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"I swear if a ****ing troll comes out from under here"Marley mumbled under his breath, taking a step.

Like soaked paper-mache Slapstick appeared and draped himself over the side.

"Did you have fun?" Marley asked with just a hint of mirth in his tone

"Barrels of it you walking palm frond" Slapstick responded his colors running just a bit, as he wrung out his arm like a paper towel. Morgan snickered, holding back full-on laughter at the sight of the 'toontastic' hero.

"Shoulda thunk fast" Marley said mimicing a frisbee hitting his head.

"Hey, if you'd walk fast, you'd be on the other side of this fuckin' bridge already," Hera shouted.

"Oh come on! This is funny!" Morgan laughed. Smiling, she looked around for a moment to see where Melissa was.

"It is kinda funny," Logan agreed.

"Yeah you're right, this is fucking hilarious," Hera said, shrugging. Chara rolled their eyes.

A hand dug its claws up from the chasm and into the ground, pulling up a very very angry Nazi. She snapped her head towards Morgan and Marley, growling.

".....I think i'd be funnier over there" Marley suggested nervously,taking a step back and slipping on the water Slapstick had made.

Slapstick gave an innocent smile and disappeared to the end of the bridge where he was holdng a popcorn.

Marley grabbed Morgan's hand and proceeded to cross the bridge as if to beat the devil, which in this case was sort of literal.

Melissa's rage peaked, and she let out a shrill, "MORGAN!" before booking it across the bridge after the teenagers, her very footsteps full of so much anger that the marble cracked with every step.

"MARLEY RUN HARDER!" Morgan screamed, picking up the pace.

Marley offerered a half coherant gasp in response, as he lunged with all his limited speed.

With Melissa just inches away from them,her anger actually feeling like a red hot wave of death.

"I'M SORRY!" Morgan yelped as one of Melissa's claws just barely missed her.

"Now that's what I call running," Hera teased.

"Okay, okay, break it up," Hadid said, putting herself in between the clashers' souls and the kids.

"F.....fuku" Marley said collapsing, Slapstick stood beside him holding a timer, "Not bad Marles you should try out for track".

"Melissa, remember what they told you in therapy?" Chara chided.

"I'm pretty sure whatever 'therapy' you people get doesn't deal with kids launching you into a canyon," Hera remarked.

"THANK YOU!" Melissa shouted, holding back the urge to throttle Morgan, "WHAT THE FUCK, MORGAN!?"

"If you kill someone here isn't that like....double murder?" Marely wheezed pondering out loud laying on his back.

"Well, I don't want Taylor to be the reason I find out," Logan said, holding a hand out to Marley. "Here, get up, bud."

Marley took the hand and got up,"Where to now, oh great Loki?"He asked.

"Buh huh huh... Buh huh huh huh..."

"Don't call me Loki," Logan said, "I ain't no puny god."

"Loogie isn't much better," Morgan remarked. She didn't see it, but Melissa was busy putting wads of gum deep in her hair.

"And Lackey is just insulting" Marley pointed out.

"Anyways, which way was that laughter coming from?" Hera asked.

"It was coming from the left. Into that grove of trees," Hadid pointed out.

"Well, then that's where we're going. Oh, and Morgan, you may wanna wash your hair after this," Logan said.

"What? Why-" Morgan began, before feeling the many disgusting gum wads stuck in her hair. "MELISSA!" she screeched, turning to face the smug Nazi.

"Don't piss off the brick goddess," Chara chuckled.

There was a slight shimmer in the distance as the spirit of the Mud God looked over, noone noticed though.

The five kids ran across this strange, twisted Central Park, as they noticed that the ground seemed to curve up and around like a Hot Wheels track.

"Okay, what the actual fuck," Hera said. "You expect us to walk up that?"

"Honestly, no, I can't see that happening," Logan replied.

"Well then why did I bring all this climbing shit?"Slapstick asked dressed as a hiker, he seemed slightly annoyed.

"Maybe it's like... Gravity like.. Goes sideways on the ground there? Like the waterfall?" Morgan theorized before turning to Melissa with a shit-eating grin, "Remember that waterfall? Wasn't that neat?"

"Fuck off," Melissa muttered.

"Oh come on, people, it looks exactly like it does in Mario Galaxy," Hadid said, rolling her eyes and walking up the curved incline of the ground. "See? Look at this." Hadid was now standing sideways.

"... I've never played Mario," Morgan remarked, before gasping, "I was right!"

"Congratulations. Hold on a sec, I think I got some dog treats around here I can give you," Melissa chimed, digging through her pockets. Morgan rolled her eyes in response.

"You were. Now get up here," Hadid said.

Marley walked over planting a foot on the side,then the other foot,he shuffled a bit looked around and pinched the bridge of his nose,"Gosh this makes my stomach do a jig" He muttered, glancing over as Slapstick rode up on what appeared to be a Go-cart.

"Don't look down--er, behind you," Logan suggested.

Morgan tentatively stepped onto the incline, looking behind, down, er... Direction. "Is this down now or is behind me down?" she asked, looking at her feet and then back where 'down' used to be.

"Thinking about it gives me a headache," Logan replied with a shrug.

Morgan tossed a pebble into the air to see what direction it fell towards, curious about this whole gravity thing going on here. It fell towards the grass where Morgan was standing.

"Huh, neat."

The party traveled along the gravity-defying walkway, before spotting a group of the performers that had been abducted from the concert in the park.

"Their essence will do nicely! Buh-huh-huh!" the MC chuckled.

"Get down, guys," Logan warned.

"Holy fuck he has an annoying as shit laugh," Melissa muttered.

"You can say that again," Hera said, covering her ears.

"Now when you say down...."Marley asked still trying to grasp the concept he was standing on.

"As in out of sight, Mar," Logan replied, pointing to an inconspicuous bush.

"The emotions that go into making music... the heart and soul that flows through every note... indeed, this will surely help our people..."

"Maybe what he's doing isn't so bad," Hadid suggested. "Maybe he just needed their help with something--"

"...take over this universe!" the MC cackled.

Morgan raised an eyebrow at Hadid.

"Or not," Hadid corrected.

"Do you see Taylor?" Hera asked Logan.

"I don't see him per se, but we gotta do something about those performers," Logan replied.

"Uh....we could distract them?"Marley suggested poking his head out of the bush.

"We could indeed..." Logan agreed, stroking his chin. "Wait, something else is happening..."

Out of the shadows of the performers emerged a myriad of creatures: lance-wielding men in ornate Spanish-style armor, mushroom-like glowing monsters with golden bladed eyebrows but no eyes, and pitch-black imp-like creatures with jagged ears and glowing yellow spots for eyes.

"... At least it's not math, right?" Morgan quipped. Honestly though, this was probably worse than math.

One of the lancers twirled his lance and pierced through a saxophonist's chest, as a set of black chains emerged from his own chest and wrapped around the saxophonist. The saxophonist shuddered as the lancer dissolved into a purple fog. The musician's skin turned dark and clammy, and his irises went blood-red as black curlicued veins in a sickly elegant style crept up his cheeks. Before Logan could get a better look at what was going on, the saxophonist sank into the ground, and out of sight.

"Freaky," Logan muttered.

"You know, we'd really appreciate that distraction," Hadid said to Marley.

"Wait,what,me?"Marley asked.

"What if they do... That to us?" Morgan whispered.

"Don't get stabbed," Melissa suggested, stifling a snicker.

Marley persperated, this was a very real risk they were taking.

Slapstick flicked him in the forehead.

"Cheer up kid, I'll be the opening act, you just be sure to follow up" without explaining anything Slapstick disappeared.

"HOOOOOPPPLAAAAA!" Slapstick called.

Marley mumbled swear words under his breath.

A vuvuzela blared out of the bushes startling the occultists?

"That's probably my cue...."Marley said slinking into the surroundings

The performers gaped at the startled creatures, and took the moment of distraction to bolt. Their ritual disrupted, the creatures turned and made guttural noises at the teenagers in the bushes.

"Oh shoot was this not the Lewie's fifth birthday party?" Slapstick mocked.

"Cripes, we're dead," Logan gulped.

It certainly seemed that way as they dashed towards them, right as they were about to cross the two trees between them, a "SPROING!" was heard as they tripped over a wire smashing into the ground with a series of clunking noises.


"Now Wire you doing that?" Marley asked stepping from behind the tree in his battle form, and swinging the Rubber mallet downward clonking one down.

Morgan laughed at Marley's silly pun for a short moment, before remembering the dangerous situation she was in. Melissa rolled her eyes in disgust.

"God, there are too many," Logan gulped.

"You'll need a sound strategy for this, no doubt," said that voice that has been in Logan's head for a while.

"Okay, I keep hearing you, and I think it's okay for you to come out now, especially if you're anything like Chara is for Hera," Logan said, slightly afraid and slightly annoyed.

"Logan, who the fuck are you talking about me to?" Hera asked.

"He's talking about me," said the voice, louder, as from behind Logan a burst of lightning exploded, sending jagged thunderbolts into a lancer that got way too close. Logan turned around and jumped in surprise. Standing behind him was a woman about his height, wearing a black robe and a purple scarf. In one hand, she held a book, and in the other, a blade. Her eyes glowed with magic, but because the spell was done, the glow died down, revealing a pair of serious brown eyes.

"I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you sooner, Logan," said Robin, the tactician. "Our bond wasn't yet formalized, but I think it's time I began fighting at your side."

"Oh really? Where were you with the freakin' pigeons?!" Logan asked indignantly, still startled.

"I had to assess your critical thinking skills," Robin replied.

"Hera, Morgan, and Marley did all the legwork there!"

"No, I was talking about the bridge, and your initiative to save your friend."

"Still, ya couldn't have helped out with the pigeons with that cool lightning magic?" Logan asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Kids these days want help with everything," Melissa remarked.

"He has a point. Highschoolers don't usually have to deal with death pigeons," Chara pointed out.

"Neither do maids, but look at me now," Melissa retorted, failing to acknowledge the little bit of help she had during her time as a minifigure.

"There's a first time for everything."

Robin sighed. "Okay, I'll admit, that was a little tactically superfluous," she said to Logan. "At the very least I will fight by your side from this point. You have the tact of a tactician, and the head of a thinker and leader."

Logan thought about it. "This isn't, like, me selling your soul to you right?"

"Oh, gods, no, why would I devour your soul? We're just going to share a little part of each other," Robin replied, taken aback. "But you'll have to trust me in the same way I trust you."

Her tone of voice was genuine enough.

"Alright," Logan said, sticking out his hand. "Let's beat these guys down and get a move on."

"I UUD USS OME ELP 'ERE!" Marley said, a lancer holding a lance across his throat, trying to suffocate him.

Slapstick smashed the foe continuously over the head with a Maruman, each time it hit it squeaked and changed color.

Robin and Logan nodded to each other, and Robin transformed into a flurry of sparks again, before encircling Logan. There was a brilliant flash, and Logan was now standing with a green book in one hand and a jagged lightning-bolt-shaped sword in the other. He raised the green book, and to his surprise, it flew open, as runes encircled his hand.

"Hey, stickman!" Logan shouted to the lancer. The lancer accosting Marley looked up just in time to catch a blade of wind to the face. "That really blew you away, didn't it?!"

"Feeling really winded right now" Marley said breathing heavily.

Morgan looked down at her less-than-desirable Nazi attire and sighed. "Even Logan got a better outfit than me," she mumbled quietly, before picking up a conveniently placed brick, taking a deep breath, and lobbing it at the nearest lancer.


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Standing before our heroes were two Goombas, two Lancers, and one Shadow Heartless. All of them looked ready to pounce. Logan snapped his book shut and turned to Morgan and Marley. "There's only one of that little imp-looking thing, but it looks pretty dangerous. Might want to take that one out quickly," he suggested.

"Brick don't fail me now," Morgan whispered, bring her arm back before throwing with all her tennage might at the shadow thingamabob.


The brick smashed the Shadow right in the face, killing it instantly. It wasn't an explosion, but Morgan was still impressed by herself.

Logan gaped.

"So much for 'dangerous,'" Logan remarked. "Must've been pretty frail."

However, Morgan couldn't yet get cocky, for it was the first Goomba's turn to strike.

The Goomba charged at Morgan and jumped into the air, performing a headbonk.


Morgan blinked and looked down at where the goomba had hit her. It kinda hurt, but she wasn't even sure if that'd bruise or not. "That was... Why were we scared?" Morgan asked.

"Boooo," shouted out Melissa, unimpressed with the goombas. They couldn't even hurt Morgan? At least like.. A bruise or two?

"That's what I'm talking about," Mol shouted from above, munching on popcorn. "Booooo!!!"

"Degenerates" Blight Mumbled walking by.

"I say, no class," Goomboss agreed, walking alongside Blight.

One of the Lancers readied his lance, and with a mighty strike... watched helplessly as Logan rolled out of the way. "SUCKER!" Logan taunted.


Meanwhile, the second Goomba waddled up to Marley and brushed past his leg, not really... doing much damage.

Marley gave a look like "Dude wtf, that was rude"


"These guys are... Really bad at this," Morgan remarked. She almost felt bad for them. Almost.

"Fuckin' wimps," Hera shouted.

Logan readied his Elwind tome. "Alright," he said. "My turn. Let's see how these wimps like a little taste of this wind magic!"

"Why are you all taking turns?" Hadid asked.

"It is the law of this dimensional plane," Robin explained.

"That's fuckin' stupid and really contrived," Melissa remarked.

"You wanna make the rules do it at your own reality fucking plane of subconciousness, Melly" Slapstick quipped.

"... No."

"I didn't make the laws of the unvierse," Robin said.

"Robin, how do I do this?" Logan asked.

"You did it just fine five minutes ago," Robin replied.

Logan nodded and pointed towards the second lancer, who hadn't yet had his turn.

Logan blasted his blades of Elwind at the second lancer, causing the enemy soul to flinch and take heavy damage.


The lancer wasn't down yet, however. But perhaps Marley could change that.

"Hope you like the taste of rubberwaitthatsoundedwrong"Marley yelled bringing up the mallet and swinging it towards the foe of humorous hatwear.


The second Lancer exploded in a puff of purple smoke.

"Ha! Nice job, Marley," Logan said. "Air high five!" He thrust out his hand to his cartoonishly-clad friend.

"Did you just kill a man?" Hadid gasped in horror.

"Actually, they don't die," Hera said. "Just get banished to the Duat as punishment for attacking people."

"Boooo," Melissa shouted.

"Does she have like a mute button or something?" Marley whispered to Morgan.

"God has no mercy," Morgan whispered back.

Speaking of Morgan, it was her turn once more. Her healing factor restored her health.


Seeing as how the goombas were completely worthless, Morgan picked up another conveniently placed brick and lobbed it at the remaining lancer's face.


The lancer growled an inhuman, echoing noise. The first Goomba attacked once more with another headbonk, aiming for Marley.


The poor fungus missed and determined to save face pretented to actually be attacking the rock behind Marley, he nudged it with his foot.

The other Goomba and the Lancer were not impressed.

-10 DIGNITY! (Not that it matters.)

"This hurts to watch," Morgan cringed.

The Lancer, on the other hand, attempted to swipe at Logan, but Logan swiftly dodged out of the way. "Missed me," he taunted.

The lancer tried again, and Logan ducked out of the way again. "Missed again!"


"YOU'RE REALLY BAD AT THIS!" Melissa shouted to the enemy.

"She's right, you know," Chara agreed condescendingly, pulling out a bar of chocolate. "Want any?" They broke off a piece and offered it to Melissa.

"Shit yeah," replied the Nazi, lobbing the piece into her mouth. If there's anyone he knew good chocolate, it was Chara. Best stay on their good side if Melissa wanted the good stuff.

The other Goomba headbonked Logan... or, well, tried to. It sailed over Logan's head.

"What the heck, it's like y'all aren't even trying," Logan snickered. "These guys are the same ones that tried to possess those performers?"

Morgan blinked and looked over at Marley, before looking back at the "battle".

Slapstick held a judges card with an 8.5 on it.


"Now this," Logan declared, "is an attack."

He let loose a blade of wind at the Goomba, cleaving the soul in two and causing it to disappear in another puff of smoke.


"Let's not tell Taylor he got kidnapped by these guys," Morgan suggested.

"Well, technically it was a big pink robot arm that vacuumed up all the patrons at the park, but whatever, let's not talk about the lackeys," Logan agreed.

Marley paced the end of the mallet onto the ground then pushed downward on the head, until the handle bent "pleasedon'thitmepleasedonthitme" he thought worriedly as he let go and the hammer sprang forward spinning like a wheel through the air until striking the lancer squarely in the chest.


The lancer exploded in a puff of smoke.

All that remained was the singular Goomba.

"You sure you don't wanna just... Run away?" Morgan asked the Goomba, a brick in her hand which was ready to be thrown.

The Goomba said some gibberish that might have been swears.

"... Well fuck you too, asshole," Morgan seethed, throwing her brick at the potty-mouthed goomba.

The Goomba squealed in pain as it poofed into smoke.





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"Wimps," Logan repeated, having phased back into his street clothes.

"Indeed, they were wimps," Robin agreed.

"That was a huge waste of time," Melissa complained.

"I think that might have been the point," Chara muttered, pointing to the area where that unholy ritual had taken place. The MC had escaped. "Freaking encounters," Chara cursed.

"Well, there's only one way he could have gone," Logan pointed out. "C'mon fellas, let's keep moving.

" 'Fellas'? " Melissa repeated. What was this, the 90s?

"That includes the angry fuckin' Reichsters," Hera said with a laugh, before following her boyfriend. Hadid was close behind.

"Come on Melissa," Morgan followed the others, gesturing for her Nazi ghost to follow, "Unless you'd rather yell at rocks instead of us."

"ONWARD!" Slapstick cried and Marley half-heartidly followed him. Morgan slowed her pace so she could walk by the boy's side. Melissa feigned vomitting.

As they walked, Logan turned towards Robin. "So, you're like... Robin from Fire Emblem, but you're real..."

"Indeed, my name is Robin," Robin replied. "Though I didn't come from the Fire Emblem... last I checked it was locked away in Ylisstol."

After a bit of walking, our heroes found themselves completely upside-down. "Wow, this is trippy," Logan observed. "It's like... the ground is the ceiling. And the ceiling is the ground."

"It's called being upside-down," Melissa commented.

"Oh, like you've ever been upside down like this before," Chara said, floating upside-down... or was it right-side-up?

"Stop, you're making my head feel like one of those stairs paintings"Marley complained

"I always thought things would be cooler to walk around on upside-down," Morgan remarked, turning her head and bending some to see the world rightside-up... Yeah this was pretty trippy.

They continued traversing the path, and eventually came across a staircase.

"Ya jinxed it," Hera teased Marley.

"This better not turn into Van Gogh I'm awfully fondof my ears...."Marlye chortled

"Hey you think we can swap kids?" Melissa whispered to Chara, though she whispered just loud enough to where she knew Morgan could hear.

"I don't think that's possible," Chara replied, shaking their head.

"I want a refund."

"You're not the one who has to pay for hair shit to get gum out," Morgan grumbled. While most of the Nazi's comments just pissed Morgan off, that refund one kinda stung.

"Least you aint got a smarmy living papercut" Marley added.

"Buh huh huh huh huh..."

"It's that annoying-ass laugh again," Hera said, looking around.

"Be on your guard," Robin advised.

Suddenly, from underneath the staircase slunk a pair of purple bell-shaped flowers with huge, beady red eyes and bright pink lips. A pair of leaves served as their appendages, and a single vine stretched out from the backs of their heads. These vines lashed out; one grabbed Marley and Morgan in one tight embrace, and the other lashed Hera and Logan together.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" Hera shouted. "CHARA, HELP!"

"AAGH!" Logan cried.

"Wait a sec," Melissa said in advance, putting an arm in front of Chara, "... This is funny stuff."

"MELISSA!" Morgan screeched.


"Hey Slapshit. Remember that one time when we got kicked off a cliff in a barrel?" Melissa asked, folding her arms and looking smugly up at the children.

"You know, if they die, you get banished to the Duat too, right?" Chara scolded.

"... What's the Duat, again?" Melissa asked.

"The primoridal river of creation. Believe me, an alternate version of me knows exactly what getting thrown in there is like. It is not pleasant."

"Okay but what makes you think the plant is gonna kill them?" the Nazi questioned. She just really didn't feel like doing a thing right now. Especially not after the barrel incident.

"Well seeing as how you don't want to move...."Slapstick said grabbing Melissa by the waist picking her up and running forward directly at the plant.

"S̵͇͓̐̌̊͊͐͆͐L̼̪ͮ̈́̑͗A͙̖̣̋͂͘ͅP̻͍̯̣̥̾ͪ̇Ś͚͎ͅH̦͓͋ͦ͛ͭͦͨI̞͕̱ͤT̛͕͚̊ͬͯ̽̑̽!͒̈҉̥̺͈̯" Melissa screamed, flailing her arms and legs for a moment before reaching for her pistol, firing a few rounds at the plant before pointing the gun behind her and letting loose.

