Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand

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Post by ToadRopes on Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:43 am


The knights stared at Ryle.

"What the bloody hell is a gun?" was the question that first came up (courtesy of Lancelot).

Cordelia hadn't heard of a gun, either; she likened Ryle's blade to a Levin sword, if anything. Though clearly she understood what Ryle was talking about, since Miriel, a fellow Shepherd and a science-minded mage, had talked about magnets and poles.

Sir Gawain, however, was much more civil in his response. "Magnetism makes your weapon work?" The courteous knight approached Ryle's blade and pursed his lips, scratching his chin as he watched the floating blade. "I see no lodestone within your blade; how is it that you get it so controlled?"

"Magic, he said! Must be a benign sorcerer!" Percival declared.

"What is a gun?" Lancelot pressed.

Scraps raised her hand. "It's a weapon that shoots stuff," she said. For Scraps knew what a gun was, as Oz's guards had knowledge of rifles.

"Like a ballista?"

Scraps thought for a second. "I guess so, only way smaller."

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Post by Teedler on Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:53 pm

Ryle was disappointed that nobody understood his pun but decided to give a proper explanation, "Well, a gun is kinda like a ballista, they use an explosive to launch a projectile. A railgun, which is what I can use the sword as, is similar but uses magnets instead of explosives."

Ryle then returned his attention to Sir Gawain, "It doesn't use any magnets because it's majimagnetic, basically I think of the orientation I want the blades to be in, then apply Magic so it sets, and it has enough ontological Inertia that I don't really have to focus on making sure the secondary blade stays in position. It's almost like an LED lightbulb... That's probably a bad analogy but, it takes a lot of work to get to this point, but once you're there it's actually pretty simple."
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Post by ToadRopes on Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:39 pm


Gawain didn't know what a lightbulb was, either (it will be quite a while until the cotton filament is invented and applied to the lightbulb, much less the light-emitting diode). But he decided to ignore that fact. "Ah, a magical artifact," he said with a nod.

Gawain then asked a different question. "What sort of errands dost thou run for Lady Luck? She could be a cruel mistress, but to be in service of Chance herself... What is that like?"

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Post by Teedler on Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:05 am

"My friend Dipin works for her, he says to just call her Lucy. I usually just end up tagging along for the two person jobs. I usually don't have to do the mundane things. But it varries, one time We had to deal with a dragon, turns out we were playing cards, but the next we we had to fight a different dragon. Then other times it's just a fetch quest, for something in a haunted castle full of ghost or something like that. It's kinda fun, but I couldn't do it full time." Ryle replied.
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Post by ToadRopes on Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:15 am

Collaborated between ToadRopes and Teedler.


Cordelia had drawn in close to listen to the conversation and--

"Ah! The lancing warrior," Sir Gawain hailed. "We were just talking about the good swordsman's feats under Lady Luck... Lucy, I think he calls her?"

Cordelia yawned. "Interesting," she said tiredly, rubbing her face.

Sir Gawain turned to Ryle. "Does your position under Chance ever get... dangerous?"

"Yeah, it's not the safest thing, I mean just before I started fighting those demons, Lucy walked up to me, tail swishing, ears pointed up and teleported me in front of Lofty here. I almost got ran over and only the gallon of milk and loaf of bread I bought survived." Ryle replied.

"Please tell me you're not sore about that," Cordelia said.

"It's not good for my self-esteem," called Lofty.

"Upset, pfffft, as if, Do you know how often I get dragged into something far worse than that? Like at on every few weeks." Ryle said in an amused tone.

Cordelia nodded. "Fair point," she conceded.

Gawain chuckled. "Is there ever a time at which you are not in danger?" he asked jocularly. Cordelia still sensed a bit of melancholy in the courteous knight's eyes.

"Yeah, aside from when I get roped into working for Lucy, it's not like people are out for my head or anything like that."

"I should hope not," Sir Gawain agreed.

Cordelia's eyes fluttered. Scraps sauntered up to her. "You're pretty exhausted," she remarked. "Otherwise you wouldn't ask about, well, sleeping."

"If you are exhausted, then by all means take to bed," Sir Gawain said, standing up. "It hath been quite pleasant meeting thou brave characters; perhaps it takes my mind off my own plight."

"What plight?" Scraps asked.

"Oh, think not of it," Gawain replied, waving his hand, almost sounding as if he were talking to himself. "To bed with thee, if thou wish."

Cordelia bowed to Sir Gawain (and Scraps made an awkward curtsy). She then called to King Arthur, "I shall retire."

"Understandable; take your well-deserved rest! Any of the rooms are open to you heroes," Arthur replied.

Ryle extended  hand to the Sir Gawain and said, "Hey man, if you want to talk about your plight in the morning let me know. A good side quest is always good fun."

Gawain nodded. "Thank you, good Ryle, I shall keep your offer in mind."

Ryle then, placed two fingers abo his eyebrow before flicking the fingers away as he said, "Yo, King man and dudes, I'm gonna hit the hay."

"Strike our bales as much as you wish, if your training so befits it," King Arthur offered.


Cordelia and Scraps selected a chamber, and they entered; just as Cordelia stepped into her doorway, she was stopped by Ryle.

Ryle walked up to Cordelia and spoke with a nervous tone, "Hey, I just wanted to apologize about earlier with your armor. It's just that I don't have enough Magic to prevent the electricity from going to any metal, and I didn't really have the time to determine if the electricty would, you know, electrocute you."

Cordelia waved her hand; always the polite and well-mannered Pegasus knight, she was. "Think nothing of it," Cordelia replied. "You had my best interests at heart there, and those, in fact, involved preventing me from getting fried. Also I don't think you're the type to objectify women in the middle of a battle."

Cordelia neglected to mention the mathematical calculations for the triangulation between Ryle's bolts, Lofty's cab, and her armor. The heroes parted ways and took to rest.

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Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:20 am

A RandomRingmaster and ToadRopes Production

Big Daddy

((Appropriate Listening: ))

As the Two continued thier quest to extract ADAM from "Angels" when the sound of thunderous wheels crashing through the brush caused the Big Daddy to to falter, Little Sis noticing this skipped over to the lumbering behemoth, and tugged on his suit "What is it Mister Bubbles?"

The guardian carefully picked her up and held her near his chest, sensing danger.

As the envoy of Infernal Engines crashed through the woods, felling more trees than Big Daddy's prior trek, their eyes darted from left to right, scanning the landscape. This was but one of the groups of fortified Infernal Engines that now sought to siege the walls of Camelot, and they were instructed to terminate all in their way.

As it so happened, Big Daddy and Little Sister were in their path. The Heartless's instincts kicked in and some of the Engines turned their wheels to rumble towards Big Daddy and possibly extract his--and the little girl's--Heart.

Big Daddy faced the new boxy threat, the emotional gel in his helmet orbs lighting up various colors, before setting on a bright alarm red.

But before he made any outward appearance of attack, he lumbered over to a great strong oak tree and holding out his arm The Little Sister grabbed the branch and started climbing, until she reached a safe height. Cupping her hands around her mouth she shouted down.


"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWUUUUUGGGH!"The suited Titan gave the cry that sent shivers down the spines of the Splicers of Rapture, with a blur of bright lights and the sound of whirring machinery, The behemoth rammed into the the face of an Infernal Engine, splintering wood  and severly warping the metal "Teeth" of the wooden beast, but though damage had been done it did no more than disfigure the wooden menace, as the arcanic blue runes glowed protecting its front body from the serious blow.

The Infernal Engine roared, its roar sounding somewhat whistly due to the twisted planks comprising its jagged maw. The Heartless had one directive: eliminate all obstacles to King Arthur. And this bulky creature was, indeed, an obstacle.

Under attack from the titanic Big Daddy, the Infernal Engine fought back, punching twice with its massive wheels, as Heartless archers clad in cool off-white armor glared at Big Daddy with their glowing yellow eyes and fired their bows of darkness at him.

The Rapurian stumbled back from the blows from the wheels, and came back even more enraged, and when the engine roared and made the mistake of opening its maw, The Big Daddy smashed his left boot onto the bottom jaw. Though the runes deflected the blow, Big Daddy succeeded in displacing the planks a bit and with his mighty left fist he forced the monster's maw open wide cracks formed as the Mechanical monstrosity attempted to bite down, But Big Daddy wouldn't give in as his mighty drill began to rotate faster and faster.

"WHHHHHHHIIIRRR!" the drill smashed up through the creature's glowing eyes, But Daddy wasn't done, he thrusted the drill further causing immeasurable pain to the wooden contraption, actually smashing through the top layer of wood and drilling a pesky archer to death.

And that is why your dentist gives you anesthetic.

The Infernal Engine roared in fury and pain, rearing on its wheels and lifting Big Daddy off the ground. Its fellow Heartless turned towards it and saw its plight, only growing more furious at this pretentious titan. Two more Infernal Engines, their archers drawing their bows, turned in the woods, causing trees to collapse. One Engine's right rear tire crushed the base of the tree that Little Sister had climbed up. As the tree collapsed, several Shadows, drawn towards the fresh Heart, skittered towards her, their talons outstretched.

"MISSSTER BUBBBLES!" The little girl cried in fear as the small black forms lurched towards her. Hearing his ward in fear, The Big Daddy gave a mighty yank tearing his drill out evidently collapsing the top jaw of the Heartless, He charged like a pissed of Momma Bear protecting her cub, loud "VWOOMPHs" were heard as the critters were ground to fine particulates, underneath the Titain's boots, as he got closer he swooped low using his large drill as a massive club smashing the the meddlesome shadows into the air and into the other engines, one Heartless remained as it bore its claws with a malevolent intent in its glowing eyes as it reached for Little Sis.

It gave a scream as four large fingers closed around its body silencing it in the powerful grip of the monster.

Big Daddy picked up the little child and held her close, his Drill outstretched and spinning as he pointed it threateningly at the surrounding vehicles.

"Mister Bubbles". "I'm Scared". the Little Girl said as she sobbed into his chest.


((Appropriate Listening: ))

"AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGUUUUUUGGGGHHH!!!!!" The mighty monster gave a howl that thundered across all of Camelot, a howl that would probably cause Scraps to shoot out of bed and whack her head on the headrest, and Lofty to spontaneously burst an oil leak.


Scraps rubbed her head. "What in the world was that?" she asked. She had shot out of bed and whacked her head on the headrest.

Lofty, on the other hand, idled in the grand hall, having spontaneously ruptured an oil main. Oil dripped from his chassis.

Big Daddy

The small child was placed on his back, as he ran at the Wooden fiend with all the intensity and collective anger of TWO bulls in a red velvet room... SQUARED... and as he collided with the creature he knocked it back ten feet, and smashed his fist through the wood yanking off the metal top jaw, than he brought up his drill and smashed it again, and again, and again, into the creature's frame.

Now Magic was strong but it could be argued that a pissed off, spilced out seven-foot-tall monster with a steel drill is a bit stronger (just a bit) as he reduced the front of the Heartless to splinters, he didn't stop though as he smashed forward into the shadow creature rending it in half as he smashed kicked, clubbed and drilled, with astonishing brutality.

Not skipping a beat, Big Daddy picked up the sharp metal jaw that he had ripped off the engine and chucked the blade, and it found its target as hit smashed into the side of another the force blowing out the left two tires, immobilizing it.

Then Big Daddy ran at an undamaged cart, and in its path laid a large log,The Giant flexed his legs as he jumped onto the log and using it as sort of a springboard, flew into the air as the large shadow of the Behemoth fell over the top of the vehicle, the terrified archers shrieked in terror as 300 kilos smashed down feet first onto the car-like creature's roof, he continued his path as he went through the Heartless and began destroying it from the inside, with an explosion of wooden shrapnel, he emerged.

As he smashed his drill into the side of the crippled engine the redhot metal around the drill began to smoke and soon the engine caught alight, Big Daddy grabbed a large fallen branch, and lit it ablaze , then ran over and lit the top of another one's top, The archers frantically attempted to calm the blaze, but they only succeeded in setting themselves on fire.

As the remaining engines circled around him, The Daddy fell to one knee, from the damages and fatigue, "Mister Bubbles, Get up!" the Little Sister cried as she crawled over to his helmet, but the titan was spent and the engines knew it as the drove closer angrily snapping. The Infernal Engines loomed ever higher, their shadows glinting in the gray light of the early morning as they gnashed their terrible teeth and roared their terrible roars.

The Little Girl tapped his helmet, until giving a sudden smile as she remembered something.
Taking out her needle-like collecting tool, and giving a slight wince as she jammed it into her forearm, and filled it with glowing ADAM, "Have a boost Mister Bubbles!" she laughed before jamming the needle through his suit and injecting it into the giant's flesh.

Like spinach to a sailor, the Big Daddy rose like a great Frankenstein empowered by an unearthly energy, lumbered forward and gripped the underside of the vehicle, then planting his boots on the ground and straining his massive muscles, he began to lift the Engine up and over his head, and then he swung him arms back letting gravity do most of the work, as the Heartless went smashing into the ground in a devastating suplex.

As the vehicle rested on its side, whirring its wheels helplessly, while the Big Daddy started up his drill, cutting a rounded five foot piece off of its side, and smashed his fingers and thumb through it, rotating around to reveal a crude shield made out of the flesh of the monster he had slain.

This act of aggressive mutilation and weaponization of one of their own, elicited somewhat of a negative reaction to the engines. The Infernal Engines (the seven that remained, at least) roared and lunged at Big Daddy, their wooden jaws clacking open and shut. The archers continued to sling arrows at Big Daddy, and the Engines themselves opened their maws to hurl fireballs at Big Daddy.

This, however, would set the trees on fire; therefore, perhaps this was not the greatest decision on their part. But Big Daddy posed a threat to the other engines, and so they spat fireballs at the Rapturian guardian.

Two Infernal Engines opened their jaws and revealed the black barrels of cannons, preparing to fire at Big Daddy. The two engines narrowed their glowing yellow eyes and spewed cannonballs. The other five Engines continued to hurl fireballs, setting the ground around Big Daddy on fire, setting the brush and trees on fire. The trunks blackened and twisted and threatened to collapse, their green leaves glowing orange and charring to match the darkness. The morning was ablaze, smoke rose from the forest, and the crashing of trees and the crackling of fire roared from the site of the skirmish.

