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Id☆DC: A Spin-off of Dimensional Clash Manhattan-skyline-9557-edit_0
Id☆DC: A Spin-off of Dimensional Clash Logo_blankId☆DC: A Spin-off of Dimensional Clash Logo_blankInspired by Genei Ibun Roku #FE, Persona, and Dimensional Clash

The Omniverse is a staggering array of possibilities. Every tale of heroes and villains, trials and friendships, oppression and revolution, lies within the metaverses of literal infinity. Floating among the Warp, these universes have, seven times, felt the tremors that threatened the very fabric of all existences. But every time, these tremors were answered by the call of the Omniverse's brightest stars, from the lowly Goomba to the Olympians themselves. Of course, a host of the most dastardly denizens of the Omniverse had followed in a quest for ultimate power and total domination over at least one universe.

But between metaverse and Warp, there lies an interim, a deeper perception known as the Id. Discovered by psychologist Sigmund Freud, the Id houses the thoughts, obsessions, memories, and emotions of the universe it lies between. Some universes, of course, are closer to their respective Id than others. And the Id draws strongest from the emotions of beings within the closest universes.

For each universe, the Id acts as a parallel universe in its own, housing spirits of the Omniverse both benign and malignant, as well as the emotional compositions of each person. Like the Duat, it is the lower layer of a universe, and the closer it is, the more it affects its host universe--its emotions, its thoughts, its obsessions--and vice versa. The brightest, most "fantasy-prone" beings in any universe, however, are the most likely to perceive the subconscious and interact with souls within the Id.

We now turn to an iteration of New York City within a universe particularly close to the Id...



The students on the stage stopped. "What's wrong?" asked the girl on stage.

"You have to put a little bit more emotion on that second line, Tracy," said the theater teacher. "Also, make sure you're using your facial expression and gestures. You want the audience to see you; you're the central part of this scene. Got it?"

"Sorry," Tracy called.

"Don't be sorry," the teacher replied. He then flexed both his arms, imitating Shia Labeouf. "JUST... DO IT!"

The students, including Tracy, tittered, and they prepared to reset the scene.

Well, most of them laughed, except for one...

"You okay?" said a boy to another girl, who seemed quite depressed.

The girl turned her head away. "Something eating you?" the boy pressed.



Welcome to Id☆DC!

In this RP, you play as a high school student in Manhattan, going to the fictional Abraham Maslow High School. Players will be part of the drama program at the school, and action in what we will call the "real world" will play out pretty much as a slice-of-life roleplay.

Within the Id, however, things get pretty complicated. The Id is sort of a mixed bag of souls; with all the good souls of Omniversal heroes gliding through the Id come the more dastardly souls of Dimensional Clash's most vile villains. And the most ambitious of them have taken to gathering lesser souls and draining emotions from the Id-selves of normal people. The effects on the "real world" include either emotionlessness or hostility in the victims, followed by a reduction of drive, creating a state that greatly resembles depression. And from draining these emotions, the souls of the Id grow stronger.

But the strongest souls in the Id are those who cooperate with the Id-selves of people from the surface.

Most of the combat will take place in the Id, and will consist of standard Dimensional Clash mook fare, including Heartless, Nazis, Stormtroopers, Death Eaters, Lemons, Shen's wolves, etc., albeit in a sort of redesigned fashion. Invariably, characters will look more ornate than their Dimensional Clash and home-universe selves, as these are the souls of what the characters represent. These visitors from another dimension will form bonds with one character and one character only.

Recently, more and more people have been falling into this depressed state; most people within the "real world" attribute this to a rising rate of depression. Strangely enough, this happens in mostly teenagers, who are usually the ones ripe with the most emotion. But perhaps there's more to that than the people of the "real world" think...

-RP basics. Y'all should know these. If not, check out the enclosed instructions book.
-No killing other people's characters without their permission.
-Before anybody asks, yes, you can bind your character to a villain. Make sure that it makes sense, however.
-You don't have to be a participant of Dimensional Clash in order to participate. However, make sure that if you want to use someone else's character, that that person isn't using him/her/it him/herself.
-You can have as many characters as you like. I don't recommend it, however; I'm expecting more detail on the sheets than I do in my other RPs. As such, they will likely consume significantly more time.
-This is a literate RP; avoid glaring spelling and grammar errors, and try for at least three lines of text.
-Don't be mean to other players. This was a problem in some of the other RP's I've been in (one that I begrudgingly admit that I have been a part of), and I don't want that happening here.
-3 strikes, you're out. And then I get to maul your character with a cement mixer.
-Don't break the rules! (Or else we're livin' in the wild, wild West!)
-Since this is about high school, keep posts PG-13. I will allow dirty jokes, but please remember that the human characters are minors.
-Google is your friend! (Or Bing.) If you don't know about a character or place, don't hesitate to look it up!
-Have fun! Very Happy