Bullet holes appeared in Slapstick's body like hole punched, he yelled and with a toss threw Melissa at the plant.

The flower wobbled, but didn't loose its iron grip against the kids. Hadid seemed to be the one lucky enough to not get snared in the monsters' vines.

Melissa was never one who had her priorities straight. Rather than attack the plant holding our kids hostage, upon hitting the plant feet first, the Nazi propelled herself off of the flower, firing two rounds at Slapstick midair before shoving her pistol into its holster and stretching out her arms for some good ol' fashioned strangling.

Morgan wanted to get closer to Marley, but this was just ridiculous.

A haunting laughtrack played in the distance.

Meanwhile, Robin and Chara decided to be actually helpful and used their various blades to cut at the plant monster's vines. However, the plants retaliated by shooting razor-sharp leaves at the souls. Chara dodged out of the way, while Robin attempted to block the hit.

Hadid suddenly ran up to the plant holding Marley and Morgan hostage and yelled, "LEGGO OF MY FRIENDS!!!"

She swung her right leg up and, as in soccer, delivered a swift kick upon the plant's bell-like head. The plant crumpled and yelped, but did not drop Marley.

However, the plant did not expect what happened next. Hadid moved to loose a punch, and all of a sudden, from behind her, a mighty iron fist the size of a van barreled out of a swirling portal and punched the plant, causing it to instantaneously loosen its grip, dropping Marley on top of Morgan. Hadid stared at her hand.

"But I didn't even..." she muttered.


"Uh, sure...?" Hadid asked, before clenching a fist and punching towards the other flower. The same thing happened: big metal fist, FALCON PAWNCH, flower goes flying, Logan and Hera dropped.

Logan and Hera gaped behind Hadid.

"What? Did something get caught in my teeth?" Hadid asked, not noticing the enormous pair of floodlights bathing her in brilliant light from behind.

She heard a mechanical click, and turned around...

...face-to-face with a giant metal... face.

"WAGH!" Hadid yelped.

"AAAAA," the giant metal head screeched. Hera and Logan covered their ears. It was like two car crashes having sex with each other as Vin Diesel narrated their dialogue.

Slapstick and Melissa paused exactly one second to see what was making such a ruckus. Melissa punched Slapstick absentmindedly as she stared at the enourmous... Thing.

Hadid had fallen on her rump, and was able to get a good look at this giant head. Upon closer inspection, it was actually quite familiar: those friendly, round eyes, the hinging lower jaw... The behemoth's eyelids squinted as it held its palms out.


"Wait..." Hadid muttered. "Are you... the Iron Giant?!"

"Wow, you had the fortune of actually knowing which soul was following you around," Hera remarked.

"Who's Iron Giant?" Morgan asked from under Marley, too distracted by the enormous machine to pay her current position much mind. She was in awe of it. It... It was just so big.

"Character from a movie," Logan replied.

"A giant robot from space who befriended a little kid," Hadid explained in brief.

The Iron Giant's head nodded. "YES... FRIEND..." the Iron Giant boomed. Its voice was less grating; it was probably less startled. "YOU... HAVE FRIENDS... I WANT... TO HELP...YOUR FRIENDS TOO..."

The Giant pointed at itself with its huge metal hands as it said this. Hadid couldn't make out the rest of the Giant's body, but she could see the blurry image of a glowing "S" emblem in a circle on the robot's chest.

Hadid looked at the flowers, who were getting back up, their red eyes glowing with anger.

"Uh, Hadid? They're getting back up. Now would be a good time to do another one of those punchie thingies," Logan said, stepping towards Robin as she shimmered with electricity.

"Right. Uh, Iron Giant, it would be a pleasure if you could help," Hadid stammered, taken aback by the situation.

"OK..." the Iron Giant said, before drawing back into the portal. The portal closed, and suddenly, a brilliant flash of reflective light crashed upon Hadid.

She emerged clad in a suit of bulky armor, clanking with the sound of an engine. In her hands, she held missile launchers and a death ray. She looked down at her outfit and winced; the tights didn't fit with her religion. She'd have to change that later. A Scouter-like device flipped over her eye, providing her with a HUD.

"Oh COME ON!" Morgan whined. Not only did she get a cool outfit, but she got actual weapons. Why didn't Morgan get weapons? All she could do was... Bleed on people.

"Um I'll just uh.."Marley blushed as he picked himself up offering a hand to help Morgan up.

"Oh, I didn't even like.. Notice," Morgan chuffed, blushing herself as she took Marley's hand. Melissa punched Slapstick in anger.

"Oh my God," Logan gaped. "You're like... Muslim Iron Man."

"Heck yeah I am," Hadid remarked, glancing at the helmet that she spotted in her peripheral vision.

"Alright, we've got some herbs to 'cide," Hera declared. "Go get 'em, tiger."

The shadowy plants made strange, pixelated noises as they whipped their vines in anger.


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The two Weepinbells glared at the teens standing before them. The Grass/Poison type Pokémon shuddered and made frothing noises.

"What's with these bricks everywhere?" Morgan asked to nobody in particular, picking up a conveniently placed brick. She aimed at one of the strange plants, before lobbing her brick. It was a tad repetitive, but if it ain't broke don't fix it, right?


The Weepinbell rubbed its head with a leaf and growled gutturally.

Hadid glanced at the missile launchers on either side of her shoulders. "Okay, let's try these out," she said, taking aim. The reticle on her HUD targeted the second Weepinbell, the same one that Morgan had targeted.

The three missiles blasted into the Weepinbell, causing fulminations to appear around the bell-shaped plant. Hadid's missile launcher folded back into her shoulder plate, and she assessed the damage as the dust cleared.


Marley aimed for the one everyone was attacking and chucked his hammer like boomarang, the missed the Plant then pinwheeled back and smashed into the first one.

"Totally meant to do that" Marley asserted.


The first Weepinbell shot out a flurry of razor-sharp leaves. Hadid, however, blocked the attack with her armor, taking no damage from the Razor Leaf.


"Come the fuck on," Melissa groaned.

The second Weepinbell, however, launched its own flurry of Razor Leaves, slashing into Morgan like blades.


Morgan fell over.

"Aw, beans," Hadid muttered.

"Aw fuck!" Melissa yelped. She wanted some bruises, not dea- Okay not death, considering Melissa wasn't in ghost hell. She looked over at Marley and shouted, "YOU SHOULD'VE HIT THE OTHER ONE! YOU KNOW, THE ONE EVERYONE ELSE WAS FUCKING KILLING!"

"Ohshitohshitohshit" Marley said, looking like he just hit a kid with his clown car.

"Fuckin' hell!" Hera shouted.

Hadid turned towards the second Weepinbell, before taking aim with her missile launcher again. "You're gonna burn for that," she said, firing. The second Weepinbell dodged out of the way."

"...Or not..." Hadid muttered, turning red with embarassment.

"... Where's the burning?" Melissa asked sarcastically, squinting her eyes and looking around for the promised burning.


Marley knelt down next to Morgan "Uh..." he looked towards his patron clown spirit, " I like a first aid, fuck are there ambulances here?"The kid asked.

"True love's kiss will break the spell," Chara teased.

"You're acting awfully nonchalant about this," Hera said, squinting at the child.

"I don't think macking will close up the arteries".Marley pointed out.

"Splash her with ice water or something," Hera said. "I dunno. You have, like, cartoon powers or something. An air horn, maybe."

"AN AIRHORN WILL NOT FIX BONE TRAUMA!"Marley clearly stated.

All this yelling woke Morgan up and healed her by 11HP.

"My ribs," she squeaked. To her surprise however, her wounds were very slowly healing themselves. She looked up at Marley, unaware it was the magic of yelling that had saved her, instead believing he was her savior. "Thank you."

"Don't look now, the enemy plants are attacking," Hadid pointed out.


The Weepinbell shook its leaves, and a noxious purple powder drifted towards Morgan. It only drifted in her general direction, however, and completely missed her.

"I don't want to know what that was," Hadid remarked.

"Man, Marley's screwup almost almost-killed her a second time," Melissa remarked.


The second Weepinbell used Razor Leaf one more time, but Morgan was able to dodge it quite easily this time.

"A third time," Melissa continued.

"And you wonder why noone invites you to parties"Slapstick pointed out.

"Roasted," Morgan sneered, before turning to Marley, "Don't listen to her. She's on her period." she said loudly, repeating Melissa's same remark she had made earlier.


Her wounds had healed enough to make throwing bricks less of a pain, and so Morgan picked up yet another conveniently placed brick, before lobbing it at the plant that had nearly killed her earlier, screaming, "FUCK YOU, WEED!"


Hadid turned towards Hera. "Tag out!" she called.

Hera nodded. "Right!" She jumped in, phasing into her battle form.

"Why don't all of you just attack the fucking plants together?" Melissa asked, before looking at Robin, "Lemme guess. Rules of the universe."

"Good question," Logan said, attempting to walk in.

Suddenly, a gigantic red "NOPE" written in cursive appeared before him.

"Aww..." Logan mumbled, walking back to his spot.

"I don't see you moving your spooky ass to help anyone Casper!"Marley commented at Melissa.


Swinging the mighty hammer of rubber Marley smashed the plants pitiful form.


The Weepinbell exploded in a puff of smoke.

"Holy shit, you got it!" Morgan exclaimed happily.

"Don't act so suprised," Marley mumbled under his breath.

Wanting to exact revenge for its fallen brethren, the remaining Weepinbell fired off a blob of toxic sludge at Marley.


"AW FUCKLE!" Marley said as it splashed directly onto his face.

"I mean I'd be mad too if a pitcher plant barfed that shit at me," Hera remarked.

"This stuff burns any of you got anything?"Marley complained.

Marley was hit in the head by a sponge followed by a stream of seltzer water.

He spit out a little water, before glaring at Slapstick, who whistled with a setlzer bottle hidden behind his back.

Morgan looked at Marley, concerned for a moment, before kneeling down and picking up another conveniently placed brick.

This one was for Marley.

With a scream fueled by brick-throwers of the past, Morgan hurled the brick at the demonic plant that dared to cover Marley's face in purple diarrhea.

Suddenly, in midair the brick began to glow. It sailed right into the Weepinbell's mouth, and immediately exploded, sending brick shrapnel sailing through the monster's body, leaving it deflated on the ground and twitching. Then an enormous Thwomp descended from the sky and flattened the Weepinbell to the ground.


The plant let out a weak cough. It was barely alive, but it was paralyzed for the next turn.

"Another god brick?" Hera remarked. "Nice."

"Fucking plants," Morgan muttered, before turning her attention to Marley and the sponge.

Hera brandished a dagger. She looked at the Weepinbell, and ran towards it with intent to strike. With a mighty downward stab, she thrust the knife into the plant's head, causing it to disappear into a puff of smoke like its partner.



400 EXP gained.


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Post by ToadRopes on Fri May 05, 2017 2:08 am

"We have to keep moving," Logan said.

The path ahead split into two. It extended above the clouds in either case, and our heroes couldn't see past.

"Let's take a vote," Logan suggested. "I say we hang left."

Hera blew a kiss. "Goodnight everybody," she said.

"You dick," Logan joke-protested, shoving Hera lightly.

"We could split up," Morgan suggested.

"We could indeed, but what if something attacked us while we were there?" Hadid pointed out.

"Only three of you can attack at a time, so it doesn't matter that much," Melissa chimed in.

"Yes it does, what about the saps that get stuck with the party of two?" Chara remarked.

Melissa just shrugged. She was fine as long as Morgan got stuck in the party of three and did not die.

"I say we flip a coin," Hadid said. "Anyone got a quarter?"

"I used my bus money," Logan replied with a shrug.

"Don't you have anything in your floral-pattern coinpurse?" Hera asked.

Morgan snickered, "You mean Flowey?"

"That was my bus money," Logan replied.

"I have a Monopoly dollar"Marley offered.

"Did nobody get stuck with a kid who has money?" Melissa remarked.

"A lot of people use cards nowadays," Chara replied.

"That'll do," Logan said, taking the Monopoly dollar. "Face side up, we go left, face-side down we go right."

1 = up
2 = down

Logan dropped the dollar, and it fluttered to the ground daintily. It landed on the grass, face-side up.

"Left it is," Logan said.

"Be on your guard, Logan," Robin warned. "The mist provides a perfect cover for an ambush."

Logan thought about this for a second, and held open the Elwind tome. He blasted some wind blades into the clouds, and dashed through the left blade. "C'mon," he called.

Passing through the clouds, Logan caught sight of the top of a skyscraper, upon which lightning struck from neon-glowing clouds. He turned back towards the path, and saw that he had hit something: a pill-shaped bird with blade-like wings and little hairs sticking out of its head. Its beak was round.

"Maybe it's friendly?" Hadid suggested.

Suddenly, another bird came in, unprovoked, with a bomb clutched in its talons. The bomb fell upon the ground, and exploded in a puff of white smoke.

"Not friendly," Logan said.


The two seagull-like birds cawed aggressively. They brandished bombs in their talons.

"What the fuck!?" Morgan cried out, upon seeing the explosives the birds carried. She quickly grabbed a nearby conveniently placed brick and lobbed it towards the bomb one of the birds was carrying.

The brick smacked the Goonie in the face; Goonies were weak to bricks, and this Goonie's truffles were shuffled, and feathers were ruffled.


Marley reached into hammerspace and took out a small marble statue,like one would find on a table with its gentitals broken off,"Can't beat references"

Suddenly, out of Ben Stiller's marble crotch, a brilliant light shone, and an enormous stalagmite blasted from in between the statue of the actor's legs, impaling the Goonie and exploding into shrapnel. The Goonie immediately disappeared in a puff of smoke.


Logan stared at Marley. "Uhh... what the heck?"

"That was awesome," Morgan commented, thoroughly impressed.

He turned towards the other Goonie. "Let's see if I can't check this bird out..."

He closed his eyes and pictured the bird in his mind. Suddenly, everything became lucid to him!

"Alright, here's the 4-1-1," Logan said. "That's a Goonie; it's like, this pill bird thing from Yoshi's Island. Max HP is 60. Its physical attack power is 8, its defense is 3, it has no magic whatsoever, its resistance is 3, its speed is 15, its dexterity is 6, and it's not lucky at all. Watch out for that beak, and those bombs." Logan mused for a bit. "I wonder what they taste like fried," he remarked.

Normally these numbers would not have made sense, but in the Id, they made perfect sense to all watching. Nobody questioned Logan's logic; after all, he was the one doing the scan.

Enemy scanned.

The Goonie swooped down and attempted to peck Morgan, but missed.

The Goonie opened its beak and crowed loudly. The fluttering of wings, and another Goonie swooped in, a bomb in its talons and ready to strike.

"Oh, fuck off!" Morgan shouted, hurling a conveniently placed brick at the new Goonie.

The brick stopped in mid-air. Suddenly, with an angelic choir, the brick began to morph and split like a cell dividing in two. A brilliant beam of light flashed upon the bricks, as they hovered, then started spinning, aiming at the two remaining Goonies.

Morgan gasped. No matter how many times she ended up rolling 20s, it was always impressive.

"the fuk?"Slapstick stated.

The bricks flew with the force of a race car at each Goonie, killing them both instantly.




240 EXP gained!

Level UP: Logan


"Did you see that!?" Morgan excitedly asked Marley, "I don't even know how I did that! It just... Oh my God!"

"This is rigged," Melissa muttered.

"Forget the MLB," Hera remarked. "You could, like, probably wrestle John Cena."

"I'm not even that strong," Morgan remarked, squeezing her tiny muscles.

"You just brickfucked two brids out of reality,I think you're a wee bit down on yourself," Marley said.

Logan turned towards the skyscraper in the distance.

"Buh-huh-huh... Buh-huh-huh-huh..."

"It's coming from the top of that skyscraper," Logan said. "Obviously."

"I never would've guessed," Melissa remarked.

A shimmering light bridge appeared before them, leading to the skyscraper.

"Big bridge leaving to the skyscraper? Seems pretty by the books to me," Hera remarked.

Robin stopped Logan. "Hold on," she said. "I sense a dangerous presence up ahead. Are you prepared to face whatever's up there?"

"Yes," Logan said flatly.

"Let's give that MC a bad time," Chara said, cracking their knuckles.

"Try not to die," Melissa said to Morgan, before glaring at Marley, "And try not to kill her."

"Brush twice daily," Slapstick added, "Not really helpful, but important".

Our heroes crossed the light bridge.


"About time we found you," Logan said, running up to Taylor, who had been lashed to a television antenna. "Hera, can you cut him out?"

"Knife," she said to Chara, holding out her hand. The child gave her a pocketknife.

Hera knelt down and sawed at the golden chains lashing Taylor to the antenna.

"That was 100% illegal," Taylor muttered, rubbing his wrists. "Remind me to tip the cops on that MC when we get out of here." He looked up at Logan and company. "Thanks for coming to save me. Sorry if I caused you any trouble."

"Hey Morgan look! Gold! You could pawn that off and you wouldn't be p-" Melissa began.

"Melissa, I swear to fuck," Morgan hissed before turning her attention to Taylor, "It's fine."

"Oh, no trouble at all," Hadid replied.

"Except the part where Morgan died," Hera said.

"She did not die, she was just out cold," Logan said.

"...and Marley started eating her out so that she would get back up and..." Hera continued, grinning mischievously.

"Wait, you wait what?" Morgan stammered, looking at Marley. It took a quick second to realize that, of course, none of that happened.

Marley blushed, "I-i whan-nn-Shut up!"

"Okay, now that's just propaganda," Logan complained. "No, he didn't, Morgan."

"Good, because that would constitute a different sort of crime," Taylor pointed out.

"I hate you all so much right now" Marley mumbled,covering his redding face.

"Love ya, Mar," Hera said, clapping him on the back.

"Thanks though for... Doing whatever you did to get me up," Morgan said to Marley.

"Yelling is the best medicine," Hadid said with a shrug.

"Only when everyone else is offering bullshit cures"Marley quipped.

[size=small]"Like cunnilingus,"[/size] Hera whispered to Logan.

The happy reunion was cut short with a louder "Buh-huh-huh!" as a cardboard arm smashed into the ground, sending glowing chinks running across the roof.

"God fucking dammit," Morgan grimaced.

"These effects suck" Slapstick said, wearing a pair of 3-D glasses.

Melissa smacked his face, "It's like it's really coming at you, huh?"

The MC stood in front of a big pink mecha made of cube-shaped blocks of cardboard and paper.

"It's so nice of you to bring all yourselves right to my doorstep!" cackled the MC, twitching.

Melissa burst into laughter, pointing up at the MC, "IT'S FUCKING PINK!"

"Is that your car?" Hera snickered.

"Hey, guys can wear pink no problem," Logan said. "But that being said, that is one freakin' tacky mecha."

"Booooooo" Slapstick said throwing a wad of paper at the MC's head.

The MC growled gutturally.

"We'll see who's laughing when the Magnus von Grapple sucks the joy right out of you... literally!" the MC sneered.

"That pink-ass motherfucker sucks a lot more than joy," Hera teased.

"Are you sure we can't switch kids?" Melissa asked Chara once more.

"I'm positive," Chara replied.

"We're gonna take you in," Taylor said. "Kidnapping all those people in Central Park... That's gotta be several years of time, minimum."

"Buh-huh-huh! And how are you wimps gonna stop the--hurrghh... blurrghh.. BLAAUURGGHHH...." the MC started, before retching uncontrollably.

A dark gas billowed from the MC's throat, as the black veins on his cheeks receded. The gas flowed onto the ground and collected into the mass of a stout-looking man clad in purple, with a horned mask and reflective goggles. A tattered cape flowed behind his neck, and a sash in the shape of an X crossed his chest.

"BUH-HUH-HUH! Much better," declared the soul standing before them.

"Are you even trying to be intimidating?" Melissa asked, "This is really just sad."

"Dude are you ok? you look like you have....all the diabeties"Slapstick asked.

"Oh Jesus fucking Christ, is that fuckin' Lord Crump?" Hera laughed.

"His name's Crump?" Morgan asked, before breaking out into giggles.

"No joke!" Hera replied.

"Hey, you stole my thunder!" Lord Crump snapped.

"Not like you had any to begin with!" Logan yelled, snapping his fingers in a Z-formation.

"Do you just wanna like... Not do this?" Morgan asked Crump.

"Enough!" Crump snarled, jumping into the cockpit of the pink mecha.

"He looks even sillier sitting in that thing," Hadid said.

The glass dome slid over the mecha's cockpit. "We'll see who's laughing when you're smashed to a pulp under the feet of the mighty Magnus von Grapple!"