Big Daddy took a cannonball to the gut, causing him to stumble back,"GOOOOOOOOMMMMBBB" he protested, as another cannonball streaked towards him but he was ready as he swung his drill like a bat smashing it back at the Engine, using his shield to block some of the shots as he advanced, like the Knight that the Little Sister thought he was, the engine stood its ground as Big Daddy was at its maw, scooping up a cannonball he rammed it right into the Heartless' emblem on its forehead, Little Sister somewhat goaded on by all the action going on unwisely decided to help as she hopped onto the top of the Engine wielding her Tool.

Giving a girlish shriek she jammed it into the gap of the mash of an archer twisting it cruely as it went down, the other Archers seeing this fired arrows at the girl, the arrows met home lodging themselves in her sickly grey flesh.

They probally expected her to die or at the very least fall down, instead she glared as she saw the wounds, screeched, "THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRESS!" and then ran at them ramming the bladelike tool into the gut of one, suddenly the whole engine shook as Big Daddy struggled to climb onto the engine and retrieve the child his massive weight cracking and warping the wooden monstrosity.

But as Big Daddy climbed, a blazing tree creaked and groaned, collapsing onto the Infernal Engine, falling in between Big Daddy and Little Sister. The Infernal Engine creaked and groaned, viciously jerking about from the impact and nearly causing Little Sister to take a tumble.

The Big Daddy grunted and smashed through the engine and snatched at her, but he could not reach as a board prevented him the Little Sister was terrified was she reached for him their fingertips just a few inches from each other.

A bright flash in the sky caught Little Sister's attention, and she pointed.

Something was falling to Earth a flaming molten rock of origins unknown, and it was falling quite fast as the small girl stayed motionless transfixed at this strange sight The Big Daddy leaned over the tree(giving himself some serious burns) and grabbed her as the object struck the Earth

The Titan hugged the child tight leaning away from the shockwave, The ground shook as the dirt liquified under the object, as violent debris shook out from the collision, and to make things even worse everything not set one fire was set alight in writhing agony, including the entire back of The Big Daddy, "GWWWWWWWWAHHH!" The Rapturian screamed in pain falling onto his back

The engines clustered around ready to finish off the distressing diver, while Little Sister tried to get him up while aflame it was impressive the vehicle's resolve to kill the Titan, the all snapped at him while he warded them off by swinging his drill, all except one engine whose right back wheel appeared to be stuck on something.....

What appeared to be some sort off Jell-O-like ground up slimy meat product seemingly gripped to the ground and the wheel, then from the slime a shape began to form much like a finger, and began to climb up the wheel, wavering it the air like a caterpillar as if searching for something, it continued until it brushed on the wooden side of the vehicle.

It paused, then brushed again before spitting into several smaller finger like appendages, and began spreading over the side.

The areas touched seemed to get mush and then dissolve into the mass of pinkinsh goo, and the more it absorbed the bigger it got and the more it spread, enveloping the craft, and ignoring all of the inorganic parts, The engine did not take too kindly to being eaten bucking and smashing at the mass with its wheels, and attempting to run it over

Soon it had reached the top, the archers freaked out shooting arrows, the gelatinous mass responded by forming two tentacles that wavered and undulated like cobras, before grabbing each by the head, they may have had arms and legs. but at base the creature's were made of deadened heart tissue, organic flesh.

The shadow beings flailed their arms, before going limp, as the mass dissolved the bodies and discarded the armor, the amoeba like creature now much bigger in size left the now inanimate remains of the engine, oozing towards the smoldering group of engines

At this point Big Daddy had got up, smashing at the engines able to do easier damage do to the fire, but the creature's were still formidable as their runes glowed blow by blow, kick by kick.

Then the Blob started to absorb one, and because they were so clustered together it spread fairly quickly. The Infernal Engines, of course, did not react kindly to getting devoured alive, and tried to fight back, their brass-lined jaws delaying the inevitable, but only for such a precious small amount of time.

As the planks dissolved around their chassis, the Engines began to leak the darkness that composed all Emblem Heartless, for their husks were decaying at the hands of this... this monster.

Little Sister curious picked up her too and was about to poke it when The Big Daddy, like a normal dad wisely scooped his child away of this obvious danger, then he started to lumber away quickly, while the Blob was busy dissolving the forest trees.

Big Daddy left the Infernal Engines to their fate; their dying screeches rang over the sound of the blazes and the horrible squelching of the horrible thing.

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Post by Teedler on Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:10 pm

It was an average day in Inkopolis, and a certain inkling was preparing for her day's first game of turf war. She polished her weapon as she waited in the lobby. The orange N-Zap, was now reflecting a small amount of light off of the smooth barrel. A buzz went off signaling for the eight squids to step onto a large platform that would send them to their arena and sort the into teams of four.

When the match started only seven inklings were present in the arena. Firefly on the other hand found her self in a strange location. The squid looked around and noticed a large figure that was carrying something headed her way. It seemed to be running, wait it was running straight for her. Now Firefly's predatory brain wasn't really equipped for the rare situations where she was prey. In her panic Firefly's skin changed to a sickly grey color in an attempt to look as unappetizing as possible, she also started running away. She didn't want to end up like the figure the beast was holding.
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Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:25 am

"SO I said you want a punchline, here's a punchline!" Slapstick explained his eyes dilated, while curling his fingers into a fist and making a punching motion. "Um Pale Bard, thou art talking to a suit of armor". pointed out a knight Slapstick waved his hands in a dismissive gesture. "Hey this guy right here may be quiet but, its like super rude to call him an empty suit, he's got a swell personality aint that right!?" The toon accentuated this point by patting the armor on its back, causing th helmet to fall of and hit the floor with a loud "clank".

A slight moment of silence was heard, before Slapstick spoke again "Well goodnight" the clown said awkwardly walking away to find a bed.

The Big Daddy seeing a grey form in front of him shriek, the giant ambled to a stop, kicking up turf as he tried not to fall over from the sudden stop in acceleration.

The massive Rapturian towered over the Tiny Squid, its many "eyes" peering into the Inkling's soul, was this a new splicer?, it didn't look like any of the others, in fact its petite size and grey coloration were more akin to a little sister, but the protrusions on the sides if its head resembled the arms of the creatures it sometimes observed when outside the city, "What is it Mister Bubbles?" Little Sister asked tugging on his glove.

The Big Daddy at that point realized that she still had a few arrows stuck in her flesh, and not taking his gaze off of the Inkling he took a few steps away, and put her down kneeling down as he gingerly  plucked the arrows out with his left hand, shielding her from the potential threat possibly posed from the inkling.

"Whose that?" Little Sis said peering over the Daddy's arm drill.

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Post by Teedler on Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:03 pm

It had been along say for Ryle. He had spent most of his time worrying that Cordelia was upset at him, fortunately that was not the case. A few minutes has passed since Ryle had spoken to Cordelia, he had managed to find an unoccupied room and threw off his armor and passed out on the nearest bed.
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Post by ToadRopes on Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:11 pm


Early that morning, the loud noises echoing in the distance jolted Scraps awake. For though her ears were made from hammered gold, they were still ears by definition. She shot bolt upright and shoved Cordelia in bed. "Did you hear that?" Scraps asked.

Cordelia's red eyes fluttered awake and she glanced over at Scraps, rolling over and turning her head to face the patchwork girl. "Hear what?"

"Booms. Explodifications. Noises that don't generally make you think of the nonviolent," Scraps replied.

Cordelia lifted her torso off the bed and stretched her arms out. "I'll wash myself then suit up, then we'll see what's the matter."

"My bath consists of getting wrung through a machine," Scraps said.

"Go get Lofty and that fat fellow," Cordelia ordered. "I'll wake the knights."

Scraps gave Cordelia an awkward, loose salute then whirled on her heel to stumble out the door. She broke into a hopping run, her stuffed frame flailing about a bit as she dashed down the corridor, her yarn pigtails bouncing along her fabric back.

She screeched to a halt, before crashing into Fat Guy and tumbling onto the ground, falling on her rump. "You heard it, too?" Scraps asked.

"Heard what?" Fat Guy asked.

"The noise! The big ka-booms!"

"I didn't hear any ka-booms," Fat Guy replied.

"Then why are you up?" Scraps inquired, standing back up.

"It's time for my late early-morning snack," Fat Guy explained, patting his stomach. "I'm sure that they have leftovers from the feast last night."

"We don't have time! There are things going---"


Scraps staggered backwards a bit from the rumbling; Fat Guy caught her before she could fall again.

"Oh," Fat Guy said. "THAT'S what you mean."


Scraps and Fat Guy ran into the royal hall to grab Lofty; the poor truck had overturned the table and now crouched behind it, about 3/4 of his body showing over the edge of the flipped table. His winch quivered due to the fearful shivering of his entire body.

"Lofty," Scraps chided, putting her hands on her hips and peering over the table, "we can see 75% of you."

Lofty whimpered incomprehensibly.

"Lofty, come on, would you rather hide behind a table or have the entire castle come crashing down upon you?" Scraps asked.

Lofty immediately shot out from behind the table and barged into the archway, accidentally strewing pieces of armor across the hallway and knocking down a coat of arms and two swords. Scraps heard his tires squealing.

"...Um... okay..." Scraps said, not quite sure what just happened.

"He'll be back," Fat Guy said.

"We ought to go after him."

"We ought."


"They will be worn from their skirmish in town," Maleficent explained to Morgan. "There, we will strike, and you shall have your vengeance upon Arthur."

"I do not feel as if this bodes me well," Morgan le Fay said, voicing her convictions. "Is this a too extravagant display?"

"Do not worry, fellow sorceress," Maleficent replied. "Power is what bends the world to your will. We demonstrate our  power, and Arthur is left to grovel at your feet, before you give him the punishment he deserves."

Standing atop an Infernal Engine, Maleficent and Morgan le Fay watched Camelot's castle ease into view. The siege was beginning. And perhaps I shall get to see what sort of motley champions the Omniverse has pricked my side with this time, Maleficent thought, and destroy them before they can meddle in my dark affairs.


As the assembled group dashed out to the base of the watch tower, the day was breaking and the clouds were rolling in. The rumbling of the Infernal Engines' wheels drew closer and closer, and the occupants of Camelot realized that the siege engines were quite literally clawing at their walls.

"That is not OK," Scraps muttered, staring out the battlements and watching the advance of the Infernal Engines.

"Nay, this does not bode well for Camelot..." King Arthur agreed.

"We appear to be under siege," Cordelia observed, watching the (rather violent) felling of trees and rumbling of wheels that signaled the Engines' path of destruction. Accompanying the Heartless were several—speak of the devil—ballistae that trained upon the castle Camelot. Cordelia turned to Scraps. "I'm not sure if this castle is prepared for siege..."

"We have measures!" Arthur declared. "For Camelot shall not fall today; our defenses are impregnable!"

As soon as Arthur said that, however, several flying Heartless dragons swooped above the battlements and flapped their wings. The ice-gray Avalanches, the blue Wavecrests, the rose-colored Phantomtails, and the jade Windstorms all descended upon Camelot to attack. Meanwhile, the first Infernal Engines to arrive admitted legions of Dusks and Creepers, accompanied by robed Sorcerer Nobodies and blade-armed Assassin Nobodies. These began an assault on the lower levels of Camelot, sailing through the windows and trailing through the castle grounds like demons.

"Are you serious?! Dragons already?!" Cordelia growled, whipping out her lance.

"They don't look like a particularly nice variety of dragon..." Scraps remarked, taking a couple of steps backwards. "I'd say they are downright hostilacious."

"Should we, like, fight them?" Fat Guy asked, leaning over to Arthur.

"Knights of the Round Table, stand your ground and prepare for battle!"

The Knights drew their blades and watched the dragons approach.

Cordelia, poised to strike a dragon if it swooped down to attack, found herself shoved aside by Lancelot. "Stand down, fair maiden, for these hellions shall fall quickly to our blades!" the knight declared.

Cordelia stamped her foot on the ground. "Are you insinuating that I am incapable of combat with these dragons?" she asked, not taking her eyes off the Heartless dragons. "By the way," she added, twirling her lance as a dragon descended upon Lancelot, "your left is open." With a thrust, she speared the Heartless in the breast and it let out an unholy screech as it dissolved.

"My tactician always believed in making the best of everyone's abilities," Cordelia explained, dashing to the side as another dragon flapped its wings to blow her away. She widened her stance and held her ground, before watching the dragon lunge. Scraps and Fat Guy ducked out of the way. She smashed her lance into the side of the dragon's jaw, before kneeing the Heartless and jamming the tip into its body. It bled darkness, then dissolved.

A Wavecrest swooped to snap at Sir Percival, but Sir Lancelot cut it down with a swift flick of his sword. The dragon crumpled to the rooftop and skidded on the masonry, before roaring at Lancelot and charging. Cordelia acted quickly and hurled her javelin through the dragon's neck. The dragon stumbled and collapsed onto the ground, its blue wings flopping about as its knees buckled. It let out a death-gurgle before dissolving into darkness like its brethren. But as Cordelia recovered from the throw, a Windstorm blasted blades of wind at her. Sir Gawain dashed over and lifted his shield, protecting Cordelia from the wind blades, allowing Lancelot to come in and smite the foul beast with his blade.

Lofty was really too afraid to do anything, and the lorry's steel cable had run unconsciously to the ground. This gave Fat Guy an idea. He hooked his belt buckle to the steel winch and tapped Lofty. "Hoist me up, my friend!" he ordered.

"What?" Lofty asked, stunned.

"Lift me like a wrecking ball," Fat Guy elaborated.

Lofty had a bit of a fear of wrecking balls, and he expressed this to Fat Guy. "Don't worry," Fat Guy reassured, "I've got it all covered; you don't sweat a thing."

Lofty quivered a bit and then hoisted Fat Guy up. The obese Shy Guy comically swung idly in the wind as the dragons noticed him. "HEY! You lousy lizards hungry?!" Fat Guy shouted. The Heartless dragons turned their attention away from Cordelia for a second and watched Fat Guy swing. They roared and flew towards Fat Guy. "HOW ABOUT A GIANT RED MEATBALL?!" he roared, before flailing his limbs. He gained momentum and began swinging menacingly. Scraps heaved a stray sword up to Fat Guy and he caught it, swinging it wildly.

