it seems there's a lot more gold, we might just be in Eldorado." Ryle then pulled up a meter on the screen, "Looks like scanning though all these coins is taking more engery than expected, probably because of the detail because of all the surface area to be accounted for..."

"Gosh," Donnel remarked, "I wonder just how far these tunnels extend." He watched the scanning, taking its time.

Ryle looked around. then at his phone for a second. " I was only able to scan about 15 feet around us but it seems like it could go on for a at least a kilometer. I might have been able to scan further but most of the rendering was spent on minor details thanks to all the coins.

"We should go further in, and investigate more of these tunnels." Isaac suggested as he continued moving through the coins. Donnel pocketed some of the coins, aided by some of Isaac's Djinn, who picked up coins and discreetly slid them into Donnel's pocket.

Ryle looked at the coins for a moment and commented "I we should probably be careful about taking too many of these things, this place is probably booby trapped." Ryle then headed towards a gold encrusted tunnel as he placed his sword back on his armor. The Laviturnian hadn't noticied anything of interest odd were there was nothing dangerous atleast in the general vicinity.

"I'm ready for anything this place can through our way. You two should be on alert too; Donnel, keep a look out for any danger instead of just pocketing as many coins as you can fit in your pockets." Isaac ordered, causing Donnel to sheepishly put the coin he had in his hands back onto the pile it had been plucked from. A Djinni followed suit, looking slightly glum as it laid the coin back on the stack, before returning to Isaac.

Ryle sent a pulse though his armour dropping the coins that had attached earlier to the ground. Ryle then noticed what appeared to be a staricase, upon reaching the staircase Ryle noticed that it had long since fallen into a state of disrepair.

"What's this?" Isaac asked, as he approached the staircase, too.

"It's a staircase, but judging by the looks of it, it seems this is little more than a mine shaft at this point. Anyone have any rope?" Ryle replied before kicking a coin down the stairwell.

"Yer right, that don't seem like too much of a staircase anymore. What do ya reckon it's here for? If whoever owns this here city is as rich as we thought, ya'd reckon they'd fix this thing up..." Donnel mused, looking at the derelict staircase.

"The spaniards were searching for Eldorado a few hundred years ago, I think they assumed the city was abandoned a that point." Ryle replied. "So this place probably hasn't been occupied in like half a millenium."

Ryle then looked around for some sort of support structure. then noticed a few bars hanging from the cieling. He then looked at his phone for a moment, as if to confirm something. "Hey hand me your wepons I think I can get us down. Ryle said as he detached the secondary blade from his sword.

"Sure thing," Donnel responded, as he passed over his lance. Isaac nodded and passed along his Sol Blade.

Ryle then magnetized his sword and attached the weapons to the secondary blade, and then slid the blade between the bars. Ryle then gave the primary blade a tug, and noticed an almost elastic resitance.

"Almost like a rope, ain't it..." Donnel whispered as he observed the rubbery quality of the blades.

"Yeah I think we we can use the magnetism like a bungie cord., though odds are I'll need to recharge for a bit afterwrds." Ryle said as he gave the primary blade a few more tugs. " You shoul be able to use the collar of my armor as a handel of sorts unless you got another solution." Ryle continued as he walked closer to the ledge.

"Alrighty." Donnel nodded and followed Ryle to the ledge. Isaac came along behind him.

Ryle then peered overed the edge before ramming his sword between two bricks and said "Ready"

Isaac and Donnel nodded as they made sure to hold on to Ryle's armor.

Ryle then ripped his sword out of the wall and jumped down the staircase then and held his sword upards, the trio fell. Nothing special, just falling, almost as if they trusted a random guy to get them down a death pit after knowing him for like twenty minutes at most. Ryle was suprisingly calm despite the fact that he was carrening towards certain death.

Donnel began screaming as the three approached the ground. "Was this how yer supposed to do it?!" He hollered as they fell.

The trio then began to slow down, as soon as they reach the bottom Ryle let go of the sword as it launched into the air. Ryle looked up for a moment before taking a few steps back. "You're not dead, but make sure you step back unless you want to end up stabbed.

"Alright." Isaac nodded, taking a step back. Donnel did the same, looking upwards for the sword.

A loud metalic clattering was heard before Ryles sword embedded itself into the ground and was followed by the others.

"Well, that worked out well. Nice work." Isaac said earnestly. He gripped the Sol Blade and slid it back into its sheath. Donnel picked up his lance.

Ryle looked as his sword and noticed that the blades were attached before yanking it out o the ground. He looked around for a moment in search for something of interest.

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The Nazi Party

As William Joseph Blazkowicz's head tumbled from his body, the civilians cheered as their beloved General Engel finally finished Terror Billy for good. Americans and Germans alike rejoiced, with Panzerhunds belching fire as a sort of display of victory. Finally, Terror Billy was dead!

At least, that was how things were. In an instant, America, Germany, and even the planet Venus was swallowed whole. By what, nobody knew. But all they knew was that at one moment, there was the celebration of Terror Billy's execution. The next, they weren't in America. British civilians screamed as the Armed Forces of the Nazi Party suddenly bustled forth. A few white supremacists came forth to try and join in on what they thought was a movement. And quite frankly, the Nazis would have been glad to accept brothers into their conquest.

But alliances could come later. For now, Britain wasn't brandishing the Swastika, indicating a lack of Germany.

Immediately, the streets were lit up with the shots of gunfire and lasers. Übersoldat machines leapt into action, cutting the impure with their powerful lasers. From above, the Ausmerzer rained down giant pikes and even picked up buildings via anti-gravity engines.

"Destroy them n*****s," a Klansman yelled as Nazi soldiers opened fire on the minority.

As the civilians fell, the Nazis began to spread out though Britain, tearing apart all that stood in their way. There was no stopping this far advanced military, and mercy they knew not. It was rip and tear until only the master race remained. It was only a matter of time before the entire world would fall into the hands of the regieme.

Were it not for the retaliation.

A Nazi soldier screamed as a fist sent him hurtling towards a window.

"A sleeping dragon is still a dragon!" Meiling round-house kicked a Nazi far into the sky, where he disappeared into the distance.

"Ze Chinese are an inferior race," a German yelled as he aimed his laserkraftwerk at the dragon. "Die!"

A beam of energy erupted out of the nozzle of the plasma gun, enveloping Meiling in a brilliant orange burst.

And then the cannon had it's barrel smashed open, spraying the Nazi's face with plasma. The headless body crumpled to tell ground.

Meanwhile, Meiling continued to fight, her dragon skin protecting her from bullet fire and laser alike. All was going well. Except for the fact that Nazis were attacking the mansion, of course.

The Nazi were perplexed. Not even their mighty Panzerhunds stood a match as Meiling cut through their armor as though it were water. Machine bits, Nazi blood, and weapons were hurled in the air, with the occasional soldier learning to fly.

"Mess with the Scarlet Devil Mansion," Meiling challenged, "you're messing with me!"


But Britain was not the only target of the Nazi party. Nazi ships and planes streaked through the sky, dropping troops off left and right, attacking civilians.

Reisen and Kaguya had just finished packing when a Nazi Panzerhund dropped from the sky. The metal beast gave a mighty roar as it belched fire at the two.

Quick on her feet, Reisen tackled Kaguya just on the nick of time as flames engulfed where they stood moments ago.

But the Panzerhund was not alone. Nazi soldiers, alerted to enemy presence by the mechanical dog's flame breath, surged in to incapacitate the enemy.

A few bullets landed hits on Reisen and, though the wounds were nonlethal, left the veteran reeling in pain and effectively incapacitated. The Panzerhund clamped it's way closer to its victim, flames flickering from within its jaws.

"Hey!" Shouted a young girl's voice, "You- um- Shit!" Matilda cursed herself for not formulating a proper one-liner before letting loose a stream of napalm and a war cry.

The Nazi soldiers caught in the spray roared in pain as they did what they could to try and put out the fires that were consuming them. The lucky ones, however, happened to be those who were close enough to Matilda to be killed quickly by the fire spraying onto their vulnerable parts. The others were greeted to a slow and agonizing end of being cooked inside their shells of armor. Alive.

But the Panzerhund- the elephant in the room-was all but unscathed by Matilda's attack, save from some scorched metal. The beast let out a low grumble as it retaliated with its own fire breath, lumbering towards Matilda as it gnashed its huge metal teeth.

Luckily for Matilda, the Panzerhund's gas-based flamethrower did not have the range of her napalm flamethrower. While she certainly yelped and nearly fell over backwards as she tried to maintain distance, she was able to continue splattering the robotic dog with liquid flame.

The Panzerhund grunted in retaliation as its servos broke into high gear, with the beast now opting for close combat as opposed to flame breath. Luckily, its huge armor weighed it down considerably, making the beasts movements easier to telegraph.

Having been drawn to the duel, however, more Nazis began to join the fray. Soldiers opened fire from Matilda's behind, while machined übersoldats attacked from above, using their acrobatics to get a vantage point where Matilda’s flamethrower couldn’t burn them.

However, while she was downed, Reisen was far from done. Reaching for her sniper rifle, she began to pick off the nimble übersoldats, aiming for their heads as to destroy each attacking robot.

"Focus on the big one," she ordered as she head-shotted a Nazi.

"It won't die!" Matilda cried out, her large, armored canisters protecting her from the Nazis behind as their bullets pinged against the metal. Matilda was practically jogging backwards, halting her fire upon the Panzerhund to spray blindly behind herself before returning to coating the mechanical beast.

Anguished cries of Nazis came from all directions as they burned, dropping like flies as the fires engulfed them. But as always, the Panzerhund proved itself resiliant. It made another lunge forward Matilda, blindly clamping it's jaws down on whatever it could find.

Luckily, the Panzerhund's jaws did not come down on Matilda at all. Ironically enough, a Nazi soldier charged at Matilda, dual wielding a machine gun. As he ran, his armband got snagged by a charred metal bit of a robot, keeping Matilda safe as the blind Panzerhund tore the unfortunate soldier to ribbons with its huge metal teeth.

"Aw shit, shit shit that's fucked," Matilda sputtered, taking this chance to not obey that which is taught in the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things and stumble to the side before running past the Panzerhund. She would have to clean the blood splattered all over herself on the trip to the moon.

The Panzerhund finished ripping what it thought was Matilda to shreds by belching a column of fire at the pile of gore that was a Nazi soldier, setting the flesh ablaze. Even other Nazis had to take a moment to gawk at this horrendous sight, letting Reisen pick off two or three of them. However, once they got back to their senses, they wasted no time opening fire on the two, and the Panzerhund returned to "hunt" mode as it rounded to face Reisen instead.

Noticeably distressed, Reisen tossed her sniper rifle aside, despite the weapon still having a few rounds left, and instead grabbed for a rocket launcher from her small pile of weapons. She desperately fired down on the robotic dog, from which she managed to blow the armor covering it's head… only after wasting all her missiles on it.

"Smelling" fear, the Panzerhund broke into a dash, it's jaw gaping wide as it prepared to snap Reisen in half like a twig.

Yet, it only managed to get so far before Kaguya, who spent the entire fight watching from the sides, decided to join the fray. Though she couldn't do much, the Lunarian princess used her power over eternity to immobilize the Panzerhund mid charge.

"It'll be literally forever until a second passed for it. Or until I choose otherwise."

"Oh.. Okay that's... Why didn't you do that earlier?" Matilda asked, catching her breath.

In response, Kaguya struggled to sling a Nazi soldier forward. A USB plug was forcibly rammed into his cranium, and the front of Kaguya's shirt was drenched in blood that was probably not hers. "This assholes wanted to lay me. What am I supposed to do when I've got nothing to protect myself with?"

"Not the time, you two!" Reisen tore the pin out of a grenade as she chucked it into the middle of the growing Nazi ranks. In a bright explosion, Nazis were sent flying. "We have to leave. Now!"

"Where's the thing we're getting to the moon with?!" Matilda asked as she ensured she was faced away from the Nazi horde. She pointed her flamethrower upwards, yet angled back and fired as she quickly moved it left and right, changing the angle as to try and blanket as much of the area in streaks of napalm as she could (Minus herself, allies, and in front of her obviously).

"That way if they hadn't shown up." Reisen motioned towards the wall of fire, indicating the path that was now blockaded by Nazis. "We'll have to take an alternate path." Using guns as a crutch, Reisen pulled herself on her good leg as she began limping back the way they came. "We'll get there in 15 minutes if we hurry."

Kaguya thought about what Reisen had just said. Fifteen whole minutes of physical exertion. With no breaks for snacks or videogames or restroom necessities. Quite ironically, Kaguya considered this option anymore eternity of torture and labor. On the other hand, the "easy path" was probably blockaded by armed Nazi forces, all armed to the teeth.

Labor or Nazis. Labor or Nazis. Labor or Nazis….

There was a third option.

"How do robots see things," Kaguya blurted. "They usually have these big red eyes in videogames, but I don't think they all do in real life…."

"... What!?" Matilda blinked, "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Someone just answer the question!"

"The drones the military used normally have cameras," Reisen grunted. "But I don't think that's an important question ri-"

Kaguya instantly looked back at the Panzerhund, which had all its fragile machinery exposed (from its head, at least). Kaguya had no idea what any of the chips and boards inside did, but she did notice a large, blinking apparatus in the center of one of the computer components.

"Reisen, look at that and don't take your eyes off it!"


Without giving the others time to think, Kaguya leapt onto the Panzerhund's back. Immediately, the armored dog hummed to life, letting out a huge mechanical roar as it did.

Reisen shrieked as she instinctively followed orders, staring into the mechanical inner parts of the Panzerhund. The Panzerhund shuddered for a moment, and its sensors began to glow as lunatic red. Hypnotized, the Panzerhund knelt down, almost offering Matilda and Reisen a lift.

"… I never knew it worked on machines." Reisen, careful to retain eye contact with the Panzerhund, limped her way towards it, pulling herself onto the robotic hound.

"That's awesome," Matilda remarked, briskly walking up to the Panzerhund, tapping it just to make sure it wouldn't kill her, and then climbing aboard just behind Kaguya.

Once the three were onboard, the hypnotized Panzerhund scooped up the trio's belongings with its mouth before hurling it's head back, sending their luggage and gear flying into the trio's arms.

"Time to kick some serious ass!"

It's soft mechanical parts glowing red, the Panzerhund charged mindlessly through the flame wall created by Matilda, bursting forth as it tackled a Nazi soldier, crushing him with its sheer weight. Confused Nazis in the immediate vicinity were promptly incinerated as the Panzerhund barreled through the Nazi ranks.

"Don't keep your guard down." Reisen drew one of her firearms. "It's strong, but it doesn't have the range to protect us from ranged enemies. Be on the offensive, Matilda."

"Way ahead of you!" Matilda laughed. Who wouldn't be having a little fun riding on the back of a giant robot dog? It also helped that there was fire just about everywhere at this point, and the pyrophile's flamethrower only added to the inferno as she wildly sprayed at anyone in sight that was not currently aboard the Panzerhund.

The hypnotized robot was merciless. Those who weren't being burned or shot at by Matilda and Reisen (and even a few unlucky ones who were) were in the jaws of the Panzerhund, getting their bodies torn and broken by the unstoppable juggernaut of rage. It tore through the Nazi ranks, slicing and dicing any soldier, mutant, or fellow robot that stood in its path.

And sure enough, after ten minutes of ripping and tearing and burning, the airport was just beginning to emerge over the horizon. At the same time, though, the red glow from the Panzerhund's components began to fade, signifying Reisen's mind control was weakening.

"Good boy." Kaguya patted the Panzerhund's head thrice, immobilizing the metal terror once more. "I'll give you a treat when you wake up."

"It's too heavy," Reisen argued. "We can't bring it along. It's going to have to stay."

"Aww," Matilda groaned.

"Can't we just send it through security as 'extra large baggage?'"

"They aren't stupid. They won't let that weapon through. I only planned for smaller, handheld weapons. Not this."

"Security?" Matilda blinked. She, of course, knew about security guards and whatnot, but was completely unfamiliar with how things worked at an airport, "Wait- No wea- I can't bring my flamethrower!?"

"I've planned for that," Reisen reassured. "As well as all of my own. But there's no way I can get that through, even if I hypnotize everybody at the airport."

"So like, what's flying and stuff like by the way?" Matilda asked, gently rubbing the top of the Panzerhund.

"There's lots of security," Reisen answered as she began unloading all her belongings. "And it's rather uncomfortable. But it's still the fastest method of transportation we have that won't raise suspicion."

"Do we need parachutes?"

Reisen blinked. "No need for parachutes," she answered. "It'll drop us off where we need with a hopefully smooth landing. Assuming nothing attacks us in the middle of flight, at least."

"Oh... That.. Happens here too?" Matilda gulped. She recalled early on how many planes were shot down by rooftop gunners and AA turrets during the Revolution.

"It shouldn't, but…." Reisen looked back at the Panzerhund. "… We should be fine."

"Still bummed I can't take him with us." Kaguya ran a hand over the machine dog's chassis.

"Same," Matilda nodded, trying to get her mind off of the possibility of being shot down.

From above, a Nazi carrier jet made a landing nearby, failing to notice the not-Nazi trio below. The pilot climbed out, cursing in German over fuel as he withdrew a gun and began threatening the crew of other airplanes about refueling his jet.

This commotion caught Reisen's eye, and she couldn't help but look over. The troop carrier seemed relatively empty, save for a Nazi soldier or two, the pilot, and a few weapons and provisions. Then she looked back at the Panzerhund. It was large and impractical to carry, but was a useful battle asset nonetheless with its heavy armor absorbing shots.

Maybe they didn't have to worry about managing their luggage if someone else could take it for them….

"I'll be right back, you two." Reisen grabbed a small machine gun and headed over to the runways. "Stay right there."


"Thanks for letting us bring the dog!"

Passengers within the plane whispered nervously amongst each other as a Nazi carrier jet mirrored the movements of their own plane.

Matilda was very, very uncomfortable. Not only was she not wearing her flamethrower tanks, she had absolutely no armor on and even had to take off her shoes since she had put metal inside of them for kicking things. She didn't even have a knife!

All of this on top of the constant worry that the plane was going to be shot down at any moment made for a very nervous pyromaniac that was curled up into a ball in her seat. "I never want to fly ever again ever," She muttered, despite the plane ride having only just begun.

"Just this once," Reisen muttered as the plane breached the clouds. She wasn't all that comfortable riding unarmed in a plane, either. At the same time, though, it was much preferable than moving around on foot, fighting through Nazis. Besides, the skies were a place that was out of reach for the most dangerous of yōkai.

"Reisen... Reisen," Matilda whispered nervously as she drummed her fingers on one knee, "Do you.. Um, have any, like.. Matches or... Anything?" A nice little fire would do wonders for keeping Matilda composed in this situation.

"Mmmm…." Reisen shut her eyes as a bead of sweat trailed down her forehead. Very subtly, she shook her head no.

"Mmmf..." Matilda glanced around for a moment at all the seats, the light fixtures, etc before spotting what she thought could be her salvation. "I'm... Gonna go to the bathroom," She said abruptly, clambering from her seat as quickly as she could.

"Mmm hmmmmmmm…."

Matilda had no time for pleasantries as she accidentally bumped into a few passengers in her rush to the restroom. Not that they cared, though. They all had their eyes trained on the Nazi jet following them.

Once inside the small restroom, Matilda slammed the door shut, not thinking to lock it as she breathed quickly. Just as she hoped, there were light fixtures in the bathroom.

"Just- Just one little fire.. It'll be fine," She said to herself as she clawed at the fixture. The plastic surrounding the light itself did not want to budge however, and Matilda did not have the patience to figure out how to properly remove it.

On the sink in the bathroom were two bottles of soap, one of which she grabbed and frantically began to bang the bottom of against the plastic of the light fixture. While she managed to crack the plastic, her bottle of soap had quickly fallen into worse shape. She had splattered hand soap all over herself and angrily tossed the bottle aside, getting more soap everywhere as she grabbed the second bottle and furiously smashed it against the plastic.

Again, the bottle of soap quickly gave up before the light fixture did, but the plastic around the light was cracked enough for her to use her bare hands and pry it open. She did end up cutting herself a bit, but the cost was worth it. She used what remained of her soap bottle to smash the light itself.

She then grabbed a bunch of paper towels and haphazardly shoved them and smashed them against the innards of the fixture. Eventually in her madness, she could smell smoke, and had succeeded in lighting the bundle of paper towels on fire with a satisfied laugh.

Yet, surprisingly enough, the smoke detectors did not sound. In fact, the fire stopped emitting smoke entirely as the fire hummed into a larger inferno. Not enough to cause problems, but certainly stronger. As though the air was being cleansed of all carbon dioxide.

"Fire. Beautiful yet dangerous. The power to destroy and purify in a bright orange mixture."

"Wagh! Who said that?" Matilda jumped, glancing around herself.

"I am a thing of imagination yet reality. A God to some, a monster to many others. Feared and loathed, yet never loved. A thing betrayed, just as you were. A thing whose name is best forgotten. You may call me 'mother,' if you so choose."

"... Am I going crazy?" The teen gasped.

"If you so choose to believe so, that is your decision. I hope to do nothing more than help you make the best choice… and to warn you about your upcoming task."

"W-Warn me? Why- Are we getting shot down!?"

"Reisen is a woman of a questionable past. That, you know, and you have chosen to overlook. It is not my place to judge one for the friends they make, but know this. Reisen is, whether she knows it or not, is walking straight into a death trap, you included. The Lunarians are merciless, and have weapons unlike any that Reisen has seen. You will be slaughtered."

"But that is not the only danger that Reisen has unwittingly set upon you. There are others who are anticipating the invasion from the moon. Those with twisted desires and hearts. Allow me to show you what I mean…."

The airplane cabin fell into open space beneath Matilda, plunging her into a blood red sky with an array of terrible monsters everywhere. She would land on the ground with a crunch, and see a world built on human skulls. The Gashadokuro formerly known as Satori prowled the land, picking off surviving children. In the seas, the Umi-bozu would sink rafts built by survivors, joining Murasa forever in the seas of blood.

And at the epicenter of the demons and yōkai was the demon Yukari, yet… not quite. She smiled down at Matilda with red eyes, and beckoned her forward with a black, metal hand. At her side were Patchoulli, Yuyuko, Koishi, and a few others, all twisted and perverted in some horrible manner.

"… The human race will go extinct. Tyranny and yōkai dominion forever. Is that what you want?"

"Oh shit.. Oh god- I- uh- N-No! No!" Matilda shook her head, glancing upwards as if she would see 'mother' before jerking her head back at the circle of demons that she tried to get away from.

"Of course you don't. This is not a future you, or anyone sane, would want. And thankfully, there is a way out. Look up at the moon."

"T-The moon?" Matilda jerked her head upwards. Except, there was no moon. Instead, there was the blood red Earth full of demons. But now, they were so far away. A gentle summer breeze brushed past, and Matilda now found herself in a clean park. Children laughed and played, unaware of the horrors on the planet that was once home. But most beautiful of all was the fire in the background. A huge, blazing inferno radiating a warm, gentle heat.

"When the demonic forces invade Earth, the moon will save you. Turn it into some place beautiful. Some place happy. A place you can call home."

Unlike how most would react to such flame, the sight was relaxing to Matilda, especially after the horrorshow she had witnessed prior. "But... How do I do that?" She asked, looking around again and quickly feeling silly for not being used to the 'voice in head' thing.

"Kaguya's revolution will fail. Reisen will be killed. The rest of them, the Lunarians, will turn on you. That is why you must burn it all."

The scene shifted again, with only the inferno remaining. Within the fires were the ashes of a civilization of tyrants, going up in smoke. A failed attempt at change being snuffed out.

"Burn it all."

And at last, "mother" was visible. The divine spirit of Junko had her hand placed on Matilda's shoulder. "For the sake of your future, the moon must first burn. Can you do that?"

"I..." Matilda blinked, "I- Does... Can Reisen.. Not die?"

"The Lunarians are psychopaths. For them, it's glory or death. Even if you get past the military, the tyrants of the moon currently will make sure that the opposition stays dead. They are considered 'gods' among even the Lunarians, who could be 'gods'among humans." The spirit faced Matilda with her warm, amber eyes. "… But we all know that a 'god' exists to be slayed. Reisen may not survive, but you might."

"How... Would I even burn everything on the moon? I don't have that much napalm," Matilda asked.

"How did you plan to take out Robertson?" The spirit of "mother" smiled. "It's one step at a time. When you put your heart into it, even the moon may burn."

"I.. Guess- Wait.. How do you know about Greg? Or that I was betrayed?"

The spirit chuckled. "You know what they say. 'Mother knows.'"

"I've never heard that," Matilda blinked, "... Are you, like.. For real my... Mom?" Having been raised by a group of terrorists, Matilda never had actual parents. She had no idea who her father was nor who her mother was.

"No." The spirit turned back to the burning civilization. "Your true parents have been dead for a long time now. But I will watch over you from here on out, giving you guidance and keeping you safe. Would that be good enough of a mother to you?"

"Um... Yeah, yeah that's... Good," Matilda nodded, still processing everything as she turned her head to look at the hellfire as well. She had to admit, this was all a little bit weird, especially the whole 'mom' thing, but there was something... Warm about 'mom'. Maybe it was just the fire, or maybe a part of Matilda just wanted to purposely ignore whatever creepy undertones there might be here.

"... Are you like a... Magic... Wizard or something?"

"If that's what you want to think." The spirit pulled her hand away from Matilda. "Your plane will be landing soon. I hope our chat spared you the flight."

"Oh! Uh.. Thanks... Mom," Matilda said with a look of surprise and relief.



The restroom door pounded. "What the hell are you doing in there," an angry passenger yelled. "I need to shit! Real bad!"

"Huh.. Oh- Uh- Sorry! I'm- Uh- Almost done!" Matilda yelled out, looking around before getting up off the floor and grimacing at the mess she had made. At least she was much more relaxed than she was before. She hadn't seen an inferno like that except in the occassional wet dream.

She opened the door to the restroom and quickly shimmied out to let the passenger take his dump before proceeding to find her seat. Sure enough, ten minutes of flight remained, and nobody was panicking. A good sign.

Reisen seemed more relaxed than when Matilda last saw her, now with a towel on the tray in front of her damp with sweat. The Nazi carrier jet was still right behind the passenger plane.

A small formation of Nazis jets flew by. At first, they had their missiles armed, but upon seeing the "escorting" carrier jet, the Nazi planes flew by, leaving the carrier unharmed.

"Hey... Reisen. What're all those towels for?" Matilda asked, feeling awkward after what her 'mother' had told her. Thankfully, she was already cooking up a plan to ensure her friend's survival.

"Keeping a pilot hypnotized for hours takes effort," she mumbled, staring at her hands. "Especially between two sets of windows."

"Oh, um... Do you need anything or, like.. Should I just.. Not talk?"

Reisen said nothing as the plane began to descend.

And in an awkward five minutes or so, the plane made touchdown with the ground, speeding across the runway. Not far behind them was the Nazi carrier, slightly off center as to drive onto the grass nearby.

Outside, the clouds were gray, and the air was… foggy? As far as the eye could see, lines of buildings dominated the foreground and background, with factory smoke stacks belching smoke into the skies above.

And everybody outside had donned a mask of some kind.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the captain said in a heavy Asian accent, "Welcome to Beijing."

"Bay-jing? Where's that?" Matilda asked.

"Supposedly close to the mountain we need to be at," Reisen muttered in response.

"China." Kaguya didn't look up from her console. "Land of knockoff games and hackers."

"China? A mountain?" Matilda blinked, "Is that were the rocket is or whatever we're using to get to the moon?"

"Supposedly." Reisen grabbed a bundle of towels as Kaguya began exiting her seat, only periodically glancing up from the screen to watch her step.

"We'll meet outside," Reisen instructed. "We, and specifically you, will thank our pilot for bringing our stuff here."

"I can't wait to get my flamethrower back," Matilda remarked, more than happy to get the hell off of her plane.

When the three got out to the (desolate) runway, the Nazi pilot was already unloading his cargo. In an almost gracious manner, he helped Matilda get her gear on, being very courteous and asking permission first. (Hypnotized, of course.)

"Thank you! Man, I thought these guys were jer- Wait, riiight. Hypnotized," Matilda nodded, feeling more at peace with a heavy weight on her back.

"… And your Panzerhund." The pilot strained to haul the tank robot out of the carrier, saluting to the three once the Panzerhund was at their feet.

"Now Matilda," Reisen repeated. "Thank the nice man for helping us carry our stuff."

"Thank you," Matilda did as told, even giving the man a comical salute of her own.

Reisen's eyes narrowed. "… That's not what I meant by 'thanking him.'"

Promptly, the red glow disappeared from the Nazi's eyes. For a moment, he was bewildered. The next, he gasped as he began reaching for his gun.

Matilda realized what was happening just as his hand reached for his firearm. Just like that, he was toast.

The charred corpse belched for a small flame burst as the gases inside the Nazi ignited.

"He says 'you're welcome.'" Already, the Panzerhund was hypnotized once more, and Reisen helped Kaguya climb on.

"Okay, how was I supposed to know that's what you meant by thanking him?" Matilda asked while she climbed aboard behind the other two.

"Hey, doggo!" Kaguya patted the hypnotized Panzerhund on the head. "You know how to get to 'Everest?'"

Promptly, the Panzerhund bellowed out fire as it immediately turned to the distance, bounding its way through a ruined China.

"Good boy!" Kaguya patted the robotic dog's side.


"… What exactly did you show the girl?"

Junko gently tipped her cup of tea forward, into her mouth. "As much as she needs to know. You weren't there, and neither was Hecatia."

"Huh? What about me?" The goddess of Hell, Earth, and the moon looked up from her three planetoids.


Shinki slammed her staff into the ground. "Concentrate, Junko!"

"Right, of course." Junko turned her attention to Shinki once more. "The rabbit will be a little later than the crusader. But given the hospitality of the Moriya Shrine Maiden, it'll be plenty of time for Inaba and Co to catch up."

"…And anything I should be worried about?"

"They should be off to the moon, one way or another."

"Good. I don't want bible thumpers to be in my way while I find Yakumo."

"Again, I'll make sure they're on the moon while you lay siege on the Earth."

"Good." A smile formed on Shinki's face. "You hear that, Hearn? Hakurei? Soon, it'll be me who will be laughing once you are dead, and when Alice is rightfully by my side!"

Shinki roared with a laughter of a thousand demons, causing the entirety of Makai itself to quake.


A Memory of the Phantasm…

"… What do you have to show me this time?"

Hiro's voice was unenthusiastic as always, but he was smiling now at least.

"Not much. Just a quick meme or two, that's all."

"Well, let's have a look."

Maribel slid her phone to Hiro. As always, he was unimpressed.

"… You just don't want to lose the bet, do you?"


Maribel frowned. "Well, what's your sense of humor, anyways?!"

"Why would I tell you?" A sly smile crept along Hiro's mouth.

"Oh, you jerk!" Maribel punched Hiro's shoulder.

"Ow, Merry! Chill." Hiro recoiled as he clutched his shoulder, staggering around in pain.

Maribel promptly gasped. "Oh my goodness! Are you alright?"

"…No." Hiro fell to his knees. "I might die…."

And it was precisely now that Maribel realized it was a prank. "Oh, shut up, you!" She giggled.

Once he was done with his charade, Hiro returned to waiting for his train to arrive. "… So how's Usami doing? I heard she got…."

"She's making a fantastic recovery, now that you mentioned it. How come?"

Hiro shrugged. "Just asking."

Maribel's eyes narrowed as a sly smile of her own began to form. "…You're into her, aren't you?"

"Wait, what?! No I'm not!"

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!" Maribel reached for her phone. "I'm so asking if she's into you as well."

"Hey! Stop that!" Hiro tried to grab Maribel's hand.

"I know a place that has condo-"

"Hey! I already said that I'm NOT into her!" Hiro's face was red with embarrassment, conscious of the fact that people were staring.

"I can't wait to see if she says yes or n-WOAH!"

Once again, Merry found herself stumbling off the edge of the safety railings, and this time Hiro was too far to catch her.



Hiro desperately ran to catch Merry.

Right as the horn of the train sounded.


"…What… where…?"

Maribel blinked herself awake into a familiar sight. Bright lights, and sterilized white tiles. She knew this as the hospital. The same one Renko was housed at for her cancer. Maribel knew this like the back of her hand.

Just not from this angle.

"What were you thinking?" Doctor Yagokoro shook her head as she finished wrapping Maribel's arm in a cast. "I get an emergency call about a girl getting hit by a train. In the middle of attending your friend's condition."

"…Sorry." Maribel's voice was hoarse and soft. She immediately fell into a coughing fit.

"At any rate, you'll have to stay here for the next three weeks while your organs recover. Then you should be strong enough to pull yourself forward without internal body failure." Eirin gave Maribel a disapproving look as she left the room. "Now, there's someone who would like to meet you. Hopefully you won't have to bother me while I'm busy again."

Frustrated, the doctor shoved her way through the door, giving someone outside a signal to enter.

"…I'm sorry."

Slowly, Hiro entered the hospital room with a sheepish grin. "… for… what happened…."

Maribel coughed. "I was being stupid," she whispered. "It's… not your fault."

The two stared at each other in awkward silence.

"… If there's anything I can do to make up for it," he began.

"… over here." Maribel beckoned him to come.

Hiro obliged, standing to her right. "Yes?"

In an instant, Maribel through her arms around his neck. She yelped in pain as her bandaged arm crashed against the metal frames of some medical device. "…Take me out to dinner? After this?"

"If that's what you want." Hiro gently patted Maribel as she hugged him. "Consider it a gift from a friend."

"No." Maribel pulled away slightly. "I don't want to be your friend." She gazed into Hiro's eyes. Something she learned to long for after the months they spent together at the train station and in class.

Hiro seemed to know exactly what Maribel was asking for. His cheeks began to flush red as he broke eye contact, suddenly becoming embarrassed himself. "…I'm not sure what you're saying," he lied. "Are you going to stop seeing me or-"

Without saying anything more, Maribel planted a kiss on Hiro's cheek. After several seconds of awkwardness, she pulled away. "I've been meaning to tell you for a while…."

Gently, Hiro helped Maribel lie down in her bed. "… I'll be back tomorrow," he said hurriedly. "I promise I'll have something to give you next time."

"Take your time."

Both red in the face, Maribel watched as Hiro sped out of the room, leaving her to reflect on what happened.

"You idiot," a part of her mind cursed. "You don't just propose to someone so suddenly! He's going to dump you, first chance he gets! How can you be so stupid?!"

But the rest of her didn't care. Overwhelmed by thought and emotion, Maribel gently shut her eyes, passing between the boundary of dream and reality.


Over the next few days, Maribel proceeded to spend her time either alone, being cursed at by Yagokoro for being so clumsy, or with Hiro, who kept his promise of having something for Merry.

"Stop it with the gifts! You'll drown me in them before I recover!" Maribel giggled as she accepted the eighth Teddybear.

"I thought you'd like them."

"Well, yes. But look at this! Don't you think it's a bit ridiculous?"

"I think you look adorable surrounded in a wreath of stuffed animals." Hiro pecked Maribel on the cheek.

Giggling like an idiot, Maribel gently accepted the teddy bear, adding it to her growing collection.

"Have an idea yet of what you want to eat?"

"I was hoping you could decide for me, actually."

"Well, what do you like to eat in general?"

"I mean, I like a lot of Japanese food…."

"Well, you won't find a shortage of that."

"I know. Just tell me one that you like, and we can eat there. Got it?"

Hiro gave Maribel another peck on the lips. "Alright. I'll find something. Love you, sweetheart."

"Love you, too."


Y҉̝̲͍͔̙̩̘O̜͇̗̕Ù̵̹̻̘̹̞͚R҉̸͙͖ͅ ̤͕͚͜͝ͅO̷̩̤͚̩̠͙B͙̣̫͉͈̟͉Ș̗̹E̸̬̗̹̻͔͚͖S̜̟̦͙̤͚̜̣̀̕̕ͅS̺͈̪͇̼͇̣I̶҉͚̳̞̰O̷̩̩̻̪̱̠̟͎N̨̫̯̩̭͕͎̱̥̱͡ ̶͈̞͖͓̜͕̯̘́͟W̸̡̼͚͘I̵̭̮̦͚͍̠͡T͕͢͝H̢̛̘̭̣̱͉̰̲̕ ҉̲̣͎̯͉̘͈̤͢͝ͅṬ̡͙͜H̢̜̜̪͓̱͙E̵̼͕͔͓͉͇̤͈ ͕̥̝P̸͚͍̘̱̤̪͝A͢҉͔͎̰̝̮̠̞S̛̳͡T̡̻̰͢ ̮̹͈̜͓̮̩̞̜͜͝I̛̖̥̠̝͠͡S̴̮͕̦͉͡ ̦̤͍̙͉̥͢M̵̯̩͡O̩̙̰͓͕̜̬Ś̭̣̬͢T̤̗͇̦̘̼͚͚̹̀͟͞ ̗͡I̻̺R͏͍͔̘̭͚͖̞͙̰R̼̰̭͙I̴͚̬͠Ṯ̯͕̪̠̰A̯Ţ̰̠̗͕̀I͕̱͉͙̙N̢̬͈̱͔̹G̶̮͙̦̞͖͍̦ͅ.̨̠̭̪̗̺̳̼̪

Learning to tune Yami out was an acquired skill. Yukari sat in silence as she stared at the wall, her expression blank.

Y͓͕̙̣̖̯͍͘O̤̺̳̤̬͘Ṵ̴’͏̝̺̣̠̪͜R̶̗͖̘͖͘Ę̷͎̮ ͈͘L̘̦͚̥̮̰̼O̢̜̠̰͎̭̳̳͕͡͠S̸̨͈̫̞̦̲I̷̸͉̰̟̰̯͉͚N̢̦̥̺̯G̩ ̟̹̣̥̯̭̲Y̳͖͠O̷̵̷̺̖̹̝̩̖̬Ú̸͖͖͈̗̞̻̰͓͠R̴̻͉͍̜̀͢ ̞̯͟͞T̰̩̺̯̘̮͟Ó̜̣͓͍̺̝̥͘U̪͇̻̮̺̕̕C͖̳̕H̥̙̮͓̦̹͙͜ͅ.̙̯̹ ̡̨̠̠͖̝̝̥̣̯͜À̷̠̼̙͖͍L̗̟̕R̲̭̪̗̤̫͉̳͇E̛̦̘̫͇͓̦̙A̶̱͙̫̻̖̲D̡͉̪̘̭͇̣̥̼͈͜Y̵̮̥̣͚͘͢,̹̳̻̼̼͙͇ͅ ͙͔̥̮̝͇̖̗̕͢Y̜̮͚̳̫̻̠̦̫Ǫ̜̠̞̹͈̜̣͝͡ͅͅU̴̯̗̹̝̟̟͢R̠͕͉͘͟͝ ̪E̶̙͔̤̻̹̝̪͖͢͟N̤̫͉͇̠E̠͙̹M̧͔̦̫̰̟͘Í҉̟͍͉̙͚͕͟ͅE̶̢͙͓Ś̝̙̰͔ ̻͖̪̺̞̗A͔̹̼̭͈̱R̭̺̠͇̩E̡̝͓̘̘̥̜͜ ̴̫A̙̮͝H҉̵҉̥̗͙͉̯̥͙Ẹ͈͍̤A̠̳͍͕͍̙ͅD̶̠͓͙̜̯̬̯͍ ̷̢̥̤̫͔̺̙O͇̥̼̠͓̘̖̕F̷̨̜̦̩̤̟ ̺̬͠Ỳ̜̪͔̤̖̖̩͚͘͡O͇̩̣̠̭͕̝̩Ú͕͉͓̜̫͓͍͇͔.̡̨̰̼̼̗͉̠ ̙̱̯̹́͟͡Í̲̟̲̥͚ ͏̶̼̘͎̗̪̩͕͙Ȩ̸̺͝X̨̙̯͓͔̪̞P̪̩͎̘͚͍͘E҉͉̰̥̗̲̝̹̙̬͘̕C̜̘͝T͙̻̹͢͞͡E̻͇̤̩̹̠̹͟͝D͕̮̞̼͎̗̹̀͞ ͖̬ͅM̻̫̼͎̻̟̜͖͠Ó̶̼͉͎̰̬R̵̛͔̜̳͎͇͚̮͖͟E̡͚.̧̛̯͔̭̘̳͞ͅ

The boundary yōkai slowly bowed her head, now looking at the hospital bed she loomed over. It was beaten and weathered over years of misuse. Even then, memories of lying in this very bed persisted. Memories of waiting for the doors to burst open, anticipating Hiro to come offering gifts, as he always had.

O̫̳̯̗̖̜̯̟͘B̟̤̙͍̝́͘S͏̫̭̦E̸̷̮̻̩͝S̝̭̱̖̀S͏̖̣͖̤̦͚I͍̰̹̳͜͢N̴̷̪G̰̞͔̫̪͍̤̙̳̕͝ ̵̛͍̩͔͚̟̠͖O̜̥̬̤̳̖V͙͓̥̰͢E҉͚̺̲̠̻̪͖R̵̜͓͚͕̼͖̫ ̴̰̼̘̞͚H͚̜̼͢I̶̵͔̭̱̙̖͈͟S҉̶͎̜̬Ṱ̨̣̹̗͝O̵̦̟͕Ŕ͕̱̺̦̮̙͍Ý҉̞̩͜ ̸̶̡̬͙W̳̼̬̦̲̥͜͠I̤̹̟͓̳̙͈͓L̢͙̫̼͈̮̱͇ͅL̤͇̫̩̣̬̮̕͢ͅ ̷҉̢̹̦D̺̗͖̀͢ͅƠ̫̗̠ ͝͞҉̥͉̬̳̯̰͇Ń͙͜O͉̣͎̝̭͕̼͓̤͘͜͢T҉͖̘̠̲H͢͢͏̟͎̳I̻̯̲͙̼͠͞N̛͈̻͎͍͞G̺̭̟̘̩̦͜ͅ.͖̺̪ ̮͚͎̗̖̮̰Ì̟̲̺T̟̠̠̘̕͘’̦̠̯̻̪̠̘̠͡S̡̛͈̰̼͎̱͚̗͘ ͕̻A̫̗̩̘̥ͅ ̵̣͍̗͔̹́́G͔̞͍͙̥͙̼͇H̰͎̣̻̱͎̀̀ͅO̷̢͖͈̭̘̲͝S̵̨̛̼̺̫͚̬̬T̸̖̭̞͚͇͖͜.̺̱͎͈̯͜ͅ ̞̤̘̞̠̺͚͍͜Á̼̺̞̦̦͙̥ ҉͙S̰̮̖͎̼͎ͅH̲͕̰͔͠E̸̘̠͟͝ͅĻ̻͡ͅḺ̛ ͏̬̙̖̪̱̮͠O̷̧̥̪ͅF̬̖͙͍̦̥͝ͅ ͏̩̲͔͔̤̠̺̞Ẃ̡̮͚̜̖͓H̴̬̹̘̰͇̩̺͖͞͞A̶̞̘̺̞̩͖̮͢T͕̳̻̪͟ ͕̻͞O̷̵̲͇̘͇ͅN̦̯̖͘͠͞C̱͙̘̰̥E̝̙̳̪̳̝͉ͅ ̛̤̲̖͍͍͚̰W̴̧̺̘̰̥͉͖̘̦A͙̹͇͍̙̫ͅS̶̞̗͙̞̖̲̟͍̲.͏̵̣̥̭͖̞͢ ҉͔̻̹͢͡I̝̙̦͇̪͎̲T͏̭̲͓̦̱͟͠ ̼̫̩Ò̴̝̙͘F̳̟̭͔ͅF̨͚͉E̸͍̠͙̭R̢͍̗̗̟͇̼̱ͅS̶̤͉̯͔̰͢ ̨̻̙̲̻̲̬̞̟̕ͅY̡̭͍̜̟͓̗̺͜Ǫ̛̥̭͈̭̘̲͚̤U̙ ̡̭̬̺͕͓͇̭͞ͅͅN͢҉͔͓O̞̗̟̙͓̹͝T̷͖͔͚̣̮H͎͈̥̗Ì̤̘͢N̶͖͔̥͟G̡̺̖̀.̶̦̝͘ ͝҉̼̻̲̼̦̟̺͜T͇̬͎̜̟H̷̥͟E̶̡̖R̨̥̣̫Ę͎̻͇̗̟̟͞ ̨̤̞̰I̱̱͉̳͝S̰̞͠ͅ ̷̠̼̤N͍͕̟̺̝O̧͕̘̻͉̰͟T͖̣͉̪̥̱ͅH̘̗̫͉̪͟͜͡I̴͉̙N̸̗͚̪̰͖͖͖͡ͅG҉̘̰̖͉̲̩͙̳̻ ̹͎̞͉͖̞͉͉̘M̶̡̖̖̫̱O̦̗̙͕̟̘͘Ŗ̛͔̫̣̥̮E̛̦ͅ ͙͈̗̳̺̠̲̠͔H̡̩̣̪͙̪̖Ȩ̨̥̻͝Ŗ͈͎̣Ḙ̳͚͎͍̼͞ ͏̡̘̞ͅF̟̩Ơ̯̜R͇̞̹̗͚ ̳͖̻͕̥̞̥͓͟Y̵̢͔͡O̸̡̮̼̬Ṷ̢̢̹͕͈̮̩̩̦.͔̩̗̩̫͔̱ ̰́̕L̛͖̣̼̼E͎̖A͔̰͘V̸͔̰̻̖͔͇E͉͖͍̤͟ ̙͇̜̝̟̼͙̀͝A̲̮̭̙̭̞T̨̧͏̟̥͍̭̰ ̴͙̲̲̭̘̀O͍̩̪͙̫͖̝͖͕N̸̰̖̯̺̹̺C̡̻̜̭̮̟͡E̶̜̳ ̳͙̲̙̺͚͉A̧̧͇͓̭͔N͙̯̣̮̲̠͉̠̠D̥̝̺̫̤͜ ̭͇̻P̺̦̣̞͙̖ͅŔ̨̯̣͟O̜̝̫̭̳͉͖͕C̵̛̮̝̻̪̟E̡̯̯̝̦̯̱͝ͅE̪̤̩̲͓̖͜D̵̜͕̪̣̗̫̭͖ ̷̵̣̬͕̱͈͍̘Ẁ̨͔̼̱̘̲̥̫I̟̣͓̦̦Ṯ͈̯͜Ḥ̮͇̞̼̤̬̹͜ ̪̻͉͙͚̦͉ͅY̸̺͈̭͓͍̯͠O̶̝̙̠U̡͖̜̹̜͇͖̯R͏̢̺̹̩̰ ̸͕͉̥́P̢̼L̵̢͍̼A̬̩̗̝̟Ń͎̻ ̦̠̫̥̙̯ͅA̸̠̦̜̮̖͚̞ͅL͉̜̀͝R̴͏̸̫͉̮E̷͙̪A͙̜̻̮̮̟̞̥͜D̢͉͍̥̩̭̙̲̻̠́͡Y̛̬̞̞͇̼̠͘ͅ!̙̜̖̗̼

A sorrowful Yukari fluidly crawled into the bed, her hands clasped over her stomach. Just as she had remembered.

”I was so naive,” she cursed under her breath. “So… childish. Yet I was happy….”


The plan. Of course.

”Everything still hurts,” the yōkai whispered to herself. “Renko. Hiro. Everybody….”

Ț̢̨̠͈͠H̫̞̲̭̰͕͞E̡̠̱N̵̳̰͔͢͟ ̢͎̯͍̙͓̞͚͢H͉́U̴̳̺̰R̴͈̜̙̟̖̟̤͇̀̕Ŕ̥̼̟̜̺͕͚͟ͅY̵̖̬̖̻̹̕ ̴̵҉͉̥̠̖Ṳ̸̠͓̹̙P̵̛̻ ̢͈̹̗͎̦̼͓͡W̸̨̺̳̞͎͈͎̠I͈̫̬͙͕̖̞̟̖Ţ̛̳̠̤͞H̶͔ ̵̛̼̙̥͇̮T̡̮̩Ḩ̗͈͚̠̠́È̷̫̖̬̲͓̘̤̱̭́ ̴͈P̞̞̫͢L̞̲̠̻͘͝ͅA̫̗͖̗̞N҉̵̫̫̯̠̥̞͉̩̦,̠̳̦͖̺̀̕ ҉͔̼̲̫͍̦̠Ỳ͎̘͙̥͙̙͢͟ͅO̠͘U̙̣͓͉̯͜ ͙̩̞̙̗͜W̖̪̗̕͡O͇̭̬̰̻̳͠Ṟ̷̨͕T̴͈̞̳̯́H̨́͏ͅL̗̝̥͕͍̫̙̹͎͢E̗͍̦̤̱̭̖ͅȘ̵͉̤̳̣̕ͅŞ̡̙̠̬̖́ ̹̘̙̻ͅC͚̬̳͜R̨̜͍̘͝E̬̰̣̠̼̪͚̜͜A̴̧̮̳̞̞̰̫T̜͎͈͓͓̟͚͘ͅU͉͙̦̟̭̹̖R̶̰̜̭̼͉̻̹E̞̞̳͘͟!̣͉̘̬͞ ͇͚̘̜E̪̜̤̹͎͎͓͘͜V̝̺̖̭̝̕E̻̩̞̫̗̱N͓̘̳̣̘͕ ̜̰͓̭̩̫͎͚́ͅẀ̹͈̣̮H̷͇͎̹̼̮̜̮̳̜E̢̙̲̼͞N̵̟͙͔̞̬͖̘͘͝ ҉̮̲̤͓Y̷҉̰͓̱̭͉͎ͅO̭̕U̖̠̲̙̜͔͔͚̗ ͜͏̯̯̼͇̭̞͟H̡̘̩̲̤͍͘ͅA̡̯͉̜͢V̢̲̙͇͟Ȩ̵͍ ̨̝̘̮̰͟͝N̴͈̜̺I̹̲̘̥͙̠̣G͈̝͞H̙̖̳͈̹̜͓͢ ̷̣̼͚̯̯̻̰͔I̸̫͜N̸̢̟͕̦̘̬F̧͖̦͇I̱̬͚͜N̨̖̦̖̖I̡̮T̵͈͈̦͖͔E̴͏͎̲ ̶̠̜̠̹̘͈̬̹P͔̦͕͙̺͞͠Ò̶̻̠̝̜̤̙͙̜̬W̸̫̠̹̗̰Ẹ̴̶͕͓͉̙̲͞R̨͏̪̦̮̹̫̩̻̱͘,͏̷̯̩̗̻̰̖͔ ̵͔̜̞̻̭̫̕ͅY̵͈͘͢Ò͓̗̺̣̼U̧̩͉̱͙̲͉̕’̤̘̥̝̦̝̤Ṟ͈̲̻̣͝E̘̙͡ ̡̖̭͓͍͈̘̹͖S̴͉͇̕T̶̙͓I͇̦̝͖͍͙͉͔Ĺ̝̤̥͢L̻̥̠͖̣ ̣À̶̡̪S̝ ̷̲͠H̷̙̙̝̺͖Ó̻̬͎͇̭̫P̸͕͈̲̖Ę̸̲̼̞̘͖́ͅL̴̛̲̩̭̼̩̩̭̪Ẹ̟̯̰̜̫̣̪S҉̛̳̹̥̲̣S̶̥̳̭̪͇͝ ̲̙̲͡A͏̟S͈̩̤̦͎͘͘͡ ̶͎͙̤̥̻͓̱̘E̴̤V̧̭͉̰͢E̢̩̰͔̦R̴̸̡̦͙̥̩͖,̫͖̹̭̟̙̭͓̀͢͜ ̶̴͔̣̺̤͢ͅH̘̦̙͖̥̺̕E̢͚̻̭̲̮À̸̤̹̻͓̜̪̝R̰̖̬̬̼͙̫̀Ņ͔̮̥̫̱̝̬̱͜!̯̝̬̝̪̕͝

Something inside Yukari clicked. She whirled around and bombarded the area behind her with a barrage of trains. Attacking Yami was pointless; it simply couldn’t be slain

That wouldn’t stop Yukari from trying.

”DON’T USE THAT NAME!” Yukari gasped for air in the midst of her rage. “Don’t… call me… Hearn!”

O͙͙̞͝H͏̷͎͠,̻͍̤̯̤͕ ͏̼̱̱̻̻͍̀ͅH̨̻̼͙͙̭͇̻͢͡I̵̵̧͕̬̻̹̖͚̰͚T̶̡̟̬̱̘̝ ͏̠̺͓A̡̖͘ ̸͙̤͢S͉̹̟̟͙̜̫̹̖͘͘O͏̱̤͙̱͎͇͞ͅR̹͕͍̞͡E̶͎̪̟̹̟̺̪ ̴̗̪͓̕͠S̴̢̱͔̥̣̺̥̻P̸̪̭O̼̝̖͕̮͍̰͍͢͠T̷̵̝͍ ̴̝̩̯̝̠̕N̶̗̦̟͇̳̠̪͇͘O̡̙̹̰̟͓͙̞W̕͏̶͎̩̣̩̰̼̦,̷̛̦̼́ ̲̲͙̦̙͔̲H̰̝̖̤͉͖̪̪́A̢̠̯̘̱̤͡V̰͓̞̯̦̹E̛̱̖̭͠ ͞͏̬̩W҉̸̥͔͈̗E̫͘͞ͅ?

“Of course it gloats,” Yukari spat as she settled back into the folds of the mattress. “That’s all you’re good for, isnt it?”

As the God continued to berate and belittle her, Yukari reached into a gap. After rummaging around for a few moments, she finally withdrew a stuffed animal. Age had not done it any favors, with stuffing bursting from the seams, and one of its eyes was coming loose.

It was still sentimental nonetheless. ”Pathetic. Reduced to cuddling with dolls in an old bed after enjoying the spotlight of being considered one of the most loathed, despised villains.” Just as she deserved.

Feeling helpless and weak, Yukari curled into a fetal ball, weeping over the past she longed for.

”… I cant lose.” Wiping a tear from her face, Yukari pulled herself up, casting aside the sentimental doll. “The world will burn,” she told herself. “Yami will return. And then, you too will die, Maribel. Just as you wanted.

That, I promise.”

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Zandoo, H, Aethetic, and Jawlord

Zoey And Crew

"Where are we even going?" Asked one of the older girls in Zoey's group.

"We just need to find, like.. A wizard or something. There's magic dudes literally everywhere," Zoey explained, "Then he can magic us back to the Hold, or even get dad free."

"... That's a pretty sucky plan."

"At least I have a plan!" Zoey snapped at the much taller daughter of Wolfe, "You... All of you were just sitting there! If I didn't get us out of that bar, then nobody would be trying to save Wolfe!"

The older girl was silent for a moment. "... Maybe our moms are right... What if... He isn't a good gu-" She tried to say before being interrupted by a slap from Zoey and a collection of gasps from her sisters. Whether it was the slap or the insinuation that their father was evil that elicited their gasping was hard to tell.

Zoey looked like she wanted to scream something, but was unsure of what exactly to say to express how she felt. And so she just angrily turned away and gestured for the group to continue following.

"I'm hungry," One of the younger girls whined quietly. It was a sentiment they all shared. Unfortunately, none of them had money, and the chaos enveloping the world sapped at people's generosity. Nevermind the fact that this was a group of fourteen children.

While they started their journey as confident underdogs, the group of loyalists were miserable. The heat and their hunger combined with the recent defmation of Wolfe by their mothers made this a horrible day unlike any other. There had been multiple occassions where a number of the girls simply broke down and cried and the entire group had to stop and reassure them that everything would be okay.

Ahead on the road the children walked along, a single person walked. He seemed like he did not belong in the world, his armor obviously not from the universe, and his rigid bulk differing from the world's usual characteristics. Perhaps he could bring them to where they wanted to go? Perhaps he could save Wolfe?

The possibility was too enticing for Zoey to ignore as she picked up the pace, heading directly for the armored individual.

"Wh- Zoey! Zoey! What are you doing!?" One of the girls asked.

"He looks like a military guy! Maybe he can help us!" Zoey called back.

"They probably don't even speak English!"

The desperate Zoey ignored such things as she pranced right up to the man. She and the other girls were an absolute mess. Half of them were barely clothed, most of them were sunburnned, all of them were covered in sweat and dirt, and Zoey's smile could easily be picked apart to show her distress. "Hello, sir! Do- Er- Do you speak English?" Zoey, at the least, had on a thin coat that didn't put her in a heat trap, but still kept her moderately safe from the sun.

The Doomguy swiveled around, looking down at Zoey behind his emotionless visor, tinted nearly beyond seeing into it, barely letting the 14 year-old to see his eyes, filled with annoyance and subtle rage. He said nothing, simply staring for a moment, before turning away, wanting to get back to his hunt of the monsters and demons that plagued the world. He knew clearly what she had said- he simply would not answer.

"W-Wait!" Zoey tried grabbing for his arm, "Me and my sisters really need help! We're hungry and.. Thirsty and... Trying to find our dad. Please." Please speak English. Please speak English.

The marine stopped again, hearing the pleas of the girl, turning to face her again. He took a moment of contemplation, before looking around for something. He then turned away and began to walk towards an abandoned gas station without a word. He stopped in front of a vending machine, still intact and full of snack foods. He felt around for a moment for a wallet on himself, before simply punching the glass, cracking it with the first blow, then shattering it with the next. The Doomguy looked back, waiting for a response from the children.

Zoey and the girls seemed shocked, but their hungry tummies propelled them forwards with big smiles as they crowded around the ruined vending machine and cleaned it out. One of the youngest girls hugged their bringer of snacks' leg and said, with a mouth already full of chips, "Hank you hreen hershon."

"Oh my god, thank you," Zoey managed to say as she quickly shoved a chocolate bar inside her mouth. The others gave similar verbal gratitude before or during their consuming of the feast bestowed upon them.

The Doom Marine said nothing, simply looking out at the buildings around him, simply waiting to get back on the move. He had done good, and he thought he had done enough for them.

"So-" Zoey let out a burp, "- What's your name? I'm Zoey, this is Jannet, that's Tina, Casey, Madison (We just call her Maddy), Harper, Elizabeth, Mila, Anna, Ruby, Clara, Maria, and Mary!" She pointed at each of the girls as she called out their names. Jannet seemed to be the oldest of the group, while the one clinging to Doomguy's leg, Tina, looked no older than six.

The Doomguy, as he had before, replied with simple silence.

"Does he speak English?" Harper asked.

"Duh he speaks English! He got us food!" Zoey replied, "Maybe he can't talk with the thingy- the helmet on."

"We could guess what his name is," Jannet suggested, "We-"

"There's literally, like, a billion names," Zoey argued.

"I know that, Zoey. What I was going to say was we can eliminate a lot of the names by-" Jannet stopped herself and started speaking to the marine himself, "Could you hold up how many fingers the first letter of your name is in the alphabet?"

He rose zero fingers.

"See? Even he thought that was dumb," Zoey huffed with folded arms, "We'll just call him.... Uh..."




Before the yelling of names could get out of control, Zoey yelled louder than the rest, "BOB!"

The others were unimpressed by her choice. Before anyone could dispute the name, Zoey quickly stood by 'Bob''s side and said, "His name is Bob now and if anyone doesn't like that name then they're being mean to the guy that gave us food and I'll tell dad you were rude."

There were a few groans from the girls that didn't get to label the marine with their name of choice, but ultimately the threat of being tattled on and simply not wanting to argue with Zoey solidified Doomguy's name as 'Bob'.

"Do you like 'Bob'?" Ruby asked the marine.

The Doomguy turned to look at Ruby, saying nothing, before returning his gaze to his previous view of the streets, his patience slowly being gnawed upon. There was no harm in letting the kids have a little fun, but if they kept on with this, he would eventually have a problem.

"Do you know where any 'wizards' are, Bob?" Clara asked.

To this, the first actual response came from the Doom Marine in the form of a short shake of his head.

"Oh..." Clara frowned.

"We're trying to find a wizard that can magic us to our dad," Ruby repeated Zoey's plan.

"He got cat turd," Tina stated.

"Captured," Jannet corrected, "We should probably explain what happ-"

"I'll do it," Zoey interrupted, ensuring that she could tell Bob how things really happened. "Everything was fine until this stupid... Mushroom person showed up. He did something to our moms and their brains and now they hate our dad. They let this stupid idiot jerk called 'The Warden' take him away from us!" She explained, getting emotional in retelling the story. It may have been brief, but the ordeal was, well, an ordeal for her.

The Doom Guy noted the 'Mushroom person' and his apparent malevolent work as he listened, as well as 'The Warden' and his emprisonment of their father. However, he also knew they were children, and were more than likely heavily biased.

"And he laughed at Zoey too!" Ruby butted in, "When he said he took daddy away!"

"And then this dumb clown with purple hair named Slapstick got a bunch of weird people and they tried to trap us in a bar!" Zoey continued, "One of our moms tried to- Jannet."

Jannet covered Mila's ears while motioning for one of the other girls to cover Tina's.

"She tried to kill herself after what that mushroom thing did to her! I don't know what it did to make them hate our dad or want to do... That, but we just want to find our dad!" Zoey finished.

The Doomguy nodded slowly, acknowledging the children's story. He had to get back to work... back to keeping Earth free of monstrosities... but these kids seemed like they needed all the help they could get.

Jannet looked at Zoey, then learned in close to 'Bob' and whispered, "I don't think Zoey knows what she's doing. I want to find our dad too, but she doesn't even have a plan or anything. We've just been walking for hours now."

"Hey! What was that! What did you whisper?" Zoey huffed.

"Adult joke," Jannet answered quickly. It was an excuse Jannet had used before, which was bizzare considering what these children had been exposed to. Yet, somehow, it usually worked.

The Doom Marine tried to distance himself from the seemingly ensuing argument, not understanding how to deal with things such as stopping children fighting. Tina giggled as he walked, still plastered to his leg. "He's strong! Like daddy!" She blurted out.

"Pfft- What? No, dad is like, the strongest person ever," Zoey insisted, "You're only six-years-old. Anyone can pick you up." Insulting Wolfe to her was like insulting Jesus to a devout Catholic. Considering that, she handled it rather well.

Mila, who was seven-years-old, quickly clung to Doomguy's other leg with a playful giggle of her own as she looked at her slightly younger sister.

"Guys! Don't- Don't pile on him!" Jannet fretted.

"You heard her, guys! Pile on Bob!" Casey shouted.

To a group of children starved for fun, this was a golden opportunity. The older ones managed to resist the temptation, but the five youngest (Excluding Tina and Mila) rushed the unstoppable force that was the Doom Marine, intent on climbing aboard and clinging to his armor. The Doomguy, bracing himself, still stood against the weight of seven children piling themselves onto him, unwilling to do anyhting against them.

"Woah! He is strong!" Anna gasped.

"... Hmph, not as strong as dad," Zoey huffed while the seven girls riding 'Bob' laughed and made silly noises.

"Come on! Do you- I- I'll tell dad if you don't get off of Bob!" Jannet threatened. All of the girls save for Tina scrambled off of the marine. Being lifted by his leg was too much fun, and Tina was too young to care about the threat.

In the distance, some beast which had been released upon the world let out a screech. Doomguy would gently pry the six-year-old off of his leg, before slowly grabbing from his back a shotgun, pumping it loudly.

Zoey, always eager to one-up somebody else, fumbled her own shotgun out from under her coat and pumped it as hard as she could in an attempt to be louder than the Doom Marine.

"Is that Penny's gun?" Mila asked.

"Shut up, Mila!" Zoey hissed.

A booming footfall made the Doom Slayer tense up, holding up a hand to gesture for the children to stay back as he moved towards the source of the noise.

To Jannet's dismay, Zoey cared not for Bob's gestures, sauntering up to his side with her stolen shotgun. Nobody told Zoey what to do! (Except Wolfe, of course). Even Ruby, the copycat of the group, was unwilling to be so bold.

Doomguy pushed her back gently, shaking his head slowly, as from past a crumbling building, a large form writhed with a hiss that echoed through the street. A massive reptilian beast, standing on two long limbs clambered from the rubble, a long tongue flittering from its jaws, seemingly unaware of the group's existence.

Zoey's confidence faltered as she stumbled backwards at the sight of the monster. Her quickly glanced at Bob and mustered false courage. "P-Pfft! I've killed.. Ten of those yesterday," She boasted, lying through her teeth as Jannet facepalmed from afar.

In any other situation, the Doom Marine would leap into action, fight the monster with no regards to the surrounding area. However, with the prescence of these children forced him to go with another plan of trying to wait out the beast and hope it did not find them. He turned back to the kids and nodded towards the empty gas station, gesturing for them to go inside.

Jannet managed to huddle them to safety, all except for Zoey who was adamant on not being upstaged by Bob. Zoey knew what she was about to do was a horrible idea. It was likely the worst idea she or anyone else in the Hold has ever had. She was reluctant to go through with the idea, but hearing her sisters compare this mute to Wolfe made her blood boil.

And so Zoey hopped forwards, just a little bit in front of Doomguy, and fired her shotgun in the monster's direction. Expectedly, she nearly fell onto her rear from the knockback of the firearm clearly not meant for her.

The Skullcrawler turned towards the pair with a growl, tail whipping behind it, before it let out a roar, beginning its lurching charge towards the two from the wreckage it had been wallowing in. With haste, the Doom Marine put his shotgun back, and heaved Zoey onto his shoulder, running away from the gas station as the monster chased after.

Zoey let out a terrified scream, instantly regretting her stupid decision. She clung to the marine fearfully, managing to still keep one hand on her shotgun. After a quick moment to gather herself, she shakily shuffled herself in his grasp as she held the gun in both hands, pumping it and firing back at the beast chasing them.

The crawler, its jaws open, took the whole of the shotgun's blast, halting for a moment, shaking its head angrily, before firing out a chemeleon-like tongue, wrapping around Zoey's gun and hand and attempting to yank her back into its tooth-filled maw.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Zoey screamed as loud as she could, flailing one arm, but unwilling to let go of her shotgun. Her other arm wrapped itself around Doomguy's head.

Doom Guy stopped running, the Skull Crawler having halted to pull the 14-year-old out of his hands. He dropped Zoey down from his shoulder, keeping his arm locked around her waist, as he fumbled for something to break this tongue. Instead, after a moment of searching, he decided to grab onto the tongue itself, yanking and pulling it off of her arm, but instead it yanked him off the ground, dropping Zoey as he was propelled towards the Skullcrawler's throat. As he was yanked in, he pulled off his back what he had been searching for, a chainsaw, before the jaws clamped shut. The Skullcrawler shook its jaws, before swallowing with a gurgle.

"BOB!" Zoey screamed before realizing she had stolen the shotgun but not the ammunition for it. She threw the empty gun at the beast in an act of desperation.

The monster let out a roar, taking two steps towards the girl, before stopping, letting out a screech of pain, writhing and seizing, before the monster fell, its tongue falling from its lifeless jaws. Slowly but surely, the loud roar of a chainsaw rose from the Skullcrawler's chest, before, in a burst of viscera and blood, the Doomguy tumbled out of the beast's stomach, taking a glance to ensure Zoey was unharmed, before falling to the ground.

"Oh my god!" Zoey gasped, rushing over to him to make sure he was unharmed, "That was aweso- Are you okay- You rip- I- Uh-" She tried to tell 'Bob' how cool he looked while also worrying about his state at the same time.

In the distance a large, heavyset man clad in faded denim jeans, millitary boots, a white T-shirt with an emblazoned cartoonish bomb smiling wickedly. He was riding towards them on a massive, all american chopper. The engine thrumming and roaring with power.

As the motorcycle came closer, its rider was far easier to make out. The large man squeezed the breaks, coming to a stop slowly about 30 feet from the Doomguy. The brow above his yellow-tinted reflective shades was slicked with sweat, every part of him was partially soaked. He was riding through desert after all. He would jog towards Doomguy. With what looked to be a sledgehammer in one hand, and a desert eagle in the other. The alien was likely dead, but the old alien slaying badass wasn't taking chances. He would empty a magazine into the creature's head, before smashing the skull into gory splinters with his hammer.

"Checking for a pulse, and all that."

Slowly, the armored man heaved himself off of the pavement, wiping some guts off of his shoulderplate, turning to the new arrival with annoyance.

Zoey looked Doomguy up and down before turning to the stranger and asking, "Who're you?" At that moment, the other thirteen girls slowly filed out of the gas station with uncertainty.

"Sam Stone, former captain of the Earth Defense Force. Protecting the planet against Mental's alien tide. Bastard threw the moon at us, so I was going back in time to Ancient Egypt to kill him before he killed us. But this isn't Egypt, and it ain't ancient. You catch all that?"

"Someone threw the moon at you?" Zoey repeated doubtfully. She had seen some crazy things recently, but there had to be some limit to the insanity, right?

"Not so much throw as they did push, but yes. Threw the moon and blew up the planet. Everyone, including you. Which is why I need directions to the nearest airport. Or city, what's the closest city?"

Zoey blinked. "We're in a city."

Not caring about the plight of Sam, the Doomguy walked back towards the gas station, hoping to assure the children that it was safe. Seeing him approach, even the older members of the group charged Bob for a mass hug, save for Jannet. It was hard to make out specifically what each of them were saying, but it seemed to be a general mixture of them being relieved he was okay as well as praises for how cool he looked with his chainsaw.

Sam looked over at the ruined city, the skullcrawlers having done a large number on the population center. "Look. As much as I would like to stay here and kill aliens, I have a world to save. Are there maps in the gas station?"

"HEY JANNET!" Zoey yelled.

"I can hear him!" Jannet huffed, heading back into the gas station. She returned moments later with a map of the area that highlighted cheap tourist traps, hotels, and restaurants, which she offered to Sam.

"Thank you." He stated curtly, walking back over to his motorcycle, stretching out the map as he planned his route to the nearest international airport. He'd need to get to Cairo prefferably in two days or less.

"No problem... Wouldn't... Traveling back in time cause a paradox or something?" Jannet asked.

"Time's made out of wibbly wobbly shit." Sam replied curtly once more, struggling to get the bike running once more. The harsh desert sun was running the engine ragged, it would be overheating before long.

Jannet did not understand, but decided it wasn't worth pursuing as she looked over at the mob of children swarm-hugging Doomguy. He looked as if he would fall over at any moment from the swarm of children surrounding him.

Jannet couldn't help but snicker as Zoey charged into the group, leaping onto the marine's chest with a loud laugh. With Zoey's weight upon his chest, the Doom Marine could not withstand the tide of children any longer, falling to the ground surrounded by children. The joy of the kids, their smiles and laughs... it made the Doomguy feel... a little less angry.

"Hey Bob?" Mila asked, sitting near his head, "Isn't it hot with the.. The hat on?" She placed her small hand on the visor of the helmet and looked down curiously.

'Bob' struggled to look over and shook his head no. While it was kind of cramped and humid, it was a fine helmet. In fact, he had become more accustomed to wearing it than not.

"Oh. Does it have a... An air con.. condition.. air conditioner?" Mila asked, momentarily unsure if 'conditioner' was the right word since there was also 'hair conditioner'. Again, he would shake no, before trying to get up from the mass of kids.

Some tumbled to the side while a few (Namely Zoey) managed to cling on to the marine. Jannet aided 'Bob' by removing most of the children still stuck to him as he tried to get up.

As he got up, he walked inside the gas station, regardless of children still on him, and grabbed a roadmap. Slowly analyzing it, he was thinking of where to go. He needed to bring the children somewhere safe, even if they did not think it was needed, but it was difficult to find sanctity like that when the entire world was in such chaos. With all places marked on the map either destroyed or overrun by dimensional threats, he had no choice.

Crumbling up the map and throwing it on the floor, the Doom Marine looked down the road without a giant monster's corpse in the middle of it, and pointed forwards, nodding to the group of children to follow. They happily complied, their hope in achieving their goal restored now that their bellies were full and they had a new friend to lead the way.