"Pffft. I fucking give up," Melissa laughed, "I'm done."

"It would be unwise to underestimate your opponent," Robin said. "...Which means you all are doing a pretty good job of being wise."

"HOLY COMEBACK ROBIN!"Slapstick yelled.

"I'm almost glad we had to come here," Morgan snickered.

Taylor looked up at the Magnus von Grapple. "So you're the one that did that crap in the park," he said. "We're gonna bring you to justice, you and that heap of pink scrap... cardboard."

"And you're not gonna do it alone, kid," said a man's voice.

The Magnus von Grapple raised its fist and attempted to smash Taylor, but a man in a trench coat and fedora jumped out from the edge of the building, wielding two tommy guns. The man wore a pair of thick-rimmed glasses--all the better to see Lord Crump's surprised face with as he pumped the Grapple's arm full of lead.

The man landed on the roof, and turned towards Taylor. "I like the way you think," he said, giving Taylor a nod. "He broke the rules, and he's gonna pay the price."

"You're... Carl Hanratty?! You're real?!" Taylor spat, flabbergasted.

"Huh. Thought he was a fabrication based on the FBI agents that chased around Frank Abegnale," Logan remarked.

"Nope," Hanratty said. "In the flesh. A fine man that Frank was, after he set off on the straight narrow. Unlike this miscreant." He pointed a gun at Lord Crump.

"You'll never take me alive, copper!" Crump taunted.

"What made you think we wanted you alive?!" Hera shouted.

"... I'm sorry... I can't.." Morgan snickered, "Like.. Can we just take a time out for a second? I need to breathe."

"You're like eggman if he had even lower standards,and gave up on life"Marley said. The two shared a fistbump.

"He's gonna get away if you don't get 'im," Hanratty said. Hanratty turned towards Taylor. "You've got a sense of justice, kid. What do you say we team up? You got a bright future ahead of you if you've got that kinda worldview."

Taylor bowed to Hanratty. "It would be my pleasure."

There was a flash, and Taylor stood on the roof wearing a black suit and a fedora. A pair of golden suspenders held up his black pants. Taylor took a deep breath, and realized he didn't have trouble breathing.

"Holy... My asthma's gone?" Taylor asked.

"While you're in the Id," Hanratty said in Taylor's mind.

"Laughter really is the best medicine," Morgan remarked.

"I will not let you make a laughingstock of me!" Crump howled, getting into a battle stance.

"... Just spraypaint your robot a different color holy shit," Morgan did her best to stifle a laugh.


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"Buh huh! Buh huh huh!" Lord Crump cackled, sitting in his mech as it whirred and whizzed around him. "Time to put you chumps six feet under!"

"We'll see who the chump is after we put you behind bars," Taylor shot back.


"Lemme guess," Morgan said, looking down to find a conveniently placed brick waiting for her, "Yup." She heaved the brick up and threw it towards the pinkinator.


"BUH HUH HUH!" Lord Crump cackled. "You call that an attack? THIS is an attack!"

Lord Crump stomped towards Morgan, before raising his foot. Before he could bring his foot down, Morgan easily rolled out of the way, managing to land gracefully on her feet upon dodging the attack. She quickly patted herself down to make sure she was all there.

"That was close," Taylor remarked.


"Uhhh" Marley reached into his left sleeve and pulled out a pair of sharp looking scissors, " he took a few steps back and threw the scissors like a knife.


The scissors were lodged in the Magnus von Grapple's chest. Lord Crump shook his fist. "I just had this repainted!" he cursed.

Taylor, on the other hand, decided to scout the enemy out. "Guys," he said, "given this thing's made of cardboard, it's gonna be weak to fire and sharp objects. The bricks aren't going to be doing a lot, though."

Magnus von Grapple weaknesses/resistances scanned. Weak to: fire, blades. Resists: rock.

"Man! Some acidic blood sure would come in handy!" Melissa remarked, having found some junk lying about to cobble together a makeshift lawnchair.

"Fuck off, I'm not cutting myself," Morgan groaned.

"What are you doing?" Marley asked as Slapstick danced around rhtmlically, "This bosses song has some kick it it"The toon explained.

"... Song?" Morgan asked, looking at Marley with a confused expression.

Marley swirled his finger next to his head to indicate that Slapstick wasnt all there.

"Come on... Anything but a brick this time," Morgan whispered to whatever God was out there, before looking down at the ground.

And she saw..


Conveniently placed brick.

She took a deep breath. All she had to do was make the brick explode again... She could do this...

She thought of nothing but exploding building materials as she lobbed the brick at Crump.


Lord Crump laughed again. "HA! You gonna keep throwing those pebbles at me?" he sneered. "Who's laughing now?!"

Morgan seethed, clenching her fists. She couldn't even laugh at Crump's tackytamaton.

Lord Crump stomped forth to Morgan, and raised his foot again. He brought it down upon Morgan, flattening her into the pavement.


Embarassingly enough, that was more damage than Morgan had done to the Magnus von Grapple this entire battle.

After a quick check to make sure Morgan was alive, Melissa promptly laughed from the comfort of her lawn chair.

"Whose side are you on!?" Morgan croaked, spitting out a bit of blood. She noted how it corroded the spot it landed on.

Lord Crump laughed triumphantly.

Marley took out a box-cutter the size of shortsword, an clicked the blade up out of the red casing.

He dashed forward aiming for the slimsy looking legs of the Paper machecha.


Taylor looked back towards Hera. "How are them knives looking?" he called.

"Want me to cut a bitch?" Hera asked.

"Yes, please."

Taylor switched places with Hera, who drew her daggers.

Morgan: HP +5

After having gathered up a large amount of bloody spit in her Mouth, Morgan attempted the greatest expactoration to ever be witnessed by mortal eyes. Her intent was to silence this midget for good. As the wad of bloody spit flew through the air, Morgan let out a loud, "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, JACKASS!?"

Black Blood Bendy Straw

The blood in mid-air warped and twisted as it turned pitch-black, transforming into something that more resembled an IV tube. It pierced through the chestplate of the Magnus von Grapple.

However, before it could begin sucking, the blood multiplied, piercing through the Magnus von Grapple over and over again, before twisting into an enormous sinew. The sinew's other end smashed into Morgan's mouth before she could react, and suddenly, a huge sucking noise emitted from the Magnus von Grapple.

"What's going on?!" Lord Crump wailed.

Morgan tried to scream, "I don't know!" It just came out as "GKKGGHH!"



Morgan felt a surge of strength as the tendril dissipated.

Morgan: All stats +5 for 4 turns

Morgan promptly threw up onto the ground. "I'm... Never... Doing that.. Again," she heaved. On the bright side, all of her wounds had vanished.

Lord Crump had honestly not expected that. "Buh... Huh... That was actually pretty strong," the Lord grunted. "But... I'm not gonna go down that easily..."

Lord Crump put both of his fists forward, and fired them like rockets. One of them started flying towards Marley.

The clown-booked it, running around, being hit by a tawdry goomba is one thing, but missiles explode people.

"MARLEY USE THE MAGNET!"Slapstick shouted as the misslie seemed to chase him.


The rocket hand got dangerously close to Marley, attempting to poke his rump, but Marley barely dodged just in time, prompting the rocket hand to loop up and around.

Meanwhile, the other rocket hand streaked towards Hera, who just stood there. She waited patiently with her hands behind her back as the rocket hand screamed at her.

At the last second she stepped to the side and the rocket hand swooped past her.

Both hands looped up and around, and hovered next to the Magnus von Grapple.



Reinforcements have arrived.

"Alright!"Marley said trying to act cool as if he haden't just been a totaol weenie being chased by paper hands.

Slapstick whispered something in his ear, Marley grinned like a mad-man.

"Lets do it" he said, giving a Cheshire grin.

The Ring-a-ding

Slapstick pocked-spaced a giant High Striker Attraction right in front of Marley and on the metal puck, which was an Acme Brand anvil.

Marley pulled the rubber hammer out of his sleeve,he held it up hight......before stumbling back from the weight righting himself and slaming the head of the hammer directly onto the Big lever with Slapstick's face on it.

"DINNNNNNNG!" The Anvil flew up at an amazing speed breaking through the railing and continuing far into the sky.

Slapstick held out his hands as if to give Marley a boost, Marley ran and Slapstick propelled him into the air, he spun in the air and slammed it down on the desceding anvil propelling it violently downward towards the Crump.

Marley was exstatic....until he realized he was was descending himself at a quite a high velocity.

Slapstick, held out a fireman's trampoline frantically running around the roof.

Thankfully he caught the boy with a "POOMPH!"

The anvil landed violently on Lord Crump, crumpling him into a flat pancake and disabling him for his next turn.


Hera held out her knife, and Chara materialized next to her. "Hey Crump!" Hera shouted, grinning as the knife's blade glinted. "You wanna have a bad time?"

"Buh..." Crump groaned.


Chara pulled out their own pocketknife, and together, they and Hera slashed three uneven triangles into the air, making a flurry of furious slashes to fill in the lines. A buzzing drone filled the air as the blades swooshed and cut, and Hera and Chara soon stood behind a wave of energy slashes that resembled a frightening visage.

Hera and Chara raised their blades into the air, and brought them down, pointing at the enemy party.

The slashes started rushing at the enemy, blasting into them with explosive force each, decimating the rocket arms and severely damaging the Magnus von Grapple.




The rocket arms fizzled and popped, and exploded, leaving them smoldering cardboard hunks on the ground.

Hera and Chara high-fived each other.

Meanwhile, Morgan was quite jealous of the coordination between the others and their links. Those attacks were just so cool. "Melissa!" she shouted out to the relaxing Nazi, "C'mon help me out here!"

"Just throw a brick or something," Melissa responded.

Morgan picked up a conveniently placed brick and threw it at Melissa, who leapt up from her makeshift lawnhair and shouted, "FUCK! WHY THE SHIT DID YOU THROW THAT SHIT AT MY SHIT!?" She rubbed her head indignantly.

"The sooner we kill the midget the sooner you can relax again," Morgan threatened, reaching for another brick.

If Melissa's afterafterlife weren't at stake, she would've stranged the child then and there. Fortunately, her afterafterlife was at stake. "Ugh, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine," the Nazi groaned, stomping over to Morgan's side.

"So uh... Do you have any ideas for something cool?" Morgan asked.

"FUCKING. You're the one who called me over here, made me get up off my ass! You didn't even-" Melissa began, clenching her fists.

"... Fucking improvisation shit god dammit," Melissa grumbled. She promptly placed her fists on the ground, before quickly slamming her boot down on one of her wrists as she yanked her arm, effectively ripping off her hand. She repeated this with the other as fast as she could before screaming an order to Morgan, "FUCKING THROW MY HANDS!"


"I SAID THROW MY FUCK!" Melissa screamed. It was pretty obvious this might be a bit painful for her.

Morgan did as ordered, frantically picking up the hands before hurling them at Crump's machine. The fists smacked the robot's shoulders before falling just behind the Magnus.

"Wow. Bet you never got a handjob before, huh, Morgan?" Hera asked.

Morgan snickered for a moment before letting out a yelp as black tendrils shot out from Melissa's stubs to the hands behind the Magnus midfall, the tentacles impaling the machine in order to reconnect the appendages as they oozed a corrosive black goo before her severed hands were ripped back towards herself.


Lord Crump looked around as his cardboard mecha, perforated with holes, dissolved around him. The machine began to explode, with fulminations erupting from various ports as gears, springs, and wires (all made of paper) spilled like guts.

"Y...YOU!!!!" Lord Crump wailed. "Impossible!"

"Yeah, fuck you too," Hera shouted, flipping the bird at Lord Crump.

"That was pretty cool," Morgan admitted, "Gross, but cool."

"Next time we're using your hands," Melissa muttered as her wrists repaired themselves.

"Technically she did use her hands. To throw yours," Chara pointed out, twirling their pocketknife in their fingers.

The mecha went boom.

Crump sat defeated on the ground. "You think this is over? This is merely the beginning..." he threatened. "When we are in control... there'll be a show like there never was! Buh-huh---"

Crump found a knife lodged in his head.

"Shut the fuck up, you little son of a bitch," Hera said, her arms folded.

Crump burst into a cloud of purple smoke and dissipated.

"WOO! GET FUCKED!" Morgan whooped.


EXP gained: 700


Melissa felt a violent vibration on her thigh. She jumped up from her lawn chair and slapped at the area of interest Her pistol hovered into the air. The Nazi tried to snatch it, but it slapped her away before giving birth to a smaller pistol, which floated over to Morgan and dropped itself into her hands.

Melissa's own pistol slid itself back into its holster, leaving the her and Morgan dumbfounded as to what just happened.

The pistol chirped and snuggled comfortably in Morgan's hands.

"Aww.. It's kinda... Cute..." Morgan cooed, "Even though... It's a gun."

"Aw whatcha gonna name it?" Slapstick asked.

".. Wait, I have to name it?" Morgan asked, looking up at Slapstick then back down at the gun.

"Well yeah what else are you supposed to do with this birth certificate?" Slapstick asked pulling out a form.

"... What," Morgan said blankly. It.. It was a gun. Guns don't have birth certificates. Then again, she was fairly certain guns don't chirp and snuggle up in her hands.

What would she even name it? John? Susan? How was she supposed to know if the gun was a boy or girl?

"Well, looks like Morgan found herself a Mor-gun!" Hera pointed out.

"Oh my God," Morgan smiled and shook her head, looking down at the cozy firearm. To be honest, the punny name wasn't too terrible of a suggestion. Especially considering she had no other idea of what to name a gun.

"You know, I think I'll go with that. Morgun," Morgan said, before gently placing the pistol into her pocket. She'd need to get a proper holster for it at some point... All she had to do now was not think about how utterly ridiculous this was.

"So, Chara," Hera said, flexing her arm and feeling her bicep. "I'm feeling like all this ass-kicking is doing our bodies pretty good here. What's the deal with that?"

Chara nodded. "Well, I'd go into stuff about numbers and percentages, but I think that's more suited for the higher powers. But if you defeat a certain number of enemies, your EXP, or experience points (as opposed to execution points) go up. Reach a certain amount, and you will attain a new LV, or level. (As opposed to level of violence.)"

Chara pulled up a blackboard and put on a mortarboard, before pointing at the blackboard with their knife. "When you level up, your statistics have a chance to go up. HP, or hit points, STR, or physical strength, DEF, or defense, MAG, or magic, RES, or magic resistance, DEX, or dexterity, and LUCK, or, well, you know. Luck."

"... I haven't really played any video games, but... This sounds a lot like a video game right now," Morgan remarked.

"It does," Chara said. "Now, like I said before, souls don't die in the Id, so you don't have to worry about levels of violence, or execution points, or whatnot. It's quite refreshing. Miscreants will attack you in dungeons. If I had to judge by time, I'd say... about one encounter every 100 lines of text that we speak, as an approximation."

"Chara," Robin said, shimmering next to the child. "Are you breaking the fourth wall?"

"Hey, someone needs to offer the exposition," Chara said. "And explain the mechanics of this world to the kids."

"... What," Morgan blinked.

"My point is, kick butt, get swole, and potentially save the world if need be," Chara summed up with a shrug.

"Sounds simple enough," Logan remarked.

"We need to get out of here," Taylor said. "With the kidnapped performers.

"Agreed," Hadid said.

"Don't worry," Chara said, holding up their knife. "I've got a shortcut."

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Post by Lowfn on Tue May 09, 2017 2:14 am

Back in the lucid Central Park, the kids helped the conscious performers out of the portal, and pulled the unconscious performers and audience members onto the grass. Taylor called the NYPD.

"We'd better get going home," Logan suggested. "I'm freakin' bushed."

"Well, we just hauled ass through a crazy dream version of Central Park and a good number of us fucked up that giant robot," Hera pointed out. "I think rest is deserved."

"I've gotta get to work on that project with Steve tomorrow," Logan said. "And then Hera and I have that date that evening."

"And I want you at full stamina when that time comes," Hera said, stroking Logan's chest in an exaggerated, teasing manner.

The two of them broke into uncontrollable laughter.

"Get a room, you two!" Hadid shouted.

"Where are you guys going?" Taylor asked Marley and Morgan. "While these two are banging it out, of course." He jabbed a thumb at Hera and Logan.

"Hey, that was one time," Hera protested.

"There was that other time where you tried but you turned it into a comedy," Hadid pointed out.

"Comedy is hot," Logan said with a shrug.

"Ew, don't lust after my dad," Hera joked, lightly jostling Logan.

Morgan smiled and rolled her eyes at the silliness. "Me and Mar were gonna head to his place at 5 to practice the thing," she answered.

"Yeah, uh, the thing" He muttered, giving a small grin.

"Ya mean the reverse cowgirl?" Hera teased.

"Anyone have the time by the way? How long were we in there?" Morgan asked.

"Felt like half a year" Marley said.

Logan pulled out his smartphone. "It's actually just a little under 4:00. According to this thing, we weren't in there for even half a second."

"Time flows different there, like a dentist's waiting room ya know" Slapstick explained, miming a drill.

"That's convenient," Morgan remarked.

"Also, nobody ages in the Id," Chara added. "So don't worry about shortened lifespans or anything while you're in there. Unless you die."

"Too bad you couldn't hop in there before you hit puberty," Melissa sneered at Morgan.

"Too bad you couldn't die there and go to double Hell" Slapstick jabbed

[color:6236=ad55b8]"That's enough, you two. They're already exhausted from doing battle in there and your yelling isn't helping things," Robin's voice chided.

"Oh so when I do it its bad, but when the clowns in office do it its fine, wheres the justice in that?"Slapstick commented.

"They're actually funny," Melissa remarked.

"And you'd know so much about that for your five consecutive seconds of being in charge before things went to shit right?"

"Anyways I'm fuckin' tired. Logan and I are getting outta here. We can walk it. Hadid, you coming with us?" Hera asked.

"Yeah, I'd feel safer walking with you two," Hadid replied. The three of them skedaddled.

As Melissa and Slapstick continued to argue, Morgan leaned close to Marley and whispered, "You think we could just like.. Walk away without them noticing?"

"Hey which one of you looks more stupid?"Marley asked, his brain hatching an idea

Instantly the two began berating each other's fashions, proportions, and over all looks. it was so loud that Marley and Morgan had walked quite a few blocks and they could still hear it. Good thing not everyone could hear the ghosties.

"Pfft, how long do you think it'll take before they realize we left?" Morgan asked.

"Until the sun goes down I'm guessing, the light change will alert them,like quarreling parrots"Marley commented.

Morgan snickered at the thought. It was nice not having to deal with Melissa for a little while. "So I guess we're heading back to your place?" Morgan inquired.

"Uh yeah its over in Hell's Kitchen"Marley said.

One romantic travel montage later

"So.. this is the place," Marley said, opening the door of the apartment, a lettered "96" on the front of it.

"Are your parents home?" Morgan asked, following Marley inside and looking around.

"Well Dad ain't home for an hour, and mom works until closing at the B.A.M so it's fine"

"Oh good," Morgan remarked, smiling at Marley as she walked towards him, "It'd be pretty awkward if they saw us practicing."

"Practice makes perfect"Marley said looking away and blushing. Morgan giggled in response.

He looked back, reached out and ever so gently took her hand in his, with his other hand he reached into his pocket and took out the folded up script.

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand....This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this...My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss".

"Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much," Morgan spoke, adopting a more silky voice befitting of Juliet, "Which mannerly devotion shows in this, for saints have hands that pilgrams' hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss."

Marley tried to do a slightly deeper voice failed cleared his throat, then continued.

"Have not saints lips?, and Holy palmers too?"he reponded

Morgan kept herself from giggling at Marley's attempt, staying in character, "Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer." There was a slight teasing in her tone, as though she knew what Romeo wanted, but played innocence.

"O,then,let lips do what hands do"Marley gave a slight pause before continuing."They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair."

"Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake," Morgan cooed.

"Then move not," Marley said stepping closer "While my prayer's effect I take".

Marley gentley SMONCHED Morgan on the lips. She modestly returned the kiss, restraining herself as per her role.

"Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged". Marley stuttered, a little nervously

Morgan was visibly having trouble keeping herself from bursting into a giggle fit, making her face redder than before. "Then have my lips the sin that they have took," she spoke warmly, able to contain her desire to laugh for now.

"Sin from thy lips?" Marley spoke like a radio preacher, "O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again!"

They once again locked lips, quite a bit longer this time. Morgan put more passion into the second kiss, eager to return Marley's 'sin'.

There was a snicker,Marley turned to see his older sister, Elane leaning in the now open doorway.

"Oh no don't mind me"She said giving a knowing smile, "Feel free to keep trying to inhale your girlfriend's head Marley"

Marley blushed, "Fu-Fuck off!" he shot back, his sister already starting to laugh at his comeback.

Morgan shot daggers at Elane, blushing angrily.