Dimensional Clash:
Dimensional Clash II:
Dimensional Clash III:
Dimensional Clash IV:
Dimensional Clash V:
Dimensional Clash VI:
Dimensional Clash VII:

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Character Sheet:

[b]Name:[/b] (Self explanatory)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Ditto; does not have to match sex)
[b]Age:[/b] (13-18, please)
[b]Height:[/b] (inches)
[b]Weight:[/b] (lbs)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Be descriptive)
[b]Id Appearance: [/b](These are the design differences that your character will undergo upon entering the Id. Generally these will resemble the character your character is bound to.)
[b]Id Abilities: [/b](What your character can do as his/her Id self. These include attacks and special techniques such as healing or support, etc. Must be derived from your Character Link.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Be descriptive and try to make your character interesting)
[b]Talents, Skills, Hobbies:[/b]
[b]Bio:[/b] (At least 2 paragraphs.)
[b]Character Link:[/b] (Must be from a Dimensional Clash)
[b]Character's Appearance: [/b](How your character link differs from his/her/its appearance in Dimensional Clash)
[b]Character's Abilities: [/b](What the character from Dimensional Clash can do in the Id. Generally these will match abilities in Dimensional Clash. Optional, if you want your character to solely link to the character á la [i]Persona.[/i])
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else)


User: ToadRopes
Name: Logan Rodriguez
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137.8 lbs
Appearance: Logan is half-Korean and half-Argentenian. His skin is a healthy peach color, and his hair is brown, though his eyes are hazel. He is clean-shaven, and has a sharp, handsomely-defined jaw. Logan has a narrower eye shape as a result of his Korean genes, and a somewhat-bulbous tip-of-the-nose. His brown hair is styled like a surfer's; medium-length and choppy, Logan's straight hair reaches to the bottom of his neck, and Logan sweeps to the right the chunks that make up his bangs. Logan has tight lips and a slightly mischievous look. Logan wears contact lenses, and is clean-shaven.

In terms of body type, Logan is sturdily built, though not buff. Probably the best description would be “looking pretty swoll." All of that soccer had put dat STRENF into Logan's lower body, though he is pretty fit all around. Logan does not have the broadest shoulders; he looks more like a Popsicle than a brick wall, but that's OK, he likes to play offense in soccer. (Also, he claims that the ladies love a guy who's proportional. Of course, he's joking; he can't stand actual bigotry and patronization.) His arms and legs have a thin layer of light hair, but not enough to be noticeable from a distance. His shoe size is 10.

Logan likes to wear T-shirts and shorts, as well as his soccer jersey (he finds it comfortable). Generally, he likes to throw on whatever comes out of his wardrobe first. He has black socks, and gray custom Vans with a yellow border and black soles. When it gets cold, Logan tosses on his steel-blue AMHS hoodie.
Id Appearance: In the Id, Logan dons a dark tactician's robe and strongly resembles the Grandmaster class from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Logan also gains Robin’s original swords, crossed on his back as if on a coat-of-arms, and tethered to his chest. Instead of normally-designed cuffs like normal Grandmasters, Logan has Greek letters circling his cuffs that allow him to use Elwind, and in addition, has yellow sparks and runes of magic circling his wrists in mid-air. A shock of Logan’s hair, on the left, turns as white as Robin’s, and is shaped like a lightning bolt. Logan keeps his Vans, however; they already strongly resemble Robin's own shoes!
Id Abilities: Logan has a heightened perception (from Robin's tactician's eye) within the Id. Logan also gains the ability to use Elwind, and has access to Robin's steel and Levin swords. Under Robin's guidance, Logan can also perform complex blade maneuvers. Logan also has a combination attack with Robin: Pair Up, in which Robin appears, charges forth with the aegis before her, and upon striking an enemy, calls upon Logan and has him do a dual slash upon the enemy from overhead.
Personality: Logan is an easy-to-like guy. Not because he is dashingly handsome (though he often jokingly attributes his popularity among his peers as such), but because, well, simply he's nice to everyone. Of course, a few of his jokes might be taken the wrong way and he'd promptly apologize for the offensive comment, but everybody knows that he means no harm. Logan likes to crack jokes and is a fan of dramatic irony and mild sarcasm, which is why he did so much better in his AP Lit class's Shakespeare unit than his other students did. (His math skills leave quite a bit to be desired; he is only in pre-calculus.) Logan actually favors social justice, and on his tumblr, reblogs all posts that he agrees with (or that bite the bigots in the butt). He is an LGBT ally and has quite a few homosexual friends, though he himself is straight. Logan often reaches into his shirt and scratches his back; it's one of his quirks. Logan loves dank memes and males references that only an eclectic group of people would understand. However, he is known among a large number of social circles; chances are that he'll chippily say "Hi!" to at least two folks in the hallways. Logan speaks Korean to his mother and Spanish to his father.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Logan loves to play chess, and is actually very good at it. He is president and founder of the school chess club, in fact. Logan is a good actor, as well, though he isn't usually the one to get a lead role in a play. (He did a great Marius when AMHS did Les Misérables back in 2015.) Logan can speak both Spanish and Korean, in addition to English. (He often jokes that that's the only reason he could ever get into college.) In addition, Logan loves soccer, and both watches and plays soccer with a passion. He always roots for Korea and Argentina before the U.S. during the World Cup. Logan plays for fun off season, but on season, he gets really competitive. As a hobby, Logan likes model airplanes. He’s also gotten very, very good at Splatoon, though his Super Smash Bros. skills leave room for improvement. (He’s a casual player, anyway. He mains R.O.B. and Luigi.)
Bio: Logan was born on September 22, 1998, to an Argentenian dad and a Korean mom. He lived in Boston for six years, until moving to New York, where he lived for the rest of his life until now. Often, Logan would play soccer with his father and chess with his mother, tying those activities firmly into his personality. In fact, he found solace in soccer and chess during the tough move from state to state. In second grade, he met Taylor Tazumi, a Japanese-American all-around good-boy. Suffice it to say, they became best friends, though Logan will admit that Taylor was always the sensible one. (Yet somehow, Logan had the tactical genius to whip Taylor's b00ty in chess.