He came in like a wrecking ball; all he wanted was to break their walls, and he just closed his eyes and swung. The rows of dragon-variant Heartless toppled like bowling pins to the girth of Fat Guy; his fatness truly proved an asset in this situation. "I've never hit so hard in love," Fat Guy remarked, before swinging his sword to get at any stray dragons who wanted to fight back. All he ever did was wreck them.

This technique left the rooftop relatively clear. Scraps stuck a leg out as if to point in which direction she intended to go. "I'm going to go warn the folks downstairs and see what's going on with the other--"

Suddenly, from the wall, a dark female figure swooped magically into the sky, blotting the sun from view with her robes. Maleficent! "Your rule is up, King Arthur!" Maleficent screeched.

Cordelia promptly grabbed her javelin and hurled it at Maleficent while the dark fairy wasn't looking. She grazed Maleficent in the headdress, causing her to briefly lose concentration and plummet to the ground. "Obviously somebody's got to stay and defend King Arthur from harm," Cordelia replied.

"We shall stay by Arthur's side! Protect the castle!" shouted Sir Lancelot. The other knights of the Round Table nodded. King Arthur, on the other hand, retreated into the castle as the Knights rushed to the entrance to the chambers, preparing to guard.

Lofty set Fat Guy down and the Shy Guy unhooked his winch from his belt.

"The primary problem looks to be those siege engines," Scraps said. "They have to go."

"How can we do that?" asked Cordelia.

They looked at Lofty.

Lofty made a shrugging motion with his wheels.

"We'll figure it out when we get down," Scraps said. "For now, we have to focus on keeping any more of these creatures from maulifyng people."

"Yes, preventing maulification would be good," Fat Guy mused.

They piled onto Lofty and he charged down the stairs, rattling as he did (since stairs are quite bumpy terrain, even for a heavy-duty construction vehicle).

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Firefly slowly pointed her N-Zap '89 at the ground in case she needed to make a quick escape. The inkling then noticed the figure she saw earlier was hiding behind the drill of the larger creature. The N-Zap fell the the ground as Firefly adopted a molted pattern for a split second before her palette changed to copy that of the small bipedal creature. The squid's mask began to glow in an attempt the mimic the eyes of the girl before she asked a question, "You am being the human?"

Ryle not particularly used to early morning castle sieges was running down a hallway and had just pulled finished putting on the last of his clothes, minus his armor, he carried his sword in hand before meeting up with the others on the roof. As Ryle reached the roof the blades of his weapon separated as a third, red plasma blade, approximately twice the length of the physical blades, appeared between the previous two. As the blade finished materializing pieces of armor appeared and began to home on on Ryle as he swung his sword at a nearby dragon.
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"Human?"The little sister repeated the word with the tone of not knowing what it meant. Then her eyes lit up(figuratively of course, her eyes were already glowing) when she saw the Inkling's chromatic abilities."How did you do that?".She inquired clumsily climbing over the the drill, Big Daddy gave what sounded suspiciously like a exasperated sigh a normal parent would make, "Did the doctor make you special too?" the Little Sister asked successfully crawling over the obstacle, and running over to the creature that was simultaneously both a squid and a kid.

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Camelot Siege

by ToadRopes, Teedler, and TheRandomRingmaster

Slapstick ran to the window, awakened by his slumber, "Well we're under attack again". he said rubbing his eyes. "Now, how am I gonna get down their safely?" he said stroking his pointy chin.

seconds later....
A sound akin to he whistling of a teapot was heard, as a massive five foot, three hundred pound steel square storage safe, rocketed down from above smashing upon an unfortunate Nobody sorcerer and creating a small square crater. Whirring sounds were heard as the knob spun and stopped ,forming a combination that opened the door with a small creak.
The comical face of the Hero Toon peeked through, and was abruptly almost cut off by an Assassin's bladed arm, "You sir are a cut above the rest", Slapstick punned the Nobody responded by stabbing into the safe with its arms.

"AUUUGHGH!" Slapstick cried in pain , "OOOUUCH!", "ARRRRGGHHH!" he lamented the Nobody than realized that the cries of pain were not coming from the safe but directly behind him, It turned to view the toon leaning on its back in a casual pose "ow?" Slapstick said before slapping the Assassin across the face.

As Lofty trundled out the archway leading into the lower level that Slapstick had so graciously fallen upon, Fat Guy remarked that the cartoon superhero had beat them to the punch. "Not literally, of course," Fat Guy qualified, "because that would hurt us."

The Assassin behind Slapstick began to flail about as its attack, prompted by Slapstick's slap. Meanwhile, two Sorcerers swooped in from either side of Lofty and fired cubes of magic that would weaken physical attacks. Cordelia, Scraps, and Fat Guy bolted from the truck's cab as the magic bounced harmlessly off of Lofty (for he did not intend to attack but to support).

"Is talking to them an option?" Scraps asked quite plainly.

A Sorcerer turned back towards her.

"Hi! Why are you sieging this castle?" Scraps asked, in a mellow, friendly tone.

That got her a cube to the side of the head from the pulsating Nobody. She sailed through the air and landed upside-down underneath a window. "Not an option," she mumbled, her button-eyes swirling about in their sockets.

Cordelia peered out past the walls. "We still have a ways to go before we reach the walls," Cordelia said.

Slapstick ducked as the monster swiped at him, than jumped up avoiding the lower swipe.

"Gonna have to try harder than that!" he proclaimed striking a defiant pose.

Which gave the Noboby an opening, allowing it to slice Slapstick in two seperating, his upper torso from his legs.
As his upper body fell to the ground his feet got up and ran away.
"Well you know what that say." Slapstick said flexing his arms. " Pride cometh before a FALL!"

As he said "fall" he launched himself into the pale beast smashing it in the torso and causing it to stumble back

Where Slapstick's legs hand stuck out a leg to trip him from behind, which worked wonderfully as the monster teetered and fell.

The moster flalied its sharp limbs as it attempted to right itself, meanwhile Slapstick jumped back togather.

As the monster got back up an continued its assault, Slapstick merely stepped to the side as it lunged for him, "Well its a good thing I know how to play this game!" he said as the Assassian brought its arms togather in a scisorlike motion, and as he sidestped again he yelled "ROCK,PAPER, SCISSORS, SHOOT!" and as he said "shoot" he pulled out a huge confetti popper and pulled the string

relasing a powerful concussive force, as well as several deadly shards of paper that smashed through the creature, The monster fell dissolving into dark particles.

"Wait?, Is that how you play it?" Slapstick muttered as he scratched his head with his free hand "Yea...pretty sure, like 54%". Slapstick was than reminded he was still on a battlefield.
when a Creeper smashed him up into the air, he pulmmeted several stories down onto an Engine.

And as he got up he found himself covered with arrows from the archers atop the vehicle.
"You know you are reallllly not making me feel bad about smashing you like whack a moles!" With that he took out his mallet and proceeded to smash them like moles in a whack-a-mole.

it was working really well until the engine bucked like bull sending him rocketing, like a bunch of multicolored cloth, slamming into a stoic Sorcerer.

"Hey why the long face"" he said giving a grin to the Nobody,"Or the-lack-of-any-or-all-face?"

The Sorcerer responded by blasting him with a cube.

"AHHH NO STUPID GLOWING CUBES MY ONLY WEAKNESS!” Slapstick said, fallilng down in fake pain.

Back on the third-level courtyard, Cordelia and Scraps stood back-to-back. Scraps had picked up a blunt stone and gripped it in her right hand. The Dusks and Creepers surrounded them, their bodies twitching and pulsing. "They don't want to give us a rest," Cordelia muttered.

"No kidding," Scraps replied. She hurled the stone at the head of a Creeper about to transform into a blade. The stone caved its head in and caused it to topple over.

Scraps noted a rack full of sharp pointy weapons, and told Cordelia, "I'll take those to the lower levels and get the villagers armed and ready to guard the castle."

Cordelia nodded. "What if you get hurt?"

Scraps waved her hand dismissively. "Eh, I won't feel a thing, remember? Don't worry your little head about it." Scraps dashed awkwardly to the weapons rack and wrapped one of its legs in her arms. She tugged and tugged, slowly managing to budge the rack from its spot. Cordelia covered for Scraps, keeping the Nobodies away from her. Scraps made slow progress, until finally Lofty grew fed up with the grating noise and his engine rumbled to life. He lowered his winch as he approached the rack, and Scraps hung tightly onto the rack's shelves as Lofty hooked his winch onto the top support and pulled. Lofty extended his arm and lowered his load so that the rack swung in front of his cab, and Scraps clung on for dear life.

The lorry and the patchwork girl bumped down the staircase to the lower levels, and when confronted by two Assassins, Lofty was going far too quickly to stop and smashed the Nobodies into grease spots of darkness. "Sorry!" he wailed behind him as Scraps hugged the leg of the rack.

Lofty and Scraps reached the bottom level of the castle, just in time to witness Slapstick's confrontation with the Sorcerer Nobody. The villagers had cowered into a corner of the castle wall, surrounded by Assassins and Dusks.

"SHARP POINTY OBJECTS!" Scraps hollered, mimicking a baseball-stadium peanut vendor. "GETCHA SHARP POINTY OBJECTS HERE!"

The villagers immediately responded by pushing past the Nobodies; Scraps tossed the spears hung on the rack to the peasants, who then (thankfully) very quickly figured out how to defend themselves.

Lofty drove forward, then swung around, but just as he was about to drive back up the flights of stairs to reunite with Cordelia, a Phantomtail swooped down before them and blocked their path. Lofty squeaked in terror and Scraps glared at the dragon. "So, you think this is funny, eh?" Scraps yelled, shaking her fisted glove at the Phantomtail. The dragon stomped and beat its wings, its massive tail swishing back and forth. It let out an angry roar.

Scraps had salvaged one of the spears and now shook it vehemently at the Phantomtail. "GET OUTTA HERE!" she yelled. "SCRAM!"

The Phantomtail did not scram, and instead, it chomped the spear and snapped it in two. Scraps stared at the broken shaft in her hands, then said, "Well, I tried."

She then threw the shaft at the Phantomtail before jumping off the rack and into Lofty's cab, swinging around to the controls and pulling at levers.

"What are you doing?!" Lofty cried. "You don't know what those levers do!"

"That's what I'm trying to find out!" Scraps shouted over the creaking of levers. She found one that twisted Lofty's arm to swing the rack into the Phantomtail like a wrecking ball, smashing the rack into splinters and blowing the Heartless violently into the side of the wall. "Whoops," Scraps said. "Hope you can get another one of those at the flea market."

Lofty took this opportunity to flee from the stunned Phantomtail, driving over the pink dragon Heartless's body (he tried not to think about the thumps) and back up the stairs.

"Sharp pointy objects?!, Slapstick said scrambling to his feet, those are my second favorite kind of objects!"  Kicking the Nobody in the face he ran over and grabbed an armfull of weapons,"Hey didya here the one about, the clown with the swords?" he called out to the heartless mass, "ITS A REEEEEEAL KILLER!", he threw three swords into the air, the monsters tensed wary of his attack, eyes on the swords.

And they were very suprised when Slapstick charged at them with a flail, screaming like a maniac. He jumped high smashing it into the face of a Creeper.

"BAM!" he yelled "THWACK" he screamed as he crumpled a Assassin, "CHAIN RELATED NOISE!" he annonuced choking the life out of a dusk, with the chain of the device

Ryle was using the ye old hack and slash on the enemies. After awhile

He found himself near that Slapstick guy, Ryle swung his sword but unfortunately the momentum of a miss left the Plasma blade swinging toward that purple dude. "Crap friendly fire!"

"FRIENDLY OR NOT IT BURNS ALL THE SAME!" he protested as the blade decapitated the Creeper and sliced the clown in half."All this fighting is making me falll to pieces!"

Meanwhile in an alternate dimension a hedgehog was talking to a woman that had a set of animu fox ears over drinks of an unifentified liquid. The two were conversing the events that were to follow. The white figure's quills raised as he said, "What do you mean you already sent Ryle!?" At that moment a hole opened in the floor sending the hedgehog above a castle. The animal and chair fell to the roof top, causing the chair to explode into a pile of splinters that were caught in the hedgehog's quills.

Dipin pulled himself up into a sitting position and moved his quills to remove the debris before finally pulling himself off the floor.  Now standing, Dipin located the nearest knight, who happened to be Sir Gawain, and asked "Have you see A really tall guy, might be wearing a set of incomplete armor, goes by Ryle?"

Sir Gawain turned to Dipin and yelped, drawing his sword. "Art thou another one of these foul demons? Begone!" the knight panicked.

Dipin's quills as he said, "Really, you think I'm a demon? That's really offensive man. And here I was about to help you guys out."

Gawain lowered his sword. "So... you are not?"

Dipin's began twitching before he said, "Let me get this for you real quick." Dipin jumped into the air with a small jet of flames following. The hedgehog then rammed his quills into a dragon before falling to the ground. "Yeah so about that question?"

"Thank the Lord," Gawain sighed. "The good magic swordsman... He appears to be berserking our sieging foes on the lower level. So perhaps you ought to check where Ryle is swinging that massive magic-lodestone blade of his."

Dipin then looked at Ryle from the roof, then at the knight, "Yeah he's fine. In my experience when you deal with this many mooks there's usually a leader that you can take out the deal with them all. Or atleast limit what they can do." Dipin replied.

During this Ryle was simply attacking every demonic thing in his way.

"You know I don't mean to interupt your destructive slaughter of these things" Slapstick chimed in snapping a Creeper's neck. "But none of this is going to matter if we don't stop these killer matchbox cars!"

Dipin, having good hearing, shouted. "Ryle if those are electronic an EMP should do the job!"

Ryle didn't hear Dipin and replied, "If thats what you want purple guy here we go." The third blade then changed composition to be a pillar of firey justice as he slashed at the wooden creatures. The Infernal Engines under attack responded by backing up and spewing fireballs at Ryle.

Meanwhile, Sir Gawain retreated to the royal chambers to continue defending King Arthur if so need be, but Cordelia and Fat Guy seemed quite capable of keeping the Nobodies away from the doors.