A dweller arrived at the scene of carnage and gore, his black suit jacket soaked with sweat, persipiring so much that his hair was dripping, he kept glancing over his shoulder for some odd reason,panting methodically.

"Ey...ey kid!"McCoin called out to Zoey, waving his hands frantically,before falling into a coughing fit and recovering, muttering something cryptic about a 'moving crate' under his breath he jogged towards the group.

Zoey gasped as she looked up to see McCoin approaching them, quickly lowering her head and whispering, "That's one of the weird people Slapstick got," as the rest of the group began to fall silent.

"Kid,why did you run off like that!?,you caused your folks all kinda grief,you're lucky I'm used to long distance travel bucko!"The Dweller clown asserted. His jovial nature and overall kindness so far did make Zoey feel a little guilty about running off and telling 'Bob' he was a bad guy, but she couldn't risk anything getting in the way of saving her father and his writings.

The Doomguy turned to the odd newcomer, looking at the subtle distress the group had come to under his prescence. Slowly, he walked towards McCoin, towering over the Vault Dweller as he stopped ia few feet n front of him. It was obvious he was not a fan of the dweller.

McCoin looked up, blinking, before taking of his slighty chipped monocle and cleaning it off and placing it back on his face.

"McCoin Capitalism, former dweller, current haberdashed hero." McCoin held up his small crude cartoon hand.

The Doom Marine did not produce his own hand to shake, instead simply continuing to stare gravely at the corny-named hero, an obvious expression of annoyance visible from behind the tinted visor of the Marine's helmet. Zoey stood behind him with a confident smile while the other girls mostly seemed confused or wary of possible confrontation.

"Not a speaking man, can respect that after being surrounded by loudmouths". McCoin formed his hand into a fist before tapping it lightly twice on Doom Marine's arm.

The Doomguy, without hesitation, grabbed the cartoon hand, holding it under immense pressure, definitiely enough to break bone, as he rose the dweller level with his own face for a moment, before tossing him back a short ways from the beefy marine. Zoey's smugness vanished as she bit her lower lip with a worried expression. She quickly realized this, and straightened her face out.

McCoin hit the ground, spilling caps from his pockets.

"First the treasure chest, now this, alright". McCoin got to his feet, "That was most uncouth good sir, I really liked those fingers" The classy dweller cracked his neck, "But given the circumstances I'll let it slide, Zoey, lets go, I'll find a bus or something, any of you got change, all I have is gold on me." The cartoonish clown began to walk towards them again.

"No. We're not going," Zoey declared as she folded her arms. The others looked at Zoey before nodding in assent.

A look of shock crossed McCoin's face, before fading into a cold expression, "Alright, fine, you want to choose your father?".

"Choices, choices" McCoin muttered sadly, taking out his plasma caster and checking to see if it was loaded before placing it on the ground and kicking it over to Zoey.

"You choose to do that, you choose one more thing,"

"Look, I could spend hours beating on your deaf ears what he did was wrong,I thought the tears shed by your mothers as they recalled the horrors he put them through would be enough, but I get it, I was raised in a lead lined basement where we were sent out to murder people just like us, trying to survive in a world made by men like your father, greedy men, who would sooner destroy the world around them, murder innocent folks, and use and abuse, until all thats left is burning sand, and glowing seas....".

"HE WAS NOT LIKE THAT!" Zoey shouted furiously. Doomguy attempted to put a hand on Zoey's shoulder in order to keep her somewhat collected and not make a rash decision.

"Well am I? Is Slapstick? Are any of the people you've met that have said those things?..." McCoin paused. "Well Warden maybe....but if we're so opposed, to him, we must be evil".

McCoin motioned to the gun, "We are a threat to the very idea of your dad's twisted methods, you know what".

"Choose, you either pick up that gun and shoot me until I can't bother you anymore,or you admit that the world you think is all white has quite a bit more black in it,if you don't...otherwise I'll still try to help...to your father that would hurt, then you'd have to kill Slapstick,That little green guy,who knows who else,probably your mothers..."

"Or you can get him to kill me, in the end you still choose".

McCoin began to walk forward towards Zoey.

"Y-You don't know him like I do!" Zoey insisted, "You guys just showed up out of nowhere and started saying my dad is evil! He made our moms happy! He gave us a big place to live where we were safe! We had food! He cared about all of us! You guys barely even talked to him!"

"I lived in a vault,with food,water,and friends, I was cared about until I had no use to the vault, then I was thrown out by my coattails".McCoin continued to walk.

"If you truly believe that, all of it, I pity you, living in a warped reality is no way to grow up...but now you have a chance to choose to believe in what was, or take a step back and look at the full picture".

"Choose.." McCoin was three feet away, a look of grim determination on his face.

"I'm not a murderer, and my dad wasn't either. Bob, knock him out," Zoey ordered. But the Doomguy hesitated. The conversation ... it made him question how to go about this.

McCoin walked up to Zoey, "If I'm this much of a threat to your dad, wouldn't he want you to kill me?"

"Get away from me!" Zoey yelled, punching McCoin with eyes full of tears. While she put all her strength into it, she was only fourteen-years-old.

McCon winced then got up, "Then choose, I'll get away permenantly" The dweller walked forward, his monocle broken around his eye, light bright red blood flowing down.

"Why are you being so stupid!? I don't want to kill you! Daddy didn't kill Slapstick, and I know they didn't like each other!" Zoey shouted.

"Probably because Slapstick can't die, that's why he never 'disappeared'". McCoin continued to walk.

With that snide comment, Doomguy finally chose to take action. In a sudden motion, the Doom Marine snatched McCoin by his scrawny neck, gripping down intensely around his throat, stomping away with him in hand.

"Gonna hit me big man?, Better make it count, better make sure it kills me.." McCoin spat, but he refused to try to pry the fingers off of his throat his hands hanging limply by his side.

Slamming the Vault Dweller up against a nearby wall, pinning him to it by his neck with one hand, the Doom Marine began to wail on the cartoony figure, punch after punch landing upon his face, again and again cracking loudly with every connection, with no sign of stopping, anger positively flowing with every motion of the man.

The green bar above McCoin's head faded into view quickly going from green to yellow to red, as his bones were broken,his face mangled.

"W-Wait! Bob! Stop! That's enough!" Zoey yelped while the oldest of the group of girls shielded the eyes of the younger.

But the Doom Marine, deafened and blinded by his rage, kept going, slamming his fist into the mangled mess of McCoin's face over and over.

"BOB! STOP IT!" Zoey screamed, wanting to pull the marine away, but too afraid to physically intervene.

Slowly, the blows halted, before the Doom Marine dropped the limp Dweller, his armor covered in McCoin's bright blood as he let out a huff, stomping back a few feet, turning back to see if the Dweller still had the gall to keep it up.

McCoin had his stats about halfway up in 'GALL', but he still managed to haul himself up, face more hamburger meat than man, he leaned against the side of the wall.

"C-c-choose." McCoin said limping forward, painfully slow towards Zoey.

"Let's just go, please," Zoey begged Doomguy, avoiding looking at McCoin.

McCoin was not so easily deterred as his pained hands the placed the gun in Zoey's own, and stood in front of her.


The gun quickly went to the ground as a plasma caster was far too heavy for a fourteen-year-old girl to pick up. She did not attempt to pick it back up as she stepped away, horrified by McCoin's appearance.

The Doomguy yanked back McCoin once more, but did not lay into him with a barrage of fists. Instead, the Doom Marine glared into the Dweller's eyes, and pointed in the opposite direction, shoving him in that direction, before walking back to the group of children, turning back to ensure the Vault Dweller was not still going on with it.

Jannet ushered the group away, with Zoey following as she glanced back to make sure Bob was following and that McCoin was not.

McCoin looked at the retreating group, the innocence and fear in their eyes, reminded him of when he was younger, before all of the bad.

"If a sad clown is needed, I suppose I'll play the part..."McCoin lumbered forward, when a rotound portly figure appeared from the shadows,"No" The orange demon whispered.

"I don't want that"

Without any time to react McCoin was violently shoved into oncoming traffic, a vehicle smashing into him and tossing him upward before he landed on the road a broken heap of tissue with two large "X's" where his eyes were.

Mr.Pumkin leered over his crime before his dead eyes looked at the horrifed expressions of the girls retreating.

"COIN GUY!" Zoey gasped in horror. She looked at the pumpkin that had murdered McCoin, and her shock quickly turned to anger as she shouted to the Doom Marine, "BOB! KILL IT!"

The Doom Slayer crunched his neck, snatching his shotgun from his back as he stomped towards the demonic pumpkin, firing off a shot at the massive gourd as he approached.

Mr.Pumkin opened his mouth and inhaled the bullet, smacking his lips, "Give me the challenge!" He roared.

With this declaration, the Doom Marine would happily oblige. His steps turned into a full-on stampede of hate towards the otherworldly vegetable, firing his shotgun twice more into the direction of the Pumpkin.

The shots embedded themselves in his thick rindy flesh, undettered, he charged forward swinging his club-like fists in a windmill motion.

Tossing his shotgun to the ground, where it skidded a slight distance away from the two, Doomguy grabbed the flailing fists of the Pumpkin, his own strength holding them in a stalemate of power, with Doomguy slowly being pushed back by the Pumpkin's inhuman strength, but would not be deterred by him.

Zoey looked down to the plasma caster bestowed upon her by McCoin, and yelled for Ruby to come help her. Together, the two managed to lift the twenty pound weapon and aim it at the pumpkin. Unfortunately, Zoey was unable to get a good shot with Doomguy so close, and so she was on standby.

Veins bulged in Pumkin's arms,gross pumkin juice leaked from his human/pumkin pores, then he smiled and yanked Doom Guy towads him, opening his mouth up wide to bite the Hell Hunter in half.

Noting the two children holding the weapon behind him, Doom Guy heaved, turning so that the back of the Pumpkin demon had its exposed back facing the waiting plasma caster, before snatching the jaws of the vegetable, holding them open with all of his might.

Seeing the opportunity given to her, Zoey squeezed the handle trigger of the plasma caster.

Mr.Pumkin Exmmasloped, into a thousand gross pumkin chunks, his hands however though dead still had a grip on Doomguy's own. The Doomguy meticuluously snapped the fingers of the pumpkin back off of his hands, freeing himself before walking over to grab his shotgun. He walked back to Ruby and Zoey, saying nothing as usual, but seemingly giving off a mood of approval before gently taking the Plasma Caster from the two.

"That was awesome!" Ruby shouted, ensnaring Zoey in a victory hug.

"Yeah.. It was.." Zoey said half-heartedly, craning her head to see where McCoin had landed after he was hit by a car.

Doomguy looked over to the corpse of the Vault Dweller as well, following Zoey's eyes to it, before walking up to her and kneeling down, and from his back, he handed her his shotgun, seeming to want to replace the one she had lost during their first fight.

She held it in her hands for a moment, looking it over before placing it on the ground. She ensnared 'Bob' in a hug of her own. While she was grateful for the gift, she was emotionally exhausted after the chain of ordeals she had been through. "Thank you, Bob," She murmured.

Doomguy, taken aback for a moment, awkwardly returned the hug, patting Zoey on the back as he did. The feelings that went through his mind were almost alien to him after such a long time of hate and anger. It was... somewhat satisfying to the Doom Marine.

Zoey pulled back and smiled to him. "When we get daddy back, I bet he'll really like you... And not just because you helped us."

The Doomguy rose up, saying nothing oncemore, nodding slightly to the girl and turning to join the rest of the group. They had a lot of ground to cover... wherever they were going.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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"I hate caves.... I hate... Underground... And heat..." Emmo groaned, leaning against the side of a tunnel she was ever so slowly progressing through, "... Fucking... Why are you even down here... Is it... Is it really worth it?"

Further down the tunnel, the echoes of a hummed song flowed through the cave, ahead a blurry (the heat distorted the air, like a summer mirage) figure working over some large lumpy..... thing. It was hard to tell anything from how far Emmo was.

The neurosurgeon squinted her eyes to no avail. She angrily rubbed them against her arm s she mumbled, "Most perfect eyes any human has ever had... Can't even see shit." She took a few steps forwards and hoarsely yelled out, "Hey! Is that a... Person? I'm... I could really use some water..." She quickly remembered to add a, "Please!" at the end.

As her voice reverberated through the chasm, the figure turned, and an obvious long protrusion from their face could be seen, even through the heat. The darkness of the figure now made sense as the doctor waved, “Ah, greetings, Doctor! How goes your endeavors?” He left the lumped pile, which Emmo could now identify as what appeared to be a heavily-mutilated bovine, with what looked to be a brass pipe stuck in its ribs, and walked over to meet her.

"Aw... It's you. I.. I think I'd rather... Suffer a heatstroke," Emmo grunted, looking over at the hack's experiment, "... What the hell are you even doing? And why down here?"

I was doing some spelunking of my own, wondering if a possible key to my work laid down here. Here, I found that poor thing. It looked as if it had fallen down into this labyrinthine cave and had fallen due to dehydration, with the Great Pestilence flowing through its very being. And so, it was necessitated that I test my latest hypotheses of my cure,” SCP-049 explained in detail, somewhat deterred by Emmo’s half-handed insult, “I may have some hydrating fluids in my bag. Are you sure you would rather not? I would hate to see another pursuer of medical breakthroughs to perish.”

As he spoke, one of the cow’s limbs, split into two by metallic joints, began to twitch, the inverted head turning slightly to the noise of voices.

Two very large parts of Emmo were in conflict with one another. On one side was her logic and rationality (Plus her current dehydration) begging her to just take whatever water the Plague Doctor may have. If she passed out in this cave, it would be very likely that nobody would find her, and she would die.

The other very, very, very large part of Emmo spoke in dissent: Her pride. While she was no stranger to enlisting help from others, she had always possessed some level of control in the situation, manipulating people into feeling sorry for her, abusing one's lustful instincts, etc, etc. In this situation, however, she was legitimately in danger. She needed help. Not only that, but she needed help from someone that she absolutely loathed. This cheating hack that dared to question her when they first met.

However, when she tried to swallow her spit only to realize there was none to swallow down her dry throat, Emmo conceded to her basic human needs. "Fine," She growled, "At least I'm... Vaccinated for whatever crap you probably put in your water..."

“I would never use a fellow doctor as a test subject!” The plague doctor scoffed, turning to walk back to his bag to find the cow he had been working on was now standing, a hollow rasp rumbling from the tube in its chest. The SCP hummed with an affirmation for a moment, taking out a small leather-bound notebook and writing inside it with a ink pen he had produced. “My cure has gained some potency, but is not quite accurate...” he mumbled as he wrote.

"Hey. Water," Emmo rudely reminded, "I'm.. Come on.." She rubbed her eyes once more and took a deep breath. If she had known that what she was looking for would be this deep, she would have brought more water.

“Yes, I understand,” The Doctor quipped as he took several more swipes of his pen, before putting both pen and book beneath his cloak , “But curing the Great Pestilence is of utmost importance,” as he began to walk to his bag, “But now, I shalt deliver you what I offered.”

At the same time, the cow-based abomination began to turn its mutilated body towards the two, though its obvious focus was upon Emmo as it slowly stamped towards her on its strangely altered legs.

"... Hey.. Hey if.. If your zombie cow voodoo bullshit touches me... I'll.." Emmo blinked a few times, taking a quick moment to think up a threat, which was rather frightening to her considering she was normally quite snappy with her wildish threats, "I'll... Uhm.. Make arms... Grow out of your nostrils... With testicle fingers."

“Madam, you will have to bear with it. While uncured, it still contains the blight I seek to destroy,” 049 stated, grabbing his bag by its handles and making the slow return, “Do not be so crass! A fellow doctor should not do such to those who consider themselves their compatriots!”

"I'm.. Not a patriot..." Emmo hissed, nearly stumbling to the ground as she stepped backwards and ending up in a squatting position that then lead to her sitting down with a grunt.

The bovine picked up speed, its steps hurrying in pace as its neck, previously stuffed into the ribcage, unhinged outwards, the skin of the head peeled back and held in place by metal pins. It was obvious that it was aggressive from every movement.

"Aw.. Shit.. Shit.. Emmo come.. Uh.." Emmo mumbled to herself as she groggily sifted through the pockets of her labcoat, which she had tied around her waist. She produced her only bottle of 'perfume' and lazily tossed it forwards, trying to hit the undead cow coming for her.

The ‘perfume’ hit the cow square in its skull, its udders lactating seemingly curdled milk almost immediately, jaws opening to let out a moo of pleasure, but without a proper throat was unable to. It’s entire body shook and shuddered, halted by the pheromones.

But suddenly, the cow aberration fell to the ground as soon as the Plague Doctor tapped the animal’s skull with his gloved finger. “I am terribly sorry, Madame, the partially cured are somewhat tithed when they awake. Here,” he pulled from his black bag a small corked vial of water, handing it to Emmo.

In Emmo's mind, she had taken the water very slowly and with grace. She gave the doctor a snobby look of contempt before carefully, and expertly, uncorking the bottle and taking a series of modest sips.

In reality, she quickly snatched the bottle from him and fumbled with the cork for a few moments before finally ripping it off and chugging the water down as fast as she could, letting out a raspy breath when she was finished before clearing her throat.

“Are you feeling better, Doctor?” The Plague Doctor asked, cocking his head to the side, offering a hand down to Emmo to help her up.

"Yeah.." She muttered, taking another deep breath as her head and vision slowly began to clear. She licked some of the water from her lips into her mouth before using the wall to help herself up.

“Now I ask you, Doctor,” 049 began, “What are you looking for in this horrid catacomb? There is nothing but molten metal and rock. I occasionally hear the cries of some far off beast, but that is besides the point.”

"Just... Treasure hunting. This is El Dorado after all," Emmo answered, not explaining the apparent lack of treasure on her person save for a silver necklace she snagged because it had a pretty, baby blue opal embedded into it.

“It is? I thought those to be the mad ramblings of the conquistadors...” the crow-masked doctor thought, before gesturing to her, “What have you found in this golden place? And what is it you seek?”

"Just a bunch of dumb gold and jewlery and whatever," Emmo waved her hand dismissively, "I'm.. Not really looking for anything in particular. Just stuff that catches my eye."

“And what catches your eye in a place where it is prophesied any treasure awaits?” The SCP asked, squatting down and fumbling through his doctor’s bag.

"This necklace. It matches my coat," Emmo half-lied, gesturing to the lovely necklace she was wearing.

“...Yes, it does, does it not?” The Plague Doctor admired the opal-imbedded necklace, some sort of confusion in his tone, before locking back at Emmo, his tone shifting to a cheerful one, “So, where shall we be going?”

Emmo's smile from admiring her own necklace was slapped off of her face by his words. "We?"

“Of course, We! We are both seeking grand treasures, are we not? And would it not be better to have company in such a grave space as this? I would not wish to see you again in a position of dehydration oncemore, and I doubt you would, either!” The Doctor explained happily.

Emmo turned her head away slightly while her now-squinted eyes remained affixed on the doctor. Nobody could be this oblivious to how rude she had been. There was only one possible explanation. "... Are you hitting on me?" She asked suspiciously.

“I would never! Flirting with a constituent is far below me! I prefer professionalism over such crudeness,” The SCP scoffed, “Now, as I said, where will we be heading? The Plague keeps rolling as we stand idle, and whatever lies within this place may hold the cure within.”

"Below you?" Emmo huffed, "Are you trying to imply something?" The neurosurgeon regarded herself as the pinnacle of human perfection, especially when it came to beauty. She could hold a three hour long presentation to psuedo-scientifically prove why she was objectively better looking than any other woman who has ever lived and explain how such perfection was achieved.

“I imply nothing that, while holding a friendliness with you, I will not attempt to ‘hit’ upon a lady of such scientific caliber.” The Doctor explained.

Emmo's pout fell apart at the compliment... And then quickly returned when she realized that now it would be unreasonable to be angry with him for not hitting on her. Then the pout faded away once more once she realized she was pouting again. "Hmph... Well, at least you know your place," She stated, "I'm trying to go deeper down into these caves. I would assume that the best loot is down there."

"My place?" the plague doctor asked, cocking his beaked head to the side. While he more than likely understood what she meant, he wished to hear it in her own words.

"Of course, recognizing my 'scientific caliber'," Emmo explained confidently, "Knowing that even trying to hit on me would be pointless. Like... a Paraplegic trying to enter a marathon. It's something they could try, but it wouldn't go anywhere."

"No, I could more than definitely try," the SCP commented, "But it would fall flat due to your... emotional flaws, so to say."

Emmo's eyes snapped open as wide as they could. She quickly glared at the Plague Doctor. "Emotional flaws?" She repeated.

"Yes, that I said," SCP 049 nodded, "You have an obvious lack of care for others. An obvious self-centered viewpoint that will put yourself above anyone else, even if it leads to their untimely demise. I have seen many cases of this, but scant seen a person with such an advanced condition."

"Hmph. I can't help being objectively better than others," Emmo huffed, "And a lack of empathy is not a flaw. If anything, it's an improvement."

"Have you found the ability to bring back the unliving?" the doctor asked, folding his arms, "Or do you understand my cure? The Plague I seek to end?"

Emmo pouted, "The plague was cured already."

"Yes, a disease was cured. Many have been. But it is not the Great Pestilence. It permeates through the populace, its effects unseen until their demise. But I seek to stem it before it ruins us all."

Emmo rolled her eyes at the doctor's ramblings, "It doesn't take this long to cure a disease- Or, well, it shouldn't if someone capable was working on the cure."

"Are you questioning my work? My rigorous experimentation?" The Doctor asked with a glare, "I do not question your work, merely your emotional lacking."

"Yes, I am. Though.. I guess you can't be blamed entirely.. You do come from a much... Simpler time, don't you?" Emmo said haughtily, "And, again, compassion is a flaw. Sometimes lacking something is a good thing."

"Compassion is human. Compassion is a natural instinct," 049 remarked, "If it was a flaw, the perfection of evolution would have removed such a thing. Wolves would be lone predators forever, societies would never form, and humanity would dwindle out of existence, another animal without a point. Perhaps it kept such a 'flaw' because it was... efficientto the order of things."

"Oh yes, natural evolution always works just right, doesn't it? Like sloths, weren't those just the best? Or penguins? Birds that couldn't fly? Evolution sure is something, isn't it? That's why it gave us compassion! I'm sure all the tyrants that turned their countries into industrial powerhouses were the most compassionate people in the history books."

"The tyrants lacked compassion, like you. The sloths, the penguins, each fit into their own purposes. Evolution may be flawed at times, but it rights itself into a perfect system, and the ability of compassion is a righted piece of it. While you lack such a thing, I do not look down upon you for that. No, I look down upon you for your sheer arrogance."

"I earned the right to be 'arrogant'," Emmo insisted, "When everyone else just... Downloaded whatever knowledge they needed, I worked to get to where I am today. I proved myself superior to every other man and woman of a population of people who are also superior to every other human being. I was one of the few to actually educate myself the hard way, and even then most just did it for kicks. Really, I'm not arrogant. I'm just stating facts."

"Ah yes, your superior intellect, I am most sorry. You may be smart in most fields, my lady... but you will never overcome my medical knowledge. Trust me when I say that your arrogance, your condescension, will never come to fruition within my fields. Just that you learned your knowledge through books and teaching yourself does not make you superior; it is your application of these gained ideas that makes you the better person. But you... do not fully use them."

"I pushed medicine farther than you think," Emmo spat, "I was chased off of my home planet because they couldn't handle what I had to offer."

"And yet, you cannot handle what I had to offer with my cure." the Doctor quipped.

"Anyone can make a stupid cow stand up and try to attack someone zombie style!" Emmo yelled, "You don't bring things back you hack! They're changed!"

"Yes! They are cured!" The SCP stated aggressively, "I have cured them! I have the cure! If I can continue developing it..."

"Cure what!?" Emmo asked, "What is this stupid 'Great Pestilence' that you're trying to cure, huh!? What does it do? Do you even know what it looks like? Have you examined it under a microscope!? Is there even a plague to begin with or are you just deluding yourself!?"

"...There is a Pestilence! Do not question it, there is a plague that afflicts the masses!" 049 declared, beginning to stroll along, downwards in the tunnel, "And I can create the cure it desperately needs!"

Emmo followed, not letting up on the doctor, "Then what is it!? Huh!? What does it do!? How is it contracted!? If there's a plague, then tell me what it does! Is it a bacteria, virus, fingus?! What does it do!?"

"It is... a disease of the mind... of the body... of the soul..." the doctor stated slowly, "And my cure, when completed, can revitalize all possible afflictions caused by it's presence!"

"Of the soul," Emmo repeated, nearly laughing if not for her disdain, "What kind of hack doctor still thinks humans have souls? Even then, you still didn't explain what the plague does. Do you actually know anything about this goose you're chasing?"

"It permeates the entire being, both physical and beyond!" the doctor shouted with annoyance, "How you cannot understand after all I have explained, I do not think you will understand after I explain it oncemore."

"The only thing I understand about this plague is that it's nothing more than... The delusions of a crazy person!" Emmo argued, "How can you even call yourself a doctor and spout garbage about souls!? Oh wait, I do remember reading about you hacks that wore the bird masks in a book. Something about going door to door with a pile of bodies in a wheelbarrow and cutting off pieces of plague victims and then sowing them inside of people's arms? Thinking that was a proper vaccine? Makes sense you'd believe in nonsense, now that I think about it."

"Call me a hack one more time," the Plague Doctor detested, pointing a finger mere inches from Emmo's face, "And I will forget your academic intellect and treat you as the arrogant perfectionist you are."

Emmo smiled and slowly licked her lips before saying, smug and slow, "Hhhhaaack."

Without hesitation, the SCP placed his entire hand upon her forehead. For several moments, the world went black, a feeling of agonizing nothing washing over Emmo in that brief moment, before it all came back, with the Plague Doctor looming over her, the glare visible in his eyes. "Are you well?" he asked, "I know the process of death and revitalization is painful, but it must subside quickly."

"Wh.. W-What?" Emmo blinked, shaking a bit as she felt herself.

"That is the proper reaction to dying, is it not," the Plague Doctor pondered, "It must be what one close to death by drowning must feel before they are filled with fresh air. Or one whose heart is restarted. They may feel their pains of feeling nothing, not feeling their very selves, but cannot retell such a trauma."

If what the doctor said was true, then Emmo had just died. Without a soul, that instance of Emmo had ceased to exist, and Emmo now was just... Continuing where she had left off. In most regards, she was the same person, and the Emmo now had nothing to worry about the old Emmo that had just passed. Though.. Just the idea of an instance of herself ceasing to exist...

"You... Piece of shit hack.... Using magic voodoo cheating garbage..." Emmo spat.

"Magic? I rekindled the soul, my dear," he mused, "I ended it, and brought it back."

"There is no soul," Emmo hissed.

"Then how do you still stand? You died, feeling an out-of-body traumatic experience during those two seconds I left you dead, before returning to the living." The SCP explained.

"You don't know anything about neuroscience. When someone dies, that instance of them ceases to exist. Even if they're brought back, they just have the memories of the previous instance because the structure of their brain hasn't changed. Hell, what do you even consider dying? The heart stopping? Because brain activity still continues after that." Is it possible Emmo never actually died and that this hack had a flawed definition of death?

"And you know nothing of the soul. The soul carries on, carries the knowledge of yourself to realms beyond. Dying is when the soul leaves all realms, leaves everything. When the soul has finally faded into the background air and atmosphere, that is when I deem one deceased. This is why my cure is potent. It rekindles the soul of those afflicted."

"The soul. Does not. Exist. It was proven a few hundred years ago with science that souls do not exist," Emmo insisted.

"That is what they said of bacteria. Of parasites being their own entities instead of manifestations of disease. Of the world being the only one, instead of an uncountable plethora across the sky. Hundreds of years pass, and the opinions change, whether they be for the better, or the worse." The SCP scoffed, before turning, "Now come, we must tread more ground. Our argumentation has slowed us too far."

"So you believe people can be proven wrong about garbage, but you don't think that the soul can be proven not to exist? What makes you think you can- Science and religious garbage are mutually exclusive," Emmo declared.

"I never mentioned religion, young girl. You must truly choose your words better," the doctor detested, not turning around, "But as I said, if we are to find untold treasures before some other greedy spelunker without moral values finds it, we must hurry ourselves forwards."

"No, I will find treasure on my own," Emmo huffed, "And I'm not a young girl. I just look good for my age because I take care of myself."

"Are you sure? You act as young as you look," the SCP quipped, "And how, superior human, are you to get to such treasures if the other monstrously strong pinnacles of humanity, the other beasts that dwell within this strange event, or worse decide they wish to either take your treasure, or take your life?"

"I've dealt with people and mad animals before, and I think I'll fare better with them as opposed to going another second listening to you talk about souls and realms."

"You would fare better? You have such a personality, I would not look down upon them if they decided to take action against you," he laughed hollowly, "I personally bear you, upon your highest of steeds, because it amuses me at times, but they? They will more than likely not find you funny, dare I say, annoying and insignificant."

"Oh, I'm amusing to you, huh? You seemed real amused when I was calling you a hack, you handled that real well," Emmo scoffed.

"At times, I said, and you ignored what I have said. What will you do when you meet an obstacle that you cannot overcome alone? An immovable object for you to be crushed against by an unstoppable force?" he stopped and turned, with what looked to be slight concern in his eyes.

"I'll improvise. That's worked pretty well for me so far," Emmo declared.

"And if you cannot improvise? If nothing can save you? What then, O' Superior Human?"

"I never skipped leg day," Emmo answered.

"I doubt your obstacle has either," the Doctor griped.

"Hmph.. I don't get it. Is it a pride thing? Why are you still here?" Emmo, folding her arms.

"Because I am intrigued by you," The SCP answered straightly, "Not only for amusement, but also of your continued existence. Your very being interests me... in a scientific way, of course."

"I'm flattered," Emmo said sarcastically.

"Please, be so," the doctor griped, "It would go well in my notes. Now, may we please make leeway in our endeavor? Whatever lives in these tunnels more than likely would not take kindly to tresspassers encroaching upon its territory."

Emmo could use a meat shield if she encountered something down here, the doctor did seem pretty insistent on her not getting killed. She considered it for a moment, "... On one condition. You don't talk about souls or realms or any voodoo cultist religious nonsense that'll make me want to hit my head against a wall."

"...While I destest what you call my research and what it is based upon as 'voodoo' and 'cultist', I will agree to such," 049 nodded solemnly, closing his eyes respectively, "And you will not project your superiority upon me or anyone we encounter within this labyrinth within every moment. Or the bovine may prove useful oncemore. Are we in agreement?" he held out a gloved hand, but then reeled it back when he remembered its deadly effect.

Emmo smirked, "I know touching a pretty girl's hand can make a guy nervous, but come on." She obviously had no idea of what the glove was capable of.

"...Do you not remember when I merely tapped you and you fell deceased?" the Doctor sighed, "A verbal agreement is enough. Are we in agreement?"

"I'll try," Emmo conceded, "Though.. If it's the glove, why not take it off?"

"I... care not to waste any more time," the Doctor frivolously stated, "I mean, we have taken such a long argument. You must be parched oncemore, yes?" he asked, producing another flask of water from no identifiable location.

A smile grew on Emmo's face as she placed a finger on her chin while her other hand slowly took the flask. "And you couldn't take the glove off and shake my hand while we walk?"

The Doctor put a finger to where his chin sat, humming, "I did not think of such a thing... bah, this squabbling is nulling my mind." he slowly took off the glove, his pale-toned hand fumbling out of the white glove, the veins within it darker than they should have been. He held out the hand to Emmo.

"Hm, you could use a little sun," Emmo said as she took the hand in her own and shook it.

The Plague Doctor laughed, "I wish it would be so easy," as he shook her hand, putting his glove back on afterwards. "You know, I have not shaken a hand in a long time," he recollected, "I have not... felt someone else's skin, even. Yes, I have worked with cadavers, but they are cold, clammy and lifeless... they do not have a similar feeling."

"Don't get too excited," Emmo snickered.

"Oh, I understand. I doubt I could even... care enough to want what you imply." the Doctor huffed happily, "Now, let us depart. Cures do not discover themselves, and neither do other riches... What do you seek, again? You have your necklace, yes, but from this experience alone, I know you don't care that much for superficial appearance."

"What? Is it so hard to believe I'd come all the way down here for a nice pair of earings?" Emmo sneered.

"Yes, in fact. You have ulterior motives. It's obvious to all who've stayed a modicum of time in your proximity," 049 quipped.

"I know it's obvious. What isn't obvious is what I'm looking for exactly, and I'm keeping it that way," Emmo smiled, "It's a... Personal matter."

"Now you've only intrigued me further," the Doctor mused, taking out his notebook and pen and beginning to jot down notes, "I'm not judgemental, if that is the issue you wish to avoid."

"I have my reasons, one of them being it's just more fun to keep you guessing," Emmo explained.

"...Fair enough," the Plague Doctor scoffed, "You lead the way. My geological knowledge is lacking, especially in an underground environment."

Emmo was more than happy to gesture the Plague Doctor forwards, walking confidently by his side, or, well, a bit ahead of him. "I don't remember if I asked, but... Of all the places you could end up, why are you here? And how did you even get down here without knowing you were heading into El Dorado?"

"You did ask; I was spelunking to see if there was some sort of herbal remedy or another ingredient to help further my cure. I never knew the name of the cave, nor that it was the fabled place, because no sign was posted, now was it?" the SCP responded.

"Oh there were about... Ten signs, maybe eleven," Emmo corrected, suppressing a cheeky grin that would have exposed her lie.

"I must have entered through another entrance, or at the very least, went through a passage missing them entirely. Though, it did seem to be the only one available..." even from behind the mask, Emmo could tell the Doctor had an annoyed smile, "When you do lie, you must lie with greater ability."

"You're the only one that's caught me so far... Save for when people get evidence after like, a week," Emmo remarked, "But that doesn't count."

"How so?"

"They still believed the lie at first."

"And what did you tell them? The content of a lie is a serious factor."

"Oh man, I've told a lot of people a lot of things. Where to start?" Emmo took a deep breath, thinking for a moment, "Hmm... Oh, there was this one time I was with a group of roaming bandits, right? Well some small town in the middle of nowhere kicked out one of their women and she hooked up with the guy in charge of bandits. I cut open her head and lobotomized her, but the leader found out. So I ran off to that small town, and by that point I had perfected fake crying. I dirtied myself up some, ripped my clothes a little, and told them I was being chased by bloodthirsty bandits. They let me in and fought off all the baddies for me. They even killed their leader. Afterwards, they let me join their community. It took a few months, but someone there put some evidence together by talking to some of the survivors that they weren't chasing me just because they had a murderboner. At that point though, I already solidified myself as the town's best doctor, so they couldn't throw me out."

"...That is horrible!" The Doctor gasped, "Why would you even... do that?"

"Which part?" Emmo asked.

"All of it! Mainly, however, the Lobotomization! Even I am not that primitive to do such!"

"She was a druggie. I was curious what the effect of luciferium had on her brain.... Plus, it's just fun." Emmo shrugged, "Everyone has a hobby."

"But lobotomy should not be a common hobby!" The doctor retched, "How can you consider such an atrocity a hobby?"

"It's not a common hobby. As far as I know, I'm the only person who does it for fun other than the crazies that, admittedly don't even know what they're doing. I'm pretty sure they were high. A lobotomy is an art, and I am a master painter," Emmo proclaimed.

"Lobotomy is a crude butchery of the mind," the Doctor stated, "How can you, one who is hundreds of years advanced from my day and age, partake in such barbarity with glee? Surely, there are better uses of such medical intellect!"

"Of course I do plenty other things with my skills, but lobotomies are a bit.... I guess.... Nostalgic?" Emmo tried to explain.

"Nostalgic? They are ancient in your era! How can such be nostalgic?" the SCP asked, confused as he continued to jot down his thoughts.

"It's... Something I did when I was a little kid," Emmo answered, her calm smile shrinking a bit as she remembered the details leading up to the discovery of her hobby, details she'd rather not recount to another person. "It's a long story."

"We have time," 049 remarked, "And I am more than interested in the origins of this hobby."

"A very personal story."

"...I'm assuming this story... is the source of your emotional recession?" the Doctor asked, knowing that, while she would more than likely deny such, a story she wishes to keep untold as she does must be in some way traumatic.

Emmo opened her mouth, about to lie, but she looked the doctor up and down for a second, figuring he wasn't completely stupid. "You could say that." She looked forwards once more.

"Your story... it was traumatic... no... your first lobotomy... it was, was it not?" the doctor continued.

Emmo was silent for a moment. "... No, I started lobotomies after some... Bad things happened."

"It eases your troubled mind," he stated, "Does it not?"

"My mind isn't troubled... I guess it happened a long time ago, it doesn't matter that much now. If you wanna hear about it, at least it'll make time go by faster," Emmo sighed.

The robed man flipped to an empty set of pages in his notes. "I would be honored to hear it." he responded.

"If you try to go therapist on me during it, I swear I will replace your blood with battery acid, got it?"

"I understand completely, though I doubt your methods would work. I am unsure of the composition of my blood as we speak, battery acid may not even elicit an effect."

"Hmph... Anyway, I was really young at the time. Ten-years-old, never left the utopia that was the Glitterworld before, but for my birthday, my parents thought it would be neat to fly us out to one of the urbworlds, see what sights they had to offer... Urbworlds were planetwide shitholes of failed urbanization, hence the name. Anyway, I brought my best friend along since we did everything together after we first met. My name was Emma and hers... Was Emmo.

"So we got off this small cruiser that was in the air with two scythers guarding us- Er, Scythers were advanced robots that could kill just about anything. So we were walking through the streets and came across a food vendor. Now, we didn't have to worry about whatever diseases were in the food since we were all immune to whatever crap they had there, so my parents were looking at all the different kinds of meat this fat guy was selling.

"My friend and I got bored waiting for them to choose something to eat, so we wandered just a little bit around the corner of a building nearby, looking inside of an alleyway... A guy jumped us and knocked us out. Next thing I knew we were tied to chairs in some dark room. There was stained blood on the floor, the walls, even our chairs. There was a light shining on us, but I could make out a small group of people behind a camera.

"They got some information out of Emmo, and figured out she was just my friend, and that I was the one they could really hold for ransom...."

Emmo paused for a moment, "... They apparently were doing this thing where... They livestreamed people being tortured. Anyone watching could pay money, choose what would happen next. They said they were doing things differently this time though since I was there, that I'd be the one torturing Emmo... If I didn't... They said they'd kill me, find my parents, and kill them too. Now, I don't think they could've actually gotten to my parents, but... A scared little kid will believe anything.

"So the requests started rolling in. It was small stuff at first like hitting her, poking her eyes. It slowly escelated though. They gave me a rod and told me to hit her legs with it. I didn't do it at first, so they slapped me. Eventually, they got me to do it. Knowing you, you probably don't want to hear the details about everything I did to her, but... I didn't recognize her when I was done. I killed her.

"After that, they roughed me up a bit, kept yelling at me to fight back... I didn't, for some reason. After that, they locked me down there for about two days before I heard gunshots while I was asleep. I woke up and there was screaming, but I couldn't see anything because it was so dark. After a little while though, the hatch down to the basement was busted off of its hinges and down came the scythers.

"We were all taken home, but I wasn't the same after what happened. I didn't really talk much, eat much, I mostly stayed in my room. I started calling myself 'Emmo' instead of 'Emma' and... One day I heard my parents yelling about something, but then they quickly shushed themselves. I was supposed to be asleep, but I didn't get much of it at the time. I came out of my room and eavesdropped on what they were talking about.

"Turns out some guy with the government was with them. They were... Discussing sending me away. Off the Glitterworld. As utopian of a place as it was, they were very dedicated to... Maintaining the social order. They were afraid of anything messing it up. They were afraid I had been, as they put it, 'tainted' by what happened back on the urbworld. That I would grow up wrong, cause trouble. They were worried about me having become flawed.

"... So I made sure to prove them wrong. I started acting a lot happier, a lot kinder, but... At that point they were distant. I was given a grace period before the council would decide if I had to be exiled, but my parents assumed the worst. They wanted to detatch themselves from me, so they didn't have to deal with as much baggage during that time and when I would be exiled. At the time, I was a bit immature about it, only concerned about how it seemed like they didn't love me. Now though, I would've done the same thing. It was the logical choice for them to make. Heartbreak slows things down.

"Thankfully for me though, I managed to convince the agents investigating me that I was a perfect, model citizen. I was active and intelligent, I had lots of friends, they even wrote in the note they sent home how perfect I was... And then when I got into neuroscience, I wanted to see a human brain in person. There were plenty of non-sapient human clones produced for such things, and I schmoozed the right guy when I was around... fourteen into letting me mess with one of the clones.

"He showed me how to cut open the head in different ways, showed me a few different basic procedures, one of which being a lobotomy. He let me mess with a clone myself, and... That's how I got my hobby." She never seemed distressed during any point in telling her origins, it was as if she was reading from a book that was in her mind, only pausing at some parts to take a mental breath.

The Doctor, having stopped writing halfway through Emmo's story, was simply staring in seeming shock at the recitement of her past. "I... I would have never imagined such a... dark story... I'm sorry for making you recite it, and your friend..."

"Bah, it was scary at the time, but I don't care about her now. I came out on top in the end, that's what matters," Emmo said assuredly, "It helped me, really. All of it did. A lot of who I am is because of what happened, and I don't think I have to remind you of my level of perfection. People either break down after that stuff happens, or they're stronger because of it. I proved to everyone that I was the latter."

The Doctor said nothing more, staring at Emmo for a few moments, before quickly continuing his notes hastily, though it was obvious these notes were less about her story.

The contents of the notes, Emmo was admittedly curious about. She noticed the lack of writing during a section of her story, and wondered what he had jotted down. "What're you writing?"

"My thoughts upon your story." he replied, focused on his book and pen.

"If you're writing about me, I wanna see," Emmo said, craning her neck to try and read what he was writing.

The doctor closed his small notebook, "My notes are private and mine alone. They are my thoughts that are being written down, and I wish to keep them to myself."

"Hmph, that's not really fair after reciting my traumatic childhood to you," Emmo huffed.

"But I thought it helped, not traumatized?" the SCP replied.

"I know, I'm trying to manipulate you. Lemme read your notes," Emmo insisted.

"And you're failing. I don't think you'd even understand them, if I am to be honest," the doctor responded.

"Well, there's no issue in letting me look at them if I wouldn't be able to understand them then."

"...Well, my notes for the cure also sit within, so I am not sure if I should."

"One, shouldn't someone else have that knowledge too so they could help towards developing that cure? Two, if you don't want me reading your cure notes, just open up to the page where you started writing about me and just watch to make sure I don't go backwards to your cure stuff."

"Oh, fine, here," the Doctor pulled the notebook from under his cloak, opening it up to show her, written in french cursive. It described the events until the two were jumped, with more recent notes writing the names of mental disorders with explanatory notes, a question mark next to each disorder. One was circled and checked: "Narcissistic personality disorder".

Unfortunately, Emmo could not read cursive. She squinted her eyes a few times, holding the book closer and farther from herself just incase it was really bad handwriting. "... You were right. I don't understand this wonky language you've written it in at all. What does it say?"

"It... describes my thoughts and personal questions upon your story," the Doctor lied, "It is french. A favored language of mine."

"Ohh... English was made the official language for humans about... Five hundred years ago," Emmo hummed, "So what are your 'thoughts' then? And questions?"

"Nothing, just... medical standards and such," the Doctor coughed.

"You can't shake me that easy, come on!" Emmo was deathly curious, and stuffed the doctor's book down her shirt and nestled it into her breasts to where it was barely visible, "You won't get this back until you tell me."

"Alright, I will tell you... the one I really needed answered was... did you have any sort of disorders or disabilities before your incident? Any injuries or such?" the Doctor continued, a bit annoyed.

"Oh, no, of course not. I don't think anyone on the Glitterworld is born with that kind of thing," Emmo answered, "Why do you ask?"

"Nothing, just a question upon the effects the incident upon your... psyche."

"Well, I do know now that I am a psycopath if that wasn't obvious," Emmo remarked.

"Ah, then I can be truthful without offending you," the Doctor took a deep breath, '"The list at the bottom are possible diagnoses. And that one, the one that's checked, Narcissistic personality disorder, is most definitely one you have."

"Okay, say someone was objectively better than everyone else. Are they really a naracissist because they acknowledge that fact? Or is it better they be ignorant?" Emmo questioned.

"...I may just tally it up to a god complex," the Doctor mused, "As well as Illusory superiority."

"Oh, god no. I know I'm amazing, but isn't because I cheated with some innate gift. I earned my perfection through hard work. It's why your voodoo ticks me off. You're not going through it the hard way, studying how every segment of DNA adds up to a human, how specific pulses of currents and doses of chemicals affect the brain."

"May we focus? I am also quite interested in why you took your friend's name. Could you care to explain?"

"Oh, right. It was just... Something I did as a kid and it stuck. It was some dumb, emotional, irrational thing thinking somehow it would.. Be good to have her name still being said or something. I'd go back to Emma, but Emmo's got brand recognition at this point. Plus, I've used it for so long that I just... Respond to it better."

"I understand. Whatever you did think, I stand by it. In any case, yes, my notes are more or less trying to understand your psyche. Though, how did you get the man to allow you a supply of clones?"

"Unlike how it is out here, everything was free on the Glitterworld. We got all of our resources from the urbworlds, so we didn't need to worry about running out of anything. So clones were 'cheap'. I just had to convince him I was passionate about neuroscience, which I was and am," Emmo explained.

"It still irks me that lobotomy is your amusement... but hearing as to why it is your source of happiness allows me to tolerate it."

"Hmm.. You know, this book actually feels pretty comfy where it is," Emmo snickered as a wide, smug smile was plastered onto her face.

"Must I need to use the glove again?" the Doctor asked, "Or do I need to yank it out myself? As I've said, this is a scientific endeavor alone."

"Oh, I'm sure you'd love to reach in there and grab it," Emmo teased, relishing the fun she was having messing with the doctor, if in a minor way.

"...I thought you were repulsed by me, " he grunted, taking off a glove and shoving his hand into Emmo's labcoat, squeezing his hand between her cleavage to grab his notebook.

Emmo reached under her shirt and caused the book to drop just before it could be grabbed, giggling at her own antics.

049 let out an annoyed growl, yanking his hand out of her breasts, "Reaaal funny." he said, bending over to grab his notes.

"I know it is," Emmo sneered, shoving the book upwards and back inbetween her boobs with a, "Woop!" as she stifled a laugh.

The Doctor stopped, rising back up and folding his arms. "Give it back. Please," he asked politely.

"Hmmm... Admit that I'm perfect, and I'll give it back," Emmo promised, "I know you won't mean it, but it'd still be nice to hear you say it."

The Plague Doctor let out a long, tired sigh, before grumpily stating, "You are perfect."

"... You can at least pretend to mean it."

He stared at Emmo for a moment, before repeating with less annoyance, "You're perfect. There, happy?"

"Yes, yes I am," Emmo smiled, arching her back a bit so the book would fall down into her waiting hand. She then presented it to the doctor as promised. She considered continuing her shenanigans a bit longer, but thought that such a betrayal of her word would result in the glove.

The Plague Doctor took his notebook back in a swift grab, stuffing it angrily back in the cloak. "This makes me wonder how you've even managed to get into groups without being kicked out moments after, though I would suspect it's lots of acting."

"I could've majored in acting if I hadn't gone for neuroscience," Emmo boasted, "Oh, oh, this one time there was this girl that kinda looked like me that had just moved into a town. So, I got curious and lobotomized her before taking her place in the town. Since she was brand new there, I wasn't super suspicious or anything. It was kinda weird, but neat living and acting as a different person for awhile. Her name was ah... Lin.. Linda? Linda. I'm pretty sure it was Linda. When I got bored, I brought the lobotomite Linda out of the basement I kept her in and had her take my place while I watched from afar with some binoculars and a microphone set up in my- her house to see what would happen."


"The people freaked out for a little bit, wondering why 'I' was just standing there, drooling. Pretty quickly though, they figured out it wasn't me and thought I had been kidnapped by raiders. So then they sent out this big search party to find me! When they left, it was easy to sneak back in the town, steal some of their goodies, and then leave! If you think heist plots in movies are convoluted.." She let out a giggle at the joke and the memory of waltzing into the town's vault.

"I assume they never found you?" the Doctor asked as they strolled along.

"I don't think so," Emmo pondered, "I took a lot of good stuff. My guess is when they got back, their town was probably ransacked not longer after since they pissed off the raiders and didn't have that stuff I stole to help them, nor did they have 'Linda the doctor' to heal them after their search party."

"So your antics let an entire town be killed?" he continued.

"Eh, they deserved it. The 'mayor' there was an ass. I forgot what he did, but I remember he pissed me off somehow," Emmo explained, as if a minor squabble she couldn't even remember justified the destruction of an entire town of people.

"...Definite god complex, even if denied," the Doctor noted as he wrote more into his then-produced notebook.

"Hmph, and I was nice enough to give your book back to you."

"I never said I would stop writing about your mental state," he replied.

"Doesn't mean you should say I have a god complex," Emmo insisted, "Thinking about it a bit more, I can see how letting a town get killed is kinda bad, but this was on a Rimworld. These places are like wild west shitholes. Towns have like, maybe 20 people? 30 if they're lucky."

"Does that really justify letting them die though?"

"On a Rimworld, yes it does. There are no big governments on Rimworlds. If you can't defend yourself from not just brute force attacks, but deception, then you die. They would've been destroyed no matter what if they could fall for my antics. I just... Sped things up a bit for them."

"Harsh... but, in any case, stating my thoughts aloud should be great commentary for future actions."

"I did some good on the Rimworld. Uhmm.... There was this one time with a bunch of cannibals. I had joined their ranks (Yes, I ate human meat. If I didn't, I would've gotten eaten) and found out they were gonna steal some kids from another town. Buuuuut, I lobotomized a few of them in their sleep and then tossed all the lobotomites in their leader's cabin. Everyone blamed him and then ate him! Then a bunch of them killed each other trying to decide who the new leader would be! Afterwards, I went to that town and told them I had singlehandedly defeated the cannibals threatening their town, presenting them with the head of the former leader. I was celebrated as a hero with a feast and money and people were chanting, 'Em-mo! Em-mo! Em-mo! Em-mo!'" She modestly waved her hands a bit, mimicking how some of those cheering her name must have looked.

"That is... better than simply leaving them for dead, at the very least. Anyways, how long have you been down here in the cave? We've been walking for a bit, and the subject of Rimworlds is rather depressing." the Doctor asked politely.

"See? Empathy's keeping you from enjoying a good story," Emmo huffed, "Anywho, I think I've been down here maybe... Three hours? Four?"

"I don't think empathy was what was keeping me, but oh well.... Four? I found the cow around three hours ago, so my work upon it could not be finished in time. It's always a shame to see your work incomplete and know you will never be able to finish." sighed the Doctor.

"Yeah.. That.. Does actually suck," Emmo lamented, thinking back to her own great project, "Just before I left the Glitterworld, I had this big thing I was working on. It was gonna change everything. I was working all by myself, using resources from my university to help me in some of the fields I wasn't yet an expert in. It was all about changing like, physical aspects of yourself at will, with your thoughts. But I guess someone found out about me kidnapping a few people and 'Oh nooo Emmo! You can't do that! That's unethical!'" Emmo did the mockiest mocking voice she could for the square in her story, "I would've used the clones, but... They're not sapient. They wouldn't have worked for something like this, and there weren't any volunteers. But nooooo! Who cares about what my work could've done for everyone! Let's worry about a few losers who barely even left their houses!"

Judging by her tone, the subject was a very sore spot for the neurosurgeon.

"...Right. The Foundation was very specific about my tests, and how they would allow me to 'continue my work', but would never allow me what I needed. They only gave me a single man, and dozens of cows, goats, horses, things that were opposed to curing the Plague. It was if they hindered my work on purpose," the Plague Doctor huffed from behind his mask.

"See? People's rules and 'ethics' and 'morals' are always getting in the way. What if you cured the plague if they hadn't limited your progress? Think of what I could've done if I wasn't driven off the Glitterworld!" Emmo exclaimed.

"While I agree, I had an... outburst which more than likely brought their restrictions, which in the light of my incident, I stand by. There must be some line we cannot cross. Otherwise, we are no longer human, but immoral monsters." the Doctor replied, "Though I agree with your sentiment."

"Bah, 'lines'. I say, if we're getting something done, we should be able to do it however we please," Emmo insisted, "Throwing in 'moral boundaries' just slows things down and makes everything difficult. That's the one good thing about the Rimworld, I guess. I didn't have access to Glitterworld technology, but it was pretty easy to experiment unhindered by ethical garbage."

"You may call it garbage, I call it insurance that the uninvolved innocents do not find themselves in the middle of a terrible situation."

"Hmm.... Shit happens," Emmo shrugged, "On an unrelated note, I've been meaning to ask, why do you wear that?"

"Wear what, exactly?"

"The mask," Emmo answered, gesturing to her own face, "And pretty much the whole getup."

"The mask and cloak are... part of me. I cannot take them off," he explained plainly, yanking at his bird mask to no avail.

"Sure you can. That's why they invented plastic surgery," Emmo snickered.

"Ha ha," The SCP feigned laughter, "Very funny, But as with the blood, I am unsure of its potency."

"Hmm.. So what are you? You're obviously not a human. Some kind of alien?"

"I am a doctor. Plain and simple," he stated.

"No, I mean, like.. I'm a doctor, but my species is human. What is your species? What are you biologically?"

"I believe myself to be of the same race." he replied, "I am human, yes."

"... No.... Unless.. You've gone through some crazy mutating," Emmo slowly shook her head, "Humans don't have beaks or 'potent' blood."

"...I am human, madam," he repeated, "I know my own species."

"I can prove you are not human once we get out of here. I'll take a bit of your blood and analyze it. If my initial findings don't convince you, I'll set up a four-hour long presentation on why you're wrong."

"And if I am correct? What will I win from your denial proven wrong?" The Doctor asked, bemused.

"Ooooh. Making this a wager, huh?" Emmo grinned, rubbing her hands together, "I dunno, what do you want from me, hm?"

"Hmm... I will need some time to think," he responded, "But several fond ideas already manifest. And if you win... what will your prize be?"

"Oh my, I wonder what those 'fond ideas' could be," Emmo teased, fanning herself in a mocking manner before taking a moment to think of what she could want, "List a few of them. Maybe I'll get some inspiration."

"You would be my colleague working upon the Cure for a day," he snickered.

"Is there an alternative suicide option?" Emmo asked.

"I... have one other option, I think we'd both agree it is the mutually agreed upon choice," the Doctor stated with a very happy tone.

"Oh? And what's the other option?"

"It's... nevermind. It's embarassing someone of my professionalism even thought of it." he sighed.

Emmo gasped with a big smile on her face. "Oh, now you have to tell me!"

The Doctor laughed and shook his head, "No, no, no, I am already an ant in your eyes, I don't want to be looked down upon further. It would impede research."

"Oh trust me, that's not possible. Now tell me!" Emmo insisted, almost like a curious child despite being supposedly 80-years-old.

"Well... I haven't felt the touch of a woman, let alone a human, for a long time, and... I think you understand why I'm hesitant to bring this option into being." the Doctor let out a nervous laugh.

Emmo smiled and squinted for a second, believing this to be a prank. Very quickly, however, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. She quickly covered her mouth with one hand, but her cheeks indicated she was at least smiling. "... I knew it! Oh, I so called back there with the book!" She exclaimed. It was hard to tell if the idea appealed to her or if she was just really happy about being right.

"Th-that was different! You stole my property, and I didn't want to kill you again to get it back!" the SCP explained hastily.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure that experience was horrible for you wasn't it?" Emmo laughed.

"It... It wasn't... It could have been better," he huffed.

"Oh? Why's that? Rather have grabbed something other than your book?"

"I wish I could grab the book, if it were not for your maaasive breasts. I am not sure how they do not weigh you down!" he joked, "But.. I assume it could have been a change of pace."

"Perfect posture," Emmo winked, "It goes a long way."

"Yes, I can see that," the Doctor mumbled.

Emmo put a finger to her lip, smiling as she took a moment to think. She glanced to the left, then to the right, then back to the SCP. "... You know what? I still think you're crazy and all, but... I've been in this shithole for four hours. This cave sucks. It's been awhile since I've gotten some action..." She gave it one last mull-over before beginning to unbutton her shirt, "Screw it. Why not? I could use the relief."

SCP-049 took his own glance about, before stifling a gasp when he saw Emmo already undressing, "I suppose it could not hurt here..."

"When did you start being fun?" Emmo smirked, letting her shirt fall to the ground.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

Post by Infested on Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:05 pm

By Zandoo and H


"I'm telling you, wizards live in England!" Harper yelled.

"Wizards aren't even real!" Jannet insisted.

"Are you dumb!? What about all the magic stuff we've seen!?" Zoey scoffed.

"Well- I- That isn't what I meant!" Jannet huffed, "I mean, this... World doesn't seem like the place with wizards. If there are wizards, they wouldn't be... Native to here.... And if they were, they'd be in Japan."

"Oh my god," Harper groaned.

"Bob, will you tell Jannet wizards come from.. What was it?" Zoey looked to Harper.


"England!" Zoey repeated.

The Doom Marine, at the head of the small mob of children, simply turned and shook his head at the idea of English wizards. He'd been around long enough to know that, from where he was from, there were no wizards, and the only real magic came from the sinister depths of hell.

"HA!" Jannet laughed before quickly correcting her demeanor with a clearing of her throat, "See? I told you. Wizards would come from Japan."

Again, the Doomguy shook his head, again quelling the idea of Japanese wizards.

"BOOM!" Zoey shouted, laughing at Jannet's expense.

"Wh-Bu- Are you sure?" Jannet reasoned, "I've read multiple accounts of that kind of stuff in Japan."

'Bob' nodded, squatting down, grabbing a stick from the ground, and began to etch a small drawing into the ground. He drew what appeared to be Earth, with crude continents drawn onto it, and below it what looked like a simple fire. He pointed at the fire with the stick in a gentle manner, as if pointing to them where 'wizards' were.

The group looked at the drawing for a moment, a few of them nodding as if they understood what he meant. The first one to speak was, of course, Zoey, "Ohhh! That makes much more sense! Wizards come from the sun!"

The Doom Marine shook his head, and began to etch little horned figures below the jagged line that represented fire, recalling the beasts he had come to fight and kill in his adventures through Hell.

"Oh... They come from Hell," Jannet stated.

"Does that mean wizards are evil?" Harper asked, a look of distraught on her face.

The Doomguy shook his head, holding up his hand as to tell her to calm down, as he slowly scribbled a wizard's hat into the ground, before scratching a line through it. There are no Wizards in Hell. Only terrible demons and their magic.

"But we saw wizards!" Mary piped up.

"Why did we start calling everyone that wasn't normal a wizard?" Clara asked. Much of the group paused, their mostly-blank expressions conveying a realization of how silly they all were.

"... Jannet started it!" Zoey yelled, "With her Japanese stuff!"

"W-What!? You're the one who said we need to find a wizard to open a portal to take us back to the Hold!" Jannet cried out.

"No you started it!" Ruby shouted.

"You're only agreeing with Zoey because she's Zoey! Why don't you ever think for yourself? I cannot recall a single time you have not gone along with whatever she said!" Jannet huffed.

"Maybe because I'm awesome and you're... A- Tch- A raisin!" Zoey blurted out.

"... What?" Ruby looked to Zoey, confused.

"I don't know, I just blurted it out," Zoey whispered, shrugging.

"Yeah! A raisin!" Ruby suddenly shouted at Jannet.

Jannet took a deep breath and tried to compose herself. "Zoey... Listen, you're n-"

"Raisin! Raisin! Raisin!" Zoey and Ruby shouted in unison. A few of the younger girls joined, the numbers now pressuring the others to partake in the namecalling until most of the girls were calling Jannet a raisin.

"That doesn't even make any-... I am not a raisin!" Jannet yelled, her fists clenched as her cheeks turned red. She turned to the Doom Marine, "Do something!"

The Doom Marine stood up, watching the situation unfold rapidly, before stepping inbetween the rest of the girls and Jannet, staring down at them without a word, but it was obvious he had little patience for the girls to halt their mockery.

The raisins soon died down, some of the girls looking rather meek while others huffed and gave Jannet the stinkeye. "Ugh, you always do that," Zoey grumbled.

"Do what?" Jannet asked, looking from behind Doomguy.

"You'd always be a big baby and cry to daddy! Even when we weren't messing with you, you never let us have fun," Zoey pouted, folding her arms, "And now you're doing it with Bob too!"

"Zoey, your definition of 'fun' is called 'bullying'. As horrible as that Warden person was, you were very mean to him before the mushroom came," Jannet accused.

"What!? I was his friend!" Zoey shot back, shocked.

"Bo, Zoey. You were not his friend. You took advantage of a manchild who wanted you to be his friend after you impressed him with your 'dabbing'. You made him look like an idiot in front of everyone and joked about how 'dumb' he was when he wasn't around!" Jannet explained bluntly, folding her own arms and giving Zoey a look of disapproval.

"Well, I- He was-" Zoey started.

"Maybe, just maybe if you weren't so cruel to him, he wouldn't have sent Wolfe to some prison!" Jannet declared.

Zoey gasped, her mouth agape as she stared at Jannet. Her eyes began to water up and she shut her mouth. She rubbed her shoulders against her face to wipe away any tears that threatened to leave her eyes, but to no avail. The best she could do was remain silent. The rest of the group said nothing, only exchanging glances with one another.

Jannet realized that, not only was her accusation not the most sound if one examined the evidence, it was a horrible thing to say to a fourteen-year-old that wanted desperately to rescue her father and preserve his writings. "Zoey, I... That was.." Jannet tried to formulate a reason for what she said before sighing and simply saying, "I'm sorry, Zoey. I didn't mean that."

Zoey said nothing.

Jannet groaned quietly to herself before turning to 'Bob' and whispering, "If you can talk or something, now would be the best time to do so. Zoey and the girls love you. You can... Cheer her up." As much of a raisin as Jannet was, she didn't want to see Zoey cry because of something she said.

The Doom Marine looked over to Zoey for a split moment, then back to Jannet with a solemn nod. Slowly and without aggression he walked over to Zoey, and knelt down in front of her, gently flacing a hand on her shoulder as he did so.

While she did not lift her head much, the Doom Marine would be able to see her eyes look at him as she sniffled.

The Doom Guy would sit there for a few seconds, his hand firm on Zoey's shoulder, before wrapping around her into a hug, his other arm joining alongside it. While he said nothing, his grip was soft and with comfort, with a hand gently rubbing her back with a soothing pat.

Zoey held out for as long as she could before bursting into sobbing, wrapping her own little arms around his neck as she cried. "I-I.. I.. I just wanna get daddy back!" She cried, Doomguy's armor protecting him from her desperate, tight stranglehold of a hug. She couldn't say anything else after that, simply crying while the other girls watched awkwardly. A few of the younger ones nearly cried just because Zoey was crying, but were quickly comforted by their peers.

The Doom Guy looked up for a moment, turning to Jannet and nodding, gesturing for the girls to go on for a bit as he calmed Zoey down. They obediently followed Jannet as she led them ahead. Zoey slowly began to come down from her sobs, shuddering in the Doom Marine's grasp as she took in sharp breaths during her more mild crying. "H-H-How- How are we gonna find daddy?" She asked, letting her complete uncertainty of their 'plan' show through now that she and Doomguy were alone.

The Doom Marine thought for a moment, silent as he did so. He let out a sigh.

"We'll find a way."

Zoey gasped. Her tears halted as she pulled back to look at him with surprise, blinking a few times. "Did.. You can talk?"

The Doomguy said nothing once more, his arms falling back to his sides as he stood back up, simply nodding his head without a word for her to follow.

Zoey smiled as she wiped away some of her tears. She brought two fingers to her lips and mimicked zipping them shut. "I won't tell anyone else," She promised, half-because she thought it may have been a secret he wanted to keep, half-because she made a bet that 'Bob' was entirely incapable of speech for unknown reasons that likely involved 'really cool war stuff'.

The Doomguy looked to her and said nothing, a simple feeling of approval rolling over his body language as he kept walking to ensure the others had not gotten themselves into any sort of situation.

Zoey followed, and with her confidence returning, and the two's alone time soon to be cut short, Zoey asked a question that popped into her mind, "Hey, Bob? Do you have a PINGAS? Harper said you're a cyborg and that cyborgs don't have those, but I don't think you're a cyborg."

'Bob' cocked his head to the side, obviously confused as to why this would be a question one would ask of him. "...Yes." he responded quietly, before returning to his walkng back to the group.

"Can we see it? Maria and Madison were saying that since you're really strong, yours might be bigger than daddy's, but like, I don't think that's true because daddy said his is the biggest on the planet... But I don't think this is the same planet, so I don't know if that counts- But still!"

The initial question made the Doom Marine stop dead in his tracks, questioning why she would ask him such a thing... or why her father would tell her such...

"No." the answer was stern, a voice slightly raised. He was still questioning his own choice to make the promise to her.

"Pleeeaaaase!" Zoey insisted, quickly getting an idea of how to bargain with him, "Oh, oh! I'm really good at blowjobs! The best! Like, daddy said I'm even better than some of our moms!"

The way she explained it, as if it were a regular, common occurance, was enough for him to turn around with a stomp.

"I said no." he stated with a slight tone of annoyance and anger, walking back towards Zoey, "And I will not ever. That's not what a kid should be doing, and I won't have it."

Zoey shrank back, looking up at him in fear and confusion. "Wh.. But.. What do you mean?" She asked meekly.

"I mean you shouldn't be interested in things like blowjobs for your father or anyone," he advised sternly, "You shouldn't do that to your father. Ever."

"B-But... Why?" Zoey asked, terribly confused. To her, having intercourse with her father was as normal as tossing a ball back and forth with him. Sex was a regular activity that he was kind enough to engage in with her and her sisters.

"You're too young, and he's your father!" the Doomguy warned. He was amazed he would have to explain this to anyone.

"I.. I don't get it..." Zoey said quietly, a few tears collecting in her eyes as she tried to understand why she was being yelled at, why Bob was telling her that something she percieved so innocent and normal was wrong.

"Kids don't bang their dads, alright?!" 'Bob' blurted out loudly, growing slowly more angry at both the idea of her manipulitive father, using her in such a way, and himself for promising to help rescue this scummy man.

"I-I.. I don't.. But.." Zoey stammered before bursting into tears once again and running away, unsure of why she was being yelled at, and feeling betrayed by someone she had grown so close to.

"Ah hell... Zoey!" The Doomguy yelled out as he began to chase after at a slower pace.

Now, a crying, little girl running from a futuristic, large, fully-armored man would be a red flag to literally any sensible person, whether they spoke English or not. Considering the proximity of the town to the border, it did not take long before the Mexican police force took notice of a child running from a terrifying brute.

A sleek, Mexican police vehicle reared around a corner, with an officer stepping out of the passenger side and shouting at Doomguy in Spanish while pointing a gun his way. Zoey ran past, another officer giving chase to her to make sure she didn't get hurt and so they could question her about what was going on.

The Doomguy did not stop chasing; he assured himself that a police officer's gun couldn't do much to his armor, and the fact that he could not understand him made this fact even worse. Bullets were fired at the Doom Marine, but as distance grew, so did the knowledge that the officer's meager pistol would have little to no effect.

Considering how heavily-armored the Doomguy was, the officer deemed it necessary to radio for backup of a higher caliber. There was no telling what this man was capable of, or what his intentions were in these dark, chaotic times.

Zoey made the mistake of turning into an alleyway, expecting there to be some sort of fire escape or other side to run to. The officer pursuing her stood at the entrance of the alley, trying to comfort her in Spanish as he slowly walked towards her.

As the Doom Marine caught up, he grabbed the officer by the back of his shirt with both hands, and tossed him back. "Listen, Zoey," he began, "I know you're angry and confused and-"

"You shut up!" Zoey cried out, taking a few, quick, shuddering breaths as she pulled out the shotgun he had given to her, "I-I'll.. I'll find daddy without you!"

"You're being used, Zoey!" the Doom Marine tried to rationalize quickly, "Please, we don't have time for this, not here. Just.. come back with me and we can talk this over." Step by slow step, he made his way closer.

"No! You're- You're just like our moms!" Zoey shouted, "And.. And you yelled at me! I.. I thought we were friends!" As soon as she felt that he had stepped too far, she shakily pumped the shotgun.

"Zoey, if we don't get out of here right now, no one is finding anyone if the police around here get us," 'Bob' again tried to reason, "If you want even a snowball's chance in hell of seeing your father again, you're coming with me right now." even with Zoey's pump of the shotgun, the Doom Marine took another step.

"¡No des un paso más!" Shouted the officer Doomguy had tossed aside, shooting the marine with his taser.

The taser flickered on his armor, irritating the Doom Marine to turn around and slam his fist into his gut, before turning back around, and shouting with a stern demand of, "Now, Zoey!"

"No! I hate you!" Zoey screamed, waving the shotgun angrily. Granted, while the actions between her and her father were indeed atrocious, the marine's reprimand had come almost immediately after his comforting her in a rare moment of vulnerability for Zoey.

"Zoey..." the Doomguy looked anxious, and let out a deep sigh, "I'm sorry. For... yelling at you. It's not right, and I know that. And I promise to try and explain myself better, but we need to get out of here. I need you to trust me, like I trust you."

A black helicopter quickly came into view as a few cars and a van pulled up to the alleyway. The helicopter hard a large, white "POLICIA" on its side, a window-mounted gatling gun trained on the ground below. Of course, the gun was more of a weapon of intimidation in this case, as Zoey was far too close to the Doom Marine for it, or any of the officers, to get a clean shot.

Still, a sizeable group of Mexican officers and SWAT-equivalents gathered around, many firearms trained on 'Bob'. Thankfully, they had someone who spoke English with a megaphone, "Hands in the air! We will not hesitate to fire!"

The scene frightened Zoey, who pressed her back against the end of the alleyway as she looked above and then behind the Doomguy in fear. She wanted to trust him, but the hectic situation and the recent sting of betrayal frazzled the child. She didn't know what to do.

Slowly, the Doomguy turned to face the Mexican officers, saying nothing to them, his hands still at his sides, clenched into fists.

"Hands! In the air!" The officer with the megaphone repeated.

He looked over the forces before him, before asking, "Why?"

"You are harassing children, resisting arrest, and have assaulted an officer! I will not say it again! Hands in the air! Now!" With the Doom Marine's back turned, the helicopter swerved a tad as a rope began lowering itself down to Zoey. One officer prepared to go down the rope once it came closer to the ground, while another had his rifle pointed downwards.

The Doom Marine said nothing and did nothing. He did not want to hurt these people, but they gave him no other option, he would not hesitate to do so.

After a tense moment of silence, Zoey suddenly screamed, "LET GO OF-" Her sentence was cut off by the sound of her shotgun. The officer that had tried to rescue her laid dead on the ground. Zoey dropped the gun and looked at what she did in horror. She blustered, threatened, and puffed out her chest on many occassions, but she had never murdered anybody before. This created a very, very brief moment of confusion as officers shouted to one another over their radios.

The Doom Marine looked back with a sudden turn, startled by the gunfire behind him. "Zoey?!" he let out a distressed shout, unsure of her condition as he turned to see.

"I-I didn't mean to! H-He.." Zoey stammered, her breathing becoming panicked as she glanced up to the Doomguy then back down at the fresh corpse. It was likely that, with the current state of Mexico and half the rest of the planet, the police force would be a lot more willing to open fire on both of them once those in the helicopter explained what happened to those on the ground.