Logan had a typical middle-school experience that he doesn't want to go into because thirteen-year-old boys are crazy folk, thinking they're on top of the world and in the highest swing of pubescence. He will say that he got gud at chess, after studying moves extensively. He also became a Wallace and Gromit fan as well. Though, there was another major part of his life that would define his dream: his experience on Broadway.

Logan was actually lucky enough to see the original production Catch Me If You Can with Taylor, back in 2011. He fell in love with the art of musical theatre, and became a bit of a nerd for it. (Okay, a lot of a nerd for it.) Aaron Tveit became kind of a hero for him. Unfortunately, his family was not wealthy enough to frequent Broadway, but Logan always read wistfully about productions and saw community performances of different musicals. When he joined the drama program in 2012, the company actually decided to do Avenue Q! Suffice it to say, the entire drama class of 2012 felt a little dirtier after doing that musical. (Mr. Walker would even join in whenever the company suddenly belted out into "The Internet is for Porn.") Three years of drama had expanded Logan's creativity and skill as an actor, instilling within him a dream to one day perform on Broadway.

Last year, Logan's family began to experience financial hardships. Logan's family was never really upper-class in the first place (he was very, very lucky to have gotten his tickets to Broadway and his Wii U), and at night, he would sometimes hear arguments over income, taxes, and wages. In spring of 2015, it all seemed to get worse. At first, the household was tense with fury, frustration, and confusion, but later it seemed that the household had fallen into a depressed state. After the troubles began, Logan would usually escape his hardship through soccer drills and Splatoon. However, he did notice a bit of a rift forming between his aging parents, and has begun to express his frustrations to Facebook and tumblr. To his parents, however, he aims to be the happy, cheerful son that they had for seventeen-and-almost-a-half years.
Character Link: Robin
Character's Appearance: Image.
Much of Robin’s face is obscured by both her hair and her facial half-mask, as well as the veil she wears over her nose and mouth. This leaves a darkened area of her face, in which her eye glows orange. Why orange? Because it looks pretty friggin’ awesome. Slung on her back is Aegislash, hanging on to her by gripping her shoulders and tethering itself to her chest. Robin’s colors are mostly the same; she has the same dark robes and same undergarments, as well as colors for her apron, although the difference lies in the details that now adorn her apron. Robin has a left shoulder plate styled after Aegislash’s handle (it even has that same brass color!) and wears the aegis on her left forearm. On her right arm, she has an arm band with glowing Greek letters emblazoned upon them, all bisected by a single line running around the circumference of the center of the armband. Circling her right arm are the signature magic circles of the Fire Emblem series, as well as a host of different Greek letters. Robin wears dark gloves. As a soul, she can summon any of her three tomes for use in combat situations or otherwise. Her hair color remains the same.
Character's Abilities: Robin wields Aegislash as a sword and wears the aegis on her left arm. Robin is a master swordswoman and an intelligent tactician, sharing this insight with Logan whenever she can. She also has access to the three tomes she had in Dimensional Clash VII, which are Arcfire, Elwind, and Arcthunder. Arcfire erupts into a fire wall upon contact with a target. Elwind shoots curved blades of wind. Arcthunder fires an orb of lightning. In the Id, Aegislash also takes the properties of the Levin sword, meaning that it can also shoot lightning from its blade.
Other: um... Peanuts.