"Stay back, you savages!" Fat Guy yelled. "I know Fat-Lard-Do! It's a secret martial-arts technique that primarily uses the weight of my stomach!" Two Assassins jumped him at once, and Fat Guy snapped, "Don't say I didn't warn ya!" before pulling back and thrusting his gut to parry the Assassins' blades, knocking them back and watching them crumple inhumanly and fall on the ground. Fat Guy then hopped into the air and spread his stubby arms out, howling an ululating battle cry and landing upon the two Nobodies, instantly crushing them into bursts of light. Fat Guy bounced like a basketball and landed neatly on his feet.

Cordelia, on the other hand, skillfully swung her lance to strike each adversary that dared approach, knocking back the magic cubes of Sorcerers and parrying the blows of the Assassins. "It seems that the creatures with the bladed arms only become vulnerable if their attacks are blocked," Cordelia shouted to Fat Guy. "I'm noticing a pattern."

Fat Guy stood up and brushed himself off. "You think so?" he asked.

"There's your chance to check," Cordelia shouted.


"Your left!"

"You know I'm a fat guy, right? My mountains of flab," Fat Guy explained, blocking an Assassin from the left with his gut, "kind of slow me down a bit." He then jumped on the Assassin and it flattened comically into a pancake like a Goomba and disappeared in a flash of light. "This is something that I try to mitigate with Fat-Lard-Do."

Cordelia nodded. "Well, you have your ways of fighting and I have mine. Though it does seem like an interesting martial art, I'm not sure if my girth is sufficient to learn."

Fat Guy nodded. "Fat-Lard-Do is not for the light-weighted," he agreed.

Dipin took a minute to scan the sky and noticed a lot of flying things. "Its been nice knowing you, but I've got level grinding to do." Dipin then hopped over a ledge and used a bit of Magic to cushion his fall. Dipin then causally approached Ryle and said "Hey man, I need you to boot up the launch sequence." Ryle looked at Dipin and said, "Really, where have you been?"

"OH SWEET SON OF LIEFIELD, THE SONIC OC'S ARE COMING TO LIFE!" Slapstick shouted, as he stumbled back in horror.

Dipin looked at the source of that comment and said "Shut your dirty mouth."

The clown scoffed "Pssssh nothing personnnal kid!", before gagging on how terrible that joke was. "I'm sorry that was a little mean, can we commence with destrction of said killer wooden boxes?!"

"Get city escape playing and we can." Dipin replied.


"No, pull up YouTube, man!" Dipin said in an aggravated tone.

"Oh sure because, It makes perfect sense for me to have a computer right now, I mean seriously why on Earth would I have a computer on m-" a clattering sound was heard as a laptop fell out of his pockets. Slapstick glared "Not. A .Word" he said typing in the song. Thankfully, it was on the laptop's iTunes and he didn't have to pull up YouTube.

But as Slapstick browsed iTunes for that one song from Sonic Adventure, the archer Heartless atop the Infernal Engines trained their bows upon him and fired.

"The things I do for laughs, LOAD DAMMIT!" He yelled as several arrows struck him, adding to his temper.

Ryle then placed Dipin between this sword's blades before the hedgehog curled up and was shot into the air.

The hedgehog uncurled once he was high enough to and retrieved his weed whacker to spread water on the airborne mooks. Upon landing Dipin said, "Light'em up." Before Ryle sent a bolt through the flying Nobodies.

Slapstick groaned as he set the computer down and grabbed his weapon."This isnt working!." he noted as the blue runes glowed preventing the engines from the damage of the blaze.

"We need stronger flames!, or at the very least axes!" he yelled

Do you believe in maaagic?, In a young girl's heart? How the music can free her wherever it starts....

Slapstick stopped  "Anyone else hear that!", but as he pondered where "Loven' Spoonfull" came from, A Creeper slashed him at an angle, causing his left half of his torso and head to fall off. "GETTING REALLY SICK OF BEING DISMEMBERED!" he screamed as he pulled himself together.

On the second level, Lofty and Scraps found themselves blocked by a five-Nobody group of Dusks. Lofty quivered in his tires as Scraps picked up a fallen sword, threatening the Dusks with the blade. She could hold it in one hand, since it was a short sword, though even with the magic of the Powder of Life, Scraps had a bit of trouble holding the blade up.

"You take the ones on the left, I'll take the ones on the right?" Scraps asked.

"I'm scared," Lofty whimpered.

"Come on! They're like, a fiftieth of your size?" Scraps estimated. "You can take 'em."

"I don't think I can..."

Scraps sighed. "Okay, okay, I'll try to help you fight them off." Scraps rolled her eyes. "Even if it means me getting torn to bits."

"I wouldn't like that..." Lofty whispered.

Scraps turned around. "Then can you at least 'accidentally' ram these things?"

"Only if you take the wheel. I don't feel comfortable being the perpetrator of motor vehicle accidents..."

"Well, when you put it that way, I can see where you're coming from--LOOK OUT!!!"

Lofty's headlamps flashed in alarm and stunned the Nobodies. Scraps took this opportunity to wildly swing the sword without looking. She felt sharp thumps whenever she struck Nobodies. Lofty backed up (and accidentally flattened a group of Dusks about to sucker-punch him), and when he felt the bumping of their bodies, he cringed. "Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear," Lofty muttered, clumsily driving back and forth and trying not to crush anyone by accident.

Scraps scratched her head. "Well, that makes my job a little bit easier," she remarked.

She continued to whale on the rest of the Nobodies, until no more Nobodies ran to get at them. Scraps opened her eyes. "Are they gone?" she asked.

Lofty nodded. "Yeah, uh, I think so."

Scraps dropped the sword and sat. "Phew," she sighed. The second floor was clear.

Back on the ground level, Dipin approached a working peasant and said, "I request your finest ale."

Before the peasant could answer, however, a Wavecrest swooped down, grabbed him in its talons, and flew away.

"Well there goes that plan." Dipin said before chasing down the Wavecrest.

The Wavecrest crushed the peasant and rended his Heart, transforming him into a Heartless. His twitching body fell to the ground, dissolving into darkness.

Meanwhile, the Nobodies at ground level glided disturbingly quickly towards Dipin, transforming into various sharp weapons and beginning their onslaught upon the ghost-hedgehog. A weight-form Creeper sailed into the air and descended upon Dipin.

"I got that one Dip!" Ryle said as he shot a bolt at the Creeper. The Laviturn citizens then looked at each other and said, "Pike shot." Ryle then pointed his sword at Dipin who curled up as the plates in his shoes were drawn to to the sword.

The two Magic enabled fighters then stood surrounded. Ryle's sword began sparking as Dipin began spinning between the blades. Before a final spark signaled Dipin's launch, the hedgehog's quills stood on end. A final spark emerged from the sword before the hedgehog was launched through the air through a crowd of Nobodies.

The shadowy bodies disapated as Dipin shot through them, at the same time the Hedgehog left a trail of mist in his wake. Ryle noticed a flight of stairs and shouted, "Let's clear this floor and head to the next!" Dipin  uncurled  and replied "Ryle, get ready for a Tesla Shock!" The blades of Ryle's sword then snapped together before they were coated in water. Soon Dipin kicked off his plates and was running, leaving behind a trail of mist that stuck to the Nobodies. Ryle was stuck to making sure his sword hit just hard enough to soak an enemy. after a short period of time the two met and shouted "TESLA SHOCK!" before hitting thier weapons together sending a shot through the room dissipating the Nobodies.

Meanwhile a locked door on the second floor, the door vibrated as if someting was attempting to get access from inside, "THUNK,THUNK,THUNK!", the wooden door buckled as a shard of wood fell off, then several more shards as the door was broken off, a charred ax blade, rimmed on the edges by what appeared to be molten rock.

Whisps of smoke rose from where the blade of magma struck, as the door was broken to bits.

A figure stepped through the doorway, clad from head to toe in asbestos laden cloth, with a pitch black gas mask with lamp-like goggles that resembled evil portholes to Hades itself,
"MMMMMPH?" it spoke with the voice of a muffled kidnapped victium, looking around Pyro realized from the scenery that he was in Degroot's keep, twirling the Sharpened Volcano Fragment, Pyro set his sights on the opposing team.
Two large pink fluffy Praying mantis' rounded the corner, coupled with some flurecent floating ballons shaped like cartoonish robed men, and they were all running at him presumably to give him hugs, Pyro (gleefully skipped)ran at the creatures, as an assassian swiped at him he dodged, than swung his axe up cleaving through the creature's head and causing it to dissolve into darkness.

A "Clank" was heard as Pyro blocked the swinging downslash of the other Assassians, and it was made worse as a cube struck him in the chest. knocking him back.

It was made worse for his foes as Pyro reailed that he was allowed to use his Flamethrower if the other team could use projectiles.

A violent ten foot stream of fire shot out, setting the Assassin on fire, then he used a violent gust of compressed gas knocked the Nobody back, and while it tried to right itself Pyro took out his shotgun and blasted the nobody twice in the chest forming a hole from the buckshot,

The creature wavered than fell dissolving into nothingness. Switching back to the ax, he made easy work of the two "Balloons".

Pyro dashed through the hallways lighting up up up. Everything that could be on fire was on fire; tapestries, to sconces, to even the tough wooden doors. (Thankfully, the walls were still intact.)

Cordelia and Fat Guy had eventually cleared the third floor of Nobodies; all that remained were the four dragon-variant Heartless. "Cripes, we've got dragons," Fat Guy muttered.

"I've helped slay a dragon," Cordelia muttered.

"Is it tough?"

"Admittedly, yes, when the dragon in question is a giant manifestation of despair itself."

"Sounds like one heck of a dragon."

"It was."

Cordelia threw her javelin at the Phantomtail and caught it square in the chest, before going in with her lance and spearing it in the throat. The dragon crumpled to the ground and attempted to claw at Cordelia, but she blocked the blow with her gauntlet's elbow guard. She jammed her lance further into its throat and the Heartless began to dissolve.

Fat Guy took on the Wavecrest, ignoring the Windstorm as Cordelia turned her attention to the Avalanche. "FAT... LARD... DO!!!!!" Fat Guy roared, jumping into the air and spreading his arms out, letting his big red gut eclipse the Wavecrest. Fat Guy smashed into the surprised Heartless's FACE and knocked it to the ground, scraping it against the masonry. Fat Guy folded his stubby arms and simply sat upon the dragon. "Nope, you're not getting out from under there," Fat Guy snapped. The dragon clawed helplessly, its wings spasming as Fat Guy simply sat. Cordelia recovered her javelin and hurled it at the Wavecrest, but the dragon unleashed a wave of water that slipped Fat Guy out from atop it.

"That didn't work as nicely as I would've liked it," Fat Guy grumbled, tumbling and landing upside-down, only to see the Wavecrest awkwardly get up and stumble towards him. Cordelia came in upside-down and smashed the Wavecrest through the neck with her spear. Her hair was sopping wet.

"I didn't see. What happened?" Fat Guy asked.

"I desperately need a change of clothes," Cordelia replied.

The Avalanche that Cordelia had left alone roared and caught Cordelia's attention again. The dragon breathed ice at Cordelia, but Fat Guy jumped in front of her and his thick fat protected her from getting frozen.

"Thank you," Cordelia said.

"Hey, I'm a lubber made of blubber," Fat Guy replied, "it's my job."

But the Windstorm came in with its wind blades and attempted to blast Fat Guy; Cordelia, however, would have none of that and hurled her javelin at the Windstorm, piercing its wing and causing it to spiral out of control. Shivering, Cordelia ran to retrieve the javelin while Fat Guy waddled away from the two Heartless. Cordelia spun around and stabbed the Windstorm as Fat Guy jumped to grab the Avalanche's tail and drag it to the ground. As the Windstorm dissipated into darkness, Cordelia withdrew her lance from the dragon's body and ran, jumping and spearing the Avalanche in the chest. The Avalanche screeched and Cordelia rolled on the ground, before getting up using her lance as a support.

"Teamwork makes the dream work," Fat Guy gloated, before going in for a chest bump--

"TERRIBLE IDEA! TERRIBLE IDEA!" Cordelia cried, waving her hands.

"Riiiight," Fat Guy said. "Don't want to, like, paralyze you for life, or anything."

"Not being paralyzed would be good."

The two of them, having cleared the third floor, stood guard at the staircase in case anybody else dared come up.

After clearing the ground floor of enemies Ryle and Dipin ran up of flight of stairs to only to see the smoldering doorway from which Pyro had emerged. This was not thier concern, the two wizards needed food badly to replenish thier Magic.
Using his superior sense of smell Dipin took in a big whiff to find any food. Turns out castles can smell really bad causing Dipin to gag before he Pointed the way to a chamber that contained milk that was going to sour once the flames reached it. (Which they probably won't, since stone doesn't burn, but you never know.). Before too long the duo possesed a pail of milk that they both downed and converted to Magic before heading back to the first floor.

Dipin took in another long breath before saying, "They've got ale, maybe we can do something with that. Go get me supplies so we can haul it to the roof." In response, Ryle said, "Oh we got a truck," before running off to get Lofty.

After a bit of searching Ryle found Lofty and said, "Hey we need your help to move some ale."

Lofty nodded. "Uh, yeah, I think I can help, if it involves lifting..." he whispered, eager to get back to his normal crane-y duties.

"Just follow me." Ryle said as he ran back to Dipin. Lofty trundled after him, rattling a bit as he traveled down the staircase.


"Well than," he said "Might as well keep the rabble out!" he took out his Mallet and cleared his throat.

"Don't throw your trash in MY backyard, MY Backyard, MY Backyard!" He started to sing as he sent the heartless flying. "Don't throw your trash in MY backyard, MY backyard, NO!"
"Fish and chips and Vinegar, Vinegar, Vinegar"
When a dragon swooped low he hopped on and proceeded to bash the creature's brains out causing it to fall and smash into the mass of monsters.
"Fish and chips and Vinegar, Pepper, Pepper and Salt!"
He sung as he picked himself up.

Once Ryle met up with Dipin, he noticed that he hedgehog had already taken the liberty of using a few barrels for parts, his clothes seemed to be drenched in alcohol.

Lofty had managed to squeeze through the archway. "What happened to you?" he asked Dipin. Lofty added, "I'm Lofty, by the way; I'm a heavy-duty crane lorry."