"It's for a scene!" Marley yelled, before glancing at the clock, "Aw shoot, uh Morgan, mind if we meet tomorrow?"

Morgan turned her head to Marley, her expression instantly softening, "That's fine Mar-Mar," she said, "Same time?"

"Same time"Marley responded, while he tried to ignore his sister's snickering in the background.

Morgan however, could not ignore it. But for Marley's sake, she saved the potty-word cloud for another time. She waved goodbye to Marley, before walking out the front door of his apartment.

Meanwhile in the Lower East Side...

"Morgan fucking leaving me with Slapshit," Melissa grumbled, finding her way to Morgan's home in the Lower East Side. She supposed she'd wait for her there until she got done sharing spit with Marley.

"Why does she even like Marley? He's just... A less annoying version of Slapshit," Melissa complained to herself. She poked her head into the real world for a moment to look at the Amsel household's pathetic home. She had seen it many times before, but she was mainly interested in Morgan's gold fish.

As much as Melissa ragged on Morgan about her beloved pet, the Nazi too had an appreciation for quatic life. Not to the degree of Morgan, but still.

"... Oh shit," Melissa gaped.

The fish bowl had urine in it, and a dead fish floating at the top.

"Not Swimmy," Melissa lamented.

What was she to do? Morgan would be devestated. Melissa liked pushing her around now and then, but like.. She didn't want this.

Plus, Morgan would find a way to blame her for this.

Melissa snatched the fish bowl and popped back into the Id, where she'd have plenty of time to carry out her master plan.

She walked over to what looked like a ghost fish store, popped into the real world, grabbed a living fish, and went back into the Id.

After a quick change of the bowl's water and careful examination of the new fish to ensure it matched Swimmy, Melissa placed the fish bowl back in Morgan's room, and flushed the dead fish down the toilet.

"Easy," Melissa said smugly, though a hint of sadness regarding the death of Swimmy. She felt bad for Morgan as well, but at least there'd be no heartbreak.

She left the Id bathroom and walked over the Morgan's father sleeping on the sofa, still in his janitor's uniform. "Fucking slob-ass half-ass janitor fish-pissing piece of shit," Melissa seethed. She reached out into the Lucid world and flipped the sofa over before popping herself back into the Id.

"AAAAGH!" screamed Ewold Amsel, flying out of the sofa and fumbling onto the ground. He looked around frantically for whoever could have flipped the sofa, before blaming it on the Jews and grumbling himself back to slee-

"I'm home!" Morgan called out as she walked through the door. Despite how much Marley's sister pissed her off, she was still happy about how well practice went before then.

"Hey.." mumbled Ewold as Morgan happily skipped to her small but cozy room, and flopped onto her bed. She looked over at 'Swimmy' and smiled. "This is gonna be a good year, Swimmy. For real this time."

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Post by ToadRopes on Wed May 10, 2017 11:00 pm

That weekend...

Logan rooted through his bookshelf. "Papá, ¿donde está la antología de Shakespeare?" he called, pulling books out and pushing them back in.

"Está en tu dormitorio, míjo," his father called back.

Logan went to his room and plucked the EXTRA THICK book from the shelf. He then texted Steve:

"yo steve, you coming?"

Almost instantaneously, Logan recieved a text back from Steve:

"What's your address?"

Looks like somebody had autocorrect on.

"23 Ninth Avenue," Logan texted back. "I can always hear the people in Times Square every New Year's."

Meanwhile, Logan walked over to his clunky old copy machine and copied down a few scenes. The fight between Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, the scene with Iago and Othello in Othello, and the finale of Hamlet.

After about twenty minutes, a long black limo pulled into the street in front of the building where Logan lived. A door opened to reveal an embarrased Steve Alpert, whose father happily waved goodbye from within. Steve practically flew towards the entrance of the building, not wanting to be seen with the limo.

Steve was met by a wall-mounted pager. A tape-labelled notice read, "Please punch the address of the person you wish to see."

"Is it locked?" called Steve's father.

"It's fine, I just need to pu- Don't you need to go somewhere? For... Stocks or something?" Steve answered back, frantically trying to input the address into the pager. Unfortunately, his fumbling caused him to put in the wrong address.

A guy with a thick Brooklyn accent growled, "WHADDAYA WANT?"

Steve dropped his Eclipse - Diamond Heaven phone, letting out a yelp. "I-Is Logan there?" he asked, not realizing he had entered the wrong address.

"Oh, the Rodriguez kid. He lives in the apartment below ours," the Brooklyn guy replied. "Nice family."

"Is it broken?" Steve's dad asked, about to crawl out of the limo to help his son.

"No, it's fine! What're you-" Steve began. Unfortunately, his father had already made it to the door. He seemed... Unimpressed with the building, especially the subpar pager system.

Still, that didn't mean he'd be impolite. "Hello! My son is here to meet with Logan!" he said into the pager with a smile.

"Dad I already-"

"Sir," the Brooklyn guy said, "your son put in the wrong address."

"Why did you put in the wrong address?"

"I didn't mean t- What about the- Dad, what're you doing?" Steve stammered.

His father picked up his phone from the ground and entered the correct address into the pager, before handing it back to Steve. "I guess I might as well meet your friend since I'm out here. Jeeves! Can you pay everyone to not get mad about us parking the limo there?"

The driver of the limo nodded and got a few hundred dollar bills ready.

Meanwhile, in Logan's home, the door pager rang. Logan pressed the button and chirruped, "YYYYYello!"

An unfamiliar voice answered, "Hello! Is this Logan?"

"Yes, sir, this is he." Logan replied.

"Dad please-" came Steve's voice in the background.

"Great! I have Steve here with me for your.. What was it? A Shakespeare project?" asked the older man, who was presumably Steve's father, "I wish you would've told me before we left, Steve. I could've brought our Shakespeare libr- Wait why not just invite Logan to our home?"

"Dad, oh my God."

"Uh, I'll page you in," Logan said, smelling Steve's embarrassment from two stories up. "Thank you for bringing Steve." He quickly pressed the button, and outside, the door to the apartment clicked.

Back down below, Steve's father opened the door. "It's like the olden days when we opened doors ourselves!" Steve's father laughed, before entering the building with Steve in tow.

Shortly after, a knock came at the door of the Rodriguez household.

"Must not like using the doorbell," Logan remarked to himself, chuckling, before sliding down the hallway in his socks... and slipping and falling. THWUMP!

"Míjo, I just waxed the floor," his father called. "Don't slide on it or you'll hurt yourself."

"Too late," Logan said. "I'm the captain of the gravy train."

Getting up, Logan rattled his head, and opened the door for Steve and his pop.

"Oh! Mr. Alpert," Logan said. "Nice to meet you." He then turned to Steve. "'Sup, Stevie; ready for some sixteenth-century shenanigans?" he greeted.

Steve smiled. "Sounds goo-"

"Hey you guys don't mind that I park my limo outside, do you?" Steve's father asked. Steve quickly facepalmed.

Logan shrugged. "That's the landlord's problem," he replied. "Though as long as it isn't in the fire lane it should be okay."

Mr. Alpert shrugged, "Well you go do your project with your friend. I guess I'll mingle with his folks." Of course, only the richest of people use the word 'mingle'.

"Let's go to your room, please," Steve said, far less happy than when he came in.

"Alright," Logan said.


"So like," Steve began upon the two entering Logan's room, "Could you please not.. Tell anyone about all this?"

"About what?" Logan replied, winking and miming him zipping his own mouth shut.

"About the w- Oh," Steve smiled.

"Anyways, I've got a few scenes copied out. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello. Kinda don't want to do the Hamlet scene though since ol' Benny M. sorta blew everyone out of the water on the Hamlet front."

"What do you wanna do?" Steve asked. He hadn't read much of any of these, and would rather just go along with whatever Logan decided was best than picking one at random.

"Hmm... well, I printed out a fight scene in Romeo and Juliet," Logan replied. "It'd be a good chance to practice stage combat."

".. Romeo and Juliet has fight scenes?" Steve asked.

"Yeah," Logan replied. "Lemme read." He cleared his throat, before reading one of Mercutio's lines:

"'Consort! what, dost thou make us minstrels? an
thou make minstrels of us, look to hear nothing but
discords: here's my fiddlestick; here's that shall
make you dance. 'Zounds, consort!"

Logan flipped the pages of his copy. "Blah blah blah, banter banter banter... then Mercutio and Tybalt fight." He put the copy down and looked up at Steve. "Then Tybalt stabs Mercutio."

"I guess I should've actually read that," Steve laughed nervously, "I just thought it was romance and stuff."

"Yeah, Coalhouse says that's pretty common for people to think," Logan replied, shrugging.

"If you wanna do that one, then let's do it," Steve said, cringing a bit upon hearing his father laughing from the other room. He could only imagine the jokes that man was telling. Steve just hoped he wouldn't decide to take over dinner plans for everyone.

Logan could see Steve's discomfort. Logan's eyes lit up. "Hey, Steve," he said. "I don't think it'd be a good idea to practice stage combat in here, you think?" He looked around at his little room. "We might break something."

"... I guess so," Steve looked around, "Where else would we do it though?"

"Well, Central Park isn't too far from here," Logan replied, winking at Steve again.

Steve, oblivious to what Logan was implying, simply nodded, "I guess we could drive there, yeah... Or.. Walk." Central Park was way too far to walk, but he thought that may have been what Logan was implying.

"Hey do you think anyone will care if I have this cheese stick?" asked a new voice. From Logan's closet came a powerful, muscular man wearing some kind of metallic tiki helmet that belched flame from its top, though it seemed to not catch everything on fire. He wore a cape adorned with grenades, and a rotatable barrel stuck out from the left side.

In his right hand, he held a cheese stick. This was, of course, Trashcanhead. In plain view. In the real world... So he could get a cheese stick.

[color:2e8c=ad55b8]"Trashcanhead, have a little tact," Robin said. [color:2e8c=ad55b8]"The kids are trying to do a project.

Logan gaped at Trashcanhead. Being linked with Robin, another Id-soul, he could see Trashcanhead in plain view as well.

"Uh, eat away, trashcan-headed... guy..." Logan replied.

"Sweet tha-" Trashy began, before gasping and dropping the delicious stick of cheese. "Holy shit! Steve you found another ghostbuster!"

"Oh my God."

"He can see me!" Trashy exclaimed.

"Uh... yes, I can see you," Logan said.

"I thought only he could see ghosts," Trashy laughed, "Sheeeeit." He nodded his head for a few moments, happy with this course of events, "Hey should we show him the ghost zone?"

"No we shouldn't show him the-" Steve began, before letting out a sigh.

"The... ghost zone...?" Logan asked.

[color:2e8c=ad55b8]"I think he means the Id; he was calling it that last time he pulled Steve in," Robin explained.

"Oh, I know where that is," Logan said.

"Wait a second..." Trashy began, squinting his eyes and looking around for Robin, "I see what's going on here... Robin you're having to teach this guy about Christmas too?"

"He thinks he's a ghost in a Christmas Carol," Steve explained. He did not have fun at the graveyard with Trashy yesterday.

[color:2e8c=ad55b8]"No," Robin replied.

"What she did do was help me save Taylor from the clutches of an evil pink takeout box," Logan replied. "I dunno if Masayoshi's ever gonna live that down."

"... What?" Steve asked. He was very out of the loop concerning the Id and the adventures thus far.

[color:2e8c=ad55b8]"A miscreant by the name of Lord Crump,", Robin explained. [color:2e8c=ad55b8]"Perhaps it's best we allow you two to do your project."

"Oh right yeah, sorry. I'll head back to the ghost zone," Trashy apologized, before walking back into Logan's closet. The door opened again as an arm came out to grab the fallen cheese stick, before retreating back inside.

"Oh, it's fine," Logan replied with a shrug. He got up and opened his closet door again. "Um, excuse me, could you scoot over a wee bit..."

But the Trashcanheaded man was gone, as well as anything that was on the floor of Logan's closet. It was as if a portal had opened up on the floor and just, sucked everything out.

A beat passed, and the objects once on the floor of Logan's closet landed on his bed from a ceiling portal, along with another apology from Trashcanhead. The guy wasn't too familiar with ghost etiquette yet.

Logan picked up his prop swords from the bed, as well as a soccer ball. "Welp," he said. "I'll clean that up later. Oh, hey, I was looking for my Firered cartridge!" Logan picked up a red GameBoy Advance cartridge with the word "Pokémon" on it.

"I don't live that far from Central Park. We can walk it," Logan said, stuffing the swords in his backpack and tucking the soccer ball under his arm.

"Sounds good," Steve smiled, opening the door out of Logan's bedroom. He was ready to get out of here.

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Post by Lowfn on Sun May 14, 2017 6:58 pm

Logan handed Steve one of the prop swords. "Okie dokie," he said, holding out his own. "We'll start from the stage direction in Act III where Tybalt comes in. Do you want to be Mercutio or do you want me to be Mercutio?"

Steve turned the sword around in his grasp for a moment. "I guess I'll be Mercutio," he replied, "He's the one that gets stabbed, right?"

"Yeah," Logan replied. "Do you know how to fake-die?"

"uhhh..." Steve thought for a moment, before letting out a dramatic, exaggerated yelp of pain, clutching his side and falling to the ground, though with an arm held back as to keep himself from hitting the ground too hard. It looked like something one might see in a cheesy 90s movie.

"Was that good?" Steve asked, perking his head up to look at Logan.

"Well, pull your arm a little further back so that it looks a little more convincing," Logan replied, itching his chin as he observed this.

Steve nodded from his humurous position and got up from the ground, redoing his death bit, but with one of his arms stuck out behind him as though he were trying to grab something, before falling to the ground once more. Steve was no brilliant actor. The only reason he was in the drama program as one, and not one of the theater tech kids, was because he had accidentally signed up for the wrong class and was too embarrased to switch.

Still, that didn't mean he wasn't going to try.

Logan nodded. "Better," he said. "Okay, so since we have the parts sorted out, why don't we read the scene first?"

"Alright," Steve agreed, getting up from the ground once more.

Logan dug through his pack for one of the copies, and handed it to Steve. He had highlighted Mercutio's first line. Logan pulled out his own script. "I'll start," he said, before clearing his throat and putting on the douchebaggiest voice of all time.

"Follow me close, for I will speak to them.
Gentlemen, good den: a word with one of you," he read.

Steve took a quick moment to look at his lines before asking, "Am I angry or calm or...?"

"Well, Mercutio's the smartass," Logan replied. "Make of that what you will."

Steve blinked, looking down at his lines again. After another moment, he tried putting on a smug expres​sion(He just looked silly) and delivered his line,

"And but one word with one of us? couple it with
something; make it a word and a blow."

"You shall find me apt enough to that, sir, an you
will give me occasion," Logan replied, putting a hand on his sword.

"Could you not take some occasion without giving?" Steve asked.

"Mercutio, thou consort'st with Romeo..." Logan declared, glowering upon Steve.

Steve read his next line and guessed the emotion behind it. He adopted an exaggerated expression of shock and anger as he raised his voice,

"Consort! what, dost thou make us minstrels? an
thou make minstrels of us, look to hear nothing but
discords: here's my fiddlestick; here's that shall
make you dance. 'Zounds, consort!"

Logan stopped. "Oh, crap, Romeo and Benvolio are in this scene too. Uh... how about I take Benvolio and you take Romeo since you just spoke as Mercutio?" Logan suggested.

"Uhh..." Steve looked down a bit and found the bit where Romeo speaks, "Okay, I'll do Romeo."

"Alright, I'll be Benvolio," Logan said. He cleared his throat, before stepping over to Steve's side.

"We talk here in the public haunt of men:
Either withdraw unto some private place,
And reason coldly of your grievances,
Or else depart; here all eyes gaze on us," he read.

"Men's eyes were made to look, and let them gaze;
I will not budge for no man's pleasure, I," Steve spoke, unsure of what that even meant, but just kept "smartass" in mind.

"Well, peace be with you, sir: here comes my man," Logan replied, spinning over to where Tybalt was.

"But I'll be hanged, sir, if he wear your livery:
Marry, go before to field, he'll be your follower;
Your worship in that sense may call him 'man.'" stated Steve, as he awkwardly did a little walking motion with his fingers and moved his hand to simulate Romeo entering the fray.

"Romeo, the hate I bear thee can afford," Logan said, turning to the direction that Romeo would presumably enter, "no better term than this,--thou art a villain."

Steve sidestepped into Romeo's position. Once more he took a short moment to interpret his lines. "Uh.. Is Romeo gay?" Steve asked, squinting at Romeo's lines, "He says he loves Tybalt."

"Well, the entire play focuses on Romeo's heterosexual relationship," Logan explained, "and Tybalt is the brother of Juliet. Therefore, Romeo is saying that his love for Juliet extends to the rest of her family."

"Oh so it's like a brother kind of thing," Steve nodded his head. Once again he regretted not reading Romeo and Juliet when he was supposed to.

"Brother-in-law. Though we all know how these in-law relationships work out," Logan replied with a shrug. "Sometimes they're great, and sometimes brothers-in-law stab each other in a crypt."

Steve nodded before feigning hurt at what Tybalt had said to him,

"Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee
Doth much excuse the appertaining rage
To such a greeting: villain am I none;
Therefore farewell; I see thou know'st me not."

"Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done me; therefore turn and draw," Logan said coldly, before stopping. "I'd suggest saying those lines with a little more genuine feeling of... wanting to get to know Tybalt? Since they're soon to be in-laws. Kinda balance your offended-ness with that."

"Alright," Steve replied, thinking of how exactly he should behave for his next line. He did his best to follow Logan's instructions, seeming hurt but still wanting to get along with Tybalt,

"I do protest, I never injured thee,
But love thee better than thou canst devise,
Till thou shalt know the reason of my love:
And so, good Capulet,--which name I tender
As dearly as my own,--be satisfied."

Steve sat there in silence for a few moments, before his eyes widened as he realized Mercutio had the next line as well. He let out a quick, "Sorry," before side stepping back to Mercutio's spot. He read his lines, before acting angry,

"O calm, dishonourable, vile submission!
Alla stoccata carries it away."

Steve drew his sword, his face contorting into a comical expression of disgust,

"Tybalt, you rat-catcher, will you walk?"

"What wouldst thou have with me?" Logan asked, sniffing like the pissy aristocrat he interpreted Tybalt as.

"Good king of cats, nothing but one of your nine
lives; that I mean to make bold withal, and as you
shall use me hereafter, drybeat the rest of the
eight," Steve said, taking a quick pause to look back down at the script,

"Will you pluck your sword out of his pitcher
by the ears? make haste, lest mine be about your
ears ere it be out."

"I am..." Logan started, before making his voice comically squeaky and high-pitched like Bane's, "for you."

"Wait.. Was that..." Steve began, before breaking out into laughter.

Logan cracked up as well. "Exactly what you thought it was. Okay, lemme do that again. A-hem. I am for you!" He drew his own blade.

Steve went back to Romeo's position, looking to where he once was and pleaded, "Gentle Mercutio, put thy rapier up."

He then jumped back to Mercutio's spot and spat, "Come, sir, your passado."

Of course it was too dramatic to be taken seriously, but the effort is where it counts. "So uh... How do we fight?" Steve asked, "And.. For how long? It just says 'They fight'."

"Well, that's something we gotta choreograph," Logan replied. "Hmm... So, uh, I'll attack first since you said 'come sir, your passado.' The important thing is for us to not actually kill each other while making it look convincing."

"How do we do that without like, hitting each other?" Steve asked.

"Well, if you're looking upstage, you want to angle your strike so that it looks as if you're striking me, but in reality, your blade goes off to the side a bit. I swear, this stage combat stuff is way easier with fake guns."

Logan demonstrated by slowly making a jab towards Steve. "Don't flinch," he said, before poking slightly past Steve's right flank, not touching him but making it appear from the side as if he'd struck Steve.

"And so we just do that, but faster?" Steve asked.

"Well, prolonged fights are a little more complex," Logan replied. "We haven't gotten to the stage combat unit we do every year yet, so I'll admit maybe this scene was a little ambitious."

[color:f5ee=CC6600]"Perhaps there is a way to get Steve acquainted with the nuances of sparring," Robin suggested. [color:f5ee=CC6600]"Logan, would you mind taking Steve to the Id entrance in the park?"

"Whoa, wait, the rift into the Id stays open even after we leave?" Logan asked.

[color:f5ee=CC6600]"Indeed. It's a bit like a scar in the boundary between the conscious and the subconscious," Robin replied. [color:f5ee=CC6600]"In any case, perhaps it would do for you two to train there."

"... So is your ghost... Invisible?" Steve asked.

"Well, she chooses not to spook people by walking around in the open," Logan replied with a shrug.

"Oh," Steve nodded. He almost wished his ghostly companion had the same courtesy.