User: Lowfn
Name: Morgan Amsel
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 98 lbs
Appearance: Morgan has short dark brown hair that only goes an inch below her ears, She's white, and while not pale, one can tell she doesn't get much sunlight. She has a diamond face type and thin lips. She has green eyes and average thickness of eyebrows.

Morgan is an A-cup with a thin body, not anorexic mind you, but she could use a burger or two. She has a wardrobe of long-sleeve shirts with no designs that all look the same other than their color. There's a few T-shirts in there, but she prefers to go with her long-sleeves and blue jeans. She wears some old black Nike shoes that shes had for about a year.

Id Appearance: Upon entering the Id, Morgan sports Melissa Brown's iconic hat. Her jeans transform into black pants and whatever shirt she is wearing is converted into (To her displeasure) a long-sleeved collard shirt with a black tie, donned with a much more shiny version of the iconic German cross. Very much to her displeasure, she gains a solid black armband made of small tentacles with a glowing white swastika.
Id Abilities: Morgan's agility is greatly enhanced. More prominently however, is her ability to rapidly heal herself. This ability cannot be used on others however. If her blood were to touch another within the Id, it would react like acid.
Personality: While she has a negative outlook on things and has a rather short temper, she does her best to make friends. One may not see just how salty she can be due to her ability act as if nothing bothers her, the only negative emotion that ever comes out is anger. she emanates sarcasm and often employs a darker sense of humor than her peers. If one catches her idle, she begins tapping her hand in impatience without even realizing she is doing it. Despite how she behaves sometimes, she will not go out of her way to do morally wrong things,

Talents, Skills, Hobbies: She is a brilliant actress, though not so interested in the school's theater department itself, resulting in her always being a side character in any performances. She has a secret love for dancing and is always excited for any musicals that may come that include dancing. She can sing somewhat well, but prefers the talent of her feet over the talent of her voice. She often watches reruns of old TV shows since her family doesn't have cable. When she isn't watching TV she's either reading, writing, or getting angry about how she cannot draw. She has an affinity for sea creatures and takes good care of her pet goldfish.

Bio: Morgan was born in March 2nd, 1999. Her mother was born in New York City, while her father moved to America from Germany. Her entire life until now she has lived in the lower east side due to the low amount of funds available to her family.

She grew up without many friends in school and sometimes made fun of for not having the newest this or that. She also led a rather uneventful life up until she was about 14 when her family scrounged up the money to go to the aquarium, giving the ocean world a special place in her heart.

She recently got a part time job at a hotel not far from her family's apartment where she works as a maid. She saves most of her earnings, spending it only on food for her fish, and if the family gets in a tight spot for bills and the such.

Her father was strict in earlier days, but his resolve as faded as he works the unhappy job of a janitor at the same school Morgan currently attends. Her mother works late shifts at Hooters.
Character Link: Melissa Brown
Character's Appearance: Click due to massive image size
Character's Abilities: Melissa Brown totes her beloved pistol which she shots with deadly efficiency. She is agile and will grudgingly help Morgan if she needs assistance. Despite this being more of a spirit of Melissa, she still bleeds, which is used to her advantage. If her blood is thrown onto another person, it will grow black tendrils that will attack the unfortunate soul. That was a pun
Other: Peanuts taste really good. Like peanut butter sandwiches, mmmmm.

User: Rixio
Name: Ga’ool ‘Gaul’ A-Ora
Gender: Doesn’t Care (They/Them, but any pronouns are fine)
Age: 18
Height: 6’ 2’’
Weight: 215 lb
Id☆DC: A Spin-off of Dimensional Clash Gaul_AOra
Gaul has a tall, toned build, with not-so-excellent posture, tending to lean where they can.  Contrasting to their dark, Egyptian skin is a large, somewhat pointy tuft of hair, the points complimenting their sharp nose.  They sport an undercut underneath.   Their most striking quality, of course, is their significant yellow eyes.  In terms of fashion, they usually wear fairly simple outfits: grey jeans with gold stitching, simple t-shirts that would usually have a novelty to them in the form of any kind of words printed on (the one that seems to be their favorite is a simple pattern of pink and orange with the word ‘BIRD’ largely printed on the back), a chain necklace, and a chain bracelet.
Id Appearance:
Id☆DC: A Spin-off of Dimensional Clash Gaul_id
Gaul’s design in the Id is a much more formidable one.  They now don a dark, mechanical suit.  On their head, they wear a sleek, cybernetic visor with striking yellow optics.  The arms of the suit are adorned with symbols and sigils that seem to hold a connection to Gaul’s flight, glowing when they take to the air.  