After a few moments the cart was loaded with barrels of ale and hooked to Lofty. "Saving lives isn't always the cleanest job talking crane." Dipin replied as he climbed on top of the barrels to help keep the barrels in place.

"I can't imagine that it is," Lofty replied. "But neither is construction," he rambled. "One time, I was spooked so hard on the way to the site that I suffered a terrible roll-over. It took a backhoe and two people to push me back over..." As he did, he pulled his cable until it was taut and nicely hooked onto the makeshift cart. Lofty then turned carefully around in the cellar so that his front faced the opening.

Dipin held onto a barrel and said, "Alright to the roof!"

But before they could, the ale cellar rumbled and from the shadows, a monstrous Heartless materialized into view. It resembled a top-heavy warthog, with two long backhoe scoops where its tusks would be. In the place of its tail, it had a trebuchet sling. Its entire body was a silvery-gray, save for its feet; unlike a warthog's, the Heartless's legs were thick and stump-like, with two toes each that resembled the ends of a mobile trebuchet's axles. Where its face would normally be was instead a pair of yellow eyes underneath a mass of savage-looking fur. Its Heartless emblem was on its breast.

This was the Dig Trebuchet. The Heartless roared and pawed the masonry. Lofty whimpered, terrified.

Dipin looked at Ryle and said, "Think you can hold him off? I'm bit flammable right now." Ryle drew his sword and separated the blades and said, "Anytime," before running towards the beast. Dipin then said, "Get out of here the first chance we get." As he pulled the trigger on the weed whacker causing the whips to pick up in speed. Dipin lowered half his quills.

Lofty noted the fact that the Heartless was pretty much blocking any route to get out of the hallway. "I can't get past it!" Lofty whined.

The Heartless roared at Ryle then dug one of its tusks into the masonry, tearing the stones out and launching them at Ryle, before pawing the ground again and charging at Ryle to smash him with the other tusk.

Luckily Ryle knew about armor and his protected him from most of the blow. Ryle looked around an noticed scrap iron laying around and used the power of MAGNETS to send the iron towards the demonic boar.

The Dig Trebuchet flinched from the scrap iron blows, its head rearing back, but it couldn't stop its own momentum and smashed into the wall, embedding one of its tusks into the side of the cellar. The frustrated Heartless had other tricks, however; the Dig Trebuchet pointed its trebuchet tail at Ryle. A fireball formed in its tail and the trebuchet launched it straight at Ryle. The Dig Trebuchet's upper half, however, struggled to free itself from the wall.

Ryle smirked as the fire ball launched at him, he then said, "Naughty, naughty, that's my specialty." Before punching the fireball back at its sender. Ryle then attempted to ram his sword into the boar.

The Dig Trebuchet, as soon as it ripped its tusk out of the wall, knocked the fireball to the side, and lowered its head to parry the blow from the sword, then stomping forward to put pressure on Ryle.

Ryle caught the tusk between the two blades before the secondary blade flipped to its cutting edge and and snapped the blades together.

The Dig Trebuchet's tusk was harder than Ryle might have thought, however, and instead of severing the shovel from the tusk, the blade caught onto the shovel head. This gave the Dig Trebuchet enough of an opening to launch a fireball at Ryle.


Ryle braced for impact only fo be drenched in water, apparently Dipin decided that burning fur or not Ryle needed a littIe support before slamming the whips of his weed whacker into the the hide of the Dig Trebuchet. Dipin then vibrated his quills causing then to create a hissing sounds, in an attempt to intimidate the heartless.

The Heartless, however, was not intimidated by this little rodent-man-thing; if anything, it was pretty freakin' furious due to the fact that this man just stuck a MOTORIZED WEED WHACKER INTO ITS HIDE. The monster reared and this wrenched the magnetic blade off of the Dig Trebuchet's tusk. The Heartless slammed back to the ground, tucked its head in, and charged at Dipin, Ryle, and Lofty.

Dipin ready to deal with the the beast quickly curled up and raised his spikes. Ryle, on the other hand, had a different plan and thrust his sword forward and waited for the heartless to impale itself.

The Heartless, as it charged, swung its head to slam its tusks into Ryle and Dipin.

Ryle moved his sword to skewer the beast the the nose before the cutting edge of his sword rotated to put the cutting edge to the outside before forcing the blades to repeativily open and close at blinding speed. The Dig Trebuchet roared in pain, its legs buckling and kicking out, the blades tearing into its hide and turning its insides into a blender. In no way whatsoever was this a pretty sight. The monster twisted its head to the left, but that only changed the direction to which the blades chopped and sliced. Dipin then uncurled before ramming the weed whacker into the heartless for the finishing blow. The Dig Trebuchet let out a horrible roar before falling backwards, its body dissolving into darkness.

An exausted Dipin and Ryle then climbed onto the cart and signaled for Lofty to go.

Lofty then rumbled out of the cellar, the makeshift cart trundling behind him. It may have bumped up the staircases leading up to the top floor, but Dipin's engineering proved sound, and the ale remained securely strapped to the cart. Lofty stopped at the top of the roof, having picked Scraps up along the way, and the group convened in the courtyard before the throne room.

"Ryle, is this really a time to be drinking?" Cordelia asked.

"I don't think it's for drinking," Scraps remarked, appraising the cart of alcohol.

The two the hopped of the cart and rolled a barrel of Ale over to the castle wall before Dipin said, " A little help please."

"What do you need help with?" Scraps asked.

"I think he needs us to help move those barrels so that we can huck them over the wall. Which doesn't seem like a great idea; after all, the distance between us and the wall is further than a Baseball Boy's hardest pitch," Fat Guy conjectured.

Cordelia shook her head. "We have to get closer to the wall if we were to douse the engines in alcohol," she said.

Lofty nodded. "This isn't going to hurt, is it?"

Scraps laughed. "Hopefully, not us. But as for those engines..."


The group had traveled down to the second level of the castle, traversed the castle wall, and systematically, on Ryle's and Dipin's mark, dumped kegs of the flammable ale upon the Infernal Engines and their archers. Luckily, Slapstick's shenanigans had kept anybody else from entering the castle.

"So, now that we've got them doused in the stuff, how are going to incendify them?" Scraps asked, peering down over the castle wall to the confused and agitated Infernal Engines.

Dipin the stepped back over to Scraps, and probably still smelling of ale and said, "Ryle if you will do the honors." The hedgehog now had the time to realize that he was soaked and as a result his quills were much less effective than they would usually be, as a result his quills raised, displaying his anger.

Cordelia smelled alcohol all over Dipin. "Excuse me, but you didn't happen to have been drinking this before we dumped it, did you?" Cordelia asked.

Dipin quills only seemed to raise higher as he said, "I had to break a few barrels to make the cart. Do you even know how uncomfortable walking around with wet quils is?" His tone made it very aware he was salty.

Cordelia decided against pressing the subject further.

Suddenly a large creeper stumbled towards them alight with fire,"TWHACK THWACK!" sounds were heard as the creature went tumbling down, Pyro seeing this group stopped and cocked his head in curiosity, letting the firey axe hang on his side, it reguarded them coldy, as he stepped on the Creeper's neck and rasied his ax

"THWACK!,THWACK!" the ax went down shattering the head and crushing it to bits, and dissolving it into bright white shiny particles.

Then he walked towards the group, silently not even mumbling when he was about two feet away he stooped down and dipped his fingers in the ale, bringing it up to his googled eyes he rubbed it between his fingers, seemingly deep in thought, before strolling up to Dipin seemingly sensing the alcohol on the hedgehog's skin, he raised his hand and touched the quil.

"MHH, HHH!" Pyro giggled instantly lightening the malevolent vibe he had been giving off it was a pretty funny hat.

Pyro then introduced himself pointing at himself and than at the emblem on his shoulder,

Dipin was not comfortable with his situation in response half of his quills replexivly lowered.

Scraps noted the Pyro's flamethrower, and the little blue flame flickering on its shaft. "Hey!" Scraps said, brightening up. "How good do you think you are at burninizing alcohol-covered wood that happens to contain an army of monsters bent on laying siege to a castle?"

A bleeping sound could be heard along with the smell of burnt hair as Dipin was engulfed in flames.

Pyro reacted immediatly, blowing a high stream of gas instantly putting out the flames.

"HEY ALL YOU MOOKS UP THERE!" Shouted a voice, Pyro ran over and peeked out the window.

Dipin stood unignited, though his quills seemed to be burned pretty bad. He pulled the hood over his head and sulked off to a room.

On the ground a very pissed off looking Slapstick held a bullhorn and was being beat up by serveral Heartless.


Ryle then pointed his sword at the booze soaked heartless and shot a small flame inginiting the foes. "AVOID THE FIRE. THAT SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THE WOODEN ONES!" Ryle shouted in response.

Pyro patted Ryle on the back, and jumped out from between the ramparts, as he hit the ground he "VOOOOOSH'd" out fire like the dragons of old, the flames caught the fuel as the the fire spread, washing over the creatures like a clensing wave OF DEATH, but Pyro was far from done as he strode into the flames and began to used the flamethrower to make sure they were burned to a crisp.

"Gods damn it, the dastards breached the walls again!" Cordelia growled. Lofty offered his winch to her, and she grabbed on and swung down to the ground level to back Slapstick up. Fat Guy took a less graceful approach and simply jumped.

Ryle watched the Pyro's handy work and soon joined in by swinging his sword to create a pillar of flame to destroy the incomming heartless.

"Aim for the ENGINES!" Slapstick yelled downing a floating Sorcerer with his hammer.

The Engines, now desperate to break down the walls, opened their mouths and released their battering rams.

Pyro was more than happy to oblige, running towards the engines tongues of flames hungrily licking at the wooden frames. The Infernal Engines immediagely caught fire; waves of flame quickly blazed over the engines, exposing the glowing blue runes; Morgan le Fay's magic began to wear, as the fire marred the letters and the words lost their power. And as they did, the wooden Heartless began to light ablaze; smoke curled from beyond Camelot's walls, the flames licking above the ramparts and lighting the morning with orange.

"WE SOAKED THEM IN BOOZE THEY SHOULD BE BURNING LIKE NO TOMMORROW!" Ryle shouted before using a Magic cushioned fall to join Slapstick.

And indeed, they were. The line of Engines lit like a ring of fire around Camelot's walls; the banging of battering rams slowly ceased, signaling the weakening of the Heartless.

Pyro raised the flamethrower about his head like a Tusken Raider, yelling in victory.

Dipin on the other hand seemed to have raided the milk chamber again as he seemed to lack evidence of being on fire moments ago. The hedgehog had made his way down to the first floor. "Really we just cleared this up!?" Dipin said before beating heartless with a weed whacker.

Fat Guy's fall created a slow shockwave that toppled each and every Heartless on the courtyard, immediately vibrating them into oblivion. The darkness dissipated from the courtyard and Fat Guy lay on his face. For this was the ultimate technique of Fat-Lard-Do's 4th-degree black belt: the Earth-shaking Gutslam.

Cordelia reached the ground and planted her staff in the earth. "Well, you certainly don't waste any time," she remarked to Fat Guy.

"I disagree", Slapstick commented spitting out a few teeth.

Fat Guy shrugged. "Lofty isn't a taxi."

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Post by Teedler on Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:13 pm

The squid was a bit disappointed to learn that the girl was not human. Though maybe she was a similar species, regardless the girl was asking her if a doctor made her "special". The squid pointed to herself and gurgled "Inkling."
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"Ink-ling?" The Little Sister sounded out the word"Do you write stories?", "Do you store ink in in those?". the Splicer said pointing at the tentacles on either side of the squid's head

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The squid shook her head and pointed to the ink tank on her back. Wary of Big Daddy, Firefly slowly picked up her N-Zap '89 and fired a small amount of ink away from the trio. The kid then turned into a squid and crawled into the puddle.

The sticky hedgehog then proceeded to sulk off until he found a bath. He promptly used the first empty bath he found.
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Post by ToadRopes on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:02 am


Scraps slumped against the edge of the ramparts, exhaling deeply. "Well, that didn't go TOO badly," she remarked.

Lofty asked, "Is it over?"

"I sure hope so," Scraps replied, shaking her head. "I've had enough of crazy ghosty thingies trying to slit our throats."

Suddenly, Scraps heard loud yells. She cringed, then turned towards the top of the castle, her eyes widening. Lofty yelped and followed Scraps's gaze. His headlamps grew to the size of wagon wheels, and he nearly fainted.

Scraps then saw an explosion.

"Sweet Oz!" she screamed.

Cordelia looked up. "What? What is it?!"

"THE THRONE ROOM!" Scraps hollered, grabbing a mass of her yarn hair in one hand and pointing at the top of the castle. "Come on, Lofty, the King and those knights are definitely in trouble!"

"I don't want to run into trouble," Lofty complained.

"Do you want the king to burn?!"

"Well, when you put it that way, of course not."

"Then step on it, truck!"

Lofty lowered his winch down to Cordelia and Fat Guy, who grabbed on to the winch. Lofty hoisted them up as Scraps hopped into his cab, and Cordelia jumped into the cab while Fat Guy boarded the crane trailer. Lofty's tires spun frantically, and he sped up the stairs, rattling and bumping, his pupils bouncing about his headlamps like marbles. Scraps and Cordelia squinted their eyes as Lofty ascended the tiers of the castle.

Lofty skidded to a halt in front of the throne room. Green flames danced about the tower. Scraps, Cordelia, and Fat Guy burst into the room. Cordelia held her lance in both hands, and Fat Guy struck some kind of pose reminiscent of a knife-handed block in crane stance. Scraps gaped at the scene.

The Knights of the Round Table lay strewn across the stone floor, their armor steaming. The lying Sir Gawain looked up at Fat Guy. "Good Lord Fattius Guy," he croaked, "you and your cohort fought valiantly, but we... the Knights of the Table Round..."

Sir Gawain's head slumped from exhaustion. Fat Guy peeled his gaze from Sir Gawain and exited his pose, before gasping and stumbling back a bit. King Arthur stood at his throne, his sword drawn, surrounded by green flames licking at his elevated dais. Before him stood the terrible Maleficent and the uncomfortable Morgan le Fay.

"Alright, what's going on here?" Scraps asked. "Because I don't think sinister green flames are the surest sign of everything being--"

Maleficent turned around and screeched, "SILENCE!!!"