"So, Steve, you've been in the Id before, right?" Logan asked.

"Just a little bit," Steve replied, "It was really weird."

"Yeah, it's weird," Logan replied. "Anyways, let's go! I'm choosing to trust Robin's judgment on this."

"Okay, where's the.. Rift?" Steve asked, looking around for a portal.

"This way," Logan replied, motioning for Steve to come along. The two boys walked to the open lawn of the park. "Here we are," Logan declared, pointing to a shimmering doorway that appeared to be made of black salt with a brilliant stained-glass window. "My question is why other people can't see this."

[color:f5ee=CC6600]"It's only perceivable by those who have a connection to the subconscious world. Like you or your friend," Robin replied.

"Couldn't someone... Accidentally walk into it?" Steve asked.

[color:f5ee=CC6600]"It's also only accessible by those who have a connection to the subconscious. People can be kidnapped, however. That's when things start getting messy," Robin explained.

"People get kidnapped?" Steve asked, looking around for a moment, before turning to Logan and repeating, "People get kidnapped?"

"Yeah, Taylor actually got kidnapped. We beat the crap outta the guy that did it, though," Logan replied. "People get kidnapped in the real world too. But hey, as it turns out, it's just as illegal in there as it is out here."

"... So there's actually ghost cops?" Steve asked.

[color:f5ee=4f4433]"I told you, dude," Trashy said from within the Id.

"Evidently, Taylor's stuck together with one," Logan said. "Which is strange, but true."

"Huh.. Wait... Why [i]are
we going in the Id-"

[color:f5ee=4f4433]"Ghost zone."

[color:f5ee=CC6600]"We're going in the Id to help you with your interpretation of the combat in your scene. As it so happens, there are a few creatures causing some trouble in Central Park that just so happen to serve as good practice for you," Robin explained.

"Wow, funny how things work out, huh?" Logan remarked.

Steve blinked, ".. We're going to like, [i]actually fight
!? Ghosts?"

[color:f5ee=4f4433]"I told you Logan's a ghostbuster."

Steve wasn't sure what distressed him the most: The fact that he was going to fight evil ghosts, or the fact that Trashy's nonsense [i]was actually true.

[color:f5ee=CC6600]"They cannot actually kill you while you are bound to Trashcanhead," Robin reassured. [color:f5ee=CC6600]"At least not easily."

"Oh... Okay." This did little to reassure Steve.

[color:f5ee=4f4433]"Don't worry. It's like... Like say you're in a dream right... And some crazy shit happens in the dream, but you're all good when you wake up," Trashy said, before whispering loudly to Robin (As he did not know where she even was), [i][color:f5ee=4f4433]"[i]That is how it works, right?"

[color:f5ee=CC6600]"Well, I haven't seen any mortals die there yet so I'm not 100% sure but that's what my studies indicate," she whispered back.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Steve asked Logan, before looking at the door. He'd fantasized about being in one of his video games and fighting monsters and stuff before... But actually doing it? Waltzing into the ghost zone and punching spirits in the face for real?

"I mean, I lived," Logan said with a shrug. "And Hera says I'm a dork. Lovingly, but still."

Steve took a deep breath.

Peer pressure wins again. He readied his toy sword, holding it with both hands and pointing it at the archway that led into the Id. He ever-so-slowly inched into the alternate reality, biting his lower lip.

After a few minutes, he was almost halfway in.

Logan anticlimactically scooted past. "'Scuse me," he said, warping into the Id.

Steve let out a small noise of discomfort, before forcing the rest of himself through the rift and into the Id. Immedietly upon entry he looked everywhere around him, pointing the prop sword at anything and everything....

He had expected there to be a lot more demon ghosts.

"It's just a trippier version of Central Park. Nothing to worry about," Logan said.

"..You're right about the trippy part," Steve murmured, looking around at the Id-version of Central Park. It was awe-inspiring. "Where's the uh... Evil ghosts?"

"Well, it's probably best to show you," Robin said, shimmering into view.

"Oh, you didn't meet Robin yet. She's pretty chill," Logan said. "We talked for a bit after my other pals and I went in here to save Taylor. She knows chess."

"Oh wait," Steve gasped, "I remember you! You were there after Trashy did that stuff in the bathroom with me." It took him a second to realize the implications one could draw from what he just said, and he quickly turned to Logan, "It wasn't weird."

"So you did meet Robin," Logan said. "Oh, no, I believe you. You don't know how many times Hera and I were doing platonic stuff and someone came along and was like 'you two bangin' it out in there or what?'" Logan rolled his eyes. "It happened once when we were trying to get something in chemistry a couple years back."

Steve laughed a bit, "Advantages to being single I guess."

Robin looked at Steve. "I don't believe we've properly met, however. I am Robin. What's your name?"

"Steve," answered he with a smile. Man, the ghosts in the Id sure looked cool. Even Trashy, he had to admit, was pretty badass.

Robin pointed towards a set of trees. "There," she said.

The four of them walked towards the trees, witnessing a pair of knight-armored Heartless inching towards a shorter figure in a glowing blue hooded sweatshirt. She appeared to have the build of a young girl. One of the knights shoved her, tossing her hood back and revealing a shock of messy ginger hair infested with split ends. The girl's moony green eyes looked up at the knights as she rooted in her pocket for a second.

She then pulled out a handful of golden dust and tossed it in the knight Heartless's face. The monster hissed and drew back.

"HEY! Stupid!" Logan shouted towards the knights. The two Heartless turned around. "Why don'tcha quit picking on children and pick on some... slightly older children... who have superpowers that they can use to kick your asses with?"

Robin facepalmed. "Logan, I thought you were a theater student."

"It's called irony, okay?" Logan protested.

".... I unironically don't have superpowers," Steve squeaked.

"Trashy, you didn't tell him?" Robin cried.

"... Tell him what?" Trashy asked. He was just as out of the loop as Steve was.

Robin rolled her eyes. "Logan, give me your prop swords," she said.

Logan, without question, threw Robin the prop swords. They shimmered in mid-air, and transformed into gleaming rapiers with ornate golden handles. Robin caught them, and handed one to Steve, and the other to Logan.

"Okay, so when you fight people in here," Logan explained, "your clothes change and you get badass weapons and stuff. It's, like, turn-based combat for some reason."

"Don't ask me why, but disrupting turn order causes great misfortune to fall upon the transgressor," Robin added.

"Okay..." Steve slowly nodded, before asking the most important question of all, "... Do my clothes like.. Change in front of everyone?"

"You don't go naked," Logan said. "It's not like anime."

"Oh okay, good," Steve was relieved to hear that.

To prove his point, a ring of golden light appeared across Logan's midsection, and separated into two rings, Danny Phantom style, magically changing him into his combat robes. Indeed, this was truly the Ghost Zone.

"Wow..." Steve gasped, before turning to Trashy, "How do I do that?"

"Sheeeeeit, I dunno. That did look pretty cool though," Trashy replied.

Suddenly, a golden ring of light shimmered around Steve, and turned him nakedchanged him into his Trashy-approved combat form as well. For Trashy, among being a king, an astronaut, an ex-Turtle-Joust champion, a fantastic lover, and more, was a fashion designer. And Steve's look almost exactly matched the guru's iconic look before he had become a ghost, complete with the darkred hoodie, the bulletproof vest, the dirty blue jeans, the fingerless gray gloves, and the most important article of all: The trashcan helmet...

Well, not a trashcan, but a metal bucket with a rectangular eyehole cut out. Still, it looked good.

"Now, the purpose of coming here was to practice your swordplay, was it not?" Robin said. "As such, I'll be the one coaching you through this fight. In the process, I will be craftily insulting these two miscreants by reducing their existence to a mere tutorial for your mortal acting lessons."


Then the world blew up. The end.

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Post by ToadRopes on Sun May 14, 2017 9:25 pm


Robin stood with her arms folded behind Logan and Steve. "When in sword combat, acting, real, or otherwise, you must always be aware of your stance," she explained.

"How do I do a.. Good stance?" Steve asked. All he knew was to keep his weapon in front of him and keep his shoelaces tied.

Robin drew an enormous sword from her back and held it in front of her. The sword's hilt had a lavender gemstone--no, an eye, that stared at the two kids. It wasn't a rapier, certainly, but it would have to serve demonstration purposes.

"Legs apart like this," Robin said, crouching slightly and spreading her feet out at a 90 degree angle. "Make sure you have a wide stance for balance. Grip your sword tight."

Logan held out his rapier and mimicked Robin's stance.

Steve looked down at his feet, plopping them in the correct position as he held onto his rapier as tightly as his grip strength would allow. "Like this?" he asked, bending his knees a wee bit.

Robin nodded.

"To guard, you'll want to hold your blade like this," Robin said. "Tilt it downwards so that the foe's blade slides off."

Robin lifted her arm, and tilted her sword slightly downward, angled about 75 to 80 degrees forward.

Again, Steve carefully emulated Robin. "How do people's hands not get tired from this?" Steve asked, his knuckles turning white from the extreme grip he had upon the handle of his rapier.

Robin looked at Steve. "Loosen your grip just a bit. You want to put your energy into moving your sword rather than holding on to it," she explained.

"Right," Steve nodded, keeping a firm, but not strenuous, grip on his rapier.

"Now, I'd like you to guard against the strikes of these Heartless," Robin said, pointing towards the Heartless.

Logan held up his rapier and eyed the Armored Knights.

Logan went into guard stance.

"Oh man," Steve gulped, ensuring he was in position as he cautiously watched the Heartless.

Steve went into guard stance.

The first Armored Knight launched itself at Logan. Logan tensed, and moved his blade to block the Heartless's strike.


The second Armored Knight jumped at Steve, attempting to slash at the boy.

"Now! Guard!" Robin shouted.

Steve let out a yelp, holding his blade as firmly as he could to block the attack. With a clang, the sword slid down Steve's blade.


"You can perform this type of maneuver with any weapon," Robin said. "Now, next, I'd like you two to attack the Heartless with your blades."

"Seems simple enough," Logan said;

"Is there a.. Certain way we should do that?" Steve asked, making a slow slashing motion through the air.

Robin looked at the armored Heartless. "Their armor has weak points in their hip joints and armpits. Aim for there to wound them severely. Using your type of weapon, you'll want to go for a quick forward jab to catch them off guard."

"Like a shishkebab?" Steve asked, puncturing the air with his rapier.

"Yes, kind of like a shish kebab," Robin replied.

Logan jumped forth and jabbed the blade into the first Armored Knight's armpit.


Steve took a deep breath, before letting out a yell of fear as he shishkebab'd the second Armored Knight's hip, leaping backwards shortly after.


The first Armored Knight jumped towards Logan, bringing his blade down upon the boy.


The second Armored Knight thrust its sword out and spun like a top, whirling towards Steve. The boy quickly threw himself to the ground, before frantically crawling backwards and stumbling to his feet. "How do we know when they're almost dead!?" Steve cried out. This was all so new and scary to him... But also exciting in a way, "... Can ghosts die!?"

"They don't die; their essences are scattered in the river of creation, known as the Duat," Robin replied. "Though souls in the Id do grow weary."

Logan leaped towards the first Armored Knight again, this time going for the Heartless's hip.


The Armored Knight wailed and dissipated, the armor clattering to the ground before scattering in the wind.

"Like that," Robin said.

"Okay.." Steve breathed, nodding. He went in for another puncture, targeting the remaining Knight's other hip. However, the knight stepped out of the way, wised up to the boy's tricks.


The second knight lunged at Logan, bringing his sword down upon him. Logan winced.


He attempted to slash at the second knight, but the knight rolled out of the way, laughing.


Steve, disgruntled by his miss and the knight's mockery of his friend, leapt forwards to strike the knight's armpit.


The knight burst into a puff of smoke, its armor clattering to the ground.


Gained 500 EXP.

Levelups: Steve (1 > 2)

"I can't believe we just did that!" Steve laughed, looking at his rapier then to where the Knight once stood.

"Yep; I feel like I understand swordplay a little better. Thanks for this, Robin," Logan said.

"It's my pleasure," Robin replied. "I want you two to get a good grade on this." She winked.

Battle end.

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Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Mon May 15, 2017 2:31 am

Smeggle General Good's
Three pieces cast in different metals all converged upon one space of the board.
The first, The fool, Marley Vaudville, the comic had been send by parents to to purchase the dairy of liquid variety, Milk.
The second,The layabout, A lass by the name of Clara Moore, who after one of her "recreational activities" had the craving for a few bags of Fritos.

The third,a simple spade in a deck of cards that was all but a failure, a life dealt a shitty hand, He was Pennel Umbra,who had went to the store for the excuse to get away from the pains of home,if only for a moment.
"Ayyyyyy Mar-laaaaaaaaaaay" Clara called walking towards fool, in a slightly jilted walk, the hood from her oversized jacket swaying back and forth.

"Oh..hey Clara" Marley replied, with just a hint of annoyance, "Baked again I see..."
Clara put her are around Marley, "Baked...I suppose we're all baked man, but some of us are ya know only slightly cooked by the flames of life, some of us aren' cooked at all some of us are like half cooked I could go for pancakes right now".
Clara was silent for a moment as if amazed by her own intellect, "Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?" Marley asked.
"Not until 4" Clara grinned remembering the Spongebob quote.

Marley cracked a smile, "Alright seriously though" Marley gave an exaggerated cough, "I don't want dogs sniffing me so if you don't mind".
Clara groaned and took her arm off him "Why are you such a narc man, aint nothing unnatural about bud,bud its,like a hundred percent natural".

There was a clattering in the aisle as product fell off a thing rounded the corner staring at the two.
The thing was large, bright blue with two yellow eyes set close togather in the front of its face, it stood on two shoe like feet, its large floppy antenna twitching spasmodically on its head

This was an Ant Trooper,while not an incredibly unique enemy on its own it was unique in the fact that IT WAS IN THE STORE.
"Holy ****, Marcie you see this huge ass ant right here?"Clara said nudging Marley with her elbow.
The Ant trooper turned towards the two and its eyes formed into angry eyes, it made a clicking sound as it lowered its big head and charged like a bull.

Marley yanked Clara away as they dodged and the Ant Trooper barreled past them whooshing by like an oncoming automobile.
The insect, stopped at the end of the aisle looked around and realized it had lost its target spotted a new target directly standing in the frozen desserts section.

Pen looked his normally placid expression betraying a hint of surprise as his eyebrows were up as high as they could go.
The Ant Trooper charged Marley ran into the aisle and tackled Pen aside Clara in tow.
There was a sudden shift in perspective for the three of them as they were all warped to the I.D version.
"MARLEY YOU FUCKING CLOWN!" Pennel yelled his jaw clenching in anger as he shoved the kid off.
"That would be me actually" Slapstick said appearing right next to Marley.
"The fuck!" Pennel yelled backing up.

"Flat Stanley?,Dude I loved your book" Clara commented, taking this far better than Pennel.

"THE FUCK!"Pennel repeated pointing at the Ant Trooper who had just rematerialized and was rearing like a bull ready for a second charge.
"Explain,later,now,run"Marley said, yanking Clara who was checking out the otherworldly icecreams.
Pennel didn't bother responding as he booked it, Marley and Clara in tow.
He ran out the automatic doors, noping the fuck out of there.


"Dude he can't fucking hear you door closed"Clara stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Marley and Clara ran towards the checkout counter, figuring the insect's fat body couldn't squeeze past the narrow space.
They were right,kinda.
The Ant Trooper roared and smashed his fat head trying to widen the space.
"HEY I HAVE TO CLEAN THAT UP YOU BIG HEADED ASSHOLE!" came the irate voice of the cashier, followd by a what appeared to be a small missile flung at the Ant, the foe whimpered like a puppy and walked away.
"Woah they have smurfs here" Clara whispered to Marley as she looked at the source of the attack, a small blue bipedal creature with a large fang filled mouth and two large tusks jutting from either side of his top jaw.

A small name tag on the creature's curved chest identified him as "Jawlin".
"You work here?" Slapstick said with a slightly mocking tone.
"Get out of my store" Jawlin grumbled pointing a claw at the exit.
"But" Marley began, before Jawlin roared "OUT!" he demanded.
The duo(or trio counting Slapstick) ran out the automatic doors.
"Shit This is balls,trippy man"Clara exclaimed as she gazed upon the I.D'ed New York.
"Wheres Pennel?"Marley said frantically looking around.
"I dunno man....I feel like his energy is cardboard, you know like its standing there but its ready to be tipped over by some shitty kid....and do you know who that shitty kid is Mar? Life"
She made a large gesture with her hands, while Marley gave her a "Are you fucking kidding me right now?"look.
"You know she's got a poi-"Slapstick began.
"Shut up you crappy kids menu"Marley said before cupping his hands to his mouth, "PENNNEEEELLL!"
The poor frightened kid was too far away to hear, busy dashing through the haphazard plane of I.D
He quickly found himself at a dead end, well three dead ends, it was dead end2.
Pennel stood gasping his eyes darting on the various moving shadows on the grey brick walls.
"Grrrrr" A deep beastial growl was heard, a large thing stalked towards him, it was tall a good seven feet at least its skin,fur whatever it was was pitch black like crude oil,its head was canine-like with pointed ears and a pointed snout opening with sharp pointed fangs, its eyes(well eye) was pure white while its other seemed to have an unearthly white scar over it,it had but one long draping arm,however in that arm it clutched what appeared to be a long bleeding blade.
It raised its oddly shaped head towards him, one more growling, as the tips of its outstretched  wings brushed the alleyway.
Pennel braced himself against the wall, mumbling childhood prayers he'd long thought he'd forgot as the beast drew near.
"Thy kingdom come..."He whispered fearfully  his fingers gripping the wall.
Suddenly something fell upon the creature, a being slick black just like the beast,this ones sockets were empty-no gouged out the sockets glowing like some fucked up Christmas party, one of its legs was a golden spire, riddled with blood.
The two Jacks fought,biting,stabbing,slashing, While Pennel sunk to the ground his head in his hands, absolutely terrified, fearful tears streaking down his face.

There was a sudden yank on his collar, and everything went dark.
When Pennel awoke he was in a garishly green mansion, and by green he didn't mean the walls were green or the buildings were green, no everything from the tables to the walls to the many,many,many,many clocks were all various shades of green.

"Took you long enough" the words pierced through the air like a knife between the ribs, the words simple sharp precise,demanding attention as a gun would demand cooperation, and while the owner of the voice had guns he needed them to to grab Pennel's awareness.

The creature was like the other two he'd just encountered, but this one held the air of order and authority, he was dressed in a trenchcoat and suit with a wide brim fedora adorning his head, his blank white eyes seemed to study Pennel as if looking for the right artery to cut or bone to break, a disappointed looking sneer crept upon his face, revealing sharp teeth.

"Spades Slick"The creature said, and he was indeed who he said he was.

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Pennel stood up backing away from the odd looking figure,Spades however walked closer circled around the kid and then stood in front of him, "You'll have to do..."Spades said in a disappointed tone, like he'd got a slightly chipped knife instead of a nice shiny one.

Pennel frowned at the slightly ominous phrase, "Th-the fuck are you talking about,WHO ARE YOU WHERE AM I,WHATS WITH ALL THE CLOCKS!" Pennel yelled frantic and scared.
Spades stood there letting the boy rant and rave, "Why'd it have to be another snot-nosed brat" the leader of the Midnight Crew thought, dredging up bad memories.

"SHUT UP!" Spades yelled baring his teeth like a dog his eyes slivers of annoyed white.
Pennel stumbled back afraid.

"Listen pasty hairy skinbag,I can feel your pain....the bitterness constrained rage like an imp in a cage the hate you feel...towards your elder, the kids at school for having good stable lives and nice loving families to come home to....and even your own Mother for not being able to stop the blows"

Spades got right up into the shocked kid's face, "But most of all more obvious than the cuts on your hands and the fear in your eyes, I can practically see the hopelessness spurting out of you like a severed jugular,its pathetic"The spirt said, cutting deep into Pen's shell like a blade.

Pennel was numb for a second before collapsing on the ground sobbing, "Why, why are you doing this!" he gripped the side of his head, his teeth gritted in a grimace, his eyes shut tightly,praying that when he opened them this personal hell would be over.
Spades didn't crouch down to comfort the boy, he just stood.
"As much of a wretched thing you are, you've something I need" "and perhaps...." Spades let that sentence go on.
Pennel looked up at Spades.

"What are you saying you shadowy fuck?"He demanded.
Slick straightened his fedora a bit before answer,"I have....skills that I could train you to be less pathetic, less beaten down....and in return you aid and serve me...."
Spades held out a hand, "Its a bit of give and take....but I'm willing to help your sorry carcass and in give me the energy I need to go about my business"
"What is he asking for my soul?,my life?" Pennel thought, thn he thought about the life he lived day to day,hopeless with a mask painted over his bruised face cloth over his cut skin,not living but existing in a colorless purgatory, what kind of life was that,this man,this creature whatever he was had saved him and presumably saw something in him.
It was the first time in a long time anyone had done that.
Pennel raised a hand and gripped Spades outstretched four fingered hand.