Id Abilities: Flight.  From the runes on their arms, Gaul is able to levitate and ascend to the air.  Summoning.  One of their most significant offense abilities, Gaul is able to summon mechanical birds from an unseen nether that fly and dive at a chosen target, which tends to be rather painful considering the birds are bombs.   Melee. When things get too close, Gaul briefly summons a large scimitar reminiscent of a wing in shape. FOUNTAIN OF VENGEANCE.  Gaul’s most significant ability, and serving as a pair attack with them and their character, they single out a target and cause that target to experience the gravest of misfortunes, making all strikes against it much more painful.

Personality:  Gaul’s personality is a very perplexing one.  Looking at them, their immediate attitude would lead you to think they would be a quintessential loner, what with how reserved, quiet, and distant they seem.  However, they seem to be not only accepted, but a staple member of the central ‘Cool Kid’ cliques of the school.  The reason why is revealed when you hang around them for a while, as they’re dry knowledge, deadpan humor, and seemingly wise conversational ability makes them into a very charismatic and alluring figure.  It’s very easy to become generally friends with them.  However, because of their immense coldness, they have an extreme difficulty with ever becoming genuinely close to anybody, so forming a /best/ friendship is a definite challenge.  Gaul is also incredible ambitious, and incredible tenacious, and will hold onto their desired goals with intense fervor, and go to some extreme lengths to get them.  They have a tendency to hold grudges.

Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Gaul has an overall high intellect and charisma.  Academically they have a preference for STEM courses and social study courses over language and arts.  They have a large interest in mechanics and technology, and was effectively the class leader of the PLTW-enrolled Engineering class’ efforts in designing a vehicle for the class-affiliated Shell Eco-Marathon.  Because of their connections to many of the Cool Kids and charisma around many spheres of the school, they have many connections to many different kinds of groups and organizations around Manhattan, from gangs to churches to businesses to all kinds of groups.  They also have gained a knowledge of the lay of the land in the city.  Gaul is bilingual, remembering his native Arabic while also being able to speak English fairly decently, and read it even better.  In terms of hobbies, they tend to engage in illicit drag races out in the countryside, driving around town and modding up their vehicles, reading (they have a fairly high reading comprehension and enjoy getting into old, expansive books), and other assorted 'cool' activities.  They run an aesthetic Tumblr blog.

Bio: Gaul’s story began simply within the city of Cairo, Egypt.  Growing up relatively well-off, Gaul developed something of a punk attitude in contrast to his upbringing.  They certainly took the mechanical and engineering side of their family, however, and took it in as a significant interest of theirs.  

The A-Ora family were engineering contractors for the Egyptian Military, developing weapons for their militias.  When the US-backed military coup occurred sometime within the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the family felt the effects of their connections and arose from relative wealth to great wealth.  However, noting the demeanor of their child, they feared for Gaul’s upbringing and safety in the tense political climate occurring around them.  After some time, they decided to use their newfound cash to travel to New York, America, where they now work by making drones for the US.

Gaul was enrolled in Abraham Maslow High School, where they started their years in higher education.  Even as a freshman, it quickly became prominent that they were quite the smooth operator, and they became a significant personality within the school.  An incumbent in the student government, a lexicon of the top weed-dealing spots around town, and a cool figure at parties and absolute riot at the school talent show (one of the most famous talent show shticks of theirs was starting with what looked like an emotional and slow violin piece before revealing they set up an entire synthesizer set and began playing that), they are certainly a staple example of a Cool Kid.

After the school’s victory in the Shell Eco-Marathon by obtaining 2nd Place in the Hydrogen category in 2015, Gaul became a bit more inwardly bitter at not getting 1st.  To help cool down, they enrolled the next year, their senior year, in something they haven’t completely tried before: the AMHS Drama Program.

Character Link: Clockwerk (DCV)
Character's Appearance: Surprisingly, rather than obtaining more detail, Clockwerk actually becomes much more silhouetted in style, his form being outlined with a sleek golden accent.  He is bound to ominously appear as Gaul’s shadow.
Other: As Gaul came in 2nd in the Shell Eco-Marathon, they have an immense dislike of the state of Indiana, as one of its schools came in first in the competition they were intending to take the gold in.  Despite their size, their voice is actually a rather strange, monotone tenor, which they make they can make emphatic depending on the speeds they talk in rather than fluctuations in tone.

User: ToadRopes
Name: Taylor Tazumi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 142.3 lbs
Appearance: Taylor is a first-generation Japanese-American. He has a pale-peach skin tone and black eyes and hair. Taylor’s eyes are narrow and almond-shaped, and he has a sort of stern look that he inherited from his father (a look that often breaks in the company of his friends, especially Logan). He has a rounded haircut, with choppy bangs, and he dyed the edges of his hair navy blue. Taylor is clean-shaven. Taylor has a pair of large, black-rimmed glasses; he is farsighted.