Scraps winced.

"I shall have no interference!" Maleficent roared, before forcing a wall of thorns to erupt before Scraps, Cordelia, and Fat Guy. This trapped Sir Gawain on their side of the thorns. The crisscrossed vines were wide enough for Scraps to peer through and watch the horrifying spectacle.

None of the other knights moved from their spots on the ground. They seemed limp, lifeless, as if their hearts had been rent from their bodies. In fact, a pair of Heartless had joined Maleficent and Morgan le Fay in advancing upon Arthur.

"What is the meaning of this? Foul witch!" Arthur spat at Maleficent. "And Morgan le Fay... How couldst thee side with such a dark sorceress?"

"You killed my heart's desire," Morgan whispered. "The darkness in my heart is because of thee, O cruel brother!"

Morgan raised her hands, and runes circled her wrists, before solidifying in midair and flashing, creating a ring of flames around King Arthur. "What is this madness?! Morgan! Stop this, now!"

"What is the madness of the kin's cruelty? My heart hath a hole where thou dost kill my love!"

"Wherefort thy mad love drive you to act such? Methinks it is the witch's devilish wit!"

"Silence!" Maleficent shouted. "You will come quietly, Arthur. Do not resist, and your dear sister will minimize your eternal suffering!"

"Thou thinkst to make my life a living hell? Foul strumpet! May thou burn in thy own flames!" Arthur threatened.

Morgan le Fay said nothing and from Arthur's belt pried the scabbard of Excalibur, thrusting it into the air. "And in thy life my vengeance shall complete!" Morgan wailed. She didn't notice the two Heartless creeping towards her. Morgan raised the scabbard above her head, and pointed the triangular end at Arthur's heart.

Maleficent snapped her fingers.

The Heartless pounced upon Morgan, their talons clawing at her chest. The sorceress shrieked and dropped the scabbard, which clattered to the dais and bounced down the steps to the throne, skittering across the floor. Maleficent stopped it with her foot. She looked down at it, then her serpentine pupils shifted upward to watch the Heartless rip Morgan le Fay's Heart from her body. The glowing Heart separated slowly from Morgan's convulsing body; the two Heartless raised it into the air and made staccato chittering noises.

Scraps screamed, and Cordelia felt faint. Fat Guy gaped.

Maleficent picked up the scabbard of Excalibur and strode up to the dais, kicking Morgan's fading form away. "Th-thou..." Morgan croaked. Darkness began to spread from the spot from where the Heartless had torn her Heart.

Maleficent approached King Arthur. "What, you shall subject me to the same fate as thou hast my sister?" Arthur asked.

"No; instead, I shall make you watch as your kingdom, as your world, succumbs to darkness!" Maleficent sneered, before raising the scabbard and walking past Arthur. As she did, the tip of the scabbard began to glow.

Maleficent turned back towards Scraps and the others. Lofty looked in, terrified, but drawn by morbid curiosity. "This time, I shall not fail!" Maleficent screeched. She stretched her arms out and let out a wave of magic. Scraps, Cordelia, and Fat Guy flinched as a wind bursted past them.

From outside, where the others could see, a dark apparition manifested in the air, taking on the form of Maleficent's bust, albeit in a green vapor-like form. Her yellow eyes twinkled like sickly stars, and her gaze was cold as steel.

"Power... That is what we all desire in the end. Only the strong have the will and the power to survive..." Maleficent's apparition boomed. "Dominion over all worlds... That is what I seek..."

"Wow, those are some lofty goals," Scraps shouted.

"Don't bring me into this!" Lofty snapped.

"I'm not!"

Maleficent turned again towards Scraps. "Insolent little rag doll... But what threat do you truly pose to my ambitions?"

Maleficent turned around, and as she did, her apparition disappeared from the sky. She raised the scabbard of Excalibur and a heart-shaped rift appeared at its tip, upon touching the top of the throne. That rift grew in size once Maleficent twisted the key harshly to the left.

"What art thou doing?!" Arthur cried.

"I shall bring this world into the darkness! Those who have control over darkness wield the truest form of power!" Maleficent declared.

As she did, Heartless began to pour from Corridors of Darkness and skitter towards the rift to the heart of Camelot, the core of its existence. Scraps rolled up her sleeves as if she were going to wallop Maleficent, and Cordelia worked at cutting the thorns, but these black thorns were born of sorcery and did not cut.

Maleficent raised her arms again. "Prepare yourselves to suffer an eternal Hell!" Maleficent roared.

"NO!" Scraps, Cordelia, Fat Guy, and Lofty cried.

Suddenly, they saw a flash of white light. Maleficent's eyebrow raised; the four of them were nowhere to be found. She decided that it was no matter; surely they would cross paths later. If this was anything like that situation with the tactician...

Scraps and the others did not see the world succumb to darkness. Maleficent's cackling echoed in their ears as the flash whisked them away and knocked them unconscious.


No... This isn't going according to plan at all! No doubt about it, there is a greater force acting at work here. I shall have to be more careful in my patronage...



Cordelia awoke in a garden full of white roses.

Or, rather, mostly white roses. There were a precious few that were red.

"Doggone it, it happened again!"

"She's going to be furious!"

"Ohhh, you know what happened to those last two gardeners..."

"Yeah... And those three gardeners, too!"

Cordelia's eyes fluttered, and she sat up, before using her lance as a support. She slumped a bit. "Ow..."

The two gardeners drew closer, and they had definitely noticed Cordelia at this point. "Hey, Ace, what do you think that is?"

"Looks like a woman, Diamond," replied Ace.

Cordelia rubbed her eyes, then blinked again.


"Probably; she doesn't look like a chessman..."

"She looks quite strange; she's all... gangly, and tall, and she has a strange-looking walking-stick..."

"Hey. 'She' can hear you, you know," Cordelia snapped.

"So she can talk!"

"She speaks English!"

"Over here," Cordelia grumbled.

The funny little gardeners waddled over to her; the first thing that she noticed was that they were, in fact, playing cards, each the size of a fourteen-year-old boy. They had heads and arms, and upon those heads sat driver's caps. They spoke with cockney accents, and both were 4 cards. Both of them were clean-shaven.

"Well, well! Now, who are you?" asked Ace. His numbers and symbols were black.

"Where am I?" Cordelia asked, "and--"

Diamond cut him off. "Ah-ah! We'll ask the questions here! After all, we're the natives, and you're the one who fell down the rabbit-hole! Figuratively speaking, of course."

Cordelia squinted one eye. "Whaaat?"

Ace leaned up close to her, looking up and opening one eye really wide. "So, what brings you to Wonderland, madame?"

"I haven't answered your first question; I am Cordeli---"

"One question at a time, please! We haven't got all day; as you can see, we are very, very busy gardeners!" Diamond declared.

"Can I give one answer at a time--"

"Ah-ah! What did I just say?" Diamond asked.

Cordelia threw her hands into the air, thoroughly frustrated. "Slow down, will you?"

"Now, now, what right have you to give us orders? You aren't the Queen of Hearts. You aren't quite as frightening, and you are quite taller than she," said Ace.

Cordelia put her palms up. "Alright, that's it. If you would just please tell me who you are and where exactly this 'Wonderland' is."

"Well, you're standing in it!" Diamond declared. "In regards to Wonderland, that is. And you are currently talking to a pair of fours!"

"Before, the gardeners were threes and twos, before, well..." Ace drew his thumb across his neck.

Cordelia gulped. "Noted."

"Queen of Hearts ain't a nice lady if you cross her," Diamond explained. "And if you do, she crosses you! With an axe, of course. Real head-hunter, that lady is."

Everything in this "Wonderland" is so capricious... Cordelia thought. First they were disrespectful, and now they're making idle chat. Though this "Queen of Hearts" sounds a bit like trouble.

Ace pointed to the brush in his hand. "And that's why we're painting these roses red," he explained. "I mean, sure, WE weren't the ones who planted 'em, but if the Queen of Hearts walks through this place and sees the white petals, it's off with our heads!"

"Probably off with your head, too, madame," Diamond added.

"What?! Why?" Cordelia asked.

"Just 'cause you're in the vicinity."

Cordelia shook her head. "I'm going to leave," she said.

"Good luck with that," Ace said, snorting. "All roads lead to the Queen of Hearts. Everyone knows that."

"I don't! I'm a foreigner to this 'Wonderland' of yours! I'm still trying to get over the fact that I am talking to a playing card."

"Okay, okay, but if you like your head, and most people do, you ought to head into the hedges. Queen of Hearts doesn't usually travel through there. It's strictly ornamental," Ace replied.

Cordelia sighed. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me, thank the hedges," Ace dismissed.

Cordelia ducked into the hedges and pulled her lance horizontally. "I might as well see where this hedge leads," she mused.


Such ruthless destruction, all for the sake of power... Hm. I made a good choice. If I am to gain the powers of infinity... Ah, but I suppose the next... Yes, the next two shall prove worthy, or they shall be destroyed at the invisible force's hand.


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Slapstick marched into the building, and started to cough from all of the smoke caused by the fires, which were in turn caused by Pyro's setting fleeing heartless on fire,"Well how am supposed to deal with this!" he said reaching into his pocket and pulled out a large fire extinguisher.
His eyes grew twice as big as he saw the device,"Oh yes!" Just what I needed!".

He ran over to a Sorcerer, and raising the Extinguisher in both hands, he leapt off the ground.

Swinging down with all the force he could muster a sound akin to shattering stone was heard as he brained the stock-still floater, slamming it into the ground and shattering it to pieces when dissipated into light particles, as he landed a Dusk jumped on top of him and hissed in his face. the Toon grabbed the nozzle on the extinguisher and rammed it as far as it would go into the beast's gullet, and squeezed the mechanism.

The frigid C02 ballooned up the pale creature, as well as freezing it so much as to make frost appear on the outside of the monster.

"BRO you need to chill out, he chuckled a bit before hearing a magnificent explosion, Slapstick scampered up the stairs, unknowingly followed by Pyro whom was done gloating over the ashen remains of the engines

But it was too late, as a bright light illuminated and blinded them.

Meanwhile..... The Little Sister was utterly enthralled by the the Inklings transformation as she shrieked with joy and an over to the puddle sifting her hands through the liquid the Big Daddy however gave a low rumble of concern as if it felt something greatly horrible had happened.

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Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand

Post by Teedler on Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:24 pm

Instead of being with the others to confront Morgan and Maleficent , Dipin had just finished putting on his clothes and currently had towels wrapped around his head and another across his back in a cape like manner.

Ryle had managed to find his way to Malefeicent's room of punk rock swaggin' green hellfire flames. He grabbed his sword and set it to the open position before running towards the fairy queen, his momentum was ended as a white hedgehog grabbed the back of Ryle's armor. Dipin then said, "As much as I would love to kill Angelina over there and end this now, we aren't even on page five yet." Before dragging off Ryle as the two were enveloped in light. And then one of the two saw hedges.

The squid was quite pleased that this human like creature enjoyed her act of squidery. The squid the climbed out of the puddle before taking a humanoid shape once more. Assuming the girl wanted to see
more ink the squid then proceeded to place ink in puddles of various sizes in the general area.
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Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand

Post by ToadRopes on Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:11 pm


While Cordelia was thoroughly confused by her surroundings, Scraps, a being of similar caprice and wackiness due to the nature of her homeland of Oz, felt right at home.

"Oh, good, I was beginning to worry that I'd be out of place wherever I went," Scraps remarked, waltzing into the gates of a secluded garden. Chinese lanterns hung overhead, their papery shades creased and folded in different shapes and colors. "Oh, my, I hear singing. I wonder what sort of festivation I'll come across if I keep following this path," Scraps mused, walking down the path.

She heard two voices, one lispy, and one brash, but both let out upbeat melodies, and as Scraps approached the table, she saw two rather short figures having some sort of tea-party (a whacked-out tea-party, no doubt). One of them had on a large top hat and a yellow coat. The other, however, was a rabbit (or, rather, a hare), a brown animal famous for being quite mad in the month of March, when its hypos would be up as its mating season begins. (But of course, here it was the middle of May, so the March hare would be a little less mad, as opposed to if it were the middle of March.)

This tea party served to defy all laws of physics. The little hatted man poured his tea down his collar, and it came spilling out of his left sleeve and neatly filled a little teacup. The hare's ears twitched and twisted as he juggled a cup full of sugar cubes and a knife covered in jelly.

Something in the back of Scraps's mind bothered her. What had happened to Camelot after Maleficent, well, opened its Keyhole and consumed it by darkness?

If this is Hell, then I guess the weight of sin must be pretty light, Scraps thought, looking around at the generally cheerful scene. And I'm pretty sure that that hatted fellow isn't Satan...

Scraps sat down in one of the chairs; the two figures seemed oblivious to her presence as they sung their merry song. Something about... un-birthdays?

Scraps was a girl who preferred to live in the moment, and so as she immersed herself in the atmosphere, she felt more at home, and put the incident with Maleficent away for now. Can't help but think there's a way to stop her from doing... whatever the heck she was... to anyone else. There always is. And we can right the wrongs... Just as soon as we get together again, of course, she thought.

The patchwork girl settled in the chair and listened to them singing their song and pouring their tea.

"What exactly is an un-birthday?" Scraps asked.

This brought the two chaps to a screeching halt. The mad fellow in the hat turned his head towards Scraps, and in his lispy voice, he declared, "Well, aren't you rude! No room, no room!"

"This cannot do!" the March hare raved. "You cannot sit down without being invited! That's bad, bad form!"

"Well, perhaps I could invitate myself in," Scraps challenged, grinning and leaning forward on one elbow, digging her left palm into her left cheek.

The Mad Hatter (for at this point, I am sure you all recognize this funny little man), who had gotten up to approach Scraps, screeched to a halt and said to no one in particular, "Well, I suppose that works just fine."

The March hare's expression quickly brightened. "Ah, well, every year, you have but one birthday," he explained, disregarding his previous statement about tea-party etiquette. Which means, according to my calculations..."

The Mad Hatter tapped his fingers, then concluded, "Three hundred and sixty-four un-birthdays!"

"Three hundred and sixty-five on leap years?" Scraps asked.

"I suppose that would be the case," the March hare mused.

"Why, she gets the idea quite well!" the Mad Hatter praised.