"Welcome to the Midnight Crew,boy"

Pennel screamed in pain, as dark tendrils rippled over his flesh, like vines parasitically growing on a tree, until they engulfed him turning him to pure shadow.

Then they faded and Pennel felt something..., it wasn't  that he felt stronger in the tradtional sense it was more, that for the first time in a while he felt that he could do things, that his actions mattered, that he had the strength and will,the rage and vigor to fight ten men.
"Meet me here in what is your tomorrow, you're ill suited for survival here"Spades said before fading into Pennel's subconcious.
"One more thing,boy Don't tell that stupid juggalo or and of his friends about me, trust me they're a crown of fools best left out of here"

With That Pennel got up found a door and walked backtowards the store.
"PENNEL!" Marley yelled whole Slapstick interrogated a Homestuck Imp.

Meanwhile back at the store Clara was chilling, and or loitering as she leaned on the outer wall of the store.
"What's with Marley? Pennel's fine, its all in his head,man Marley's never gonna see the way if he's trying so hard, he's never gonna spot Waldo you know?"Clara mused out loud.

SHe happened to look up and oddly enough growing of the building was a very odd tree, it was wiry and twisted much like a Joshua tree, sprouting sharp spade like purple leaves.

Clara noticed with some amusement, that on a low hanging branch there laid an odd creature, with a bright red vase like body, and within the bowl of the vase were several orbs, the creature clutched to the tree with two tendril one on either side of its body.
"Hey made of clay?"Clara asked.

The creature stirred yellow blobs of clay appearing out of the being's mass.
"Quiet your flappy face nubs plz"It said in a bored monotonous tone, "Loud bush head creature and pale thing are bad enough"
Clara grinned "Dude thats so fuckin' funny, "Face nubs".

Claymoore did not respond, and after a few minutes of him not responding she asked.
"Ya'know you're pretty chill mang you look like nothing ever bothers you, you sound like you know "Get it man".She commented.
"I havn't Geddit'd anything" Claymoore commented.
"Exactly man...its like you don't need to you'e just happy with chillin, you being you man amirte?"
"I am left part also,and not a "mang""Claymoore asked confused.

"You're like all the parts and none of them at the same time,man, and you don't even need a    title a gender to fall under, you're just so past our societal norms"Clara explained, making motions with her hands.

"Hey man you wanna come kick it at my place,I got like seven beanbags"
At that very moment Claymoore fell from the tree Clara picked him up and enjoying the jacket's warmth snuggled up close to her.
"Odd place for orbs...."Claymoore mumbled.

"So like are we friends now?"Clara asked giving Claymoore a squeeze.
"idunno"Claymoore responded.
At that very moment Slapstick and Marley ran back with Pennel.
"I found him....Clara what the fuck is that"

"I am Claymoore, the Claymoore" Claymoore said.
Marley looked at the girl than the clay being.

"He said he's Claymoore the Claymoore Marcie,geez pay attention, what are you high?" Clara repeated

"What who, you're hi-"Marley sputtered before blowing up the bangs over his eyes, "Clara get rid of that thing we're going back".
"No if you get Flat Stanley I get this"Clara said stubbornly.

"Clara this is not a fucking giftshop, you can;t.. just Pennel back me up"Marley said as Slapstick tried to pick up Claymoore before being lightly kicked away by Clara.

"Let her sort it out"Pennel stated before walking into the grocery store.
Marley paused, there was about Pennel,"Hey Clara whats CLARA NO!"
Clara had already went into the store and exited back into IRLand, along with Pennel.
"Kids these day amirte?"Slapstick asked elbowing Marley.

"Shut the fuck up you bootleg Mcdonald's mascot" Marley muttered before doing the same as the other two.

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Post by Lowfn on Fri May 19, 2017 6:41 pm

It was likely one of the best mornings Morgan had ever woken up to. She looked forward to seeing beams of sunlight coming through her blinds. There was no disappointed sigh at her limited wardrobe, no groaning before she went to brush her teeth, and her father was even awake!

And wearing a suit?

"Are you going to a funeral?" Morgan asked as she made her way to do the dishes, one of her mandatory chores.

Her father rolled his eyes. He hated her sass and sarcasm, but was in too good of a mood to chastise her today. "No. Your mother and I are going out to a fancy restaurant tonight. Cafe Katja."

"A cafe?" Morgan scoffed, turning on the water in the sink and grabbing a nearby sponge, "Man you really went all out, dad. We might be broke after tonight."

"Morgan," he said indignantly.

"I'm kidding," Morgan snarked, scrubbing a plate.

"It's a very nice Austrian place," he defended, straightening his bowtie while looking in the mirror.

"Oh that place! Yeah I heard about them," Morgan lied as she aggressively scrubbed at a coffee stain inside a mug, "They're those guys that hold bar mitzvahs for a bunch of people."

"WHAT!?" screeched her father, ripping off the bowtie he spent the last three minutes trying to get straight. At least it was a clip-on.

"Careful dad, the theater department is gonna need that suit back," Morgan snickered.

Mr. Amsel let out a guttural growl before stomping out of the small home, slamming the door shut behind him as he mumbled something about Jews.

As planned, she had the apartment to herself. Upon finishing the dishes, Morgan snuck into her parents' room, rummaging through a few drawers in search of something vital.

"Are you stealing their cash?" Melissa asked, popping her head into the Lucid world.

Morgan let out a shrill scream, whipping around and smacking Melissa in the face, sending the Nazi reeling back into the Id. "Oh my God, I am so sorry! Wait, no. I'm not! Fuck you, you shouldn't sneak up on me and shit!"

"Fuck you, I'm not the one stealing peoples' money!" Melissa shouted from the Id, rubbing her face.

"I'm not stealing their money!" Morgan protested, before letting out an, "Ah!" as she found what she was looking for. She took a small bag from an upper drawer and skipped to the bathroom.

"It looks a lot like you're stealing mo- Wait what the fuck?"

Morgan opened the small bag to reveal....


"... You don't wear makeup."

"Fuck off," Morgan mumbled, pulling out some face primer. She recalled her younger years when her mother taught her everything she knew about makeup. Though, as a child Morgan didn't waste her time with it considering her mom always looked like a street prostitute with all the makeup she covered her face in.

As a kid of course, Morgan thought she looked like a clown.

"Just a little bit," she said to herself, squeezing out some primer onto her finger before rubbing it onto her face.

"Okay, look. I get it. I've pissed you off a lot-" Melissa began.

"That's an understatement," Morgan remarked, now applying some eye primer. You always put the primer on before anything else.... Huh.. Maybe this is where all their money went. There was a buttload of makeup in this bag, and this wasn't even her mother's main set!

"My point is, you can stop this whole.. Spite shit now, alright? I'm getting tired of seeing Slapshit, you can stop 'liking' Marley. It's just fucking annoying at this point," Melissa pleaded.

Morgan hummed a tune as she pulled out some lip primer. Why were there so many primers?

"Come on... I can.. Sneak you into a movie or something, huh? I'm sure there's something good playing right now."

"You know, I actually like Marley," Morgan smiled.

As expected, Melissa froze, mortified.


"You just don't like him because he's stuck with 'Slapshit'," Morgan said, searching through the bag for some foundation that would go well with her skin.

"SO!? THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT! There's so many better guys! And you settle for that... That fucking goober of all people!? And now you're putting on fucking makeup for him!?" Melissa said, before bringing herself into the Lucid and gesturing at the bathroom mirror to emphasize her point.

"Fuck off, you have makeup on," Morgan retorted, applying the foundation to her face. She'd try not to go overboard with all the makeup business, just a little enhancing is all.

"I DON'T HAVE FUCKING MAKEUP ON! MY EYES NATURALLY LOOK LIKE THIS!" Melissa screamed, before violently rubbing at her eyes to prove her point.

"You should see a doctor about that," Morgan sneered, before taking out some eyeliner. She'd need to be real careful with this one. Normally, Melissa would've spooked the girl in the middle of applying the eyeliner, but not this time. She needed to get on Morgan's good side.

"Morgan. Please," Melissa groaned, hating having to break out the "P" word, "Please tell me you don't actually like this guy. Please tell me that you're just doing it to spite me and that this is gonna be over after you do your project with him."

"I would, but I'm not a liar." Morgan went with a nice, basic eyeliner shape. Nothing wild with all the flicks and whatnot, just something that made her eyes stand out a bit more.

"Just a little eyeshadow..." Morgan mumbled, before blinking her two eyes individually to ensure she did a good job. "What do you think?"

"You look like a prostitute."

"Fuck off," Morgan said back, placing all the beauty products back inside the bag and putting it where she had found it.

"Don't you have anything better to do than follow me around?" Morgan asked, folding her arms as she glanced over at the clock. It was nearly 4PM.

"Fucking, you think if I could just go wherever the fuck I want I wouldn't have already!? I'm stuck with you! I can't fucking leave for too long before I get magnetized back!" Melissa complained.

"Maybe you could like... Not hate Slapstick?" Morgan suggested in a mocking tone.

"Fuck you! You didn't have to deal with him while avoiding getting your brain erased and a whole bunch of other shit! I've been through so much bullshit trying to kill a bunch of fucks wanting to take over literally fucking everything or when I just wanted to relax! You're welcome for that by the way, the whole killing bad guys thing."

"Oh here we go again!" Morgan rolled her eyes.

"It's true you ungrateful piece of shit!" Melissa seethed, "You think your little adventure was scary? Imagine living in that shit 24/7 for fucking years! You dealt with it for a few fucking hours and come back and all you gotta worry about is passing math and feeding a fucking goldfish!"

"Fuck you!" Morgan spat back, not able to come up with a better response at the moment.

"Fuck you!" Melissa shouted.

"Will both of you shut up!?" shouted a voice from below.

Melissa and Morgan simultaneously told the people below them to, "Fuck off!"

Then the world blew up. The end.

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Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:11 pm

"Hey guys,I may or may not have accidentally let two scrubs into the I.D there was a big ant,and a blue grimlian creature, and now Clara has a weird blobby red creature with an egg sack or something on its head and Pennel seems fine, but I think we need to explain to them waht happened"
Marley hit "send" to the other I.Der's.
"Marlz calm down, what the worst that could happen from accidently sending sme peeps to an alternate reality?"
"Well according to numorous sources, they could be emotinally scarred, bring something destrctive back with them or in your instance they could be turned into a stupid fucking clown" Marley shot back.
"Least,I don't take like a month to write a text"Slapstick countered.
"Its been like ten minitues, besides I needed to be sure the message was precise and hit the right notes"
"You are a scruffy goatee away from being a snobby art student"
"Whatever,could you simmer down I have to get ready..."
"For you're date,how about instead of that...don't"Slapstick said folding his hands togahter.
Marley paused,"This couldn't happen to have anything to do with Melissa being there?"
"Please don't say her name, she might appear and claw you"Slapstick shivered like a flyer in a strong wind.
"Then get laminated..." Marley responded.
Slapstick sighed,"So you really like this girl enough to deal with that devil on her shoulder?"
Marley paused, "Well it started out as a ploy merely to irritate you and Melly,but it.........I dunno grew from that,Do I like Melissa,no of course not,but if Morgan's willing to put up with you,I'm will to put up with the equivlant of a demon living in her shadow"
"Alright then...." Slapstick said suddenly grabbing Marley's head and yanking on his hair.
"HEY AUGH!" Marley yelled.
"Shut up I'm trying to make you look less like a homeless man"Slapstick said straightening out Marely's hair.
In a few seconds the boy's hair was noticeably less ratty,until it sprung back into shape a second later.
Marley looked at his link in surprise.
"What? I'm not a dick....all the time" the Paper hero defended.
And with that Marley set off to his date.

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Post by ToadRopes on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:37 pm

Logan and Steve once more held normal prop swords in their hands. Logan looked at Steve, and chuckled. "Looks like we killed two birds with one stone there... or, well, two knight ghosts with two swords. If you want to be literal."

"That was crazy," Steve laughed, tossing his prop sword into the air, sending it spinning for a moment before catching it.. Or rather, trying to catch it.

"I think we should head out," Logan said. "There's probably going to be more ghosts who show up with a thirst for blood. Without swords. That would be bad."

He turned towards the girl the knights were accosting earlier. "Hey, stay safe, 'kay?" he asked.

Logan accompanied Steve out of the portal leading from the Id.

"What do you say we take a little study break, hang out with the others for a bit?" Logan suggested.

"Who's that?" Steve inquired. The poor boy had been absent from the previous wild adventure the gang embarked on.

"Like, Taylor and stuff," Logan replied. "And Marley, and the other guys from class--"

Logan's phone buzzed. He'd have to check it later.

"Yeah, sure!" Steve exclaimed. Who would've guessed getting a buttload of friends would be this easy? Not to mention the whole.. Other dimension thing.

Logan pulled up his messaging app and made a group text to his theater friends and to his girlfriend.

"hey everyone let's take an ice cream break on wall street," he wrote.

Steve's phone buzzed; he quickly took it out as he said, "Oh hey, someone texted m- Oh."

Logan chuckled.

"Monica read my phone over my shoulder and now she refuses to continue practicing until we get ice cream," Taylor texted. "Guess we're doing that."

"New phone who dis?" was Clara's confused response.

"Logan Rodriguez," Taylor explained. "BF."

"taylor pls i have gf," Logan teased.


"yo marley you with morgan rn?" Logan asked.

There was a video sent of a blurry video with Marley yelled in the background, a short text was sent after words, "Sorry, annoying post it stole my phone,yeah I'm with Lefay"

"not gonna ask," Logan replied.

"Jesus fucking Christ Marley stop fucking Morgan and get the fuck over here," Hera teased.

"Monica is still reading over my shoulder and now she is laughing uncontrollably," Taylor said.

"Hey guys me and Logan found this like other dimension with ghosts," Steve texted, before making a realization and texting again, "Oh crap was I supposed to keep that secret or something?"

"You meet Danny Phantom?" Marley shot back

"Everyone here knows about the Id," Taylor explained.

"Yeah, it's a wild-ass place," Hera added.

"Fukking wat?"Clara texted, "What are you guys smoking?, and can I have some?"

"I'm clean," Taylor replied. "Stop hurting your lungs."

"actually taylor studies show weed's good for you," Logan pointed out.

"Neeeerd"Marley texted.

"You shouldn't be burning shit in your mouth tho, you're gonna fuck up your throat," Hera remarked.

"We're getting off topic. Ice cream place?" Taylor asked.

"let's go to the häagen-dazs on wall street," Logan suggested.

"Holy fuck that place is expensive," Hera remarked.

"it can't be that expensive, we're talking the company that makes corner store ice cream bars."

"You better fucking believe it."

Steve was about to offer to pay for the ice cream, but quickly decided against it. While he would be more than happy to do so, he was still worried about how others might treat him in response to his wealth, save for Logan of course. He backtracked his text and reluctantly stayed silent.

"We can try Insomnia Cookies instead," Taylor suggested. "It's cheaper and they have cookies too."

"Cookies are great," Hera replied.


Several walkings/bus rides/motorcycle rides later, the kids were all sitting inside of the building, with various cookies and/or ice cream before them.

"So, how are all your projects going?" Logan asked the other theater kids.

"It's going really good," Morgan answered, giving Marley a sly smile.

The boy blushed lightly and bit into a peanut-butter cookie.

"So y'all got cool blobby jar-peeps?" Clara asked.

"Blobby whats?" Steve cocked his head.

"You,know"She rotated her left hand, "Funny mind fellows,of which have lukewarm temperatures and personalities".

"Uh.. no? I have a, uh.. ghost guy that wears a trashcan on his hea-" Steve began, before a hand reached out of nowhere and took a cookie off his napkin. The hand retreated back into nothingness before reappearing again and leaving a note that read "i o u 1 cookie -Trashy"

"Oh, Clara, you got a ghostly companion, too?" Logan asked.

"Companion's such a simple term, they're a cosmic cluster of confusing witticisms, whose sober words coeless past the hun-drum days"She made several hand gestures.

"Are you high?" Morgan asked bluntly. Not mean, mind you, just abrupt.

Clara gripped Morgan's left shoulder "Sure I'm high, I'm high on the currents of change as they ebb and flow, come and go, throughout and in these sands in this hourglass of change that is life...".

"When is she ever not high?" Hera joked.

"Wait, she smokes weed?" Steve asked, dumbfounded. This entire time he thought she just had a.... 'unique' personality.

"She smokes weed," Hera replied.

"Taylor, how are things with Class Clown 2.0?" Logan asked, gesturing to Monica.

"Surprisingly they're going quite well. She takes her work very seriously, despite taking absolutely nothing else the same way."

"What can I say? It gets under people's skin," Monica said. "Upend the class structure of this high school, I say!"

"Too bad Hadid couldn't come," Hera remarked. "I asked her; she had practice today."

"That's a shame. What kind?" Taylor asked.

"Band," Hera replied.

"What's she banned from now?"Marley asked. Morgan nearly spit out her cookie laughing.

"FUCKING--" Hera shouted.

A mother from all the way across the shop covered her daughter's ears and began to escort her out the front door.

"Pffftshh. No wonder Melissa likes you," Morgan remarked with a snicker, taking a moment before trying to eat her cookie again.

"Taylor, does Monica know about the Id, too?" Logan asked.

"Apparently... I think? She keeps talking about this ghost friend while we're taking breaks. I'm prett sure she's talking about the Id, but she keeps referring it to..."

"You're talking about Rainbow Magic Cupcakeland, right?" Monica asked.

"Okay, kid, who the fuck told you that name?" Hera asked.

"Yeah, it's called the ghost zone," Steve added, before remembering he was informed that the Id was, in fact, not called the 'ghost zone'.

"I was told its Ngggggh,go away,I don't no place"Clara stated.

"Duh, my ghost friend did," Monica replied matter-of-factly.

"Please tell me it's not actually called that," Steve turned to the others.

"It's not," Logan said, shaking his head.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure your ghost friend is fucking around with you," Hera agreed.

"BAAAA HAHAHAHA! I can't believe you fell for it for that long!"

A black-and-white cartoon character in a top hat and a dress manifested into reality, only visible to the kids with links.

"SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK!" Hera shouted. Morgan momentarily choked, once again, on her cookie in laughter.

"Heyyyy its New Meridian's favorite child murderer!" Slapstick said appearing behind Marley in his paper-like glory.

"....What now?"Marley asked at the wording.

"Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit," Trashcanhead said as he crawled into reality and handed Peacock twenty 'ghost dollars', "You win the bet."

Peacock pocketed the cash and pulled out a cartoon cigar. She held it out to Clara. "Want a smoke?" she offered.

"Fuck yeah, I'm all for spiritual highs" Clara said reaching out towards the cigar.

As soon as she grabbed it, it buzzed violently in Clara's hand. VVVRRRRMMMM!!!

"That's why you don't do drugs, kids," Trashy proclaimed.

"Wait, you don't smoke weed?" Steve asked, dumbfounded.

Clara yanked her hand back,then grabbed again shocking herself twice.

"Ha!" Peacock laughed. "Also doubles as a great vibr--"

"Peacock, not in front of the kids!" Chara yelped, manifesting and covering Peacock's mouth.

"Oh you're one to talk, Chara, your kid and Robin's had coitus," Peacock scoffed, pulling Chara's hands off her mouth.

Steve blushed a bit and silently ate his ice cream.

Claymoore fizzled into existence....well more like half fizzled; he was much more transparent than the others, so much so that he began to sink through the table he appeared on.

"Fuck now everyone's showing up," Melissa grumbled quietly as she reluctantly appeared. Her only solace was that she could snatch a spoonful of Morgan's chocolate ice cream.

Claymoore fell through the table and crawled over to Clara's legs like an annoyed cat.

Officer Hanratty also manifested into existence, folding his arms. "Alright, kids, no more talking about, you know, that."

"What is 'that'? Them having sex?" Melissa asked, knowing full well that is what Hanratty had meant.

"What are you, a cop?" Slapstick japed.

"FBI agent," Hanratty corrected, ignoring Melissa.

"Your jokes are worse than 'MarMar''s," Melissa told Slapstick, able to insult two birds with one stone.

"They're better than your ability to see the good in the world" Slapstick responded

Melissa was silent for a moment, utterly unimpressed(moreso than normal), "That... that was really lame." Morgan, while not wanting to agree with Melissa, felt compelled to nod along. It was a pretty lame remark.

"Anyways," Logan said, "Steve and I got some decent work done on our own project. I'm in the role of Tybalt."

"You always liked it in the asshole," Hera joked. Hanratty gave her a death glare.

"Wait, what?" Steve asked, wide-eyed.