Taylor isn't fat, but he isn't exactly thin, either. He calls it as it is, and as it is, he admits that he needs more exercise, though his metabolism certainly isn't bad. Regardless, Taylor wears long sleeve-T-shirt layers, as well as jeans. One of his quirks is that he never seems to wear the same socks. It's like he picks them in the dark or something... Taylor also owns a pair of black Converse. Another interesting quirk: he shaves the hair around his belly button. Why? We don't know.

Taylor is, unfortunately, asthmatic. As such, he always makes sure to have his inhaler on his person at all times. He has an aversion to physical activity, but he has lately been reading studies on the relationship between resistance to asthma and rigorous physical activity,
Id Appearance: Taylor, in the Id, dons a black fedora with a gold rim, as well as a suit resembling Hanratty's, albeit with brass shoulder pads adorned with elegant curls and whirls. Instead of suspenders, Taylor has a pair of ornate chains keeping his pants up. (Taylor has an undergarment so don't worry about it pressing into his shoulders.) Taylor obtains a pair of penny loafers.

The most fortunate thing about his entrance into the Id is the removal of his asthma. However, upon returning to the conscious world, Taylor becomes more prone to asthma attacks.
Id Abilities: When he and Hanratty link, Taylor gains access to Hanratty's firearms, as well as the ability to use those firearms. His link with Hanratty also gives him enhanced agility (because that choreography in the musical tho!), as well as heightened perception, though as opposed to Logan's tactical sense, Taylor has the ability to pinpoint weaknesses and flaws ("Sooner or later, they all make a mistake!").

In addition, Taylor can summon a soul-version of his Yamaha. Because motorcycles are cool.
Personality: Taylor tends to be a no-nonsense type of guy; he seldom cracks jokes, and the ones he does tend to fly over other people's heads. (He manages to snort at other people's, however. Especially Logan's.) Taylor is studious and well-invested in everything he does (besides physical activity, for fear of his condition). Taylor is naturally trustworthy and refuses to lie, and he expects others to do the same as well.

Taylor, at the same time as strictly following the law, also yearns for justice. He agrees with Logan's social views, although he holds mild distaste for civil disobedience, believing in the need to use the law first before resorting to radical methods of change. (Imagine his joy when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. A legal victory!) Taylor also loathes lawbreakers, and tends to become bitter towards anybody who flouts the law.
Talents, Skills, Hobbies: Taylor is a French hornist, and a musician in the wind ensemble. Therefore, he has an adequate understanding of music theory and technique. Taylor is also a well-practiced actor, and creatively implements his own twists on roles (to a certain extent to which the character is interesting but recognizable). Taylor is skilled at Smash; he handles the EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND DONG with ease, and with great fervor penetrates the weak defenses of his foes.
Bio: Taylor was born on January 6, 1998, in the Bronx borough of NYC, to Japanese parents. A generally rule-following childhood left him with good habits and manners, and an air of credibility. (Bullies would occasionally try to turn his justice-seeking nature against him by labeling him a tattle-tale. This never worked.) Taylor moved to Manhattan when he was 6 because of his father's commute, and adjusted right to life in the new borough (it was certainly louder). Taylor's father is a moral Wall Street broker (le gasp!), and was a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street campaign, adamantly against the corruption in the United Stares economy. We'll get to that, however.

Taylor met his best friend Logan Rodriguez in second grade, taking a liking to the boy's humor and attitude. The two of them were practically inseparable (barring math classes). Taylor was always the sensible one, and Logan was the jokester, though Logan was always better at tactical stuff such as Risk and chess. Logan, in fact, is the person that got Taylor into both acting and Nintendo; Taylor's first video game was Donkey Kong: King of Swing.

In 2011, Logan and Taylor saw the production of Catch Me if you Can on Broadway together. Taylor took a liking to the character of Carl Hanratty, especially due to his respect for the law. (Also, he thought Norbert Leo Butz played the character phenomenally, and that Butz totally deserved the Tony Award that he received in 2011 for his role as Hanratty.) This really helped jump-start both Taylor's and Logan's aspirations in theater.

2011, however, was a bad year overall for the Tazumis. All around him, Mr. Tazumi (Taylor's father) saw the deep-set corruption within the economic center of Wall Street. As such, when the Occupy Wall Street movement began, Mr. Tazumi openly vocalized his agreements and desires for change in the economic system. This, of course, rendered some of the significantly-less-moral higher-ups displeased, and after a series of unfortunate events, Mr. Tazumi found himself fired from Wall Street. But the Tazumis held the success of their son in highest priority, and therefore, Mrs. Tazumi attempted to find work while Mr. Tazumi fought in the Occupy Wall Street movement, now embittered by his discharge from Wall Street. Taylor, however, saw his family's hardships, understanding right as soon as his father came home with the pink slip that times were going to be tough. On top of school, Taylor looked for a part-time job as quickly as he could. His latest job is a weekend shelf re-stocker at the Nintendo World store. When the movement ended, Mr. Tazumi struggled to find work because his former employers had smeared his reputation. Taylor and his mother were enraged by the iron fist of immorality and lawlessness in the American economy.