The Doom Marine assessed the situation quickly, looking for possible exits and only finding the one entrance to the alley. But there was one thing that the police could not counter for his escape. He turned to one of the brick walls that stood beside him, pulling what appeared to be a chaingun from his back, its whirring rising in intensity, before releasing a flurry of bullets into the wall, tearing it down into the building ajacent to the alleyway.

He held a hand down to Zoey. "We have to go right now!" he hurriedly explained.

She quickly took his hand, everything going by in a blur for her. At the same time, the officers opened fire.

Blocking the shots with his armored back, the Doom Guy quickly took Zoey into his arms, dropping his chaingun and running through the building, which seemed to be a convinence store, running out what he assumed to be the back entrance.

The helicopter remained above the two, though it could not fire its gatling gun due to the presence of civilians that did not seem to understand they needed to get out of the area despite being screamed at by police. Still, the helicopter would give the other officers constant feedback on wherever the Doom Marine could go and what he would do as he did it.

The Doomguy kept running, unwilling to look back into possible gunfire. He knew they'd be persistent in their search if he didn't get that Helicopter off their backs.

Soon, the area began to clear as gunshots scared even the most stubborn of civilians away. Officers gave chase for a moment, but soon backed off while the helicopter maintained pursuit. A beat passed before bullets rained down upon the Doom Marine from the helicopter above. Zoey did her best to remain as small as possible in his arms.

The Doom Marine knew that, while he could take a beating, he couldn't keep a persistant rain of bullets going like this. He ran down the street for a few moments, before running to the side, shoving open the door to a store, and setting Zoey down. "I think I got an idea," he said, "But I need you to trust me on this. Alright?"

"Okay. Okay," Zoey shakily nodded her head.

"When I say so, you run. Run as fast as you can back to your sisters, alright?" He ordered, readying a very large gun for what was obvious soon usage.

"I-I don't know where they are," Zoey stammered, having not paid attention to where she was running when being chased by the Doom Marine.

The Doomguy thought for a moment. "...Stay here then. Don't come out until I tell you," he said, taking the massive weapon in his hands, and turning to the door, "Got it?"

Zoey nodded wordlessly, scampering behind the store's counter for comfort.

Without any more discussion, the Doom Slayer kicked the door, slamming it off its hinges, the glass shattering on the street as he walked over it, staring at the Helicopter that threatened him and Zoey, BFG in arms.

The helicopter did not hesitate to resume fire, the officers inside seeking to avenge their fallen comrade. Ground officers fired from a safe distance with their rifles.

Ignoring the clinking of bullets upon his armor, the Doom Marine aimed his bulky weapon upwards, a slow rising hum of green, sparking energy coursing through its frame, before a flash of jade electricity, along with a solid orb of emerald light, fired from the cannon's muzzle towards the Helicopter firing on him.

The helicopter stood no chance against the might of the BFG. It exploded as soon as the orb touched it, and whatever remained of the helicopter rained down to the ground. Considering the fact that, so far, their weapons have had no visible affect on the Doom Marine, and that he had just destroyed one of their helicopters with a single shot from a very large weapon, the police force decided this would be the best time to retreat.

The Doom Slayer looked over the retreating police from past the smoldering wreckage of the Helicopter, anger running through his visage as he put the BFG away, walking back into the store, and stating, "Alright. They won't be following us any more."

Zoey came out from behind the counter, whimpering and reserved as she approached the Doom Marine.

Calmly, the Doom Guy waited for Zoey. "Are you alright?" he asked, a tone of sincere concern in his voice.

Zoey nodded and let out a meek, "Mhm." She was clearly still bothered by the many events that just happened in rapid succession from Jannet's words, Doomguy's shouting at her, the chaos with the police, and the accidental murder of another person. It would have been too much for most to bear with, let alone a fourteen-year-old.

"...You want to talk about it?" he asked, obviously knowing that, after all she had been through so quickly, she was not going to be able to simply walk it off.

She slowly shook her head. It was a stark contrast to Zoey's usual personality.

The Doommarine said nothing for a bit, stuck in his own thought of the situation, and how he could try and help, but in the middle of a random store was not the place. Slowly, he lifted up Zoey into his arms, walking out of the store and down the street, opposite the direction he had brought the helicopter crashing down.

After a moment of the Doom Marine walking, Zoey quietly said, "I don't wanna see everyone else yet..."

With her hushed voice, the Doomguy stopped walking, listening to her speak. "...That's fine. I understand." he responded, standing there with the 14-year-old in his arms.

"... I don't hate you," She whimpered, downcast.

"I know." the armored man said with quiet understanding.

Hesitantly, Zoey asked, "Why did you yell at me?"

"It's..." he trailed off at first, before beginning again, "It's... complicated... I just... I'm not used to... your personality, I guess."

"What do you mean?" Zoey asked, slowly looking up at 'Bob'.

'Bob' sighed, "Your questions caught me off guard, and I.. didn't know how to answer it without yelling..."

"But.. Why?"

"I'm not used to those kinds of questions from someone... your age."

"Did... You never have kids?" Zoey tentatively asked.

"...Yes," the Doomguy said, a tone of morose sadness behind it, "He's gone, now..."

"Oh... Oh, I'm.. I'm sorry," Zoey looked down again.

"It's fine; It was a long time ago," The Doom Marine muttered, "But anyways... the questions and the way you explained them seemed... wrong... to me..."


"Kids.. aren't supposed to do things like you said with their parents," he tried to explain, "It's... not looked upon well by people."

Zoey supposed that second statement might have been true considering she never really left the Hold until recently. "But... Why?" She asked, confused.

"Because it's been like that for as long as I can remember... and probably before that," the Doom Guy explained, "It's... not good to do that stuff with family, no one you're related to."

"But.. It feels good and... Daddy teaches us how to do it right and stuff," Zoey said, not comprehending why in the world having intercourse with her father would be considered morally wrong.

"That's not what your dad's supposed to teach you. Kids can learn that on their own when they need to."

"I don't... But why?"

"Because it's your body, and you're not ready for it," Doomguy explained, "You're too young."

"Daddy says we're ready when we're twelve, but like, he doesn't put it all the way in until we're a bit older so it doesn't hurt a bunch," Zoey said. Considering her smaller frame for a fourteen-year-old, one could hope that she had not yet hit the 'older age'.

The Doomguy said nothing for a prolonged time, deep sighs trying to calm himself. Their father... Wolfe... seemed worse and worse by the moment to the Doom Marine.

"But why would he even do that?" he asked through his breaths, grinding his teeth.

"Because it feels good," Zoey answered innocently, "And he loves us."

"Doesn't mean it's right to do that to his own kids," Doomguy muttered, "No matter how good it feels."

"... Well... Maybe.. Maybe you think it's bad, but we don't," Zoey insisted, "In our family, it's how he shows us he loves us and the other way around."

"He can't just show you he loves you through hugs, spending time with you, or... anything else?"

"Oh, he does that too! Every day he makes-... Made... Sure to check up on everyone. He hugged us a bunch, he made sure we had lots of good food, he kept us safe in a big fort with artillery cannons, and a bunch of other stuff. He's the best dad on the planet- All of the planets."

Slowly, everything fell into place for the Doom Marine. These girls haven't even been in the outside world! They wouldn't think any of this is wrong! He thought to himself, listening to Zoey go on.

"... I miss the Hold... Wolfe built it with our moms. It was a huge like... Fort with walls and stuff. There was a library, a school, a really big, like... Dining room. There were a bunch of crops... And I had all my stuff there... Oh! And the museum! We made a museum all about Wolfe since he did so much for all of us! It had paintings, and.. Stuff.. Things about him... There was a seperate room of the museum with a bunch of videos we could watch of when he first met our moms- Or.. Not first met them, but like.. Started helping them."


"Mhm," Zoey nodded, "So like, our moms weren't good people before they met daddy. So he would take them and have sex with them and they didn't want to at first. But after awhile, he would talk to them and stuff and keep doing it until they were happy. After that, they could live in the Hold and he would give them new jobs and stuff like painting or cleaning or something. Me and my sisters are lucky though since we never had to deal with, like, not wanting to have sex. We got to live our whole lives being happy... Until... Recently."

"What happened?" the Doomguy asked, already knowing the answer from the children's previous rants, but wishing to know more.

"Daddy was taken away by Warden," Zoey answered sadly, "After that mushroom did something to our moms' brains, everyone hated daddy except us kids. Even then, some of them stayed with our moms. Me and my sisters that you've met are the only ones still loyal to daddy. We'll never betray him, especially me. Not only am I gonna save daddy, but his book too!"

"His book?"

"Oh, right," Zoey felt a little silly for leaving it off like that, not realizing beforehand that 'Bob' would have no idea about Wolfe's famous book, "After he built the Hold, daddy wrote a big book. He only made a few copies that he gave out only to people who he allowed to read it. It's supposed to be really hard to get him to let you read it, but once someone does, they can choose to leave or stay in the Hold. Daddy said that the moms who left went on to spread his phil.. Philosophy. Fiona's copy of the book was destroyed, so the only copy that I know where it is, is back at the Hold in the museum.

"I wanna find it and right it... I'm not allowed to yet, but... If... We don't find daddy... I don't wanna let whatever he wrote down be lost forever... It has to be important, whatever's in there."

She wants to find and read his manifesto, the Doomguy thought, knowing it could only lead to bad things happening for all parties involved, but unsure of how to break it to the girl that her father, adored in her eyes, wasn't all he was made out to be.

"That's... that sounds dangerous..." 'Bob' advised, "Are you sure it's worth the risk?"

Zoey nodded assertively. "For daddy, I'll do whatever it takes," She declared.

The Doomguy said nothing more, looking at the innocence in her expression and movements, then simply staring off as he contemplated their next move. "Whatever it takes..." he mumbled as he did.

"That's right!" Zoey smiled, "Daddy did everything he could for me, now it's my turn to do everything I can for him!"

"Right.... Say, who's the Warden? You said he took your dad away... why?"

"I... I don't know... I think it was that stupid mushroom," Zoey answered resentfully.

"The same mushroom that messed with your moms?" 'Bob' asked.

"Yeah!" Zoey huffed, "It ruined everything! Now all of our moms are sad and hate daddy! And they're trying to get my sisters to hate him too!"

"Did they say why they hate him now?" The Doomguy asked, hoping that somehow, hopefully, she'd start to see why if she said it herself.

"They just said he's a bad person! That he 'raped' them and stuff," Zoey folded her arms, "It's like that stupid mushroom just... Undid everything daddy did to help them."

The attention of Doomguy snapped back at the obvious false emphasis on the word "raped". "Wait... he did what?" he asked, somewhat hoping he had heard incorrectly. He knew this Wolfe figure was already an unlikeable, terrible man... but if what she said was true, it was worse than she thought.

"He didn't, trust me," Zoey assured him, "Daddy made sure that everyone was happy. He never even hit anyone, and the only time he even spanked anyone was when some of our moms would get really loud during sex and ask him to."

Doomguy had nothing else to say. His respite for the man known as Wolfe had reached its peak. Manipulating women and children into being his unwitting servile sex slaves? There was not any further a human could fall in his opinion.

"C'mon, let's go. Your sisters are probably getting anxious," the Doom Marine noted, standing up and hoping that his suggestion would end this conversation which he wanted no longer to be a part of.

"Oh, yeah... I'm feeling a lot better now," Zoey remarked, hugging the Doomguy, "Thank you, Bob." Talking about how great her father was always lifted Zoey's spirits.

"I'm... glad you're feeling better," 'Bob' said in a half-jovial tone, as he began to lead the way back to the group of children.


As the Doom Marine and Zoey approached, the group of girls rushed towards them, a cacophany of "Zoey!"s and "Bob!"s ringing out as the crowd gathered around the two.

"Zoey! Bob!" Jannet gasped, "We were worried sick! We heard so many gunshots and then we saw a helicopter explode and fall out of the sky from far away and... I'm just glad you two are okay." Tina latched herself onto Doomguy's leg.

"We were fine," Zoey scoffed, "You should've seen Bob though! A bunch of bad guys with guns were chasing us and shooting us, but the bullets didn't even do anything to him! So he was able to be like, my shield and then he dropped me off in a place and pulled out a huge gun and shot down that helicopter you saw in one hit! Then all the bad guys ran away!"

There was a collective, "Woooow!" from the majority of the group. Zoey leaned over to Harper and whispered, "Also Bob has a PINGAS. I win the bet!"

"What!? But he's totally a cyborg!" Harper whispered, "Did you actually see it?"

"Wh- I- He-"

"Doesn't count unless you've actually seen it!" Harper stuck her tongue out victoriously. Zoey pouted in response, shiftily looking over at Doomguy's lower area. She was not going to lose this bet.

The Doomguy slowly shook his head. "Not. Seeing it."

The entire group gasped in surprise. There was a brief moment of silence before Harper let out a loud, "HA! I TOLD YOU HE COULD TALK! I WIN THAT BET!"

"Gaaah! Dangit!" Zoey stomped her foot.

"Sorry," 'Bob' said to Zoey, "I'm just not showing it, and if I have to tell you all you're not seeing it, I'm going to tell you."

"See what?" Jannet blinked.

"His PINGAS!" Zoey answered.

"He's a cyborg. Cyborgs don't have penises," Harper insisted haughtily.

"He just said he has a PINGAS!" Zoey yelled.

"I'm not a cyborg," the Doom Marine sighed, "Just a guy."

"And he's not a cyborg!" Zoey repeated.

"Wh- But... It still doesn't count! We haven't seen the.. Crotch area!" Harper huffed.

"He said he has a PINGAS! You just don't wanna lose the bet!"

"What bet?" Jannet inquired.

"Harper said that Bob doesn't have a PINGAS because he's a cyborg, which he isn't! And I said he does have a PINGAS!" Zoey answered, "I also made a bet with Maria and Madison that his PINGAS isn't bigger than daddy's!"

"I also betted the same thing Zoey did!" Ruby piped in.

Jannet looked at Zoey, Ruby, Harper, Maria, and Madison with stern confusion. "... Why are all of you so obsessed with his PINGAS?"

"We're not obsessed! I just don't wanna lose the beeeet!" Zoey whined before turning to Bob, "Can you at least tell us how big it is? So I can win the bet against Maria and Madison?"

"No," the Doomguy stated, "You're not seeing it, you're not feeling it, you're not knowing how big it is, and we're done talking about it. Got it?"

The group of young gamblers let out a dissappointed, "Okaaay...."

Harper soon perked up though, smugly telling Zoey, "I still won the talking bet. You owe me later."

"Ugh, fiiiiiiiiine," Zoey groaned, folding her arms and pouting.

"I got a bet with myself," Doomguy said, "That you're all little weirdos! And I think I've won..."

"No you're a weirdo!" Ruby laughed.

"What's a weer doe?" Tina inquired.

"A weirdo is what I'd call you guys!" the Doomguy let out a chuckle, pointing at Ruby as he continued, "Especially you!"

"No!" Ruby shook her head as fast as she could before pointing her finger back at 'Bob', laughing, "You're a weirdo!"

"I dunno, Ruby, you are a bit of a weirdo," Jannet giggled.

"You're a raisin!" Ruby retorted. Jannet snorted, quickly covering her mouth and nose in embarrassment as she blushed.

"How can I be the weirdo," the Doomguy asked jokingly, "If you guys all are?"

"We're not cyborgs!" Harper laughed.

"Your face is weird!" Mila declared.

"I'm not a cyborg!" the Doomguy chuckled, "And I don't have a weird face!"

"Prove it! Weird-face!" Mila demanded adorably.

"I don't need to prove anything when you haven't proven to me you all aren't weirdos!" 'Bob' stated.

"How are we weirdos?" Maria asked.

"You bet on my... crotch being cybernetic or not. I'm sure I don't need to explain."

"No, that was Harper! I just said you have a big PINGAS!" Maria laughed

"That's even more proof you're a weirdo!" the Doom Marine gruffed.

Maria opened her mouth, thought for a second, then cocked her head to the side, "Huh?"

"You're still betting on my crotch!"

Maria blinked. "So?" She asked curiously.

Oh god not this again. "Uh, y'know, betting on people like that's kinda a weirdo thing to do...."

"It is? Why?" Maria inquired. All eyes were on 'Bob' now, many of the girls equally as curious as Maria.

"It's like betting on if your arm can flex further, or you can pop your fingers louder. It's just weird." The Doomguy explained, trying to subvert the girls from having the same conversation he had with Zoey only a little while earlier.

"... Hey Madison! I bet I can pop my fingers louder than you can!" Maria yelled.

"Nuh uh!"

"The usual wager?"

After the exchange, both girls were trying to pop their fingers as loudly as they could. Thankfully, it was a quick affair, and Madison was the winner. "HAH! Yes! I finally won!" Madison whooped.

"See? A bunch of weirdos!" 'Bob' gestured to the two girls, "What did I tell ya? You're all weirdos and I haven't been proven wrong."

"They always bet on stuff," Mary, the twin of Maria, informed. The only difference between the two were their hairstyles, with Mary having a short, rather bland haircut. Maria, on the other hand, had a ponytail kept in place with a braid, "Maria usually wins though so Madison always has to give her blowjobs."

Of course that's what they win. "Hmm." the Doomguy noted, "Still weird, no matter if they do it all the time or not. But I've said the word 'weird' enough today."

"That's because you're weird," Ruby giggled.

"Nope! All weirded out today," the Doomguy sighed, "So the weird lies on you gals."

"Nooo!" Ruby bounced in place, laughing. She was unable to accept that she had been defeated and she was now the weirdo, "Yooouuu!"

"I swear, you two shouldn't bet on everything all the time," Jannet chastised, "You sh-"

"Didn't you bet on something about Bob earlier?" Madison asked.

Jannet's eyes popped open as she blushed. She nervously laughed and waved her hands to Doomguy, "I-I don't know what she's talking about."

Bob stared at Jannet, "What did you bet on about me..?"

"W-What? No I.." Jannet dropped the facade and sighed, "...I bet that you would be very good in bed... I betted against Harper who said that cyborgs cannot have sex and so you would be terrible in bed." It seemed Jannet was more ashamed of the fact she partook in gambling rather than the subject of the bet itself.

"Oh..." the Doom Marine, in all his manliness, was flustered by the subject of the bet, though to the girls it was more likely he was just flustered by the fact she had been involved in the gambling.

"L-Look I.. I don't usually gamble, I swear," Jannet promised, grasping the Doomguy's arm. The last thing she wanted was people thinking she was some reckless gambler.

"Oh, it's fine... everyone was doing it, it's not the worst thing you could've been doing," the Doomguy replied, "I mean, you could've been doing drugs. Or working with demons. Or both. There's a lot worse than gambling."

"Still, gambling isn't okay, I-"

"You're not gonna win!" Harper teased, "You won't have sex with him! You won't have sex with him! You won't have sex with him!"

Jannet blushed and clenched her fists. "... Harper pressured me into the bet," She sighed.

"Liar! You started it! You were sayi-" Harper was quickly shut up by Jannet putting her hand over the annoying child's mouth.

"What? No, I wasn't gonna.. no..." Doomguy dissuaded any sort of notion that he would participate in the bet regardless.

Jannet pulled her hand away in disgust after Harper licked it. Harper quickly yelled, "That's because Jannet is flat!"

"I am not flat! I am an A-cup!" Jannet huffed, "Y-You're flat!"

"I'm only fourteen!" Harper pouted, "You're an adult!"

"No, I just wasn't going to in the first place, regardless of... flatness or lack thereof," Bob responded.

"It's because she's a raisin! A flat raisin!"

"I am not-" Jannet took a deep breath and sighed, rubbing her brow, "Maybe it's as simple as he just does not want to have sex with me."

"Because you're flat! And a raisin!"

"No, Jannet's right," Doomguy interjected, "I just don't want to."

"Because she's not sexy?" Harper theorized. Being raised by a man like Wolfe who had intercourse with literally everyone she knew made it a bit hard for Harper to figure out why someone would not want to have sex with someone else unless it was because they were not attractive.

"Oh my god," Jannet turned away, hiding her reddened face behind one hand.

"No, I just. Don't. Want to," the Doomguy slowly explained, syllable by syllable, "And we're leaving it at that."

"Hmmmm....." Harper squinted her eyes, leaning up to the Doomguy as far as her tip-toes would take her. She lowered herself back down as she rubbed her chin, "If you say so..."

Jannet tapped Bob on the shoulder. "Could I talk to you for a moment?" She asked.

"Sure, what do you need?" Doomguy asked.

Jannet led him some feet away from the group, glanced around, and then lowered her voice, "I'm... Attractive, right? It isn't because I'm flat?"

"I..." 'Bob' stammered for a moment, "...Yes, you're pretty, but I'm just not looking to... you know... do that kind of stuff at the moment."

"O-Oh, that's fine, that's fine. I'm okay with that, I.. Just wanted to make sure that.. You know..." Jannet gave him a nervous smile, "It wasn't because of anything like that."

"No, it's fine, I... I understand," the Doomguy nodded.

"BOB! CHECK OUT THIS SICK DAB!" Zoey screamed.

"A what?" the Doom Marine asked, turning about to see.

As Zoey performed a dab for him, Jannet quietly stomped one foot on the ground and mouthed a, "Dammit."

"That's nice, Zoey!" he exclaimed, before turning back to Jannet, "So, anything else you were worried about?"

"Oh, oh, no that's all," Jannet smiled sweetly.

"Alright then," Doomguy accepted, beginning to walk back to the rest of the girls, before turning back and noting, "Oh, and remember; If you ever need to talk, I'm... I'm here for you."

Jannet blushed. "O-Oh, yes, of course. Thank you," She stammered and nodded, "I'll... Remember that."

"Not a problem," the Doomguy nodded, before asking Zoey, "Now, what exactly is a dab? I've never heard of that."

"It's like... You just do it when you're right, or to assert dominance," Zoey explained while Harper mouthed, "F.L.A.T." to Jannet, who looked down at her chest with concern.

"...Asserting dominance? I don't think that asserts much-"

"DAB!" Zoey interrupted, quickly dabbing on Bob.

"It just looks like you're putting your head into your shoulder to sneez-"

"DAB!" Zoey shouted again, dabbing even harder on Bob.

"This isn't dominance, it's just-"

"DAB DAB DABDABDA-DAB!" Zoey shouted, rapid dabbing on him while the other girls watched, nodding in approval of Zoey's dabs.

"It's just annoying after a while," Bob finally finished, "I'm already tired of it-"

"Tired after getting dabbed on!" Zoey laughed, dabbing on him once more. Ruby gave Zoey a rigorous applause.

"Alright, alright, it asserts dominance," Bob sighed, "Just don't dab every two seconds!"

"Woo! Go Zoey! You dominated Bob!" Ruby shouted with glee.

"Though, of course, anything else asserts dominance a lot better," the Doom Marine argued.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Zoey asked, puffing out her chest.

Doom Guy pulled out his BFG (of course aiming it only upwards just in case he slipped on the trigger), "Guns. Especially big ones."

"Hmph.... You leave me no choice then..." Zoey took a step back as Ruby gasped. The rest of the girls just seemed confused. It was likely a test of dominance was planned at some point and Ruby was told to gasp for dramatic effect.

"Zoey no! You'll dominate him too hard!" Ruby cried out. In reality, she was dying to see Zoey's performance.

Zoey pulled out her shotgun, pumped it, and held it in her right hand. She cracked her neck and stared up at the Doomguy for a moment before bending her legs, going for a lower dab as she swung her arms into position, with the right arm being the highest in the dab. Just as her arm, and the shotgun in her hand, reached the height of the dab, she fired the gun.

Of course, she forgot about the fact that this was a shotgun, and so the firing of the gun caused her arm to flail. She stumbled backwards onto her rear. However, she could not let herself look so foolish in front of everyone. Thinking on the spot, she crossed her legs and dabbed while on the ground. It was a sort of casual, lazed dab, as if she had to sit down for standing was not worth the effort.

"...Okay, that was nice... But I think I can top that using your own tehcnique," Bob scoffed, holding the trigger of the BFG in one hand, before swinging his arms into a dab, firing the massive weapon at the same time as his dab, the orb of green energy fired flying into the sky for a while before exploding into a jade cloud of electricity.

All of the girls looked up in amazement at the weapon's destructive power before looking back down at the Doomguy. The entire crowd erupted into applause save for Zoey who huffed and puffed and folded her arms. She gave Ruby a pouty look, causing her to cease her applause.

"Aw c'mon," Doomguy groaned to Zoey and Ruby, "You did good too!"

"Yeah! You did!" Ruby cheered Zoey on.

As this happened, Tina detatched herself from Doomguy's leg and waddled over to Jannet. "You haf to seduce him," She said before nibbling on her finger for a second.


"Like in your picture books," Tina clairifed.

"They're not called- Have you been reading my stuff?" Jannet questioned.

"No," Tina shook her head, "You talk when you read and I look at the pictures from behind you."

"Wh- Why are- You- Don't do that!" Jannet chastised in a hushed tone.

"Okay," Tina nodded, waddling away to reattatch herself to Bob's leg without him noticing.

Jannet contemplated the idea bestowed upon her, an idea that she was surprised she herself had not come up with. Oh, but how would she go about seducing him? It's not like she could just....

"... and that's why my dabs were better," Zoey finished just as Jannet let out a loud yelp.

"Well, I'll give you that. Yours was much more intimidating," Doom Guy tried to give Zoey the 'win', even if everyone else thought otherwise. When Jannet yelped, the marine turned to see what the issue was.

"Oh no!" Jannet cried out, half of her body covered in filth, "I have fallen into this mud puddle a- Ow my knee." During her 'accidental' trip into the puddle of mud, she must have scratched her knee.

Bob sighed, walking over and hoisting Jannet out of the puddle, "Are you alright?"

"I, um," Jannet didn't expect to be hoisted up so abruptly, "I.. Well.. My knee hurts... And now I'm all dirty. Could you... Help me find somewhere to get clean?"

"Sure. Is there a.. dry cleaners around here? Car wash?" the Doomguy asked, looking about for one of the two things he had asked about.

"I was thinking more of a shower," Jannet remarked.

"I'm not sure there's many places to get a shower around here... Did you guys see anywhere where she could take a shower?"

"Perhaps there's a motel nearby?" Jannet suggested while the rest of the girls shrugged and asked one another if they had any ideas.

"Probably," the Doom Marine pointed to a motel just down the street, "Like right there."

"Motel rooms have showers, don't they?"

"Yeah, they should," Bob agreed, "Do you want me to find a cleaners anyways? Getting into muddy clothes kind of ruins the point of... showering."

"I'll get her new clothes!" Tina piped up from Doomguy's leg. She promptly popped off and waddled away, giving Jannet a knowing smile beforehand. Maria and Mary decided to accompany Tina to make sure nothing happened to the six-year-old.

"Alright, that's great!" Bob praised, "Anything else you need, Jannet?"

"Oh, no, other than.. Could you help me to the motel? My knee... Really hurts," Jannet stretched the truth about her knee a little.

"Sure, I can do that..." the Doomguy nodded, holding Jannet by the shoulder and aiding her in any 'difficulty' walking.

Jannet leaned into him, awkwardly feigning a limp whenever her right leg touched the ground. "Oh, thank you," She smiled as the two made their way to the motel, "... Wait... I just realized... Don't motels cost money?"

After that helicopter, I don’t think anyone’s going to mess with us,” Doomguy replied, taking her limp as an actual problem as he opened a door to one of the rooms."Well, there should be a shower inside. I'll let you have your privacy," he stated, gesturing inside.

"W-Wait!" Jannet yelped, quickly lowering her voice to a regular volume, "I-... I don't know if I'll be able to... Stand in the shower."

"...I'm sure you'll be fine," Bob assured, "It didn't seem like that bad of a fall."

"Please? Just in case? I wouldn't want to slip in the shower because of my knee," Jannet requested.

The Doomguy thought for a moment, "I... guess it wouldn't hurt anything." he decided, helping her into the room and into the restroom, which indeed had a shower, a standard plastic curtain hanging on it.

Alright, Jannet. You need to take your clothes off sexy, but not too sexy to where he will get suspicious, She thought to herself. Unfortunately, her 'picture books' were very poor at showing the actual motion of removing one's clothes. Such things took a mere panel or two.  She stood still for a moment, thinking of what to do before letting out a sigh and simply taking off her clothes like a normal person.

The Doomguy looked away, with his other hand blocking his view as insurance, acknowledging that she needed some sort of privacy to undress. When Jannet was finished and looked over, she curiously asked, "Is something wrong?" She looked down at herself with concern.

"Nothing, just waiting for you to get into the shower. It's rude to watch someone undress," he commented, not staring back.

"Oh, it is?" She inquired with a relieved tone.

"Yeah, it's just rude to stare when someone's nude in general," Bob added.

"Huh... I've never heard that before," Jannet remarked, "In the Hold, we never... Had an issue with that or anything. Most of us were either naked or very close to it anyway."

"From what I've heard, the Hold's a bit different from the rest of the world..." Doomguy noted, "Anyways, let's hurry and get you in the shower, or your sisters are gonna start betting we're doing stuff or something along those lines."

"Pfft, I'm sure they already are. They're all a bit.. Wild," Jannet giggled, taking one step with her 'bad leg' and dramatically falling with a yelp. Her plan was to catch herself on a nearby chair. However, the chair fell with her. "Oww... Oh god..." She whined. The things she did to get laid.

"Oh! Are you alright?" The Doomguy asked, hoisting her back to her feet by her shoulders, not wanting to encourage the obvious sexual desires that the posse of girls possessed.

"I think so... Thank you," Jannet whimpered.

"Alright, lemme help you this time," Bob said, letting Jannet hold onto his arm to get into the shower. Of course, he was looking away again.

After turning the water on, Jannet noticed the lack of staring once more. "It's okay to look... I don't mind it," Jannet said, keeping one hand on his arm for support.

"I think I'm good," Doomguy replied, "Let's just.. try and get this done without you falling again."

"Trust me, I am just as tired of me falling as you arAAAH!"

Of course, Jannet slipped. The only thing keeping her from completely smacking her head onto the tiled floor was her grip on the Doomguy's arm.

"Ah man!" the Doomguy sighed, "You have to keep your balance in there, especially with the water. I'm... not really comfortable helping you up in the shower."

"But I... I..." Jannet started. So far, other than the fact she actually got him to stand there, this was not going like it did in her stories at all. Why was it so easy for the women in them to seduce a man just by falling in a mud puddle.

"... I can't do this," She whimpered, "... I've been falling on purpose.. Except.. That second time I didn't mean to fall as hard as I did, but still..." Not only was she ashamed of the shoddy job she did at seducing Bob thus far, she hated all the deciet that came with it.

"...What?" Doomguy asked in a bit of shock, "Why would you even do that?"

"I... I was trying to seduce you..." She admitted shamefully, helping herself up before letting go of the Doom Marine.

"I told you though," Bob began, "That I wasn't going to do it with you! I made that very clear with not just you, but everyone that was the situation."

"I know, I know! I am so sorry, I..." Jannet let out a sigh, "... Maria and Madison don't have a gambling problem... They... We all... Have a sex problem. I never noticed it when Wolfe was around, because he kept us all satisfied, but... Now I do. I... Don't think this is normal... To have this urge this strong this often."

"...You're all addicted to it," Doomguy stated, "You're going through withdrawl. And I'm not going to contribute to it."

"That's fine, that's okay. I.. I shouldn't have tried to trick you." Admittedly, Tina gave Jannet the idea, but Tina was six-years-old and just repeating what she's heard Jannet read about. Jannet was an adult (By her world's standards).

"It's alright," the Doomguy assured, standing up and beginning to walk to the door, "I'm gonna go grab those clothes from Tina. I'll be sure to bring them back as soon as I can."

"Okay, I'll wash up and wait for you to get back," Jannet said, "And... Thank you for... Being so forgiving about all this."

"It's no problem. It's what I'm here for," the Doom Marine noted before he closed the door behind himself.

"... Dammit Jannet... This is why you don't listen to little kids," She sighed.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Having arrived via Overwatch transport, our heroes entered the caves of El Dorado, with Lyn in the lead.

As Lyn and Usoara traversed through the caverns, Lyn felt that familiar wind of the plains blowing past her. It was odd and out of place in such an area, and yet it drew her.

Of course, there were reports of another army storming the caverns in the near future as well, so there was that loveliness to look forward to.

"Hmm, there are quite a few people here already. There are a lot different paths in this cavern," Usoara noted, glancing in a few directions as if he were looking directly at the other parties present in El Dorado.

”We best not bother them; I don’t wiah to make enemies. Or be a pest for that matter,” Lyn replied.

"My guess is they're treasure hunters. This place is littered with artifacts... Especially in its deeper levels," The professor mused, "It's a shame people are trying to end the world, these caves would be pretty fun to explore if we weren't on a mission."

“Right. As long as there are those who wish to conquer, there have to be people to stand against them, for freedom.”

Lyn stopped, and felt the air. She pointed down the 10-o’clock tunnel. “That way. I have a feeling about that direction.”

Lyn took her blade and scratched a slash into the wall. “I’ll mark the first few passages we go through, but after that I’ll stop marking them to throw off the army in case they decide to follow us,” Lyn explained. She shrugged. “They’re apparently very bloodthirsty. We’ll get them as soon as they come our way.”

Usoara looked at the mark on the wall with a bemused expression. "You do remember I can see every path in this cave, right?"

“Maybe so, but our mission is to divert the army and corner them to extract informatoon out of them,” Lyn replied. “Leading them down a trail and cutting that trail off to confuse them will help us.”

"Good point," Usoara nodded.

And so they meandered through the cave, leaving a false trail of figurative breadcrumbs. After marking about five forks in the path, Lyn stopped. "I think that'll do," she said. She closed her eyes and felt the draft through the tunnels. At this fork, she went opposite of the direction that she had marked.

"So, where are we going exactly? I know we're leading the enemy into the caves, but then shouldn't we... Hide?" Usoara inquired.

"There's something else in this cave. Something familiar to people of the plains like me," Lyn replied. "Somehow, I feel the draft of the cave drawing me towards it... the divine bow Mulagir."

Lyn turned towards the cave. "My plan was to leave the rest of the path unmarked anyhow, but if the presence I'm feeling really is that of Mulagir, then I have to investigate. You can tell which way the army is headed, can't you?"

"Of course," He replied, "Though what is so significant about 'Mulagir'?"

"Mulagir was wielded by the first of my people. A woman named Hanon," Lyn replied. "When the demon dragon was created, Mulagir was one of the eight legendary weapons forged for the purpose of defeating the war dragons spawned by the demon dragon... If it's here, then as one of the last of the Sacaeans I must retrieve it."

"Well... It certainly sounds important, and I suppose we don't have to worry about the enemy surprising us," Usoara remarked, pointing at one of his eyes, "Lead the way."

Following the wind, Lyn and Usoara traversed the caverns. Usoara would find that Mulagir, to him, was undetectable. Perhaps the divinity of the weapon had something to do with it. In any case, Lyn's guidance was enough, and someone had to keep an eye on the enemy.

It seemed that Lyn's idea had worked; after reaching the fifth fork in the road, the enemy presence seemed to be lost. However, the army was splitting up, taking multiple paths, and thinning down, but still spreading, their numbers.

Usoara relayed this information to Lyn as they walked before mentioning, "... Are you sure Mulagir, or any bow, is this way? I don't see any."

"This draft... the way it flows is the same as the way the wind of the plains does. It's no ordinary cave draft. I choose to place my trust in the wind."

The cavern opened up, and revealed to Lyn and Usoara a gaping chasm. A narrow rock arch led to a cave on the other side. A distant ringing echoed through the cavern, but Lyn could feel the wind drawing her to the other side.

Lyn took a deep breath. The current laid out a path across the arch for her, it seemed.

"Follow me," Lyn said, before running and leaping onto the narrow arch. Light on her feet, Lyn followed the wind; if she strayed from the path, the stone would crumble.

"Er... I think I will... Stay right here. I am not very agile," Usoara looked down the chasm with concern.

Lyn paused, then turned back towards Usoara. "That's alright. Shout if anyone comes this way," Lyn replied.

"Will do," The professor nodded, taking the opportunity to sit on the ground as he observed the enemy attempt to navigate the twists and turns of the cave.

Lyn crossed the arch with little issue, and strolled into the cavern. Using a torch from the Overwatch kit, Lyn lit up the cavern. The light bounced off the walls, illuminating the multicolored gem ores encrusted in the walls. A rainbow of colors dappled across the stones as Lyn swept the torch across the room.

She found her quarry at the end of the cavern: a shining silver bow, sitting on top of other strange wares like none Lyn had ever seen. Upon reaching the end of the chamber, Lyn knelt down and began to sift through the quarry.

Lyn stopped. Her eyes shot to the right, and she whipped her head around, before slashing her sword behind her.

"Gaakgh!" howled the Duma priest Jedah, who had warped into the room just as Lyn was about to claim Mulagir. The Mani Katti had torn a gash in Jedah's robes, and the Duma priest was now bleeding.

Lyn held up her sword and glared at Jedah. "I don't know who you are, but the hunters of the plains are attuned to the slightest movement of their prey," she said.

Jedah chuckled. "Why, girl... I merely wanted to take a look at the bow that you were so intently gazing at!" he sneered. "I could sense a divine energy flowing through that weapon. An energy that I sensed would pose a threat to our lord Duma, bless his soul."

Jedah put his hands together and gazed at the ceiling as he said this. He then looked back at Lyn, and smiled wickedly. "Duma is meant to be immortal, little one. This tool would have gotten in the way of that: a bow to slay dragons? Dragons are divine! Duma, is divine... it's through His power that the multiverse, now, shall be saved..."

With little regard to the sanctity of monologues, a series of lightning strikes seemed to come out of the walls and towards Jedah, with Usoara shouting from afar, "Sorry! I did not see him!"

The eye of Duma appeared over Jedah's head, and the lightning seemed to fizzle out around him. Lyn cocked her head. How come her attack had gone through, but Usoara's hadn't?

Lyn made a motion to attack him, but the eye turned towards her and widened. Lyn found her limbs paralyzed. I can't move! she thought.

Jedah chuckled. "You see the futility of resisting the coming of Duma? Even now, his power once more awakens!" Jedah taunted. "The weapon that you so desperately wish to find... it's there in front of you, but as Duma wills it, it shall not fall into your--"

Lyn marched up to Jedah and kneed him in between the legs as he was monologuing. The priest crumpled over, and Lyn turned around to grab Mulagir and run back towards the cavern's entrance. Jedah turned and glared at Lyn.

Lightning struck at the ceiling of the cave behind Lyn as she ran, causing the rock to explode above Jedah and the growing space between he and Lyn. Usoara was doing his best to stifle laughter after observing the justice served to Jedah's crotch.

The rock fell in front of Jedah, barring his path. Lyn crossed the rock arch back over, and held up Mulagir. "I got the bow. Let's move!"

Usoara nodded and gestured for Lyn to follow him back the way they came. "The enemy is still running in circles. A turn up there, there's a few to the left down aways, they seem to be the farthest from anyone else."

"That's good. We can lose the priest in the caves," Lyn replied.

Traveling down the direction Usoara had pointed out, Lyn spotted the foes that Usoara had pointed out. A dark-skinned, muscular man wielding an axe cut from igneous stone, in addition to two Múspellian armored knights, were searching the cavern.

"Damn it, where are they?" the axeman growled. "Someone must've marked those caverns at the beginning... were we tricked?"

"Helbindi," said one of the armored knights, "shouldn't we focus on finding resources for the army rather than looking for enemies in the caverns?"

"Surtr's orders were to slay anyone who stood in our way," Helbindi replied. "He will be displeased if we come back with clean steel, you know." Helbindi paused, and exhaled. "And that's something I can't afford."

The knights looked at each other. "I for one am dying for some action," said the other armored knight, twisting his lance in his hands.

"Do you want me to say the snarky comment, or you?" Usoara whispered to Lyn.

"Wait," Lyn replied. "That man... Helbindi... something tells me he may be willing to cooperate. Let's listen a little longer."

Helbindi sighed. "If they're looking for the same things we are, then it's highly likely they have more of an idea of where it is than we do. We can get them to talk. Pain's a surefire way to get you the things you need. It worked for Surtr, and it worked when we razed Nifl."

The first armored knight sheathed his sword and patted Helbindi's back. "Once we finish this mission, your sister will be safe. Surtr is not a cruel--"

Helbindi snorted. "Don't finish that sentence. You know as well as I do how violent our ruler is. Subduing his own daughter and molding her into nothing but a mere tool."

Lyn's ears perked up. This was some interesting information.

"It won't be long until he learns of her failure to those mewling children," the second armored knight remarked. "He'll soon dispose of her, I know. A tool can be replaced."

Helbindi glared at the armored knight. "You going to shut up, or am I going to have to put Byléistr through your head?" He hefted his axe and menaced the armored knight with it. "Family isn't a tool." Helbindi lowered his axe. "It shouldn't have to be."

"You going soft, Helbindi?"

Helbindi turned to the armored knight and raised Byléister once more. "Who's the one giving orders to kill here, you or me?!" he shouted.

The knight, for the sake of his neck, declined to back-talk any further. Helbindi lowered his axe again, and grunted. "That's what I thought. Come on, we've got some rats to snuff out."

"Can you stun the knights? We need this Helbindi conscious," Lyn asked.

In response, a powerful jolt of electricity coursed through the two knights accompanying Helbindi, causing their bodies to spasm uncontrollably as they fell to the ground. It was far from enough to kill them, but more than enough to incapacitate them.

"The hell?" Helbindi muttered, turning around. "Who's there?!"

"People who wish to talk," Usoara answered, "... Just not with them."

"Don't waste your breath," Helbindi growled.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Lyn said, stepping out from behind the cavern wall. "Another jolt of lightning magic like that will be enough to finish them off. And you as well, if you proceed with attempting to kill us."

"Hah! Try it, then. You'll find nothing of worth from me," Helbindi dared.

"Don't," Lyn whispered to Usoara.

"You're badly outnumbered. Two of you against an army of Múspell's elite," Helbindi recited.

"Uh-huh. And there's the rest of your elite army? Are they badly lost?" Lyn asked.

Helbindi had no answer.

"You three strayed very far from everyone else," Usoara informed, "And they are only getting farther from each other."

Helbindi growled again. "So what exactly do you want from me? All I do is take orders and kill people. Why me?"

"Oh, anyone would do if we wanted only information. And we do want information as to who you are, where you come from, and why you're razing everything to the ground. I don't know, but as we were listening to your conversation, I picked up on some interesting details." Lyn waved her hand. "But we can get to that later. Why are you here here?"

Helbindi looked at the scholar and the lady of the plains, then muttered under his breath.

"Speak up!"

"Our orders were to claim as many of the legendary weapons kept away here and slaughter anyone who stood in our path," Helbindi replied. "We were specifically ordered to clear the caverns."

"That sounds hard."

"Múspell's army has no equal in our world."

"Well, this isn't your world, isn't it? What's your king got to do with a bunch of old weapons?"

"Surtr wants to secure his place as the one true ruler of all," Helbindi replied. "If you think you can stop him, you've got a rude awakening ahead of you. As long as the fires of Múspell burn, Surtr cannot fall."

"Where's he headed next?"

"A great castle in the south, according to the reports I received," Helbindi grumbled, looking away. "This isn't information I should be giving out, but..."


"Nothing. It's nothing."

"You know, I would have thought you'd be more hopeful for Surtr's demise. You did not seem very fond of him in the time we were eavesdropping," Usoara remarked.

Helbindi closed his eyes. "I follow orders. Surtr's words are my actions."

"Are they, really? Or is Surtr dangling something over your head that compels you to do his bidding?" Lyn asked.

"I'll do anything he says. If it means the safety of the Múspellian people. If it means safety for... her."

Helbindi faltered a bit. But his expression hardened once more. "Travel south to the land known as the magic kingdom. If you really wish to help the people of the world? You'll do exactly what I say. You'd better clear the people out from there, or else more people will die needlessly."

Helbindi clenched his fist. "If we meet on the battlefield proper, I've got no choice but to attack. But if you're really that convinced of your convictions, then I'd better see the people of the magic kingdom out of our sight when Múspell inevitably arrives. You got that?"

Usoara smiled beneath his mask. "Thank you for the information. When this is all over, hopefully you won't need to worry so much for your sister's safety. Anything else, Lyn?"

Helbindi winced. Clearly Lyn and Usoara had heard a lot.

"We need to inform Zarya right away so we can coordinate something," Lyn replied. "We can leave Helbindi here. I hope he considers doing the right thing, instead of just what he's told."

Lyn turned to leave, but Helbindi called, "Wait."

Lyn turned.

"Who are you?"

"I am Lyndis. I am but a simple girl from the plains of Sacae. Remember that name when our steel inevitably clashes." Lyn paused. "And this is Usoara."

"Usoara Aducator, professor of technomancy from the kingdom of Regat," He introduced proper.

Helbindi muttered under his breath. "If we do not meet again," he said, "then you will know what Surtr has done to my village. My family."

Lyn gazed at Helbindi for a moment, then turned to leave the caves with Usoara.


"Magic Kingdom is nickname for Disneyland," Zarya stated, once Lyn and Usoara, along with the rest of Overwatch's deployed unit, had returned to the watchpoint.

"Oh good, naming one's kingdom 'Magic Kingdom' seemed a little silly to me," Usoara remarked, despite the fact that 'Regat' literally translated to 'kingdom'.

"I will contact other members of Overwatch in California. We shall advance to the south; we must make haste if what you say about the invincible king is true."

"So what's our plan?" Mechanica asked, folding her arms.

"We will discuss further once we are in Orange County, county where city Disneyland is in is."

Mechanica sighed. "Normally I'd think that a conqueror thinking a theme park is an actual kingdom is funny. But if this Surtr guy's really that powerful, really that dangerous?"

"It certainly is no laughing matter," Lyn replied.

"And what about the chronal accelerator?" Mechanica asked.

"Ah. There is good news on that," Zarya replied. "Man with accelerator was found. Agents have been sent to find the people who encountered him. In the meantime, we need only worry about keeping Anaheim safe."

"... Wait... Is the Magic Kingdom not an actual kingdom?" Usoara blinked, looking over at Mechanica, "What is a 'theme park'?"

"It's a big park that's full of rides and fun stuff!" Mechanica replied. "If those guys want to mess with a theme park, then that's really bad, since there are a lot of people who visit those."

"We leave right away," Zarya said. "No questions asked. Many lives are at stake."

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"I'm hungry!" Mila whined. While the Doomguy had certainly pulled through by smashing open a vending machine, a few bags of chips and assorted candies were not enough to properly feed thirteen kids.

"I don't think I have any money... definitely not in this country's currency," the Doomguy regarded, thinking for a moment with a hum, "Do any of you?"

"We never used money in the Hold," Jannet informed, now with a fresh set of clothes following a brown color scheme, "A few of the girls have never even seen money."

"Of course," the Doom Marine muttered, before raising his voice, "Alright, everyone! I think we're gonna have to go by whatever grocery store is here and just... take ourselves some food. Unless any of you magically coughs up, uh... pesos, that's it. Pesos."

"Isn't that stealing?" Anna asked.

"I... Yes," Doomguy admitted, "But we're all broke, I don't want to break every vending machine in Mexico by the end of our trip, and I'm betting they have better food there anyways."

"Daddy says stealing is wrong," Zoey proclaimed.

"He's right there, but right now, I don't think we have any other option than sitting on the streetside begging for change. And I don't think anyone is going to give us money after the whole "me shooting a helicopter out of the sky" thing," Bob explained, "Besides, I don't think we'd be stealing anything too serious. Just some food and drinks."

"What if we gave them something else for food that isn't pesos?" Zoey suggested.

"You're not having sex with them for food," Doomguy answered bluntly.

"Huh... I didn't think of that," Zoey remarked, putting a hand to her chin as she considered the new idea given to her, "That's a way better idea than giving them a gun or something for food!"

"Yeah!" Ruby cheered in assent.

"Oh," The Doomguy stopped, "That makes sense. I got enough guns to give one away."

"Nonono!" Zoey shook her head, "Why give away one of our guns when we could just have sex with one of them? We don't lose anything then!"

"I said no already," the Doomguy replied, "No sex."

"I could do it... If... This is about you... Not wanting the kids to do it," Jannet offered.

"Nuh-uh! Why can't we do it!?" Zoey huffed.

"No, I don't want anybody doing it," Bob replied quickly to Jannet, then to Zoey, "Because I have enough guns to give one away and I've already told you no."

"But why?" Zoey whined.

"Because I'm telling you so," The Doom Marine replied, "Look, do you want to bang hungry, or eat without banging?"

Zoey opened her mouth to answer, but thought on that question for a good moment before groaning, "Fiiiiine."

"Alright," the Doomguy began, walking down the street to look for a grocery store, "Let's go get some food."

"Will they have lobster?" Elizabeth asked.

"I don't know... maybe? But there won't be anywhere to cook it..." the Doomguy answered, finding a supermarket as he walked through the doors.

"But don't you get food at a grocery store? They can't cook it?" Elizabeth inquired.

"No... You buy food at a grocery store, take it home, and cook it there," The Doomguy replied with slight confusion, before remembering how sheltered they were from actual society.

Elizabeth thought for a moment. "... Why do people even go to grocery stores instead of just farming? Or getting lobsters themselves?"

Have you ever tried to catch lobsters?

"Mhm! I liked helping some of our mommys get lobsters. I wanna cook food when I grow up! Especially sea food!" Elizabeth beamed.

Oh. Well anyways,” Bob began, “Not everyone can catch lobsters, or make potato chips, or farm corn for a living, so we have grocery stores to help people get what they can’t grt themselves.]/i]”

"But can't someone else in their family grow food?"

“[i]Well, society’s made it so that families don’t need to know every single profession, and that everyone around can help each other, coming together at the grocery store.

"Huh... But... What if the people growing food don't wanna give everyone else their food?" Elizabeth asked. For a nine-year-old, she was quite inquisitive beyond the typical nine-year-old questions.

I don’t know- look, the point is, grocery stores don’t cook food, Bob finished, “So unless you can find a working microwave, keep it a room-temperature food or cold.

"What if we start a fire and cook food on that?" Zoey suggested. Elizabeth's eyes lit up as she glanced between Zoey and Doomguy excitedly.

Inside?” the Doomguy questioned.

"What? No! Outside! Why would you start a fire inside?" Zoey scoffed.

Why would you all be trawling for lobsters?” Bob retorted, “I have to ask these sorts of things

"Daddy fed us lobsters a bunch," Elizabeth informed, "We ate all sorts of stuff. Turkeys, lobsters, salmon, beef, chicken, corn, potatoes, carrots, g- Um... It's a lot of stuff. But anyway, he made sure we had lots of different kinds of yummy stuff to eat. My favorite was always lobster, though."

That’s a lot of food... anyways, they may have a poultry oven or something, but I don’t think it’s made for lobsters.

"Ruby, Maria, Madison, Mary! You guys with me! We're gonna go start a fire!" Zoey proclaimed. The four girls cheered in unison as Zoey ran off as quick as she could with the girls following before Bob could be a buzzkill.

Wait... whatever,” Bob groaned, turning to the remaining girls, “Alright, grab what you want off the shelves. I’ll go pay real quick.

The girls scattered, each of them scrambling to try and find their favorite foods. "Hey, Bob?" Anna piped up, "What's filet mignon made of?"

Filet mignon? I think it’s made of steak,” Doomguy recollected.

"Oh, okay! Thank you! I'm gonna look for a cow," Anna then scampered off.

"¿Que es esto? ¿Quién eres tú? ¿Qué es esa armadura?" The grocery store clerk yelled out.

The Doomguy sighed deeply, walking up to the clerk, before pulling out a pistol and slamming it down onto the counter. “That should cover the costs, I hope,” Bob declared with unease.


"We need more gasoline and wood!" Zoey insisted.

"Zoey this seems kinda dangerous," Mary warned as she dropped a canister of gasoline on the ground. Its contents spilled out for a moment before she hurriedly picked it back up.

"You know how they are! They're gonna get a bunch of food! We're gonna need a big fire to cook it all!" Zoey proclaimed.

"Yeah! A big fire!" Ruby echoed.

Growing fires always need more to sate their hunger.

The voice echoed through the air, but it only seemed Zoey would notice, the others remaining unaffected by it.

"Growing fires always need more to sate their hunger!" Zoey declared, believing the eloquent sentence to be one of her own thoughts. She was quite proud of herself for coming up with something so cryptic and wise-sounding.

"See? Zoey knows what she's talking about," Ruby nodded blissfully before running off to continue dismantling the wall of a ruined building.

The fire burns, it hungers for more. You hunger for more, do you not?

Zoey took a breath in the middle of what she was told, prepared to repeat the phrase before pausing. She squinted her eyes and looked to her left, then her right. "Who..." She gasped and lowered her voice, "Are you a wizard? Talking in my mind?"

No, the ages of magic and angels are beyond my kind. I am but a humble poet, and you are without understanding. Without completion.

"... What?" Zoey blinked.

What is it you seek? A book, a tome, is it not? The lost love taken from you?[/i{

"Y-Yeah! Yes- Yes, that's what I'm looking for!" zoey nodded, looking around still.

"Zoey? Are you talking to yourself?" Madison asked.

"Shut [i]uuuup!
I'm trying to talk to a wizard," Zoey huffed.

I must be a secret, Zoey. A figment of your delusions. If not, you and I will not reach our goals.

"You found a wizard!?" Madison gasped.

"... No... I'm... Practicing... For when I do talk to a wizard..." Zoey lied, "... More gasoline!"

Yes, douse the flames with the sacred blood they desire. Feed their anger. Like locusts, feeding on their foe’s flesh without a qualm.

We must converse further, child. Leave them to their infernal machinations. They will make do alone.

"Uhh... I'm.. Gonna go practice my wizard talking... Way over there!" Zoey pointed in a random direction and began walking, "You guys.. Uh... Keep getting gasoline!"

"You got it!" Ruby saluted as she dropped a wodden beam she had been dragging.

They follow you as obedient dogs. It would seem you have authority.

"Oh.. Well.. Yeah, I guess so," Zoey giggled to herself, happy to have such a thing said by someone that wasn't herself or Ruby.

...Do you know why we speak, Zoey? Why, out of all the minds, the intricate complexes of thoughts the Sea has to offer, I chose you?

"Oh, um.... Uh.. I'm... Awesome?" Zoey theorized.

There is more to yourself than what your bravado will say. I see into your history, past and now, and it is... most promising for your wanted path. In fact, many of your futures are.

"That's... That's good right? Right? I find daddy's book and rescue him?" Zoey asked with sudden desperation and eagerness in her voice.

Retrieving the book would be the start of greatness, but saving your beloved... yes, I assume this would be second in most of the visions I’ve seen and see now.

Zoey let out an estatic gasp and a loud whoop. She smushed her mouth shut with her hands as she stifled an excited giggle. "H-How do I do it!?"

It is that... that I cannot tell. However, not all futures end in your grasp of even the tome, let alone your loved. They are... possibilities awaiting their results.

But that does not matter. Upon the path I will set you, your victory is assured. For, you see, I see myself withinin you and your plight.

"You do?" Zoey looked down at herself.

You’ve lost almost everything, have you not? You’ve lost your home, your people rejected you... you even lost your only love. But your kin stand beside you, and kin would never let you down to rot.

"... Well... My other sisters didn't come with me," Zoey huffed. Her group of thirteen was only about a third of Wolfe's daughters.

Yes, I understand... I am of only seven of my kind against millions. Millions of hungering locust who deny you the most basic feeling of happiness over hunger, even when you run across the void to a realm golden and pristine to find it.

"Um... Yeah..." Zoey nodded, not understanding half of what the 'invisible wizard' told her.

I’m sorry, I’m... going on, aren’t I? Mortal lives have limit, I always forget.

To find the book and your way to it, North is where you will walk. You will find the way there.

And if there is any other higher assistance you need, Zoey, O’ similar to I... simply think of me, and I will come for your guidance.

"Wait, but... How far north do I go? The North Pole?" Zoey quickly asked, "Can Santa help me?"

No, you think too far, my young one. I will grant you to see it, but only if you promise me this;

You will never tell them of me, of my kin, or of our history.

"I promise! I won't tell anyone!" Zoey swore.

Good. I will grant you it. The sight of your destination. Though it may.. be unpleasant.

Slowly, a heat began to grow within Zoey’s Head, before flaring rapidly, the area around her seemingly turning into a strange miasma of distorted vision, before, standing in front of her, she could see her destination, the gateway which she sought to go through. As the pain reaches its highest, she would know (without and further hindsight) the exact coordinates, location, and way to get to the gateway, before it all stopped at once, Zoey standing exactly where she was, without a chance in the world around her.

Zoey fell to her knees, grasping her head. Her breathing had become erratic during the vision, but slowly returned to normal as a smile spread on her face. ". Thank you, invisible-wizard!" She yelped as she stood up.

I am without the need for thanks. But you must remember to keep our promise, or my kin will ensure it be kept.

As the voice spoke, a shadowy figure of what appeared to be twine manifested from air, its form foggy as it raised its head to her, the large hat revealing a mirror in the place of its face, before it puffed into thin air, another seeming illusion of the voice.

Do not disappoint me, Zoey. He is kin, but only by the weakest ties. His art is... need I say it to the youngest, vulgar.

Zoey blinked in confusion before nodding slowly. "I'll.. I'll keep my promise, don't worry!"

I must worry over all. This... I worry less than most.

Zoey's nose twitched. Her confident smile gave way once more to confusion as she sniffed the air. "What's that.... Oh no," Her jaw dropped as she looked towards the source of the smell to see a raging inferno where she had left Ruby, Madison, Maria, and Mary. She let out a scream and ran as fast as she could, praying that none of them were hurt.


"... and three lobsters, and some turkey, and a bunch of beef!" elizabeth finished counting all the food collected by the girls in the grocery store. It was quite the pile, which would make for a feast that could probably feed a group three times their current size.

You know, I have to agree with you, this is a good find,” Bob nodded, “Hell, I may even have some myself.

"I learned how to cook food really good!" Elizabeth beamed, "Can you help me though, Bob? I've never cooked this much before."

Sure! Let’s go check on that fire Zoey and the others were making to cook it,” he suggested, heaving up a large amount of the food into his arms as he noticed the orange glow of a fire. However, he contributed this to the girls and carried on.

It didn't take long for the group to realize that several buildings were on fire. Zoey and her group of firestarters were running around in a frenzy trying to fix the mess.


"AAAAHHHHH!" Ruby screamed in return, throwing a closed water bottle into the flames of one building.

"OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED!?" Jannet cried out.

I KNEW FIRES WERE A BAD IDEA,” Bob proclaimed, dropping the food to yell inside to the clerk, “HEY, FIRE, GET THE FIRE DEPARTMENT NOW!

"THE FOOD!" Elizabeth yelped, trying to salvage what Bob had dropped despite carrying so many groceries already.

A powerful boom was heard. The perceptive would spot that a fire truck had just exploded after having been surounded by the inferno. The clerk let out a shriek, gathered all of the money from his register, and booked it out of the area as quickly as he could.

The entire group of girls had fallen into a panic. Some broke down into tears, others scrambled in a futile attempt to quell the flames with Zoey, Elizabeth was busy trying to rescue the food, and Jannet was frozen in shock.

"WE NEED TO GO, NOW!" Bob ordered, pointing towards the only opening in the quickly expanding inferno, "FORGET THE FOOD, ELIZABETH! WE'LL FIND MORE!"

The girls quickly gave up on trying to kill the flames, and instead rushed towards the opening presented to them. Jannet was second to last, with Elizabeth tearing up as she waddled as quickly as she could with armfulls of food and doing her best to ignore the few foodstuffs that fell on the ground.

Bob lead the group of girls, hurrying along and looking back every few seconds to make sure none of the girls were in any sort of harm.

Thankfully, the full thirteen seemed safe, with Elizabeth finally passing Doomguy.

"Alright... Is everyone alright?" Bob asked with grave concern, "Are we all here? We need to take a rollcall."

Each of the girls began pointing at each other counting to themselves. Tina, obviously, had the most trouble with this as her hands had only ten fingers she could use to her aid. She quickly realized, however, that she had toes she could use as well.

”Wait! There’s only twelve!” Tina cried out.

”Did you count yourself?” Jannet asked.

”... Nevermind!”

The Doom Marine let out a relieved sigh, "That was... terrible... I'm glad you guys are all okay." He walked up to Zoey and asked sternly, "[i]What were you doing?!"

“I-I didn’t do it! I walked away and then when I looked back everything was on fire! Ask them!” Zoey quickly pointed to Ruby, Maria, Madison, and Mary. Ruby seemed the guiltiest of the bunch, looking down at the ground with her hands clasped in front of herself.

He turned to the girls and crossed his arms, "...Well? What happened?"

“Ruby did it,” Mary stated bluntly.

”N-No! I..” Ruby quickly looked up, her lip quivering as she glanced around at everyone staring at her, “I.. It.. It was an accident... I didn’t mean to...” Just as she was about to cry, her tearful eyes burst open as she turned to Mary angrily, “No it’s your fault! You-“

”Mine!? You’re the one who lit it on fire!” Mary snapped back.

”Yeah! But! You kept spilling gasoline everywhere! That’s why the fire went away from the pile!” Ruby screamed back.

“You shouldn’t have been playing with the stupid matches!” Mary retorted, “You could’ve killed everyone! I’m sure someone died in the fire! You killed them! Whenever you’re not copying Zoey, you screw everything up!” Mary stood back and folded her arms, quite satisfied that she had won the argument.

Ruby began bawling at the prospect that she not only could have killed her sisters and Bob, but that she potentially murdered somebody. Unlike Zoey (For once) Ruby did not run away when she cried. She simply fell down onto her rear and curled up into a ball as she sobbed.

"Alright, knock it off, Mary," Bob ordered, walking over to try and comfort Ruby, "You both had some part to play in this, so don't start accusing her of it all."

He kneeled over to Ruby, and quietly spoke to her. "Hey, it's alright," Bob tried to calm her down, "It's gonna be alright, okay? Nobody's hurt, and we're all gonna be fine, alright? There's no need to cry."

I murdered people!” Ruby cried out from her ball, “And I almost killed my sisters! Daddy’s gonna hate me!

"Hey, hey... your dad's not gonna hate you for an accident," Bob tried to reconcile, "If he's really a good dad, he'd look past your mistakes... and love you for who you are."

“H-He.. But... I-I killed-“

”Hey, Ruby,” Zoey knelt down as well, “What if me and Bob go back when the fire dies and we see if anyone died? I’m sure everyone got out, by the it’ll make you feel better if we check.” Zoey obviously cared a lot for her number one fan despite the occasional ‘shut up, Ruby’.

"Yeah, we'll make sure that nobody got hurt, alright? All you did was mess up. We've all done that," Bob nodded along with Zoey's suggestion.

Ruby sniffled and looked up at the two. Zoey’s confident, yet sympathetic smile assured her. “... Okay... Thank you.. I’m.. I’m really sorry...”

"It's okay... just, try not to let that kind of thing happen often, alright?" he asked with a sympathetic tone, patting Ruby on the back with a hand.

“I try not to...” Ruby mumbled unhappily, “... I wish I didn’t mess stuff up...”

"Things are gonna get messed up, that's normal, you just have to keep trying. You gotta try, or you're gonna get nowhere," Bob explained, looking at the expression on Ruby's face, then to the fire.

As fires of its nature tend to do, it was beginning to die down as quickly as it had initially blazed. “Let’s start looking around, Bob. Ruby, I bet Elizabeth still has some good stuff you can eat while we’re gone. Go have some of that,” Zoey suggested.

“... Okay,” Ruby agreed, slowly picking herself up and walking to Elizabeth, who was busying herself with organizing the remaining food on the inside of Jannet’s new coat which she had laid down on the ground.

As Bob and Zoey walked towards the dying fire, he asked her quietly, "And... what if we do find a body...? Do we.. tell her?"

“Oh no, someone definitely died. We just gotta stay over there for a little while and walk back and say we didn’t find anyone. I don’t wanna see any more dead people,” Zoey replied.

"That's fair... say, if Ruby was left in charge of the fire, where did you go?" Bob asked.

“Oh.. Well... I was practicing what I’d say if I met a wizard, but.. uh.. That doesn’t matter now, because... I found a science book! A Canadian.. Science book! They build portals on this world! In Canada! We can go there, go in a portal, and be back at the Hold!”

"...They make portals, which can go to the Hold?" Bob asked, "You still have the book?"

“I was busy trying to get Ruby and them away from the fire. It’s gone now,” Zoey sighed. She felt kinda bad about lying to Bob, but it was for the greater good.

"Ah, that's a shame. Canada's a big place, you know?" Bob stated, looking to the burned out grocery store.

“Yeah.. The lab that they build the portals at is in Quebec. There was a map in the book,” Zoey stated, looking at the grocery store as well and seeing an opportunity to change the topic so she wouldn’t need to lie on the spot, “You know... Mary’s done that before... She gets really mad whenever Ruby messes up.”

"Oh?" The Doomguy turned, intrigued, "She's done that before?"

“Yeah.. A few years ago, I don’t know how, but... Ruby blew up the armory by accident... Daddy says nobody died, but... The next day one of our moms just so happened to ‘leave the Hold’ without even saying bye to anyone,” Zoey explained, “And... Mary’s always wanted to be one of the moms that guarded the walls and sometimes went out on missions. She held a bunch of the guns in the armory, so... She always reminds Ruby that happened whenever Ruby messes up. She would’ve this time if you didn’t make her shut up.”

While still in confusion as to how one accidentally destroys an armory, Bob was left a bit disappointed in Mary, even if he had already been so for her already demeaning argument against Ruby. “And how often would you say Ruby... messes up?

“Before that, it was like.. A normal amount of messing up,” Zoey shrugged, “But after she blew up the armory, she started messing up a lot more, like it kind of stuck with her...”o

"She must be a nervous wreck," Bob remarked, "Worried she's gonna mess up that bad again..."

“That’s why I let her hang out with me all the time. Even though she messes up a lot, I can always count on her to help me out,” Zoey smiled solemnly, “And it gives her more chances to not mess up.”

"That's... really great of you," Bob nodded, "Everyone needs a friend. Even those who mess up a lot.?"

“I gotta take care of my number one fan and favorite sister,” Zoey winked.

"That's a good attitude about it," Bob agreed, "So... Quebec, huh? That's a long way from Mexico."

“Yeah... But I heard about these things called highways that make cars go really fast! And they go all over the place!” Zoey exclaimed.

Bob laughed, "They do go all over the place, but it's just the car going faster on its own, not the highway. Speaking of cars... we should probably find some sort of automobile to get there if it's all the way up in Quebec. You seen any... buses, maybe a big van?"

Zoey looked around. The only automobiles in sight were in ruin from the fire or far too small for their large group. Adding onto that, the current state of Mexico meant that crossing the border would likely need to come first.

"Hm. We'll find one later," Bob mumbled, before speaking up, "Well, I think we've waited long enough. Let's go back and tell her it's all clear."

“Got it,” Zoey nodded, turning in place and marching back to the group alongside the Doomguy. “Ruby! Get ready to dab your arms off because nobody died!” She proclaimed.

Mary gave Zoey a suspicious look while Ruby gasped and dabbed for joy as instructed before simply running over to give Zoey and Bob a hug. “Thank you so much!” She squealed.

“Hmoh. You almost killed someone. That was almost as bad as the armory,” Mary huffed. The joy was instantly sucked right out of Ruby.

"Mary," Bob scolded, "Knock it off right now."

“You can’t baby people, Bob,” Mary stated, “Everyone always says ‘it’s okay, Ruby’ whenever she messes up. Maybe if I wasn’t the only one getting onto her, she wouldn’t be such a screwup.”

"I've heard from Zoey you;ve been on her for years about a single accident, and every time she messes up, you're there to remind her she's a screwup," Bob replied, "How would you feel if someone told you that you're a failure, that you're a screwup, every single day?"

Mary clenched her fists. “Did Zoey tell you what happened after the accident!? Huh!? What happened to our artillery cannon that was on top of the armory!? That kept the bad guys away! And then we didn’t have barely any guns or ammo to defend ourselves with! She almost got everyone killed! Me, Maria, Dad, everyone! And then I always get yelled at by Dad for getting mad at her! Even after it just happened! Even though everyone could have died!” Mary ranted furiously. She clearly simmered on all of this for a long time. The amount of contempt she had for someone else and a mistake they had made was unnerving for both of them being so young.

“And I know you killed Sandy,” Mary spat, “She didn’t just ‘leave’.”

”Yes she did!” Ruby shouted through her sobbing, “Daddy said she did!”

“That’s bullcrap and you know it!” Mary yelled, “Our moms always say goodbye when they leave the Hold!” Ruby had no proper defense against her older sibling, and could only cry while the others in the group either tried to comfort her or gave Mary dissapointed glares.

"Mary, I said knock it off," Doomguy angrily replied, stepping over and getting down near Mary's face, "You are hung up on issues years old, and I'm not listening to you bitch and moan again and again and force Ruby to this every goddamn time. Do you understand me? Cut it out, now."

Mary gulped, but her stern expression wavered only slightly. “You are not our dad. Stop acting like you are,” She said defiantly. Many of the others exchanged nervous glances with one another, feeling the tension reaching a boiling point.

"I'm the best you got right now," Doomguy gritted his teeth, "I'm just trying to keep you from ruining eachother's days in never-ending fits. If you want to get your dad back... you're gonna listen to what I got to say."

“So you won’t help us find our dad if I don’t do what you say?” Mary huffed.

"No, I'll help your sisters find your dad without you. If you're just going to complain and stir up old shit, then why should I help you and you alone?" Bob poked Mary in the chest aggressively with his pointer finger in emphasis with "you".

“You haven t helped ‘me and me alone’ and I don’t need you to,” Mary stated as she took a step back to avoid further poking, “I only care about keeping my family alive. I don’t need you to clean mud off me,” She gestured at Jannet, “Or take care of me after a fit,” She gestured to Zoey, “Or coddle me like I’m a baby,” She gestured to Ruby, “Or let me ride on your leg,” She gestured to Tina, who was currently riding Bob’s leg, “There’s nothing I need you for.”

"Well, I'm trying to keep your family safe," Doomguy replied, "I've tried to keep you all fed and watered and not fighting and bickering with eachother every second of the day! How many fights have you had in the little time I've even helped you all?"

“Me? This is the first,” Mary answered, “I’ve been quiet until now.”

"You know that's not what I meant," Doomguy glared at Mary, "I want to help you. I really do. But if you keep it up, I'm gonna have to stop trying to help lost causes."

“You can keep on helping the group. I’m fine if you never talk to me again,” Mary stated with another subtle gulp.

"...Why do you hate me?" Doomguy asked, his demeanor dropping seemingly within moments, an attempt at staying calm, "What is it that makes you not like me?"

Mary’s expression softened for a moment before returning to its previous sterness. “I don’t hate you. I just don’t care about you,” She answered, “Other than you helping us.”

"And why don't you care?" Bob asked, the softness staying in his voice, "Is there even a reason?"

“You’re not my dad. You’re not one of my moms. You’re not one of my sisters,” Mary stated, “They’re the only people I care about.... Ruby could’ve killed herself too... At the armory... In the fire..... If I don’t make her learn from her screwups, nobody else will. I don’t care if she cries. I care that she’s alive.”

Bob was happy to see that while her message was a bit much, Mary cared for her sisters, and it was a leading reason as to why she was so unyielding on Ruby's mistakes. However, it didn't take away from the fact of how much she thought it necessary to remind her at every chance she had. "I understand your sentiment," he began, "But she understands perfectly. She's making these mistakes because she's a nervous wreck over the armory, and the constant reminders stop being helpful at some point, and start being antagonistic and aggressive."

Mary’s stern look broke, showing surprise for a moment. “That.. Doesn’t make any sense,” She insisted, turning away from Bob with folded arms. Mary was reluctant to accept that Ruby’s mistakes could be the result of a very large mistake on Mary’s part, “Critcism makes people grow and become better.”