"She's teasing," Logan said, waving his hand dismissively. "In any case, what about you? How's your project going?" he asked Marley. "Aside from 'good.' You two far along?"

"As far along as a scene about two dramatic teens about to plunge themselves into a situation tha ends up killing a guy and themselves can be"Marley commented.

"They spent half the time actually practicing their shit, and the other half making out," Melissa stated.

"If they're doing Romeo and Juliet that's fine, depending on where they are in proximity to each other. Because I don't know anyone whose lips can reach from behind a wall to the top window of the Montague mansion."

"No. She specifically picked that scene so she could make out with Marley," Melissa said spitefully.

"Well- You- Shut up," Morgan hissed, blushing.

"Pay her no mind, shes just mad everytime she swaps spit, the other person ends up with a mouth like a smoker"Slapstick commented

"It's a light sting! Fuck you, at least people want to 'swap spit' with me!" Melissa snapped back.

"Only because the alternative ends with them becoming eunuchs...", Slapstick hissed.

"Fuck you I-"

"Oh my God, can you two not do this for once!!" Morgan growled.

"Yeah, people might start thinking you're tsundere for him," Peacock teased Melissa.

Melissa gave Peacock a momentary scowl before widening her eyes and lightly feeling her own throat. "Holy shit... I actually almost threw up."

Peacock laughed in response.

"So,finally got a link Mooron?" Slapstick said changing the subject.

"No this is a person"Claymoore said in response.

"This guy," Melissa sneered, jabbing a thumb at Claymoore.

"Sup, Clayboy," Peacock said.

Claymoore mumbled something and retreated under Clara's chair.

Morgan peeked down and gasped, "Oh my gosh, that thing is adorable!" She lifted herself back up and faced Clara, "What is it?"

"He's a combination of the joy of absolute serenity, with the animistic nature of self preservation" Clara stated.

"He's Claymoore.....he's a Claymoore"Slapstick explained.

"I liked her definition better," Morgan said spitefully.

It was then that Melissa got an evil, vile idea. An idea that birthed a smile the Grinch had nightmares of. "Me too," she agreed, going over and resting her elbow ontop of Clara's head, "Hey, uh, Clara, right?"

"Well,yeah"Clara's somewhat unfocused eyes drifted to Melissa's armband, "Yoooo"She said dragging the "O" out,"You a Nazi or some shit?"

"Er, that's not important," Melissa waved her hand, "Hey, you got any, uh, 'kush' you could share with Morgan? She's poor."

"Melissa!" Morgan snapped, angry and embarrassed.

"Melissa,you're about as rich as a church mouse...that burned down the church"Slapstick pointed out.

Melissa ignored Slapstick for now. "So how about it? She could use some.. uh.. enlightening."

"Melissa, I don't smoke pot!" Morgan hissed.

"Don't knock it 'til you try it. Besides, I've read your diary. You've wanted to try it before," Melissa defended.

"Hey,I mean if you're tough to toke, a little hit is just a bit" Clara commented reaching into her pocket.

"Clara....we're in a public place...and pot is illegal...and you're like a kid"Marley wisely mentioned.

Morgan had to admit, she was tempted. Her eyes had darted down to Clara's pocket in an anticipation she would deny. "I-I mean, it's not like... I'd do it here, Mar-Mar," she assured, "Besides! Logan said it's healthy, right?"

"I mean, if you eat it, yeah. If you smoke it you're still burning stuff in your throat. And that's not good," Logan replied.

"Man, everything in life costs something, pain for pleasure, tit for tat," Clara stated in defense.

"Yeah 'Mar-Mar'. Don't be such a downer," Melissa smiled wickedly.

"Up yours, on being down" The kid stated.

"Fuck off, I'm looking out for Morgan's interests this time," Melissa snapped, "What's your beef with weed? Are- Oh I get it, you're worried Morg's breath will smell bad or something, right?"

"I'm not-hey!"Marley said starting to catch on, "Morgan can do whatever she wants". Marley paused, "I'm just...saying."....

"Hey," Taylor said. "We're not doing this here."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. Hey, uh, Clara. Do you wanna hang out later?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah we can hang,so whats up about this "Rainbow Magic Cupcakeland?"Clara asked leaning back in her chair balancing on the chair's two rear legs.

"It's a place where everybody is ponies," Peacock snarked. "And the king of all ponies is named Zandoo and he has an enormous--"

"Let's not talk about the gods in such blasphemous tones, alright?" Chara requested.

"Somehow I'm getting the sense that the gods say it's cool," Peacock said. "Anyways, he has a huge mighty horse cock that he has penetrated the bottom of a great mountain."

Hanratty dug his face into his palm.

"What the fuck," Melissa and Morgan said simultaneously.

"Somebody slip some happy pills in your cigar or something?" Chara asked.

"Remember kids, don't do drugs," Trashy proclaimed.

"I'm still bothered by what Crump said about this whole thing being only the beginning," Logan said.

"Whaaat? Babe, you took that deadass motherfucker for real?" Hera asked.

"There's just something about the way he said it that I can't shake. In any case, I have a feeling we're going to be visiting the Id many times in the near future."

"Well, if time doesn't flow normally there, then we can all get our homework done, right?" Taylor suggested.

"Or have the world's fastest quickie," Hera said, giving Logan a sly look.

"Holy shit..." Trashy gasped, "That's fucking genius." If only Selena were here.

"They don't come up with this shit in Harvard," Hera laughed.

"They do, it's just discovered in the co-ed rooms.."Slapstick added.

"I don't get it," Steve blinked. Not only was he unaware of what a 'quickie' was, but Slapstick's joke could've used some work.

"I'll tell you when you're older," said Hera, winking to Steve.

"Wait, I'm in high school too, y- Wait.. Is a quickie-... Oh," Steve blushed and went silent. He realized he would somehow need to get used to all this... raunchiness.

Hera laughed out loud, before turning to Logan. "Look, if you really think there's a problem involving the Id and our world, then we can just pop in, check around, then pop back out. No biggie."

"....about that,uh" Marley spoke up, "Is there any chance that something malevolent, could latch onto someone,say if they were yanked into the Id?"

"That's what happened to Taylor," Logan replied.

"I think he means, like, if a particularly unsavory soul could forcibly link itself onto a human after yanking them into the Id," Taylor replied. "Which, I think, is what happened to the MC from the concert in the park. And definitely NOT what happened to me! Though I came close."

"Good thing I was on patrol," Hanratty agreed.

"I mean I wouldn't go that far, but Clara wasn't the only one with me when we got chased by a five foot tall ant..."Marley continued.

"We weren't?" Clara asked, "Are you sure?"

Marley paused, turned his head slightly to give the pot head a perturbed look, than continued,"There was that kid who sounded like a grain,Fennel I think".

"Pennel,it was probably Pennel"Clara interjected.

"Wait, what was that about a five foot tall ant?" Morgan asked, turning her head to Marley as she suddenly realized what he had said.

"....Did any of you read my text?"Marley asked.

"Marley, I don't have a phone," Morgan said with a raised eyebrow, unamused that he had forgotten this fact.

"Well,I..uh"Marley sputtered,"It was right before our date and I did'nt want to worry you,plus it seemed like more of a club issue...."

"Well, now that we're all here... we can fill Hadid in later... we should probably talk about it," Logan suggested.

"Well, I was at Marrows' earlier, and all of a sudden a giant ant"

"A GI-Ant if you will" Clara added. Morgan stifled a laugh.

"It charged at us and me,Clara and Pennel were, Narnia'd into the Id, where a small blue gremlin shot rockets out his forehead and kicked us out".Marley began.

"They Pennel, like, flipped,man it was like his brain was a microscope slide, and someone had just knocked some LSD all over his mind plate".Clara continued.

"He needed to purge his pallet of the visual cataclysm presented to him,so...he split"Clara said motioning to her stuck out tongue,then her eyes as she explained.

"I searched for him, for awhile and then he just came back, but there was about him,like there was some unseen layer of grime he picked up,like he'd stared into an abyss and it'd left something with him..."Marley explained.

"Maybe something bad happened to him while you guys were split up?" Morgan theorized, "Not everyone can run from big ants like you or kill giant, tacky robots like we did."

"That's weird," Logan remarked. "I hope Pennel's doing okay..."

"Holy fuck!" Trashcanhead gasped, pointing upwards, "They have triple chocolate chip chocolate cookies! Steve! Do you realize how many chocolate chips that is?!"

"Ah- Uhm.. Uhh.. three times the normal amount?" Steve stammered, unsure of what the correct answer really was.

"Exactly. Hold up I'ma buy a shitton of these," Trashy said, before walking up to the counter and slapping a hundred ghost dollars on the counter. He did not seem to realize that everyone else could not see him or his ghost dollars.

The dollars slowly sunk through the counter.

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Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:03 am

Apartment complex:Unspecified

Morgan would find herself standing at the door of the third floor, a classy wooden door with a golden etched '30', an intercom system was on the wall next to said door, a green phone button, blinking slightly.

Morgan, while certainly impressed by the alien surroundings, knew what an intercom was. She pressed the button.

There was a slight crackle,"Ayyy who is it?" Clara's voice came through the loudspeaker followed by a 15 second yawn.

Morgan snickered and shook her head, "It's me, Morgan."

"Oh shit,riggggght" Clara's voice emanated before cutting out,Morgan waited several seconds before the door opened...and caught on the chain.

The door shut swiftly followed by some sliding sounds, before the door opened again, Clara displayed a shit-eating grin, her fingers stained with cheeto dust, she was dressed more casually, in a worn blue t-shirt, and black yoga pants,with rainbow toe-socks.

"Yo, it's Morgan and her ghost of who-gives-a-shitmas past"Clara said swinging the door wide open, "Come on, don't be a stranger, aint nothing stranger than that"

"Man, this is a nice place," Morgan remarked as she stepped inside, looking around.

The walls were a crisp white color the occasional artsy painting, the furniture was all sleek black leather and chrome white modern looking countertops and lounge chairs, the dwelling had a feeling of elegance and order, of refinement.

....which was broken by the five or so bright neon beanbag chairs shoved haphazardly into the "Living room", and the several empty bags of food, and the pile of crushed cans in the corner.

"Wait...wait shut the fuck up" Clara said suddenly gripping Morgan's shoulder and pointing at the mass of beanbags.

Claymoore fizzled into existence ontop of the chairs, over the course of a few seconds his ethereal form slogged through the bags, causing him to fall out after eventually phasing through the unstable sitting area.

To which he just reappeared on top of the bags to continue the cycle.

Morgan giggled a bit at the spectacle. She was surprised, but relieved, that Melissa didn't have any smartass comments right about now concerning Clara or Claymoore. Perhaps the Nazi had finally gotten a life?

"So you ready to expand the horizon of your conscious being, over the ocean of clarity?"Clara asked plopping down on the beanpile.

Morgan flopped beside Clara, grinning. "I don't know what the hell that means, but yes." A combination of fear and lack of cash had always kept Morgan from dipping into her curiosities concerning weed. But, if Clara could get away with it and was offering to share, why not go ahead and do it?

Clara reached over to a tray on the floor and handed Morgan a brownie, before taking it back and splitting it in half and giving one half back.

"Lets start you off slowly, don't wanna end up speeding off into a pit of pain now do we?"

"Yeah," Morgan nodded, staring down at the half-brownie in her hand with wide eyes, "So I just.. Eat it, right?"

"How else would you get a brownie into your system girl?"Clara asked munching the other half of the brownie.

Morgan's heart was pounding as the brownie slowly neared her waiting mouth. "Well, here we go," she said to herself, before taking a bite.

Huh, for a pastry with a plant stuffed inside of it, the brownie tasted pretty good. It didn't take long for the entire half to disappear into Morgan's gullet. "So how long does it take to kick in?" she inquired, wiggling her toes in her shoes in excited anticipation.

"Depends on peep, to peep, body mass and all that shit,ya'know?"Clara answered.

"Right, right," Morgan nodded, "Hey uh, thanks for letting me come over and for the.. Brownies." It had been a lon time, save for her visits with Marley, that she hung out with a friend at their place, another gal. She especially didn't expect to have a friend who was loaded, at least by comparison.

"Its cool, you seemed like a mellow,Morgan and you know, we each got cool spiritual guides from beyond time and space....right Claymoore?"She asked to the pile.

Claymoore mumbled something unintelligible, and Clara quickly nodded,"You're right the message will not always be clear O' Great Moore."

"Pfft. Well your guy is like, ten times better than mine. And not just 'cause the whole.. You know.. Nazi thing," Morgan remarked.

"Gonna have different edges....thats how the puzzle fits together,man"Clara said interlocking her fingers together in gesture.

Morgan snorted, "I guess that's one way to loooooh shit!" Morgan's eyes went wide, "I think it's kicking in..." Indeed it was. Morgan being the lightweight she was certainly helped. "Everything's like.. it feels like.. Holy fuck," she laughed. All of her senses were.. Elevated.

"I know....right?" Clara agreed.

"Everything like.. It looks the same, but.. Different too," Morgan said, slowly looking over at Clara with a goofy smile, "I don't know how to explain it.."

"Thats the best don't have to...just...feel it" Clara said.

And now was Melissa's cue to mess with the mushy mind of a high Morgan. Within the Id, the ex-Nazi cleared her throats and adjusted her pitch, trying to get her voice decently close to Morgan's, including the teen's current slow manner of speech, "Yeah.. 'man'. Clara looks the same, but like.. She's hot. Just feel it.."

Morgan blinked for a moment, before squinting at Clara. She... Was kind of hot. Morgan guessed she had to agree with..... Herself? "Hey.. I just realized," Morgan began, before laughing a bit, "You're hot as fuck."

Claymoore overheard this talk of comfortable temperature and floated lazily through the air, rotating, completely unheeded by gravity, beofre bumping into Melissa.

"..No shit?...huh" Clara commeted, "You're not so bad yourself,I can see why the court jester's always red"The girl commented.

Claymoore poked a tendril in Melissa's face "You are not warm..."He commented.

Melissa put a finger to her mouth, shushing Claymoore as she whispered more words of temptation into Morgan's ear. "Thanks," Morgan smiled as she blinked her eyes a few times and rolled on the beanbag ocean, now right beside Clara, "Hey.. Uh.. Have you-" Morgan broke into giggles, unable to finish her sentence. Something told her she shouldn't be doing this, but Melissa's voice egged the girl on.

"Oh my God," Morgan laughed, covering her face with her hands for a moment before wiping them away so she could see again, "Have you, like...Ever done.. 'Stuff'.. With a girl?" Melissa was on the edge of her nonexistent seat.

"Cloud face" Claymoore mumbled floating over to Clara,"Are you warm now?" He asked.

Clara tried to bat Claymoore out of the way but her hand phased through, she angled her head leaning to the side so she could see Morgan,"My,my Morgan"She gave a delirious smile,"Well there was this one time...nah, boring story"She waved her hand.

"Why ever do you ask?"Clara inquired.

"Well I..." Morgan thought for a second of how to word her words to make words. Luckily for her, Melissa was doing all the thinking for her. "You.. Wanna make a better story?" Morgan asked with an oblivious grin. Not oblivious to what she was saying or what it meant, but rather oblivious to who was pushing her to pursue such desires. She slowly reached over for Clara, missing the lazy grab the first time before getting a grip.

Melissa pointed over outside a window in the Id and told Claymoore there was the Omniverse's comfiest pillow just over yonder, with just the right amount of warmth.

But it was clearly too far away, a good to far away Claymoore commented.

"Clara, warm,warm,warm,warm"Claymoore said requesting to be put somewhere warm

"Nononono," Melissa grabbed Claymoore. She just needed a little more time, "Clara not warm! Clara cold and rough!" she hissed.

"NGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!"Claymoore wriggled in the touch of Melissa who felt icy cold, coupled with the fact that she was touching him

He wrapped a tendril around her neck, "NGGGGGGGGGHHHHH"He continued hs monotonous cry.

"I don't need to breathe claybrain! We're ghosts!" Melissa growled as she tugged Claymoore away.

And though Claymoore was made out of clay, he was quite stronger than he looked as he knocked off Melissa's hat and grabbed a wad of her hair with his other tendril.

"Sure....lets make a beautiful memory"Clara leaned in and brushed her lips against Morgan's while Melissa didn't notice because she was currently screaming at Claymoore.

Melissa, enraged, bit Claymoore as she dug her nails into an Id wall, trudging away from the two teens like she was fighting against a blizzard in Antarctica.

The feeling of saliva(Even ghost saliva) felt revolting on Claymoore's clay flesh, he retracted his tendrils into his body before a large crude fist formed out of his midsection between his eyes and smashed Melissa in the face.

Morgan had, simply put, gotten very into what she was doing. Every minute sensation was amplified, enhanced by the pot brownie. It was, for her at least, the greatest kiss in human history. Upon parting, she felt high on a lot more than just weed, and cusped Clara's cheeks with her hands, going back in for another long smooch.

"Hey hey!" Clara said placing a finger on Morgan's forehead and playfully pushing her back,"You're a little love drunk right now Morgy-ann, aint nothing wrong with a little kiss....but I don't need now messy haired narc, getting mad at me for macking on his girl, he may be a doofus, but he's a good one, a "goodfuss" if you will"She said grinning.

Morgan took a few seconds to fully comprehend and process the English language before her eyes widened. "Ohhh... Oh shit I.. I didn't even think.. I was just..." Morgan stammered, albeit slowly.

"Hey,HEY!" Clara gripped the side of her friend's head "You're a good girl, don't start with those negative vibes, pollutes your mind, you're aight Morgy, got it?!"Clara said it with such strength and conviction,breaking her usually laid backish demeanor.

This very much took Morgan by surprise, who just stared at Clara for a moment before nodding. "I, uh.. I don't know what to do," She said, unsure of what to think of.. anything, really. She had honestly enjoyed what just happened, but Marley hadn't even crossed her mind until just then.

"Pffft, you don't have to do anything, just relax and let the ebb and flow take you, can't take the calm without the intense ya'know?" Clara said, patting the beanbag pile.

"Yeah, but like," Morgan began as she plopped her head back down on the beanbag she was on, nice and close to Clara, "What we did was cool and shit. It was the best thing ever, but like... Is it, like, okay?"

"The fuck is "okay?" when you think about it, when talking about extremes "Okay" is set firmly inbetween the two like pickle in a burger, if something wasn't mind meltingly good, or heart-wrenchingly bad, it was the mellowest yellow, the beigest of tones "Okay" let me tell you "Okay" is safe and you can build a home on safe, built a nice four walls and live there, but you'll be so bored eventually you'll paint those boring walls grey and red with the inside of your skull, man".

".... Wait.. Nah like.. I didn't mean okay like... Quality or something. I meant like, okay as in, like... Morals and ethics and shit. Like was what we did not a bad thing?" Morgan clarified after taking in Clara's long definition of 'okay'.

"Dunno" Clara shrugged,"Guess we'll find out, if you don't want to mention it to "Clown Town" I won't blame you, guy gets redder than a pepper everytime something intimate shows its head".

Morgan laughed a bit as she nodded, "Pssh, yeah." She paused for a moment. "I dunno... Maybe like.. He'd be into it," she snorted.

Clara erupted into giggles, catching her breath a few times,"Oh shit....should we do something about that?"She asked pointing at Claymore who has absorbed Melissa's entire head into his pudgy body while Melissa clawed animalistcally at the clay being.

"Huh- What the!?" Morgan stared at the spectacle for a moment. "You know what, I'm too high to deal with that," she said, plopping back down on the beanbags.

"True that.." Clara said tossing a bag of Fritos to Morgan.

"Oh shiiiiit. Fritos," Morgan remarked, munching on one of the tasty snacks. She made a poorly written mental note to something about Marley and something something threeways.

"I'M TRYING TO HELP EVERYONE HERE!" Melissa snarled st Claymoore, quietly adding a, "Except Marley and Slapshit."

Claymoore couldn't hear her because her head was enveloped by he did feel the sound waves, and it was uncomforting,he violently extracted himself off Melissa(ripping off some of her hair in the process) before reforming and letting out a "NGGGGGGGGH!"

"FUCKING SHITASS!" Melissa screeched as her hair painfully grew back to its normal length. She was about to kick Claymoore, but restrained herself and took a deep breath, "Fucking... Okay.. Okay... Listen.. You like comfy shit, right?"

"I d'not like poop,no"Claymoore responded

"Oh my fucking God... No, I mean... you like it when things are warm and comfy, riiiight?" Melissa clarified after pinching her brow.

"Mmm"Claymoore replied.

"I'm trying to get her and her together," Melissa pointed over at Morgan and Clara, "Now one bitch is nice and warm, but you put those two together, and suddenly you got a lot more body heat and options. You could sit between them or something, I don't fucking know. Make sense?"