Taylor joined the AMHS drama program along with Logan, partially as an escape from his troubles, and mostly to start down the path to his dream in the world of theater. He thought Avenue Q to be a vulgar choice for a high school musical, so instead of taking a major role, he took stage crew for the musical. Whenever the company spontaneously burst into "The Internet is for Porn," Taylor would roll his eyes and say "You guys are gross." However, he's acted in every single other play that the AMHS drama program has done, and even got a leading role in 2014 as Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. (Logan, of course, was cast as Guildenstern.) Taylor loves Mr. Walker as a teacher, seeing him as an effective teacher in keeping his students in line while still providing the education they need. As the AMHS drama program prepares to choose its musical, Taylor crosses his fingers for Catch Me if you Can.
Character Link: Carl Hanratty
Character's Appearance: Image.
Hanratty pretty much looks like he does in the musical, albeit with several silver zippers on his pants and pockets on his suit. In his fedora, a bladed ornament sticks out like a feather, and Hanratty pops his collar. His tie, at the end, resembles more a fleur-de-lis. Hanratty has a corded telephone that he seemingly pulls from his breast pocket. The biggest difference is the fact that he carries two decorated tommy guns strapped to his back. Hanratty has the voice of Norbert Leo Butz.
Character's Abilities: Hanratty, as a soul, is not limited by his middle-agedness. Rather, he shows the same amount of animation that he does in the musical Catch Me If You Can. In addition, Hanratty has access to the two tommy guns, both of which he can fire with each hand (why? Because it looks cool), and uses them to pump misbehaving beings in the Id with figurative lead. (Actually, the tommy guns fire light bullets.)
Other: Taylor has a motorcycling license and a Yamaha motorcycle.

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Setting: Manhattan, Spring 2016 (Greater Location: New York, New York)

The borough of Manhattan is the most densely populated of all five in New York City. Home to the economic center of the United States, and bordered by the East, Hudson, and Harlem rivers. Also home to Broadway, famous for its many stages and theater productions.

Map of Manhattan

Key Locations:

Abraham Maslow High School

Located at the cross between Broadway and West 64th Street, Abraham Maslow High School is best known for its performing arts programs, namely its drama program and its band program. Although their academics aren't too shabby, either. It is a public high school. Their mascot is an angry-looking stylized steam locomotive, and their team is called the Flyers. School colors: steel blue and white


Ah, Broadway. Who can forget your lights and shows? The famous theater capital of the United States, Broadway is also a massive stomping ground in the Id for the Id-selves of many, as the place practically bustles with emotion.

World Trade Center

A partially completed building complex, replacing the World Trade Center destroyed in the al-Quaeda attacks of 2001. Lingering sadness permeates the Id in this area.

JFK International Airport

Located on Long Island, the JFK International Airport is one of three of New York City's busiest airports.

Times Square

Times Square is a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. Brightly adorned with billboards and advertisements, Times Square is sometimes referred to as The Crossroads of the World.

Wall Street

Probably the most powerful economic district in the United States, Wall Street is home to the two largest stock exchanges in the United States. The place has become eponymous with the United States stock market as a whole. Naturally, a place devoted to the economy would become rife with economic corruption, an attribute of the economy protested against in the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement.

Lower East Side

Originally a poor working-class and immigrant neighborhood, the Lower East Side of Manhattan experienced a gentrification in the mid-2000's, becoming a center for trends, as well as a primarily Puerto-Rican and Dominican community. Traditionally, the Lower East Side has been a home for an eclectic mix of immigrants, and a Jewish cultural center.

Id Locations:

Abraham Maslow High School

Abraham Maslow High School is unsurprisingly another one of those high-Id-activity locations, as the emotions of teens are very, very turbulent, especially those in the highest points of pubescence. The Id-structure, among the modern school structure, consists mostly of Renaissance-era architecture.


-Shadows (Kingdom Hearts)
-Goombas (Super Mario)
-Creeper Plants (Kingdom Hearts)
-Shy Guys (Kingdom Hearts)
-Fizzlits (Super Mario)
-Spatters (Epic Mickey)

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The World of Id☆DC

Id details

The Id

Shape-wise, the Id is identical to the "real world," though its color scheme is significantly duller and more tinted blue. This allows souls and the emotions of inactive Id-selves to stand out in contrast against the background. Physical actions within the "real world" upon Id beings do not affect them. These are muted and blurred out.