"I suppose it's my un-birthday too, then!" Scraps remarked. This brightened the Mad Hatter and the March hare.

"Then you must sit with us! Can't celebrate an un-birthday without a proper cup of tea!" the Mad Hatter exclaimed.

Scraps beamed. "Well, then why don't we get along with the festivation?!"

"I like this one more than the last," the March hare whispered to the Mad Hatter. "She was much too punctual for my taste in guests."


"Gods damn it all. I'm completely lost in these hedges!" Cordelia muttered. "It's almost as if they were designed as a maze. And it doesn't look like I've gotten any further from that garish castle..."

The Pegasus knight sat down upon one of the planters and planted her lance into the dirt. She peered over the hedge, and spotted several figures playing a game of croquet. "Huh... Some form of sport... Perhaps this kingdom isn't as barbaric as the gardeners made it out to be--"

Just then, Cordelia heard a loud screech and flinched, covering her ears and gritting her teeth.


Cordelia looked over the hedge again and saw two guards pulling a poor flamingo away from the croquet field. Cordelia noted the fact that the players seemed to use the flamingoes as mallets to strike round, somewhat-large balls to pull them through arched cards. "All of a sudden, this realm makes sport seem barbaric," Cordelia remarked. "Though I suppose the Feroxi's 'elections' come in a similar vein..."

Cordelia heard two thumps behind her, and she turned around to face Ryle and Dipin (who she had not the privilege of introduction with). "Oh, Ryle," Cordelia said, somewhat surprised. "Fancy you ending up in this hedge-maze. And you..." she continued, turning to the ghostly spiny fellow. "You were with us at the castle, correct? I don't think I ever got your name..."

Cordelia thought that she saw some similarity to Dipin's and the croquet-balls' textures.

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Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand

Post by Teedler on Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:21 am

Dipin, removed the towels around his quills and drapped them over his shoulder before extending his hand and saying, "That was me and the name's Dipin D. Hedgehog. As you may have guessed I am a hedgehog, so that's convenient. Yeah so it sounds like someone is upset. Have a feeling we should check that out." At this point baffled by what Dipin just said Ryle responded, "Do you not care about keeping a head on your shoulders man!?"
"Yeah, but this is non canon."
"Full time stuff, don't worry about it."
Dipin's quills then spread out to thier usual positions before he continued speaking, "So miss while on the topic of introductions may I ask your name?"
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Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand

Post by TheRandomRingmaster on Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:45 pm

Brought to you by TheRandomRingmaster and Teedler

The skies grew dark as the heartless swarmed in converting unwilling knights and peasants into Heartless who in turn converted more and more until the new editions along with countless recruits flowing out of Maleficent's portal, swarmed across the landscape.

Darkness, like dreadful fingers of death, clawed from Camelot's Keyhole and drew in light like the gravity of a black hole.

A low rumble was heard from the clouds followed a jagged line of light that cut across the sky, "UNNNNNGH!" the Big Daddy mumbled as it started to rain, as if sensing the malice undoubtibly heading their way.

"What is it Mister Bubbles?" the little girl inquired splashing through some puddles of colored ink, it stained her dress but quite frankly her clothes were already so grimy and dirty from Rapture it didn't really matter.

Like shadows taking over the daylight the Heartless swarmed over the land, until they sensed hearts to rend, three to be exact, setting their unholy glowing eyes on the three sea creatures, they swarmed towards them.

Sensing the presence of something Dangerous, Firefly turned her attention the the incoming heartless and began pulsating color. The squid was unsure of what these creatures were. She pointed the N-Zap '89 at one a and pulled the trigger, causing the demon's body to be dissiapated has its darkness was replaced with ink.

The monsters gave no heed, not even slightly flinching as they continued to charge.
Big Daddy was strong but he was in no condition to take on an army, nor could he keep Litte Sister safe in such a brawl,so he grabbed the Little Sister and tossed her on his shoulder

The lack of reaction from the heartless, threw Firefly off. In response the squid dropped her N-Zap into a puddle of ink and Retrieve a Splat Roller. With a flick of ink the head of the roller was on the ground and Firefly was running through the heartless in an attempt to escape.

The Big Daddy started running after the Inkling using the gap to escape, Togather the Inkling and Titain ran into the darkened forest.

Firefly ran, she had no time to think, the squid was looking for an escape. The rain was already beginning to Dilute her body, causing her to slow her pace. Before her legs started giving out, on reflex the inklings tentacles began to glow, signaling that the Killer Wail was ready. Unfortunately this also meant that they would be easier to track.

Two little hands grapsed at the Inkling's droppy tentecles, and hauled her onto the lumbering Titain,"FASTER!" shrieked The Little Sister as the Heartless began to gain on them, but alas trageady struck as the Big Daddy slipped and fell into the mud.

The Giant rose to his feet as the Little sister dragged the melting inklin to safety underneath the Big Daddy's shade

Firefly had attempted to activate the killer wail, the speaker was out but the damage from the slip in the mud was done, the rain began pouring down harder. With a burst of ink the inkling was splattered.

Little Sister started to cry as her friend dissolved, while her guardian whirred his drill just barely keeping the swarm at bay.

It was pouring rain, buckets upon bucket of rain, it seemed that the very trees were crying, as goblest of sticky sap dripped down and landed on a Heartless.

It was very strange sticky slightly reddish sap......The heartless suddenly screamed in pain as the sap started to dissolve its flesh and consume its matter.

The Heartless barely had a moment to react when a wall of the "sap" fell over them enveloping their screaming wriggling bodies.

They were creature of Darkness, made to steal the hearts of all, they had no defense against a creature without a heart, or even a mind... a creature of pure hunger.

The water in the area had prevented the squid from respawing earlier but now that they were in a more dry location, firefly used the ink dripping of the splicers to respawn. She waved and said "Woomy!"

"Woomy?" the Little girl repeated confused, At that very moment a bolt of lightning streaked down from the sky and hit the Big Daddy's Metal arm drill.

"AWWWWWWWOOOOGHHHHHH!" It screamed in pain as the current ran through him and into the ground.

Perhaps Merlin had sent the lightning, for the electircity surrounded the three Sea Creatures in a bright ball of light and with the smell of burning ozone they vanished.

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Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand

Post by ToadRopes on Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:21 pm


"Those meddling Kids Next Door are always in my way!" Father seethed. The silhouetted man stomped through the tulgey wood, clearly not in a good mood. "How am I supposed to maintain total adult control over the world with those recalcitrant brats throwing their wrenches in my schemes?"

Father looked around. "And now... I don't have any idea where I am!" he roared. His skin began to smoke. Father chewed on his pipe in disgust. "Nothing makes sense here... It is the epitome of chaos, of uncontrollable, juvenile..." He saw a small plumber's snake with eyes crawling on the dirt. He stamped on it and his glowing yellow eyes squinted as he slowly twisted his foot, killing the plumber's snake. "Everything that stands in the order of adult rule..." he growled.

He picked up the flattened plumber's snake and inspected it. "Imaginations have no place in my practical world," Father mused. "Only complete and utter obedience to the superior..."

Father opened his palm and hurled a fireball at a tree, instantly incinerating it. Several eyeglasses with legs and beaks hopped in panic away from their smoldering home. "Only paramount respect for the elder can bring control and law to the world. Only a ruthless, iron, adult fist can maintain order."

Father clenched his fist, extinguishing the remainder of the flames, before turning towards the darker parts of the woods. "But what does that matter now? Now that I am separated from my world, from those wretched Kids Next Door? I am most... displeased at this prospect..."

After some walking, Father realized that he was completely lost. The trees' signs said, "HERE," "THERE," and "TIMBUKTU." Some of the letters literally grew legs and walked away. Father was furious.

"Lost, are we?" asked a calm, condescending voice. Father whirled around and ignited his palms.


A toothy grin materialized into view upon the nearest branch, followed by the figure of a cat, fading into existence. He was a wide-eyed, wide-smiled cat, and just popped in and out. He was fuzzy, in a sense, and did not seem fazed by Father's furious remarks (for this was a cat that was constantly phasing).

"You need to calm down," the Cheshire cat said with its unwavering smile. "You might overheat."

"Maybe you're right," Father replied, his flames dying down. "But then again, maybe you're WRONG!"

His flames suddenly flared up and he hurled a fireball straight at the Cheshire cat. The cat phased out of existence, then phased back in after the fireball passed. "Pardon me, I don't want to get in the way of your bough-burning," the cat apologized, his grin not disappearing.

"Tell me where I am, you confounding cat, or so help me, I will--"

"Calm down, calm down, I'll tell you exactly where you are," the Cheshire cat said, waving at Father with a paw before pulling out a notepad and a pencil. With his tail, he slipped on a pair of reading glasses, then wrote several things down upon the notepad. Father impatiently tapped his foot. The Cheshire cat then turned to Father and pushed his reading glasses down his snout. "You are standing exactly one metre and thirty-six centimetres away from this tree, and from where you are, you should be able to get to 'HERE' within two seconds, 'THERE' within five hundred and eighty six seconds. But God knows how long it will take you to get to Timbuktu from here!"

The Cheshire cat laughed and disappeared as Father flung another fireball at him. Father screamed in anger and from the tulgey wood a column of flame whiffled into the air.


"My name is Cordelia," Cordelia said to Dipin, choosing to ignore the fourth-wall-breaking statements of the quirky ghostly hedgehog. (Isn't everyone a little mad, sometimes?)

Cordelia then peered once more over the hedges, before climbing over and hopping down on the other side of the garden.

Her appearance, however, had attracted the attention of several cards arched upon the croquet field. The dukes and duchesses on the field turned their heads to stare at this new appearance.

The most prominent figure in the distance, however, looked to be a somewhat stout woman, a regal, rectangular, queen-ish figure with an air of pugnacity and propriety. Though she just seemed furious.

"OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!" she screeched. The cards stood about nervously, unsure of what to do. "WELL?!"

Plainly, this was the Queen of Hearts, but Cordelia didn't know that; the tales of Wonderland had yet to grace the ears of the Ylissean people. Cordelia put her hands up; she did not know what her offense was (Maybe it's trespassing? she thought).

The King of Hearts leaned in and whispered into the Queen's ear. He was a stout man, rectangular like his queen, and had an angular beard. The queen nodded, then ordered, "COME HERE!"

Cordelia could hear the queen's screams quite well, and hefted her lance, before walking onto the croquet field. The Queen's face, twisted into short-tempered fury, relaxed into a friendly expression. "Now, what brings you here?" she asked, as Cordelia approached. "Who might you be?"

"I am Cordelia, a Pegasus knight loyal to the Ylissean guard," Cordelia introduced.

"Address me as 'Your Majesty!'" the queen ordered.

Cordelia realized that the woman was, indeed, the Queen of Hearts that the gardeners spoke of. Whoops, she thought, before kneeling before the queen. "Your majesty," she added.

The Queen of Hearts barked, "Stand up! Look me in the eye when I talk to you."

Cordelia stood up; she was quite a bit taller than the queen, though about half her girth. "Pardon me, Your Majesty, I am quite unfamiliar with the customs for Wonderland's royalty--"

"I would imagine that they are universal customs," the Queen of Hearts sniffed.

"But I do not mean to stay long; I'm unsure as to how I ended up here in the first place. Do you by any chance know of a King Arthur?"

"King Arthur? Arthur is not one of our suits."

Cordelia blinked. "I'm sorry?"

"Club, Spade, Diamond, and, of course, heart," the Queen of Hearts explained, with an extravagant curtsy at the mention of "heart." "Everybody knows the suits!"

Cordelia nodded. She knew the suits herself, of course, but she decided not to let this out in front of the vehement monarch.

"I beg your pardon, your majesty," Cordelia said with a bow, "but I am merely trying to find my way home--"

"YOUR WAY?!" the Queen of Hearts bellowed. "All ways in Wonderland are the Queen's ways, and, of course, I am the queen!"

Cordelia cringed a bit. She certainly does need an attitude adjustment, she thought.

The Queen quickly calmed down and pressed her palms together. "Why don't you join us for a game of croquet?" she asked Cordelia. "After all, you are a guest in our kingdom. Just remember: cross me, and..." The Queen of Hearts drew a line across her throat as she turned her head. Cordelia swallowed. The queen was imposing, no doubt. Of course, Cordelia could probably nail her one-on-one with her lance, but there seemed to be quite the cult of personality going on here.

As the Queen grabbed the neck of the nearest flamingo, the King of Hearts waddled up to her and stood on the tips of his toes. Cordelia bent down to listen to what the King had to say.

"She hardly means any of it; she loves to order executions, but carrying them out is always so messy, and she never gives them a second thought anyway. She executed the last three gardeners twice, and their heads are still on their shoulders."

Cordelia stood up. That certainly was a pleasing thought.

All of a sudden, a loud howl echoed across the courtyard, causing all the players--including Cordelia--to flinch. "What in the world was that?!" Cordelia asked.

"OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!" the Queen of Hearts roared.

"Everyone stay calm," the King of Hearts ordered. "Likely just another jabberwock from the tulgey wood. Don't bother the jabberwock, it won't bother you."

Although, the simple sight of a Wonderlander was bother enough to a jabberwock. Of course, the people of Wonderland definitely knew this and generally kept out of the jabberwocky's way.

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Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand - Page 2 Empty Re: Dimensional Clash: The Invisible Hand

Post by ToadRopes on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:22 am

Collaboration between ToadRopes and TheRandomRingmaster


Slapstick was falling at a drastic rate and before he could utter some sort of pithy wittisim
He landed and the first thing he noticed was how remarkably un-painful it was, it was as though he had just slowed down before he hit the ground it was a pleasant supri-

Pyro landed boots first, compressing the Toon into a flat pile of Electroplasm.

The Mercenary then looked down and gave an "Opps!" and picked up the Two Dimensional character like a sheet, and waved him as though he was straightening out a sheet.

"Pop!" went Slapstick as he returned to his normal shape.

"Gotta go back, Big explosion gotta help knight, friend danger!"Slapstick blathered worriedly, Pyro seeing this decided to help by smacking the clown across the face to get him to calm down.

Slapstick fell silent as he gave Pyro a glare that could melt stone, while his hands did little clawing motions.

Then he closed his eyes and took a breath putting up his hands,"I'm gonna assume, that was meant to help me, so I will not rip out your spine".