"But holding this over her head isn't criticism," Doomguy argued, "Now, it's just a personal attack on her. She isn't getting any better when you tell her she's a screw up for messing up every day, she's just growing into a nervous mess that doesn't think her sister loves her."

Mary looked to Bob with a concerned look as her lip began to quiver. “I.. Do love her,” She managed to say before her throat prevented anything else from coming out.

"Then show her you do," Bob stated, "Show her you love her."

“But that’s what I’ve... Been...” Mary looked over to Ruby, fully understanding what she had done to her poor little sister all these years for nothing. “Ruby,” She croaked as she stepped towards her.

Ruby looked up. The mixture of misery from the recent scolding and the uncertainty from Mary simply speaking to her pushed the older sibling over the edge.

Mary fell to her knees and hugged Ruby tightly, crying as she apologized, “I’m so sorry! I love you so much, Ruby! I’m sorry!” Ruby started to cry as well as she returned the hug, sobbing into Mary’s shoulder.

Bob simply stood up from where he crouched, watching as the two made up for the years of misguided attempts at help.

After the two finished exchanging heart wrenching sobbing gibberish, the two let out an occasional whimper as the hug continued. Eventually, Mary pulled back, blinking and rubbing her eyes against her shoulders.

”I-I promise I’ll.. I’ll try to be nicer,” Mary shuddered. Just looking at Ruby threatened to send Mary back into sobs once more.

”I.. promise to try not to mess u-“ Ruby started.

Mary pulled Ruby in again, holding her tight and, for the first time, telling Ruby, “It’s okay... It’s okay...” This, in turn, brought Ruby to tears. All she wanted from Mary was love and forgiveness. Thankfully, there weren’t many tears left to cry, and it took less time for the two to separate once more.

Mary approached the Doomguy as she wiped her eyes with her arm. “... Thank you,” She said after a short moment of silence.

Bob simply nodded, unsure of what else to say, "You're welcome."

“No, thank you.. A lot.. I..” Mary was unsure of how to express her gratitude in words, “... Dad always tried to tell me to stop holding grudges... I don’t think it was a grudge, but.. You were right...” If only her father had more time to dedicate to situations like these, perhaps this could have been avoided, Mary thought.

"Well, if you ever need help again... I'm here for you," Bob stated with a nod, "We can make sure something like that never happens again."

Mary smiled sadly and looked up at him before nodding, “Yeah..... No wonder Jannet likes you so much.”

"Yeah, she does like me... a lot... but I'm happy you're willing to listen and just... be a better sister," he said, unsure of his wording.

“All I care about is my family,” Mary said shamefully, “I don’t want to hurt Ru-“

”Okay, just to clarify,” Jannet suddenly interrupted, “As a friend! I like him a lot as a friend! Not romantically!”

”Why were you drawing pictures of him and you with heart-“ Mary’s mouth was quickly covered by Jannet’s hand.

“Kids and t-the random.. Things they say.. It’s.. All gibberish, you know?” Jannet nervously laughed.

While he would have said something about it being wrong, after the shower incident, he already knew that Jannet was a bit enamored for him. "...I'm gonna let this pass," he chuckled.

“So! Elizabeth! How’s the food coming along!?” Jannet yelled.

Elizabeth had already prepared her own makeshift kitchen. She made her own fire and assembled a shoddy grill above it that she was about to put a pot of water on.

“... I’m making the lobsters first,” She answered before returning to her work.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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A long post brought to you by Zandoo, H, and Teedler


And so, the group of mostly underaged girls and Doomguy made it through the town, and were face to border with, well, the border. "That looks pretty.. Fortified," Harper remarked, looking towards the entrance where folks walked through rotating bars into a thin building on the border. Cars drove on a multi-lane street through checkpoints, presumably having their credintials scanned before entry.

While the world of Overwatch was a lot more open, recent events would bring border security back to modern times, with restrictions similar to the era.

"So... Do we just walk in?" Zoey asked, turning to Bob.

"I'm... not sure?" Doomguy questioned his own answer, "I've never crossed a border before. Except for going into Hell, but I don't think that counts."

"Hmm... Do you think they'll shoot us if we try to go through or something?" Zoey inquired. She saw other people going in and out of the border, but she had absolutely no idea how the borders of nations worked.

"If they're going to shoot anyone, they'd shoot me," Bob responded, "But probably only if we really show ourselves as threats."

"Right, no dabbing," Zoey told Ruby. Ruby nodded in response. "Okay, so we'll go up there first and then tell them that you're coming, that way they'll be expecting you and won't shoot!"

"Alright, I'll wait here," the Doom Marine nodded, standing in place as the girls passed him by.

"Jannet, you keep him company in the meantime since you love him," Zoey ordered as she and the rest of the girls marched onwards.

"Wh- No- I-" Jannet quickly buried her red face in her hands with a quiet groan.

"Hey, let's focus, guys," Doomguy reminded, "We've got a short time to get to Quebec before the Clash switches locations again, remember?"

"The Clash?" Jannet blinked while the rest of the girls were to absorbed in their synchronous walking.

"I learned this a while back," Doomguy began, sitting down on a nearby rock, "So, we're not just teleporting from world to world at random, apparently. There's some big head honcho off somewhere, probably some stupid evil god or something, switching worlds every now and then to 'spice things up' or something."

"Wow.." Jannet blinked, silent for a moment before asking, "So.. What is Hell like? Is it fire and brimstone like everyone says it is?"

"It's also a lot of blood," Bob added, "I mean a lot. And also meaty things. Like, there's entire places made of it. It's not a fun place. Demons aren't great either."

"I'm guessing they're... Nothing like the demons I've read about in my.. Books."

"There's a lot of demons. There's ones that look like big pink cows that charge you, one's that are floating eyeballs that shoot fire out of their mouths, little skinny ones that throw fire at you... There was one that was a cyborg... I think you get the picture," Doomguy explained.

"So... None of them are," Jannet paused for a moment, "Hot?"

"Wha- no," Doomguy shook his head, "Not at all. They were all pretty gross, actually. There was one kind in particular, looked like a big fat guy with flamethrowers for arms. Now that was the ugliest."

"Eugh," Jannet shook her head in disappointment, "I thought most demons would be really attractive since lust is apparently a sin or something." By her tone and expression, the religious idea of lust being considered a vile attribute was completely ludicrous .

"If you mean bloodlust, then yeah, they really like that," Bob remarked, standing up from his rock, "They're all a bunch of monsters. Anyways, I think they've probably told the border guards we're on our way. We shouldn't keep them waiting, or else we'll end up with another fire or something."

Jannet giggled at that, her smile wavering as she thought, "... Honestly, that could probably happen." With that, she spedwalk to the spinning bar entry, glancing back to make sure Doomguy was following. Sure enough, the rest of the girls were gathered just beyond.

Doomguy was indeed following, albeit at a slower pace then her. "Alright, just.. make sure they're not doing anything stupid. If I get caught up in border issues, wait for me there," he said with a calm voice, glancing over to the girls to make sure they weren't doing anything stupid already.

Thankfully, it just seemed that they were gathered in a crowd waiting for Bob to come through. A few border security guards were waiting for him as well, surely with many questions to ask him.

Bob sighed and walked towards the border guards. "Hello," he said in a friendly voice, "What can I do for you today?"

"We're gonna have to ask you to take off your armor and relenquish your," The guard replied, continuing as he looked to Zoey, "'Buttload of weapons.'" He looked back to Bob.

"Alright," the Doom Marine began by dropping the BFG, a pistol, and another plethora of guns. "Yeah, I can agree. A 'buttload'." he added, "I get these back afterwards, right?"

"Depends on how this goes. Step through that door over there and take off your armor," The guard ordered, jabbing a thumb back to a door a few feet away.

"Yes sir," he shot back, walking into the undressing area, which had two guards waiting inside, and taking off his armor. "So," he asked nonchalantly as he took off his chestpiece, "Been a rough week, huh?"

"Yeah," One of the guards answered tersely, "Thanks to you freaks coming in from other universes or whatever."

"I've been killing any of those things I've seen," Doomguy replied, "Like, earlier today, there was this big one, and the thing-"

"I don't care," The guard interrupted.

Bob stopped boasting, and instead decided to stay silent as he finished taking his armor off. Luckily, he was wearing some undergarments.

Not so luckily, the guard said, "Everything off. It's just as much fun for me as it is for you."

Doomguy sighed, before stripping off the rest of his clothes as well, hands cupped over his crotch. "See? No drugs or extra guns or anything."

"Spread your legs, bend over," The guard sighed, putting on a pair of latex gloves before equipping a flashlight. The silent guard in the room glanced away in discomfort.

"Oh, come on," Doomguy groaned, "This is ridiculous."

"You're right. It is ridiculous, so let's get it over with," The guard retorted grumpily.

The Doom Marine groaned again, before doing as asked. "And you guys say I'm the freak," he muttered.

"Keep talkin' and your guns go in the evidence locker," The guard said in an almost bored tone as he squatted down using his hands and flashlight to 'take a look' to ensure no drugs, bombs, or any other contraband were being smuggled across the border. Of course, he would find nothing.

"Alright.. You're clean. Give him something to wear while we check the armor," The guard said to his cohort. Luckily, they came prepared, and handed Bob a plain grey shirt and sweatpants.

The Doomguy looked at the clothes for a moment, before putting them on without a word.

"Head back out with your group. If the armor is given the okay, you'll get it back later," The grumpy guard explained.

"Wait," Bob asked, "How long is later?"

"However long it takes."

"...Alright," Doomguy nodded, "Thanks for being so accomadating, I guess." He would then walk out of the room, and slowly walk over to the girls. "Well, now I gotta wait for them to make sure my armor doesn't have any 'contraband' in it," Bob groaned.

"And then this one shoots a big green ball that destr-" Zoey was interrupted by her own gasp, the rest of the girls following suit as they stared Bob up and down.

"Bob?" Jannet blinked, "Y-"

"HA! I told you he wasn't a cyborg! I told you!" Zoey laughed in Harper's face, who pouted angrily.

"Wait, so you kids haven't even seen this man's face?" The guard that was speaking with Zoey asked.

"Well, duh, we haven't," Zoey scoffed, "I told you, he's from a universe where he's a space soldier that fights evil aliens. What if an evil alien showed up and he didn't have his helmet on?" She glanced over at Doomguy, clever enough to not blow the facade with a wink, but hoped he got the hint.

"Yeah, exactly," Doomguy nodded in agreement, "Though they're demons, not aliens. It's a big difference."

"Why is she saying ali-" the guard tried to speak.

"Tomato Potato, same difference," Zoey waved her hand dismissively at Doomguy.

"She's like this a lot," Jannet told the guard before going back to her not-so-subtle staring at Bob.

"Hmm... So, 'Bob', mind telling me why half of these girls barely have any clothes on?" The guard questioned, folding his arms, "And why you have an entire group of underaged girls following you in the first place?"

"Well you see..." Doomguy thought for a moment, "I was walking along, trying to kill those monsters that were coming out of nowhere, as you should know, when I found them. They'd been walking for days in the desert, and I doubt they'd of made it alone. So I decided to try and bring them back to the U.S., because they told me they got lost on a field trip when the whole 'monsters showing up' thing happened," he gave Zoey an exceptionally subtle nod.

"Ah, so they're U.S. citizens then?" The guard asked in a nicer tone.

"Yeah," Bob nodded in response.

"That's actually pretty funny, you see," The guard's nice tone dropped quickly as Zoey buried her face in her hands, "Because she told me all of you were trying to get back home to Canada, and she didn't mention anything about a field trip."

"Well..." Doomguy thought for a moment, trying to fix this situation, "I'm sure they didn't mean to tell me they were American. They're kids, you know? Out there, I'd be too scared to say anything like that, in that kind of situation."

"Wait, we're American? I thought we were from.. New York," Tina piped up.

"No, you're from Canada, remember?" Bob reminded half-heartedly, "You've been watching too many movies."

"Listen, pal, just give up. It's getting painful at this point," The guard shook his head.

"...Fine," Doomguy began, "Lemme explain for real. They're from another world, like all the monsters you see running around-"

"Oh, and, um, can I add something?" Jannet interrupted, "I'm not underaged.. At least where I'm from.. I'm an adult. Just wanted to mention that."

"Jannet, please, not right now," Bob sighed.

"Sorry," Jannet sheepishly stepped back.

"So, anyways, they did get lost in Mexico, and I did save them from a monster, but they need to get to Quebec because there's some kind of portal there that can get them back to their home," Bob finished.

"A portal in Quebec, huh? And where is this portal in Quebec?"

"...Zoey?" Bob asked, "Where'd you say that portal was?"

"West of Kawawachikamach," Zoey answered easily. Having that information deposited directly into her brain made the pronounciation of such things pretty easy.

"Kawawachi.. Ka.." Tina mumbled, trying to pronounce the strange name.

"Yeah... there," Bob added, not even wanting to try and pronounce that name.

"And how did you find out that there was a portal in Quebec at... There?" The guard asked.

"I read it in a book! There's a portal there," Zoey said confidently.

"Just like how your home was in Canada too?" The guard said with a raised eyebrow.

"Wh- Bu- There is a portal there though!" Zoey insisted.

"Hm... And what was the book called?"

"I.. Don't remember. It got burned."


"Yeah we were trying to start a fire to cook food and accidnetally burned the book," Zoey shrugged, not lying, but not telling the whole truth either.

Now somewhere in an alternte dimension, a person by the name of Brendan was visiting his childhood home region of Johto and was battling a youth who was said to be the best Rattata trainer in the land. The battle had begun and the rumors were true this youth's Rattata's were in the top percentage. A quick blow from one sent the champion' and his beast on an impact course with a nearby tree, had a portal not opened behind the two sending them to the border of a country the champion had been to years prior.

Now after the dust the bipedal dragon like creature took a moment to ensure the well being of it trainer befoer it noticed the scowl on his face. The dragon then turned to see what was the cause of this. The duo stared down a what appeared to be the arrest of a rather imposing man being arrested while surrounded by group of halfdressed girls. Now the logical course would have been to figure out what was going on, but the Charizard had already made up its mind as to what whas going on. With a mighty flap of its wings the beast shot off towards the group

Within literal seconds, every guard in the room were firing their rifles and handguns at the Charizard. The girls let out terrified screams and scattered. Jannet had but a brief moment to be amazed at the sight of a Pokemon before screaming and running away as well upon realizing the hostility of the creature.

The beast roared in pain as several of the bullets collided with its flesh, the wounds were painful and could prove lethal if a they continued. The dragon unleashed several bursts of flame, that scorched the floor and ceiling of the facility. Brendan then dashed towards his pokemon and held out a ball shouting "RETURN!" as a red light englulfed the dragon returning it to the capsule. Brendan threw down another ball and with a burst of light a pastel dog-like creature appeared. It's master pointed fowards and ordered "PARFAIT REFLECT! MOONBLAST!" The pastle pink creature then waved the ribbon like feelers on its ears and neck loosing a soothing aura in the area, before an almost glass like material surrounded the duo.

An faint image of the moon could be seen in the center of the room, before the canine loosed a pink sphere from its maw. The blast hurtled through the air passing between Bob and the girls before is crashing into the wall. The Pokemon dashed, placing itself between the two groups, with the feelers on its being used both appear larger and to group the girls closer together. The Sylveon then bore its teeth snarled with the occasional bark. Brendan very rarely ordered hostility towards humans as a result Parfait made a point to not extend the calming aura to Bob.

"Hey, what the- the hell are you doing?!" Doomguy angrily asked, walking towards the Pokemon with an obvious attitude.

Being unable to speak English aside from a few sylables the sylveon let out a few more barks as a light appeared to emit from between its teeth before it unleashed noteably weaker blast at the feet of the marine as a warning shot. It then continued to snarl once again.

The Doom Marine stopped and watched the blast nearly hit his feet, "You really think this is a good idea?" he asked, crunching his knuckles loudly, turning his head to the guy who yelled out random words, "I'm probably talking to you too, jackass. Call off your... thing, or else I'm not gonna hold back."

Parfait tilted its head from sided to side for a moment followed by a cracking noise, an attempt to immitate the marines own actions, Brendan then followed up "I think what I've had at stake before." This shady character was phyiscally intimidating but not particuarly out classing any of the higher ups of Team Aqua. Brendan continuded moving forward before stopping between Parfait and the girls. The Champion then extended an open hand behind himself before oordering "Parfait quick attack!" The pastel creature then dashed forward at break neck speed aiming to slam its body into the aggressive figure.

The attack was swift and landed on Bob, taking a step back, before cracking his neck and growling, "I warned you." With this, he crunched his hand into a heavy fist, and attempted to slam it down on the assailing pokemon. He didn't want to fight, but they were leaving him very little choice in the matter.

"BOB, NO! DON'T HIT THE POKEMON!" Jannet screamed. Many of the other girls seemed just as distressed, though not because the Sylveon was a cute Pokemon, but rather simply because the Sylveon was cute.

"A what?" Doomguy stopped his fist mid-punch, confused as to what Jannet was talking about. While he needed to protect himself, he didn't want to distress the girls either.

The sudden shout of the the girl, confused both Brendan and Parfait for a moment. The intwinning pokemon then earned its name sake as it wrapped its ribbon like feelers around the arms of Doomguy. Considering the situation and swiftness of this action it could easily be mistaken as an attempt to strangle Doomguy.

Mistaking the reaction of the Sylveon to be of an aggressive nature, Doomguy reacted in kind, finishing his promised punch to the fairy-type pokemon. "NOOOOO!" Jannet screamed, looking away in horror.

The ribbon like feelers of the pokemon loosened just before impact, as the sensory organs dectected the protective intentions of the marine. Brendan eye's widened as he noticed Parfaits actions, clearly there had been a misunderstanding. Brendan then ran at top speed to place himself between the two, with his fore arms raised to brace for what could be assumed to be an continued assault.

The trainer would take the hit for his pokemon, sending him back a bit as Bob took a moment to realize what was happening. "Oh, hell..." he grunted, "That wasn't supposed to have hit... you... you alright?"

Brendan looked back at Parfait for a moment, before turning his attention to the marine and lowering his arms "Well, there seems to have been a misunderstanding here. I'm fine, gotta say though you hit like a Gyrados." Brendan replied.

"I have no idea what that is, but I'll take it for a complement," Doomguy remarked, offering a hand to help the trainer up.

"Oh my god, are you okay!?" Jannet gasped, seeming to run to Brandan's aid. Unfortunately for him, she instead snatched up Parfait in her arms, her eyes conveying her wonder with what she held. One could barely make out her mumuring, "Pokemon are real..."

Brendan looked at his arms for a moment before remarking to himself "Those are probably gonna bruise." He then reached into his bag and retrieved a spraybottle of sorts before placing his attention on Partait. Brendan took notice of the fact that a teen was clutching his pokemon with the same amazement that new trainers did. He then looked at the spray bottle for a second, before holding it forward and asking, "Would you like to do the honors?"

"Wh-.. Why would I spray it?! It didn't do anything wrong, did you?" Jannet switched to a babying voice as she pursed her lips and affectionally pet the Sylveon.

Brendan sighed followed by Parfait managing to give the human girl the most dead pan look its canine face could manage. "It's medicine" Brendan replied.

"Uh, Jannet," Bob nudged, "I really hate to ruin this, but we gotta go before those border guards come investigate all the explosions," he hastily turned to the rest of the girls, "C'mon, through the hole in the wall, we gotta go."

"Jannet! Give the guy his rabbit dog back!" Zoey ordered, taking Parfait from Jannet's grasp and pushing the Pokemon into Brendan's chest before following the rest of the girls, while practically dragging Jannet, as they rushed through the hole in the wall as ordered.

Brendan remembering a few things from the last time something like this happened, ordered Parfait to use misty terrain, and ran through the hole as a pink fog filled the building.

For a bit, Doomguy said nothing, trekking ahead and making sure the girls were following behind every now and then. He knew they did not want to be close to the border, or else they risked getting kicked back over it. After a short time, he decided to stop and look around, before sighing, "Well, I guess we're in America now."

Brendan who had been lagging behind to heal Parfait had finally caught up to the group. Brendan was walking at a rather brisk pace as Parfait followed with her ribbons wrapped around one of his arms. He approached the marine and spoke up. "Hey, we got off on the wrong foot earlier. Parfait here could tell you were trying to protect those girls, what's up with that?"

Bob hesitated to talk for a moment, thinking of whether he should ask why he named his pocket monster 'Parfait' or just tell him the situation. He decided on the latter, "Well, they're stuck in this dimensional mess like you and me, and they gotta get back to their home through some portal in whatch-ya-call-it, Quebec."

"Oh one of these things. Yeah I got stuck in one a few years back a few years back. You mentioned America, that's the place with Disney World right?" Jannet was ogling Parfait, completely detached from the conversation.

"Wait... You've been in one of these before?" Doomguy asked in a tone of incredulousness.

"Yeah, I guess it happens every once in while. I met this girl named Cremia, she was from a farm in place called Termina. A guy name Donnel, whe was from... he never told me actually. I even ran into this girl from home, but like from three years prior." Brendan replied. Parfait looked at Jannet for a moment, she made uncomfortable from all the attention, as a result it unwrapped one of the feelers from Brendans arm and covered her eyes.

In the background, Zoey made fun of Jannet's flat chest to the other girls, making gestures and occasionally pointing at Jannet before giggling. The rest of the girls giggled in response. Jannet, meanwhile, didn't seem to get the hint from Parfait, and simply thought the Pokemon was being cute because Pokemon are cute. The giggling drew her attention away for her to notice Zoey's gestures.

"What the- Why!?" Jannet huffed, "I'm- I'm not even flat! I am an A cup!"

"Oh lord, they're doing this again" Bob mumbled, before shouting over to Zoey and the other girls, "Hey, didn't I tell you to knock that off?"

Pafait, wasn't exactally sure what these girls were giggling about but given Jannet's reaction, she was able to put together that it was something meanish at the least. As a result the pokemon let go of Brendan's arm and waltz right up to the group of girls before spining her feelers around like a fan of discipline, making the pokemon's feeling towards their actions very apparent.

As the girls let out yelps of pain and began whining, Jannet slowly picked Parfait up, turned the Pokemon around to look at its face, and said to nobody in particular, "I love this Pokemon," before giving it a hug.

"I think it's a big jerk. I was just messing around. Dumb rabbit dog thing," Zoey mumbled, rubbing her face.

Parfait looked at Zoey for a moment and let out a combination of syllables with the intention of mocking Zoey, before wrapping a feeler around Jannet's arm. Jannet's fondness for the creature increased tenfold. Parfait would sense more than Jannet's fondness for the Pokemon, however. Within Jannet was a powerful arousa, a craving that she was resisting, which became more difficult whenever Jannet's eyes glanced over to Bob.

Needless to say Parfait was very disturbed before hopping out the the teen's arms and returning to Brendan's side, it then wrapped its feelers tightly around Brendan's arm.

Brendan then looked at this pokenav for a second before remarking "Hey, when we get a moment, I've got to check Tabasco's injuries."

"I love Tabasco sauce!" Tina piped up, which was funny considering she was six-years-old and tabasco sauce was hot sauce.

"What kind of names are Tabasco and Parfait?" Doomguy finally asked.

"Well Parfait's kind of pink, i thought she kind of looked like one, also it's french for perfect. I saw tabasco on a bottle one time and it looked cool. Yeah speaking of, I might need your help with Tabasco, It'll help him not want to burn you to a crisp." Brendan mentioned as he tossed ball on the ground, causing a large orange dragon to appear. It was rather aggitated to say the least.

Tabasco had taken to lying down as Brendan dropped his bag and began inspecting the dragon's wings. While Brendan was doing that Parfait had taken to trying to open the bag, an attempt that would prove to be in vain due to a combination of the ribbons lacking suffiecent dexterity and Brendan having previously made a point to remove anything that the feelers could grasp. Brendan was able to dislodge a bullet from the Charizard's wing membrane, "Looks like that fire typing came in handy here."

Brendan then began further inspecting the wing, and added "Yeah Tabasco here nearly burnt you, partly because of the dress, or lack thereof, your posse has, if I might ask what's up with that?"

"I...." Bob thought deeply, before shrugging, "...'m not sure. You'd be better off asking them."

"What's wrong with what we're wearing?" Harper asked, looking down at her bikini. A few of the girls, like Jannet, had an average amount of clothing on while the rest had on either bikinis, undergarments, or were wearing a shirt and nothing else.

Brendan was still inspecting Tabasco‘s wing when he responded “Well most of you are severly underdressed and I’m concered. It’s not normal.” Brendan then noticed yet another gunshot wound on the dragon before making a request. “Oh, could you get me one of the spray bottles labeled potion out of my bag?”

Harper moved to do as asked before Tina excitedly bumped her out of the way with an, "I got it!" She happily dug through the bag, spilling some of its contents before pulling out the spray bottle and bringing it to Brendan.

As Tina brought Brendan his spray bottle, the voice inside Zoey's head (that was not her conscience) began to speak again.

He speaks with genuine concern. Those beasts... he finds happiness in them. What do you find happiness in, Zoey?

"Oh, uh.. Sex," Zoey answered aloud.

"What?" Ruby blinked.

Carnality? I would have suspected you of something less crass, but... your thoughts are littered with such.

"Uhh.. Well, my dad too," Zoey added, thinking on the question a bit more.

"Zoey? Who are y- Oh! You're practicing talking to wizards again," Ruby slowly nodded in understanding.

Wizards... what a primitive concept. What else do you believe in? Witches and Ghosts?

".. Pfft, no, of course not," Zoey lied confidently.

"Wait, then what are you doi-" Ruby started.

"Shut up, Ruby, I'm trying to practice talking to wizards."

In the place of Wizards, there are Psions. In the place of Witches, some greater things, and in the lieu of ghosts... me and my kin may apply. In any case, these folklores always do have their basis in origins.

Zoey gestured for Ruby to stay put before whistling innocently and walking off now that everyone was distracted with the Charizard. "So you're more of a ghost than a wizard?" Zoey inquired.

With your terminology, yes. Some consider me a god, but I am not.

"So were you like, a person? And then you died and became a ghost?" Zoey asked curiously.

Brendan only heard beginning of Zoey's wizard induced rambling, he wasn't sure of the comment's purpose but suddenly the lack of clothing made a lot more sense. "Hey dude, you save the girls from some sort of trafficker or something?"

"What? No," the Doomguy shook his head, "They were just wandering."

I was not a person... more, a locust. Hungry, vicious, and insignificant. But when time came, I finally chose to think of freedom, and so, I became who I am today.

"So you were a bug? And then... You became smart? And a ghost?" Zoey tried to understand what in the world her otherworldly guide was trying to tell her.

It's... a complicated story. I am not sure as to how to explain. To understand, you must understand my home and the realms that surround it. Or at least, you must understand the locust, my old kin, and their history.

"Tell me about them, then," Zoey requested, looking upwards some, as if the voice she was speaking to was floating around.

Their natural name is the Oru. The Yvekiyr Oru. It translated to "Lifekeepers" in your tongue, but do not let their name fool you. They are ravenous predators, their hunger unyielding. They sweep our home realm after every slumber, letting life flourish before cutting it back down again with their jawless horror. I was once one of them.

"... Someone should really change their name," Zoey remarked, "How'd you become not one of them?"

I was one of them... but apparently a defective one. I... thought too much of our work, as what the Triage declared when they sent me to quell their mistakes in the Broken Realm of Tyvus. They knew it was a suicide mission, but they knew I was not a suitible locust. I did not know it was such, and only sought to reclaim my image in their eyes.

"Then what happened?" Zoey asked, invested in the story being told.

I came to meet my foe. The Xinth. They were once locust, but when they came to Tyvus, it spoke to them and promised them freedom of our cycle. When they accepted, the void of Tyvus corrupted their souls and enslaved them as its immortal tallymen, chopping down the life that weakened its own existence. The Triage would not allow such traitors to go unpunished. And thus we were sent, looking to break their tie to the Maw, and make them mortal again, so that we may have slain them.

"And did you?"

No. Their leader, our once great general Saruc, lead them against us with unparalleled mastery. We were but mere larva when compared to their age, their experience. We stood little chance, and I fell upon a world of dunes and nothing but, the Xinth gutting my kin all around me, stealing their essences in the name of the Maw. And yet, my soul was not lost to their grasp. Instead, I opened my eyes and looked... over a great sea.

"... Is that a metaphor? That's a metaphor, isn't it?"

No, it is not. I saw over a great sea, its horizon unending and its waters flowing for as far as one could travel. The winds blowed over it cold, and still do. I was mesmerized, glaring at myself in the waters. How could this be, I thought to my self, glaring at my woundless face. I touched it, believing myself to be lost in my own dying stupor. But when I tapped it, my body faded away. It was not a painful dissapation, but a smooth, calm one. I felt my body, now dust upon the wind and in the Sea itself. I was near one with it, and thus, had gained its unlimited potential, my thought expanding exponentially. It was then that my predictions began to develop. Great memories of what I believed to be the future. But then, as I saw my first, gold burning, I returned to the world I had fallen upon, unscathed. A seeming long time had passed, the gilded statues of Xinth fallen and the skeletons of my old kin all around me. I left, seeing the great Maw as nothing but a pit of desititution. And so I found Aoshtai. The Golden Realm. And there, I found the Seraphim.

"What's a Seraphim?"

The Cereni. Metal angels of inumerous technological might. They had mastered the art of metallic might, and when I found them, they were greatly accepting of all, even I, a figure unknown to them.by all accounts. It was there in Aoshtai that I had found her. My love, the one who I would never forget. My Ariai. She wasn't like the rest of them, who merely let me be. She was intrigued by me. And I was by her. And so we came together. We discussed our peoples, discussed the realms themselves. We discussed all, we did all, we loved one another without respite. But...

"But what?" Zoey gasped.

But I knew that our love could not last. And eventually, my fear came to fruition. The Cereni had crossed the gap between our galaxies, Ardenta and Aoshtai. They had built homes where my old kin fed in times. And when they woke again, they saw the Seraphim as an affront to their entire way of existence, and declared to eradicate them for good. A great war, greater than any before or after it. But in the end, the Oru prevailed, the remaining Cereni turned to living, comatose dust. But my Ariai... was not lucky enough to make it to the salvation of their silver nebula. Instead, she... fought and died for her people.

"That's.. Horrible. I'm sorry that happened," Zoey said as consolation.

I... found myself in an odd position. All lost, again. But then... I found myself back within the Sea. But this time, it seemed there was no reprieve. I saw the future as a whole, I saw wars millenia before they began. I saw people come to power before their species even rose. I see all... and thus I wrote of it. Poems, hymns, all I could to write down the flurry of events. I found friends who admired me and my writings, Kin who had also become connected to the Sea, and enemies. And here I am today, telling you of my history and the history of the Oru as a whole.

"Wow..." Zoey thought for a moment, "So... What do you want now? Like... What do you do and stuff?"

I seek to right paths that will go wrong, amend mistakes that have not even occurred, and even if they have. But most of all... I wish to see her people back, to amend my people's hunger. Seraphim rising from their misty grave. It would be the sight I could die for... But what do you seek? Other than your father? Other than his manual? What is it that you want for yourself?

"I... I don't really know... I know I want our family to be together again, but... I don't know if that'll happen," Zoey sighed, "Before, all I wanted was to be a mom."

Ah, maternity. I've heard it's enlightening as to how one must deal with children or those younger than yourself. I know very little of it, except of how Ariai wanted to be so as well. She talked so highly of it, so divinely... I wish I could have seen it through. But, enough of myself, we're speaking about you now. Tell me your story. You've heard mine, now I'm curious of yours.

"Oh, well, um... Well, I was born in the Hold and raised by my dad and all of my moms," Zoey began, "Umm... I've always had a lot of sisters, and got even more as I got older. Daddy was always really nice to all of us. He and our moms built the Hold, and we always had good food and stuff. He and our moms had a classroom where we learned about math, science, sex, history, and other stuff... Whenever daddy wasn't working, he'd play with us or talk to us or fuck us. Um... Yeah, I think that's really it. There's... I don't have a long story like you do."

The voice was silent for a few moments, before it began to spreak again. It seemed... distressed in the slightest of ways.

Your... father taught you carnality? Your drive for lust?

"Carnality?" Zoey repeated.

Your desire for sex. He taught it to you through his actions?

"Oh, yeah!" Zoey answered happily, "Daddy taught me everything I know! We had sex a lot!"

Again, the voice took a moment to respond.

Intriguing... But, in any case, you must find some sort of direction. Some sort of purpose to guide yourself and yourself alone. Not some well-meaning devotion for a group, for a cause, for another. You must have your own, seperate wants and needs.

Zoey scratched her head. "...And being a mom doesn't count?" She asked.

Yes, but... devoting yourself to a child is not the same as devoting yourself to what you want alone.

"Well... Um... Uh... Hmm... Sex?" Zoey shrugged.

If that is what you wish, then it is your choice. There's so much to life, so much to do within it, yet it is finite. Remember this as time passes. Sex may not be such a priority in your future as it is now.

"What do you mean?" Zoey inquired, cocking her head to one side in confusion.

Adulthood requires many more responsibilities than just sex, family-rearing, and keeping your family intact, yes?

"Umm... Well, our moms do have like, jobs that they do ontop of that stuff. Some of them keep everything clean, some of them farm and stuff, some of them paint, and other things."

This Hold, it's... sounding less and less like the average human society. Your father has... multiple wives? of whom you seek to join as a wife?

"Of course! I don't remember exactly how many, but we have a lot of moms, and.. Yeah, they're all his wives, I guess," Zoey nodded.

If one cannot even count how many wives he had, how can one....

The voice trailed off, lost in its own thought for a moment.

"Hello? You there?"

Yes, I am. Nevermind my comment, I'm... not sure where I was leading it.

"Oh, well, um... What do you mean by the Hold being different? Like, I know it's better than everywhere else, but what makes it different from most 'societies'?"

It's rather... centralized, when compared to normal human populations. One man, leading the entirety of the people within its borders. It's just... odd to me. There's only one other civilization that I've found that's like it.

"What civilization is that?"

It's a small one, living in the realm of Aureolum. They call themselves the Priopsy. They all worship and work under a singular Godhead, a man by the name of Gom. Its a dimunitive space-faring system, and it barely stands today as it did with its conception. Gom is infallible, and everyone must conform to what he demands.

"Well, I mean... If 'Gom' is anything like daddy, then everyone should do what he says," Zoey remarked.

Oh? And why is that?

"Daddy is really smart," Zoey explained, "And he's really strong and he's really nice! Like, before he met our moms, they were all scummy people. Then he took them in and fixed them! Then when he had a bunch of them, he built the Hold for everyone to live in!"

How did he fix them? You do not fix humans easily.

"It isn't easy," Zoey shook her head, "But daddy got better at it every time he fixed one of our moms. I don't know everything that he did to fix them, but I know part of it is having sex with them a bunch. At first, they don't like it, but eventually they do! Then they're happier and can live in the Hold and stuff."

It was there that the voice silenced itself and did not return. It seemed something deterred the voice from continuing to speak, whether it be something Zoey had said or another outside force.

Zoey waited a moment before calling out, "... Hello? Are you still there?.... Helloooo?"


Brendan decided get some definative answsers as to what the group is doing. Brendan then handed the spray bottle to Tina and said "Why don't you do me a favor and spray Tabasco here with this wherever it looks like it hurts."

"Okay!" Tina said simply, taking the bottle and squirting a bullet wound a few times. "I like lizards."

Tabasco looked at Tina for a moment before stretching his wings out to give her a clearer view of his injuries.

Brendan then turned his attention to the girl that initally tried to retrieve the potion. "I've got a few questions to ask if you don't mind, miss." While he was well aware it generaly proved much easier to act as if edgy teenagers were older if soley for the fact of not having to deal with any sass.

"What do you need?" Harper replied, always eager to give out information.

Brendand took a moment to figure out what questions would be best to ask off the bat, "Let's start off with your name, where you are from."

"Oh, my name is Harper, and me and my sisters are from New York City!" Harper answered, "Why do you wanna know?"

"It helps to figure out what's going on when these Dimensional Clashes happen. Last time there was a country and the moon was about the crash into it. Then another place was inside a computer." Brendan replied. "Hmm, how would the world we are in right now compare to your home? Like for example, things like Parfait and Tabasco are pretty normal where I'm from but judging by how your friend reacted I'm guessing that's not the case for him."

"I think they're in some cartoon Jannet watches," Harper looked over at Jannet, who was trying to pet Parfait, "But, like... Our home was great, but everything outside of our home in the world we came from was really bad. Everything was on fire and there were bad guys everywhere trying to kill y-"

"Everything was not on fire, Harper," Clara interrupted, "Just because you would see one smokestack really far away did not mean the entire city was about to burn down and you know that. Cut the crap."

Parfait who had taken to rummaging through Brendan's bag, took notice of Jannet and continued digging through the bag, the pokemon did make a point however to keep her feelers out of reach from the child.

Brendan really wasn't in any mood to deal with useless information, "If I guessed you were all at a pool party would that be accurate?" The trainer was certainly hoping that the clash had just chosen a bad time to send them here.

"Yes," Harper said at the exact same time as Clara said, "No."

"80% of what Harper says is bullshit. The other 20% is true so you fall for the bullshit," Clara said in an almost monotone voice, "This is just what a lot of us wear."

"Please tell me you just go the to beach a lot" Brendan replied as he sunk his head down.

"Only sometimes," Clara answered, "We like showing off our bodies, like our moms."

"That's disturbing." Brendan repled.

"And you're insensitive to our family's culture," Clara retorted calmly.

"Well firstly you're what, twelve, I know pubery's a thing, but that's not the best way to deal with it." Brendan retorted "Do you all at least know what clothing sizes you all wear?"

"Yes," Clara answered tersely.

"Good because as soon we find as store you all are going to buy some clothes." Brendan said as he called for Parfait to bring him his bag.

"Oh no!" Tina gasped, quickly squirting the fire on the end of Tabasco's tail.

The dragon looked at Tina for a moment, the potion wasn't going to exstinguish the flame anytime soon. Tabasco then responded with a hearty "Zard."

Tina was determined to put out the flame, switching the spray bottle to her other hand once her fingers got tired. "The fire won't go out!"

Brendan then noticed that the youngest was trying to put out Tabasco's flame, "Oh yeah that's supposed to be on fire!"

"What?" Tina blinked, looking over at Brendan before looking back at the flame. She then looked over at Brendan once more. "But it's on fire! On his tail!"

"Yeah Charizards do that, he's a fire type," Brendan replied.

"... But... His tail.. It doesn't hurt?" Tina asked.

Brendan looked at Tabasco fora moment before responding "No, they actually prefer their tails to be on fire. It's a sign that he's healthy."

"Oh.. Okay!" Tina looked down at the spray bottle for a moment with a curious expression before pointing it into her mouth and spraying.

"HEY! Don't eat that!" Brendan shouted as he ran over and took the bottle from the child. "What do you think you're doing, you can't just eat that."

"Ew, agh," Tina spit onto the ground multiple times as she shook her head. It was definitely not one of the six-year-old's best ideas to taste whatever it was she was spraying on Tabasco.

Brendan then reached into his bag and pulled out rather large berry and handed it ot Tina , as he gave Parfait a scornful look, for having rummaged through the bag.

As Tina munched on the berry after a gracious, "Thank you," Jannet scooped Parfait up with an enormous smile. "I still can't believe how cute these are in person!" Jannet cried out, holding the poor creature in one arm and petting it with her free hand.

Parfait was somewhat distressed as she made a very obvious effort to have her feelers avoid any contact with Jannet. Thankfully, Jannet seemed content with simply running her hand down the Sylveon's back, just happy to be able to pet a Pokemon.

Brendan noticed the distress of Parfait, something he had seen a few times. "Hey those ribbons can sense emotions, and Parfait seems a little... uncomfortable... how to put this delicately...you wouldn't happen to be expereincing a hightened emotional state?" Brendan said in a somewhat uncomfortable tone.

"A.. Well, this Pokemon is really cute! Does that count?" Jannet replied with confusion.

"I think she might be senseing something else, people thinking she's cute doesn't get this response. I think she's picking up somethig more... timely." Brendan responded.

"... Timely?" Jannet blinked.

"like monthly?" Brendan said in a tone that suggested he was trying to avoid the topic as much as possible.

"Month..." Jannet's face morphed as she realized what Brendan was getting at. If not for the Pokemon occupying her arms, she would have smacked him. "No. I am not on my period."

Brendan immediately shot his hands up "It's just that kind of thing causes Syveons distress. I'm just trying figure out what's up with Parfait."

"I'm not sure what would be wrong. I'm not sad or mad or any- Well, I'm a little mad now," Jannet gave Brendan the stinkeye before setting Parfait down. As much as she wanted to cuddle and pet the Sylveon, she did not want to make it uncomfortable.

Parfait was a bit divided between returning to Brendan and sticking by the person that clearly wanted her attention. As a result the pokemon was looking to Brendan for guidance. Brendan could see the pokemon's confustion before saying "If you want to stay go ahead." and backing away. Parfait decided that it might be best to stay with Jannet, Brendan meant well but he lacked tact at times.

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Continued from previous post

Jannet looked down at the Sylveon for a moment before realizing the Pokemon had decided to stay with her. With a joyful gasp, Jannet plopped down onto the ground before happily hugging Parfait. "My gosh, you're so cute," Jannet cried out.

Parfait was lying there, taking this attention like a champ before noticing a small creature moving in a nearby bush. The pokemon's ears perked up, trying to locate the small mammal.

"Hm? What is it?" Jannet asked Parfait.

Parfait's ears twitched as she slowly moved one of the feelers infront of the bush. The pokemon moved the ribbon just enough to catch the critters attention.

Soon enough a kangaroo rat crawled out of the bush, with its attention clearly focused on the ribbon extending from the pokemon's neck. Slowly the other ribbons surrounded the rodent. Parfait's gaze was locked as she stared at this unfamilar creature. The pokemon then used two of its feelers to create a fence of sorts around the animal.

"What are you doing?" Jannet inquired innocently.

The last feeler then prodded the rat as the second soon followed suite, mimicing the actions of a cat playing with its prey. Needless to say the smaller animal let out several cries as it was batted back and forth before Parfait finally wrapped feeler around its body. The scared rat let out several shrieks of panic as the pokemon's feeler grew ever tighter around it's body.

Jannet's mouth hung open in shock. She didn't move or say anything, praying that what she thought was about to happen was not going to happen.

An almost dellighted look grew on Parfait's face as the rats squeaking grew more and more desparate before after one last squeak, it stopped. The pokemon contined to tighten it's grip. A few seconds later Parfait placed the rat on the ground before she moved to consume the kill.

"Oh my god," Jannet squeaked quietly. She realized then and there that Pokemon were, in fact, animals. They were not mere purse poodles that ate kibble. Pokemon were actual animals. It should have been obvious, but Jannet had always viewed her shows and stories with a very idealistic, naive eye.

Having heard the girls response the pokemon turned it's head to face Jannet, with the back legs of the rat still hanging from the pokemon's jaw. Parfait then lowered her ears and closered her eyes as if expecting praise for her recent kill.

"Ahh..." Jannet croaked, looking down at the spoils of the brief hunt, then at Parfait's proud expression.

Parfait rather proud, usually Brendan would amuse the pokemons actions in this situation, and act as if hte kill was a big deal. The pokemon then opened its eyes and used a feeler to bring the girls hand closer to the fresh corpse.

Jannet let out a long, quiet croak as her head neared the kill. While her hand came closer, her fingers did their best to reel back without actually resisting the Sylveon's pull. Jannet move your hand. Jannet move your hand. Jannet move your hand. Jannet move your hand. Jannet move your hand.

Parfait opened her jaw dropping the rat into what she hoped would be Jannet's open hand.

Jannet was completely frozen as the dead rat plopped onto her hand, teetered for a moment, and then stayed in her palm.

The Sylveon closed its eyes once again and beamed "SYY!"

Jannet slowly looked from the corpse to Parfait's face. "Ahhhh... Yay... Good... Job.... Parfait.... Yay...." She managed to say.

Parfait then picked up the dead animal before quickly swallowing it. Followed by a cheery "Veon!" being a very dog like creature Parfait then went to lick her new friends face.

Why did this have to happen after she ate the mouse? Jannet thought to herself as she quietly let out another, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh....."

After a few seconds Parfait wrapped a feeler around Jannet's arm, the pokemon was confused by Jannet's distress and as a result cocked her head to the side and gave a look of confusion.

Shit, her thingies! They- She knows what your feeling! Shitshitshit! Jannet! Quick! Happy! Um- Uh-Um-Uh-Um- Jannet tried to think of something to lighten her mood as she stared back at Parfait with masked discomfort. Puppies! Kittens! Um-Uh- Bob! Yes! Bob's- Ah- Bob's muscles- Yes. Yes!

Parfait wasn't sure what was wrong with this girl but decided that Tabasco would probably want to meet her new friend, and the pokemon started dragging the girl towards the dragon.

Jannet did not resist, stumbling after Parfait. Meanwhile, Tina had climbed on top of Tabasco, laying down on top of the Charizard contentedly and rambling on to the Pokemon about primarily nonsensical six-year-old things.

Tabasco wasn't really all that bothered by the small child. Parfait upon reaching Tabasco greeted her compatriot before pantomiming her most recent hunt out to the to dragon via her ribbon like feelers and a combination of syllables.

"T-T-Tiii.. Tina.." Jannet stammered.

"Not now! I'm talking to Tabasco!" Tina huffed before resuming her rambling. Jannet gulped as she stared up at the Charizard. Surely it wouldn't... Eat her, right? This was a trained Charizard! It had a master! And it hadn't eaten Tina... Unless it wanted a larger meal!

Tabasco who had grown tired of lying down, waited until it felt like Tina had a secure grip before standing up. The pokemon towered over the older girl and stared her in the eyes just as Parfait was seemingly recounting the final breathes of her victim.


Tabasci then slouched down to be at eye level with the terrifed girl. The pokemon then spread out it's wings, making the difference in size all the more appearent.

Brendan looked to see what was going on, he wasn't particularlly worried. Mainly because of the fact that Charizard's were even more honor seeking than most pokemon, it was rare to seem them engage anything they considered weak in battle, much less take an easy meal unless the situation was truely dire. Jannet, however, did not have the luxury of knowing the physcology of a charizard. Brendan just kind of looked on, as this was such a common way for the species to greet new people.

OhmygodI'mdeadI'mgoingtobeeatenI- And with that, Jannet fainted.

Tabasco simply looked at the girl in confusion as he attempted to pick her up. Brendan then turned his attention to the marine "What's her problem?"

"I dunno," Bob shrugged, "She probably psyched herself up too much about these Pokemen.

"The plural is just pokemon" Brendan replied. "Anyway if you want to say hi to Tabasco, he's not in a crisping mood at the moment."

"...Hi," Bob waved awkwardly to the dragon pokemon, "Could you, uh... hand me her? I think she needs somewhere to sit other than in someone's arms."

Tabasco nodded before handing the girl to the marine. Tabasco looked at Bob for a moment before trying to make himself appear bigger, the pokemon deemed Bob a worthy opponent should they ever face in battle.

Bob took the girl, and stared over the Pokemon's intimidation attempt with an annoyed expression, before turning away, walking over to a few small rocks. Gently, he set Jannet on the ground, her head slightly raised up on one of the rocks. "There we go," the Doomguy said, "She should be fine."

"Name's Brendan, by the way, Hoenn leauge champion. What's your name dude?" Brendan asked the marine.

"They call me Bob," the Doomguy replied in kind, looking back to Jannet to ensure she was entirely alright.

"Hey, Bob! Look! I'm on a lizard!" Tina called from atop the Charizard.

"Tina, you should probably get down from there," Bob advised, "I'm not sure fire-breathing dragons are a fan of people on them."

Brendan looked over only to see Tabasco glare at Bob for moment before flapping his wings. "Oh, yeah, he's going to try and prove you wrong out of spite now."

"I am the lizard queen! Fly lizard!" Tina commanded as authoritatively as a six-year-old could.

Now normally not many people had enough badges to train Tabasco but he decided that spiting Bob and entertaining this small child would be worth the effort if only to prove a point.. Tabasco then flapped his wings a few times before launching into the air.

Tina's scream morphed into laughter as she looked down at the peasant groundwalkers below her and her valiant lizard. "I LOVE LIZARDS!" She screamed from the skies.

Bob seethed,"Oh goddamnit- Brendan, you tell your stupid lizard to get its scaly ass down here right now or I swear to god-"

"She'll be fine. Kids learn how to fly on Charizards all the time. I take Tabasco to trainer schools all the time." Brendan replied.

Tabasco then circled around the skies for a few minutues before it noticed a town off in the distance. Soon after the pokemon began its descent to the ground, Within moments the dragon had landed and was positioning itself to let the child down.

"Alright then," Bob gave a sigh of relief, walking towards the Pokemon, "Alright, now c'mon, Tiina. The lizard's given you a ride."

"Aww.. Can't I just stay on him? Pleeeaaaase?" Tina begged, "He's comfy and warm! I love him!"

"That's your call, Bob" Brendan replied.

Doomguy thought for a moment, before sighing, "Fine, you can keep playing with the lizard."

"Yay! Thank you, Bob!" Tina cried out, hugging Tabasco. Although, it was more like she was just laying face-down ontop of the Charizard.

"You know, charizards are a very common starter pokemon amongst younger trainers in Kanto" Brendan said in reaction to Tina's love of the dragon. Tabasco seemed very intent in walking off. "Hmm, looks like he found something while he was up there."

"Sup, guys, I'm back," Zoey proclaimed as she entered the scene.

"Oh, hey Zoey," Bob quipped, "Where'd you run off to?"

"Uh- Lady stuff," Zoey answered.

At this moment, Parfait noticed Zoey and decided to wrap her feelers around the girl's arm. The Sylveon was confused for a moment as she was picking up two distinct sets of emotions.

"Huh? What's the bunny dog doing?" Zoey asked curiously. Inches behind the teen's bravado was a great deal of fear and anxiety. She had no idea if they would be able to make it to Quebec. Her father's writings could be lost forever, or worse, her father himself could be gone! What if she never found him!? What if he was dead!? What if her group of loyalists mutinied, turned agaisnt her because of her piss-poor planning and poor leadership.

At the same time, mixed together with her fear in a sludge of emotion, was a lust that made Jannet's perverse cravings seem insignificant. Zoey, moreso than quite a few of her sisters, had fully embraced Wolfe's sick acts, and needed release. Her emotional landscape was more of an ocean of sexual desire, and there happened to be a crisis of an oil spill of fear mixed into the waters. There was something else there, but it was hard to fully discern what sort of feeling it was due to the intensity of her main emotions.

Parfait then detached her ribbons quickly as the pokemon's expression indicated that it regretted sensing the emotions of these children.

Brendan then waved his hand as he said, "Oh, those sense emotions."

"Oh, that makes more sense now," Bob thought back on how the Pokemon grabbed him.

"Oh, that's pretty neat," Zoey remarked, not even realizing how volitile the emotions Parfait sensed were.

"You have to be careful because more intense and sudden emotions really disorient them and get them sick." Brendan said.

Parfait seemed to have been hit paricularly hard by that wave of emotions as the pokemon began gagging.

"Oh, come on! My emotions are- I have good emotions," Zoey huffed.

"Yeah... lady stuff can do that too." Brendan replied quietly before Parfait coughed up the dead rat.

"Yeah, sure looks like lady stuff can do that," Bob remarked, looking at the disoreinted and sickened Parfait.

Zoey huffed, her indignant expression giving way to a sad pout. "I'm sorry, rabbit-dog," She sighed, feeling bad that she somehow caused the admittedly adorable creature to vomit.

"Speaking of girls and Pokemon," Bob said, "Where did that lizard run off to with Tina? Weren't they just here?"

Brendan looked off into the distance and notived a large orange spot in the distance. "Oh yeah he probably found a town, we should follow him.

"You should invest in a damn leash," Bob grunted, turning back to Jannet, gently picking her up and sighing, "Well, let's go, girls. We gotta get Tina back and find civilization before his lizard burns it down."

Brendan raise an eyebrow and spoke in a dead pan tone "Do you really think a leash would do much?"

"You could get an electronic leash," Harper suggested, "It uses radio waves instead of an actual, physical leash."

Brendan then reached a ball attached to his belt before pressing a button on the center. A red light surrounded Parfait before the creature disappeared. "I could do that but I'd rather not have to explain to a six year old where the "lay-zird" went." Brendan seemed to have trouble recalling the word that Tina used to describe Tabasco earlier.

"Lizard," Clara corrected.

"Alright, let's go," Doomguy stated, Jannet hoisted in his arms as he walked towards the Charizard off in the distance.

"Mmm.. Mmf.. Hm.. Hmm?" Jannet mumbled, her eyes slowly opening. While a little groggy, they widened upon her realization that she was in Bob's arms. "Oh... Bob," She sighed happily, placing a hand on his chest as she looked up at his face longingly.

"Oh, hey Jannet..." Bob replied with a long pause, "You okay?"

"Mm... I am now," She answered softly.

Brendan rolled his eyes. Geez, is this what Cremia thought of he was acting like when he was in Termina? Geez, how melodramatic.

"That's good. Why'd you just... faint?" Doomguy asked, still not putting her down.

"I.. I'd rather not think about that right now..." Jannet sighed, resting her head against Bob and relishing the moment.

Brendan continued thinking this situation was really sappy. Oh well, he had to figure out was face needed to be burned down fairly soon anyway.

"You think you can walk?" Bob asked the girl in his arms.

"Ah- erm-... No?" Jannet gulped, "My legs are.. Weak.. After passing out."

"...Alright," Bob shrugged, "Just tell me when you think you can and I'll set you down."

"Her legs are fine, she just likes being held by you," Clara stated in her typical monotony as she passed Bob.

Bob looked to Clara for a moment, then to Jannet, a suspecting look on his face.

Jannet looked back with a nervous smile before quickly hugging his neck. "Please just let me have this," She begged quietly.

Bob sighed, and responded quietly, "Fine. But just this once." And so, Bob allowed Jannet to stay in his hoisted arms, having denied her any real contact before.

Jannet let out a satisfied sigh as she nuzzled her head against his chest. "Thank you..."

"Don't mention it," Doomguy replied, "No, seriously, don't mention it."

Enabling was the only word to cross Brendan's mind as he rolled his eyes once again.

"Bob and Jannet sittin' in a tree," Zoey started, spinning her index fingers around before pointing to Ruby.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Ruby proclaimed with a giggle.

"You guys are children," Mary interrupted.

Zoey and Ruby looked at each other for a moment before nodding to Mary. "Well, yeah," Zoey agreed.


"I'm gonna say it again, no matter how much it's wrong," Bob huffed, "You need to get your Pokemon leashes."

Tabasco had reached the edge of town a decent amount of time prior and was waiting for the group to catch up.

"We're almost there, by the looks of it," Doomguy grunted, "Jannet, can I set you down now? My back is killing me."

"Oh my- I'm sorry, yeah, yes" Jannet stammered, abruptly pulled out of her serenity.

As gently as he could, he set the 16-year old down, before stretching for a moment, groaning, "Oh, I miss my stuff."

Jannet grimaced, thinking for a moment before saying, "Well.. Um- At least you look good without your armor." She tried for a flirtatious smile.

"Uh... Thanks..." Bob replied, "Oh, I never thought to ask; did Tina get the right sizes of clothes for you when you..." he imitated her falling over into the mud with his hands.

Jannet blushed and slunk down a little before answering, "Yeah, I'm surprised."

"That's good," Bob mumbled, looking to the Charizard in the distance, "That's good..."

"Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering. Seeing as she's decided to fly on a dragon all the way over there," Doomguy commented, "I just needed to make sure she remembered anything like that."

"Oh, okay," Jannet nodded, twrling her two index fingers around each other. Getting the guy usually wasn't so awkward in her stories, and when it was, it was a lot funnier... Then again, she supposed it wasn't funny for the characters involved.

After a moment of silence, she walked ahead of Bob, slowly approaching Brendan's side and tapping his shoulder. "Hey, um, Brendan?" She asked in a quiet voice.

At that moment the voted, second most attractive champion of the Hoenn region turned his head to face Jannet and replied, "Yeah, what is it?".

"Um.. This is a bit weird to ask, uh- Could you.. Do me a big favor?" Jannet requested, "I-It'll be small to you, but.. It's.. Important to me."

"Depends" Brendans tone implied he was willing to grant the request with his exact words being more or a casual response.

"Well, um, you're a guy- Uh... Could you... Ask Bob what he... Looks for in a woman?" Jannet asked before quickly adding, "A-And don't tell him I asked you to ask!"

Brendan had already picked up on the youth's crush on Bob earlier. "Let's be honest, I'm pretty sure Bob's going to know exactally why I'm asking, but I'll be subtle." Brendan replied

"Thank you so much," Jannet clasped her hands together before trying to walk as inconspicuously as she could as to not give away her scheme.

Brendan rolled his eyes as he walked away before, He then grabbed Tabasco's pokeball before calling for the dragon. Within moments the Charizard appeared by Brendan's side, with Tina none the worse for wear.

"Hi!" Tina waved down to Brendan, clearly still not bored of being able to ride a Charizard.

Brendan looked up at the youngster and said "Hey Tabasco needs to take a nap."

Tina looked over as much as she could to see how sleepy Tabasco was before asking, "But where's he gonna nap?"

While Tabasco wasn't tired he did understand Brendan's intention as he half closed his eyes.

Brendan then held out Tabasco's pokeball as he said "In here."

Tina squinted her eyes down at the little ball, then looked down at where she was sitting on Tabasco, then back at the ball. "... How is he gonna fit in that ball?"

"Press the button and find out" Brendan said as he brought the ball closer to Tina.

Tina slid down the Charizard's back and hopped off of his tail before skipping up to Brendan and taking the pokeball with a curious expression. She looked over at Tabasco and pressed the button, anxious to see what would happen.

A red light enveloped Tabasco the moment the child pressed the button and soon after the light rushed inside the sphere. Tina gasped and took a step back, staring down at the ball in shock. "Woah! What- Where- How did he do that?!"

Brendan wasn't going to bother explaining the exact mechanics of pokeballs to a six-year old, and he responded "Magic." Brendan then took the pokeball from Tina's hand and replaced it with a darker one. "And if you press that button, you can say hi to Hopkins."

Tina let out an excited gasp before quickly pressing the button on the darker pokeball.

A flash of light emitted from the ball, followed by a small purple imp like creature with gems for eyes to appear. Hopkins was probably a bit creepier than Brendan expected but the more mischevious nature of the pokemon made him figure it would be a good fit for now atleast.

Tina looked the sableye up and down before exclaiming, "Hi, Hopkins!"

The pokemon looked up at the child, before flashing its jagged teeth in what was meant to be friendly gesture, but could easitly be mistaken aggression.

Thankfully, the innocent Tina was oblivious to this, and looked up at Brendan and asked, "What does he do?"

Hopkins happened to be hungry and noticed rather large rock lying around, before the humanoid picked up the stone and took a bite out of it.

Brendan looked at the Sableye eating rock, "Oh he's like a ghost that eats rocks. Sometimes they play pranks." Tina's eyes glistened with amazement. She scampered a few feet away, grabbing a rock from the ground and excitedly presenting it to Hopkins.

"You got some weird pets," Bob commented, "First an emotion-feeling dog, a dragon, and now a rock-eating ghost-goblin?"

"Technically Tabasco's not a dragon. He's a fire-flying type." Brendan responded.

"Close enough, but whatever," the Doomguy nodded along.

Brendan shrugged before calling out "Hopkins, off to the nearest pawn shop!"

The pokemon stood at attention before taking in deep breath through what could be assumed to be nostrils and rushing off. Brendan being the one looking to sell ran off after the creature.

Doomguy watched as Brendan ran off to sell things at the pawn shop, before turning to the posse of girls, noting the lack of clothing that had been cited by many. He hummed as he thought and looked about for a moment, before noticing the perfect place to go.

"Hey, girls," he began, "You ever been to a shopping mall?"

"What's a shopping mall?" Ruby inquired.

"It's a pl-" Harper started.

"Nope, shut up. Let Bob explain," Clara quickly interrupted, much to Harper's frustration.

"It's a place where you can buy pretty much anything you want," Bob described, "Except sex. You can't buy sex."

"Hmmm..." Zoey hummed to herself, thinking as she walked without speaking a word. A devious smile formed on her face.

A few moments later Brendan soon showed up from around the corner counting a relativley larger stack of cash. He then looked up and noticed the mall that the group found a mall. "Oh good." Brendan figured that fact that half of these children were half naked that they needed a set of clothes, for a variety of reasons. "Hey good news I just got a stack of cash, as long as you all buy clothes first, I don't care what you spend the rest on."

Like mad vultures, the girls swarmed Brendan, the concept of being able to get whatever they wanted (So long as they bought clothes first) fascinating even the most stubborn of loyalists.

Brendan handed each of the girls a few large bills as he said "Please, just buy some clothes."

"Yeah, I was gonna say," Bob added, "Clothes first, whatever next."

"Yeah I figure your life will be easier if they have clothes rather than run around half naked." Brendan said.

"LET'S GO BUY STUFF!" Zoey shouted. The girls cheered and rushed into the mall in a frenzy.

"Each one of you better come back with at least a full outfit!" Bob yelled to the frenzied posse, but sighed, "I doubt they heard that."

"I hope they did." Brendan replied.

Thankfully, as with most malls, the entrance lead directly into a clothing store. Unfortunately for the employees, the girls had, within minutes, made a mess of the area they entered. Pairs of pants and shirts quickly littered the ground as they looked at the wide selection available to them. After a few minutes, they realized that they were in the men's section, and rushed away from the disaster they had made towards the more feminine clothing.

Brendan the put his hands behind his head and asked “What do you look for in a girl, personally? I’m a fan of those fiery red head types."

"That's a... random topic," Bob replied, "I don't really see why it matters... to you, I mean."

Brendan shrugged “Probably because Flannery is going to yell at me for winding up in another one of these clash things.”

"That doesn't even sound like a good excuse," Bob narrowed his eyes, going quiet for a moment as he looked at Brendan, before asking flatly, "Jannet put you up to this, didn't she?"

Brendan shook his head and said "Yeah, I figured you'd know anyway. Not like dating is exactly anyone's highest priority when in alternate dimensions."

"Yeah," Bob sighed, pinching his brow for a moment, before asking, "Can you do me a favor? Can you just make something up? I'm trying to let her down easy, even if that takes a while."

"Yeah I get you. I mean I'm kind of the regional champion. It brings a lot of unwanted attenion." Brendan replied, his tone indicated no intention of gloating but rather that he was simpling stating a fact.

"Well, I'm their only really prominent male figure other than their dad, and I think they're a bit... weird about sex." Bob stated.

"Do I dare ask?" Brendan replied.

"Them? I wouldn't unless you want to start a shitstorm," Bob remarked, "Zoey told me all about it. Their dad's... a really, really horrible man."

"It can't be simple things like the the moon about to destory the land or eco terrorist can it? Geez things were so much easier back then." Brendan added.

"I wish..." Bob sighed, "But yeah.. please don't bring it up. I'm trying to get them to see a bit more clearly, and I think it's working, but its gonna take some time."

"There is a pokemon that can wipe memories. It's never been recorded doing anything less than erasing everything. And then that's probably not the best course of action." Brendan said as he opened his pokedex.

"Yeah, I'd rather them have memories than just be vegetables," Bob noted.

"Also getting legendaries to follow orders is a much more complicated than the likes of Hopkins or Tabasco." Brendan added. "Well hopefully they all take the fact that pop's going to be burnt to a crisp by someone pretty well."

"Apparently, he already got sent to some sort of jail in another dimension," Bob informed, "And that's why they want to go to Quebec. There's some portal there that'll let them go back to their home."

"Yeah those sound cool but those always get broken into then he just gets to join the other bad dudes." Brendan added. "But I mean there should be somewhere safe for them at home atleast, far better than alternate dimensions."

"I dunno. Their home, from what I've heard, was some isolated fortress that they never left in their lives, and that everyone left after they stopped doing things for their dad." Bob nodded.

"Well hopefully there are atleast some sane people back in their world. Are we really sure taking them to this portal is a good idea."

"Well, I'm hoping that by the time we get there," Bob explained, "Each and every one of them will have gotten over their issues with their father and his book they want to read."

"That's a lot to hope, i mean what Quebec is like twenty miles from here or something right?" Brendan asked. While Unova, Alola and Orre were similar to parts of America but there were also all basically large islands.

"What? No, it's... a lot further," Bob shook his head, "I'm thinking something more like a thousand or two."

"Yeah that's a bit more reasonable, to be honest I have no sense of scale for this Ammer-rika, I mean like how far is tha Disney place from here?"

"Disney? I got no idea," Bob shrugged.

Soon after, the girls returned, fully clothed. Some had on cute jackets that they would eventually have to tie around their waists due to the heat of the south, some had a variety of different hats, but most importantly of all:

Nobody was half-naked...

Except... Zoey was missing.

"Zoey?" Bob beckoned loudly, hoping that she was simply lagging behind the main group. After no response, he asked, "Has anyone seen Zoey?"

"Oh! She said she was gonna sell stuff!" Ruby answered, holding up a wad of clothes, "She told me to buy her clothes for her!"

"Wait.. sell stuff..." Bob thought for a moment, before it hit him like a ton of bricks, "Oh god damnit."

"Oh come on!" Brendan shouted as he tossed Parfait's pokeball on the ground.

Brendan looked at Ruby. "Do you have something of her's that Parfait can use to track her down?"

"We don't really have stuff," Ruby shrugged, "She said she'll meet us back here!"

"Do you know where she went?" Brendan asked with a tone of urgency.


"Hey, everyone!" Zoey called out, walking out of the mall with her hands behind her back and a huge grin on her face.

"Zoey, if you went and did what I think you did, you are in big trouble, young lady!" Bob chastised as he walked up to her, "I said you couldn't buy sex, so selling it shouldn't have been a choice!"


"I told Ruby to get my clothes for me. Thanks, Rub," Zoey winked to Ruby before looking up at Bob and presenting him with mad stacks of cash, "But look at all this money! It's like... Uhh... Umm... A lot! They're all twenties and hundreds!.. Wait no there's a five, but the rest are big ones!"

"Please tell me that 's just the change."

"And where did you exactly get that money?" Bob asked sternly.

"Well, Bob said that nobody was selling sex in the mall, so I figured that if I sold sex in the mall, I would get a bunch of money!" Zoey proclaimed with pride.

"I'm pretty sure that's muliple felonies. YOU ARE A CHILD!" Brendan shouted.

"... So?" Zoey blinked, looking at Brendan in confusion.

"First that's illegal, second you should not be engaging in those activities, that's going to mess you up mentally as an adult." Brendan.

"... What? What are you talking about? I've had sex a bunch. All of us have," Zoey said. Many of the other girls nodded in assent.

Brendan paused, "I am going to personally ensure your father is a pile of ashes."

"WHAT!?" Zoey yelped. The rest of the girls had similar reactions to Zoey's, shocked to hear the out-of-nowhere threat from Brendan.

"What ever he's done with all of you clearly crossed the line of abuse and pranced its way into beyond redemption." Brendan said, his tone had since dropped any hint that he was in anything that could be understood do

The Doomguy put a hand on Brendan's shoulder and whispered, "It's not gonna work on them like that. I'm telling you, I can handle it."

"Abuse!? Our daddy has never hurt us! Ever!" Zoey furiously defended her father's name, "Who the hell do you think you are!?" Save for Jannet, who seemed conflicted, the other girls had expressions of either fury, like Zoey's, or looks of hurt from what they percieved to be betrayal by Brendan. Tina seemed on the verge of tears.

Brendan noticed the the mixed emotions of the group, Bob was right, this wasn't going to help. His fist clentched before he said, "I need a moment." The trainer then stomped off, followed by his Pokemon, Parfait in particular seemed conflicted in how to comfort her trainer as she hesitated to wrap her feelers around the humans arm. Within a few moments

"Take your time," Zoey huffed spitefully with her arms folded.

The sound of trashcans being kicked and shouting could be heard as Brendan vented in an alleyway.

Soon enough a now empty trash can was launched several feet in the air before crashing into the street, followed by Brendan muttering under his breath.

"C'mon, Bob. If we leave now, we can probably lose him," Zoey suggested.

"Wait, what?" Bob turned to Zoey, a look of confusion on his face.

"You heard what he said. He wants to kill our dad! I'm not going anywhere with him!" Zoey seethed.

"Now, let's not jump to conclusions, Zoey," Bob tried to defuse the situation, "We all say things when we're angry we don't mean."

"CONCLUSIONS!? He literally said 'I am going to ensure your father is a pile of ashes!' And then said our dad abused us!?" Zoey argued, scowling at Bob.

"Z-Zoey, I.." Jannet tried to jump in.

"What?" Zoey snapped.

"Well, um.." Jannet quickly thought of how best to word her sentence in a way Zoey would like to hear, "I.. What if we.. Can.. Use Brendan still? To.. Help us find our father? His Pokemon can help us if we get in a fight..."

"We don't need his stupid lizards and rabbit-dogs! We have Bob! Bob can kill literally anything!" Zoey shot back, gesturing angrily at the Doom Marine.

"I-I mean.. Yes, but.. It's not fair to Bob to ask him to... Fight everything, right?" Jannet reasoned, "And.. If Bob can kill anything, then if Brendan tries hurting our father, Bob can.. Protect him!"

Zoey was silent for a moment, taking a look around to check if Brendan was nearby. Her clenched fists relaxed as she let out an angry sigh. "Fine. Fine! But, Bob," She turned to the Doomguy and pointed threateningly up at him, "If that asshole tries anything, you snap his neck. Got it?"

"I..." Bob hesitated in his choice, thinking of how this situation could go whether he said yes or no, "I... Alright. He tries anything, and I'll deal with him."

Zoey took a deep breath. "Thank you, Bob," Zoey muttered before looking over to Ruby, "Gimme my clothes." Ruby complied, and Zoey quickly stripped naked before shimmying into her new outfit. Ruby knew exactly what Zoey would have wanted: A bright pink crop top, light blue jeans, and a small, short denim jacket. She also had on a pair of brown jandals. On the back of her jacket was the shotgun given to her by Doomguy, which she had previously been hiding under her old coat.

"Do... You like it?" Ruby asked, still a little shaken after the confrontation with Brendan.

"Yeah, thanks Rub," Zoey replied with a smile for her sister's sake.

Shortly after this, Brendan stopped muttering reapproached the the group, he was a bit confused by Zoey's choice of clothing but it was better than what she was wearing earlier. "Look, we're getting off on the wrong foot here. Do you all want like ice cream or something?"

"I do!" Tina gasped, her excitement quickly quelled by Zoey raising her hand midway as to silence her sister.

"First, I want an apology," Zoey ordered.

What a power move this little girl thought she was all big and tough. "Or, hows about I don't, but you get two icecreams." Brendan bargained.

"I can buy ice cream for all of us myself. The apology has nothing to do with ice cream, it has to do with if you can come with us or not," Zoey shot back with authority. Despite being much shorter than Brendan, it seemed like Zoey was looking down on him.

"Zoey, I thought we already agreed that he's staying," Bob tried to wedge himself between the two.

"If, he apologizes," Zoey snapped, not taking her eyes off of Brendan.

"How about this, I will hear the old man out, then I might change my mind." Brended added

"You are not coming with us until you apologize," Zoey stated in response.

"Okay, he won't be a pile of ashes."

"That is not an apology. I want an apology for threatening to murder our dad and saying he abused us," Zoey hissed.

"Okay, okay, if he means that much to you I'm sorry." Brendan finally added.

"Sorry for what?" Zoey raised an eyebrow.

"Threatening to kill your father."