However, in addition to the basic shapes of the "real world," the Id superimposes Id-structures that resemble different architectures, from Gothic and Classical to colonial and even modern urban.

Entering the Id

People who awaken their Id-selves appear to shimmer away; however, the "collective subconscious" blurs this detail out of the minds of other people not currently connected to the Id. For those who are bound to a character, their entrance into the Id is based on the character that they are connected to. For instance, a person bound to Inkling would arrive in the Id in a burst of ink, á la Splatoon.


Souls are the essences of beings from another dimension(al clash), that reside within the Id. They reflect who those beings are and what they can do, and have an affinity for people in the "real world" who share attributes with them, be it physical attributes such as sex, hair color, skin tone, etc.; talents such as singing, dancing, artwork, or swordplay; or even personality traits and ideologies.

Lesser Souls are those of the mooks and red-shirts in the Dimensional Clash series.

Powerful Souls have the ability to manifest themselves in the "real world," and even interact with its inhabitants.

The Id-self

The Id-self is the manifestation of a being in the "real world." When inactive, it appears as a multicolored flurry, but when active, it appears as an ethereal vision of the self from the surface. If the Id-self is bound to a Soul, then it takes on qualities of that Soul.


Emotions are the spiritual counterpart to the neurological processes that produce feelings. Emotions, in tandem with memories, help make a person who they are: a beautiful, dynamic human being. In the Id, emotions are strength; Souls and Id-selves with strong Emotions can eventually manifest in physical form in the "real world." Emotions can be drained.


Short for "synchronization techniques," Synchro-Tech is an ability that two people who form a close relationship with each other can perform within the Id. These generally serve a powerful purpose in combat situations, but don't necessarily have to be solely offensive. There exist many variations of Synchro-Tech, based on the personalities of each person in the relationship, and off their imaginations, thoughts, and emotions. The efficacy of Synchro-Tech is directly proportional to the strength of the relationship.


Named after the Pequod's first mate in Moby-Dick, Starbucks is a caffeinated beverage chain specializing in variations of coffee. Within the Id, Starbucks serves as a place for Id-selves to recuperate, talk amongst themselves, and enhance their emotions through discussion.

"Real-world" elements

Callie#Marie music synth software

Callie#Marie is a popular software among indie music developers. Designed by a cooperation between the companies of Nintendo and Yamaha, the software allows users to create music using the instruments and language from the hit video game Splatoon, as well as animate the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, to the music that they create. The box art consists of an overhead shot of the "Stay fresh!" pose.

AMHS Drama Program

The AMHS Drama Program is well-known throughout Manhattan for its good quality, good discipline, and good attitude. Right now, the AMHS drama program is working on deciding their musical theatre production as they wrap up rehearsals on their Shakespearean unit. The drama teacher, Mr. Walker, is an African-American teacher known affectionately by the drama students as Coalhouse (after the protagonist in Ragtime). Mr. Walker is a stern, yet gentle, dedicated man with a loud voice (that don't need no megaphone) and a positive attitude, and he wants his students to always strive for improvement.

AMHS Period Schedule

0 Period: 7:00-7:52
1st Period: 8:00-9:00
2nd Period: 9:05-10:05
3rd Period: 10:10-11:10
4th Period: 11:15-12:15
Lunch: 12:15-12:50
5th Period: 12:55-1:55
6th Period: 2:00-3:00
7th Period: (Optional, used for classes such as drama and winter drumline) 3:00-4:10

AMHS Class Listings

Will be updated.

English/Language Arts

English I
English II
English III
AP English Language/Composition
AP English Literature/Composition


Algebra I
Algebra II
Pre-calculus (honors)
Basic Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

Visual/Performing Arts Electives

Wind Symphony
Wind Ensemble
Men's/Women's Choir
A Capella
Drawing and Painting
AP Studio Art

Advanced Placement Testing

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States and Canada, created by the College Board, which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. American colleges and universities often grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations.


I don't know why somebody decided to write a children's book about an angry ape escaping from a castle. But it was done, and it was titled Expand EXPAND DONG. The ending features the gorilla protagonist pulling a rope and allowing a shower of coconut cream pies to fall upon the castle. Expand EXPAND DONG was written by renowned children's book author Pastor Doe.


Named after the Pequod's first mate in Moby-Dick, Starbucks is a caffeinated beverage chain specializing in variations of coffee. It is a popular meeting place among mid-adolescents. It always seems like there's a Starbucks everywhere.

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I sincerely hope that there's still some lingering interest in this idea...

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Awwwww yea.

Then the world blew up. The end.

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I will be joining this, with a certain character....

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