"Mm?"Claymoore responded,

Melissa looked over at the two and sighed, mad that she probably missed any action that might have gone on, "Look. Go try it out. Two body heats is better than one. Plus Morgan is really comfy too because she wears those stupid sweaters all the time."

Claymoore reformed, still much more translucent than Melissa(Do to the fact he wasn't trying all that hard to form) and flopped onto Clara's lap.

"Ayyyy" Clara said wrapping her arms around her link, "Glad to see you stopped trying to kill Morgy's ghost friend.."

"I can't blame him," Morgan laughed, "So like... Does he like being pet or something?... Bellyrubs?" Never mind the fact there was no visible belly on Claymoore.

"Its...hard to tell, he's like a cat, sometimes he's ok and sometimes he's not, he doesn't like it when you touch his...eggs? I think, but he likes being kneaded, which makes sense he is made of clay..."

Clara dug her fingers into Claymoore's red clay, pressing and then smoothing the clay.

Claymoore didn't say anything, but he did grow noticeably less rigid.

"So like... Massages," Morgan remarked, joining Clara in the massaging of Claymoore, making sure not to mess with his balls.

"I guess" Clara answered.

Claymoore's form grew noticeably softer the more they kneaded him, his eyes retreated into his body in slumber. Melissa looked on with a smug grin.

"Holy shit that's so cute," Morgan laughed quietly, "I wish I could massage my goldfish."

"You can,I'd just...fucking hate it"Clara mused.

"You should like, come to my place and meet my fish. He's badass," Morgan offered, something she would have never done sober.

"Fuck, that sounds sweet Morgy".

"Melissaaa!" Morgan called out, "Come on I need you to drive us home!"

"What the fuck.." Melissa muttered to herself, before popping into the lucid world. Normally she would have told Morgan to go fuck herself, but considering Melissa was trying to get the two together....

"Fine, come on. I'll take you guys home, fuck," Melissa groaned.

One trip down to street level later, and a random car pulled up to Morgan and Clara, the driver unrecognizable, but their tone was unmistakable. "Get in. Possessing people is a pain in the ass," the driver ordered.

"Oh shit....Morgan....I think thats Melissa"Clara pointed in shock.

"................................................. Holy shit, you're right," Morgan blinked.

"Oh my fucking- Morgan! I've done this before! Jesus fucking Christ!" Melissa smacked her head against the steering wheel in frustration, a short honk spitting out of the car. "Fuck things hurt more here! What kind of a pussy-ass life has this chick been living?" She complained, looking down at the body she was in control of.

Morgan opened the back passenger door and crawled into the car, before patting the seat beside her.

Clara slid in, carefully buckling herself in(With the wrong buckle though).

To be honest, Melissa loved taking over other people and racking up tickets, usually for speeding. She slammed her foot down on the gas pedal, and off the three were to the shoddy tenement Morgan lived in. Not even the fleeting high could make the dump look any less of a dump.

"Alright. You two get out. I gotta park this bitch at a sex toy store," Melissa snickered.

"Ok cab nazi" Clara shot a fingergun and got out.

Morgan led Clara up two flights of cramped stairs and arrived at the front door of her apartment. She took out a small bit of the wall and pulled a key out to unlock the door, before replacing the key and bit of the wall. "Landlord only gave us one key," she explained, opening the door and gesturing Clara in just as she became sober enough to realize how bad of an idea this was. It was bad enough inviting some everyday joe over to her shithole of a home. No, now she's gone and invited someone well-off to what probably looked like an African mud hut to them.

"Nice dwells,real 'lived' feeling to it, my parents feel the need to make my place look like a fucking art installation" Clara commented.

If Morgan were a more emotional person, she would have teared up a little bit just then. "I'm surpri- glad you like it," Morgan said, slowly closing the front door. She was suddenly very happy she did the dishes that morning. That sink was a mess before she tackled it.

The layout of the apartment was very simplistic. The front door led to a cramped living room with an equally cramped 'two'-person sofa and a recliner that faced a decent TV with a VHS player hooked up to it. There was a cabinet nearby with a lock and chain around it., The carpet had a few stains here and there, but was clearly regularly vacuumed. The living room kinda merged into the kitchen, separated only by a change in the flooring and an island. The kitchen itself had the basic amenities: fridge, sink, microwave, coffee maker, and a few cabinets. There was no dishwashing machine or oven however.

From the living room, one could enter through three different doors that led to Morgan's room, her parents' bedroom, and the bathroom, which also had a door in it that connected to the parents' bedroom. Morgan was a lot less impressed with her living conditions than Clara was, but was glad her friend found some good in it.

"Man, for some reason I'm hungry as shit right now," Morgan remarked as she walked over to the fridge.

"Can't imagine why,"Clara commented.

"Me neither," Morgan did not pick up on the implication as she rummaged through her fridge, "Uhhh... You okay with microwave lasagna?" She was not supposed to dig into the microwaveable TV dinners, but figured it was worth getting yelled at to make something nice for her guest.

"To tell you the truth I'm kinda stuffed on cheetos and Mellow Yellow" Clara admitted,"But its super nice for you to ask anyway."

Morgan laughed a bit and just grabbed a half-empty can of pringles. "It's cool. Come on, lemme show you Swimmy." Morgan led Clara over to the tiny bedroom. The bed itself was a decent size at least, able to fit two people if they were cuddlers. There was a footlocket at the end of the bed with random supplies in it. In one corner of the room was a small desk with a large collection of crumpled up notebook papers and a few broken pencils. On the desk was a fishbowl with some gravel and a little cave. Swimmy the goldfish floated for a moment, before wiggling to look over at the door as it opened to reveal Morgan and Clara.

The small closet, which had no door, contained a plethora of identical long-sleeved shirts. The only difference between them was their color. There was also a painting easel and a few blank canvases, along with some cheap paints.

"Oh, you into art?" Clara asked.

"Huh?" Morgan turned to see what Clara was referring to, "Oh.. I tried a few times. I'm shit at it," she said, waving her hand dismissively.

"Everyone's shit at everything, until we work at becoming not shit, and become less shit at it, Morgy"Clara pointed out,"Got any to showcase to me?" SHe asked.

"I kinda... Broke them in half and threw them away when I was done with them," Morgan admitted, blushing a bit.

Clara shrugged, "Eh,if wishes were fishes"She mumbled.

"Speaking of fishes," Morgan began, grabbing the small container of fish food, "You wanna feed Swimmy?" Holy fuck my house is so boring why the shit did I bring her over here we don't even have any good VHS tapes what the fuck am I doing," Morgan thought. Thankfully, she was very good at keeping her cool externally, except when it come to anger. All that showed was the hand not holding the container drumming its fingers lightly on the desk, though it seemed she didn't even notice she was doing this.

"Fuck...yes!"Clara said a little too enthusiastically grabbing the container, and peppering the food in.

"Not too much," Morgan quickly said, "He can get worse than just a stomach ache." The little goldfish swam around, nibbling the flakes as they slowly drifted from the top of the water. It swam around best it could, trying to get every last flake before they hit the ground.

"Real champ that one is"Clara commented.

"Has anyone told you that, like... Just listening to you talk is the best thing ever?" Morgan asked.

"Uh, my teacher...until she got sick of it, and Dr.Mario, though that may have been a dream..."She admitted

Morgan stifled a laugh as she took half a step back and sat on her bed (It really was a small room). "I don't know how anyone could get sick of it," she remarked, "If I had cable, I'd watch a Clara reality TV show everyday it aired, just for you talking."

"Get boring as fuck eventually,either that or good" Clara reasoned.

"Heh, well I-"

The sound of the apartment's door opening, followed by Morgan's parents conversing interrupted the now-mortified teen. "What are they doing home so ear- Quick, you're not Jewish, are you?" Morgan asked.

"Whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaat?"Clara said in a long drawn out manner.

"Are you Jewish!?" Morgan asked, frantic as she could hear her parents coming closer to her bedroom door, "Okay, whatever. If you are, don't tell my dad, okay?"

"Tell him I'm Drew,got it"Clara gave a thumbs up

"Dr- Pfft," Morgan snickered, before snapping back into serious mode, "But seriously, he's-"

"Oh Morgan! We're home!" her mother greeted happily as she and Morgan's father burst into the room. Both were instantly taken aback by the guest. "You... You have friends?"

"Wow, thanks mom," Morgan muttered.

"Drew Personson,nice to meet you" Clara responded giving a little salute.

".... What's with the socks?" Morgan's father asked.

He was met with a quick slap to the arm by his wife. "Ewold!" she hissed, lowering her voice to what she believed was a volume Morgan and Clara could not hear, but was almost-humorously not, "Do not scare off Morgan's only friend she's invited here!" She quickly turned to Clara and offered a handshake and a smile, "It's great meeting you, Drew. I'm Alexis, and this is Ewold. We're Morgan's parents... Obviously." She let out a small, superficial laugh.

Clara looked around to see who they were talking too, before realizing that they really thought she was Drew,"Pffft"She snickered shaking the hand, "I'm Clara,Clara Moore, Drew aint my actual name". She assured

"So Morgan. When did you plan on telling us you were inviting people over to my house?" Ewold said with his arms crossed.

"It's not actually a house so-"

"WHY YOU LITTLE-" he was interrupted as alexis shoved him out of the room and slammed the door shut. They could be heard arguing in hushed tones just outside. Morgan gave Clara an apologetic and embarrassed look.

Clara shrugged, it was a good shrug ,too Clara was very good at shrugging. Morgan's expression softened some. She was glad to have a chill friend like Clara.

The door reopened, revealing only Alexis. "Your father and I talked it over-"

"Bitch!" his muffled voice from the master bedroom could be heard.

"-and we both, unanimously decided you can have this slumber party," she finished.

"Mom, I never said I was having a slumber par- There's only one other person here."

"One is more than zero!" Alexis said chipperly.

"Wow, thanks mom."

"No problem! Oh, and Clara. If you get anything on those pajamas tonight, I can get them washed. So don't hesitate to ask!" Alexis smiled.

"No prob,bob" Clara responded shooting double fingerguns.

"Oh, and Morgan. Here's the key to your father's VHS cabinet. Your father and I are going back out tonight to a motel," Alexis winked and tossed a comparatively large key to the teen, who stared at it in surprise.

".. Wow.. Thanks mom!" Morgan said, wide-eyed as her mother left the two teens alone.

"Wow your Mom's cool, all my Mom does if give me 500 bucks and tells me to try not to get pregnant or set the house on fire when she's gone" Clara commented.

"Yeah, I guess she is," Morgan nodded, "... Especially since my dad hides pornos in there," she giggled a bit as she looked at the key, then at Clara. Morgan hadn't considered before how cool her mother really was, especially with all the remarks her mother has absentmindedly made at Morgan's expense.

"Gotta hide 'em somewhere mang"Clara stated,"I'd go digital, but thats just me".

"I don't have a computer," Morgan shrugged as the sounds of her father being dragged out the front door, followed by said door slamming shut, confirmed that the two were alone once again. "Guess you're stuck here?" she asked.

"Man,I'm not stuck, I chose to be here, aint never got myself stuck"Clara assured

Morgan smiled and got up from her bed, gesturing with her head for Clara to follow. "You wanna watch a movie or laugh at cheesy porno scripts?"

"Lets try the normal stuff first"Clara yawned

Morgan unlocked the chained cabinet and opened it up to reveal two shelves. The bottom shelf was jam packed, while the top had about twenty VHS tapes. "The bottom shelf is porn. Top shelf is movies," Morgan said as she collected the tapes from the top shelf and laid them on the ground near the sofa. There was the complete Godfather series, a few Disney movies, and some other lesser titles.

"Oh shit you have "The Stuff?!" Clara exclaimed taking out a vhs from the top shelf

"I guess we do. I haven't gotten into the cabinet much," Morgan answered, peering at the VHS tape, "What's it about?"

"Well you know like that Marshmallow Fluff shit?"Clara asked taking the tape and popping it in.

"Its like that but evil"

"That sounds so dumb, but so good," Morgan grinned, plopping her rump on the cramped sofa and patting the spot beside her.

Clara scooched up next to her new bestie and togather the title played for the shlocky 80's movie.

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Id☆DC [IC] Empty Re: Id☆DC [IC]

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Inexpensive Motel

"I'm just saying, I don't like her!" Ewold Amsel complained as he plopped his rear on the room's bed, eliciting pained squeals from its ancient springs.

Alexis sighed as she studied herself in the mirror for a quick moment before turning to her husband. "I don't either," she admitted, "I ju-"

"What!? Then why did you get them to do all that sleepover shit?" Ewold demanded.

"They were already-"

"No. No they weren't. Don't bullshit me, Lexi." Ewold folded his arms and gestured his head to his side.

Alexis sat down beside him, slumping over a bit. "It's just... Ewold, Morgan doesn't have any friends. This is the first time she's invited a friend over! You're home way more than I am, and even I can see how unhappy she is! She-"

"She's ungrateful is what it is," Ewold scoffed, "We're in one of the best fucking countries on the planet. She should be thankful she's not in.. Africa! Or the Middle East! Or... Australia! She has no idea how good she has-"

"SHUT UP!" Alexis screamed, taking Ewold by surprise. It was very, very rare that his wife lost her temper. "WE ARE NOT WELL-FUCKING-OFF, EWOLD! OUR DAUGHTER DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A PHONE! NOT EVEN A FLIP PHONE!"

"She doesn't need a goddamn phone! Tha-"

"WE'RE POOR, EWOLD! ALMOST EVERY OTHER KID AT HER SCHOOL HAS A PHONE! ALMOST EVERY OTHER KID HAS MORE SHIRTS THAN THE SAME GODDAMN SWEATER IN DIFFERENT COLORS! MORGAN IS NOT HAPPY! SHE IS ALONE!" Alexis screeched, glaring at her husband for a moment before taking a deep breath and trying to calm down, "I don't like this Clara girl either, Ewold; but she's the only friend I've seen Morgan bring home. The past few days, Morgan just looks... Happier."

Ewold was silent as he mulled all of this over in his head. He had to admit, he wasn't there much for his daughter, but he always thought that wasn't such a bad thing. After all, it had taught Morgan to be independent. She even has a job, which he was tremendously proud of her for. He was hard on her, but this was to ensure she would have discipline and be respectful towards others. That's how it worked for him, wasn't it?

Perhaps he had been too focused on her being a good daughter, that he forgot it was equally as important that she was a happy daughter. Maybe Alexis had a point. Rather than voice his thoughts, of course, he just said, "Fine. She can have her friend."

That satisfied Alexis for now. "I'm gonna wash up and take the shampoos, unless you're gonna take a shower too?"

Ewold waved her off.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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"Well that was a fucking trip in a paradidical fashion of the food industry, amirite?"Clara said nudging Morgan in the ribs with her elbow.

"I just have one question though," Morgan said, staring at the credits. Slowly she turned her head towards Clara, "Are you eating it? Or is it eating YOU?" She let out a small snicker.

"Its a symboyotic,mang, the more you consume the less you become, and the more it becomes you it becomes not it" Clara said giving a grin.

"More.. It becomes.. It becomes not... Okay now you're screwing with me," Morgan laughed.

"No that's Marley's job"Clara corrected before bursting into laughter.

Morgan stifled a laugh, rolling her eyes as she tried to reach for the remote. Unfortunately, it was too far. Her fingers were oh so close, but life is cruel. It is in these moments that one asks themselves, 'What kind of God would let this happen?'

Claymoore was literally phased into existence within a few millimeters of said remote, he twitched his left tendril and caused the remote to fall off the couch entirely out of reach.

"Motherfucker," Morgan groaned.

"What is that?"Claymoore asked.

"I'll tell you when you're older," Morgan answered as she forced herself off of the couch. She pressed the eject button on the remote, causing the VHS of "The Stuff" to pop out. It was funny, since she would have had to get up anyway to get the tape out of the player. "So what do you wanna do now?" Morgan asked as she walked up to the TV to put "The Stuff" back into its case.

"Gimme your hand.." Clara said reaching forward and taking Morgan's free hand, "Hm, I think your keritain needs coloring"

"My.. Huh?" Morgan blinked.

"Fingernails,paint"Clara twirled her finger into the air, "Teeth are mouth rocks" she added for no apparent reason.

Morgan ignored the teeth part. "Oh!" she nodded, gripping Clara's hand and pulling her up off couch, "Come on. My mom has a shitton of that kinda stuff."

"Z-Okay" Clara said allowing herself to be led like a child.

Morgan brought Clara into the 'master' bedroom before crouching down and opening one of the drawers on a rustic dresser. After a bit of shuffling things around, she produced a magenta case which, when opened, revealed a large assortment of different nail polishes. There was even a drawer in the kit that flipped out to reveal an assortment of little brushes for the aspiring nail artist that requires absolute precision.

"Oh shit,nice Morgy"Clara commented.

"I guess it's nice," Morgan shrugged, "I mean, I wouldn't really know. I don't usually do this kinda stuff."

"You can't let not knowing what you're doing get in the way of going forward"Clara took two fingers and tapped the center of Morgan's forehead.

Morgan stifled a snicker. She had to admit though, what Clara said actually made some sense. "So like, I guess I'll do yours and you do mine?"

"Sounds cool,fam you want just color or a design?"Clara asked.

"Whatever you think would look good," Morgan smiled. From within the Id, Melissa was celebrating with ghost ice cream at how well her plan was going. If romance here was anything like it was in the Clash, these two will be banging within a week, maybe less if they fight another boss or an army.

Melissa gasped, "That's actually a good idea..." With that, the diabolical Nazi slithered away, giving the girls some privacy.

A few half hours and some coats of nail polish and paint later

"And Ta-da!" Clara said displaying her work which was what appeared to be tiny starred wizard hats(one on each nail) proudly in royal blue and dandilion yellow adorning Morgan's nails.

"Thats some instagram bullshit right there"Clara stated proudly.

"... What's instagram?"

"No fucking clue...anyway" Clara giggled at what Morgan had painted on her nails as she flexed her fingers in spidery motions. On each nail was a carefully painted rainbow, each with their colors waving and mingling in different patterns. On the middle fingers however, were little smiley faces painted in black ontop of the colorful background.

"It's like all my fingers are little... Wizard people," Morgan said, before realizing how ridiculous that sounded and laughing.

"Fuck yeah they are"Clara gave a swift nod,"Wizards are cool, but you gotta not fuck or something for like 40-years to become one, and by then you're more likely to be a stagnant mad virgin hateful at the world,ya'know?"

"Yeaaaah, I don't think being a wizard is worth that," Morgan snickered, "I'm hoping to get some before I graduate."

"Ain't that the truth" Clara agreed.

After a moment, Morgan found this to be the perfect opportunity to ask, "Hey, uh.. Do you know how to like, do makeup shit? Like, I know what's what and how to use it, but not like, how to make me... You know, pretty."

"Hm? be fair I was never into the whole face painting...thing, though..."Clara blew a raspberry, "When I was younger, Mom and Dad would always drag me to their company shit, they complained I never took pride in my appearance, that your name, along with how people viewed you was everything...fucking bummed me out, however"

Clara looked over to Morgan, "I was taught basic contouring shit, and blah, so..I could see what I could do?"

"Thanks. And hey, I think you do your appearance shit just fine. You just do it different. To be honest, I cannot even imagine you in like, formal.. Businessey... Junk," Morgan remarked.

"Good" Clara picked up a make up brush and dabbed a little of it into eyeliner.

"Wait shit you start with foundation,also you should wash your face first I think"Clara stuttered off.

"I thought the primer goes on first," Morgan said.

"Well... shit."

After a few hours of thoroughly researching the topic, Clara had successfully applied the make-up to Morgan's face.

"Holy shit, I actually look good!" Morgan remarked, looking at herself in a mirror and turning her head around to see her face from different angles.

"Course you do, and the make-up made you look even better too!"Clara added.

Morgan paused for a quick second to dissect what Clara meant. She blushed, unsure of how to respond to the compliment with anything but a, "Thanks."

Morgan heard a light snoring and looked over to see Clara asleep, her jacket folded up into a pillow that she laid on.

"How the... How the hell did you even fall asleep that fast?" Morgan blinked, dumbfounded.

"shhhh"Mumbled Claymoore.

Man, she must've been tired as fuck, Morgan thought. She herself wasn't exactly deadass tired or anything, but she could go for a good nap. Morgan pulled a blanket and a pillow off of her parents' bed, setting the pillow beside Clara's jacket pillow and half of the blanket draped over the sleepy teenager. Morgan then slid under the other half of the blanket right beside her bestie and plopped her head down onto the pillow. Normally she'd wear the bare minimum when snoozing, but assumed that would be crossing multiple lines in this scenario.

After a few minutes of just laying there, Morgan peered over to make sure Clara was 100% not-awake. She scooched over under the blanket and ever so slowly draped an arm over her. Normally Morgan had a second pillow for hugging to help her sleep, but had to make due with Clara.

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