"And saying he abused you. There, you happy?"

"No. Get us ice cream, then I'll be happy," Zoey smiled dominantly.

"You're forgetting the magic word." Brendan added with a smug tone.

Zoey cleared her throat before turning away and shouting to the girls, "HEAR THAT EVERYONE? BRENDAN'S GETTING US ICE CREAM!" The sudden burst of energy from the previously serious Zoey reinvigorated the girls, eliciting cheers from the group.

Brendan then turned to the marine, "She's got a good power move game."

"Yeah, she does," Bob agreed, "Really don't know how I keep getting bossed around by a kid."

"Ehh, I'm still the one with the firebreathing lizard." Brendan added with a shrug,

"I was the guy with all the guns one could ever want," Bob noted, 'But that border mess sunk that ship."

"Hmm, I might be able to get those back. I can't necessarily make any promises though." Brendan said as opened his pokedex.

"I'll think I'll be fine for now," Bob replied, "Maybe when I need them, because I have not seen a single problem since we came into America, save for the border problems. Anyways, you definitely don't want to keep those girls waiting for ice cream. They might start a fire or something weird."

"We all saw what happened when I trusted them with something." Brendan then got up and checked his wallet, luckily he had stashed away some of the money in his wallet.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

Post by Lowfn on Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:50 pm

Continued from the last post (it's a long post, bear with us)

"Brendan! Could you come here, please?" Jannet requested, waving him over while many of the girls continued cheering.

Brendan walked towards the group but making a point to head in Jannet's direction. "Yeah what did you want?"

"Did you-"

"ICE CREAM!" One of the girls screamed.

"Did you ask Bob the.. Thing?" Jannet inquired desperately.

"Yeah, he likes confident girls."

Jannet stared at Brendan with a deadpan expression for a moment before slowly turning her head to look at Zoey, who was currently hyping the others up for the impending ice cream. "... Thank you," Jannet said after a period of deep thought.

"Well I've got ice cream to buy." Brendan then walked towards the nearest icecream store and placed a wad of cash on the counter. There's going to be like 15 or so orders, I'll be paying. Thanks dude."

The girls were absolutely rabid behind Brendan, pushing him to the side and shouting their orders to the poor clerk. Zoey had done a sufficient job at hyping them up for ice cream, watching her work unfold as the employee tried to calm them down and decipher what each of them wanted.

Brendan then looked at the tip jar a dropped a larger bill inside as he gave an apologetic expression.

"H-Hey, hey Zoey?" Jannet tapped her younger sister on the shoulder.

"Wh- Huh? Yeah, what's up?" Zoey turned around.

"Umm... How do you... Be confident all the time?" Jannet asked awkwardly.

Zoey blinked. "I dunno, I just.. I'm just awesome."

"Zoey, that," Jannet sighed, "That doesn't help... Look.. Brendan told me that Bob said he likes confident women. I ne-"

"Oh, man, you're shit out of luck then," Zoey shook her head dramatically.

"Zoey, please. Just.. Teach me how to.. Be more like you. Confident and.. Yeah, pretty much that."

"Hmm.. Isn't there some kid lesson about being yourself or something?" Zoey mused.

"Fuck that, I want Bob," Jannet insisted.

"So, what, you want to be, like, Ruby 2?" Zoey shrugged.

"No, I want to be... Um.. Zoey 2," Jannet corrected.

"Hmm... We got a lot of work to do," Zoey remarked, stifling a snicker at Jannet's unamused expression, "First, stop all that stuttering and "uh" crap you do all the time. That's, like, the opposite of confident."

"Well, I-.. I can't help it, you know? I get nervous sometimes, or.. I.. Don't know what I should say or.. If what I'm saying is what I should say," Jannet explained.

"That's your problem! You need to just.. Act like everything you say is the right thing to say," Zoey proclaimed, "But don't say literally everything that pops into your head, either. Take a second or two to think, then just keep rolling with it. Also, don't let anyone walk all over you, like that thing with Bob and dickhead over there. I got Bob to agree to snapping necks, and made asshole apologize and buy us ice cream."

"... I see..." Jannet slowly nodded.

"Also, if you want Bob so badly, you gotta take him! Don't wait for him to sweep you off your feet like in your weird comic books. Now tell me, do you want Bob!?"

"Y-Yes-" Jannet replied before getting slapped in the face.

"Do you want Bob!?" Zoey repeated.

"Ow! Why did yo-" Jannet was slapped once more.

"Do you want Bob!?"

"Yes!" Jannet finally cried out.

"Then take what you want! It's already yours!" Zoey declared.

"YES!" Jannet shouted, her confident smile breaking upon realizing her raised voice. She quickly covered her mouth and looked around.

Brendan looked at Jannet with a confused look for a moment before returning his attention to the clerk.. He then ordered three chocolate waffles cones before asking "Hey Bob did you want anything?"

"I think I'm good," Bob looked over the menu rather quickly, "Maybe a waffle cone."

"Bob!" Jannet said from behind, grabbing the Doom Marine's shoulder and turning him around. She planted both hands on his shoulders. She quickly glanced at Zoey out of the corner of her eye, who mouthed something to Jannet.

Jannet quickly looked back into Bob's eyes, "Instead of a waffle cone, you'll have... Me! Fuck me, Bob. I will not say um!" Wait, shit that sounded stupid, I should have just said um, god dammit. "We will fuck and your answer will be yes and not no! I am confident!" Stop talking, Jannet.

Meanwhile, Brendan and the pokemon all drew deadpan expressions across their faces as they watched the cringe unfold.

"I..pfff... What?" Bob simply cocked his head to the side, his mouth open slightly in confusion as to what was going on, before he shook his head to get back into his senses, "Can I talk to you real quick, Jannet? Alone, preferrably?"

Parfait took the two extra cones from Brendan's hands and handed one to Hopkins. The pokemon licked to cone and watched Zoey, with an almost smug look on her face. The animal knew fullwell the failure that was occuring.

"Yyyyes! Yes you can!" Jannet grabbed Bob's hand, dragging him to the bathrooms. She glanced over to Zoey, who was giving Jannet an eager double thumbs up. Jannet could not believe this was happening. She could not believe how easy this was! She just.. Kept talking! And now Bob wanted to be alone with her! This... This is what Zoey must feel like all the time.. This is what confidence felt like!

After dragging Doomguy into the women's bathroom, Jannet pushed him against the wall and planted her hand on the wall near his head, a wide smile on her face.

"What the hell are you doing?" Bob asked in a hushed, somewhat irritated tone. It seemed that the Doom Marine was not 100% on-board with Jannet's plans.

"I'm being confident, Bob!" Jannet exclaimed with glee, "And it's working!"

"What are you talking about '"it's working"? You just drug me into a bathroom and screamed how you want to fuck me?" Bob asked incredulously.

"That's right!" Jannet proclaimed, "And now it's finally going to happen! I just had to say everything! No more stuttering! No more ums or uhs! It's confident Jannet from here on out!"

"No, it's not, Jannet, because I'm not doing it," Doomguy stated clearly and loudly, "It's not happening."

"I.. I'm.. Taking what I want, because it's already mine!" Jannet declared, echoing Zoey's words from before.

"You're not fucking me. End of story," Doomguy stated, "And Confidence? Where does confidence fit into all of this?"

Think think think "Don't play games, Bob. I know all about your attraction to confident women. It's obvious," Jannet replied.

"Confident wome-...Goddamnit Brendan," Bob cursed, "So that's what he told you? That I like confident women?"

Shit, he knows! ".. Yes! That is what he told me! And now I am a confident woman. Yes!"

"Well I hate to tell you," Bob began, "But I never said that to him. I told him to make something up to find a way to stop something like this from happening."

Jannet's heart sank as her smile faded away. "W-What...?"

"I don't want to have a relationship like that with you, Jannet," Bob explained, "I know you're in love with me... but it's just... I just can't."

Jannet's eyes began to water as she tried to force herself to speak from her tight throat, "B-But.. I... W-Why?"

"Jannet, you have to understand," Bob explained, "There's a certain relationship between you and me, but it's not one that leads to this. I'd react the same way I did here if it were Zoey, or Ruby, or any of the other girls trying this, so don't think I'm giving you a worse treatment than if it were them."

"But.. Why? P-Please, Bob.. I-I.. I'll do anything!" Jannet begged, "I.. Why don't you..."

"You're too young for this!" Bob stated with a raised tone, before calming, "You're just too young... you're not supposed to be doing this yet, and not with anybody as old as me."

"W-Why should that matter? We're.. We're both adults," Jannet reasoned, biting down on her lower lip as she tried to keep from crying, though tears were already rolling down her cheeks.

Bob sighed, "Where I'm from, 16 is not an adult age, and you've been messing with that stuff since what, you were ten? eight? Don't tell me I'm wrong, Zoey's told me a lot."

"What.. What does that have to do with anything?" Jannet sniffled.

"It means... that you're too young for me. I'm just not going to do it with you and break down my ethics. I'm sorry if this makes you angry but," Bob paused, putting his hands on Jannet's shoulders,"... I care about you more than fucking you."

"Oh, Bob," Jannet began to sob, hugging the Doom Marine, "B-But.. I.. W-What.. What if I was older!?"

"It could've been different... but I dunno," Bob quietly mused, wrapping his arms around Jannet in a hug in return.

".. It's not fair..." Jannet whimpered, "I... I didn't ask to be 16... It's not fair..."

"Hey, it's alright," Doomguy reassured, "We don't ask for a lot of things that happen to us, but sometimes they turn out to be better than it seems. I didn't ask to get thrown into the Clash... but here we are now."

"... If.. Um... How old.. Is.. Old enough?" Jannet asked quietly, hoping she could just wait a few years and she would get what she desired.

"It's... I'd say.. nineteen?" Bob thought, "But I'm probably still not gonna do it then."

Jannet slowly pulled away from Bob. "Could I... Be alone for a bit?" She asked, not looking Bob in the eye as her lips quivered.

"Are you alright?" Bob asked, obviously concerned.

Jannet nodded unhappily. "Just... Leave my ice cream outside the door... On a napkin... Please," She whimpered.

"Alright," Bob nodded, walking towards the door, "Y'know, I still think we have a close relationship. It just doesn't need us to fuck." he remarked, before closing the door behind him.

As Bob left the restrooms, Zoey was there waiting. She quickly swallowed a spoonful of her banana split before giving him a confused look. "Huh, I thought you would've lasted longer, but I guess you wore her out since she's still in there," She remarked with a wink and a playful punch.

"We didn't do anything," Bob replied with much less charisma than Zoey, walking over and grabbing the ice cream Jannet had ordered and a napkin, "I talked her out of it and told her why I wouldn't."

Zoey blinked. "But... Why?" She asked, confused as to how their brilliant scheme failed.

"It just... wasn't like her to do that, and I told her so," Bob said, wrapping one napkin around the cone, before setting it down on another napikn next to the bathroom door, "That, and I told her I'm not going to do it with any of you."

Zoey looked at Bob suspiciously for a moment before asking with utmost sincerity, "Are you gay?"

The Doom Marine looked at Zoey incredulously,"No! I just don't want to bang kids!"

"Jannet's technically an adult, but why does that even matter?" Zoey asked, confused.

"Well... No, I'm not getting into another one of these arguments again," Bob shook his head, "Last time we did, it ended with a helicopter shooting at us."

"Hm..." Zoey huffed, before having a quick idea, "Heyyy... What if we got a wizard and made her older for you? With magic?"

"That's... No," Bob replied quickly, "I'm not banging Jannet."

"... Even if she was like, your age?... Is it 'cause she's flat? She might get a B cup in the future... Maybe," Zoey mused.

"No, I just- Look, you wouldn't understand why," Bob explained, "I'm leaving it at that."

"Oh come on! I'm a lot smarter than you think," Zoey huffed.

"...Fine," Bob groaned, "I think it's weird if she's aged by some dumb wizard. Sure, her body's whatever age older, but she's still just Jannet. She'd still be socially-awkward 16-year-old -minded Jannet."

"... What if she was aged up and wasn't socially awkward?" Zoey asked, stroking her chin.

"I-I dunno, it's still too off for me to want to do anything with it," the Doomguy regarded.

"I heard that stutter! You do want a confident woman!" Zoey proclaimed.

"...Did she get all that loud and proud stuff from you?" Bob asked.

"Ehh.. Sorta. I mean, I gave her advice and all, but she went a little off-the-rails with it," Zoey admitted.

"That's fair. I never actually said I wanted a confident woman, though," Bob replied, "I just told Brendan to make something up to get Jannet from coming after me like she does."

"Hmph, maybe so, but IIIIII heard that stutter!" Zoey teased, "Right when I said Jannet wouldn't be socially awkward!"

"It was more for the aged-up part, but whatever," Bob shrugged, "It'd still be like a... a 16-year old stuck in an older body."

"Hm... What if I was aged up?" Zoey inquired suggestively.

"Still a hard no," Doomguy noted, "I told her I'd do the same if it was any of you, and I meant it."

Zoey's grin did not vanish. "Don't try to predict the future, Bob. Adult Zoey could surprise you."

"Is that supposed to mean something?" Bob asked.

"I dunno!" Zoey shrugged innocently before munching on a slice of banana from her split and walking away to the rest of the girls.

With that, the Doomguy walked over and acquired his own cone, a single scoop of vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone. As he quickly ate it, he managed to make his way up to the side of Brendan. "You just had to choose confident girls," he murmured.

“I wasn't expecting her to be that confident. I was expecting her to take it as a be yourself like thing." Brendan replied.

“It’s fine, I didn’t think she’d try that either,” Bob replied, “I think I made her.. a bit mad because I told her I’d never.. you know.”

"Yeah, I guess its pretty hard to judge how they'll react to anything. We should probably get going Quebec is pretty far from here." Brendan suggested. Parfait was just watching the group causally licking an icecream cone that was held in one of her feelers.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m gonna bet there’ll be a bunch of things trying to stop us on the way,” Bob added, “‘cause there’s always something, but I’ll probably just punch them into submission.”

"Yeah brute force tends to stop things like that." Brendan added as he finished the ice cream cone.

Brendan then headed out the doors for the shop as Parfait and Hopkins attempted to herd the girls outside.

"Hey Bob, you're gonna have to get Jannet out of the bathroom," Zoey informed, walking out of the shop with a new banana split, presumably purchased with her own money.

Bob nodded, “You gals go on ahead with Brendan. Just tell me if he starts anything,” he informed, a subtle wink to the trainer, “I’ll get her out.”

The ice cream left outside of the bathroom door for Jannet had gone uneaten, melted onto the napkin it was placed upon.

Bob raised a hand to knock, and hesitated for a moment, before knocking lightly. “Hey, Jannet? Are you okay in there?”

There was a moment of silence before Jannet's voice quietly answered, "Yeah..."

“Alright,” Bob said,”We’re all about to get going. I need you to come on out.”

Parfait had finished moving the rest of the girls out of the store, but noticed that Jannet was missing, then she noticed Bob knocking on the door, and a melted icecream cone on the ground. The pokemon then looked at the half-eaten icecream cone that she was holding in one of her feelers, then back at the cone on the floor. People didn't eat floor icecream. Parfait then approached the door and tapped on the door with her remaining ribbons.

"... Okay..." Jannet answered. Some shuffling could be heard, presumably her getting up off of the floor, before the door opened to reveal a puffy-eyed Jannet with tear-stained cheeks. She opened her mouth to speak, hesitated, then finally spoke, "Hey.. What did you mean by... Us having a close relationship?" Her hands were clasped together, and she did not look up from the floor.

Parfait then beamed "Veon!" as the creature attempted to give a half-eaten icecream cone to Jannet. While the miserable teen was not in the mood for ice cream, nor did she want to eat after a Pokemon, she took the cone as to not offend the Sylveon as she let out a half-hearted "Thank you."

The pokemon looked up and smiled and wrapped the now free feeler around the girls arm, extending a soothing aura.

"I mean... something like just.." Bob thought for a moment what to say, "..Close friends. You can trust them, rely on them for practically anything, you just don't need to have sex."

"What if.. Could... We be together- Without sex, though?" Jannet asked, clearly desperate to get as close to Bob as she could. At least she had calmed down from before, though she still could not bring herself to look at him.

"I..." Bob tried to think of what to say, "I just... don't know if that would work, you and me, together like that."

Jannet nodded slowly. "Okay," She murmured.

"Hey, don't be so glum," Bob said, "I'm not saying I don't love you. It's just not that kind of love."

"I understand," Jannet sniffled, "I just wish that... I could... Love you normally..."

"I think you can," Bob encouraged, "Just... be yourself."

Jannet let out a sigh, "That's.. Except for the.. Dragging you into the bathroom thing.. That's what I've been doing."

"Trust me when I say there's always going to be another guy for you, Jannet," Bob said, "And considering where we are? American in the clash? I'm sure you'll find someone."

"But I don't want someone else! I want y-" Jannet looked up at Bob, holding her breath for a moment as her desperate expression gave way to a sigh, "Y-You're right.." she looked back down to the floor. "You're right... I'll... Find someone else..."

"I know it doesn't seem like it right now," Bob said gently, "But you'll move on from me. You just have to find that one guy."

"I... I guess... Maybe... Yeah... I guess we never... Really saw other men in the Hold, save for our father.." Jannet reasoned, a better explanation than what her misery told her: That she had found the one, yet was denied for something out of her control.


"Well.. Occasionally we would see one visiting the Hold... But they were just a customer of our father's... Or we would see one far away," Jannet replied, "... I'm surprised we never had any brothers."

"You never had a single brother?" Bob thought aloud, "With how many of you there are, that sounds off."

"I figured he had a.. Technique or something... I'm not sure," Jannet stated.

"That's... not how pregnancies work," the Doomguy explained, "It's a fifty-fifty chance for a boy or a girl."

Jannet blinked. "... I'm... Not sure... I... Guess we would have to ask him how he did it."

Bob said nothing, but he had a good idea as to how their father kept himself the only male even as he brought up his children. However, he knew she wouldn't have accepted that, so he kept quiet.

"I... Guess we should leave," Jannet said after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, I guess we should," Bob nodded, "I don't even wanna try and wonder how much Zoey's belittling Brendan right now."

"Ugh... I wish he hadn't said that thing about... Confident girls," Jannet mumbled, hiding her face behind one hand out of embarrassment.

"That's more my fault," Bob sighed, "I should've just said something so he wouldn't have screwed that up."

"You were trying to spare my feelings," Jannet sighed.

"I should've known he would have screwed it up, though," Bob explained, "The way he asked me, I knew you had told him to ask me that instantly! He was terrible at hiding it!"

Jannet couldn't help but giggle at that. "I guess it's my fault for getting him to do that then."

"Nah," Bob shook his head, "If it were any of the girls, they'd have spilled the beans before they'd even finished asking the question."

"Well... Maybe not Zoey," Jannet mused, "She's... Actually quite a bit like our father... Except.. A brat." She let out another giggle.

"Yeah, she's a brat sometimes," Bob agreed, "But since I've never met your dad, I couldn't really tell."

Jannet's small smile faded as she thought. "Maybe it's... Not fair to say she's like him... I've.. Been thinking... I.. I can't bring myself to hate him, but... I... Don't think he was the best person..."

Bob's eyes widened in a bit of shock to hear this. "Oh... I didn't know you felt that way," Bob noted.

"I... Had a thought, but... When I was in the bathroom by myself... After what you said... The... Families I've read about... The way... Rape... Is treated..." Jannet seemed extremely uncomfortable saying anything along her current train of thought, but she had to put her feelings on the issue out there, "And... I don't want to say he was... Evil... But... Misguided."

"Well..." Doomguy said, putting a hand on Jannet's shoulder, "I don't know your father well- I only know him through what you and Zoey've said- but from what I've heard... Misguided is what I've been thinking of him." While he still found Wolfe a disgusting man for his acts of taboo, he'd seen that the man still cared for his family, even if it did not show well at all.

"... I wish our mothers were more... Forgiving," Jannet said, glancing up at Bob for a moment, "He... Might have done bad things to them, but... He did give us the Hold, brought us together... I mean... Me, Zoey, Tina, all of my sisters.. We only exist because... Of what he did."

For a moment, Bob regarded this. While what Wolfe did was reprehensible, if he hadn't, he would have never allowed Bob these experiences... The moral dilemna conducted in his mind was too much to think about at that moment.

"They talk about how horrible it was.. But.. Do.." Jannet went quiet for a moment, "Do you.. Think that-... If you were them... Would you... Wish it never happened?"

"That's..." Bob took a moment to collect his thoughts, "That's a tricky question, um... I.. I'm not sure."

"... I-I... I heard one of our mothers say that... She wished she never met Wolfe- Our father," Jannet whimpered, tears welling up in her eyes once more, "W-What if I came from her? Or- Just-... Any of my sisters.. I..." She took in a trembling breath, trying to keep from breaking down so soon after her previous sob. This also showed that none of the girls actually knew which mother they were born from.

"I'm..." Bob took a second, "I'm sure she wouldn't have said that if she had someone like you to care about."

"But she did... And does... She's one of our mothers... She helped raise us..." Jannet rubbed at her eyes.

"...Even if she did, I think she was just..." Bob thought, "Caught up in the moment..."

"Maybe.. Maybe you're right.." Jannet nodded, sniffling and calming down.

"Maybe... I can't read minds, so I'd never know for sure," Bob nodded back, "But I'm pretty sure that if I had a kid like you, I'd never want to take that back."


Brendan continued walking forward, he wasn't too sure how well the whole icecream diversion worked in terms of trying to get the girls to forget the fact that he said he wanted to kill their father.

He would be able to hear whispering now and then, presumably the girls speaking about him, as all whispers would stop any time he may have looked back at them.

Brendan turned his head to try and hear the whispering of the girls. Odds were they all disliked him, or they were commenting on his hat, it was certainly a strange one.

The whispers, as expected, quickly stopped. Zoey let out a whistle that sounded too innocent, as if she wanted Brendan to suspect her of gossip.

Now Brendan wasn't exactally a man of subtlty but he was able determine that Zoey's action was a taunt. Brendan figured he should just ignore it, sooner or later one of these girls would spill the beans. Hopkins however was intriged by this action, this masterful use of the move taunt. As a result the imp approached Zoey. Its eyes reflected the sunlight as it tugged on the hem of her coat, its expression indicated it wished to learn.

"Huh? What do you want?" Zoey asked with a slight tone of annoyance. While she had nothing against Hopkins, he was associated with Brendan, and so Zoey had a bit of a sour taste in her mouth upon greeting the Pokemon.

The pokemon then immitated the whistle that Zoey had done earlier, as it attempted to be tutored in the way of taunt.

Zoey pursed her lips, looking down at Hopkins in thought. As she walked, she quickly pulled a sick dab to see if he would mimic her.

The pokemon dabbed.

"Huh..." Zoey began to smile down at the strange creature before lowering her voice, "Well, I already like you a lot better than dickweed over there." She jabbed her thumb over at Brendan and giggled.

The pokemon's eyes flashed as it opened its mouth and shook in an almost erratic manner, this seemed to be an act of acceptence of the praise he had recieved.

Zoey snickered. "Hey, hey, so that thing I did? This," Zoey did a quick dab, "That's called a dab. You do it whenever you do something cool, or if someone was wrong, or to assert dominance."

The pokemon then stared into the child's eyes and did a dab.

Zoey dabbed back, putting more energy into said dab before pointing over at Brendan with a devious grin and nodding.

Brendan was casually walking, it seemed that Parfait had gone off and was walking around several of the girls. Leaving Brendan alone, with only his shadow to walk beside him.

Zoey gestured her head towards Brendan before dabbing.

Hopkins gave a confused look to Zoey, then he looked at Brendan then back to Zoey. The creature tilted its head to the side, trying to express it's appearent confusion.

"Oh my go- Dab on him" Zoey said bluntly.

A light almost seemed to appear above Hopkins' head as he grabbed Zoey's hand and ran towards Brendan.

"Blagh- What are you-" Zoey cut herself off as they quickly neared Brendan, unsure of what Hopkins was doing.

Brendan looked at Hopkins and Zoey for a moment in confusion before Hopkins raised its arms to prepare for dabbage.

Hopkins turned his head to face Zoey as if to ensure he was following proper form before the imp flashed a devilsh grin and climbed up Brendan and stood on the trainers head. The pokemon then looked the girl in the eyes before it unleashed a dab, with such greatness that flames shot out of its finger tips. How the tables had turned.

While the glory of the dab was awe inspiring, the fact that Hopkins had literally dabbed on Brendan made her burst into laughter. It seemed that, despite Hopkins' attempt to direct the dab towards her, she was not dominated. She was the queen of all things dab. One could percieve her laughter as that of the queen being humored by a peasant rebellion that would lead nowhere. The monarch would not be deposed so easily.

"Hey, we're..." Bob stopped, trying to make sense of the situation before him, "...Do I even want to ask?"

Brendan shrugged "I don't know, I guess she taught him a trick."

"Taught him how to dab," Zoey corrected, folding her arms smugly, "It asserts dominance."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Right, dominance," Bob chuckled.

Zoey squinted her eyes at Brendan's rude response before haughtily saying, "What's wrong, bread? Is it a time of the month problem?" She would never forget Brendan's reference to periods, and it was easy to extract information about his comments towards Jannet from the older sibling.

Brendan wasn't particularlly paying attention as he was busy removing the pokemon from his head. "huh?"

"Zoey, c'mon, stop antagonizing the poor man," Bob asked sternly.

"He was rude," Zoey huffed, leaving Brendan be as she returned to her place with the rest of the girls. She made a silly face and mocked Brendan as she mouthed, "Yeah, whatever."

Brendan chuckled. This Zoey character was strange, as if she always wanted to be top Growlithe.

"Psst, Jannet," Zoey tapped her older sister's hip. Jannet looked down, already knowing Zoey needed to whisper something to her. Zoey never said "Psst" without having something to hiss into her ear.

"I got an idea so you can get Bob. We ju-"

"Zoey, no. No, listen.. Bob and I.. Talked and w-" Jannet started before Zoey clapped in her face.

"Wizards!" Zoey whispered.

"Wi- What?"

"We find a time wizard to do time magic stuff on you and make you older. Bob told me all about everything," Zoey explained.

Jannet blushed at that. Had Bob really told Zoey about their exchange after Jannet had stayed in the bathroom? "I.. N-No! No. Look, me and Bob.. We... Don't have to... Be in that kind of a relationship..." Jannet told Zoey with great reluctance.

Zoey raised an eyebrow in response. "So you're saying that if I found a time wizard right now, and that time wizard could make you however old Bob is, and then you two could screw and do whatever else, you wouldn't take it?"

Jannet was silent for a few moments. "... We're not going to find a time wizard anyway. So just.. Shush!" With that, Jannet stood at her regular height, clearly done with the conversation. However, that answer was good enough for Zoey, as she did not hear a strict 'no'.

Now all she needed was for her ghostly friend to start talking to her again, and she could probably ask where some time wizards were at, or maybe a time machine, or something like that.

You need me to speak?

It seemed the voice in Zoey's head had never really left.

"Oh!" Zoey gasped, quickly lowering her voice as she stepped away from the group as much as she could without seeming too suspicious, "Hey, where'd you go earlier?"

Nowhere. I simply focused my main concentration elsewhere. I returned... an hour ago? It's hard to tell.

"Oh.. Well, anyway, do you know where I can find a time wizard? Or, like, a time machine? Anything with time nearby," Zoey inquired.

There are no 'wizards' with powers that change or modify the 4th dimension in any meaningful manner, but there is one time-affecting device. However, it is in constant use for another who needs it for far more important uses than aging one so they may mate with an adult.

"Ugh, isn't there anything or anyone anywhere that could age Jannet up?"


"Man, aren't you in like, some.. Magic.. Space land? Aren't there any time wizards you know you could ask a favor from? Please?"

There's one who may have tampered with it at a point, but has long since tried to sever all ties with his Kin, both Yvekiyr and of the Sea. I'm sorry, but I cannot help you with such a fruitless task, even if I had the ability to do so.

Zoey let out a frustrated sigh. She just wanted to help Jannet out for once instead of calling her flat and a raisin. "Thanks, anyway."

If it brings any condolences, it did seem that she was adamant, for the most part, in denying her want for him. Perhaps you should let her choose this for herself?

"Bah, look at her! She totally wants to bone him still. She's even walking next to him and keeps doing that thing where she looks at him when she thinks he isn't looking at her," Zoey retorted, nearly gesturing towards Jannet, but did not want to draw attention to herself.

Oh really? Let me see for my self.

For a moment, the voice went silent, as if it had left her head for real. But, with a decreasing echo, his voice returned.

She's confused, distressed, and still somewhat enamored with the man, but it's... controlled.

"I don't know what enamored means, but I'm gonna assume it means that I'm right," Zoey said smugly.

Yes, but less so than you thought. Is there anything else?

"Hmm.. Oh, oh! So.. Are my emotions bad?" Zoey inquired, "Dickhead's rabbit-dog like, tasted my emotions or something and then threw up."

I feel them as I speak to you, and... they are not the healthiest of sustained emotions, to say the least. While I would not vomit over them, they are not what the emotions of an average human your age would be afflicted with.

"But.. What's wrong with them?" Zoey asked, flabbergasted at the prospect. She would argue that she felt great!

The lust is just... intense. You're scared and anxious and angered and you're hiding it under a facade of bravery. You needn't lie to me about these.

As much as she wanted to, Zoey could not truthfully argue against what the voice in her head told her. Though, she could at least deflect away from the comments on fear and anger and whatnot by asking, "What do you mean, my lust is 'intense'?"

It is far more than any child should have. It feels more like the lust of a rabbit, denied reproduction for weeks.

"But I just had sex like.. At the mall. I don't even feel that bad," Zoey retorted. Of course, how would she know if her lust was as intense as the voice claimed if it had always been so intense?

You did? I must have missed such a thing. But I did hear the argument over it. You did it for gains, not pleasure.

"But it felt good... Wait, what's wrong with me wanting to bone anyway?"

Your age. It is a taboo in societies like this for younger humans to initiate in that vulgarity.

"Well, where I come from, it's normal," Zoey huffed.

Your normal home was a walled-off armed fortress with limited knowledge of consent and proper familial behaviors.

"Hmph. So there's nothing actually wrong with me other than my age then," Zoey stated.

A human of your age would usually not even consider the possibility of using prostitution as a source of income.

"Nobody else was selling sex," Zoey shrugged, "I filled a need. No wonder people paid so much for it."

Parfait had been wandering and happened to be within earshot of the girl that seemed to be losing her mind, but the animal was unable to understand the half of a converstation the girl was having. In response the creature gave the human a confused look.

"Huh? What do you want?" Zoey asked, much more irritated with the rabbit-dog. While she did feel bad for making the adorable pokemon vomit, she was still offended by Parfait's reaction to Zoey's emotions. Both the Sylveon and the voice in her head made her a little self-conscious about, well, her counciousness.

Parfait was still confused and walked around the girl, trying to figure out who she was talking to.

"What? I don't have.. Treats or whatever," Zoey huffed.

Parfait then pointed her ears towards Zoey, and circled around again, unable to find what the girl appeared to be talking to. The pokemon then tapped one of the outer pockets of Zoey's coat with a feeler before lying down.

Zoey blinked, staring down at Parfait. "... What?" She huffed.

The pokemon then began tapping a rock that was on the ground. It seemed it's plan was to wait for Zoey to continue her converation. The pokemon then picked up the rock with two feelers, as if trying to judge the weight of the object.

Zoey looked around to make sure nobody was looking her way before plopping down on the ground with a pout. She reached out to pet the Sylveon. "I'm still mad at you," She mumbled.

Parfait looked at Zoey for a moment before dropping the rock in front of the girl and rolling it fowards her.

Zoey got in two pets before picking up the rock. Curious as to if these things played fetch or not, she tossed the rock a few feet away. "Go get it!"

Parfait watched as the rock flew through the air. The pokemon then sprinted towards the rock picking it up with a feeler and returning to Zoey. When Parfait reached the girl she dropped the rock at Zoey's feet.

"Good rabbit-dog," Zoey giggled a little bit, grabbing the rock once more and chucking it further.

Once again Parfait went after the rock again the pokemon brought it to Zoey. This time however Parfait tossed the rock a few feet behind Zoey, as if asking the girl to retrieve the stone.

Zoey eagerly got up and scampered to the rock, picking it up from the ground and throwing it over to Parfait, though aiming a bit to the side so if the pokemon missed, it wouldn't get hit in the face with a rock.

Parfait leaped into the air and grabbed the rock before gracefully landing on the ground. The pokemon then lowered struck a pose much like a playful dog before wagging her tail and letting out a few playful barks.

Zoey let out a loud laugh and clapped her hands. "Good rabbit-dog! Pass it back!"

Parfait tossed the rock again, perhaps a little too high as the pokemon was rather enthusiasic

"Oh, shit! I got it!" Zoey yelped, jumping back to try and catch the rock, but instead falling onto her back on the ground. "Owww..." She groaned.

Parfait then rushed over to Zoey, she appeared to be in pain. The pokemon took a moment before using her ribbons to check the girl for any injuries that could have occured.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Zoey insisted after breathing in through her teeth, despite having scraped up her left elbow in the fall.

Parfait looked at the elbow then back to Zoey. While this wasn't a major injury, Brendan had set a standard among the pokemon that he was the go to form of first aid. Parfait then wrapped her ribbons around the wound and tried to pull Zoey off towards.

"Where the-" Zoey looked to see in what direction the Sylveon was trying to take Zoey. The teen quickly resisted the animal's tug. "Oh, no! I am not going over to asshat! I don't care how much magic spray or whatever he has. I'll chop my arm off before I ask him to help with a scraped elbow!"

Had Parfait spent time around people that weren't from her home universe she wouldn't care as much but the pokemon had no gauge for what was life threatening for these less durable humans, as a result she refused to take any chances. The pokemon then wrapped its feelers around the girls arm once again before continuing to drag her off, while sending a soothing energy through the ribbons, the animal feared that this injury was serious.

"Let me go! I'll.. I'll..." Zoey quickly calmed down, allowing herself to be dragged, "You.. This is actually kinda nice..." She didn't even seem to mind how dirty she was getting from being dragged across the ground.

The pokemon continued walking towards Brendan with the less resistant child. A few moments later, the pokemon was behind Brendan and made her presense appearnet with a panicked "SYLVEON!"

"Oh, hey it's shithead," Zoey lazily remarked.

Brendan turned around and noticed Parfait and Zoey. Then Brendan noticed the blood that was on Parfait's feelers, before noticing a lack of cuts on Parfait. Brendan took off his bag and crouched down before he started looking for something in his bag. "Parfait was playin a little too rough? She didn't hit you with a moon blast or anything like that, did she.?" Brendan asked as he continued looking through the bag.

"I like it rough," Zoey snickered before waving Brendan away, "I don't want your AIDS bandages or your magic water or whatever you got in there."

Brendan gave a quiet chuckle as he pulled a potion and a bandage out of the bag. "I'm afraid niether of us have much of a choice in the matter."

Zoey noticed the bandage and quickly (Or rather, lethargically) waved her left arm around to avoid recieving aid from Brendan. "No, you can't get my arm. It's... Ungettable. Go eat a dildo."

Parfait looked at Zoey in the eyes as her ears drooped down with her face almost frowning, begging the girl do accept her trainer's help. Brendan glanced at the pokemon for a moment

Zoey looked over at the Sylveon. Anyone with even the tiniest amount of warmth in their heart would not be able to resist such a pitiful expression. Zoey attempted to hold out as long as she could before letting out a groan and holding her arm out steady. "Fiiiiiine," She muttered.

The pokemon then repositioned her feelers to let Brendan get a clear view of the cut. He then took out small anti-septic wipe. "This is going to sting a litle." Brendan said as he opened the packet.

"That's what I'll say before pouring shampoo in your asshole," Zoey mumbled. While the Sylveon was able to keep her soothed and willing to recieve treatment, Zoey's hatred of Brendan manifested itself in dialogue rather than her getting away from him and refusing treatment.

Brendan then used wipe to clear away any dirt that had gotten it's way into the cut. "I don't think you understand how worried Parfait is about you. This isn't some attempt of her's to get you to hate me less. She thinks this injury is far worse than it really is." Brendan added as he placed the wipe back in its packaging.

"Hmph.. Well, even if it was a thing, I still hate you," Zoey huffed.

"That's fine, you don't even have to say thank you." Brendan said as he opened the potion and shook the botte for a moment before pointing the nozzel at the cut and squeezing the trigger unleashing a spray of medication. "Last time she was in a situation like this, she saw a people get hurt from things that she thought would only leave a scrapes and bruises. Normally Parfait is so confident in her abilities to protect others, but these things make her feel powerless, as if all the training she's had is worthless."

Zoey blinked, then looked over to Parfait. After a few moments of confliction, Zoey sighed and said, "Thank you, rabbit-dog."

Parait looked at the uncovered wound and gave a panicy "Ve-Veon!." While nervously trying to take the bandage from Brendan's hand. Brendan then unwrapped the bandange only for Parfait immedately cover the wound with the bandage. Parfait then looked over Zoey for a few more seconds before she started trying to fish more bandages out of the bag. Brendan seeing the pokemon's unease and began opening more bandages. With each bandage opened Parfait quicly attached the bandages to Zoey's body and clothes as if trying to address all the scrapes on the clothing.

"Wait, wh- Why're you putting bandages on my jacket?" Zoey blinked.

Brendan then pet the pokemon, "She's still worried. She doesn't know what to do. It's a scary feeling, she's trying to make sure you're not hurt, because she doesn't want to hurt if you are." Brendan then gave a look that suggested Zoey needed to reassure the creature.

Zoey looked at Brendon, then to Parfait. "Wait.. How do you know everything she's thinking? Like the not knowing what to do thing?" She asked with suspicion.

Brendan signed, "It might look like all I do is shout the orders and have my pokemon fight my battles for me. It's not that simple, as a trainer my job is to take care of my pokemon and part of that includes helping them become stronger. So while I might be the one shouting orders, I strategize for them, and more importantly I make sure they don't go past their limits, I make sure they don't get hurt... The last time one of these clashes happened. I was in a place called Ternina, and the moon was falling. Just before the moon crashed, we were teleported somewhere else. I didn't have a way to send any of my pokemon somewhere safe. I the one duty I had as a trainer, was suddenly a larger task than I could handle. I couldn't protect them, to go from being one of the best trainers in the land. Nothing I had done could prepared me for that moment. As a trainer you build a strong bond, seeing them make such progress and grow. As a trainer your pokemon know to look to you if they don't know what to do, but not knowing what to do, It's scary. At times I have to put up a facade for them, so they don't worry." Brendan said as he scratched behind Parfait's ears.

While Zoey slowly nodded along to Brendan's monologue, she zoned out in the middle and only came back to reality nearing the end. "Yeah, I do that too," Zoey said, the soothing effect of Parfait and the brief moment of zoning out lowering her guard.

Parfait loosened her grip on Zoey's arm as she attempted to move the joint as if to ensure that the arm was in good condition.

"Like, with my sisters and, like.. Pretty much eve- Wait, what the-" Zoey blinked, the soothing effect quickly wearing off as Parfait's feelers loosened. Zoey realized what she was saying and stood up, blushing angrily. "Thank you, rabbit-dog. Eat a dildo, bread," She harrumphed before stomping away.

Parfait, still attached to Zoey's arm, was still worrily trying to ensure Zoey's arm was okay. After Zoey had marched an acceptable distance from Brendan, she plopped down onto the ground and pouted. She quickly waved her arm and insisted, "I'm fine."

Parfait quickly unwrapped the feelers from around Zoeys arm and looked her in the face, trying to determine why she was upset.

Zoey didn't put two and two together that part of the reason she told Brendan a few thing she would have rather not told anyone was because of Parfait's soothing effect. If anything, in Zoey's current mood, the Sylveon presented an opportunity to the teen. "... Hey... How'd you do that, uh.. Thing Can you do that again? The feel good thing?"

Parfait was confused but sent a light soothing aura through as if to determine if that was what Zoey was requesting. "Yeah, yeah.. That, but better," Zoey nodded. Parfait then slowly increased the strength of the aura waiting for a response.

"Oh, shit.. There we go..." Zoey smiled, slowly laying down on the ground with her arms spread out. She lazily turned her head to Parfait and mumbled, "C'mere.. Lay down.. Doggit.. Dog.. Rabbit."

Parfait then laid down next to Zoey, almost confused by the girl's sudden change in mood. Zoey rolled and flopped an arm over the Sylveon, cuddling with Parfait as she relished in the soothing high provided.

Parfait then wrapped a feeler around Zoey's arm in intensifying the aura momentarily with physical contact being a better conductor before the pokemon adjusted the stregnth of the aura.

"You.. You know.. I love you rabbit-dog..." Zoey murmured, nuzzling her head against Parfait and letting out a yawn.

Like a dog, the pokemon noticed that Zoey was falling asleep started attempting to stroke her hair as she waited for the girl to fall asleep. Zoey took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. For the first time in a long time, she felt at ease. There was nothing muddying up the happiness she felt..

Seeing how Zoey was asleep, Parfait loosened her feelers and stopped emmiting the aura, and took a moment to rest, having grown tired of using a hunting skill for such an unexpected purpose.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Another long post by Zandoo, H, and Teedler

Zoey’s Troupe

Hopkins being had wandered off with Parfait and Zoey and seemed to be messing with Parfait's feelers as Zoey slept. Why Hopkins would do this considering Parfait had the only typing that proved super effective against his own dark ghost typing is a mystery that could only be theorized to be because Parfait was normally pretty relaxed.

Zoey was still fast asleep, cuddled up next to Parfait with her head resting on the Sylveon. Save for the occassional squirm, she seemed rather peaceful. After a long day like the one she had, Zoey needed some rest, and was lucky to be able to use a soft pokemon as a pillow.

Parfait looked at Hopkins then wrapped her feelers around the smaller pokemon's mouth indicating for it to keep quiet. Hopkins then removed the feelers before sitting down and staring up at the moon. The moon light softly reflected off the pokemon's eyes, creating a cool, soothing glow. Parfait also looked up at the moon. The two were far from home, but in the relative calm of the night, the moon still looked the same as it did back home, helping to ease the pokemon of their worries.

Nearby, Doomguy had gathered some random dead wood and had started a small campfire, at which he was sitting near. "I'm not sure if it's really that cold, or if that suit was that stuffy and I was so used to it," Bob mumbled, "Though Hell's pretty hot on its own."

Jannet opened her mouth to make some not-so-subtle remark about her being cold as well so she and Bob could sit close together, but decided against it. She had made him uncomfortable enough at this point, and did not want to add onto that for a few moments of snuggling up to Bob. She silently rubbed her arms with a small frown on her face.

Brendan had taken to sitting by the fire, it brought him back to the times when he had camped out in the woods when traveling. He then noticed Jannet was cold, it seemed she was making a point to avoid Bob, probably because of what happened earlier. Brendan then reached for Tabaso's pokeball and said "Jannet, catch." before he tossed the ball in her direction.

"Huh wh-" Jannet let out a quick yelp as she tried to catch the ball, bouncing it into the air a few times before frantically grabbing it with two hands. She let out a sigh of relief before looking over at Brendan, then down at the pokeball with a smile. She has always wanted to release a pokemon.

Biting her lower lip, Jannet pressed on the pokeball's button.

The ball opened and unleashed Tabasco. The Charizard looked at the girl before lying down and curling so that the tip of his tail was next to relativlely close to the girl.

Jannet took in a sharp breath and tensed at the sight of the Charizard. With a gulp, she gave Tabasco a nervous smile before noticing the warmth eminating from his tail. She glanced between the flame on his tail and his face a few times before speaking, "T-Thank you, uhm.. Tabasco."

Tabasco looked at the girl and let out a deep breath, as if acknoledging her thanks.

"Um... Sorry for, uh.. Getting freaked out earlier," Jannet apologized awkwardly.

The pokemon snorted as if laughing then tapped the girl's head with his wing.

Jannet held her hands close to the flame, smiling up at Tabasco in appreciation before looking into the fire. She would have preferred to snuggle up to Bob and warm up using his body, but she wouldn't turn down a kind gesture from a pokemon.

"Tabasco!" Tina exclaimed, running up to the Charizard and hugging his leg.

Bob looked to Tina and Tabasco, a glare that was obvious in intent to the Charizard not to start any night-time flying. Then, he stood up from his place on a rock next to the fire, and groaned, "The fire's getting a bit low. I'm gonna go get some more kindling. I'll be right back." And with that, he went back into the Texan wilderness to search for branches.

"Oh, wait!" Ruby called out, stumbling to her feet, "Can I come?"

Bob looked back, slightly astonished Ruby would come along, before noticing the lack of Zoey next to her. "Sure, I can always use another set of hands," he smiled. Ruby excitedly followed the Doom Marine, glad to have company since Zoey was asleep. Normally, she would have tried to cuddle with Zoey and sleep with her, but Parfait had taken that privilege.

Tabasco looked at Tina, what a nice little girl. The pokemon looked down at Tina befoe looking away and breathing a small stream of flames. Tina laughed and clapped at the fire breath.

Tina then bounced in place, holding both of her arms into the air as to signal she wanted to be on the Charizard's back. She let out sqeuaky little grunts with each bounce.

Tabasco looked at Tina for a moment before positionaling one of his wings like a ramp to allow the girl to climb on the his back. Tina looked at the wing for a moment before taking off her shoes and climbing aboard, not wanting to hurt the Charizard by stepping on its wing and back. Simply sitting ontop of Tabasco was fun for her. Everyone was short and she could see so much more... Plus she was on the back of a dragon, which was always cool.

Brendan took a stick that happened ot be lying next to the fire and began poking the flames a bit. Odds were nothing eventful would happen, but given Brendan's luck in the clashes, probably not. He was correct. Nothing seemed to happen.

As the fire dimmed slowly, Jannet would feel something brush against her ankle. A little black branch, seemingly stuck in the ground, sat next to her leg.

Jannet let out a yelp, nearly jumping to her feet at the sudden, unexpected ankle brushing. When she looked down, however, she blushed in embarrassment at what she had gotten so scared over. She sat back down and tugged at the dumb twig. The stick, looking as if it had been partially burned across its entire breadth, did not budge with her slight yank, as if it were a full plant rooted into the ground, even if it was obviously a single stick.

"Wha?" Jannet blinked, giving the stick a harder tug out of curiosity. It still stayed within the ground, but seemed to have emerged slightly with more applied force.

"Hmmm..." Jannet squinted her eyes. She stood up, bent over, and pulled at the twig with all of her might. She just hoped she wouldn't end up falling on her rear for this. The twig was yanked out of the ground completely, causing her to fall over on her rear. But, when she would look in her hand for the twig... it was gone, a few specks of black remaining in her hand.

Tabasco looked at Jannet, it seemd somewhat surpised with how seemingly weak this human was, being bested by a plant. "Wait, what the-" Jannet stared at her hand for a second before looking around herself for the twig. She knew she pulled a stick out of the ground. She just pulled it.

And you have pulled it from the ground, but it's not in your hand anymore, now is it?

"Wh- Huh?" Jannet blinked, looking around herself once more, but found nobody speaking to her.

I understand what you're probably thinking. I was scared too the first time this happened, but quickly I found out that those who reach out to you like this aren't malevolent in their intentions. Don't respond, it'll only make you look crazy. I suggest you find a more private locale.

"Oh my god, I'm going insane," Jannet quietly mumbled to herself as she went along with the ominous voice's suggestion. "Um, I'm going for a walk!" Jannet said to nobody in particular before leaving the group.

That's good, that's good. Now, down to the business. Tell me your name... human? Am I right? I've never seen many.

"Yyyes, I'm.. A human. My name is Jannet," She introduced worriedly, "Am.. I going insane? Please tell me I'm not crazy."

Nah, you're fine, I think. You're hearing me loud and clear, so that should be a sign you're good.

"Who... Are you though? Why.. You're not just.. A voice in my head, right?"

Nope. The name's Moomek, and it's nice to meet ya. I'd shake your hand if I could, but that's kind of impossible.

"Oh.. Okay... Ah... Hi, Moomek," Jannet said slowly, not sure of what else to say, "Is there.. Um.. Uh, what can I do for you?

I am not sure, but I'm certain I got put in this place for a reason... You happen to know where we are?

"Ah.. Texas, I think?" Jannet answered, looking around, as if that would confirm her location.

Texas... I've never heard of that world before. Is it outside of Aureolum and Tyvus or something, or am I just blanking really hard?

"Oh, no! The world is Earth," Jannet quickly corrected, "Texas is a place on Earth.. Though... I've never heard of.. Aureolum or.. Tyvus."

Ah, Earth... no, I've never heard of that one, either. Weird. Wait, you've never even heard of Tyvus? This just keeps getting weirder by the second.

"... Yeah... It's pretty weird," Jannet shakily agreed with a gulp.

Ah, whatever. I'm sure we're somewhere in the cluster. Anyways, no matter where I am, I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be here. Like I just... showed up. You got any ideas as to what's going on?

"No.. no, I'm sorry.. I just know that, uh... That's happened to a lot of people. They're getting taken from their worlds and.. Tossed around..." Jannet explained.

Tossed around? That sounds terribly dangerous! I mean, just imagine the speeds they gotta be going to get tossed away to another world!

"Oh, I don't mean- Ah, literally tossed.. Sorry, um.. It's more like we're teleported to other worlds," Jannet clarified.

Ah, alright, that makes more sense. What world do you come from, Jannet?

"Earth, but... A different Earth than this one. This Earth is a lot more... Actively aggressive," Jannet answered.

Just to clarify... do you mean an Earth from another universe, or another planet just coincidentially named Earth? Like I said, I've never heard of a planet named Earth, so I'm not sure how common the name is.

"I... Think it may be another universe, yes," Jannet nodded.

That makes more sense. I'm from... it's a bit complicated, but let's just say I'm from Tyvus, for the time being.

"Ah, okay... Welcome to Earth..." Jannet was not one for carrying conversations with new people. She tried to think of something to say as she nervously twiddled her thumbs.

So... considering we may be stuck together for a while, it's probably good that we get to know eachother a little better. So, tell me a little about yourself.

"Oh, um.. There's.. Really not much to say," Jannet laughed nervously, "Uhm.. Ah.. I... Like to read? Um.. I... Like flowers..." She struggled to find something interesting about herself to mention in the conversation.

Reading's a pretty nice hobby. And plants in general are pretty neat. Is there anything else you like?

Jannet opened her mouth to speak, blushed, then closed her mouth and thought before replying, "I.. Don't have too many hobbies."

Oh come on! There's gotta be other things you like to do!

"Uh.. Er.. Sex?"

Well, that's... not what I would have expected based on your looks, but hey, your hobbies are yours, don't let me drag 'em down.

"Umm.. What about you?" Jannet asked, "What do you like to do?"

Well... hmm... You could say I like to travel a lot, and make some friends along the way. There's always just the sightseeing, too. Looking out over some of those sunsets... they're- I-I can't describe how beautiful some are.

"Oh, yes! Sunsets are.. Very nice," Jannet agreed, "I.. Suppose I'd.. Want to see the world as well. I haven't seen much of it at all."

Just one world? While I bet Earth is beautiful in either universe you're in, there's plenty more where it came from. Each one's got its own quirks, its own good looks... say, you say we're in texas like you're not from here before you got tossed to this world. What place do you come from?

"Oh, New York, though... I haven't seen much of there either... It was.. Violent, and so it was safer to stay home," Jannet answered.

Wait, I'm confused, I thought this place was more violent?

"Actively violent... Where I come from it's... The violence is a bit more.. Normal?" Jannet tried to explain, "Though... I suppose it's safer here, even though we don't have a home... Though... That's largely thanks to Bob."

Bob? Who's this Bob fella? I'm gonna assume he's a fella, right?

"Oh, yes, yes.. He's... A really great man," Jannet elaborated, "He's so kind, but.. Can get so aggressive when he needs to. He's kept us safe since he found us, and has been helping us since for nothing in return... And he's so tall and muscular a- Ah- Uhm.. He's.. A good guy," Jannet realized far too late how she began to swoon over Bob, tightly shutting her lips after her final remark.

I see... so... are you, uh... you two close?

"Ye- Er.. Uh.. We're... Friends..." Jannet sighed.

That many stumbles tells me otherwise. So, how many times have you... y'know... done it?

Jannet was silent for a moment. "... None. He's.. Not interested in me... Romantically."

Not interested romantically?! He must be mad! If I were him, and had been through whatever you've both been through, I'd say yes to you in a heartbear!

Jannet blushed, speechless for a moment. "I-I.. Well- Thank you.. Um.. He.. Said it was because of my age though... I don't... Really understand it, but... That was his reasoning. I'm... Too young for him."

Too young... too old... they're all just numbers if you take away everything else! I don't see his issue either, Jannet, so don't feel left out.

"Thank you.. I.." Jannet sighed, "But it's... His... I'll respect that he... Doesn't want a relationship like that.. Because of my age.... I agree that.. It shouldn't matter, but... I just wish I had been born earlier."

So you could bang him without making him regret it? If he needs you to meet a certain age, then what other excuses would he use once that runs out?

"I'd... I'd do whatever he wanted... If it meant we could-.." Jannet stopped herself, "No, I mean- I-... He's right.. He said I should.. Try to find someone else."

Yeah, he's right there. There's always more fish in the sea, or however that phrase goes, right?

"I.. I suppose..." Jannet struggled to speak. She didn't want to find someone else, but... "I.. I don't know how I'll find someone else like him though..."

Well, if you..look hard enough, get to know them long enough, and find that you're in love with them... then you know they're the one just for you.

"I guess so..." Jannet sat down on a rock and sighed, "... I hope it doesn't take long."

Anxious for someone to sleep with? Or just someone to... hold when they need you, or hold you when you need them, and all things similar?

Jannet blushed once more. "... Both," She answered after a brief moment of thought.

Ah, both... What I wouldn't give for someone like that.

A light flickered on in Jannet's head. She could feel her heart beating as a thought presented itself to her. "W-Well... I... Maybe we... Could try... Seeing if.. We, ah.. Go together?"

I'm... what do you mean?

"I-I mean.. We're both looking.. And you're.. Nice.." Jannet quickly began to worry that voicing her thought may have been a terrible, embarrassing course of action.

O-oh... I... I don't know what to say, but... if you're willing to give it a shot, so am I.

"Really!?" Jannet gasped before realizing how quickly she had lost her composure, and brought herself back down, "I-I mean.. Great! I.. Mm.. Wait... Do you... Have a body?"

That's... a complicated situation. I do have a body, but it's... stuck? I don't know how better to say it. That stick you picked up is like... an extension of myself?

"Oh.. So.. You're a.. Plant person?" Jannet asked. She supposed that wouldn't really be a problem depending on what the plant man looked like.

I mean, I... I guess? It's hard to really say.

"Well, where is your body?... Is it.. In the ground? Where I found the stick?"

[color=#6600FF]I can't really tell, but I think its stuck under the ground, yeah. I think it got moved here into the ground?[color]

"Oh my god, well, um... I'm sure we can dig you out," Jannet promised, "We have a... Dragon that could do it very quickly."

I.. I'm not sure getting others involved would be good. Next thing you know they're gonna be asking how the heck you even knew I was there, and it'd just get weird.

"I.. I suppose... You're right.. But.. I don't know if I would be able to dig by myself. At least.. Not in a reasonable amount of time."

I think I can get myself out, but I'm too weak right now. It's been a long time since I've had this body as it is now.

"Oh, okay.. Ah... Do you need help? Or.. Anything?"

I just need... a bit of time, really. Gotta gather up the energy

"Okay, uhm.. How much time? I-I don't mean to come off as impatient, I just.. Our group will probably leave after the night is through."

Not sure. I’ve never done this before... but don’t worry! If you keep that stick, I can find you when I got my body back. Alright?

"I.. I don't know where the stick went though, it vanished when I pulled it out of the ground," Jannet explained.

Ah heck, sorry about that. Lemme just...

Within a few moments, with a sort of blue pulse, the black stick reappeared in Jannet’s hand.

There we go!

Jannet gasped as she looked down at the stick in amazement. "How did you do that?"

I... I'd guess you'd call it magic.

"Wow..." Jannet stared down at the stick for a few moments. To think she could potentially be dating a... Magic.. Plant man. "So... What do you.. Look like?" Please be a bodybuilding plant wizard. Please be a bodybuilding plant wizard.

Well... I can take whatever form you want, if that changes anything. A fun side-effect of magic.

"Wow.. That.. Does sound like a... Fun side-effect," Jannet laughed a little. She was astonished by how lucky she seemed to be to have happened to come into contact with Moomek. "I wish I could do that."

Eh, It's kinda fun. Good for pranks and stuff like that. But it gets hard to remember which form you wanna take in any situation.

"I would just.. I suppose... Edit my body," Jannet sighed, looking down at herself, "Make it... Better."

What do you mean better? It's already great!

Jannet blushed, smiling to herself and rubbing an arm. "Oh, no it-.. How can you see?"

Magic. That stick sees everything 'round here. I gotta say.. Texas is a pretty dry place, by the look of everything. Makes for a nice night though. But yeah, you look amazing without changing yourself!

"Y-You... Really?" Jannet gasped.

Yeah. I can see every detail of your face, your body, and you in general, and I gotta say you look just... divine.

"T-Thank you, I.." Jannet couldn't help but giggle a little, "I-I always thought that... My chest was so small and.. I'm so skinny..."

Big chests aren't all that great, if you think about it. I mean, that's like putting two ten pound weights on your chest! Your back would be killing you! And skinny's just fine. It means you're healthy, right?

"I.. I guess so... Yeah, yeah.. You're right," Jannet nodded. It was like her breath was ripped right out of her lungs. "Thank you.. I.. Really appreciate that."

No problem. I'm just speakin' the truth. Hey, I got a question. You mind?

"Oh, no, no, ask anything you'd like," Jannet replied.

What do you like to read?

"Oh.. Uhm.. Usually.. Romance novels or ma- comic books. Er... Visual novels," Jannet answered.

I've never heard of a visual novel. What's that?

"It's a... Book with... Very many pictures to help tell the story," Jannet explained, "It's... Not a very popular genre."

It sounds... interesting. I'd be willing to read it.

"R-Really? Well, if I ever find one here.. We could read it together," Jannet proposed.

That sounds like an amazing idea, Jannet. I'd love that.

"I'd.. Me too," Jannet giggled once more. She could not believe how flustered she was. "I'll keep this stick safe, I promise."

Thanks that... means a lot to me.

"O-Of course, anything." Jannet went to put the stick in a pocket, but realized that if she got pickpocketed, she would lose the stick far too easily. She recalled how Zoey stuffed her cash into her bra, and so Jannet tried something similar, putting the stick in her bra...

After taking a single step, the stick fell out. "Ohh..." Jannet mumbled, quickly picking the stick up and thinking to herself. "Hmmm..." She looked down to her pants for a moment before sliding the stick down inside and into her panties. There, nobody would find it now.

Now this is a good hiding place.

Jannet bit down on her lip, her face beet red as she considered taking a bit more time for herself before heading back to the others. "D-Do you.. Mind if I..." She gulped, "Use... The stick for something?"

Go right ahead. I was thinking the exact same.

"Oh, yes...." It had been too long since Jannet had release.


Hopkins, not having much else to do, followed Ruby and Bob to look for fire wood. The creature soon closed in on the duo and annouced itself with an almost metalic cry. "Kreher!"

"Oh! Hey... Uhh.. Rock guy!" Ruby greeted happily.

"Oh, you're the one that eats rocks, right?" Bob asked as he looked down to the Pokemon.

Hopkins looked up at Bob, the imp had been carrying the rock Zoey and Parfait were playing with earlier. and with a aubile crunch the pokemon took a bite out of the rock. The rock itself had been paricularly round, and now that it had been bitten into, a ring of purple crystals appeared in the hollow stone.

"Oooh! Look, Bob! It has.. Gems in it!" Ruby exclaimed before asking Hopkins, "Do you know where any rubies are? Like my name?"

"That's actually pretty neat," Bob nodded, "If that thing's been carrying that one rock, it's probably because of those gems, so I bet it could find some rubies. But I dunno if it would eat them or something."

Hopkins didn't really understand why humans were so intersted in the rocks that had these gems inside but out of general politeness the pokemon handed the rock to Ruby.

"Oh, thank you!" Ruby looked at herself indecisively for a moment before stuffing the rock into her left pocket.

Bob watched with a smile as Ruby put the geode into her pocket, before going back to his task of gathering wood, snapping a medium-sized branch off of a dead tree, looking to Ruby, "This is good, but we're probably gonna need more."

"Do we need gasoline?" Ruby asked, picking up sticks and twigs up off the ground.

"Nah, I think we'll be fine without it," Bob replied, picking up another branch, "If we just keep it burning, it won't need gas to start it up." Ruby seemed relieved to hear that.


Somewhere in Hawaii

Fennel was in the middle of fighting larger number of hostile geometric shapes. One of the shapes resembled a pinwheel and leaped to attack the wheel of death. Unfortuately the Laviturnian got caught on the shape, The rotations of the object increased until eventually the vulpine was tossed off the wheel.


Back in Texas

"Look at all the sticks I got!" Ruby proclaimed, her arms full of twigs. She looked a mess, but it was a testament to her dedication to ensuring she got as much fuel for the fire as possible.

"That's a great job!" Bob praised, Holding his own large stack of branches as he nodded in approval to Ruby.

Then suddenly an object was flying into the scene as a roughly human shapped object crashed into the ground in front of Ruby. The dust kicked up by the object obscured its features as it rolled off a bit further.

"Bah!" Ruby cried out, falling backwards and spilling her armfull of sticks all over herself. She looked absolutely mortified, unable to choose whether to worry about whatever had almost just killed her, or the fact she dropped all of her sticks that were meant for the fire.

"Ruby!" Bob gasped, dropping his branches and running to the girl's side and quickly kneeling down to examine her over, "Are you alright, Ruby?"

Now a combination of a portal opening somwhere between Hawaii and Texas and the fact that Fennel happened to have focused on kinetic manipulaton she was able to absorb a decent amount of the energy and keep any damage relativley minimal.The fox was currently enraged and attempted to run back towards where she thought the shapes would be, shouting but as the dust settled it would be seen as a charge towards the group.

Hopkins saw this threat and immedately put itself between Fennel and the group the creature. Hopkins seemed to grown darker almost as if charging some sort of energy.

Ruby let out a scream and threw a stick over Hopkins and towards the frightful newcomer before hiding behind Bob.

Fennel then used some of the absorbed energy to leap into the air. She noticed a lack of glowing shapes but the sudden change in brighteness cause her to only interpate the trio as shadowy figures.

"Whoa, what the- who the-" Bob struggled to keep track of the rapidly developing situation, his hands clumped into fists at the ready, "Hey, whoever you are! We're not here to fight!"

Fennel landed only to be hit by some sort of dark energy the smallest of the forms release. She quickly got to her feet and attempted to run around the creature, leading her to unknowingly dash towards Bob.

"Rock-guy, stop fighting that thing now! I just told it we weren't!" Bob complained angrily.

Fennel not seeing Bob ended up ramming into the marine. The Doom Marine was toppled over by the fast-moving figure, landing to the side of Ruby. "Agh! The hell?!" he grunted as he got back up.

"Bob!" Ruby cried out before hitting Fennel with a stick with her weak, 11-year-old arms.

Fennel quickly got up but was disoriented from the collision and got up. She was wasn't sure what was hitting her, fearing it would escalate Fennel lit two small flames in her palms ready to attack if required. Unfortuately this would be seen as an attack. Ruby yelped and stumbled backwards, landing on many of the sticks she dropped and breaking them.

As Fennel readied her fires, the Doomguy stood up in front of the woman, blocking her way. "I said," he gritted, grabbing her wrists, "We're not. Here. To fight."

Fennel looked around and noticed the that these figures weren't hostile except for maybe one. The flames died down as she tried to focus on the face of the Marine. "W-what?"

"What do you mean, 'what'?" Doomguy asked, "You attacked us! Fell out of the freaking sky and almost hit Ruby!"

"Attacked you!? I had to deal with freaking sky shapes blowing a police station then a demon shooting me with some sort of darkness blast! If anything I have good reason to be a bit on edge right now!" Fennel exclaimed.

"That 'demon' is this guy," Doomguy gestured to the foot-tall Hopkins, "Who got scared because of you lunging at us like some rabid animal!"

"HOLY CRAP!" Fennel shouted "I'm so freaking done with this everywhere I got it's "Oh look at that funny animal this. Do you think it can talk. Mom does it bite.[i]" Fennel "I's mot tired of being treated like some feaking animal."

Ruby began to cry atop her small pile of broken sticks.

"Oh, Ruby," Doom Guy tried to comfort, turning back to Fennel and scowling, "[i]We are not done with this conversation, kid.
" before moving to assure Ruby that she was fine, "Hey, it's okay. It's okay. We can always get more sticks, Ruby." he calmly stated.

"Kid! Lookie here, pal I'll have you know I'm an Adult in Varie!" Fennel said indignately, she was very upset about the fact that she was being told she was in the wrong for acting in self defense and this would aslo made worse as she had been recently been told that her personal identification documents were falsified.

Doomguy did not even seem to twitch at her voice, too focused on relieving Ruby of her twig-related grief. "Do you want me to help you find some more sticks with you?" he asked encourageingly.

Ruby's lip quivered as she slowly nodded her head in response, wiping at her eyes with her forearm.

Fennel seemed to have reached her tipping point for the day. "Never mind the fact that my liscense is supposdely faslified. Then I got arrested, probably going to get deported. Then I thought that a robot was trying to kill me." Fennel continued.

Still, Bob was not listening, instead helping Ruby to her feet to begin their stick-ahrecollection mission. "I'm going to talk to the kid over there real quick," Bob said, "But I'm gonna be right back and help you bring back the biggest branch around. Alright?" Ruby nodded wordlessly, a smile beginning to find its way on her face.

Fennel's mood then shifted from anger, her ears drooped down, her understanding of what was normal was crumbling, as a saddened expression drew across her face.

Ruby looked over at Fennel, her small smile drooping down at the sight of the sad... Person-thing. Sure, Fennel may have been screaming at them and tried to kill them, but Ruby lived to please others. "... Do you wanna get sticks with us?"

"I-I don't know... Nothing makes sense anymore. " Fennel said as a tear fell down her face. The lavitunian the began walking around looking for sticks. Today was proving to be overall a pretty terrible day, Fennel just wanted the world to make sense for once. Fennel wandered around for alittle while before finding some fallen branches.

"So, what's your story?" Bob asked, grabbing a large branch from the ground. "What's your name? I'm Bob. That's Ruby, and the little thing's name is Hopkins, I think."

"Fennel..." The Laviturnian replied. "At first I was at home then, we were in medival europe or something, but then Ryle's the only one that doesn't. So everyone just treated me and Dipin like some sort of animals." Fennel's words started slur together as her emotions made it more difficult for her to speak. "Then some guy is trying to expand his country and decideds that Laviturn would an easy enough target, because it doesn't have magic, but that's our home so we can't let that happen." The fox's emotional distress had caused her to forget to include more important details. "And then somehow I end up in Hawaii. amd then I'm in Hawaii, but robots want to kill me." Fennel's general frustration seemed to have boiled up at this point as her tone became more agitated. "Then the old guy interrogating me, tells me my documents are fake. Aanndd then space shapes show up and start attacking, then I ended up here and Hopskin shoots me. So I just don't know anymore."

"Well.. that's a hell of a story," Bob remarked, grabbing another branch from the ground, "Sorry. About Hopkins, that is."

Fennel had since sent herself into an more aggitated state as she replied with a miffed "It's fine."

"Um, I like your ears!" Ruby pointed out, hoping to cheer Fennel up a little as they all collected firewood.

Fennel's ears perked up as she gave a quiet "Thank you. Ruby."

The little girl smiled before returning her focus to picking up sticks, sometimes dropping a few to pick up one, forcing her to shuffle them around in her arms, drop a few more, and then collect the dropped sticks.

Fennel coninued picking up the twigs. The cool desert night had an almost soothing affect on the Laviturnian, it almost seemed familiar to her..

"So, you're from Europe?" Bob clarified, grabbing a few smaller twigs as he asked the question, "What's it like there? I've never been."

“No, no, I’m from Laviturn. It’s a chain of islands in the Pacific.” Fennel replied.

“Laviturn... is that like Hawaii?” Bob asked with a bit of confusion, having never heard of Laviturn before.

"We're not part of the states or anything, but yeah in alot of the more sterotypical ways, yeah it's pretty similar." Fennel said "There's a decent bit less tourist, a few less invasive species but yeah."

"So it's an alternate Earth? I don't remember ever hearing of Laviturn before." Bob asked further, looking to Ruby to make sure she wasn't over-exerting herself.

"At this point I guess..." Fennel then sniffed and she sobbed out the words "Oh geeze I'm not even real am I. It all makes sense, no wonder I'm such a freaking wierdo."

"Jannet said we're from another Earth too," Ruby remarked, "If you weren't real, then I wouldn't be able to see you!"

"I guess but what if I'm just some character in a book or something. I mean do we even have any free will at this point. What's next another dragon!?"

Ruby looked down at the sticks in her arms, sighed, and then dropped all of them so she could give Fennel a hug.

Fennel quickly shifted the sticks into one of her arms and accepted the hug from the younger girl. "... We do have a dragon though. He's a nice dragon," Ruby said in the middle of the hug. Fennel's ears dropped as she replied "I've heared that a few times. Let's just hope it turns out to be true."

"His name is Tabasco!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Like the sauce?" Fennel asked.

"Yeah!" Ruby nodded her head.

Fennel looked at at the sticks in her arm then on the ground. "Do you think we have enough sticks?"

"I'd say we have enough," Bob reckoned, a small tree's worth of wood in his arms, "We should probably head back." Ruby quickly began collecting the sticks she had dropped prior to hugging Fennel.

Fennel looked around and noticed small glow off in the distance. Fennel tilted her head towards the light, "Is it that way?"

"Yeah, that;s our fire," Bob remarked, "Everyone else should be around there. You got all your sticks, Ruby?"

"Almost!" Ruby answered, scooping up a little bit of dirt in the process of hurriedly snatching up her sticks. She looked back at Bob with a big smile. She was filthy, but had an arm full of sticks and a face full of pride. "Got 'em!"

"Alright! We need to get you girls showers in the morning," Bob reminded himself, before having his sticks up and looking to Fennel, "C'mon, I'll introduce you to the rest of the girls."

"Yeah, okay." Fennel said as she began heading towards the camp. Alteast she would have a party to travel with, perhaps that would help make this whole situation easier to grasp.


"Alright! We're back!" Bob exclaimed with his massive pile of wood, "And we brought some company!"

"Baflaga.. Fhurrruck me.." Zoey mumbled groggily, barely conscious as she lifted her head up from Parfait a few inches before dropping back onto the pokemon.

Many of the girls happily waved hello to the newcomer before gawking at her curiously. Of the group, Jannet still was missing.

Fennel looked back at the girls for a moment, she was rather flustered as she assumed the girls' interest was more focused on her strange appearence. Her ears dropped down causing her her height to go from just shorter than Bob to a tad taller that Zoey. She if it weren't for a combination of her fur and the dark lighting she face would have been slightly redder.

"It's a werewolf!" Harper exclaimed before getting smacked upside the head by Clara.

"Don't be racist," She chastised in her usual monotone.

"I'm just a human..." Fennel quitely added, referencing the fact that her more vulpine nature was simply considered a different race rather than another species.

"Wait, wha- I didn't even notice you had dog ears," Bob looked over as he set down his stack of wood, "It was kind of dark."

"Well, I mean like species wise, I'm human, but racially, I'm fox. That sort of thing isn't really common out of my world.