Pyro nodded, "You're the one who burned the engines right?, Just who exactly are you?"

"MMMh MMPPHO MHY AWWH EHS MHHRD MMRM MMMPR-" Pyro began before being cut off by Slapstick, "Wait. Ok say that again". The Toon said as white subtitles appeared in the air below Pyro's head.

"I am The Pyro I work at Reliable Excavation and Demolition, where I burn and slaughter Play games with BLU, In many different places where I compete to see which team is beast, and If my team wins I roast my enemies to ashes as they beg for mercy I get to go visit the other team for additional fun and games!"

Slapstick gave a cringeworthy face with a massive eyebrow raised in questioning of how serious or deluded Pyro was.
"Pyro huh?, theres a Pyro back from where I'm from but he's a mutant who can control fire, but". Slapstick gestured to the flamethrower Pyro branished "I don't imagine you'd need that if you could control fire right?, And..." Slapstick raised his hand and pointed to enuciate the point, "If you had hostile intent You would have attacked me already right?"

Pyro thought about it "Well no thats not true I could very well have hostile intent I could just be formulating a specific way to kill you, or I'm waiting for the right moment when your back is turned".

Several very awkward seconds  went by before Slapstick said something.

"Hey do you hear that?" the toon said cupping his hand to the side of his head.

Indeed, they were cups; the clinking and clacking of cups--


The Mad Hatter and the March Hare inspected the cups next to them; Scraps accidentally dropped the teacup in her hand, and the tea spilled all over where she was just sitting. But it was fine; Scraps wasn't drinking it anyway. (She just participated in the festivities in good form.)

Scraps stumbled to the next chair over and immediately picked up a butter knife, and took a large slab of butter and absently buttered her plate (that's what she saw the Mad Hatter do at one point, therefore she assumed it was customary). "So... are you a hatter by profession?" Scraps asked, pointing at the Mad Hatter's fine piece of headwear.

The Mad Hatter stopped taking a bite out of his teacup for just one second, then turned towards Scraps. "Why, of course I am! Hats of all shapes and sizes! Mercury is very important to someone like me," the Mad Hatter declared, his tone turning quite sophisticated. "Although I haven't had much chance for business down in these parts... But who cares? It's always worth to fill your days with celebration!"

Scraps nodded. "But is there any sort of passion that you partake in?" she asked.

The Mad Hatter laughed. "Why, you can't see us putting all this effort into these unbirthdays? Haha!"

Scraps shrugged. She supposed that was a fine philosophy; if it kept the Mad Hatter happy, then perhaps it was worth something indeed.

Slapstick peeked through some bushes, "Ok what we need to do i-" a sharp "HONK" was heard as Pyro stepped on the toon's head and ran over to the table, "Or we improvise!" Slapstick mumbled as he chased after the Merc.

Pyro took his seat next to the Hatter's "Pardon me sir I overheard, much like an overflying bird","That you have hats to sell or trade", "I love hats of all brand and style", "I'd tell you more but I'd be awhile!" With that Pyro chuckled and smashed a cup of tea into his face mask.(or course this is all Pyrospeak you'd have to be mad to understand that gibberish)

"Just what the heck is going on" Slapstick said, sitting down as the March hare forced a cup of tea into his hand.

"Very important unbirthday party! It is quite rude to waltz in uninvited--" the March Hare began, but the Mad Hatter hushed him, reading over Pyro's subtitles.

"Ah! A customer!" the Mad Hatter lisped. "I certainly have hats to sell AND trade!"

"What about the unbirthday?" Scraps asked, confused.

"Ah, there'll be time for unbirthday festivities, but I'm a respectable hatter," the Mad Hatter replied, putting a hand over his chest and bobbing his head as he spoke. His tongue flicked in and out with his lisp. "I have a job to do." With that, the Mad Hatter took off his top hat and revealed a smaller, March-hare-sized top hat underneath. "Wonderland's finest hatter, at your service. The finest wares you could ever wear; and that's saying a lot!" The Mad Hatter put his hat back on, before ducking under the table and pulling out a second table, slamming it next to the tea-table.

He snapped his fingers, and the table unfolded, revealing rows of flattened hats that quickly decompressed into their full sizes. Tall hats, short hats, hats of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It was a TF2 hat enthusiast's wet dream.

The Mad Hatter hopped over the table and eyed the Pyro, peering through those glassy goggles. Scraps and the March hare turned to each other, shrugged, and turned back towards the bantering barterers. Scraps leaned on the table and dug her palms into her cheeks, quite interested in the exchange. "So," the Mad Hatter asked the Pyro, "what have you got to offer?"

Pyro's eyes gleamed with avarice, there was a trade afoot, and he would have them all!

"Well first you have the Gibious Ghast, It holds the ghosts from kills from the Past!" Pyro held out his hands and out appeared a well worn Ghastly Gibous, a dark top hat with a ghost poping out of the top

The Mad Hatter inspected the spooky specimen, turning the top hat over and over again. "Hm. Nice shape... Rich history... Good for holidays..." he mused. The Mad Hatter plucked a gaudy, wide-brimmed top hat from his collection; it sparkled in the sunlight filtering through the boughs, and it seemed to make a little whistling noise as it traveled through the air. "I've got just the trade for you! It makes noise as you walk, and it glitters in the sunlight! All it needs..."

The Mad Hatter reached over to the tea-table and picked up a tin of mustard, twirling it on his finger. "Now, March hare, remember: mustard is NOT for watches, but for HATS. I'm a hatter, I know what I'm doing," the Mad Hatter chided, before pulling out a roll of tape and a tin of superglue. Grabbing a butter knife, the Mad Hatter dropped a dollop of mustard and a dollop of superglue upon the top of the gaudy top hat and mixed them thoroughly until it formed a viscous paste. He then slammed the mustard tin onto the paste, and licked his fingers, before offering the hat to the Pyro.

Scraps tittered a bit. It was quite entertaining to watch.

Pyro picked up, the dapper hat and spun it around before placing it away, "I can tell that your a man of staure and I realize just what you're after!"
A hat Appeared on Pyro's head, a bowler hat made entirely of metal, he tipped the brim and spoke"Here we have a modest hat, but don't be fooled it is no scrap!","Collected from men made of tin, this fancy piece assures your win!", Pyro absentmidily reached across the table and snatched the cup out of Slapstick's hand, The clown protested but was drowned out by the conversation.

Scraps was about to say something about Pyro's description but decided against it.

"Hmm... A tin hat... Doesn't look too comfortable... But!" The Mad Hatter swiped the hat and inspected the inside. "For no charge at all, I'll fix it right up for you!" He put his hand in the Modest Metal Pile of Scrap and felt about. "Aha!" he declared. "THERE'S your problem!" He pulled out a jar of jam. "This hat's filled with air! Of course you know, we've got to push that air out, and everybody knows that jam is the most effective way of doing that!"

And with that, the Mad Hatter slathered jam all over the inside of the bowler hat, whipping his butter knife haphazardly back and forth, before taking several crackers, crumbling them up, and filtering the crumbs into the hat. He shook the hat about, and the majority of the crumbs fell out. "And just to get those tight spaces out of there--" the Mad Hatter grunted, pushing several fluffs of cotton into the hat.

Pyro stared in awe wondering just how this man was so wise,"You know I was drinking that" Slapstick muttered, Pyro without looking passed him a teapot Slapstick attempted to pour some tea and than shook the pot before looking into the spout.

And red hot tea was sprayed into his face, Slapstick fell to the ground writing in pain, As Pyro cheered him on, confusing his pain for merrymaking.

"Have you ever wanted to blend in?, To avoid your fellow kin?","I've got just the lid for you, to see the world as "normals" do!" Pyro then quite as he place on his dome an orange tentecled mask-like hat.

The Mad Hatter waved dismissively. "Why, that's the head of an octopus! I am a respected hatter, not a sushi bar. I can't use this! What would the unions think? Plus, it looks to be a licensed product. I can't get sued!"

The hat went back into the inventory, as Pyro scratched his chin, then a figurive lightbulb lit up above his goggled head, "Does anyone have some ice?" Slapstick said his face covered with fresh burns, Pyro again without looking grabbed a salt shaker and threw it at the Clown, the salt spilled right into the toon's eyes as he went down a second time.

"Oh, my goodness!" Scraps gasped, before wrapping a cold stick of butter in a napkin and handing it to Slapstick. It was certainly cold enough; Scraps, in the meantime, pawed around for a pitcher of cool water, then tenderly pried his eyelids open with her gloves. "Don't worry, I went through the wash," Scraps said gently, flushing the toon hero's eyes with the water. The water dissolved the salt and, like tears, ran down the Toon's face and cleared his yellow eyes of the salt.

"Thanks" Slapstick said as he picked himself up, glaring at Pyro
Pyro was blissfully(perhaps intentionally) unaware of Slapstick's anger, as he began to barter,"We love the old ,we love the new, lets have a hat that combines the two!",

He took out a a stovepipe hat that actually had pipes that spewed out steam'"Aquired from an engineer, machines and felt all right here!"

The Mad Hatter inspected the steampunk top hat and giddily turned it over. "I love it! It's fantastic!" he said, thrusting his arms into the air. "I can only present a suitable replacement if we were to trade... A-HA!"

The Mad Hatter then produced a hat in the shape of several sun-and-planet gears. The brim had about 48 teeth, while each of the 12 cogs comprising the hat had 36 teeth apiece. A wind-up key stuck out of the top. "It tells the time, too!" the Mad Hatter declared, pointing to the pocket-watch stuck to the back. He presented this spinning cogwheel hat to the Pyro.

Pyro took it giggling daintily place it on his head, "Oh I'm having such a splendid time, Having such fun should be a crime!"

Pyro leaned over the table and held up his hand to highfive Slapstick the clown just glared, and mumbled something about wishing he had five fingers to show what he thought of Pyro.

"One more hat and then I'm done, for there unbirthdays to be sung!"
Pyro scooped out the mother of all hats raising above even the hatter's own, It was a hat,on a hat,on a hat" painted the brightest austrailium gold, and enchanted with a strange green flame effect that twisted and moved as if alive.
It was The Towering Pillar of Hats.

The Mad Hatter's eyes bugged out. "Who made this... this MASTERPIECE?!?!"

"Oh, shoot, it's getting tense out there," Scraps remarked.

"He's gonna pull out the big one," the March hare whispered.

"But I am the HATTER! I will not be bested in hatting!" the Mad Hatter bellowed. "For I have yet to unveil... my SECRET HAT!"

Everyone at the tea-table gasped.

"You don't mean--" the March hare asked.

"Oh, yes! The 'secret project!' I have worked to craft the ultimate hat!" the Mad Hatter shouted, jumping upon the table and rattling the hats laid out on the display. He leered over Pyro. "Prepare to be dazzled!"

He then, with a flourish, whipped off his green top hat, and from underneath, a glistening white light blazed, revealing a leaning, tall form, tiered by several brims. Not one... Not two... Not even three! But EIGHT, count them, EIGHT hats, stacked one on top of the other, all shining a beautiful marble color, with elegant arches ringing the trim, seeming etched into the very fabric itself. It radiated a brilliant light; its sequins twinkled in the forest's filtered sunlight.

"It's too dazzling!" the March hare wailed. "I can't bask in its glory for too long!" He shielded his eyes. "Don't stare directly at it, quilt-girl! You'll lose your eyesight!"

"Ah, I'm fine, my eyes are buttons, anyhow," Scraps replied, dismissively waving her glove. This wasn't far from the truth at all.

Pyro stood up before falling to his knees, tears filling up his gas masked goggles, as he basked in the great glory of the mega hat it was everything, it was all the struggles of man, and the art sculpted by the most highest deities, it was everything that was and wasn't, It was true bliss in hat form.

Slapstick rolled his eyes "Its just a hat!"

Pyro's head snapped towards the pale face cartoon, deadly angry fires mirrored in his goggled eyes and his gloved hands twitching into feral animalistic claws.


Slapstick ducked just in time to avoid getting burned as a stream of fire erupted from Pyro's hand taunt.

This caused the table to erupt, jump thirty feet into the air, and land one piece at a time back in the garden, slamming table first, then platters, then saucers, then cups, then pots, then condiments. They clattered as they hit the surface. Scraps gripped the seat of her chair and leaned away from the falling table.

"...Maybe we ought to get back to the unbirthday party," the March hare suggested.

The Mad Hatter took off the glorious eight-tier hat and said, "You know what? Maybe you're right..."

Pyro dusted himself off and sat back down, seemingly ignorant of the violent transaction that had just taken place, and cleared his throat, "A verrrry meery unbirthday to me!" he said raisng his teacup high.

Seems like the Mad Hatter and March hare also forgot completely about the display of fiery violence. They raised their cups with Pyro. Scraps turned to the merc when he passed by.

"By any chance, have you ever been to Oz?" Scraps asked Pyro.

"Oz?," Pyro counted on his fingers several times "Gravelpit, Teufort,Yukon, Hydro, Egypt, Hightower, Helltower..." this went on for a few seconds as they went around the table,"No, I haven't been to Oz, whats that map?","King of the Hill?"

"I'm from the land of Oz. Nice place; we've got a good kind ruler in Princess Ozma. I guess I'm just asking, because, well, for one thing, the Tin Woodsman certainly isn't dead," she explained. "So where in the world did that metal hat come from?"

"Well I work for a man called Redmond, who has a brother named Blutarch and they also have a brother who apparently hates them both, so this guy builds metal replicas of my team and I, "Like more than is resonable to build, so me and the other team are ordered to prevent a big exploady bomb to blow up certain bases, so we have to stop them.........and thats how I got this hat!"

"Ah, I see," Scraps replied, nodding her head. At least it wasn't her woodsman friend's remains. That was a relief.

Though the noise of the tea-party did disturb a certain... frumious creature.

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Dipin walked out of the hedges, followed by Ryle. Dipin then shoved his hands into the pockets of his hoodie and said, "Hey, how's it going your majesty." Dipin then pointed to Ryle, "Ryle and myself here are transdimensional travelers. Just wanted to say hey."

Ryle once again decided Dipin causally strolling up to an axe happy monarch was not the wisest of decisions spoke up, "What Dipin is trying to say is, we're not from around here. Your majesty."
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