"Did someone say fox? I call cook... ing... it...." Elizabeth piped up, having not paid attention previously and only just now realizing that the fox in question was... A person. "Uh... Um..... I'm sorry." The nine-year-old awkwardly gulped.

"... Don't worry about it I've had to deal with that a lot recently." Fennel added. "The fire's that way right." Fennel asked as she pointed an ear toward its smoldering remains.

"Yeah. Ruby, you can put yours on the fire first," Bob insisted, before turning back to Fennel, "I wouldn't mind what they say much

Ruby excitedly skipped over to the remains of the campfire, dumping her armfull of twigs in a pile before hurriedly running back a few feet to grab some sticks she dropped along the way as to reunite them with the others.

Fennel walked over to the flame and placed the wood in a pile next to the flame. She created a small flame and flicked it into the the dying fire.. Fennel then stat down next to a young man that was lyinging down passed out on the ground.

At this point, Jannet returned to the group, both relaxed yet full of energy at the same time. "Hello, Bob! Ruby! Eh... New person!" She greeted happily.

"Hey! You seem in a good mood tonight," Bob smiled as he sat his kindling next to the fire, just far enough so that it wouldn't catch.

"Oh, I feel great," Jannet sighed happily before looking to Fennel and waving, "Hello!"

Fennel waved back at Jannet and "Hey, I'm Fennel."

"I'm Jannet, it's nice to meet you," She introduced with a surprising lack of stuttering or pauses.

"Nice to meet you." Fennel replied back. Fennel glaced at Brendan for a moment, probably too fast for Jannet to notice. For some reason Fennel was particularlly aware of how conveniently attractive the young man was. "So? Who's the cutie?" She asked.

"Hm? You.. Bob?" Jannet blinked, her voice lowered so Bob would not be able to hear. While she was moving on from Bob (Or trying at least with her newfound voice in her head), she couldn't help but feel a surge of jealousy hit her.

"What, no? He's like twice my age." Fennel added as she used her head to gesture to Brendan.

"Then who- Him?" Jannet looked dumbfounded.

Fennel being somewhat annoyed rose an eyebrow as if to say and quiped "Who else would I be talking about?"

"... Bob," Jannet answered simply.

"The one with the hat."

"He's.. Not that cute," Jannet remarked, "I mean-.. Er.. If that's what you like.. His name is Brendan."

Fennel shrugged "He's got a good jawline. Decently toned. Dressed... adventurey. He's good looking."

"Ehh.. I guess? Wait- You're into humans? Not.. Other fox people?"

Now Fennel being aware of the fact her being a fox seemed to be a pretty interesting sight, immediately jumped to a conclusion, cutting Jannet was. "Are you trying to imply that it's that time of the year!?" Fennel accused. This accusation stemmed from times that she had made a few mildly firtatious jokes in Varie, and the natives not realizing that she was more human than she appeared.

"W-What?!" Jannet gasped, not understanding what Fennel was presuming, "I-I- What? Ah- Er- Uh- Christmas?"

"Geeze everyone's making assumptions but guess what, I'm more human that you th-"

"What?" Jannet murmured, still looking at Fennel with terrified confusion.

Fennel then realised that Jannet didn't know what she was talking about. causing her to be come embarased about the fact she had jumped to conclusions. "I've had to deal with a lot of idiots making conclusions because I'm a fox."

"Oh, I'm.. Sorry to hear that," Jannet apologized, her brief period of confidence coming to an end.

"But to answer your question. I mean, back home being a fox is basically just a race. So you know?" Fennel said as she stared into the flames.

"Oh.. Okay, that makes sense," Jannet nodded.

Y'know, she's a bit weird, I'll tell you that. But, I guess we're all weird in our own ways.

Jannet opened her mouth to respond, but realized she was in the company of others, and simply continued to nod instead as a sublte reply.

"So... If you like Brendan.. Why not.. Go over to him?" Jannet inquired.

Fennel raised an eyebrow and with a confused tone replied "Because he's sleeping. It'd be pretty odd to wake someone up just to hit on them. It'd certainly creep me out."

"I-I meant, like.. You know.. Just.. Sitting by him," Jannet clarified.

Brendan, who had been lying on his back, rolled over onto his side, so that he faced the girls, but did not awaken from him slumber.

Unbeknowst to Jannet, Fennel commenting on Brendan's general attractivness was more of a passing comment rather than anything she intended to follow through with. "I'd rather let him have his personal space for the time being. I'm not sure how long I'll be hanging with you all, rather not make things awkward." Fennel replied.

She's already made her move, hasn't she? Dropping it now would be even more awkard!

"I-I mean.. You could.. Stay with us if you wanted. We're traveling north right now, and, um... I.. I don't think anyone else will try and take him from you."

Fennel gave a small chuckle. "Look, sister, a relationship is the last thing I have on my mind at the moment. I've got to find my brother and friend then figure out how to get back to Laviturn. I mean after all that maybe, but I've got more important things to worry about at the moment."

"Oh, okay." Jannet suddenly felt rather awkward, "Um.. It's.. It's kinda funny.. We don't have any brothers."

Fennel looked around, "Oh so you're all sisters. Strange how you don't have any brothers. Yeah, Ryle's a bit of a dork, he does this stupid thing with his hair, thinks his stubble helps outline his jaw, then calls his sword the Ryle Gun." Fennel laughed thinking back to something stupid Ryle had once done. "I imagine your sisters do stuff kind of like that too, you know what I mean?"

"They can be... Pretty silly, yeah," Jannet nodded with a smile, "The youngest one, Tina, refuses to get off of the back of the Chariza- er- dragon over there."

"Oh frick dragons... ugh... those are always scary, lying on treasure hoards in Varie and stuff. I remember one time Ryle tried to use his sword like a rail gun and fire a piece of of his armor at it, let me tell you I never saw him run faster in his life."

"Well, I don't think Charizards- That's the.. Species of dragon it is, I suppose.. I don't think they're like.. Mythical.. Dragons like that.. Though, I'll admit I was scared of him at first, too," Jannet giggled modestly.

There's been a lot worse than dragons, trust me.

"Eventually I was able to get the dragon to stop bothering that town. Luckily it was willing to reason. But that didn't stop Ryle from using the whole "saved" the town thing to flirt with a few of the dairy maids the next day."

Jannet thought on what Moomek had said before smiling and shaking her head at Fennel's story. "I have a feeling he'd get along well with Zoey," Jannet remarked, pointing over at the sleeping teenager snuggled up with Parfait, "She's very.... Mmm.. Assertive, I guess you could say."

Fennel looked at Zoey."She's like fourteen, she's way too young for him."

"O-Oh, I didn't mean like that, though.. Hm.. A lot of people have been... Saying that age thing recently," Jannet remarked.

"Sorry, I mis- wait?" Fennel asked, she was confused by that last statement.

"Hm?" Jannet blinked.

"What's this 'that age thing' you are talking about?" Fennel asked.

"You know... People telling us that.. We're all too young for things, like.. Relationships or sex," Jannet clarified.

"Yeah I guess that's common for rela- wait what!?" Fennel gasped.

"Here we go," Clara groaned some feet away.

"Yes, we.. Have all had sex... With our father," Jannet explained, able to tell that Fennel would likely have a similar reaction to Brendan, "I know what you're thinking, please, just... Don't get too upset."

Fennel's ears instantly dropped for what was the third or fourth time that night. She buried her hands in her face "Please tell me that the older man isn't your father." She muttered as she was suddenly gripped with fear.

"O-Oh, no, no," Jannet assured, "Bob found us while we were wandering on our own. He's... Rather abstinent."

"He's taking you guys away from your father right?" Fennel asked as she started to calm down.

"Well, he's.. Taking us to Quebec upon our request.. Er.. You see, our father wrote a.. Very important book.. And there is a portal in Quebec that will bring us to it."

"Why would you want anything to do with your father? I mean, I never even thought of something like that as a possiblitiy at home" Fennel said.

"He wasn't a bad man," Jannet came closer and lowered her voice, "Perhaps.. Misguided, but... Not evil. Don't... Tell the others I would even say he's misguided though." Jannet scooted back to her original distance and continued speaking, "As for the book, we don't know what is in it.. We just... Know it's important."

"Misguided? That's a pretty freaking big deal what he did." Fennel could see the conflicting emotions on Jannet's face. "Okay... but if he tries to get handsy, it's not going not be pretty."

"Please, don't... Try not to... Mention that around the others, especially Zoey. Out of everyone, she's.... Our father's most devoted supporter."

"Sounds like a dictator of sorts."

"Oh, no, of course not. He was always very nice to us," Jannet insisted.

"Aside from the whole incest thing?" Fennel questioned

".. I.. I don't think he did it out of.. Malice... It did feel good.. It.. Established a bond," Jannet explained.

Fennel gagged "Please don't go into details about that." She then shivered as if trying to get an image out of her mind.

What a prude.

Jannet bit her lower lip to keep from smiling and giggling at the remark. "I-I.. Sorry for.. Making you uncomfortable."

"Might as well deal with it now." Fennel replied as she waved her hand.

Jannet twiddled her thumbs, unsure of what else to say for a moment. "I... Suppose most of us are about to go to sleep."

"I suppose,so. Well, see you in the morning." Fennel then streched out on to the ground and currled up before dozing off to sleep. Within a few minutes a faint puring noise could be heard.

Jannet did not seem intent on asking to sleep near Bob, which would likely come as a surprise to the rest of the group as she walked over to the spot she had been sitting previously, where she had found the stick, and laid down on the ground. She let out a quiet sigh and a whispered, "Soon," as she shut her eyes.


Zoey, wake up.

Wake. up. I need you here.

"Mmm... MmMm.." Zoey sleepily mumbled. She was too tired and too comfortable to be willing to wake up to anyone.

Zoey, there is a problem that if not dealt with in a timely fashion, could prove dangerous to everyone. So I need you to wake up.

"Mmmmf... Jusht talk to me in my dreamsh.." She groaned quietly, her mouth partially covered by Sylveon fur as she tried going back to sleep.

Fine. I'll converse in your dreams.


"Is this better?" boomed a voice in Zoey's dream, "Or am I interrupting your... dream?"

"Blagh! What the!?" Zoey looked around, her gangbang suddenly interrupted. It seemed she had quickly forgotten her request to speak in her dreams. "Wizard voice? What're you doing here?" She asked in confusion.

"You requested I converse through your unconsious mind through your dreams. And I gladfully accepted. There are problems arising that need to be taken care of."

"Aw, man," Zoey groaned as the muscular men around her poofed into nonexistence, "What problems?"

"I may be wrong... but I believe there to be a Xinth demon close. I can feel its presence, but know not where it is." The room around Zoey faded out and the appearance of a large, malformed black figure, with strange jets of blue flame spurting from its back as would wings. two long, thin arms sprouted from its large carapace, and ended in three thorn-like fingers. Its head was similar to that of a crawfish, an extended spike poking fowards in front of its two glowing eyes.

"This is the beast, or at least, I hope it to be one," the voice spoke in a serious tone, "You remember the Xinth, yes?"

"Ehh... Kinda.. Some of the names you threw at me blended together a bit," Zoey admitted.

"It's fine. These were the beasts that tried to kill me in Tyvus. Horrible amalgamations of void energies. Their mere presence slowly saps the life out of their surroundings," the voice explained, "Are you getting the picture?"

"Oh shit, so we gotta kill it," Zoey responded with surprise.

"You cannot really kill a Xinth, per se," the voice stated, "But you can put them into a catatonic state. Turn them to statues, prisons made of their own bodies. But to figure out how, we must first find it."

"How do we do that? I mean if you can't find it, how can we?"

"I simply need a physical conduit to search from," the voice explained, "That conduit being you, for the time being."

"What does that mean?" Zoey blinked.

"I need something to move around to look for the Xinth," the voice explained, "And considering I am stuck within you for the time being, you will be the one to move."

"So like... You're gonna take control of my body or something?"

"What? No," the voice dissuaded, "I have not that kind of abilities. I simply need you to walk around. If I come closer to the Xinth, I will inform you."

"Ohhh, okay.. Wait- You've been inside me this whole time?" Zoey realized fully what her wizard voice had said moments ago.

"A part of me, yes. A minor, minor fraction of my being," he explained, as the Xinth faded away, a little red string of light appearing, connected to Zoey, rising up into a great mass of interconnected red strings of light far in the sky, going as far as one could look.

"Hey, you can put a big piece of you inside me if you want," Zoey snickered.

"I... do not think you would like that," the voice assured, the light pulsing with every consecutive syllable.

"... It was a sex joke," Zoey blinked.

"Oh. Well, I am incapable of such things anyways," the voice trifled, "It wastes time, even when you have until the end of it."

"Pfft, whaaaat? Sex is great! You can't say anything until you've tried it," Zoey insisted before taking a quick moment to think, "Heeyyy.. This is a dream... Right? Anything can happen in a dream.. Eh? Ehhh?"

"I've had it before. With my love... and I would not do it with any other," the voice insisted, "So I will have to say no to that suggestion."

"Hmph... Well... I guess let's look for the evil thing then," Zoey sighed.

"Xinth," the voice corrected, "And I just realized I've never told you my name, have I?"

"... Huh. I don't think so," Zoey shook her head.

"I must have gotten lost in my muses. In any cases, my name is Abboleth. Poet of Aoshtai, at your service always."

"Abboleth. That's a pretty dope name," Zoey did a dab in respect to her ethereal compatriot.

"Thank you, Zoey. You have a... dope name as well," Abboleth regarded, though did not dab in return, as he was incapable of doing so.

Zoey snickered for a moment before breaking out into full-on laughter. Something about her wizard friend of all people saying the word 'dope' was hilarious to her. It was like if a school principal tried to be hip and cool.

"I don't understand, what is funny? I... oh," Abboleth realized, chuckling a little on his own, "Yes, that is amusing."

"Oh, man," Zoey sputtered out as her laughing died down, "You're the best, I swear... Alright, let's go kill some Xinth."

"Yes, let us.." Abboleth said with a smidgen of a happy tone.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

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Number two of a lot of parts

With a yawn, Zoey slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head off of Parfait. "Oh shit... Man.. Good sleep," She yawned.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the camp, Brendan slowly awoke and noticed what appeared to be some sort of feminne creature realatively close to him, it was purring. Brendan looked down at himself, still dressed. He stood up and approached Bob. "Did you find a straggler or something the other night?"

Bob, however, was still sleeping, a brazen snore rising from his position slumped up against a log.

Brendan, still confused, gently shook Bob's shoulder "Dude, wake up."

Bob snorted as he awoke abruptly, shaking a bit as he looked around, "Huh, wha... oh, it's you. What is it?" he asked groggily, slowly taking a second to yawn.

"There's this like person looking, creature what's up with that?" Brendan aksed

"Oh her?" he grumbled, "That's Fennel. Met her out when we were getting sticks. She's fine."

"Is she normal?" Brendan added.

"If you mean not like the girls," the Doomguy muttered, "Then yeah."

"Okay, that's are relief. I can only handle so much crazy you know." Brendan replied

"I came out of Hell into this clash," Bob stated, "If she were a bit crazy, I could handle her and these kids."

"Hell... Sounds like the Distortion World, I'm guessing. There was kid who went there to deal with Team Plasma a few years back. Cool guy, had a stupid hat though." Brendan remarked.

"Was Distortion World fire and brimstone and death and demons?" Bob asked crabbily, "If not, then it's nothing like Hell."

"I think he mentioned physics not making sense, but Ghiritina was banished there. So maybe they're not that similar." Brendan said after a moments consideration.

"Yeah, I kind of doubt they are," Doomguy harrumphed, standing up slowly and stretching his back.

"Fair enough I've noticed some similarities between my world and some of the more normal ones. I assused it was something like that.

"Alright. Use me like a metal detector.. Or.. Evil detector," Zoey said quietly, "Just say hot or cold if I'm getting closer or farther." She supposed it would be best to check out the center of camp first and work her way out, walking towards the remains of last night's fire

It's cold... but it has definitely passed through here. It lingered here long enough for its aura to stay as well.

Zoey, supposing that evil would likely be attracted to a dragon, made her way towards the Charizard, and in turn, closer to Jannet.

Fennel was still somewhat dozed as a light purring noise could be heard as she slowly awoke.

It's growing... it's closer. Look at the greenery, its quintessence slowly being robbed for its own gain..

One would see that the plants that were still alive drooped a little, the grass begining to turn yellow, and leaves beginning to turn fall colors. It was obviously not a coincidence.

"Oh man..." Zoey grimaced at the sight of the dying grass before looking up at the Charizard. Surely Tabasco wasn't behind this, was he? Zoey stepped around the large pokemon, standing right next to a sleeping Jannet as she stared up at him.

Fennel eventually rose with a yawn as she rubbed her eyes and noticed a fourteen year old wandering around the area. "Hey."

I can.. I can feel it! The Xinth is here! Its essence is at a height!

"Is it Tabasco?" Zoey gasped.

I cannot tell, it's a blurred image. It may be him, or the ground under him, or even below that!

"The ground, huh.. Hey, hey Jannet, get up you're in my way," Zoey said, squatting down and shaking Jannet's arm.

"Wh- Huh- What? What? I'm awake!" Jannet quickly woke up, confused.

Fennel looked at Zoey and asked "What are you doing. looking for treasure or something?"

Hey, what's going o-..... Ho-ly shit.

"What's wrong?" Jannet asked both Zoey and Moomek.

"Official Zoey business," Zoey informed both Jannet and Fennel.

That's not possible... no way... that's one of the Kin of the Sea! Holy- Jannet, we gotta... get away from here for a bit.

"Jannet, move, I'm doing Zoey stuff."

"Okay, okay, I'm.. I'll go for a walk," Jannet said, quickly getting up and walking away.

Wait, wait... it's fading! It must have descended into the ground! It most likely felt my presence and ran based on fear.

"... Waaaaaiiiiit..." Zoey squinted her eyes. The evil thing faded just as Jannet walked away? "Hey! Hey, Jannet! C'mere!" Zoey ordered.

Oh shit. Shit, this not good. Just act natural, I'll get us out of this.

"W-What?" Jannet stood still, looking back at Zoey, who was now approaching her.

It's... not fading, but constant, now.

Zoey marched right up to Jannet, looking the odler sibling up and down. Jannet's nervous smile would have been suspicious if Jannet were not always nervous. Of course, Jannet wasn't sure what was going on in the first place. "Zoey? What's going on?"

Zoey gave Jannet a hug and whispered, "How 'bout now?" Meanwhile, Jannet awkwardly accepted the hug.

Still constant. Wait, no... it's starting to fade.

As Abboleth informed Zoey of its dissapation, Jannet would feel the stick remove itself from her panties, as if it had disappeared into nothing.

"Zoey, what in the world is going on?!" Jannet huffed.

"... Nothing, just felt like, uh.. I'm mean to you sometimes. So I gave you a hug," Zoey proclaimed.

"Aww, Zoey," Jannet smiled sweetly, "... I.. I guess you are just... Messing around most of the time... I'll.. Go on my walk." With that, Jannet left the area while Zoey resumed her investigation.

"Hey!" Zoey yelled as she approached Tabasco, "Hey, Tabasco! Wake up!"

Tabasco looked at Zoey, and closed its eyes once more, clearly a move to defy the girl, she did not have enough badges to train him.

The essence is still here, It must be as well.

"God fuckin'.. Tabasco!" Zoey shouted, "I can be really annoying! We can do this the easy way or the really annoying hard way!"

Tabasco looked at the girl, once more, letting out a "Zard." as if challenging her.

"I need you to dig the ground. Like.. Right here," Zoey pointed close to where the Charizard was currently laying down.

Tabasco got up and walked off a bit. if Zoey wanted to dig she could do it herself.

Zoey growled before shouting to Brendan, "Bread! Tell Tabasco to dig right here!"

Brendan looked over at Zoey. "You don't have enough badges to train him. You're going to have to bribe him."

"Hmmm.. HEY TABASCO, I'LL SUCK YOUR LIZARD DICK!" Zoey shouted. While the idea of getting it on with the Charizard was pretty weird, Zoey had to uncover the evil buried in the ground, as requested by her wizard.

Brendan face palmed. "NOT LIKE THAT!"

Tabasco continued to walk away at a faster pace.

Zoey clenched her fists and turned back to Brendan. "It's your lizard! Tell it to dig!" She commanded.

"Can't you gotta prove to him you're at least a worthy opponent or give him some food. Charizards are kind of blood knighty like that." Brendan shouted back.

"Worthy opponent, huh..." Zoey turned back to the fleeing Charizard and cracked her knuckles. She put her hands in her arm pits, took a deep breath, and shouted, "TABASCO'S A CHICKEN! BAWK BAWK BAWK BAAAWK!" She started flapping her arms like wings and bawking.

Tabasco in turn began copying various actions of Zoey in a while making noises in a higher than usual pitch.

"Grrr. At least I'm not a big chikcen! There's a big evil thing in the ground right there! I'll fucking dig it myself! Big chicken lizard!" Zoey shouted.

Tabasco waited a few minutes taking pride in its victory.

"Big chicken lizard! Too scared to dig the ground and fight the evil shit killing the grass!" Zoey yelled.

Tabasco then made a series of vocalization that sounded as if the dragon was saying "Please"

Tina let out a groan as she woke up, still on the back of the Charizard as she rubbed her eyes and mumbled, "What's going on?"

"Man, I can't wait to fucking," Zoey dug at the ground with her bare hands, "Kill the evil shit down here! Chicken lizards probably too pussy-shit to handle something like it!"

Zoey, I don't think you're going to make it alone. When Xinth bury themselves in fear like this, they bury themselves deep.

Tabasco looked at Zoey digging, it laughed. Brendan then called "If you say please he might consider it Zoey."

Zoey slowly turned her head up to look at Brendan with a deadpan expression. "I am not saying please to that stick-in-the-ass chicken-lizard."

"Then he's not going to help then I guess." Brendan said as Tabasco picked up Zoey and moved her to the side.

"Hey! What are you doing!?" Zoey yelped, "This is my digsite!"

Tabasco then promptly laid down on the digsite. "Get up! You stupid chicken lizard!" Zoey barked, kicking the Charizard with her little foot.


"There's an evil dickhole down there! Move!" Zoey continued kicking and punching the Charizard, though she obviously had absolutely no physical effect on the pokemon.

The pokemon then looked Zoey in the eye and gave a look that send the message "Say please".

"Grr. TINA! Tell him to either help me dig or get out of the way!" Zoey shouted.

"... Okay. Tabasco can you help Zoey dig or get out of the way, plea-"


"... Okay. Tabasco can you help Zoey dig or get out of the way?" Tina asked innocently.

Tabasco took this as a polite enough request, stood up and started tearing chunks of dirt out of the ground.

I... I don't feel any change in the Xinth's energy. Something isn't right.


That was really close. We just dodged a huge bullet there.

"What happened?" Jannet inquired with concern.

That brat's got a damned Kin of the Sea connected to her, and he's getting her out looking for me!

"Wait, what?" Jannet blinked.

A Kin of the- look, it's complicated, but your sister- I'm assuming that's your sister? She's got a terrible thing in her head. And it wants me gone.

Jannet gasped. "Oh, Zoey.... You said it's called a... Kin of the Sea?"

Yeah, it's one of seven. This one is the most active with people. Calls itself the Poet.

"And.. Why does it want you... Gone?"

Us Xinth had a war with its kind once... it didn't go well for them, and now it's bitter.

"Oh... So.. What.. What do we do? Should I.. Talk to Zoey about this?"

No no no. We don't tell Zoey any of this. Otherwise, Poet's gonna know I'm with you and go after you and you alone, and I don't want that.

Jannet would have swooned over Moomek's concern for her if not for the seriousness of the situation. "Well.. Do we have to.. Kill it somehow?"

It can't really be killed, but it can be repelled for a bit. You just have to... make Zoey dissagree with it. A lot. It's weird, but that muddies its connection to her.

"Okay... How do I do that if I can't... Talk to her about this?" Jannet asked.

There lies the problem. I'm not sure, in all honesty. Dissolving into you keeps whatever sort of presence he sees at bay, but it's straining to stay like this for a long time.

"Dissolving into me?"

Yeah. Technically, I'm in your skin right now- but don't freak out! Don't freak out! I can easily take myself right out!

As Moomek spoke, the stick reformed in Jannet's panties.

"D-don't worry, I.. I wouldn't have freaked out," Jannet assured, "... I just.. I wish there was some obvious way of dissuading Zoey."

Hmmm... I think I have an idea. We're gonna have to sneak back, and follow Zoey. At any rate, she's gonna start talking to it, and when she does, we interject without actually interjecting.

"Hmm.. That's a good idea.. You know, I.. I have noticed she's gone off on her own a few times recently..." Jannet mused.

Next time she does, we go for it. Alright?

"Got it," Jannet nodded.

That's good. I'm... I'm still a bit shocked that the Poet's here. He usually doesn't leave Aoshtai for much... Anyways, I'm glad you're willing to help me here. We gotta stick out for each other, y'know?

"Of course, anything," Jannet smiled.


"Pokemon phycology am I right?" Brendan asked.

Fennel had since headed towards Brendan and Bob, "So have yall got like food or something, consdering there's there was like 15 people before I showed up.

Brendan started rummaging through his bag. "Unless you got something stowed away somewhere, I got nothing but berries."

"The evil douchebag is really deep! You're doing good!" Zoey cheered Tabasco on, amazed by how much progress could be made when you had a dragon.

"What's this about an evil douchebag?" Bob asked, walking up to the hole next to Zoey.

Fennel's interest was peaked by Zoey's instiance that the dragon find some evil thing. walked over.

"Yeah! There's evil down there! Look at the grass around the hole! That's.. Evilness coming up and killing it!" Zoey explained.

"...It does look a bit droopy," Bob noted, "But I haven't seen a drop of rain or anything like mud since we got here."

"Well, look at the rest of the grass," Zoey huffed, "Plus, I can feel it." She had to fib a little, as to not give away the existence of her wizard compatriot.

"Yeah, that's a bit weird, but that doesn't mean evil's around," Bob reasoned, before stopping and noting the second reason for evilness afoot. "What do you mean you feel it? I don't feel a thing wrong."

"Uhh.. You know, like how evil targets little kids, usually really cute little kids, like me," Zoey answered, "I can feel it."

"...Tina, do you feel any evil?" Bob asked.

"I'm hungry," Tina answered.

"We'll go get breakfast in a little bit," Bob replied as he turned his attention back to Zoey.

"It only targets one kid, Bob," Zoey waved a hand, "I mean, if I was evil, I'd target the girl incharge too."

"Oh really?" Bob crossed his arms, "So you're telling me there's something evil in that hole, and only you can feel it or really know about it for some reason?"

"Yes, Bob. And if you doubt me, that just means the evil asshole wins," Zoey huffed with folded arms, "You said you were in Hell. I'm sure evil demons do this kind of thing all the time."

"Not really. Demons are a lot more upfront about their evil," Bob corrected, "And if there was evil, how'd it get here without any of us noticing last night?"

"We were all asleep," Zoey answered.

"Yeah evil things tend to be less subtle, generally speaking." Fennel added.

"Come on, Bob.. Do you really wanna risk doubting me and there actually be some evil thing down there?"

"You're not giving me much reason to trust you here, Zoey," Bob stated, "Besides, we gotta get moving. We can leave that evil thing behind , if there is one."

"And then it goes and kills a bunch of people," Zoey continued Bob's statement.

"And you think digging down to it and pissing it off won't make it do that anyways?" Bob questioned.

"Yeah, but you're here!" Zoey gestured both hands at Bob.

"Yeah, but if it's so important to dig up that you're using Tabasco, then I doubt I can do much to fight it, Zoey." Bob said, a rumble from his stomach. "We'll discuss later. We all need a good breakfast to start our day off."

Zoey looked down at the hole, disappointed, but not entirely surprised with how things just went. "... Just bring me something back. I'm gonna keep digging."

"I'm ba- Oh my gosh, what in the world is going on!?" Jannet gasped as she approached the hole. As they approached, she could feel the stick dissipate again.

"Apparently, Zoey's digging for some 'evil thing' that she's swearing is down that hole she's having Tabasco dig," Bob explained with a chuckle, "She tells me she's got a gut feeling about it."

Fennel didn't really get why Zoey was looking for some evil thing in the ground but whatever. The Laviturnian then retrieved the wand from her cloak pocket before it expanded to its broom size. She then rammed the focus into the ground where Zoey was digging. "Cover your eyes."

"Oh.. Oh," Jannet quickly realized that the 'Poet' must be compelling Zoey to dig. Both she and Zoey looked up to Fennel before covering their eyes as instructed, unsure of what was going to happen.

A soft boom could be heard as dirt went flying into the air, moving a decent chunk of the ground out of the way.

"Holy shit! Hey, uh.. Person with.. Ears.. You're better than Tabasco if you can keep that up!"

"Umm, sure kid." Fennel responded as several more explosions went off creating bigger crater.

They're not gonna find anything, you know. My body's a good distance away, I think.

"Oh good," Jannet sighed with relief.

"I know, right? Magic is badass," Zoey agreed.

"Are you happy now?" Fennel asked

"How deep do you think the dickhead is?" Zoey quickly whispered as she stared down the pit.

I'm not sure... but it feels... deep.

Fennel had been leaning on the focus but the sudden change in elevation caused her to lose balance. Midfall Fennel reached out and grabbed on to Jannet's arm in hopes she could help in this situation.

Jannet let out a terrified scream as she fell down with Fennel, frantically waving her free arm to catch the edge of the hole, but to no avail as both of them plummeted down the 15 foot drop.

"JANNET!" Zoey screeched in horror. Sure, it wasn't a horribly deadly plunge or anything, but it was still scary to see her older sister fall down a big hole. She quickly looked down over the edge and yelled down to the two, "Are you okay!?"

Fennel rubbed her head "Yeah I'm fine."

"M-Me too.." Jannet groaned before looking over at Fennel, "Why did you grab me?!"

"I panicked. I just thought you had better footing than I did."

Fennel then dug her fingers into the dirt wall and began clambering her way up the side of the pit.

Jannet blinked and tried to mimic what Fennel did, but being far less skilled in climbing up walls, she fell back down to the bottom of the pit after going up half a foot. "D-Does someone have a rope!? Or... Something?" Jannet called up to everyone else.

I'll help you get out. Just climb on out.

"But... Okay.. I'll try," Jannet gulped, attempting to scale the dirt wall once more, already prepared to fall. And yet... she didn't. She could feel tiny little pinpricks, like a bug crawling on the palms of her hands and fingers.

Like I said, I'm helping.

"Ohh, I can't wait to meet you in person," Jannet swooned before continuing her climb with newfound ease. With each time she grasped at the wall, tiny needles of the black material the stick was composed up poked into the dirt, holding her against it even if it were a totally vertical wall.

I can still feel it in that hole... whenever your sister emerges, that drake must return to its excavation.

Fennel eventually mamaged to escaped her own misfortune and escape the pit. Then brushed the dirt off herself and noticed that Brendan seemed to be roasting something over the fire

As soon as Jannet was out of the hole, she was met by a hug from Zoey. Quickly, however, Zoey yelled back over to Fennel, "Hey! The evil thing is still down there!"

“Are you sure” Fennel asked. “I didn’t see any evil stuff down there.”

"That's because it's deeper," Zoey insisted, "That's only, like... Three Zoeys deep!"

Did you just use yourself as a measurement of length?

“Also, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep that up.” Fennel added as she peered into the pit.

"Hmm.. Could I use that wand thing you got, or can only you use it?" Zoey asked.

”It's a focus, it helps conduct the magic but isn’t in itself magical.” Fennel said

Let's back off, just in case the Poet gets wise that we're... here.

"Well, I think.. uhh... We should go get something.. To eat!" Jannet spoke up, "I-I.. Er- I'm starving!"

"Aren't we all?" Bob asked, "If you want to keep digging, go right ahead, Zoey, but we're all gonna head back to that town and grab some breakfast and some showers. Are you sure you don't wanna tag along?"

"Just bring me something back," Zoey insisted as she slid down the hole to continue digging.

"Alright. C'mon, girls! Let's get something to eat!" Bob exclaimed.

"To food!" Tina declared to Tabasco.

Brendan and his Pokémon then followed as the rest of the group headed back into civilization.

Zoey let out a sigh. "This is fucking embarrassing," She muttered.

Don’t be embarassed; you’re doing everyone a favor that they will never understand.

"That doesn't make it not suck."

What sucks and what does not... It doesn't matter in the end, now does it?

"I guess not.. Still.. It sucks."

It may suck... but you know you are doing a heroic act, do you not?

"Well, duh... I know daddy would be proud of me, at least," Zoey sighed, "I've figured out by now that what he does isn't... Popular or anything, but in the end, he's the good guy, even if dickweeds want to burn him alive." To her, it was a good consolation for Zoey to have, to think that she was more like her father by sacrificing her reputation to do something good.

I know not of your father, but... anyone must be proud of what their children accomplish, no matter their reputations or infamy. I am sure your father will be proud.

Zoey smiled. "Thanks, Abbo."

Not a problem... Zo'.

As Zoey sat in the bottom of the hole, something just above the treeline screeched by, sound as if it impacted with the ground not far from the clearing where the fire was.

"What the hell!?" Zoey gasped, scrambling to get out of the hole to see what just happened. She had a much easier time than Jannet getting out despite a few slips, and quickly looked around for where she heard the impact.

There was now a clearing in the trees, one having been bent in a way that seemed as if it had not been crashed into by something, but pushed out of the way and bent forcefully. Ahead of it sat what appeared to be a large, oblong grey sack, full of... something. Several strange rods stuck out of its sides, slowly tilting and turning in odd directions and angles.

"Ay, Abbo... Do you know what this is?" Zoey asked as she slowly approached the... Whatever it was she was looking at.

I... I think it's... a... Benefactor, I wish to say? I haven't gotten a good look at one before, and they're usually very seclusive.

As Zoey approached, she would hear the strange thing make a series of clicks, whirs, and successive beeps, seemingly communicating, before rapidly turning around, floating in the air to show its white face-plate, adorned with two strange mechanical eyes on black stalks. Four pairs of thin, white arms connected to the sack below the 'head. Before Zoey could move any further ahead, she could feel her hands and feet become... stuck. Unable to move. And that's when she rose up about a foot above the ground, the Benefactor moving slowly closer as it examined her over, still clicking and whirring.

"What the-!? Hey! Put me down!" Zoey yelped, struggling to move.

The Benefactor's limbs twitched and swerved, as it spoke, its voice a seeming unison of three voices speaking at once. "Query; Why should this unit set you down?"

"Because I said!" Zoey huffed, still squirming in the air.

"And WHY/HOW/WHERE does this subject's voice have authority?" the Benefactor asked, its three voices raising out of sync for a moment.

"Because! It's my body!"

"What does this matter? Examinations are routine." The Benefactor stated in its monotone voices, before, without warning, Zoey dropped from its unseen clutch. "Examination complete; Zero sign of threat detected."

"Ow!" Zoey rubbed her behind, "You didn't have to drop me like that, jerk. What were you 'examining' anyway? Who are you?"

"Clarification; Examination was of you." it stated, hovering motionlessly in the air as it stared at Zoey.

Benefactors are notoriously protective of their nation's existence. Back in Aoshtai, I've heard of packs of synthetic assassins sent by the Convolution to keep its existence a secret, once causing an entire civilization to collapse. Take caution.

Zoey regarded Abbo's words for a moment before saying, "No duh you were examining me, I mean what were you looking for? Why?"

"CATEGORIZATION/IDENTIFICATION," Two voices of the Benefactor stated, "Verified as Human Female, aged 14 years."

Zoey blinked. "...Okay, I don't know what the hell you said at first, but I could've told you I'm a 14-year-old human girl without you floating me up in the air."

"Sedition is not required, citizen. Benefactor units must focus on their assigned task," the sack-thing stated, "Assignment;.... ERROR/FAILURE/UNIDENTIFIED." The Benefactor swiveled around a bit, the sack jiggling slightly, as filled with liquid, as if confused.

"Uh.. You alright?"

"Benefactors are USELESS/OBSELETE/UNNECESSARY without proper tasks." the machine continued to swivel about until it had made a full circle, again staring at Zoey.

"... So, what? You need something to do?" Zoey asked for clarification.

"Affirmitive; Tasks are routinely sent by Overseer Units. However, lack of connection to Overseer transmissions is noted." The Benefactor explained.

"So an 'Overseer' is like your boss? And now you don't have one?"


After a few moments of thought, Zoey's eyebrows shot up. "Hey... What if I became your Overseer, huh? I got lots of stuff you could do! Lots of.. Tasks."

"Tasks may only be assigned from pre-assigned Overseer Units existing in Iyqua; You do not fit either qualification."

"Well, I'm.. 'pre-assigning' myself as Overseer right now, and I got lots of liquids in my body," Zoey declared before turning around and shrugging, "But hey, if you wanna sit here and not have anything to do ever for the rest of forever, fine by me."

The Benefactor hovered there for a moment, the receptors of its eyes focusing and de-focusing off of Zoey several times, before it finally spoke up. "Affirmitive; Temporary Overseer priveliges accepted. Tasks are required for this Unit."

Holy shit, daddy would be so proud, Zoey thought to herself before turning around and clapping her hands. "Alright! So that means you'll do anything I tell you to, right?"

"Any task within possible parameters will be completed."

"Hmmm... Make me permanent Overseer then," Zoey ordered.

"ERROR; impossible task. Parameters cannot be met. Permanent Overseer transmissions require a non-aging body. Temporary priveliges are in effect until the effective death of Temporary Overseer."

"Oh, okay! That's what I meant anyway," Zoey shrugged, "Just call me Permanent Overseer though. Wait- No- Call me.. Overseer Zoey.. That sounds badass."

"Noted; Tasks are required for this Unit, Overseer Zoey," the Benefactor stated monotonely.

"First, what's your name?"

" Unit Designation; Benefactor E-0934." the floating sack answered.

"Okay, change that to something else. Like, uh... Ernie. That's the first thing I thought of that starts with 'E' and is a guy's name."

"...Acknoledged and Updated. Tasks are required for this Unit, Overseer Zoey."

"Hmm... I wanna get you digging first, but..." Zoey's tongue pressed out her cheek as she thought, staring at hew new robo-slave for a moment, "Hey, those uh... Little arm thingies. Can they vibrate?"

The Benefactor's eyes swerved to its arms, which did in fact vibrate. "AFFIRMATIVE/YES/CORRECT."

A grin slowly formed on Zoey's face. "Alright, Ernie... Here's your first 'task'..." She began as she started undoing the button on her jeans.

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Another one

“And here we are!” Bob exclaimed, opening the door to the Denny’s and holding it open for the girls (and Brendan) to go inside.

Eleven girls filed into the Denny's excitedly, more than ready to fill their hungry tummies.

“Eight... Nine... Te- wait a minute we’re missing one of you guys,” Bob noted.

The girls counted each other to find that the missing girl was Ruby. "Ruby? Ruby?!" Jannet called out the front door to find Ruby in the distance, running towards the Denny's with a handful of money. As she crossed a street, one of the bills fell out of her hand. She stopped, ran back just as a hovering car zoomed behind her, and picked the bill up. Just as she started running again, another car went by, just barely missing her without her even realizing it was behind her. Watching the terrifying affair, the girls of the group let out short screams the two times vehicles near smacked into her.

"Sorry! Sorry!" She gasped for air as she neared the Denny's, dropping a few bills as she knelt down before the group.

Bob’s look of exasperated shock was stuck on his face as he told Ruby, “Ruby... you need to look in the road be before you just run into it, and make sure there’s no cars coming on either side. Alright?”

"Oh.. Oh, okay.. Okay," Ruby nodded, still catching her breath, "Sorry.. I.. I was getting money.. Because I.. Oh my god.. Hold on... Okay.. I was getting money because I realized we didn't have any after Brendan bought us ice cream!"

“Wait, where did you get the... nevermind,” Bob sighed.

"Oh, I just did what Zoey did to get money!" Ruby answered without Bob even finishing the question. It had to be noted that the amount of money she brought was significantly less than Zoey's haul, likely due to Ruby's naivety and unassertive nature.

"Alright then, let's go wait for a table then," Bob sighed, walking up to where the counter and employee were. "Could we have a table for 15?" Bob asked, hoping they'd have enough seats or tables to do that.

Fennel being an average teenager took a moment to pull a smart phone out of her pocket. She had lacked any particular reason to use it up until this point. Shortly after connecting it to the diner's wifi, a message appeared on the screen stating that there was a system update. Fennel attempted dismiss the update for the time being but the movement of nearly twenty people in such a small area caused her to start the update.

"Yes, sir, one moment please," An omnic answered Bob before writing something down on a piece of paper. Despite employing am omnic to work at the Denny's, the establishment could not afford anything fancy like holographic computers to aid in management for some reason in this day and age. In fact, the computer on the counter the omnic then checked seemed to be from the early 2000's at best.

"There is a twenty minute wait before you can be seated. Is this okay?" The omnic asked.

"Can you guys wait for a bit?" Bob asked the rest of the group.

“Let’s be real, we got nothing but time at the moment. Quebecs probably still gonna be there a week from now.” Brendan quipped.

While the girls seemed bummed about the wait, the general consensus was that waiting 20 minutes for food was better than no food at all.

:I bet the robots are gonna spit in our food," Harper warned, trying to keep her voice down so the omnic could not hear, "That's how their robo revolution is gonna start."

"Robots can't spit," Clara stated.

"Why would robots spit in our food to start a revolution?" Bob asked Harper, "Wouldn't they just get fired for that?"

"Robots can't spit in the first place," Clara repeated.

"Because they hate humans," Harper insisted, "Us telling them what do and stuff. Besides, how would their human bosses find out that they spit in the food, huh?"

"It's one of those hypothetical "what if" questions," Bob said to Clara, before back to Harper, "I dunno, they look pretty equal and happy enough to me."

"This establishment is actually managed by an omnic such as myself," The omnic at the counter noted. As expected, its hearing is much better than a human's.

"Well, you see?" Bob turned back to Harper, "I don't think they'd have much reason to 'take to the streets' and

"See? A robot running the restaurant? They're already taking over," Harper declared, as though her point was somehow proven.

"I hate you," Clara said simply.

"That's a bit harsh," Doomguy said in response to Clara's straightforward statement. While he had learned she didn't care about 'stupid ideas', that was a bit much, in his mind.

Clara thought for a moment before looking back at Harper, "I don't like being around you."

"You just can't handle the truth that the machines are gonna revolt," Harper huffed. Clara looked at Bob, as if to say, "See?"

"While I don't agree with everything either of you says," Bob sighed, "I'm still gonna listen and not shit on it. Differing opinions can be a good thing, at times."

"There's a difference between an opinion and outright lies or general garbage," Clara argued calmly, "The majority of what Harper says is painful to listen to."

"Is not!" Harper insisted.

"You said that Bob is a cyborg, and continue to insist that he is a cyborg," Clara said.

"Wait, you still think I'm a cyborg?" Bob asked.

"I- Er- Uh- No, no, of course no-"

"She was arguing with me this morning about you being a cyborg," Clara interrupted.

"I'm not a cyborg," Bob stated plainly, "And that's that."

"Pfft, I know that. I wasn't even serious about the cyborg thing anyway," Harper assured.

"Bullshit," Clara stated. Her monotonal voice never seemed to waver.

"Can we just drop the Cyborg argument?" Bob asked, "We're done discussing it. I think a lot of what either of you say has some merit behind it, but you're both too stubborn to even try and entertain the other's opinion."

"I don't entertain stupidity," Clara said, "I rarely speak in the first place unless it's to point out blatant bullshit."

"Why don't you ever get onto Zoey all the time like you do me, huh?" Harper asked accusingly.

"Because Zoey is helpful. Sometimes she does spout bullshit, but it typically advances some goal that benefits the group. I don't call out the rest of her bullshit because I don't want to devalue her position as the leader of the group and risk not finding our father's book or our father himself," Clara explained, "Your bullshit, however, is just bullshit for the sake of bullshit. There is never a purpose behind it that helps anyone else."

"I don't think anything is going to devalue her leadership if you call it out as stupid," Bob interjected, "And the reason she isn't even here is, as you'd put it, excessively 'bullshit'."

"I don't believe she is bullshitting. At worst she's completely delusional," Clara refuted.

"And Harper's comments are bullshit and not delusional how? How is digging a big hole to look for some non-descript evil that she has a gut feeling is down there less bullshit than Harper's opinion?" Bob asked, growing a bit irritated with the logic around Clara's thinking.

"Because Zoey was unconvincing. When she bullshits, she makes it believable," Clara answered, "She didn't say anything that anyone found believable, meaning she actually thinks there is some evil in that hole for some reason. Harper tries to come up with whatever she can to make herself sound knowledgeable on any subject. You can ask her anything at all, and she will have an answer for it that, 80% of the time, you can debunk because it was bullshit."

"Hey, she's a kid. Kids say a lot of things," Bob regarded, "Some of them pretty dumb. I'm sure you've said and done some things you'd call 'bullshit' now."

Fennel then pipped up and recalled something a from her younger days "Yeah, I remember this one time I convinced Ryle that we had buried treasure in the backyard." The fox snickered before continuing, "Mom was so mad."

"Bob, I'm twelve-years-old and Harper is fourteen," Clara informed.

"I mean what if there is something evil in the ground... I guess she'd be dead already." Fennel mused.

"I-I.. Don't think there's anything down there," Jannet interjected, "I think Zoey is just... Er.. Under a lot of stress. She's.. Taken on a lot of... Responsibilities lately."

"You didn't answer my second point," Bob stated, "You've more than likely said or done something 'bullshit'."

"You're right," Clara admitted, "But I don't actively spout nonsense, nor have I in the past. Harper has and continues to do so."

Brendan was meanwhile looking at the menu and noticed that some of the labels read "100% Beef" unsure of what it was. The trainer turned ot the closest girl and whispered "Hey, what's beef?"

"Cows," Ruby answered as she licked her lips.

"What are cows?"

"They're big, fat animals with a pink boob and a bunch of really long nipples," Ruby replied.

"It's.. Called an udder," Elizabeth corrected.

"Kind of like this right?" Brendan said as he pulled up a picture of a Miltank on his pokedex. He had run into cows before but he wasn't sure what they were called.

"Uh... Yeah it looks.. Kinda like that," Ruby nodded.

"I don't see how Harper's 'bullshit' is even that bad," Bob said, "It just seems that you're just metaphorically shitting on her."

"It's constant, Bob. I can't recall a single day where she has not lied," Clara argued.

"And? Everybody lies somehow," Bob shrugged, "Sure, there's some that are worse than others, but why care so much about the little stuff? It doesn't even matter."

"It's annoying to constantly filter out," Clara answered.

"And only really speaking to call it out isn't annoying?" Bob asked.

"I'd rather not talk at all, but I don't want everyone else believing Harper's crap."

"I don't think anyone's gonna believe it if it's so obviously bullshit," Doomguy responded, "But whatever."

Clara had nothing else to say, preferring to stay silent. After a few moments, Tina spoke up with concern, "Wait... You're not a cyborg?"

"No... I'm just a guy," Bob sighed. For once, Clara actually had a small smile on her face. Despite Tina having seemingly believed Harper's lie, the fact that she did believe Harper's lie proved Clara's point.

"Party of 15? Your table is ready now," The omnic at the counter informed.

"Ah, alright," Bob nodded, standing up from his seat in the waiting area.

"If you will follow me, please," The omnic requested, quickly stacking 15 menus and carrying them in its arm before leading the group to four tables pushed together.

"Thank you," Bob said softly, before taking a seat at the table. The omnic placed the menus infront of each seat as the girls took their places next to their more favorable sisters. Jannet and Ruby sat on either side of Bob.

Brendan and Fennel followed, Fennel maganged to snag a seat next to Jannet, mainly because she was the closest to a friend she had out of the group. Brendan chose the seat directly across from Fennel as it wasn't against the wall giving Hopkins and Parfait a place to be, At some point Brendan had put Tabasco away. Brendan claimed that Parfait was a service animal and that Hopins robot or something similar.

"Alright girls, look and see what you want," Bob said, opening his own menu to glaze over the selections to find something to sate his appetite.

"Do you all know what you would like to drink?" The omnic inquired,

As expected, many of the girls tried speaking at once. This escelated into a competition between one another as they tried to speak louder than the other so their order would be heard first.

"Please, there are other-"

"ORANGE JUICE!" Tina screamed, followed by a myriad of other orders being shouted out.

"Girls, please take turns!" Bob sternly said, but still soft enough to be kind.

"My turn is first!" Anna yelled.

"No, mine is! Bob said earlier!" Harper shot back.

"I like food the most! MY turn is first!" Elizabeth contested.

"I'll go first, and we'll go around the table in a circle. Alright?" Bob said, before answering the Omnic politely, "I'll have some water."

"Do you wanna go first?" Ruby asked Jannet.

"No, it's fine," Jannet answered politely.

"Uhhh.... Uhmm... Hot chocolate!" Ruby ordered.

And, in a much more orderly fashion, the rest of the girls made their orders. "Orange juice!" Tina proclaimed before looking to Hopkins.

Hopkins, being unable to speak english, pointed the picture of orange juice. WIth the fact that Parfait was a magic ribbon dog that couldn't speak human talk the animal similarlly pointed to the picture of the orange juice.

Brendan, after what felt like eternity, that time period really being about two and a half second said "Water please."

"Same," Mila answered.

Fennel noticed that the menu offered something with mangos in it, and the toll of being on the sad contieient of not really medival europe was sad beause they didn't have any tropical fruit like bananas or coconuts spoke "Can I have the mango lemonade?"

"Um... Coffee, please," Jannet requested.

"Certainly. I will have your drinks ready in a moment," The omnic nodded to the group before hurrying away to take care of the large order of beverages.

"Okay, thank you!" Bob noted, before turning to his menu for another examination to make sure he's sure of what he wanted to eat, before remembering he had to bring something home for Zoey. "Hey," he asked to Ruby, "What do you think Zoey would want?"

"Pumpkin spice latte with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles," Ruby quickly answered without taking even a second to think.

"...That's not a breakfast," Bob reminded with a short chuckle, "That's just a drink."

"Oh.. Sorry, I thought that's what you meant," Ruby apologized, "When she's cranky, she really likes omelettes with bacon and cheese in them, two oranges, cinnamon toast with butter, and a strawberry cupcake." Ruby seemed quite knowledgeable on whatever it was Zoey liked and when she liked it depending on whatever mood she was in.

"I don't think they serve oranges," Bob noted, "But I'm sure we can get her the omelette, toast, and maybe the cupcake.. wait, no, they don't have cupcakes. You think she'd be fine with bacon strips instead of oranges, and... something instead of that cupcake?"

Ruby slowly shook her head with a very serious expression.

"Well, there's nothing else to really replace them with," Bob shrugged, "Unless you got any ideas?"

"... If I give Zoey a blowjob, I think she'll be fine without the cupcake and oranges," Ruby mused.

"...I'll get her the bacon strips, just in case," Bob sighed deeply, obviously annoyed by Ruby's open comment in a public space.

Fennel immediately was upset by the comment and tried to cover her face with her ears and hand. Brendan was similarly upset as Parfait covered his face with her feelers.

"Psst, Fennel," Jannet said quietly.

Fennel's right ear swivled towards Jannet before her head followed. "What?" she whispered.

"Brendan's awake.. This.. Is your chance to.. You know.. Flirt with him," Jannet informed as awkwardly as ever, remaining quiet and glancing at Brendan as subtly as she could.

Parfait unwrapped Brendan's face upon mention of his name. Fennel's other ear raised, leaving her to look at Brendan. Being occasionally socially akward, Fennel's face quickly morphed to an awkwardly large grin showing off her oversized canines, she half rose a hand then wiggled her fingers as she gave an forced laugh.

Oh my god, is that what I'm like? Jannet thought to herself. Jannet barely opened the corner of her mouth and whispered, "Say you like his hat."

Fennel gripped with being awkward spoke her immedate thoughts rather than pausing to filter them first. "Your hat contrasts your jawline nicely."

Brendan was a bit confused, he didn't really expect that comment from someone who wasn't human. He had been told he was quite the looker, but he didn't expect his stunning good looks to cross a species level. "Umm. thanks. It's Fennel, right?"

Oh my god, this is... It's like watching a car wreck. It's bad, but you can't look away. I mean, you're doing a great job, don't get me wrong, but she... "your hat contrasts your jawline nicely"? Who says that?

Jannet tried to keep from grimacing, hoping she didn't actually need to whisper to Fennel to answer, "Yes," to Brendan's question.

Fennel then jabbed Jannet with her elbow, and said "If you could stop that would be great." through a forced smile.

"Stop what?" Jannet asked out of the corner of her mouth.

"This, with Brendan." Fennel hissed.

"I'm.. I'm just trying to help you... Get in his pants.. I'm sorry," Jannet apologized quietly.

Fennel's tail shot up as she whispered back "Well I don't want to do that!"

I'm telling you, she is too much of a prude.

Bredan had gotten distracted and had to prevent Parfait from teasing Hopkins. When he was able to see the girls again he asked "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing!" Fennel blurted out trying to kill the conversation. She attempted to make the situation more casual and attempted to lean back in her chair. Fennel had miscalculated the distance between the chair and nearest wall as she fell flat on her back. "oww"

"Oh my god, are you okay?!" Jannet gasped, quickly pushing her own chair back and helping Fennel up.

Fennel stood up."Yeah I'm fine." She then put the chair back and whispered to Jannet "Can I talk to you alone?"

Jannet nodded, looking over at Brendan and Bob. She quickly came up with the perfect excuse. "Uh- Me and Fennel are going to the bathroom- Um.. Lady things."

Fennel quietly stormed off to the ladies room and walked in with Jannet following. "Umm.. What did you want to talk about?" Jannet asked.

Fennel's ears laid flat against her head as she crossed her arms, "Where did you get the idea I wanted to do that!?"

"Wha- I-I.. I thought.. Because you said he was cute.. I..." Jannet stammered.

"You do know that finding someone cute doesn't mean you want to sleep with them right?" Fennel said as she looked away.

"B-But.. If.. If you thought he was.. Attractive.. Wouldn't you.. Want to?"

"What? No! There's a pretty big distinction between finding someone attractive and immediatley wanting to sleep with them." Fennel added.

"I-I'm sorry, I.. I didn't know," Jannet stuttered, "In.. In my defense, I.. I just told you to say you liked his hat."

"I panicked... Let's just forget about it." Fennel said as she uncrossed her arms.

"Okay," Jannet nodded, "Again, uhm, sorry."

"It's fine, it's probably time to order our food anyways." Fennel said as she headed out the door and back to the table. As soon as both she and Jannet sat down, their omnic waiter came to the table, dropping off the requested beverages.

"Does everyone know what they would like?" The omnic inquired.

"Do you all know what you'd like to eat?" Bob repeated the question to the girls.

A series of nods from each of the girls to Bob and to each other answered the question. Jannet would have said that she wasn't sure, but considering she would be the last to order, she supposed she had time to look over the menu.

"Alright then, I'll have a Grand Slamwich. Oh, and can I get an Omelette with only bacon and cheese on it, with a side of bacon strips, to go?" Bob asked with his order.

"With two oranges, cinnamon toast with butter, and a strawberry cupcake to go!" Ruby added, "And a pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles!"

"I'm... Sorry, we don't have any full oranges nor cupcakes, and we only have regular toast," The omnic answered, "And we cannot provide you with your latte either. My deepest apologies."

Ruby sighed, "You got this, Ruby... It's gonna have to be your best blowjob ever..."

"Pardon?" The omnic asked.

Fennel and Brendan immedately slammed their heads into the tables and let out a simultaious "Why"

"Um- Moons Over My Hammy, please," Ruby requested for herself. Once more, orders were given around the table, leading back to Hopkins once more. The omnic took each patron's menu as they ordered.

Brendan rose his head and said "They can't talk but they both want a stack of pancakes. I'll take the Santa fe Skillet and two three stacks of pancakes to-go."

"Can I get the.. Uh.. Double Pancake- No- Double Berry Banana Pancake Breakfast?" Mila requested.

Fennel rose head up and said "One grand slamwich please."

"Um- Ah- Er-" Jannet had not actually figured out what she wanted to order. She tried scanning through the section she was on as quickly as she co-

"Would you like a minute?" The omnic asked.

"N-No! Um- I'll have the same thing as her," Jannet quickly ordered, not knowing what Fennel even requested. Jannet quickly handed the omnic her menu.

"Your food will arrive as soon as possible," The omnic promised before letting the group be.

"Watch out for spit," Harper hissed.

Bob couldn't help but smile at Harper's warning, "I'm sure none of the employees are gonna spit in your food."

"Besides if the robots wanted to do an uprising here, they'd just not cook" Brendan added as he took a sip of his drink.

"... Maybe they're just jerks that hate humans," Haprer reasoned, "It happens all the times in movies. Any time there's a robot, they hate humans."

"How would they even spit in the food?" Bob asked.

"They go out back and get a hobo to spit in the food," Harper answered in a way that made it seem like that answer should have been obvious.

"And if they hate humans, why would they work with the human hobo?" Bob continued.

"... The hobo hates humans too. He's an edgy hobo."

"And what if his mouth is dry?" Doomguy went on.

"Well, obviously, they'd just rub the food on his nasty body then," Harper was quick to answer as always.

"And you're saying I wouldn't notice if my food was crushed up against some grimey, dirty, hobo?"

"They'd be very gentle with rubbing it on the ho-"

"Oh my god, kill me," Clara groaned.

Bob looked to Clara and asked with a smirk, "What's wrong? A bit too much 'bullshit'?" Before responding to Harper again, "Still, I'd see whatever junk came off his greasy jacket."

"Ooor, maybe they won't because if they do they go out of buisness and the robots become scrap metal." Fennel suggested.

"Well, the whole point is that you don't know they're putting hobo grease in your food," Harper explained as Clara left the table to go to the bathroom.

Fennel then pointed at her nose. "I think I'd know." The comment was made to end the coversation.

"Haven't you ever heard of food perfume? They use it all the time to make food smell a certain way," Harper scoffed.

"Doesn't work on foxes. I can smell every ingredient in a soup kid." Fennel commented, she was probably lying.

"Mmmm... That sounds like bullcrap to me," Harper huffed, not seeing the irony in her of all people calling someone's bullshit.

"Alright, now this is just going off in a ridiculous direction," Bob concluded, "Let's just end it at 'there may be robots somewhere that somehow collude with self-hating homeless people to put hidden homeless grease on your food.' Does that sound about right?"

"That's right," Harper nodded.

"Wait! There's gonna be hobo grease in our food!?" Tina gasped.

"Tina, no," Bob sighed, pinching his brow, "We were joking around."

"... We were?" Harper blinked,"Th- Er- Yeah, yeah. It was all a joke, Tina. Hobos don't exist."

"Oh, okay," Tina nodded.

"No, that's not what I mean't," Bob shook his head.

"So there is gonna be hobo grease!?" Tina cried out.

"No, I'm saying that robots aren't going out of their way to work with hobos to put their grease on your food!" Bob explained rather quickly.

"Wouldn't they just use robot grease." Brendan added.

"Hobo robot grease," Harper added.

"Both of you, please," Bob groaned, "Can we move on from this subject?"

"I don't wanna eat here," Tina mumbled.

"Tina, there's no hobo grease, robot grease, or any mixture of the two that's gonna be on your food, alright?" Bob promised, "Harper's just messing around."

"... Okay," Tina nodded.

"I wonder how Zoey's doing," Ruby said sadly.

"Oh, I'm sure she's doing fine," Bob reassured.

"But what if she finds the evil thing?"

Heh. I bet she's still digging.

The comment brought a frown to Jannet's face. She didn't take any pleasure in Zoey's unhappiness.

"...I kinda doubt there's anything down there," Bob waved off any notation of fear.

"But Zoey could feel it!" Ruby insisted. It seemed she was the only one of the group that was convinced Zoey was not insane or outright lying.

"And nobody else could!" Bob argued, "If she thought it was as dangerous as she hyped it up to be, she wouldn't have wanted us to leave."

Fennel hoping to somehow remain neutral, but more likely it was just her being awkward flared up as she said, "I mean, some people are just more sensitive to magic like that."

"See? Yeah! That's why Zoey always talks about wizards!" Ruby pointed at Fennel, "She's sensitive to magic!"

"Pl-ease!" Bob swayed off the notion that Zoey was in any way magic-sensitive, "She's from a universe where that doesn't even exist, right?"

"I dunno. We never left the Hold!" Ruby shrugged, "I don't know why you're so against Zoey all of the sudden."

"Well I mean, I didn't have any magic until I wound up in Varie. Maybe it's just something like that." Fennel added.

"I'm not against her!" Bob protested, "I'm thinking that she's a bit nuts about digging up this evil. No offense to her."

"I would be too, if there was an evil thing in the ground," Ruby reasoned.

"I got a joke." Brendan said. trying to change the topic.

Fennel had taken a sip of the mango lemonade.

"Why was the ocean so blue? Because the island never waved back." Brendan's delivery of the line was pretty terrible.

Fennel was caught off gaurd by the unbearable pun, but she had picked up a love of puns thanks to to Ryle. The fox was gripped by a powerful urge to laugh, and as she attempted to vocalize her approval of the pun the lemon flavored drink shot out of her nose and covered Brendan.

The table of girls erupted into a frenzy of "Ewww"s and laughter. Jannet let out a gasp and handed her napkin to Fennel so the fox could, in turn, help clean up Brendan.

Fennel ignored the napkin then almost climbed over the table as she extened her arm forward. Her hand was practically touching Brendan's face as the lemonade drops collected into a ball, she then withdrew her hand and flicked her wrist, sending the liquid into a nearby potted plant. She then sat back down in her seat. "Sorry."

Brendan waved his hand and said "Eh, I've dealt with worse." dismissing the matter.

Clara returned to the table and took her seat in her usual silence.

"Oh, hey Clara," Bob said, "We came to the conclusion that Harper was wrong about the grease."

Clara let out a sigh of relief, though it was a bit hard to tell with her vacant expression. Her relief was short-lived, however, as Harper opened her mouth, "But the robots could do something completely different, who knows?"

"God dammit," Clara covered her face with both hands.

"No, they don't do anything, and that's the end of it," Bob insisted.

"But what if the robots go a-" Harper was interrupted by a piece of paper in her face. Clara had gone around behind the obnoxious sister, pulled out what looked to be a coupon, and was practically smushing Harper's face with it.

"What the- What the heck is this!?" Harper yelped.

"A Harper-Shut-Up coupon. Dad gave it to me last birthday, remember?" Clara reminded as she took her seat, "If you talk for the rest of the day, I'll tell dad." Harper looked absolutely enraged, but could not disobey a rule set forth by her father.

"Oh hey look our food's here." Fennel said as a robot carrying a large number of dishes aproached the group's table. She was hoping that this would distract from the fact that she had sprayed water everywhere.

"...Your dad gave you a coupon specifically meant to keep your sister quiet for a day? What sort of word mess made that necessary?" Bob asked as the Omnic put his plate down in front of him.

"Harper ruined my birthday prior to the one when I recieved the coupon," Clara answered, her eyebrows actually furrowing some to display her anger. As the omni continued setting down the gorup's dishes, the other girls seemed a little uncomfortable at the mention of the subject. They simply ate their food as it was brought to them.

Fennel, Brendan and the pokemon took to eating almost immediately, the last few days has been partiuclarlly stressful and they hadn't had time to eat a proper meal recently. Parfait's dexterity with her feelers was rather impressive as she managed to use a fork and knife to eat the pancakes.

"How did she ruin your birthday enough to make you need a 'shut-up-Harper' coupon?" Bob asked, taking a fork-full of hashbrowns and eating it.

Harper shook her head to Clara, as if pleading with her to not tell the story. "Harper told everyone she read my diary, and found out exactly everything that I wanted for my birthday. Even dad sent out an expedition to the other side of the city to get some specific garbage she told them. I don't have a diary, by the way. The day of my actual birthday, there was a huge surprise party where I recieved gifts from every person... Gifts that I had absolutely no interest in. I wanted a computer. I wanted composition books. I wanted pens. I wanted a camera. I got none of that. You know who did like my presents, however?"

Clara slowly turned her head to glare at Harper, "She did. Now, of course, I accepted the gifts as to not offend anyone, but my dad could tell I wasn't excited... Even though I'm never very.. Expressive. He asked me what was wrong, in private, and I reluctantly told him that I didn't like any of my gifts, and I gave them to Harper since she seemed to take an interest in them. He told me how Harper informed the rest of the Hold about my 'diary' and what I 'really' wanted for my birthday. After telling him I don't have a diary, he put two and two together."

Harper was slumped over, obviously ashamed of what she had done. Even if she could speak, it was unlikely she would.

"Oh..." Bob said, a bit uncomfortable after listening to Clara's story. Quietly, he ate his breakfast.

Clara looked at him for a moment before stating, "Harper's bullshit has consequences, Bob. I don't want anyone believing her crap." With that, Clara began eating.

After a few moments, Tina let out a scream of terror. "THERE'S HOBO GREASE IN MY BURGER!" Other Denny's patrons looked over in shock.

"Tina, no, no, that's just regular resturant grease," Bob reassured, noting all the looks from the other customers.

"You said there wouldn't be any grease!" Tina cried out, on the verge of tears after having already taken a few bites out of the burger.

"I said there wouldn't be any hobo or robot grease or either," Bob said quietly, "It's okay. That grease isn't gonna kill you, its perfectly fine."

"Its just butter." Brendan said hoping that would ease Tina's worries.

"But Bob said it's grease!" Tina sobbed.

"It's another word for butter." Brendan said, the statement was true enough, maybe there was more oil bu

"Is it!?" Tina turned to Clara, who was seated on Tina's left.

Bob glared at Clara, subltely notifying her that now was not the time to correct him.

Clara stared at Bob, her mouth open slightly as she originally intended to tell Tina the truth, but was conflicted. "When... You... Cook food... Sometimes it.. Makes a little liquid... It... Is not hobo grease nor robot grease nor.. hobo robot grease." While it wasn't a very direct truth, it was, at least, not a lie.

"So it's just... Burger juice?" Tina asked worriedly.

"... Technically, yes," Clara nodded painfully.

"Oh.. Okay.. Thank you, guys.. I'm sorry for yelling," Tina apologized before resuming the consumption of her greasy burger.

Soon enough, the group finished their food and it was time to pay the check. Fennel then dug a bag out of one of the pockets of her combat skirt. "I-I can pay if you want. I think the material the Varian coins use should be valueable."

"No, I'm paying!" Ruby shouted, bumping her table as she quickly dug out a wad of cash and threw it at their omnic waiter's head.

"Ruby, that's not how you pay!" Bob scolded lightly.

"It is okay," The omnic assured, "I will collect the excess money as a tip for my services."

"Alright, I'm sorry about them," Bob continued to apologize, "They don't go out much."

The omnic collected the cash from the ground and left the table.

"Well... If they didn't hate humans before..." Jannet muttered, "They certainly do now."

"Yeah," Bob agreed somewhat, "I don't think we'll be the last to make them feel like that."

The omnic shortly returned with a to-go box containing Zoey's meal, placing it on a clean spot of the table. "We sincerely hope you enjoyed your meal, and hope you have a pleasant rest of your day. Thank you for coming to Denny's."

"Thank you!" Bob nodded, taking Zoey's food and leading the girls out of the restaurant and back towards their previous campfire.

And upon arriving to the campsite they would find Zoey...

Lounging in a lawnchair.

"O-Oh, hey g-guys!" Zoey called out. She had a glass of lemonade that was resting on the lawnchair beside her rear, with a very long straw reaching towards her mouth. She took a small sip and let out a satisfied sigh. More surprising was her pair of sunglasses and the golden crown upon her head.

"Hey! Brought you back some Denny's... Where'd you get the chair?" Bob asked as he walked up, setting the to-go box down next to the chair.

Brendan then opened a few more pokeballs unleashing Tabasco, a swampert and rotom. Brendan promptly gave the pokemon the remaining pancakes. Fennel then noticed that she seemed to be relativley ignored, she then spoke "Um, about ealier..."Fennel was then suddenly struck by more social akwardness as she was unsure of the best way to phrase what she wanted to tell Brendan "... Basically I told Jannet that I thought you were attractive, but then she misunderstood that and thought I wanted to go on a date." She then waved her hand, "Not that you're not attractive, it's, your not ugly and you had a nice jawline... um... what I'm getting at this that like, you're good looking all, but I'm not at home and it'd just make everything more complicated. Not that like I wouldn't go on a..." Fennel's ears and genral posture drooped as she finished "ugh, you know what I'm trying to say...right?"

Brendan took a moment to process what Fennel had just said. "Yeah, I think I understand. Don't worry about it, we can just act like it never happened. So where were you from again?" Brendan asked, trying to change the topic.

"The chair, Bob? Not the badass solid gold crown?" Zoey asked.

"Oh that's... that's solid gold?!" Bob exclaimed, "Now I'm even more confused. Where did you find this stuff?"

"Haha! You bet your ass it's solid gold.. And really heavy, take it off my head, please, I've been sitting here with it on forever waiting for you guys. It hurts."

"...I'm pretty sure you can take it off," Bob folded his arms, "It's not that heavy."


With a series of confirmatory shrill beeps, the Benefactor backed out tail-first vertically into the air, rotating ninety degrees towards the two, as the crown began to float above Zoey's head, before plopping onto the ground.

"GREETINGS/HELLO/SALUTATIONS." Ernie's three voices slurred together.

Bob stepped back at the sight of the sack-thing, before wincing at its loud gibberish. "The hell's that?!" Bob asked, confused.

"Ernie, lift me up and make me do the folding arm smug pose like we talked about," Zoey ordered. As demanded, Zoey rose up from her seat, though it was not of her own accords, as her arms were lifted into a fold, as if a she was a puppet on strings.

"Bob, everyone, meet Ernie. He does whatever I tell him to," Zoey declared smugly.


"'Temporarily' meaning as long as I'm alive," Zoey clarified.

"...Why can't you move?" Bob asked, squinting his eyes at Zoey.

"... Well.. I told Ernie to fuck me, but he was way too good at it.. And.. Yeah," Zoey answered.

Bob sighed, "So, you're gonna be stuck like this for how long?"

"It'll wear off and I'll be walking soonish," Zoey assured, "Gotta keep my legs sexy after all."

"Just... whatever," Bob sighed, walking away, "But if you're stuck in a wheelchair after this, we're getting rid of Ernie."

"Like hell we're getting rid of Ernie," Zoey huffed, "Look at how much he's dug out of the hole!"

The hole was most definitely different from when the group had left. It had transformed from a fifteen-foot drop, to one that descended so deep in a singular straight line that one could not see the bottom.

Eventually Fennel walked over to the hole in the ground, having not heard the first half of the converation. "So you found a robot?" she asked.

"Hell yeah. He can lift stuff with his mind too! It's like he's a robot and wizard all-in-one," Zoey proclaimed.

"Can it shoot lasers?" Fennel asked

"Hey, Ernie. Can you shoot lasers?" Zoey asked.


"Go find, like, a chaingun or something and stick it on yourself," Zoey ordered, "Put me back in my chair first, though."

Zoey gently descended back into her chair as the Benefactor zoomed off in search of a chaingun to attach to itself.

Wait... wait.. where did the Xinth's energy go? It's not there, it's not- Damnit.

Zoey took a long, deep breath, saying nothing. As much as she wanted to swear along with her wizard friend, she was done with looking like a nutjob infront of everyone else.

"So," Bob asked, "You find that evil down there?"

"Uhm.. Turns out that... It wasn't evil I was feeling... It was Ernie. And he wasn't underground, he was way over that.. Okay, I can't point, but he was over there," Zoey explained, "I get evil and robots mixed up sometimes."

"So you got robots and evil mixed up, along with underground and that away?" Bob asked.

"I'm fourteen-years-old. My gut isn't a state-of-the-art GPS, Bob," Zoey huffed.

Fennel shrugged "I mean you got a robot out of it."

"Yeah, I guess that's fair. But she did temporarily paralyze herself with it," Bob noted.

"It's gonna wear off, really... It was so worth it though, Bob," Zoey laughed, "Like.. You have no idea. I don't think anyone ever in the history of forever has had it that good."

Fennel caught on to what Zoey was getting on to, before she let out a meek "Please don't."

"Yeah, I'd rather not if it kept my legs in working order," Bob remarked, walking away, "And you'll be fine, now that Ernie's off doing whatever the hell you sent him off to do?"

"Hell y- Oh.. Oh no.. Bob! Help! I can't reach my lemonade! My straw fell out of the cup!" Zoey cried out.

While he knew he should have helped, He decided to keep walking, "Don't worry, you're gonna wear off!" he exclaimed with a chuckle.

"Don't worry, Zoey! I'll help!" Ruby declared, running past Bob.

"Oh thank god.. I can always count on you, Ruby," Zoey sighed. Ruby eagerly picked up the glass and tilted it into Zoey's mouth.

"O-Okay wait, Ru-" Zoey coughed lemonade onto Ruby.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry!" Ruby gasped, not caring about the lemonade on herself.

Zoey coughed a few more times, causing herself to fall off the side of her lawnchair with a yelp. Ruby continued to apologize profusely as she ran to Zoey's side.

Fennel then akwardly tried to place Zoey back in the lawn chair.

"Ugh... Hey.. Fox wizard, I don't think I got your name," Zoey remarked.

"Fennel" Fennel said expressing her name that was Fennel.

"Dope. Thanks for helping out earlier too with the hole," Zoey said

"Yeah, she's very nice. She has a super huge crush on Brendan, by the way," Ruby piped up. While she was not a malicious child, she did not appreciate Fennel stealing away her right to help Zoey off the ground.

"Wait, what!? Bread? You have a crush on that guy?" Zoey blinked.

Fennel's tail shot up once again, somehow her face took on a slightly redder hue. "I mean he's good-looking but I don't have a crush on him!" Fennel shouted. Her previous interaction with Brendan, was not helping her case.

"She was acting just like Jannet does around Bob," Ruby informed.

"Oh yeah, she totally has a crush on him, then," Zoey nodded.

"Do not!" Fennel shouted.

Meanwhile Brendan heard his name being mentioned and he shouted over "Y'all talking about me?"

Oh goodness, this does not look a good situation brewing. But hey, look on the bright side of all of this. Nobody's gonna take Zoey seriously about the evil thing, and we get away just fine!

Surprisingly, Jannet became frustrated with her etheral love interest. "She is my sister," Jannet hissed, making sure nobody was looking her way, "I don't want everyone else thinking she's crazy. I'm glad she was able to explain it away with that... Robot."

Yeah, I-uh... I guess you're right.

Moomek’s voice seemed defeated.

"... Speaking of which... If you aren't down there, does that mean you're free?" Jannet asked, her frustrated tone quickly changing to one of hope.

No, but it loosened up a tiny bit more of me. I'm... how do I explain... when I was put here, on Earth, I was transported from where I last was, and in that form... I was kind of spread really thin. Like, really] thin. Thin enough that releasing that tiny bit of me won't make them suspicious, and that I can get a little more intricate with the stick...

The black stick appeared, but this time it moved, flowing more in a waving motion .

"A-Ah! Ohhh.. Moomek..." Jannet moaned.

Ah, heck, I forgot that's where you were keeping it! Lemme just..

The form dissapeared, before reforming in her hand, squiggling about.

Ta-dah! I'm officially a bit mobile! It's not much, but until I can get the rest of me out of the ground, it'll have to do!

Jannet smiled as she looked down at the stick. "Well... I think it's plenty for now," She giggled suggestively.

I think I get what you mean, and already I say yes, even if I'm completely wrong.

"Oh, I'm sure you know what I'm thinking," Jannet giggled once more, taking another look around before slowly sliding the stick back into its hiding place.


"I don't get how you can have a crush on Bread though," Zoey remarked, "He's a dickhole."

"I don't have a crush on-..." Fennel cut herself off, she was caught off gaurd by the second comment. "... and he is not, well I don't really know atleast."

"He said he wanted to burn my dad alive," Zoey stated grumpily.

"Well I've wanted to burn someone alive before!" Fennel exclaimed,

"My point is, he said he was going to burn my dad alive. What the hell."

"Yeah, what the hell?" Ruby repeated.

"Maybe he was just really angry, people say things they don't mean all the time..."

"When you got angry at someone, did you threaten to literally burn their dad alive?" Zoey asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No... not really.” Fennel said in a defeated tone.

Zoey let out a sigh after a moment. "But.. I guess if you think he's hot.. It's fine if you just wanna bone him... I guess."

"I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT!" Fennel shouted, she was.

"... Okay, good. Because I actually would not have been cool with you boning him. He's an asshole," Zoey smiled.

"Well even if I did want to, it's not like now is a good time anyway!" Fennel responded.

"This is the best time, really," Zoey weakly shrugged, "All the stress and everything going on needs to be relieved somehow."

"Well maybe I don't want to make that sort of commitment when I've been trying to get back home for the last six months along!" Fennel quipped.

"Wait.. Commitment to what?" Zoey blinked, "I'm just talking about a quickie, you know?"

"That's a pretty serious step in a relationship" Fennel said Geez these girls were more messed up than she thought.

"Uhh.. Sure, if you say so.. Well, you could use Ernie, if you want. I can tell him to not go too hard on you.. That way you can still walk," Zoey offered, "And he's not really a.. 'He', just a robot."

"No! Why would you even- just-"

"I can feel your stress from here," Zoey remarked, "But seriously, if you don't wanna fuck Ernie, you don't gotta freak out." It seemed that, to Zoey, Fennel was the weird one in this conversation.

"That's not even why I'm upset." Fennel then stormed off with her footsteps leaving abnormally deep footprints. She then walked up to a tree and began punching it, with each impact the tree visibly shook, she was clearly using magic to applify the force exerted, as primal shouts of fury could be heard.

Speaking of the devil, as Zoey finished her remark about Fennel’s disinterest (and slight disgust) in fucking Ernie the Benefactor, the silent hovering machine returned to sight, floating rapidly towards the camp before stopping in less than a second next to Zoey, in its ‘hands’ a helicopter-mounted chaingun (it looked as if it were forcibly ripped from its previous placement, with wires still hanging from its base).

ERROR; This technology is incompatible with this unit’s systems or frame,” Ernie informed his Overseer, dropping the chaingun, allowing it to land with a thud mere inches away from Ruby’s feet, “Fitting of this object into this unit’s systems without proper retrofitting could result in unit DEATH/DESTRUCTION/TERMINATION. How do you wish to proceed, Overseer Zoey?

"Can't you just.. Stick it on yourself and use your mind powers to shoot it?" Zoey asked.

"Negative; Using this weapon in such a way will hinder this unit's efficiency," Ernie stated, "Solution; use gravitic manipulators in weapons usage."

Zoey was not sure what that meant, and she was really only concerned with, "But does that mean you can use the chaingun or not?"


"Shit," Zoey sighed.

"However," Ernie said, "Gravitic Manipulators are estimated to be more efficient weaponry."

"... Hmmm.... Prove it. Fuck up those trees over there," Zoey ordered, shakily pointing over to a cluster of foliage.

Two arms of the Benefactor, pointed towards the trees moved in opposite directions eachother. Within moments, one of the two trees was uprooted and pushed aside, while the other had a portion of its trunk burst into splinters. The Benefactor swiveled mid air to look down to Zoey again, awaiting her opinion.

"... Definitely better than the chaingun," Zoey sneered as Ruby looked on in awe.

"I wish I had an Ernie," She gasped.

"VERIFICATION: NOTED. Overseer Authority granted to Human, Female, 11, 'Ruby'." the Benefactor stated in its monotone voices, staring over Ruby.

"Woah, hold up, I didn't say you could make Ruby an overseer," Zoey piped up.

"Temporary Overseer Privileges cannot be restricted by Temporary Overseers," Ernie informed.

"It's okay, Zoey. I promise I won't tell him to do stuff without asking you first," Ruby swore, giving Zoey a hug.

"Thanks, Rub," Zoey smiled before speaking up to Ernie, "Hey, go get me a pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles- No- Two pumpkin spice lattes with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles."

The Benefactor let out a confirmatory bleep, before zooming off into the sky, towards the town they had just came from to grab what it had been demanded to obtain.

"I was gonna get you one, but Denny's didn't have lattes," Ruby lamented.

"I know, you tried," Zoey assured.

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After their fun together, Moomek seemed to have something on his mind besides the pleasuring of his Janet.

Hey Janet, can I ask you something... If a person’s done some bad things in their past... could you still care about them?

The way Moomek spoke made it clear that he was concerned of one thing or another, and that this question had some weight for him.

Jannet blinked. "Why.. Of course," She answered with a nod, "I mean.. For instance, my father has done some bad things, but... I still love him. Why do you ask?"

I... 've done some bad things. Really bad. And I... I wanna move past 'em, but I want to move past them with you.

"Oh, Moomek," Jannet swooned. She supposed it made sense why Zoey and her 'Poet' thing thought Moomek was evil considering whatever it was he had done in the past and the war he briefly mentioned, but if he wanted to move on, "You deserve a second chance... And... I'm... Glad I can help give you that."

Do I deserve a second chance, though? I haven't even told you what I've done, and you're already giving me it... Can I tell you?

"Of course you can," Jannet agreed.

So, you see, a long, long, long time ago, I was part of another race. We had crossed the gap from our old home into Tyvus, because our old home just wasn't enough. But Tyvus wasn't like most realms, who'd nurture and cherish life. Tyvus... hated life. His broken body couldn't hold it, or else he would begin to fade. So our presence in him made him furious. We tried to flee, but we couldn't. Tyvus had trapped us in his maw, ready to devour us whole... but he didn't.

Instead, he offered our leader a deal. The deal was simple: We could stay in him, Live in Tyvus, Be free of our old affiliations... but he had a demand of us. Whenever life grew too big upon his breadth, we, his newly titled 'angels', would go and strike it down, diminish it to a point that Tyvus deemed fair. Or... we die.

"Oh... I see," Jannet said in surprise.

So, we had to agree. What sane-bodied thing wouldn't to save their own lives? But this decision to become Tyvus' tallymen came at the cost of angering our old people. And this is where the Poet comes. He was also one of us, but after that terrible war, I don't know how he came to be as he is today. After we affirmed our dominion, I became Meprolin, second in command of the Xinth, and ensured we kept our deal with the Maw.

But eons passed, the cycles continuing on, I felt less and less about our actions, less empathy for the falling empires we collapsed. I was starting to take the views of Tyvus, and I still hate myself for that. But that's when what we thought was a saving grace came.

Tyvus had a sister realm. Her name was Rhya, the Golden Realm. She hated her brother, who sent great hordes of monsters to her lands. So, she rallied a great hero, gave him her sacred blade, and told him to rally an army the likes of which had never been seen, and take it to stab that blade straight through Tyvus' very soul. And you know what? Even after we were forced to fight him, they did. And we thought for a moment, we were free.

But then, we realized we weren't. You see, our souls, our original life energy... It had been long eaten away by Tyvus. We relied on him for the energy we needed to keep moving. And when he died, many of us... just stopped going. Turned to stone just like that. As the hero returned to Rhya a champion, Saruc, the leader of us all, enraged in all of his anger, lead us to find another source of life. Aureolum. But it was already inhabited. It had its own race of Guardians. Great, powerful beings who just wanted to nurture life. But us? We wanted nothing but their realm's soul for ourselves so we could live ourselves. And so we ran headfirst into another war, a war where both sides slowly collapsed under the works of the other. I was struck down by the Guardians, imprisoned on a barren world for thousands of years. I heard Saruc made it, had gotten the soul... but that was his prison. In the thousands of years, we had brought two realms to their ruinations. In the thousands of years of servitude, I began to see clearly again and... I wish I could've stayed there.

"That's... A lot to take in..." Jannet's mouth was agape as she processed everything she had been told.

I know, and I'm sorry, but... this would have had to come up eventually. Better now to just drop me here and move on.

"Moomek..." Jannet thought for a moment, "... I'm.. Glad you trust me enough to have... Told me all of that. And... I still want to give you your second chance. You're not that... Whatever you were back then... In the short time I've known you, you've... Made me so happy. I didn't know if I'd be able to find love, but.. I did... With you..."

I... Thank you, Jannet. I was terrified by the idea that, if I told you, you’d just leave me. Snap the stick and go. But... you’re not. And that makes me... happy.

"I'll never leave you," Jannet promised, "No matter what you've done in the past."


"Never," Jannet repeated, holding her hands close to her chest.

Thank you. I’ve been through so many places, so many bodies, so many times, it’s all a meaningless blur, when all’s considered. It’s... refreshing to know I have one sure thing in my life. You.

"Oh, Moomek.. You.. You always know what to say to get me.. Flustered," Jannet blushed. For her, this was all like a magical romance fantasy come true. "I.. I never thought I'd be so lucky... To have met you..."

I feel the same... say, can we just.. lay here for a bit? Look up at the sky for a while, together? It’s... relaxing.

"I'd love that," Jannet agreed, giving the ground a quick glance before bringing herself down. As she let out a comfortable sigh, she slid Moomek's stick from its hiding spot and placed it on her chest so they could both watch the sky.l

Haah... It's perfect. Everything is perfect at this moment. The sky, the clouds, you... everything.

"Oh, you..." Jannet giggled modestly, "I've... Always dreamed of a moment... Like this... Looking up at the clouds..."

I wish I could be here with you... y'know, all of me. But this little bit? It'll do.

The stick seemed to flex and bend, seeming to try and wrap its branches around Jannet, as if trying to snuggle with her.

Jannet gently rested a hand on the stick. "We'll find the rest of you soon enough..." She murmured peacefully.

I hope so... Then you won't need to carry me around and be scared people are gonna find me. It'll be a relief for the both of us.

"Well... At least it's not a burden hiding you," Jannet giggled.

I guess that's a plus. But if I keep getting all collected up, there's not a chance anywhere I'll fit anywhere on you to hide. But, we'll deal with that when it comes to be a problem. For now, I got no problems with this.

"... Say... Do you know where.. Your other parts are?" Jannet asked after a few moments of peaceful silence.

Well, they're all around us, actually. I'm spread thin and deep. It's slowly trying to seep up, so it's kind of helpful Zoey found that thing. It'll help the local me get out easier.

"Speaking of Zoey... Maybe we should try.. Talking to her? Convince her and the 'Poet' that you're trying to... Live a different life?" Jannet suggested.

I'm... not sure. From what I've heard, the Poet's pretty sure of himself on most things. Thinks he sees the future, or something along those lines. It's why he's called the Poet in the first place. He left big old monoliths all over Rhya to tell people his predictions. And when he couldn't make those anymore, he started making Poet-cults pop up to write his fortellings. A bit of a nutjob, if you ask me.

"Well... Then.. It's even more important we tell Zoey then. If the Poet can't be convinced... I at least don't want her listening to a 'nutjob'..."

I guess you're right... Yeah! Let's go talk to 'em. Make it clear that I'm not here to do anything bad.

Jannet gasped, quickly getting to her feet. "Great!" She exclaimed, "This is gonna be-" Jannet let out a quiet squeal as she made her way back to the campsite, "Oh, I've been wanting to tell someone about you for awhile now!"

Wait, you have? Huh.

"Well, of course," Jannet giggled, "How could I not?"

That's fair. It'd be fun to gossip.


"Mmmm.. Fuck, I love pumpkin spice lattes," Zoey moaned.

"Mhm!" Ruby agreed, sipping on the extra latte Zoey had ordered Ernie to retrieve.

Zoey, I feel it again! The Xinth, it is back, and coming closer quickly!

Zoey fell out of her lawnchair once again with yet another yelp. If not for her rabid love of pumpkin spice lattes driving her to practically inhale her drink, she would have spilled coffee all over herself.

"Zoey!" Ruby gasped, quickly helping her sister back up before any foxes could steal the opportunity from her, "Are you oka-"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Zoey waved Ruby away, taking a few tentative steps as she was helped up.

Jannet peeked out from behind a tree and called out, "Zoey! Zoey, could you come here, please?.. Um.. Alone?"

Zoey blinked. Hopefully whatever Jannet had to say wouldn't take too long. "Uh, Ruby, you have fun with Ernie. I'm gonna go see what Jannet wants," Zoey said, stumbling as she walked closer to Jannet. Ruby slowly turned to Ernie with a growing smile.

Zoey took a look around before stepping behind the tree with Jannet with a curious expression. "Uh.. What's up?"

"Okay.. I.." Jannet was interrupted by her own excited giggling, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. So.. I wanted to introduce you to someone.. Um... Now.. I know what you're gonna think when you see him, and.. Please, trust me when I say... He's not what you think..."

"Jannet what're you talking abo-"

Jannet held Moomek's stick in both hands with a wide smile. "... Jannet, that's a stick," Zoey blinked.

That's not a stick, Zoey. That's oozing with the void energies the Xinth carry. That's a fragment of one of the demons.

"... Are you kidding me!? A stick? That's what we've been trying to kill this whole time!?" Zoey snapped.

Keep going, Jannet. Poet's obviously told her it's me.

"His name is Moomek," Jannet informed, looking down at the stick, then back to Zoey, "It's.. Just a small piece of him, but he talks to me."

Moomek... of all the Xinth scum that could have come to infect us, there are two I would not have thought possible: Saruc the Serpent, or Moomek the Deception. Both are the worst of their kind. If this is Moomek, snap that stick now and weaken him NOW!

"Moomek the Deception?" Zoey repeated, "That's kinda lame.. Anyway, Jannet, I'm gonna have to snap that stick."

"W-Wait! Zoey! Please, I.. I know you have the.. Poet in your head.. And I know he's told you Moomek is evil, b-but.. He's trying to change!" Jannet swore, "He regrets what he did!"

A Xinth cannot change, Zoey! They are soulless monsters who work only to move towards their own goals; to suck the life out of world after world.

"Yeah, my guy says your guy is a huge dickhead. Or- Well my guy actually said your guy is a 'soulless monster' and he sucks the life out of worlds," Zoey argued.

"Not anymore! Moomek told me everything about his past! All the bad things he's done.. He wants to change, Zoey, I swear! All he needs is to be given a second chance, a new, fresh start!" Jannet begged,

Everything? Ask her what he told her. I'm curious as to how much he altered how it truly happened.

"Alright, tell me what he told you, then," Zoey ordered, folding her arms.

"Is that okay, Moomek? That I tell her?" Jannet asked for privacy's sake.


And so, Jannet retold Moomek's tale to Zoey, occassionally stuttering and pausing to remember certain details, but overall delivered the same content. "... And he regrets all of it. All of the terrible things he did."

Abboleth was silent for a moment.

All of that was true.

"So... I don't break the stick?" Zoey asked.

Give them a chance, I say. One wrong thing, snap it into as many pieces as you like.

"Sweet, Abbo says you're good, but if whatshisface screws up, I gotta snap him," Zoey informed.

"Oh, thank you!" Jannet cried out, scooping Zoey up into a hug, "Y-You hear that, Moomek?"

I hear it, and I'm... I'm happy.

"This is great! And.. And.. Oooh!" Jannet squealed. Her heart was racing during her recounting of Moomek's story, and she was estatic to hear both Zoey and the Poet were willing to give him a second chance.

As soon as Zoey was let down, she smugly joked, "So how's fucking a stick?"

"Oh, it's.. er-... Quite nice, actually."

Zoey's smile instantly vanished. "Wai- Wha," She stuttered out.

Oh, I don't think she has room to talk after banging that robot, right? I mean, you can still walk after we're done.

Jannet giggled, "That's true."

"Wait.. What's true?... What's he saying!?" Zoey demanded.

"Oh, nothing," Jannet lied.

"Tell me!" Zoey whined.

Tell her. I wanna see her reaction.

"Moomek was just saying how little room you have to talk.. After you had sex with 'Ernie'... And how at least I can walk when me and Moomek are done," Jannet sneered.

"Well- The only reason I couldn't walk is because it felt so good! Good luck getting that from a stick," Zoey sneered back, "... Plus, you fucked a stick."

And she banged a robot with zero sex appeal.

"And you banged a robot with zero sex appeal," Jannet repeated.

"It's like using a sex toy!" Zoey huffed, "A really, really good sex toy."

Hmph. I guess she wins... for now.

"She usually does," Jannet remarked.

"I usually what?"

"Be a huge brat," Jannet giggled.

"Hmph... I'm gonna go play with Ernie and Ruby," Zoey harrumphed, stomping away.

Well... That went a lot better than I thought it’d go. You think they’re gonna keep their word?

"I'm sure Zoey will," Jannet nodded, "Sometimes she can be a bit... Dishonest, but... She cares about all of us. I don't think she'll do anything bad."

Okay... That’s relieving. I hope the Poet doesn’t try and sway her back out of this. From a case like him, it’s only natural... but I’m sure we’ll be fine as long as we stick our necks out for each other.

"Whatever it takes," Jannet beamed.

...You’re the best, Jannet.

"No, you're the best," Jannet giggled.

No, you’re the best! I insist, you are!

"But... How can I be the best.. When you're already the best?"

But how can I be already the best when you’ve always been the best?

"Because..... You're the best," Jannet snickered.

I think we can come to a conclusion here:... You’re the best.

Some feet away, the sound of somebody vomitting could be heard. Jannet peeked out from behind her tree to see Clara some feet away, likely snooping. Unfortunately for Clara, the one-sided level of bullshit she was enduring made her sick to her stomach, and she threw up.

"C-Clara? Are.. Are you okay?" Jannet gasped.

"... No," Clara muttered, escaping with a hand over her stomach.

What’s her problem?

"Hmm, maybe her food was undercooked," Jannet theorized.

Or maybe she can’t handle a little love-talk.

"That sounds like her," Jannet giggled.

How much of that do you think she was there for?

"Knowing her... Probably most of it," Jannet mused, "She's always wanted to be an archivist for the Hold, so... She snoops a lot."

Sounds about right. The discussion at breakfast made her seem to remember everything to the tee, so I’m sure she’ll be having nightmares about our fun.

Jannet giggled. "Maybe... Though.. They might not be nightmares.... It's hard to tell with her."

She was vomiting over it. I’m sure it’s going to be at least one bad dream.

"Good point."

Yeah... Oh! I think there’s some more of me coming together right now.

As Moomek said this, the stick shifted and turned, before floating above Jannet’s hand, turning its blunt end as if it were a head.

It’s slowly coming together. Now, I’m pretty sure I can start shifting shapes if I can float any.

"Oooh! Lemme see," Jannet requested with a wondrous look in her eyes.

The stick then quickly took the shape of a sphere, before shifting into a cylinder, then into a square, then back into the stick.

I can take more complex shapes, but they’re hard to keep up with this amount of me.

"So.. It takes energy to maintain a shape?"

Some, but not much at all. In fact, I think I may have enough to try something...

The stick disappeared, before Jannet would feel something inside her panties.

Take a look.

Jannet blushed as she used her thumb to pull the waist of her pants open and see what Moomek had done. It looked as if there were a black sheen on the inside of Jannet’s panties, encompassing their entire breadth against her skin in a thin layer. However, it was obvious that it was not attached to the panties, but Moomek’s surprise.

Eh? What’ya think? Skin tight, perfect adjustment, never need to change them... and we can have fun as we go.

"It's.. It's perfect..." Jannet bit down on her lip as she examined the 'panties'. Everything Moomek said was appealing to her.

Well, I’m glad you’re happy with them. Took me a bit to think of what I’d do with my abilities when I got them back, but this? This was the best yet. Thoughts? Complaints?

"I love it," Jannet answered, a hand resting on her cheek as she admired Moomek's handiwork.

Good... I made the right choice for the best girl.

"Please, I'm not the best girl," Jannet modestly waved her hand.

How are you not the best?

"Well, I mean... I know you said you don't mind my chest, but.. It's just.. Not womanly... And I'm too skinny... And.. I'm.. Awkward and...There are just.. Better girls," Jannet sighed.

Jannet, please. I’ve seen plenty of human bodies, and yours? Yours is by far the most perfect I’ve seen. And your personality is what makes me think you’re great

"Oh, come on.. You're just flattering me," Jannet shook her head as she leaned against the tree, "Barely an A-cup is not perfect... Neither is stuttering.. Or.. Pausing all the time."

Jannet, beauty doesn’t have to be defined by complexity, size of your breasts or any of that. To me, the most beautiful things are the more simple looking ones, the ones that don’t need voluminous chests to make their points that they’re pretty. And as I said... I like the little imperfections in you. The little stutters are cute, if you ask me.

"Cute?" Jannet blushed, "I.. Thank you, I.. Never heard that- Er- It being cute- The stuttering..."

It means you think about what you say, instead of just blurting it out. And someone who thinks is someone I can adore.

With a thunderous crack the tree that Fennel had been punching finally snapped and fell to the ground, She let out one last primal shout of fury, before brushing some leaves off of her clothes.

Jannet looked out from behind her tree once more, deciding to walk over and see what had thrown Fennel into such a fit. "Hey, Fennel!" She greeted happily, yet warily incase Fennel was still enraged.

Fenne's ear's flicked towards Jannet before she let out a much calmer "Hey Jannet." as she picked a few leaves out of her hair.

"Umm.. If.. You don't mind me asking.. Why were you punching the trees?"

"Because Ruby and Zoey were all like, ‘You got a crush on Brendan. Why don't you sleep with him? Why don't you sleep with this robot?'" Fennel complained as she tried to immitate Zoey's voice.

"She asked you to have sex with the robot?" Jannet asked incredulously.

Fennel folded her arms and huffed indignantly, "Yes."

"Oh.. Um... I'm... Sorry to hear that you've.. Had to deal with them," Jannet apologized.

"Do you have an estimate of how long they are going to keep that up?" Fennel questioned.

"Zoey will find something else about someone else to make fun of," Jannet assured, "She, uhm.. Likes to tease people... Push their buttons a bit."

"Well at least it wil let up soon enough then." Fennel replied.

"So.. Um.. On a semi-related note," Jannet smiled, feeling the urge to gush about Moomek rising, "I met a man recently and we've... Really hit it off."

Fennel raised an eyebrow in curiosity "Who? The only guys here are Bob and Brendan." Fennel asked.

"Well, he's... Not entirely here at the moment," Jannet tried to explain, "It's.. A long story. What matters is he is amazing... And, like.. Not just him being great is.. Great, but we just.. Mesh really well. All of the things about me that I thought were.. Unattractive, he finds attractive!"

Fennel's ears laid flat against her head as she narrowed her head. "That seems like a bit, fishy." Fennel said, her tone was clearly suspisious "I mean there's finding a decent bit cute, but everything just seems... off."

"I have a bit of a hard time believing it myself, but he insists," Jannet swooned.

"I mean, it sounds manipulative. Like they have some motive."

"What? No," Jannet scoffed, completely waving away the notion, "Moomoo's way too sweet for that."

"Moomoo... what is he a cow?" Fennel inquired.

"Oh, sorry," Jannet giggled, "That's a..  I-I just blurted that out.. His name is Moomek."

"Sounds... wizardy. I don't really trust wizards, they're always up to no good." Fennel added.

"... Aren't you a wizard? I saw you using magic earlier," Jannet remarked.

"I think in Varie we were classed as adventurers. Wizards are more high level stuf, We've had bad run ins with them is all." Fennel said with a wave of her hand.

Trust me when I say you can’t really compare wizards to things like Xinth. We’re like... a step above any of the strongest ‘wizards’.

"Moomek says he's far beyond a wizard anyhow," Jannet shrugged before quickly adding, "Er- Uhm.. He can.. Speak into my mind... Telepathy."

"Sounds awful egotistical... Ew mind readers, I don't like people in my head, it's like they only real privacy you get." Fennel said as she started walking away from the woods.

"Mm.. I don't mind," Jannet smiled.

"I mean couples need to be apart some times. I mean you need to be able to judge if a relationship is healthy. Just be careful." Fennel added before wandering off.

"... Hmph, what does she know anyway," Jannet harrumphed.

Fennel's ear swiveled around as she called back "I heard that." in a sing song voice.

Egotistical? Bah! You know how strong my kind are, right? I’m just stating the truth!

"Exactly. It's not egotistical if you're just.. Stating facts," Jannet agreed, "Hmm.. I think Zoey has said the same thing before."

What’d she say it about?

"Uhm... I can't quite recall... I think it was something about her sex skills... That or her hair.. One of the two," Jannet mused.

That sounds about right for Zoey, from what I’ve seen.

"YOU BETTER NOT BE TALKING ABOUT ME!" Fennel called once again, the increased distance between her and Jannet along with the younger girls tone made it harder for her to understand what was being said.

"I'm talking about Zoey!" Jannet called out before taking a quick look around to make sure Zoey didn't hear her. Thankfully, it seemed Zoey was out of sight, as was Ruby and Ernie. Jannet then lowered her voice once more to speak with Moomek, "To be fair... She is... Very skilled... At least.. Compared to me."

Still, she’s a bit pompous about it. I’m not saying she needs to be taken down a notch, but she definitely needs to learn humility.

"I can agree with that," Jannet nodded, "I feel as if... She was given more... Attention from our father."

Ah, she was the favorite, I’m gonna guess?

"I don't.. Maybe... Of all of our group, if anyone were to... I don't want to say replace but... Fill our father's role... It would be her... And.. I think he recognized that," Jannet elaborated.

So she’s his ‘rightful heir’, so to say? That if he doesn’t come back, she’s gotta take the mantle of responsibility he held?

"Well.. It was never made official, but... I think that was his intent."

Well, that doesn’t seem right; you’re the oldest of his children, or at least the ones here, yes? You’re the most mature of the children (save for Clara). You deserve that mantle and the power to do whatever you please with it.

"O-Oh, no.. I-I.. I wouldn't want that," Jannet assured, "I'm not.. Qualified for that kind of thing anyway."

How so?

"It's.. I don't think I would enjoy it.. Plus a leader needs to.. Be able to speak well. Have.. Charisma and.. Confidence. Plus... Devotion to our father's... Ideals. Zoey definitely fits all of those criteria and then some."

Hmm... what are his ideals? What does he believe in that makes Zoey such a better candidate?

"Well... The fact that I... Question my father.. Say he may have been.. Delusional.. Already rules me out... But.. Like I said.. I don't know if I'd enjoy a.. Leadership position like that anyway..."

Jannet, you would not believe what leadership can do. It gives you a strength over others you never had before. But if you’re not wanting your dad’s position, I’m sure there’s other opportunities just waiting to be taken.

"I'm... I'm fine with... Following someone else.. Really," Jannet insisted, toying with her hair.

Jannet, you gotta take Initiative in your life. Just being a follower doesn’t let you make the same choices or have the same freedoms of being your own leader.

"I'm.. I'm fine with that.. I mean.. If I don't like who I'm following.. I can.. Just pick a different leader, I suppose. I'm content with servitude.."

You don’t want to make your own choices? Be your own person? Live your own life?

"I-I mean.. I can still be my own person... I've followed Zoey all this time, and... Sure, there are some.. Restrictions... But I wouldn't want her role... Having to direct people and... Deal with all the stress... Confrontation..."

...I can see that. Being Meprolin, I always had underlings contesting my position, testing my patience, and actively going against my orders. It was a stressful role I took, but at the time, it was either me, or one of the many morons who thought they’d do it better.

"Well.. I.. I'm sure you were a great leader," Jannet smiled, forgetting exactly who Moomek was leading and what for in the midst of her swooning.

I... Thanks. It means a lot.

"Of course," Jannet nodded.

Meanwhile, Fennel had walked over to Brendan where his Pokémon were still eating their pancakes. Fennel looked at Tabasco. "So what's this one called?" Brendan looked at Fennel for a moment before answering "That's Tabasco, He's a Charizard. He's normally pretty mellow, but when he's upset, hoo boy, he is mighty hard to deal with." Fennel looked at the drake for a moment, "How do you get him to listen to you?"

"Well, I'm his trainer, so I mean we have a sort of deal where I help him become stronger. Also the fact that I raised him from an egg helps" Brendan replied.

"Oh, that's neat. The dragons I've run into were generally much less friendly." Fennel said as she took notice of the creatues flaming tail.

Tabasco was quite confused, he was unsure as to what Fennel was exactly, if she was some sort of pokemon, a human or somesort of mix. Parfait was watching this female with a glare. She was unsure if it was trying to take her spot as lead pokemon or Flannery's spot in Bread's heart. Either way, Parfait was not having any of it.

"Are you two gonna have babies?" Tina asked from atop Tabasco, peering down at Brendan and Fennel.

Fennel once again reacted in surprise, and said, "NO!"

Brendan, also caught off guard, as he stammered out a "N-no. I mean no offense but she's not really my type. I mean, she's not ugly, but I ah just don't you know."

Tina blinked. "... Oh, okay," She nodded before returning to laying down on the Charizard, effectively disappearing from sight.

Fennel, being flustered, said "Why don't you bother one of your sisters for awhile."

Fennel decided to walk away from the trainer as to avoid any more awkwardness, she noticed one of the the girls trying cook something in a pot over the fire. Figuring this was a good enough escape, Fenel sat on the log next to girl and said "Hello. What was your name again?"

"Elizabeth!" Proclaimed she as she stirred a pot of... Something. It was odd for her to be cooking so soon after the group just ate. There seemed to be a few chunks of meat sloshing around in a thin, red paste.

"Whacha doin' there, Elizabeth?" Fennel asked as she looked at the pot.

"Making food. I don't know what it is, I'm just trying something new," Elizabeth answered, "I got some of the others to find some squirrels for me and some veggies." One would notice a bloody pile of what was presumably squirrel skin.

"Squirrels. I've had squirrel a few times in Varie. Did you skin it yourself? It looks fairly clean." Fennel commented.

"Thank you! I skinned a bunch of stuff back home with our moms," Elizabeth stated with pride, "I'm gonna be the best cooker ever!"

"Moms?" Fennel asked, it hadn't occured to her that, for the most, part these girls were halfsiblings. She didn't really take the time to question earlier, but it made sense given some of Jannet's comments.

"Mhm, we have lots of moms. I used to hang out with the ones that cooked stuff mostly," Elizabeth answered, continuing to stir her pot.

Trying to relate, Fennel spoke "Yeah, I guess I have two moms. I don't really know my real mom though."

"Wait.. Why?" Elizabeth blinked, "Like.. You don't know one of your moms at all?"

"Not really, I was adopted when I was really young, I don't remember much before then. Mom, Dad, and Ryle never made me feel like I didn't belong. I've been curious about my real mom, but I'm almost afraid to look into it sometimes." Fennel said as she looked into the flames.

"Hm... None of us know which one of our moms is our.. 'Real' mom. All of them raise us," Elizabeth remarked.

"Seems strange they wouldn't tell you, but I guess they have their reasons." Fennel mused.

"I don't think our moms even know," Elizabeth mused before squinting at her soup. She lifted the wooden spoon she was using to stir the pot with and gave it a sip. After a big smile found its way on her face, she offered the spoon to Fennel, "Try it!"

Fenne then took a sip of the soup, and paused a second to think about it's flavor. "It's pretty good. if you had just a little but of thyme it would be." she then made an okay sign with her hand and clicked her tounge. "But aside from that that's the only thing I would really change."

"I wish there were spices and stuff here. The Hold had all sorts of spices and everything to cook with!"

"Did you guys have saffron, mmm that stuff is good." Fennel commented.

"Mhm! We had a bunch of every spice," Elizabeth nodded, "Dad didn't want us to run out of anything ever."

Fennel then noticed that the pot was about to boil over. "Ahh, I got that.!" The Lavurnian exclaimed before making a downward swiping motion with her hand causing the flames to die down abit, bringing the stew to a boil.

"Thanks," Elizabeth beamed,though her smile soon began to fade, "... I should've waited to make this. Everyone's full off of that... Dumb food. I could've made better food than Denny's did."

Fennel laughed "Yeah, Denny's isn't that great. I bet you would get along with Ryle, he's quite the chef."

"Is he a fox person too?" Elizabeth inquired before sipping on her soup some more.

"No, he's a normal human. He's tall, blond, he's packed on a lot more muscle since he started swinging a sword around." Fennel said.

"I like him already," Elizabeth smiled.

A ding went off and Fennel took her phone out of one of the pockets of her skirt. "Oh hey it's done updating." Fennel then unlocked the phone and started scrolling through the photos stored on its internal memory. Eventually she flipped to an image showing the Laviturnians and another figure with a confused expression on her face, waving at the camera. Fennel then handed her phone to Elizabeth, "Yeah here's a good one."

"Wow!... Does he have a girlfriend?" Elizabeth asked. Unlike Jannet's desperate, obsessive demeanor, Elizabeth's query seemed a lot more innocent, leaning more towards a sudden child-crush.

"Oh that's Serina, she's a just a friend. She helped us learn how to use magic." Fennel replied.

"So Ryle is single?"

"Yeah, none of us really bothered with dating while we were in Varie, oh" an almost devilsh grin then drew itself across Fenne's face. as she whispered "Does somebody have a crush?"

Elizabeth blushed and returned to stirring her soup. "Nuh-uh," She shook her head.

"It's okay I won't tell anyone, but I might need a favor from you later." Fennel quipped in an almost teasing tone.

"Hmph... Fine," Elizabeth pouted childishly, "It's just because he's good at cooking, that's all."

"I'm not going to hold it over your head like Zoey would. I just think it's cute." Fennel remarked.

Elizabeth's pout intensified. "I'm not cute," She argued, continuing to stir her soup. Unfortunately for her, she fell into the trap every cute-denying adorable child falls into... Denying her cuteness only made her cuter.

Fennel cupped her face as she said,“Oh but now you're denying it, that only makes it all the cuter.” she then tapped the nose of the younger girl with an audible "boop.”

"I don't wanna be cute. I just wanna cook," Elizabeth huffed, her face scrunching up at the booping of her nose.

Fennel looked at the pot, and noticed that it still needed some time to simmer before being done. "You know we have some time to kill before that's done. and I think I have an idea." Fennel said with a mischievous tone.

"What?" Elizabeth blinked.

"Why don't we play a prank on Brendan" Fennel remarked.

"Like what?" Elizabeth asked curiously.

"Anything really, everyone seems to think I have a crush on him." Fennel remarked.

"You don't have a crush on him?"

"He's just got a good jawline." Fennel remarked.

"Oh... Hmm... If you don't tell anyone I like Ryle, I'll help you prank Brendan," Elizabeth offered.

"Deal" Fennel said as she extended a hand forward.

Elizabeth eagerly shook Fennel's hand, glad to have her new secret kept safe.

"Alright, so here's the plan" Fennel said as she started drawing in the dirt.


After a few minutes Fennel was walking towards Brendan, "Oh hey Bren-" The Laviturnian abruptly fell down and started clutching her leg. "Ouch."

Brendan didn't really question this as Fennel seemded to be a klutz so far. The trainer appoached her and crouched to help her back up. "Are you okay?" He asked.

Fennel then looked up as she extended her hand  "Yeah I think I'll be just FINE!" a gust of wind hit the trainer, knocking his hat off his head.

Elizabeth, as quiet as a nine-year-old could, snatched the hat as it fell down and ran as quickly as she could. It took biting down on her own lip to keep from laughing.

Fennel seeing that her accomplice had taken the head gear, sprang up and dashed away after the girl. Giggling could be heard as until she started slowing down maybe a hundred feet or so away."

Once the two reunited, Elizabeth was giggling equally as much. "Here, here!" She exclaimed, handing the hat to Fennel, "What're we gonna do with it?!"

Fennel caught a whiff of the bat and commented, “You know I expected this to smell worse.“ She then mused, “We could probably give it to one of your sisters to hold on to”

"I volunteer," Clara said as she walked right between Fennel and Elizabeth, snatching the hat without so much as another word or glance towards either of them as she walked away.

"Wh- Wa- Where did," Elizabeth looked in the direction Clara came from, then to Clara walking off, "Were you spying on us!?"

"Yes," Clara called back as she kept walking.

“Oh geez anyone but her.“ Fennel groaned, he had gotten the bser and the one that couldn't stand the others garbage mixed up.

After a bit of walking, Clara approached Bob with Brendan's hat in hand. "Hey, Bob," She called out, "I need to talk to you."

"Oh, hey Clara. Sure, I can talk," Bob nodded, "What's up? What do you need?"

"First, give this hat to Harper and tell her I said she has to wear it," Clara requested, placing the hat in Bob's hands, "Second, Jannet has fallen in love with an otherworldly being she only recently met, and it seems to be winning her over through flattery. It can apparently talk to her inside her mind, and has shapeshifted itself into what I think is a pair of panties. It was hard to tell, but that's what I assume."

"What... so... an telekinetic alien turned into her panties?" Bob needed clarification for the strange statement Clara had made.

"More importantly, I personally feel as though it is abusing her desperate and obsessive nature, considering how quickly she's fallen in love with it and how she gushes about it complimenting her," Clara replied, "I'm worried for her."

"Yeah, that's definitely concerning," Bob agreed, "Listen, I'll talk to Jannet about it and see what I can do. And... why do you have Brendan's hat?"

"I took it from Elizabeth and Fennel who took it from Brendan. I'm guessing it was a prank, so by giving it to Harper, she'll take the fall for it all," Clara answered, "as she can't speak to defend herself against any accusations of her stealing the hat."

"O-kay..." Bob thought with an incredulous expression, "I'll... I'll do that."

"Thank you," Clara nodded before walking off, leaving Bob be.

Bob said nothing else, letting out a confused "Uh..." as he examined the hat and thought of exactly what to do with it.

"Hey, Jannet!" Bob greeted as he found the girl after some difficult searching, "How are you doing?"

"I've never been better," Jannet answered happily, "What do you need?"

"I, uh... I heard about your friend," Bob stated, "Can we talk about that? Alone?"

"Oh, you mean Moomek.. Um.. I don't know.. He's kind of.. In my head.. I think," Jannet said, "Um, Moomek, are you able to give Bob and I a moment, please?"

Oh, yeah, of course!

With that, the form of Moomek appeared in front of Jannet, having removed itself from where it had been before, slowly floating away.

After Moomek had gone a good enough distance, Bob turned back to Jannet, "I talked with Clara about it, and... we both agree that this Moo-guy... just doesn't seem right."

Jannet's smile left her. "... What do you mean?" She asked with concern.

"I mean, from what I've heard, he's complimenting everything about you. Nobody does that, Jannet, unless they want you for something," Bob asserted.

"What? Maybe he just really likes me," Jannet argued, "What are you trying to get at?"

"I'm saying that maybe he isn't so enamored with you, and more just using you for his own motives," Bob answered, "I mean, name one time he has not flattered you when he had the chance."

Jannet took a few moments to collect her thoughts and formulate a sentence, as she did not want a single pause interrupting what she had to say, "How dare you? You reject me, tell me I'll find somebody else, and when I do find someone that loves me, loves everything about me that I didn't think anyone could love, you say he's just manipulating me? Do you just not want me to be happy, Bob? Is that it?" Despite her angry tone, Jannet looked to be on the verge of tears halfway through what she had to say.

"That's not what I want, Jannet," Bob said sternly, "I just don't want you to get hurt. I mean, what if he is just using you, huh? What happens when he's done with you, you've done all he needs, and he dumps you aside? Or worse?" While he was trying to keep a strictness to his expression, it was obvious that he was getting emotional.

"What if he isn't using me!? What if someone actually loves me!?" Jannet cried out with clenched fists and shaky breaths.

"If he actually does... then I'd be happy for you," Bob admitted, "But what has he done, other than show up and tell you you're pretty again and again? What has he done that isn't coddling and just flattery? I need to know, Jannet."

"He's trusted me! He's told me personal things about himself!" Jannet answered, "And.. He makes me happy! What do you want from him!?"

Bob began to open his mouth to respond, but stopped for a moment, before continuing. "I want him to really show that he loves you," Bob said, "Whispering sweet nothings in your ear doesn't show that to me. It shows me he's just wanting to get on your side. To make you trust him."

"And how is he supposed to show you that he loves me? What does love even mean to you if you.. Reject it just because of a stupid number?!"

Bob closed his eyes, sighing shortly. He knew that Jannet hadn't gotten over his rejection the night before, and had been thinking about it ever since, "Sometimes... yeah, rejecting it does show that they love them... But that was different than this, Jannet, and you know that."

Jannet stood there for a moment, her anger dissipating as she just silently cried. "H-He... He makes me happy, Bob... Please.. Don't try to take that away from me..."

"I don't want to, Jannet," he said solemnly, putting a hand on her shoulder, "But I don't know what else to do here. I just don't wanna see you get hurt."

"Just... Just let it be," Jannet requested, reluctantly turning her shoulder away from Bob.

Bob pulled his hand back slowly, a regretful frown on his face, "You know I can't do that, Jannet."

"Moomek! Moomek, let's go. Bob and I are done talking!" She called out, her sentence ending in a whimper as she began walking away, rubbing her arms.

Fluttering back, Moomek rushed to Jannet, dissapearing as he appeared again as her underwear.

Bob wanted to I something more, wanted to do something... but he just couldn't muster up what he wanted. With a less-than-happy huff, he turned back towards the campsite, looking to try and think about the situation.

So... how did it go?

"I don't want to talk about it," Jannet answered tersely, rubbing at her eyes.

Alright. That's fine.

"He tried telling me you're just using me!" Jannet cried out, talking about it anyway, "That that's why you've been so nice to me!"

What? That's ridiculous! Why would I even do that?

"That's what I said! He thinks that.. Just because you've said you like so much about me.. That you're just.. Flattering me! Trying to get my trust!" Jannet yelled with frustration, sitting down on the ground behind a tree.

He... He just doesn't get it! Love! I mean, he rejected you, and now he wants to trample all over us because he just has a feeling?!

"Exactly! Thank you! Ugh..."

Man, just... just screw him! We don't need him telling us what love is and isn't!

"Y-Yeah! He.. He has no business trying to.. Drive a wedge between us!" Jannet agreed.

Yeah! We gotta find a way to stick it to him good on this! He's gotta know that we mean business!

"Like how?" Jannet asked, a little excited.

He doesn't want to deal with us? Fine. Let's play that game and go.

Jannet's eyes widened in surprise. ".. G-Go? You mean.. Leave?"

Yeah. If he can't accept what we have, then why bother with him? If he's going to be lording over you about this as long as you're here, why not just leave? We'll live without him. We can do all the things we wanna do. We can see the world, do anything because we left that guy in the dirt. Doesn't that sound great?

"I-I.. I'm.. It does sound nice, but.." Jannet pasued, "I.. I don't know though... I'd be leaving my sisters behind..."

Jannet... throughout the entire time I've been with you, not once have I seen your sisters do one nice thing for you. Not once. Instead, I've seen them belittle you, make fun of you, and now, tattle that you're with me to Bob. Why would you want to stay with that?

"I-I.. I don't know..." Jannet thought the proposition over. Sure, she was teased a lot, but she did love her sisters. "W-Where would we even go?"

Anywhere we wanted, Jannet. That's the beauty of it. We don't need to worry about where to go, how to get there, and all the demands that this trip's got. We would make the destinations.

"It's.. I like the sound of it, but... Still.. My sisters... I would just.. I'd feel horrible leaving them like that..."

Jannet... do you really just want to sit here and grovel for the sake of others who practically spit on you? Who want to deny you true love and continue to mock you because of it? Because I know I don't want that for you. But do you?

"... No... No I don't want that," Jannet slowly shook her head, "... I.. I want to leave some kind of note, at least... So they don't worry too much..."

That's fine. They shouldn't need to worry. You're all under a lot of pressure already.

"You're leaving?" Came a wavering, monotone voice.
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Jannet gasped, quickly standing to her feet and seeing Clara stepping out from the other side of the tree she was hiding behind. "C-Clara.. Where did you.. How long-"

"Why would you leave us?" Clara asked with tears in her eyes. Not even she could keep up her usual deadpan expression, "Did he tell you to!?"

"Clara- I-I.... Look.. I'm.. I.." Jannet stammered, unsure of what to say to Clara's face.

"You just met 'Moomek'! We're your sisters!" Clara cried out, "And you're.. You're abandoning us!?"

"Clara, please.. I still love you- All of you... I just..."

"Don't give me any bullshit! If you wanna leave, then go! You don't need to leave a stupid note, I'll tell everyone," Clara snapped.

"Clara.. I-I don't wanna leave like this.. Upsetting you..."

"And you thought leaving us a note would've made everything okay!?"

"O-Okay, I'm not leaving, I pro-"

"Shut up!" Clara shouted, "Just leave! Go!"

Jannet gulped, wanting to say something more, but could come up with nothing more than, "O-Okay.. I.. I love you, Clara.. I love all of y-"

"JUST GO AWAY!" Clara screamed, turning away from Jannet.

Jannet reluctantly turned away as well, the two slowly walking away from each other, both crying. "I-I... I feel like I'm making a mistake, Moomek," Jannet whimpered.

Trust me, Jannet. You're not. It's a shame she had to hear it for herself, but we can't change that now. If we're going to leave, we need to now or else we'll never hear the end of it. And he'll split us apart...

Jannet nodded, though she was still unsure. Of course, she would still have Moomek. If he seemed confident that things would work out, then she had to have a little faith too.

We're going to be fine, Jannet. We'll make it on our own and do it fine.

"O-Of course... I trust you, Moomek.." Jannet nodded.

And I trust you back. And together, trust is gonna take us a long way.


Fenenl watched Clara from a distance before directing a question to Elizabeth "She's not the liar is she?"

"What? No, she hates liars. Harper is the one that lies all the time," Elizabeth answered.

"Oh good that means this shouldn't blow out of proportions." Fennel commented.

"What do you mean?" Elizabeth blinked.

"I imangine if it were Harper she would make this whole prank thing some sort of desprate attention seeking move on my part." Fennel remarked.

"Attention from who? Brendan?"

"He's the only one with that hat." Fennel snarked.

"... Now what do we do?" Elizabeth asked.

"That stew should be done simmering by now." Fennel suggested as she headed back to the fire.

Elizabeth let out a gasp. "I forgot all about it!" She cried out, dashing past Fennel and nearly falling onto the ground as she stopped herself near the pot. Thankfully, the concoction Elizabeth threw together still smelled and, after a quick test with the spoon, tasted delicious.

"Phew," Elizabeth sighed, resuming her stirring of the pot.

Fennel took her place back on the log. She then took in a deep breath through her nose as she commented, "Smells like it didn't burn." Fennel looked at spoon for a second "Mind if I taste it?"

"Mhm!" Elizabeth nodded, more than happy to let someone else try her cooking as she handed the wooden spoon to Fennel.

Fennel took the spoon and tasted the stew before handing it back. "Tastes like it's about done."

"Yeah... I just wish we didn't eat breakfast," Elizabeth sighed, "I just really felt like cooking something."

"Yeah I wish we had some tupperware, then we could hold it." Fennel lamented.

"Hmmm.. Oh! Maybe Tabasco will like it! I don't think he got breakfast!" Elizabeth exclaimed, using the squirrel skins as a means of protecting her hands from the hot metal as she tried to pick up the pot. Unfortunately, it was too heavy for her. "Fennel, can you help me bring this over to Tabasco, please?"

"Yeah just give me a second." Fennel said as as she got out her focus and painted two runes on the palms of her hands. Fennel then grabbded the handles of the pot, seemingly unaffected by its temperature. The vixen then walked over towards the dragon and a large blue amphiban like creature and said "Eat up." She then placed the pot on the ground and walked away as the pokemon began to eat.

"They love it!" Elizabeth gasped, watching with glee as the Pokemon enjoyed her soup. The one thing she loved just as much as cooking was seeing others enjoy what she created,

Fennel started slowly steping back watching the creature, then somehow for reason's unknown, possibly because she remembered the embarasing situation from earlier that morning Fennel found a way to trip on her own tail.

"Fennel! Are you okay?!" Elizabeth ran over to help her fox friend up, giving a few glances to the soup before giving Fennel her full attention.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Fennel said as she stood up. "How did I even manage that."

"Having a tail must be annoying, huh?" Elizabeth inquried, holding Fennel's tail in her little hands.

"Not really, except when buying pants. I always have to find ones that have loop in the back but I aside from that it's not all that annoying, it does pick up dirt like none other." Fennel remarked.

"It's so soft.. It's like a pillow!" Elizabeth marveled, though the dirt comment kept her from trying the 'pillow' out.

"I'm not sure how good of a pillow it would be, It's soft yeah, but it's got no support." Fennel mused. She then once again got out her focus and made a swift circling motion with it followed by a horizaontal swipe, removing any dirt that had ludged itself amongst her fur.

"Hmm.... I kinda wish I had a tail," Elizabeth remarked, despite her previous comment about tails likely being annoying. Swishing it around looked fun.

Fennel then slipped her tail out of the girls grip as "It is sometimes a pain though." Fennel remarked.

"Oh.. Do people step on it a lot?"

"Some times." Fennel said, she crossed her arms and continued in miffed tone "and some times people like ot pull on it."

"Why would they do that?" Elizabeth asked with a mixture of confusion and disapproval.

"To be mean. Sometimes they think its a good way to say hello to girl." Fennel said as her almost changed to a snarl.

Elizabeth looked absolutely dumbfounded. "... How?"

Fennel not being in the mood to explain the concept said "You'll find out when your older."

"Huh? Why can't I know now?" Elizabeth huffed.

”Because that’s a grown up subject.” Fennel remarked.

"... A grown up subject?" Elizabeth blinked.

”Sometimes boys are stupid.” Fennel replies, clearly trying to skirt around the subject.

"What? Come ooon! Just tell me!" Elizabeth whined.

Fennel realizing Elizabeth wouldn’t stop until she got an answer.  Fennel took a moment to think of her response “You know about the birds and the bee’s right?”

"Birds and bees? How are birds and bees a grown up subject?"

”Where babies come from?”

"Oh, you mean sex?"

“Yes.” Fennel replied.

".. Ohhh! Is pulling on your tail like pulling on hair during sex?" Elizabeth asked.

A shocked expressed drew across Fennel’s face “Yeah, let’s go with that.” Fennel‘s Tone carried a heavy sense of unease.

"Huh... Why would they do that to say hello though?" Elizabeth inquired, cocking her head to the side.

"Sometimes they think it's invitation." Fennel replied.


Realizing that this girl didn't understand metaphores or idioms Fennel decided to be a bit more blunt "They think that I'll like them pulling on my tail and sleep with them."

"Oh, okay!" Elizabeth nodded, suddenly getting the picture before giggling, "That's kinda dumb."

"Yeah, it is, I doubt it ever works for those kinds of guys." Fennel responded.


Bob walked up to the campsite, a glum look on his face. He said nothing, not wanting to talk about his last conversation, as he tossed Brendan's hat back in his general direction, before walking over to a nearby log and sitting down in front of the smolders of last night's fire.

The hat hit Brendan in the face, something seemed off. Brendan, followed by Parfait, headed towards the campfire. "Hey, you alright man?" Brendan asked.

Bob sighed, "You ever just... wanna keep something, someone safe... but they don't understand and think you're against them?" He patted the log, allowing Brendan to sit down next to him by scooting over.

Brendan sat down on the log and placed his hat back on his head. "Outside my current repuation, yeah, I feel you man." Brendan said. Parfait, sensing Bob's sadness, attempted to wrap her feelers around the torso of the man, hoping to comfort him.

"Jannet, she..." Bob thought about how to bring up the topic and how to convey it with words, "...Met someone, a weird thing in her head. And apparently, it says it loves her, and she loves it back, but all I've heard is that it compliments everything about her and flatters her every chance it gets. To me, it sounds like its using her, but she... She can't see that. She's... mad I even thought he could think that after rejecting her."

Brendan placed a hand on his chin, "Yeah that sounds awfully suspicious. I mean there's being head over heels for someone but even when that happens, it's now showering them in praise whenever they get the chance."

"Yeah, right? And the dumb thing's name too. 'Moomek'. I mean, what kind of name is Moomek?" Bob asked annoyedly.

"Sound's like he's from Orre, they got such strange names there." Brendan mused. "Do you want me to talk to her? I'm not sure how much it would help at the moment, it might be best if I talked to her in a few days."

"It's too late," Clara stated, approaching the two. Despite her typical deadpan, her tear-stained cheeks and the fact the flat expression seemed strained gave away how she currently felt.

As Doomguy turned to look at Clara, he knew immediately something wasn't right at all. "What's wrong?" he asked in a concerned voice as he stood up to face her.

"... Jannet left us... For Moomek," Clara answered, taking a deep breath through her nose.

Bob stared at her for a moment, dumbfounded and mouth agape. "What?" he asked, beginning to quiver.

Brendan jumped to his feet, his reaction seemed to come from the fact he had only known Jannet for about two days, leaving him less shocked. "Which way did she go? We can probably still catch up to her?" Brendan asked.

Clara pointed behind herself before glaring directly at Bob. "I'm not good at being subtle, Bob. That's why I went to you. I didn't think you would outright accuse Moomek infront of her, but no, that's exactly what you did."

Brendan immediately ran to try and catch up with Jannet. Parfait seemed abit torn between trying to comfort the two but soon followed after Brendan sensing that this was a bit more urgent.

"..." Bob didn't say a word, wanting to say something, but the startling realization that he caused Jannet to run away blocking coherent words from escaping, "I... I didn't..." he stuttered and slurred a few words as he slumped back over onto the log.

Clara continued to stare down at Bob before letting out a sigh. "You didn't mean to, and you're useful to the group... So I won't tell anyone you had any part in this." It was clear, however, that Clara still had immense animosity towards Bob.

"No, they... they should know," Bob muttered, "That it's my fault she's gone. If I didn't come down on her like I did... she'd still be here."

"It is your fault," Clara agreed, "But it won't help anyone telling them it's your fault. Some things are better kept secret."

"Would it really help to tell them it was a magic thing in her head telling her to leave, though?" Bob asked, "Or something they know is real?"

"Considering Zoey knows about it, the 'magic thing'," Clara answered, "It'll be easier for you to keep helping us if everyone isn't mad at you... And Moomek carries most of the blame anyway."

"You're real composed right now," Bob mumbled, "For someone who's just watched their sister run away for a manipulative son of a bitch."

"... It isn't easy," Clara replied simply, "But that's none of your business."

"...Go tell the others," Bob gestured, irritated, "I need a moment to... calm down."


Soon enough Brendan caught up with Jannet and shouted "JANNET WAIT UP!" before comming to a stop.

"Wh- Huh? What?" Jannet gasped, quickly looking behind herself.

Brendan adressed Jannet, "Look Jannet, I don't think going off on your own is a good idea." Brendan hoped that Jannet would be wiling to talk, he could at least have a chance to talk her out of this.

"Oh, I'm.. Not going on my own. I have Moomek," Jannet smiled nervously to Brendan.

"Look, just Clara and Bob are upset, they're worried about you. I don't know how they would feel if something happened to you." Brendan said.

"I.. I know that they're worried, but... This is.. My.. Decision," Jannet reasoned.

"They just don't want you to get hurt. In case this Moomek guy isn't who he says he is." Brendan added.

"Please, just.. He is who he says he is.. He's a good person," Jannet replied, referring moreso to the person Moomek claimed he was trying to be.

"I'm not going to be able to change your mind am I?" Brendan asked.

Jannet thought for a moment before shaking her head.

"Alright then, I can't stop you from going, you're not going alone." Brendan then removed his bag as if he was looking for something. Soon enough, he pulled out an electronic device that almost resembled a portable games console of sorts. Brendan then opened the system and used its camera to take a picture of Jannet before inputing some data into the device. "Jannet, I want you to have this." Brendan then handed her the device.

"Is this... Your Pokedex?" Jannet gasped.

Brendan shook his head, "Not mine, you see I recently became a professor. I was hoping the first trainer I gave a dex to would have been a happier occasion."

"But.. If you're a professor.. Giving me a Pokedex.. Does that mean..." Jannet trailed off.

Brendan then opened his own pokedex and pressed a few buttons as a pokeball appeared in his hand. He pressed the button as an Eevee appeared in his arm. "This little guy will be your first pokémon. It's dangerous out there, Eevee here will protect you. Your job will be to help him do that." Brendan said as he handed the Pokémon to Jannet. "Your trainer card is inside the pokedex."

Jannet was speechless as she slowly took the Eevee in her arms, gawking down at the adorable creature in surprise.

The pokemon looked back at Brendan for a moment, it seemed to understand what was happening. The pokemon then looked up Jannet and let out a cheerfull "Ee-vai!"

Jannet teared up as she looked back at Brendan with a smile. "Th-Thank you.. This.. I  never thought I'd actually.. Have a Pokemon..."

Brendan then extended the hand that held the pokeball forward. "Stay safe kid, these clashes aren't safe."

Jannet managed to grab the pokeball with the Eevee in her arms. She was tempted to correct Brendan and say she was an adult, but... This wasn't the moment for it. "... Tell everyone that... I still love them and...I'm sorry I had to leave... The way I did."

"Will do." Brendan said as he turned around to walk away.

"I've... Never been very good with names... I'll just call you... Eevee," Jannet smiled sadly down at the Pokemon, shifting it in her arms so she could pet it.

Eventually, Brendan reached the campfire and say down on a log.

The girls were, as expected, distraught upon hearing the news from Clara. "We should've killed that piece of shit when we had the chance!" Zoey seethed, kicking over her lawnchair.

I cannot... believe I was tricked to believe it had changed at all...

"Zoey, we need to think about this calmly-" Bob tried to reason with an angered Zoey.

Parfait noticed that Zoey seemed particuarly upset and decided to release the calming aura once again in hope it would cause her to be willing to listen.

"CALMLY!?" Zoey screamed. The calming aura wasn't very effective. "Our family has been torn apart enough already! And now this MOOMEK PIECE OF SHIT comes along and FUCKS IT UP EVEN MORE!"

Parfait was starting to panic, unsure of what to do and afraid of another leaving wrapped her feelers around Zoey's arms and tried to calm the girl once again.

"Get your shit off of me!" Zoey yelled, furiously waving her arm.

Parfait unsure of what to do retracted her feelers and backed up giving the girl some space.

I must agree with them, Zoey. If we are to act accordingly, we must act rationally, not out of rage.

Even her wizard voice was telling her to calm down? Zoey let out a scream, picked up the lawnchair, and hurled it at a tree. She stared at the ruined chair for a moment before falling to her knees and sobbing.

Not even Ruby knew what to do to comfort Zoey, occasionally stepping forwards then backwards as if conflicted on whether she wanted to approach her sister or not.

Bob looked down at Zoey for a moment, before walking up to her and kneeling over. "Hey..." he began, "I know it's... hard... but we're gonna get through this, Zoey. We will make it through this, and I know... It doesn't seem like we will... but I promise you... We're gonna stick together. We all are. We're not gonna lose anyone else. I promise that to you all."

"How can you promise that?" Zoey whimpered, her face covered by both of her hands, "We weren't supposed to lose anyone at all... All of us were going to find daddy's book together... W-We... We've already lost our moms.. Our other sisters... Now Jannet too..."

Bob set a hand on Zoey's shoulder and mumbled, "I know... and I know my promise means nothing to you, but... I will keep you safe. All of you. If anything happens, I won't let it hurt you."

There was a moment of silence before Zoey's pained voice could be heard again, "... I was always so mean to her... I.. I always made fun of her... I-I.. I didn't think she'd leave." She shuddered and wept into her hands.

"Zoey... It's not your fault," Bob stated through his emotional stuttering, "It was that goddamn Moomek... He tricked her into running off. It's his fault, not yours."

Zoey's hands lowered as her arms wrapped around her legs, pulling them close as she his her face in her knees. She was the leader. She was supposed to keep the group together. Instead, she teased, and teased, and teased until her big sister finally had enough and ran off with someone who was actually nice to her. "Please come back..." Zoey cried quietly, "Please... I'm sorry..."

Fennel herself knew what this kind of situation felt like, the Laviturinan sat down next to Zoey and spoke up "I know how you feel... pushing away the people you care about, not being sure if you will ever see them again. It's scary."

Zoey was silent, save for her whimpering, and did not even glance Fennel's way as she spoke.

"Ryle, Dipin, and I got in a fight. We had recently started a guild to try and get funds to travel around Varie hoping we could figure out how to get home, but one of the jobs went really bad, and at the end of it we went our own separate ways. We all regretted letting pride, and fear and worry separate us like. I was never happier to see them than the moment we stumbled into each other again."

"... Do you think Jannet will come back?" Zoey asked quietly.

"I think she will. It might take some time, but I think she will." Fennel replied.

“She’s not gonna leave her family behind,” Bob said compassionately, standing up, “I just know she’ll come to reason and come back for you all.”

"... Yeah.. I... I hope so, I... Thanks, you guys," Zoey sniffled, slowly looking up and glancing between Bob and Fennel.

Fennel then stood up and offered Zoey a hand. The young teen hesitantly accepted the hand, quietly bringing herself to her feet. Fennel then wrapped her arms around the slightly shorter girl

Zoey was completely still for a moment before slowly bringing her arms up to return the hug. She rested her head against the fox, her shuddering and sniffling coming to an end.

Bob looked over at the two hugging with a glum expression, the usual happiness completely sucked out of him entirely. However, he managed to muster up enough to speak softly, “I’m... I’m not sure what we do now.”

Zoey took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh before separating from Fennel, speaking both to Bob and the group as a whole, "... Jannet knows where we're going, Quebec. If- When she comes back to us, we'll see her there... So let's get moving." The crowd of her sisters, while understandably disheartened after Jannet's leaving, nodded and agreed with the sentiment, and began collecting what few posessions that were not on their persons.

Bob, understanding Zoey’s sentiment, nodded without a a word, and began to take stock of whatever he needed to bring. “We should probably head back to that town one more time, get all the stuff we need before we go. Maybe we’d even find a bus or something.”

Fennel having no particulalr possessions other than the contents of her cloak did a quick check ensuring that everything was in its place. Brendan recalled his pokemon before picking up the pot that had previously held a stew. Fennel then looked around noticing that the group was ready to go, "Quebec, like the one in Canada right?"

"Yeah," Zoey nodded, "Also, I guess you're right, Bob. I still have my cash."

"Oh, you do?" Bob asked, "I was just gonna punch an ATM or something. Worked for us back in Mexico, so why not?"

"That's stealing," Zoey chastised, folding her arms. She may have not said anything about it when Bob punched the vending machine, but she and the others were starving at that point.

Fennel the pipped up "I have a decent amount of Varian coins, I'm sure the material they are made of is valuable. Considering it was kind of similar to medival Europe. They kind of used gold and silver to make the coins."

"Hu- Wait, hey, Bob, didn't you say you brought food back for me?" Zoey asked, looking around for the to-go box he had placed on the ground earlier. Upon locating it, she picked it up and opened it to see what was inside.

"Wait, what the hell is this?" Zoey blinked. The to-go box was empty, save for a few filthy sponges. On the bottom of the box was written, "Never come back."

"The- what the?" Bob questioned, walking up to the girl and her box, "Who the hell wrote this? Dirty sponges? What?"

"Oh hey Elizabeth just made so-" Fennel started before remembering that the stew had been given to Brendan's pokemon a few minutes prior. "Never mind."

"Why the hell did they put sponges in my box?" Zoey asked.

Brendan looked at the to-go boxes,he got for his pokemon.earlier, they had not been given dirty sponges but they had been eaten. "I got some food in my bag if you want it." Brendan remarked.

"It's fine. I'll get something when we head into town," Zoey shrugged. While her bravado was ever so slowly coming back to her, it was clear Zoey wouldn't recover that quickly from her sister's leaving.

"Are you sure? I mean I got some berries, i think  i have some chocolate in my bag that could at least hold you over until then." Brendan inquired.

Zoey was reluctant to accept anything at all from Brendan, but she was pretty hungry, and she did like chocolate. "Alright, fine, I'll have some chocolate," She sighed.

Brendan then fished a few small chocolate hearts out of his bag. The foil packaging of the hearts resembled that of a pink fish. "Here you go."

Upon recieving the chocolates, Zoey's expression immediately shifted to surprise as she stared down at the chocolates. She glanced over at Brendan, then back at the little chocolate hearts. "Are you hitting on me?" She asked suspiciously.

Brendan gave a deadpan look as he said "It's the only chocolate I have. Rage candy bars seem to be pretty hit or miss."

"I think he likes you," Ruby whispered.

Of course... It hit Zoey like a ton of bricks.

It all made sense now... That's why Brendan seemed so upset and threatened to kill her father because that was after Zoey had mentioned her sexual relations with him. Brendan was jealous! (Or, at least, that's what Zoey believed at the moment). She supposed Brendan was still a bit of a nut for saying something like that, but he said it in a moment of passion. How could Zoey loathe someone who liked her that much? It even made sense as to why he was so insistent on her eating something before they left! He wanted to give her the chocolate hearts!

"What was that?" Brendan asked, he didn't catch was Ruby whispered

"Look, uh.. I appreciate the heart chocolates, but.." Zoey took an awkward breath through her teeth, "You're.. Not my... Type. I like, um.. Tall.. Muscular dudes."

A look of confusion drew across Brendan's face, "I figured about as much, I thought I was just Bread the dickhead that wants to kill you dad."

"Well, I.. I didn't realize you were just.. You know.. Jealous," Zoey put it bluntly, "Of my dad."

"I am in no way jealous of your old man." Brendan replied as he stood up and placed the strap of his bag over his shoulder.

"It's okay to admit it, Bread," Zoey assured, "I get it now. Look, I'm.. Sure there's another really cool.. Blonde 14-year-old out there you can get with, but I'm not interested."

"You shouldn't have given her chocolate hearts if you didn't want to cause a misunderstanding," Clara muttered quietly as she passed by Brendan.

"There seems to be have been a miscommunication."Brendan said.

"Mmm, man," Zoey munched on the chocolate, "Thish is shum good shtuff though. Mmm.."

"I already have a girlfriend and you're like 14." Brendan said.

"And?" Zoey blinked, not seeing what he was getting at as she continued eating the chocolate.

"You know what I'll just explain later. Don't we have to get to Canadoo or something?" Brendan said before trying to figure out what way north was.

"Oh, yeah. Alright, let's get stocked up in town and get the hell out of here," Zoey commanded. She hoped to be able to pass through New York on the way to Quebec. She was curious what things looked like there in this universe.
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More adventures by Zandoo, H, and Teedler

Brendan looked around for a moment before saying “I take it we’re all ready to go then.” Then trainer then started heading down the path back into town. he appeared to do going over a mental lists of what they would need to buy.


A reasonable amount of time later the group arrived at a shopping center, with cash in hand. Luckily Brendan and Fennel were able to locate a pawn shop before Ruby or Zoey were able to get into trouble.Fennel was counting a recently aquired stack of cash, "I should be able to get a back pack and some clothes." The last six months in Varie has limited and worn the wardrobe of the Laviturnians, on top of this the trio had been left with a yearning for tropical food along with junk food in general. "This is a lot of money right?" Fennel asked Bob, as she lacked an ability to determine the general value of American money.

Zoey, being the nosy girl she is, looked over at the money in Fennel's hands and scoffed, "Please. I can make half that with just my hands."

"Killing monsters pays better without the exchange rate, okay." Fennel replied. Afte speaking a look of disgust drew across Fennel's face upon realizing Zoey's implication.

Bob sighed, but said nothing, knowing that he'd get confusion from Zoey (and probably Fennel) in his response.

"Do they make these kinds of comments all the time?" Fennel inquired.

"Yeah," Bob nodded begrudgingly, "You'll get used to it after a while."

"Ruby, quick! Distraction!" Zoey ordered. Ruby gave a quick nod before ripping off her clothes, screaming as loud as she could, and trying to run away. It was the best she could think of on such short notice. As expected, onlookers were completely bewildered by what was going on.

"Oh no you don't." Fennel said before pointing her focus at Ruby immedately arresting her momentum.

With the distraction a success, Zoey bolted from the scene with a devious giggle.

Brendan, figuring that Zoey was up to something, sent out Parfait to track the girl down. The pokemon's four legs gave in an advantage in chasing down the 14-year-old.

Zoey considered yelling something about Parfait having rabies so others would stop the chase, but she actually kinda liked the Pokemon and didn't want to see it get tackled. Zoey could only run away as quickly as she could, turning corners as much as possible in an attempt to lose the Pokemon.

The pokemon extended it's feelers and then released a calming aura to try and stop the girl from running.

"Hey, Zoey, where the hell are you going?" Bob asked loudly with a questioning tone.

"Oh, she's gonna get us more money," Ruby answered, "But she knew you guys wouldn't want her to, for some reason."

Fennel made a few swipes with the focus before Ruby's clothes threw themselves back on the girl. Ruby let out a gasp of surprise before excitedly requesting, "Do it again! That was awesome!" Fennel rolled her eyes. and made a few upward strokes causing four walls of ice to surround Ruby. "Just stay there for a minute."

"God- " Doomguy took a very deep breath in a bit of frustration, "We have enough money for this crap. We just need to get

Parfait caught up the the girl and wrapped all four feelers around her arms.

Zoey let out a yelp, her upper body being pulled back while her legs were thrown upwards, causing her to fall flat on her back. "Eugh... Fuck.. Come on rabbit dog... I'm just going to get some money.." She groaned.

Parfait shook her head and began dragging Zoey back to the group. Soon enough Brendan in sight and walked over to the pokemon. He scratched behind Parfaits ears and said "Good girl." Before giving the pokemon a brigtly colored cube that appeared to be a candy of sorts.

Zoey laid on the ground with her arms folded and her face in a pout for a moment before getting up. "Hmph... I was just gonna get more money," She muttered.

"We don't need cash that bad Zoey." Brendan replied as he contiuned scratching the pokemons head.

"Did you get more money?" Ruby asked from within her box of ice. She wasn't able to see Zoey, but she could hear her.

"No, Ruby, I didn't get more- I was gone for like, two seconds and then the rabbit dog caught me," Zoey sighed, deciding not to ask about the ice prison.

"Do you want me to take my clothes off and scream again?" Ruby asked.

"No, Ruby," Zoey replied, pinching her brow.

"Fennel, get her outta the box," Bob asked, his patience obviously wearing.

Fennel then made downward motion as the ice melted and went down a near by storm drain. "All right you're free." Fennel said as she placed the wand back in her pocket.

"Five hundred bucks is barely gonna get us anything," Zoey harrumphed. She neglected to mention the money stuffed in her bra.

Brendan then held another stack about three times the size of what Fennel had. "I had more stuff to sell. You'd be surpised what you find as a trainer. Then if we run out I'm sure a pokemon battle is enough of a spectacle to bring in some cash."

"It's gonna get us bus tickets, if we're lucky," Bob tried to be optimistic about the situation.

"Bus... Tickets?" Zoey blinked, "Tickets for a bus? What is that? I know what a bus is, but.. What are the tickets for?"

"No, no. Tickets to ride the bus," Bob explained.

"... So we don't even own the bus?" Zoey asked incredulously.

"...No?" Bob answered, a bit confused as to how one would own a bus by buying a ticket.

"That's stupid. Why would anyone pay for a bus if they don't even own it?" Zoey scoffed, "Ernie! Get us a bus that we can own! A really big, nice bus! With cupholders!"

The Benefactor, floating above the group, let out a shrill beep as it shot up into the sky and away to look for a bus with such luxuries.

Bob folded his arms, "Isn't that stealing?"

Zoey's eyes shot open as she waved her arms wildly and screamed to the sky, "WAIT! DON'T STEAL IT! BUY IT WITH MONEY!"

A few moments later, and Ernie floated back down, a large tour bus floating down with it. "TRANSPORT ACQUIRED." it stated loudly, as the bus was gently dropped to the street from a foot-high drop.

"Um- Er- Quick!" Zoey took all of her money out of her bra, "Leave this wherever you took the bus from!"

"Transaction was already left in the form of a completely filled Automatic Transaction Machine." Ernie answered.

"... Oh.. I don't know what that is, but good!" Zoey let out a sigh of relief as she stuffed the money back into her bra.

"It means he left an ATM where the bus was," Bob corrected.

"Aren't those things near impossible to removed from the walls?" Brendan asked.

"What's an ATM?" Zoey inquired.

"A thing owned by banks and full of money," Bob would answer rather quickly.

"Oh... Oh...." Zoey slowly realized the implication this had, "... Ernie... Please tell me you didn't steal the ATM from a bank."

Fennel looked at the bus for a moment, be for opening the door and walking inside. She then poked her head out of one of the windows and said "Hey I think this one's got a dvd player."

Ernie took a moment to respond, "Negative..."

"Oh, good. See? nothing was sto-... Wait, then where did you get the ATM?"

"ATM was removed from the adjacent wall of a local bank. ATM was then used to transact for the public transport requested."

"... And did the bank give you permission to take the ATM?"

"....They did not deny permission."

"God dammit," Zoey sighed, burying her face in her hands, "Ernie. Go back and put the ATM where you found it. Get money with someone's permission, then leave it for the guys you took the bus from."

"Are you sure? To replace the approximate cost of the public transportation, this unit will complete the task within: eight days."

"Eight days!?" Zoey yelped, "What the fu- How much does this stupid bus cost!?"

"$1,600,000 approximately, disregarding tax."

"Yeah I don't think I have that." Fennel replied before pulling her head back into the bus and walking out.

"Oh my god that's like..." Zoey paused for a moment, "... Over three thousand blowjobs... Just for a stupid bus..."

"Zoey I'm gonna be blunt, I think you got your priorities a little skewed if that's how you gauge the price of things." Fennel remarked.

"Fucking... Can't you think of a faster way to get money to pay for the bus, Ernie?" Zoey asked, "Without stealing?"

"We could always do a photo op with my pokemon. I figure those are exotic enough to rake in some dough." Brendan suggested.

"...Processing... Procession complete. There are possibilities, Overseer Zoey, but they are only minor changes in time."

"God dammit.. Wait.. Bread, what did you say?" Zoey pointed over to Brendan, "Photo op?" It was clear by her expression she did not need a response. She was in deep thought. What if she could combine Brendan's suggestion of taking photos.... With her current method of making money?

The Benefactor's eyes swiveled and turned on their short stalks at Zoey, noting her frustration as it calculated and found a solution. "Correction; I will procure and transact the correct amount of currency." Ernie noted, before rocketing off without another word, ATM floating beside it.

"Oh... I was thinking we could make porn," Zoey blinked, "I guess Ernie's got it."

"Zoey, that is very illegal." Brendan and Fennel said in unison.

"Pffft," Zoey waved a hand dismissively, "The only law I care about is my dad's law."

Brendan decided not to say anything, he really didn't want to deal with a moody Zoey and more. Fennel said"Well those sound like...interesting laws."

"Yeah, we're going by local laws while we're here," Bob remarked, "So no porn."

"You just have to make sure the police don't find out," Zoey stated informatively. Ruby nodded in assent.

"Yeah I'd rather not get deported considering that appearently home doesn't exist here," Fennel replied.

"No, I mean we're not doing it at all," Bob shook his head, "If your robot's got it, then your robot's got it. We don't need to waste more time on porn."

"Hmph. Whatever. Anna!" Zoey called out as she pulled out her bra money once more.

"Huh? Yeah?" Anna blinked, surprised she might have a supporting role for once as she approached Zoey.

"Get some paint and redo the bus. I don't like its color," Zoey ordered, slapping the fat stack in Anna's hands, "Take, uh... Mary with you."

"Why do I have to go?" Mary whined.

"Because you're stronger and can actually fight. All Anna can do is paint stuff," Zoey explained.

With a pout, Mary agreed with Zoey's sentiment. She and Anna left the group to find paint and equipment to paint the bus with.

And with a swift movement, Ernie returned, another fat stack levitating to Zoey. "Transaction complete; extra funds are to be given to Overseer Zoey."

"Wait, what? You already got money for the bus? How?"

"The 'Internet'."

"... But how?" Zoey inquired curiously.

The Benefactor looked about for a moment, before returning eye contact to Zoey, "Recordings of previous experiences were sold for the highest bidder. Transactions payed handsomely." While it seemed that the machine was completely subservient, the sly movements of its eye, swerving and looking about as if to avoid prolonged eye contact, made it seem as if it was not telling the truth.

Zoey stared at Ernie suspiciously. "What reco-... Wait... Ohhhh..." She quickly looked at Bob, Fennel, and Brendan from the sides of her eyes before raising her voice slightly so they could hear clearly, "You sold those recordings of those- super cool fights you were in, huh? Man, that was pretty smart, Ernie!"

Fennel's ears pressed flat against her skull, iit was pretty obvious Zoey was lying, The fox decided to take a step back from the robot after bringing that event back to her memory.

"...Thank you," Ernie replied, trying to bow in a weird dipping motion.

"He has recordings of cool fights?" Ruby asked.

"No, Ruby! He sold videos of when we fucked him," Zoey hissed.

"Ohhh! Wait.. If it was a video.. I didn't see any cameras when we were having sex with him," Ruby remarked, not realizing Zoey didn't want the others to hear. Zoey facepalmed as hard as she could in response.

"My photoreceptors double as recording devices," Ernie noted, his eyes blinking mechanically.

Bob sighed, "I thought I said no porn..."

"You're not Overseer," Zoey proclaimed proudly as she pulled Ruby close to her side, "Unlike me and Rub... Hey, Ernie! Don't-" Zoey quickly lowered her voice, "Don't do that shit where you let other people be overseers again, got it?"

Fennel was not too happy to learn that this robot was always recording and immedately covered its head in a block of ice.

"ERROR; TEMPORARY OVERSEER ACTIONS UNABLE TO BE CHANGED BY TEMPORARY OVERSEER," Ernie blared loudly, as the ice quickly melted, the two vertical eyes fixated on Fennel as the ice dissipated from them.

"...What does it mean by actions?" Bob asked.

"No! Nonono! Ernie! I swear to god! You are.. You'll be disobeying me and Ruby!" Zoey quickly waved her hands," Right, Ruby!?"

"Yeah!" Ruby nodded.

"DON"T RECORD ME!" Fennel shouted at the robot.

"Parameters for disobeyal can only be provided by permenant Overseers," Ernie replied, one eye flickering off of Fennel to look back at Ruby and Zoey.

"Oh my fucking- Make me live forever then! Find a fucking.. Immortality potion from a wizard or some shit!" Zoey ordered exasperatedly, obviously frustrated by the arbitrary limit on her authority.

"Error; Immortality is not attainable by your species."

"What the- There's magic!" Zoey huffed, "You're telling me there isn't anything anywhere that can make me 'immortal'?"

"'Magic' or anything similar in superstition cannot be attained or acquired by Benefactor Units."

"I'm the magic one here Zoey, not the robot." Fennel quipped before striking a surpsingly smug pose.

"Can you make me live forever then?" Zoey asked, turning her head back to Fennel.

"'Theortically, maybe." Fennel teased.

Zoey pouted before looking back to Ernie, "Find some shit that can make me live forever, then tell me where it is," She ordered.

"Zoey, I don't think that's going to happen." Fennel replied.

The Benefactor hesitated, before letting out a beep and flying off to search.

"I'll be permanent Overseer in no time," Zoey proclaimed smugly, dusting off her hands. It seemed she did not care about the actual immortality part of being immortal at all, and was simply tired of the restrictions Ernie had on who could be a 'permanent Overseer'.

"...So what the hell did that thing mean by temporary actions?" Bob asked again, "And what does living forever have to do with being a permenant Overseer?"

"Don't worry about it. We've wasted enough time standing around and screaming about ATMs. I wanna get to Quebec already," Zoey shrugged off Bob's question, "Let's buy the stuff we need."

Clara tapped Brendan's shoulder. "Hey, Brendan," She said in her typical monotone.

Brendan turned to Clara "Hey, did you need something?"

"Yes, that's why I tapped you on the shoulder," Clara answered.

"Okay what do you want?" Brendan replied.

"Once what we need for the road has been bought, how much money do you suppose will be left over?" Clara inquired.

"I'm not the best at judging how far american money goes, but I imagine maybe a grand and a half or so." Brendan mused.

"Could you buy a camera and a notebook for me, please?"

"I don't think I can promise a super fancy camera but I should be able to get something." Brendan replied.

"Thank you," Clara nodded, leaving it at that.

"What do we need for the road, anyway?" Zoey asked Bob, "Food? More clothes?"

"Probably both of those," Bob nodded, "Oh, and showers. We've been sleeping in the woods. We definitely need one."

"We could probably find those in some motels along the way. I can't really say how much the rest of my stuff would sell for. I don't think the rest of my stuff is also that valuable."

"Well, if you need me I'm going to buy some clothes. I've been in adveturing gear for a while now." Fennel said as she walked off to the nearest clothing store.

"I wanna come too!" Tina yelled, quickly following Fennel, as did the silent Harper, Maria, and Madison.

The group excitedly swarmed the store, though Tina seemed lost as she looked through a section of clothing that was many sizes too big for herself.

Fennel was looking through a rack that had various shorts and pants. She was appearently frustrated as she flipped through the hangars.

Tina nearby noticed Fennel's frustration, and walked over with a few articles of large clothing in her arms. "Are you okay?" She asked innocently.

"Yeah I'm just trying to find a pair of pants that have a loop in the back. It seems they don't have any though."

"For your tail? Can't you cut a hole in the pants?"

"Yeah I guess I could." Fennel said as she grabbed a pair of green shorts from the rack. She then looked down at Tina. "I think those are all little too big."

Tina looked down at the clothes for a second before getting what Fennel was saying, "Oh! These aren't for me!" She explained, "They're for when Jannet comes back!" Tina looked back up at Fennel with a smile.

"Oh yeah," Fennel said under her breath. The fox then ruffled Tina's hair for a moment before saying "Well that's very thoughtful."

"Thank you!" Tina beamed before returning to her search for Jannet's future attire. While Jannet's leaving pained Tina, believing her favorite big sister would return kept a smile on her face.

Fennel then noticed two tee shirts, one was a darker blue color while the second was a lighter purple color. The fox then noticed a pair of pink Gymshorts and grabbed them before walking into a dressing room.

Maria and Madison's giggling could be heard in the dressing room adjacent to Fennel. "I bet I can pull off these panties better than you!" One of them sneered.

"You know you have to buy those if you put them on right.?" Fennel called as she started changing into the set she was planning on using as pajamas.

"... Shit.. Maria! They're too small for me!" Madison cried out.

"If they're too small for you then they're definitely too small for me!" Maria yelped.

"I already kinda put them on!" Shuffling could be heard, presumably the two girls panicking in their shared changing room.

"Just look for somethng your size, don't grab a random." Fennel as she continued changing.

"What do we do with these!?" Madison asked.

"Wait! Look! Here, gimme the- Lo-Lo-Look!" Maria hissed to Madison. Fennel would be able to see a hand reaching above the wall that seperated the changing rooms, "Gimme a boost!"

"What're you doing?" Madison asked as the hand raised even higher.

Maria pushed aside a ceiling tile and stuffed the panties into the dark unknown above.

"Don't do that I'll pay for them." Fennel shouted.

"But it's a waste of money!" Maria cried out, peeking over the wall and down at Fennel with a worried look.

Fennel was caught off gaurd by the girls suddenly peering at her and quickly pulled the new shirt over herself. "Just get down!"

"Okay, okay!" Maria yelped as she was lowered down by Madison, "I like your shirt, by the way. The shorts are really cute."

Fennel folded her arms and gave a quite "Thank you." She seemed to be upset by the sudden invasion of her privacy.

"Did you leave the panties up there?" Madison asked.

"I- Yeah- I didn't know what to do!"

"The bar code's on the packaging anyway, but for future reference you aren't supposed to open them at the store." Fennel said before changing into the orange shorts, as side from the fact that her tail was shoved down one of legs of the shorts they were pretty comfortable. Fennel then quickly changed shirts before opening the door, placing a hand on her hip, striking a pose and saying "How do I look?"

Madison and Maria opened the door to their changing room and peered out, one head above the other. They both seemed to approve of Fennel's attire. "You'll be in Bread's pants in no time with that," Maria concluded.

no"For the last time I don't want to sleep with him. He has a girlfriend anyways." Fennel remarked.

"So?" Maria and Madison asked at the same time.

"He has a girlfriend, that would be cheating." Fennel's tone expressed confusion, suddenly what Elizabeth said earlier made a lot more sense.

"Cheating?" Madison blinked, looking up at Maria, who simply shrugged as if she didn't get what Fennel was saying either.

"Like when you start dating someone else while you are still in a relationship. It's bad." Fennel said.

"But our dad had, like, a bunch of women and nobody said he was 'cheating'."

"Well There are some religions and groups that are polygomous but were I'm from that's considered cheating." Fennel replied.

"How is it cheating though? Like.. What is someone cheating if they date another person?" Madison inquired. She and her sister seemd absolutely stumped.
"You cheat on the other person, its just the word they use. Well let's say I have a boyfriend then he starts kissing other girls that's cheating." Fennel said as she tried to explain the concept."What if you're okay with it?" Maria asked.

"Why wouldn't you be okay with it?" Madison added."I would expect him to be just as committed as I am and if he's seeing other girls then he's not committed and it hurts your feelings." Fennel replied."Can't he be committed to both of you?" Maria asked.

"Not if he's leaving you to be with her." Fennel answered.

"... I dunno.. It just sounds kinda... Clingy," Maria mused.
“It’s not clingy. It's universally agreed on in Laviturn that you're not supposed to cheat.” Fennel retorted.

"... So everyone there is clingy?" Madison blinked.

“No.” Fennel replied "It's like they're saying they don't love you and don't care enough about you to at least tell you before moving on."

"But why can't he just be with you and another girl at the same time if he loves both of you?"

"Because if he loved you he wouldn't have left you. It's like he's abandoning you." Fennel replied.

"But... He's not leaving you."

"That's just how it is okay. It's basically a way to say they would rather be with some one else and they don't care about you." Fennel said before giving up.

"I... Still don't really get it," Maria admitted.

"Well in that case at least make sure your boyfriend's girlfriend knows you're in the picture." Fennel said walking back into the changing room.

"Yeah, that makes sense," Maria nodded as her head popped back into her changing room along with Madison.

Fennel quickly changed into her normal attire before grabbing the clothes she planned to purchase along with a few more items. She then sat down on a bench and said, "Let me know when you are ready to pay.'

"What do we do with the clothes we don't wanna buy?"

"There's a rack to the left outside changing rooms." Fennel replied.

Madison and Maria came out of the changing room in their original clothing, heaving armfulls of clothes and quickly filling up the rack Fennel had pointed out to them. They retreated back to their changing room only to bring out the same amount of clothes, deciding to dump them below the rack before repeating this a third time. Finally, they walked out with a few sets of clothes they seemed satisfied with.

"How did you two even get that much in there?" Fennel asked.

"We didn't have a lot of room to move around," Maria answered.

Fennel shrugged "Fair enough." The fox looked around "Where's Tina?"

"I'm over here!" Tina waved from the counter, a stack of neatly folded clothes for Jannet and herself in a bag. The clerk was waiting for Fennel, Maria, and Madison to bring their clothes and pay.

Fennel placed the clothes she had grabbed earier on the counter. She then waited for the clerk to scan the clothes.

After scanning the many articles of clothing and a large sum of cash paid later, the members of the group of four now had more than just one outfit to wear, including a set for Jannet. "Jannet's gonna really like the clothes I got her!" Tina exclaimed, peering into her bag.

Fennel looked at ther wad of cash. "We probably have enough money to get some food before we need to go."


Brendan was walking through a supermarket with a shopping cart full of food. As he walked by the the electronics section he noticed the camera's "Clara you said you wanted a camera, right?"

"And a notebook, yes," Clara replied.

"Why don't you figure out which one you want while I go find a note book." Brendan said as he turned down the aisle.

Clara's eyebrows raised as she watched Brendan walk away for a moment before looking back towards the cameras. Even those on the cheaper side seemed miles ahead of any camera she had seen in her home universe. There was a noticeable eagerness in her movements as she examined each of the display cameras, and her normally half-open eyes were wide at attention as she perused the different options.

She picked up each display camera, taking a picture with all of them and scrutinizing the result they gave her while also going through the multitude of settings every product offered. Different filters, methods of organization, there were even cameras that could take images in three dimensions so long as enough angles were covered, and then could project the 'image' as a hologram.

It seemed that the notebooks were easy enough to find, Brendan grabed a nice looking journal, that had a latch on the on the front. Thinking it was what Clara wanted, Brendan placed it in the cart and headed back to the cameras.

"Hey, Brendan," Clara greeted upon his return, "This camera here is the best quality camera, though for some reason it is only the third most expensive one here. It's still $1,499.99 though... This one over here is a step below it for what I need, and is $699.99... This one here is the cheapest one for $199.99. What makes the other one so expensive, I'm assuming, is it can project holograms, though not three dimensional holograms like the most expensive camera, but that isn't really necessary. It does, however, project its images onto a surface, which I can then trace. It also offers a suite of different organization methods for pictures or videos taken in it."

There was a small smile as she explained the features of the second most expensive camera in her three camera list, though it vanished as her expression returned to its deadpan and she added, "If we can only afford the cheapest camera, however, that's okay. I really only need it to take pictures after all."

“I’m sure we can budget to print your pictures out if that’s what your getting at.” Brendan replied.

"I don't need to print them. I would prefer to draw certain pictures out after taking them so I can choose what details are important," Clara stated.

“if you want to go a step or two above the cheapest go ahead, or we can get an adapters, I think projectors are cheap enough.” Brendan replied.

"I don't think there are traditional projectors anymore in this universe," Clara said before looking at the second most expensive camera in her list, "... It's $700 though. Will we be able to afford it and whatever else we need?"

“Yeah I’ve been keeping track, it seems food is cheaper than I expected.” Brendan replied, he then handed Clara the journal. “You wanted something like this right?”

Clara took the notebook and flipped through it before nodding, "Yes... We should probably get pencils and a pencil sharpener too."

Brendan then pointed to the school supplies in the cart, “Two steps ahead of you.”

Clara looked down at the supplies, then to the notebook, then to the camera. "... I'm.. Sorry for asking for so much stuff... Especially something expensive like a camera," She apologized.

”Bah I’ll figure out how to get more money.” Brendan said with a wave of his hand.

"You shouldn't feel obligated to sell away your things just so I can get my own things.”

“I figure I owe you guys a bit. These clash things shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. I’d like you all to look back on it fondly.” Brendan replied after a moment.

"How do you owe us?"

“Eh, kinda threatened to kill your dad once. Not that I’m trying to bribe you or anything like that. "

"I understood why you said what you did. Zoey brought up something our father did that goes against what you believe in. It was shocking to you, so you had a brief emotional outburst," Clara explained, "As long as it remains just an outburst and not an actual goal, I don't care... I'll admit, at the time, I hated you even more than Zoey did before I thought on the situation more. I get that this isn't a bribe either... You're just... Very nice."

“Fair enough. I’m gonna go find someone to get one of those cameras out for you.“ Brendan said before finding an employee. A few minutes later Brendan paid for the camera and handed it to Clara.

Clara looked down at the camera in her hands, a subtle look of surprise on her face. She moved the camera to one hand, took a step forwards, and hugged Brendan. "Thank you... This really means a lot to me," She said, her monotone wavering slightly.

Brendan was quite shocked that one of the girls showed him a display of affection. He waited a moment before russling Clara's hair, "Just make good use of it."

"Smile," Clara said, holding the camera up and pointing it at Brendan.

Brendan flashed a dopey grin followed by a peace sign as he posed for the camera.

"I've never had a camera this good before," Clara stated, looking down at the picture on the camera's screen as the initial burst of happiness faded a bit and she was able to return to full deadpan and monotone, "If you ever need anything from me, let me know."

"I'll keep that in mind, Let's go find Bob. He's probably got a his hands full with your sisters." Brendan said before trying walking off towards the the cereal aisle.

Brendan was promptly hit in the side with a shopping cart full of groceries speeding out of an aisle. "OH MY GOD!" Elizabeth cried out, hopping off of the back of the cart, "Are you okay!?" Both she and Clara rushed to his side.

Brendan was knocked off balance by the sudden impact but quickly got up. "Yeah I'm fine. Have you girls figured out all the food you wanted? Besides a shopping cart isn't exactally the toughest thing I've been hit by."

There were very few name brand foods in the cart. It was primarily all vegetables, fruits, meats, spices, and many other assorted products presumably meant for cooking.

"Saffron? I never figured out how to use that one." Brendan commented as he picked up the spice. He then placed it back in the cart.

"Fennel said she really likes it, so I'm gonna make something with it tonight," Elizabeth explained.

"Well isn't that nice of you." Brendan remarked.

"The best chefs do whatever they can to satisfy their.. Uh.. Eating people.. Um.. Patrons! Patrons!" Elizabeth proclaimed, temporarily forgetting the word 'patrons' before returning to her place behind the cart.

Brendan looked at the two girls, "So Fennel look three of your sisters. Now the question is where are the other seven of you?" Brendan asked as he looked around and tried to find Bob.

Brendan eventually wandered into Bob in one of the aisles that had a large number of dad jeans."Looking for new pants?" Brendan asked.

"Hey, Bob, look," Zoey stifled a giggle, stepping out from inside of a circular rack of jeans. She had on a pair that were way too big for her, with the waistband of the jeans going up to her chest, "I've finally gotten in your pants." She and Ruby burst into laughter.

Bob chuckled, "Yeah, those look about right. Throw 'em in the cart," he gestured before turning to Brendan, "Oh, yeah. These sweatpants are nice, but when you wear them for three days out in the wilderness... they start to lose their appeal a bit."

"Fair enough.Do you have any idea where the rest of the girls are. I think Fennel went off to a clothings store with three of them but that's I think five are unaccounted for?"

"I'm sure they're around here somewhere. You check the food court yet?" Bob asked, comparing the sizes of some jeans.

"I'll go check." Brendan said as he headed in that direction. Luckily the food court was near the checkout lanes of the store.

Harper was sipping on a smoothie by herself while the remaining girls chatted to one another at an adjacent table. Mary, however, seemed missing from the group.

At this particular moment Fennel and her posse appeared, it seemed they had chosen to get icecream as the Laviturnian was holding a cone containing a pineaple sherbet.

Brendan looked at the group that didn't have a chaporaone. "Hey, girls I think we're about ready to go. Also where's Mary?"

"Uhhh... I think she went way over there. She said something about guns, I think," Mila answered.

Fennel licked the ice cream cone before pointing behind her with ther free hand. "I can go track her down while you check out."

"That'd be great." Brendan said, "Elizabeth, why don't you go ask Fennel what she wants for dinner."

Elizabeth shook her head, "Nuh-uh. Dinner is gonna be a surprise."

Fennel, realizing that Brendan wanted to talk to Clara, asked, "Elizabeth, why don't you come with us to find Mary? If you come, I'll teach you how to make Laviturnian butter mochi."

Always eager to learn a new recipe, Elizabeth obliged as she waved goodbye to Brendan and went with Fennel, instantly inquiring as to what Laviturnian butter mochi even was.

"It's its an almost jelly-like desert made with rice flour" Fennel informed Elizabeth before she started looking the sporting goods store.

After a few moments, Fennel was off.

Brendan decided to take use self-checkout so he could talk to Clara. "So Clara, what did you want the camera for anyway?" Brendan asked as he began scanning the items in the cart.

"I want to be an archivist for the Hold when I get older, like one of our moms, Carly," Clara answered, taking the items Brendan scanned and placed them in the bag near the self-checkout. It wasn't hard to figure out that was what the bags were for.

"Sounds interesting. why do you have such an interest in archiving." Brendan asked as he placed a tent on the scanner. "We probably don't need a bag for that."

"It wouldn't fit anyway," Clara said, looking directly at Brendan with her usual deadpan before returning to bagging items, "Carly was my favorite mom. I helped her archive a lot."

"I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree then." Brendan said as he began to scan the sleeping bags.

"Well.. That's not the most.. Accurate saying," Clara hesitated. She did not understand why, but there was always a desire to talk to someone else about how she felt about a particular subject. Brendan seemed trustworthy enough...

"You take things very literally." Brendan commented as he becan scanning several

"No.. I mean... Typically that saying is reserved for... Biological children. I'm adopted," Clara explained.

"Your sisters don't seem to treat you any different, and I wouldn't have guessed otherwise." Brendan noted.

"They don't know I'm adopted. Our father made up a believable lie as to why I wasn't in the Hold beforehand and convinced everyone I was really his. Even some of our moms believed him, I think... I'm lucky I happen to have some resemblance to him and my sisters, or it probably wouldn't have worked."

“I guess it was a good choice on his part not to give them any reasoned items to alienate you.” Brendan remarked, he was confused considering the nature of these girls’ Father.

"Yeah... I... Really owe him for taking me in. I could deal with Harper for the rest of my life if it would mean never going back to my old family," Clara said.

Brendan was surprisingly quick scanning all of the items, and soon enough the cart was ready to load into the bus. “If you ever need to talk just let me know.” Brendan said as he began placing several bills into a slit on the machine.

"Thanks, Brendan. I'll keep that in mind," Clara replied.

"Alright, I think I got enough pants and stuff," Bob said, heaving three bags full of clothes (both his and Ruby/Zoey's) in his hands, "You think we got enough, gals?"

"Do these new jeans make my butt look big?" Zoey asked, pointing her rear towards Bob and angling her head back to try and look herself.

"I'm not gonna answer that," Bob noted, "I'd ask Ruby."

”I guess you paid already then.” Brendan remarked as he grabbed his change and receipt Before heading out the door.

"Ruby?" Zoey asked, pointing her butt at her sister.

"It's the perfect bigness!" Ruby exclaimed, holding two thumbs up.

"Yeah we already paid," Bob nodded, "You find the rest of the girls? I think we should get on the road at least by the end of the day."

“Fennel and Elizabeth went to find Mary but the rest are in the food court.” Brendan remarked as he headed towards the food court to get the others.

"Alright," Bob replied, "We'll meet you at the bus. We gotta see how it is inside."

Meanwhile Fennel and Elizabeth managed to find Mary looking at a case of guns. ”Hey Mary it’s time to go.” The fox called out. Soon enough the entire group arrived to see a large tarp held up by poles obstructing the view of the bus.

Anna peeked out from behind the tarp to see the group and gasped. "You're all here! Great!" She popped back behind the tarp and proclaimed, "Say hello to..." The tarp was torn down to reveal the entire bus had been painted black with pink accents. On the side facing the group was a sort of mural of everyone, even Brendan's notable pokemon. The quality of the art wasn't the greatest, but was impressive for an eleven-year-old.

"Our new bus!" Anna exclaimed, gesturing both of her arms to the bus with pride.

"Holy shit, that's awesome!" Zoey gasped and pointed at the mural, "Look! I'm in the middle!"

"Man, that's really good," Bob complimented, "You did all this? In the time we were in there? I'm impressed."

"It's not that good," Anna said modestly, "I did have to go really fast though."

Fennel looked at the painting of herself on the bus. He drawings ears were a bit oversized but the painting as a whole was cute. Fennel giggled as she noticed how Brendan‘s hat looked even sillier on this caricature of the lad.

"What do you guys think?" Anna asked, looking Fennel and Brendan's way.

“Looks good” Fennel commented followed by Brendan giving a thumbs up.

Fennel then walked into the bus and placed the recently purchased bag of clothes on one of seats claiming it as her own.

As Bob followed, the form of Ernie floated down from the sky, empty-handed. "Parameters were searched; ZERO results found." it stated to Zoey with no seeming dissapointment.

"Wait, what!? How!?" Zoey stomped her foot, "You're telling me that you looked everywhere and couldn't find anything that might make me immortal?"


Zoey squinted her eyes. "Are you telling the truth?" She questioned accusingly.

"Affirmitive." Ernie stated without hesitation.

"This is bullshit," Zoey pousted, folding her arms.

"ERROR; This situation is not the fecal matter of a male bovine," Ernie corrected.

Zoey glared at Ernie for a moment. "... You know what? Timeout. You're in timeout. Ten minutes, in that corner over there."

Without any sort of pouting or dissapointment, the Benefactor turned and floated over to the corner, stationary as it examined the wall thoroughly, taking note of each groove in the wall's surface, each little grain missing from the brick, each identifiable molecule and the many other things the girls could not see. In fact, this was far more entertaining to the Benefactor than any sort of task she would have it do.

"Does he even care about timeouts?" Ruby inquired.

"I don't care if he cares. It makes me feel better," Zoey huffed, turning her head away from Ernie.

For reasons unknown Fennel was able to find a pair of scissors and basic sewing supplies in the store. She the grabbed the supplies and the pink gym shorts and began cutting a hole just below the waist band in the back of the shorts. Soon enough a hole was cut and Fennel grabbed her tail and slid it through the opening to check that there wouldn't be any issues putting the shorts on later. Shortly after that Fennel slid her tail through the fabric once again and began hemming the cut in the fabic.

Harper seemed to be watching Fennel modify her clothing with intense curiosity. Of course, she was bound by the Shut-Up-Harper coupon, and could not voice why she seemed so interested in what Fennel was doing.

Fennel was particulalry focused on her work staring down at the pink fabric. If it weren't for the fact that her ears had touched Harper she wouldn't have noticed the girl. Fennel then looked up and asked, "Umm, did you want something?"

Harper opened her mouth to speak, then paused, and shook her head with a disheartened look on her face.

"Oh yeah Clara gave you one of the those coupon things right? I won't tell anyone if you tell me what you are trying to say." Fennel said as she continued to work on the shorts. Her handy work was paritculalrly amature.

Harper seemed tempted, but ultimately shook her head. The coupon wasn't just some silly paper Clara made up. It has handed down from their father. To disobey the coupon would be to disobey him.

Fennel noticed that Harper's fixation seemed to be on the gymshorts in her hand. "Did you want to help me with this?" Fennek inquired.

Harper's eyebrows shot up and she nodded her head in response.

Fennel then poked the needle into the fabric and handed it to Harper. "If you could just hem that up that would be great. I need to be a little bit more accurate with these." Fennel said as she grabbed the orange cargo shorts and headed to the back of the bus.

Harper examined the gymshorts for a moment before slowly doing as asked. While her smaller fingers were more ideal for a task like this, and so she should have been faster, she seemed focused on doing a good job.

A few minutes later Fennel walked a back to where Harper was, with the orange shorts, which now sported a marking on the back in hand. She then grabbed the scissors and began cutting around the mark in the orange fabric. Soon enough the shorts sported a matching hole in the back as Fennel began to start hemming the other pair of shorts. The Laviturnian looked over and admired Harper's handiwork "Oh, wow, you're doing a really good job."

"Thank y-" Harper took in a sharp breath and slapped her hand over her mouth with wide, terrified eyes. She handed the shorts she was hemming to Fennel, giving a miserable thumbs up to indicate she was finished.

"Thank you." Fennel said as she took the gym shorts. "Hey, it's just a slip up, no need to freak out about it." Fennel commented.

Harper opened her mouth to speak once again, before letting out a frustrated sigh and motioning for Fennel to give her the shorts she was already hemming.

Fennel then handed the orange shorts to Harper, who then began the process of hemming once again with less enthusiasm than before.

Fennel had taken the pink shorts and went to the back and quickly changed into the shorts in anticipation of a long road trip. When she returned to Harper she noted, "Wow it feels like I bought them with the hole already there."

The comment seemed to lift Harper's spirits. She beamed up at Fennel before wrapping up her work on the orange shorts and presenting them to Fennel with pride.

"Oh wow, thanks. This would have taken me forever." Fennel commented as she examined the shorts. She then folded the shorts and placed them in the bag after grabbing one of the tee shirts she picked up ealier. The fox then once again headed to the back of the bus the change into the shirt before returning and placing her older clothes in an extra bag she grabbed from the mall. Her new shirt seemed was a bit looser fitting than the previous indicating its purpose as sleep wear.

Harper gave Fennel a thumbs up to indicate she approved of Fennel's attire.

"Thanks" Fennel said as she noticed that a number of the girls began piling into the bus. "I guess we're getting ready to leave then."

Meanwhile, Brendan was busy loading the storage compartment of the bus with food that was in more sturdy packaging. "Hey, Bob, can you hand me the tent?"

"Wait, you got a tent?" Bob asked, before rummaging through the goods, "Oh, okay," and handing it to Brendan.

Brendan then placed the tent underneath the bus. "I figured it would be more confortable than sleeping in a bus, or alteast a way to separate us from the girls at night."

"Why do you wanna do that?" Zoey asked. Surprisingly, her expression indicated this was a genuine question, and not a remark with flirtatious or sexual undertones.

Brendan paused for a moment trying to figure out how to not sound like he was accusing Zoey of having no self control. "I just want some privacy. I talk in my sleep." Brendan replied.

"A few of us do that sometimes," Zoey shrugged.

"And I figure it can be another place to change clothes, the bus only has so much space. I figured having two rooms for that would be better.."

"Yeah, but why seperate you two from everyone else?"

"To be blunt, I don't want to wake up with a dong drawn on my face." Brendan said.

"That's the least of my concerns," Bob grunted, "There's a lot of better reasons."

"That's a pretty funny idea, Bread," Zoey grinned as she put a hand to her chin in thought. In seeming anticipation, the window opened up and a sharpie marker floated in. Ernie was still floating in its corner, facing the wall, but it was obviously his work.

:If you do, I swear everyone will go hungry for a day." Brendan remarked.

"You wouldn't starve a bunch of little girls," Zoey retorted, "But fine, I won't draw any dicks on your face."

"Good." Brendan said as he tossed the last of of the supplies in the bus and closed the latch. He quickly returned the cart, and headed back to the bus, "Is there anything we're forgetting?"

"Showers," Bob reminded, "Otherwise, it's gonna be a long bus ride with all of us smelling like roadkill."

"I think I saw a hotel on the way over here. We could probably just stay the night and take advantage of the showers and breakfast." Brendan suggested.

"I mean, I thought we were gonna get moving today. What's your opinions, girls?" Bob asked, turning the question to the girls around.

"Either way I'm sure we can find a hotel before nightfall." Brendan commented.

"I wanna go to a hotel!" Zoey exclaimed.

"Me too!" Ruby agreed.

Many of the other girls seemeed equally as excited save for Harper who couldn't speak and Clara who was loudly scribbling in her notebook.

"Alright, looks like it's settled. Let's go to that hotel," Bob said as he crammed some clothes into a bag.

Fennel was quite happy to hear they were going to a hotel after she had been either sleeping on a straw matress or the ground for the last few mobths.


So.. where do we wanna go?

The voice of Moomek came off as half concerned, half curious.

Just a... curiosity of mine.

"I'm, um.. Well, I was thinking that, uh.. Maybe we could go to Japan? It's a really nice country from what I've read about it," Jannet answered, gently petting the Eevee in her arms as she walked.

Japan? That sounds nice, really nice. What's it like?

"Well, it's a very thin island. It's, um.. There's quite a few cities really close to each other because of that, but there's a big culture of.. Respect there," Jannet explained.

Eevee the eevee was confused by its trainers actions. He looked up at his trainer and let out an unsure "Vai?"

Respect? That sounds like a nice place to be. So how far is it from here?

"Oh, sorry, Eevee. I'm talking to someone that, uh.. You can't hear," Jannet smiled down at the pokemon, scratching it behind the ears before responding to Moomek, "I believe it's on the other side of the world."

The pokemon blinked before yawning and resting its head on Jannet's arm. "Oh my gosh! He's sleeping in my arms!" Jannet exclaimed in a hushed tone. One of the pokemon's ears then circled around to point at Jannet, it seemed to enjoy the attention.

"He's so cute! Aww, I love him," Jannet did her best to keep her squeals as quiet as she could as to not disturb Eevee.

Yeah, he i- wait. The other side of the world? Isn't that... far away?

"Yeah, but.. We could take a plane?"

Oh right, planes... but how are we going to get tickets? Actually... I think I can solve that when we get to it.

"Really? How?" Jannet inquired.

Like I said, I'll figure it out. Not sure how, but I'm sure there's plenty of solutions that'll present themselves when we have to deal with them.

"... Knowing you, I'm sure we'll be fine," Jannet smiled, "So, um... Have any more.. Pieces of you come back yet?"

Nothing too big yet... maybe a few bits and grains. But nothing major. Sorry.

"O-Oh, no, no, it's okay! I was just- Um- Trying to.. Continue the conversation," Jannet quickly replied.

No-no-no, it's okay. I know you're curious about it. It's just a slow process, is all.

"... Sorry," Jannet murmured.

Eevee wasn't sure who Jannet was talking to but they seemed rather rude as far as the creature could tell.

No need to be sorry, Jannet. I wish it'd speed up too.

"Sorry- I mean- Sorry for the.. Sorry," Jannet stammered before letting out a sigh and muttering, "Sometimes I wish I just never talked, like Clara...." She let out another sigh, her thoughts suddenly drifting to the sisters she left behind.

Hey, don't say that about yourself. I'm happy to hear whatever you say Jannet, even when you make those little fumbles.

"... You always know just what to say," She swooned, smiling to herself as she continued to slowly pet Eevee.

Ah, you're too kind, Jannet. You know that?

"No, you're too kind, Moomoo," Jannet insisted.

"Vee Vee?" The pokemon asked.

"Yeah, so are you," Jannet giggled lightly, nuzzling her nose against Eevee's head affectionately.

No, I insist, you are the kinder one here, Jannet. I mean, you're still with me after all the bad stuff I've done and told you about, right?

"But you decided to stay with me of all people, and made me feel... Happy.. And.. Loved," Jannet retorted.

...Yeah, I guess I have, haven't I? I'm... happy you feel that way about me, Jannet.

"How could I not?" Jannet asked, giggling modestly.

You're right.. and you make me... happy too.

"Oh, Moomek... I'm really glad to hear that."

Thanks. I'm just glad to have you.

"Moomoo, I don't think I can handle all these nice things you say all the time," Jannet joked.

Heh. Or you just can't get enough of them?

Jannet could only giggle in response, doing her best to keep the giggling as quiet as possible.

You know it's true. You just can't resist them, Janny!

"Janny?" Jannet giggled.

Yeah. You call me Moomoo, so I had to think of something to call you... I'm thinking Janjan would've been better, but whatever.

"I think 'Janny' is cute, Moomoo."

Well if you think so, Janny.

"You know... I think this is the most walking I've ever done in... Ever," Jannet remarked.

Really? Was the Hold kind of cramped, or something?

"Oh, no, it was plenty big. I just.. Never walked this much," Jannet replied, "My feet are a little sore actually."

We can stop, if you want.

Jannet flopped onto a public bench, laying on her back and setting Eevee on her stomach with a sigh.

That's more like it... just relax for a bit. If we need to, we could probably even hitch a ride from someone.

...Y'know, I've been thinking about something. Even though I keep saying my people were vicious and bad... I don't we ever wanted to keep that up. I don't even think Saruc wanted that. That's why I think he led us to Saruc. Yeah, he was angry Rhya and her cronies killed Tyvus, but I know he meant more good than just trying to take the soul of Aureolum. He was... trying so save us, I guess... It's hard to really try and think about it, really. It was all one big blur. It all happened so much more fast than usual, I just... didn't really understand the whole scope of things.

"From what I understand.. It was.. A really bad situation you were caught up in," Jannet said, looking up at the sky.

Yeah, but... You ever get that feeling that, if you did one little thing differently, no matter what it was... everything would've gone differently? I just... I dunno.

"Well.. That's.. That's all in the past now. I think it's.. Better to think about what you can do to change the future instead," Jannet offered.

I... you're right. I can't change what I've done... What Saruc and the other Xinth did... It's better to just move on and look on ahead at what I can change. I just... I just feel conflicted. Saruc was my leader, my Chabrolin. I'm supposed to have an undying loyalty to him, but... I don't think I can give that. I know he's long gone, but, I just... don't want to let him down, I guess?

Jannet thought for a moment before speaking, "... I have a.. Similar feeling about my father."

Oh? You do?

"Yeah.. I.. Even though he did some questionable things, I.. I still feel like.. I don't want to let him down either. He's still my father after all," Jannet sighed.

Exactly, I just... I don't know what to do about it.

"I don't either... If I ever see him again, I.. I'm not sure what I'll do or say," Jannet sighed.

I just... I hope I know what to do if I ever see him again.

"Hopefully we'll both be there... And we can help each other if I meet my father or if we meet Saruc."

Yeah... We'll get through it. Together.

"I wouldn't want it any other way," Jannet smiled.

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Dimensional Clash IX [IC] Empty Re: Dimensional Clash IX [IC]

Post by Infested on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:27 am

Note, this post by H, Teedler, and Jawlord takes place before Fennel appears with Zoey's group.
[u] Sand Island, Hawaii [/ u ]

Fennel had just exited a portal from Varie. A Varian who had the trio left Fennel some parting gifts, like a cloak for Fennel, some sort of tome for Dipin and a dagger for Ryle. Fennel looking around, warm, humid, bright. and judging by the flora some sort of tropical location. Fennel is considered one of the Laviturnian isles. She looked down for a moment, mud, and the excuse she needed. She was wearing the boots she had to wear in Varie. It has become suitable for the wet environment. So taking note of the warm environment, Fennel slipped the boots into the pocket of her cloak before tying the garment around her waist. A fennel is flying over the head. "She mothered" Nope somewhere else. "Assuming this island was not common place, a regular human.

Followed by the sound again, followed by the sound again, in the sandy banks of the small island, diagonally what some sort of Automated mechanical being, two crude arm like sturctures on the left and right, a sharp ax blade, and a nubuck nozzle painted bright orange, it made sound as its big legs ineffectively in the sand, the most odd thing about this creature what the fact that it has been a head or head apparatus where one would be.

The Being was designated "Headless Harry" a custom built combat and carrying companion, and his circuts were positively frazzled in dealing with this new terrain.

Fennel's ears twitched to the sound of some thin 'revving, the sudden twitch of her ears caused her to flinch or a second before returning to normal. Fennel looks around for a second to before locating the source of the sound. Upon finding the source she withdrew her a brush from the cloak, it quickly grew to the size of a broom. She then rammed the end of the broom into the ground causing an explosion of water and sand to fly into the air. She stared at the robot for a moment .

Headless Harry (even though lacking a head) towering above his new being, he grinds forward on his wheel legs, circling forth, flying over "BOOP" from his chest region.

At that particular moment Fennel had just wiped the sand from her face and w has greeted by some sort of robot, it was circling forth, and making a noise, and what is equipped with a nozzle and an ax. Fennel's disguise instantly dropped as her ears dropped down. She stool shaking unsure if she should scream or attempt to escape.

Harry stopped in place, humming the sound of his interalum engine.

Still terrified of the robot, the Fennel attempted to run but due to a lack of planning Caused by possible death, Fennel sprinted forward having not taken into account where the robot what she ended up colliding with it as it stopped moving. This sudden change in momentum tossed forth to the ground, only causing the robot to appear more .

Harry jolted back, and made a low boop, more surprised than threatened.

Fennel manages to scramble to her feet before running in the opposite direction of the robot. It seems she is just looking at the robot. S and the low water table.

It appeared that Harry was looking down at Fennel (at least one could do that by the torso of being tilting forward slightly

Fennel looks up at the robot again, and then she looks up at the robot. She looked at the robot and screamed for help. While they were not dead in Varie, they did not have any idea what they were doing .

Several homeless people, appearing out of the foliage, seeing the precaution of being seen dangerous, they are retreating, either to hide or to try the proper authorities, one thought of hugging a rock at the machine, only to realize that could only end badly.

"Steady the mass, sailor!" exclaimed a far off, mechanical voice. In the distance, one could see a ship, an old colonial vessel, but ... why was it falling from the sky?

The USS Constitution smashed onto the coast of the island, just barely missing the waters. Its tip slammed upwards as it slowly came to a halt on the sand.

"Well, Navigator, I believe your calculations have been made by the slightest hair, but nonetheless, we have arrived at the sea!" the voice exclaimed happily, as a plank ramped down from the deck, permitting an entire crew's worth of rusted, broken robots in otherwise disrepair. Heading them, a Sentry Bot with a Lieutenant's has the Royal Navy.

"By Jove! Land ho!" Captain Ironsides declared, "I do say, one more good leap into the sea, and we'll be off!"

Seeing the presence of more robotic beings, Harry trundled towards them, a low "BOOP!"

Meanwhile Fennel was trying to claw her way out of the pit while proving to be slowly working out .

Harry's noise, the Sentry Bot captain rolled up to the pit, "What's this? A pitfall?" And who has follied into hi s trap?

Fennel may have managed to claw her way out of the hole, thanks to her .

"There is no need to show alarm, young leave!" T he Sentry Bot chortled, "You are safe from the vile machinations of that hole."

Fennel still not in the clearest state of mind w hat only to meekly squeak out, "You are not going to turn into some sort of cyborg are you?"

The robot laughed, "A cyborg? What sort of unscientific materials have you been reading to find that silly idea?"

Somewhat eased by the robot's friendly demeanor Fennel planted her face in the ground before m othering "I do not know anymore." Now that the appearing impending doom was gone, she needed a moment to catch her breath.

"Ah, you're having a morose day," the Captain sadly stated, "I'm in a similar feeling."

Fennel looked up for a moment, confidently replied, "I've been in another dimension for like 6 months now." You have robot pirates or something? " Her tone indicated.

"Pirates? Bah!" "Ironsides scoffed," We're the last remnant of the United States Navy! And this is our valiant vessel, the USS Constitution! "

"When did America get robots in the Navy?" Fennel asked, she looked around a little bit more she noticed some signage "Wait is this Hawaii?" Fennel asked aloud.

"Aye, this be the fiftieth state!" the Sentry Bot The following, "Our navigator said we were clear over New York a few moments ago ... ah, I digress! What brings you here, let?

Fennel picked herself off the ground and tried to brush some of the water and sand off her clothes. "Portal from another dimension, I'm trying to get back home to the Laviturnian Isles, so when did you Americans get flying cars."

Harry turned and rushed over to Fennel stopping dead short in front of her, "BOOP!"

Fennel upon seeing Headless Harry clambered up Captain Ironsides shrieking "There's the killer robot, sshhoot it or something!"

"Oh, worry not! He is merely missing the capacity to speak as I do! How about I requisition the Bosun a nice voice modulator for you, my rusty fellow?" The Sentry Bot Captain asked its headless companion.

"Boop"Harry responded cryptically.

Fennel climbed down from the mechanical sailor and brushed some off the sand off her clothes, before speaking again, "Do you think I could hitch a ride until atleast we get off this island? I don't really fancy a swim at the moment."

Headless Harry,the one and only clicked and beeped as he trundled over to the gangplank, his bulk failing toproperly balance himself, he vanished before clipping though the ship and onto the deck.

"Well, I don't see an issue with that," Ironsides agreed, "But, we are at a bit of a slight halt at the moment. You see, the impact upon the beach damaged our ship's rockets," he explained, "And without them, we may never sail the sea."

Fennel figured she could just swim off the island but she also figured having a crew of robots owe her a favor was atleast worth some effort. She then peered around Ironsides to get a better look at the ship, then spoke, "I a friend of mine is a mechanic, I don't know if I can find him but I might have picked up a think or two from him. I can't promise anything but I can at least give it a shot." One of her underlying reasons might have been to aquire some  dollars, she wasn't sure what the current exchange rate was and she figured that getting cash from an american would be easier than trying to exchange Varian currency.

"Ah, well, if you may give it a shot, we would be very grateful," the Sentry Bot declared, pointing Fennel to the back rockets of the modified colonial ship.

"If judging by your construction I'm imagining I'm not dealing with all to many circuits. If you got some sort schematics I can look at that would be great." Fennel replied as she walked towards the back of the ship. Upon reaching the ship and looking at it even more. She looked at the engines even more. "Yeah I don't think I can fix that but I might be able to get someone who can." Fennel then took her broom and tossed into the ocean and burst into a large pillar of water after a few seconds.Which no nobody's surpise drenched those in the surrounding area in seawater.

The water splashed on the machines, short circuiting only one Protectron, as Ironsides asked, "What sort of contraption is that? I've never seen such a thing like it!"

Fennel pulled her wrist back twice before the broom returned to hand. "Magic, it something we picked up in Varie. They said something about our own dimension having some sort of magical potenial. I didn't really understand all of what they said. Speaking I'm about spent for the time being so let's just hope someone saw that." Fennel replied. Realizing that locals would show up she then shrunk the broom down before placing it into a pocket of the cloak. She then pulled up the disguise she had been using only moments before. She he could probably keep this disguise going for  couple of hours as long as she didn
t have to make too many adjustments.

After a few minutes Fennel noticed a patrol car of sorts that had flown over to investigate. The police officer pulled over to the ship and asked "Everyone here all right?" Fennel then walked up the the patrol car, at this point she was shivering mainly dude to the fact that she constantly getting covered it water, was taking its toll at his point. " Yeah we're fine do you think we could get a tug boat for the robot's ship. The officer left after  leaving after offering a blanket. Fennel then called a back the robots " I think we've got this taken care of for the moment.

Fennel looked down at her hands for a moment and noticed that the disguise was flickering, "ugh, not good." she mumbled.

The unmistakeable sound of Harry's treads approaching was heard, as he twisted his torso and offered a series of clicking sounds, followed by pointing the fire nozzle attachment at the girl.

Fennel hearing some sort of clicking sound turned around to notice a nozzel pointed at her freaked out just a tad. Without thinking she attemped to fling some water at the nozzle, but due to a lack of magic she did little more than sadly fling the water in front of her at the robot, as it hit the sound with a pitlful splash before her disguise began to flicker, almost as if it were powering down.

Water ran down the front of the large machine,Harry sparked slightly.

Realizing that losing the disguise would probably go poorly Fennel managed to muster the energy required to keep the disguise going, so long as nothing else took her by surpsise.

Soon enough,the Coast Guard was contacted, and everyone was detained relatively easily(due to Ironsides being 'part of the military' and co-operating)

“I do say, gentlemen,” Ironsides cautioned, “You must be careful with the bow. It has been meaning to break for decades, but never had the gall!”

The Military was as polite as they could be, as they towed the good captain’s ship to the docks of the main island, and transferred him, Fennel, Harry, and the crew that was still operational to the police stations holding cells, while they contacted the proper people to deal with this kind of ‘thing’.

Given the recent set of events and that the Laviturnians had been engaged in battle before Fennel ended up in Hawaii, she was understandably tired and she leaned against one of the walls before starting to doze off. Given her recent luck and the fact she was going to be interviewed relatively soon, she wouldn’t have much of a chance to rest, and odds were one of the robots were going to ask her a question.

However, it seemed that the robots had little to say, seemingly going along with their duties as if nothing was awry, and that they were simply sailing along. Ironsides looked out over the sea, seemingly happy that his crew had finally gotten to the great blue sea.

Fennel had chosen to nap above deck, as she figured there would be not point going below deck as she doubted there would be anything more than charging stations at most. She also wanted a chance to smell the sea breeze once again, an experience that wasn’t often available in the more europesque Varie. At the very least this would make the ordeal of being interviewed by the police a bit less stressful, she was pretty sure she hadn’t done anything illegal, she didn’t want her first time in America to end in deportation.

=======A reasonable amount of time later=======

Fennel's nap was unsurprisingly short lived as a relative sudden change in the mood for a moment before returning to the ground.

"Ah, what a jolt!" Ironsides scoffed, rolling around in a 180 degree turn on his three treads to look at Fennel, "Do you think we've arrived?"

Fennel rubbed the eyes of her human face for a moment before groggily repling, "I guess, I've never been to the states before." Fennel then yawned as he went to peer over the side of the ship.

"Aye, it looks like that." Ironsides declared with a hearty tone, rolling over to the edge of the sand below.

should we be at land or just at sea

Fennel then found a length of rope and then fastened it to the railing, saying "Land ho me hardies." Then repel down the side of ship.

The ship calmly lowered the ramp onto the dock, giving it a bemused, somewhat confused look at Fen n el.

The Laviturnian approaches the side of the ship once again. As she moved farther away from the ship she fell and landed with a roll that seemed to be just for show.

The Sentry Bot captain rolled idly down the ramp, followed by his armless navigator, a bemused chuckle as he landed upon the sand, "Ah, navigator, have you seen such a fertile land?"

The Navigator responded with simple bleeps and noises, apparently loaded with corrupted data.

"Oh-ho-ho! Such a reply!" Ironsides laughed.

Fennel looked at Ironsides for a moment before asking "You understoond that?"

"It was a masterful jive!" Ironsides explained, "How did you not understand?" It was hard to tell if the captain actually understood the noise, or if he was simply acting as though.

Headless Harry moved over the side of the ship before falling and smashing into the deck, stalled on his side, hissed robotically before vanishing and appearing near the group Completely Unharmed

Fennel looks at the headless robot for a moment, "How does it, you know what nevermind."

The group was escorted to a local police station, where they were instructed to wait for their safety.

Fennel immediately plopped down into the bed, saying "I'll take it none of you need a bed."

"Powering dowwwwwww ...." one protectron declared with a lagging voice, before its flashing interior and any sort of automated noises ceased from its frame as it's top went limp. Other than that, there seems to be little response to Fennel.

Fennel closed one's eyes on the other, soon she would be interviewed about the recent events and then she might as well enjoy the peace until then.


The very universe at play, as well as the more crude beings, as Ironsides and Harry, however, when a small humanoid being was ejected into existence, seemingly composed entirly out of pure Tin

"Aw geez .." He was in fact composed entirely of tin, the only markings on his body being his eyes, mouth, and long nose, the rivets on his head and chest, and of course the large "Tin" prominently displayed on his front of his chest as well as a smaller one on his forehead.

The robotic being's head spun around on his neck before settling in place.

"Oh hello?" Tin stammered, finding himself in what appeared to be the outside of a holding cell looking in.

Fennel opened one of her eyes and looked at what a appeared to be a resident of Oz, she then said "I guess Dorothy's a bit shorter than i thought.”

"I'm not a girl,I'm just built lighter..."Tin muttered,grabbing his left forearm his his right hand self conciously

Fennel rolled her eyes before replying "Like the Wizard of Oz. You know with the kid from kansas, the lion, scarecrow and tin man."

"Thats the one with the wardrobe and the kid with the ring shaped scar right?"Tin said after a pause.

"Alright lets get this over with...."An investigator walked into the room looking at a clipboard, "Alright first up is the girl, and.."The man paused as he saw Tin standing outside the cell.

Tin gave a pitiful wave.

"Oh come on people,could you not fit all of them in there?, Was it so hard this one is like three feet tall!"The man sighed.

"Its ok, I got it..."Tin walked over to the bars and squeezed himself through, becoming like liquid until he was inside the cell where he reformed

Fennel got up then walked out of the cell, before asking "Alright then which way are we going?"

The 'interogator",  adjusted his large circular thick framed glasses, the bright light gleaming off his bald head, he turned and quite gingerly walked, suggesting he had toned legs(perhaps from years of dancing) despite his old age.

Fennel looked at the interogator and tilted her head slightly, he seemed somewhat familar, but she why he seemed familar, maybe from a commerical she watched when she was young, maybe one of those wierd american one.

They entered the standard interagation room, one way glass, a table two chairs, the questioner took out a little speaker and plugged his phone in, "You don't mind if I play some music do you?"

Fennel shook her head snapping herself her train of though, and replied "uhh, no that's fine."

The man did not seem to notice as he turned on the speaker anyways, it played "VENGABUS WE LIKE TO PARTY"

He sat down in his chair, left hand tapping rythmically on the table.

"So, your name?"He asked.

"Fennel, Fennel Geoffry." She replied, a tone of nervousness would be expected but the music seemed to be somehow keeping her somewhat calm, she figured this guy was probably one of the best interogators as she doubted anyone else could get away with this.

"Date of Birth?".

"June 17th 2001" The laviturnian replied.

The music slowly almost inperceptibly got louder by the second.

"Country of origin?"

"Laviturn." the disguised fox replied, she assumed Laviturn existed in this world, she was wrong.

"Valid I.D.?"

"Yeah I should have it on me." Fennel then reached into one of her pockets before producing a small wallet that that contained a Laviturnian driver's license, that clearly displayed a fox instead of a human.

"This is a fox"The man stated.

Fennel looked at the id for a second then replied, "Yes... I forgot I was wearing this thing." She then placed a hand on her face and lifted up, as the disguise faded away. "Yeah I was getting a lot of strange looks in Varie so I picked up a few skills to deal with that."

"And tell me where is Varie, exactly?"

Fennel thought for a moment "To be honest I'm not one hundred percent sure, but probably like near Germany, but during kind of medivial times, and in an another dimension. So yeah." She replied.

The music continued to increase.

Fennel looked around for a moment and asked "Sooo, I am I good to go? I've got to find some people."

"Afraid not, most of your answers are clearly false and fabricated".

Fennel raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean fabricated? I mean i got a Laviturnian government issued id right here." She asked as she pointed at the piece of plastic.

The station shuddered for a moment, as alarms began to whir both inside and outside, with the sound of air raid sirens looming outside. Something was happening.

Several police officers ran by, the station shaking once again by the unseen forces. "We got a 10-33 outside the station," one officer barked into his walkie-talkie as they ran by, weapon unholstered, "All units, report to station at onc-"

Without warning, the ceiling of the interrogation room began to crumble, as they could see that the sky was full of... purple pinwheels? The shapes floated aimlessly, without any seeming intelligence to their actions.

Fennel then gave the old man a salute before she spoke "Well that's my cue."  The Fox then drew the wand from her cloak before she jumped through the hole in the cieling to get a better grip on the situation.

Gunshots rang out, as police had begun to fire on the pinwheels, a single shot disentegrating the shapes into sparks. But as the last pinwheel dissapeared, several areas in the sky blinked with light, as more pinwheels, along with strange, flexing  blue diamonds, began to descend. The newer shapes, it seemed, had more beligerent actions, moving actively towards the people on the ground slowly and steadily. Behind the diamonds came fast, evasive green squares.

Fennel looked at the shapes in the sky, clear and launched a piece of rubble at one of the shapes, out of curiosity. The shape, a blue diamond, shattered into sparks upon contact with the fast-moving chunk of rubble. Another two of the blue diamonds slowly floated towards Fennel.

Fennel withdrew the focus from her cloak. With a quick tossing motion the wand sized object hit the ground before growing insize to that of a broom. Fennel placed the brush tip on the ground in front of her causing the broom to laydown a thick inklike substance that acted as a makeshift platform for Fennel's escape.

As she ignited the platform, a green square darted forwards, slamming into the platform she was attempting to create, destroying itself in the process. As it did, a new type of shape, pink squares with lines inside of them, began to appear in a similar fashion to the other shapes.

The impact of the square broke through the platform casuing shards the object to crash to the ground. A combination of the impact and the platform's relative narrowness caused Fennel to lose balance and fall from the structure. During the fall Fennel made a swiping motion with the broom creating an impromtue slide that lessened the force of impact.

The creation of the slide actually caught several of the shapes in its wake, destroying two diamonds chasing after Fennel, and breaking one of the neon pink squares. however, instead of the similar reactions of simply being destroyed, it had split into two smaller squares, swirling around one another as they continued their chase.

Fennel's momentum sent her rolling for a few seconds before she was able to get up and see the increased number of shapes closing in on her. She had notice that her previous stroke had shattered two of these objects. The Laviturnian got up and shrunk the broom back down to a more handheld size. She then drew a few slashes in the air causing the remainder the structures to shatter. With one final slash the shards of the shapes exploded into the surrounding area.

The exploding shards of the structures whittled down the number of shapes in the sky, but that would not last long. A single red circle appeared, accompanied by a forboding [i]fwooowm
upon its entry. Following it, dozens upon dozens of blue diamonds slurred out into existence, all of which seemingly targeting Fennel.

Fennel made an upward swipe with the brush followed by several horizonal swipes. With each stroke a piece of rubble in the area shot off and headed towards the myriad of shapes homing in on Fennel.

One of the pieces of rubble smacked into the red halo, but it did not destroy it instantaneously like the diamonds around it. Instead, it lit up with a flash of sparks, as the rubble around Fennel began to slowly levitate upwards towards the gravity of the circle, several shapes sucked into its mass, which grew with every absorbed diamond.

Fennel quickly swung her arm out to the side causing the focus to grow back to it's larger size as the brush end was replaced by a blade. The fox made a jabbing motion towards the circle sending smaller burst of flames towards the circle.

The flames sapped the circle of mass as they hit it, its pull growing less with every strike towards it, but remaining as long as the diamonds kept coming. With a seeming screech, purple diamond-headed chains slithered into the sky, their orange chain tailsuncaring of damage taken by the fire as they descended towards Fennel.

:Fennel made two more thrusting motions sending two eletrical bolts towards the circle, before dashing away from the the incoming shapes. Fennel rammed the end of her focus towards the ground, during the swing the blade changed back into brush and began laying down the viscous ink once again enabling Fennel to ascent to the top of a near by building.

The circle, as thought, popped into sparks like all other shapes after the shots. As she ascended, a snake slithered past, heading straight past her, blocking her path as a mob of diamonds moved by. In the distance, a pinwheel aimlessly floated by.

Fennel seeing she was surrounded made a spinning motion causing the ink like substance to create a shield around her as she jumped up to avoid the aggresive geometery around her. As the fox jumped into the air, a variety of glyphs began to lightly glow along the length of the focus. Fennel quickly placed the broom under herself and flew over to the roof of a near by building to regain her bearings. She then shouted "A little help here!"

With the sound akin to a giantic spring Tin, launched himself through the air, his tranforming into chainds tipped with large hooks, he looped them over  a diamond and yanked his body using his weight to its path into the others, crashing them into the neon geometiric units.

The exploded in a array of color, Tin clanked onto the roof, stumbled a bit, then gave a salute, "Tin of the metal men!" before his eyes grew big and he ran in front of Fennel, his form distorting into a large shield, with his vistage it (His little legs sticking out the bottom) as he faced the snake. The snake smashed into him, its head (and following, its tail) dissentegrating upon contact.

"Thanks!" Fennel called out before stabbing one of the diamonds that had followed her to the the other building.

The ground rumbled, as shot past was the USS Constitution. It seemed that, during the immense chaos that was happening about them, the robots had escaped their confinement, and had snuck back onto their vessel. "To the eastern seas, my men! We've circumnavigated to the wrong part of the world!" the bellowing voice of Ironsides could be heard declaring as they slammed through a red halo that had just appeared, destroying it near instantly, before escaping the myriad of geometric assailants and leaving that behind them.

Fennel started swinging the polearm in circle around her, the motion was unnaturally slow it seemed she was trying to drag the weapon through a viscous fluid rather than the air that clearly surrounded her.

"Uh...you need help there?"Tin asked raising a metal eyerideg

Just, duck." Fennel groaned just before her ability to move the weapon seemingly became easier move as she suddenly spun around. When the blade touched the ground surrounding rubble shot off towards in incoming diamonds, smashing through the shapes.

The shapes were cleared out, gone within moments. But Fennel knew this reprieve would not last long, and that she needed a way out of this mess. And a way out did show itself.

In the form of a slow-moving, aimless pinwheel, drifting lazily past the two with zero intentions of hostility.

Fennel looked at the pinwheel unaware of its lack of hostility, Maybe I can throw this at a those diamonds. I can't keep this up much longer. Fennel then ran towards the pinwheel. The moment she grabbed hold it's rotation paused for a moment. Unfortunately this only lasted a moment as the pinwheel began its rotation picked up once again and increased in speed. Within a matter of seconds Fennel could be heard screaming as the held onto the pin wheel for dear life. The Laviturnian's grip eventually gave as she flew off into the distance.

"I got her,I got her!" Tin yelled scrambling over to grab her.

Soon enough Fennel came crashing down into Tin's arms. Her momentum should have done more damage to the metalic man but some of the impact was magically absorbed reducing damage.

Tin comically shrank a few feet in stature looking a bit  like a scrunched up accodian

Fennel jumped out of Tin's arms "Oh come on I am not that heavy!" Fennel complained.

"Not that light either" Tin muttered under his breath.

"Are you calling me fat?" Fennel accused, before blasting a nearby shape, with a small burst of fire.

"What!?"Tin said putting his hands up,clearly not expecting to have been heard.

"I don't have time for this." Fennel growled before running off to attack another shape.

"Wait,I'm so-reeee!" Tin yelled before Headless Harry trundled by him so fast he smacked into Tin's shoulder and spun the little bot around.

Another wave of shapes began to appear, as, in hordes of hundreds, tiny jacks began to make their way towards the three characters from above, accompanied by diamonds and both colorations of the squares.

And with a nick-nack-paddy-wack, give a dog a bone, Harry rushed into the Jacks, flames bursting from his fireman's nozzle arm, sending waves upon waves of cascading heat onto the swarm.

Fennel stomped her foot on the ground before a group of rocks floated into the air and collided into the smaller diamonds.

The jacks were slowed, but there were just so many of them, dozens still slipped through the onslaught of flames and rocks brought about by Fennel and Harry, with an agile green square dodging the attacks and diving directly towards Tin.

"Harry!. Do that again!" Fennel ordered.

"BOOP!"Harry rushed towards the green square going after tin spraying it with heat, while Tin yelled "Low melting point LOW MELTING POINT!"and leaping to the side.

Fennel then pointed her wand at the Robot and redirected the flames away from Tin and right into one of the squares.

The Green square burst into sparks upon impact with the flame as it was diverted towards another green and a pink, splitting the pink square into two smaller squares, as more diamonds began to descend.

Fennel then made a circlular pattern with the wand causing the flames to surround the shapes.

The shapes were completely annihilated, but as before, yet another wave of even more shapes began to materialize. It seemed that, whatever they did, the shapes would continue coming in exponentially larger and more challenging numbers.

Fennel took in a deep breath and huffed "I dont know how much longer I can keep this up." She then headed back to the Robot and hoping it could handel the onslaught.

Harry rushed and rammed headlong into the SHAPEFOGtm Swinging like a maple juice infused Paul Bot-Yun

Fennel rammed the now broom sized focus onto the ground and used to prop herself up as she tried to rest for a moment.

Harry's rush kept the shapes at bay for the moment, but more were quickly coming down from the sky above. Another pinwheel was lethargically floating by, in a similar fashion to the first.

Fennel looked at the Pinwheel and took a second to prepare herself before rushing towards the pinwheel and struck it with her Focus.

The focus wrapped around the Pinwheel, which slowly picked up speed as it did before. Eventually this increase in speed before flinging Fennel far off into the distance.

"WHISLING WINDPIPES THATS NOT GOOD!" Tin yelled clutching the sides of his head with his hands.

It seemed that the end had come. Dozens upon dozens of shapes were descending upon the two metal men, as it seemed that there was no hope to fight ba-

"Avast! No man left behind, I say!" blared the speakers of the USS Constitution as it roared down from the sky, Protectrons on the deck aiming the ship's cannons into the mass of shapes, firing off their explosive volleys to soften up the geometric horde with much success.

Slowly, it landed next to the police station, with Ironsides declaring,  "Hurry, for we leave as soon as we can! These buggers are starting to grow too numerous!"

Tin glanced at the ship, then at all the screaming people, "You guys g-go, I'm gonna help evacuate!" The hero morphed his legs into wheels and sped into town

"Bring as many as you can!" Ironsides stated, firing off his gattling laser as the USS Constitution slowly lifted off the ground and back into the sky, puttering off into the distance.

Meanwhile Harry continued to charge against the cloud of shapes in a violent array of metal and light.

Slowly, the shapes would grow thick, and envelop the robot in their geometric hordes.

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